Masterstrokes: President @RealDonaldTrump Goes To Mexico, Detroit, And Delivers Illegal Immigration Speech in Arizona

Update: Stunning “medium is the message” President Donald J. Trump and Mexican President Nieto joint appearance:

Simply stunning!


Today Donald J. Trump seals the deal – he almost literally becomes President of the United States. It’s stunning. Last night. It was a shocker.

After today it is very difficult to stop Trump. Why? The medium is the message.

Tonight Trump was scheduled to deliver his long anticipated speech on illegal immigration. It was bound to be a big day for Trump. Then came the shocker announcement that Donald J. Trump will go to Mexico to meet the Mexican president. Trump advisers Senator Jeff Sessions and Mayor Rudy Giuliani will accompany Trump. It was a stunning masterstroke. Trump meets the Mexican President then to Arizona to speak about illegal immigration. Stunning! Is it a trap? No it is a masterstroke – we explain below.

Last year, almost as soon as he announced, we warned that it was imperative for Trump opponents to keep him off the first GOP debate stage if they did not want Trump to win the nomination. We reasoned that the moment Trump was on stage with powerful Republican political figures, senators, governors, it would be impossible to stop him because “the medium is the message”. This very pertinent passage for today, is what we wrote before the first Republican presidential debate in 2015:

First advice for Donald Trump: the medium is the message. Don’t you worry for one single moment about being “presidential.” The very fact that you will be on stage with governors and senators will send the message that you are “presidential.”

The phrase “the medium is the message” of course comes from Marshall McLuhan. [snip]

Yeah, the medium is the message. Don’t worry about appearing “presidential” because just being on that stage, in the center spot, will be the message.

At the time Donald J. Trump’s number one problem was that a large part of Republican voters did not believe he really was running for president. A large chunk, but hardly a majority of Republican voters loved Trump, but seventy percent of Republican voters did not believe Trump was really running for president. We argued that once Trump proved once and for all that he really really was running for president not for biggest publicity stunt ever, Trump’s nomination was assured.

As soon as Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015 his problem was credibility. Most of Big Media at the time said Trump’s announcement was a publicity stunt. Trump would soon pull out. Find a reason to quit the race. Never submit his financial statements, never file with the FEC. Trump, before all the other candidates, soon submitted all his required paperwork. Big Media continued the attack with the “publicity stunt – build his brand” arguments and persisted with the ‘Trump will soon quit’ argument.

That all ended the moment Donald J. Trump appeared on stage at the first GOP debate. Before the second GOP debate it was all over:

If the GOP establishment does not blow up Donald J. Trump before the Second GOP debate on September 16, it might well be over and Mr. Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. The hostile takeover will be complete.

Are we premature? Is it too early to declare the very real, very authentic Donald J. Trump the winner before one vote has been cast? The latest polls convince us that it is not too early but rather too late to stop Trump. [snip]

So how is it that we utilize polls we don’t believe in to make stark statements about the oncoming Trumpnado? We do so because the political establishment in general and the GOP establishment in particular held one, er, trump card to play against Donald J. Trump. What was that, um, trump card? It was electability. It was always about electability.

The establishment attacks against Donald J. Trump failed. The “Trump is no conservative” attack failed. The “Trump is unpopular” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win without Hispanic support” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win without women” attack failed. The “Trump is not a serious candidate” attack failed. The “Trump won’t run” attack failed. The “Trump won’t disclose his finances” attack failed. The “Trump will blow himself up” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win the war against Fox News” attack failed. The “Trump won’t sign a loyalty oath we designed to block him” attack failed. The “Trump has no positions” attack failed. The “Trump positions are ridiculous” attack failed. The “Trump raped his wife” attack failed. The “Trump has no organization” attack failed. The “Trump won’t spend money” attack failed. The “Trump is a billionaire” attack failed. The “Trump is too rich to understand non-rich people” attack failed. The “Trump wants to raise taxes” attack failed. The “Trump is a clown” attack failed. The “Trump supporters are clowns” attack failed. The “Trump insulted McCain” attack failed. The “Trump insulted veterans” attack failed. The “Trump is mean” attack failed. The “Trump has a bad tone” attack failed. The “Trump is not nice” attack failed. The “Trump won’t stay in the race” attack failed. The “Trump supporters are not registered to vote” attack failed. The “Trump is a racist” attempt failed. The “Trump will weaken” attacks failed.

Every establishment attack against Donald J. Trump failed. But the “electability” argument remained and it had the strongest bite from the establishment snakes.

The “electability” argument was “yeah, but he can’t win.” The establishment snakes knew that after eight years of Obaminations the electorate of the GOP wanted a winner. That was always the viper argument that worked to nominate the establishment candidates. “You might want candidate X, but candidate X can’t win so nominate establishment candidate YUCK because candidate YUCK will do what we think he should say to win.” Then candidate YUCK would lose because candidate YUCK was a poll driven putz who feared the electorate and only hoped to fool the electorate long enough to win.

The “electability” argument always won the day for the establishment. Then came Trump.

