Let Trump Be Trump Power Pivot: The @RealDonaldTrump Rope-a-Dope Double Punch Speech Strategy, Part I

Update: As we write at the end of our article, Big Media hates Donald J. Trump for ideological reasons and because Big Media has financial interests at stake. Donald J. Trump uses Big Media like a dog uses a chew toy then Trump does not give Big Media what Big Media wants: respect and money. Big Media is scum and Donald J. Trump hits them where it hurts:

Spending on political advertising during the U.S. presidential election has dropped 60 percent from 2012, a troubling sign for local TV broadcasters that were counting on a windfall. [snip]

Spending is down in part because Trump’s campaign has relied instead on getting his message across in a steady stream of media interviews and tweets.

In other news, Donald J. Trump is in Baton Rouge, Paul Manafort is no longer with the Trump campaign, and Barack Obama continues to golf and give his daughter advice on how to join the Choom gang. Trump it up:

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence were in Louisiana Friday to survey the flood damage that killed at least 13 people and displaced thousands more.

The visit comes amid an ongoing staff shakeup. Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigned Friday following revelations about his work for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. In a statement, Trump praised Manafort’s work on the campaign and called him a “true professional.” [snip]

In East Baton Rouge Parish, Friday, Trump’s motorcade drove through hard-hit communities, where ripped up carpet and flooring, furniture and the entire contents of homes were piled on the curb. People who were still mucking out their homes, in some instances, came out to wave at the motorcade with gloved hands dirty from their house-gutting work. He and Pence then met a group of volunteers at a Baptist church who have been cooking meals for flood victims and helping the elderly gut their homes.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Trump,” one woman screamed.

“We knew you would be here for us!” another shouted.

We’ll discuss all this good news in Part II.

As millions suffer, Barack Obama is still golfing in playground for the wealthy, Martha’s Vineyard. Choom Gang leader Barack also gave his daughter advice based on personal experience on how to pack a doobie, avoid arrest when police break up a pot party, and not let pictures be taken when you shake your bare ass and take a toke.


Two speeches, two hires, that shook the world. Have no doubt, we witness a stupendous series of moves by Donald Trump this past week.

The remaining question about Donald J. Trump and the Trump campaign is answered. The fury from the political establishment will be enormous.

What was the “remaining question about Donald J. Trump and the Trump campaign”? It was the “pivot” question. Whether Trump would bow to the establishment and become a conventional candidate in a conventional campaign that in our opinion would lead to a conventional loss. That question has been answered in a series of power punches.

Today Trump hired a woman to be his campaign manager, pollster Kellyanne Conway, and from Breitbart, Steve Bannon to be the campaign CEO. These hires indicate the Trump campaign will now let Trump be Trump. From our campaign experience we have many suggestions as to what the next steps should be for the two new hires, but this is not the place to make these suggestions. What does matter is that both
these new hires want to fight. Trump to wants to fight.

In a sense what has happened is that Donald J. Trump has been beaten to a pulp by reality. The reality always has been that Donald J. Trump is the burning fire that devours the political establishment and brings about a new politics. For a while there the question lingered about whether Trump would embrace reality or continue to try to appease his political enemies and preserve the old order. Today, beyond dispute, Trump embraces reality.

What is that reality in toto? We understand the critique from those that want Trump to win (and those that want Trump to lose) that Trump should devote himself to raising money then spend money on ads, Trump should give carefully crafted regurgitation speeches that force him to “stay on message”, Trump should not be “distracted”, Trump should run as the head of the political party, Trump should cut his balls off in order to win because only a neutered dull candidate can win the general election. We understand that critique but we reject it.

Why do we reject that critique? First of all we remember 2008. We learned in that campaign that BIG MEDIA IS THE ENEMY. We coined the phrase “Big Media” and explained the usage during the 2008 campaign. We were very happy to see Donald J. Trump use the phrase “Big Media” in his speech Tuesday night.

The “stay on message” critique against Trump is foolish because no matter what Trump says he will be attacked. If Trump says “it’s a lovely day” Big Media will point out a flood or disaster somewhere in the world and thereby denounce Trump as cruel or evil or even, as in 2008, “racist”.

If Trump stays “on message” and says I want to do “this”, Big Media along with the #NeverTrump loons and the Obama Dimocrat authoritarians will attack. If Trump says “on message” and says little but pablum rhetoric, the same creeps will denounce Trump as “without substance”. If Trump walks on water, Big Media, the #NeverTrump loons, and the Obama Dimocrat creeps will say “Trump can’t swim”.

Donald J. Trump will not win with appeasement as his policy. Donald J. Trump will win if he embraces reality and remains the voice of those that demand CHANGE!!! The “change” will only come to fruition with the destruction of the old order in the Republican Party, the destruction of the Obama Dimocrat Party, and the destruction of Big Media.

With his new hires Trump has embraced reality. The proof is that astounding speech on Tuesday night in riot torn Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The first astounding speech punched like a powerhouse boxer from Donald J. Trump, about Muslim terrorism and foreign policy, was a masterpiece we discussed previously. The foreign policy Trump speech is a massive call for CHANGE and traps Hillary Clinton into a hellhole with Bush era neocons.

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump delivered his domestic policy punch. It’s a magnificent speech as the transcript attests. In Part II of this article we will examine further some of the ramifications of the speech. For now, we will excerpt highlights. The speech starts with a strong analysis of the black community and the need for law and order as benefits to the poor:

We are at a decisive moment in this election.

Last week, I laid out my plan to bring jobs back to our country. Yesterday, I laid out my plan to defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism. Tonight, I am going to talk about how to make our communities safe again from crime and lawlessness.

Let me begin by thanking the law enforcement officers here in this city, and across this country, for their service and sacrifice in difficult times.

The violence, riots and destruction that have taken place in Milwaukee is an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and peace.

Law and order must be restored. It must be restored for the sake of all, but most especially the sake of those living in the affected communities.

The main victims of these riots are law-abiding African-American citizens living in these neighborhoods. It is their jobs, their homes, their schools and communities which will suffer as a result.

There is no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct. Crime and violence is an attack on the poor, and will never be accepted in a Trump Administration.

The narrative that has been pushed aggressively for years now by our current Administration, and pushed by my opponent Hillary Clinton, is a false one. The problem in our poorest communities is not that there are too many police, the problem is that there are not enough police.

More law enforcement, more community engagement, more effective policing is what our country needs.

Just like Hillary Clinton is against the miners, she is against the police. You know it, and I know it.

Those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society – a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent – share directly in the responsibility for the unrest in Milwaukee, and many other places within our country.

They have fostered the dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America.

Everytime we rush to judgment with false facts and narratives – whether in Ferguson or in Baltimore – and foment further unrest, we do a direct disservice to poor African-American residents who are hurt by the high crime in their communities.

During the last 72 hours, while protestors have raged against the police here in Milwaukee, another 9 were killed in Chicago and another 46 were wounded. More than 2,600 people have been shot in Chicago since the beginning of the year, and almost 4,000 killed in President Obama’s hometown area since his presidency began.

How are we serving these American victims by attacking law enforcement officers?

The war on our police must end. It must end now.

The war on our police is a war on all peaceful citizens who want to be able to work and live and send their kids to school in safety.

Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, the violent disruptor. Our job is to make life more comfortable for the African-American parent who wants their kids to be able to safely walk the streets. Or the senior citizen waiting for a bus. Or the young child walking home from school.

For every one violent protestor, there are a hundred moms and dads and kids on that same city block who just want to be able to sleep safely at night. My opponent would rather protect the offender than the victim.

Hillary Clinton-backed policies are responsible for the problems in the inner cities today, and a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime, and lost opportunities.

In that section Trump acknowledges reality and declares war on the established order which ordains that criminals be turned into heroes even as decent citizens, especially decent citizens in poor or black neighborhoods, be imprisoned in the homes so the criminals can be free to terrorize and oppress.

Donald J. Trump then turned his attention to Hillary Clinton Obama Third Term policies as well as other culprits of the old order responsible for the depraved conditions certain American citizens are forced to endure by political correctness and tolerance for criminal society:

Imagine how many lives could have been saved, all across this country, if Democratic politicians hadn’t blocked in their cities what Rudy did in New York City? I’ll make sure we deliver safe neighborhoods here in Milwaukee, and all across this country.

It’s easy for Hillary Clinton to turn a blind eye to crime when she has her own private security force. I believe all Americans, not just the powerful, are entitled to security.

Hillary Clinton has had her chance. She failed. Now it’s time for new leadership.

The Hillary Clinton agenda hurts poor people the most.

There is no compassion in allowing drug dealers, gang members, and felons to prey on innocent people. It is the first duty of government to keep the innocent safe, and when I am President I will fight for the safety of every American – and especially those Americans who have not known safety for a very, very long time.

I am asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different future.

It is time for our society to address some honest and very difficult truths.

The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community. Democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty.

Let us look at the situation right here in Milwaukee, a city run by Democrats for decade after decade. [snip]

1 in 5 manufacturing jobs has disappeared in Milwaukee since we fully opened our markets to China, and many African-American neighborhoods have borne the brunt of this hit.

To every voter in Milwaukee, to every voter living in every inner city, or every forgotten stretch of our society, I am running to offer you a better future.

The Democratic Party has taken the votes of African-Americans for granted. They’ve just assumed they’ll get your support and done nothing in return for it. It’s time to give the Democrats some competition for these votes, and it’s time to rebuild the inner cities of America – and to reject the failed leadership of a rigged political system.

I’m not part of the corrupt system. In fact, the corrupt system is trying to stop me. I’ve been paying my own way. The voters in the Republican Party this year defied the donors, the consultants, the power brokers, and choose a nominee from outside our failed and corrupt and broken system.

Again, the above is astounding. Donald J. Trump is a “nominee from outside our failed and corrupt and broken system” and he beat the Republican establishment. Trump then asks black Americans to join him in the battle to destroy the entire political establishment that degrades us all. Trump then becomes a Pillar of Fire leading black America out of bondage:

I am running to listen to your voice, to hear your cries for help. The quiet voices in our society, not the loudest demonstrators, need to have their demands heard.

Jobs. Safety. Opportunity. Fair and equal representation.

We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes, not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. She doesn’t care at all about the hurting people of this country, or the suffering she has caused them.

The African-American community has been taken for granted for decades by the Democratic Party. It’s time to break with the failures of the past – I want to offer Americans a new future.

It is time for rule by the people, not rule by special interests.

Every insider, getting rich off of our broken system, is throwing money at Hillary Clinton. The hedge fund managers, the Wall Street investors, the professional political class.

It’s the powerful protecting the powerful.

Insiders fighting for insiders.

I am fighting for you.

The only thing missing is Donald J. Trump shouting “Power to the People” and the black power salute. But it is not just black Americans who suffer and who Donald J. Trump promises to protect. Trump elevates his critique of the old established order to the high places:

When we talk about the insider, who are we talking about? It’s the comfortable politicians looking out for their own interests. It’s the lobbyists who know how to insert that perfect loophole into every bill. It’s the financial industry that knows how to regulate their competition out of existence. The insiders also include the media executives, anchors and journalists in Washington, Los Angeles, and New York City, who are part of the same failed status quo and want nothing to change.

Every day you pick up a newspaper, or turn on the nightly news, and you hear about some self-interest banker or some discredited Washington insider says they oppose our campaign. Or some encrusted old politician says they oppose our campaign. Or some big time lobbyist says they oppose our campaign.

I wear their opposition as a badge of honor. Because it means I am fighting for REAL change, not just partisan change. I am fighting – all of us across the country are fighting – for peaceful regime change in our own country. The media-donor-political complex that’s bled this country dry has to be replaced with a new government of, by and for the people.

The leadership class in Washington D.C., of which Hillary Clinton has been a member for thirty years, has abandoned the people of this country.

I am going to give the people their voice back.

This is an astounding revolutionary tub-thumper of a speech. “Power to the People!” Notice how Trump does not distinguish between Republicans, Democrats, Obama Dimocrats, Hillary, McConnell, Ryan. Trump denounces “The leadership class in Washington D.C.”, the entire rotted, rotten, rotting, structure. “Power to the People!” It’s the political establishment Trump promises to tear down:

Think about it. The people opposing our campaign are the same people who have left our border open and let innocent people suffer as a result.

The people opposing our campaign are the same people who have led us into one disastrous foreign war after another.

The people opposing our campaign are the same people who lied to us about one trade deal after another.

Aren’t you tired of a system that gets rich at your expense?

Aren’t you tired of big media, big businesses, and big donors rigging the system to keep your voice from being heard?

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready for leadership that puts you, the American people, first? That puts your country first? That puts your family first?

You had us at “big media” big guy. Trump understands Big Media is the enemy. The Big Media Political Party is the enemy as we wrote in 2007 – Trump understands that.

We don’t use the term “mainstream media” or “lamestream media” for a very real set of reasons. Big Media sees itself as a political party that makes or breaks candidates. In 2008 Big Media was all in for Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton and John McCain. In 2012 Big Media was all in for Barack Obama against hapless Mitt Romney. In 2016, what goes around comes around (that’s a warning to Hillary2016) and Hillary Clinton is the Big Media Party favor because she is on the Obama leash, caged.

Another aspect of Big Media and why we reject the advice for Trump to run a “conventional” campaign is MONEY. Big Media hates Trump because he is not like the boob Barack Obama. But don’t rule out self interest either. At this point in a campaign Big Media expected profits from Donald J. Trump in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re not talking about increased revenues from the higher ratings Trump continues to bring. We’re talking dollars, dollars, dollars!

Big Media expected the Republican nominee to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in ads. Donald Trump has not done that. So Big Media is angry. Big Media wanted Trump to waste his money on ads no one cares to watch. Instead Big Media sees Donald J. Trump using Big Media as his cat’s paw, beating Big Media incessantly – to bolster himself – but not giving Big Media the hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue they expected. Sure, Donald J. Trump will soon begin to air ads, on his own time in his own interest in states such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. But Big Media wanted that cash and much more. Like small time hoods Big Media expects money to grease their palms. So Big Media attacks Donald J. Trump as an ideological enemy and as someone who refuses to fill their coffers.

Donald J. Trump is the revolutionary Pillar of Fire which consumes Big Media and the exhausted established order. In Part II, we will discuss the Workers’ Party and how to “rope-a-dope”.


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  1. http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/291637-trump-i-dont-want-to-pivot

    Trump: ‘I don’t want to pivot’

    Donald Trump on Tuesday said he is not interested in moderating his tone for the general presidential election.

    “Well, possibly I do, but you know, I am who I am,” he told News 8 reporter Brittany Schmidt when asked whether he needs to change tactics before November as recent polls show him behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    “Everyone talks about, ‘Oh, you’ve got to pivot,’” Trump added in La Crosse, Wis. “I don’t want to pivot. I don’t want to change.

    “You have to be you. If you start pivoting, you’re not being honest with people. No, I am who I am.”

