Benghazi, #Hillary2016 Mateen, And Fifty Filthy Failures Fight Against Trump

Update: Today, more bullsh*t. Trump asked Second Amendment supporters to vote. Big Media turns that into a death threat against Hillary. Phony bullsh*t. Remember when Hillary Clinton was accused by Barack Obama thugs of threatening to kill Barack Obama?

The phony accusation was disgusting when Obama made it against Hillary Clinton in 2008. The phony accusation is doubly disgusting now that Hillary2016 and Big Media spew the lie.


Assume, for the sake of argument, what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have said about Benghazi is true. If they lied about what really happened in Benghazi, it is very very bad. But if they are telling the truth, it is even worse.

Assume, for the sake of argument, today’s Hillary2016 rally in Florida is not an abomination. It’s really much much worse.

Assume, for the sake of argument, Donald Trump is as clueless as Hillary2016 wants everyone to believe. Yesterday, the proof came in of how without Donald J. Trump it will be much much worse.

Let’s take these arguments in order.

On Benghazi, we don’t believe the garbage that has been served up by Barack Obama. Since the beginning we strongly suspected that the activities in Benghazi involved the C.I.A., gunrunning, and who knows what other nefarious purposes. Since the beginning we assumed Hillary Clinton, at best, was protecting Barack Obama and his nefarious schemes. But assume we are wrong and that everything that happened in Benghazi, other than that ridiculous video excuse, is as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say. It makes Benghazi and the killing of an American ambassador and other brave men, even worse.

According to, at the time Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, there was no “stand down” order. To the contrary, Leon Panetta declared he gave a ‘go, go, go’ order. According to all the Washington policy makers the order was to do what was necessary to rescue those trapped in the Benghazi compound. Of course, those brave men in Benghazi dispute all the Washington policy makers.

Assume for the sake of argument that Panetta and the Washington liars are for once telling the truth and the brave men caught in the Benghazi disaster are perfidious liars. Isn’t this much much worse???

Consider, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, and the President of the United States, all, according to their testimony, did in fact order a rather belated defense of the Benghazi compound. Yet, nothing happened???? Isn’t this much much worse???

It’s bad enough that the attack in Benghazi took place on September 11. That date should have been clue enough to heighten the guard of every American compound and installation world-wide. It’s bad enough that the Washington policy makers did not have the sense to protect Americans working, especially those in dangerous parts of the world – like Benghazi, well before September 11 arrived. But what the Hell happened if Obama/Clinton/Panetta are telling the truth?

Understand fully the abomination of the Obama/Clinton/Panetta defense. The argument is that everyone in Washington said ‘go, go, go’ yet nobody went, went, went. The abomination of the Obama/Clinton/Panetta defense is much worse.

Benghazi is not the only abomination. Consider today. Hillary Clinton spoke in Kissimmee, Florida at a rally. Right behind Hillary, seated where he could be plainly seen, in a position usually reserved for honored guests or guests the campaign wishes to highlight, was an abomination.

It’s almost impossible to believe:

Father of Orlando shooter attends Clinton rally, touts candidate

The backdrop at Hillary Clinton’s Orlando-area rally couldn’t get much stranger.

In a startling appearance Monday evening, the father of ISIS-inspired Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen showed up just steps away from the Democratic nominee, cheering her on and waving an American flag in the background – even as she paid tribute to the victims of his son’s terror rampage and condemned his “hatred.”

Seddique Mateen’s presence was first noticed by WPTV in Florida. The affiliate later interviewed Mateen, who held up a large, yellow pro-Clinton banner calling her “good for national security” and “gun control laws.”

Though Mateen claimed he had been “invited” to the Kissimmee, Fla., rally outside of Orlando, he also suggested the invitation may have come in the form of a mass email.

The Clinton campaign said Tuesday they were not aware of his presence.

“The rally was a 3,000-person, open-door event for the public,” a campaign official told Fox News. “This individual wasn’t invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event.”

Still, Mateen’s presence right behind the candidate in full view of the cameras seemed to clash with her message, as she thanked local leaders and officers who responded to the June shooting at Pulse Nightclub, which left 49 people dead. It was the worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11. [snip]

Adding to the bizarre appearance is the father’s own background, as someone who has voiced support for the Taliban and at one point declared himself the leader of a “transitional” Afghanistan government. According to reports, he hosts a TV talk show that airs in California and is aimed at Afghans living in the U.S.