The establishment had fixed the election for JeBush. Then came Trump. Then came additional attacks that failed. Then at the very start of the election season, the Labor Day weekend, the last argument against Donald J. Trump failed:

We wrote that in September of last year. By then Trump had overcome his two toughest challenges. First, Trump appeared on the debate stage alongside Republican senators and governor thereby Trump became a legitimate candidate (the medium is the message) to the vast majority of Republican voters. Second, polls proved Trump held the possibility of actually winning the general election. It was over then. Trump had the personality, the message, and the strategy to win the nomination.

For the general election Trump really had (after today) only one challenge to overcome. The challenge was that many American could not picture Trump as president. That ends today with the Mexico trip and the meeting with the Mexican president. If the meeting was intended by the Mexican president to be a trap, it has failed. Why? The medium is the message.

After today American voters no longer have to try to picture Donald J. Trump as president. Today American voters will see, on live TV, President Donald J. Trump.

Today Donald J. Trump will do what most Americans think of when they picture a president on the job. Today Donald J. Trump will meet with a foreign head of state. That’s what presidents do. President Donald J. Trump will meet with the Mexican president. President Donald J. Trump will bring his prominent advisers to the meeting with the Mexican head of state. It’s a presidential trip. The medium is the message. It’s all over for Trump. It’s now President Donald J. Trump.

That powerful visual is the message. It does not matter how Big Media will try to belittle the trip. It does not matter what the talking heads on TV say. Nothing about Trump’s trip will matter other than the image of President Donald J. Trump flying to Mexico on the Trump Force One airplane to meet with the Mexican president. It’s a presidential trip. It’s stunning. We’ve never seen this before. Stunning!

President Donald J. Trump will have the opportunity in September 2016 to meet with other heads of state. The United Nations General Assembly will meet in New York soon and President Donald J. Trump might meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, or others. As the Clinton Global Initiative also meets to collect money during the General Assembly it will be a hideous contrast to President Donald J. Trump.

Today President Donald J. Trump will fly to Mexico to meet with the President of Mexico. Then Donald J. Trump will set forth his illegal immigration policy in Arizona alongside Senator Jeff Sessions tonight.

On Saturday Donald J. Trump will go to Detroit. There’s that other meeting too. But that’s another story we will write about. Today it is illegal immigration and a trip to Mexico. President Donald J. Trump! Stunning!


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  1. Big Media in crisis as Trump trumps their negative assessments with a powerful visual:

    Donald Trump will travel to Mexico City on Wednesday for a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, just hours before he delivers a high-stakes speech in Arizona to clarify his views on immigration policy.

    Peña Nieto last Friday invited both Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to visit Mexico, his office said in a statement provided to The Washington Post on Tuesday night.

    Trump, sensing an opportunity, decided over the weekend to accept the invitation and push for a visit this week, according to the people in the United States and Mexico familiar with the discussions.

    Late Tuesday, Trump and the Mexican president confirmed on Twitter that they will meet Wednesday.

    “I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow,” Trump wrote Tuesday night. Shortly after, Peña Nieto’s office wrote that “El Señor” Donald Trump has accepted the invitation and will meet privately on Wednesday with Peña Nieto.

    Senior Mexican officials appeared surprised that Trump had taken Peña Nieto up on the offer.

    Many attempts by Big Media to belittle this Mexico trip and reguritate earlier attacks against Trump. But it is too late. The medium is the message. That last sentence says it all.


    It is expected that Trump advisor and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, along with high-ranking Mexican officials, will attend the meeting. [snip]

    For Nieto, the meeting represents a tremendous opportunity to offer Trump, the potential next President of the United States, an olive branch. Nieto has made negative comments about Trump in the past, including a suggestion Trump was like a fascist dictator. The meeting will offer Nieto the chance to clear the deck with the potential next leader of a nation on which his own is almost entirely economically reliant — and earn goodwill for himself and his country among Trump supporters.

    For Trump, the historic meeting comes at a time when the GOP nominee is ramping up a high-stakes bid to win over support from traditionally Democratic minority voters in the United States.

    “Republican presidential nominees usually aren’t bold enough to go into communities of color and take the case right to them, and compete for all ears and compete for all votes,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said in an August 28 interview with ABC, “They’ve been afraid to do that. So, Mr. Trump deserves credit for at least taking the case directly to the people.”

    Trump surrogate Dr. Ben Carson laid out the key objectives Trump is pursuing in his outreach to minority communities.

    “He wants to find out from a lot of different sources what people perceive the problems to be and what they perceive the solutions to be,” Carson said in an interview with Michel Martin on NPR. “He also wants to hear about things that have effectively moved people out of the position of dependency and put them on a ladder to success.” [snip]

    A new report from Gallup indicates Trump’s effort may be finding success with U.S.-born Hispanic voters.

    The analysis of found Hispanics who were born in the United States, those who constitute most of the Hispanic demographic’s total voters, only find view Clinton more favorably than Trump by a 14-point margin. To put that in context, 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney lost the Hispanic vote by a whopping 44 percent.

    “Both parties have done nothing for the middle class, but more specifically under the Obama administration Latinos, African-Americans, and the middle class have done worse under Democratic policy,” said Jorge Herrera, one of the directors of #LatinosForTrump, in an Aug. 25 interview with LifeZette. “Hillary Clinton will be more of the same. Donald Trump is the only one speaking of the need to uplift Hispanics and all others economically.”

