#DemsInPhilly Day 4: Lady In A Cage – The Obama Third Term

Update II: John Lennon reviews the Dim convention and Obama’s Third Term:

We know the real reason why the caged bird sings. We explain below.


Update: Two police officers shot in San Diego overnight. The Dims in Pennsylvania celebrated the thug sons of the irresponsible “Mothers of the Movement“. That’s why Dims lose and Donald J. Trump increases support.


Tonight it happens, the Shield Maiden of Chappaqua crawls into a cage to sing for her bird seed.

Trump hater Ben Shapiro updates our “Shield Maiden” arguments we made long ago, although he is wrong about one thing. It was purposeful, not accidental:

Obama’s Final Revenge: The Accidental Destruction of Hillary Clinton

She’s forced to defend his legacy and his happy talk. But Americans aren’t happy. Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble. [snip]

A majority of Americans think Trump is running to help America. They think Hillary is running to help Hillary. That’s Hillary’s fault. But more important, it’s Barack Obama’s fault, and the Left’s fault.

Barack Obama has been a highly unsuccessful president by any objective measure. His foreign policy has led to the single most explosive rise in terrorism since the empowerment of al-Qaeda in the late 1990s by Hillary’s husband. His last two years have been plagued by a national increase in violent crime, particularly murder in major cities. The economy has continued to stall under his redistributionist, anti-capitalist watch.

And the Democrats have paid the price. The media that built Obama into a godhead for racial progress couldn’t abandon Obama; instead, they kept happy-talking their way through an increasingly dystopian America. So did Obama’s fellow Democrats. The result: massive Republican gains at the state and local level, and historic elections in 2010 and 2014 in Congressional races.

The media still can’t escape the Obama trap. When Donald Trump rightly pointed out a series of problems facing America at home and abroad, ranging from rising crime and economic malaise to the rise of jihadism, the media and the Obama administration responded by pooh-poohing Trump’s critique. No, they said, Trump’s wrong: Everything’s hunky-dory. He’s just being too “dark.” Except he isn’t. And Americans know that. Hillary knows it too, but she’s stuck in a bind.

Obama trapped her. Early in her campaign, Hillary seemed to want to break with Barack Obama’s presidency. She recognized that while Obama was personally popular, his tenure had largely been seen as a failure by a dissatisfied American republic. She therefore pursued twin goals: tying herself to Obama’s “first black president” legacy and big-government growth, and avoiding the consequences of his rotten decision-making.

By first delaying a decision from Vice President Joe Biden about whether Biden would run, the Obama White House forced Hillary into full-scale obeisance to the Obama era. That’s been disastrous for Hillary. Her convention week has completely ignored the serious problems that keep most Americans up at night. There have been five jihadist attacks in Europe in the last eleven months. On the first day of the convention, 61 speakers mentioned ISIS precisely zero times. That same day, ISIS beheaded an 86-year-old priest in Normandy, France. Over the past few weeks, Americans have mourned over a wave of anti-cop massacres. So Hillary is now trotting out the “Mothers of the Movement” — Black Lives Matter activists including the mother of attempted cop-killer Michael Brown — to promulgate myths about police racism.

Hillary doesn’t take Americans’ concerns seriously. She doesn’t feel their pain.

We warned about all that long ago, well before it happened. Hillary2016, before there was a Hillary2016, we warned was a “muddled message mess”. The future Hillary2016 was a “muddled message mess” because Hillary could not decide whether to be a free and independent woman leading the Democratic Party back to sanity (as Bill Clinton temporarily did in the 90s) or a trapped bird in a gilded cage singing sweet songs for her tormentors. The tormentors have won.

Trump hater Ben Shapiro, even in his severe state of befuddled Trump hate, cannot help but see the obvious:

Now, Hillary believes that she can succeed by labeling Trump arrogant and self-centered. But Americans already know he’s arrogant and self-centered. They think he’s out to help blue-collar Americans, that he’s ready to protect them from the vicissitudes of the global economy and the evils of crime. Americans have no idea why Hillary Clinton is running.

This they do know: She doesn’t share their priorities.

But she’s trapped now. Barack Obama is her greatest asset, but he’s also her greatest liability. When Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention to the plaudits of the media, she painted a rosy picture of America. Hillary’s going to have to do the same in order to defend the Obama program. But that program means nothing without Obama at the head of it, as former majority leader Harry Reid and former House speaker Nancy Pelosi have found out. In the end, that could be Obama’s final revenge on Hillary: not helping to deny her the nomination, but forcing her to go down fighting for his priorities, even as the American people increasingly come to believe she doesn’t care about theirs.

The convention in Philadelphia this week has been a disaster for Hillary Clinton because it was a rally for Obama politics and for Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Desperately trying to make lemonade with rotted lemons, Noah Millman invented strengths from weaknesses in Bill Clinton’s speech this week:

Hillary Clinton is going to lose the states of Appalachia by overwhelming margins, likely by larger margins than even Obama did — and Obama, in his 2008 landslide, lost them by larger margins than John Kerry did in his 2004 loss. But these voters don’t just live in Kentucky and Tennessee, but in states Clinton needs to win, like Pennsylvania and Ohio. To win decisively, Clinton needs to maintain or increase the turnout among non-white voters, achieve a historically high percentage for a Democrat of white college-educated voters (which she may well do). But she also needs to limit the gains Trump makes among white non-college educated voters. This kind of language is what can help with the last goal, the one she’s having trouble with.

As we wrote in October of last year, those voters are lost to Hillary Clinton because she willingly walked away from them and Donald Trump wooed them equally willingly. The Hillary voters that most supported her in 2008, Hillary Clinton walked away from. She left them.

She left you.

Trump hater Karl Rove:

Speeches Wednesday by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were equally unlikely to help Mrs. Clinton. Instead they added to the impression that she represents a third term for their policies, especially as far as they extolled their administration’s record. The more they claim the economy is good, the country strong, and the world safe, the more disconnected they appear to swing voters.

The White House is telling reporters the president will actively campaign for Mrs. Clinton and Democratic candidates, raising funds starting next week and traveling throughout October. This will only reinforce that the race is a choice between the status quo with Mrs. Clinton and change with Mr. Trump.

Long before there was a Hillary2016, in 2013, we warned this was to be a “change” election and that “stay the course” was a fatal trip. Hillary Clinton chose fatality. So now, years after our repeated warnings, now, the Hillary campaign somewhat awakes, in the cage, to the ugly reality of 2016:

Dems fear Trump arguments on terrorism

Terrorism had hardly been discussed publicly at the Democratic National Convention — until Wednesday night’s series of national security speeches — but in private settings, fears about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s use of the issue circulated among the party’s elite.

Noting polls that show Trump has a significant edge with voters on issues of national security and terrorism, Democrats worry he could defeat Hillary Clinton with the argument that the Democratic nominee and her party have been too passive in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

A major domestic terrorist attack on the homeland, or even the continued steady drumbeat of foreign beheadings and suicide bombings, could be all that Trump needs to win the presidency, many top Democrats fear.

Now they worry. An Obama Third Term is not wanted.

Donald J. Trump sees, and seizes, the issue:

At Hillary Clinton’s convention this week, Democrats have been speaking about a world that doesn’t exist. A world where America has full employment, where there’s no such thing as radical Islamic terrorism, where the border is totally secured, and where thousands of innocent Americans have not suffered from rising crime in cities like Baltimore and Chicago.

