The Wrath Of Khizr Khan: The Polls And @RealDonaldTrump

The “medium is the message”. That angry Khan at the Dim convention? He helped Trump. The polls? We’ll look at those today then discuss why the Dim convention was a fail and why Trump does so well.

Recently, in our comments section, the full perfidy of Reuters and its polls was discussed. On Twitter some carried our analysis forth:

To summarize our analysis, the Reuters poll, as with most election “reportage” by Reuters, skews dramatically against Donald J. Trump. Reuters has confessed that it’s polls have been skewed against Trump, although even in that confession they lie. Reuters wrote, Reuters/Ipsos poll probably underreported Trump’s support before the Republican convention, perhaps by 3 to 5 percentage points. The canny poll watcher M. Joseph Sheppard notes that as late as July 14 Reuters reported Trump was behind Hillary Clinton by 15 points whereas Reuters claimed 12 points. The claim by Reuters that Trump support was “underreported” only 3-5 points is a further lie.

The Treehouse Last Refuge picked up and regurgitated our analysis. Our analysis is exactly correct. Reuters pushed its sleazy polls as gospel, even as the massive outlier skew made a joke out of the poll averages. Only when the Reuters phony polls began to, allegedly, help Donald J. Trump did Reuters dramatically confess it had to change the poll methodology. When Trump was hurt by the phony polls, Reuters ho-hum-ed. When Trump was allegedly helped, it was an all points alarm need to change the poll methodology.

After the latest “fix”, Reuters happily issued a new poll with Trump once again behind. Reuters is a horses behind. Reuters is not to be believed and its polls should not be included in poll averages in any honest amalgamation of polls. But even with the new Reuters poll skewing the average, Trump at worst is tied – 44.3 to 44.3 (except that when third party candidates are included, Trump is ahead).

There are plenty of outliar polls. Last Thursday the Suffolk poll declared Trump was 9 points behind in Pennsylvania. That same poll placed Republican Senate incumbent Toomey 7 points behind his challenger. In 14 polls taken in the Pennsylvania Senate race, Toomey has led in 12 polls. Conclusion? The Suffolk poll is garbage.

So what is going on with the polls? Trump hater or at least skeptic, Sean Trende gets and gives a clue:

Back in the summer of 2015, when Donald Trump rode down the escalator in Trump Tower, the debate was not about whether he would win the Republican nomination, much less the presidency. It was about whether he would even file his papers. He did.

The debate quickly coalesced around how many weeks he would last. Weeks turned into months, as he quickly took the lead in the polls. The debate then shifted to how soon he would become this cycle’s Herman Cain, who led in the polls briefly in 2011 before collapsing, followed by confident predictions about why his insensitive comments about Megyn Kelly, John McCain and a variety of minority groups would lead to his downfall. At the end of 2015, he had led in the polls for months. [snip]

As we moved into the primary season, we debated just how low the ceiling on his poll numbers would be, why he would begin to lose as candidates dropped out, why his continued losses in debates (in the eyes of pundits) would tank his chances of winning, why his followers wouldn’t show up to vote, how various states wouldn’t prove to be well-suited for him, and so forth. [snip]

Since Trump’s nomination, we’ve heard that Hillary Clinton would wrap up the race after Trump’s comment about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, or after Sanders endorsed Clinton, or after Trump’s supposedly disastrous convention. We’ve heard about how he is effectively stuck at 40 percent in the polls and would have a hard time pulling ahead.

Now we are in the post-convention phase of the campaign. Trump leads by .2 percent in the RCP Average and has cleared 44 percent of the vote. FiveThirtyEight gives Trump a 46.1 percent chance of winning overall and a 54.5 percent chance of winning on Election Day, if things look then the way they do today. Yet we continue to hear arguments as to why he just won’t win: She’ll move into the lead after her convention, or after the debates, or when people go into the polls and have a final soul-searching moment.

At a certain point, the goalposts have got to stop moving. It should be obvious by this point that, yes, there really is a winning Trump coalition with a non-trivial chance of coming together. I don’t think the evidence compels a conclusion that Trump is going to win, but the fact that he really might do so strikes me as undeniable.

Nevertheless, echoing the commentary about the Brexit vote in England, there seems to be vehement resistance to serious suggestions that Trump might emerge victorious. Even among analysts who concede there’s a real chance Trump can win, almost all of them seem to think Clinton will eventually pull it out. This is the equivalent of everyone concluding that the opening possession in a game is determined by a coin toss, but then unanimously declaring that the coin will come up heads. [snip]

The point here is not that Trump is guaranteed to win. Clinton maintains a large advertising and organizational advantage over Trump. But she has already dumped $50 million in unanswered advertising on his head, with little movement in the polls. [snip]

No one really knows where the race is going to be in a week, to say nothing of where it will be in November. What I do know is that if you still don’t believe Trump has a very real chance of winning this, you are deeply in denial.

Trump skeptic Dylan Byers picks up on the question of gamblers and “the odds” of Trump winning:

Why Playing the Odds Underestimates Trump’s Chances

The first error, unconscious rounding, happens when someone sees a probability greater than 50 percent and rounds it up to a near certainty or looks at a probability under 50 percent and treats it as a near impossibility. For example, about a month ago I thought Trump had about a 25 percent chance of winning the general election (with the caveat that these probabilities change over time). When I told my Clinton-supporting friends this, they often reacted with sighs of relief, believing Trump was toast if he only had a one-in-four chance of winning.

But events with a 25 percent chance happen all the time. Flip two coins — if both come up heads, you’ve seen an event with a 25 percent probability happen right in front of you. So if a model says Trump has a 40 percent chance of winning, it’s important not to round that down mentally and feel comfortable about the prospects of a Clinton win. A 40 percent chance means a Trump victory is more likely than rolling a one or a two with a six-sided die, and I doubt very many readers would feel comfortable betting something important on the prospect of rolling less than three on a six-sided die.

Second, people forget that presidential elections aren’t blackjack — there are no repeated trials. To see why this matters, suppose you have a blackjack strategy that gives you a 51 percent chance of winning each hand. If you sit at the table all night, you’ll lose a lot of hands. But over the course of the night your winnings should slowly accumulate, and you’ll eventually be able to walk away from the table richer. In other words, over time, you should feel quite comfortable that you’ll come out ahead.

But a 51 percent chance of victory means something very different with a single test. Imagine that you have the same strategy, but that you only get one hand and you’re forced to go all in on it. Suddenly, your 51 percent strategy isn’t so helpful – you’d likely be very concerned about losing everything. In fact, a strategy that has a 55 percent or 60 percent chance of success wouldn’t be very comforting either. Even with those odds, it would be very easy to lose a single hand, and lose everything you owned.

That’s why a 55 or 60 percent chance of winning shouldn’t be too comforting to Clinton or her supporters — this election will only happen once. Clinton and Trump only get to play one hand, and they’re both all in.

The odds and the “maths” as Karl Rove bragged about, are not something we particularly care about. We care more about the zeitgeist and positioning. Not “positions” positioning. Trump has positioned himself as the CHANGE candidate in a change election and Hillary Clinton is positioned by herself and her campaign as the Obama Third Term. Trump is positioned well. Hillary with all her many “position papers” and toilet paper issues is positioned badly.

* * * * * *

Lately we quote mainly from Trump haters because even they realize how stupid they are and how badly positioned they are in their #NeverTrump crazy crusade. Trump hater Ben Domenech:

Do The Democrats Realize They Could Lose? [snip]

They are making a similar mistake to those of Trump’s primary opponents – they don’t realize that Trump is a different kind of candidate, and the normal anti-Republican playbook just doesn’t work on him.

Over at Trump hater central, the National Review, the fire bells are ringing louder than a Judy Garland musical. Trump will win say the #NeverTrump:

Hillary Clinton has outspent Donald Trump in unprecedented fashion. Her endorsements bury Trump’s. The Obama administration is doing its best to restore her viability. The media are outdoing their 2008 liberal prejudices. And yet in John Connally delegate fashion, Clinton’s vast expenditures of $100 million plus have so far earned her only a tiny, if any, lead in most recent polls. If each point of approval is calibrated by dollars spent, Trump’s fly-by-night campaign is ahead. [snip]

Pollsters, gamers, insiders — everyone, really — have written his political epitaph for over a year. Rarely have conservative voices at mainstream-media outlets vowed not to support the Republican nominee. And yet the longer he stays viable, the more likely it is that Trump has a real chance at winning the presidency, which may already be a veritable 50/50 proposition. So why is the supposedly impossible at least now imaginable?

1. Not a Typical Populist [snip]

By any definition, Trump is not a classical populist. His traction derives from opposing unchecked and cynical illegal immigration, not diverse and measured legal immigration. And he is rebelling not so much against a flabby, sclerotic status quo as against a radical, even revolutionary regime of elites who are now well beyond accustomed norms. It is hardly radical to oppose the Confederate doctrine of legal nullification in more than 300 sanctuary cities, or a de facto open border with Mexico, or doubling the national debt in eight years, or ruining the nation’s health-care system with the most radical reconstruction in the history of American health-care policy, or systematically running huge trade deficits with an autocratic China that does not adhere to international norms of free trade and predicates expanding political and military power in the South China Sea on its commercial mercantilism. [snip]

2. Obama Nihilism

Do not underestimate the volatility of Barack Obama’s popularity. As long as Obama keeps silent and out of the limelight, he nears 50 percent in approval ratings. The moment he returns to the fray (and he always does, as a June bug to a patio light), he instinctively reverts to his natural divisive and polarizing self, as evidenced in his disastrous reactions to the Dallas police shootings, and his politically suicidal post-Dallas courting of Al Sharpton (who used to call on supporters to “off” police) and of the architects of Black Lives Matter. It is likely that Obama, to cement a hard progressive legacy in the next four months, will only double down on his gratuitous pandering, and therefore will see his poll numbers return to the low or mid-40s. That may help Trump seem an antidote rather than an obsequious continuance.