    Trump certainly has credibility to speak on how to create jobs, including for minorities.

    It’s hard to know for certain exactly how many Hispanics Donald Trump has employed throughout his business career but an analysis from CNN Money found Trump is likely responsible for creating at least 34,000 jobs — Trump has suggested many of those positions have been held by Hispanics.

    “I am friends with and employ thousands of people of Mexican and Hispanic descent,” Trump said in a June 7 statement.

    Of course Trump, waylaid by constant negative media coverage and hyperbolic attacks of racism, still faces a steep climb to pull close to even with Clinton among Hispanic voters.

    But the opportunity presented by meeting with Nieto could be a game-changer.

    Mexicans and Mexican-Americans alike could give Trump a second look after a strong show of respect for the nation of Mexico and a cleanly pulled-off meeting.

    A serious, substantive, and respectful meeting with Nieto, also offers Trump the chance reassure skeptical undecided voters of his presidential temperament.

    Of course first Trump will have to carefully navigate every moment both ahead of and after the meeting as the press corp will be rabidly looking for a chance to blow up the big moment.

  3. Update: Stunning “medium is the message” President Donald J. Trump and Mexican President Nieto joint appearance:

    Simply stunning!


  4. The only thing missing is the US flag and Presidential Seal for Trump’s podium, but that will come soon.

  5. This press conference was not supposed to happen. It was stunning. A “medium is the message” feast. Trump got massive earned media with a presidential presentation most Americans are used to seeing – from presidents on foreign trips. That’s why Big Media and partisans are attacking Trump so viciously today. They see this is a game changer.

    This press conference was not supposed to happen and Trump was supposed to only meet in private with Nieto. It was in all respects a masterstroke. Trump, speaking in English will likely get his message out even in the Big Media precincts:

    The Clinton campaign shrugged off Trump’s trip as a distraction from his policies. “What ultimately matters is what Donald Trump says to voters in Arizona, not Mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions,” wrote Jennifer Palmieri, a senior Clinton campaign adviser, in a statement.

    A Clinton campaign official confirmed that Clinton received a letter requesting an in-person meeting with the Mexican leader. Clinton has not yet accepted.

    “Secretary Clinton last met with President Peña Nieto in Mexico in 2014 and our campaign is in a regular dialogue with the Mexican government officials,” the aide said. “She looks forward to talking with President Peña Nieto again at the appropriate time.”

    The aide requested anonymity to discuss the potential meeting.

    The invitation is a stunning move by Peña Nieto, given the grief that Trump’s campaign has caused the Mexican government over the past year. From calling Mexican illegal immigrants rapists and criminals, to vowing to build a wall along the Southern border, to threatening to undo the North American Free Trade Agreement, Trump has caused growing alarm in Mexico. Peña Nieto himself likened Trump’s rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, in a March interview with a Mexican newspaper.

    To the delight of his U.S. rally crowds, Trump has repeatedly promised to force Mexico to pay for his proposed border wall. Peña Nieto and other Mexican leaders have dismissed the idea as preposterous.

    “There is no way that Mexico can pay [for] a wall like that,” Peña Nieto said in a July interview on CNN, adding that he did not agree with Trump’s frequent characterization of illegal immigrants from Mexico as rapists and killers.

    Public response to the news of Trump’s visit was almost uniformly negative Wednesday. “It’s not possible for Mexicans here, and even more so for those who live in the United States, to ignore the criticism and threats that Trump has launched across the border in recent months,” La Prensa, a Mexico City newspaper wrote in a morning editorial.

    Noting that Trump’s campaign has been in “free fall” in recent weeks, the paper said that “You don’t have to be an expert to understand that his presence in Mexico is to change” the perception that he is a danger to the United States and the world, and to “gain immigrant sympathy, something that seems almost impossible.”

    Trump’s newly installed campaign chief executive, Stephen K. Bannon, played a key role in devising the Wednesday stop while Trump met Sunday with his aides and family at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., according to two people who have been briefed on the campaign’s deliberations.

    Bannon, who previously headed the conservative website Breitbart News, made the case to the group that Trump must underscore his populist immigration views in the final weeks of the general-election campaign, perhaps with an audacious gesture.

    Peña Nieto’s invitation was brought up, and Bannon said it offered Trump an opening to make headlines and showcase himself as a statesman who could deal directly with Mexico.

    Trump was intrigued by Bannon’s proposal and agreed, but not all aides and allies were as enthusiastic, the people said. [snip]

    Trump’s representatives were told privately by officials that it would be logistically difficult for Trump to visit. But the businessman’s proxies insisted that Trump would not delay his plans, the person said.

    Overseas visits by senior U.S. officials normally require weeks of intricate planning on both sides, as every movement and meeting is plotted. When more security is required, such trips become even more complicated.

    Security staffs traveling with the visitor are usually beefed up. While Mexico is not considered a hostile place, the crime level is high, and Trump, should he appear in public, would require significant protection.

    The invitation — and particularly a visit — seems certain to cause a backlash in Mexico City, where Trump is widely disliked. Mexicans have bashed Trump piñatas, burned him in effigy during public street parties and staged plays about him as a comic villain.

    When Trump declared his candidacy in 2015, he was seen by many in Mexico as insulting but not to be taken very seriously. Mexican diplomats back then scoffed at the notion that Trump was a serious candidate or that the government was worried about his ascent.

