Great News From The #TrumpTrain; Dump Paul Ryan; Kaine Mutiny; #FeelTheBern Bad News For Bernie ‘The Jew’ Sanders Viz #Hillary2016

Disgusting news, great news, and the next tasks, are what we write about today. First, the GOP convention is over and Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee. A New Republican Party is born.

What are the first tasks for Trump supporters? We think the smart Trump supporters and those happy with the New Republican Party have to fight alongside Donald J. Trump in every state as well as do one other really important task: Dump Paul Ryan. The time is now. Dubious polls look good for Dump Paul Ryan voters. But win or lose, the time is now to shave Paul Ryan from the House of Representatives.

A President Trump does not need a Speaker Ryan. President Trump needs a leader in the House, not a mouse. Dump Ryan.

The strength of the Trump revolution is what kept Mullah Ryan in check. Did anyone notice that when the roll call of states for the nomination began the RNC and the Trump loyalists kept Paul Ryan off the stage? When Paul Ryan finally was allowed back on stage it was only because RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was there too, making sure Paul Ryan could not gum up the works.

Mullah Ryan must go. The Trump convention went well because Mullah Ryan was kept in check.

Mullah Ryan was kept in a cage at the convention. Donald Trump’s convention allowed Donald J. Trump to be the star. Donald J. Trump was the star and he shone brightly.

Big Media declared Trump a “dark” star. In just about every Big Media outlet the scam was the same: “dark”. The professor at Legal Insurrection, who hates Trump, noted how the “dark” came to be:

Media parrots Clinton campaign attack on Trump speech – “dark”

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night was a hit with viewers, as Yahoo News reported:

The majority of viewers who watched Donald Trump’s speech to the Republican National Convention on Thursday night said it made them more likely to vote for him in November, according to a CNN/ORC instant poll.

The poll found that 56% of speech viewers were more likely to vote for the New York businessman after seeing him formally accept the Republican nomination. [snip]

Overall, 57% of viewers said they had a “very positive” reaction to Trump’s speech. Meanwhile, 18% said they were “somewhat positive” and 24% said it had a “negative effect.”

A positive speech but immediately, Big Media began to repeat the word “dark”. Communist Van Jones at CNN and Jake Tapper used the word “dark”. BuzzFeed, NYTimes, Rolling Stone ragazine, all used the word “dark” to describe Trump’s speech. The New Yorker, The Nation, Huffington Post, all went “dark” too. Orlando Sentinel, Bloomberg News, NBC, all “dark” “dark” “dark” as did Slate and ABC. The #NeverTrump Republicans likewise denounced the New Republican Party speech as “dark” too.

Many of these losers argued that Donald J. Trump’s “dark” speech compared unfavorably to Ronald Reagan’s “Morning In America” speech. But as has been pointed out by a demented Trump hater who happens to be right about this, the Reagan “Morning In America” speech was made at his reelection convention when Reagan relished all he had accomplished.

Four years earlier, when Reagan successfully first ran for president in 1980 however, Reagan, like Donald J. Trump, described a very realistic picture of America in decay. Trump recycled Reagan’s “Let’s Make America Great” slogan against Jimmy Carter into today’s “Make America Great Again”. Reagan and Trump are not being “dark”. It’s reality. Look at Munich today.

Speaking of Reagan, Pat Buchanan agrees with what we have been writing, that a New Repubican Party is born. Buchanan recalls Reagan to denounce Ted Cruz and applaud Donald J. Trump:

Ted Cruz and the Trump Takeover

The self-righteousness and smugness of Ted Cruz in refusing to endorse Donald Trump, then walking off stage in Cleveland, smirking amidst the boos, takes the mind back in time.

At the Cow Palace in San Francisco in July of 1964, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, having been defeated by Barry Goldwater, took the podium to introduce a platform plank denouncing “extremism.” [snip]

Rocky was finished. He would never win the nomination.

Richard Nixon took another road, endorsed Goldwater, spoke for him in San Francisco, campaigned for him across America. And in 1968, with Goldwater’s backing, Nixon would rout Govs. George Romney and Rockefeller, and win the presidency, twice.

Sometimes, loyalty pays off.

About Cruz, a prediction: He will not be the nominee in 2020. He will never be the nominee. If Trump wins, Cruz is cooked. If Trump loses, his people will not forget the Brutus who stuck the knife in his back. [snip]

Yet, beyond the denunciations of Trump and disavowals of his candidacy, something larger is going on here.

The Goldwaterites were not only dethroning the East Coast liberal establishment of Rockefeller, but saying goodbye to the Republicanism of President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon.

Something new was being born, and births are not a pretty sight.

What was being born was a new Republican Party. [snip]

The crisis of today’s Republican Party stems from a failure to recognize, after Reagan went home, and during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, that America now faced a new set of challenges.

By 1991, America’s border was bleeding. [snip].

By 1991, free trade had begun to send our factories and jobs overseas and de-industrialize America.

By 1991, an epoch in world history had ended. With the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the Cold War was suddenly over. America had prevailed.

“As our case is new,” said Lincoln, “so we must think anew and act anew.” Bush Republicans did not think anew or act anew. [snip]

With Trump’s triumph, the day of reckoning has arrived.

The new GOP is not going to be party of open borders, free trade globalism or reflexive interventionism.

The weeping and gnashing of teeth are justified.

For these self-righteous folks are all getting eviction notices. They are being dispossessed of their home.

Buchanan provides examples of the fear and prejudices that kept the GOP from growing once Reagan departed the scene. Now Trump has smashed the old order and a New Republican Party is born.

This is all great news. The eviction notices are posted. The worthless men of the old GOP are kicked out in the streets. Some, like Daniel Pipes, have fled. Good riddance:

Daniel Pipes: Why I just quit the Republican Party [snip]

Fourth, the conservative movement, to which I belong, has developed since the 1950s into a major intellectual force. It did so by building on several key ideas (limited government, a moral order, and a foreign policy reflecting American interests and values). But the cultural abyss and constitutional nightmare of a Trump presidency will likely destroy this delicate creation. Ironically, although a Hillary Clinton presidency threatens bad Supreme Court justices, it would leave the conservative movement intact.

Daniel Pipes is blowing smoke. He is a loser from a loser party. Donald J. Trump is the New Republican Party.

Daniel Pipes wants to live in the past. The Cold War was his womb. He wants to go back. But a New Republican Party is born and will never go back.

As to going back, Daniel Pipes is just like an Obama Dimocrat in old Republican clothing. Just take a look at what those Dims are doing. The Obama Dimocrat Party plotted to plant phony advertisements on Craigslist, to smear Donald J. Trump. That comes from the latest batch of Wikileaks documents released today.

Also from Wikileaks is Bernie “the Jew” Sanders:

New Leak: Top DNC Official Wanted to Use Bernie Sanders’s Religious Beliefs Against Him

Among the nearly 20,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee, released Friday by Wikileaks and presumably provided by the hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” is a May 2016 message from DNC CFO Brad Marshall. In it, he suggested that the party should “get someone to ask” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders about his religious beliefs.

It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.

The Obama Dimocrat Southern Baptist is Jew baiting. For political profit. In Kentucky and West Virginia. Because Bernie Sanders was doing well in those two states. Jew baiting for political profit. The Obama Dimocrat Party. Will Hillary Clinton demand Jew Baiter Brad Marshall be fired and a full investigation conducted in public to purge the party of Jew baiters who smear Southern Baptists, Kentucky, and West Virginia?

Will Hillary2016 demand an investigation into foreign money and her campaign? We doubt it.

A needed purge of Jew baiters at the DNC will not take place. There are too many troubles for Hillary2016. We’ll discuss the problems of Hillary2016 and who the Obama Dimocrat Party will nominate next week when the convention begins. But we can’t resist putting out a plate of appetizers.

Today was the day Hillary Clinton was supposed to announce a VP pick. Cory Booker is supposed to be on that list. But Cory Booker is a black man and his selection would make a great temptation for those who want to get rid of Hillary. Cory Booker would be a catastrophe.

Elizabeth Warren, the squaw from Cambridge is a problem too. Barack Obama hates Warren so that selection would make Obama squawk. Obama would have to replace the entire slate with Warren as VP and Warren is too popular for Obama to tangle with. But Warren only brings trouble for Hillary and doesn’t really add anything to the ticket so Hillary has “reservations” about Warren.