3. Two Sorts of Elitists [snip]

The popular furor is not directed at the rich per se, but rather at the perception of cultural snobbishness and hypocrisy among those who romanticize the always-distant poor, as they favor the always-proximate rich, and caricature the despised middle class that lacks the taste of the latter and the appeal of the former. Trump’s in-your-face tastes and brashness are vulgar in the pure Roman sense, and his accent and demeanor are not those of the cultural elite, or even of the dignified Mitt Romney–type moneyed bluestockings. In contrast, Hillary, like Obama, talks down to Americans on how they ought to think, speak, and act. Trump seems to like them just as they are.

Victor Davis Hanson accurately describes the atmospherics and the positioning this election cycle. For instance, Trump doesn’t have to “win” the black vote. All Trump has to do is keep his black support strong enough to simply stay home and not vote for Hillary Clinton. A “meh” black voter who does not vote is all Trump need to spell disaster for Hillary2016. Hillary Clinton needs a massive black turnout and a massive black turnout vote for her. This will be difficult. As we have long argued, Obama’s “coalition” is a cult of personality that cannot be transferred. That’s why in 2010 and 2014 Democrats were slaughtered at the ballot box. VDH advances his argument to the election itself:

4. Election Formulas

It is not assured that Clinton can replicate Obama’s formula of record-high minority-voter turnout and bloc voting. More importantly, in a few key states Trump may win 25 to 28 percent of the Latino vote and perhaps 10 percent of the black vote, while Clinton might not capture even 35 percent of the so-called white vote. A surprisingly high minority of blacks and Hispanics do not feel Trump is a nativist or xenophobe, given that illegal immigration is often perceived as putting a strain on scarce social services, imperiling already poor schools, and driving down both wages and the availability of entry-level jobs. Trump’s El Jefeism plays well when juxtaposed to Clinton’s suburban namby-pamby falsity or her unhinged demonization of coal miners and gun owners. The numbers of minority voters in key states who quietly vote Trump need not be great, but rather only must top by 2 or 3 percentage points the disastrous McCain and Romney levels of 2008 and 2012, given the likely historic percentage of white voters that Trump may win. Media elites are in denial over this possibility. [snip]

5. Crimes and Misdemeanors [snip]

That she was not charged only made the FBI seem absurd: offering a damning hooved, horned, pitchforked, and forked-tailed portrait of someone mysteriously not a denizen of Hell. Add in the Clinton Foundation syndicate and the fact that lies are lies and often do not fade so easily, and Hillary in the next 15 weeks may average one “liar” and “crooked” disclosure each week — at a rate that even the Trump tax returns and Trump University cannot keep up with.

6. Four Months until the Election

The tumultuous news cycle — Dallas, Paris, Turkey, Baton Rouge — creates anxieties and a general sense that the nation and indeed the world are in chaos — and without any guidance from the White House. Such a vague foreboding that something has to give to avert catastrophe may favor Trump abroad and at home — especially if he can muzzle himself in times of enormous gift-giving from the Clinton campaign. Obama is a lame-duck president who is perceived as weak, vacillating, and ambiguous about his own country’s role in the world — a world that includes Russia, ISIS, China, North Korea, and Iran. The odds are even that at least one of the above in the next few months will feel that it has a rare opportunity to readjust the regional status quo, or at least will have a psychological impetus to try something stupid to humiliate Obama and the U.S. as payback for seven years of his empty sanctimoniousness. Either way, Trump could benefit, given that Hillary is a perceived tool of Obama’s therapeutic foreign policy. Tragically, at home, in the next few months ISIS may re-emerge, and racial relations are not likely to ameliorate, as Hillary straddles a politically correct tiger that she can neither dismount nor safely ride. [snip]

7. Extremism [snip]

It may well be that voters would prefer a brash-talking pragmatist to sober and judicious ideologues. Sloppy talk about temporarily limiting immigration from the Middle East is not so injurious as contrived efforts never to utter the phrase “radical Islam.” Clinton, Obama, and Sanders have moved the Democratic party radically to the left; Trump in some areas has pushed the Republican party to the center. The voter terrified of ISIS, record debt, the spiraling cost of his health care, perceived U.S. decline, and the seemingly violent racial Balkanization of the country — but not terrified of gay marriage or tough trade talks with China — may find Clinton, not Trump, the true radical.

8. Polls

If the polls are off a bit in this warped election year, they are more likely to err on Hillary’s side. [snip]

9. Converts and Apostates

The relative closeness of polling in key swing states already suggests that the Reagan Democrats and other Trump converts may either be more numerous than the Never Trump establishment or at least more numerous outside of coastal, and electorally irrelevant, blue states like California and New York — and thus more significant as swing-state adjudicators. In addition, traditional media, in which Never Trump views are most frequently aired, are themselves growing ossified and do not reach voters to the same degree as outlets like the Drudge Report, Breitbart News, and talk radio. [snip]

10. The Screech-Owl Factor

For all his lack of discipline, the media-seasoned Trump is still the better and more robust campaigner. [snip]

Heartfelt recklessness can sometimes wear better than packaged sobriety.

* * *

Finally, it is suicidal to descend into the muck to battle Trump. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz all tried and failed, despite the fact that they had every moral justification in hitting back in like kind. [snip]

Brawlers know the rules of the street far better than establishmentarians. [snip]

Ask the trash-talking Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg if she came out on top in dueling with Trump — or whether she virtually destroyed a quarter-century’s reputation in minutes and ended up no better than an elderly version of Rosie O’Donnell in a Supreme Court Justice costume.

Throw in the “secret vote” we have described in the 2010 and 2014 elections in the United States; as well as the elections throughout Europe, most recently the Brexit vote, and the “secret vote” looms large:

Liberal pollster Celinda Lake is warning of a “secret Trump vote” which she discerned from differences between automated and live surveys conducted for the general election match-up.

“The pattern is in the online surveys, even if you control for demographics, Trump does three to nine points better than in telephone surveys,” Lake said in an interview with the Washington Examiner. She also believes that there are many blue-collar white voters who typically don’t vote in elections who might be interested in supporting Trump’s unconventional Republican campaign.

Lake’s concerns are important in the light of an extensive analysis by the New York Times which found that exit polling techniques significantly underestimate the number of lower-middle class white Americans and that they are much more important to Democrats than less comprehensive research had indicated. According to the Times report, these “missing white voters” tend to be younger, less religious, and lean Democratic.

We’ve spoken to our Bern-out friends. The Bernie Sanders supporters we spoke with really, really, hate Hillary. Those Bern-outs we spoke with were rabid Obama fans in 2008 and less so in 2012. But in 2016 they still hate Hillary. Others have spoken with the Bern-outs, with same results:

Today I met the mythical, Trump supporting Bernie Bro [snip]

Then I saw two young men – I’m guessing late twenties – lighting up cigarettes by the wall a ways down from the entrance and I overheard one of them saying, I decided today. I don’t care anymore. I’m going with Trump.

The guy had some Bernie stickers and that definitely caught my attention, so I approached and introduced myself. I asked if he would mind if I asked a few quick questions. (No. No problem.) I also asked if I could use his name and/or get a picture. (Nope. Don’t need that kind of trouble.) After confirming that he was a Bernie supporter and alternate delegate, I got down to business.

Was he not giving any consideration to voting for Hillary? Nope. Never intended to vote for Hillary, wasn’t going to change now. [snip]

I’m not worried. We’ll get by like we always do no matter who wins. As for Donald Trump, I know this sounds bad but… I really just want to see what happens.”

In 1992, Americans decided to take a chance on a little known Arkansas governor with a shady personal life, for president. Americans were fed up and wanted CHANGE. Bill Clinton won.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton is the “stay the course” candidate, the Obama Third Term calamity Jane.

Which brings us to the Wrath of Khan and the stupidity of Hillary2016. The DNC convention was a calamity Big Media describes as a great success. But Big Media should reread McLuhan. “The Medium is the Message.”

At the DNC the attempt was made to label Donald J. Trump as some sort of lunatic. The DNC, to orgasms from Big Media, dragged a Muslim on stage to attack Trump. The Muslim lost his American soldier son and baited Trump. But anyone with eyes watching teleVISION was disgusted. Our comments section offers an explanation:

Lu4PUMA, you hit on the reason why the wrath of Khan played to Trump’s strength. Once again we repeat, “the medium is the message”. Most voters who witnessed Khan’s temper tantrum took two lessons from the appearance. Lesson 1, Khan was angry and that just confirms the bias of Muslims as angry. Lesson 2, Khan’s wife covered up in shame as Islam does to women.

The “medium” is television. The message is what you saw, not what they said. What was seen? An angry Muslim male and his silent covered up unhappy woman property.

We’ll end our polling discussion with Hillary Clinton supporter Doug Schoen:

Hillary Clinton, Underdog
Even after Philadelphia, the momentum of the race to the White House points in Trump’s direction.

