Masterstrokes: President @RealDonaldTrump Goes To Mexico, Detroit, And Delivers Illegal Immigration Speech in Arizona

Update: Stunning “medium is the message” President Donald J. Trump and Mexican President Nieto joint appearance:

Simply stunning!


Today Donald J. Trump seals the deal – he almost literally becomes President of the United States. It’s stunning. Last night. It was a shocker.

After today it is very difficult to stop Trump. Why? The medium is the message.

Tonight Trump was scheduled to deliver his long anticipated speech on illegal immigration. It was bound to be a big day for Trump. Then came the shocker announcement that Donald J. Trump will go to Mexico to meet the Mexican president. Trump advisers Senator Jeff Sessions and Mayor Rudy Giuliani will accompany Trump. It was a stunning masterstroke. Trump meets the Mexican President then to Arizona to speak about illegal immigration. Stunning! Is it a trap? No it is a masterstroke – we explain below.

Last year, almost as soon as he announced, we warned that it was imperative for Trump opponents to keep him off the first GOP debate stage if they did not want Trump to win the nomination. We reasoned that the moment Trump was on stage with powerful Republican political figures, senators, governors, it would be impossible to stop him because “the medium is the message”. This very pertinent passage for today, is what we wrote before the first Republican presidential debate in 2015:

First advice for Donald Trump: the medium is the message. Don’t you worry for one single moment about being “presidential.” The very fact that you will be on stage with governors and senators will send the message that you are “presidential.”

The phrase “the medium is the message” of course comes from Marshall McLuhan. [snip]

Yeah, the medium is the message. Don’t worry about appearing “presidential” because just being on that stage, in the center spot, will be the message.

At the time Donald J. Trump’s number one problem was that a large part of Republican voters did not believe he really was running for president. A large chunk, but hardly a majority of Republican voters loved Trump, but seventy percent of Republican voters did not believe Trump was really running for president. We argued that once Trump proved once and for all that he really really was running for president not for biggest publicity stunt ever, Trump’s nomination was assured.

As soon as Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015 his problem was credibility. Most of Big Media at the time said Trump’s announcement was a publicity stunt. Trump would soon pull out. Find a reason to quit the race. Never submit his financial statements, never file with the FEC. Trump, before all the other candidates, soon submitted all his required paperwork. Big Media continued the attack with the “publicity stunt – build his brand” arguments and persisted with the ‘Trump will soon quit’ argument.

That all ended the moment Donald J. Trump appeared on stage at the first GOP debate. Before the second GOP debate it was all over:

If the GOP establishment does not blow up Donald J. Trump before the Second GOP debate on September 16, it might well be over and Mr. Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. The hostile takeover will be complete.

Are we premature? Is it too early to declare the very real, very authentic Donald J. Trump the winner before one vote has been cast? The latest polls convince us that it is not too early but rather too late to stop Trump. [snip]

So how is it that we utilize polls we don’t believe in to make stark statements about the oncoming Trumpnado? We do so because the political establishment in general and the GOP establishment in particular held one, er, trump card to play against Donald J. Trump. What was that, um, trump card? It was electability. It was always about electability.

The establishment attacks against Donald J. Trump failed. The “Trump is no conservative” attack failed. The “Trump is unpopular” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win without Hispanic support” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win without women” attack failed. The “Trump is not a serious candidate” attack failed. The “Trump won’t run” attack failed. The “Trump won’t disclose his finances” attack failed. The “Trump will blow himself up” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win the war against Fox News” attack failed. The “Trump won’t sign a loyalty oath we designed to block him” attack failed. The “Trump has no positions” attack failed. The “Trump positions are ridiculous” attack failed. The “Trump raped his wife” attack failed. The “Trump has no organization” attack failed. The “Trump won’t spend money” attack failed. The “Trump is a billionaire” attack failed. The “Trump is too rich to understand non-rich people” attack failed. The “Trump wants to raise taxes” attack failed. The “Trump is a clown” attack failed. The “Trump supporters are clowns” attack failed. The “Trump insulted McCain” attack failed. The “Trump insulted veterans” attack failed. The “Trump is mean” attack failed. The “Trump has a bad tone” attack failed. The “Trump is not nice” attack failed. The “Trump won’t stay in the race” attack failed. The “Trump supporters are not registered to vote” attack failed. The “Trump is a racist” attempt failed. The “Trump will weaken” attacks failed.

Every establishment attack against Donald J. Trump failed. But the “electability” argument remained and it had the strongest bite from the establishment snakes.

The “electability” argument was “yeah, but he can’t win.” The establishment snakes knew that after eight years of Obaminations the electorate of the GOP wanted a winner. That was always the viper argument that worked to nominate the establishment candidates. “You might want candidate X, but candidate X can’t win so nominate establishment candidate YUCK because candidate YUCK will do what we think he should say to win.” Then candidate YUCK would lose because candidate YUCK was a poll driven putz who feared the electorate and only hoped to fool the electorate long enough to win.

The “electability” argument always won the day for the establishment. Then came Trump.

The establishment had fixed the election for JeBush. Then came Trump. Then came additional attacks that failed. Then at the very start of the election season, the Labor Day weekend, the last argument against Donald J. Trump failed:

We wrote that in September of last year. By then Trump had overcome his two toughest challenges. First, Trump appeared on the debate stage alongside Republican senators and governor thereby Trump became a legitimate candidate (the medium is the message) to the vast majority of Republican voters. Second, polls proved Trump held the possibility of actually winning the general election. It was over then. Trump had the personality, the message, and the strategy to win the nomination.

For the general election Trump really had (after today) only one challenge to overcome. The challenge was that many American could not picture Trump as president. That ends today with the Mexico trip and the meeting with the Mexican president. If the meeting was intended by the Mexican president to be a trap, it has failed. Why? The medium is the message.

After today American voters no longer have to try to picture Donald J. Trump as president. Today American voters will see, on live TV, President Donald J. Trump.

Today Donald J. Trump will do what most Americans think of when they picture a president on the job. Today Donald J. Trump will meet with a foreign head of state. That’s what presidents do. President Donald J. Trump will meet with the Mexican president. President Donald J. Trump will bring his prominent advisers to the meeting with the Mexican head of state. It’s a presidential trip. The medium is the message. It’s all over for Trump. It’s now President Donald J. Trump.

That powerful visual is the message. It does not matter how Big Media will try to belittle the trip. It does not matter what the talking heads on TV say. Nothing about Trump’s trip will matter other than the image of President Donald J. Trump flying to Mexico on the Trump Force One airplane to meet with the Mexican president. It’s a presidential trip. It’s stunning. We’ve never seen this before. Stunning!

President Donald J. Trump will have the opportunity in September 2016 to meet with other heads of state. The United Nations General Assembly will meet in New York soon and President Donald J. Trump might meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, or others. As the Clinton Global Initiative also meets to collect money during the General Assembly it will be a hideous contrast to President Donald J. Trump.

Today President Donald J. Trump will fly to Mexico to meet with the President of Mexico. Then Donald J. Trump will set forth his illegal immigration policy in Arizona alongside Senator Jeff Sessions tonight.

On Saturday Donald J. Trump will go to Detroit. There’s that other meeting too. But that’s another story we will write about. Today it is illegal immigration and a trip to Mexico. President Donald J. Trump! Stunning!