#RNCToday #RNCinCle November Wave Election: @RealDonaldTrump Make America Safe Again A TrumpTrap For #Hillary2016

Update: This tweet captures the afternoon session of the GOP convention:

The evening session featured many serious highlights and developed excellent message control (if you doubt how excellent the message projection was, compare it to the Romney convention mess). But the star was Melania Trump and the brief but spectacularly simple entrance of Donald J. Trump.

Melania was gorgeous in a white off the rack dress that was entirely age and situation appropriate, unlike the “outfits” or rather “costumes” squeezed into by Michelle Obama, which frequently feature “fashion” accessories which appear to be from the bin section of Pep Boys automotive parts.

It wasn’t just beauty. Melania connected with an entrancing speech in praise of her husband Donald J. Trump. Melania’s accent sweetened the appeal of this successful woman who immigrated to his country legally then became a citizen of the country she grew to love. Melania’s entire appearance was a powerful projection of message control as she spoke soothing words to the candidates that lost the primary race and assured the country that Donald Trump is a winner who loves the country. Along with the many mothers and women that spoke at the convention, Melania’s appearance was a force projection of message that boomed out the variant of the Trump campaign slogan Make America Safe Again.


Tonight, Hillary2016, the Obama Dimocrats, the Obama Dimocrat Party, and the nominee of the Dim convention along with every Dim elected official, walk into a trap dug by Hillary Clinton herself. It might not be a trap, it is likely a tomb. Hillary Clinton dug that tomb with excavation tools supplied by Donald J. Trump.

Since June 2015 when Donald Trump announced his run for President of the United States, a glaring curiosity we observed along with many others, manifested itself. We repeatedly noticed and repeatedly commented upon the zeitgeist wave Trump rides. The zeitgeist wave? We’ve repeatedly noted that Donald J. Trump will say something derided by Big Media and considered outrageous by the political master race – only to be vindicated as a Prophet and Messenger by world or domestic events.

Today, like every Summer of Trump day, will not be any different. Donald J. Trump will be wearing board shorts, hair slicked back, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses halfway down his nose, Hawaiian shirt open to his navel, flip-flops on – his feet firmly planted on a surfboard riding the zeitgeist wave. Zeitgeist wave surfer dude – that’s the only explanation for Make America Safe Again:

CLEVELAND — The Trump campaign set “Make America Safe Again” as the theme of the Republican convention’s first night well before the attack that killed three police officers and wounded three others in Baton Rouge. But that attack, and the earlier shooting in Dallas that killed five officers, added weight and a new emphasis to Trump’s promise to protect Americans.

That wasn’t always the idea. Donald Trump himself started using the phrase “make America safe again” at the end of last year, but at the time, in the aftermath of the Paris massacre, it was a pledge to destroy the Islamic State and prevent terrorist attacks in the United States. Now, after Dallas and Baton Rouge, things are different. In a Sunday evening interview on Fox News’ “Hannity,” top Trump campaign official Paul Manafort said the make-America-safe idea has taken on an additional meaning.

“When we were putting the program together, we were talking about it from a national security standpoint, but we also felt that lawlessness in the cities is something that we needed to focus on,” Manafort said. “So we’re going to address that in the program, and unfortunately it’s even more appropriate tomorrow.” [snip]

It’s the law-and-order candidate versus the Black Lives Matter candidate,” Gingrich told me in a phone interview Sunday. “Barack Obama has put together the worst race relations in years, and Hillary Clinton has been pandering to Black Lives Matter.”

Surf on zeitgeist wave surfer dude, surf on! Make America Safe Again after the past year and the past few weeks is zeitgeist ocean Yoda beach party dude. The zeitgeist wave is building for Trump:

There’s a similar view among Republican strategists who aren’t involved in the campaign. On Sunday I asked Curt Anderson, who ran Bobby Jindal’s presidential effort, how he saw the law and order issue playing out in a Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton race. Via email, here is Anderson’s entire response:

Everything that is happening in this messed-up world is helping Trump. Terror attacks in California, Nice, Florida….lunatics shooting cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge….all of it. It all helps Trump. If anyone cannot see this, they are willfully blind. Does it help enough for him to win? I dunno. But it clearly and obviously helps him. Why? Because he = strength, she = weakness. Period. Not complicated. He makes simple, straightforward declarative statements. She makes long, convoluted, and sophisticated arguments with a lot of caveats. Also — “Black Lives Matter” could be an albatross around the neck of a lot of Democrats.

