#TrumpPence16 #TeamTrump Ready For Battle

Update: The short-lived calm has been shattered. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana more police officers have been killed and shot by thugs dressed in “ninja style” battle fatigues. Three guardians of the law killed, three or four other law enforcement sentinels wounded. Decent citizens, black or white, will be less protected and therefore greatly agitated. Thugs, criminals, the left, will rejoice as their destruction of civil society continues.

Prayers and good thoughts, flowers, candles, won’t do a damn for civil society. Individual citizens engaged in prayer, reflection, commemoration, are entirely proper. But the civil society must respond with force, brutal force, to these assaults on the civil society. Just as with Muslim terrorists the response to their force must be brutal and overwhelming force. No more Mr. “Nice” guy.

We’ll be crass. This helps Donald J. Trump. According to the L.A. Times’ tracking poll, Trump is still trumping in the presidential race. Trump hater Tim Stanley finally realizes what we’ve known all along about Donald J. Trump, He is the law and order candidate in a time of grave disorder.

The thugs must be routed and imprisoned for long periods of time until they are too old and feeble to harm civil society. Muslim terrorists must be killed en masse without pity, remorse, or second thought. The West must be saved. Make America Great Again!


The stage is set. Before a great battle there is frenzied activity then silence. After the silence the guns begin to roar. A calm silence is the American presidential race at this point in time.

Today, sadly the coup in Turkey against the Islamist creep Erdogan failed as Obama aided his Muslim pal. Today also…. well, look at the recent past.

Just this past week we saw the #NeverTrump schemers sent to Hell, forced after a massive defeat in the Rules Committee to rodently abandon their disruptive plans at the convention itself. On Friday, Jeb Bush proved the irrelevance of the old GOP as he was forced to go to Big Media to publish his latest screed against Donald J. Trump.

Today, Trump-Pence made their debut as a team. Pence makes sense.

It’s been a frenzied month and a crazy week:

On Sunday, June 12, we awoke to news of a massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando when a gunman walked into the club’s Latin night armed with a semiautomatic and a handgun and began spraying bullets across the dance floor. Forty-nine people would die and more than 50 would be injured. [snip]

But tremors from Orlando had barely subsided when another scene of carnage raced across screens from one of the world’s busiest airports about two weeks later. Three terrorists armed with bombs and guns killed 41 people and injured more than 100 in an assault at Istanbul Ataturk Airport in Turkey. [snip]

A week later our world was rocked again. This time by a cellphone video of a white police officer raising his gun and firing into the chest of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, La.

One day later, another shocking video was broadcast on Facebook Live: The girlfriend of Philando Castile, a beloved cafeteria worker, calmly explains how her boyfriend was just shot by a police officer during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minn. Castile lies slumped next to her in a bloodied shirt, moaning, as a cop’s gun glistens outside the window of the car.

The shocking stretch was not done yet. The next night we watched as a sniper in Dallas sent ripples of panic through a crowd peacefully protesting police brutality. Videos showed the gunman sheltering behind a building column at El Centro College, then firing on officers point blank. Five cops were killed; 11 other people were injured.

It would be the deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11.

And now we have Nice, where a festive celebration of Bastille Day along the banks of the French Riviera turned into a bloodbath when a man in a truck drove through the crowd along a promenade, killing 84 and injuring hundreds.

You can tell that account is from Big Media because thugs become victims celebrated by the black community and a Muslim who plows a field of people as if they were daisies is described as a generic “man” and a “madman with a truck”. Not mentioned, the Islamist who wants to turn Turkey into a theocracy is defended by Obama and the Obama third term. That’s why Americans want to Make America Great Again.

If we had an American president who believed in the values of the West, the coup in Turkey like the coup in Egypt could have been a great event, a real Arab Spring entirely unlike that Islamist concoction of the Muslim Brotherhood Obama praised. If we had an American president who believed in the values of the West, the Muslim creep who killed gay people in Orlando would have been an object lesson in the ugly values valued by Islam. If we had an American president who believed in the values of the West, the murderous Muslim rampage on Bastille Day would have been a rallying cry for the West against the prevalent philosophy of Islam.

We don’t have an American president who believes in the values of the West. We have treacherous, corrupt, Barack Obama.

Now, all the frenzy of the past few weeks and the full on crazy of the last week, is over. Now, there is the calm before the storm, the calm before the great battle. For Trump2016 the news is very good. The #NeverTrump creeps calculated that by today Donald J. Trump would be twenty or more points behind in the polls and they could stage their coup against the Republican primary voters using that poll weakness as a talking point. Instead, Trump is doing very well. Even in Virginia the latest polls have Trump ahead or competitive.

The polls help Trump politically as he deploys artillery, infantry, air forces, unifies command, reinforces positions, supplies his armada, and waits to give the order to “fire!” But for predictive value the polls won’t matter until after the opposition convention is a week old memory.

With the selection of Mike Pence, the obliteration of the opposition forces within his own party, the hostile takeover of the Republican Party near complete, world events and domestic events (such as the implosion of ObamaCare) proving Trump is more of a prophet and messenger than Mohammad, the field of battle is almost entire set. Soon, the guns will begin to fire.

The stage is set.


