Lessons From #Brexit, #SCOTUS #Immigration Decision, #IndependenceDay, For @RealDonaldTrump And #Hillary2016

The movie Independence Day: Resurgence opens in theaters today. It’s about an alien invasion. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States blocked Barack Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktat. Also yesterday, the British people voted to declare today “Independence Day” from the Brussels bureaucrats in order to stop an alien invasion of Europe.

Yesterday’s stunning events are lessons for the wise and slaps for the foolish. For Hillary2016 the lessons are a future of menace. For Donald J. Trump the future looks bright and informs him to continue to follow his instincts.

Yesterday morning Donald J. Trump was under attack, again, for going to Scotland to tend to his golf course instead of staying home to tinker with his campaign and especially to raise money. Today, Donald J. Trump will appear a genius for flying right to the heart of the worldwide storm. When Donald J. Trump speaks today the world will listen because not only is Trump exactly where a leader should be, Donald J. Trump is in many ways the father of the Brexit.

Trump made a brief declaration that if he were British he would vote for Brexit. This contrasted with Barack Obama who made threats against Britain if it decided to vote for the Brexit. Trump’s real contribution to Brexit is his courageous use of English to denounce the threats posed by illegal immigration as well as the need for a nation to control its borders and control immigration into the country.

The Brexit won because of the immigration issue. The British people understood they lost control of their country to bureaucrats from Brussels and the British people understood their country’s continued membership in the EU would force them to take in millions of Muslims from Turkey.

What are the lessons for Hillary2016? First, don’t believe any of the polls. Hillary2016 should not believe the betting odds either. Hillary2016 should not be lulled by establishment endorsements either. As in the 2014 elections in the U.S. the polls on Brexit were wrong. The betting odds were even more mistaken and more consistently mistaken. The establishment of businesses, institutions, “thought leaders”, you name it, all opposed Brexit and threatened destruction if the British voted for Brexit. The fear mongering did not work. Donald J. Trump Brexit won.

Hillary2016 or whoever runs against Trump should read the polls and add 5 or six points to Trump’s totals. That’s not affirmative action for Trump. The 5 or 6 point edge for Trump is because voters have learned to lie to the pollsters if the opposition will scream “racist” or “nativist” or whatever the insult of the day is. Voters have learned to lie to pollsters and tell the truth in the ballot box. The stunning Brexit vote is further proof of the failure of polling in a political climate wherein thugs and race-baiters rule.

Second, Hillary Clinton needs to return to sanity. Hillary used to be sane on immigration. It wasn’t so long ago that Hillary sounded a great deal like Donald J. Trump on immigration:

We frequently hear from our readers, many of whom have been with us since 2007 in strong support of Hillary Clinton, that we should not believe Hillary as the “Obama third term” because she is obviously lying. That’s an argument we tend to believe, we don’t believe anyone can believe the nonsense coming out of Hillary these days, but we don’t think “vote for her because she is lying” is a strong argument in favor of any candidate.

We think it is better to be forthright, even if you get in trouble telling the truth, than playing cute. In the age of Youtube, cute don’t sell when soundbites can be stitched together.

So why would Hillary decry the Supreme Court decision blocking Barack Obama’s illegal illegal immigration diktats? That first video is Hillary as Trump before Trump2016 yet Hillary now pretends to be the illegal immigration savior. Why? It is not a winning strategy. Ask David Cameron. Ask everyone who opposed Brexit. Ask Jeb Bush. Ask Marco Rubio. Ask Lindsey Graham.

Brexit is a wake up call for Hillary Clinton to stop empowering the rancid Barack Obama:

LONDON — British voters didn’t just shock the world and the financial markets by voting to leave the European Union hours ago: They also ignored President Barack Obama, handed Hillary Clinton a potential economic burden and injected new energy into the populist currents roiling politics on both sides of the Atlantic. [snip]

In addition to volatility hitting U.S. markets, the surprise win for the Leave side is likely to ripple through the 2016 presidential campaign. The Brexit vote became largely a referendum on elites and immigration, the same themes likely Republican nominee Donald Trump has put at the center of his bid for the White House. Trump, who spoke favorably of Brexit, is likely to seize on the results as vindication — but it could also highlight concerns that a glib reality TV star might not be ready to handle the demands of the Oval Office.

The result could also suggest that polls showing a lead for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are underestimating the extent to which voters across Western democracies are fed up with career politicians and concerned about Islamic terrorism and immigration. UK polls and online betting markets heading into the Brexit vote appeared to show a small but solid leave for Remain, similar to the leads Clinton holds in most U.S. surveys.

The larger issue for the Clinton campaign will be potential economic fallout from the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Indeed, if the economic predictions leading up to Thursday’s vote turn out to be accurate, get ready for a Brexit-fueled economic slowdown that could bleed into the presidential race. [snip]

A new recession, if it happens, could hand Trump a political gift — allowing him to bash Obama and by extension Clinton for driving the U.S. economy into a ditch.

Politico has fever dreams that the Brexit could “highlight concerns that a glib reality TV star” (which is how Big Media slobs and the establishment sneer at Trump, causing voters to support Trump even more) will be somehow hurt by an issue he was right about – or that Trump will not be viewed as sufficiently conversant on the economy even though in polls Trump is tops on the economy. Lesson for Trump is to continue to ignore Big Media and continue to follow his instincts to tell the truth with brutal English.

The new Battle of Britain is over. The British decided to Make Britain Great Again. Great Britain is, once again.

Now the battle for America will be decided.


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  1. The old fashioned kind of alien invader. Independence Day: Resurgence trailer:

    Doesn’t that “stand together” voice sound like Hillary?

    Lesson: alien invasions are not good no matter where they’re from.

  2. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/06/22/nbcs_steve_kornacki_amazing_how_thin_clintontrump_margin_is_despite_trumps_problems.html

    MSNBC host Steve Kornacki discusses the latest 2016 election polls showing Clinton and Trump in a dead heat in several key battleground states with the hosts of NBC’s Today Show:

    It’s amazing,” Kornacki said. “If you take the 2012 electoral map: Obama versus Romney, and kept it the same… If you can flip Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, you’re the next president. For all of the trouble [Trump has] had, you’ve got them dead even in Ohio and Pennsylvania. [Polls showing him down in] Florida is bad news for him.”

    “How worried is the Clinton campaign about just that?” Today Show host Matt Lauer asked. “[We just saw several] great weeks for Hillary Clinton, terrible weeks for Donald Trump — and they look at those polls in those states, how do they explain that?

    “The poll on the economy, Hillary Clinton gave that speech yesterday, the subject is the economy, she’s trying to discredit Trump on the economy,” Kornacki said. “And you look up and see that poll saying –on who do you trust more on the economy– Trump leading Clinton by eight points. They’re aware of the challenge. That’s where the speeches like you saw yesterday from Hillary Clinton are coming from.”

  3. Politico has fever dreams that the Brexit could “highlight concerns that a glib reality TV star
    That comment of theirs was a classic non sequitur

    Something like 2 + 2 = 5

    Does anyone proof read their drivel before it goes out?

    Lets see if I have got this straight . . .

    Trump was proven right?

    And being right could heighten concerns about him??

    What concerns might that be???

    Concerns that he might be right about everything else???

    As in verax in uno. Verax in omnibus???? (Truthful in one thing. Truthful in everything)

    On the other hand, perhaps in makes perfect sense.

    The author of that caveat is Politico.

    Politico is part of the anti Trump WashPo which is owned by the anti Trump Bezos

    They make a market in lying–every day of the week–and twice on Sundays

    And when that is the game, truth would be a convern

    Or, as the estimable General Flynn, arch critic of the Obama traitor says

    Truth fears no questions

    BTW admin–thanks for staying up late on this one. Great post.

    Your continuing hopes that Hillary will wake up and smell the coffee are admirable

    But the last eight years have taught me to not be an optimist on that front any longer

    and being right could heighten concerns about him?

    What concern are they referring to

  4. David Cameron quits. Will stay until October, at the latest. He will not invoke Article 50. Cameron will let the next Prime Minister invoke the exit.

    As cheesy as his campaign of fear was he displayed a degree of class by quitting – a bit of class Obama will never display because he lacks it.

  5. Today Show host Matt Lauer asked. “[We just saw several] great weeks for Hillary Clinton, terrible weeks for Donald Trump — and they look at those polls in those states, how do they explain that?”
    Lauer can’t.

    I will:

    Trump held voters’ attention exceedingly well, at a 7 on a 10-point scale. That’s better than even the most popular TV commercials. His references to the Islamic State and overseas trade wars stirred up fear, the most intense emotion humans experience.

    Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton averaged a 4 out of 10. Voters were bored with her résumé, results show, which she repeats time and again.

    Scores of political prognosticators predicted Trump’s demise almost a year ago. They predicted that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders would fizzle out.

    Alas, no political prediction has rung true, leaving political professionals and junkies alike asking, “What gives?” and “What are Trump and Clinton voters thinking?”

    Spark’s Brainwave study may have an answer: It’s something about the way Trump and Sanders speak.

    For some, Trump is fun to watch. His wild policy proposals, his crude language to describe his — err — hands and his goofy nicknames for his rivals endear him to supporters.

  6. I wonder how many percentage points were gained by the Leave forces when Obama shot his assine mouth off and threatened sanctions if the exited. Nobody likes to be threatened, particularly by a PUNK like Obama. At this point he gets all the respect he deserves, which is to say, none.

  7. It like that old Kojak line:

    Who loves ya baby.

    In the case of Obama, the answer is clear.

    Big media–they are passionate about him as ever.

    But he has a hidden admirer too.

    Vladimir Putin.

    Oh come on, you can’t be serious.

    I am serious as a heart attack.

    How could he love Obama after Obama has said terrible things about him?

    Like telling the world that Putin is on the wrong side of history.

