Despicable Goes-Around: Hillary Clinton #Hillary2016 Race-baits @RealDonaldTrump #TrumpPence2016

Hillary Clinton is race-baiting Donald Trump. As the premier website in support of Hillary Clinton in 2008 (and 2012) we remember well how Barack Obama and his horde of scum race-baited Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton 2008 supporters. Big Media in 2008 joined the Barack Obama scum to race-bait Hillary Clinton 2008. Hillary Clinton 2016 is despicable with race-baiting attacks which smear Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump supporters.

If anyone in authority at the Trump campaign ever reads this website they will perhaps be jarred into reciting many of the race-baiting attacks by Barack Obama in 2008 against Hillary Clinton. There were many race-baits from Obama. We remember them all.

In 2008 Barack Obama’s race-baiting against Hillary Clinton worked. The Donald Trump campaign should be careful. Of course, Donald J. Trump is not Hillary Clinton who in 2008 allowed the race-baiting to work. Donald J. Trump hits back hard, eventually.

Donald J. Trump and TrumpPence2016 have not yet hit hard enough. Thus far all we have heard is reminders of Hillary’s “super-predator” remarks about black criminals and Donald Trump’s lone charge of Hillary as a “bigot” This is rather weak as a counter to the Hillary2016 race-baiting. Maybe someday a Trump campaign authority will read good ol’ Big Pink and learn what is to be done to stop the race-baiting.

Donald J. Trump and TrumpPence2016 could remind voters of the 2008 race and how Barack Obama and his scum managed to turn Hillary and Bill Clinton into “racists”. If the Trump campaign wants to alienate the black community against Hillary Clinton it could regurgitate all the ugly race-baits Obama used to smear Hillary. Sauce for the gander.

Donald J. Trump’s wining strategy is to tie Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. Hillary2016 as the Obama Third Term. But Trump can also sow disunity and remind black Americans of the 2008 fight. Divide and conquer. That fight was ugly. Slime such as Jim Clyburn smeared Hillary and Bill as “racists” and got away with it. The misogyny of Barack Obama in 2008 was ugly. The race-baiting by Barack Obama in 2008 was ugly too.

In 2008 Bill Clinton was smeared by Ted Kennedy when the Chappaquiddick killer remarked that Bill Clinton was a racist because of his honest assessment of flim-flam man Barack Obama. Bill Clinton said Barack Obama’s talents amounted to very little and that logic demonstrated Barack Obama was only fit to bring coffee. It was an honest assessment of the corrupt Chicago slime and a record devoid of accomplishment other than self-advancement, not racist. But anyone who told the truth about Tony “Antoine” Rezko’s pal was denounced as a racist. Anyone who spoke of Jeremiah “G_d Damn America” Wright or the Bill Ayers type terrorist friends of Obama was deemed a “racist”. Now Hillary Clinton adopts the same race-baits to attack Trump and it is extra despicable, from our perspective as Hillary2008 supporters who were smeared as “racists” to watch.

Hillary Clinton, as we have previously warned, should remember that what goes around comes around. The Hillary Clinton race-baiting of Donald J. Trump is the old Barack Obama race-baiting of Hillary Clinton. Race-baiting can go around and hit Hillary Clinton.

In 2008 Barack Obama and his scum race-baited Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party establishment did nothing to stop the race-baiting. In 2016 we see the Republican establishment doing nothing to stop the race-baiting against Donald J. Trump. To the contrary many in the Republican establishment are doing everything they can to hurt Trump.

On The O’Reilly Factor this past week, obese Frank Luntz argued that Trump denouncing Hillary as a “bigot” was a mistake because it took away from the Hillary email scandal coverage. In other words, Frank Luntz advised Trump to ignore the potent attack of “racist” and not hit back. Wisely, Trump understands that Hillary2016 wants to smear Trump and Trump supporters and Trump is hitting back.

If there is a failing in the Trump attack against “bigot” Hillary it is the lack of 2008 history. Why doesn’t the Trump campaign bring back every “racist” charge Obama made against Hillary Clinton in 2008? Again, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. We find race-baiting attacks disgusting but we also understand that the only way to fight the race-baiters is to hit back hard and if necessary dredge up and turn on the race-baiters every bit of race-bait there is. So if Hillary Clinton wants to race-bait Donald J. Trump it is entirely fair for Donald J. Trump to race-bait Hillary Clinton with the words of Obama 2008.

Thus far Donald J. Trump has been too high-minded. Donald J. Trump’s argument is that Hillary and the Dimocrats are bigots because their policies hurt African-American. Trump argues further that all Hillary and the Dimocrats want is black votes and a continued black underclass that continues to vote for those that promise “gimme” policies. Black Americans are disempowered, Trump argues, by Dimocrat policies. Trump appears to make a “bigotry of low expectations” argument and that is the rationale for calling Hillary a “bigot”. That’s not race-baiting however.

Hillary Clinton is race-baiting Donald J. Trump. Proud American (and he is black) Sheriff Clarke makes the Trump argument in an easy to understand tweet which one of our newbie Twitter followers sent us:

The pertinent videos on the race-baiting ugliness are here:

Hillary Clinton’s despicable race-baiting attack against Donald Trump:

Donald J. Trump’s strong defense:

A black American activist responds to Trump’s appeal for black votes:

That last video is a nightmare for Hillary2016 and the political establishment in the Obama Dimocrat Party.

Hillary Clinton’s despicable race-baiting of Donald Trump can only mean that at some point her own despicable associations will have to be examined:

Black Lives Matter is a racist organization created by the lie “hands up, don’t shoot”. Thug Michael Brown did not have his “hands up”. Michael Brown was a thug. Michael Brown’s friend was a thug. Michael Brown’s mother was irresponsible and nowhere to be found as Michael Brown became a thug.

Black thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown terrorize decent black people. The response from the black community is shameful. The black community turns thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown into heroes. The black community should celebrate each time a black thug is killed.

We remember when Hillary Clinton was against black thugs and all thugs. But tonight, the DNC, Hillary2016, and Hillary Clinton will celebrate and honor black thugs and their irresponsible black mothers.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton once waged war for decent black people and attacked black thugs and thugs of all colors.

That Hillary Clinton sounds rational. It’s time to stop criminals of all colors from attacks on decent Americans of all colors. In 2016 Hillary Clinton is race-baiting. It’s ugly. It’s despicable.

At some point TrumpPence2016 will have to Drudge up the 2008 campaign. Obama race-baited Hillary. Now Hillary race-baits Trump. It was ugly in 2008 and it is ugly and especially despicable in 2016.

In 2016, unlike 2008, the race-baiters will find that Donald J. Trump is not a wimp who will be taken down by despicable race-baiting. Donald J. Trump knows how to fight. At some point TrumpPence2016 will discover the 2008 campaign and then Hillary Clinton will discover that what goes around, indeed comes around – and not in a good way.