After what even critics said was a highly effective Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton appears to have emerged as . . . the underdog. [snip]

The 2016 election is trending toward Donald Trump. [snip]

This is pretty astounding, considering that Clinton & Co. has spent $57 million on ads thus far—$25 million from the campaign and $32 million from super PACs. Team Trump has put up only $3.6 million in ads, all from outside groups.

Hillary Clinton as underdog is a consequence of the disastrous decision to run as the Obama Third Term. Two thirds of the country believes we are on the wrong track. The Obama economy is a mess. Crime continues to rise. Police officers are targets of the racist Black Lives Matter thugs the Hillary Clinton campaign embraces. Muslim terrorists rampage across the European continent in an expanding war sure to once again scorch America. Yet the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign host an angry Muslim to attack Donald J. Trump.

As November elections approach 100 days hence, Americans will vote their own wrath against Barack Obama, the Obama Third Term, and the modern day Khans.


169 thoughts on “The Wrath Of Khizr Khan: The Polls And @RealDonaldTrump

  1. Another bit of foolishness from the Hillary2016 campaign is the line of attack from Tim Kaine.

    Tim Kaine in his speech and campaign appearances today (alongside Hillary and Bill Clinton) continues with a silly conceit that helps Trump.

    Tim Kaine says “do you want a president that says “you’re fired” or a president that says “you’re hired”‘. This is foolish.

    Tim Kaine unwittingly plays to two Trump strengths. #1: People are familiar with Trump from his successful “reality” show in which Trump is a chief executive hiring an “apprentice”. That’s the job a president does, hire good people for a job that needs doing.

    #2: Trump hires people. Trump hires a lot of people. Trump creates jobs.

  2. The Economist reveals itself in an attack on Trump:

    The new political divide
    Farewell, left versus right. The contest that matters now is open against closed

    The conventions highlighted a new political faultline: not between left and right, but between open and closed (see article). Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, summed up one side of this divide with his usual pithiness. “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo,” he declared. His anti-trade tirades were echoed by the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party.

    America is not alone. Across Europe, the politicians with momentum are those who argue that the world is a nasty, threatening place, and that wise nations should build walls to keep it out. Such arguments have helped elect an ultranationalist government in Hungary and a Polish one that offers a Trumpian mix of xenophobia and disregard for constitutional norms. Populist, authoritarian European parties of the right or left now enjoy nearly twice as much support as they did in 2000, and are in government or in a ruling coalition in nine countries. So far, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has been the anti-globalists’ biggest prize: the vote in June to abandon the world’s most successful free-trade club was won by cynically pandering to voters’ insular instincts, splitting mainstream parties down the middle.

    News that strengthens the anti-globalisers’ appeal comes almost daily. On July 26th two men claiming allegiance to Islamic State slit the throat of an 85-year-old Catholic priest in a church near Rouen. It was the latest in a string of terrorist atrocities in France and Germany. The danger is that a rising sense of insecurity will lead to more electoral victories for closed-world types. This is the gravest risk to the free world since communism. Nothing matters more than countering it.

    The Economist thinks “the gravest risk to the free world” is nationalism, not terrorism, not Islam’s soft invasion of the West. Obama thinks the gravest threat is “climate change”. John Kerry thinks it is air conditioners. Then they wonder why Trump wins.

  3. So a WikiLeaks online poll (I saw it and voted on Twitter) has 117,000 responses and you were not allowed to vote more than once. The results: Trump 50%, Clinton 22%, Stein 16%, and Johnson 12%.


  4. Admin, she’s a kid, Obama’s daughter. I think like most of us, she will regret a few things in her youth.

  5. Something else Reuters/Ipsos is talking about is the sample.
    394 men sampled
    648 women sampled

    Of course it shows Clinton in the lead…………..a real sampling should have been

    51% women and 49% men


    63% women and 37% men

  6. I agree with Gonzotx. Unless the children become overt political operatives, the Obama daughters are still covered by children-of-the-politician immunity. They are going to do everything teenagers and young adults do and don’t deserve to be be destroyed because of who their parents are. We are better than that. Period.

  7. gonzotx
    July 30, 2016 at 6:29 pm
    I believe they are 15 and 18 years old and that looks like the older one. She knows her father is POTUS. Have you now become an Obama defender?

    If Hillary was her parent, there would be a rabid attack.


    1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt

    Some 7,000 armed police with heavy vehicles have surrounded and blocked the Incirlik air base in Adana used by NATO forces, already restricted in the aftermath of a failed coup. Unconfirmed reports say troops were sent to deal with a new coup attempt.

    The failure of the first coup attempt are easy to discern. No coup attempt should be made without the Air Force. A coup attempt should always kill the leader. Erdogan should have been killed along with his entire family, children, babies, everyone in his family. We don’t believe in this “we are better than that” nonsense. It’s kill or be killed.

    Same in domestic politics. Chelsea was mocked as a little child, as was Amy Carter, because their parents hid behind the kids (much less so with Chelsea). No one uses his kids more than Obama to hide behind. Recently during a terrorist attack Obama was late to speak about he veered into a long discussion about how his daughter was off to college.

    If young Barron does anything wrong the attacks from Big Media and the Dims will come swiftly. In fact, there were plenty of nasty things said about the boy and his appearance during the balloon drop in Cleveland. Some very nasty things we won’t repeat.

    Btw, how old was Monica?

    Is Chelsea immune still, now that she has campaigned with her mom since 2008? You know, worked for a hedge fund, husband ran a dubious losing hedge fund.

  9. admin
    July 30, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    What do you think the MSM response would be if Ivanka or Tiffany had done the same?

  10. Children are a reflection of their parents, and the behavior of Obama’s daughters speak volumes about him and Moose.

  11. We’ve spoken to our Bern-out friends. The Bernie Sanders supporters we spoke with really, really, hate Hillary. Those Bern-outs we spoke with were rabid Obama fans in 2008

    This anecdote is in line with my comment a few days ago – in 2008 as obots they benefitted from the DNC cheating to elevate their candidate over Hillary. In 2016 that DNC cheating was used to benefit Hillary over their new candidate, Sanders. So the cheating was okay with them in 2008…. but now not so much.

    And on the other side of the equation, Hillary didn’t appreciate the cheating in 2008, but it fits into her ethics just fine when it benefits her in 2016……

  12. Lu 7:42 pm

    You are unhinged. I have never said anything about Chelsea. .
    It gives me great pleasure to show the world that you are on the edge of the abyss. ..

  13. Well Admin, I don’t agree about kids, but your right Chelsea is an adult now, with all the window dressings, going around speaking and promoting for her mother, which she did in 2008 I might add.
    In the time of old they indeed killed the entire family, nothing like a young boy, or girl, growing up and storming the castle with an army to avenge his family and claim what is rightfully gis.

  14. Tony,

    There are times children are not a reflection of their parents. Sometimes you can try everthing, give everthing and they they follow a different path, unfortunately, sometimes a horrible path.
    I admit with an intact family chances are better, but life and humans are made of strange stuff sometimes.
    I’m sure you know a few heartbroken families.

  15. I will say this Tony, I saw Moose twerking, our First Lady twerking in public, and not once. Nastiest dance ever invented, along with walking the dog…don’t get me started.

    She is an awful first lady, the worst we have ever had.
    I believe 173 days…

  16. Admin:

    Hillary Clinton as underdog is a consequence of the disastrous decision to run as the Obama Third Term. Two thirds of the country believes we are on the wrong track. The Obama economy is a mess. Crime continues to rise. Police officers are targets of the racist Black Lives Matter thugs the Hillary Clinton campaign embraces. Muslim terrorists rampage across the European continent in an expanding war sure to once again scorch America. Yet the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign host an angry Muslim to attack Donald J. Trump.
    Superb succinct, and spot on.

    And the sheer forces are so strong,

    And so likely to intensify

    As wiki leaks, etc. peels back the layers of the onion

    That there will come a point where they cannot cheat their way out of this

    And then their only alternative is a Reichstag Fire

    Because if Britain and the US pawn fall off the globalist chess board

    And Frau Merkel fails to batten down the hatches

    The project is finished.

  17. The odds and the “maths” as Karl Rove bragged about, are not something we particularly care about. We care more about the zeitgeist and positioning. Not “positions” positioning. Trump has positioned himself as the CHANGE candidate in a change election and Hillary Clinton is positioned by herself and her campaign as the Obama Third Term. Trump is positioned well. Hillary with all her many “position papers” and toilet paper issues is positioned badly.
    Not math–momentum.

    Momentum is the key to success in any competitive contest.

    It comes from studying the battlefield, seeing the weakness of the other side, and positioning yourself to exploit them.

    Stay the course in a change election can only generate negative momentum.

    It is, in that sense, a self inflicted wound.

  18. That Obama kid wants attention. The only way she knows how to get it is to yank her skirt up and shake her ass. That is not a good ad for her very expensive school or “classy” parents. It is quite sad really. She can work in cable television (Girls, etc) or maybe some of her dad’s friends rap videos in her gap year. They should have paid more attention to her instead of pawning her off on grandma. I hope she grows out of it.