    And in the long arc of history Vlad will be toast.

    Yes. I agree. Those were terrible things for Obama to say about anyone.

    And in his case the cellphone and teleprompter are mightier than the sword.

    But still Vlad likes him, why?

    Simple: he loves a patsy and that is what Obama is.

    Vladimir’s patsy.

  8. Totally disagree with Admin on hillary lying. .she is who she is..at last. She jumped that shark 300 million dollars ago…the “poor” little ex First Lady and the ex Prez…

    She and Bill made a decision and haven’t looked back.

    What difference does it make?…

    We shall see Admin, we shall see…

    The Lady is a Tramp…bought, sold, and hopefully delivered to the heap of history…

    Trump 2016

  9. The UK did it. They told the rest of Europe go hang if they will not treat them fairly. Polls can now officially be called garbage. Used to manipulate public opinion, outright lie, and sell “results” to whomever pays them, polls are now about as accurate as a Ouija board. Originally used by demographers, pollsters were overtaken by marketers to sell, manipulate opinion or to create sales for products that didn’t exist. Marketers moved into policy first then politics then ideology. The public generally understands this especially since pollsters are used to denigrate, dehumanize, and threaten anyone who is out of step with the paymaster for the pollsters. So the polled lie or say they don’t know. This is two votes in a row in the UK which the public has massively misled pollsters. A much better indicator than polls was the massive search on Google in the last week for “Brexit” and note they are not relying on the idiots in the media for information but doing it themselves. Add in government surveillance of public political activity and social media policing and you have a public that is not “sharing” what they think and plan to do in a vote. This is death for pollsters and marketers. I suspect that Remain, like Cameron, had a hard time figuring out the polling and went overboard with the “marketing” of fear in trying to terrorize his own people into doing what globalists and Brussels wanted and needed. His bitchy resignation this morning really shows that he is just a hireling for globalists and was never of leader for the British peoples.

  10. The last 16 years have been a horror with this aggressive, exploitative globalization. I feel hopeful for the first time since George Dubya was elected. It is an exciting time to live in. Donald Trump saves the world. Who would have thought?

    Now, may the real Hillary Clinton please stand up.

  11. From DT’s FB page:

    Statement Regarding British Referendum on E.U. Membership

    The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples. They have declared their independence from the European Union, and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy. A Trump Administration pledges to strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense. The whole world is more peaceful and stable when our two countries – and our two peoples – are united together, as they will be under a Trump Administration.

    Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first. They will have the chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people. I hope America is watching, it will soon be time to believe in America again.

  12. wbboei

    June 24, 2016 at 3:40 am

    I wonder how many percentage points were gained by the Leave forces when Obama shot his assine mouth off …

    Reverse Midas touch is intact. Everything he touches turns to shit.

  13. Will the “real” hillary please stand up…
    Is that a rhetorical question?

    I think we know the “real” hillary now. Looking at her “body” of work the last 16 years…
    Fool me once , not fool me twice..
    I always thought for all of Admin’s incredible political insights, Admin was in the group of hillary supporters that thought she was playing “the game badly” and still had some hope that she would see the light and be the great political leader we all believed at one time she really was… Hmm no…not this chick.
    The more light that is shed on hillary, and bills past, the phoney money making games, the globalist agenda…

    The more I realized unfortunately who she is is not anyone I thought she was, or anyone I want near the Presidency.
    I don’t have Admin’s great political ability, but I’m listening to my gut, and my gut says this dog don’t hunt…

  14. Reading all of Admin’s posts over the past year, I felt it had been made very clear who is the REAL Hillary, and as Gonzo pointed out she must be let nowhere near the Whitehouse. Sorry, but that train left the station some time ago and frankly has resulted in wreckage. She is who she says she is and to think otherwise is ludicrous.

    Lying, Crooked, Traitorous, Hillary. She is indeed on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of a jail cell.

  15. Hillary haters just feed the BO beast and would leave the party in his hands with their intolerance. I registered as a Repub for Trump, but I want my party back. Critics should run for office and win a few elections before being so self righteousness.

  16. BO and Hillary have destroyed “your” party. You can have it. Saying someone has to win a few elections to have an opinion is just stupid. I guess we all need to quit our jobs and run for office.

    Laughable at best.

  17. Lu4PUMA

    June 24, 2016 at 9:54 am

    I registered as a Repub for Trump, but I want my party back.

    Good luck with that. It’s cut the moorings from you and must, by necessity, replace us with immigrants, making us all poorer and more dependent on Uncle Sugar. They’re all communists and anti-western trash.

  18. pollsters were overtaken by marketers to sell, manipulate opinion or to create sales for products that didn’t exist. Marketers moved into policy first then politics then ideology. The public generally understands this especially since pollsters are used to denigrate, dehumanize, and threaten anyone who is out of step with the paymaster for the pollsters. So the polled lie or say they don’t know. This is two votes in a row in the UK which the public has massively misled pollsters. A much better indicator than polls was the massive search on Google in the last week for “Brexit” and note they are not relying on the idiots in the media for information but doing it themselves
    I think any intelligent analysis of current events will begin with the assumption that whatever the particular issue happens to be, if big media has weighed in on it then they are lying, and if they have ignored it they have something to hide. Their narrative reflects the interests of their owners/paymasters who are the same multi national corporations who are quietly constructing an oppressive and tyrannical new world order. This involves, among other things, the obliteration of a country’s history and culture and the substitution of a new secular religion which reduces sovereign nations and free people to fungible objects–subjects on the one hand, consumers on the other, to whom they will eventually throw scraps. History is forever repeating itself as this phenomenon is precisely what the Roman poet Juvenal observed two thousand years ago, as their middle class faded, their elites gorged themselves on wine and food went to the vomitorium and gorged themselves more. It is the nature of corrupt elites, and the game that ruins nations. It is the end game of NAFTA, the EU, TPP, the Trans-Atlantic Union which is plain to tin foil hats and those who have eyes to see.

    iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli / uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim / imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se / continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, / panem et circenses.

    (Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81)


    Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses[6]

    […] iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli / uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim / imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se / continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, / panem et circenses. […]

    (Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81)

  19. To call this pushback populism and nothing more is a whopper.

    Why not call it what it is: democracy, and a much needed reform.

  20. Donald Trump says ‘always wrong Obama’ and Clinton pushed the British out of Europe by lecturing them to stay – and Americans will be next ‘to take their country back’
    Classroom lectures are a necessary evil.

    Necessary because the lecturer knows more about the subject than the student–theoretically.

    Political lectures rely on that same assumption.

    But when the public realizes the lecture is a lie, they reject it.

    And if, on top of that, the lecture is self serving and bores you to tears.

    It carries no weight, and it invites derision.

    That is where Obama is today.

    The only thing that keeps him afloat is the uber corrupt big media.

    The question then becomes at what point does uber corrupt become pure evil?

    Pollsters are merely an extension of big media.

    They are used to drive headlines, which are repeated in the nightly news, the morning shows and the late night so called comedy shows, with a power and consistency Goebbels would envy and approve of.

    It is a black art, with roots in Nazi Germany.

  21. Big Media eventually catches up with us:


    Five reasons Brexit could signal Trump winning the White House

    The two most surprising political phenomena of this year have been the rise of Donald Trump and the success of the Leave Europe camp in Britain’s referendum on Brexit.

    Few pundits saw either coming (and full disclosure, I include myself here, particularly on Trump) – but we should have and now would be a good chance to make up for past oversight by looking at how the two are linked. [snip]

    Angry electorate

    Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, the leader of the Leave campaign, have tapped into a similar public mood of disgruntlement. On both sides of the Atlantic, a lot of people feel they’ve been handed a bad deal. In the UK, it’s European bureaucrats in Brussels who are to blame. In the US, it’s elected politicians in Washington who are held responsible. Mr Johnson promises Brits a better deal if they throw off the onerous yoke of EU regulations. Mr Trump promises Americans a better deal if they put him in the White House.


    The forces of globalisation are causing havoc for European workers as they are for American workers. If you are a white working class man (in particular) the combined effects of immigration, free trade and technology have made your job and your wages less secure. Policy makers in the UK and the US have singularly failed to address these issues in any meaningful way. [snip]

    Immigration deserves its own category because it is so critical in both campaigns. Economists argue about the relative impact of immigrants versus robots on wage stagnation – voters don’t care much. They blame immigrants. It’s easier to get mad at a person from Macedonia or Mexico, taking your job than it is to get mad at a piece of technology from Silicon Valley. In both countries, governments haven’t handled immigration well. [snip]

    The complicated feeling of having had a bad deal has created an insidious spin off, a sense of broken pride, both national and personal. [snip]

    In the US it is also linked to a loss of national pride through a sentiment among Trump supporters that President Obama has diminished the reputation of America by going on what they refer to as his “global apology tour.” For Brits the loss of national pride comes from a feeling that British sovereignty has been given away to Brussels and if we leave the EU, we will be stronger, better, more respected.


    And, finally, populism loves simplicity, especially, it seems, when it’s dressed up with an impressively wacky hair do. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump appeal to the heart not the head, they offer simple solutions in a time of complex problems. It’s an appealing message. Think about the complicated consequences later, the thinking seems to go, for now protesting the status quo feels like a good start.

    That last paragraph is proof that even when Big Media understands what is happening – the class contempt cannot be set aside.

  22. Oh they put a happy, smiley face on it, but at its roots it is the black are of manipulating people into believing things, accepting things, and doing things which are contrary to their interest. The way the democrats have exploited blacks from the days of slavery until now with their keep them on the plantation policies is a fine example of this.