In the Democrats’ fantasy world, there is no problem with Hillary Clinton maintaining an illegal, exposed server full of classified information that could have been hacked by any foreign enemy, and in which Hillary Clinton risked prison time to delete 33,000 emails that were simply about yoga and wedding planning. In this world, there is no Hillary Clinton disaster in Syria, Libya and Egypt, ISIS doesn’t merit a mention, Iran isn’t on the path to nukes, convention stages don’t need American flags, and our great men and women of law enforcement, our police, do not need to be honored.

I propose a different vision for America, one where we can break up Washington’s rigged system, and empower all Americans to achieve their dreams. In our vision, we will put America First.

If we deliver this change, the future is limitless and we will Make America Great Again for everyone.

The voters most loyal to Hillary Clinton in 2008 have been abandoned by Hillary Clinton:

Why These Union Members and Lifelong Democrats Are Voting Trump
Their national unions have endorsed Hillary Clinton, but some members say they’ll pull the lever for Trump, who’s promising to bring back American manufacturing and get tough on China.

David Kemper and his wife are union members and lifelong Democrats. But the Kempers and their 20-year-old son, Nicholas, are planning to vote for Donald Trump in November. [snip]

“I’m in the CWA, my wife is American Federation of Teachers, but we felt like the unions have left us, too,” said David Kemper.

The split between labor leaders and union members lies at the center of Trump’s potential path to the White House, which includes winning over a swath of Rust Belt states from Pennsylvania to Ohio, thanks to his cross-party appeal among traditionally Democratic union workers. [snip]

In six polls conducted this month, Trump leads Clinton, 58 percent to 30 percent, among white voters without a college degree, a major improvement over Mitt Romney’s performance four years ago, according to a New York Times analysis.

On an individual personal level, it rarely takes much time at a Trump or RNC event these days to find union members like the Kempers in Cleveland ready to vote against Clinton and the Democrats and their own union leadership, by casting a vote for Trump.

When you leave the voters, the voters leave you. An Obama Third Term strategy is an abomination. But that is the fatal path Hillary Clinton has chosen.

We frequently hear the argument that Hillary Clinton is lying with great skill– as a reason to vote for her. The lie is that ‘Hillary runs as the Obama Third Term but once in office Hillary Clinton will be anything but an Obama Third Term’. It’s a defense of a lie that does not persuade.

A vote for an Obama Third Term candidate is a vote for an Obama Third Term, for a system rigged by the political class – that cannot be denied. If a President Hillary Clinton ever tried to escape from the Obama Third Term cage, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama will pounce like jackals against a canary.

Hillary Clinton is that canary. Hillary Clinton put herself into a cage surrounded by jackals. The cage won’t protect Hillary. An Obama Third Term will devastate America.


126 thoughts on “#DemsInPhilly Day 4: Lady In A Cage – The Obama Third Term

  1. Trump hater liberal Piers Morgan:


    The only way to defeat this Caliphate of Cowardice is to slam our open immigration doors shut and teach those we do let in how to survive and thrive in Western life [snip]

    These gutless goons delight in mowing down kids in trucks, throwing gay people off roofs, stoning women to death and setting fire to men in cages.

    They love easy, soft targets: nightclubs, bars, cafes, sports arenas, concert halls, trains. Places where large numbers of innocent people congregate and can thus be slaughtered at will.

    They care not for age, colour, creed or degrees of vulnerability.

    To the medieval barbarians of Islamic State, everyone’s fair game, especially other Muslims who don’t share their hideously warped view of Islam.

    Now, plummeting a new low even by their standards, two ISIS ‘soldiers’ charged into a Catholic church in Normandy, seized hostages including several nuns and then murdered an 84-year-old priest by slitting his throat. [snip]

    Well clearly the current strategy, if there even is one, is failing.

    So we need new thinking. [snip]

    This insane ‘open door’ policy has to stop, not least because once we open these doors we don’t seem to make any coherent, sensible provisions for what happens next to the people who pour through them.

    Donald Trump is lambasted as a racist and a bigot every time he speaks about this issue, a lot of that due to his undeniably inflammatory rhetoric.

    As I wrote at the time, his call for a complete short-term ban on any Muslims entering America was clearly unworkable and absurd.

    But his latest revised call for strong new regulations and restrictions on anyone trying to enter the U.S. from a country ravaged by terror is surely just common sense?

    We need to know who’s coming in!’ he bellows.

    He’s absolutely right, isn’t he?

    Rather than idiotically condemn Trump as the ‘new Hitler’, I strongly suggest other countries follow his lead and also look to massively tighten up their immigration policies before it’s too late.

    Let’s know exactly who is coming into which country, and let’s stop hiding behind political correctness to do it.

  2. When you leave the voters the voters leave you. Even the union leadership is leaving:


    Teamsters back Portman over Strickland in US Senate race

    Republican Rob Portman won the backing of the Teamsters labor union Monday over rival Ted Strickland in Ohio’s closely watched U.S. Senate race.

    The announcement by the 50,000-member Ohio Conference of Teamsters was an important campaign endorsement for Portman and a political blow to Strickland. The Democrat is a former governor and congressman whose strong relationships with labor have helped him win elections.

    Pat Darrow, the Teamsters’ Ohio conference president, said the union looked forward to supporting Portman.

    “When it comes to hardworking Ohio families, Rob Portman has our back. Rob is fighting for middle-class jobs and higher wages for the people of Ohio, and he has fought with us to protect our pensions,” Darrow said. [snip]

    In June, Portman also won the endorsement of the United Mine Workers of America. That was a setback for Strickland who has campaigned on his roots in coal-rich Appalachia and his history of supporting area mineworkers.

    The contest could be one of the nation’s most expensive Senate races this year, with planned spending so far some $45 million, including by the campaigns, the parties and outside special-interest groups. Many ads are expected in the final months.

    It’s unclear whether the presidential race will affect the Senate outcome. Strickland’s campaign frequently calls on Portman to repudiate Republican nominee Donald Trump, while Portman has highlighted Hillary Clinton’s comments on coal miners while trumpeting his United Mine Workers endorsement.

    Portman narrowly leads Strickland, while Trump and Clinton are deadlocked in Ohio.

  3. Piers Morgan and the young Muslim woman who wrote to him are wrong though about ISIS appealing primarily to young, uneducated Muslims. The attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando were committed by educated people who were middle class and with decent livings before they became ISIS bitches.

  4. All too true.

    The nomination is 8 years too late.

    Black men had the right to vote before women.

    The DNC gave the nomination to a black man in a winning year.

    Hillary was the better choice.

    She will run for POTUS and probably lose.

    That is the best women will get for now.

    I will vote country first. Women have not achieved equal rights yet but Islam is a bigger threat to our progress than the idiots who want to force us to bear unwanted children because of their religious beliefs that should be separate from the state.

  5. GonzoTx, any Youtube link that has a period inside the word Youtube (as yours does Youtu.be) does not embed. The URL address is the best way to embed a youtube link. But make sure there is a space before and after the URL address.

  6. Trump not wasting his money:


    Do Political Campaign Ads Actually Work? Research Suggests Not Really

    Instead of buying, boosting, or starting mainstream media outlets, the primary response of conservatives to counter the rampant bias against them in the press has been to purchase television, radio, and direct mail advertising. This has primarily been at the behest of failed political consultants who tell candidates and interest groups that they can get the perfect messaging which will not only be able to cancel out the other candidate’s ads, they will also neutralize months of biased negative press. To such people, liberal media bias exists but it is something that they in their great wisdom can overcome.

    Contrary to the consultants’ claims, however, empirical research conducted by political scientists shows that such advertising campaigns are not nearly as effective as many donors have been led to believe—especially in presidential campaigns.