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  1. It does seem the quiet before the storm. I felt, hoped, the West would have a call to arms against the Islamic terrorists, instead we got a “get use to it” lecture…


  2. Admin: this is from David Stockman’s block, and would be consistent with his views as well.

    Mike Pence—-A True Anti-Bailout Champion Of Free Markets
    by Contributor • July 15, 2016

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    From The American Banker

    The possible selection of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s running mate could clarify the presumptive Republican nominee’s banking policy views, adding a policymaker to the ticket who has been outspoken about the Dodd-Frank Act and other financial topics.

    To date, Trump has said very little about banking matters beyond a general pledge to repeal the 2010 financial reform law. But Pence — who served in the House between 2001 and 2012, is well-known to bankers, having served as a fierce opponent to both Dodd-Frank and the Bush administration’s 2008 bank bailout. He is also closely aligned with House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling and other conservative GOP lawmakers, giving them a key ally in any future Trump administration.

    “Mike inspires people, and his boundless optimism in America is infectious at a time when so many have lost hope,” Hensarling said in a statement Thursday. “If selected, he will be a great addition to the ticket and he will make a great Vice President. Personally, I am proud to call him my friend.”

    Former banker Rep. French Hill R-Ark., who also serves on the House Financial Services Committee, said in a emailed statement that “I would be pleased to see Mr. Trump select Governor Pence as his running mate for the fall presidential campaign.”

    “Pence is a principled conservative with executive and legislative experience,” he added.

    To be sure, Pence’s selection has not yet been announced by the Trump campaign. But several media outlets, including the Indianapolis Star, said Trump will soon formally pick the Indiana governor as his running mate. Trump was initially supposed to do so during an appearance on Friday, but he announced on Twitter that he would delay the announcement, citing a terrorist attack in France.

    If Trump does choose Pence, he will tap a lawmaker with a significant record who could be a key voice within the administration on financial matters. Following is a guide to Pence’s past positions:


    Although the Troubled Asset Relief Program was a program pushed by a Republican president and Treasury secretary, Pence helped lead a GOP revolt against the bill. The then congressman helped deliver a surprising defeat of the bill in 2008, temporarily spooking the stock market.

    President Bush eventually helped rally more Republicans to a revised bill, but Pence continued to oppose it.

    “This legislation remains the largest corporate bailout in American history, forever changes the relationship between government and the financial sector and passes the cost along to the American people,” Pence said on the House floor. “The decision to give the federal government the ability to nationalize almost every bad mortgage in America interrupts a basic truth of our free market economy.”

    Pence favored an alternative that would have set up a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.-like insurance program in which Wall Street firms paid to insure mortgage-backed securities.

    On the one hand, Pence’s opposition to Tarp puts him at odds with most financial institutions and many Republicans, who believe the program was necessary to prevent a larger economic catastrophe. But politically speaking, his position is more popular, as the public has come to deeply resent the bank bailout of 2008.

    “Too Big to Fail”

    Pence was a strong opponent of the AIG and Goldman Sachs bailout and would likely support a Republican plan spearheaded by Hensarling that would create a new bankruptcy process for megabanks and repeal authority given to the FDIC that would allow it to dismantle a failing banking company.

    When asked in a 2010 interview whether bankruptcy was too lengthy a process to wind down a megabank, Pence replied “I think the federal bankruptcy courts, if we added a new chapter to the federal bankruptcy code, could be given the authority to move very quickly to interdict with these types of vast and complex financial firms.”

    “Let’s get these big institutions that make bad decisions in the same bankruptcy courts that small businesses have to go to,” Pence added.

    He also criticized the Dodd-Frank law, which he said gives the administration the ability to pick favorites.

    “The extension of authority here to the Treasury, to the FDIC that allows them to pick winners and losers in the marketplace, that keeps alive this deeply flawed concept that some institutions are too big to fail,” said Pence. “You know, the idea of offering an implicit guarantee to certain financial organizations I think would be very damaging to regional and community banks… at the preference of large institutional investors on Wall Street.

    Housing Finance Reform

    Pence has also endorsed privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, similar to plans pushed by Hensarling.

    During the same 2010 speech, Pence blamed the two government-sponsored enterprises for causing the crisis.

    “The Republican plan also would put an end to the taxpayer subsidies for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and gradually privatize them,” he said. “Each of these institutions-Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the credit rating agencies-would be required to compete fairly in the marketplace.”

    His comments indicate he would likely support Hensarling’s PATH Act, which would fully privatize the GSEs. The bill cleared the House Financial Services Committee, but lacked enough Republican support to clear the full chamber. Hensarling has vowed to try again during the next Congress.


    When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was just a legislative proposal, Pence objected to giving a new agency so much power and would likely support efforts to reform the structure of the agency. Republicans have been pushing to replace the bureau’s single director with a five-person commission and require that the bureau consider credit availability as well as consumer protection.

    “The bill allows bureaucrats to determine the types and terms of credit products offered to consumers, through the establishment of the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Agency,” said Pence in the speech to the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable.

    “An unelected ‘credit czar’ would be empowered to dictate what financial products could be offered and at what terms, drastically reducing the number of financial products available and driving up the cost of credit generally, at a time when families and small businesses can least afford it,” added Pence. “Agencies need the ability to consider safety and soundness and consumer protection together to ensure that a balance is achieved and neither responsibility is neglected.”