  23. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3657782/Brexit-proof-Donald-Trump-president.html

    ‘Brexit is proof that Trump will be the next president’: ‘Anti-immigration’ message and shift to the Right that led to UK’s seismic break with Europe draws parallels with rise of The Donald

    The UK voted to leave the European Union in an historic referendum
    Many on Twitter believe the result is a sign Trump will win in November
    They compared the leave campaign’s ‘divisive’ message with Trump’s
    Others showed concern it will lend credence to Trump’s nationalist agenda

    As Donald Trump flew in to Scotland today after the UK’s seismic break with the European Union, parallels have been drawn with the anti-immigration message that led to Brexit and his rise to presumptive Republican presidential candidate.

    Many have pointed out the similarities between Britain’s decision to leave the EU and Trump’s campaign – and believe it is an indication of how Americans will vote on November 8, which could see Trump in the White House.

    The Donald’s arrival in the UK will be seen by many as a meeting of minds – two worlds colliding with shared views including a disgruntled electorate; lost national pride; isolationism; and the issue of immigration.

  24. That last paragraph is proof that even when Big Media understands what is happening – the class contempt cannot be set aside.

    You might say that false sense of superiority is their cross to bear.

    It prevents them from seeing reality and interpreting it accurately.

    It is that cognitive failure that is the problem.

    And thank god for it.

    If they were objective, they would be dangerous.

  25. http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/brexit-decision-deals-another-blow-obama

    Breaking: Brexit Decision Deals Another Blow to Obama

    The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union is the second major blow to President Barack Obama — and his legacy — in as many days.

    The country’s historic referendum decision, which brought the resignation — effective in October — of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was made official one day after the Supreme Court left Obama’s immigration executive order frozen in perpetuity.

    On Thursday, Obama pinned much of the blame for the high court’s 4-4 split decision on Senate Republicans’ unwillingness to confirm his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, and on House Republicans for blocking a Senate-passed bipartisan immigration overhaul bill in 2013.

    But he cannot blame them for the British EU exit, known as “Brexit.”

    During a visit to London in April, Obama did not mince words about his opposition to an EU exit. Speaking beside Cameron, the president delivered a forceful case that Britain as an EU member is stronger on the continent and across the globe.

    “The United Kingdom is at its best when it is helping to lead a strong Europe. It leverages U.K. power to be part of the European Union,” Obama said, seeming to directly address British voters. [snip]

    On Twitter, Obama was already being blamed.

    Jack Fowler, publisher of the conservative National Review magazine, tweeted that Obama’s “lecturing” to the British people in April did not help the “remain” camp.

  26. https://pjmedia.com/diaryofamadvoter/2016/06/23/brexit-vote-has-huge-ramifications-for-us-politics/

    Brexit Vote Has Huge Ramifications for U.S. Politics

    News flash: The revolt against elites is real in the UK and America and it’s only getting started. Maybe there will always be an England.

    In a surprise, Leave won the Brexit referendum on whether to stay in the European Union by an equally surprising amount. British sovereignty won. David Cameron lost. Jeremy Corbyn lost. The EU lost. Bureaucrats lost. Angela Merkel lost. Barack Obama lost. Globalism lost. Authority figures almost everywhere lost. And, most of all, unlimited immigration lost.

    So what happened to the vaunted British betting market that is almost invariably correct and was predicting by 80 percent a Remain victory? Or all those recent polls that were tilting Remain?

    Answer: Those same elites had convinced each other they would win and therefore convinced the usual suspects—media, pollsters and, sadly, financial markets—that they were right. They were wrong. Watching them now on the BBC they still cannot comprehend what has happened. The peasants have revolted—oh no, oh no. There must be some mistake. Didn’t they get the memo? The sky would fall if they left the EU.

    Earth to elites: Citizens of truly democratic countries don’t want unlimited immigration into their countries by people who couldn’t be less interested in democracy. They also don’t want to be governed by the rules and regulations of faceless bureaucrats whose not-so-hidden goals are power and riches for themselves and their friends. Simple, isn’t it? [snip]

    That most elite of presidents, Barack Obama, who opened his morally narcissistic mouth supporting the Remain side and warning the British people, as he is wont to do, that there would be “consequences” if they voted to leave the EU, is in no position to do anything, even if he wanted to. And he doesn’t.

    Hillary Clinton is so elitist she practically defines the term. She was probably up all night figuring out what to do about the situation. I have a suggestion—move to Brussels.

    Meanwhile, Trump should take up the gauntlet for the U.S. and the UK now. Why wait? Act like the president—we could use one. Donald has a natural ally in the leading Leave spokesperson conservative Boris Johnson. The two men are said to be similar and in many ways they are.

    Boris Johnson, like Donald Trump, was born in New York City.

  27. I am guessing that this will go down like a mouth full of grass burrs for the best and brightest at Harvard Law School and the Kennedy School of Government, both of whom have altered their core curriculum on the assumption that world government was just over the horizon and Harvard trained bureaucrats would be in high demand. Now, those absent minded professors are wondering whether their services will be necessary over the long term, and those students who are not financially well off, or riding a scholarship because they claimed to be 1/8 Indian in the absence of scientific proof, must be asking themselves will I have a job, and if all I can get is a job at MacDonalds, which is the only growth industry left in this country, how will I repay my student loan. Of course, I am just a guess’n.

  28. Forgive me. I sell them short. Whose to say a Harvard trained burger flipper cannot make a million dollars per year. If he puts that Harvard education to work, anything is possible. However, in terms of probability, bankruptcy is more likely.

  29. admin
    June 24, 2016 at 12:23 pm
    Churchill got it right:

    Two great nations, separated only by a common language.

  30. Jack Nicklaus who aside from Hogan was the greatest golfer of all time.

    He said that top tier golf, like any other athletic endeavor, is 90% mental.

    Those who claim that the catalyst for this rebellion was illegal immigration are right.

    It threatened the culture, the identity and at some point the very lives of citizens.

    But the more interesting question is how did this come to be.

    And the answer to that question gets back to what Nicklaus said

    Just because they had the ability to crash the borders does not mean the elites should have.

    They should have realized that ALL power has its limits, but they did not.

    The problem with social engineering is people are not objects.

    The whole notion that they can be controlled through the carrot and stick approach top down

    In organizations or in society is bonkers.

    If you set the table that way, people will find ways to garner more carrots and avoid the sticks.

    At that point, it becomes a game–the game that ruins nations if the elites persist.

  31. The first major labor contract I negotiated was in Los Angeles in 1981. The negotiation was protracted and acrimonius. In the end we reached a settlement, which was summarily rejected by the bargaining unit by a 64 to 1 vote. A strike vote was taken, and the timing could not have been worse because we were my company had a multi million dollar advertising campaign which is was ready to launch. Part of the problem was the Teamster business agent was an amiable Hispanic guy, but a mush ball when it came to taking the bull by the horns. Fortunately, his boss, who was a dear friend of mine and an all American football player at the University of Washington forced the business agent to sit down with his members, something he was loathe to do in the aftermath of that rejection and find out what they wanted. And, under that compulsion he did exactly that, and eventually we were able to reach agreement. In a sense, that is what the elites need to do. Nobody is saying that the kingdom of god will be at hand if they are hung en masse, although there have been times when I felt that might not be the worst thing that could happen. What I am saying is, they need to take full account of what happened here, and see it as the inevitable result of not listening. Their failure to listen is the imprimatur of their arrogance and sense of superiority, which drips like battery acid from their words and deeds. Perhaps some of them need to go, but those that remain need to learn something from this. That said, the cleansing process will remain incomplete until Donald Trump takes the oath and chases the money changers from the temple. Goldman Sacks control over Hillary is so complete that it is no exaggeration to call her their puppet. We need populists not puppets.

  32. blowme0bama
    June 24, 2016 at 8:31 am
    Reverse Midas touch is intact. Everything he touches turns to shit.

    I was at work when I read this and really did laugh out loud!

  33. Today proves once more that the stars continue their march in the heavens for Donald Trump. I pray they will be perfectly aligned for him by November.

  34. I guess that poll I posted last week was off. I am kinda upset for personal reasons as my portfolio is down 300k today and my broker says it will be a 2 yr process and very, very slow growth. Hillary or Trump will inherit a mess .

  35. jb,

    Brokers are liars. It is a zombie market. For the next two years things are going to get worse. Florida’s economic bottom is expected to be 2017. Then things may slowly improve but will not get better until 2020-2023.

  36. Brokers are liars. It is a zombie market. For the next two years things are going to get worse. Florida’s economic bottom is expected to be 2017. Then things may slowly improve but will not get better until 2020-2023.
    I think this was a good thing for markets.

    It let some air out of the balloon of over inflated access, zero interest rates, burgeoning national debt, swamped safety nets, bonds which cannibalize the principal, and so many other things that spelled a depression, but by letting air out of the balloon we will have, at worst, a recession.

    Until there is a rise in productivity world wide, we will be in the doldrums.

    Maybe what we can do is peddle inflatable Obama dolls with strings on their backs saying things which say I hate America, I hate white people and I love the European Union. We could make a market selling those artifacts of a failed eight years to the ignoranti and the dims, and most of all to big media. Hell, you could balance the budget with the kind of revenue that would generate. And then people could ask which is real–the humanoid form or the plastic fuck doll? And the answer would be that is a distinction without a difference.

  37. http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-06-24/they-got-it-wrong-swarms-of-global-chatterers-misread-brexit

    They Got It Wrong: Swarms of Global Chatterers Misread Brexit

    A global cohort said before Thursday’s Brexit vote that Britain was unlikely to pull out of the European Union, the post-World War II international project that brought an unprecedented era of prosperity and peace. Yet some were led astray by the belief that free trade’s money and material goods outweighed nationalism and the tug of nostalgia.

    Among those who were wrong about Brexit before the vote:

    Conservative U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron called the referendum, presumably confident he would win. He lost, and he’s now resigning. [snip]


    Opinion polls on Brexit were all over the place; the theoretical lead had changed hands dozens of times since September, although “leave” never reached 50 percent support. Still, betting odds put the chance of remaining at 90 percent as the polls closed on Thursday. Ladbrokes was offering 4-to-1 on a leave vote, according to The Guardian.