    Trump said critics had inaccurately predicted the failure of his Oval Office bid several times during the GOP primaries.

    “Don’t forget, when I lost Wisconsin, it was over for Trump,” he said. “Except for one problem: I then went on a very good run.”

  2. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2599525

    How many times have Donald Trump’s supporters and critics debated whether he will pivot to a larger, more presidential candidacy? Too many to count. So put aside any talk of pivoting — the fact is, Trump delivered a focused, powerful, and disciplined speech Tuesday night in West Bend, Wis., about 45 minutes north of Milwaukee. Trump focused largely on problems that disproportionately afflict black Americans, arguing that his proposals on crime, immigration, trade, jobs, education, and other issues will improve African-American lives more than Hillary Clinton’s. [snip]

    Calling the recent riots in Milwaukee “an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and live in peace,” Trump won applause with the declaration that “Law and order must be restored.”

    “The main victims of these riots are law-abiding African-American citizens living in these neighborhoods,” Trump continued. “It’s their jobs, it’s their homes, it’s their schools and communities which will suffer the most as a result. There’s no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct for anyone.”

    Trump charged that Clinton and the Obama administration have pushed a “totally false” narrative of widespread police abuse across the United States. “The problem in our poorest communities is not that there are too many police,” Trump argued. “The problem is that there are not enough police.”

    “Those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society — a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent — share directly in the responsibility for the unrest in Milwaukee and many other places,” Trump said. Clinton and others, he charged, “have fostered a dangerous anti-police atmosphere.” [snip]

    Trump then made a direct appeal — certainly the most forthright of his campaign — for black votes. “When I am president I will fight for the safety of every American — and especially those Americans who have not known safety for a very, very long time,” he said. “I am asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different future.”

    Trump went through the standard statistics of social dysfunction — crime, poverty, single parenthood, failing schools, and more. Democrats have promised to fix such problems, Trump said, and have failed.

    Trump then broadened the argument to include his signature issues. Trade competition with China, he said, has disproportionately harmed poor Americans. “We opened our markets, they’ve taken our jobs…and African-American neighborhoods, along with many other neighborhoods, have suffered greatly.”

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is running to protect the wealth and prerogatives of insiders, Trump charged. “It’s the powerful protecting the powerful,” he said. “I am fighting for you.”

    Trump went down the sins of the “media-donor-political complex” — “one disastrous foreign war after another,” “our border open,” “one trade deal after another.” “Aren’t you tired of a system that gets rich at your expense?” Trump asked. “Aren’t you tired of big media, big businesses, and big donors rigging the system to keep your voice from being heard? Are you ready for change?”

    “I’m not part of the corrupt system. In fact, the corrupt system is trying to stop me.”

    Trump related his strongest issues to what he said were their effects on black lives and fortunes. Clinton’s immigration policies will hurt black workers, he said. Clinton’s trade deals will do the same. Trump’s plans on taxes, regulations, and education will mean more jobs.

    “To every voter in Milwaukee, to every voter living in the inner city or every forgotten stretch of our society, I’m running to offer you a much better future, a much better job, and a much higher wage,” Trump said. [snip]

    As it was being delivered, journalists listening in the room and beyond knew they were hearing something different.

    CBS News’ Major Garrett tweeted, “Having been listening since August 2015, objectively best drafted & best delivered Trump speech of campaign. Will resonate.” The Pittsburgh Tribune’s Salena Zito tweeted that Trump “just gave a very good, excellent, red meat, presidential timber speech. Literally.”

    Trump supporter and vice-presidential finalist Newt Gingrich tweeted, “Trump speech was the clearest appeal to the African-American community of any Republican nominee. If he builds on this, it could be big.” [snip]

    Interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile retweeted Taylor’s message, adding, “Once again, Trump delivers a very divisive speech on community policy and rebuilding trust in our country.”

    Joy Reid, the former MSNBC host, slammed Gingrich (who once called Obama the “Food Stamp President”) for praising Trump’s speech. Reid also passed on a tweet from Planned Parenthood official Kaili Joy Gray that said, “Ohhhh, I get it. This speech is written for conservative pundits to talk about how this speech is written for African-American voters.”

    There will be much more along those lines in coming days. But the fact is, beyond the relatively minor accomplishment of exceeding the pundits’ low expectations for his performance, Trump gave a big, serious speech that will have to be reckoned with. This one will be argued about for quite a while.

  3. ADMIN .. Contact the TrumpTeam at their TrumpTower phone# .. they are LISTENING now to suggestions from CALLERS … with your experience you would even get a meeting with the staff I am most SURE…..go go go

  4. Hundreds of millions, billions for terrorists from Obama. Ransom:


    U.S. Held Cash Until Iran Freed Prisoners
    An Iranian cargo plane left Geneva with $400 million in cash after a flight with Americans aboard took off from Tehran in January

    WASHINGTON—New details of the $400 million U.S. payment to Iran earlier this year depict a tightly scripted exchange specifically timed to the release of several American prisoners held in Iran, based on accounts from U.S. officials and others briefed on the operation.

    U.S. officials wouldn’t let Iranians take control of the money until a Swiss Air Force plane carrying three freed Americans departed from Tehran on Jan. 17, the officials said. Once that happened, an Iranian cargo plane was allowed to bring the cash back from a Geneva airport that day, according to the accounts.

    President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials have said the payment didn’t amount to ransom, because the money was owed by the U.S. to Iran as part of a longstanding dispute linked to a failed arms deal from the 1970s. U.S. officials have said that the prisoner release and cash transfer took place through two separate diplomatic channels.

    But the handling of the payment and its connection to the release of the Americans have raised questions among lawmakers and administration critics.

    The use of an Iranian cargo plane to move pallets filled with $400 million brings clarity to one of the mysteries surrounding the cash delivery to Iran first reported by The Wall Street Journal this month. Administration officials have refused to publicly disclose how and when the cash transfer authorized by Mr. Obama took place.

    Executives from Iran’s flagship carrier, Iran Air, organized the round-trip flight from Tehran to Geneva where the cash—euros and Swiss francs and other currencies stacked on shipping pallets—was loaded onto the aircraft, these people said.

    “Our top priority was getting the Americans home,” said a U.S. official.

    Once the Americans were “wheels up” on the morning of Jan. 17, Iranian officials in Geneva were allowed to take custody of the $400 million in currency, according to officials briefed on the exchange.

  5. Admin: From our campaign experience we have many suggestions as to what the next steps should be for the two new hires, but this is not the place to make these suggestions.
    Quite true.

    Doing so in a public forum would give the battle plan to the enemy.

    But the statement implies more than just that.

    It suggests that you have their ear.

    We pray that you do.


    Because your track record of being consistently right speaks for itself.

    It is only when candidates ignore or deviate from those suggestions that they fail.

  6. Trump hires ‘street fighter’ in new shakeup of White House campaign

    Conway and Bannon may prove to be opposing forces in Trump’s campaign. Conway is analytical and numbers-driven and often offers a more pragmatic approach to winning campaigns. She is expected to travel with Trump. Bannon likes to push the limits of polite conversation and revels in taking the fight up a notch, strategists say.

    “For Steve and I, we also recognise that we are different when we say we have different styles, but we have one vision,” Conway told reporters.

    Bannon was a key figure in producing and promoting a movie called “Clinton Cash” that accuses Bill and Hillary Clinton of doing favours for high-dollar donors to the Clinton Foundation charity, a theme that Trump has been touching on in his campaign speeches.

    “My guess is Bannon will be a bull in a china shop and Conway will be focused on messaging and paid media,” said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak.

    The appointment of Bannon suggested that Trump is aiming not to tone down his aggressive style but to be more disciplined in emphasizing themes that resonate strongly with the voters he is trying to court, such as his tough stance against illegal immigration and withering personal criticism of Clinton.

    “I am who I am, I don’t want to change,” Trump told Wisconsin television station WKTB on Tuesday. “If you start pivoting, you’re not being honest with people.”

    The shift to new leadership may not be a good sign at this stage of a campaign, but some Republican strategists stressed that it was not too late for Trump.

    “I’ve thought for a while that they’ve needed more smart, senior people and it looks like they just got them,” said Republican strategist Charlie Black. “It’s only the middle of August. This race is going to be close in the end, but he does need to tighten up his performance.”


    Conway told Fox News she was advising Trump, who has never held elected office, to “keep giving policy speeches,” saying voters want to hear more than “cacophony.”

    She said she was also advising him to take “his case directly to the people.” “With Donald Trump, he is still his own best messenger because people see him as very authentic,” she said.

    A New Jersey-based pollster, Conway has worked in Republican polling since the 1980s, including for former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich’s unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2012. She also worked for vice presidential nominee Mike Pence in his earlier races.

    Conway has worked to improve the Republican Party’s standing with women voters and to push back on the Democratic accusations that Republicans are waging a “war on women.”

    Manafort, who will remain on the campaign but will see his influence scaled back, drew unwelcome attention this week when The New York Times reported that his name was on secret ledgers showing cash payments designated to him of more than $12 million from a Ukrainian political party with close ties to Russia. Manafort denied any impropriety on Monday.

    The source also said Trump was less concerned than his children were about Manafort’s Russia ties. The news reports about Manafort’s relationship with Ukrainian officials could have been “the last straw,” but the biggest problem was that Trump did not trust Manafort’s advice, the source said.

    The current RealClearPolitics average of national opinion polls puts Clinton six percentage points ahead of Trump, at 47.2 percent to his 41.2 percent.

    Trump was scheduled to receive an intelligence briefing on Wednesday afternoon from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, a U.S. government source said.

    The briefing, of the kind given to U.S. presidential nominees from major parties, was to take place in a secure conference room at the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in downtown Manhattan.

    Intelligence officials brief the nominees on foreign policy and national security issues but do not disclose ultra-sensitive information about ongoing U.S. undercover spy operations, or about the identities of intelligence sources and methods.


  7. another good one Admin…


    if feels like the Trump camp is locked and loaded and ready to go…


    caught the end of Michael Cohen on CNN with Brianna Keilar…i forgot to put her…and the other one…Brooke Baldwin…in with the group that is the worst of the worst…that exhibit not one pinch of objectivity on CNN…

    anyway caught Cohen with Brianna…have seen some comments trying to put him down…not in my opinion…he came out shooting NY style…and would not put up with her characterizations…he did a good job…next time he will be even better…

  8. Well, here is that full interview with the Michael Cohen, who is the Executive Vice President and general counsel for the Trump organization.

    The interviewer is a complete twit from Berkley who wants the world to know that she was Phi Beta Capa.

    100 questions, and not one legitimate one.

    Stupid fucking questions like why is he addressing the black community now, why did he not go into the ghetto and make this speech, why didn’t he make it to the NAACP, why is he polling at only 1% when Mittens got 6%, isn’t your campaign sinking, isn’t this shake up a desperate measure, well even if it is not a shake up surely it is an adjustment etc.

    Those are what are commonly referred to as have you stopped beating your wife questions–anyway you answer it you lose.

    Therefore Cohen does the wise thing when an adversary pulls that shit, and I learned this from one of the top labor negotiators of the 1960s Hank Calero with Litton Industries.

    You tell them you do not agree with their question.

    Notice too how the interviewer is flummoxed when Cohen asks her how she knows the campaign is floundering, she stares at him and mumbles something, and finally doubles back and says its the polls–and when CNN/Daily Beast publishes a video the interview, that is the only exchange they post, and they leave the rest of it, where Cohen destroys the interviewer, on the cutting room floor, as Nixon used to say about 60 Minutes.

    ALL of those questions flow predictably from the CNN narrative that Donald is unfit to be president, because he threatens them—the 1%. And for that they are perfectly willing to throw the nation under the bus.

    The other thing he does, brilliantly, is he gets in the face of the interviewer and he calls the game on her and her network. With big media approval rating in the single digits that is an effective strategy. He needs to bury them alive.


  9. I am watching it again.

    The idiot interviewer is all shook up that Donald said he does not trust the intelligence community who are Harvard trained professionals–the same jackasses who told us Saddam had nuclear weapons which gave the green light for the Iraq War, and later admitted their intelligence was faulty. And what about that fucking Mike Morrell Deputy Director who lied about Benghazi to protect Hillary. It strain credulity that anyone would hold these wrong way corrigans up as experts in their field whose judgement is so impeccable that it brooks no dissent. Take a look at Larry Johnsons blog he was with the CIA and he is always telling us how wrong they are. Nevertheless CNN would have its viewers believe that Trump is unfit to be president because he is skeptical.

    Oh but then, as further evidence of their corruption they wonder why if he does not believe them did he agree to sit still for their briefing. Obviously the belief and the act are not mutually exclusive but in their verbally adept chicanery they make it appear so. And then they want the executive vice president of the Trump organization to state with specificity and particularity how he would dispose of those he does not trust, and how he could hope to understand foreign affairs without their invaluable input. To that I would say asked and answered. Does anyone see how sophomoric these big media jackals are?

  10. Once again, see how verbally adept they are?

    FOX reports the officer shot a man who was pointing a gun at him, and they say they are not sure he had any option.

    CNN reports a white officer murdered a black man who had a gun on him.

    CNN is racist, biased and beyond hope.

    I hope Donald does not allow them to moderate any debate, unless he is comfortable with the moderators, and he has has some supporters on their panels.

    You cannot trust these sons of bitches any further than you can throw the kitchen sink.

    There need to be safeguards.

  11. I’ve been thinking about this, and I think “the people” and “the elite naysayers” have different definitions of “presidential”.

    The elite don’t want him telling the truth about the system and they don’t want him rousing up the populace. So in that way I suppose to them that “presidential” means sedate and carefully spoken, protecting the system. They want Trump’s form *and* substance to change, to be more “presidential” – in order to protect themselves and their gravy train.

    The people love the substance of what Trump says, because he says things on so many different topics that the people already feel, and have been shamed into not saying, or made to feel hopeless because they can never be changed. And they love the rousing rallies, particularly because it shows Trump to be genuine, a rich guy but someone who can relate to the people.

    But I do think most people do want to see “presidential” – but to them it means seeing another side of Trump – that he can present his goals in an organized, “mature”, focused fashion. That he is able to present his beliefs in a non-rambling way, that it’s not all off the cuff, that he can be serious and thoughtful and purposeful. They want to see both sides of Trump.

    So, while the elites want his substance *and* his form changed in order to be their idea of “presidential”, I think the people like him as he is. He shows the one side at rallies, where it’s very appropriate, and he shows the other side, what the people would call “presidential”, when he gives policy speeches. But it doesn’t mean boring and cardboard.

    This last speech by Trump was a great example – he had great passion, and he said all the things the elites don’t want to hear, but he presented it in a very “mature”, organized, serious manner – but as I said, he had passion. I think it was great.

    And I think it was presidential. Maybe not to the elites, though, but I think most “regular people” probably would agree with me. Because I do think it’s important to most people to know that Trump has that side to him.