The presumed selection for VP is the Obama supporter from 2008, the guy that stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back. Tim Kaine won’t help Hillary Clinton much. Liberals don’t like Kaine because Kaine the backstabber is not kook enough for them. But Hillary needs to win Virginia.

Virginia? Doesn’t Hillary have Virginia sewn up. Terry McAuliffe is governor of Virginia and a long time Clinton ally. But today Terry McAuliffe got some bad news:

Virginia court invalidates Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s order restoring felon voting rights

Obama Dimocrats cannot afford to lose Virginia. The New Republican Party can win Virginia. This is all good news for and from the TrumpTrain.


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  1. gonzotx
    July 22, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    Mrs Smith,

    You did move to Texas right, so you must be on the coast?


    Angela Merkel better gird her loins.!!!

    Stupid, stubborn, woman !!


    Yes, Gonzo. We are on the coast of beautiful Orange Beach in Ala. We were planning to go to Padre Is but recent news reports of people wading/swimming in and around Galveston were contracting flesh eating bacteria through minor cuts entering their limbs had us changing our destination. We had no idea Ala has so much to offer and
    such a short distance way. Stayed in NOLA near Bourban St., before trekking the rest of the way to Ala.
    That was cool! great seafood!

  2. I am happy with Kaine as VP. He is a centrist democrat that most of us would have supported in the past. Hillary also did not cave to far far left Kooks.

  3. Backstabbers welcome at Hillary2016:

    Kaine to Back Obama’s Bid for Democratic Nomination

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    RICHMOND, Feb. 14 — Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) plans to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president Saturday, pledging early support from a Southern Democrat as the Illinois senator begins his campaign for the White House.

    Kaine will sign onto Obama’s presidential team ahead of the senator’s appearance at the Virginia Democratic Party’s annual fundraiser Saturday night, according to sources familiar with Kaine’s decision. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they do not want to preempt the formal announcement. [snip]

    He spoke effusively about Obama’s personal charisma and abilities.

    “Sen. Obama is just in a completely different category than anybody I’ve ever stood on a stage with,” Kaine said in the Jan. 31 interview. “There is just a feeling of, you know, kind of a projection of hope on him from an audience that is just unreal. It’s unreal.”

    Kaine said his time on the campaign trail with Obama has convinced him the first-term senator “is a person who has been through experiences that have given him sound judgment.” [snip]

    Kaine’s decision to declare his intentions about Obama’s candidacy almost a year before the first presidential primaries departs from recent tradition in Virginia. Warner endorsed Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) just a few days before the Virginia presidential primary, which Kerry won.

    When back stabbing is rewarded, expect more back stabbings.


    Virginia court invalidates Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s order restoring felon voting rights

    The Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled against Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s order restoring voting rights to more than 200,000 felons who completed their sentences, a decision that dealt a major blow to the Democratic governor and has implications for the November presidential race in the crucial swing state.

    In a 4-3 ruling issued Friday, the court ruled that McAuliffe overstepped his clemency powers under the state constitution by issuing a sweeping order in April restoring rights to all ex-offenders who are no longer incacerated or on probation or parole.

    The court agreed with state Republicans who challenge McAuliffe’s order, arguing voting rights should be restored on a case-by-case basis.

    “Never before have any of the prior 71 Virginia Governors issued a clemency order of any kind — including pardons, reprieves, commutations, and restoration orders — to a class of unnamed felons without regard for the nature of the crimes or any other individual circumstances relevant to the request,” Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons wrote for the majority. “To be sure, no Governor of this Commonwealth, until now, has even suggested that such a power exists.”

    It’s unclear what the practical implications of the ruling. Attorney General Mark Herring (D) has previously said that McAuliffe would simply issue individual orders to restore the rights of each felon, one at a time, if his wholesale move was struck down. Along with voting rights, the governor’s action restored the right to serve on a jury, run for public office and become a notary public.

    Lemons noted in his opinion that Virginia’s last Democratic governor, Timothy M. Kaine, declined in 2010 to issue a blanket voting rights restoration order on advice from a senior advisor who said such a move would be a “rewrite” of the law and constitution. A spokeswoman for Kaine, now a senator and leading contender to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, did not return a request for comment.

    The court decision invalidated the new registrations for more than 11,000 felons who had joined the voter rolls since McAuliffe signed his order.

    When he signed it, McAuliffe described his order as an important advancement for civil rights. Until McAuliffe’s order, about a quarter of the state’s black population had been barred from voting because of convictions.

    Across the country, activists have been pushing to loosen voting restrictions on ex-offenders that disproportionately disenfranchise African-Americans. Virginia is one of just 11 states that requires individual exemptions in order for ex-offenders to vote, according to the Brennan Center for Justice.

    But state Republican leaders accused McAuliffe of trying to add Democratic voters to the rolls in order to help his close friend, Hillary Clinton, win the crucial swing state in the November presidential election.

    McAuliffe also faced criticism for his handling of the order and keeping secret the list of felons who qualify to have their rights restored.

    It turned out the list mistakenly included several violent criminals still in custody and 132 sex offenders under involuntary supervision. These errors drew ire from Democratic and Republican prosecutors who say they weren’t properly consulted ahead of the governor’s order and are tasked with finding errors.

  5. Truthfully, I didn’t realize he supported O. That says a lot about Hillary as I would hold grudges.

  6. Mrs Smith,

    Texas coast is pretty murky too. I have never liked getting in its waters and you have to clean your feet with baby oil because of the tar from the off shore oil rigs. I did go in the water by Corpus Christi and had a UTI for 2 years, with ulcers in my uretha…maybe too much infomation. lol

  7. Make America Safe Again, not Munich:

    Munich gunman ‘was 18-year-old German-Iranian

    A dead man found near the Olympia shopping centre in Munich was the suspected gunman, police have confirmed.

    In a press conference in the early hours of Saturday morning, Munich’s police chief said the man had been identified as an 18-year-old German-Iranian who used a pistol to open fire at a nearby McDonald’s.
    Armed officers patrol the streets of Munich after the shooting

    The motive for the attack, in which nine others were killed and several were injured, is not yet clear.

    10 dead. Iranian. What could the motive possibly be??? What could it be??? Is it some Amish thing? Or is it anything else? What could it be???

  8. Outris,

    Your right, he does it on purpose, there is no doubt.
    He knows where that dribble would be appreciated..

  9. The Iranian who said he was German, had been in the country 2 years…there’s that…

    Feeling safe yet?

  10. Donald stay on message and you win, don’t deviate like today…can’t have cray cray Donald pop out like that.
    Cruz is done. Don’t care about his crazy father either..let it go.

    We need you.

  11. Truthfully, I didn’t realize he supported O. That says a lot about Hillary as I would hold grudges.

    jb, what is says about Hillary is nothing new. She’s always loyal to those who backstab her (Bill, Obama, various senators and congressmen). I’m starting to think it’s a character defect, poor boundaries, need to please those who don’t like her, something…. IMO, it doesn’t suggest anything positive which I think you’re implying….

  12. Actually, Hillary needs to listen to Trump recite The Snake. She always pulls snakes close and leaves her flank vulnerable. Watch her make that guy her VP, and somewhere along the line he stabs her again in the back, this time to climb to the top of the ticket before the election….

  13. OT, San Diego Comic Con now, and some black audience member attempted to inject BLM politics into the discussion at the Walking Dead panel. Show runner Scott Gimpel and Danai Gurira, who plays Michone, managed to deflect it but I still found it thoroughly distasteful.

  14. Doug Schoen:

    Hillary Clinton and the Democrats should be worried.

    Why? Because Donald Trump delivered Thursday night and did what he needed to do. No, he didn’t deliver a speech with great oratorical flourish. No, he didn’t broaden the base of the party significantly though he did speak about minorities and the LGBTQ community in ways that he hadn’t done before.

    What Trump did, and he did it very well, was to raise the stakes of the election and define it in his own terms. Law and order, crime in the streets, and terror. He managed to make the argument, compellingly, that these challenges were the central ones America faced and that given the failures of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his way of change was the only way to go.