    Even though most players in the market were actually backing leave, more money was bet on remain by the affluent, who were generally behind staying, Matthew Shaddick, head of political betting at Ladbrokes, wrote in a blog post. [snip]

    The Chattering Class

    The London-based Political Studies Association surveyed members, journalists, academics and pollsters from May 24 to June 2. Every group got it wrong.

    Overall, 87 percent of respondents said Britain was more likely to stay in the EU, 5 percent said it was likely to leave, and 8 percent said both sides had an exactly equal chance.

    The predicted probability of Britain voting to leave the EU: academics, 38 percent; pollsters, 33 percent; journalists, 32 percent; other, 38 percent; mean, 38 percent. [snip]


    Matt Qvortrup, professor of political science at Coventry University and author of two books about referendums, analyzed all 49 plebiscites on EU-related issues since 1972. He calculated that Britain would narrowly vote to remain, based on the U.K.’s levels of economic growth, inflation, and the number of years spent in office by the government.

    “The indications and predictions based on previous referendums still suggest that the United Kingdom will stay in the European Union,” Qvortrup wrote in a blog posting in April. “But the margin will be very close indeed, and neither side will be able to claim a decisive victory.”

    Societe Generale SA saw the risk of Brexit at 45 percent, according to analysts including Brian Hilliard, its chief U.K. economist. The risks of Brexit had diminished, though, according to betting odds and the polls, strategist Jason Simpson wrote in a May 20 note.

    Barclays Plc analysts had said the baseline scenario was that the U.K. wouldn’t leave, and Nomura saw only about a 25 percent likelihood the U.K. would quit, analysts said in a May 11 note. Credit Suisse Group AG expected the U.K. to stay, analysts including Neville Hall wrote in a May 19 research note.

    Political Clairvoyants

    Even “superforecasters” got it wrong.

    The consultancy Good Judgment Inc. regularly convenes a group of 150 people around the world with track records of successful predictions to prognosticate on various issues of the day. The aggregated probability estimates from the panel showed just a 24 percent chance of U.K. voters deciding to leave, according to a posting on Twitter on Thursday.

    “I would say, ‘Expect the status quo’ reasonably confidently,” one of the forecasting panel, Michael Story, said last month.

  38. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3658568/No-wonder-Trump-looks-happy-Britain-s-exit-Europe-leave-Hillary-Clinton-shaking-boots-Donald-knows-it.html?ito=social-twitter_dailymailus

    The parallels between Trump’s campaign and that waged by Brexit leaders Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are obvious.

    All three men are all anti-politicians, in the sense that they don’t behave or speak like conventional politicians.

    Their joint modus operandi is shooting from the hip and saying outrageous things to grab media attention.

    They crack inappropriate jokes, belittle opponents often in a very puerile way, and have all been variously dismissed as ‘buffoons’and ‘idiots’ and even compared to Hitler.

    But they share unshakeable self-confidence and have skilfully presented themselves as outsiders far removed from the political elite and ‘establishment’, who stand up for the average man and woman in the street.

    They’ve also focused with laser-like, ruthless precision on hot button issues which they know many of those people are genuinely worried about, notably immigration and terrorism.

    At his presser in Scotland this morning, Trump said: ‘People are angry all over the world. They’re angry over borders, they’re angry over people coming into the country and taking over and nobody even knows who they are. They’re angry about many, many things in the UK. It’s essentially the same thing that’s happening in the United States.’

    Regardless of what you think of Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric, and his uncompromising talk of walls and bans, does anybody really doubt after this shock Brexit result that he’s right about the levels of anger?

    It may not be obvious to the political and media elites living in their hallowed, protected homes in privileged areas.

    But travel to the north of England, or to the middle of America, and you will find very real fury with government and very real concern over the impact of perceived immigration control failures.

    There’s an increasing large gulf between the politically correct ‘cool’ and ‘establishment’ crowd who view any publicly stated concern about border controls as ‘racism’, and those who have to live at the sharp end of it.

    The clear message from this sensational day for any politician or world leader is this: ignore the concerns of the people at your peril.

    Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron assumed, arrogantly and patronisingly, that he would win this referendum by relying on the tried and tested vote-winning issue of the economy.

    But he seriously misjudged the mood of the nation.

    In fact, it was immigration and ‘getting our country back’ which won it for the Brexiters.

    Donald Trump is currently behind Hillary Clinton in most presidency polls, betting odds and Wall Street opinion – but so was the Leave camp for much of the EU campaign.

    What none of the UK pollsters, bookmakers and city experts realised was there was a huge groundswell of anger which was going to tip the balance away from their presumed favourite.

    I don’t endorse Trump for president, not least because of his stance on guns.

    But this bombshell Brexit result should send a shudder down the spine of Hillary Clinton and all U.S. Democrats

    If it can happen in Britain, it can most definitely happen in America.

    The issues are the same, and the cheer-leaders for change aren’t that dissimilar either.

    By Piers Morgan

  39. A global cohort said before Thursday’s Brexit vote that Britain was unlikely to pull out of the European Union, the post-World War II international project that brought an unprecedented era of prosperity and peace. Yet some were led astray by the belief that free trade’s money and material goods outweighed nationalism and the tug of nostalgia.
    Is that a true statement—that the EU delivered unprecedented peace and prosperity.

    Or is it fiction?

    A glib generalization used to justify a power grab by the elites

    Accepted only because it is contra bonus mores to challenge it

    I do think the Marshall Plan did that provided peace and prosperity.

    But the European Union?

    No sale.

    And it is unprovable because if Europe had remained a set of soeveign nations with reciprical treaties which provided for no tariffs then who is to say that they would have been worse off. On the odds, the reverse, because central economic planning is never as efficient as decentralized planning because the buyer and seller know more about their situation than the bureaucrats in Brussels, Washington or elsewhere. The twentieth century provided ample proof of the inefficiencies of centralized planning, best illustrated by the demise of the USSR.

    Yes, at the end of the day, this movement toward centralization and the concomitant demise of democratic institutions serves but one purpose: to create a global elite who rapes and pillages under the mantra of saving the world and creating global prosperity. Its all bullshit.

  40. wbboei
    June 24, 2016 at 12:55 pm
    Not listening and assuming they know everything. Various media have had gloom and doom predictions from economists, business writers, and political scientists that the stupid UK voters have doomed themselves by not listening to the “smarties” like them. The exact same thing is happening in the US.

    Post Brexit voter interviews reveal some things that the “smarties” don’t really want to talk about. Immigration. Insane regulation also but mostly immigration. It seems the UK working population has been profoundly unhappy about many different aspects of “immigration” both from the EU “rules” and the various UK governments. It isn’t one or the other but rather both. The “free movement of people” that the EU holds as sacred has resulted in EU citizens who come to Britain, work really cheap, draw UK subsidies which UK citizens are not eligible to receive, get discounts or freebies for education and health care and the UK citizen population has to pay for which of course subsidizes cheap labor for business which in turn forces their pay even lower. This of course is the same scam being played in the US with H1B programs and open borders and visa overstays. This is enshrined in EU “rules” that no one voted into effect in the UK and of course in the US the uni-party and their executive adminstrations simply don’t enforce US immigration law. Same result by different tactics.

    The new variable which probably kicked it over the threshold for Brexit was Merkel’s hordes. Instead of forcing her to stop it, the EU enabled it and went after countries who had nothing to do with it, were being damaged by it, to cover Merkel’s ass. The working class, who always bear the brunt of idiocy, watched the EU fumble, backtrack, and make excuses for Merkel. Threatening enormous fines to small countries trying to keep rampaging Muslim males from invading was hideous and profoundly unfair. The EU offered no funds or staff to help with Merkel’s disaster because sitting on your butt in Brussels drawing a fat salary is what they do. They hired some NGO’s to go look-see and do nothing but talk to the media about how awful it all was and write a white paper. The UK population suspected that in time all the migrants hordes would be granted travel papers by the EU so they could move on to the UK for them to be taxed, displaced, terrorized, murdered and raped, so Germany, Italy and Greece could send them over and retain their virtue signaling psychosis when ropes started showing up on lamp posts. Cameron would not address this because he knew he could do ZERO about it because that is the EU rules. Besides talking about an invasion of Muslims is racist.

    Like I said the “smarties” are venting the same crap they did before the referendum vote. Their problem is that like Gruber in the US they lie, don’t know what they are talking about and are usually wrong. They work for globalists also either directly or indirectly. But the majority who voted don’t believe them because the smarties are always wrong. I have a theory based on risk assessment that if things are bad enough people are willing to take BIG risks to make the “bad” stop. This is factored into insurance rating. The vote broke down on class, income, and region. If things were good for you there was no need for the risk of Leave. If things were bad, economically, socially, terrorism, your kids bullied at school, etc you were willing to risk a lower income to make the BAD go away. Cameron and Leave could not or would not fathom this adverse risk because it didn’t affect them in their safe areas or they were making money out of it. Wilful blindness is very common if money is involved especially if your pay is dependent on it. Cameron is a stupid globalist toady and now finished.

    More clueless, panic, and desperation is being evidenced from the idiot mayor of London. Mr Khan (former MP from Tooting! hahaha how ironic) wants to take London out of the UK. Perhaps the prophet will fly it out on his magic horse. He can rename it Karachi Londonistan. Now I am going out to eat barbecue after a fascinating week.