  3. The Republican Convention should make a Trump and Mike cartoon like that, saving the world from globalists and terrorists. ..maybe a little wall building.

  4. My gut feeling is that it is too late for France to change course. They will be consumed by the Islamic tide flooding Europe through Turkey thanks to an EU all too willing to placate the enemy and a US president determined to assist them. Britain hopefully got out in time before things reached critical mass in favor of the globalists in London.

  5. Wbb,

    Have you watched the movie the Big Short, it’s all about the housing bust and bailout. It’s made in a fashion, so simple that morons like me can understand it.
    Very well written and acted. Sure you know of Dr.Burry who according to the movie discovered the big fail 2 to 3 years before the bubble burst.
    Hear he just recently jumped back in to stocks.

  6. Tony,

    I hope your wrong about France, but your probably right. What like 20% of their population is Muslim?
    France has had the unfortunate physical placement near the crazist, monstrous nations or organizations known to the world modern history..Germany, Islamia

  7. Thank you Donald J. Trump for listening, and responding so rapidly:


    Trump-Pence campaign unveils new logo

    Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s campaign unveiled their new logo on Saturday, one day after a logo for the campaign was widely mocked on social media for appearing to be sexually suggestive.

    The new image, which shows the two candidate’s names over the slogan “make America great again,” appeared on the campaign’s website and in a fundraising email Saturday.

  8. Pence may make sense, but I will have to hold my nose to vote. I do not believe I will see equal rights for women enforced under the law, in my lifetime. I guess that possibility ended with the mistake of ’08.

  9. Yeah, that new logo is far better in an uncontroversial way. Logos are always tricky to design even for graphic artists; you never quite know how people will react. Maybe they should have spent the money and hired Chiat/Day which created the iconic 1984 ad and the successful Think Different campaign for Apple to design their logo in the first place.

  10. gonzotx
    July 16, 2016 at 2:54 pm
    After watching the Big Short, I looked into what it would take to get into his current hedge fund and saw that you need a shit load of money like $100 million to invest in it.

  11. That logo was just the kind of thing that comes from a man who does not have sufficient communication between the left and right side of his brain. The kind of jackasses that go around with the Trump that bitch ugly shit. Very big turn offs to women voters like me.

  12. gonzotx
    July 16, 2016 at 2:59 pm
    France also did the mistake of acquiring nearby Muslim countries as colonies during its colonial past like Algeria, which allowed Muslims a backdoor into France. Granted Britain also had India as a colony (before it vomited Pakistan when it became independent), which allowed Pakistanis to migrate into Britain, but then I imagine fewer Pakistanis were likely to give everything up and move to cold, wet London than Algerians and Tunisians moving to Marseilles.

  13. Sometimes people try too hard to develop a logo. Some of the best logos are when the product name and typeface become the brand. Think Ebay, Coca Cola, FedEx, Yahoo, Google, Xerox, Mobil, Kellogg’s, New York Times, IBM, etc.. No pictures, no frills, just the name and unique typeface says it all.

  14. Foxy, we’ll soon find out if Pence is a team player and stays on track as far as Trump’s message goes.

  15. Well just look at the Democratic “circle D” logo. Looks like a “D” being flushed down a toilet bowl, which is so appropriate

    ..and Hillary’s arrow logo has always reminded me of those shirts that say “I’m With Stupid—-> ”

    Also appropriate for Hillary.

  16. Outris

    Lol…I’m with stupid.


    Just a 100 million? Actually not very nice. I imagine you can buy funds that buy into his hedgefund.

  17. Tony,

    I had forgotten about the colonies, they in past years, probably because of smaller numbers, didn’t cause the problems they do today.

  18. Thank you Egypt:


    United Nations (United States) (AFP) – Egypt on Saturday blocked a United Nations Security Council resolution backed by the United States condemning the attempted coup in Turkey, diplomats said, though Cairo denied the move.

    The United States, following consultations with officials from key NATO ally Turkey, had proposed a draft statement calling on “all parties in Turkey to respect the democratically elected government of Turkey.”

    But Egypt, currently a non-permanent member of the Security Council, objected, according diplomats. An Egyptian diplomatic source, however, denied that Cairo had blocked the resolution.

    Screw you Obama.

  19. admin

    July 16, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Thank you Egypt:

    Screw you Obama.

    Obama’s support for anything is sufficient for me to oppose it.

  20. Outris
    July 16, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights,”

    ..except if you’re of Muslim descent…

  21. Some of the best logos are when the product name and typeface become the brand.

    A cool thing about Fedex is that the customers help name it. It was always Federal Express when it only did overnight delivery. Customers had started calling it Fedex, so when the company decided to change from 1 branch of overnight delivery to 5 branches (overnight, ground delivery, catalog delivery, and I forget the other two), moving to FexEx (in which “express” was not spelled out), made it easier to keep a familiar name while also including slower delivery options in the company. Then the branches became Fedex Express (traditional part of the company), Fedex Ground (to compete with UPS), Fedex Home (catalog merchandise delivery), etc….

  22. Pence is the VP candidate now, so it’s done. People say it will help Trump get elected, but my second concern has been someone to take over in 8 years (I liked Sessions, but he is Trump’s age, and so would be 78 when he would be running himself after 8 years of VP).