    This year is a unique one in political history in that it will mark the first time ever that many high-dollar GOP donors have decided to opt out of a presidential election. If they had bothered to look at the political science scholarship about campaign advertising, they’d have made this decision long ago.

    There are five reasons why:

    1. Research shows that almost half of all political ads are completely ignored and those that are watched do not change opinions. [snip]

    2. The effects of campaign ads are easily countered

    When advertising does work, its effects are comparatively small and usually only in markets the other candidate is basically ignoring. In some cases, an advertising disparity can be overcome simply by having the candidate visit an area being blitzed by the opponent and receiving free (and usually positive) local media coverage of the event. [snip]

    3. Claims made by Republicans in advertising are frequently derided and declared to be “lies” by left-wing journalists who have anointed themselves to the public as objective “fact checkers.” [snip]

    4. Money spent on ads is very short-lived. Even during a campaign, advertising spending has almost no lasting impact. [snip]

    5. Every dollar in ad buys is a dollar into the hands of the very same media that attack conservative beliefs and candidates instead of being put to use building things that can last.

  7. Rust belt strategy or another one? We wrote about that. Now the NY Times:


    Donald Trump’s Path: What Map Should Democrats Fear the Most?

    The House would mostly break the tie in favor of Trump

    A Tie at 269–269

    In this map, Donald Trump wins five close swing states: Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

    By now, it’s clear that Donald Trump has a realistic shot to become president. He has essentially pulled even with Hillary Clinton in the polls (after the expected, and usually temporary, bounce from his convention). As of Tuesday night, FiveThirtyEight gave him a 47.5 percent chance to win. The Upshot model assigned him a 32 percent chance.

    But how would he win? [snip]

    Another Pathway: Trump Wins Pennsylvania

    Things would get a lot easier for Donald Trump if he won the Keystone State.

    In this map, Trump would win 279 electoral votes, to 259 for Hillary Clinton. [snip]

    Where Clinton or Trump Has More Ground to Lose

    Democrats are dependent on white working-class voters in the Midwest, but Republicans are dependent on minorities and well-educated voters in the Sun Belt. [snip]

  8. We’re not very sentimental about political speeches so we are definitely biased. But, wasn’t the Chelsea speech a tiresome bore? Or was the sentimentality effective?

    It does seem this attempt to “humanize” Hillary is very foolish. If after all these years in public life “humanization” is necessary seems to us a problem in and of itself.

    What needs to be done is make clear how Hillary plans to get us out of this mess we’re in. These sweet stories will not cut it.

    In 1992 Bill Clinton knew he could not be a “father” figure to the electorate because of his personal life. So Bill Clinton was sold as the “big brother” who protects the family even if he gets into trouble occasionally. Hillary’s problem is also she needs a “Sistah Soljah” moment to show voters she is not captive to thugs. Problem is, she is in a cage so can’t “Sista Soljah” with credibility.

    We don’t think Chelsea helped Hillary2016 with the groups that have problems with Hillary.

  9. Hillary on stage. She looks great in white pantsuit. Lots of flags tonight. Hillary also got signs as Obama and Moose did.

  10. Hillary comes up with a convoluted bit of nonsense of the founding fathers “working together”. If we remember our history, they were “revolutionaries”. Hillary is trying to draw a contrast against Trump with this nonsense but the history favors Trump.

    Hillary follows up this drivel with FDR’s “fear itself” quote in yet another warped view of history.

  11. This Hillary speech is the same mess served up the entire week. Again, Hillary needs to speak to the reality Americans face. Instead Hillary tries to make an argument as to why Americans are wrong about what they are feeling.

    Hillary’s speech thus far is the same drivel that drives away the white working class.

  12. Hillary repeats the Obama nonsense. Now Hillary says, in an attack on Trump, that the nation is based on the principle that we don’t have a “ruler”. Obama and Hillary both forget, or try to get Americans to forget, Obama and Hillary constantly saying they would run the country using “executive orders”.

  13. Speech going over badly in my house husband and dog just rolled over and went to sleep father in law just left the room, mother in law who’s an obot never even emerged to watch it. I trolled Twitter after the first ten minute she lost me

  14. We’re at the kitchen sink stage now. Everybody, every issue gets a sop. A sop to the working class, a sop to coal country, a sop to climate change, a sop to Citizens United repeal, a sop to Social Security… a sop in every kitchen.

  15. Now the invocation Benediction delivered by a “Rev. Shillady”. Couldn’t they get someone with another name? Really??? “Shill Lady”

  16. That picture of Bill, actually so freaking sad for so many reasons.

    Someone on the radio, I was food shopping said, oh its so beautiful, the magnificent stage, look at those beach balls.
    I Thought, yeah, the moat, no flags, but beach balls we got.

  17. When I get that old, sorry Bill, I will sew my mouth shut. What is it that old people’s mouths are so lax they can’t close them.

  18. The problem is Bill is not that old but looks awful. My mom is 93 and looks better than Bill. He’s got something seriously wrong. Apparently he was walking aimlessly around the stage at the end tonight.

  19. Outris
    July 29, 2016 at 12:12 am
    Probably because of his vegetarian diet.

  20. I agree.. Bill sidelined again.

    Why wasn’t he on stage with Hillary? Strange!

    Did anyone notice the color of his tie?

    Bright Orange! When was the last time you saw a Clinton wearing an ORANGE pants suit?

    I read it as a signal of DISTRESS!

  21. Hillary admirer Jeff Greenfield:


    The question leading up to Clinton’s acceptance speech was straightforward: Would she cast off the language of an army of pollsters, consultants, and focus-group research? Would she boldly take ownership of the distrust with which two-thirds of Americans now view her? Find a theme to connect the raft of (often admirable) policy proposals that provide her answers to a country whose confidence in the future has been seriously eroded?

    The answer was no. [snip]

    Clinton came out with a speech that read as if it took a village of writers, consultants, and pollsters to hammer out lines that were overwhelmingly too clever by half.

    Here were the highlights: “A country where the economy works for everyone, not just those at the top” (a line I heard three different Clinton operatives offer word for word at panels and briefings before the speech). … “When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.”… “My primary mission as president will be to create more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages right here in the United States” (this was a line borrowed from no less than … Michael Dukakis). In its rhetoric, it was a model of what not to do in so consequential a speech.

    Above all else, a speech must contain a central theme, one that provides a frame of reference for the message. Every line of JFK’s 1961 inaugural sets the table for “ask not what your country can do for you.” Every line of Martin Luther King’s famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial drives toward the affirmation that “I have a dream.” Here, as Churchill said of the pudding, it had no theme.

    And by the end, Clinton’s acceptance speech was a cacophony of cliché on cliché: Yes, America’s destiny is ours to choose. So let’s be stronger together. … “Looking to the future with courage and confidence. Building a better tomorrow.”

    Muddled message mess.

  22. admin
    July 28, 2016 at 10:00 pm
    …” This has primarily been at the behest of failed political consultants who tell candidates and interest groups that they can get the perfect messaging…”

    Every single anti, Never, hair on fire Trump hater has been associated with the consulting or media class since day one. George Will- his wife is a Republican consultant and works 12 months or so every four years, National Review smarms and Bill Khrystal have “influential” magazines which sell ads every four years and live on handouts the rest of the time, hacks on television, pollsters, cheap mass mail setups, crappy little “institutes” on and on are all dependent on the election cycle tit. It is a scummy industry that sucks money out of donors, candidates, policy shops, business, special interests and lobbyists. The loudest, angriest, most hysterical shriekers are ALL directly or indirectly hit in the bank account by Trump bringing his own setup, creating new methods or using existing ones at greatly reduced “fees”. The consultant, media and hanger on class is outraged that the gravy train hit a bridge abutment. Wait until Trump gets hold of the civil service, contractors, and various other parasitic life forms in DC.