  41. Mormaer
    June 24, 2016 at 8:22 pm
    Excellent. That was the grand finale I was waiting to hear.

    This side of the pond it is no different. While most of the world sees this result as a buy sign for Trump, the Bezos brigade is offering a racist rebuttal. Americans will not reclaim their sovereignty because there are too many non whites, and non whites all love globalism. That kind of shit is right out of Mein Kamf, but there it is in WashPo. The worst of it however is the narrow minded formulaic mindset it reflects. If one is a Hispanic then per force he must favor illegal immigration. But if you did deeper (which the Washington brain trusts are incapable of doing, because all they ever fucking do is repeat the same bromides which are the golden handshake in elite circles and the touchstone of enlightenment)–if you actually talk to the Hispanic immigrants who came here legally and are trying to climb the economic latter, a large influx of illegals who will undercut their wages are the last thing in the world they want, and this is why Trump did well in Nevada, and big media never ever evah figured it out. So when the elites push back–as they are now doing, you really wonder whether they will be believed. I think they have been discredited, and self impeached.


  42. Who is this ninny that thinks we cannot declare our independence—that we are like Gulliver snared and bound by Lillyputians? She is a staff writer for The Harvard Political Review–whihc I have never heard of, and is now one of Bezos robots. She is like so many who of these youngster who entered journalism school and came out Hitler youth–the inevitable product of a defective albeit expensive education. Maybe its just a case of what sixty cannot tell twenty. But I rather suspect it is more of the golden handshake crap prevalent among the elites. It does not have to be true, and many times it is better that it is not. The main idea is to reassure the elites that the marches and shouts from the street will never affect them, so that one of their minions can step forward like Kamorovsky did in Dr. Zhivago and break the icy silence that engulfs their room with a fautous question, I wonder if they will sing in tune after the revolution.

  43. wbboei
    June 24, 2016 at 10:35 pm
    Dear God. Bezos and co. are bringing back the “one drop” rule to define race. If you have one drop of black, indigenous North American (this would include most of the southern and western American whites as well as anyone whose family spent some time in Mexico), Jews, Asians, etc you cannot be white. This goes beyond Mien Kampf definition of race purity. Can they be recommending assignments to political party by DNA test soon? This sounds like something Goebbels would have dreamed up if he had DNA testing. How come DNA matters but not chromosomes in determining identity? Is this a new reincarnation of blood libel? So who looks like the fascists now?

  44. gonzotx
    June 25, 2016 at 1:48 am

    Thank you kindly. I spent Friday reading the international media and now have to play catch up (sort of) at work next week. The Thursday night media “bereaved and gobsmacked” faces were worth staying up late to watch too. The poor “bubble children” didn’t know how to react and have never learned “poker face” which is usually required of adults to function in a civil society. Expect much foot stomping, pouty face and everyone is an idiot chatter as if an after prom party had been canceled. This could affect their income and employment if the globalist shell game starts cratering. Who would pay them? Not the proles for sure.

  45. gonzotx
    June 25, 2016 at 1:49 am
    I think she gets it but cannot afford to say so. To get it means the reason for her candidacy is over, everything the uni-party has done for the past 30 years is over, globalism is over. The curtain is being pulled back and all globalism accomplished is a big smoking pit sucking resources to accomplish nothing but feel good blah-blah.

  46. I suspect that some of the “markets” behaving badly is manipulation by the global elite to punish the masses for their rebellion. I would not doubt that the likes of Soros would do all it their power to make it so. But they have made the mistake of leaving too many with nothing left to lose.

    People ARE scared and it is important that they do not panic. That is why Trump’s presence and assurances are so critical.

    The other part to remember is that the central banks never had a sustainable system and it was at the end of it’s road. The most direct evidence of this is not just the outrageous debt levels, but the emergence of negative interest rates. Brexit is a wonderful excuse for them to fail. But they are merely the pin prick in the huge balloon they have been blowing for 40 years and more.

    Now we get to see the silly asses cling to their sinking ship with their alternative to get on board the Trump Train.

  47. Sen. Jeff Sessions On Brexit: ‘Now It’s America’s Turn’en. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)24 Jun 20161,621

    The British people, our special friends and allies, deserve our full support following their sovereign and considered decision to leave the European Union.

    The people spoke from their hearts and with conviction. They considered deep and critical issues never discussed by the international elites. Their strong vote arose not out of fear and pique but out of love for country and pride of place. Their experience with a distant government in Brussels was given a long and fair chance to succeed. In the end, however, they concluded that the costs outweighed the benefits. Often, Britain makes changes that precede U. S. action. The Thatcher movement preceded the Reagan revolution. Both were victories for the people over outdated and corrupt forces. Both were achieved against powerful and determined establishment forces. Both resulted in historic and positive periods in their nation’s history.

    Now it’s our time. The period of the nation state has not ended. No far off global government or union can command the loyalty of a people like their own country. Vague unions have no ability to call on the people to sacrifice for the common good. They seem incapable of making decisions and when they do, they have difficulty executing the decision.


  48. admin
    June 24, 2016 at 2:45 am

    “Doesn’t that “stand together” voice sound like Hillary?”


    Yes, that entire communication sounds like words used in a Hillary campaign speech.

    Then further on in the Independence Day video @ 1:09 seeing the armed vehicles with huge ‘UN’ letters on their roofs preparing for an assault. The globalist and corrupt UN should have been long extirpated by the time intergalactic travel is commonplace. (Due to the fact, the UN is responsible for removing all immigration laws in this movie time epic.)

  49. foxyladi14
    June 25, 2016 at 12:14 pm
    It only shows that fascist dreams of world domination by uniting different countries under a single entity and erasing their borders has strong appeal across centuries, whether it is by the ancient Romans, Marx, Hitler, Lenin or current progressives in the US and the EU.

  50. Lu4PUMA
    June 25, 2016 at 9:06 am
    Sen. Jeff Sessions
    Jeff is brilliant and he has the best staff on Capitol Hill. Brilliant, and loyal to the country. They are advising Trump.

    Incidentally, they used to say that about Ted Kennedy’s staff–the best on the Hill. But that staff was working AGAINST the interests of the American People, starting with that 1965 immigration bill which was heavily weighted against white immigrants.

    Yes, Teddy would turn any trick in the book for a buck, and was what Yeats referred to as a “drunken vainglorious lout.” In that respect, he was in the same wheel house, I mean club car, as Jol’n Joe Biden.

    Some people have no low morals, whereas I have none. Nevertheless, when a Hillary supporter invited me to meet Teddy after he endorsed Obama, and the primary was winding down, I just had to pass. There are some things you just cannot do, and for me that was one of them.

    Pelosis’s staff is feted as well: the lame and the lazy, just like their boxx (I meant boss)

  51. In re. Britex, here lies the best post mortem of all:

    “The actual disaster isn’t the vote, it’s the eight years of policy that made it thinkable.” Brexit is not the disaster. The disaster is what they’re rowing from. . . .

    It’s a fair bet that there’ll always be an England. Less certain is whether there will always be an EU, a fact of which the public will be reminded when Putin’s adventures, rising bond rates and refugee flows creep back into the news. As soon as the focus returns to why the UK bailed in the first place the proper sympathy will shift from the poor Britons in a flimsy rowboat to Europeans still trapped on the Titanic.”

  52. Regarding. The Orlando terror attack, my friends from Israel insist the IDF special forces would never have waited 3hrs to go in. That issue seems to have gone unnoticed or at least not central here.

  53. Bravo Brexit!

    New York City, New York
    June 25, 2016

    David Stockman

    At long last the tyranny of the global financial elite has been slammed good and hard. You can count on them to attempt another central bank based shock and awe campaign to halt and reverse the current sell-off, but it won’t be credible, sustainable or maybe even possible.

    The central banks and their compatriots at the EC, IMF, White House/Treasury, OECD, G-7 and the rest of the Bubble Finance apparatus have well and truly over-played their hand. They have created a tissue of financial lies; an affront to the very laws of markets, sound money and capitalist prosperity.

    So there will be payback, clawback and traumatic deflation of the bubbles. Plenty of it, as far as the eye can see.

    On the immediate matter of Brexit, the British people have rejected the arrogant rule of the EU superstate and the tyranny of its unelected courts, commissions and bureaucratic overlords.

    As Donald Trump was quick to point out, they have taken back their country. He urges that Americans do the same, and he might just persuade them.

    But whether Trumpism captures the White House or not, it is virtually certain that Brexit is a contagious political disease. In response to today’s history-shaking event, determined campaigns for Frexit, Spexit, NExit, Grexit, Italxit, Hungexit and more centrifugal political emissions will next follow.

    Smaller government—–at least in geography—–is being given another chance. And that’s a very good thing because more localized democracy everywhere and always is inimical to the rule of centralized financial elites.

    The combustible material for more referendums and defections from the EU is certainly available in surging populist parties of both the left and the right throughout the continent. In fact, the next hammer blow to the Brussels/German dictatorship will surely happen in Spain’s general election do-over on Sunday (the December elections resulted in paralysis and no government).

    When the polls close, the repudiation of the corrupt, hypocritical lapdog government of Prime Minister Rajoy will surely be complete. And properly so; he was just another statist in conservative garb who reformed nothing, left the Spanish economy buried in debt and gave false witness to the notion that the Brussels bureaucrats are the saviors of Europe.

    So the common people of Europe may be doubly blessed this week with the exit of both David Cameron and Mariano Rajoy. Good riddance to both

  54. jbstonesfan
    June 25, 2016 at 3:54 pm
    It was a bad showing, for sure. Time magazine shows the victims, almost all male. Somebody was killing daddy. They are one sick society.

  55. 3:45 jb…thought so from the get go and honestly, I would have gotten a few people, customers to tackle him.
    Bo way I’m sitting there waiting to die..

  56. Agree. I don’t understand why it took so long and why they could not overpower the one (1) terrorist.

  57. It would seem easy to overpower a single person but he had the firepower and if he had everybody herded into a specific area where he could see everyone, might be harder than you would think. Just guessing

  58. More fodder for Donald J. Trump:


    Obama Invites 18.7 Million Immigrants to Avoid Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America

    It’s not only illegal aliens who are escaping enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.