    I think I’m not alone in feeling that Trump does not fit neatly into a party, even though he claims “conservative” and “republican”. I felt comfortable with that. I liked that he isn’t all crazy with social issues. I liked his focus on the economy, nationalism, and keeping the country safe (border and terrorism), issues which are the most likely to attract people from all parties. Pence has been the opposite of Trump on these main issues. He’s mouthing support now, but he would have to, in order to be VP.

    At this time, I don’t know if he’s truly someone who would continue in Trump’s stead in 8 years. I guess we’ll watch and see. But it does give the other side LOTS of ammunition. Trump has made big headway for a republican with women, gays, blacks, hispanics. I’m hoping he can continue increasing these groups even with Pence and Pence’s record….

    (plus, I don’t like Pence’s eyes and hair lol)

  23. I look at it this way… Admin has been 100% correct over the past year (remember Admin saying Trump won the nomination at South Carolina?). Based on Admin’s record, I have no reason to start doubting now.

    Secondly, Trump has shown singularity of purpose over the past year. Yes, he has made a few gaffes, but always with a consistent message and an eye on the “prize”. He’s bested all comers to this point (17!) despite millions upon millions of $$ and tens of thousands of hours of media spent to take him down. He destroyed Cruz and the nevertrumpers. He made golden boys Bush and Rubio irrelevant. He brought out the most Primary voters in history. The end result is he has only gotten stronger.

    They have tried everything and I do not believe Pence is going to be the straw that breaks the proverbial back. No matter who he chose for VP, you would see comments decrying the pick and saying “its over for Trump now!” Where have we heard that before?

    Me, I’m not tired of winning yet.

  24. Very good analysis via Richard Fernandez:


    The last 48 hours have blown the hinges off NATO’s southern door. The European Union was relying on Turkey to stand between it and the chaos of Syria. Now the wall is threatening to collapse on Frau Merkel. The chaos she sought to keep at bay may have moved one country closer to the heart of Europa, a Europa which the French security failure suggests is defenseless against the fire which it, itself, has started within its borders.

    The New York Times reported that readers were becoming depressed by the recent spate of violent news headlines. They had expected Hope and Change, the Arab Spring, the Reset and a World without Nuclear Weapons would bring great things. They laughed at every warning to their perfect world. Who’s laughing now?

    The uncertainty will only grow until they wake up to the fact that the magic they had counted on to keep them safe is failing. The idea that the world’s problems could be solved by becoming more like enlightened Europe has come crashing painfully to the ground. The politically correct pentagram and lotions have failed to slow the shadow that has been creeping up from the South and now crawls ever closer to the sanctum sanctorum.

    What to do? What indeed.

    We’re not laughing but what is happening is what was easy to foresee.

  25. Trump haters are waking up. In 2015 while we predicted Trump’s victory, Tim Stanley wrote:

    The Republicans are ready to win – once they’ve dumped Donald Trump

    Once the Republicans end their embarrassing summer romance, they’re surprisingly well placed to beat Hillary Clinton

    Trump hater Tim Stanley today:


    The Nice terror attack is why Donald Trump might win

    The world has to come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump might win the presidential election. The world also has to take its share of blame. Images of terrorism in Nice confirm Trump’s narrative that the West has lost its way and new management is needed. He is the law and order candidate in a time of grave disorder.

    His poll numbers aren’t too shabby, either. At the beginning of the summer Hillary Clinton enjoyed a double-digit lead. That’s now shrunk to just one or two points. The view in the battleground states, where the election will be decided, is complicated. Objections to Trump – his remarks about Mexicans and umpteen business scandals – have helped Clinton pull ahead in normally Republican-leaning states like Georgia and Florida.

    But fascination with Trump – his growing appeal among the white working-class – has elevated him in states that Democrats have won in the past, such as Indiana, Maine and Ohio. Every cloud over Trump comes with a silver lining. Insulting one ethnic group causes a bounce among another. It’s a kind of Right-wing yin and yang.

    Trump knows that his best shot of winning is to be Trump. If at this stage he was to moderate and become – as he once threatened – “so presidential, you’ll be bored”, then it would come across as a loss of nerve. He has to make his original pitch work. So next week’s nominating convention in Ohio promises to be unlike any convention before.

    Hitherto they’d been about rallying the party and showcasing its talent. This year it’ll be about attacking Hillary Clinton and showcasing the Trump family.

    It’s also a chance to get to know Trump’s vice-presidential pick, likely to be Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana. Pence stands far to the Right of Donald on several issues. He backed the largest tax cuts in the history of his state, a restrictive abortion law and a religious liberty statute that would have empowered businesses to refuse services to gays and lesbians.

    Pence is a quieter, more establishment man than Trump. But his appointment only confirms the race to the Right. Any other year and it would probably cap a cycle of bad decisions that would leave Trump languishing behind Clinton. But this year – particularly this weekend – it’s clever.

    For, I say it again, Trump is the law and order candidate. I don’t mean law and order in the sense of defending the Constitution: even Mike Pence once observed that Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration contradicts that much misread document. But Democrats aren’t too hot on constitutionality, either.

    Barack Obama has assassinated US citizens with drone strikes and Hillary Clinton has lied in office and probably endangered national security.

    No, Trump embodies not legalistic niceties but rough justice – at a time when Western society seems, to many voters, far too tolerant and weak. “Another horrific attack,” he tweeted in the aftermath of Nice. “When will we learn? It is only getting worse.”

