#Trump The Avenger: #RiggedSystem, Dump Lyin’ Paul Ryan, Smash Iran $400 Million Ransom

Contra Big Media, the chances for a Donald J. Trump victory continue to grow. Two stories this week demonstrate once again the armor plates added to the powerhouse #TrumpTrain.

Consider the $400 million ransom paid to Iran by Barack Obama. No one that we heard or read, fully grasps the meaning of this corruption and its impact on the 2016 elections. We heard the superficial, easy, pedestrian, analysis that describes what happened and how bad this all is. Yes, it is bad, yes it is corrupt, yes it is treacherous, yes it is bad precedent, yes it is money for terror, yes it funds more terror, yes it encourages more ransom hostage taking, yes it is ransom to a terrorist state. But it is more than all that and it impacts 2016 immeasurably.

Ask, what is the singular feature of the Iran $400 ransom story? The answer is: how few are surprised.

In years past an American president paying a terror state like Iran $400 million would have shocked the senses. Ronald Reagan was almost impeached for his dubious dealings with Iran. Jimmy Carter disgusted the American people with his fecklessness on Iran. Barack Obama? Obama’s $400 million paid ransom and lies and treacheries garner the usual outrage from the usual quarters, Big Media protection, and applause from the Obama Third Term candidate and associated criminal elements.

This tells us the nature of the 2016 presidential election. Americans overall ho-hum and yawn at the $400 million Iran ransom story because most Americans understand and deep down feel that the system is rigged and corruption and lies are the order of the day. In short, Donald J. Trump’s message. Voters understand more “outrage” is useless and they will husband their rage for the ballot box.

That’s the big picture. That’s the jigsaw puzzle. The individual pieces will fit or not fit, momentarily, but eventually you pick up the pieces which previously did not fit and they fall right into place.

The GOP establishment takes the opportunity presented by the Obama $400 million to attack Donald J. Trump and demand Trump bow to their demands. The GOP establishment wants Trump to run the usual campaigns run by the GOP establishment that have led to repeated failure. Once again, the GOP establishment has attacked Donald J. Trump with more viciousness than they ever attacked Barack Obama and the left wing kooks.

Aided by Big Media, the Obama Third Term, and the rabid kook left, the GOP establishment attacks Donald J. Trump. So Donald Trump, whether by sheer intelligence or forced circumstances, follows our advice, again.

This was our advice to Donald J. Trump the day after the Republican convention ended and why we think what he is doing is so smart and so magnificent:

What are the first tasks for Trump supporters? We think the smart Trump supporters and those happy with the New Republican Party have to fight alongside Donald J. Trump in every state as well as do one other really important task: Dump Paul Ryan. The time is now. Dubious polls look good for Dump Paul Ryan voters. But win or lose, the time is now to shave Paul Ryan from the House of Representatives.

A President Trump does not need a Speaker Ryan. President Trump needs a leader in the House, not a mouse. Dump Ryan.

The strength of the Trump revolution is what kept Mullah Ryan in check. Did anyone notice that when the roll call of states for the nomination began the RNC and the Trump loyalists kept Paul Ryan off the stage? When Paul Ryan finally was allowed back on stage it was only because RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was there too, making sure Paul Ryan could not gum up the works.

Mullah Ryan must go. The Trump convention went well because Mullah Ryan was kept in check.

Mullah Ryan was kept in a cage at the convention. Donald Trump’s convention allowed Donald J. Trump to be the star. Donald J. Trump was the star and he shone brightly.

Well before the Republican convention we advised Donald J. Trump to hold his fire but that war between Trump and the GOP establishment Paul Ryan must happen:

As we wrote so presciently three days ago, the next big fight will be Donald Trump versus Paul Ryan and the GOP revanchist establishment. It would help Trump2016 if a big name Trump supporter, joined by every Trump supporter, donated money to Paul Ryan’s primary opponent Paul Nehlen – that would send the necessary message to Paul Ryan and his ambitions to run for president in 2020 by sabotaging Trump in 2016. Of course, Paul Ryan’s treachery is proof of the truth of Trump’s message and helps Trump2016. Ditto Hilllary2016’s latest attack ad.

The GOP establishment will be smashed by Donald J. Trump. The war is inevitable. Trump sees it. Trump supporters, and many advisers are in Wisconsin doing their best to defeat Lyin’ Paul Ryan:

JANESVILLE, Wis. — With the relationship between Paul Ryan and Donald Trump already increasingly fraught, POLITICO has learned that a group of former Trump campaign hands is quietly working to defeat the House speaker in his primary election next week.

More than half a dozen of Trump’s former campaign staff members or leading volunteer organizers from around the country — and many more local volunteers — have signed on to the long-shot campaign of Ryan’s primary challenger, businessman Paul Nehlen, who openly embraces Trump and casts Ryan as an impediment to Trump’s agenda.

This is so smart. We think it is very smart. The GOP establishment hates this. But it is smart. Our analysis tries always to be predictive. Our analysis generally makes a case for a position and what the candidate should do. If the candidate does as we suggest we believe the candidate is on the correct path. If the candidate fails to follow our suggestion we can surmise the candidate is off the track. It’s like someone that goes into the woods and follows signposts leading them out of the woods. A kerchief tied to a tree limb here, a sock left on another limb further down the path, rocks shaped into an arrow laid down on the ground indicating the direction to follow….

The GOP establishment also has a campaign road through the woods. The problem is that the GOP establishment model is a well worn path that leads always to defeat. That Donald J. Trump refuses to take the well worn path to defeat laid out by the GOP establishment (for their own profit) angers them further. Donald J. Trump is on the road to victory however.

Trump has plenty of time to focus on the economy. Trump is still tops in all polls when it comes to who is the best leader on the economy. The economy comes next. But first Lyin’ Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment must be tackled. Which is why the GOP establishment is so furious with Trump and in league with Big Media to attack Trump.

Donald J. Trump understands his most dangerous enemies are the GOP establishment and Big Media. Trump understands he can’t fully attack Lyin’ Paul Ryan because in “nice” Wisconsin that might help Lyin’ Paul Ryan. But Trump can send signals.

Trump’s repetition of Lyin’ Paul Ryan’s “I’m not there yet” non endorsement of Trump was a masterstroke. Trump’s very public “thank you” to Paul Nehlen, Lyin’ Paul Ryan’s primary opponent was another sly slap. This Friday, Trump will campaign in Wisconsin, near the Lyin’ Paul Ryan v. Paul Nehlen district which will vote four days later. We will not be surprised if Trump invites all the candidates to his rally and the only one that shows up is Paul Nehlen – thereby sending yet another signal to Trump voters in the district.

It’s canny stuff Trump is up to. The Pence endorsement of Lyin’ Paul Ryan underscores the cleverness and Mike Pence helps keep the GOP establishment off balance.

The GOP establishment is worried about the primary election next week. A Paul Ryan defeat or even slim victory would be a major tearing down of the GOP establishment. Eric Cantor lost his election a few years back to David Brat and thereby destroyed many GOP establishment and political establishment schemes. A Paul Ryan defeat or slim victory would be a massive club on the head of all GOP establishment candidates this election. Want to “unite” the Republican Party for the November elections? Defeat Paul Ryan this coming Tuesday in Wisconsin and the GOP establishment candidates will fall in line or face certain defeat. Defeat or weakening of Lyin’ Paul Ryan is task #1. Trump understands this because Trump understands the battlefield and “kill the leaders” warfare strategy.

The defeat of Lyin’ Paul Ryan won’t be an easy task. Maybe. This past Tuesday’s election in Kansas was supposed to be an easy win, according to the polls, for a Ted Cruz type Trump hating Republican congressman. Instead the Trump hater lost big and the Trump supporter won big. Not that the Kansas election can be easily categorized however. That election featured lots of money for the challenger and the GOP establishment as well as Trump supporters found themselves on the same side. Still, the lesson is about the polls.

The big news from the Kansas election was that the polls were so completely off. It’s a feature of many elections these past years. The polls say one thing. The voters say another. That’s because voters who do not want to be called nasty names do what is smart and avoid the fray altogether. Then, these very same voters go to the ballot box and vote to “throw the bums out”.

The voters know the system is rigged. The voters know the Iran $400 million ransom and the Iran nuclear deal are corruption and treachery by Obama, the Obama Third Term candidate, as well as anyone that gives aid and comfort to Barack Obama. The voters know all this. That’s why they lie to the pollsters. That’s why they vote for Trump. The voters will lie to the pollsters, fill the cup of rage full, then explode into the ballot boxes on election day. The voters will be avenged.

Trump is the Avenger come to avenge.


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  1. A Trump hater asks some questions in a very good article:


    So Conservatives, What Have We Learned From This Trump Thing?

    The primaries are over and Trump is the nominee, and instead of whining about it like a Millennial faced with having to get a job we need to step back and ask ourselves if we have learned anything from this bizarre turn of events. The GOP – our GOP – has nominated someone who is not a traditional conservative. He’s not even an untraditional conservative. Hell, there’s probably not even a “c” or a “v” in whatever he is. So we can either try to figure out what happened or keep rending our clothes and gnashing our teeth about how our own voter base took one look at us and rejected us like any sober, sighted guy in a bar at 7 p.m. would reject Lena Dunham.

    What have we learned from this? We can’t answer that unless we get beyond the natural tendency to assume that the problem is that everyone else is wrong: “Gosh, if the voters weren’t so stupid they would have totally fallen in line with our commands and right now we’d be watching Jeb Bush being fitted for a gimp suit by Hillary instead of seeing Trump [checks current polls] uh, cleaning her clock. Wait, what?”

    Did we ever actually listen to our people? I mean all our people, not just the people who went to the same colleges as us and who hang with us at the same awesome restaurants and read National Review. I mean the actual voters out there in wherever actual GOP voters live. Did we pay attention to them and their concerns? Did we listen to them about illegal immigration, about the impact of free trade, about the wars we supported? And did we fight? I don’t mean just give lip service to how bad and unwashed liberals are, but really get in there and stand up to these flag-hating, gender-inventing, God-booing jerks? Or did we look down on the very people we were depending on at election time?

    In short, did we completely screw up? Nah, it’s clearly everyone else who’s wrong. They’re just too stupid to understand that they need to obediently fall in line. After all, their real interests are actually – and super conveniently – our interests.

    Seriously – is that where we are at? Because I’m hearing a lot of such nonsense from people horrified at Trump and, by extension, the GOP voters who nominated him fair and square. Can we really blame them for voting for the one guy who actually paid attention to what they were saying?

    Did we listen about illegal immigration? Heck, illegal immigration is just wonderful for us. We get cheaper restaurant food, cheaper houses, cheaper maids, and if we own companies we get cheaper workers. So what’s not to love, right? Except maybe you didn’t go to a university and wanted to work with your hands and found that you can’t get a job because all the companies are hiring cheap illegal alien workers. Or your truck got hit by an uninsured illegal. Or your daughter got killed by an illegal who should have been deported. Well, if you have concerns about these things, clearly you’re a racist.

    And our response to their massive law breaking is “Well, we can’t possibly enforce the law! [clutches pearls tightly] Why, that would be mean!” Do you think that when some red state Republican voter breaks the law he gets a pass? You think the IRS isn’t going to empty his bank account to pay overdue taxes because he carries a sign reading “I didn’t cross the tax code; the tax code crossed me!” [snip] Our response to the legitimate grievances of the people we counted on in this election was to call them stupid and racist and people are surprised they flocked to the one guy who listened to them?

    We love fair trade. But what about the guy whose job that he support his family with gets outsourced because of NAFTA? What are we supposed to tell him? That in aggregate fair trade is beneficial? Yeah, but what if you’re not in the aggregate? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that so far we’ve been telling him “Suck it up cuz you’re obsolete. Go retrain on computers, dummy.” Yet we’re stunned that our voters have failed to embrace our innovative two-prong approach of ignoring their grievances while heaping abuse upon them?

    And let’s talk about wars. Generally, it’s our base that fights wars and we haven’t won one on the ground since Desert Storm. Our base doesn’t mind fighting for a cause, but if we’re not as dedicated as they are, if we can’t even commit to win when they commit to doing the dying, why are we shocked when instead of answering the call for the umpteenth time they let it go to voicemail? And the stuff about NATO and Trump – you know, our voters are not blind. If our allies were doing their fair share, his criticisms wouldn’t resonate.