HillaryIs44 dudes and dudettes: how many times did we repeat to the brain dead Hillary2016 campaign the smart Bill Clinton warning: “Better to be strong and wrong, than weak and right.” Trump is absolutely right in what he is saying about the state of the world and America – and the fact that Trump is also “strong” helps him enormously. Hillary Clinton’s statements are weak, foolish, and a depraved flight from reality.

Trump is correct and strong. Hillary Clinton with her foolish “Obama Third Term” campaign designed to defeat Bernie Sanders has placed the entire Democratic Party into the tomb. Hillary Clinton could have led the Democratic Party back to some form of sanity and run as a CHANGE candidate against Obama. Instead the entire Democratic Party is now the Obama Dimocrat Party and not a soul able to bring it back to sanity.

Tonight the gloves will come off. Hillary Clinton will hear “Benghazi” more than a Libyan travel agent hears that destination in a decade. General Michael Flynn and Sen. Tom Cotton will denounce Obama foreign policy.

Obama foreign policy and any Obama Third Term candidate deserve to be denounced. Japan teeters towards fascism after the “Asia tilt” Obama declared was so smart, Europe is undergoing a soft invasion by Muslims and refuses to wake up to the threat, Latin America is a mess of convulsions, poverty, and exports citizens illegally as policy to make their own soft invasion up north. The Iran Nuclear deal? It’s falling apart.

Senator Joni Ernst will also speak tonight and no doubt will remind Hillary Clinton of her stupid “it’s not enough to be a woman” comment as she campaigned against Joni Ernst.

Tonight, Sheriff Clarke will speak about dead police officers and the phony #BlackLivesMatter movement that kills black people and black police even as it’s racist aims actually target white people.

Senator Jeff Sessions will speak tonight. Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. will speak tonight as will Willie Robertson and Scott Baio. Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn will speak tonight. Melania Trump will speak tonight.

Tonight, Rudy Giuliani will speak and not only remind America of how he lowered crime rates but also of what Muslim terrorists did on 9/11. Representatives Sean Duffy and McCaul will speak tonight. Aaron Carson Vaughn’s mother will speak about her now dead SEAL son’s death after his work was publicly exposed as well as about the other members of SEAL Team VI that killed Osama bin Laden. Marines Mark Geist and John Teigen will also speak about Benghazi. The family of dead Border Patrol agent Brian Terry will remind the nation of Fast and Furious. Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, will speak about who is responsible for the death of her son in Benghazi.

Mary Ann Mendoza, the mother of Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, will speak about her dead son killed by a drunk illegal immigrant who was never deported. Sabine Durden, the mother of dead son Dominic, who was killed by “a truck driven by an unlicensed, uninsured, and unregistered driver who was in the United States illegally.” Jamiel Shaw will speak tonight. His son died in 2008, murdered by an illegal alien gang member. Jamiel Andre Shaw, III will be remembered at the convention tonight.

It’s going to be a night of brutal truths.


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  1. the one thing the MSM, the Liberals and Hillary and O cannot admit is that ‘racism’ is a two way street…and for all their rationalizing, analyzing, speculating and excuses…there is also racism targeted against white people…

    BLM, The New Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam…many of them hate white people and have no problem killing them…I do not hear any media calling them out…

    instead they keep it hidden and say ‘they cannot repeat what that particular killer has said’ they choose to ignore reality and instead allow Marc Lamont Hill say things like “black people cannot be racist”…as if black people cannot be individuals and feel for themselves and make up their own minds…as if black people cannot be human first and black…or in the case of white people, white…second…

    it is the same rationale the Liberals, Hillary and O apply to peace loving Muslims…we cannot say ‘radical islamic jiharist’ because in some convoluded way that will insult peace loving individuals that are Muslim and give them empathy with terrorists

    all false and illogical

    and then there is Hillary and her lecturing and pushing the meme of “white priviledge”..the old white guilt meme that does nothing to bring people together and only serves to alienate people of all sides that have already come together…

    that is why Don Lemom would not take an honest discussion and kept trying to force the Sherrif into Don’s little box…Don was at the most consdescending I have ever seen him…as if Don knows what the reality of street live is like for a policeman…

    they do not want an open and honest discussion…the time is never right for that…as Don kept saying…”that is a different discussion for another time…”

    No, Don…it is all part of the entire discussion and until Hillary, the dims and the media want to face up to that…and knock off the pandering and the convenient ‘politically correct’ nonsense…they will be caught in their own web

    Donald is the bull in the China closet…he will break it all apart…and the media wants him silenced or ridiculed…they do not like their dirty little secrets to be revealed…

  2. I love Charles Payne…and look forward to seeing that clip…Charles is an honest straight shooter…

  3. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_GOP_2016_CONVENTION_THE_LATEST?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-07-18-13-09-39

    12:29 p.m.