    It was a long speech, it ran well over an hour and it was repetitive in parts. But that doesn’t matter. Trump was ultimately speaking to a fairly discrete and arguably specific constituency of Americans. Concentrated, though not exclusively, in the swing states of the industrial Midwest. [snip]

    Trump’s remarks were directed at the 70-odd percent of Americans who feel the country is on the wrong track and his remarks were designed to amplify those feelings and offer – in general terms – a different way forward. [snip]

    I think, also, that in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, these remarks will help him significantly with precisely the voters and constituents he needs if he’s going to win the election.

    Rust belt strategy which is where Pence makes sense. Kaine does not help in any of these states. Back stabber Kaine is only meant to win Virginia.

  15. So this DNCLeaks twitter talks about the leaked emails showing how the DNC did various things to make Hillary the nominee, since the beginning. Sanders supporters are in the thread, angry, saying basically, “we just knew it, we were right!” I suspect a lot of them are former obots.

    In a way I think “serves them right”, since the DNC did that to Hillary in favor of Obama, their candidate’s, advantage in 2008… but it would be better if they caught on to how it’s karma lol

  16. It’s interesting – people, even those here, are referring to today’s terrorist of the day as German-Iranian. However, in this country, we normally put their heritage first, before the current county citizenship – ie, African American. Seems like here we would refer to him as Iranian German…. or “ethnic Iranian” German…

  17. Wisconsin is so liberal, Walker will,have to do 360, I know he endorsed, but…

    I’m from Wisconsin,those Bernie voters will not vote Trump.

  18. gonzotx
    July 22, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    “maybe too much infomation. lol”

    Good to know we dodged a bullet.
    Who needs to deal with a post vacation health headache?

    Gonzo, if you have wbb’s email, ask him to send you my personal e-mail address. if you’re ever in E Texas visiting your daughter, we can meet up. If you don’t have wbb’s address, ask if Admin may send it to you. I remember,Wbb has published it here a time or two- but times have changed. Nefarious people lurking about on this site,
    could be problematic for him.

  19. lorac
    July 22, 2016 at 10:50 pm

    She’s always loyal to those who backstab her

    July 22, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Lorac, you left out daddy. That’s the origination of the doormat syndrome.


    And perhaps, Stockholm Syndrome…

    Thinking, Kaine will be Hillary’s ‘handler’ ( and spy on her ) IF she is elected.

    He sold his soul to Obama when he back-stabbed Hillary. Now he’s receiving his reward.

  20. jbstonesfan
    July 22, 2016 at 8:29 pm
    I am happy with Kaine as VP. He is a centrist democrat that most of us would have supported in the past. Hillary also did not cave to far far left Kooks.
    Well, JB, apart from the fact that he stabbed Hillary in the back in 2008, his twit of a wife gushed that Obama is a metrosexual person, there is this perspective from the Senate Conservative Fund, which rebuke the talking point we are hearing that Timmy Boy, who looks like an evil gremlin, is a centrist.

    Hillary Clinton’s selection of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) as her running mate is yet another reason why she must be defeated in November.

    Tim Kaine is not a centrist Democrat. He’s a liberal who, like Hillary Clinton, will help destroy this great country.

    As a Virginian, I’ve seen this up close.

    When Tim Kaine campaigned for Governor, he promised not to raise taxes. But then set a new land speed record in promise-breaking by proposing to raise taxes just six days after he was sworn in!

    During his time in the Senate, Tim Kaine has been a liberal’s liberal.

    In fact, he currently has a 0% Liberty Score from Conservative Review. That’s right, ZERO. He has voted wrong on every one of the key votes in the past three and a half years!

    This includes votes to pass amnesty, raise the debt limit, create new gun control laws, and to fund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

    We can’t afford to have this man as Vice President. His selection is another reason why I’m going to vote for the Trump-Pence ticket.

    So please don’t let the liberal media fool you when they try to portray Tim Kaine as a centrist Democrat or as someone who is competent. He’s a hard-core liberal who has accomplished very little in his career.

  21. Kaine is the White House choice for the reasons stated. A good soldier, probably a mole, will turn on Hillary without a second thought, and a complete backstabber in the conventional sense. He was “placed”. The DNC-Valerie Jarrett games (including stuff about Jews and gotcha stunts) are typical and boring. The Obama regime, which unfortunately includes Hillary, is falling apart and like cornered rats are dangerous.

    Now Europe. Something is up with the Muslims. They are now targeting children. It was women and before that old people. The women are for assaulting and raping and the old people were simply for disrespecting, knocking around and robbing. Now children which shows the ultimate contempt. The Nice creep drove at women with baby buggies or small children being led by the hand at fireworks. The “vacationing” Muslim in the French Alps, offended he says by a guy scratching his thigh in front of his easily offended Muslim wife, follows the scratcher’s wife and little girls back to their hotel room and stabs them like a big tough man. Then the axe-murderer (I guess no kids on a commuter train) who attacks Chinese tourists (maybe he thinks they are short children) who is supposed to be a refugee child but is really a Pakistani who looks to be about 35. Now an Iranian teenager who targeted children in a Munich McDonalds before roaming into a shopping mall and then offing his stupid self. The German media/government are not releasing how many children he killed but are having to deal with leaks that he was German/Iranian citizen whatever that is. Shep Smith yesterday on Fox during “Breaking News” almost had a seizure trying to make the Munich child murderer into a romper-stomper Neo-Nazi skinhead. Why? Child abuse, child neglect, child rape and child murder is nothing new in the Muslim world. It has also been directed at Israeli children very recently. It is one of ISIS’s specialties. I suspect it is being brought to the West and government’s and media shill ideologues like Shep Smith are trying to distract, misdirect, and lie to cover it up. Oh yeah. Obama wanted to talk about something else during his news conference on Munich and came off as a psychotic laughing creep which is not new. The French bureaucrats are also warning of native French fury so I think they know the atrocities are coming from (involving children probably) from intelligence chatter.

  22. Terror is here. It is part of the globalization. It is rising with economic collapse. The news media are reporting the frequency, but spinning the intensity, not just the motivation. After the elections, particularly if Trump is defeated, they will start reporting more accurately the horror, with the intention of conditioning the population to being terrorized. This was all predictable and is incorporated into their plan.

    Pray for the children. Get out the vote and vote for your lives.

    Hillary Clinton is no longer someone any sane person would vote for based on what we could know. Her voters will be sheople who have bought into their own murders. Or people just voting against Trump. Who could know what she could be thinking, but that what she does appears to be crazy and stupid, yet she is anything but.

    I know former supporters are disappointed in her. But I see what Trump has had to do to achieve headway against the system in place. Hillary tried in 2008 and failed. I say she just does not pack the gear. First of all, she is an introvert while Trump is an extrovert. Second of all, Trump has the wealth and business sense to be self funding and I do not believe the Clintons do. So now this time she has sold out to them, that is for sure. Her alternative was to just stay home.

    If you want to try to figure out what she could be thinking for what all she has been doing, be cautioned not to play checkers because she is playing chess.


    ‘Angel Moms’ Who Lost Children to Illegal Alien Crimes to Hold Event at Wall Surrounding Paul Ryan’s Home

    JANESVILLE, WI– On Saturday, American mothers who have buried their children as a result of illegal alien crime will be holding a press conference in front of Paul Ryan’s personal border wall that protects his family and his estate.

    These “angel moms” say that Ryan has ignored the American families that have been torn apart by open borders for too long.

    The press event is being organized by both the Remembrance Project—a non-profit that represents the victims of illegal alien crime and advocates for border security— and Wisconsin businessman, Paul Nehlen, who is running to unseat Ryan in Wisconsin’s August 9th primary. [snip]

    The mothers at Saturday’s press event will include Laura Wilkerson, Julie Golvach, Agnes Gibboney, and Michelle Root.

    On November 16, 2010, Wilkerson’s 18-year-old son Joshua was tied up, beaten, strangled, set on fire, and tortured to death by his illegal alien classmate while he was on his way home from school. Wilkerson says that her son’s killer would have qualified for Obama’s 2012 executive amnesty for so-called DREAMers—i.e. illegal aliens that allegedly entered the country as minors.

    Ryan “hasn’t done anything to help us,” Wilkerson’s husband, George, has told Breitbart. “His tone is totally against Americans as far as I’m concerned… He’s doing more for foreign citizens than he is for his own American citizens.”