    And did we listen when our base asked the establishment to show some fighting spirit? Or are we driven to effectively vote for Hillary because somebody scandalized out tender sensibilities by using the verb “schlonged?” Our base demanded someone who wouldn’t be intimidated, who would fight. Instead, the establishment was dead set on dumping a steaming pile of Jeb on our collective lawn, the same durrwood you can watch on YouTube hanging a medal around Hillary Clinton’s wrinkled neck. That pompous geebo can’t even take his own damn side in a fight; why is anyone shocked that our voters saw he would never take theirs?

    So what have we learned about ourselves? Maybe that many of us are snobs. There’s a lot of class warfare going on here, a lot of backroom snark, with a lot of conservatives who want to believe that the only people who could ever support Donald Trump are knuckle-dragging morons who can’t cut it when it comes to anything besides digging ditches. Too many of us choose cultural solidarity with the liberals we live among over political solidarity with the people we expected to vote with us.

    “Gosh,” we tell ourselves. “These people can’t even see what’s in their own best interest.” Except maybe they don’t like what they see. Maybe it’s because they decided we aren’t worth listening to. Maybe they don’t like us conservatives. And maybe we better figure out how to fix that instead of whining.

  2. After Lyin’ Paul Ryan, it is McCain’s turn:


    Senator John McCain injected himself into the controversy between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Khizr Khan Monday. His primary opponent, former Arizona state Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, immediately called McCain out for falling for the “cynical political stunt cooked up by the Clinton Establishment.”

    In a statement provided to Breitbart News, Dr. Ward rips both Clinton and McCain.

    “The Khan controversy is a cynical political stunt cooked up by the Clinton Establishment, and, sadly, John McCain has fallen right into it.” She adds, “McCain’s statement today makes clear that he really wants Hillary Clinton in the White House, and his tepid ‘support’ for Trump is only disingenuous pandering.” [snip]

    With early voting set to begin in Arizona on Wednesday for the August 30th primary, the McCain campaign suffered a major setback when another candidate, Alex Meluskey, dropped out of the race to allow the anti-McCain vote to unify behind Dr. Ward. Despite Donald Trump’s convincing win in the Arizona presidential primary, McCain continues to jab at the Republican nominee.

    McCain’s opponent has a real chance of winning. Dr. Ward is the wife of a 32 year Air Force Colonel.

  3. That’s the big picture. That’s the jigsaw puzzle. The individual pieces will fit or not fit, momentarily, but eventually you pick up the pieces which previously did not fit and they fall right into place.
    Right: anyone who has ever taken a college course knows that the daily lectures can be a little overwhelming, but when you study for the final exam and review all those daily lessons together and see the emerging pattern, not only have you mastered the course, but you are able to reach an INFORMED understanding of the course material. Likewise, here, when Trump begins laying out the counts in the indictment as a prosecutor would, and presents the evidence which supports each charge, and thus implicates Hillary/Obama–who are joined at the hip, I am pretty damned sure people will back away from Hillary. But Donald must not allow himself to be dragged into the mud by Hillary’s surrogates, or by remnants of the ancient regime in his own party. In fact, Donald has better surrogates than she has, including Manafort, Guliani, Gingrich, Flynn, and in some cases, to members of his own family et. al. He needs to delegate that job to those surrogates, just as he would as an executive. His focus needs to be laser like and it must focus on Hillary/Obama, in terms of how they have wrecked the country, and what four more years of this would do.

  4. For those who are too lost in the fog, here is what a Hillary victory would mean. No. Not a return to prosperity like we saw in the 1990s, but this:

    It will bring no resolution and the next act which must hold us in suspense. The curtain will likely rise on a scene of establishment revenge. If the failed coup in Turkey taught one lesson it is that anyone who strikes at the sultan must kill him. The Turkish rebels failed to topple Erdogan and must now endure his wrath. The unavoidable aftermath of a busted challenge is purge.

    In America a Hillary victory will take the form of unabashed consolidation. It may even take the case of punitive prosecution and social media bans on the most annoying critics of the establishment. There will be USSC appointments and changes to the 2nd and 1st Amendments. They will, in a word, be characterized by intense reaction from those with the most to lose. It will be full of “safe spaces” for new and invasive ideologies. What space is left for beaten traditional America will be decidedly more perilous and under siege.

    But it will be the savagery of a wounded beast. The Republican Party will take decades to recover, if it ever will. The Democratic Party will have become permanent hostage to its most authoritarian elements. Collectively, the establishment party in Washington will have ceased to command the respect of half, or more than half of the population. It will emerge seemingly triumphant after Trump, yet without a future; dominated only by mediocrities, sellouts and rogues.

  5. National Review Trump haters are in panic as their delusions crumble:


    Trump rode a wave of anti-Washington rage to the GOP nomination; it’s the same wave that carried Republicans to the House majority in 2010. The difference is, whereas incoming members like Huelskamp believed the electorate’s anger was rooted in ideological conviction, Trump proved it was more the byproduct of institutional distrust. Voters care about certain policies, of course. But they seem to care more about whether elected officials are responsive to their needs and reflective of their concerns.

    Even small-government voters want government to work well for them. What’s ironic is that Huelskamp’s fellow conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus have a common saying: The American people think Washington has forgotten about them and no longer represents them. That’s true. And it’s a serious problem.

  6. Trump buttressed his argument about limiting refugees from unstable countries like Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan by citing several instances of Muslim immigrants who became US citizens and then got arrested for plotting to kill Americans in the name of jihad.

  7. Tony Stark, read then giggle:


    Mike Pence declined to endorse John McCain or Kelly Ayotte in their re-election bids while talking to reporters en route to a campaign stop in Virginia.

    “I look forward to supporting Republican candidates in the days and weeks ahead all over the country, and so does Donald Trump,” Pence said. “But the stakes in this election are so high. To restore our country and home and abroad, we need new leadership, and I’m looking forward to standing should to shoulder with Donald Trump to drive that new leadership forward.”

    Pence is not a major factor this election, but his role and statements keep the GOP establishment off kilter. McCain cannot be happy today as his primary race is very tight.

  8. Hillary decides to attack Trump’s “kids”:


    “Okay, we’ll keep talking,” Clinton told the audience.

    She then said the protesters were actually there to focus on Donald Trump.

    “Apparently these people are here to protest Trump because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals, so thank you for making that point,” Clinton said.

    This was not smart. Chelsea is now a target.

  9. The news should not be that Pence has failed to endorse McCain.

    The news should be that McCain feels some compulsion to run again, for another 6 year term.

    How old do you think that old crustacean is?

    Here’s a clue: he was born in 1936.

    That makes him eighty.

    In 6 years he will be 86.

    And, because of the time he spent at the Hanoi Hilton

    He will be more like 96.

    He has got no business in the Senate now.


    He plays video poker and pocket pool during congressional hearings.

    Can you imagine what he will be like in a few more years.

    I guarantee you–hes going down.

  10. The Salon Kooks on Arizona race:


    Arizona’s Lady Trump: Kelli Ward is running a Donald-esque primary challenge to John McCain — and she just might win
    “I want to mix the mortar to fix the border”: Kelli Ward talks to Salon about why’s she’s resonating with voters

    It’s been a big week for Kelli Ward, John McCain’s challenger in the Aug. 30 Republican primary. McCain offended the Trumpian base — which is particularly strong in Arizona — by criticizing Donald Trump’s attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of a fallen soldier who have been denouncing Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry. Trump then returned the favor by refusing to endorse McCain, even though McCain is facing a competitive primary.

    Enter Ward. The 47-year-old osteopath has been serving as a state senator in Arizona for four years and has been polling the strongest in a primary race against McCain. Now that one of the other challengers, Alex Meluskey, has dropped out, Ward is even better set to coalesce the anti-McCain vote behind her.

    Ward doesn’t believe that Trump’s popularity is, as some might think, a cult of personality situation, but the result of a conservative revolt against the “political elite.”

    “He said things that many Americans were thinking,” she told Salon in an interview Tuesday afternoon. Trump is “surfing” a wave of conservative anger and resentment, she explained, and she believes she is “at the top of the wave.”

    “I don’t want a political career,” Ward claimed, smoothing over the four years she’s already spent as a state politician. “I’ve got a great life as a wife and a mom and a family doctor, a person who gets to serve the people.”

    So why run? Because Ward really despises — there is no other word for it — McCain.

    “After he ran in the last primary and he walked along the border and he said build the danged fence and he went back to Washington, D.C.,” Ward angrily explained of McCain, “he quickly joined the open borders crowd, the ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill.”

    I want to mix the mortar to fix the border,” Ward explained, before going on to paint a detailed picture of her goal of “an all-encompassing, all of the above approach” to militarizing the border with Mexico. (The Canadian border did not come up during the interview.) She went on to describe her vision: Concrete walls, fences, underground sensors, and cameras.

    “And then we have to empower our Border Patrol to actually do their jobs,” she said excitedly. “Their job is keep people from coming into this country illegally, not to welcome them with a basketful of goodies and a bus ticket from Phoenix to points unknown within the United States.” [snip]

    “The Khan controversy is a cynical political stunt cooked up by the Clinton Establishment, and, sadly, John McCain has fallen right into it,” Ward said in a written statement. “McCain’s statement today makes clear that he really wants Hillary Clinton in the White House, and his tepid ‘support’ for Trump is only disingenuous pandering.”

    She went on to instruct the Khans to be angry instead at “Hillary Clinton and John McCain” who she argues “sent their son into an unnecessary war”. She accuses Clinton and McCain of having “fuzzy utopian ideals” that ” have destabilized the Middle East and triggered a massive refugee crisis, which they want to import into the U.S. to fatten up the welfare rolls.” [snip]

    John McCain is the ultimate establishment insider. He’s the incumbent of incumbents,” she said. “I think the reason he’s losing a reliably red state to a rubber stamp Obama Democrat is because of his poor voting record.”

    McCain’s approach this primary has been mostly to ignore Ward publicly, though his campaign did run an ad accusing her of wanting to spend “your tax dollars to entertain ‘chemtrail’ conspiracy theories.” [snip]

    Still, Ward is not wrong to think she has a chance at unseating McCain. There’s very little in the way of primary polling in Arizona, but a May PPP poll showed McCain only pulling 39% in a crowded field of 5 candidates. Ward was coming in second, at 26%, with the others trailing behind in the single digits.

    Twenty-six percent is low, but between McCain’s low numbers and Trump’s popularity with Arizona Republicans, it’s easy to see how Ward, by aligning herself with Trump and attacking McCain, could pull off a primary upset over the Republican who has come to represent cowardice and compromise in the eyes of the right wing base.

  11. More from Richard: its not the bull (Trump) its the china shop–the bipartisan kleptocracy.
    The system of political discourse was only stable for as long as it observed the unwritten rule that only one side was allowed to transgress while the other simply endured it. The Dems played the Globetrotters and the GOP the Washington Generals. You could book as many elections — pardon me, tournaments — in venues as long as you knew this relationship held.

    What’s destabilizing the system is that a section of the public — Trump included — now dare to say things that as are outrageous as Obama’s claim that he never paid ransom to Iran; or Hillary’s assertion that her email server never held classified information.

    You lie, I Iie. What difference at this point does it make? Eh Hillary? Suddenly the men on the court are actually playing basketball. Maybe not Trump, but Trump’s supporters. The left is being paid back in its own, admittedly counterfeit, coinage and “this means war.” Indeed, war can be defined as the state where both sides play by the same rules. The tacit custom for example, is that only one side can send suicide bombers to Paris. The other side can’t return the favor. The system is stable as long as the attacks are one way. When Paris starts sending suicide bombers to Saudi Arabia, you’ll know the world is at war. Until then it is merely business as usual. It’s merely pretend.

    Its the entire corrupt establishment that is now on trial.

  12. I am not seeing any new polling numbers for the Ryan/Nehlen primary. They have to be running them, so I am guessing they are not saying what the pollsters want.

  13. I made a $50 donation to Nehlen the other day.

    Does anybody have any ideas about how to support Paul Nehlen?

    Please post.