    That’s all changed now. Many of Mexico’s government and business elite have grown skittish about the potential of a Trump presidency and the economic damage that his policies might inflict. The United States is Mexico’s most important trading partner.

    Earlier this year, Peña Nieto swapped out key diplomats, including the Mexican ambassador to the United States, to have a more aggressive presence advocating for the importance of a strong relationship between the two countries.

    Several Mexican officials were surprised to learn on Tuesday that Peña Nieto had extended an invitation to Trump.

    “Wow,” one said, when reached by The Post.

    This is an extraordinarily surprising, but welcome, development, whether it ends up happening or not,” said Andrew Selee, a Mexico expert at the Wilson Center in Washington. “Mexico is a vital country for U.S. foreign policy and economic interests. The second destination for exports and the country of origin of a tenth of all Americans.”

    Several Mexican politicians were quick to criticize the meeting. Miguel Barbosa, an opposition senator with the left-wing Party of the Democratic Revolution, tweeted about Trump: “Your presence in Mexico is not welcome. Get out! You come to take a photo with those you’ve offended.”

    “It is a political error by [Peña Nieto] to use this lying anti-Mexican,” Barbosa wrote in another tweet.

    A Mexican presidential hopeful with the right-wing National Action Party, Margarita Zavala, tweeted that even though Trump was invited to Mexico, he was not welcome.

    “Mexicans have dignity and we reject your discourse of hate,” she wrote.

    Trump’s Phoenix speech later Wednesday is expected to add to the day’s drama, with declarations by candidate about where exactly he stands on his immigration policy and border security.

    Bannon and Trump speechwriter Stephen Miller have had a heavy influence over the speech’s contours, the people familiar with the campaign said. Miller is a former aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a Trump confidant who has urged him to hold to his tough positioning and rhetoric on immigration.

    And while Trump’s associates have framed his speech and trip as presidential moves, the surprise gambit also fits his career-long tendency for theater and confrontation.


    About an hour before Donald Trump made his joint statement with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, a strategist in Trump’s extended circle saw success on the horizon.

    “I bet they have a nice meeting where they both explain their positions and promise to talk further — it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that,” the strategist explained. “If [Trump] just has a calm, behind-closed-doors meeting, has a photo taken, looks presidential, and gets out of town, that’s a big win.”

    Indeed, it was a big win — a very big win — for Trump. Going into a meeting with the potential for disaster — who knew how Pena Nieto would receive the world’s most controversial presidential candidate or what embarrassments might lie ahead? — Trump came out of the meeting looking very much like a potential President of the United States. Standing beside the Mexican leader in front of a green-gray granite wall reminiscent of the United Nations, Trump presented the picture of a statesman. [snip]

    Before the meeting, some in the Trump circle saw a win virtually no matter what happened. “It’s a great gesture,” another adviser said. “Frankly, the outcome doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that he did it. He took the guy up on his invitation, and even if there’s no substance, at least the gesture was made, and it absolutely, totally overshadows anything Hillary Clinton is going to do for the next 48 hours.”

    After the hour-long session, Trump benefited enormously from the conventions and practices of international relations. There they were, the president at one podium and the candidate at another, translators translating, the assembled international press watching. When it came time to talk, Pena Nieto observed the niceties of diplomacy, treating Trump as a quasi-president already.

    “I had a very open and constructive discussion with Donald Trump,” Pena Nieto said. “Even though we may not agree on everything, I trust that together we will be able to find prosperity and security.

    Not agree on everything? Before the meeting, it’s fair to say that Pena Nieto and Trump didn’t agree on much of anything — from the border wall to NAFTA to Trump’s statements about Mexicans to Pena Nieto’s statements about Trump. But after the meeting, the president and the candidate stood before the press like two world leaders calmly and rationally discussing the issues of the day.

    It didn’t matter that in his remarks, Pena Nieto offered a positive case for his country and his people that served as a rebuttal to much of what Trump has said in the past. What mattered more was the Mexican leader’s public acceptance of Trump as an American leader.

    Many polls have shown that large numbers of voters do not believe Trump is qualified to be president. After the session, the Trump campaign was quick to tout the trip as evidence that he is ready for the Oval Office.

    Mr. Trump’s trip to Mexico is an impressive display of his ability to serve as our nation’s president on day one,” said deputy communications director Bryan Lanza in a statement. “This shows Mr. Trump’s commitment to strengthening our economy as well as our relationship with our neighbor, Mexico.”

    Pena Nieto invited Clinton to visit, too. If she does, she will of course receive the kind of respectful, official treatment that she deserves. But Clinton, as a former secretary of state, has videos of zillions of photo ops showing her as a major player on the world stage. Trump had none. Until today.

  7. At this point, even if Hillary accepts Nieto’s invitation, it will look like a desperate “me too” gesture for leftovers.

  8. Donald takes charge…

    …and leaves all his critics sounding like redundant children…

    “but he didn’t talk about who is paying for the wall” repeat, repeat, repeat

    “Are we there yet?” repeat, repeat, repeat…

    his critics and the Hillary camp sound foolish…childish…flat footed…ha!

