Kiss Of Death: Obama Endorses #Hillary2016 – For Now

Take your clothes off, pour sugar water over yourself, then visit a Zika mosquito swamp. That’s the Hillary2016 strategy.

An argument could be made that an endorsement of Hillary2016 by Barack Obama could have been useful early in the primary season. But now? No.

It’s mid June, election day is less than five months away. Now is not the time to embrace Barack Obama. In all honesty we don’t think it is ever the time to go near ol’ stinky, but there is scant evidence for an Obama hug at this point. Look at the news and see why.

George Soros, the leftist loon, is “shorting stocks, buying gold” because he thinks the Obama economy is in bad shape. Goldman Sachs predicts a “big market selloff” with no “place to hide”. The May jobs report was a catastrophe which even Hillary2016 found “disappointing”. The financial press optimistically declares a “summer panic” about to sweep the markets – and that’s without serious consideration of the big Brexit earthquake. Janus Capital is straight faced about what they see:

This is when Hillary Clinton decides to tour with the Zika mosquito? Winner? Donald J. Trump who has more evidence for his coming attack against Hillary as the “Obama Third Term”.

Is there a functioning brain at Hillary2016? No. Let’s look at the evidence.

For a long while now we have been assured that, as is traditional in presidential campaigns, Hillary would move to the left for the primaries then move to the center for the general. But if it is true that Hillary Clinton will campaign for, er, with Barack Obama in the coming weeks this is an indication that Hillary intends to go deeper and deeper into the fever Zika swamps of the left.

Why would Hillary embrace Obama now even more than she has embraced Obama throughout primary season? An argument could have been made that Obama would have helped Hillary finish off Bernie Sanders if Obama had endorsed Hillary early in the primary cycle. But now? When Hillary supposedly has defeated Bernie Sanders? Hillary doesn’t need Obama if we are to believe that Hillary has the delegates to nominate her.

Perhaps the consideration is party unity and solidify the “Obama coalition”? As we have argued since 2007 the “Obama coalition” is a joke audience more appropriate for a network TV programmer of a “situation comedy“. But even if the “Obama coalition” could be taken seriously the fact is that the monstrosity has been shattered. The young white voters that comprised the “Obama coalition” split to Bernie Sanders and that is why Hillary campaigned almost exclusively in black precincts in state after state as the only way to defeat Saint Bernard.

The facts about the abomination called the “Obama coalition” is even more dire for Hillary2016. Since 2007 we made the argument in many installments of “Mistake in ’08” that the Clinton coalition which focused on the white working class was the winning coalition. This week the New York Times shattered any delusion that we might have been wrong. Yup, it’s the white working class, stupid:

There Are More White Voters Than People Think. That’s Good News for Trump.

One of the biggest reasons Donald Trump is considered to be a long shot to win the presidency is the diversity of the country.As Joe Scarborough of MSNBC put it, “There are not enough white voters in America for Donald Trump to win while getting routed among minorities.”

But a growing body of evidence suggests that there is still a path, albeit a narrow one, for Mr. Trump to win without gains among nonwhite voters.New analysis by The Upshot shows that millions more white, older working-class voters went to the polls in 2012 than was found by exit polls on Election Day. This raises the prospect that Mr. Trump has a larger pool of potential voters than generally believed.

The race-baiters of the left who called Hillary and Bill Clinton “racists” in 2008 will, along with Hillary and Bill Clinton try to race-bait Trump on the basis of his appeal to white voters. But Trump’s appeal to Latinos and black voters is very surprising at this point and will likely increase, so the race-baiting will not work against Trump. Also, the registration efforts geared towards Latinos have thus far failed. And that New York Times article which corroborates our many articles on the importance of the white working class will not be shunted aside. Even the Trump haters at HotAir understand it’s significance. This latest analysis deserves a great deal of scrutiny from the dummies at Hillary2016:

The wider path may help explain why Mr. Trump is competitive in early general election surveys against Hillary Clinton. And it calls into question the prevailing demographic explanation of recent elections, which held that Barack Obama did very poorly among whites and won only because young and minority voters turned out in record numbers. This story line led Republicans to conclude that they had maximized their support from white voters and needed to reach out to Hispanics to win in 2016.