  19. Khizr Khan. The man with no country. Or culture. Betwixt and between he doesn’t really fit in anywhere and his son was his hope to fit into this one. Khan was an elite from Pakistan. His family were once wealthy landowners, merchants, traders, money lenders, religious leaders, elites in the Punjab and then the British came. His Khan clan was beaten, then cooperated, got more power and money, did well and then the Seventh Century came back and pushed them out or killed them with radical backward ignorant savage Muslims. He and his came to the US instead of the UK. To stay alive. He and his clan, the Khan’s, decided his son was going the military route as their forefathers had for the British, or maybe this son was not the greatest student but was brave and stalwart. But his son got killed by the same general monsters who ran them out of Pakistan probably. Fate is cruel and Khan curses it and casts blame. His son was not drafted. This was his son’s free choice and all career paths have dangers. This is an angry and remorseful father.

  20. I would surmise that since Obama doesn’t respect the office or the position he holds, that his children also don’t respect their own position as “first children”, don’t appreciate the gravity or their role-model position. I agree they are young (but 18 isn’t really so young), but they haven’t been taught a lot I think. Even as children, in public, they represent the office of the presidency.

    I can remember in many situations as a child having our class told on a field trip, “remember, you’re representing our school”. Sports team, 4-H, later employment. Almost 8 years and they haven’t been told I guess. Being immature is one thing, but in public, and for a camera? Should have known better. Certainly it ‘s not the end of the world. But the implications are telling, IMO. I do think it has to do with Obama not respecting the office or the country.

  21. Come on 18,I was nuts. I may not have been flashing my body, but really, adolescents is the hallmark of acting out.
    Was it smart? No, but I think many of you are reading a touch into it
    Nothing compared to 50 year old mama first lady twerking in my opinion.
    Hopefully they will grow up to be better role models than their parents someday.

  22. I guess the busy Obama defender cannot connect the behavior of the 18-year-old daughter to the behavior of the 50-year-old mamma.

  23. The other day I heard some cheap pundit refer to Trump as The Con Man from Queens and realized just how pervasive the problem is with the club that 99.9% of us do not belong to. No, Trump is not a member either. My Mother was from Queens too.

    And I think that exclusion extends to the Clintons. Sure, they are as corrupt as any, but the scrutiny that corruption is way beyond anything that members are subject to. Look at the Bushes with their multi-generational crime family.

    And that guy who authored “Hillary’s America” was interviewed and expressed the opinion that Obama is not anything so bad as they are, just an ideologue. Well, who shot Bill Gwatney? Maybe it was the scum that crawled out of the pits of Shitcago? I guess he had not hear about the “serial killer” who took out all those gay men there to clean him up. D’Souza is either stupid or serves some special interest.

    And I am so fed up with the Obama protectors here who are dumping BO’s garbage on Clinton and promoting animosity against Hillary. THEY deserve President Moose. Too bad for the rest of us and the country.

  24. No one protects obama here, you do seem to make excuses for the Clintons however …but if your unhappy, you have choices.

  25. Foxy, I did…it use to work, I wouldn’t have a problem, I don’t get it, but so be it, small thing in this world in reality.
    Would be nice though..

  26. Tony,

    Az, his and her unfavorable ‘s still high, but his coming down. Wish I knew breakdown of Sex’s…

  27. This article is great. It reads like an obituary, for those who richly deserve one, lest their vile deeds be forgotten. And then, as part of the ritual, we can all piss on their graves.

    Who’s Worse: Trump’s Neo-Nazis or Clinton’s Press?

    In this Rodin-vs-Godzilla election, the best I can hope for is to see my enemies discomfited before I watch my country get destroyed. So the question is not: which candidate do I like better, the man who has never read the Constitution, or the woman who has read it and swears to destroy it?

    The question is: which group of evil thugs would I prefer to watch reeling in shock and horror as the results come in? Who is worse and more deserving of punishment: the white supremacist, anti-semitic neo-Nazis of the alt-Right who spew their inner filth at anyone who attacks their hero Trump, or Scott Pelley, David Muir, Wolf Blitzer, Dean Baquet and the rest of the leftist news media who spew their pro-Hillary lies at the dwindling audiences willing to listen to and believe them?

    The answer seems obvious: the journalists are worse than the neo-Nazis.

    The alt-Right are irritating scum, but for three reasons they don’t bother me much.

    Ah, but the pompous, corrupt, blandly dishonest lowlifes of our mainstream press: They are powerful, well-paid, and respected by the ignorant, no small tribe. Their just desserts have yet to be served. For them to watch Trump get elected president would be only a small taste of the hell they so richly deserve.

    Their job is to tell the truth and they lie. Every day, every newscast, every newspaper edition. They lie to support Democrats and denigrate Republicans. They lie by omission, by emphasis, and sometimes outright. They take the powerful tools given them to disperse information to a free people, and use them instead in the service of their party and their bad ideas.

    Conyers: Hillary Should Have Press Conferences ‘All The Time’

    It would be difficult to condemn them for relentlessly attacking Trump if they hadn’t done the same thing to far, far better men like Mitt Romney and George W. Bush — and indeed to every Republican who has run for office since Reagan shocked them all with both his popularity and his success. But to watch them use Trump’s faults to distract their audience from the economic, military and social failures of the Obama presidency and to elevate to respectability a greedy, conniving, lying crone like Hillary Clinton, all while pretending that they are reporting the news fair and square — this is more than the moral mind should be forced to contemplate.

    Nothing exemplifies their criminal behavior more than their treatment of the Tea Party. These ordinary Americans who sought to express their support for lower taxes and Constitutional governance were relentlessly portrayed as racist and violent by the media, while the sins of the racist and violent Occupy movement were relentlessly omitted and disguised. And when the Obama administration, at the president’s instigation, used the IRS and the Justice Department to bully and intimidate these good people into silence, the media let the scandal fade, let the president lie, let evil-doers like Lois Lerner walk away largely unscathed. Obama’s actions were worse than anything Richard Nixon ever thought of doing, and the media treated it like a bagatelle.

    The media’s treatment of the Tea Party was the ugliest case of scattershot slander since McCarthy. It was a war of the few against the many, the elite against the people, the ruling class against the Constitution or, to put it in political terms, the socialists against those who would be free.

    If the people should decide to elect Donald Trump president only as an act of retaliation against the well-dressed, well-spoken, well-paid, well-educated trash that is our journalist class, it will serve the journalists right. And to watch Pelley, Muir, Blitzer, Paquet and the rest have their reams of lies crumpled up and shoved back down their throats, to see them get their heads buried in the ordure of their own deceit, to have the opportunity to spit on the upturned heels of their expensive shoes before they sink into the dung — well, at least it will provide me with a fleeting moment of laughter in these, the waning days of our republic.

  28. Hmm, wbb.
    Parts of it to be sure,,but his description of Trump, not so much.

    You are so right!

  29. gonzotx
    July 31, 2016 at 11:37 am
    All the men in white coats and medications in the world will not hide your lies. You have been defending BO by deceitfully placing all the blame on Hillary Clinton that you can for all his failed policies and practices.

    That is a strategy that Admin has frequently said her opposition could effectively use to defeat her. And even her own participation in supporting the perception makes it none the less a lie.

    If I want propaganda, I’ll turn on my TV. You have changed nothing with your deceit.

  30. Lu,

    Ha ha ha, you are the 8th wonder of the blog.
    You really need a check up.
    Your delusions are becoming indefensible.
    There are medications that do wonders for that…something in the antipsychotic category I think.
    Maybe a bit of Seroquel.

  31. gonzotx
    July 31, 2016 at 1:54 pm
    Well gee, who could argue with such a well thought out rebuttal?

    The kind that liars make.

  32. There you go again Lu. ..

    Is there anyone at home that can drive you to the ER, or have you run everyone off with your dazzling personality.

  33. Ok everyone,I know you don’t come here to read personal insults thrown between bloggers, so I will give my word that I will not respond further to any accusations today. Today is a day of rest and hopefully peace, right? And further more, I will give the old college try Monday through Saturday

    I won’t lie, I find it hilarious, but that’s me.

  34. Lu4PUMA
    July 31, 2016 at 1:28 pm
    July 31, 2016 at 11:37 am
    All the men in white coats and medications in the world will not hide your lies. You have been defending BO by deceitfully placing all the blame on Hillary Clinton that you can for all his failed policies and practices.
    Lu…that’s just a bizarre accusation. Are you channeling Shadow? BO and HRC are one in the same anymore. They have become interchangeable. There is no defending HRC. Frankly she’s one more stroke away from the white coats herself.

  35. Outris
    July 31, 2016 at 2:34 pm
    Hillary has not been in office since 2013 and during her term as SOS, who was really setting the failed policies? Yet you so easily buy in to the perceptions created by the MSM and Hillary opponents.

    A free pass for Barack Obama at Hillary’s expense will put a Moose in the Whitehouse.

  36. Much of what HRC did (or failed to do) during her term has come to light and to fruition in the four years since she has left office as SOS. It is her lack of judgment that has helped lead to the destabilization of the Middle East. She supported the Iraq war as a senator. It is Hillary, that wants to expand the policies that BO put in place. Just look at her platform. She has done nothing to speak out about the atrocities to women in Europe and the Middle East. All of the above has been pointed out many times by Admin over the past year

    But I guess you’re right, we are all misguided and should give her the benefit of the doubt because she’s a woman. Nobody is giving BO a free pass. By the same token Call mama neither should we give Hillary a free pass.She is a liar, a criminal,a globalist and not fit for office.

  37. Ha ha, no idea where the call mama came from. Sometimes text-to-speech does weird things 🙂 🙂 🙂

  38. Outris,

    Yes you have given BO a free pass. You cannot put it on Hillary without doing so.