    So, yes, “presidential” is important. But IMO the elites and the people have different definitions of what is “presidential”.

  12. First time I had to change a password here.
    I am just afraid the 3% that need to listen are not listening to Trump.
    It’s amazing, I lost a friend over his left left wing BS…his choice…35 years. Crazy that people cant agree to disagree…
    Clearly I think so much more is at stake…but Jesus, he turned into a Communist in reality.

    My,sister is almost as bad, and her husband. All in Wisconsin by the way. Surprised to hear that stat of one in 5 manufacturing jobs lost. I am sure it’s higher. I remember the days of these large factories and 10,000 emplpyees, all gone, and believe me, they haven’t been replaced.

  13. gonzotx
    August 18, 2016 at 1:08 am
    I had to stop following my brother on Facebook because I got sick and tired of seeing his anti-Trump posts. We’re still technically friends on FB, though he doesn’t know that I no longer see his posts.

  14. gonzotx
    August 18, 2016 at 1:09 am
    Do you all belive this Manafort stuff? Less influence, etc…
    No. That is just one more lie. Big media wants to believe that their bringing up his connection with a Russian dictator drew blood and caused Trump to lose confidence in him. They don’t want to believe that it was Manaford himself who suggested bringing these people aboard at this point to further confuse and harrass big media. They do not want to believe that they are on the menu, and that revenge is best served cold. They are pukes, and they don’t want to believe any more that the RINO did that they are not only expendable, …. but about to be expended, like shit through a goose, or a wild boar in a peach orchard.

  15. If 10 million Trump supporters gave $100, that would be $1 Billion. It is time. Even if they cannot afford it. Considering the end game of the central banks is going to be hyperinflation, Trump is an excellent timely investment for the populous.

  16. Can’t say this enough… Anyone wishing to donate should donate directly to Trump. I’m starting to get emails and phone calls for donations to third parties saying the donation is “for Trump.” Yet on closer inspection the web address is from @gop.com or the phone call is from the NRA or a pac.

    NRA called yesterday afternoon. As a “As a Trump supporter and a loyal member in good standing, they wish to offer me a one-time only opportunity directly from Mr. Wayne.” My reply, “uh-huh. Go on.” Young man from NRA, “For a $1500 contribution I can become a lifelong member of the NRA. The $1500 will go to help defeat Hillary.” My reply, “Where am I supposed to get $1500 from?! And, I will only donate directly to Mr. Trump.”

    Same with GOP. I already told them I will not donate to them and only to Trump. I think a lot of people said the same to them. End result, they changed their tactics.

    End game: Trump presidency. Everyone else can wait or pound sand.

  17. Holy crap! Another winner from Sally Kohn.

    “Hey @realDonaldTrump, many *progressive Muslims* — the ones we should support in ideological fight against extremism — believe in Sharia!!

    — Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) August 16, 2016
    I’m fairly certain you have to be dumb as a post to work at CNN. It must be in their contract.

  18. Wbboei asks:

    Does anyone see how sophomoric these big media jackals are?



  19. imho…the bottom line is the people…voters…want to hear from Trump on issues that matter to them…

    yes, at the beginning, it was a novelty…and fun… when he would go off on multiple tangents…however now that the other 16 are gone and we are entering the heat of the battle…the issues that have attracted voters to Donald are really what they care about…immigration, trade, jobs, ocare, Hillary and the establishment and ‘Big Media’ corruption

    they want to keep hearing that he is fighting for them…he did waste time reacting to personal stuff that ended up backfiring to some extent…he can be stubborn and reactive and was doing what i would call ‘aimless riffing and frittering away while caught up in the moment at mainly rallies’…

    I completely agree that no matter what he says or how great his speeches are the BM will continue to focus on nonsense and try to bring him down…

    Donald has said he and his camp are going to push thru the media…now he is focusing on the CONTRAST between himself and Hillary…

    he now appears ready to use all his talents but in a focused and yes, “mature” way…his timing is on target…

    the debates are going to be like a gladiator coming to rescue his country…

  20. Echoing Felix_the_Infidel August 18, 2016 at 9:04 am
    Particularly regarding tea parties. Caught this yesterday from DJT’s new campaign manager:

    8.14.16. How We Killed the Tea Party
    …Today, the Tea Party movement is dead, and Trump has co-opted the remnants. What was left of the Tea Party split for a while between Trump and, while he was still in the race, Ted Cruz, who was backed by Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots. In 2014, the Tea Party Patriots group spent just 10 percent of the $14.4 million it collected actually supporting candidates, with the rest going to consultants and vendors and Martin’s hefty salary of $15,000 per month; in all, she makes an estimated $450,000 a year from her Tea Party-related ventures. Today, of course, it’s all about Trump, but Trump rallies are only Trump rallies, not Tea Party rallies that he assumed control of. There are no more Tea Party rallies.
    PACs exploited a reservoir of goodwill toward minority candidates in particular to raise money for themselves. After his razor-thin 2012 congressional defeat, Allen West, an African-American former Florida congressman, filed a complaint with the FEC against PACs raising money off his race but doing nothing to help him. The FEC concluded it lacked authority to police such efforts. “Draft Ben Carson” paid off well for the North Carolinian who took a $236,000 salary and sent gobs more to a company comprised only of him. After Carson’s campaign ended “The 2016 committee”—the successor to Draft Ben Carson—sought to keep the money flowing, stating it would now promote the surgeon for vice president. It finally shuttered after a barrage of scam accusations. (In fairness, Carson’s entire campaign could credibly be explained as just a list-building operation.)

    If there is a Tea Party 3.0 it must unshackle itself and rise again as a grass-roots movement.

  21. “Martin’s hefty salary of $15,000 per month.”

    Hmm, nice work if you can get it.

    But none of it would have happened if people actually took the time to made sure they knew where their money was going.

    As to Carson, yep. I figured it out a while back. Even he knows he was a tool for quite a few to line their pockets.

    I still like him though. He’s just not cut out to swim with the sharks.

  22. Foxy,

    Larry goes back and forth on Trump.Dont really think he’s a supporter in the real sense …

    That doesn’t mean he supports hillary. No, he doesn’t supprt her at all.

  23. Question: does anyone besides the beltway parasites who are feeding at the public trough and tremble at the megapolitical forces Trump has unleashed to save the nation and end the endless cocktail line in Washington give a rats ass about the AP report that Manafort worked for a candidate in the Ukraine who was tied to Russia–at least he did not use TAXPAYER money to do that like Obama did with the opposition candidate in Israel? (Note: the public record shows that unlike Monica who had only a brief dalliance with WJC, the head of AP has been publicly sucking Obama’s diminutive dick for the past eight years whenever he gives a speech, and their twisted reporting reflects that same bias right now. They are the 1%. They are expendable.

    Assuming arguendo that there are such creatures who say oh dear oh dear Trump is tied to Putin, Larry Johnson gives us what Paul Harvey used to call the rest of the story–meaning the side AP knows but refuses to report, which is that if Trump his guilty of such an association through surrogates, then Hillary is in pare delicto–equally guilty. But of course they do not want you to know the truth, because the truth might interrupt their caviar supply, which is unthinkable to those like them. Better that the country should perish because they are insulated.
    one of firms Manafort and Gates worked with has strong Democratic and Clinton ties.

    The founder and chairman of the Podesta Group, Tony Podesta, is the brother of longtime Democratic strategist John Podesta, who now is campaign chairman for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The head of Mercury, Vin Weber, is an influential Republican, former congressman and former special policy adviser to Mitt Romney. Weber announced earlier this month that he will not support Trump.

    John Podesta, huh? He just happens to be the Chairman of the Clinton 2016 Presidential Campaign. He’s in the same position as Manafort. He actually took the money and did the work. But who is the focus of the story? Manafort.


  24. http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/17/leaked-board-documents-soros-organization-tried-to-buy-supreme-court-ruling-on-illegal-immigration/

    Leaked Board Documents: Soros Organization Tried To Buy Supreme Court Ruling On Illegal Immigration

    Open Society Foundations, Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros’ stated vehicle for progressive social change, orchestrated a well-funded attempt to secure a desired outcome in a U.S. Supreme Court case on illegal immigration enforcement, according to a newly discovered memo between the organization’s top U.S. officials and board members.

    The February 2016 memo was among thousands of internal OSF documents released to the public by anonymous hackers whose stated goal is to “shed light on one of the most influential networks operating worldwide.” OSF U.S. Programs director Ken Zimmerman and deputy director Andrea Batista Schlesinger co-authored the memo, which is addressed to the 14 advisory board members of the organization’s U.S. operations.

    One section of the memo is devoted to “reports from the field,” including a report titled “Immigration policy and Syrian refugees: Steps Forward and Back in a Volatile Time.”

    That report noted some of the “new challenges” faced by the organization, including the Supreme Court case of U.S. v Texas, which addressed an executive order from President Barack Obama granting legal status and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.

    “Grantees are seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruling in U.S. v Texas,” the memo notes. A “favorable ruling” from the Court would have upheld President Obama’s executive order, a scenario which the organization was preparing for, according to the memo.

    “We are also seeking to shore up state and local infrastructure through Emma Lazarus II investments, positioning the field to move swiftly on a large-scale implementation effort in the event of a favorable ruling—efforts complicated by lagging implementation capacity at the federal level.”

    The memo also states the organization’s interest in possible “collaborations with Arab, Muslim, Middle Eastern and South Asian partners.

    Soros, who once admitted he considers himself “some kind of god,” sits on the U.S. Programs advisory board, as do his sons Alexander and Jonathan. They’re joined by leading progressives in academia and in the media.

    Harvard University scholar and Washington Post columnist Danielle Allen, Georgetown Law professor and Foreign Policy magazine contributor Rosa Brooks and dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism Steve Coll all serve on the board, in addition to their positions in the media.

    New York University Law professor Bryan Stevenson and Columbia University senior fellow Andy Stern serve on the board as well.

    Soros’ political activity has come under scrutiny after “hacktivist” organization DCLeaks published thousands of internal documents from Soros’ organizations.

  25. holdthemaccountable
    August 18, 2016 at 10:52 am

    Good information, holdem- Thanks for posting it.

    Amazing how people make themselves available to a pot of ca$h that needs a home.

  26. Soros has got something on Chief Justice Roberts.

    What it is I do not know.

    Oh I have heard theories, but nothing I could substantiate.

    My standards of proof you see are very rigorous.

    For example just because Roberts did a complete about face on Obama care when Soros moved in–government health care being on of his pet projects, and Roberts unravelled before the eyes of the law clerks and his colleagues does not mean he was subject to undue influence.

    Likewise, when the illegal immigration hits the Supreme Court, and Soros again puts Robert nuts in a vice, I cannot say with certainty that he will do another el foldo.

    But unless you expect to find a virgin in a whore house, do not be surprised if history repeats itself. Put differently, if Soros would attempt to buy a Supreme Court decision as the wiki leaks refused he did, it is no quantum leap to expect him to coerce Roberts again to do what is prohibited by the Constitution and the welfare of the American People.

    Soros has made his intentions very very very clear: to take down the United States, to erase its national identity, to make its citizens his cash cows, and to spread the wealth of the middle class across the globe, so that at the end of the day he has what he want–global government. That is the game that he and the rest of the elites are playing. The open question is whether the country is too dumb to see it.

  27. Wiki Leaks, DC Leaks, and quite possibly the Russians have provided the nation with the transparency that Obama promised but never delivered, and jailed whistle blowers to prevent. The question is how stupid is the electorate, and how badly to they wish to get raped?

  28. How can this possibly be?

    Yesterday “the most trusted name in news” assured us that Donald’s support among black is languishing at 1%, which is right next to zero and far less than the 6% that pussy boy Romney carded during his bellyflop in 2012–what a mench, with his pressed blue jeans, spit shined boon docks, rolled up sleeves to suggest he gets his hands dirty, $200 haircut, and manecured nails. He looked like the faux groom on a wedding cake, and was equally animated.

    We now know that the most trusted name in news got it just a little wrong. Not 1% but 14%, which is well within THEIR margin of error. When you lie every day like they do, the sky is the limit.


  29. Donald speaking at rally

    “By George, I think he’s got it”

    He is framing us as a team…WE…

    and contrasting vs Hill & O


  30. Ace, always a Cruz supporter has really lost it Admin.
    Actually quoting Dana Perino, of Bush 24/7…all is lost, Trump will be creamed…

    He may become a Democrate..maybe he already is…

  31. On cnn
    Dana Loesch, a trump hater, excited & ” cautiously optimistic” after donald’s speech
    …she says where has this donald been
    Flipping thru channels consensus is ‘ this is the Donald many repubs have been waiting for

    Donald is leaving them speechless

    …imo…definitely can feel kellyanne’s ‘guidance’

    Donald making it about the voters… a winning fight

  32. trump should fill his 747 with supplies for the people of La, you know the media is going to say he’s taking resources away from the recovery effort.

  33. https://grabien.com/story.php?id=62632

    DONALD TRUMP in Charlotte, N.C., Thursday night: “It’s the fight of our lives together to save our country. Thank you. I refuse to let another generation of American children be excluded from the American dream which is what’s happening. Our whole country loses when young people of limitless potential are denied the opportunity to contribute their talents because we failed to provide them the opportunities that they deserve. Let our children be DREAMers, too.

    “Our whole country loses every time a kid doesn’t graduate from high school or fails to enter the work force or worse still, is lost to the dreadful world of drugs and crime and so many are. So, so many. When I look at the failing schools, the terrible trade deals, the infrastructure crumbling in our inner cities, I know all of this can be fixed and I can fix it.

  34. With Donald Trump Bearing Down Hard, An Exhausted And Depleted Hillary Goes Into Hiding

    Hillary Clinton, aside from being morally and ethically unfit to serve as president, is also physically unfit to hold the office she is now seeking. And that is a huge deal, a YUUUGE deal actually. Donald Trump needs to keep the heat on, make Hillary follow his pace, and when she is unable to keep up America will finally see what she has been hiding all this time.

    The most important race of her life and Hillary has nothing scheduled for the next 96 hours?

    During the day as I work in front of my computer, I like to listen to YouTube videos. I have noticed that Donald Trump rallies are live-streaming nearly every single day of the week. He pops up everywhere, and is always excited and energized. Kinda what you would expect with the election mere months away, right?

    Thing is, Hillary is nowhere to be found. As in literally non-existent. She’s hiding because she covering up a secret, and it has nothing to do with illegal contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

    She did a small rally today where she struggled to fill a gymnasium in Cleveland, Ohio, and has nothing scheduled until Sunday. What??? The most important race of her life and she has nothing scheduled for the next 96 hours? Why would that be? The reason for this is arguably the what’s shaping up to be the biggest story of the election.