Those previous conclusions emerged from exit polls released on election night. The new data from the census, voter registration files, polls and the finalized results tells a subtly different story with potential consequences for the 2016 election.

The data implies that Mr. Obama was not as weak among white voters as typically believed. He fared better than his predecessors among white voters outside the South. Demographic shifts weren’t so important: He would have been re-elected even with an electorate as old and white as it was in 2004. Latino voters did not put Mr. Obama over the top, as many argued in the days after Mr. Obama’s re-election. He would have won even if he had done as poorly among Latino voters as John Kerry.

This is all good news for Mr. Trump. There’s more room for him to make gains among white working-class voters than many assumed — enough to win without making gains among nonwhite or college-educated white voters.

The post 2012 election analysis by the Republican Party was put together by Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan shills who sought to twist the direction of the GOP to a direction favorable to these hapless fools. Donald J. Trump did the smart thing and ignored that junk study in favor of a strong defense of the white working class and jobs, jobs, jobs. Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan drank their own bad data kool-aid and now Hillary Clinton is slurping the same poison:

When you hear about the demographic challenges facing the Republican Party, almost all of the data comes from exit polls: surveys conducted with tens of thousands of voters at precincts across the country on Election Day, along with a supplemental telephone survey with early voters.

The exit polls are excellent surveys. But like any survey, they’re imperfect. The problem is that analysts, including me, have treated the exit polls like a precise account of the electorate. [snip]

The voter file data used for analysis here comes from Catalist, a Democratic data firm that offers an academic subscription. Researchers have found that the data is unbiased and more accurate than public voting records.

These sources show a 2012 electorate that was far whiter, older and less educated than the exit polls indicated.

Over all, the exit polls suggest that 23 percent of voters in 2012 were white, over age 45 and without a college degree. Catalist puts this group at 29 percent, and the census at 30 percent — implying 10 million more voters than the 23 percent figure

This latest analysis has real world consequences in 2016 battleground states:

Take Ohio, where the exit polls show that the black share of the electorate increased by four percentage points to more than 15 percent of voters in 2012. If these figures are taken as precise, it would imply that nearly 250,000 more black voters turned out than in 2008, with the turnout reaching 88 percent of adult black citizens. There is no trace of this kind of surge in turnout in the actual result. The black turnout in Cleveland actually dropped — to 55 percent of adult citizens.

This type of story repeats itself across the battlegrounds. It also plays out with age, where the exit polls imply that youth turnout was higher than turnout among seniors; with education, where the exit polls show that more college graduates voted than actually live in America; or Hispanics, where the exit polls show that white and Hispanic turnout was nearly equal, despite decades of evidence to the contrary.

We can hear the howls of those that ask us why we can’t “give Hillary her day.” But dumb is dumb. Hillary Clinton’s embrace of Barack Obama is plain ol’ dumb. Dumb. Dumb:

The larger number of white working-class voters implies that Democrats are far more dependent on winning white working-class voters, and therefore more vulnerable to a populist candidate like Mr. Trump. [snip]

Mr. Obama’s dependence among white voters might seem surprising in light of the 2012 postelection consensus. But it won’t be surprising if you think just a little further back — to the pre-election story line. Mr. Obama’s advantage heading into the election was thought to be a “Midwestern Firewall” — a big edge in Midwestern battlegrounds where white working-class voters supported the auto bailout and were skeptical of Mr. Romney, who was criticized for his time at Bain Capital.

The pre-election story line was tossed aside when the national exit polls showed an electorate that was even more diverse than it was in 2008, while showing Mr. Obama faring worse among white voters than any Democrat since Walter Mondale in 1984.

Mitt Romney and John McCain lost because they did not fight against Barack Obama strongly. Mitt Romney and John McCain lost because they did not inspire the white working class to vote in great numbers for them. Mitt Romney in particular was too weak and did not take on Barack Obama. Barack Obama got enough white working class votes to win over weak Romney and McCain. The white working class wanted a leader and all they got was a dog on the car roof.