    The appeal is three dimensional. First, Trump says it how it is. A grim tradition has emerged since 9/11 of treating every terrorist attack like a mystery: politicians seem to wonder who did it and why.

    Trump simply points the finger at radical Islamism. And while every other statesman sends “thoughts and prayers”, Trump talks about arming citizens and toughening up. In the aftermath of the Dallas shootings, he downplayed the race angle and put himself squarely behind the police.

    Second, Trump’s ego offers the hope of action. Obama has allowed his presidency to be cast as reactive – responding to crises in a cool way that is temporarily reassuring but begs the question “what was he doing to prevent this from happening in the first place?” Trump’s constant tweeting about the need to smarten up suggests vigilance.

    And, third, Trump’s policies contrast starkly with the suggestion that terrorism is something Americans just have to live with. He will build a wall to keep the illegals out. He will stop Muslims from migrating to America.

    Never mind that there are plenty there already – roughly three million – and that they are law-abiding citizens with constitutional rights. The average non-Muslim American is watching the news in Europe and telling themselves that the more Muslims arrive in the US, the more like Europe their beloved country will become.

    Europeans look at America through sophisticated eyes and laugh at its naivety. Americans look at Europeans and shudder. To them, Nice is a warning from history.

    Will Trump win? I don’t know. But the social conditions favour a swing to the Right – a swing that will only be limited by Trump’s own flaws.

    Moreover, I advise you not to trust the polls. Brexit showed how flawed they are, as did the 2014 surveys that completely missed a big Republican swing in the midterm elections. Some folks are horrified by Trump. Some are enthused. Many may be secretly thinking that he is an alternative to chaos.

    Very late to wake up. Trump’s polls are very good as he heads to the convention. Contra Stanley, Trump is well ahead in Georgia and in many battleground states. Tim also states what we wrote long ago that the polls are incorrect and Trump should get a secret 5-6% addition to his numbers. For a Trump hater like Stanley to admit that Trump to win must be Trump is a real step forward.

  26. This is pretty much what we have written since before Charlie Hebdo:


    The latest Muslim atrocity in Nice will have far-reaching international consequences, and not just for the countries of Europe. After promising a “pitiless” war against Islamic aggression, the Hollande government in France effectively came to an end last night on the Promenade des Anglais and will soon enough be replaced by the Marine Le Pen government. The British, having voted themselves out of the European Union, are effectively under siege by hordes of invaders gathered in Calais, preparing to storm the Chunnel in order to bring their unique brand of vibrant diversity to perfidious Albion’s shores. Meanwhile, in Germany, the charmless Mutti Merkel mutters to herself as she plots to import even more “refugees” in order to destroy the Bundesrepublik she grew up learning to hate as a child in communist East Germany.

    It will also affect the course of the American election. The utter bankruptcy of the Obama administration’s deliberately feckless, see-no-evil approach to Muslim terrorism is now on plain display for all the world to see. It is written in blood on the bodies of the children who died for the crime of celebrating France’s national day on a fine summer night along a sea that used to protect them from the north African Arabs, but now no longer does. It will be impossible for Hillary Clinton, whose charmless bovinity becomes more apparent to the electorate every day, to disassociate herself from what she herself has, in part, wrought, and her punishment at the polls should be spectacular.

    Finally, it will set off a chain of events that will result in a serious sorting-out of the Arab world, the Muslim ummah, and its hostile intentions toward Christendom and the West. Although the secular liberals and cultural Marxist want to convince you that the West is no longer Christian, that’s a lie. The atheists in government — starting with the self-worshipping, Muslim-sympathizing man in the White House — want you to believe that freedom of religion now means “freedom of worship” (the use of the Islamic-favored word “worship” is telling), but the fact is that almost everything about the West is Christian, from the late Roman empire on through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and into our own time. Some of our history may have been anti-clerical (the French Revolution comes to mind) but even the attacks on sect and dogma have derived from the rational principles of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

    Confronted with its own overwhelming cultural, moral, physical and spiritual inferiority, the raging death cult that swept out of the north African desert and slaughtered its way across Asia Minor, the Indian subcontinent and all the way to Indonesia did its best to erase all traces of the captive lands’ pre-Islamic past. Zoroastrian Persia fell to these barbarians, as did much of Hindu civilization. Although the Arabs soon lost control of their empire to those even more savage than they (the Turks, Mamelukes, and the Mongols, for example), the religion bound them all together in a shared hatred for the West.

    One of the western bulwarks against Islam had been the Byzantine empire, the old, Greek-dominated eastern half of the Roman empire. While never militarily strong enough to defeat the Muslims, it was for hundreds of years strong enough to keep them at bay; meanwhile Byzantine diplomacy (every bit as Byzantine as it sounds) did the rest. The fall of Constantinople (“Istanbul” is merely a corruption of the city’s real name) in 1453 left much of eastern Europe open to Islamic conquest, including Albania, which remains largely Muslim to this day, Bulgaria and Hungary, where memories of Muslim rule are as fresh today as they were in half a millennium ago.