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says that he’s relieved Donald Trump chose a governor to be his running mate and that “we don’t need another big mouth from Congress.”

    Christie told a group of Michigan Republicans gathered in Ohio Monday that Trump needed someone with him who has governed.

    Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were runners-up to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in Trump’s vice presidential search. Christie didn’t mention Gingrich when making the “big mouth” comment.

    Christie told reporters Sunday that he was disappointed he wasn’t chosen, but has “no discontent.”

    Speaking at a hotel outside of Cleveland, Christie told the Michigan delegation that the GOP needs to come together to defeat Hillary Clinton .

  4. Admin…I hope Donald has something planned for Christie at the convention…I have seen different things said that he is speaking and others saying he is not speaking…

    however i also heard that Donald is planning on announcing some of his cabinet choices so I am hoping that there is where Christie will get his spotlight…

    Christie and Donald have been friends for over 15 years and imo…there is a place for Christie’s skills and loyalty…

    you never know what the Donald has up his sleeve…

  5. Hillary never could have led a coalition against obama because she is a globalist, has always been one.

    I was fooled in 2008…

  6. Yes Christie needs a real position… that hug with obama, his Laural and Hardy moment cost him big time.

  7. S, gonzotx re Christie.

    NBC New York and nj.com are anti Christie broadcaster, publisher, respectively and they hit on him daily for several years over #Bridgegate which I happen to think is an Obama production. That died down months ago, but some request for foia by NBC NY has helped resurrect the whole thing to “front page” status

    At any rate, just at the time where Trump could have embraced Christie, those two ‘NEWS’sources have been finding room for him in the crawl, if not more, to spit upon.

    It’s just my opinion.

  8. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36827725?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_breaking&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=news_central

    More than 20 people in Germany have been injured after a man with an axe went on the rampage on a train, German media report.

    A police operation including a helicopter is under way in Heidingsfeld, a part of the city of Wurzburg in southern Germany.

    Local media (in German) wrote that 21 people had been injured and a suspect appeared to have been shot.

    The train line between Wurzburg-Heidingsfeld and Ochsenfurt is closed.

    The German news agency DPA reported that the police said some of the victims’ injuries were life-threatening.

    It said police would not comment on reports that the suspect had been shot.

  9. Gonzotx, in the previous thread, Sessions admitted that the trade deals that he supported were bad. Trump keeps saying how clueless the negotiators were in our side, so it would not have looked good if Trump picked Sessions as VP if the latter voted for bad deals.

  10. BREAKING: 17 y/o AFGHAN MIGRANT went on a stabbing spree with an axe, injuring dozens on train in #Wurzburg #Germany pic.twitter.com/UtyZAzuGY…

    Looks like details are being supressed.

  11. Sessions was nearly the only person speaking out trying to stop TPP and a big reason it was not stopped along with the lose of the election by Eric Bantor…
    He voted for trade deals that were suppose to be good deals for America, but for whatever reason ended up lopsided and very much not in our favor. I don’t see that as his fault,I see that as failed leadership on Obama’s part.
    People would have been thrilled with his name on that ticket.
    He gave great insight to Trump and real credibility.

  12. The media is going full hit pieces on the Trumps 24/7, even the wife. Shameful
    We no longer have a 4th column.

    It is us against the machine.

    Where has Wbb been?

  13. GonzoTx, the fact German authorities did not release immediately a description of the ax attacker informed us he was not a German and likely a Muslim. In Germany everyone has to carry and ID card so it is fairly quickly determined who is who once the person is captured. It took hours to get that little shouted bit about Allah published and it was intentional.

  14. Can you imagine the 24/7 celebration by the media when the Dems have their Convention?

    Fox will try to be very supportive also, you know, fair and balanced.
    Everything will be bigger, happier, oh so wonderful compared to those evil republicans with a house divided.