All the “demographics” future nonsense the left deluded itself with has now deluded Hillary2016. There is not a functioning brain at Hillary2016 that read the New York Times blockbuster report. Hillary Clinton needs to embrace the Clinton coalition and the white working class component of that winning coalition – not the Zika virus Obola Obama. The demographics nonsense we debunked in 2007 is now debunked by the New York Times:

Demographics Overrated. The data implies that demographic shifts played a somewhat smaller role in Mr. Obama’s re-election than the postelection narrative suggested. Even if the electorate were as old and as white as it was in 2004, Mr. Obama would have won, because of the gains he made among white voters in states like New Mexico, Colorado and Iowa.

Hispanic voters played only a modest role in Mr. Romney’s defeat. They cost him Florida — a must-win state for Republicans, but also the closest contest. Elsewhere, Mr. Obama would have easily survived even if Mr. Romney had equaled George W. Bush’s 2004 share of Hispanic voters.

All of this is good news for a Republican who intends to win with greater strength among white working-class voters, like Mr. Trump. [snip]

To win, Mr. Trump will need to make gains among white working-class voters. The earliest evidence, and polling this early can be quite inaccurate, suggests that he is doing that handily.

Hillary2016 needs white voters. The very voters Trump appeals to much more than Mitt Romney and John McCain. So why campaign as an Obama third term with Barack Obama? It’s not as if Hillary will be running against McCain or Romney. If Hillary Clinton is nominated, her opponent will not be cowed by “racist” taunts nor embarrassed to court the white working class vote.

Have we changed our opinion that Hillary Clinton will not be nominated? No. If anything when dealing with a treacherous viper like Barack Obama and his lantern-jawed wife we immediately suspect that what Obama says is the opposite of what Obama does. We’re not alone. At the Obama supporter website Althouse, the thinking is “I think this Barack Obama campaigning for Hillary is cover. She’s going to get indicted.” “He knows she’s going to get indicted. He’ll be able to say, ‘I didn’t know. Why would I be campaigning for her?'”

Picture this scenario: Just before the convention, or during the convention, something happens to derail Hillary Clinton. Maybe that’s why after Obama met with Bernie Sanders yesterday he then met with the Attorney General to lynch Hillary? At this point, after something derails Hillary, Bernie Sanders says he should be the nominee. Joe Biden says he should be the nominee. Corrupt Cuomo and others think they should be the nominee. Up steps Barack and says “I supported Hillary (after she had the delegates and did not need me) and campaigned with Hillary. But Hillary has got to go. We also cannot afford the chaos of so many candidates running. So here’s my candidate which I have not plotted for years to nominate no matter what HillaryIs44 says!” Barack can add “Hillary will not object to this and as proof look how I stole delegates from her in 2008 and the bitch still backed me.”

Of course it might be easier to replace Hillary after the convention, away from the public eye, as was done to Tom Eagleton.

Before, during, after the convention, all Hillary Clinton can expect from Barack Obama is treachery. Why Hillary Clinton embraces this bloodsucking mosquito and his disaster economic failures is a mystery.

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


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  1. She had a white working class TV show. Barr endorses Trump:

    You’ve said that Ameri­cans can have whatever we want polit­i­cally — I’m paraphras­ing — if we just partic­i­pate in the process. And it’s true that new groups are partic­i­pat­ing more in the process, sometimes violently.

    I think we would be so lucky if Trump won. Because then it wouldn’t be Hillary.

    What’s your take on Hillary? What do you think is wrong with her?