  14. If someone asked me who our greatest enemy in the world was, I would not say Iran, Russia or even China. I would say Saudi Arabia. They are the ones who have created this immigration crisis, control Hillary (and many others in our benighted political class) and breed terrorists. I know this is not conventional analysis, but it is correct analysis, and if you listen to the right people, the ones who have no agenda, but know that is going on in the world, that is exactly what they will tell you. It is the unspoken truth which passes unnoticed. And, arguably our second greatest enemy is us–not you, not me, but our benighted political class who feast on the ones of the American People, who are too stupid to realize this.
    Here’s Larry’s insights on this:http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/79254/sturm-und-drang-surrounding-iran/

  15. correction: our political class feasts on the “B”ones of the American People, who are too stupid to realize this.

  16. wbboei
    August 4, 2016 at 6:47 pm
    I do not think the American people are too stupid to know we have a Saudi problem. They are too numb and overwhelmed. Even Muslim defenders will say that is where the rotten part of islam is. It is something we have accepted as for the price of oil.

    Do not get me started on the evils of the petrochemical industry. We seem to have forgotten about the massive destruction in the Gulf of Mexico on BO’s watch. Massive loss of wildlife. Dolphins and porpoise. They did not know to stay away. I could still just cry. It was all cleaned up like a black op. I still will not eat seafood.


  17. I listened again to a bit of Donald in Maine earlier today…Donald is re-connecting with his “Masterful” side…Donald can be quite compelling and enlightening when he himself gets his act together…

    …imho…Donald is reving up the masterful…please Donald stay on course…noble avenger…

  18. Outris
    August 4, 2016 at 8:07 pm
    PUMAs who used to be anti-Obama appear to have flipped a switch now that she is endorsed by him.

  19. We note Ryan’s pain and laugh.

    Feelin’ Nehlen’s Heat, PAC-Man Goes on the Attack!
    August 4, 2016
    (Team Nehlen) – Obviously hearing footsteps from our surging campaign, Paul Ryan went on the attack in an interview Thursday, accusing our campaign of being “powered by these scam PACs and with a lot of out-of-state people.”
    Scam PACs? Seriously? From Mr. PAC-Man himself?
    That takes some nerve!
    Consider this…
    Our campaign has raised a little over $1 million so far. Of that, we’ve received exactly five – FIVE – PAC donations totaling just $13,800.
    That includes one $5,000 donation from our friend Sarah Palin’s PAC, and another $5,000 from a PAC of small restaurant owners.
    Ryan’s campaign has raised over $10 million – with almost ALL OF IT coming from out-of-state special interest PACs.
    THAT’S the scam!

  20. Remember Cindy Sheehan?


    Sheehan sees the Khans’ story through the prism of her own sour experience in the public square. The villains aren’t all on one side of the aisle. “I think the Khans’ grief is being used by a party that is treacherous,” she said. “I have all the sympathy in the world for them. Not only sympathy, but empathy.”

    She’s not just talking about the loss of her son but also her onetime alliance with the Democratic Party. After “Camp Casey,” Sheehan was a key figure in the Democrats’ efforts to reclaim power in Congress, which were predicated on riding, if not co-opting altogether, the moral energy of the anti-war movement. The strategy by the 2006 midterms was to rail against the now-unpopular war and regain a majority in the House. Sheehan met with members of Congress. She campaigned relentlessly. “Every Democrat I met with in 2005 said, ‘If you help us win the House, we’ll help you end the war,’ ” she recalled. Only one of those two things came true.

    “Back when I was working with them after my son was killed, I was still a Democrat,” Sheehan said. “I still had some kind of illusion that they really cared about these issues the same way I did, but they really only cared about power.”

    The party did reclaim Congress, though, and before long Nancy Pelosi presided over a new bill that continued to fund the war to the tune of $95 billion.

    “I felt really betrayed,” Sheehan said. “But since then I’ve realized they didn’t betray me. It was my fault for thinking they would do anything else. If you pick up a rattlesnake, don’t be surprised if it bites you.”

    She sounded unsurprised by the state of the party in 2016, shaken by a primary challenge from a (relatively) dovish, social-democratic coalition led by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sheehan sighed at the idea of people at the DNC chanting “no more war” at the ex-director of the CIA and getting drowned out by a distinctly Trumpish chant of “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

    “What Trump says is rhetorically belligerent,” she said. “But what Clinton and the Democrats actually did, it killed people. Why was the Khans’ son in Iraq? Why was my son in Iraq?” (Khizr Khan has made the same point, albeit a little more gently: “As a Muslim American I feel that these policies are not in the interest of the United States of America. … We have created a chaos.”)

    “That’s where the debate should be,” Sheehan went on. “If you support Hillary, I don’t really care, but you need to know what you’re supporting.”

    She met Hillary in 2005, after Hollywood producer and Clinton backer Steve Bing arranged an introduction. “I was with my sister and another Gold Star mother,” Sheehan recalled. “We poured our hearts out to Hillary about how the war has destroyed our lives, the lives of the people of Iraq, and that she had a strong voice and we’d appreciate if she spoke out and worked to end the wars.” Sheehan said Clinton didn’t offer any comments; she just listened.

    Sheehan later picked up the Village Voice and learned Clinton had met with a different group of Gold Star mothers who’d apparently urged the senator to “complete the mission.” Clinton said she still considered removing Saddam “a good goal” and rejected Sheehan’s calls for withdrawal.

    “Nobody has a greater right to make that criticism,” Clinton said. “But I happen to think that fighting for freedom is a noble cause.”

    These days Sheehan isn’t doing much organizing. She is housebound in Vacaville, California, taking care of her sister Dede, who is sick with cancer. From a distance, she sees Donald Trump upending the political landscape, causing liberals to praise George W. Bush and conservatives to consider voting for their nemesis, Hillary Clinton. And Cindy Sheehan, loathed by the Republicans and abandoned by the Democrats, doesn’t seem the least bit shocked.

    “All these liberals are going, ‘Oh, look, even conservatives may vote for Hillary!’ ” she said with a laugh. “And I’m like, yeah—why aren’t you ashamed?”

  21. Polls, whatcha gonna do with polls today?


    The FiveThirtyEight polls-plus model currently gives Clinton a 66 percent chance of winning. That may seem comforting to Trump opponents, until you recognize that models (not Nate Silver’s) gave Britain about a 90 percent chance of remaining in the EU, or gave the Golden State Warriors about a 95 percent chance of winning the NBA championship late in the finals. Things with a 33 percent chance of happening occur all of the time.

    With that said, the model does not include an express variable for a candidate who says the sorts of things that Trump says. It also does not include an express variable for a candidate with the sort of baggage that Clinton has. And it certainly does not include a variable for the probability that Wikileaks will post the contents of Clinton’s hard drive, or Clinton foundation emails, to the Internet immediately before a debate, or a week before Election Day.

    In the end, we do have to remember that it is only August, that the “fundamentals” of elections – the economy, presidential job approval, incumbency, and so forth – do not give Democrats much, if any, advantage, and that there are plenty of events that could derail either campaign. While it certainly feels as though the Trump campaign is approaching a precipice, in reality that probably still lies a bit down the road. With that said, however, a precipice probably is what awaits him on his current path.

    The precipice is on the other foot. 🙂

  22. admin
    August 4, 2016 at 9:17 pm
    Polls, whatcha gonna do with polls today?
    Like Paul Manafort said over the weekend:

    “We are not campaigning to win in August.

    We are campaigning to win in November.”

    Sure, big media/Hillary campaign have a week by week strategy

    Trump has a week by week strategy has one as well.

    Most people realize that big media is not on their side.

    And that means, for some people, their maniacal attacks on Trump may be less of an asset than their campaign thinks. Big media is for drunks, losers and low IQ voters.

  23. woman4power
    August 4, 2016 at 8:48 pm
    August 4, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    Not all these polls are of high quality… but the trend right now is very bad for Donald Trump.
    He fights alone and is being shouted down.
    Like Paul Manafort said over the weekend:

    “We are not campaigning to win in August.

    We are campaigning to win in November.”

  24. These fake polls, especially after Reuters admitted manipulating theirs to favor Hillary, are their attempts to gaslight Trump voters into thinking everything is hopeless and to just stay home in November. However, the heavy crowds still lining up in Maine and Florida show that Trump supporters are more savvy and smarter than what Big Media thinks they are.

  25. State Dept spokesman bursts into laughter after claiming transparency

    August 4, 2016

    In a moment that perhaps best crystallizes the Obama administration’s attitude towards “transparency,” a State Department spokesman burst into laughter today after he began a press conference by calling it an “exercise in transparency and democracy.”

    Associated Press reporter Matt Lee offered the ultimate zinger, “Is that what it is? I thought it was an exercise in spin and obfuscation,” responding to spokesman Mark Toner.

  26. After watching his rally in Portland, Maine, I thought Trump’s recitation of several examples of Muslim immigrants who became US citizens and then were arrested for plotting jihadist attacks on civilians and soldiers was pretty effective in reinforcing his stance that the US needs to better screen Muslims applying to enter this country and countering the propaganda put out by the Khans and Big Media. He should keep doing that from now on in all of his rallies.

  27. Tony Stark
    August 5, 2016 at 2:15 am

    Portland, ME rally was on point, direct with no silly shit. Very effective.

  28. from your link Tony:

    Iran IRIB documentary “rules of the game” releasing of 4 American spies

    from the comments:

    According to the Washington Post, this video at 10:53 doesn’t exist. Hillary out

    The Washington Post put 20 of it’s reporters on Trump, but none of them could find this video?? The biased media is obviously in the tank for Lyin’ Hillary!

  29. foxyladi14
    August 5, 2016 at 10:39 am

    “But a Democratic diner huffed: “Hillary [Clinton] is working hard on the campaign trail, and he’s at a fancy dinner.””

    That’s because Trump is confident that he will win based on the turnout in his rallies, while Hillary is struggling mightily to fill up her rallies with bussed in, paid for audience members. That Democratic diner is clearly jealous too of having dinner with a dropdead, gorgeous date.

  30. Hi..hope everyone is well. Had some illness in my family and unable to post. I think Hillary got the bump that was expected as well as an additional bump because of the Gold Star family issue. I do think, however, that this is going to be a very close race and the debates may really play a major role . You have two (2) candidates with very high unfavorable ratings so whomever gets the independents and undecided wins.

  31. Comment from CTH

    These guys are Hall of Fame billionaires who know how to make America rich and dynamic again. They also are almost all self-made, boot strap successes. They are the kind of capitalists who don’t run with the government, don’t ship jobs overseas, are completely America First people.

  32. Tony S & Alcina
    I agree that Donald seemed to reset in speech in Maine
    He seemed to take more time to explain what he was talking about. …put some ‘meat on the bones’ so to speak and develop his ideas in a mature way
    …instead of just riffing all over the place and getting sloppy

    This is the donald trump the dims & media should be worried about

    Just stay on course DT…

  33. This did not sit well with me earlier today as I still obsess [abcess lol] about it:

    “…it appears increasingly likely that the Obama administration will hit its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States before the end of September….”

    Coming so close on the heels of the plane full of cash, could someone’s palm have been greased to release these people to him now?

    Apparently the US acquisition will make Obama’s demand at the UN that other countries take in additional immigrants/refugees, much easier.

    I suppose he could document/educate them sufficiently to help him out in November as well.

  34. S
    August 5, 2016 at 12:31 pm
    Btw…heard an analysis of the polls on OAN & they said they are all oversampled with more dims

    Oversampled Dems & criminally undersampled Indies — even these polls show Trump outperforming Hillary 2 to 1 with Indies; Indies make up 40% of the voting turnout (on average) and these polls sample 18% Indies.

  35. foxyladi14

    August 5, 2016 at 12:30 pm



    Charles Evers is as crooked as HRC, he just didn’t have the scope of her reach or her ambition. Bottom line – it might have some minor impact in the weighing in the minds of people who are influenced by such things, but his endorsement will carry exactly zero impact in Mississippi (which is a 100% certain all in Trump state anyway).

  36. Rust Belt Strategy jigsaw puzzle:


    Uprising in the Rust Belt

    They used to be Democrats. Now they really could hand Donald Trump the White House.

    CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa.—Donald Trump’s road to the White House begins here: on a four-lane highway, just east of Pittsburgh, past the roadside taverns, burned-out gas stations, and parking lots choked with weeds, up into the dark fingers of the Allegheny Mountains, and then down into the valley that was once home to steelworkers, coal miners and party-line Democrats.