  9. Univision’s Jorge Ramos has been triggered!

  10. The Clinton campaign shrugged off Trump’s trip as a distraction from his policies. “What ultimately matters is what Donald Trump says to voters in Arizona, not Mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions,” wrote Jennifer Palmieri, a senior Clinton campaign adviser, in a statement.
    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln . . . how was the play???

  11. What a weak and shy response by Mexican president @epn. Trump leaves without giving an apology & won’t change at all his immigration plan— JORGE RAMOS (@jorgeramosnews) August 31, 2016
    Ramos is part of La Raza—a racist organization.

    Ramos is owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who now owns NYT.

    Ramos believes he can set the immigration policies of both the United States and Mexico.

    The high moment in his life came when he got thrown out of a Trump rally.

    Psychologically, and politically, he has never recovered.

    I would not want you to get the wrong idea–that I hate the little prick.

    Million of others do, but I really couldn’t comment.

  12. Maybe we should let Ramos dress up like Santa Anna and attack the Alamo, with a long lance, like Don Quixote would. I can hear the cuckoo singing in the cuckaberry tree, etc.

  13. S, Trump took charge of the press conference and became the leader of the event. That was one presidential moment for Trump aside from the many others.

    We also noticed another presidential tick. Trump did not go with Mike Pence. Presidents when they travel abroad keep the VP at home as a continuity precaution.

    All these little details add up to Trump’s Mexico trip as a presidential visit to a foreign country. Even Big Media Krauthammer and Hayes thought this is Trump’s best day of the general election.

  14. Politico capitulates. Trump got big victory in Mexico:

    Trump gets what he wanted in Mexico

    The Republican nominee gets his presidential moment south of the border.

    Donald Trump could barely have scripted it better. After a year of tormenting Mexico as a hostile foe, he stepped to a podium on Mexican soil — alongside the country’s leader Enrique Peña Nieto — and got a president’s welcome.

    Trump emerged from an hourlong huddle with Peña Nieto and the pair delivered side-by-side statements, embedding subtle criticisms of each other inside enthusiastic declarations of mutual respect. But it was the precise visual Trump had hoped for: a bilateral news conference that amounted to a preview of what similar international trips might look like in a Trump presidency.

  15. Admin …I agree

    Next…”into the hood”…the inner city of Detroit and a walk thru with Ben Carson…and a ‘talk’ with democratic Paster Jackson on Impact TV

    This guy has so many cards up his sleeve…

    Dims & pundits can’t take it…

  16. Meanwhile hillary gives a “stern” speech…no one notices or cares…room half empty

    Her stern, tough self re- emerges after partying on both coasts for the last 2 1/2. weeks

  17. Admin,

    I do not think this is so unprecedented. BO had his Middle Eastern and European Tour in July ’08 to establish himself.

  18. gonzotx
    August 31, 2016 at 7:56 pm
    Wbb, your right, when Ramos got kicked out for all to see of Trumps campaign stump..
    Ramos has PTSD..
    Swing and a miss on my part.

    Ramos is not Santa Anna.

    He is Poncho Villa.

    Poncho Villa Ramos La Raza y Padre de los drug gangs y su patron Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who has business ventures in Mexico with Jeb Bush, which big media refuses to talk about. Just goes to show you how incestuous the elites are. I am sure big media will invite Jebediah on to gas bag over this one, with salient points like if I had been the Republican nominee, they would not have needed an interpreter, because I speak 10 dialects of Spanish. And I have a Mexican wife. And I know Carlos . . .ooops, stike that.

  19. But it was the precise visual Trump had hoped for: a bilateral news conference that amounted to a preview of what similar international trips might look like in a Trump presidency.
    Admin: you said it before they did. Par for the course. Donald refuses to play by big media’s rules, so time and again they are flummoxed. All they know is the rule book. The lobbyists, the donors, the polls, race baiting, and an endless steam of lies, those are the rules they play by, so when someone refused to play by those rules, and wins, they go through the 7 stages of grief.

  20. Yes, they all thought they had seen Trump’s best game and that he would fade into the election. But he was just getting warmed up in the primary.

    I am so amused.

    MegaTrumpnado time.

  21. So the media is in a tizzy now because they say who was going to pay for the wall was discussed and Trump is lying when he said it wasn’t.

    Nieto tweeted that he told Trump Mexico wasn’t going to pay for the wall. Is that one of those things like when you leave someone who has been talking and ten minutes later you say to yourself “Oh, I should have said X to that person.” If Nieto said Mexico wasn’t going to pay for the wall and Trump ignored him then in my mind there wasn’t a discussion. It takes two people to have an actual “discussion.”

    I have no doubt that in some way Mexico will pay for the wall. Whether it’s through remittances that are sent to Mexico or whether it’s through cutting their aid, they will pay.

  22. Btw…

    Has there ever been a more blatant example of Donald and his “earned free media” vs Hillary running all over the country pimping for money for more advertising to add to her $ 57 million against Donald…than TODAY

    All that money down the drain. ..or down the polls…

  23. Trump just hit Anderson Cooper and all the “journalists” who are more worried and keep asking him about the needs of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants than the American people.

  24. So the media is in a tizzy now because they say who was going to pay for the wall was discussed and Trump is lying when he said it wasn’t.
    I see no contradiction here.