  23. Hillary is “Merkeling” herself. In life when circumstances change so must your positions. This applies to individuals as well as entire countries or even continents. Merkel’s recent doubling down on letting any Muslim “looking for a better life” break international law, Euro law, German law, Greek law, and any other law to seek what is not in the definition of a “refugee” is insanity. No one but Syrians (real ones not some guys from Pakistan or North Africa) has even a remote claim to sanctuary. This completely unrealistic, warped, and narcissistic view that she can MAKE it happen (when she is creating hundreds of thousands of rootless, hopeless, failures with no place in an advanced, industrial, highly educated society of high IQ’s and open social norms) is madness. Hillary sounds like her more every day. Merkel is entrenched in ways that Hillary is not. And the “pie in the sky” irrational drivel about globalism, open borders, rights that the founding fathers never dreamed of, and an endless pile of other people’s money is not only getting old it is sounding ridiculous. Admin is right that it is too late to swing back in the moderate range for Hillary so she has to ride the horse she cut a deal with in 2008. Obama. The Democratic Party fell apart this week. Relationship counseling is not going to help.

  24. Germany is now getting hit with the expectations game. Swarms of unhappy migrants have been gathering at German “unemployment” offices and demanding “salaries” (not jobs) and threatening bureaucrats with knives. “Salaries” in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc are do-nothing or no show jobs. The pay is commensurate with the “salaried” guys age, familial responsibilities, placement in the pecking order of a clan or religious group, etc. Oil money allowed mid-east governments to pay guys to show up and sweep in a government building “snackbar” or fill holes occasionally in the road or make a woman do it. As has already been studied by the Institute of Industry (sort of the German equivalent of the labor department and Dept of Commerce smushed together) the average education level of the migrant is somewhere around third to fifth grade level in Germany for a Syrian high school graduate. A lot are completely illiterate in any language. The Institute found (after a year of study) that most if not all of the migrants will never be able to work at anything beyond basic stoop labor. The women do not work at all ever. The media asked the Institute “Like at McDonalds or a fast food joint?” No like feeding livestock the institute said. I thought like goats or what they were doing before they went to Germany. One of the “lone wolf” ISIS murderers had been placed on a farm the week before he went bonkers on a train. I guess he didn’t want to shovel shit for a German instead of a Afghan war lord. The farm is probably where the moron got the axe. The problem for Germany is they don’t have oil money gushing out of the ground being stolen by Erdogan’s son and paid for by Obama contributors to pass around to ISIS or mosques or crooked dictatorships so millions of guys can loaf, raise a family, and go to the mosque to get a steady diet of how superior they are to infidels. Has Merkel ever read anything about Islamic societies that was NOT fed to her by Soros? I would guess no.

  25. I don’t believe hillary even got 1/2 % positive bounce. They are lying to keep face.

    So was Bill on stage with her or not? Weird dynamics.


    Always what l thought, uneducated, unmotivated disaster…and this is what Obama and hillary want to gift America. We already have areas where we pay thugs not to steal. My dad would have a different answer, but he was a WW2 Vet

  26. My dad would have a different answer, but he was a WW2 Vet
    I am sure he would. An answer more like George Patton than a 100% predictable hog call from that metrosexual big media beloved white hating media destroyed scumbag named Barcrack Insane Banana, and his treasonous entourage–which is no answer at all, but a swan dive into oblivion. Big media must die. Big media must die. Big media must die. Bring me my voodoo doll and darning needle quickly, there is no time to waste.

  27. Not everyone was as entranced with the Democrat Convention as big media was–and is. Not everyone is doing cartwheels, falling on their knees and worshipping that asshole in the White House, and believing the rosy state of the union and the world which these chronic and habitual liars tell us is true, when all empirical evidence cuts the other way. One member of the minority who has not drunk the koolaid big media has is Morris. Like him or hate him, his take on the convention rings very true. My only regret was the democrats did not bring the Bloods and Crips on stage so they could say we love Obama, support Travon and are with her. However, like every other hanger on and donor, their support comes at a price. First, they get to keep control of the ghetto, and no police officers will be welcome. They alone will patrol the streets and dispense social justice when needed to facilitate free trade in dope. Second, they will be given free access to schools and parks outside the ghetto to advance their economic endeavors, and if anyone interferes then Holder will hire a team of former Justice Department lawyers to determine whether that infringement upon their dope peddling was racially motivated. Just think how electifying that would be for a convention which was dull as paint. And, if that was not enough, they could offer delegates free samples. The failure of the DNC to give those dope peddlers air time was truly a missed opportunity. Now they will have to work harder on the voting machines.


  28. “If a President Hillary Clinton ever tried to escape from the Obama Third Term cage, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama will pounce like jackals against a canary.

    Hillary Clinton is that canary. Hillary Clinton put herself into a cage surrounded by jackals. The cage won’t protect Hillary. An Obama Third Term will devastate America.”

    Admin- No truer words were ever written. You are totally on point and precisely where I see Hillary’s future. Benghazi was a crossroads for her to Resign, Stand and Fight for what is Right.. Stand and Fight for What is Right meant her taking that always difficult, long arduous HIGH ROAD stating her case with open clear eyes even possibly leaving a destroyed Dem party in it’s wake. At this point in time had she chosen that path, she would have has all Americans standing with her, at her back, in a death defying duel with the devil for America. (exactly in the place where trump is now)

    Instead, She listened to the devil speak, charming her, appealing to her pride and vanity (and of course using her as cover for his own involvement in Benghazi) blaming a villainous amateur video as the reason for the attack on the Libyan compound. Promises of protection from forthcoming lawsuits and safe from physical harm because of her alignment with him. Her reward, the ultimate promise, gifting her her lifelong historical yearning, The Presidency. Casting her in all perpetuity as the FIRST female president in US history.

    Hillary made her own choice, risking walking hand in hand with the devil. ( remember the Devil and Daniel Webster? ) Hillary, (if she wins) happily chose the cage as a prerequisite for her first term in office. But then, the devil is a trickster.. If Trump wins.. where does that leave Hillary?

    I know there have been many predictions about who is in waiting behind the Tapestry to replace Hillary, And there are a few opportunities still left for that to happen. My pick is the former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick. After he chose not to run a for a third term, Obama quietly summoned ( his former college room mate ) him to DC where, I believe he is being covertly groomed should the globalists wish him as Hillary’s replacement or at the very least have a prominent position as Valjar.02 to her as the president. Patrick’s style of governing is Obama’s Twin Okeedokes

    (the comments in the globe story bears out Patrick’s style of governing indistinguishable from Obama’s)

    That’s my 2 cents.. and thanks again admin for your spectacular commentary keeping us informed and always keeping a light on in the window.

  29. If they already have them, then it’s time for the Russians to release those missing 30,000 emails!😆

  30. Bill does not look well. Very concerned for his health. I thought Hillary looked great and the speech was boiler plate democratic stuff…was surprised she mentioned Israel and no boo’s.