    What’s past is prologue. From time to time, the Western powers undertook punitive expeditions against fanatical Muslim irruptions, such as Kitchener’s demolition of the Mahdi’s forces at Omdurman in 1898, in revenge for the sack of Khartoum and the death of General Gordon 13 years before. Gordon, one of Britain’s greatest heroes, had earlier been instrumental in stopping the Arab trade in black African slaves, and was tasked with helping Khartoum’s garrison of Egyptian Ottoman Muslims return to Cairo at the time of his death.

    Islamic military prowess is long in the past; the West has not suffered a major defeat in any confrontation with Islam on the battlefield since Saladin expelled the Crusaders from Jerusalem in 1187. But pitched battles between great armies are no longer the confrontation of choice. As Nice, Paris, Orlando, San Bernardino and everywhere else a “holy warrior” has self-detonated have shown, the war has come to the streets of western cities, unpredictable in its timing and ferocity. And yet still the West refuses to take even the most rudimentary steps to protect itself against a known, sworn enemy. Why?

    Lots of reasons: ennui, cultural Marxism, the mutation of the Left into a suicide cult that wants to take the rest of us with it. A loss of faith in organized religion (some of it brought on by the faiths themselves, or rather the imperfect men who represent and administer them). The transformation of government schools into babysitting services for subsections of the populace with severe cultural learning disabilities, no matter the skin color of the pupil. The marginalization of the very notion of excellence. And a political class that is little more than a collection of criminals, throne-sniffers, pantywaists and bum-kissers, all dedicated to their own enrichment.

    As I argued in The Devil’s Pleasure Palace — and will expand upon in the forthcoming companion volume, The Fiery Angel — the antidote to this is a return to our cultural roots, including the pre-Christian principles of Aristotle (passed down via St. Thomas Aquinas, among others) and the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Those roots are neither race- nor faith-specific and in fact the genius of Western civilization is that its principles — not “conservative” principles but civilizational principles — have proven so successful that they resulted in the United States of America, the very embodiment of those ideas.

    Which is, of course, why Islam and its ally of convenience, the Left, hate America so. We and our cultural heritage are the refutation of every satanic principle they hold so vengefully dear.

    Western civilization has defended us for centuries. Isn’t it about time we defended it?

    We’ve written pretty much the same thing in Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2015:



  27. This article explains the connection between CNN and the Stae Department and their connection with promoting Islam, rasical islam.
    The picture at the end with Amanpour and a painting of the burning of the Twin towers she obtained in Iran, is horriying to me…she says it makes her day every time she enters her apartment.

    My goverment…I am ill..?


  28. How’s media going to ding Trump/Pence with Baton Rouge flying around?
    ha ha on that part of it.

  29. Everytime the BLM terrorists attack the police, they reinforce the idea in the minds of voters that law and order is falling apart under Obama and that voting for Hillary will just mean more of the same. They are apparently so stupid to think that they can decrease support for Trump with their terrorist attacks, who has already declared that he will bring law and order back and fast, especially if he as president empowers the DHS to go after them and their supporters as domestic terrorists.

  30. Update: The short-lived calm has been shattered. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana more police officers have been killed and shot by thugs dressed in “ninja style” battle fatigues. Three guardians of the law killed, three or four other law enforcement sentinels wounded. Decent citizens, black or white, will be less protected and therefore greatly agitated. Thugs, criminals, the left, will rejoice as their destruction of civil society continues.

    Prayers and good thoughts, flowers, candles, won’t do a damn for civil society. Individual citizens engaged in prayer, reflection, commemoration, are entirely proper. But the civil society must respond with force, brutal force, to these assaults on the civil society. Just as with Muslim terrorists the response to their force must be brutal and overwhelming force. No more Mr. “Nice” guy.

    We’ll be crass. This helps Donald J. Trump. According to the L.A. Times’ tracking poll, Trump is still trumping in the presidential race. Trump hater Tim Stanley finally realizes what we’ve known all along about Donald J. Trump, He is the law and order candidate in a time of grave disorder.

    The thugs must be routed and imprisoned for long periods of time until they are too old and feeble to harm civil society. Muslim terrorists must be killed en masse without pity, remorse, or second thought. The West must be saved. Make America Great Again!


  31. The political calm is holding, but the streets are broiling. If Obama and the Obama Third Term candidate call for “gun control” after this, prepare for a Trumpnado landslide in November that will bury them.

  32. Lyin’ Paul Ryan:


    Reeling from Falling Polls, Paul Ryan Floods District with Mailers on Border Security After Funding Every Obama Open Borders Initiative

    Following a new primary election poll showing that House Speaker Paul Ryan has plummeted to well below 50 percent in his home district, Ryan is out with new mailers assuring Wisconsin voters of his desire to secure the border, and urging them to support him in his contentious August 9th primary election.

    The new mailers touting Ryan’s support for border security is interesting given that just last year, Ryan championed a spending bill that fully funded President Obama’s open borders agenda– including funding sanctuary cities, executive amnesty, and the release of criminal aliens. The mailers also come amid new reports indicating that, one month after his election, Ryan plans to bring up “criminal sentencing” measures that could release thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison onto the streets.

  33. admin 1:44
    Never at a loss for statements which describe and comfort.

    Donald too. The Hill just tweeted ‘Trump blames BatonRouge shootings on “lack of leadership” ‘

    Ahead of the considerations he must have about RNC convention start up, he takes time to make major statement.
    How lucky we are.