    Regis Karlheim once counted himself among that third group. A farmer’s son, Karlheim grew up doing two things: voting Democratic and growing potatoes. “It was a lot of good years in potatoes,” he said. “Everybody and their brother grew potatoes in Cambria County.”

    Today Karlheim—blue-eyed, 58, and graying around the temples—spends his days behind the wheel of a giant coal truck, but the declining coal industry has hit Karlheim hard. He’s making $10,000 less than he was just three years ago, he said, and he’s worried about his mortgage. “How do you make those payments?” he asked. This spring, after years of not voting for anyone, in either party, in any presidential election, his anxiety compelled him to cast a vote in the Democratic primary. For Bernie Sanders.

    His vote helped the socialist from Vermont beat Hillary Clinton in the county—while Trump won big, claiming more votes than either Democratic candidate. Since then, Clinton has sewn up her party’s nomination, but recent polls show that Cambria’s primary was no fluke: among the crucial battleground states, Pennsylvania is a tossup. Who wins the state’s precious 20 electoral votes in November will depend, in part, on people like Karlheim.

    And he has some bad news for the former secretary of state.

    While there are some things that worry him about the GOP nominee—“We don’t know his background,” Karlheim said, and “He’s a bit outspoken.”—he likes that Trump is talking about jobs. “That’s what we need,” which is why, Karlheim said, “In the big election … I’m going for Trump.”

    Not that long ago, such a notion would have turned heads in Cambria County. [snip]

    This was Clinton country both times in the ’90s; it was in the pocket of Al Gore in 2000. And while the county narrowly went for the incumbent George W. Bush in 2004, voters were back to supporting Democrats four years later. In the ’08 primary, Hillary Clinton won more votes than all other candidates in both parties combined. [snip]

    That trend is playing out statewide, where switches have boosted GOP rolls by a net of nearly 50,000 voters. And in the primary this spring, Clinton not only lost to Sanders; she lost to herself, taking home 64 percent fewer votes than she did eight years ago. A county once hers now simply wasn’t.

    “In the past, people here have turned to the Democrats,” said Chris Borick, director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion in Allentown, Pa., 200 miles to the east. “They were the ones who looked after working-class interests, in their minds. But there is a belief that that isn’t the case anymore—and now they’re shopping around for an alternative.”

    Trump, for them, makes a pretty appealing one. Local Republican leaders point out that the GOP nominee talks like a steelworker: brash, simple, to the point. He’s perfect for Pennsylvania, they say, but especially the western part of the state—and, in particular, a place like Cambria County. “When we talk about the white working class in the United States,” Borick said, “this is the place that could be described as the face of that demographic.” [snip]

    And most importantly for Trump, it’s a county that appears on the map, by different names, again and again across the American Rust Belt: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and beyond. “He’s got to win these places,” Borick said, “and win big.” There is, Borick added, just one important question—for Trump, his campaign, and his quest for the White House.

    “Are there enough Cambria Counties out there?” [snip]

    “Us guys, it’s all Democrats here,” said Dave Kirsch, who lives in Cambria County and hauls coal for a living. But he sat out the 2012 election, after voting for Obama four years earlier. And he’ll do the same again this fall—unless, he said, he votes for Trump. “Everybody I’m talking to, they’re switching,” Kirsch said. “Trump says he’s for coal, and Hillary hates coal—and that’s a shame. Because, in my opinion, he’s a little nuts. She’s more qualified. But if she wants to take my job—then, no.”

    Rooney, the former state chairman of the state’s Democratic party, has heard similar sentiments all across the state.

    There’s a general perception that Democrats—Barack Obama, in particular—have made it so the playing field is no longer level. Forget about the merits of the argument,” Rooney said. “The reality is, that narrative has set in. It has baked into the cake. And that makes the job of running for any office, as a Democrat, more difficult. That’s just the cold hard reality.”


    Bill Polacek is a big Steelers fan. So when the president and CEO of JWF Industries, a steel fabrication company in Johnstown, holds quarterly meetings with his 450 employees, he prefers to call them huddles—employee huddles. “This spring,” Polacek said, “I just thought, ‘I’m going to do a random poll.’” Everyone was talking about the upcoming presidential primary in April at the time, and Polacek was curious to learn how his company—and, really, his community—was leaning.

    In huddle after huddle, he asked for a show of hands from the employees gathered before him. How many folks were supporting Clinton or Sanders? How about Trump? It was an unofficial poll, with all the obvious flaws: Were people being honest? Or just following along with the others around them? Still, the results shocked Polacek. “Ninety percent of my employees are Democrats,” he said. And by his estimation, about 70 percent of the workers were supporting Trump.

    “I think that’s what blew me away,” said Polacek recently from a small conference room near his office. “Engineers, project managers, accountants, welders, machinists—it was all the same. I think you’ve got a group of frustrated voters. They’re working. They’re not getting handouts. They’re proud to be working, proud to be Americans, and they’re seeing this country go in the wrong direction.” [snip]

    “The problem is,” Bill Polacek said, “wages aren’t going up.” Costs for the company are high, especially health insurance. At least once in the last two years, they lost a lucrative contract overseas. “They moved it all down to Mexico,” John Polacek said. And so, this November, while the two brothers will be supporting many local Democrats—they’ve hung a giant sign outside their factory for a Democratic state senator—they’ll be voting for Trump.

    “There are things he has said that I don’t like,” said Bill Polacek, who switched his registration from Democrat to Republican last year. Polacek, in particular, said he didn’t appreciate Trump calling the federal judge who is handling his Trump University court case “a Mexican.” But like his blue-collar neighbors in Cambria County, Polacek wants to send a message.

    “That’s probably what you’re seeing in this election,” he said. “People are fighting back. They’re saying: This is not complicated. You’ve got to do something. They’re tired of talk. And that’s the thing with these candidates: Hillary is talk; Trump is going to do something.”

    Other local Republicans who have recently switched over from the Democrats agree—and they have risked both family ties and business connections to make these feelings public. Four years ago, Sherry Stalley-Frear ran for state representative on the Republican ticket in Cambria County. But there was nothing she could say to get her mother-in-law, Maggie Frear, a 74-year-old lifelong Democrat, to change her registration. “Even when I ran for office,” Stalley-Frear said, “she wouldn’t switch parties.” But for Trump, Frear did it. “There are a lot of people changing their minds,” Frear said, “and they’re not afraid to say: ‘Yeah, I like Trump.’” [snip]

    Since Trump’s nomination became clear, Republicans have added nearly 17,000 more voters statewide than Democrats. The local Republican party office, in that strip mall, has a list of more than 125 people waiting for Trump signs.

    It’s a long article.

  37. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/M/ML_ISRAEL_OBAMA_IRAN?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-08-05-13-58-18

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel is rejecting remarks by President Barack Obama contending it no longer opposes the nuclear deal that world powers struck with Iran in 2015.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that “Israel’s view on the Iran deal remains unchanged.”

    Israel’s Defense Ministry reportedly compared the deal to the 1938 Munich Pact ahead of World War II, which Britain and France signed with Germany and which averted war at the time but effectively gave then-Czechoslovakia to the Nazis.

    Obama said in remarks on Thursday that the Iran deal is working and that “it’s the assessment of the Israeli military and intelligence community … that acknowledges this has been a game-changer.”

    Netanyahu has been one of the fiercest critics of the nuclear deal and butted heads with Obama over the issue.

  38. admin
    August 5, 2016 at 2:56 pm
    Trump should spend even more time in the counties and cities outside of Philadelphia to get Pennsylvania firmly in his camp.

  39. At best, assuming no perfidy which is very possible, it was a short lived post convention bounce:


    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican rival Donald Trump narrowed to less than 3 percentage points, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Friday, down from nearly eight points on Monday.

    About 42 percent of likely voters favored Clinton, to Trump’s 39 percent, according to the July 31-Aug. 4 online poll of 1,154 likely voters. The poll had a credibility interval of plus or minus 3 percentage points, meaning that the results suggest the race is roughly even.

    Among registered voters over the same period, Clinton held a lead of five percentage points, down from eight percentage points on Monday, according to the poll.

    The reasons behind the shift were unclear.

    Clinton had pulled well ahead of Trump on the heels of the Democratic National Convention last week, where she became the first woman to accept the U.S. presidential nomination from a major political party.

    Reuters could not keep up the scam for too long, again. Notice also, no one is near 50% which means that Trump will do well (because the Obama Third Term “incumbent” will get less votes than the outside challenger).

  40. The polls are one thing, but I cannot help think that they are setting up and practicing to do the same things to our votes.

    How can we fight this?

  41. Lu, maybe you have this from Judicial Watch. It’s kind of wordy. For the shorter version, start at page 10. I hope there’s something there to help everyone, for with the 8,000 more Syrians descending here by end of September…. And who knows what else is happening?


    I caught Donald on CSPAN last night. Live in WI. He said the words necessary to endorse Ryan, McCain and Ayotte. Then asserted that each was “good.”

    Instead of going after Khan, he read a long list of things done by the Muslim bad boys, beginning with the brothers in Boston. Most, if not all of them had either become US citizens, or were in the process. A better way to say what he’s been saying.

  42. Trump will be in Windham, NH today. I wonder if he will invite Kelly Ayotte? I wonder if she will attend? Trump endorsed Senator Ayotte last night, though she did not deserve it.

    Kelly has been a huge disappointment here in NH. She has followed Mitch McConnell’s lead on everything, TPP, Obamacare, Immigration, you name it. Sickening. She carefully walks the line, refusing to endorse Trump.

    She won’t be primaried, but I think she will lose the GE to Maggie Hassan, our current governor (D). Sorry, Kelly, you can’t have it both ways.

  43. holdthemaccountable
    August 6, 2016 at 7:50 am
    Thanks, those are good ideas. I was a poll worker in 2008 and what I saw still pisses me off. The system was wide open to fraud. I tell you, I was on it at my precinct. And there were Poll Watchers there, you bet reporting in so it would be easy to target precincts that were lax.

    I ended up being demoted from assistant clerk, along with the woman who was responsible for looking up people’s precincts, because I was helping her with that task and signed papers that were not accurate because the computer was not calling up the records accurately. We both told them that and they just waved the CD and told us the computer could not have been malfunctioned.

    I could still work the registers, but I think I may try some of the other suggestions there.

  44. Geeze, I was over at Hillary’s FB Page. Bad comments all over. Trump has really good posts and alot of favorable comments.

  45. I see the Master of the Art of the deal, Has struck again.
    By endorsing the Rino’s. he has neutered all the naysayers.
    Now they have to support him, Or look like Democrats. 😆

  46. Major mystery again. Worst than Zika? What mystery ailment can be causing this? Can anyone guess? Does anyone know? What could it be? What could it be? Obama is stumped, will wait for more “information”. What could it be? What could it be?


    Belgium police machete attack: Female officer attacked outside station by someone shouting ‘Allahuh Akhbar’

    A pair of police officers have been attacked with a machete by a man shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ outside a police station in Belgium.

    The cops, one of them female, was attacked in the city of Charleroi this afternoon by an someone with a knife or machete, according to Belgian media.

    Police in Charleroi tweeted: “Two police officers injured by machete in front of police by someone shouting Allah Akhkbar.

    What could it be??? What could it be??? Such a mystery.

  47. admin
    August 6, 2016 at 11:43 am
    Major mystery again…..
    Well..you see…there was ya know…..this video…..see…and uh uh uh uh uh…

  48. Trump got Ryan to publicly declare that TPP vote would *not* be taken in the House with Obama in office in exchange for the endorsement.
    Meanwhile, looks like Nehlen was right — he attended the Green Bay rally last night and gave a very gracious statement that he understood the party’s nominee needing to endorse the incumbent.
    Also, Trump surrogates Coulter & Palin will be campaigning for Nehlen (Coulter today; Palin on OAN).

    Master class chess move by Trump – he killed the establishment and MSM’s “disunity” talking points & got TPP off the table in exchange for some nice words. If he hadn’t endorsed Ryan and Nehlen wins, the level of blame that would have been placed on Trump would have been nuclear. If Ryan does win — no TPP & he owes Trump.