    I think Donald Trump has been amazing. There are plenty of positive ways to promote him. I think it is a mistake to spin BO’s BS and pin in on Hillary to promote him. Not only is it dishonest, it is likely to help spawn President Moose.

    If Trump does not make it, what candidate is there who is not a liar, a criminal and a globalist? Who do you want to win the war between the Obama’s and the Clinton’s? I still love my old DNC from before it was the ODNC. I cannot be a Republican.

    In 2008 I looked at Hillary, who I do very much like, and considered that she reflected about 60% of my views and could deliver at 50% so I might get 30% of what I needed. All the others were at 0%.

    I cannot promise you that Hillary 2008 is the real deal and Hillary 2016 is the phony, but it is what I believe. Her supporters could not get her the nomination so she is pandering to those who can. I believe that what she will do when she get’s in to office, is that she will be Hillary.

    So I will support Trump, but limit my attacks on Hillary. Admin does that just fine and I would follow that lead with a few choice comments about my disappointments in her. But the over the top stuff with BO’s BS is not beneficial.

  39. That was a superb interview, foxy. His response to every loaded question began with an indictment of the interviewer for being a stooge for the democrat campaign, and it ended by obliterating the big media narrative. Game, set, match, Manafort. Chuckie cheese is a pre pubescent robotic embarrassment to the profession of journalism.

    The winning formula for handling big media is thus revealed:

    first, kick them in the balls

    second, grab them by the nose

    third, redefine the question

    fourth, give them an answer that destroys their talking point

    fifth, remain calm while they panic

  40. If its an answer he wants, I will gladly give him one.

    2008 is not 2015.

    So go to hell.

    I cannot bring myself to leave you “pending”.

    (email this morning)

    wbboei —

    The event in Seattle is coming up!

    We can’t wait for you to join fellow Democrats in your community as we come together to help Hillary and other Democrats win!!

    Here are the details:

    WHAT: Seattle #StrongerTogether Phonebank with Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
    WHEN: Sunday, July 31st
    05:00 pm – 08:00 pm
    WHERE: 3300 E Union St
    Seattle, Washington 98122

    Yes, I’ll be there!

    I can’t make it, but keep me in the loop!*

    From the very beginning, we knew that this election was going to be tough and that we had to do the work necessary to talk to voters one-on-one about the issues that matter — from ending the gun violence epidemic in this country, to raising incomes so American families can get ahead and stay there.

    We need your help. Be a part of our team of hundreds of thousands of volunteers by RSVP’ing for the event tomorrow, and let’s bring this home:

    RSVP now

    See you soon!

    Marlon Marshall
    Director of States and Political Engagement
    Hillary for America

    Hillary needs you now more than ever — sign up to volunteer and help us beat Donald Trump.

    Volunteer Status: Pending
    Last volunteer date: None on record

  41. In the grand scheme of things, it is easy to say no to drugs, or no to street crime, but it takes moral courage to just say no to the director of political engagement of Hillary for America. Better to say only “fuck off” as the late great Robin Williams would say, and leave it at that.

  42. David Stockman’s take. The ruling elites are the cobra. And Donald is the mongoose.
    In the great scheme of history, the Donald’s great purpose may be to simply disrupt and paralyze the status quo. And that much he may accomplish whether he is elected or not.

    For what is actually happening is meta-political.

    The bipartisan ruling elites are being Trumped.


    Their entire regime of casino capitalism, beltway racketeering and imperial hegemony is being unmasked. The unwashed masses are catching on to the “rigged” essence of the system, and have already become alienated enough to rally to outlaw politicians—– like Bernie and Trump—–peddling ersatz socialism and red neck populism, respectively.

    To be sure, the metaphor of Shock and Awe and the idea of “regime change” have been given a bad name by Bush the Younger and his bloody henchmen. Yet there is no better way to describe Donald Trump’s rise and role than with exactly those terms.

    The current regime arose in the 1980s from Ronald Reagan’s regrettable decision to rebuild the nation’s war machine——along with the GOP’s conversion to “deficits don’t matter” and Alan Greenspan’s discovery of the printing press in the basement of the Eccles Building. Those deplorable, illicit and unsustainable departures from sound policy have subsequently morphed into a full-blown mutant state that is fundamentally anti-capitalist and anti-democratic.

    Its many deformations are undeniable. They include soaring public and private debts at home; the peace-destroying and fiscally crushing American Imperium abroad; serial financial bubbles that have gifted mainly the 1%; and rampant beltway influence peddling and a PAC-based campaign finance system that amounts to money racketeering, among countless other ills.

    This entire misbegotten regime is now well past its sell-by date; it’s waiting to be monkey-hammered by an unscripted and uninvited disrupter.

    For that role, Donald Trump is eminently qualified.

    He represents a raw insurgency of attack, derision, impertinence and repudiation.

    He’s the battering ram that is needed to shatter the polite lies and delusions on which the current regime rests. If he had been ordered from central casting for that role, in fact, it would have been difficult for Hollywood to confect anything close to the brash, egomaniacal rabble-rouser that is now heading the GOP ticket.

    It is no wonder the elites are virtually screeching that he is “unqualified”. Yes, Donald Trump is rude, impulsive and loutish to a fault. That’s why, in fact, his is unsuited for the establishment’s job definition. That is, to preside over another four years of the kind of risible, kick-the-can fantasy-world that serves the interests of our Wall Street/Washington rulers…

  43. This entire misbegotten regime is now well past its sell-by date; it’s waiting to be monkey-hammered by an unscripted and uninvited disrupter.
    What prose.

  44. Lu, hang in there. But I’m sure you realize a big part of Hillary is 44 has turned into a Clinton Derangement Syndrome blog…so, so sad. This used to be the place we came to for sanity. Not sure what in the world is happening here. Lots of almost twisting into pretzels and turning a blind eye to support their chosen candidate. But good for you for standing up to what you believe.

  45. Stockman’s comment nothwithstanding, I think Donald’s candidacy is more of an act of love for this country than Hillary’s. Also, you will notice that while he speaks about empowering the American People, she lectures to them and says in effect you are too dumb to know what is good for you. And when it comes to being brash, Donald’s brashness is directed at the corrupt institutions that are burying this nation, far more effectively than Kruschev did, because they really are the enemy within. Big media leads that hit parade and Wall Street is not far behind.

  46. When you launch your campaign from the offices of Goldman Sachs, and when the former head of Goldman Sachs says he is optimistic that you will cut social security, and when Soros is the manager of your exploratory committee, and when you and Obama embrace each other, and you promise be Obama III, and then you tell the world the only real problem in the world is the Republican Party, and when you have already flunked the test for commander in chief in Benghazi, and when you cannot keep your lies state, those who believed you before, but no longer cannot be dismissed as deranged.

  47. OUTRIS,
    The hillary,supporters will come here to start fights, best to let them tell each other how wonderful they are and how awful we are.
    Doesn’t accomplish anything
    Personally I imagine a mad hatter drunk at a key board..
    .But I think you are a bit like me..we have some Trump in us.

  48. Gonzotx,

    I think Admin does a fine job showing the true Hillary, that some choose to ignore. Best leave it to Admin who has no issue calling out Hillary for her deceptions. Whether they choose to actually admit the truth is up to them.

  49. Lu – I think that BO is just not going to get the attention that Hillary is. She’s the one who is running for office, and so she is seen as more of a threat. I think if there weren’t an election right now, or if she wasn’t running, there would be a lot of attention on BO.

    On some other sites, I see a lot of people acting like Hillary is the worst thing in the world, when MY sadness is that she is “one of them”, “one of many” (the corrupt politicians), which I didn’t use to think. They see it as dem vs repub, which I don’t. I think maybe you still see things that way to some degree (you want the dem party back) – but don’t forget, there has been corruption on that side as well for a long time. I forget which president, saying way back that they were giving blacks welfare et al, to keep them voting democrat for a long time (not based on values or morality at all, just plain politics). Chicago, long a dem stronghold, has been corrupt for my whole life. We all have the right to our own views of course – but my suspicion is that your good memory of dems may be based on what they said more than what they were actually doing. But then again, I think both parties are intrinsically corrupt, are not all that different, the whole system stinks, so I suppose that’s going to be the lens through which I view your fond memories of the dems.

    I suspect you’re right that a lot of what Hillary did while SOS was at BO’s request. But – she did it. And lied about it. And continues to prop BO up. I think admin’s right that this is a change election, and Hillary chose not to be a change agent. And IMO, learning more as I have (Nixon, creating the fires in the mideast, Clinton Foundation, Haiti, Clinton Cash, etc) – I suspect 2008 was a farce. At that time, it was politically beneficial for Hillary to oppose BO.

    Since that time she has apparently made the decision that now it politically benefits her to support him and be very clear she wants to continue and expand on his policies and beliefs. Perhaps, for me, the question is no longer which (2008 or 2016) was the real Hillary, maybe it has *always* been about whatever is most beneficial to her. There are things I respect about Hillary, such as how hard she studied up before taking a position, how involved she gets in policy. But… I just no longer see it as something she does for the country, now I think it’s just personal ambition.

    On the other side of the coin, I’m tired of Hillary bashing. I once cared very much for her, and I feel some sadness that (I’m pretty sure) she’s going to lose out on her dream that she worked hard for. I can’t wait for the election to be over for all this back and forth negativity to stop (I think our campaigining takes too long and costs waaaay too much). (I’m tired of the bashing in both directions.) I don’t want to see Hillary ground into dust, I’m not going to enjoy it. But I DO want her to go away. I now believe she is very, very corrupt. But I think it’s true of most politicians who’ve had any time and success in the system.