  24. They (whoever the fuck they is) that for a politician no publicity good bad or indifferent is bad publicity, because as long as it keeps rolling in he will not be forgotten, and being forgotten is tantamount to political death.

    There are, however, exceptions.

    Let call it the Lying Paul Ryan who is behind in the polls exception.

    Like the rest of the elites they are unwilling to live by the rules they presume to dictate to the rest of us.

    This is worse than hypocrisy however.

    Hypocrisy is common and banal.

    Ryan is the negation of democratic government.

    He is the lowest form of life on the planet–except for Obamaites. (Rhymes with sodomites.)


    DNC treatment of Sanders at issue in emails leaked to Wikileaks

    (CNN)Nearly 20,000 emails sent and received by Democratic National Committee staff members were released Friday by Wikileaks, with one message in particular raising questions about the committee’s impartiality during the Democratic primary.

    The revelation threatened to shatter the uneasy peace between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders camps and supporters days before the Democratic convention kicks off next week.

    The leaks, from January 2015 to May 2016, feature Democratic staffers debating everything from how to deal with challenging media requests to coordinating the committee’s message with other powerful interests in Washington.

    The emails were leaked from the accounts of seven DNC officials, Wikileaks said. CNN has not independently established the emails’ authenticity.

    One email features DNC staffers appearing to ponder ways to undercut Sanders, an insurgent Democrat who had a bitter relationship with party leadership. Sanders supporters charged that the DNC was biased toward Clinton, and Sanders late in the primary endorsed DNC chair Debbie Wassserman Schultz’s primary opponent in her Florida congressional race.

    On May 5, a DNC employee asked colleagues to “get someone to ask his belief” in God and suggested that it could make a difference in Kentucky and West Virginia. Sanders’ name is not mentioned in the note.

    “This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist,” DNC chief financial officer Brad Marshall wrote.

    Neither the DNC nor Marshall immediately responded to requests for comment.

    But Republican nominee Donald Trump said the emails were proof of the Democrats’ “rigged” system, resurfacing an attack he’s leveled against the party before.

    “Leaked e-mails of DNC show plans to destroy Bernie Sanders. Mock his heritage and much more. On-line from Wikileakes, really vicious. RIGGED,” Trump tweeted Saturday morning. [snip]

    ‘It’s gas meets flame’

    The publication of the emails comes just a weekend before the start of the Democratic convention, where a major objective will be to unify the Democratic Party by winning over Sanders’ voters.

    Several Democratic sources told CNN that the leaked emails are a big source of contention and may incite tensions between the Clinton and Sanders camps heading into the Democratic convention’s Rules Committee meeting this weekend. Representatives of the former primary rivals are meeting Friday night to discuss the issue.

    “It could threaten their agreement,” one Democrat said, referring to the deal reached between Clinton and Sanders about the convention, delegates and the DNC. The party had agreed to include more progressive principles in its official platform, and as part of the agreement, Sanders dropped his fight to contest Wasserman Schultz as the head of the DNC.

    “It’s gas meets flame,” the Democrat said.

  26. I am not asking anyone on this blog to defend Hillary at this point.

    But what does the campaign think of these wiki leaks.

    Not only the dnc stuff, but that infamous email by Hillary confidante Roberta Kelly

    Stating that Hillary wants to cover up her ties to Wall Street and keep people ignorant

    That sounds like a job for Superman—naa there aint any supermen in the democrat party today

    Just a legion of pajama boys and deranged females and militant blacks

    If there are no supermen left then who is to do it?

    Oh silly goose–this is a job for mattress girl

    Who will get us to forget all the trivia about ISIS murdering Americans

    So we can focus on the only problem that exists after 8 glorious years of the big media beloved messiah

    Oh? And what is that problem that pales all others in terms of existential threats to society?

    Goddmamit you haven’t been listening.

    One problem is trangender bathrooms

    And the other?

    Pervasive rapes on campuses across the country.

    It is a 24-7 problem and the only answer is castration of all (white) males

    And saint Hillary is just the politician to do it.

  27. The only thing missing is an actor with a Reagan mask standing outside the Ryan garrison demanding:

    “Mr Ryan, you hypocritical motherfucker, tear down that wall!”

  28. Ryan is so tone deaf that I am quite sure he does not see any problem here.

    He says: this too shall pass

    And, you could say the same thing about his political career.

    Someone needs to explain to him that you cannot be speaker if you are no longer in congress, and you cannot be in congress if you lose in November.

    Yes, I know, that is a hard concept to grasp.

    You might even say it is beyond the compass of ordinary minds.

    But somewhere in his Hamlet soliloquies on whether to support or not support Trump, surely a light will go on.


  29. Wbboei, the emails provide more than a glimpse into Big Media collusion. Look at this:

    Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was so furious with Mika Brzezinski after the MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host called on her to resign as chair of the Democratic National Committee back in May that she ordered her deputy to complain to Phil Griffin, the head of the cable network.

    The fascinating exchange, which also includes irate emails from Wasserman Schultz to NBC political director Chuck Todd, were released on Friday by WikiLeaks.

    During the May 18 “Morning Joe” show, Brzezinski said that Wasserman Schultz should step down because of her and the party’s treatment of Bernie Sanders. Brzezinski and her co-host, Joe Scarborough, railed against the DNC, accusing the party of mounting a campaign to ensure that Hillary Clinton was chosen as Democratic nominee.

    In an email sent out later that day, Wasserman Schultz wrote to DNC communications director Luis Miranda, calling Brzezinski’s remarks “the LAST straw.”

    This is outrageous. She needs to apologize,” Wasserman Schultz continued while ordering Miranda to call MSNBC chief Phil Griffin. [snip]

    Six minutes later, Wasserman Schultz sent an email directly to Todd, who also hosts NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    “Chuck, this must stop,” reads the subject line of the email.

    Later that day Todd talked to Miranda. The pair appeared to have discussed setting up a phone call between Brzezinski and Wasserman Schultz.

    “Between us, You think the call is a good idea?” asked Todd, who seems to have suggested that he would attempt to talk Brzezinski down from her strong position regarding Wasserman Schultz.

    “Not necessarily. If Mika just doesn’t like her, I’m not sure it’s worth either of their time. I’ve lowered her expectations, but don’t know. If you think Mika is set in stone I’m happy to kill it,” wrote Miranda.

    “I don’t know. She can do 180s after these calls. It can’t get worse,” Todd replied.

    In an email sent the next day, Miranda told Wasserman Schultz that “Mika is willing to do a call with you, so we need to know if you want to make that happen too.”

    “We figure it can’t get worse, so worth having a call,” he added.

    “At this point, why would I do that?” Wasserman Schultz replied.

    “She’s already served as a judge and jury without even bothering to talk to me. Not sure why I should trust having a conversation with her would make any difference. Or that she even matters, to be frank,” she wrote to Miranda later.

    While the DNC and Wasserman Schultz have insisted that they did not stack the deck against Sanders, other emails contained in the Wikileaks release undermine the claim.

    In one email exchange from May, DNC officials discussed a “more aggressive approach to push back” against what they called “misinformation” coming out of the Sanders campaign.

    In other emails, DNC officials discussed planting questions for Sanders about his religion. Sanders had cited his Jewish heritage on the campaign trail, but it is believed that he is Atheist.

    In an email to Miranda and another DNC official, DNC chief financial officer Brad Marshall suggested having someone in Kentucky or West Virginia “ask his belief.”

    “Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist,” Marshall wrote.

    In a May 21 email exchange Wasserman Schultz herself displayed anti-Sanders bias.

    After the democratic socialist said that he would remove Wasserman Schultz from her position as DNC chair if elected president, she scoffed: “He isn’t going to be president.”

    Chuck Todd should be fired. Trump should go on Meet the Press and attack Todd as biased and a DNC shill.

    This is what happened in 2008 and it is not any better now that Hillary is the beneficiary of the corruption.

    Too bad wikileaks never published Howard Dean emails from 2008.

  30. yes admin, I got that far…but kind of like a needle in a haystack

    wbboei…do you have any links to:

    Not only the dnc stuff, but that infamous email by Hillary confidante Roberta Kelly

    Stating that Hillary wants to cover up her ties to Wall Street and keep people ignorant

  31. S, this is what you appear to be looking for:

    Q: HRC meetings with Goldman and others?

    I dunno. But I did public speaking. Its fun

    Q: What do you think she is giving away in those meetings?