    Hillary’s health is failing rapidly, and she’s trying to keep it a secret until November.
    Hillary Clinton’s Medical Issues:

    Most of this video with Hillary protesting that she “has no health issues” is done in closeups, but if you will look close you will see she is slouched down low on the couch. She lacks the energy to sit up straight. This is a common theme played out on a daily basis. Hillary has ordered special pillows to be available everywhere she goes, because she needs them to stabilize her.

    read more- and there is more info here:



    Hillary’s health really needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. (after the fact is not an option, if she wins-) The stress of the campaign is rapidly exacerbating whatever her condition is.. but we will never know unless she is forced to reveal her true condition publicly.

    Question is: How is that going to happen? Public Outcry?

  35. admin
    August 18, 2016 at 11:09 pm
    His best speech yet.

    Guilani’s introduction was also superb.

    Calling Bill and Hillary racketeers and saying that if he were still a prosecutor she would be sitting in a court room not running for president.

    Hillary will get a good belly laugh out of that one.

    What me worry?

    The law–what law?

    As the Wall Street crowd would say (quoting the baron just before he took control of the London market with inside information delivered by carrier pigeon from the battlefield of Waterloo)

    “Give me control of the nations money . . .

    And I care not who makes the laws (or prosecutes them)”

    She does not control the nation’s money. But her puppet master who is the largest currency trader (sp traitor) in the world Gorgeous George has a lot of influence.

    And he has made his intention to destroy America very plain.

  36. Mrs. Smith1
    August 18, 2016 at 11:17 pm
    With Donald Trump Bearing Down Hard, An Exhausted And Depleted Hillary Goes Into Hiding
    254 days since she held a press conference.

    This writer suggests it is health.


    But the more likely explanation is she is just saving herself for marriage.

  37. Tony and Gonzo – My sister and I have been as close as two sisters could be until the last few months. We had s huge fight in March when I was visiting her in San Diego and she threw me out of her house. The reason? I had the audacity to make the comment that I thought Mexico should start taking care of their own people with all the money in aid we give them. She blew up and it’s probably because she has an illegal housekeeper, pool boy and gardener. She told me she couldn’t believe I was an RN because I was so heartless.

    We didn’t speak for months and agreed to never speak of politics even though that was the only comment I made. She was supposed to visit me for 10 days this month and texted me to tell me she had changed her mind. She said it was because she figured out because of my comment in March that I was voting for Trump. She then proceeded to tell me that I was a person with no moral character, and just went on this long tirade (by text) to tell me how awful I was for voting for that racist, horrible, misogynist Hitler and how Trump has made it ok to hate blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans. She wants nothing to do with me. I have not responded to her but she’s on FB everyday promoting Hlillary who she did admit is corrupt and a huge liar “but that’s better than Trump.”

    The kind of funny thing is my sister is completely ignorant about politics. If I were to ask her who is the speaker of the House, how many branches of government, who would take over if the President and VP were killed, she wouldn’t be able to tell me. She knows nothing. I have come to the conclusion that she’s an idiot.

    My sister I were like twins we were so close and I’ve seen a side of my sister that I dislike immensely. It hurts a lot but I care deeply for my country and my grandchild’s future and for that I’m voting for Trump.

  38. Perhaps this is news to you. Or you already know. But in case you don’t:

    Overnight, @BatchelorShow. He checked out so I followed him which turned up this:

    @Harlan who identifies himself as

    Chair @TrumpDems // Analyst on @FoxNews @FoxBusiness @CNN // Fan of Country music, SEC fball, Nationals & Capitals

    This guy retweets himself repeatedly and has messages familiar to you. Plus some insight.

  39. BREAKING – Manafort resigns from Trump camp


    Felix, Yheitman, Alcina…and others…

    I, too, just this week went through this with my best friend of 3 decades…she cannot understand how I, once a diehard Clinton supporter who actually got her into politics, can even consider Trump…this week she even attacked me as going “redneck” on her and went even further…

    I am as far from a (sterotypical)’redneck’ as anyone can be…and sensitive to a fault…i can tear up over any slice of life commercial and any and all cute animal clips for starters…

    my response was one simple word…Wow

    I let her cool off and her common sense resurfaced and prevailed…now i said let’s let this go and refrain from politics…I am not going to throw away such a rare friendship over this…not worth it

    the problem is Hillary supporters…and the left…do not want to hear anything negative about her…they do not want to know…they do not want to question…and the ironic thing is they use the tactics and attack and accuse anyone supporting Trump by actually doing what they say Trump and his supporter are doing…which they are not…they prejudge everyone…

    I tried to tell her it is not Trump supporters who are throwing eggs at women, accosting seniors, blocking highways, burning American flags, disrupting Hillary rallies, on and on

    but all they can see and say is that Trump and his supporters are racist, haters, and “rednecks”

    at this point it is their problem

    Donald now landing in Lousiana

  40. gonzo,

    I think he has resigned because of the talk about his Ukraine dealings and ‘millions of dollars’

    imho…I think DT’s camp is really trying to tighten their “message” and avoid issues that will deflect and contradict from the straight shooter DT is trying to project

    there is alot of talk about Manafort and foreign money, it contradicts what DT is saying about the Clintons…and forget the media making it a fair fight and covering Podesta and his foreign money connections

    Manafort can still help without formally being with the camp…just like Roger Stone can…from behind the scenes…


  41. Way OT but this Olympic brouhaha has been driving me crazy since I could not figure out why it would be non-stop coverage of a robbery and, then after learning more facts, not figuring out exactly how they lied with the exception of the omission of “an act of vandalism.” Below is from the UK’s Mirror:

    “They stopped at a gas station to use the restroom, where one of the athletes committed an act of vandalism.

    “An argument ensued between the athletes and two armed gas station security staff, who displayed their weapons, ordered the athletes from their vehicle and demanded the athletes provide a monetary payment.

    “Once the security officials received money from the athletes, the athletes were allowed to leave.

    I’m not saying these guys are angels but if I were in a country where I do not speak the language and someone in uniform pulls a gun on me and demands money before letting me go I may come away thinking I was just robbed by people posing as police.

    Anyway, had to share. I honestly think this incident has had round-the-clock coverage these past few days in order for the news to avoid having to report on the real news coming from our “white hat” hackers and leakers.

  42. Yheitman,

    I felt the same way about my sister in Wisconsin. We were literally the only 2 left in our family of origin for 10 years when she first stopped talking to me over a ridiculous slight,then she did it again, that one lasted more years…
    I have learned that people are not who you try to make them. I never knew things like this could happen. I had heard of siblings doing this but never in a million years thought it would happen to us. After all, we were 2 peas in a pod…no.
    We are back on again, but I know anything could happen. Our age and health may prevent another breakup, I don’t know.
    Could be that California air, does something to people. They forget they use to have the number one educational system in the US. Universities were free..then the influx, now they are near the bottom, and all their systems are in great debt..

    By the way, I and my sister are both nurses.

  43. Manafort was demoted for God’s sake. I think Ivanka had alot to do with it.

    To much of a revolving door, I don’t like it, and I did like Manafort, alot. I am sure with his dealings in Eastern Europe, Trump knew there were connects with some unsavory characters.

  44. Felix,

    I never saw any proof that they vandalized anything. Also if someone has a gun at my head and sits me on the ground, demands money, I’m being robbed.
    I am sure those swimmers are saying anything to get out of there.
    They, the American NBC already found them guilty the first time they heard of it. If they had been black, I am sure it would not have come this far.
    And yes, better than talking about true crime, but they wouldn’t anyway..

  45. yheitman

    August 19, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Tony and Gonzo – My sister and I have been as close as two sisters could be until the last few months. We had s huge fight in March when I was visiting her in San Diego and she threw me out of her house. The reason? I had the audacity to make the comment that I thought Mexico should start taking care of their own people with all the money in aid we give them. She blew up and it’s probably because she has an illegal housekeeper, pool boy and gardener. She told me she couldn’t believe I was an RN because I was so heartless.

    Unreal. Where do people like this think money to pay for all this free shit comes from?

  46. Near as I can tell, a mirror was broken in a bathroom. A poster was taken off a wall. I think two of them couldn’t hold their pee and did it in an alley.

    Sounds like they were drunk. Criminals? Hardly.

    I’ve been in Rio a couple of times. Anywhere you go in Rio you have to be looking over your shoulder at all times all the while observing everyone and everything while looking inconspicuous. Everyone wants a tips or a handout. In Copacabana the pimps come right up to you in broad daylight and ask if you would like to meet some “young ladies” for a fee. On one occasion I got tired and asked if possible to meet some tall, muscular middle-aged-men. He told me, “no problem!” ‘Course I was kidding. I’d not be typing this had I gone on that escapade.

    The only places in Brazil that are fairly safe is out in the country in small towns. You still have to tip everyone but they will act as bodyguards while you are visiting.

    Anyway, my point, this is a manufactured news storm.

  47. I love Manafort but they (Enemydia)were using him. Whatever money he made from Ukraine or Russia would be used as a shield to protect the Clintons. The Clintons made a ton of money from the Russians by selling OUR uranium.

    Donald would not be able to attack them on that front with Paul in the way. The alphabets would always bring him up every time someone brought up that little fact about the Clintons.

    It is now more difficult for them to play that game.

  48. I know they said a mirror was broken, but there is no proof that I know of that they did this.
    Third world country, sure everything was working well in that bathroom.
    Guess we will never know.

  49. blowme0bama
    August 19, 2016 at 11:06 am

    August 19, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Tony and Gonzo – My sister and I have been as close as two sisters could be until the last few months. We had s huge fight in March when I was visiting her in San Diego and she threw me out of her house. The reason? I had the audacity to make the comment that I thought Mexico should start taking care of their own people with all the money in aid we give them. She blew up and it’s probably because she has an illegal housekeeper, pool boy and gardener. She told me she couldn’t believe I was an RN because I was so heartless.
    The power of rationalization.

    It knows no limits.

    On the other hand I can understand her point.

    It has nothing to do with humanitarianism.

    It has everything to do with self interest.

    Without them she would be forced to face the daunting task of:

    a. cleaning her own house

    b. cleaning her own pool

    c. tending her own garden

    In other words, she would be forced to do what millions of other Americans do

    And that would not only dreadful, but . . . . . . common

    As in, what else do the simple folks do?

    Sounds very Jr. League to me

  50. Below are my two favorite paragraphs from an article on American Thinker this morning by Anthony J. Ciani. It’s a great read but these two paragraphs sum everything nicely. For the record, I do not think it is the Russians.

    Why would Russians hack Democrats:
    So why have the Democrats become the targets for multiple hackers and whistleblowers? Guccifer 2.0 tells us: hackers like challenges and notoriety, and have hero complexes. Lazar and others have revealed the methods by which Democrats, and the elite that support them, commit and record their crimes and conspiracies, and the vulnerabilities in those methods. Democrats (and some establishment Republicans) are highly hypocritical and conspire with the elite against the people, which adds a sense of justice to the efforts of hackers. As Guccifer 2.0 puts it, Trump has no skeletons to reveal (he is open and genuine), while the DNC, Clintons and other Democrats have closets bursting at the seams.

    What hackers have revealed, and will continue to reveal, is a conglomeration of big banks, big businesses, big media and big government, all owned and controlled by the same people. They bend the ears and buy the loyalty of Democrats and establishment Republicans, to rig the system in their favor. For example, after bailing out financial institutions that were “too big to fail”, government forced many smaller institutions to liquidate and merge with the big ones, creating ever fewer companies that have become too, too big to fail. The World is primed for yet another economic disaster, in which the elite who created it will once again be insulated from it with blood and sweat seized from the People, by their own government. If Trump is president, the insulation is gone and the elite will suffer the consequences of their short-sightedness and greed. The elite owns the mainstream media and establishment politicians, and so coordinates the anti-Trump propaganda. Even some supposedly right-wing media outlets are owned by the elite.

    Read the full article here: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/08/why_would_russians_hack_democrats.html#ixzz4HnFXcwRt

  51. Doesn’t look good..

    What happened to “I hire the best people, oh you won’t believe”…

    Manafort was as smooth as butter, alot of what has happened in the last month since the Convention had been self inflicted .

  52. My aunt and uncle have both passed.

    He was a top engineer with the Union Oil Company of California.

    They had a maid who would clean their house.

    They was not a “life style” choice, as it apparently was in the case of so many yuppies.

    It was a matter of necessity, both of them had or had had cancer.

    And both of them were in their eighties.

    My uncle did not look at them as cheap labor or pretend this was some humanitarian gesture.

    He took an interest in the maids family, and while her mother was cleaning their home, he tutored her daughter in math.

    That is a humanitarian commitment, the other is just another marketplace transaction.

    Years ago we went up Long Island to play golf with a former member of the Duke Golf Team, who had acquired a drug habit and leased his seat on the Wall Street exchange so he could dry out.

    He moved up to one of those wealthy towns, the one where the actress Susan Lucchi lived, it might have been Scarsdale.

    Steven Speilberg had moved in there too–for those blue bloods having a Jew living among them was insulting, but the final straw was he committed the unpardonable sin of bidding up the price of maids from $6 to $8.

    Henry Fonda’s first wife, Jane’s mother, was part of that blue blood line. She had a nervous breakdown and committed suicide. The family estate which sports a huge mansion and beautiful grounds is now the largest Jewish Golf Course on Long Island.

    Irving Berlin was Jewish and refined his craft on Tin Pan Alley. He married a lady who was from that blue blood line. They were madly in love and devoted to each other. Her family did not approve, not even when he distinguished himself as the great songwriter of popular music and the toast of The Great White Way.

  53. The World is primed for yet another economic disaster
    And here I thought things were going along swimmingly . . . .

    I mean, just because world productivity is grinding to a halt, the fed is printing money like mad hatters under the term quantitative easing, Soros is shorting his positions in the stock market and buying gold, ditto Goldman Sachs, City Bank and other cogniscenti, oil prices are at historic lows, there are 95 million people of working age not working, social security and medicare are headed toward bankruptcy, the national debt is 20 trillion and we will be bankrupt at 24 trillion according to Nial Ferguson, and the world central banks are issuing a new currency to displace the dollar beginning on September 30 which is sending up flares from former CIA officials schooled in financial warfare, and the dollar is losing value at about 7% per year due in no small part to Obama’s golf schedule and attention deficit disorder, and Merkel has got the situation so well in hand with massive illegal immigration from terrorist nations, and Hillary is hell bent on swinging wide the same door for Soros and Wall Street does not mean that we are primed for another economic disaster, or should move from dollar denominated assets to precious medals which have held their value over fiat money which politicians will inflate to make good on their promises until everything collapses.

    Nothing to get excited about. Our elites have the situation well in hand. Trust them. I do.