    I would love to see BO get his due. You’ll probably agree that it would probably only happen if Trump is elected and chooses to follow through on some investigation. But he’s on his way out, and Hillary is the rising threat, the personification of the status quo, so she’s getting the attention. As I said, I do think a lot of this garbage in our world is due to BO’s power and worldview, and I hope so much he will be exposed and prosecuted. But Hillary is the one who chose to help him, and is choosing to carry it forward….

  50. Sorry, Southern Born…

    I am not part of any Clinton Derangement Syndrome…and most people here are very conscientious and honorable people who through analysis and facts that have been made public simply no longer trust Hillary Clinton…

    I do not consider myself in any way a pretzel that tries to twist things to fit anything…I frankly cannot lie to myself to fit something or someone that does not exist…Hillary lies continually and deflects to try to hide her lies…she does not take responsibility for anything she has done…and frankly…what really are her successes??? she and Bill sure has become very wealthy from being so broke…

    As I mentioned I have very close friends that still support Hillary…and we differ…I also have stated that there are times when Donald Trump’s comments make me cringe…and I wonder if he can just stay the hell on message and keep his ego in check…

    BUT…the big but…is that if Hillary is elected…we are going to get Obama 3…and not because it is Obama…but because of all the special interests both of them are beholden to…and worse than that…all the shady insider deals that the dims and the repubs now personally profit from are going to continue…

    so for me…it took a long time to allow myself to cut the tie and face up to what I believe…Hillary cannot be trusted…she will just get in there with more crony deals…she is already talking about her “government bank” for reconstruction between the “seed” money of govt and private investors…hmmm…like the donors Hillary is already promising key positions to…and like more contracts that she and Bill put together that left the needy people screwed and millions of dollars into the pockets of their friends….

    maybe you are ok with that…I am not…

    Donald Trump is far, far, far from perfect…but both sides of the establishment are working against him…and it is for good reason…he is not beholden to any of them…and I do believe he will get in there and blow up all those cozy little insider deals…and start taking a magnifying glass to our balance sheets and actually do what O and Hillary promised but never delivered on…

    remember the $800 Million stimulus for all the “shovel ready infrastructure jobs” …O’s admin got the money and then laughed that he “guessed they weren’t that shovel ready afterall” but $800 Million went to cronies and their “windmill companies” that failed…

    this is what you can expect from Hillary…all her “donors” are waiting for their payoff

    …I guess you support TPP…because as sure as I am writing this…Hillary will push through TPP and weaken our country even more…O supports and is pushing TPP, Bill supports TPP, Kaine supports, Soros supports, Terry McCauliffe supports and almost let the cat out of the bag too soon…and Hillary, though she is lying now…supports and will push through TPP

    so please …we are all entitled to what we believe in and why we believe what we do…but do not come here an insult our motives or intellect…

    Have you ever considered Hillary is not what you think she is?

  51. Southern Born
    July 31, 2016 at 4:29 pm
    I was a child when King and Kennedy were assassinated, but I knew instinctively that evil was on the rise. I have felt so out of kilter since Boosh was elected in 2000. The Obama, even worse. My poor country!!!!

    Now that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are nominated, I have finally had a sense that the universe is getting right again. There are no two better candidates. And the malignant global elite are not happy about either. They know where Trump stands and they are worried that Hillary 2016 is phony, just like I am hoping she is.

    I would rather have seen Hillary 2008 get the nomination, but just think if she had, that BO would be running for the office, now.

    I am looking forward to the debates. And if Trump is not treated fairly, people will see. The frogs are awake fighting to jump the pot.

  52. S
    July 31, 2016 at 5:54 pm
    I do not think you are who SB is referring to. I think we should be able to discuss Hillary on the issues. I do not blame you for being disappointed in her and not trusting her. But that needs to be a discussion and not an attack.

    I just do not believe anyone knows what Hillary will do besides Hillary. Yea, we could end up with BO3 if she gets elected. That is what makes Trump clearly a better decision.

    I am just so glad we do not have another Boosh who might cheat his way into the Whitehouse, that I am going to enjoy this election and worry about what Hillary is going to to if she gets elected, only if she gets elected. And that is not looking real good right now.


  53. Lu, what is it that makes you think the global elite don’t want Hillary elected? I see the media (owned by those global elite) very happy to push her. And… with all the corruption about her that is being exposed, she’s easily bought… I would think they would like that (or maybe do you think that the Clinton Foundation corruption and the Haiti corruption etc aren’t true..?)

    I’m just curious what makes you think that they don’t want her…?

    I’m thinking maybe you don’t believe all that has come out about Hillary, because I was honestly shocked to say they were the best two candidates. I can’t see past her corruption.

    (and since text can be misread, I’m genuinely asking, I’m not being snide)

  54. lorac
    July 31, 2016 at 5:41 pm
    I suggest you consider the role MSM had in the Obamanation and review Admins posts on the treachery afoot. This is not just an election for the Whitehouse, it is also a fight for control of the Democratic Party. Nobody cares about BO because he will soon be history? That is a bad mistake. He is not leaving DC and Moose just made her first presidential speech. Be afraid. Be very afraid. It is more important to hold him accountable than to frame Hillary for his mess.

    For instance: Who gave the stand down order that night in Benghazi? The rest is political theater.

    Diplomatic incidents involve risks and $#!t happens. What made it a tragedy was that stand down order. Who gave the stand down order that night in Benghazi? I think we all know. The rest is political theater.

  55. LU4Puma…I agree we should be able to talk issues without attacks…that is why I brought up the $800 million stimulus that just evaporated and went to donors and why I brought up TPP…

    Lu, the bottom line, imho…is both Bill and Hillary have become globalists…

    what Lorac says above about the ‘global elite’ hits the nail on the head…I would only add that Bill and Hillary are major players within the ‘global elite’ circles…that is what they have become…think of it…the Clinton Global Initiative…they both have evolved way past just the issues of the USA…

    We really do need someone who is concerned with putting America first…literally…

    btw…Clinton Cash is playing for free at various times on OAN…you cannot absorb that information and still want to “admire” what the hell they are doing…

    and it is not all conservatives that have taken notice…there are prominent liberal professors, cannot recall their names now, that are also quoting information about deals Hillary did that allowed Russia to get control of USA uranium, and then Bill gets hundred of thousands of dollars payback in speeches, etc…

    …there is a lot going on behind the scenes that is above and beyond just electing “the first woman president”…how I wish it was only as simple as that…

  56. lorac
    July 31, 2016 at 6:08 pm
    The Clinton’s corruption is business as usual in DC. Why do you think we have a 20 trillion dollar debt? I am not saying it is OK. I am saying they are all doing it.

    Just consider the looting during the big bailout. There was a plausible story about how the Obama crew embezzled $400 billion out of that. Have you read Roger Stones book on the Bush Crime Family? Billions over a century of looting. Untold human misery.

  57. S
    July 31, 2016 at 6:31 pm
    The Clinton’s did not loot the stimulus, that was the Obama gang. Geitner, Jarret, Obama, Holder. The story I heard was they got $400 Billion. The Clintons has no part in it.

  58. S
    July 31, 2016 at 6:31 pm
    Well, you could say I was a globalist, too. I think society will evolve that way over the next hundred years or so. What they are doing right now is not a social evolution. It is a totalitarian take over by the few. It needs to be stopped.

    No, they do not trust Hillary. That is why she was crossed out in 2008. She has spent the last 8 years trying to convince them otherwise.

    I am not ignoring the stories about the Clintons. I am just saying what they grafted is chump change.

  59. Lu4PUMA

    July 31, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    July 31, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    perhaps…or not…it is all part of the same admin…she was right there…the same donors…the same special interests….and now as O said he has passed the “torch” to her…and “they” all know what that means…

    as far as being a “globalist” I think the people have caught on and they are ready to be heard…Brexit…the popularity of Donald Trump…Bernie…

    the EU and Eurpore…the experiement is not working

    Brexit…the first shot…look at Germany…Merkel thinks she can impose her will…the people are rising and fighting back…

    Hillary is right in there with her intent to increase illegal immigration and bring more refugees here…

    we could go on and on…as I said recently I do not hate them…there will always be a special place for them in my memory…but they…Hillary and Bill…are the wrong people to turn our government over to at this time…the wrong people…

    they have plenty of power and I would say alot more than chump change…and they can do whatever they want over at their own foundation…just get out of our government and give someone else a chance for real change…

    I am willing to give Donald Trump four years to see what he can accomplish…frankly funtioning as an independent for most practical purposes…

    the world needs structure…not open borders and chaos…particulary when there is so much evil fighting to exist and conquer…

  60. I had no idea we had people on this blog that had such great insights and personal knowledge of the money scam and who got what and who got chump change.

    Now that’s a horse of a different color.

    Admin, what’s your opinion on this. Since this IS your blog and I think “most” agree your insights are jewels in the desert, I personally would love for you to enlighten the conversation. We seem to be at a stalemate, certainly this absolutely identical conversation has been rehashed among us peons for far, far, far, too long.

  61. Sweet, FBI Comey says it will be much worse when ISIS is defeated in ME….

    They will disperse to a city near you.