    She doesn’t want the people knowing about her relationships on Wall Street

    She wants to achieve consistency and the best way to do that is to keep the people ignorant

    From: Roberts, Kelly
    Sent: Friday, May 13, 2016 12:05 PM
    To: Comm_D

  32. well…lookee here…no wonder CNN was besides themselves over their own poll after Trump’s speech…if anyone else was watching CNN they kept repeating themselves trying to play down the poll and bury…

    A net total of 14.8 million viewers of Donald Trump’s convention speech are more likely to vote for him, according to the combination of the just-released TV ratings and the viewer poll that CNN tried to bury.

    The simple math explains the panic among CNN and other establishment media outlets once they realized the speech they repeatedly called “dark” and “Nixon-like” got a strong positive reaction in quick polls.

    At 5:25 p.m. Friday, Variety and others reported that 32.2 million viewers watched Trump’s speech.


    The panic narrative from CNN and others was that more Republicans than Democrats watch an RNC speech. That might help explain a little of the 75 percent, but it does not explain the 56 percent more likely to vote — as anyone who was committed to vote for Trump prior to the debate would be part of the 34 percent who said their vote was unchanged by the speech — because they were already voting for Trump so could not become “more likely” to vote for him.

    This also does not count the multiplier effect of Trump’s reported 22.5 million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

    A boost of anywhere close to 14.8 million more net votes for Trump is several times what he would need to flip President Barack Obama’s 4.8 million vote-advantage in 2012 — 65.4 million votes to 60.6 million votes.

  33. Admin,

    It’s as if the public doesn’t care anymore. The media, entertainment, BS politicians have all done their job.
    Unless Hillary is shown mudering someone, the Democratic nominee is untouchable it seems.
    Now if your Republican, that’s a horse of a different color.

  34. S,

    It’s early…long way to go. Since they are not to be trusted with their polling, the numbers could have been better for donald.

  35. My initial response to Kaine was positive, but I did not realize he was not strong on Israel…disappointed that it appears he may be a J-Street guy.

  36. Admin,

    It’s as if the public doesn’t care anymore. The media, entertainment, BS politicians have all done their job.
    Unless Hillary is shown mudering someone, the Democratic nominee is untouchable it seems.
    Now if your Republican, that’s a horse of a different color.

    If what you are saying is true then there will be a Hillary landslide, and Obama III, and the destruction of the country, and a depression etc.

    Maybe it is as bad as you think.

    Then again maybe it is not.

    We will have some inkling when/if 100% of the Sanders supporters embrace the candidate of Wall Street and ignore the evidence that the cards were stacked against their candidate and them, and in a desperate act of self loathing jump blindly, enthusiastically and with reckless abandon on board the unstoppable Hillary train at the behest of big media.


    And maybe the independents will say truth, honor and the preservation of the middle class mean nothing because “I am with her”.

    Its possible.

  37. admin
    July 23, 2016 at 12:14 pm
    Wbboei, the emails provide more than a glimpse into Big Media collusion. Look at this:

    Yes. And here is more evidence of the exact same thing from MSNBC

    Starting at the 3:30 minute mark

    And do note the common link in all this is Phil Griffin.

    He is a mushball, who lets Madcow make all the decisions.

    They can poke him like the Pilsbury boy, and he animal sounds which resemble speech

    And tells people we are not journalists–we are part of the democrat party.

    And we do not care about audience share—we care only about advancing the progressive line.


    July 23, 2016 at 12:14 pm
    Wbboei, the emails provide more than a glimpse into Big Media collusion. Look at this:

  38. I have a gay conservative/libertarian friend who is absolutely convinced that everything is hopeless and that Hillary will win no matter what. I told him that he should just move to New Zealand.

  39. Now is some inside baseball.

    Among other things we learn about the motives behind the take down of Roger Ailes, a new Clinton tee shirt, and that Roger Stone gets 13 death threats a day.

    He say the voice on the line sounds like Joe Conason.

    All I can say is Joltn Joe better have an ironclad alibi/

  40. The other thing reported in the above link is how far off the reservation Lewindowski has wandered.

  41. I saw this on twitter – it’s the movie Clinton Cash, Breitbart bought some rights, it’s viewable online, they say just for a few hours – I have no idea if that’s true…

    I’m watching it right now. It’s labeled “premiere” but it’s a little over one hour long

  42. totally disgusted – your youtube link is great – the CNN reporter tries to race bait the black Trump supporter by asking what he thinks about white supremacists supporting Trump, and this guy is sharp, he knows what he’s talking about, he owns that reporter. Then I especially love at the end, when they ask the CNN reporter if blacks lives matter people support Obama, and the reporter walks away ROFL

  43. Trump seems to have stopped saying he wants to temporarily ban Muslims, and now instead is saying he wants to temporarily ban people from countries where there has been terrorist activity. But doesn’t that mean we won’t be able to take any Germans (ethnic Germans), French (ethnic French), British (ethnic British), etc? Because right now is when they might be wanting to immigrate here, and it would add some nice diversity to America. But I think maybe now they’ll be temporarily banned, too…?

  44. Trump got 14 million votes in the primary, more than any republican in any republican primary. Hillary got 18 million votes, and I remember hearing that it was more than any candidate in any party in any primary in history.

    Hillary ran against 7 other candidates (Gravel, Kucinich, Obama, Dodd, Biden, Traitor Richardson, Edwards). But Trump ran against 16 other candidates – so Trump’s numbers would have been much higher had he had only 7 others to run against.

    (looks like 2016 dem primary numbers were – the site I’m looking at just has her and Sanders – 15,805,136 to 12,029,699. So she had fewer opponents this year, but got over 2 million fewer votes…).

    On top of that, republicans are seeing an increase in their numbers, while the democrats have lost a lot of people.

    It makes me think that Trump will win the general with a HUGE number of votes…..

    (barring successful cheating by the DNC and the media)

  45. 1st paragraph above – I’m referring to Hillary’s 2008 18 million votes of course, not this year…

  46. I was just discussing with The Wife this evening that perhaps we’ll get lots of German immigrants trying to escape that dystopic mess that Merkel created.

  47. The RNC convention had protesters, But no violence.
    The reason Guns!!
    Open carry laws meant Lots of Guns.
    But no one used them.
    So to me, it seems the answer is, not less guns, But More!!

  48. gonzotx
    July 24, 2016 at 11:22 am
    They Trevoned the whole thing, even showing pictures of him that are younger than he was at the time of his killings.

    Disgusting misinformation.

  49. Democratic chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz no longer has major speaking role at convention.

    Funny, I remember one commenter characterize Debbie as “Angry Perm”. I always thought of “Wassermann Test” when describing her.

  50. Foxy,

    Obama thugs and Paid aggressors were told NOT to go to Cleveland…they knew it would upset the American Voter to vote for Trump.Too much violence has happened.
    It will be awhile before they get the ok to continue.
    These people aren’t going on their own dime, believe me.


    Now This is a Trainwreck!!
    By Larry Johnson – Sunday, 24 July 2016 42

    Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States October 14, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson – RTS4IJU
    The media and many pundits labored long and hard to push the meme that the Republican Convention was a train wreck. Hell, they were so invested that they issued that prediction way before the Convention started. The reality? Instead of riots and brawls in the street reminiscent of Chicago in 1968 at the Democrat Convention, things were peaceful and the protests were far less than expected. Instead of a united #Never Trump movement launching a coup the opposition fizzled and Ted Cruz went on stage and proved himself an ass. Instead of a hate fest of misogynists and racists filling the stage of the Convention the viewing public saw an ethnically and sexually diverse parade of speakers. The only thing they hated on was Hillary and that certainly angered the Media protectors. That was not playing to the “Trainwreck” theme the Media insisted was the case.

    Now we are on the cusp of the Democrat Convention, which the Media was portraying as the coronation of an historic figure, and the Democrat train is off the tracks because of Julian Assange and Wikileaks. If you shit your pants in Church there is no polite way to cover that up. The stench alone lets the congregation know that things are not normal. I have never seen the day before a Convention starts with the debate raging over whether or not the Chair of the Democrat Party should resign.