  31. I am flummoxed by how tone deaf Hills and her people are. Is their bubble opaque. Trump had, I believe, 50,000 people switch parties to vote for him in PA. I was amongst them. It took an action. I had to do something. Got on a bus went in and reregistered. I took a yuuuge stack for others and distributed. They mock Trump for not having a ground game. I believe I had 8. That sounds like a ground game to me. Then there is Diamond and Silk and Milo.
    I read The Advocates feeble attempt at #NeverTrump. They are on the same page as Hillary’s bot feminists. Yes there is still sexism and homophobia, but this is not 1973. O’Keefe unsettled even the most die hard pro choice women I know. This is not 1973 and women know how to take care of themselves. Late 80’s I remember walking around in a bodega waiting for the store to be clear to buy condoms. Today I throw that shit on top of eggs at grocery. Don’t even think about it. The days of Murphy Brown raising a child alone seems like ancient history. Today when I find out a friend has one in the oven. I hear responsibility from both often its marriage is not the right thing but we will have a child. My town is very close to the city. It is not the tony erudite enclave littered with affluent homosexuals. Nice safe place but not the 300 dollar jean crowd. I rarely go out as its about money. Everything is now college fund. I look at every savings at grocery store as college. Twice a week I endure sleep overs. Make a ton of grilled cheese. I use store brand cellophane cheese, awful store brand bread and cheap oleo. I save 8.63/week multiply by 52 times 10. I don’t even see it.
    Anyhow I was once the guy that got off work and went to the bar. I can’t do it anymore. It is so expensive. I have 2.5 years of tuition covered. She is 10. I want her to live on campus. My job to get her there.
    I hear these free college kids ranting. Hillary is an idiot. How di you get 250,O00 dollars in debt with an MSW from NYU. Starting salary for MSW is around. 45 in Manhattan. You can never pay it back. Where are the parents as that debt is amassed. I like tiered tuition to state schools for STEM classes. Not scholarships just cheap tuition. A state invests in higher ed it should expect a return. Wanna spend four years studying bad white man. Go ahead we have these things called libraries and they are free. Taxpayer should not indulge you. Will never forget woman at Occupy with 250,000 debt that was a social worker. She could have gone to Hunter on 20k. Her choice. Not hard to do google wages MSW NYC you see.
    A state has a vested interest in education. Teachers and stem at state schools. Lets make them affordable. These butt plugs think Sanders was talking about free tuition to Yale to become an actor.
    Lets also get state hybrid schools out of real estate. My nephew went to Calofornia University of PA. His room was 8,000 a semester. My brother paid. Kids take out loans. He had a suite with 4 roommates. Collectively they paid 8,000 a month for a four bedroom apartment on the ass of no where. No meal plan.
    I paid 874 in 1987 to live in a dorm. Bunk beds four meals a day. My nephew did not engage. We were fucked with each other. Tiny rooms all meals. It is wrong state schools have become realtors. I am always looking at Purdue for my pup
    tuition is so cheap and they still offer dorms.
    Can we just have an adult look at the housing. Kids take on debt. No wY an apartment where my nephew went to school could be 8 grand a month.

  32. Update II: John Lennon reviews the Dim convention and Obama’s Third Term:

    We know the real reason why the caged bird sings. We explain below.


  33. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/07/28/fbi-reportedly-investigating-cyberattack-on-democratic-congressional-campaign-committee.html

    The FBI is looking into a computer hack targeting a fundraising organization for Democrats running for Congress, according to published reports.

    Reuters, citing four sources, reported Thursday that the intrusion at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) may be related to an earlier cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee.

    A Democratic aide told the Associated Press that House Democratic leadership had been informed of the investigation.

    The new report broke on the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

  34. Reuters admits their polls on Trump have been wrong so now they change their methodology because of a curious reason:


    In a presidential campaign notable for its negativity, the option of “Neither” candidate appears to be an appealing alternative, at least to participants in the Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.

    Many voters on both sides have been ambivalent in their support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump, complicating the task of the pollsters trying to track the race.

    That sentiment may help explain an apparent skew that recently emerged in the Reuters/Ipsos poll results. Given the choice, a relatively large group of voters opted for “Neither/Other” candidate compared with other major polls, leading to an underreporting of several percentage points for one or other of the two major contenders at times in the race.

    As a result, Reuters/Ipsos is amending the wording of the choice and eliminating the word “Neither,” bringing the option in line with other polls.

    The amended Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll will be published later Friday, available at polling.reuters.com.

    From the beginning of June until the middle of July, the Reuters/Ipsos survey showed consistently lower support for Trump than other polls were capturing. At times, the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Clinton with a lead over Trump as wide as about 12 percentage points among registered voters – five percentage points higher than Clinton’s lead in some other comparable polls. [snip]

    During the period analyzed, the historically high antipathy for both major candidates, paired with the option of selecting “Neither/Other,” meant the Reuters/Ipsos poll probably underreported Trump’s support before the Republican convention, perhaps by 3 to 5 percentage points.

    So what is the curious reason for the Reuters switch? Because their methodology might begin to help Trump:

    More recently, the “Neither/Other” option appeared to lead to an underreporting of Clinton’s support in the run-up to the Democratic convention, said Cliff Young, pollster and president of Ipsos Public Affairs, which partners with Reuters on the poll. The pollsters estimated the Clinton shortfall at 2 to 4 percentage points.

    Tom W. Smith, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Society at the University of Chicago, said the earlier Trump numbers in the Reuters/Ipsos poll could have indicated a softness of support for Trump among a relatively small group of conservative voters who had yet to come to terms with his candidacy.

    It is plausible that a similar effect among Democratic voters may be hitting Clinton now when presented with the option of “Neither,” he said. [snip]

    Since the convention, however, Trump’s support seems to have solidified among wary supporters. Now, the “Neither” issue appears to be affecting Clinton in the survey.

    Is the system rigged? Well, Reuters wasn’t concerned about their poll methodology when it was adverse to Trump. But now that the poll adversely impacts Clinton, time for change.

  35. If the FBI or IRS or CIA are looking into ANYTHING Democratic…forget about it. It’s going no where. Probably piled on Hillary’s heaps of ridiculously colored pantsuit’s which are on top of her emails.
    I know Admin you thought her white pantsuit was attractive, but as a nurse, it reminded me of an old nurse Rachet routine. Certainly was not angelic.
    For the cost of these pantsuits, couldn’t she fem them up a bit? Jesus, they are ugly.
    And she tokenly spoke of Israel and someone’s leg felt a tingle. If Hillary is President, not only America is toast and those who deny facts will be the end of Israel. Mark my words.

    Your the best and you make the greatest decisions for your daughter, and she is your daughter. Your the one who is there for her every inch of the way. She will never forget!
    Lucky girl!
    There are those on this blog that pay 20,000 to 40,000 and more for their children’s education…maybe they think they will then get a seat at the table. More than likely, they end up waiting tables.
    Universities are big business now. I went to a very good college for peanuts compared to the rip off’s we have today. As Admin said, I believe, it’s a back door money washing program for the goverment.

  36. Admin…I do not think Piers in a Trump hater…Piers won Celebrity Apprentice…I think he and Donald ‘understand’ each other and get along…


    From the beginning of Hillary’s campaign I have had concern and a definitive worry about Bill…he has continually looked and sounded frail…he really seems to have aged aggressively…beyond the norm…

    sometimes I think the both of them are just pushing for too much…they have already attained more power, money, prestige …above and beyond what they will ever need…but it is never enough…they could have so easily worked in CGI and still done so much…but it is not enough…now they are getting greedy…and I truly worry this is not going to play out the way they imagine…

    I wish Hillary could just enjoy all she has…two new grandchildren…her husband…all that she has achieved…and how lucky she is to have escaped all the wrong doing she has obviously done…and be grateful…and work within her own foundation and do good works…or start something on her own…without always relying on Bill…

    but no…she is relentless, ruthless and power driven…for me, in many ways it is sad…she has now given her soul in her pursuit to fly so close to the flame…

  37. S,

    Take a look at Haiti and tell me you think they actually do good work. It’s a money sham…
    We were all shamed by both the Clintons.