    I’m thinking I want the President to be the guy who wants to stop refuges from coming in till this sh#t blows over and actually will build a wall.
    Not that globalist that wants open borders and kumbaya…while filling their coffers with globalist pay to play. After all, they only got Chump change.

  62. I suggest you consider the role MSM had in the Obamanation and review Admins posts on the treachery afoot. This is not just an election for the Whitehouse, it is also a fight for control of the Democratic Party. Nobody cares about BO because he will soon be history? That is a bad mistake

    You have more than once expressed disappointment that Hillary is excoriated but BO isn’t. I gave you what I think is operating. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    And I strongly disagree there is a fight for the dem party. You can only think that if you think she is different than BO. I’m pretty sure now you are in denial about Hillary’s corruption. Hillary and BO are both owned by Soros and globalists. There will be no fight against the current dem party until they are out of power and someone who stands against what Hillary and BO stand for takes over.

    With all due respect, I think you’re turning a very blind eye to Hillary, and living on the fumes of what you hope are all lies and trickery by her – and projecting your hope that Hillary is presenting a facade to TPTB – by thinking they are afraid she will win because she’s not *really* the Wall Street owned, mideast secular dictator toppling/Muslim Brotherhood enabler, criminal kids’ mothers’ apologist, willing recipient of huge monies from countries which oppress women, and giver of US favors for Clinton Foundation donations.

    TPTB know exactly who Hillary is, Lu. They’re not afraid of who she is. They have and can continue to buy her.

    Lu, are you following any of the wikileaks emails? I’m sensing that your learning about Hillary ceased a long time ago, and you’re hanging on to the facade of long ago, of her and of the dems. And no, accepting reality does not mean you have to become a republican. There is a lot of room in the independent area.

  63. So Lorac, if the Clintons and Obamas are one, why did Jarrett leak the information on Hillary’s email server?

  64. Lu, it seems like you’re agreeing that they’re all corrupt, so we should give Hillary a break – and that Hillary is lying and will revert to what she presented to be in 2008…?

    Are you aware that only 10% of Clinton Foundation money actually goes to the people in need? Or that an equally low percentage of Haiti money went to the people in need? The Clintons’ corruption is not done to benefit others – it’s only to benefit themselves.

    I said they’re all corrupt, but I wasn’t including Trump. I don’t equate him to Hillary and politicians AT ALL. I’m not saying he’s an angel. But he has done so much more than benefit himself – he has created so many jobs, improved neighborhoods, and donated millions to little people in need – anonymously (reported by the recipients themselves, not by Trump).

    We need jobs and law and order and Americanism. Only one candidate can do that. Trump is the one who has helped others on his way to helping himself, and he helped himself legally by working, not by being paid for favors. AND Trump has helped people anonymously. Hillary and Bill are about the appearance of helping others – but getting rich instead of using the money to help those people.

  65. Last week evidence began to pour in. The first bit of evidence got attention:

    (CNN)The Department of Justice has granted “immunity” to a former State Department employee who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Bryan Pagliano initially invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and would not testify. Of course, the Department of Justice, known to defense attorneys simply as the “government,” has many ways of getting people to talk.

    The big question is whether there is a grand jury convened. The smart bet is yes. After all, the fact that there are immunity agreements logically means there’s a grand jury investigation in some district. The grand jury is typically the genesis of the government’s subpoena power. The next, bigger question, is whether anyone will be indicted.

    The mere fact that the DOJ wants to talk to Pagliano does not mean anyone will be indicted. But if the DOJ is investigating criminal activity, they tend to find criminal activity.

    In general, when the government wants to talk to someone, the person falls into one of three categories: target, subject, or witness. [snip]

    Indeed, the government frequently knows more than the person they actually want to talk to. They are good at what they do; it’s no accident that the federal conviction rate is well above 90%. [snip]

    While Pagliano is surely in an unenviable, nail-biting position, we can draw some inferences from recent events. Whether he had zero potential liability, or some liability, he’s probably not a “target.” Why? Because if he were, his attorney would probably not let him talk to the government, and the government would probably not give him immunity. Remember, the government is parsimonious with immunity deals. Another, less reliable inference may be drawn not about Pagliano, but others who are not Pagliano.

    The person who often has to worry the most during this process is the person who hasn’t been approached at all by the government. That’s a chilling indicator that you may be the target.

    This immunity deal was not decided by a minor government functionary. This decision went to the top. The decision was made behind a tapestry in our modern day Borgia Italy.

    The immunity deal was not the big news slipped out in a news leak from underneath the tapestry. There was big news last week few noticed and fewer understood:

    Obama says he’s not leaving D.C. next year

    President Barack Obama and his family will continue calling Washington home after he departs the White House next year — at least for a little while. [snip]

    “We’re going to have to stay a couple of years in D.C. probably so Sasha can finish,” he said. “Transferring someone in the middle of high school? Tough.”

    If you believe that Barack and Michelle Obama are staying in Washington, D.C. because of school you need to go back to the first grade and get your I.Q. tested.

  66. Lu, I think they hate each other. But they’re the same in corruption and in worldview. They just both want to be on top, and want to be the “dem brand”.

    And since you earlier brought up the stand down order, I highly doubt Obama did it. I personally believe he was coked out watching ESPN. I suspect Jarrett acting in his name.

    But Lu – another topic you mentioned – you said maybe you’re a globalist. I don’t get that, you’re so knowledgeable about money. Globalism – open borders everywhere – will collapse all economies.

    I could never be a globalist. I love cultures. Globalism to me is about destroying cultures and national identity (in order for a small number at the top to be rich).

  67. I don’t personally believe that Obama can have any power in D. C. unless Hillary (or a switched-in dem) wins. If Trump wins, the dems are the out party, and the party members will start to try to figure out how to change the party in order to win next time.

  68. Lorac,

    I would make the distinction between globalism and what is going on today. Globalism is a general term for a one world geopolitical system. So I am saying that, with technology and all, that may be the thing to do some day, maybe a hundred years or two from now.

    What is happening to us now is a totalitarian takeover that is too harmful to too many. Destroying the nations and wiping out our diversity are the methods of the current bunch trying to take charge.

  69. Lu4PUMA
    July 31, 2016 at 6:36 pm
    July 31, 2016 at 6:08 pm
    The Clinton’s corruption is business as usual in DC. Why do you think we have a 20 trillion dollar debt? I am not saying it is OK. I am saying they are all doing it.

    Then we need to make an example out of somebody don’t we?

    That is, generally speaking, how reform efforts gain traction.

    When anti trust problems choked off the economy a century ago.

    A reformer named TR went after Rockefeller and broke up Standard Oil

    That sent a message.

  70. Lu4PUMA
    July 31, 2016 at 8:35 pm
    Legally, this email scandal is over.

    Just like every other scandal when big media is protecting you 24/7.

  71. Yes Outris,
    3 turd Jeb.
    one turd per delegate…at a cost of 150 million.
    The 50 million turd…
    Also Ryan has come out against Trump regarding limiting muslim immigration again when asked about Khan, and prune faced McConnell, same thing.

  72. From above link: worth a read

    The Plot Thickens:

    What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump: He Is A Muslim Brotherhood Agent Who Wants To Advance Sharia Law And Bring Muslims Into The United States

    July 31, 2016

    Khizr Muazzam Khan graduated in Punjab University Law College, as the New York Times confirms. and he specialized in International Trade Law in Saudi Arabia. An interest lawyer for Islamic oil companies Khan wrote a paper, called In Defense of OPEC to defend the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), an intergovernmental oil company consisting of mainly Islamic countries. Khan is a promoter of Islamic Sharia Law. Khan is also co-founder of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law (Islamic Sharia).

    Khan’s fascination with Islamic Sharia stems from his life in Saudi Arabia. During the eighties Khan wrote a paper titled Juristic Classification of Islamic [Sharia] Law. In it he elucidated on the system of Sharia law expressing his reverence for “The Sunnah [the works of Muhammad] — authentic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).” A snapshot of his essay can be seen here:
    Saudi interests with using Khan to advance Muslim immigration and advance Muslim Sharia is a lengthy subject. And it has ties to Hillary Clinton’s aid Huma Abedin as well. It will take hours of reading just to cover this topic on how it was The House of Saud’s “Muslim Minority Affairs” and the Abedins (Huma Abedin and family) that played a central role in using Muslim immigration to infiltrate the west with Wahhbi agenda. The House of Saud had used Huma’s father Sayed Zaynul Abedin’s work regarding the Muslim Minority Affairs in the West, published in 1998 as part of 29 works to construct a plan to conquer the U.S. with Islam. It is obvious that Khan is upset, that a Trump victory will eliminate and destroy decades of hard work to bring in Islamic immigration into the United States which was spearheaded by agents in Saudi Arabia like Khan and Huma Abedin’a father (Sayed Z. Abedin).
    I can go on and on. Is it likely that Khan’s son was killed before his Islamist mission was accomplished? Only another type of investigation will determine that. Do they ever mention how many soldiers have died because of Muslim traitors? Do they ever bring up how many Christians in the US military were killed? Yet the modernists and homosexuals continue to attack Christians. But soon everything we need to know will be uncovered. As we say in the Middle East: the snow always melts and the sh*t under it will soon be revealed.