  54. one night…one night…one night…that is all DT’s critics can say…one night

    what are they going to say when it is ten, twenty and thirty nights…

    so annoying…

    i think the critics are starting to shake in their boots…they all think they are so much smarter and are so condescending…little people

  55. Years ago, an arbitrator I knew had a case with a transit engineer (bus driver) who had been shorted 16 cents on his weekly paycheck, he filed a grievance, and in due course the dispute was there before him. Being a contract interpretation case rather than a discipline case, the grievant, not the company had the burden of proof and the burden of producing the evidence of a violation. The grievant, a silver tongued Irishman, seize that opportunity to hold forth for the next sixteen hours about how the transit authority had wronged him and owed him the full 16 cents and not a penny less. At the end of this exigesis the arbitrator woke up and asked him a simple question, i.e. sir, I appreciate your thoroughness, but is there any way we can move this thing along a little faster? The Irishman reflected for a moment and then came upon the answer: Yes, your honor, I believe there is. I will try to talk faster.

    I thought of that vignette when I watched Kellyanne–man is she ever impressive. Not only are her comments filled with substance as opposed to platitude and hot air. She thinks and talks fast. That can be a big advantage when your opponent is an albino motor mouth like Matthews. Sometime you can guage the outcome of a debate by who maintains the floor the longest. She controlled that interview and Matthews was just a spectator. The other factor is MSNBC was granted an interview and they did not want to blow it.

    Finally, when she said this is a binary choice, change vs stay the course, and do notice how Trump himself has adopted Admin’s language on that, and she pointed out that the shit is hitting the fan with Obamacare, what with Aetna’s decision to exit that market and with double digit increases about to hit swing states, Matthews tried to dismiss this as Obama’s problem, and Kellyanne quickly tied it to Hillary. Lastly, the thing I said yesterday, that the moment of truth will come in the debates, a forum in which Trump excels, and Hillary does not except against a longwinded plodder like Obama, and the result will be outcome determinative in the election. She has positioned herself as the candidate of the status quo at the same moment that wiki leaks is revealing the corruption and incompetence of the status quo. In effect, she is defending an indefensible position, and in a debate, regardless of how the Candy Crowleys attempt to protect Hillary, he will be there any direction she chooses to move. For he too is a fast thinker.

  56. I love Irving Berlin. He was a republican and conservative. In many ways he would fit into what we now call “classic liberal” when it comes to such things as civil rights. “Call Me Madam” was his attempt at ridicule of the Truman administration for their pay to play schemes.

    One of my favorites…


  57. It would be a mistake to assume Manafort is going away. All he is doing is moving from the front line to staff headquarters. He is the architect of this campaign, he spent time on the front line, blooded the enemy, he has the Hillary emails, and the goods on big media, and is now assuming the strategic role in which he excels. Anyone who thinks Brian Williams demise was not not calculated would be make a uuuge mistake. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in what most of us see.

  58. Update: As we write at the end of our article, Big Media hates Donald J. Trump for ideological reasons and because Big Media has financial interests at stake. Donald J. Trump uses Big Media like a dog uses a chew toy then Trump does not give Big Media what Big Media wants: respect and money. Big Media is scum and Donald J. Trump hits them where it hurts:

    Spending on political advertising during the U.S. presidential election has dropped 60 percent from 2012, a troubling sign for local TV broadcasters that were counting on a windfall. [snip]

    Spending is down in part because Trump’s campaign has relied instead on getting his message across in a steady stream of media interviews and tweets.

    In other news, Donald J. Trump is in Baton Rouge, Paul Manafort is no longer with the Trump campaign, and Barack Obama continues to golf and give his daughter advice on how to join the Choom gang. Trump it up:

    BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence were in Louisiana Friday to survey the flood damage that killed at least 13 people and displaced thousands more.

    The visit comes amid an ongoing staff shakeup. Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigned Friday following revelations about his work for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. In a statement, Trump praised Manafort’s work on the campaign and called him a “true professional.” [snip]

    In East Baton Rouge Parish, Friday, Trump’s motorcade drove through hard-hit communities, where ripped up carpet and flooring, furniture and the entire contents of homes were piled on the curb. People who were still mucking out their homes, in some instances, came out to wave at the motorcade with gloved hands dirty from their house-gutting work. He and Pence then met a group of volunteers at a Baptist church who have been cooking meals for flood victims and helping the elderly gut their homes.

    “Thank you for coming, Mr. Trump,” one woman screamed.

    “We knew you would be here for us!” another shouted.

    We’ll discuss all this good news in Part II.

    As millions suffer, Barack Obama is still golfing in playground for the wealthy, Martha’s Vineyard. Choom Gang leader Barack also gave his daughter advice based on personal experience on how to pack a doobie, avoid arrest when police break up a pot party, and not let pictures be taken when you shake your bare ass and take a toke.


  59. Felix_the_Infidel
    August 19, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    Yes. And here is his shot at Pamela Digby Harriman (“The Great Horizontal) and her predecessors e.g. Elsa Maxwell, and successors, e.g. Sally Quinn Bradley:

    I remember seeing Patti at Schubert Alley on Broadway in Cole Porters Musical Anything Goes, when she first hit Broadway. She started with John Hoseman’s troop, who played the role of the take no prisoners law professor in The Paper Chase.

  60. Admin, we’re finally getting some good news. I’ll wager Clinton and Obama will suddenly take an interest in Baton Rouge after today.

  61. admin
    August 19, 2016 at 1:07 pm
    Home run.

    No. Grand slam home run.

    Including the appearance of separation between Manafort and Trump.

    I will change my first team as I see fit, to win the prize.

    But I categorically refuse to play by YOUR RULES, big media.

    Or to show you the RESPECT and the DEFERENCE others do.

    So stand the fuck by big media.

    Every dog has is day, and yours is a few months away.

  62. You have great stories wbb…very interesting life.
    As they say, a life well lived…

    I still don’t think Kelly holds a candle to Manafort.

    Actually never could stand her. She has that prissy know it all to me, always has. Nothing to do with the “shake up”.

  63. As millions suffer, Barack Obama is still golfing in playground for the wealthy, Martha’s Vineyard. Choom Gang leader Barack also gave his daughter advice based on personal experience on how to pack a doobie, avoid arrest when police break up a pot party, and not let pictures be taken when you shake your bare ass and take a toke.
    Yes. They are model parents. Real role models. From goddamned America sermons to this . . .

    Or, perhaps, simply Soros cut outs, as I have long maintained.

  64. Holy smokes, Wbb. I knew she was a socialite with political connections but not much else. Her Wikipedia page reads like a Jackie Collins novel. I am ashamed I did not know this stuff. Get a gander at this…

    Beside two additional marriages, Pamela Harriman had numerous affairs with men of prominence and wealth. During her marriage to Randolph Churchill, she had romantic involvements with men such as: W. Averell Harriman, who much later became her third husband; Edward R. Murrow; and John Hay “Jock” Whitney. Notable consorts after her divorce included Prince Aly Khan, Alfonso de Portago, Gianni Agnelli, and Baron Elie de Rothschild.[2][6]

    Churchill became well known for her attention to detail with men. When involved romantically with a man, she paid extremely close attention to his desires, his preferences, and went to any lengths necessary to satisfy his needs during the affair. William S. Paley, briefly a consort during the war, said: “She is the greatest courtesan of the century”, meaning it more as a compliment than a detraction.[2] According to Max Hastings, “she was unkindly described as having become ‘a world expert on rich men’s bedroom ceilings’.”[7]

    After her divorce from Randolph Churchill, she moved to Paris and in 1948 began her five-year-long affair with Gianni Agnelli. She described this as the happiest period of her life. Agnelli, however, was not faithful in this relationship. In 1952, Pamela found him with a young woman, Anne-Marie d’Estainville, and complained strongly about this, despite her own past behaviour. Agnelli sustained a severe leg injury in a car accident while bringing d’Estainville home. Pamela nursed him through his injury, and later became pregnant (although it was never confirmed that this was by Agnelli), but had an abortion in Switzerland. Later, Princess Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto became pregnant by Agnelli, and Pamela Churchill ended the affair.[6]

    Her next significant relationship was with Baron Elie de Rothschild, who was married. He supported her financially, and she was schooled in art history and wine-making during this clandestine and short relationship.[8] During this time she also entertained an affair with the writer Maurice Druon and with the shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos.[2]

  65. Thanks for your own stories about being at loggerheads with family members because of your support of Trump. I tell people I’m second generation Mexican as both my parents were born in the US and I don’t like the term Mexican American or Hispanic. So we’re a very loving extremely close family. What my sister has done to me , disowned me because of who I am voting for, has devastated me. I’m just sick about it but I refuse to let her live for me be contingent on what she wants me to do. She has texted me and says if I can’t vote for Hillary, then she insists I vote for either Johnson or Stein (I’m surprised she even know about them because she is just that ignorant about politics). Then she proceeded to tell me again I couldn’t possible vote for Trump and listed all the Big Media reasons why not. I’m just not responding to her but it really does hurt because we were so close until this.

  66. Know thine enemy.

    The same logic that bids us to call radical Islamic terrorism what it is, compels us to call out George Soros and is post Nazi organization what they are–enemies of this country.

    You cannot solve a problem if you cannot define it for what it is.

    The ultimate purpose of political correctness is to prevent us from coming to terms with the problem, and it is demanded by those who profit from the status quo and are insulated personally from its adverse affects on millions of Americans. For example, Zuckerberg.

  67. yheitman
    August 19, 2016 at 1:43 pm
    I hear you.

    It gets back to Shakespeare and to thy own self be true.

    That means two things:

    1. first, speaking the truth regardless of consequences

    2. second, recognizing that you cannot force it on other people, even with logic. They must accept the truth of their own volition.

    In other words, speak the truth and then back off.

    When you try to force it on others as your sister is doing with you, that is bullying.

    This is a hard lesson for anyone to learn, myself included.

    We think we know more than they do, but more often than not what we know is a reflection of our own self interest, whether that be to survive or to preen before a mirror–like limousine liberals love to do.

  68. I think the reason Manafort had to step back from the front line and seem to disappear is because big media is attempting to mute, even white wash, all the evidence of corruption which is coming out now from various sources, by saying it is the handiwork of Putin and it is designed to help Trump. Of course this is all a lie, because for Putin it is not a matter of helping out Trump but a matter of getting back at Bill Clinton for helping the drunken Boris Yelsin to defeat the KGB candidate after Gorbachauv. ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL–as Tip O’Neill used to say. Morris was involved in that efforts, and this is what he reports. Nevertheless we have this big media false narrative that Putin’s motive is to help Trump, which will be used to shield against further disclosures by Russian hackers. The only nexus between that activity and Trump is the work that Manafort did for to help the Ukranian politician Putin supported to get elected and defeat the faux crony capitalist Soros was supporting. As long as Manafort appears to be part of the campaign, big media will claim that every future revealation by Russian hacker is orchestrated by Trump through Manafort. Its like Stalin said, here you have a man and here you have a problem: no man. No problem. Or, here, no Manafort, no nexus to Putin that big media can use to cast doubt on new revelations.

  69. yheitman – wouldn’t “2nd generation Mexican” mean you were born and raised in MX? Maybe you mean “2nd generation American”….?

  70. Felix_the_Infidel
    August 19, 2016 at 12:57 pm
    Your video put me in mind of Ethel Merman.

    People thought she was Jewish, but she was an Episcopalian from Astoria.

    She auditioned with George Gershwin at his hotel room where he played the piano and composed. He treated her, at that time a nobody, with great deference and respect. That is one important insight about wealthy people. Lincoln said if you want to test a man’s character, then give him power. The corollary is give him wealth, and you will find out who he is. Gershwin passed that test of being a real human being, which most wealthy people cannot. What a shame he died at 37.

    Ethel was born for the stage, not for the camera. Nonetheless she venture out to Hollywood when there were still orange groves. She returned to New York with one big complaint: Hollywood, she said, shoots too many movies . . . and not enough blondes. Which sounds like something Dorothy Parker would have said in one of her fleeting moments of sobriety.

  71. My favorite Merman anecdote is from my best friend in California. He met her briefly one night backstage. Unfortunately, I cannot use the language she used with him without fear of upsetting some ladies.

    Needless to say, she was performing with Mitzi Gaynor that night. The word “butch” was the nicest one she used to describe Mitzi.

    I just spent the last couple of hours listening to Patti Lupone. I started with Berlin and ended up with Sondheim.

    That’s my Broadway quota for the day.

  72. Top of Drudge. Trump arrives in Baton Rouge, helps unload supplies on trucks, drives through hardest hit areas.

    Hillary calls the governor to discuss the floods.

  73. “Thank you for coming, Mr. Trump,” one woman screamed.

    “We knew you would be here for us!” another shouted.

    there you go…it doesn’t take much to bring me to tears…my heart goes out to those people…it is awful…


    yheitman…my best friend that I spoke of is first generation Mexican…frankly I never gave it a thought…however I know what it is…it is those words about Mexicans that Donald said at the beginning… I tried to explain he is talking about illegals and the drug problem…the cartels that have destroyed New England with heroin…etc…but it is very personal…I think that could be alot of it for your sister…it is almost primal…then on top of that they have layered all these other reasons…and BM has baked the Trump hate into the cake

    when my friend attacked me…and said even worse than I have written I felt like she punched me in the stomach…or stuck a knife in me…I didn’t believe she meant it…she was reacting and very defensive…so I left it alone and she figured it out on her own…

    best thing is not to fight…eventually just try to find neutral ground on other issues or memories you share…far away from politics…arguing is a lost cause with all these other emotional dynamics going on…

    if you get an opening at some point maybe you can say Let’s let this go…your my sister I love you…that is more important than this…life is too short…

    sometimes it is so much easier said than done…i wish you well

  74. S, you just discovered the true character of your “friend” there. Best you just avoid further contact with her during this election season and then play it by ear after Trump’s inauguration next year.

  75. Tony…she is a wonderful person…she has heart so big and so generous…she really truly is the kind of person who would take the clothes off her back and give them to you if you needed them…

    i think it is pride…pride for her family…her parents…her heritage…I understand it…we have decided to leave politics out of our conversation for now…frankly her friendship is more important to me than arguing over Hillary and how much she has changed in the last 8 years…


    just confirmed O going to Baton Rouge next week…too little too late

  76. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/08/19/exclusive-clinton-sexual-assault-accusers-paula-jones-kathleen-willey-unite-nbcs-andrea-mitchell/
    This is not Andrea’s fault. All she did was read the words on the teleprompter that were written by one of their scriptwriters who reports through the chain-of-command to the upper east side of Manhattan cabal whose existence and control over the media has been confirmed by people like Sharyl Attkisson and Roger Simon who define the big media narrative which is calculated to preserve their wealth and power, and to hell if anyone who gets in their way. And now the girl reporter from Philadelphia, Andrea, gets to take it on the chin for them–it comes with the territory, and if I were inclined to indulge in the fine art of political blackmail–which by the way I am not, I would not waste my time with chump change like ly’n Brian, I would go for the center of gravity of big media which is to be found in that wealthy Manhattan neighborhood, forever mindful of the fact that behind every great fortune is a great crime. I feel sorry for Andrea, who can she turn to for solace besides old liverspot Greenspan. The story is much too sad to be told, etc. The other part of the set up was the string pullers know that Andrea is and has always been over the top for Hillary, and has worn it on her sleeve. As Judge Learned Hand observed, a wise person is a dispassionate one. And journalists are no exception.