    Under the Obama administration’s expansive interpretation of executive authority, legal immigrants seeking citizenship through the nation’s Naturalization process are now exempt from a key part of the Oath of Allegiance.

    Immigrants seeking to become citizens no longer have to pledge to “bear arms on behalf of the United States.” They can opt out of that part of the Oath. Nor do they have to cite any specific religious belief that forbids them to perform military service. [snip]

    The pledge to help defend America was good enough for the 6.6 million immigrants naturalized since 2005 and good enough for the over 15 million naturalized since 1980, but Obama’s appointees at the USCIS think that is too much to ask of the 18.7 million estimated legal immigrants eligible today for eventual naturalization or the 750,000 who will be naturalized in the coming year.

    This radical change was announced a year ago, in July of 2015. Congress did not enact the change in new legislation. There was no congressional debate, no filibuster in the US Senate, and no sit-in in the House to demand that a bill to repeal the USCIS action be brought to a vote.

    No, this radical change was implemented while Congress slept. Like other Obama actions to undermine our immigration laws, the Republican-controlled Congress has not used its constitutional powers to reverse the administrative action. Thank God many states are stepping up to fill that void.

  59. Out rid

    I’m not sittimg.around to be killed.
    Those events don’t ever end well.
    I’ll take my chances, like the American soldiers on the train in France with the bomber.
    They don’t act, they are dead along with hundreds.

  60. Believe me Gonzo, I agree with you. But not knowing what it was like inside, who knows what options were available. 4

  61. Tony – I was suspicious of those claims. For one thing, one guy said they texted for a year, but the killer never bothered to meet the guy? And someone who is cruising clubs, even a newbie, is likely to have a lot of guys who could say they’d had one-night stands with him – even bathroom trysts. Then the guy with the face mask comes forward with a story that neatly dovetails into the hispanic angle. It just didn’t seem credible.

    But now, of course, Lynch will never be able to figure out why this “innocent happens-to-be-Muslim guy who in middle school jumped for joy when the towers were hit” killer took all those lives. The gun didn’t pull its own trigger, it wasn’t about hispanics, it wasn’t about gays (other than Muslim hatred, but they hate everyone), and it wasn’t self-hatred. It’s a big mystery now.

  62. Hmmm… Will we be as lucky as the Brits voting withdrawal from the EU?

    “However, let me set forth this relevant info: Brits saw what happened months earlier in the rigged Scotland vote; subsequently THOUSANDS volunteered to assist in the hand Counting of PAPER ballots; thus the tabulation was more difficult to rig. Unlike in USSA where we are LEGALLY PROHIBITED from challenging the rigged software of the NO-BID contract Soros/Dems/Diebold vote tabulations. We can be certain there will be no more Human Hand Counting of paper ballots no where, no how, never again !”

  63. admin, I think Obama may be opening himself up to lawsuits for that move – young men have to register in case there’s a draft. Some of them may object that they had to make themselves vulnerable to going to war, when rushed-in immigrants don’t have to agree to defend this country.

    But, hey, what could be dangerous about a whole bunch of new citizens who have no requirement and probably no desire to defend this country.

    Really, if he wanted to destroy this country, what would he be doing differently? (so it sure makes you wonder….)

  64. The fear mongering and threats continue from the Remain campaign and supporters such as that ass Cameron. It will be horrible, take years, and besides why should he have to do the hard “shit”. Not so says Justice Minister Gove who was one of the masterminds of Leave. “It had been thought that the process of Britain freeing itself from the control of Brussels would take years but Leave campaigner Michael Gove has said previously that it should begin immediately with a series of interim emergency laws.”

    “The immediate powers being demanded include freeing intelligence agencies from European law, allowing foreign criminals and terrorists to be deported without hindrance and freeing the Armed Forces from Brussels’ diktats.” “But there are some things that we can change relatively quickly. And one of the things we can do is that we can deal with the European Court of Justice, which has become a rogue court.” Gove wants a quick law stripping the EU rigged courts of authority or jurisdiction over the UK. After that the UK can basically do what ever Parliament wants and the EU can go hang. Funny that none of Dumb Dave’s bunch ever mentioned this. It seems that the divorce with the EU will go a lot smoother than previously admitted because they had some well written pre-nups. The scaremongering from Remain was bull as the Leave legal and Parliamentary maneuvering was plotted out before the real Leave campaign even kicked off in earnest. Gove reminds me of Jeff Sessions.

  65. Stripping the globalists of their rigged courts is fundamental and must be a first step. Of course Trump has already gotten into this with that LaRaza judge in CA. I know many disapproved of his statements but it is an example of how the world’s legal and court systems have been infiltrated and take over by the globalist scheme. LaRaza is at its core a seditious and traitorous organization and a judge in the US who cannot nor will not separate from that ideology is not fit to serve. The UK must reclaim its sovereignty by reclaiming their legal system NOW.

  66. The media both in the US and in the UK, not to mention the rest of the world have been pointing fingers at the stupid people of the UK. Voting against their supposed-ed economic interests PLUS racism, Islamaphobia, etc. Really the same old worn out blather spouted by globalist progressives for years. But Brexit has been in the works for about three years and was never much of a deal to most in the UK. So what changed and what is the media, pols, academics, public intellectuals, all the smarties ignoring?

    “The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.” So supposedly said the Iron Duke of Wellington, referring, of course to the crushing defeat of Napoleon by the Allies on an 1815 Belgian battlefield and the rousing competitive spirit of the British ruling class, officers in the Royal Army. That spirit was said to have been instilled in them by the games playing at one of the premier English “public” schools, by which we would mean boarding schools.”

    “May I add, “The Battle of Brexit, Britain, and Brussels was lost by Europe on the playing fields and in the alleys and immigrant housing of the British town of Rotherham.” There, over a period of twenty years, over 1,000 British girls were assaulted, raped, held captive, gang raped by Muslim immigrants to the UK, especially from Middle Eastern countries and Pakistan. It was a stupendous scandal, apparently duplicated all over Britain on a greater or lesser scale.”

    Then there was the largest explosion of rape ever documented in the western world in Sweden. And then Cologne. Then a weird outbreak of rape against young boys in Austria. Funny how sex crimes incidence explosions follow Muslim immigration and how progressives/globalists try to ignore it, cover it up, and then if all else fails shame the victims. The media really doesn’t want to talk about it. And certainly not in the context of Brexit nor the rise of populist parties throughout Europe. The media and progressives want to outlaw college fumbling drunk sex but not violent rape of non-believers that is a core tenet of Islam.

    Like I said in an earlier comment adverse risk assessment is not just monetary which globalists are seemingly incapable of understanding. How much economic pain is acceptable to make large scale rapes of women, girls and little boys stop. The media will not talk about it, the pols won’t talk about it, but the public is thinking about it. A lot. So thanks to old Ben Stein for being a mensch and bringing it up.

  67. There seems to be a sex assault of some type against a five year old by a trio of very young Muslim migrant boys in Idaho. This is notable by the reaction of the town council and police poo-pooing it, the fury of the town, and now the US Attorney getting involved and threatening to make the town stop talking about it. It all seems to be going by the progressive/globalist playbook and the miniature sex offenders are now portrayed by the elites and authorities as the victims. Five year olds are now served up as cannon fodder for globalism.

  68. Mormaer,

    For sure, a 5 year old girl was assaulted by a 10 and 14 year muslims from Suddan and they are repressing the news. The muslim attitude towards women had made these people sexually sick. A culture of misogyny, violence and degenerate sexual behaviors.

  69. Will we see Soros congratulaing himself for betting on ‘Leave’? I think not- Because it would be too obvious he took part in skewing the polls promoted by media in favor of ‘Remain’… when in the last weeks before the vote, he knew the polls showed a majority of the people were for Leave and would likely prevail in the referendum.

    Sessions: Now it’s our turn to Brexit

    Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s chief Senate adviser, reacted to England’s decision to exit the European Union by saying it is now America’s turn shake off global government.


    If only we could do away with Diebold !

  70. Mormaer
    June 26, 2016 at 6:09 am

    MSNBC–that tool of globalist control, and the leading exponent of Nazi propaganda, and baseless charges of racism which are, of course, the last bastion of scoundrels has the huge story about buyers remorse, and decrying the sheer stupidity of British voters for not following the script and bowing to an oppressive and tyrannical uber government by the bankers for the bankers and of the banker. I am sure there was some of that here after we broke away from England, but it did not. There are impulsive reaction, such as we see here, and see with the never trump brigade of lame lazy and useless, who resist the will of the voters. However, it is the long run that counts, and for me it comes down to what Stockman said, and what Richard said: there will come a point where attention shifts from the lifeboat Britain has manned in a rising sea, to the Titanic of the EU, which will spend the new eternity in Davey Jones locker swimming with the fishes, the terrorism, the failing economy. And again, it is not the vote that is the problem, it is the eight years of bad policy which mimics in so many ways the eight years of failure on these shores, epitomized by that big media squeeze, the glorious Obama–some might say useless piece of shit, but of course I really couldn’t comment. It is well beneathe me to say anything untoward about that jackal.

  71. gonzotx
    June 26, 2016 at 9:48 am
    More on Idaho rape.

    Hard to believe after those Holocaust deniers at big media did their uber objective fact check and claim all this has been debunked. If they want to know what has been debunked, they need to look in the mirror. Literally and figuratively, there is no there there. Just a globalist tool to manipulate, frighten, mislead and dumb down the people to submit to the yoke of tyranny.

  72. Really, if he wanted to destroy this country, what would he be doing differently? (so it sure makes you wonder….)

    You are being rhetorical, yes? Nobody who lives in the same world as most of us can doubt what his agenda is, and it is not his agenda–he is an empty suit with a teleprompter. It is the agenda of his pay masters–the globalists. He is nothing but a dancing panda.