  34. Sure looks like a phony coup in Turkey. Just an excuse to impose an islamic dictatorship.

    I used to party in New Orleans, back 30 years ago. The police there were considered amongst the most corrupt in the nation and you could party at your own risk.

  35. admin
    July 17, 2016 at 12:16 am

    This is pretty much what we have written since before Charlie Hebdo:


    Big Pinkers:

    You have got to read this article posted by admin- This comrehensive in depth article written by Michael Walsh, by my standards (in all humility), is a timeline connecting a series of events that have gotten the US in the predicament we are in today. Walsh takes us step by step into the morass of how America has been slowly drained of it’s image, character and what the USA has always stood for; Freedom. Justice, and Liberty. Our values, our way of life, when we were deemed the most powerful Nation on Earth.. How far we have fallen-

    Walsh’s book:

    The Devils Pleasure Palace


  36. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/armed-rape-suspect-holding-hostages-in-baltimore-burger-king/

    Armed rape suspect holding hostages in Baltimore Burger King

    BALTIMORE — Baltimore Police have a Burger King surrounded after a suspect wanted on rape charges fled a traffic stop and took hostages inside the fast food restaurant Sunday.

    The suspect was stopped around 11 a.m. after officers recognized him, according to Baltimore police spokesperson T.J. Smith. The suspect allegedly fled police, who gave chase until the suspect’s car collided with another vehicle.

    Police say the suspect then ran into the Burger King and took four hostages, including a 7-year-old. An adult hostage was released Sunday afternoon, but three others remain in the restaurant, reports CBS Baltimore.

    Call the snipers! No more Mr. “Nice” guy.

  37. our media is so stupid and superficial…on all sides

    they waste the whole morning with their shows trying to play “gotcha” with Donald and the timing of his VP pick…

    the world is blowing up and going beserk and our media is playing in the sandbox…

    they are so foolish they aren’t even worth listening too…

    CNN is ridiculous…this morning i heard someone say the Donald is calling for the ethnic cleansing of a population…they are off the charts

    …and MSNBC has boxed themselves into a corner…everytime you tune into them they are pushing BLM and victimizing and inciting trouble

    Fox likes to be cute…they are more intent in trying to embarass Donald if they can…

    truthfully one is better off switching to HGTV or TCM…our media is dishonest and just makes stuff up to suit their narratives…waste of time…

  38. if i were going to go out on a limb and make a guess…I would say the ones to keep an eye on are the New Black Panther Party…and the radicals in BLM like Shaun King

    these people want trouble…their testosterone is seething…they are looking for a fight…

  39. one more thing…when these world events occur ie Turkey and Nice…and our own country is under attack…people like Jeb Bush, John Kaish, Bill Kristol…they all look so small…so insignificant..

    so petty…poor little Jeb, he can’t make up his mind who to vote for…poor little guy

    and John Kaisch…the Governor of Ohio…a big stake in the election just cannot bring himself to support the duly chosen by the people candidate of his party…so he is going to stomp his feet and just stay home…

    and poor, poor Mitt Romney…he cannot believe that after all he had to say and how he went after Donald Trump…that no one cares…

    no one cares that any of these people will not be present…be gone and stay gone…

    what a useless bunch…

  40. The Int’l Spectator ‏@intlspectator 1m1 minute ago

    BREAKING: Baton Rouge gunman who killed three police officers identified as Gavin Eugene Long, an African American from Kansas City.

  41. The liver lipped lying sack of shit is doing his thing. I am watching at grave risk to my TV. If he starts up about gun control, it is all over.

    Whew! my TV survived. He said a whole lot of nothing.

  42. Sorry Hillary, but a bullet to their brains is a lot more efficient and less time consuming.

  43. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/clinton-losing-sanders-voters-down-12-points-in-a-week/article/2596714

    From the poll analysis:

    First of all, Clinton has yet to convince those who favored Vermont Senator for the Democratic nomination that they should, as Sanders said this week, vote for Clinton in November. This group seems to have been especially affected by the tongue-lashing Clinton received from FBI Director James Comey about using a private email server while she was Secretary of State. Last week, before Comey’s statement that the FBI would not pursue criminal charges although Clinton’s behavior was “extremely careless,” a majority of Democratic primary voters who favored Sanders said they would vote for Clinton. Though that figure was low (only 53%), it was even lower in the poll conducted after Comey’s statement. This week, only 41% of Sanders voters said they would vote for Clinton, a drop of 12 points.

  44. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/07/17/cleveland_police_association_president_obama_has_blood_on_his_hands.html

    STEVE LOOMIS, PRESIDENT OF CLEVELAND POLICE PATROLMEN’S ASSOCIATION: The president of the Untied States validated a false narrative and the nonsense that Black Lives Matter and the Media are pressing out there to the public — He validated with his very divisive statements And now we see an escalation.

    This has got to end.

    We need some leadership in this country to come forward and put an end to this.

    I don’t care if it’s clergy or who it is but somebody has to step up and put an end to this. It’s false narrative and people politicizing the false narrative that we have a President of the United States and the governor of Minnesota making a statement less than one day after the police involved shootings.

    Those police involved shootings are what absolutely has triggered in rash of senseless murders of law enforcement officers across the country. It is reprehensible.