  49. *That should have read:
    “Meanwhile it looks like ADMIN was right — Nehlen attended the Green Bay rally last night”

  50. Read the article on the once again, depressed misunderstood muslim that castrated the young female police officers face.
    The spokesman for the Police had the most Bizzare statement…

    He said he felt sorry for the other Police woman who had to use her gun to shoot the depressed misunderstood muslim….
    I am thinking she went Clint Eastwood on his ass and was probably reloading for the 10th time prior to running out of bullets. Then she took her tazer and zapped him until the battery died, pulled out her baton and clubbed the MF till his head rolled off into the gutter only to be picked off by the buzzards that were applauding her actions as the pussified Belgium population was no where to be found…

  51. Yup, before you know it, BLM will be protesting about police brutality against the poor, weedle Muslim immigrant barely surviving in an infidel-infested, decadent Western capitalist society full of barely covered women.

  52. I have 2 pitts, we have 2 guns, I’m getting a snub nosed shotgun, I live across from a mosque that use to be called Sweet Baptist Home Church a few years ago.
    This is what they do, they buy church’s that are going under or like in this case overgrown cause as soon as they apply for a construction permit to build a mosque, hell breaks out cause no one wants them.
    This way they avoid all that.
    As I have said, this is a very conservative town, but next to liberal Austin…the population of Muslims has skyrocketed.
    Jack, my more, lets,say, protective pit…they would be wise to walk the other way…

  53. I almost feel like saying to one of them, which by the way are 98% male and absolutely will not look you in the eye, and the 2% women, dressed like a taco bell burrito commercial, eyes downcast…
    This is Jack, say hello to little friend…and this is my subnose…if you come near my property, I will defend it…and anD so will he

  54. Ok I know I am begin to sound unhinged, but these MF racist terrorist Muslims who preach hatred in their mosque all day, well…enough. THEY MURDER children, priests, elderly, parents…yelling Allah Akbar, raming planes in buildings, cutting off the heads of anyone they please, and our government has abandoned us to feminist psychology majors that can’t find motives and refuse to protect us….again, enough !!!!

    I have woken up and I will defend my life, my family, and my property. I will defend the USA.

  55. admin
    August 6, 2016 at 3:15 am
    All that money, time and effort spent on manufacturing the narrative that Hillary is unstoppable in November, and Reuters could only come up with three point for her? They are clearly not getting their bonus check from George Soros this Christmas.

  56. gonzotx
    August 6, 2016 at 1:48 pm
    That reminds me of this really bad joke:
    Q: What do you say to a good Muslim woman with two black eyes?
    A: Nothing. Her husband, father, uncle and brother have already told her.

  57. If you evaluate this race by the latest headline, as too many people do, and ESPECIALLY those who should know better, like Newt and even Buchanan, you will be very depressed. Morris does not say this, and neither does Rudi, but its sad to see some go into a blue funk not because of anything Trump says, or does, by by the lies and distortions being hurled at him 24-7 by big media, which is part of an establishment that is lurching back like a wounded beast.

    One day the Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fueher media faux headline blasts: Trump is conspiring with Putin, to bring down Hillary; the next day its Trump cannot unite his own party; the next day its Trump campaign in disarray; the next day it is Trump considering stepping down; and now they claim there are undisclosed irregularities in Milania’s immigration papers ergo Trump may deport her. This non stop propaganda, which has no basis in fact. On the contrary, it is the death rattle of the uber corrupt establishment, now prone to the Fueher Bunker Mentality. It would be foolish not to expect this furious push back. However, it would be the height of folly to believe it, or let others be seduced, without at least attempting to explain to them the motive and the method to this madness. (Note: ironically, the more truthful narrative might well be Hillary is conspiring with Obama to build up Obama, and bring down Hillary.)

    Here is the deal. First, the polls. Pat Caddell (pollster of Jimmy Carter) and Doug Shoen are old line pollsters. Both agree they have never seen more dishonest polling than what we see today. This is why Gallup has pulled out of polling this election. But that has not stopped the others, from conducting these false polls whose only use is to drive a headline.

    The problem they have is simple. In the old days, they would take an even sample of democrats and republicans, contact them by landline and ask them certain questions to arrive at their numbers. Today, that is impossible, because most people have cell phones, and they do not have their numbers. And so this is what happens they take a group of 100 potential voters, contact 20 democrats and 10 republicans with their questions. That leaves a group of 70 they cannot get a hold of. So rather than publishing a poll with a 200% M.O.E. (margin of error). They cannot have that. So what do they do? First, they go back to the same democrats and ask them the same question again. Now they have 50% of the group accounted for and 50% still unreported. What do they do with that remaining 50%? Why they give 2/3 of it to Hillary and 1/3 to Trump. Voila! the undecided category no longer exists.

    This is how miracles happen. This is how, after a week where the DNC is shown to be conspiring with the Clinton campaign, and when Hillary, bless her heart tells Chris Wallace another really big whopper with her usual stony stare, that the head of the FBI found she told the truth, despite his searing nine point indictment of her veracity, that in the big media polling her credibility shoot up 5%. After they elected Obama, I do not dismiss the possibility of the public is brain dead, but nobody can be that brain dead.

    Furthermore, if Hillary is surging as these lying pollsters say, then why is it that two days ago, Trump held a rally in Jacksonville, seated 15,000 and had to turn away another 5000 because a lack of seating, and all the while, Hillary has been forced to cancel her bus tour/listening tour, because nobody is showing up? You might say, that is a reality based poll, as opposed to the pure unadulterated bullshit you get from the pollsters that drives the deranged headlines of big media.

    Finally, it is significant that Gallup unwilling to play the game of when in Rome do as the Romans do, has stopped polling this presidential election? If they did so, their poll would reflect a wide variance with what the other polls–who are colluding with each other behind the scenes have agreed to, in order to drive the headlines of their big media masters. Lastly, would it surprise you to know that the internal polls by the Trump campaign do not reflect the drop for him and the surge for Hillary that big media is reporting. And even if all their dirty lies are true (as my dearly departed evidence teacher used to say) the election is not in August, it is in November, as Paul has said. Between now and then we will have the debates, and we will have the thousand misfortunes which befall a county foolish enough to entrust its prosperity, security and liberty to a vile scumbag like the lying big media beloved messiah.

  58. That story on how the Wisconsin GOP call the police to keep Nehlen out of the rally is outrageous! They are thugs! Preebus and Lyin’ Ryan got to go!

  59. Like that old song from the twenties, How Ya Gonna Keep Them Down On The Farm, After They’ve Seen Paree, the ex-Bernie supporters will not go gently into that good night, and fall in line behind Hillary. More than two thirds will be split between Trump, Libertarians and Greens (Jill Stein). Hillary may get one third, but it will not be anything like the 80% of the Hillary supporters who foolishly leaped on the Obama bandwagon, after she decided that she would pursue the SOS job which would be a gold mine for CGI. This is another megapolitical factor discounted by the benighted pollsters who conform to the old adage of actuaries: when asked by their client what is 2 + 2, the inevitable answer is whatever you want it to be.

  60. I don’t know if you saw it, but Trump went down into the audience, picked up that crying baby and tossed it through a window out of the room because it was interrupting his speech.

    I know this how? I know it because that is merely the latest blood libel charge by big media against Donald.

    Did it really happen? Fuck no. It was a joke.

    But not to big media. It became the latest breaking news headline on CNN, NYT etc.

    This is what I was talking about in the comment above.


  61. Every Candidate Backing Cruz Lost Primary! Cruz Hiding

    Excerpted from The Washington Times: Ted Cruz has gone quiet after his daring convention speech, firing off fundraising pleas for his 2018 Senate campaign but otherwise keeping a low profile as analysts say he does the hard work of rebuilding his political brand.

    He’s stuck his neck out, both personally and online, to boost several conservatives in the Cruz mold — only to see them lose their primaries.

    And Mr. Cruz has fired off statements, both on Twitter and through his Senate office, pursuing some of his favorite policy issues, including bashing President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and demanding an end to sanctuary cities. But the candidate, who was a frequent fixture on the airwaves for much of the previous year, has been strikingly absent after he was jeered off the stage in Cleveland two weeks ago.

    Neither his Senate office nor his campaign responded to requests for comment about the senator’s activities.

    “It does seem that he’s gone to ground,” said Cal Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University.


    waaaay underground….

    Read more at http://www.patdollard.com/ted-cruz-goes-into-hiding-after-every-candidate-backed-by-him-loses-their-primary/#fRmTY3GFJycLL72d.99

  62. Amazing. Larry buys into this. If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t. Now that he has all I can do is “keep an open mind”. As time goes on we will see if its true, or just Alex Jones bullshit. The only thing we can say for certain, if we believe our lying eyes, is something is strange here. If it is what he thinks it is, the debates will be a challenge for her. Once upon a time I had this idiot subordinate who would correct me when I would say X is a problem. He would say, no it is not a problem, it is a challenge. We must be positive. This political correctness which he was famous for conflicted with two decades of labor relations experience where, when you went to see the General President of the Teamsters Union at their glass palace at 25 Louisiana Ave. in Washington DC, about a problem, and he looked you in the eye and said what is your problem, I could never bring myself to say, sir, we have no problem, all we have is a challenge, and I here to waste your time. Yes, that is the long way around the barn to make this single point: Hillary’s challenge–whatever its cause, may turn out to be a problem.


  63. OT. Subject of my tweet http://twitter.com/viannahlee/status/761697263248822272 is
    BLM and its influence on America beginning with DNC Thursday night denigration of fallen cops’ silence, through stunning BLM-type protesters, Sharpton, Bratton O’Neil on air in New York City Mon – Wed.. Beg Thursday, whole subject was hushed up. My tweet “reply” announces an 11 AM airing today promising more info.

    I really thought BLM would hush up for awhile after DNC interruption. Who let them in? etc
    Now I have a bad feeling that they will be acting up from now on. When Sharpton spoke to NYC cameras beginning of week it was with the admonistion that “Time will tell if the new commish will be acceptable to NAN.”

  64. wbboei
    August 6, 2016 at 11:18 pm
    I have to suspect, a this point, that Trump sets up the MSM to misrepresent him, just so he can further discredit them. And get in the news cycle. When will the rubes get tired of being played?

  65. Lu4PUMA
    August 7, 2016 at 10:37 am
    August 6, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    Probably so. He makes the statement, they overreact, and then he comes back and calls them a bunch of liars. Every time they prove him right. And most of us direct our scorn and derision to them, and conclude they are not worth listening to. This will be even more evident when they leap out of their chairs at the debates to defend Hillary. Its fine by me, just as long as the side show does not overtake the circus, the latter being the serious problems which need to be discussed.

  66. Hannity does a commendable job of bludgeoning this elitist to the manner borne demigod who is the editor of WSJ– a jackal who epitomizes the insular thinking of his social class and their let them eat cake attitude toward the welfare of the country. This gets back to something my heroine Lori Wallach at Public Citizen (the Nader organization) said: these people talk economic theory and ignore the economic impact of their winner take all crony capitalist policies. Some call this a principal agent problem, which of course it is. But in my view, it is the inevitable result of the imbalance which occurs when big business gets control of the political system, and uses it to promote its own ends, which are adverse to the general welfare. Whereupon, the politicians who can always be counted upon to follow the money, say one thing to get elected, and do another once they are in. This is why the approval level of Congress is in the mid single digits. It begs the question, why is it even that high, when experience show that they are working not for but against the interests of the people. One would have to be either ignorant, corrupt or a masochist to support such puppets.


  67. If you were to ask someone like McConnell for his reaction to the 6% approval rating of Congress, I guarandamntee you he would say something like this: first, the public does not understand the legislative process, and the great things we do. And, second, because he said this to me several years ago in the context of campaign finance reform, the need for this is a fiction created by the New York Times.

    Far be it from me to defend the honor of the New York Times. Clearly, they have no honor. None. However, the rest of his comment is the typical cop out you hear from the RINO. But it no longer persuades. As Richard Fernandez put it: the base of the Republican party are sick to death of the game where Obama is the Harlem Globetrotters, and McConnell/Boehner and now Ryan are the Washington Generals, ergo the designated losers, who fail at every turn to defend the welfare of the American People against this 24/7 assault by Obama and big media against their prosperity, their liberty, and their security. They are no longer content to remain in the bleechers, watching their team go down. They have come down on to court and are taking on Obama and his forty theives, and assholes like the editor of WSJ do not like it.