    This is how a negotiator operates.

    UNLESS YOU ARE THAT FUCKING OBAMA, to start with the issues you can reach agreement on. Those early agreements build momentum. If you front end loan the most contentious issues, you get instant impasse. You return to those contentious issues later in the negotiation, and you package them with other issues. I don’t know whether big media is just stupid, or they are trying to trap Trump. I mean, with Vicente Fox who has connections to drug lords and wants to negotiate with them, trying to stab the Mexican president in the back for even meeting with Trump and saying out of one side of his mouth Trump is not welcome in Mexico and on the other side saying he invited Trump down there to meet with him before, would anyone in their right mind expect the Mexican president to not reiterate his position as this point? If he did less, he would be accused of caving, and his political career would be over. Now then, if you are the big media beloved messiah, then you do front end load the most contentious issue in the negotiation, as he did with establishing as a precondition of bargaining that Israel recognize a Palestinian state. Israel was willing to do that at a late stage in bargaining after seeing how everything else came together, but to give up that leverage up front was impossible. So the negotiation tanked, thanks to that stupid fucking Obama.

  25. First thing on Trump’s plan is to build that wall. He said they don’t know it yet, but Mexico WILL pay for it! LOL.😂

  26. I tear my hair out watching these prestitutes.

    I think that was the ABC reporter Johanathan Karl who jumped up in front of the Mexican press and demanded to know whether the Mexican President fell on his sword after 1 hour with Trump and agreed to pay for the wall. Karl and the rest of the prestitutes show no respect for the host country. They are not only clowns, they are boors.

  27. He’s going to triple ICE offices and ask Congress to pass laws that make sure that criminal aliens get the minimum strong sentences before being deported.

  28. Sounds like Trump has really gone soft on immigration, according to Big Media. For those watching Trump’s speech, it is a very well delivered speech that is very strong. If this is “soft” on immigration Trump….

  29. Lu4PUMA, you might be right, but we don’t recall anything like this at all. Trump met with a head of state, held a presidential style press conference with each at a podium, answered press questions all the while instructing the head of state when to answer.

    Obama went on a tour in the 08 election cycle but nothing like this ever occurred that we can recall. Was there ever a press conference like the one today? Was there a trip to a “hostile” foreign leader so dominated by the American candidate? Obama’s tours in 08 were individual appearances, he never appeared with foreign leaders at press conferences to answer questions on vital issues.

    Further, Obama was a Big Media favorite whereas Trump is hated by Big Media. When Obama spoke at his rallies in Europe Big Media pretended they were significant events whereas this Trump summit in Mexico is probably a game changer in this election.

    As far as we know, and perhaps you can cite where we are mistaken, this is entirely unprecedented.

  30. Lu & Admin…

    Donald goes fearlessly into the Lion’s Den…
    He is not afraid to engage & confront his opponents
    No pampered poser is he
    He is a FIGHTER…

    Imo…he inspires courage…and pride… in the rest of us

  31. Just donated money to Right Side Broadcasting. They do good work providing coverage of Trump’s rallies.

  32. The other day, I posted an article by Paul Craig Roberts stating that a vote for Hillary is a vote for nuclear war with Russia. He is a former deputy secretary of the treasury, writer, economist, and well respected blogger.

    I found another expert warning us of the very same thing:

    For the sake of you and your family’s safety, I implore you to take five minutes to listen to the sober, serious words of Professor Stephen Cohen, an acclaimed author and expert who teaches Russian history and politics at New York University and Princeton.

    Professor Cohen has no connection to either the Clinton or Trump campaign, which is why his statement against Hillary and her lapdog media is so throughly blistering.

    Cohen says that Obama and Clinton have started a new Cold War with Russia. You can see it in places like Syria and the Ukraine. Cohen sees a potential bright spot, one that the media doesn’t want to admit:

    Then along comes, unexpectedly, Donald Trump who says he wants to end the New Cold War, and cooperate with Russia in various places and –astonishingly– the media is full of what only can be called neo-McCarthyite charges that he is a Russian agent, that he is a Manchurian candidate, and that he is Putin’s client.

    Cohen continues, astounded that in an election year the media has completely abdicated on their professional duties.

    We’re approaching a Cuban Missile Crisis level nuclear confrontation with Russia and there is absolutely no discussion, no debate, about this in the American media.

    Then the Professor delivers the death blow, pointing out the false narrative that tries to brand Trump a “Russian agent” with Professor Cohen pointing out “most of it is coming from the Clinton campaign. And they really need to stop.”

  33. Trump hater Rich Lowry:

    It was a mistake in my view to give the speech in a rally setting, which made it seem a typical bombastic Trump performance. And much of it was. But the policy was unassailable. From an immigration hawk point of view, it is almost certainly the soundest speech ever given by a major-party presidential candidate. He implicitly backed off from mass deportation, which was never going to happen. The rest of it disappointed the (exaggerated) expectations of a “softening.” Trump outlined a comprehensive and coherent enforcement-first agenda. Some people are saying that Trump has adopted a version of the Obama program in his emphasis on getting out bad actors first. But Obama gutted interior enforcement and Trump is promising to bring it back. The press will be relentless in continuing to ask about legalization for the 11 million, although Trump’s position of ambiguity–let’s not address the remaining illegal population until we have a new, functioning system of enforcement–is the correct answer for now.