  15. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/sarah-stites/2016/07/18/thats-entertainment-more-20-tv-shows-attack-trump

    That’s Entertainment! More Than 20 TV Shows Attack Trump

    If Donald Trump wants to build a wall, he might consider one around Hollywood. After all, the majority of The Hollywood Reporter’s list of top 100 influencers are progressive liberals who donate to democratic congressman, committees and candidates. Thus it is only natural that these movers and shakers have taken to movies, shows and music to revile Donald Trump in whatever way possible. They know they have a potent platform to incite change. In the words of activist actress Kerry Washington, “We have power in what we do.”

    With that power, these Hollywood influencers have belittled, cursed and attacked Donald Trump on their late night, HBO and broadcast platforms. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee has been labelled a “fascist.” He has also been compared to Hitler by a Nazi-garbed comedian, and even raped and murdered in the animated show South Park. In all, more than 20 TV shows have targeted him.

    Trump on TV: Violent Attacks, Little Tolerance

    Trump has been derided on all the major late night shows since the moment he announced his presidential bid. Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers have taken repeated pot shots at him; however, many have been grossly exaggerated.

    Liberals have called Trump a fascist, although if they looked into the history of fascism, they would discover that it’s actually quite left of center. On Conan, guest comedian Sarah Silverman dressed as Hitler and discussed how Trump’s views were “90 percent” on par with the German dictator’s. Silverman then went on to mock Trump’s penis size. “What kind of person talks about his penis size on national television?” she asked. Similarly, in a Late Show episode following the Orlando tragedy, Colbert drew a swastika diagram to explain Trump’s reaction to the shooting.

    On Late Night, Seth Meyers agreed that “calling [Trump] a racist or fascist is important, but doesn’t seem to rattle him.” Instead, Meyers recommended actions or words that “chip away at his ego.” Trevor Noah was happy to do that by inserting Trump’s face in place of Beyoncé’s in the new visual album “Lemonade.” Called “Orangeade,” the parody mocked Trump’s feeling of rejection by the RNC. At the end of the video, a blurb read: “Now available for streaming, except for Mexicans.”

    John Oliver spent over twenty minutes attacking Trump on one segment of Last Week Tonight. In a description of the recorded HBO show, show staff wrote: “Our main story was about Donald Trump. We can’t believe we’re saying that either.” While covering Trump’s response to the Brexit, Oliver called the candidate “some ridiculously-haired buffoon peddling lies and nativism.” [snip]

    Scripted shows have been even more critical, with mentions or “appearances” on more than 10 shows, including Scandal, The Carmichael Show and The Night Shift.

    On liberal actor Alec Baldwin’s new game show The Match Game, contestants and celebrities were asked to fill in this sentence’s blank: “Donald Trump has created a new Olympic event that he knows he can win. It’s a contest to see who can ______ the most times in 60 seconds.” The words “lie,” “fart” and “speak” were chosen by the celebrities participating. Lefty actress Rosie O’Donnell, who had selected “lie,” declared to Baldwin: “You know my feelings of that orange slug.” Boisterous laughter ensued.

    Trump’s habit of plain speaking was also criticized on Lifetime’s UnReal. During one episode, “racist” dating show contestant Beth Ann was reassured when she heard that her Twitter following had skyrocketed in response to her “speaking her mind.” The producer then called her “Donald Trump with boobs.” In a later episode, someone calls Beth Ann’s unborn child a “future Trump supporter.”

    In a new animated Netflix show called “All Hail King Julien,” kids are indoctrinated about the evils of Donald Trump. (Like any liberal propaganda show, they also throw in lessons on the 1 percent, gun control and trigger warnings). One episode, which is set in the jungle, mocks the Republican presidential candidate, and includes references to a wall being built by the lemurs to keep out other animals. Lyrics include: “Don’t touch our stuff” and “We never change and don’t like strange.”

    Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico was also mentioned at the Tony Awards, where the candidate was made the perfect laughingstock. Host James Corden stated that the audience was “so diverse that Donald Trump has threatened to build a wall around this theater.” Later in the evening, a planned skit starred a ridiculous Trump look-a-like in the “Book of Moron” – a take on the award winning musical The Book of Mormon. The actor playing Trump sang: “Hello, my name is Donald Trump. And I would like to build a wall that goes straight through your house.”

    In a similar display of inanity, ‘Trumpo’ danced around pantsless throwing salad greens on an episode of NBC’s Maya & Marty.