    And why the question? The leaked emails show that the Democrat National Committee ran a rigged system. Not only was it rigged but the leaders of the DNC engaged in actual anti-semite Jew bashing. The fix was in to take out Bernie. I watched a bit of Jake Tapper on CNN and the panel was split over whether Wasserman-Schultz should resign. However, the mere fact that this was the focus of the pre-Convention talk meant that even the Clinton News Network was not attacking Trump and was not talking about the Hillary VP choice and was lamenting the “distraction.”

    This boys and girls has the real makings of an political trainwreck. Here is how things will play out in the next 24 hours–the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz story will continue to dominate the headlines. How so? If she stays in that position then the Bernie crowd will be more angry and agitate for her removal, which will keep the story alive. If she resigns, however, that will be a big story–Bernie forces the DNC to reverse course.

    One other thing we learned form the leaked emails is that the Democrats spent almost a million dollars to put protestors into Cleveland in an effort to disrupt the Republicans. They failed. What happens now if the Bernie Sanders reporters, who have been shut out of the Democrat Convention for all practical purposes, take to the streets and create a Chicago 1968 moment. The violence the Media hoped to see in Cleveland could become a reality in Philadelphia and make the gathering in the City of Brotherly Love the ultimate ironic moment. Let’s not forget that Philly’s football fans attacked Santa Claus.

    Finally, let’s not forget that the Democrats pandering to the Black Lives Matter crowd comes at the expense of the police. Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police is not happy group:

    Philadelphia’s police union issued a scathing rebuke of Hillary Clinton for including relatives of victims of police shootings at the Democratic National Convention but no relatives of slain police officers.

    Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 said in a statement that it was “insulted by the exclusion of police widows and family members” as speakers at the convention, from Monday to next Thursday.

    “It is sad that to win an election Mrs. Clinton must pander to the interests of people who do not know all the facts, while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country,” the statement read. “Mrs. Clinton you should be ashamed of yourself if that is possible.”

    While the media clearly favors Hillary, including many on Fox (paging Chris Wallace) they still love one thing more–a big brawl with punches flying and blood flowing. The media is frustrated and angry that the Republicans did not deliver on this score. Looks like the Democrats may save the day and provide the trainwreck that news crews love to cover.

    Previous article
    Hillary is So Old and Weak that She Needs a Kaine?

  52. She must quit now, not after:

    “My first priority has always been serving the people of the 23rd district of Florida and I look forward to continuing to do that as their member of Congress for years to come,” Wasserman Schultz said in a statement. “As the mother of my three amazing children and the Representative of Florida’s 23rd congressional district, I know that electing Hillary Clinton as our next president is critical for America’s future. I look forward to serving as a surrogate for her campaign in Florida and across the country to ensure her victory.

    “Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to step down as Party Chair at the end of this convention. As Party Chair, this week I will open and close the Convention and I will address our delegates about the stakes involved in this election not only for Democrats, but for all Americans. We have planned a great and unified Convention this week and I hope and expect that the DNC team that has worked so hard to get us to this point will have the strong support of all Democrats in making sure this is the best convention we have ever had.

    She should be booed off the stage every appearance she makes.

  53. Ok I rarely ever comment on here but have been mostly a lurker since 2008. Huge Hillary supporter and just felt like my heart was broken when the DNC stabbed her in the back with the delegates. Really broke my heart when she accepted the SOS from that thug Obama.

    Wanted to preface that before I made my comment. I just watched Clinton Cash and if even a tenth of it is true then the Clintons are just horrible people. Willing to sell their souls and this country for the almighty dollar. I won’t say anything more but I encourage all of you to take out an hour of your time to watch it before making commenting.

  54. Sounds like the Philadelphia DNC convention is off to a chaotic, horrible, out of control start..

  55. FOXY…thanks for the link and reminder to watch Clinton Cash

    there is such a demand you do not even have to sign up with email anymore…just click on link
    I watched it…no way to ignore it…Bill at CGI collects the donations via speeches that were laundered thru the State Dept by Hillary granting access to their friends for contracts and big promises to the poor people who get screwed

    one of the saddest parts for me is what Bill and Hill did to Haiti…it is unforgiveable…and really low…those people are still in freaking tarps 6 years later…Hillary’s brother even got in on the action…

    the uranium deal that gives Putin rights to overpower our own companies in Colorado, etc is also so risky and dangerous…

    I am sorry to say but this woman cannot be elected…she and Bill, O, and Kaine will sell the USA out so fast with TPP that it will make heads spin…

    they cannot be trusted…bottom line…very smooth, very articulate, very smart
    but they have to be stopped

    next to them Donald will never put together the fancy sentences with the big words…but hopefully he will not overplay his hand…and ego…and be BLUNT where it is needed badly and stay the hell on MESSAGE…do not blow it for something small and meaningless


    and yes, Admin…DWS will get booed…Karma finally caught up with that witch…

  56. Lu4PUMA
    July 24, 2016 at 5:30 pm
    The Dems are claiming Russia hacked their email to promote Trump.
    Hah….The jokes on the Dems. Russia just got it off of Hillary’s private server i’m sure.

  57. yheitman – I remember you from a long time ago. I was among the group that went to Denver, I think Shadowfax as well. I felt it was my duty to bear witness to the injustice done to Hillary there. I was disillusioned with Hillary the day she greeted the caskets of her 4 dead employees and stood with Obama, physically and ideologically and lied into the faces of their loved ones and all of us just to ensure Obama’s re-election.

    My son and I watched Clinton Cash early this afternoon and to see their devastating and mind numbing greed was almost too much to bear. My son asked: how can they do it, don’t they realize the harm they are doing?

    I thought for a minute and then I remembered that voice recording of a young Hillary laughing about how she got the old rapist off, never mind that she and he had destroyed the life of a very young girl. So I told him, NO: she just high fives and thinks she won. And I believe that! There is something missing from Hillary Clinton and from Bill Clinton too, some basic thing most of the rest of us have – just look at what they both did to Haiti. It might be just the thing that can convince us all, for a while at least, that they are wonderful people.

    I told my son another thing – I am so grateful that trust and value I placed on H44 – admin and the people whose opinion I have always saught out here was not misplaced.

  58. Any truth to the rumor Donna Brazille will be acting DNC chair? Can anyone confirm this (potential) disaster?

  59. Betty…

    the beauty and uniqueness of Big Pink…is that we do not lie to ourselves and rationalize things away…

    here we face reality head on…and thank goodness for Admin for not only providing a space for everyone to express themselves but more importantly for Admin’s own personal courage…big solid kudos…

    there are few places that still stand up for truth…and let the chips fall where they may

    Big Pink is at the top of the list for truthseekers…

  60. S

    July 24, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    you cannot make this stuff up…how can this be true?

    Well…I’m guessing that if it is true… its damage control. I’m sure the Poodle has lots of other juicy information they don’t want to risk.

  61. and yes, Admin…DWS will get booed

    …but at the dem convention…? But if they do manage to boo her there, they’re still a bunch of putzes. The story is so incomplete when the news doesn’t mention the DNC pattern including that the DNC did this just 8 years ago to make Obama the candidate. It’s not about Debbie Medusa, it’s about a DNC pattern…. (I’m sure RNC is bad, too, I’ve just always hated how they skated about 2008)


    about Clinton Cash – I posted the link here yesterday – it didn’t need an email then either, so not sure what the email thing is about…


    The Dems are claiming Russia hacked their email to promote Trump.

    I’m not sure that’s a very good excuse lol First, it brings up the experts saying that Hillary’s computer behavior exposed our information to other countries, and 2nd, if Russian favors Trump, that’s a good thing for Trump, it means they think he’s less likely to go to war with Russia (there sure are factions drumbeating for it war with Russian, it’s scary….)


    This article makes me uncomfortable… I know Trump values loyalty, and returns the same… but I don’t agree with being “loyal” to someone who has done something wrong, you don’t protect them by denigrating the people who are saying someone wronged them… I have no idea what Ailes did or didn’t do – but I don’t think Trump does either. But more than 20 women have come forward now saying Ailes had sexually harassed them – he is a person with great power, and this behavior especially with this power imbalance if true was very wrong. Going out of your way to protect someone when you don’t need the truth (or maybe you know they’re guilty) when you don’t even need to address it feels like the ole boys’ network of protection… that’s not what loyalty is to me, anyway… actually, it’s a type of corruption, IMO… Personally, I wish Trump had stayed out of this….