  68. I have to suspect, a this point, that Trump sets up the MSM to misrepresent him, just so he can further discredit them. And get in the news cycle. When will the rubes get tired of being played?

    But Lu, do you think enough people in the public are aware? I was thinking about this, myself. For example, he said something about (to the best of my memory) that he wouldn’t let Russia take over the Ukraine, or that they somehow just wouldn’t, and then after that interview the whole MSM was laughing at Trump not knowing that Russia had taken the Crimea back.

    I saw a later interview where he was saying, of course he knows about that, but that was in the past and Crimea was historically part of Russia, and he was talking about going forward. I saw that in one place, but I was wondering how many places carried that followup. Like when they put something on page one, then find out something’s wrong with it, and put the correction in a later edition on page 52. So many people pay attention only to what the MSM makes a big deal about, and don’t learn about the wider context, or anything that the MSM doesn’t push heavily.

    I was just thinking that Trump may be playing the MSM, but if the MSM is misrepresenting Trump intentionally and most people (those not following politics, just hearing headlines and the nightly news) don’t hear the bigger story, then the MSM may just be playing Trump right back.

    I definitely think more people than ever are aware that the media has an agenda – but so many still don’t have a clue. Which is sad not just for Trump’s election, but for the health of our nation in general.

    I wish when Trump calls out particular journalists, he would list the university they graduated from – maybe start to put some pressure on those schools to strengthen their teaching of ethics and impartiality, even if just out of embarrassment.

  69. Mrs. Smith, as you can see, I posted last night that video of Hillary’s strange behavior in the No Quarter piece above. Larry initial reaction was that it was photoshopped, but he has now confirmed that is was not, which means what you see is what you get. I know for a fact that the brain injury she sustained several years ago when she fainted and fell was very serious. That assessment came to me not through the media but from one of her closest friends, through one intermediary who is totally and completely reliable. That the symptoms would manifest themselves now eight years later, with advancing age and the pressures of constant travel as SOS is hardly surprising. It would explain not only the outbursts, the bobblehead, the long absence, the comments by Huma that she is easily confused, etc. This may not be direct proof, but the circumstantial case is pretty strong on this.

  70. In light of that other video showing her strange behaviors, her recent panic attack on stage until the Secret Service agent tells her to keep talking starts to make much more sense.

  71. As a NC resident, I have yet to speak to a single Hillary supporter. However, there are many Trump supporters who willingly let you know they back him. Then there are plenty on the fence. What I get a lot of is complaints that they don’t like their choices this cycle but there is no way they will vote for Clinton. Which is interesting because during the primary Bernie stickers and signs were everywhere.

  72. By the way, what the heck is wrong with the site? It feels like too much traffic. ‘Course I could be wrong and it’s just too many trolls under the bridge. Is there a difference?

  73. Those photos are now front and center on Drudge. Calls for her to release her health records will be greatly increasing very shortly.

  74. I went to see ‘Hillary’s America’…it is heavily dramatized and at times gets a bit carried away…almost in a purposeful campy way…

    BUT…if even 25% of what D’Sousa says is true…and 25% of what Peter Schweizer says in ‘Clinton Cash’ is true…then what Hill and Bill have done is very bad…almost without any conscience

    …and the history that D’Sousa depicts as the origin of the Democratic Party and through the decades is awful…somehow I missed knowing alot of what he says…but he names names and the majority of true racists were democrats…starting before and with Andrew Jackson…geesh nasty freaking people…

    even though I fully understand that our media is corrupt and seeking to destroy Trump it is hard to understand how the media can bury all this information

    just to use one example…how can the media miss the story about Hillary’s Secretary of State connection to Bill’s “friend” and to Russia securing large amounts of rights to the control of uranium in the USA…and of course, Bill ending up with millions donated to his Clinton Global Initiative ‘foundation’ from said friend as ‘payback’

    …or the most obvious story…the theft of Haiti and all the millions of dollars that were donated by people all over the world and handed over to ‘the Clinton Foundation’ to distribute…yeah, distribute to their friends and themselves and the poor Haitians are still in misery…this should be criminal…really

    Donald needs to pound ‘the whole system is rigged’ and he might…or his surrogates… do well to enlighten the public on some of this information in specifics because the media sure as hell will not

    Donald should spring up this uranium deal, and the Clintons other tag team schemes to make millions…during the debates…expose all of it during the debates and really give the media something to talk about…

    the disillusionment I feel is really sad…

    and I feel sad for her supporters who are still ignorant to the charade and won’t even take the time to investigate…just blind loyalty…like innocent sheep going to be slaughtered…

    and stupid treasonous republicans…sell your country out even further…

  75. If it is proven that hillary has significant health issues and sequelae from that head trauma back in 2012, then calls for her to quit the campaign will greatly increase to a deafening crescendo. If she does end up quitting as a result, then maybe that will be a chance for Moose to run. What an election year!

  76. First the KKK back in Narch, now the Communist a party of the USA! Quite a coalition there for Hillary!😆

  77. I have no idea what all is going on with Hillary’s health. I’m remaining agnostic for the time being. But I do see a lot of short video clips being combined in an attempt to make her health be something that precludes her being president. We do know she has had some verified health problems in the last 8 years. But I think all these recent things, at this stage, are just interpretations.

    In other words, I have no answers, she may be terribly sick or may not be, but there is definitely an agenda at work.

    All the clips they show could be otherwise explained, and they’re all very short clips, the context isn’t given.

    Needing help up the stairs? Could be arthritis, deconditioning. It’s not like we haven’t had a president in a wheelchair before.

    The clip everyone is saying is a seizure, where she is surrounded by smiling people and she herself is laughing throughout the entire “seizure”, and then says, “you have to try this….” (come really cold drink). People commenting on it only mention the one “concerned” person who jerks backwards, but who is also smiling and laughing. There are others there, and no one else is “concerned”, except as I said one of the smiling and laughing people. It’s not how *I* react when *I* am concerned lol And we have no idea what’s going on. She could be being playful, demonstrating she has brain freeze from the drink.

    And the over a year old clip where she is speaking forcefully to a volunteer or staff member in a large group of people – they’re including that now in a montage. I remember at the time she was saying she was tired of something happening – the current versions I’ve seen don’t broadcast the words, it’s very short, just trying to make her look crazy, out of control angry, and that wasn’t the impression given a year ago when a larger clip was shown. Was she angry? Yes. Out of control, crazy, exhibiting dementia? No.

    They’re also bringing up her cackling laughter as a sign of poor health, disregarding that she has always had that long, irritating laugh, especially when she is trying to avoid answering something.

    Oh! And saying “husband” and then quickly correcting herself? I’m sorry, but give me a break. It’s very common for people who have a lot on their mind, especially if they have just been talking about the other person, to have a slip and refer to one when when they mean the other. She didn’t confuse who they are – she immediately heard herself misspeaking and corrected herself. Again, something being made into something it may very likely not be.

    So, as I said, I’m agnostic, I have no idea what her health status is, or if any of these short little clips are anything but an attempt to promote an agenda. But I really think we should bear in mind that these *are* short little clips that are very easy for people to make their own interpretations about, they aren’t proof of anything, they could all be explained with other reasons.

    Personally, until we see something more substantial than brief, easy to variously interpret clips, I’ll remain agnostic.

    PS I grab on to the railings when I go up stairs because of arthritis. It doesn’t mean I have brain damage lol

  78. …. and there are people, on both sides of the aisle, whom I suspect could get their hands on the MD report she had to turn in to run for president, who could leak that report to derail her. So far, no leak….

  79. Lorac,

    All very good points. Personally, the one that struck me the most was the clip from the other day at a rally where she seemed frozen by the protester until her handler told her “keep talking”. That just seemed very very strange. Just my observation.

  80. Outris, yes I saw that one, too. It does seem weird – but again, we aren’t shown what is happening in the audience. Was someone rushing the stage, but from further back, so it was yet unknown if they would be stopped before getting close to the stage? Did someone shout something gutsy that caught her off guard, and she didn’t have an immediate response for it? I probably shouldn’t even try to come up with ideas – my point is as before, that we just don’t know what the context is, so it’s hard to judge the reaction, IMO.

    I think you know I want her nowhere near the presidency. I just don’t like being manipulated, and it’s odd how they never show the context, just link everything to the meme that she has brain damage. And maybe she does. I have no idea. I just don’t think these noncontextual brief clips are proof of anything, other than an agenda that may or may not have some basis in fact. I’m just tired of media manipulation, no matter whose side they’re on….

  81. Tony, IMO that’s just a rehash of what’s already out there. And they say a “team of handlers” – but there is one guy one each side – “team”, to me anyway, suggests that entire group is needed to get her up the stairs. There’s a finger on the scale in their language lol

  82. Years ago, I was interviewing for the top labor relations job for the state of Washington (I did it). They brought in the head of every department from transportation to prisons to human resources to god know what else. It is really a joke for anyone with a private sector background to apply for a job in the public sector. Not only will they not hire you, not only are they using you as a shill, so they can promote their internal candidate while fulfilling some eeo mandate, but I would go so far as to say they should not hire you for the very reason that the guest of Lou Dobbs alludes to, namely that in the private sector it is about results, in the public sector it is about process. Anyone with a private sector background worries about results and will become depressed and despondent in a government. And THAT is perhaps the most intriguing part of the Trump insurgency. Pricks like Al Gore talk about making government more efficient, but no one who is a creature of that system. GOVERNMENT IS NOT NOT NOT a meritocracy. If it were it would be functional, efficient and it would not kick the can down the road on the issues facing the country. That, more than anything, is the value proposition Trump is putting forward. It is of equal importance with the more generally understood advantage of his candidacy which is that he is not controlled by donors, and actually can do what is best for this nation.

  83. wbboei, I agree. I was just talking with someone about that tonight. Trump is used to business, where inefficiency loses money. In government, inefficiency seems to lead to more (taxpayer) money being thrown at the “problem”. There seems to be no motive in government to be efficient, to be careful stewards of taxpayer money – they just figure they’ll take MORE taxpayer money. In the private sector, there is a definite motive for efficiency and solutions. They make money by not wasting it. We’re long overdue for a Trump.

  84. Lorac,

    The past few days have not been exactly good for Hillary either with her “short circuit” comment, the look of sheer panic captured on video in her Las Vegas rally, those photos of her needing assistance and Drudge recapping all the falls that she has had over the years. Trump is going to refer to them in his rallies and start relentlessly calling for her health records to be revealed, the same way that Hillary has been calling for his tax records to be revealed. Whether or not she actually has a serious problem that prevents her from assuming the duties of the presidency, it is a battle of perception in the minds of voters, and right now, it doesn’t look that good for her.

  85. Early life[edit]
    Zakaria was born in India to a Konkani Muslim family.[3] His father, Rafiq Zakaria, was a politician associated with the Indian National Congress and an Islamic scholar. His mother, Fatima Zakaria, was his father’s second wife. She was for a time the editor of the Sunday Times of India.

    Zakaria attended the Cathedral and John Connon School in Bombay. He graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University,[2] where he was president of the Yale Political Union, editor-in-chief of the Yale Political Monthly, a member of the Scroll and Key society, and a member of the Party of the Right. He later gained a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Government from Harvard University in 1993,[2] where he studied under Samuel P. Huntington and Stanley Hoffmann, as well as international relations theorist Robert Keohane.[4]
    This guy is dog shit. A CNN Trump hater who goes into a hissy fit every time he opens his foul mouth.

  86. Gov’t Agencies Planning Gun Confiscation Leaked

    August 7th, 2016

    The State’s Attorney’s General of Virginia, New York, Massacheusetts, and one other east coast state, along with DHS, FEMA and the A D L had a teleconference yesterday describing huge plans for gun confiscation in those states.

    Amazingly, someone either risked their life or hit the wrong button because the supposedly private teleconference went out as open access to state and government agencies.

    The plan was to use police and all the other agencies listed above to bull rush the gun owning citizenry and seize their guns and to do it very quickly so a counter operation wouldn’t have time to muster.

    They then began to ridicule those who would be on the front lines in this operation and laughed at how easily they will be thrown under the bus.