After the shooting, Mateen also vehemently condemned homosexuality – but then suggested his son had no right to open fire inside the gay nightclub. [snip]

In the interview, Mateen claimed he had been “invited” by the Democratic Party.

Shades of Benghazi!!! Hillary Clinton appears near the site of the “worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11” and behind her, cheering, is the Taliban supporter who hates gay people, with connections in the State Department whose son killed dozens nearby. The defense to this abomination, as declared by Hillary2016, makes this even worse.

THEY DIDN’T KNOW???? We haven’t heard that clunker since the Nuremberg trials.

Hillary and Hillary2016 didn’t know, right behind presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was a Taliban supporter? Was this not at the very least a Benghazi style red flag? Didn’t anyone think that a Taliban supporter at a Clinton rally sends a terrible message? Even worse, didn’t anyone think that it is dangerous to put someone a few steps away from the candidate who at the very least should raise some “possibilities”?

When the Secret Service on security detail heads to a location they check on the whereabouts of known and potential threats. No one bothered to think that a Taliban supporter who hates gays and whose son just killed dozens might be someone who should be kept far far away from a presidential candidate?

It’s an abomination this Taliban supporter was even allowed into a large hall hosting a presidential candidate. But to allow him to be so close to a presidential candidate? We can only imagine that terrorists and wannabee terrorists just got a lot of ideas about how to really really influence an American election.

As with the Benghazi scandal, the defense for the Kissimmee abomination is worse

Yesterday though, we read of another abomination:

An open letter signed by 50 Republican national security experts has warned that nominee Donald Trump “would be the most reckless president” in US history.

The group, which includes the former CIA director Michael Hayden, said Mr Trump “lacks the character, values and experience” to be president. [snip]

“None of us will vote for Donald Trump,” the letter states.

The fifty filthy floppy failures once again proved they are so stupid they don’t know how much they help Donald J. Trump. Michael Hayden, Michael Chertoff, Tom Ridge, along with foreign policy failures like Brent Scowcroft, Sally Bradshaw, Richard Armitage, Ken Adelman, Max Boot, Robert Kagan and the rest are a boon to Donald J. Trump but they are too stupid in domestic politics as they are inept in foreign policy to see the obvious. Donald J. Trump understands the value of these filthy floppy failures as he flings them away:

“Well I respond by saying that I wasn’t using any of them and they would have loved to have been involved with the campaign but I wasn’t using, I had no interest using [them]” Trump told Fox Business Network. “Look where the country is now look where country is now on national policy, look where we are on defense, look at the mess we’re in.”

Former New York Mayor and Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani said those national security experts are simply making the former reality TV star’s point for him.

“I believe it makes Donald Trump’s candidacy really clear: He’s running against the Washington insiders. You just heard from the Washington insiders,” Giuliani said in an interview on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “These are the people who have been running policy for the last eight or ten years, 12 years. The American people have delivered a judgment on that. They say America is headed in the wrong direction. These are the people who headed it in the wrong direction.” [snip]

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee took to the airwaves to defend Trump Tuesday morning, saying on Fox Business Network that all institutions aren’t working for Americans.

We need some disruption in the institutionalism of Washington, because it has failed us,” he says. “There is a real fear in Washington not that Donald Trump will lose, there’s a fear that he will win. And that he will shake up things, and we need it.”

The furious filthy fifty fu*ked with finality by Trump:

“The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it’s time they are held accountable for their actions.

These insiders – along with Hillary Clinton – are the owners of the disastrous decisions to invade Iraq, allow Americans to die in Benghazi, and they are the ones who allowed the rise of ISIS. Yet despite these failures, they think they are entitled to use their favor trading to land taxpayer-funded government contracts and speaking fees. It’s time we put our foot down and declare that their gravy train is over: no longer will Crooked Hillary Clinton and the other disasters in Washington get rich at our expense.

Instead, I offer a better vision for our country and our foreign policy – one that is not run by a ruling family dynasty. It’s an America first vision that stands up to foreign dictators instead of taking money from them, seeks peace over war, rebuilds our military, and makes other countries pay their fair share for their protection. Together, we will break up the rigged system in Washington, make America safe again, and we will Make America Great Again.”

The fifty filthy foreign policy failures have damaged America time and time again. Donald J. Trump leads a new Republican Party that benefits from flipping these foolish flops off.

Donald J. Trump is smart to dump these losers. Why is Hillary Clinton embracing these neocons and failures? Isn’t an embrace of Taliban supporter and gay hater Mateen dangerous enough?