  62. lorac
    July 24, 2016 at 6:43 pm

    There are a lot of people who are saying the allegations against Ailes are not true. I do not believe them. It looks like a globalist take over of Fox by Murdock to monopolize the MSM

  63. This is how I picture the Democrats reacting right now… smooth sailing to the convention… until….

  64. Well…I’m guessing that if it is true… its damage control. I’m sure the Poodle has lots of other juicy information they don’t want to risk.

    You’re probably right. What a shame we have to have politicians involved in our politics lol

    I’m still embarrassed that I used to tell people in 2007-2008 that Hillary was the last true public servant. I knew of the corruption, but believed in HER. I think everyone of them, including people like Debbie Medusa, all politicians, all corrupt….

  65. Lu – as I said, of course I have no way of knowing if it’s true or not… but I don’t know that Trump does, either… they’ve been “friends” (Trump knows a lot of people, if they don’t cause him trouble they’re a friend, I don’t think he has to be that close to them for him to call them a “friend”) for a long time, but *if* Ailes did these things, would he have necessarily been telling Trump? Anyway, my point is just that, I suspect Trump doesn’t know either. A reflexive loyalty makes me uncomfortable.

    And he didn’t *need* to get involved… I don’t see Trump as the perfect person (no one is). He has a womanizing past of his own. But I want him to win for the good he can do for the country that no one else can. And getting unnecessarily involved in things like this could lose some indies and crossovers…

  66. Outris, at the very least similar wavelengths, although I picked WWZ because that BLM crowd and leftists loons marching there right now remind me of rabid zombies in that film.

  67. I thought that Jerusalem scene was very telling. The Israelis give safe passage to Muslims into the city, and in the spirit of kumbaya their singing inadvertently destroys Jerusalem.

  68. I said days ago it was a globalist take down of Fox…timing just too convenient. ..
    Then it will be 24/7 anti Trump pro Globalist Democrats. ..
    It will take years to start a new news organization, then you have to get some cable or direct TV to let you in after federal approval.
    I think at this point, with the globalist, that will be almost impossible.
    What we are seeing is the final pegs in Government rum big brother communications.

  69. Lu – one more thing – I’ve read that a lot, about maybe Fox is trying to go leftward, globalist because of the Murdochs… but one thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that if Trump wins, a station which covers him fairly would do very well. A leftist, globalist station (which they’d then all be) would do well with that type of audience, but with Trump winning, that type of station wouldn’t be attracting the bulk of the country. It seems like a bad business decision, should Trump win…. I know they all want globalism, but the whole point of that is just to make money anyway, which they’d be losing if Trump wins…. does that make sense…? lol

  70. Can’t tell you Outris and Tony how jealous I am that you can post videos, just doesn’t work for me.
    Skip a line between what is written and video link, correct?
    It worked in past but, guess it’s my phone and notebook.

  71. Gonzo, I copy the email link to the video when I go to YouTube and tap on the share button. In here, I hit the return key after finishing my text and then paste the link. I still haven’t figured out how to post tweets from Twitter, though.

  72. Lorac, they don’t care about the money, they are being supported by globalists. Making money would be a nice side accomplishment, but not necessary.

    Trp understands he needs Fox, at least on several shows, Hannity, Reily, others, he’s not bashed 24/7.

    Many women have come out and said this sexist suite is crap. It’s way you to convenient. Way. Actually absurd.

  73. Hi Betty. Yeah I’ve been around for years. I was hanging around here years ago when that person was here that fought with everyone. You’d say black, she’d say white. She’d always correct everyone. Don’t remember her name but would just groan when she’s respond negatively to everyone.

    Kinda sad today because as far left as Hillary had gone I never thought she was such a horrible person until last night. Watched Clinton Cash and it just kind of took the last vestiges of any (don’t know the word to use here) sympathy, minuscule speck of respect I had for her away. It just sort of knocked me for a loop even though I hadn’t planned on voting for her. I’m a big Trump supporter because we can’t take another Obama term and Hillary sounds like she’s on Obama steroids.

    I guess Hillary was never what I thought she was and I can’t believe I didn’t see it. Makes me question my judgment.

  74. Lu – I know Trump is opposite globalism. But the highest people wanting globalism, as I understand it, are in it because it will bring them money in the long term. I’m just saying there will be a big market for a Trump friendly/fair station if Trump wins, because most of the population will be behind his ideas. Meaning WE – the little people.

    So it seems to me that if every station goes globalist, first of all, they’re splitting up the (smaller) audience for that, but second, there’s no one to make money on a station that Trumpsters would want to watch. And I think Trumpsters will be in the majority, and that station would make money.

    I don’t know. It’s just what I’m thinking….

  75. yheitman

    I guess Hillary was never what I thought she was and I can’t believe I didn’t see it. Makes me question my judgment.

    I remember you, too, yheitman. I think I’m where you’re at. A lot of years of rationalizing what she was doing, thinking maybe she was being blackmailed, etc, etc. Then, once set free, she “blossoms”, emerges from the cocoon as Obama on steroids. It’s apparently what she wants, who she is. So, yes, I think 2008 was a trick on us. But don’t question your judgment. The lapse in judgment was Hillary’s, for not showing us who she truly is….

  76. S

    It’s true: “the beauty and uniqueness of Big Pink…is that we do not lie to ourselves and rationalize things away…”

    and yheitman, I don’t know who you mean, and I hope I don’t remind you of her.

    A lot of us were fooled by Hillary, even after Benghazi, even after I said I washed my hands of her, I still found myself hoping there was some kind of explanation for her actions. She seems to have something that can fool a lot of people and it has carried her a long way.

    What I was trying to say earlier is that something seems to be missing in Hillary. What ever it is, maybe she had it once as lost it, but I don’t think so. When I remember the glee in her voice when describing how she got that rapist acquitted – It was a win for her and that was all.

    She seemed to have changed her game from getting acquittals to getting money, and she has been racking up a lot of wins lately.

    One dark spot in the Clinton Cash move went by fast but stuck with me. What’s his name is talking about Clinton and some guy who wants to make money in Africa so he fuels the rebels in order to make money on the regime change (I wish I have better short term memory) seems like it was such a common practice that the announcer even had a name for it. The darkness came when I thought – is that what Hillary was doing in Lybia – destabilizing that country so her friends and indirectly herself could make money off the misery it caused.

    Poor Africa, poor Haiti, poor any person, place, or thing that has something of value if Hillary and her crew get wind of it.

  77. You can’t just put a station on. Lots of hoops. And none of that would happen before the election.
    Smell the globalists, they are all over Fox..they are cutting it off by its head.

    We shall see.

    Good to see you yheitman…

  78. Many of us (but not all) who believed in her back in 2008 (perhaps admin herself) had to gradually accept the fact that Hillary changed since then. We all tried to understand it and make excuses for her, but eventually we had to face reality that she no longer was what we saw in her back then. Those diehards who refused to do so have left this site and moved in. Left here are essentially disillusioned former Hillary supporters.

  79. Germany is a cluster fu#k right now.
    Don’t know how there are not out right riots in the streets.

    Merkel hands are dripping in blood.

  80. So as long as it was still available I went back and looked. It is at about the 10 minute mark. It is Joe Wilson who is involved with a group called Jarch (?) who are making deals with war lords. It was called “Investing in Sovereignty Changes”.

    Even though the war lords kill off whole tribes of people it doesn’t matter because when the war lords get into power they will sign over natural resources to the Jarch group.

  81. Can we get to 4 DNC chairwomen in one day?? Marcia Fudge also may be implicated in released emails.

    WASSERMAN – replaced
    BRAZILE – replaced
    FUDGE – may be sent packing 😁

    Credit to CTH

  82. Credit to CTH
    And to wikki leaks.

    Not since the code breakers of world war II has there been a single source that gives us the treachery and perverse tactics of the globalists who control the party. The timing of this disclosure is exquisite. Now that the Sanders voters have seen the elephant–which was the expression used in the civil war from having seen combat, will it make any difference? Or are they too brain dead to notice, once the globalist wave the anti-Trump banner.

  83. After 65 years of observation, I fully expect they will be the same brain dead people they always were. To them, facts don’t matter.