    Shame, shame, shame…

  38. http://deadline.com/2016/07/donald-trump-speech-ratings-beat-hillary-clinton-rnc-dnc-1201795035/

    It looks like Donald Trump is going to take the lead over Hillary Clinton this election – at least when it comes to how many people watched the last night of the Republican National Convention and how many watched the last night of the Democratic National Convention.

    With figures in from NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, the ex-Secretary of State’s historic acceptance speech as the first woman to be the Presidential nominee for a major American political party drew 27.8 million viewers. That 10 PM – 11:40 PM ET coverage is down 2.4 million from what Trump and the RNC got on the same outlets on July 21 from 10 – 11:45 PM ET.

  39. The Dim convention did not help. Two cops shot this morning and terrorism still on the march. Obama economy in the toilet.


    Dem anxiety hangs over Clinton

    PHILADELPHIA — Democrats are worried about Hillary Clinton’s inability to separate herself from Donald Trump in the polls, even after what they believe was a largely successful convention that represented a real step toward party unity.

    Clinton is hoping for a big post-convention boost, but the reality right now is that she in behind Trump in the polls, and has been in a relatively tight race for weeks.

    While the Electoral College may give her an advantage, party leaders and strategists say they remain concerned that Clinton is a tough sell when a majority of Americans think the country is on the wrong track and want to shake up Washington.

    “The most important thing is there is a bias for change and there’s an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll where people express that bias even when they don’t know what the change is going to be,” said Geoff Garin, a pollster who worked for Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and now advises Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton super PAC.

    That July survey showed a majority of voters, 56 percent, prefer someone who will bring major changes to government even if they don’t know what those changes will be. Only 46 percent wanted a candidate who would bring a steady approach to government.

    It helps explain Trump’s success, and the strong challenge to Clinton in the Democratic primary from Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    Away from the hoopla of the Wells Fargo, Democratic officials and strategists say it’s a major concern.

    I’m nervous. The country is in a bad mood. It’s such an unpredictable year,” said a Democratic National Committee official who requested anonymity to speak frankly about Clinton’s prospects.

    Other concerns include the possibility of an enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats — Trump got more votes in the GOP primary than any candidate in history while Hillary received fewer votes than she did in 2008 when she lost — and a possible “October surprise.”

    One labor official fretted that more hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee may surface later in the campaign and hurt Hillary.

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told CNN this week that his website might release “a lot more material” that could impact the election.

    Trump has also been more effective in attracting media attention, even though much of it has been negative.

    He managed to dominate headlines on the third day of the Democratic convention after calling on Russia to help find 30,000 emails Clinton deleted from her private server.

    The flip comment, which Trump later downplayed as a joke, would be a mortal blow to just about any other politician but he has shown an uncanny ability to bounce back from similar stumbles, adding to the sense of unease among Democrats.

    I feel like we shouldn’t be overly optimistic,” said Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.). “Time and time again over this last year we thought Trump was done and he’s not so let’s treat him as an incredibly viable, capable opponent.

    The biggest uncertainty hanging over the election is who will show up to the polls on Nov. 8.

    One Democratic strategist said Clinton will win if the Obama coalition of young and minority voters show up in force.

    If it’s the same as 2008 and 2012 we win,” the source said. “If it’s 2004, it’s a different story.” [snip]

    Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton all presented themselves as agents of change in seeking the White House. The last president to be in a place similar to Clinton’s was George H.W. Bush, who was effectively seeking an extension of the Reagan presidency.

    Democrats say the hunger for change explains Trump’s surprisingly strong poll numbers, despite his many gaffes.

    A Los Angeles Times/USC tracking poll shows Trump widened his national lead over Clinton during the convention. His five-point lead on Monday grew to seven points by Wednesday.

    Iowa Rep. Dave Loebsack (D), whose home state is a presidential battleground, said “of course” he’s concerned by the polls, which he attributed to general dissatisfaction with Washington.

    He said Trump has “tapped into that vein of anger at Washington, D.C., anger at the political process in general and the fact that nothing seems to be getting done.”

    It’s a change election. We wrote “muddled message mess” in 2013. Hillary should have known this was going to be a change election. Hillary chose to “stay the course”. Trump chose “time for a change, big change, big big big change”.

  40. Another dim wit tied to the mast of The Pequod preparing to go down with the ship. The Melville novel relates.. We could be Moby Dick.

    Merkel MUST go! Germans plan ‘huge’ demonstration over leader’s open door asylum policy

    GERMAN activists are planning to hold a “huge” protest in Berlin tomorrow against Angela Merkel’s open door asylum policy.


  41. Trump’s “time for a change” message resonates because of news such as this:


    U.S. Economy Grew Less-Than-Forecast 1.2% in Second Quarter

    The U.S. economy expanded less than forecast in the second quarter after a weaker start to the year than previously estimated as companies slimmed down inventories and remained wary of investing amid shaky global demand.

    Gross domestic product rose at a 1.2 percent annualized rate after a 0.8 percent advance the prior quarter, Commerce Department figures showed Friday in Washington. The median forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg called for a 2.5 percent second-quarter increase. [snip]

    We’re just muddling through,” said Joseph LaVorgna, chief U.S. economist at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. in New York, who had forecast a 1 percent gain in second-quarter GDP. [snip]

    With Friday’s report, the Commerce Department also issued its annual revisions, updating the data back through 2013. The first-quarter’s reading was revised from a previously reported 1.1 percent gain.

    The new breakdown shows a more pronounced slowdown in the economy heading into 2016.

    An Obama Third Term will guarantee more bad news.

  42. gonzotx
    July 29, 2016 at 2:49 pm


    yes I am fully aware…I have had so many “discussions” with my closest friend, who supports Hillary and lives in LA, about this (Haiti) and all the other greedy laundering of money that has gone on…her supporters, no matter how smart these people are, do not want to hear it…they will not listen…she cannot understand how I could change having been such a staunch diehard supporter and fundraiser for Bill and Hill, when I lived in LA, I had to say let’s not talk about this because our friendship is more important than fighting over this…

    however I do believe the Clintons have the potential to do good things in the public arena…just cut all ties with the US treasury and stop Hillary from being in another powerful, governmental position…the ultimate one, the Presidency, to do more of the same she…(and Bill) appears to have done at State…and worse…

    from my POV, I want them out of any power position within our government…and all those insider relationships severed…

    …great disappointment and disillusionment with them both…

    they started in the 1990’s with nothing and such good intentions…they changed drastically…

  43. Admin says:

    It’s a change election. We wrote “muddled message mess” in 2013. Hillary should have known this was going to be a change election. Hillary chose to “stay the course”. Trump chose “time for a change, big change, big big big change”.


    she plays it safe…that is her MO…

    when I look at the “big picture” over the last two decades…this is what bothers me the most about Hillary…she always seems to be riding on someone else’s wave…

    Bill…O…she seems to ‘catch a ride’…

    that is the foundation of my disappointment in her…and i think many others…we waited so long for her to finally get ‘her chance’…thinking she would come out blazing as her own woman and roar, with her own ideas, and certainly separate herself from O and his failed Presidency and inspire us and lead the way…

    instead she limped out hugging O and walking in his shadow…and then all her corrupt actions started getting exposed…

    what will be really inspiring…will be the first woman who makes it to the Presidency on her own…not riding on someone’s ‘legacy’…

    it is not her…

  44. Just interjecting a point of fact about Haiti-
    Bill Clinton was the original supporter for helping the Haitians get back on their feet. Then, Poppy Bush wanted in on the donation program. I am not defending Bill or Hillary on this score but just for the record, it was a team effort by Clinton-Bush Sr. that did the fundraising. Bush Srs name is hardly mentioned whenever the Haiti catastrophe is written about and I just wanted to reiterate he was in the end, just as responsible as the Clintons for the where and when dispersal of the donation money came about.