  77. admin
    August 19, 2016 at 3:59 pm
    Actually, there is a good reason for the delay.

    They have some nice golf courses down there in New Orleans.

    But the greens keepers have punched the greens and fertilized them.

    Therefore, they will not be ready for Obama 345th golf vacation aka a good walk spoiled until next week.

  78. Flood Survivor Tears Up as He Explains What Trump’s Louisiana Visit Means to Him (Video)
    By Kyle Becker (2 hours ago) | Nation

    …While Trump visited the state to hand out emergency supplies, President Obama was on a golf trip Friday and Hillary Clinton made a phone call to the Louisiana Governor.
    “And having Trump here, that meant a lot to you?” ABC reporter Tom Llamas asked.
    “Oh yes, yes,” he responded. “Because, hell, America’s gotta wake up! Donald Trump’s the way to wake us up. He’s waking America up, he’s gotta get busy. America’s got to get behind him.”
    “Without America getting behind Donald Trump, we’re going to lose and lose bigger than this flood,” Nolan added. “So, America’s gotta wake up.”

    The video did not load for me.

    This is significant beyond the obvious due to the presence of ABC Trump Hater Tom Llamos

    In San Jose Tom witnessed the kid in the red shirt running for his life. Did nothing to help, and dropped the story pronto. Last I heard his dad Craig Parsons and others had filed a law suit.

    So let’s see what Tom does with this on the evening news.

  79. foxyladi14
    August 19, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    Amazing !!


    Foxy…i love it…thanks


    Donald rally live in Michigan now… lots of people

  80. lol I am sharing this story.

    Donald and Hillary Go Into A Bakery on the Campaign Trail.
    As soon as they enter the bakery, Hillary steals three pastries and puts them in her pocket.
    She says to Donald,
    “See how clever I am? The owner didn’t see anything, and I don’t even need to lie! I will definitely win the election.”
    The Donald says to Hillary, “That’s the typical dishonesty you have displayed throughout your entire life; trickery and deceit. I’m going to show you an honest way to get the same result.”

    Donald goes to the owner of the bakery and says, “Give me a pastry and I’ll show you a magic trick.”

    Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry. Trump swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him another one. He swallows the second. Then Donald asks for a third pastry and eats that one too.
    The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks, “What did you do with the pastries?”
    Trump replies, “Look in Hillary’s pocket.”

  81. Remember in 2008 when “bambi” canceled an SNL appearance because of floods in Arkansas or was it Kentucky. He didn’t think it appropriate.

  82. foxyladi14
    August 19, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    It is the difference between what you see is what you get, and what you do not see I get.

  83. Priorities

    Obama irks La. flood victims with memo warning them not to discriminate

    President Obama has refused so far to survey the Louisiana flood disaster, but he did let state and local officials know that he’s watching to make sure they don’t engage in racial discrimination.

    In a 16-page guidance issued Tuesday, the Obama administration, led by the Justice Department, warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance against engaging in “unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).”

    The guidance’s frameworks “highlight the importance of complying with nondiscrimination requirements of civil rights statutes, addressing the needs of the whole community, and ensuring equal opportunity to access recovery efforts.”

    Needless to say, some Louisiana residents were offended, including the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher, who took umbrage at receiving an anti-discrimination lecture from Washington, D.C., as locals struggle to rescue, house and feed their neighbors.

    “[E]verywhere you look you can find black folks and white folks loving on each other, helping each other through this crisis,” Mr. Dreher said in a Thursday post.


  84. foxyladi14
    August 19, 2016 at 4:37 pm
    Very nice.

    But the dims will retaliate.

    They are working on their own video featuring Hillary and Judd Fry Cain doing turkey in the straw with Obama playing what appears to be a fiddle but is actually a 9 iron which he rapped around a tree after he chilly dipped an easy approach chip which he hoped to get within gimme range so he could achieve his lifelong goal to break 100.

  85. I have on inside information, but I do know the thinking and the personalities.

    I am pretty damned sure that Hoffa will endorse Trump.

    His counterpart, the SEIU, will go the other way.

    This speech is right out of the playbook of a union general president.

  86. I had dinner last night with a law professor at the University of Washington who teaches international law and policy. He said the state of Washington will not be adversely affected by TPP, because of our proximity to Asia. The same will not hold true however for middle America. He told me the biggest beneficiary of TPP would be Viet Nam. And he agreed with my assessment that these massive international trade deals are being consummated in haste to contain the economic growth of China. We disagreed on whether it would adversely affect our sovereignty.

  87. The Alaska pipeline which runs from the North Slope to the port of Valdez in Prince William Sound was constructed in the 1970s, and during that time, a nasty Teamster Leader rose to power and became more powerful than the governor at that time Jay Hammond. This leader would call wildcat strikes on the slope, which cost the oil producers so much money that they would do anything to appease him. His name was Jessee Carr.

    In the old days, an industry visionary by the name of Lowell Wakefield saw the potential of the crab industry to provide employment for Alaskans during the winter months when salmon fishing was out of season. His dream came to life in the 1970s, a gold rush for crab developed and the shanty town of Dutch Harbor which the writer Jack London once called home became a busy place. Deck hands who came about a crab boat with nothing more than a pair of hip boots could make $50,000 in four months, if they survived. Hundred dollar tips to waitresses in The Aleutian Idle Hour Bar were routine. And everyone had gaudy watches and cuff links made of gold.

    The wealth spread across the state, Jesse Carr donned those cuff links as well as part of his apparel. When he was pissed or wanted you to think he was he would slam his fists down on the table and those cuff link would make a loud sound. And then he would say something pithy like: “What is the point of having power if you don’t abuse it?”

    Perhaps Hillary can answer that rhetorical question, as it relates to CGI.

  88. Big media does not understand politics, football or Trump.

    Imagine a scenario where the quarterback goes up to the line of scrimmage, looks at the defense, spots a hole in it, calls an audible, the offensive formation adjusts and he scores a touch down, with the same people in different formations.

    Always keep the enemy guessing.

    Never interrupt an enemy in the middle of the mistake.

    Always get there firstest with the mostest, e.g. Louisana.

  89. I suspect the reason Hillary was not down there in Louisiana at this point as well was because Obama was on vacation and she felt she needed his radiant dazzling star power (spelled bullshit) to keep the audience awake.

  90. That Michigan speech was firing for effect.

    When you are on your ass he says what have you got to lose trying something different.

    Echoing Guilani’s charge as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York who put the Mafia out of business, that the CGI is a corrupt enterprise worthy of RICO.

    Telling blacks that Hillary does not care about them as people, only their votes, and the only thing she cares about is her donors–primarily Soros.

    That is what I mean by firing for effect.

    Which will make the debates all the more interesting.

  91. Brooklyn and big media will portray this as the wild man of borneo shooting spit wads at a heroic figure who has devoted her life to public service, and making the world a better place, as we see today in the Middle East.

  92. Lorac yes you are right! I’m second generation American. My parents who knew Spanish stopped speaking in our household not only because they wanted to be true Americans but because they didn’t want their daughters (three of us) to have problems speaking English when we went to school. Sadly I understand Spanish but really can’t speak it My parents only spoke it when they were trying to hide things from us so we grew up understanding everything. Wish I spoke the language.

  93. yheitman/lorac

    That is the way it used to be: e plubus unum, like it says on the one dollar bill, literally out of many, one. The symbol of one culture united by common values.

    Multiculturalism, which was originally designed to let more people into that common culture hass morphed into cultural balkanization, separtism and a whats in it for me dynamic which Hollywood has exploited til hell won’t have it any more.

    One of the great failures of the Republican Party has been their failure to teach the county about our history, the consitution, the core values which unite us as a people. All the RINOs care about is money, and self aggrandisement. Look at a guy like Orin Hatch. Nearly forty years in Congress and what has that mook ever produced?

    The Trump campaign is teaching the country the lesson the country has forgotten and needs to be reminded of. Every generation must be taught accordingly. Instead we have the crap in the movies and the worse crap that passes for higher education.

  94. I shared your story over on the tree house.

    August 19, 2016 at 5:33 pm
    lol I am sharing this story.

  95. wbboei

    August 19, 2016 at 9:48 pm


    That is the way it used to be: e plubus unum, like it says on the one dollar bill, literally out of many, one. The symbol of one culture united by common values.

    Multiculturalism, which was originally designed to let more people into that common culture hass morphed into cultural balkanization, separtism and a whats in it for me dynamic which Hollywood has exploited til hell won’t have it any more.

    I disagree here. Multiculturalism is by definition pluralism rather than assimilation. It wasn’t called multiculturalism until some point in the late 90s / early 2000 when the left was first creating a squawk about English being a national language. Previously, it was just immigration and immigrants were expected to assimilate.

  96. I am still marveling at that Michigan speech by Trump.

    The things he is saying to the black community, no Republican in my lifetime has been willing to say as directly and forcefully as he did in that speech. The typical Republican line is not to make promises to that community, but to ask them to infer that things will be better. Infer is not enough. If a lawyer is afraid to say it himself in open court, he should never expect the jury to say it for him in the jury room, or in this case, the voting booth. Notice as well the civics lesson where he points out that blacks have fought in every conflict in the history of this nation, and yet as a group they have little to show for it. Name me another Republican–or Democrat for that matter who is willing to lay it on the line that way, and back it up with a firm promise to use the powers of his office to give them the fair chance they deserve. This is remarkable stuff. And yet just two days ago the wisest minds of our generation, big media, assured us that Donald’s support among blacks is only 1%. How ironic/

  97. Yes, it was always called the melting pot – we all assimilate. The newest immigrants bring new stuff from other places, but their descendants identify as Americans. There were always new immigrants to keep “freshness” coming, but it didn’t cause balkanization, as the kids assimilated and the parents wanted them to. People actually came here BECAUSE they wanted to BE Americans.

    Then some idiot changed it to multiculturalism, which means you keep your own culture while living here. So your kids can feel alienated from the larger culture, and you can form tribes, and act like living in America is incidental. Then comes tribalism, can lead to culture wars, etc. And it all weakens the larger culture. I’m sure this trend has ties to globalism and Soros…

    I want the melting pot back.

  98. blowme0bama
    August 19, 2016 at 10:04 pm
    Then you believe pluralism and assimilation are mutually exclusive?

    I do not see it that way.

    The Constitution presupposes a pluralistic society obedient to the rule of law.

    Not a monolithic one.

    The fault lines racial, religious, demographic are subodinated to a common culture, which is color blind.

    I think the breakdown occurred between 1964 when the civil rights law was passed and 1972 amendments.

    The 1964 act incorporated the language of the dissent in Plessy vs Ferguson (1896) by Justice Harlan the elder, that the Constitition, and per force the law of the land was color blind.

    The 1972 amendments negated that principle by setting up racial preferences and affirmative action. This was done as a result of the riots of the 1960s. It was an action worthy of Nevil Chamberlain and it bore the same bitter fruit.

    Of course, originally, they did not come out and say preferences. That was forbidden by the 1964 act. Instead they spoke of goals and time tables which if they were not met would lead to the cancellation of government contracts, and statistical imbalances in the workforce would constitute prima facie evidence of discrimination in class action suits.

    That was the genesis of the balkanization, division, and seemingly irrevocable differences we are living with today. And all Hillary has to offer is more of the hair of the dog that bit us. That may be enough to soothe some hangover but not this one.

  99. Henry, do the math!

    As a bit of explanation, one of the many ways, since 2008, used to bring down this site has been DOS (denial of service) attacks and associated schemes. What these types of attacks do is target our registration system with massive numbers of registrations. Then by the thousands, these enemy registrants eat up our bandwidth by asking for new passwords or mucking about inside our system.

    In 2007/2008/2009 the DOS attacks were mostly done by Obama idiots conspiring with one another on Obama (or pro-Obama gamer) sites to attack us. Occasionally, some friendly gamers would tip us off about an incoming attack and we would play goofy games with these Obama nerds trying to bring down our site. These Obama dolts would pick a time and then launch their attacks. We mostly fought them off but at times we failed because massive readership combined with these DOS attacks assured our defenses would be overrun at least temporarily. As some of your will recall the website tended to go down at big events such as debates.

    Now in 2016 the attacks are mostly carried on by robots. These robots register and register and register by the thousands. Tons of registrations per minute all designed to bring down this website. These robots go on 24 hours a day registering and registering. For a while we shut down our registration system to thwart these blockheads.

    Now our registration system is back up which opens us up to attacks by robots. The new “prove your humanity” system “short circuits” the robots and they cannot register. This new security measure helps keep the website running smoothly.

    Next Monday or Tuesday we will likely have a 20 minute shutdown at some point for some website tweaking that should further enhance security to the site. We think, knock wood, that we have defeated the latest most concerted attempt to destroy this website. As we wrote earlier, these attacks help us because we know we are over the target when we get flak.

    So Henry, unless the math is too difficult for you ( 🙂 ) do the damn math. Hell, it’s only double digits. Double digits might be hard for Obama and ObamaCare accountants but not for our readership.

  100. Trump is coming to austin, got 2 tickets. I won’t be able to stand and wait 6 hours so I’m hoping for the best.

    It will be great to see him in person.

  101. Admin: it is encouraging to watch a skeptic becomes a believer. After reviewing the Charlotte speech, this born again believer urges Trump to expand the attack to include pay to play etc. which he did with the Michigan speech today very effectively. The writer sees a turning point.
    Last Night Was the Turning Point in Trump’s Campaign

    Donald Trump in Charlotte, N.C. Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
    Donald Trump cleared up one thing in his speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, last night: he is running to win.

    Throughout this very odd election cycle, some pundits have periodically suggested that Trump wasn’t serious in his run for the presidency. First, it was said that he got into the race simply to garner publicity, to burnish his “brand.” He himself, it was said, was surprised that he did so well in the primaries.

    When it became clear that he was poised to win the nomination, the story changed slightly. Now, he was said to be playing the buffoon because he didn’t really want the job. The same line was repeated and amplified post-convention whenever Trump went off-message or waved The National Enquirer about. Anything having to do with Ted Cruz really seemed to set him off. And off he went, as his plummeting poll numbers showed.

    But these last couple of weeks have shown the world a new, more disciplined Donald Trump.

    His speeches on the economy, on foreign policy, on policing and race relations, and — just last night — his brilliant speech that touched on everything from national security to race relations, free trade, immigration, and Obamacare, have shown that he is deadly earnest about winning this election.

    To employ a phrase that Trump himself favors: Believe me, he’s in it to win.

    Last night’s speech was significant for several reasons. Substantively, it hammered home a truth that is as uncomfortable as it necessary to acknowledge: the dreadful plight of black Americans is largely the creation of Democrats.

    Aside: in a rare obeisance to political correctness, Trump consistently referred to “African-Americans.” Perhaps that is politically expedient — but I believe it is patronizing.