  84. I hope you saw the video I posted above featuring the violent encounter between the COSSACK Alex Jones and the YOUNG TURK. It is a classic, worthy of Geraldo or Jerry Springer. It reminded me of this poem:

    The sons of the Prophet are brave men and bold
    And quite unaccustomed to fear,
    But the bravest by far in the ranks of the Shah,
    Was Abdul Abulbul Amir, i.e The Young Turk

    If you wanted a man to encourage the van,
    Or harass the foe from the rear,
    Storm fort or redoubt, you had only to shout
    For Abdul Abulbul Amir.

    Now the heroes were plenty and well known to fame
    In the troops that were led by the Czar,
    And the bravest of these was a man by the name
    Of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar, i.e Alex Jones

    One day this bold Russian, he shouldered his gun
    And donned his most truculent sneer,
    Downtown he did go where he trod on the toe
    Of Abdul Abulbul Amir.

    Young man, Abdul roared, with your life are you bored
    That you wish to end your career?
    Vile infidel, know, you have trod on the toe
    Of Abdul Abulbul Amir.

    So take your last look at the sunshine and brook
    And send your regrets to the Czar
    For by this I imply, you are going to die,
    Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.

    Then this bold Mameluke drew his trusty skibouk,[A]
    Singing, “Allah! Il Allah! Akbar!”
    And with murderous intent he ferociously went
    For Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.

    They parried and thrust, they side-stepped and cussed,
    Of blood they spilled a great part;
    The philologist blokes, who seldom crack jokes,
    Say that hash was first made on the spot.

    They fought all that night neath the pale yellow moon;
    The din, it was heard from afar,
    And huge multitudes came, so great was the fame,
    Of Abdul and Ivan Skavar.

    As Abdul’s long knife was extracting the life,
    In fact he was shouting, “Huzzah!”
    He felt himself struck by that wily Calmuck,
    Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.

    The Sultan drove by in his red-breasted fly,
    Expecting the victor to cheer,
    But he only drew nigh to hear the last sigh,
    Of Abdul Abulbul Amir.

    There’s a tomb rises up where the Blue Danube rolls,
    And graved there in characters clear,
    Is, “Stranger, when passing, oh pray for the soul
    Of Abdul Abulbul Amir.”

    A splash in the Black Sea one dark moonless night
    Caused ripples to spread wide and far,
    It was made by a sack fitting close to the back,
    Of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.

    A Muscovite maiden her lone vigil keeps,
    ‘Neath the light of the cold northern star,
    And the name that she murmurs in vain as she weeps,
    Is Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.

  85. Thanks guys for welcoming me back. Two posts by me in one day. Wow! No Betty it was’t you that was the negative Nellie that was on this site years ago lol.

    So on Twitter I’m seeing Joy Reid from MSNBC is pushing the conspiracy theory that this whole #DNCLeaks is being done by Putin in cahoots with Trump. There are hundreds of twitter folks that are falling right in line with her conspiracy theory and attacking anyone who dares question it. Someone asked what difference it made who released the DNC leaks but what it showed was the corruption of the D party and their manipulation of the elections. Boy was that person attacked. They’re desperate to explain away this whole thing rather than truly look at what is in those emails.

  86. Yheitman,

    They are paid to attack anyone that speaks truth. It came out in one of the Emails.
    Only way to counter is to form our own army to attack with truth.
    So this is Joy Reid site,I mean it won’t matter who’s site anytging to do with the truth, they will be there with their lies.

  87. Occams Razor: Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected, i.e.

    1. Motive: big media opposes Trump, and they twists his words and the facts to meet that narrative. It is not because they are liberal as some say, or enlightened as they would like to believe thanks to their ivy league degrees. Occam’s razor supplies the missing answer: class warfare. They identify with the elites, and they look down on the country.

    2. Dispute: big media echo chamber dismissed Trump’s speech (which was brilliant) as dark, nativist, racist, etc. Occam’s razor tells us what the real dispute is: Trump is a nationalist and big media are globalists. That distinction goes to the heart of the matter. The terms Republican and Democrat are no longer relevant. Democrats do not support the people. Republicans do not believe in small government. Those labels are passee.

  88. gonzotx
    July 25, 2016 at 1:41 am
    Where in the world did you find that cartoon wbb?
    Google search

  89. Bernie delegates vow shake-up of DNC: ‘Not the smooth coronation they expect’

    …Another Florida delegate, Daniel Carter, also from District 6, said he, too, will vote Sanders, even if unbound.
    “Oh yeah, Sanders all the way,” he said.
    Other delegates, some openly fearing the revocation of their convention credentials as a result, continued their assault on the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, telling Sanders supporters that their voices will be heard “repeatedly” inside the convention hall throughout the week.
    “They [the DNC] will not get the smooth coronation they expect,” a Sanders delegate from California told the crowd at Sunday’s rally in FDR Park, a stone’s throw from the convention hall.
    “We now have proof of our stolen democracy and will not be quiet about it,” another added….

  90. yheitman

    July 25, 2016 at 1:15 am


    from what I am hearing the dems are scared of what is to come out next…evidently wikileaks is saying they have alot more and will be exposing it as days go on

    also…one can imagine and is also be said that if they hacked into DNC they probably also hacked into Hillary’s private server…

    so who knows what is to come out…

    even saw Brazile kind of freaking out on CNN actually “saying there may be alot more coming out and alot more we may have to be apologizing for..”

    I think she might have even said herself…if she did get sacked that is probably why…

  91. S
    July 24, 2016 at 6:23 pm


    the beauty and uniqueness of Big Pink…is that we do not lie to ourselves and rationalize things away…

    here we face reality head on…and thank goodness for Admin for not only providing a space for everyone to express themselves but more importantly for Admin’s own personal courage…big solid kudos…
    S. Exactly!!! 😀

  92. By the way, Trump got 6 point bounce, you won’t hear media talk about it…
    First post convention bounce since 2000 when both Bush and Gore got 8 each…

  93. gonzotx
    July 25, 2016 at 1:23 pm
    By the way, Trump got 6 point bounce, you won’t hear media talk about it…
    First post convention bounce since 2000 when both Bush and Gore got 8 each…
    a 6% bounce?


    even though a majority of the left wing CNN audience was impressed with Trumps speech?

    correction: “dark” speech

    should we assume that a majority of CNN audience harbors the same dark thought about the status quo?

    or shall can we stipulate to the fact that figures do not lie, by liars like big media definitely figure.

  94. The mantra of the bernie voters male and female alike:

    When rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.

    Or as the barbaric Young Turk says:

    Just because I am a progressive does not mean I cannot vote for a Goldman Sachs ticket.

    (Fucking gas bag)

  95. Regardless of what actually happens at the convention, and how pleased as punch the Bernie voters are upon learning that they were fucked like a house cat, I confidently predict that CNN will say Hillary got a 10% bounce from the democrat convention.

  96. There is that unmistakable look–you see it in combat veterans, death camp survivors (Andersonville), and the Aleutian stare (20 mile stare in a 10 foot room)–the prelude to madness. I was surprised to see that very look on the face of The Young Turk, after his fisticuffs with Alex Jones. That look was priceless. As for those ninnies who sat beside him, one of them looked like he really wanted to be somewhere else, another was what attorney Brandon Sullivan defending Ollie North said he at least was not, i.e. a potted plant, and the producer of the Young Turks who spit coke in Alex face ran away from the camera like a raped ape, punctuated the screaming match in which the Young Turk defended the honor and chastity of Elliot Spitzer was once again priceless. The next time the Young Turk applies for a job, he can show this video to the prospective employer, and they will hire him on the spot, without drug testing.

  97. In going through some 2008 stuff earlier today, looking for when Senator Obama lost his temper. Found this, a good example, and also defines something he campaigned on, but has abandoned in spades.

    Bush’s Remarks in Israel Rile Obama
    By KATE PHILLIPS MAY 15, 2008 9:35 AM

    …The Obama campaign just released this statement from the senator himself:

    It is sad that President Bush would use a speech to the Knesset on the 60th anniversary of Israel’s independence to launch a false political attack. It is time to turn the page on eight years of policies that have strengthened Iran and failed to secure America or our ally Israel. Instead of tough talk and no action, we need to do what Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan did and use all elements of American power – including tough, principled, and direct diplomacy – to pressure countries like Iran and Syria. George Bush knows that I have never supported engagement with terrorists, and the President’s extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel….

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