    The president has blood on his hands and it will not be able to come washed off…

    How the hell did we ever become the bad guys in this country? I can not imagine how we got here. It is the irresponsible reporting of the media and irresponsible statements from people who are credible – like the president, like celebrities.

  45. We need to buy more guns and defend our police. Maybe BO did not spew his usual gun control dogma from his lying liver lips because he has realized he has become the worlds best gun salesman.

  46. Celebrities are not credible. ..but they can incite the masses, you hear me Beyonce and JayZ…

    I encourage a boycott of their music…

  47. alcina
    July 17, 2016 at 7:42 pm
    He should call out the National Guard to reinforce the police, but he probably is hoping that the protesters will succeed in storming the convention center.

  48. Tony right about National Guard.l hate to say this but expect lots of attacks on delegates, probably hotels,restaurants, etc

  49. It’s going to be a hot July in Ohio and Philadelphia, but at least we’ll have the pleasure of watching Bikers for Trump bash in some BLM heads if they try anything. In contrast, the BLM crowd will likely storm the stage in Philadelphia and steal the mike from Hillary repeatedly to spout their racist drivel.

  50. These are very troubled times and whomever wins, faces a very divided nation and immense threats both domestic and overseas. I would tend to think someone with Hillary’s credentials would be clearly be favored during such times, but Trump may have hit into the underlying anger of so many Americans that he may pull it off. Be interesting week watching the convention. Tomorrow night is suppose to be about National Security. Interesting, that Melania will speak. Like Ivanka , I think she helps him and I am interested in what she has to say.

  51. Hillary be helpful because of threats?
    A lot of these threats are because of her and obama….Geez.

  52. I think the completely different “remarks” from Obama after Baton Rouge compared to his hectoring after Dallas indicates the the earth is shifting beneath his feet. Baton Rouge cop murderer converted to Islam (or some version thereof) about 3 years ago, his desire to hang out with the Nation of Islam in Houston and a few other chapters scattered across the country are documented in his social media as well as his narcissism in taking selfies. The Dallas murderer was flirting or sliding into it also but the media has managed to obliterate any mention of it. BLM, Nation of Islam, Black Brotherhood, New Black Pathers, various supremacist organizations, Democrats, and CAIR are showing more and more evidence of overlap in ideology, radicalization, financing and meetings in the White House at the invitation and pleasure of the president. Also Soros money is in there if it were allowed to be tracked internationally and I would suspect Saudi prince dumb-ass money.

    And Hillary didn’t lecture whites this time when she managed to tweet some nonsense out hours after Trump. Things have been set in motion by morons. Whether they care if they can control it or not is unknown. The object is to terrorize, kill, punish and control people but it can be very chancy and the timing can be off. The media is currently trying to spin that the murder sprees are connected to unemployment, lack of opportunity, etc in the ghetto. But none of these murderers have backgrounds like that including the Muslim middle eastern ones. The media is also telling us the public is scared. I would call it anxious and angry which is the usual step after scared and a long way from terrorized and cowed. Back up spin is mental illness but a logical person sees that all even petty criminals have at least mild personality disorders of some kind as do people many who don’t commit any crimes. There is a strong streak of narcissism in these young men who are murdering masses of people leaving trails of self-photography wearing hats and bathing and suits posing for attention.

    So more public piety and mourning, piles of dead inexpensive flowers (like funerals) with tatty stuffed animals and cheap candles with lots of flags, bad poetry and selfies. Six more months the public has to endure before law enforcement and public policy makers are allowed to even try to figure out what is going on. More failure for Obama. Lucky Trump.

  53. “I would tend to think someone with Hillary’s credentials would be clearly be favored during such times, ”

    Ludicrous. Hillary has no credentials other than being a contributor to this mess. Sorry JB but your statement stinks of blind faith and frankly is infuriating. At some point you may wake up to what Hillary really is about, but I sincerely doubt it.

  54. Acquittal in Baltimore. The latest trial in the “Freddie Gray” Baltimore trials of police officers has once again resulted in the humiliation of the stupid and correct prosecution.

  55. Delegates serving on an influential committee moved, on the eve of the convention that will formally nominate Trump, to strengthen party rules that bind their votes to the presidential candidate that won the primary or caucus in their state.

    The rules changes protected Trump from a small but aggressive delegate insurgency intent on derailing his nomination on the convention floor.


  56. WOOT!!!! 😀

    Mahoning County, Ohio (CNN)Dozens of lifelong Democrats were calling and Mark Monroe knew something was going on. They were calling the local Republican Party chairman because they wanted to join his party.
    They wanted to join Donald Trump’s party.

    It turns out that registering is as easy as asking for a ballot on Ohio’s primary day. So, he told them, just show up on March 15, and request a Republican ballot. So they did.
    Trump’s convention choice: Bring the party together or blow it apart


  57. This is probably one reason why Sen. Sessions was not chosen by Trump to be his VP.

    SESSIONS: Well, you know, I supported most of the trade deals. I supported the Korean — when the last big one. I supported the China deal. I think they were now mistakes. The data came in. It was not anything close to what they promised. In Korea, they promised — when Obama signed it and I voted for it — that we would increase exports to Korea by $10 billion a year. It was $30 million in increase last year, four years later. Whereas their imports to us were $15 billion increase. The trade deficit is more than double. The China trade deficit was supposed to be the same. It has increased fivefold.


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