    As Teddy Roosevelt observed, “hyphenated-Americans” are a threat to the integrity of the country. We are not Irish-Americans or German-American or African-Americans (a term that is especially bizarre because it is applied indiscriminately to certain dark-skinned people: Jamaica, for example, is not part of Africa). We are simply Americans whose ancestors happen to be from Ireland, Germany, Kenya, or wherever.

    But back to that perhaps startling claim — to the media and Democrats, anyway — about Democrats being largely responsible for the plight of black Americans. Donald Trump is quite correct:

    Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have taken African-American votes totally for granted.
    Until now, anyway, the black vote has run according to the Democratic script. What is that script? Lyndon Johnson articulated it in its purest — as well as its crassest — form when in 1964 he remarked to two like-minded Democratic governors that, with his Great Society programs:

    I’ll have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.
    It hasn’t been 200 years yet. But for the last 50? As patronizing Democratic programs stifled freedom and individual initiative, and erected an increasingly burdensome (and expensive) governmental cocoon around their minority charges?

    The black vote has been largely in the pocket of its new plantation owners.

    The “Great Society” did not abolish poverty. That was never the intention. It institutionalized poverty.

    Along the way, it created an engorging bureaucracy that was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party.

    As Trump pointed out in his speech in Milwaukee earlier this week, all of the nation’s failed cities — Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland, Memphis, Milwaukee itself — have been under Democratic control for decades.

    Milwaukee, for example, has been Democratic since 1908. Do you suppose that there is a connection between the disasters — the poverty, the crime, the corruption — that have engulfed these cities, and the political complexion of their leadership? Or is it merely fortuitous?

    To ask the question is to answer it.

    Will National Security Finally Bring Warring Republicans Together?
    Regular readers know that I have found find a lot to criticize about Donald Trump. I stand by those criticisms. But I also acknowledge a new note in Trump’s campaign.

    His speeches of the last two weeks have outlined with clarity and conviction that he is serious about bringing about significant change. Not just the word “change”: the country has staggered under that ruse for nearly eight years now. No, Trump is promising to bring real change to all Americans, but especially to American cities and the materially disenfranchised denizens who have spent the last several decades suffering from the hypocritical benevolence of the corrupt Democratic bureaucracy.

    Some polls crow that Trump has “zero percent” support among blacks. After his speech in Milwaukee, that changed, with at least one poll reporting a 10-point jump.

    I suspect that after his speech in North Carolina, we’ll see much more movement in the polls — and not just among minorities.

    Last night’s speech was notable for its focus, its discipline, and its hard-hitting criticism of Hillary Clinton. It was also notable for its humanity. There are some who say that the “J.” in Donald Trump’s name is for “Jester.” Certainly, crass braggadocio has shadowed him throughout his public career.

    In a few brief sentences last night, Trump acknowledged … and apologized(!) for that:

    Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues.
    I suspect that a future historian, commenting on the surprising Trump victory in the election of 2016, will settle on the quartet of speeches Trump delivered in the middle of August 2016 as the turning point in a campaign the media had already written off as moribund.

    And if pressed, I suspect that a future historian will point to last night’s speech, to Trump’s candid appeal for black votes and to black self-interest, as the pivotal moment.

    Beyond that, I’ll wager that our future scribe will put his finger on Trump’s admission of error and expression of regret as the humanizing moment when people said:

    Well, all right then, let’s give him another look.
    Doubtless, Hillary Clinton and her surrogates are even now plotting to bait him, to lure him off target and to trick him into flailing against some irrelevant charge. If he is canny, he will ignore all these distractions and concentrate like a laser beam on his main issues: the economy, immigration, national security, and social comity.

    His target is not a Constitution-waving Democratic shill, but Hillary Clinton. Her ostentatious corruption and incompetence, and the failed policies she has inherited and which she has pledged to continue and exacerbate.

    Trump said early on in his speech:

    Our campaign is about representing the great majority of Americans — Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives and Liberals — who read the newspaper, or turn on the TV, and don’t hear anyone speaking for them. All they hear are insiders fighting for insiders.
    That’s what the mainstream media hears, too, but since they are themselves on the inside, it is a song whose melody they like. If Trump continues on the tack he has taken these last couple of weeks, there is a good chance he will win.

    He needs to do two things. On the positive side, he needs to stay on message, repeating his ideas for tax reform, economic revitalization, control of our borders, defeating Islamic terrorism, replacing Obamacare, and enhancing America’s position in the world.

    On the polemical side, he needs to be relentless in calling attention to the prosperity-killing and freedom-blighting program that is the Democratic platform (read it: it makes the Port Huron Statement seem sane).

    He also needs to call attention to Hillary’s decades-long career of pay-to-play corruption and her callous incompetence as secretary of State.

    Two weeks ago, it looked as if Donald Trump’s campaign was on life support. At the moment it looks as if the patient has made a miraculous recovery.


  102. Tony – I was going to suggest something like that, too. But yours gets smaller than mine (mine collapse to about 2 feet and the “duffel” can sling over your shoulder). How low to the ground are you in the ones you posted? (ie, how much does a person’s knee have to bend – a lot less than 90 degrees? – ouch)

  103. The seat is about a foot or so from the ground when adsembled. Very comfortable to sit in, very light and folds into a surprisingly small bag. It made all the difference when it came to waiting in line for hours, although next time I’m also going to bring a big umbrella.

  104. What Soros is doing to this country is the same thing he has done to other countries, it is called shock doctrine, and its purpose is to destroy the constitution, create chaos, disarm the civilian population, control the media, install a dicator like Obama who does his bidding, loot the assets etc. I wish to God the people here were perceptive enough to see what he is doing. The people in eastern Europe have seen his machinations, and some of them would probably shoot him on sight. I remember reading an account of what he did to Russia by a woman named Dr. Velma Butler, he literally destroyed their nation, and one of his arch adversaries is Putin. I remember how he bragged that the old Soviet Empire was now the Soros Empire. Yet the scumbags of the establishment and big media grovel before him, and let him buy them off. I wish I could say I am exaggerating, but regret to inform you I am not.

  105. Soros is literally the 800 pound elephant in the living room of the Democrat Party, and if the people ever woke up to that fact, it would be a thousand years before another democrat was elected, because he owns the party and he owns every damned one of them–and a few RINOs too.

  106. And I will tell you why Hillary is in Martha’s Vineyard rather than Louisana–to meet with a Soros operative, most likely Wolfe with the Swiss Bank. He is the one who planned the Obama campaign in 2008 and brought the money men together.

  107. I guess if you believed that Bill boarded Lynch’s airplane to talk about grandchildren, then you will also believe that Hillary is in Martha’s Vineyard rather than Louisiana to celebrate Bill’s birthday, and to sing a few sea chanties. Now then if per chance Wolf shows up, or his daddy, I am sure they will be most welcome and will help Bill blow out the birthday candles.


  108. Trumps motorcade attacked, elderly attendees attacked, Minneapolis, few police, no arrests.

    Soros paid thugs.
    Hillary at Martha’s along with the fool on the hill..flooding, Americans being attacked, no problem. All going as planned.

    I have to wonder however, why doesn’t Trumps ops group do better planning. Put the local police front and center. In this case a gay female chief. Make them responsible, have their own photography.

    Not one arrest and they attacked the motorcade of a Presidential candidate.,.a secret service person had to use a camera to beat them off…and by the way, that will,be the story, SS steals camera, breaks camera of news reporter…

    Oh what a third world Country we are becoming.


  109. By the way, it was a Fundraiser..people are not going to go if their families are not safe, of course, that’s what they want.

  110. gonzotx
    August 20, 2016 at 11:42 am
    Or you could have a friend who wasn’t going to go inside get the chair once they start letting people inside.

  111. foxyladi14 August 20, 2016 at 12:37 pm
    Cowards’ way out of crossing Soros.

  112. Congressmen Lou Barletta & Tom Marino went to national security meeting with Trump
    …The meeting was also attended by retired Army Lt. Gen. Joseph “Keith” Kellogg,
    retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani,
    and Sen. Jeff Sessions.

    Others present were Trump’s top campaign staffers, including the recently announced campaign CEO Stephen Bannon, who is chairman of Breitbart News, and campaign manager
    Kellyanne Conway…

    Lou said Trump wore his executive hat, listened to all.

  113. foxyladi14
    August 20, 2016 at 12:22 pm
    the debates

    let’s hope Trump has some experienced instructors in preparation for the upcoming debates. MSM will be setting all the traps for Trump, while serving-up meatballs to Hillary.

  114. alcina
    August 20, 2016 at 2:43 pm
    August 20, 2016 at 12:22 pm
    the debates

    let’s hope Trump has some experienced instructors in preparation for the upcoming debates. MSM will be setting all the traps for Trump, while serving-up meatballs to Hillary.
    That will be the role of Roger Ailes, inter alia–to prep him for a televised debate. Roger is the best. His motto: the medium is the message, and ultimately you are the message. I sense his involvement, as well as Banons in the last two speeches which stoppered the mouths of critics like that mongoloid looking idiot Scarbrough. Mika is no great shakes, but surely she can do better than that washed up putz.

    I learned something this morning. Perhaps you have heard it too. When Manafort came aboard he told Donald about his work with the Ukranian client, and stated that when big media focused on that they would be like a dog with a bone, and at that point he would need to leave. Well, that is what occurred of course, and like any good contractor he does his job and moves on–but not too far away. Donald did not want him to go, but understood it was necessary.

  115. When Manafort came aboard he told Donald about his work with the Ukranian client, and stated that when big media focused on that they would be like a dog with a bone, and at that point he would need to leave. Well, that is what occurred of course, and like any good contractor he does his job and moves on–but not too far away. Donald did not want him to go, but understood it was necessary.

    And that is something a good friend would do.. Give Trump fair warning. Saying, ‘I can only go so far before the media scum pick up on this (Crimea thing) before they hyperbolate their spin machine into overdrive; which will undoubtedly overshadow your campaign.’

    Trump moved swiftly and smoothly hiring Bannon and Kellyann as PM’s upward mobile replacements, leaving the media scum twisting in the wind.

    Yes, I agree- Wbb, you’ve led a colorful life. Your signature stories are always interesting and well written.

  116. Wbb, you’ve led a colorful life.
    If making a lot of mistakes, and trying not to repeat them is colorful, then guilty as charged.

    I have been around politics all my adult life so some of this is just war stories.

    But I have never ran or helped run a national campaign.

    It is pretty clear to me that admin has done that.

    That is a game for master not amateurs.

    And as masters go, admin’s insights and wire are second to none.

    I think of the millions of people who waste their time following big media.

    If they came here to this site they would know the truth of what it going on.

  117. I mean it too.

    The depth of analysis admin provides in articles like this one is incredible, and you will find nothing like it anywhere else, except perhaps in the bowels of a national campaign. It is that ability to filter out the noise, to separate the false from the true, and the important from the insignificant or transient. What admin does is light years ahead of what the best of big media is capable of doing.

  118. I want ADMIN to call Trump campaign and offer suggestions!!! He takes them and ADMIN could offer some GREAT help and advice.

  119. Yeehaw
    It only took me 4 times to pass the math test. I used an abacus.
    Amazing that they go after your site with such venom.
    Keep on. Is it 9 years now?

  120. wbboei
    August 20, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Wbb, you’ve led a colorful life.
    If making a lot of mistakes, and trying not to repeat them is colorful, then guilty as charged.

    Bill, you are as they say, in the vernacular, ‘A straight shooter.’ Straight shooters are hard to come by these days. We’ve know each other for just about 10yrs now and you have never deviated from the high road, no matter what!

    That is a game for master not amateurs.

    And as masters go, admin’s insights and wire are second to none.

    Agreed- Hear,Hear!!

  121. If only NBC Matt Lauer interrogated obama about Benghazi as they have Ryan Lochte for having the bad judgement to go out and party with the French athletes till 530 am after their sports were over, stop at a gas station and have a poster fall down or be taken down in a third world Country, have a gun aimed at them, sorry two guns as they were put on the ground and monies demanded before they were allowed to leave.

  122. Felix–if someone tells me they went to Harvard, my normal response is so what. However, if they tell me they went to Julliard, I am impressed. Alot of duds come out of Harvard–besides the big media beloved messiah. But I have yet to met an artist who came out of Julliard who failed to meet and exceed expectations.

    Apropos of that, the artist I posted a couple days ago, who won two Tonis (the award for best stage play performance, and two grammys (the award for audio, records, etc) is a Julliard graduate, and was the toast of Broadway for over twenty years. Because it is Saturday night, and we have had a tradition of posting our favorites on this night, let me do so now. One is the risque performance of Blow Gabriel Blow by Cole Porter which was delivered at the White House, and probably got Bush 41’s zombie cardio syncopating.

    The other is the song Rita Hayworth made famous in Pal Joey. The music was by the greatest songwriting team in the genre–Rogers and Hart. I looked in Wikopedia and found a very apt description of the lyrics of Lornez Hart as the confessional outpourings of a tortured soul which became great art, e.g.

    After one whole quart of brandy
    Like a daisy I’m awake
    With no bromoseltzer handy
    I don’t even shake

    These two pieces could hardly be more different. Yet Patti’s performing range covers each of them easily. If there are divas on Broadway as there are in opera, then for two decades it would have to be her. She can belt a song better than anyone, and her strong background in acting serves he well in its delivery.



  123. gonzotx
    August 21, 2016 at 12:56 am
    How ridiculous. ..Hillary flies 20 miles in private plane, by the way Lynn Rothschild had a Fundraiser $100,000 entry fee..
    I wonder what it costs to sit in the bleachers.

    I wonder whether they serve peanuts and beer.

    Ooops, wrong party.

    Lady Lynn, who is very charming, came from a middle class family in New Jersey.

    The gate for this sworeee is more that a middle class family makes in a year.

    I am sure the attendes expect to get a handsome return on investment from taxpayers.

  124. gonzotx
    August 21, 2016 at 12:56 am
    How ridiculous. ..Hillary flies 20 miles in private plane, by the way Lynn Rothschild had a Fundraiser $100,000 entry fee..
    Numb again
    Dumb again
    A rich ready ripe little plum again
    Bewitched bothered and bewildered she is

    (Thank you Lorenz Hart)

  125. Oh yes.

    These lyrics from the above song describe Hillary’s evolving relationship with the big media beloved messiah and traitor in chief:

    Though at first
    We said no sir
    Now we’re two little dears
    You might say we are closer
    Than Roebuck is to Sears

  126. Finally, staying with Patti, and the theme of the (late) evening . . .

    This song epitomizes Trump’s campaign

    To hell with political correctness

    To hell with your phony conventions, and-

    To hell with your rigged system

    From now on . . . .

    “Anything Goes”.


  127. I had started watching Clinton Cash when it became available online a few weeks ago, but was interrupted. I just now watched it. Wow. I wish I knew how Hillary supporters would rationalize it. Here’s the link, if someone still needs to see it.