  45. Foxy, we have been told we will get tired of winning! So far this year it’s been win, win, win. After losing for so long it does taste good. I may not get tired of it for a long time.

  46. “Lady in a Cage” is the title.

    If a reference to the Olivia de Havilland film of the same name, I wonder, who are the characters from the script?

  47. The pigs are still hungry.

    I’m concerned about the legal authority question. If we are to believe Yellen’s sworn testimony to Congress, we know three things:

    As of February, Yellen had not “fully investigated” the legal issues of negative rates.
    As of May, Yellen was unwilling to state the Fed had legal authority to go negative.
    As of June, Yellen had no doubt the Fed could legally go negative.


  48. Interesting article:

    Clinton Could Win Because She Controls the Voting Machine Industry and These Six Groups of Voters.

    The Individuals and Groups Who Need Hillary Clinton to Become President:

    1. The Obama Phone Recipients and the Rest of the Entitlement Crowd

    2. Illegal Immigrants

    3. The Bernie Sanders Under 30 Entitlement Crowd- “The Government Owes Me”

    4. The Corporation and the Free Traitors Agreement Creators

    5. The Military Industrial Complex

    6. Voting for Clinton Because She’s a Woman

    Voter Fraud is Trump’s Greatest Challenge


  49. New email trouble:


    Exclusive: Clinton campaign also hacked in attacks on Democrats – sources

    The computer network used by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hacked as part of a broad cyber attack on Democratic political organizations, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

    The latest attack, which was disclosed to Reuters on Friday, follows reports of two other hacks on the Democratic National Committee and the party’s fundraising committee for candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives.

    The U.S. Department of Justice national security division is investigating whether cyber hacking attacks on Democratic political organizations threatened U.S. security, sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.

  50. Obama knew:


    FBI warned Clinton campaign last spring of cyberattack

    The FBI warned the Clinton campaign that it was a target of a cyberattack last March, just weeks before the Democratic National Committee discovered it had been penetrated by hackers it now believes were working for Russian intelligence, two sources who have been briefed on the matter told Yahoo News.

    In a meeting with senior officials at the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters, FBI agents laid out concerns that cyberhackers had used so-called spear-phishing emails as part of an attempt to penetrate the campaign’s computers, the sources said. One of the sources said agents conducting a national security investigation asked the Clinton campaign to turn over internal computer logs as well as the personal email addresses of senior campaign officials. But the campaign, through its lawyers, declined to provide the data, deciding that the FBI’s request for sensitive personal and campaign information data was too broad and intrusive, the source said.

    A second source who had been briefed on the matter and who confirmed the Brooklyn meeting said agents provided no specific information to the campaign about the identity of the cyberhackers or whether they were associated with a foreign government. The source said the campaign was already aware of attempts to penetrate its computers and had taken steps to thwart them, emphasizing that there is still no evidence that the campaign’s computers had actually been successfully penetrated.

    But the potential that the intruders were associated with a foreign government should have come as no surprise to the Clinton campaign, said several sources knowledgeable about the investigation. Chinese intelligence hackers were widely reported to have penetrated both the campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain in 2008.

    The Brooklyn warning also could raise new questions about why the campaign and the DNC didn’t take the matter more seriously. It came just four months after the DNC had also been contacted by FBI agents alerting its information technology specialists about a cyberattack on its computers, the sources told Yahoo News. As with the warning to the Clinton campaign, the FBI initially provided no details to the DNC. [snip]

    The FBI’s request to turn over internal computer logs and personal email information came at an awkward moment for the Clinton campaign, said the source, familiar with the campaign’s internal deliberations. At the time, the FBI was still actively and aggressively conducting a criminal investigation into whether Clinton had compromised national security secrets by sending classified emails through a private computer server in the basement of her home in Chappaqua, N.Y. There were already press reports, to date unconfirmed, that the investigation might have expanded to include dealings relating to the Clinton Foundation. Campaign officials had reason to fear that any production of campaign computer logs and personal email accounts could be used to further such a probe. At the Brooklyn meeting, FBI agents emphasized that the request for data was unrelated to the separate probe into Clinton’s email server. But after deliberating about the bureau’s request, and in light of the lack of details provided by the FBI and the absence of a subpoena, the Clinton campaign chose to turn down the bureau’s request, the source said.

    Email problems on top of email problems.

  51. Mitt Romney’s underwear unhappiness:


    Mitt Romney Thinks Donald Trump Could Win The Election

    “You can’t forget that Hillary Clinton is a player as well, and she’s an awful candidate.”

    Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney said earlier this month he thought Donald Trump could win the presidency, citing Hillary Clinton’s high unfavorable numbers and the unpredictability of the race.

    Romney was speaking with Republican consultant Mike Murphy’s Radio Free GOP podcast released two weeks ago when he made the comments.

    “You have to give Donald Trump credit, he was able to bring a rhetoric and a style that he had perfected over his career to the political sphere and connect with people and become the nominee,” Romney said. “Despite the fact that I and a lot of other people thought he would not be an ideal nominee, he is. At this stage, it’s rougher going, but I can’t predict what’s gonna happen.”

    “To be honest, it’s very possible in my view that Trump wins,” continued Romney. “I wouldn’t think it’d be by a landslide, but I think he could win. I think he could lose, I think he could lose by a landslide. But, I don’t know which it’s going to be and a lot of that depends on what happens to Hillary Clinton. Is there a meltdown moment, or some implosion of some kind?”

    Romney thought Trump might be able to change his positions to appeal to more people, as well. The former governor said he wouldn’t vote for Trump or Clinton and would look at the other people running to see who he would vote for. Romney also said he could write in the name of another Republican if unhappy with choices.

    The #NeverTrump idiots have no rationale other than personal animosity, personal profit, and narcissism left.

  52. Romney giving advise?

    The loser lost to Obama and couldn’t fight Obama’s claims (and/or Candy Crowley) about ANY issue, nevermind when he had him on the ropes about Benghazi!

    Romney will probably write himself in as a possible candidate on the ballot-

  53. First Senior Bankers on the Planet Responsible for 2008 Economic Collapse FINALLY Jailed!

    In April, Wells Fargo & Co admitted to defrauding the United States government for nearly an entire decade, which subsequently led to the housing market collapse — and the United States punished no one.

    Bank of America Corp (BAC.N), Citigroup Inc (C.N), Deutsche Bank AG (DBKGn.DE) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), have all previously made the same admission and settled similar federal lawsuits — again, with no one being held criminally responsible.

    While low-level bankers have been thrown in jail as apparent scapegoats in places like Iceland, not a single high-level CEO or officer has faced punitive criminal action — until now.

    On Friday, three senior Irish bankers were jailed for up to three-and-a-half years for their conspiracy to defraud investors, subsequently causing the economic collapse of 2008.

    According to a report in Reuters, the trio will be among the first senior bankers globally to be jailed for their role in the collapse of a bank during the crisis.

    Watching these criminal bankers use the governments of the world to fleece the taxpayers in a series of bailouts and scams to defraud the people has been infuriating.
    Unlike the bankers who remain protected in America’s legal system, the Irish have decided to lay down the law.

    “By means that could be termed dishonest, deceitful and corrupt they manufactured 7.2 billion euros in deposits by obvious sham transactions,” Judge Martin Nolan told the court, describing the conspiracy as a “very serious crime”.

    In the United States, the people have been forced to file their own legal action against the criminal bankers as the government does absolutely nothing to stop their crimes.