    During a Scandal episode called “Trump Card,” Trump-esque presidential candidate Hollis Doyle acted ridiculous, declaring: “I’m giving America back to Americans. No more of these south of the border types with their greedy little hands or these shady fellows with mustaches looking to blow up our buildings!” By the end of the episode, Doyle was out of the race, having been caught revealing that he actually didn’t believe what he told supporters. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Scandal actress and outspoken liberal Kerry Washington discussed Doyle’s character and his overblown statements, saying, “There have been times where we all thought ‘oh, we can’t say that, it’s too outrageous.’” Even so, the show’s writers must not have felt too constrained considering the content they did include.

    Yet, most disturbing of all was the violent treatment which Trump received. In a September 2015 episode of South Park, Trump was raped and murdered by an opposing presidential candidate. In the Netflix show Chelsea, a group of girls was asked which presidential candidates they would “marry, fuck or kill.” Every participant in the game unsurprisingly “killed” Trump.

    Lots more examples of Big Media attacks on Trump including giving Trump AIDS, at Link.

  16. I felt great compassion, but was very uncomfortable with the the Mother of the young man killed in Benghazi. I don’t think it was appropriate to use her that way and I disagree with her statement.

  17. Of course JB… you still love Hillary

    She wanted this National stage, the Government and media have given no voice, and certainly no justice.
    Thank God for Trump.

  18. Giuliani thanking police and mentions every officer comes to “save you” whether you are black, white, any sexual orientation.

    Rudy then talks about how he reduced crime in NYC and declares Trump will do the same for America. Says he has known Trump for about 30 years. Trump has a big heart and helped in every tragedy anonymously, says Rudy. Trump will be a great president declares Rudy.

    Rudy continues against “Islamic extremist terrorism”. Mocks media. Crowd chants “Rudy, Rudy!” Mocks Obama for pretending he can’t figure out Muslim terrorists. Rudy wants “unconditional victory”. Denounces Iran nuclear deal. Now returns to Benghazi which is a big part of the evening. Attacks Hillary’s experience as a reason not to vote for her.

    Rudy says “there is no next election. this is it.” “Donald Trump is the agent of change and he will be the leader of the change we need.”

  19. Hard to see Bob Dole in such a sad condition. Republican party and this nation must mean a lot for him. Brought tears to my eyes.

  20. jbstonesfan
    July 18, 2016 at 10:15 pm
    Watch the movie 13 hours at least, which is told from the viewpoint of the Americans fighting for their lives in Benghazi on 9/11/12. Please educate yourself about it and Hillary’s role in that fiasco, otherwise no one here can really take you seriously.

  21. Trump “We’re gonna win so big.” “My honor to present the next First Lady of the United States.” Great mom, great wife.

    Melania appears all in white, looking [sexism trigger warning] GORGEOUS!!!

    Her speech is also gorgeous. Thanks the other candidates for running but says she is biased for Donald. Praises Trump’s patriotism.

    “I was born in Slovenia” then communist. Describes how her father gave her business sense and her mother a love of fashion. Her parents instilled respect for others and a values centered life. She passes those lessons to her son and declares we should all pass on those values to all our children. Work for your dreams, she says.

    She traveled the world in the fashion business and 20 years ago went to New York. In 2006 she became an American citizen “the greatest privilege on planet Earth.” Will not take those privileges for granted.

    Melania presents Bob Dole. The crowd applauds.

    Melania thanks all veterans present and across the country.

    “My husband has been concerned about our country as long as I have known him.” A never-give-up attitude. He does not give up. “If you wants someone to fight for you and your country he is the one.” “He will not let you down.”

    The primaries proved “he knows how to win.”

    Trump is kind although that is not always noted. “Donald is intensely loyal.”

    “His children are a testament to how good a man and father he is.” “Donald thinks big.” “No room for small thinking” in the presidency. “Donald gets things done.” “Everyone wants change, Donald is the only one that can deliver it.” “Prosperity for all Americans.”

    “My husband offers a new direction for change… prosperity.” “All the people, not just some people.”

    “A movement still gaining in strength and number. The primary season is behind us. Let’s come together….”

    “This beautiful country that he loves so much.” As First Lady Melania will help children and women.

    “Donald J. Trump is ready to lead this country as the next president of the United States.” “God Bless America!”