    The #NeverTrump loons are falling apart. Even at NRO they admit Trump is correct.

  34. In 2008, the Cuban banker remarked that the Democrat Party is no longer the party of working people. It is the party of lifestyle. He was absolutely right. You see it right now with Hillary, who worries about the families of illegals, turns a blind eye to the welfare of American citizens, and collects millions of dollars from billionaires for selling out the country. Trump captures that contradiction in his speech. If they rig the elections so we are stuck with a proven liar, who cares not for the American People, and that seat sniffing weasel Kain (Cain?) who follows her around like a trained seal there will be a revolution.

    Trump: “To all the politicians, donors and special interests, hear these words from me today: there is only one core issue in the immigration debate and it is this: the well-being of the American people. Nothing even comes a close second.

    Hillary Clinton, for instance, talks constantly about her fears that families will be separated. But she’s not talking about the American families who have been permanently separated from their loved ones because of a preventable death. No, she’s only talking about families who came here in violation of the law.”

    We will treat everyone living or residing in our country with dignity. We will be fair, just and compassionate to all. But our greatest compassion must be for American citizens.

  35. Slimeball Kaine is out there claiming that Trump is an agent of Putin.

    Apparently he thinks people are stupid enough to believe that horseshit.

    On the other hand, what do you expect from a weasel?

    His better half is a dead ringer for Tugboat Annie.

    No wedding pictures please.

    Some things are best forgotten.

  36. Tim Kaine’s wife looks like Mike Pence in drag. Just saying.

    I think today was the first time in my 30 years of life that I’ve been proud of my president. Sure, I had solidarity with Bush during 9/11, but not pride like this.

    Trump may not be president officially yet, but today I saw what we will get when our president Trump talks with foreign leaders. He didn’t do anything foolish, he acted dignified and respected the dignity of the other head of state, but he was unapologetically pro-American and put us first with a message of strength and clarity.

    Make America not embarrassed to watch our president meet with foreign dignitaries again. MANETWOPMWFDA

  37. I had an appt after work, and I was so tired I fell asleep when I got home, and all day I was looking forward to watching the MX speech and the immigration speech. Now I have to catch up – but it sounds like a glorious, successful day for Trump and America!

    PS I really think journalism schools need a huge audit, they’re just totally doing something wrong. And future required general education classes – even for high school – could use juxtapositions of issues in 2008 and how Hillary vs Obama were covered, and double ditto for 2016 with Trump and Hillary. They should show an actual speech (oh dear, Hillary really just does pitches for money now, hmmm), then the coverage by different “journalists” from different media. I’ve read the points of Trump’s immigration platform tonight, and it’s making me laugh seeing tweets and articles by Hillary supporting media outlasts saying that Trump bombed. Trying to make the narrative the reality.

    I really wish the criminality and lack of ethics of the media could become a clearly understood part of critical thinking of even the average citizen. That’s the only way they’ll lose their power to manipulate our country to the benefit of their rich corporate masters. I don’t see them as all that different than Hillary except she figured out how to individually get richer as media heads did, but not the little journalists so much.

  38. Trump, Nigel Farage, anti-migrant parties in Europe have flipped the globalist’s narrative. The poor, foreign, criminal “victims” and their places of origin are no longer the victim but rather the aggressor, problem, users, financial ruin, and criminals. Sending your excess population, criminals, and crazies to live off foreign taxpayers is no longer “cool” and victim-y. The targets of the parasitic global migration are now the victims who are murdered, raped, terrorized, insulted, bled financially thru taxation, charity, tolerance, and good manners taught from childhood. The worm has turned. “To whom do lions cast their gentle looks? Not to the beast that would usurp their den. The smallest worm will turn being trodden on, And doves will peck in safeguard of their brood.” The media is literally loosing their shit over mothers of victims of illegal criminal aliens saying no more. How dare these racist bitches object to the murder of their family members! This is indicative of just how completely the narrative has been flipped on them and all they can do is look like cretins protecting murderers. Trump dominated the president of a failed narco-state yesterday and the world knows it. So does the globalist media and the US public. Lucky Trump.

  39. Mormaer, that is so well said. I’m just learning how to tweet, so I don’t know how to do this, but I’ve noticed when there are more than 140 characters, people seem to tweet a “picture” of a block of text. If you tweet, I think you should send this astute analysis out, including to Trump. If you know how to do the “picture” tweet, anyway lol And send it to Hillary lol

  40. admin
    August 31, 2016 at 10:11 pm
    My reference was in a general sense. Your points are well taken in detail, delivery and impact. What Trump pulled off was unprecedented.

  41. lorac

    September 1, 2016 at 5:50 am

    I really wish the criminality and lack of ethics of the media could become a clearly understood part of critical thinking of even the average citizen. That’s the only way they’ll lose their power to manipulate our country to the benefit of their rich corporate masters.

    I dunno. Repeal of the 1996 Communications Act which allowed the conglomeration of media outlets might go a long way. Application of good old Antitrust law. hehehe… #MAGA

  42. At the risk of being labeled “sexist” I must say, Hillary is not looking good and the whole house-coat-haute-couture look is unbecoming a presidential candidate. Not to mention mixing colors and patterns while at it.