    Despite the bankers’ best attempts at foiling the private actions against them, the people have pushed through.

    A newly revived antitrust lawsuit, according to the appeals court, could be devastating to these 16 banks, including Deutsche Bank AG, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, UBS AG, HSBC Holdings Plc, Barclays Plc, Credit Suisse Group AG, Bank of America Corp, Citigroup Inc., and JPMorgan Chase & Co.


  54. Your rights Mrs Smith,

    The Clinton Clan and Bush clan are in chest deep in all the shit.
    Remember all those pictures of the white collar thugs grinning, asking for $$$$
    How dumb wad I.

    I do remember hillary saying what a special place Haiti was for Bill and she.
    Maybe they should go live there.
    THAT WOULD be special.

  55. he media labored valiantly to portray the Democrat Convention as the greatest thing to happen to America. They are probably right on one point–the Convention created more jobs for blue collar workers than Obama had created so far in his feckless reign. The electronic and print media trumpeted that the Convention was drawing more viewers than the Republicans. Vindication, in their jaundiced eyes at least, that a majority favored Hillary and the Dems.

    Whoops. Final numbers are it. When it really counted, more people watched Donald Trump than watched Hillary Clinton. Poor Hollywood Reporter almost choked in having to report this:

    With all ratings in across networks, the DNC finale comes in short of the RNC — though averages a much stronger showing over four days. Trump 34.9 million to Hillary’s 33.7 million.

    Trump attracted 1.2 million more viewers than Hillary. Yet the media persists thru today with trying to portray Hillary as trampling Trump. Conveniently ignored by the cheerleaders for Hillary was the absence of one tiny thing–a list of actual accomplishments. Her experience shows her to be a failure. As the first Lady at the White House she could not keep Bill from banging interns an close friends in the White House. As Senator on behalf of New York she managed to help make the case for going to war in Iraq, otherwise no significant legislation. And as Secretary of State she helped set the Middle East on fire, adding wood and fuel to the conflagration started by Bush and Cheney.

    Can you imagine the howling and outrage that would ensue if Donald Trump did what Hillary’s team did? You know, hiring people to wear her gear and sit in seats in side the Convention Hall and cheer. We already know how crazed the media gets if Donald Trump dares speak the name of Putin or say Russia. The fainting couches are crushed under the weight of bloated reporters recoiling in horror and passing out at Trump’s remark that it would be swell if Russia could find the 30,000 emails Hillary and her team deleted.

    The press, including some claiming to be conservative, can embrace the notion that a woman described by the FBI Director as “reckless” and “ignorant” when it comes to handling classified information is in fact some sort of All Star for the Presidency.

    Hillary is just a human version of a Potemkin Village.

    In politics and economics, a Potemkin village (also Potyomkin village, derived from the Russian: Потёмкинские деревни, is any construction (literal or figurative) built solely to deceive others into thinking that a situation is better than it really is. The term comes from stories of a fake portable village, built only to impress Empress Catherine II during her journey to Crimea in 1787.


  56. Khizr Khan would have a little more credibility waving the Constitution at Donald Trump, if he were not standing besides a silent wife who was wearing a symbol of female oppression. Hypocrites!

  57. jbstonesfan

    July 29, 2016 at 10:18 pm

    Why does McConnell get a pass..he is much worse than Ryan

    He’s laying low and didn’t actively oppose Trump. But yes, he’s a huge Obama enabler.

  58. Lu4PUMA

    July 30, 2016 at 8:49 am

    Khizr Khan would have a little more credibility waving the Constitution at Donald Trump, if he were not standing besides a silent wife who was wearing a symbol of female oppression. Hypocrites!

    Just more Dim shaming. They’ve opposed the military in everything and sought to degrade and humiliate it at every turn, so now all of a sudden they give a shit? Sorry if it falls short of moving me that an angry muzzie is mad at Trump for something Trump had nothing to do with.

  59. blowme0bama
    July 30, 2016 at 9:50 am
    Angry Muzzie. I like that and I am going to shamelessly steal it and use it.

  60. jbstonesfan

    July 29, 2016 at 10:18 pm

    Why does McConnell get a pass..he is much worse than Ryan.
    Correct jb, Mitch is one of these 7 Republicans who wound up preventing a sure runoff win for a true conservative.
    The Shameful Seven
    July 16, 2014
    Seven Republican senators have now been linked to the racial attacks against conservative Chris McDaniel in Mississippi.
    The financial report for Thad Cochran’s super PAC was released earlier this week and contains two alarming details.
    First, it shows that the following seven GOP senators gave a total of $160,000 to Thad Cochran’s super PAC:
    1. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — $50,000 — (202) 224-2541 — Facebook — Twitter
    2. Bob Corker (R-TN) — $30,000 — (202) 224-3344 — Facebook — Twitter
    3. Rob Portman (R-OH) — $25,000 — (202) 224-3353 — Facebook — Twitter
    4. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) — $25,000 — (202) 224-5251 — Facebook — Twitter
    5. Richard Burr (R-NC) — $20,000 — (202) 224-3154 — Facebook — Twitter
    6. Roy Blunt (R-MO) — $5,000 — (202) 224-5721 — Facebook — Twitter
    7. Mike Crapo (R-ID) — $5,000 — (202) 224-6142 — Facebook — Twitter
    Second, it shows that the PAC then gave a similar amount to a liberal group to run racial attacks against Chris McDaniel.
    These senators fully funded ads that urged Democrats to “cross over and vote in the republican primary” and claimed that a McDaniel win would be a loss “for race relationships between blacks and whites.”
    They also helped pay for fliers that said, “The Tea Party Intends to Prevent You From Voting” and suggested McDaniel would roll back civil rights.
    And perhaps worst of all, they helped pay thousand of dollars to Democratic activists to do so called “canvasing” to turn out votes for Cochran.

  61. Lu4PUMA, you hit on the reason why the wrath of Khan played to Trump’s strength. Once again we repeat, “the medium is the message”. Most voters who witnessed Khan’s temper tantrum took two lessons from the appearance. Lesson 1, Khan was angry and that just confirms the bias of Muslims as angry. Lesson 2, Khan’s wife covered up in shame as Islam does to women.

    The “medium” is television. The message is what you saw, not what they said. What was seen? An angry Muslim male and his silent covered up unhappy woman property.

  62. Hillary and Bill are campaigning in rural Philidelpia, bragging that their buses were made in America and the wrap on the bus, whereas Trumps products are built in 12 different countries.
    At least he actually builds and employees Americans. Lots of them. Hillary zero…
    Philidelpia has lost 250,000 jobs in last 20 years, most to NAFTA…Bills baby. She has the nerve to be telling people she is the one that will bring jobs back to Americans.
    Right Hillary. I believe you.

  63. Words.

    Words hide the truth.

    To call Paul Ryan an open borders advocate is unfair.

    And we must be fair.

    Surely we owe him that much.

    So lets call him what he is: an open borders fanatic

    And his paymaster is the globalist

    We must be fair

    He is what the elites have always wanted to suppress popular rebellion

    From Spain in the 1930s to the United States today

    They want a general who will fire on his own people

    And to be fair, that is what Paul Ryan is

    Nothing more.

    Nothing less.

  64. Lu4PUMA
    July 30, 2016 at 3:12 pm
    Polling changed to put Hillary in the lead.

    And they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, cooking the books.

    Even if they were not cooking the books the polls would not tell the real story.

    Many people who will vote for Trump in November will not tell that to a pollster they do not know.

    When it comes to campaigning, Trump is indefatigueable.

    And big media has lost its audience.

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