  73. We thought this Independence Day movie opening on the same day as the Brexit vote result was announced could be fun. Now someone has added the Independence Day music theme and added it to Boris Johnson’s speech against Brexit:

  74. Peggy Noonan balks at the suggestion that Trump is Reagan.

    She goes on to contrast Reagans virtues with Donalds defects as a RINO like her sees them.

    Some of us believe Peggy’s view on the matter is warped and tainted with self interest.

    Some of us, Reaganites even, believe that for a time like ours Trump is a greater that Reagan.


    1. Dan Morris 14 hours ago

    Noonan voted for Obama in 2008 and her judgement is no better than Hillarys. No one in their right mind would listen to anything that an Obama supporter would say about anything. Peggy you are completely washed up.

    St. Ronny was rolled by the lefties and RINOs and passed the hugely destructive Amnesty. He also blew up the budget and he has plenty of warts. I don’t want Trump to be another St. Ronny, despite your hero worship. I think it’s time for Peggy, the Obama voter to be held accountable for her jaded NYC-RINO perspective on virtually everything in America.

    2. M. Ralph Schmidt 18 hours ago
    Ronald Reagan was a C student at “Eureka,” a poor football player, an excellent cheerleader, a mediocre sportscaster, a B actor, a failed businessman, not a linguist, not a lawyer, not a philosopher. He took credit for JPII’s actions bringing down the Berlin Wall. He wrote exactly one book—about himself.

    By contrast Donald Trump is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, a radically successful businessman at 17, a genius for negotiation. He knows the judicial system better than most attorneys. He has completely altered politics from Britain to Mexico to China. He has defeated the wealthy elite of the USA and trained his sights on China. Soldiers love him. LEOs love him. Farmers and businessmen love him. He understands geopolitics better than most PhDs. He has published 15 bestsellers in the area of business and economics. He is tougher than a military general. A man with real supernatural powers. Nothing like Reagan.

  75. Remember how Walter Cronkite used to close out his nightly broadcast with this:

    “And that’s the way it is, September 8, 1962”.

    Whether that was true or not is beside the point.

    The point is we believed it, because big media controlled the flow of information.

    Today, that statement seems . . . how shall I put it . . . racist.

    BTW everything the left disagrees with is ipso facto racist, nativist, etc.

    So how would big media change that sign-off in keeping with the current era of “journalism”?

    How about this:


    Enough lies for one night.!!

    Enough seducing the public with bright shiny objects.!!!

    Enough terrifying our audience with imaginary things that go bump in the night !!!!

    (Out, out brief candle? Unfortunately not)

    We make you this one solemn promise:

    We will be back tomorrow, same time, same channel

    To collect our overblown salaries from the multinationals who own us

    To tear down the nation with false accusations and show trials

    And to bamboozle all the idiots who tune in to our broadcast.


  76. The more things change the more they stay the same?


    The more things change the more things change.

  77. gonzotx
    June 26, 2016 at 10:03 am
    Hillary is not fit to serve…
    That all depends on who she would be serving:

    a. the country

    b. the globalists

    (multiple choice, circle the right answer and send it to Brooklyn, along with 5 Euros)

  78. Wbb,


    Most excellent sir!

    I might add, a great father with sons and daughters anyone would be proud of despite his 2 divorces. ..
    He knew how important it was to be involved with his children and be a positive role model.
    I think my it was Jackie Kennedy that said, “if you mess up parenting, well ..”

  79. But Cronkite was a liberal at heart and hurt our nations moral with his comments on Vietnam.

  80. Their position is a non sequitur:

    They reject the selection of the base.

    They have no regard for democracy or the voter.

    It is a mistake for voters to return those useless humps to office.

    They have proven, by their own words, that they will not listen to voters–only to donors.

    That would be very true of flake, heller, ryan etc.

    They are nickel bag whores.

  81. bstonesfan
    June 26, 2016 at 4:16 pm
    But Cronkite was a liberal at heart and hurt our nations moral with his comments on Vietnam.
    You will get no argument from me on that, jb.

    But at least Conkite did not telegraph it, the way these jamokes do now.

    However the tenor of his coverage, delivered in a just the fact Joe Friday style on Viet Nam were what Marine General Walt referred to when he said we were sold out. The soldiers were the ones who were really sold out– by the politicians who got us into that war and by the big media agent procateurs who undermined their morale and gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Big media created an environment where the soldiers who answered the call were treated like pariahs when they came home. I blame Walter, Rather, Copple and their ilk for that.


  82. Or call it a case of workplace violence. Anything except risk being accused of Islamophobia.

  83. Tony Stark
    June 26, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    If ISIS does attack San Francisco, then Pelosi, Gov. Brown and San Francisco’s board of supervisors will undoubtably blame the guns for it and call for more restrictions.

    Inasmuch as Obama (the big media beloved messiah, i.e. bmbm or bm squared) has assured us that Islam is a “religion of peace” (unlike Christianity which did the crusades, and more recently toppled Hussein, Kadaffi, Mubarak etc) and a defender of human rights (but only after they have executed the non-believers), and Islam does track the Old Testament, I am sure that ISIS will see the City By The Bay, as Tony Bennett described it, as more like Mecca and Medina than Sodom and Gomorrah and just give it a pass.

  84. Tony Stark
    June 26, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    Just the other night- My next door neighbor visited me in a panic.She had stopped at a nearby (truck-stop) gas station and witnessed a
    huge deployment of military vehicles filling up and soldiers purchasing snacks and cold drinks . She counted over 250 assorted vehicles ranging
    from Humvees, EMTs, Cannons (yes,cannons) armored tanks, trucks and more… overflowing onto the facility and vehicles as far as the eye could see parked by the roadside.

    Her curiosity was piqued. She walked around to the back of the convenience store and witnessed
    two to three X as many vehicles parked behind the store than in the front parking lot… She stopped counting.. She estimated in all, 750-900 military
    vehicles. WHERE were they going and WHY?

    Camoed soldiers milling about walking towards her and past her. Finally, she couldn’t keep still any longer, she had to speak, asking where they were going.. Of course, the only answer she got, was
    the dreaded one that speaks louder than thunder.. SILENCE..

    She politely, continued probing asking:
    “Are you on maneuvers?” Nothing.. “Are you going
    East or West?”

    West would be heading towards CA, East would be heading towards NYC- Still no response… (but) for an almost invisible nod.. (Hmm, going in both directions?) The contingent splitting up? Very strange..

    If we take his (nod?) as a yes… then, the video you posted falls into line with the Isis threat announced today to major landmarks and facilities mentioned therein..

    wbb.. it appears you are right about what this scale of deployment signifies..

    I’m also wondering if this isn’t a media driven, WH, false flag, where the deployment of military
    around the country could be for other purposes under the guise of an Isis attack on US soil.

    Seeing, ‘Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste!’ is a benchmark of the O administration that gives me pause..

  85. Polls are very meaningless at this point. Trump got a bump when he wrapped it up and Hillary a bigger bump coupled with Trumps self-inflicted wounds. However, Trump will get a bump at the GOP convention and Hillary at the Dem convention. I think the debates could be a game changer for either one. Experience will aide Clinton but if Trump hits the right buttons as he did in most of the GOP debates, he could get a large bump. The theory is that Hillary wins similar to Kennedy/Goldwater. I think it may be much closer and either one has a decent chance. However, you have to remember the media has been waiting 1 yr to see Trump go down, and they are like sharks being feed chum the last few weeks, Again, I think Trump at times it his worst enemy, but there can be no denying that just like MSM tanked fot Obama and really was rooting for sanders before he imploded, they still hate Hillary, but hate Trump even more.

  86. Lu4PUMA
    June 21, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    “Soros has been making a public pitch against brexit,” coming out of the shadows. Is that man in denial of how he is perceived? No wonder the momentum switched back to brexit. He needs to stay hidden behind his puppets.”

    Precicely right! !

    “I really do not know what to expect. A fair vote would exit. The system that controls the election wants to stay. The polls are fake and I’ll bet they are even manipulating the betting systems.”

    Of course- He promoted the poll results to appear “stay” would prevail, meanwhile he dumped his stocks and made a fortune.. the reason he went dark when asked for a comment..

    Investor George Soros calls for reconstruction of EU after ‘Brexit’ vote

    “Soros warned of a similar meltdown earlier this week, before the vote, predicting a Brexit victory would send the pound down by at least 15 percent, and perhaps more than 20 percent, to go below $1.15, in an article in British newspaper The Guardian.”

    “In the event, sterling fell around 10 percent on Friday, hitting a 31-year low, but never went below $1.32. It is not known if Soros bet against the pound. A Soros spokesman declined to comment on whether the investor made money on bets placed on Brexit.”

    Soros wouldn’t waste his time speculating on “stay’ or leave” unless there was a monetary reward in in it for him. By voicing just his opinion, he owns and influences poll resuts.


  87. “The polls are fake and I’ll bet they are even manipulating the betting systems.”

    Lu4puma.. Your instincts are exactly right! Soros was for “staying” until the ‘true’ polling results (which he privately no doubt had access to).. Those results he kept to himself. Those undisclosed results overwhelmingly polled ‘Leave’ but hovered until too late at ‘Stay’ for most investors to pull out.

    Soros dumped his stock around the time of the murder of Jo Cox, British politician, him laughing all the way to the bank, invested in gold..

  88. I’m guessing the Brexit will be Obama’s scapegoat for the weak US economy in the coming months, what with the Dow falling 611 points Friday after the vote. He does like to play the blame game. Remember how ATMs were to blame for bank tellers being out of work lol.

  89. jbstonesfan
    June 27, 2016 at 12:09 am
    The influence of the media can be curtailed.

    It is important to know that they carry water BUT they do not decide whose water they carry.

    It is important to note that Brian Williams did not go down, he was taken down.

    You can take that to the bank.