    I liked the old pant-suit days and always thought she looked great. She has gone from those pantsuits to these tent-like million dollar rags that can double as hospital gowns.

    Again, I don’t wish to be called sexist but think I’m telling the truth. If it were a man wearing the clown outfit in the picture below I would be just as embarrassed for that male candidate. Probably more so.

    It all begs the question, what is she hiding underneath those things?

  43. When I was watching Peña Nieto and Trump yesterday something dawned on me for the first time. I’m not talking about wishful thinking or optimism or faith. It was a sudden realization that what I was witnessing was setting the stage for the future. For the first time it really hit home:

    We are going to win.

  44. …the day after…

    it is interesting watching the analysis last night and the day after Donald’s extraordinary day yesterday…

    …all his critics can focus on is what will happen to every last illegal immigrant…there is no consideration or acknowledgement at all for American citizens…nothing for the cost and danger elements…nothing for the loss and fear Americans have experienced…

    to BM…American citizens are invisible…they just function as a cash register for the Globalists and the Far Left

  45. Donald Trump ‘The Iron Man’…this man never stops…he gave a speech this morning with the American Legion…and now is off to Wilmington for another…

    and has no plans to stop right up to the last day…

    he is exhausting the media…he has more stamina and energy than a 20 year old…

  46. S

    September 1, 2016 at 11:08 am

    to BM…American citizens are invisible…they just function as a cash register for the Globalists and the Far Left

    PERFECT! Stealing now~!

  47. OT…

    yesterday I had a conversation with a sweet, articulate, highly educated, intelligent 92 year old woman who is originally from Germany…she lived thru the Hitler days and at my questioning she told me stories about how they were all required to salute Hitler and the story of her family getting out when she was a child and the journey(s) they had to make…

    …her mother was left behind to care for a sick sister and ended up in a concentration camp…her mother eventually did get out but her health has suffered greatly…the young German girl then went on to Paris etc…and other countries…eventually married and traveled the world in the field of education…

    so we brought our conversation fast forward into present time…I asked her what she thought of regarding what is going on in Europe now…and Angela Merkel

    …it is heartbreaking to speak to a woman from this generation that sacrificed and suffered so much as a child…and then to see Americans come to the rescue of Europe and all that Europe evolved into after Hitler…to what is happening now…

    to see Angela Merkel put her citizens in danger again…to put the young women in Germany and the rest of Europe in danger again…

    …and to see the individual European cultures and traditional customs being diluted in the name of political correctness…

    …the beginning of the 21st century is on course to erase and obliterate so much unique beauty…unless the citizens of this world wake up…

  48. S
    September 1, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Donald Trump ‘The Iron Man’…this man never stops…he gave a speech this morning with the American Legion…and now is off to Wilmington for another

    That why they call him the Lion. The King!!! 😀

  49. yes Foxy…and he looks like a Lion

    (fwiw…he has Leo (the Lion) in his rising sign (ascendent) in MARS, and Pluto…so metaphorically speaking, he is a born leader and fighter)

    I love his courage…

  50. blowme0bama

    September 1, 2016 at 11:12 am


    Blow…one almost gets the feelings that Donald’s critics would rather protect the drug dealers and criminals than agree with DT on any common sense policies…

    they keep wanting to reduce this to someone getting a DUI…

    and not so absurd when you hear them still want Santuary cities…these people are ridiculous…

  51. S

    September 1, 2016 at 12:06 pm


    September 1, 2016 at 11:12 am


    Blow…one almost gets the feelings that Donald’s critics would rather protect the drug dealers and criminals than agree with DT on any common sense policies…

    they keep wanting to reduce this to someone getting a DUI…

    and not so absurd when you hear them still want Santuary cities…these people are ridiculous

    They ABSOLUTELY are.

    They are trying to marginalize the concept of borders. Thank God America isn’t that far gone yet.

    The “journ-0-list”ers are all over twitter saying Trump’s speech reflects “hatred of immigrants and minorities”.

    Get on twitter and challenge them. Tell them we’re not stupid and they are liars. This isn’t “open dirt”, its a country and they should move to any country without borders they want to.

  52. They ABSOLUTELY are.

    They are trying to marginalize the concept of borders. Thank God America isn’t that far gone yet.

    The “journ-0-list”ers are all over twitter saying Trump’s speech reflects “hatred of immigrants and minorities”.
    Dear Jurnolisters:

    You have no skin in the game. Until you have lost your job, or have had a member of your family killed by bad heroine or a shot dead by a criminal alien, you are not worth listening to. I pray that one of these tragedies besets you, and then you are free to opine on the benefits of moving the third world into this country. I want you to bleed. Until then, shut the fuck up.

  53. I liked the old pant-suit days and always thought she looked great. She has gone from those pantsuits to these tent-like million dollar rags that can double as hospital gowns.
    Well, perhaps.

    But let us not forget know she and her entourage dithered over which uniform the hapless defenders of Benghazi should don before they went into battle, thereby preventing a rescue.

    As it does appear that Hillary may be rushed to an emergency room and any minute, and WashPo is on record that if she dies there will be no election, wearing a hospital gown is only practical.

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