Sound And Fury! @RealDonaldTrump #Hillary2016 #Brexit

An illegal alien from Britain tried to kill Donald J. Trump, a Member of Parliament was stabbed and shot to death in Britain, a Muslim terrorist killed dozens of people in a gay night club in Florida, an up and coming talented young Hollywood star whom we liked a lot was accidentally killed by his own car, Hillary Clinton gave another speech attacking Trump, Trump will give another speech attacking Hillary, Corey Lewandowski was fired by Trump from the campaign, Barack Obama is “No Drama Obama” when speaking about Muslim terrorists but emotionally enraged when trash talking Trump, Hillary raised a whole lot of money in May, Trump campaign coffers are almost empty, the Attorney General tried to hide a transcript of the Muslim terrorists calls by releasing a partial transcript and in the end had to cave and release the entire transcript which in itself is a lie because the word “Allah” was changed to “God” as if God and Allah are the same. That about sums up the news “noise” from recent days.

Frankly, all we are watching with genuine interest is the Brexit vote because that will actually be something not just a bunch of noise. There will be a lot of noise made by Big Media after the vote as there has been a lot of noise before the vote. Last week when the woman Member of Parliament was killed, the joy from the “remain” campaign could almost be felt. Every attempt to exploit her death to benefit the “remain” campaign has been made. The immediate polling looked dire for Brexit.

But the immediate polling is generally not ones we trust. Best to wait. Some polls, along with the overwhelming Big Media narrative, showed Brexit weakening, other polls showed Brexit gaining strength despite the brutal killing and its exploitation by David Cameron and the “remain” campaign. Polling released today has Brexit once again with momentum and behind by only one point now, 45% to 44%. Not that these polls should be trusted. Voters who don’t want to be called “racist” or “Nazis” or “haters” have learned to lie to pollsters and tell the truth only in the polling booth. That’s why the last British elections did not at all reflect what the polls forecast.

The same poll foolishness on Brexit can be said about Donald J. Trump polls. But before we get to Trump news, a little bit more on Brexit, and Trump, from Trump hater Tim Stanley:

The so-called Brexit has turned into a referendum on British identity, a debate about sovereignty and immigration that taps into all of Trump’s major themes. As such, the outcome will likely reveal the potential and the limits of angry conservatism — the kind of conservatism that repulses at least as much as it excites.

The EU is not a left/right issue in Britain. Support and opposition cuts across traditional partisanships. The basic arguments are these: the “Remain” camp believes a little democracy is worth sacrificing to be part of the European single market, while “Leave” believes Britain doesn’t get enough out of the bargain to justify being governed by foreign bureaucrats.

When the campaign officially began in April, Remain organizers had a clear advantage. They rolled out one expert after another to argue that leaving the EU would trigger a recession and give courage to the West’s enemies. Even Barack Obama said that Britain would go to “the back of the queue” when it came to seeking trade deals. [snip]

“Leave” cleverly let Remain exhaust itself. Then it hit back. It argued that Britain couldn’t control its borders so long as it is a member of the EU, and that Brexit would allow the government to shut the door to cheap European workers. This was the equivalent of Trump’s promise to build a wall along the Mexican border — and it worked. Leave surged in the polls. Studies showed that those who thought the referendum was about the economy still backed Remain. Those who thought it was about immigration were coalescing around Leave. [skip]

Leave wants to put the interests of the British people first, which has led others to accuse it of nativism. And, most important, its coalition is Trump-ish in character. It combines ordinarily Left-wing working-class Britons who feel oppressed by globalization, middle-class Right-wing patriots, and a sprinkling of mega-wealthy businessmen — all united by a profound belief that whatever they might be, they are definitely not the establishment.

This is a populist conservative revolt among people who feel they have been misled and misruled for too long. They are skeptical of experts, because they’ve so often been wrong, and immune to warnings of economic risk because they have lived with risk their entire lives.

This past weekend Big Media declared “it’s over for Brexit”. Not so much now. We’ll see on Thursday.

Likewise, all Big Media has been gazooking about this weekend is “it’s over for Trump” for the billionth time. For the billionth time, it is clear that it is far from over for Trump. If anything, now that we celebrate the return of Summer… it might once again be Summer of Trump.

Summer of Trump just might be back in full heat wave mode:

A new Morning Consult poll shows national security is back at the forefront of voters’ minds following the mass shooting in Orlando that left dozens dead and injured.

In a national survey taken in the days after Omar Mateen’s attack on Pulse, a gay nightclub, almost three out of 10 voters (29 percent) said security was their top issue under consideration when casting their vote — a 10-point increase from a poll in early June. Similar spikes in voters’ concerns about national security were observed following the attacks in Paris, San Bernardino and Brussels. [snip]

In a head-to-head matchup with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump is gaining ground. He still trails Clinton 42 percent to 40 percent, which is within the margin of error for the poll. He has closed the gap by 3 percentage points from Morning Consult’s previous poll, when he trailed Clinton by 5 points, 42 percent to 37 percent. [snip]

The recent terror attacks also appear to have a strong effect on how voters feel about the country in general. Three-fourths of voters polled say things in the country have pretty seriously gotten off the wrong track. That number, 75 percent, is higher than the 74 percent recorded in Morning Consult polling on Dec. 6, 2015, immediately after the San Bernardino attack.

The national polls are mostly noise. The state polls too are mostly noise but less so. The polls mostly show a race that is within the margin of error. We’ll wait for after the two national conventions to really give a fig about the polls.

There will be lots of “noise” heard until the vote this November. The Corey Lewandowski firing and the “missed opportunities” by Trump to talk about the Muslim Terrorist transcript and the “Allah” switch with “God” by the Obama gangsters sympathetic to the “Allah” religion are an example of the noise to come. Another example of “noise” is the Latino radio host who told Hillary he will vote for her but that “My father’s voting for Trump because he says he can’t trust you. My mother says you’re a crook and my brother says you should go to jail.”

The “noise” will include much of what the candidates say and do before the national conventions. What will matter?

This will be a “change” election or a “stay the course” election – that is what matters. We believe it is a “change” election.

“Change” or “stay the course”? If you believe, and events prove you correct, that the economy will go into a boom the electorate will note approvingly – and you believe and events do not contradict you, that there will be no national security emergencies at home or abroad – the Obama Dimocrat will win.

If you believe, and events prove you correct, that the Obama economy sucks and the public knows it, that the country is going in the wrong direction, that Muslim terrorism will strike again before the election, that illegal and legal immigration will continue to drive down wages and pose threats both criminal and economic – then Donald J. Trump will win.

Ignore the noise. Mourn the young when they die or are killed, and the old when they have not lived. Make sure you squeeze every moment from life – the rest is just distant noise.