    Turns out some of the people being ridiculed were actually listening. It was police listening over their computers in their cars. Apparently they have made disks of the 2 hour meeting and only distributing it to other trusted police members. The source of this story is Mark Koernke of The Intelligence Report at The Micro Effect and Liberty Tree Radio.



    Heard this same story from another source… I’m afraid the NEast will be the first to feel the execution of BO’s plan to divest Americans of their guns.

  87. foxyladi14
    August 8, 2016 at 10:28 am

    BO could set an example and have the SS protecting him and Hillary do so unarmed. After all, there’s NOTHING to fear as they say, from the nutjob illegals he’s let loose and radical jihadists plaguing the country. Right?

  88. This is from a guy who provided marketing ideas for lawyers. I thought you might enjoy it. It concerns big media spin. Otherwise known as the fine art of lying to the ignornati.

    I like to follow politics.

    Regardless of your disposition, there’s something to be learned from every candidate — about marketing, promotion, and changing others’ perceptions.

    For example:

    Did you ever notice that whenever Donald Trump does a speech, most of his key points are spun by the media and warped to the point where they bear very little resemblance to what he originally said?

    Somedays, I’ll read the news about something Trump said — and depending on which news outlet I’m browsing, I’ll feel either positive or negative.

    And how I feel has almost nothing to do with what he actually said, but rather, how the media managed to spin it.

    And so that’s what I want to talk about today:

  89. Complaints on his economic council, all men, no women.

    As a woman, it would have been nice, probably should have given that some thought.

    I want the best person, despite genetics, but there must have been one out there that would have fit the bill.

    He needs to understand we are 51% of the population and the media and Democrats will not let any slight go
    Now if this were Obama, or Hillary, I’m sure, not only would it not be mentioned, but the team praised to the highest realm…

  90. Apropos of Pat Caddell’s comments below, if the public decides that Donald is a safe choice then it will be a landslide. Thus, in my view, there will come a point where a certain kind of mea culpa speech will be in order, focusing on his own transition from businessman to politician, and his goal to be a different kind of politician who looks beyond process to actual results measured by an honest set of metrics. His goal? to redeem the system so it begins to serve the interests of Americans, rather than international corporations, foreign governments, and wealthy donors.

    “This is a very volatile political year,” Caddell declared. “A lot of the polling and stuff being done is very superficial. It’s hard not to get those kinds of quick numbers. I think that the structure of the race hasn’t changed, and we’re in an election where the question is her, and her problems, versus Trump and his problems.”

    “But on the question of change, when the question is, do people feel that the country is not just on the right track, but in decline – do they feel that the political class is basically rigging the system, and the economic system, against them? – we’re talking about vast majorities of Americans,” he said.

    Bannon asked how it was possible that Hillary Clinton, the ultimate candidate of the status quo, could be leading by eight to ten points in many polls, given the popular insurrection against a rigged system Cadell envisioned.

    Caddell said it was because so much coverage of the campaign was focused on “the other person,” Donald Trump.

    “This race has not defined itself yet,” he said, predicting that if the public concludes Trump is “a safe enough risk to make the kind of changes” people want, his poll numbers will turn around. At the moment, Caddell criticized Trump for not keeping that message of change “front and center” in the campaign

  91. Listening to the Don now. I have to say, using Detroit as an example of failed liberal economic policies… genius.

  92. To sum it up, even more succinctly, the closing statement on the eve of election would focus on three (3) points:

    1. Unlike my opponent, I focus on results, rather than fine sounding speeches.

    2. Unlike my opponent, I am owned by no one. I work solely and exclusively for you and your children.

    3. Unlike my opponent, I WILL make America great again–not for the rich donors, not for the international corporations, not for big media, or and surely not for the globalists who have feasted on our bones.

    I will make America safe again, prosperous again, and free again, for you, the American People.

  93. Felix_the_Infidel
    August 8, 2016 at 1:05 pm
    Listening to the Don now. I have to say, using Detroit as an example of failed liberal economic policies… genius.
    Detroit is the paradigmatic example of the blue state model, which is failing everywhere.

  94. Best statement of his speech:

    “She is the candidate of the past.”

    “Ours is the campaign of the future.”

  95. more from the Caddell article at Breitbart:

    This is the most united effort by the press, certainly in the 45 years that I’ve been on the national political presidential stage of analysis, that I’ve ever seen them united with this kind of fierceness — against one person who they are trying to destroy, where there are no rules, which is Donald Trump,” he said, describing the crucial advantage that might help Clinton overcome her poor campaign performance. “I don’t think there’s anything comparable since ‘64 with Barry Goldwater. You go back — and I was very young, but I do remember some of that — where you had everybody questioning his sanity, and whatever, in the press.”

    “The press is in the business of protecting the political class,” Caddell explained. “The fierceness of their response, as it is in the political class, is not just a little bit inspired by fear that someone who is representing the disruptive majority of America is a threat to their position and power. Donald Trump has got to understand he is, in this campaign, in a different kind of campaign. The country has to understand, we aren’t talking about a press that’s reporting the news.”

    “All you have to do is look at the lack of coverage — I mean, yesterday, there were two networks in which there was even no discussion of the ransom payment,” he said, adding incredulously that “you don’t just get in an unmarked airplane with pallets of money on it, and send it someplace, and have the hostages sitting on the ground, ready to go, waiting for that plane to land, and not call it what it is.”

    Caddell stressed that this problem of media bias was not merely an “institutional crisis,” but a “systemic democracy crisis.”

    He said the First Amendment protected the press because “there is an implicit bargain that they would protect people from power,” but “they have now become the outriders of power, and that is a crisis.”

    “The lines of battle here are being redrawn. This is a new paradigm, and you have to deal with it that way,” Caddell urged, citing two recent manufactured Trump controversies — a baby supposedly being thrown out of his speech because it was crying, and a military veteran who gave Trump a copy of his Purple Heart — as instances of the press not even bothering to interview the actual people involved, because it would have destroyed their preferred narrative.

    “All of this stuff designed, as they get their cues — they might as well be operating out of Brooklyn headquarters,” Caddell complained, referring to Hillary Clinton’s campaign HQ.


  96. Wbb, I remember seeing that great political wit and daring fashionista, Sally Kohn, on a pundits panel. The lady’s opinions are not generally memorable, but she made the case that Detroit was the fault of the Republicans due to their austere economic measures.

    I swear, there gasps and guffaws coming from offstage. There are many Dems that know damn well Detroit is where it is because of liberal policies. Those are the people that Trump needs to attract. We need all the ones we can get.

  97. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/secret-vote-for-trump-seen-by-gop-and-dem-pollsters/article/2598805#.V6dq5j4U2kU.twitter

    Trump pollster: ‘There’s a big hidden Trump vote’

    They’re not exactly the Nixon era “silent majority,” but both Republican and Democratic pollsters claim that there is a secret vote for Donald Trump showing up in some polls.

    The Trump campaign on Sunday stated flatly there is a “big hidden Trump vote” in the nation.

    And during the recent Democratic convention, a top pollster agreed, saying there is a “secret Trump vote.”

    Longtime Republican pollster and Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway explained on the Today show that the hidden vote is seen when anonymous online polls are compared to phone call interview polls where people have to be more public in stating who they support.

    For example, the new Reuters poll had Trump and Hillary Clinton just three points apart, where others that are phone survey based out Sunday showed a greater gap.

    “The Reuters poll, which is an online poll, where Donald Trump is three points behind Hillary Clinton nationally, and I think that the important point to note there is that when you have online polls as opposed to telephone polls, Mr. Trump tends to do better, and that’s because the online polls approximate the ballot box, where you’re issuing your vote privately,” she said.

    “We think there’s a big hidden Trump vote in this country,” said Conway, who added that Trump internal polls project “tighter” results in battleground states.

    Her comments echoed those from Democratic pollster Celinda Lake who during the Democratic convention said that her side sees a secret Trump vote among white males.

    I worry that there is a bit of a secret Trump vote,” said the influential pollster at an event attended by Secrets.

    She has proof revealed in polls that find more white male support when live people are doing the interviewing and less support for Clinton in anonymous online surveys.

    “The pattern is in the online surveys, even if you control for demographics, Trump does three to nine points better than in telephone surveys. So it really does suggest that there is a secret vote for Donald Trump,” said Lake.

  98. Wbboei, the New York Times published an article today calling on Big Media to be biased against Trump. It’s an open, admission of the bias we have all seen. The Times says “bias against Trump is good”:


    If you’re a working journalist and you believe that Donald J. Trump is a demagogue playing to the nation’s worst racist and nationalistic tendencies, that he cozies up to anti-American dictators and that he would be dangerous with control of the United States nuclear codes, how the heck are you supposed to cover him?

    Because if you believe all of those things, you have to throw out the textbook American journalism has been using for the better part of the past half-century, if not longer, and approach it in a way you’ve never approached anything in your career. If you view a Trump presidency as something that’s potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that. You would move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional. That’s uncomfortable and uncharted territory for every mainstream, nonopinion journalist I’ve ever known, and by normal standards, untenable.

    But the question that everyone is grappling with is: Do normal standards apply? And if they don’t, what should take their place?

    The call to arms from the Times is for Big Media to be biased against Trump and attack Trump at every turn. “Attack Trump” is the conclusion of the article. The bias is now proudly acknowledged by Big Media.

  99. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Yep. Right on track.

    The harder the media struggles to attack the Don the clearer it becomes to even those with eyes that normally cannot see.

  100. Is Trump Finding His Sea Legs?
    By Larry Johnson – Monday, 8 August 2016 10

    I know I promised to write about Erdogan and the unfolding disaster in Turkey, but the train wreck in America continues to attract my gaze. This is why people flock to Nascar events. They are there waiting to watch the carnage resulting from high speed crashes. It is an intoxicating brew of exhilaration and terror.

    Trump went to Detroit today and did a good job of laying out his economic vision for America. Gone was the bombast and the petulance. He gave a measured speech and, when interrupted by planted protestors, he just smiled. Instead of responding with anger or threats to the protestors, who were eager to knock him off message, Trump came off as Presidential. He did not feed the meme that he lacks the right temperament to be President. He did the exact opposite.

    Tonight there is a letter circulating from the so-called foreign and defense policy elite of Washington who smugly and sanctimoniously insist that Trump is dangerous. Another tempting moment for Trump to lose his mojo. But Trump avoided the low road, although did respond quickly, by noting with a matter of fact statement that this “august” group of experts are the ones who advocated and supported invading Iraq, destabilizing Libya and Syria, and backing trade deals that have ravaged the American worker. While the inside the beltway crowd is giddy over this development, the average American could care less. They don’t know who these guys (and some gals) are.

    All the average Joe and Jane in the hinterland knows is that we have been at war for 15 years and things are not getting better. They have been told that millions of jobs have been created and the there is health care for all who want it. Yet their eyes and daily experience record a different reality. Factories and mines are being shuttered. Remember the Carrier workers in Indiana getting the news that their jobs were being shipped to Mexico?

    Health insurance rates are soaring and options for selecting Doctors are shrinking. Yet the Washington experts keep pushing the same line of bullshit–i.e., that all is well. People know when they are getting a raw deal and no amount of spin can persuade them to concede that the naked king is wearing a regal robe.

    The media’s hysteria against Trump was way too premature. The crude expression is, “they shot their wad.” They have shed any pretense of objectivity and are showing such desperation that they are inadvertently creating sympathy for the Donald. Consider this front page “news” item in the Washington Post today:

    Ivanka Trump champions working moms — except the ones who design her clothes
    The eldest Trump daughter has built her brand around the cause of supporting working mothers, but the company that designs her clothing line does not offer workers a single day of paid maternity leave.

    What a crock of shit!! The company featured in the story is not owned by Ivanka. It is a company she signed a licensing agreement with. For the Love of All things Holy, this goes beyond desperation. The media has embarked on a campaign to smear the Trumps at every chance.
    Do you recall the front page Washington Post stories about Hillary’s designer clothes that are made by low paid workers in Bangladesh? How about her own Foundation not paying women the same as men? No? That’s my point. They also are studiously ignoring Clinton Cash and the charges of out right corruption that should be dogging Hillary.