    Way too much information here- But to understand why Hillary refuses to mention the words Islamic Terrorists in a sentence; the reason why, becomes clear. (she approves of their plan)

  73. Mrs. Smith1
    August 1, 2016 at 5:26 am
    Khan the Saudi stooge and flunky. Immigration lawyer and Sharia rationalist and author. They should have picked one with fewer tracks and who didn’t look so well heeled. All of Khan’s blather about Trump having “no soul” is straight out of the Koran. Infidels have no souls it says thus are not human and there to be taxed, murdered, enslaved or raped as needed. Do Democrats know this stuff or care?

  74. Mormaer
    August 1, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Do Democrats know this stuff or care?

    It would be advantageous to Trump if he publicly exposed this fact with all it’s warts and moles and let the people decide if they prefer a Muslim takeover of the US, as planned/allowed by Hillary, and living here under Sharia Law.

    Or the Trump alternative:

    ‘Make America Great Again!’

    As you would say; lucky Trump!

  75. holdthemaccountable
    August 1, 2016 at 8:54 am

    Damage Control! media spinning the story against Hillary when in fact, she and Kahn are allied.

    The REAL story is @5:26

  76. Mrs. Smith1
    August 1, 2016 at 9:06 am
    The REAL story is @5:26

    Yep. He is an employee of the Saudi royals working for increased immigration of Muslims and to infiltrate our legal system with Sharia. Before that he was an OPEC shill.

    August 1, 2016 at 8:54 am

    Guess the guy may have regrets. But tricked?

    It was probably the Saudi’s idea so no one was tricked except the public and possibly the media to use such a well-known (in some circles and easily documented) shill. He should be investigated as a foreign lobbyist.

  77. And this shows how dumb and cheap the Saud’s are since they just used a flunky already on the payroll.

  78. Julian Assange: Hacked Emails Include Info On Hillary’s Arming of Jihadists, Including ISIS, in Syria

    Jim Hoft Jul 31st, 2016 8:29 pm 356 Comments

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that the US was sending arms from Libya to Syria back in 2011, a year before the Benghazi consulate attacks.

    Hillary Clinton denied she knew about the weapons shipments during public testimony (under oath) in early 2013 after the Benghazi terrorist attack.


    I wish Hillary worked as hard for us as she has for Isis/Obama.

  79. Assange confirms Hillary’s involvement in overthrowing Gaddafi’s government and funneling weapons to Syrian rebels including ISIS.

    JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Julian, I want to mention something else. In March, you launched a searchable archive for over 30,000 emails and email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was secretary of state. The 50,547 pages of documents span the time from June 2010 to August 2014; 7,500 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton herself. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the U.S. State Department as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request. Why did you do this, and what’s the importance, from your perspective, of being able to create a searchable base?

    JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, WikiLeaks has become the rebel library of Alexandria. It is the single most significant collection of information that doesn’t exist elsewhere, in a searchable, accessible, citable form, about how modern institutions actually behave. And it’s gone on to set people free from prison, where documents have been used in their court cases; hold the CIA accountable for renditions programs; feed into election cycles, which have resulted in the termination of, in some case—or contributed to the termination of governments, in some cases, taken the heads of intelligence agencies, ministers of defense and so on. So, you know, our civilization can only be as good as our knowledge of what our civilization is. We can’t possibly hope to reform that which we do not understand.

    So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates. So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails. There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone.

  80. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

    Will Trump or Manafort call Hillary on the carpet over this Khan business.

    Given his family connections to the Saudis, it is hardly surprising that the JEB! peep would sound off.

    This is the kind of false charge against Trump by the dims and the media that needs to be blown apart leaving them with zero credibility and egg on their faces. So it is know by the public and becomes part of the discussion in all parts of the country.

    It does not take much imagination to see what is going on here. It is likely that the exit strategy for the Saudi Royal family and all of their 500 princes is to emigrate here, therefore they want to make here look as much as where they came from than their home county. Surely, they realize their days in the middle east are coming to a close.

  81. I wish Hillary worked as hard for us as she has for Isis/Obama.
    Its not in her nature.

    When you cut past the rhetoric, it becomes obvious that there are only two things that matter to her: power and money.

    The contradiction between what she says to get nominated or elected are the diametric opposite of what she does in office.

    It is Fantasy Island, sold to the rubes as Morning in America.

  82. Assange confirms Hillary’s involvement in overthrowing Gaddafi’s government and funneling weapons to Syrian rebels including ISIS.

    Q-1: will this make it more difficult to recruit the progs to her campaign?

    A-1: its not unlikely

    Q-2: if fools rush in where angels fear to tread, shall we assume that when Obama goes on the campaign trail they will behave like that Hollywood pretender Gwenneth Palthrow did at a recent Hollywood party and succumb to his metrosexual odur, and say if you are with her then so are we masssah?

    A-2: absofuckinglutely. Why? Because it is in their nature. And they just aint that smart, which is a sad thing if you think about it. However, it is a lifetime exercise in futility trying to change that. You cannot cure stupid.


  83. If they had half a brain they would realize that Trump is more of a no more wars candidate than Hillary. Hillary is a neocon, as well as a Wall Street asset. Period. Meanwhile, Comey, who has lost all credibility seems compelled once again to offer his unsolicited opinion on a policy matter that should not concern him: that if we wipe out ISIS they will attack here. So . . . what are you telling us, asshole? That we should do nothing? Okay, fine, we won’t indict them because they are too crazed to formulate the requisite INTENT. Let them invoke the insanity defense. You really are a one trick pony Comey, aren’t you.

  84. One thing is in our favor, lest we become too, too, too, how shall I put it–cyncial, and I mean me not you.

    The progs do read Democracy, and their hero Assange, is also my hero.

    What he says in that medium is likely to persuade them before the jump on “El Tren de fin de mundo”—the train to Tierra de Fuego for those who do not habla espanol as well as that demented leprechaun Kaine does. What a fucking waste of protoplasm he is. Of course, if some lobbyist would pay him he would gladly book passage on that train. He is a sell-out and it is written all over him.

  85. Again, I find it fascinating that Wall Street would put two avowed globalists at the top of the ticket, thereby stiff arming the progs in their base. It bespeaks the degree of control they now have over that party. It is absolute.

  86. wbboei
    August 1, 2016 at 10:35 am
    It is likely that the exit strategy for the Saudi Royal family and all of their 500 princes is to emigrate here, therefore they want to make here look as much as where they came from than their home county. Surely, they realize their days in the middle east are coming to a close.

    Their first bug-out hole was supposed to be Switzerland but the Swiss have been clamping down on the Muz anti-social behavior stuff so that is looking iffy. Next was the south of France but that went up in a truck massacre and the French cops have a problem with their driving habits of running people over and I’m talking about the “princes” (functional morons) driving half million dollar cars that they cannot handle. Next is Beverly Hills but their screwing (literally) the help is not looked upon kindly. London is now too dangerous and so is Paris. When they were exporting their hate and weirdness I don’t think they thought it all out and saw the world being so dangerous for themselves. Cause and effect. And Texas fracking. All that money didn’t make’em smart.

  87. Tony Stark
    August 1, 2016 at 11:20 am

    It makes for better strategy if someone else were to do it for them, like Drudge.


    Tony, Exactamundo!!!! 😀

  88. I agree with Tony and would go even a step further…

    imho…Donald continues to step on his own good news and Hillary’s bad news…he is a bit loose lipped and now the clock is ticking…

    frankly i do not think he should clumsily invite negative criticism that we know the media will push for days…now Khan is all over the cable stations…even today, Monday, he and his wife on are TV giving interviews…

    Donald seems determined to put himself on the defensive…stay on offense and message…economy, jobs, trade, immigration, Isis…

    calling Ivanka…he needs better discipline or he may blow this…

    Donald has to be smarter than this…the guy has to learn when to zip it…he does not need to utter his every inner thought out loud for a public and media hearing

    my advice to Donald and his one man show…is stay the hell on message…stop making enemies with every utterance…stay above the nonsense…stiff upper lip instead of thin skin…pick your fights wisely…don’t waste your energy on nonsense or repeating stuff no one cares about now…cruz, his dad, bla, bla, bla…

    AND…corral some surrogates that can do your dirty work…and support you…while you, Donald…talk directly to the people about how you are going to make their lives better…

    Donald…please stop talking about yourself…yes, you like to be conversational with your rallies…but time is running out…stay the hell on message and talk to voters about what you plan on doing for THEM…

    “It’s the voters, stupid”

  89. foxyladi14
    August 1, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    My, what a naughty boy he is!

  90. Tony,
    I’m aware that Trump probably shouldn’t talk about Khan personally, BUT, when asked he simply needs to say his son was an American heeo, however…Then expose Khan and move on, even if pushed.

  91. The Daily Caller is reporting that the good, decent and kind couple of Kahn and his lovely wife, Gazhalla, no longer wish to be in the spotlight. They wish to return to public life as they feel they are above this back and forth with Trump.

    Hmmm. Now, if I were a cynical man I might suspect they are afraid their history of Saudi schemes is about to come to widespread public light.

  92. Felix_the_Infidel
    August 1, 2016 at 3:22 pm
    Exactly. They chose to come out in public to do a sniper attack on Trump, and now they want to run away from the light like cockroaches.

  93. Lol CBS poll has hillary ahead by 6 points, how ridiculous is that!
    That would be a 13 point drop. ..
    Lol, for a campaign that just had to cancel an event because no one comes, when she has them only a few dozen show up, a campaign that needed to pay people to sit in seats last week at her coronation. ..
    Hey, come on down to Texas, I have a bridge to sell you.

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