    You don’t know?! Well, she hangs out with [Presi­dent] Bush. Do you need more than that? She’s friends with every­body that gives her any goddamned money. The fact is, you don’t get to be the nominee without taking a lot of dirty money. You might be the best f—in’ person on earth, but if you’re hanging out with crimi­nals who do bad things, that matters a lot. That’s why I ran, because no, I don’t hang out with crimi­nals and I don’t take their money and I’m not paid to help sell nuclear weapons. I like Trump because he financed his own [campaign]. That’s the only way he could’ve gotten that nomina­tion. Because nobody wants a presi­dent who isn’t from Yale and Harvard and in the club. ‘Cause it’s all about distri­b­u­tion. When you’re in the club, you’ve got people that you sell to. That’s how money changes hands, that’s how business works. If you’ve got friends there, they scratch your back and blah, blah … But Ameri­cans don’t even know that much, even though they say they do. They say they believe that people should take money out of politics and then, you know, they send their paycheck to Bernie and off he goes to hang out with the pope on a private jet on that money. The f—in’ Pope, are you shittin’ me?! And nobody just gives you money, they’re not like, ‘Here’s three million, you look good, your hair is nice.’ No. It’s like, ‘Hey, I’m giving you this money so you can pimp my products when it comes time.’


    A longtime Republican financial backer who attended a New York fundraiser held by Chris Christie for Donald Trump Thursday tells The Daily Caller that most Republican donors are on board with Trump, yet House Speaker Paul Ryan is hoping Trump loses so he can run in four years.

    The source tells TheDC that the reason Ryan has not been coming out strongly for Trump is because of his desire to run in four years. Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has been fervently anti-Trump, also wants to run in four years, according to the longtime Republican backer. Romney will be 73 in 2020.

  3. I can’t finishing reading this post my grandson came to visit, but I want to say something about this:

    “This story line led Republicans to conclude that they had maximized their support from white voters and needed to reach out to Hispanics to win in 2016.”

    No, the GOPe hate the base of the republican party. They did their best to make anyone who supported the tea party appear stupid. They were right on board with using the IRS to target conservative groups. They(the GOPe)used jawdroppingly nasty tactics against Chris McDaniels in Mississippi. They planned for Bernie to pull Hillary way left and leave the center open for Jeb. Jeb thought he could win by taking over what should have been Hillary’s base, he told us so. He said “I might have to lose the primaries to win the general”. He (Jeb)signaled the his intent to implement the whole Chamber of Commerce wish list. Jeb tried to “take out the lumps” before amnesty – told us illegal border crossing is and ‘act of love’ (remember that when you see those adult thugs chase down and tackling a 14 year old trump supporter, or some of their little angels stand along the road flipping the bird and shouting F-you)

    Any way Jeb and the GOPe thought they could win by taking over what should have been Hillary’s positions and then they all could have done the bidding of Wall Street and the US Chamber of Commerce with out any interference from the now completely sidelined conservative Americans. Conservationism would have never recovered in America.

  4. A little long, but music to our ears, coming from Buchanan

    Why Trump Must Not Apologize

    “Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl.”

    Donald Trump has internalized the maxim Benjamin Jowett gave to his students at Balliol who would soon be running the empire.

    And in rejecting demands that he apologize for his remarks about the La Raza judge presiding over the class-action suit against Trump University, the Donald is instinctively correct.

    Assume, as we must, that Trump believes what he said.

    Why, then, should he apologize for speaking the truth, as he sees it?

    To do so would be to submit to extortion, to recant, to confess to a sin he does not believe he committed. It would be to capitulate to pressure, to tell a lie to stop the beating, to grovel before the Inquisition of political correctness.

    Trump is cheered today because he defies the commands of political correctness, and, to the astonishment of enemies and admirers alike, he gets away with it.

    To the establishment, Trump is thus a far greater menace than Bernie Sanders, who simply wants to push his soak-the-rich party a little further in the direction of Robin Hood and his merry men.

    But Trump, with his defiant refusal to apologize for remarks about “rapists” among illegal immigrants from Mexico, and banning Muslims, is doing something far more significant.

    He is hurling his “Non serviam!” in the face of the establishment. He is declaring: “I reject your moral authority. You have no right to sit in judgment of me. I will defy any moral sanction you impose, and get away with it. And my people will stand by me.”

    Trump’s rebellion is not only against the Republican elite but against the establishment’s claim to define what is right and wrong, true and false, acceptable and unacceptable, in this republic.