  22. Tonight was the first night I’ve really had a chance to listen to Mrs. Trump and I was impressed by both her poise and how she presented herself and talked about her husband. If anyone was unsure she would make a good first lady I think they were reassured tonight.

  23. One has to love Rudi’s throwing back to Obama his most famous line,

    “What happened to ‘were not a black America or a White America, we’re one America’.

  24. https://www.hotgas.net/2016/07/mr-mrs-apprentice/

    The Donald unveiled his secret weapon tonight.

    Melania swept the country off its feet.

    It was an intro­duc­tion that could only be described as “uniquely Trumpian.”

    Grace. Poise. Presence. The whole package.

    Tonight, Jackie O is smiling.

    Class is making a comeback!

    No more Pep Boys “fashion” accessories like the ones strapped on Michelle Obama.

  25. I really wanted Rudy to win in 2008 or was it 2004, time flies, was surprised at his campaign, terrible loss for this country. He turned around New York, made this Country feel safe after 9/11.

  26. http://libertyunyielding.com/2016/07/18/obamas-bad-faith-secret-protocol-iran-deal-allows-accelerated-path-bomb/

    Obama’s bad faith: Secret protocol to Iran ‘deal’ allows accelerated path to bomb

    Associated Press reporter George Jahn did something I didn’t think was possible, in an exclusive report on Monday he revealed that the Iran deal was even worse than we first thought. Jahn got hold of a secret side deal which allows to upgrade its centrifuges and increase its enriching capacity, all before the deal officially expires in 15 years. The projection is this will reduce the time for Iran to build a bomb to 6 months instead of the year time frame that was promised.

    The document is the only part linked to last year’s deal between Iran and six foreign powers that hasn’t been made public. It was given to the AP by a diplomat whose work has focused on Iran’s nuclear program for more than a decade, and its authenticity was confirmed by another diplomat who possesses the same document.

    The diplomat who shared the document with the AP described it as an add-on agreement to the nuclear deal. But while formally separate from that accord, he said that it was in effect an integral part of the deal and had been approved both by Iran and the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, the six powers that negotiated the deal with Tehran.

    One of items that was fuzzy in the public version of the P5+1 deal is what happens between years 10 and 15. Mr. Jahn’s scoop explains that period, “It says that as of January 2027 – 11 years after the deal was implemented – Iran can start replacing its mainstay centrifuges with thousands of advanced machines.” Those advanced centrifuges are about 5x more efficient than the centrifuges it now uses. They will only be allowed between 2,500-3,000 of the high-tech centrifuges but because they are better at enriching uranium, Iran will be able to enrich at twice the speed as before.

    What does Hillary say to this treachery by Obama? Obama third term?

    More details at link.

  27. Ok, it was 2008 for Rudy…

    He doesn’t care and wont be held responsible by the media. No one cares what he does cause its never his fault.

  28. Update: This tweet captures the afternoon session of the GOP convention:

    The evening session featured many serious highlights and developed excellent message control (if you doubt how excellent the message projection was, compare it to the Romney convention mess). But the star was Melania Trump and the brief but spectacularly simple entrance of Donald J. Trump.

    Melania was gorgeous in a white off the rack dress that was entirely age and situation appropriate, unlike the “outfits” or rather “costumes” squeezed into by Michelle Obama, which frequently feature “fashion” accessories which appear to be from the bin section of Pep Boys automotive parts.

    It wasn’t just beauty. Melania connected with an entrancing speech in praise of her husband Donald J. Trump. Melania’s accent sweetened the appeal of this successful woman who immigrated to his country legally then became a citizen of the country she grew to love. Melania’s entire appearance was a powerful projection of message control as she spoke soothing words to the candidates that lost the primary race and assured the country that Donald Trump is a winner who loves the country. Along with the many mothers and women that spoke at the convention, Melania’s appearance was a force projection of message that boomed out the variant of the Trump campaign slogan Make America Safe Again.


  29. how can you blame Hillary for what happened in Benghazi?

    Oh, JB. Oh my gosh, for you to say that, you can’t know anything about Benghazi. That can’t just be blind love for Hillary, that’s not knowing what happened. (I blame Obama, too, the stand down had to come from him…. or ValJar)

    Even if someone ignored everything else (600 requests for additional security, CIA using it to arm what would become ISIS, etc), probably the last straw for me about Hillary was how she lied to those parents’ faces. She was texting Chelsea that night, as well as telling Egypt and some other country, that it was a terrorist attack – but she told those parents it was a film. Not only was it a lie, which seems to be Hillary’s middle name, but it was to the parents’ faces.