    We have three more months of this madness before us. The media and political elite are panicked. They realize that Hillary is a terrible candidate and they fear that Trump will disrupt the whoring and corruption that defines Washington, DC. Their fear is, in a twisted sense, a positive for Trump. Those eager to defend the status quo worry that the gig is up. It very well could be.

  101. admin
    August 8, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    They are shrill and soon they will be even shriller.

    Whereas Trump is toning it down and focusing on substance.

    Big media is caught between two worlds.

    In one you must never defend an indefensible position.

    In the other world, you must never allow your level of outrage to exceed the level of the jury.

    Sooner of later, the public may realize that the media, not Trump, are batshit crazy.

    And then we will arrive at the ideal state, where no one listens to them ever again.

  102. great political wit and daring fashionista, Sally Kohn, on a pundits panel. The lady’s opinions are not generally memorable, but she made the case that Detroit was the fault of the Republicans due to their austere economic measures.
    I cannot understand why her opinions are not memorable.

    Surely this one is.

    There is only one problem:

    If Republicans are responsible show me the chain of custody.

    Its been 54 years since Detroit had a Republican Mayor, i.e.

    Louis C. Miriani (January 1, 1897 – October 18, 1987) was an American politician who served as mayor of Detroit, Michigan (1957–62). He was the last Republican mayor of Detroit.

    Black dims have run the show ever since.

    And the results speak for themselves.

    However, there is this piece of bright news;

    The heroin trade is doing just fine thank you.

    Maybe Obama can get Lois Learner to track down all that lost tax revenue.

    Or, we could throw her out of the car on Trumbal Avenue at midnight

    And tell her to go find Jimmy Hoffa.

  103. Tomorrow I am going to vote in the Republican Primary for Carlos Beruff. He sounds like a dick, but he is running against Rubio. All the news is saying Rubio is way ahead in the polls.

    But my prayers tonight will be for Paul Nehlen and his family. I am eternally grateful to him speaking out against the traitor Ryan and I am enraged by the way he was treated by the gopers who kept him out of the Trump rally.

    It would just be so cool if he could win this.

  104. Trump needs to include at least one big media fairy tale at every rally. Mrs. Smith tells me that the woman who left the auditorium with the baby said she supports Trump and left the room voluntarily to not disturb Donald’s speech. That is, of course, the opposite of what big media reported. He needs to grind them down to sand over the next three months. And he should warn them that big media will unleash to big lie–whatever they invent–on the eve of the election. And like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, no one should believe them. Do not take them at their word on anything. They have confessed their bias in that NYT article and admitted that they no longer intend to behave as journalists. They have settled for the role of liar in chief, and they are no longer worthy of belief by anyone except a sucker.

  105. Things to ponder- must be a coincidence…
    Lucas was too young.. What else COULD it be? A continuation of Good Luck for Hillary?…

    Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead

    Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton they wind up dead. In fact, as we noted previously, there’s a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances. While Vince Foster remains the most infamous, the body count is starting to build ominously this election cycle – from the mysterious “crushing his own throat” death of a UN official to the latest death of an attorney who served the DNC with a fraud suit.

    As GatewayPundit’s Jim Hoft reports, on July 3, 2016, Shawn Lucas and filmmaker Ricardo Villaba served the DNC Services Corp. and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters (this was before Wikileaks released documents proving the DNC was working against the Sanders campaign during the 2016 primary).

    Shawn Lucas was thrilled about serving the papers to the DNC before Independence Day…

  106. Mother of baby ‘booted’ from Trump rally speaks out, defends candidate

    The mother at the center of what was arguably last week’s most bizarre campaign trail dust-up – Donald Trump supposedly kicking a baby out of a rally – tried Monday to set the record straight.

    Speaking with Fox News, Devan Ebert took issue with the way the incident has been reported, defending the candidate and saying she wasn’t insulted, “not one little bit.”

    “It’s just so crazy,” she said, of the way the incident was portrayed.

    Ebert has been in the spotlight ever since Trump remarked on her baby’s crying at a rally last week in northern Virginia.

    At first, the Republican presidential nominee told the mother not to sweat it. “Don’t worry about that baby, I love babies,” he said.

    But then, as the crying continued, Trump remarked: “Actually, I was only kidding — you can get the baby out of here. … I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking.”

    This prompted a gusher of headlines about how Trump had “booted” a baby from his rally, fueling the media and pundits’ narrative that Trump was having a rocky post-convention week replete with missteps.

    But upon closer inspection, the incident wasn’t quite so cut-and-dry.

    Ebert told Fox News that after her baby started crying and Trump noticed it, she already had started making her way out the door.

    She thinks this is when Trump made the second remark – which she suggested was just a joke.

    “He’s got this dry sense of humor that everybody takes so wrong,” she said.

    Ebert said she didn’t even hear Trump’s comments about getting the baby out, and only caught it when she saw it in the media after returning home.

    Her reaction? “I laughed.”


    video at link.. Baby Vinny shown in Fox’s Green Room


    Trump critics urge RNC to replace Trump in special meeting

    WASHINGTON — Desperate conservatives have circulated a petition calling for the Republican National Committee to host a special meeting where Donald Trump could be replaced as the party’s presidential nominee.

    Organizers — some of the same Republicans who tried to prevent Trump from winning the GOP nomination — acknowledge the effort is a long shot at best. But fearing an Election Day disaster, they have appealed to RNC members across the nation in recent days to intervene.

    “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” Regina Thomson, executive director of a political action committee known as the GOP Accountability Project, wrote in an e-mail distributed to RNC members over the weekend and obtained by The Associated Press.

    “Donald J. Trump is a disaster,” Thomson wrote, attaching a copy of the petition in the message. “His post-convention behavior has been deplorable.”

    Trump has worried many leading Republicans in recent weeks with a string of controversies and fights, notably with the Muslim American parents of an Army captain killed in Iraq and prominent Republicans up for re-election. Trump reversed course and ended up endorsing House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.

    Still, Thomson and other anti-Trump Republicans are concerned.

    Party rules allow RNC members to replace a presidential nominee in the event of “death, declination, or otherwise” — language Trump critics say allows for his replacement soon after he formally captured his party’s presidential nomination at the national convention. To force a meeting to discuss Trump’s ouster, however, organizers must submit signatures by at least 16 RNC members from 16 states.

    Should they do so, GOP chairman Reince Priebus has 10 to 20 days to convene the full, 168-member Republican National Committee.

    “This is the same story over and over again,” said RNC spokesman Sean Spicer, dismissing the latest effort. He suggested that the Trump rebels have “a credibility problem” after repeated failed attempts to block Trump’s nomination at the convention.

    Even after Trump ended his feud by endorsing Ryan last Friday night, a fresh wave of Republican operatives — and even a handful of elected officials — vowed to vote for someone else or even leave the GOP altogether.

    “We’re concerned he’s on a path to destruction and we’re trying to avert that,” Thomson said in a Monday interview.

    The Colorado Republican, the former state chairwoman for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, said she has received verbal commitments from party officials willing to sign the petition, but declined to say how many or who they are.

    Several RNC members, reached by the AP on Monday, acknowledged deep frustration with Trump’s candidacy, but said they would not sign the petition. None were willing to give their names for fear they would be associated with the move.

    “It is a difficult path but we are supportive of their efforts,” said Republican operative Dane Waters, who led an anti-Trump effort at the convention. “It is important that all options be considered and tried. Priebus should never have allowed this to happen.”


    To the RNC: BOO-effing-HOO!

  108. Trump critics urge RNC to replace Trump in special meeting

    The symbol for the RINO is not an elephant.

    The symbol for the RINO is an extinct ancestor of an elephant.

    I refer of course to the one and only wolly mammoth.

    Here is a picture of the specie.


  109. There is something incredibly wrong with an image of a smiling, excited senior Mateen looking on approvingly to a preferred candidate. I’m not referring to her having him there, though that is bad enough.

    If my son had just gone on the worst mass shooting spree in history I would be ashamed to show my face in public let alone go to a political rally in the backyard where said son committed such a horrendous act.

    But, that’s not the case here. He is happy. He is joyous. He is smiling.

    What do I make of it? Simply put, he is proud of his son’s accomplishment. More still, he is considered a hero for having produced such a fine and upstanding member of his barbaric community.

    As for her, is there any chance he was pushed through and cleared by secret service at the urging of hire-ups? And he was given a prize seat to boot. Close up, personal and plenty of camera time for the mustachioed asshole.

    This all begs the question: What does the senior Mateen have that the democrats want?

  110. Tony Stark
    August 9, 2016 at 1:27 am

    Still poorly attended rallies for Hillary. And the Lyin’ Media is gaslighting everbody by saying she’s winning?


    Could be, they are gaslighting Hillary too-

  111. Felix

    Regarding the Hillary Mateen event. Did you notice the woman wearing a rainbow heart tee shirt a couple of seats away from the smiling freak? If she only knew…

  112. Alcina, I did not. Thank you. You made me go back to look at it again. Sure enough, heart-shaped rainbow flag on a purple t-shirt. Poor kid. I feel sorry for her and for everyone else there. It is a slap in the face of decent Americans.

    On another note, this story has legs. It was reported on GMA and now Yahoo News is offering it as a top-trending topic. I wonder if anyone has the stones to ask her if she knew he was right behind her.

  113. Those photos of Hillary being helped on both sides up the stairs were taken back in February. My question is why are they being released just now, and could Obama have something to do with it?🤔

  114. Big media cashed in its credibility eight years ago.

    Today they have none.

    They can make noise, but they can no longer persuade.

    They can scare, but only until the tactic is DEBUNKED.

    That article in NYT is the journalistic equivalent of a Mirandized confession.

    It negates any pretense of journalism.

  115. What is really AMAZING here is the quality of children Donald has.

    That may be the most amazing thing about him.

    Their articulate, passionate, persuasive support for him is the best endorsement of all.

    For example the link I posted at 12:58.

    This is not typical.

    The general rule is that rich kids grow up to be spoiled self centered brats, or else they never develop as people and become passive and withdrawn.

    Being a child in a wealthy family can be a trap either way.

    It is a trap that Trump’s children avoided, and again, that is a tribute to him.

    Unless you are Obama, with big media rolling out the red carpet for you, and screaming racist at anyone who gets in your way, life in any socioeconomic stratum has its challenges.

    Therefore, let us pray with all our heart, and all our soul and with all are mind, for the death of big media. Whether that be a death by a thousand cuts, or one like the wonderful one horse shay which fell apart all at once, nothing first, just as bubbles do when they burst, raises some interesting policy questions. One would prolong the suffering, but might be too subtle to serve the interests of retributive justice. The other would serve the interests of retributive justice, but would not be painful enough to suit my tastes. Maybe the best answer is to incite them to such a level of corruption, deceit and conspicuous banality, that they are left twisting in the wind, an object of perpetual ridicule, and rotten tomatoes.

  116. I would go full tilt against big media.

    I would publish a video showing each false story, the CEO of the organization that released it, the NYT confession that they are all corrupt, the debunking evidence, and then like in the end of Dragnet, a big stamp with the word debunked coming in and stamping his forehead. I would do that to Zucker, Griffin, Moovnes. etc. just to let them know how much we love them, and that they are not fooling anyone.

  117. Oh yes. There is one other thing: I would include an organizational chart of each of those big media organizations showing job titles, salaries, bonuses, home address, cell phone number, private clubs, etc. I would arrange them to look just like the illustrative exhibits produced by the McClellan Senate Committee when they went after the Mafia in 1959. And because NYT has now admitted they are not journalists, and cannot support the institution of democracy but can only corrupt it for their own partisan ends, their activities now fall outside the scope of the First Amendment and are actionable. The goal here would be to convince the public that these people are not like them, and do not belong in their living rooms.

  118. As to the quality of his children…

    One of the hardest lessons I ever learned is this: people generally are not appreciative of the things in life they get for free. If someone is given a gift they did not work for, plan for, sweat for or sacrifice for they are less inclined to see its intrinsic value. The fact that he has these children who are not just appreciative of him and all he has given them, but strive and work to make him proud of them, speaks to not only to their character. It also speaks to the character of the man who taught them to appreciate what they were gifted with.

    Therein in a nutshell is what is now wrong with our country. We have millions and millions of people who want more of what they have not earned and there is no appreciation of where it comes from.

    Character. It is all about character.

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