    I think the media is going to have a tough time of it for three reasons

    First, Manafort will not do what the rnc has done in the past, and let the networks decide who they put on their panels. Step and Fethch it for example will never be a panelist.

    Second, big media is a target themselves whether they are realize it or not. Their have a 90% disapproval rating, because they wear the biases on the sleeve, and have been ensnared in their own lies and censorship once too often. It should shock the conscience that NBC censored any information about Bengazi prior the election. Nery a word about it. And then of course their driving the race angle, literally swallowing Obama’s shit, and carrying on about a white hispanic murdering a black angel depicted in his baby picture. Big media has gone beyond bad to the point of farce. They are 24-7 race baiters and their corporate owners have them on a very short leash.

    Third, Hillary has a tough record to defend–and it is very difficult and usually a mistake to try to defend an indefensible position. Its the old story Morris talks about. You have got to keep feeding them negative information about your opponent 24-7. If you stop for a nanosecond to catch your breath they will turn around and feed on you. They have no honor. But if you are organized, the way we saw Trump get organized this past week, which is his best week yet in terms of scoring points and firing for effect, and launching a withering barage against the dims then big media will be forced to deal with it and report it, and they will be especially hardpressed to advance their own narrative–the one given to them by their corporate owners who have globalist ambitions. I am getting down to the point where I hate big media more than I hate ISIS, because they have done far more to undermine this country.

  90. valleyboy
    June 27, 2016 at 1:00 am
    I’m guessing the Brexit will be Obama’s scapegoat for the weak US economy in the coming months, what with the Dow falling 611 points Friday after the vote. He does like to play the blame game. Remember how ATMs were to blame for bank tellers being out of work lol.
    Well, the success of brexit was one of Obama’s more conspicuous failures. Well, okay, one of many. But consider the fact that he went to Britain and threatened the British voters not to vote for brexit, and promised them fire and brimstone if they did, and leant they pizza face–Jim Messina to engineer that diaster–it is only natural that Obama would say and do stupid shit, as he so delicately and presdentially put it. Stupid shit from a stupid ass? Well, yes but all you have to do is look at the dire state of the economy a week ago to realize that we were heading in the wrong direction anyway. The truth is, and this is what the oil people are telling me, and obviuously not what Jb’s broker is telling him, but what the oil men are saying is the uncertainty in world markets generated by Brexit will inure to the benefit of the United States because the money will rush to these shores. And, lest Obama take credit for that, we must remind people that if the effect was salutary for us, he opposed what caused it. Question: are we not tired of being manipulated 24-7 by big media. It is so like Nazi Germany now.

  91. The corrupt manipulative media scrum have been telling us the econony is fine, unemployment at 5 percent, etc. Interesting prediction, I hope you’re right, but I think it would help money rush to our shores if Trump wins.

  92. Obama will take credit even if undeserved, and blame others for his failures. The globalist media will support him either way. Fortunately as you pointed out no one believes them anymore.

  93. Thank you for your generous donation of $100. Your support matters now more than ever because the stakes are so high.

    We must stop Crooked Hillary from ruining our country. We must thwart the slew of bias and lies the mainstream media is feeding America. We MUST win BIG in November and Make America Great Again! Your donation will help us accomplish this — and more.

    Together, our voices are becoming louder and clearer, representing a bright new future for our great nation full of more opportunities for everyone, not just a select few.

    We thank you for your continuous support,

    Team TRUMP

  94. wbboei

    Wow that is stunning propaganda from Paulsen. Almost as damning an endorsement of Hillary as George Will’s.

  95. It appears that France has done a about face on the EU. If I recall correctly Cameron just a few short months ago was begging Brussels for some maneuvering room on a few details like not accepting the Muslim hordes from Germany, some various banking rules and the slowing down the expansion of the EU into more Europe all the time. He was summarily dismissed and France was quite nasty about “special rules” for the UK. “That concern has also prompted mainstream French politicians on the left and right to call for an overhaul of Europe, in a country where surveys show disillusionment with Brussels is growing.”

    “We must put an end to this sad and finicky Europe. Too often it is intrusive on details and desperately absent on what’s essential,” Valls (Prime Minister of France) said.” http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/683533/EU-France-stop-intruding-laws-Hollande-far-right-European-Union Valls and Hollande even met with LePen. How very strange. The sad, finicky, and ever expanding part of the EU used to be its best feature and not a bug. Hollande was issuing threats just last week to the UK. That is how they kept the UK (but only in London it appears and Edinburgh as if they count) in line. Too bad France gave up the franc and now can’t leave as easily as the UK without a ruinous currency crisis. The EU power players would not reform the EU pre-Brexit and now it is too late to do so. The EU is a paper tiger. A sclerotic, non-nonsensical, outdated failure which isn’t even worth a hostile takeover like the United States is. Disband, unwind, abandon, sell it at a fire sale if anyone is still brainwashed enough to buy it. It now has the importance and authority of a coffee klatch. The new world order “stupid-ed” itself to death. Putin is laughing and Erdogan the dimwit still wants to join. Lucky Trump.

  96. wbboei
    June 27, 2016 at 2:32 am

    Hillary will slash social security and medicare according to the former head of Goldman Sachs who is endorsing her for that reason.

    Well we now know what she was saying in her “speeches” on Wall St. A transcript is not now needed. The last public trust funds have been promised if they will pay for her to be elected. If Paulsen is blabbing they must really be rattled. Trump then Brexit and everything is going to shit. Hank, your stooge Ryan had to fly to his district to campaign because he might get “Cantored”. So many fires and so few competent big feet to stomp them out. The all hands on deck call (even the old guys!) must have been made.

  97. Mormaer
    June 27, 2016 at 5:31 am
    A few years ago, when I at least figured out that Hillary was not what I thought she was, and the seemingly heroic battle she waged against that pure globalist shill Obama was all just smoke and mirrors, I said well . . . at least she will NOT slash social security. It should have been obvious to me then, her 2008 rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding, that despite her promises, she was exactly the politician to slash social security, for the same reason a Democrat president could not open up China because he was seen as friendly toward them when one should not be (more so now), but Nixon could and Nixon did.

  98. Mormaer
    June 27, 2016 at 5:31 am
    When word of this gets out, and it will, it may help Trump in Florida–ya think?

  99. Mormaer
    June 27, 2016 at 5:07 am
    Very true.

    The condition of the EU is terminal.

    The only question is how long will it take and what will it cost the member countries, who are captive to its currency. That is a big problem. It is a bad thing when a nation surrenders its soverignty to faceless international bureacurats who live to feather their own nests, and who over the course of time have an institutional incentive to centralize and micromanage every detail of life, as Orwell warned. The cardinal sin in this however is the entire notion of putting the vital concerns of a country, with respect to security, prosperity and liberty beyond the reach of democratic majorities, and trying to destroy the fabric that holds a society intact, and to replace the citizens of that country with people from incompatible cultures, lower IQs, and no sense of history. It is pure evil.

  100. Mormaer
    June 27, 2016 at 5:07 am
    I gather from your comments that you have been through a merger or two in your time—the deal heat, the promise that there will be a place for everyone, the conviction that the sum will be greater than the parts, the lack of details but keep the faith, the finding that end game is not at all what was promised to Wall Street, a new management which is partisan as hell, cultures that do not meld together hurl hand grenades at each other, the massive firings, the threats, and in the end a weaker surviving entity. It is the story which HBR prefers to avoid.

    The parallels between a corporate take-over and merger gone south–which is the fate of roughly 70% of them acccording to HBR–which is really no problem as long as Wall Street makes money off the transaction, and the implosion of Europe is striking. And I believe the end result will be no different. I worry less about that, and more about how deeply they–Goldman Sachs and others will feel the effects and come back to US taxpayers and make them foot the bill, under that perverse to big to fail. Donald would not let that happens, whereas Hillary, Hillary could not say yes fast enough if she heard her master call. It is first, last and always, a question of character–or the lack thereof.

  101. El fin de siglo, for the spoiled and pamper pets (pests?) of the Washington establishment. A guillotine? Hell no. Death comes too fast. Hopefully, a death by a thousand cuts. By their moral narcissism they earned it. And George Will, known to his friends as Poindexter runs up the scaffold and says I double dare you. You can hang me if you like, but my last dying gasp will be to vote for Hillary and repudiate everything you thought I stood for. Now you know, it was all an act, and the payoff was getting the maitre d’ at the Palm restaurant to slip you to the head of the line to the endless delight of those who have been standing in that line for an hour, and the sketch artist who draws likenesses of Washington celebrities to do your portrait. That is what is means to be an elitist. Feeling very very very important, especially for someone like George Will who is dull as paint. The tribute is just the guineau stamp, the man’s the gald for a that. Just as I have always said, though, its class warfare when the elites are attacked by it is not class warfare when they do the attacking–so they say. As an aside, this is really hilarious, because Will is so fucking brittle and so incapable of rolling with the punches that all he can do is puff up like a blow fish.

    We might call Will’s class the Moral Narcissist Bourgeoisie (MNB) that resides so comfortably in Washington, irrespective of political party, dining at the best restaurants and enjoying the cultural benefits of the city while their real estate values mount into the stratosphere, only to appear in all their excellence before the great unwashed on the Sunday shows. It’s a terrific life if you can have it, but because of Trump — and even more because of Brexit — it is under threat.

    What we have on our hands is a genuine class war, but the classes don’t line up as before. It’s not entirely about money. It’s now the elites versus the people and it’s not just local, it’s global. Those who choose to line up with elites might want to keep in mind the words of a man who was pretty elite himself — William F. Buckley: “I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”

    But Will’s okay. He went to Princeton.



  102. “Now, Donald Trump says he’ll make America great again … It’s stamped
    on the front of his goofy hats,” Warren said. “You want to see goofy?
    Look at him in that hat.” When she said this she did two things.
    Made everybody think about Make America Great Again, Goofy hat insults all working men that wear hats

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