    If she wasn’t allowed to tell the truth yet for some reason, she could have just said “we’re going to find the responsible parties and deal with them”. But instead she fabricated a lie. And it was all to hide the terrorism aspect, so her BFF Obama could be reelected. She lied to those parents’ faces. I can’t rationalize or forgive that, myself.

  30. And Flynn worked in Obama’s Administration…

    …. until Obama fired him because he didn’t like what Flynn was telling him about the growing Muslim insurgency….

  31. Grace. Poise. Presence. The whole package.

    Tonight, Jackie O is smiling.

    Class is making a comeback!

    But a lot of them comes from the inside. Michelle doesn’t have it there, either.

  32. Jb,

    MSNBC…what a joke.

    You remember when Obama literally took word for word Patrick’s speeches. .not a whisper for mainedia.
    Of course they would try to degrade Melania speech, it scared them.

  33. Gonz, I liked the speech and thought she did a great job. The people who allowed this ti happen should as Trump likes to do, be fired.

  34. The various networks are finding remarkable similarities between the 2 speeches. I will read the transcripts(I am sure they will be online) at work tomorrow as I did not listen to anything MO ever said.

  35. I found one paragraph that was similar, pretty much, thats it, could have done without it for sure but…


  36. After hearing some great speeches last night, especially Melania, I awake to headlines of PLAGIARISM.

    Consider it a badge of honor Melania. You obviously scare the living crap out of the MSM/DNC with your eloquence, poise and beauty.

  37. Right, Alcina. But also worth wondering where Mooch got the speech. Several points in it are contrary to what hubby wound up doing. Use of word “bond” awkward. Maybe from another era?

    Interesting though in of itself is source of the tip. I think it came from Hillary’s camp watching the speech. A roomful of them. ABC piece with Stephanie Ramos, IIRC.

  38. It confounds me that Feminists for Hillary have declared a War on Women against Melania Trump because she ALSO has worries about the future of our children and country.

    Imagine if she said “I was under sniper fire in Bosnia!”… All hell would break loose…

  39. Foxy, the Left is just grasping at straws trying to stay and feel outraged at Trump and the GOP and to keep up the morale of their dwindling troops like Napoleon’s army or the Wehrmacht as they retreated from Russia.

  40. Melania would have a better handle on the history, government and number of states than Obama since that is a requirement during the final interview before being granted US citizenship.

  41. foxyladi14
    July 19, 2016 at 10:32 am
    Another Clinton legacy like NAFTA that wrecked havoc on the economy in 2007 when the real estate bubble burst.

  42. It is going to take every vote Trump can get to win.
    We could have stopped Obama but people stayed home.
    It will be interesting to see, if people stay home this year and we get Obama’s third term on steroids. 😡

  43. Mika on Morning Joe, you would have thought Melania was guilty of the Manson murders. What absolute horse shit.

    Outris, I think it’s gonna be a fucking Trump landslide. People are so sick of this shit!

  44. Newt Gingrich makes lemonade taste real good:


    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on Monday that he encouraged GOP presumptive nominee to pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate over Gingrich himself.

    We talked it out for 2.5 hours and I thought that Pence was the right choice given where we are and what needs to get accomplished,” Gingrich told TIME at the Westin Hotel in Cleveland, where Trump and his entourage are staying during the convention.

    Gingrich said he was far from disappointed and believed that Trump made a decision that will help unite the party. His remarks came minutes before a divisive fight on the convention floor a few blocks away where #NeverTrump Republicans tried to force a vote to change the rules and unbind the delegates.

    “People who are bad losers and who want the right to slug it out that’s their right it’s a free country,” Gingrich mused, while predicting correctly that the move would fail. “Donald Trump is a unique character in his own right. He got more votes than any Republican in history; he carried 37 state primaries. Normally, that’s called winning.”

    This is Newt at his smartest and best.

  45. The more attention, good or bad, Melania Trump gets, the better. The more people see Melania Trump from last night and compare her to Moose Obama, the better for Trump2016.

    “as long as they spell your name right”

  46. alcina
    July 19, 2016 at 12:28 pm
    “Moose Obama” too freaking funny!
    That’s a disservice to moose everywhere. 😀

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