    And here’s Judge Jeanine from a week ago – it’s all about Trump – she interviews a lot of people in his circle. A good episode, and it has a lot about Pay for Play (as in the Clinton Cash movie).

  128. I’ve heard many times people refer to Trump’s candidacy as “historic”. I love it. I always immediately imagine Obama hearing that word referring to someone else and getting upset. lol

  129. Rodgers and Hart, “To Keep My Love Alive.” Good ol’ Stritchy singing to Matt, Bryan, Anderson and Don.

  130. Good morning!

    Lorac, they don’t need to rationalize. After all, it is a vast right wing conspiracy designed to make them look bad.

    And, yes. I have had people tell me that to my face.

  131. Here’s a movie from 2014 – I’d never seen it until just now. Just wow. She was doing Pay to Play way back when – donate to her senate campaign, and when Bill gets out of office he’ll help you with your plans. And when First Lady, she was siccing the IRS on people. She must have told Obama to do that with the Tea Party.

    I don’t want her to become president because she’s Obama III. But now I’m also *scared* for her to become president. OMG, she’s nasty, vindictive, and no morals.

  132. Felix, I was thinking about the “vast right wing conspiracy” as I was watching these movies. I think the phrase, which she used often, was very helpful to her. The movies show all this stuff was being brought to light as it was occurring. Being the ideologue I was, I could only vote for democrats, because I knew the republicans were evil. And of course, I never researched anything – because I was an ideologue. I do recall figuring bad things said about democrats were just republican lies. I think her favorite phrase probably got a lot of people in that mindset.

    So I get it, why I didn’t know about her before. I was an ideologue. But it’s no excuse for the other PUMAs who KNOW, who witnessed, the corruption of the dems. Now Obama is wonderful, and Hillary is still the greatest. I guess there’s no way to figure them out. They just remain ideologues, and have somehow rewritten the recent past so that Obama and his party are great. Yeah, I can only explain it by it being a cult.

    (And I can see scary stuff in some Trump supporters, acting like he is a god, makes no mistakes, even is playing the 17th dimensional chess when there seems to have been some poor judgment, just like how obots explained Obama’s odd decisions. I feel good about Trump, I believe in him. But I actually LEARNED something in 2008 – now I’ll always keep my critical eye out, I’m not going to 100% believe in someone or a party, etc. They’re human, and we’re talking about politics. It’s amazing to me that people who went through what I did, could go right back to ideology and denial….)

  133. Let us be thankful we (most of us here) woke up.

    Our two party system is rebooting. From this year forward are two main choices will not be democrat or republican. It will be authoritarian or libertarian.

    I am very thankful I woke up in time to understand that.

    Authoritarian governments never end well. Latest, perfect example is Venezuela.

    I love DJT. He is far from perfect. I cringe when I hear people refer to him as “sent by God.” Bear in mind, I am very religious. I just get the shakes when people give famous people supernatural powers or holy titles.

    That normally don’t end well either.

  134. American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
    By Michael Goodwin August 21, 2016

    …The shameful display of naked partisanship by the elite media is unlike anything seen in modern America.

    The largest broadcast networks — CBS, NBC and ABC — and major newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post have jettisoned all pretense of fair play. Their fierce determination to keep Trump out of the Oval Office has no precedent.

    Indeed, no foreign enemy, no terror group, no native criminal gang, suffers the daily beating that Trump does. The mad mullahs of Iran, who call America the Great Satan and vow to wipe Israel off the map, are treated gently by comparison.

    By torching its remaining credibility in service of Clinton, the mainstream media’s reputations will likely never recover, nor will the standards. No future producer, editor, reporter or anchor can be expected to meet a test of fairness when that standard has been trashed in such willful and blatant fashion….


  135. holdthemaccountable
    August 21, 2016 at 11:02 am
    Thank you for posting that article.

    War makes strange bedfellows.

    And so does politics.

    In 2008, I hated Michael Goodwin because he opposed Hillary.

    Please don’t ask me as between me and him who was right.

    But ever since then, I have come to admire . . .

    (fools admire, men of sense approve–Alexander Pope)

    Approve of his analysis and insights.

    And here he witnesses and reports on the suicide of an institution vital to democracy.

    Ironically, I had this very conversation with a friend of mine the other day

    Whose family ran what was widely acclaimed as the best small town newspaper in the country.

    It was close to and intimate with its leadership, and solicitous of their views.

    The required at least three independent sources to corroborate their investigative journalism.

    Big media, by comparison has evolved into something entirely different.

    A distant tower of Babble, full of hubris and cherry picking to fill a predetermined narrative.

    And far from being solicitous they are contemptuous of the American People.

    I told my friend they are a corrupt institution and a threat to democracy as Caddell says.

    I told her the only appropriate remedy for them is a Carthaginian Peace—

    Kill them and pour salt over their land so nothing grows there for a thousand years

    She said no, we need a Fourth Estate, but those running it now must be retired.

    I told her that the personalities and the institution have merged

    And it would take the wisdom of Solomon to separate them

    This is one I would turn over to Uncle Joe (Stalin)

    Here you have a man.

    And here you have a problem . . .

    No man.

    No problem.

    They tell me Siberia is beautiful this time of the year.

  136. Such eloquence wbboei as you simultaneously rip them a well-deserved new one.
    Truth be told, it was difficult not giving you a mention in the initial comment.
    I believe I have the same degree of revulsion but the proper wording belongs to you.

  137. If you see the battle field as I do–a struggle to the death between nationalists and globalists, i.e. rootless cosmopolitans bent on controlling the world, then you begin to think the unthinkable and admire Vladamir Putin and his ability to use Judo to pin the hapless cowardly Barack Obama to the mat every time, before big media can rush in with one of their panel of experts and talk about how when Obama was laying on his back pinned to the mat, he immobilized Putin, and it takes experts like them to point out that fine distinction which is invisible to most of us. Putin, like Trump, is a confirmed nationalist, whereas Obama and unfortunately Hillary are globalists to whom the American People mean nothing, and Wall Street, Saudi Arabia and other donors represent quite literally everything–they are in fact the entire chess board, and to them we do not count. And that, sad to say, is the God’s truth.

  138. lorac
    August 21, 2016 at 5:35 am
    I really do not consider myself a Clinton supporter at this point, perhaps as a secondary if things go badly for Trump. But let me shed some light on the rational.

    JFK was elected with his stance against “secret societies” and the people followed MLK, hoping for a more fair society. I remember the day each was assassinated. As a child at the time, I do not know just what level of corruption existed in our government, but I do know it has become pervasive and more overt. They all do it. The spotlight is on the Clintons, but theirs is chump change compared to the multi-generational looting that the Bushes have perpetrated. Have your read JEB and the Bush Crime Family, yet?

    So I am sorry if you are shocked, but what the Clintons are doing is just business as usual. Why do you think this nation is $20 Trillion in debt?

  139. I have always been drawn to the writings of George Kennan who was the greatest diplomat of the twentieth century, and if that does not please you to hear that Henry Kissinger, well, all I can say to you is, no, I will let Robin Williams say it for me: fuck off.

    When Kennan was a young man, he worked for the first Ambassador to Russia, Bullitt, from that fine Philadelphia family that has since spread its wings from their wealthy enclave past the borders of eastern civilization to Indian county and even here in Seattle.

    Kennan got to meet all the movers and shakers of the first half of the twentieth century, from Churchill, to Hitler, to Roosevelt, to Mussolini, to Chang Kai Check. And he recounted how Bullitt cautioned him about becoming too impressed with these people, by remembering that all of them were 80% water.

    Big media should consider the possibility that what was true of Hitler and Mussolini may also be true of Obama, although in his case the remaining 20% would just have to be choom which emits from his oral cavity and ears. That was also Bluebeard the pirate’s shtick I might add.

    Big media’s dark obsession to defeat Trump calls to my mind a scene in the movie El Dorado, where a young James Caan worries what has happened will make the hired gun for the villain mad and therefore more dangerous. Whereupon, John Wayne tells him the madder they get the more he likes it, because no professional can afford to get mad, and when he does he ain’t that good.

    Today, we are seeing just that, and there are no Abe Roenthals around to restrain their worst instincts.

  140. Lu, I had no idea of the depth of Hillary’s corruption. But I think my incredulousness is really more about the people who have been exposed to this information but still support her (not you, but our former PUMA-mates)….

  141. Lu, I had no idea of the *depth* of Hillary’s corruption. But I think my incredulousness is really more about the people who have been exposed to this information but still support her (not you, but our former PUMA-mates)…..

  142. Those who think it was important for Obama to be in Louisiana rather than Martha’s Vineyard do not understand what is priorities are. By his own admission he has no more elections to worry about, therefore he is free to go where ever he needs to go which by some happy coincidence happens to be Martha’s Vineyard to meet with Soros and is operatives to make further plans for the destruction of the nation, which half the electorate seems to unwittingly and dim wittingly support, based on polling. That being the case, why do this in secret. Why not do it in the open. This has been a pattern ever since the death of the Ted Kennedy funeral. Only now, there is a leader in place who is willing to blow the whistle, and show them offensive formations at the line of scrimmage which they never dreamed of.

    Trump Turns Corner, Media Drives Off Cliff, Hillary MIA

    By Larry Johnson – Sunday, 21 August 2016 57

    The recent floods in Louisiana may have caused massive property damage, loss of life and terrible human suffering, but it has been great for Donald Trump. The terrible news out of Louisiana coincided with moves by Donald Trump to shake up his Presidential campaign and adopt a more humane tone in his campaign rhetoric. Trump is spending less time spouting divisive rhetoric and instead is starting to do the vision thing and reaching out to minority communities.

    If we were just two weeks out from the election this would be too little, too late for the Donald. But it is not. Trump has finally seemed to capture the tone and message that can deliver the Presidency to him come November.

    Trump’s visit to Louisiana showed him in the Presidential leadership role that translates easily to the uninformed, marginal voter. It put him into sharp contrast with the absent Barack Obama, who was too busy playing golf to worry about folks drowning in the Bayou country. It also gave Hillary a black eye–she just phoned it in. Trump was on the ground letting the people of Louisiana know that he was with them.

    The reaction of the media to Trump’s visit, some of it negative, is a clear indicator that Trump hit a bullseye with imagery and messaging. All of us can recall the media vitriol hurled at George W. Bush who flew over the ravaged coast of Louisiana ten years ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The picture of him peering out of the window of Air Force One became the cudgel that Democrats, especially a power hungry Barack Obama, used to bludgeon Bush for a heartless, uncaring response to the suffering of hundreds of thousands. While Bush insisted he did not want his presence on the ground to be a distraction, the press hollered, “BULLSHIT” and maintained that a true leader would be on the ground sharing the pain of the drenched survivors.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot, it is Barack Obama who is not showing any public gesture that he gives a damn about the flooding in Louisiana and many in the press are backing him up for not going to the scene and creating a circus. The double standard and hypocrisy being demonstrated removes any doubt about the agenda of the press and their partisan slant in covering up every turd deposited by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    I think the week of 15 August 2016 will come to be viewed as the watershed moment for Donald Trump’s Presidential aspirations. He got on message and showed leadership while Obama and Hillary took care of themselves.

  143. Accepting business as usual is what got us in this insanity.

    Thank God for Trump and for the Snowden’ s of this world…

  144. On a neighbor blog, I just posted this:

    There are major real reasons to vote against this woman. Yet all the good Christians here take such delight in making up illnesses for her and then assuming they’re fact. We don’t know what kind of top she’s wearing, but we’ll assume it’s a really hot fabric, and then look up the actual temperature and WIND for the day, then look up diseases and medical equipment that she could be using the coat for.


    Seriously, they’re doing all that. They even now think she’s had a colostomy and also has a catheter (there was a crease in the pants at her knee, you know – that means catheter bag!!). And she can’t hold her body upright when sitting without pillows around her, she has spinal problems, it’s probably a coat to hide her back brace!

    And most of them act like such pious Christians, but they’re delighted to give her every illness on earth.

    I just remembered, though. Half of the population has an IQ under average. And there’s also the mob mentality phenomenon, which I think is happening a lot – they just jump on the bandwagon. They feel a power in all swarming together and pouncing on someone they feel is weaker.

    There are SO many reasons, verified reasons, to vote against Hillary. I mean, what does it say that some people take such delight in spending so much time looking up a myriad of illnesses she could have….? (rhetorical)

    They’re feeling superior in cutting her down and it makes them ecstatic, but they’re saying so much more about themselves….

  145. The emerging consensus is that Trump has turned the corner, and some like me believe he is on his way to a landslide victory. Time will tell whether I am right about that, or full of shit.

    If that proves to be true, then the question one might ask what was the catalyst for this transition. That question is worthy of some discussion.

    In the past, Donald has taken the tack of a negotiator and presented exorbitant demands upon the other side, hoping to move the zone of agreement closer to his preferred position.

    But as in any negotiation, you reach a point where excessive reliance on an extreme position diminishes credibility and produces a like kind response and culminates in impasse.

    At that point, you must project strength but also explore the possibilities for settlement.

    As a world class negotiator, Donald knows that he is at that point, and he does not need a bunch of phony polls to tell him that, he can read the situation himself.

    But there is another factor which accounts for this change, and it is far more personal and far less ritualistic.

    In the past Donald has said if I lose I will regard this as a waste of time and money, and everything will be the same. I will be fine.

    But when you are leading a social movement like he is, it does not work that way. You do not to back to the way things were.

    If you want a precedent, consider the case of Saint Bernard. He caved to the establishment, let down his supporters, and will have live with that for the rest of his life.

    The same is true in Donald’s. Millions of people have heard his message, and are responding to his call to arms. There is no turning away from that. And no graceful defeat is possible.

    And that is exactly the incentive a man like him needs to win. It is the practical equivalent of what the Spanish explorers did when they came to the new world. They burned their boats, so their minds would never wander from the succeeding in the current mission.

  146. The reason I see a landslide victory here is because the case for change is so compelling. And Donald has positioned himself as the change agent, whereas Hillary merely hopes to be Obama III, even though the first two acts of that play were horrible, and half the audience have left the theater and gone home.

  147. To my ear, Stephanopolis, step and fetch it, gothic boy, call him what you will, sounds exactly like Bugs Bunny, but he operates like Bugsie Segal.

  148. Step and Fetch it tells Kellyann what?

    That “many in the African American community” were insulted by Trumps pointing out that the solutions they have proposed and implemented from the Great Society forward have not worked for the inner city youth.

    Who those many in the AA community are, he did not bother to say.

    But he did not have to, now did he? Because we know who they are, don’t we. They are first the race hustlers like Jesse, Al and Jerrimah, right so far?

    And I have no doubt that step and fetch it kituzes with them.

    And, to continue, all those upwardly mobile black people who turn their back on their own community and focus on their own interest. That would be Obama, and half his administration.

    And finally, the academicians and bureacrats who were, and still are, the architects of these dysfunctional policies, that make a bad situation worse, but line their pocket.

    So come on Boy George, how about a little transparency.

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