    Contrast Trump with Paul Ryan, who has buckled pathetically.

    The speaker says Trump’s remark about Judge Gonzalo Curiel being hostile to him, probably because the judge is Mexican-American, is the “textbook definition of a racist comment.”

    But Ryan’s remark raises fewer questions about Trump’s beliefs than it does about the depth of Ryan’s mind. We have seen a former president of Mexico curse Trump. We have heard Mexican-American journalists and politicians savage him. We have watched Hispanic rioters burn the American flag and flaunt the Mexican flag outside Trump rallies.

    We are told Trump “provoked” these folks, to such a degree they are not entirely to blame for their actions. Yet the simple suggestion that a Mexican-American judge might also be affected is “the textbook definition of a racist comment”?

    The most depressing aspect of this episode is to witness the Republican Party in full panic, trashing Trump to mollify the media who detest them.

    To see how far the party has come, consider:

    After he had locked up his nomination, Barry Goldwater rose on the floor of the Senate in June of 1964 and voted “No” on the Civil Rights Act. The senator believed that the federal government was usurping the power of the states.

    He could not countenance this, no matter how noble the cause.

    Say what you will about him, Barry Goldwater would never be found among this cut-and-run crowd that is deserting Trump to appease an angry elite.

    These Republicans seem to believe that, if or when Trump goes down, this whole unfortunate affair will be over, and they can go back to business as usual.
    Sorry, but there is no going back.

    The nationalist resistance to the invasion across our Southern border and the will to preserve the unique character of America are surging, and they have their counterparts all across Europe.

    People sense that the fate and future of the West are in the balance.

    While Trump defies political correctness here, in Europe one can scarcely keep track of the anti-EU and anti-immigrant nationalist and separatist parties sprouting up from the Atlantic to the Urals.

    Call it identity politics, call it tribalism, call it ethnonationalism; it and Islamism are the two most powerful forces on earth.

    A decade ago, if one spoke other than derisively of parties like the National Front in France, the blacklisters would come around. Now, the establishments in the West are on the defensive — when they are not openly on the run.

    The day of the Bilderberger is over.

    Back to Jowett. When the British were serenely confident in the superiority of their tribe, faith, culture and civilization, they went out and conquered and ruled and remade the world, and for the better.

    When they embraced the guilt-besotted liberalism that James Burnham called the “ideology of Western suicide,” it all came down.

    The empire collapsed, the establishment burbled its endless apologies for how wicked it had been, and the great colonial powers of Europe threw open their borders to the peoples they had colonized, who are now coming to occupy and remake the mother countries.

    But suddenly, to the shock of an establishment reconciled to its fate, populist resistance, call it Trumpism, seems everywhere to be rising.

  5. Apparently, I have been banned from His44 WBB..
    I have no idea why and would hope your plea for reinstatement on my behalf was not taken seriously by admin.. so far, it appears it has.

  6. Could Al Gore be Obama’s secret choice? He probably hates the Clintons just as much as the Zika virus himself.

  7. ” Why Hillary Clinton embraces this bloodsucking mosquito and his disaster economic failures is a mystery.”

    Because she sold her soul to Lucifer just for the chance of becoming the first woman president of the USA.

  8. I was asking my broker who would be better for the market and she said Hillary cause Trump would cause uncertainty which markets don’t like.

  9. During the Republican primary season Barack Obama’s popularity increased from the low 40’s to the low 50’s.
    There is no room for Hillary Clinton in between Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, she embraces one or the other if she wants any type of coalition.
    Republican politicians look foolish for not even discussing Barack Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court while defending the judge that Donald Trump is complaining about and that is why Barack Obama has a very loyal following.

  10. jbstonesfan
    June 10, 2016 at 2:55 pm
    If job growth is restored by Trump, would his answer be the same?

  11. What Donald alone has figured out is that the progressive agenda is deeply offensive to most Americans, particularly those of a certain age.

    For the moment at least, the progressive agenda of multiculturalism, identity politics, political correctness, celebrity and victim hood, ballyhooed to hell and back by the quislings in our beloved big media, has triumphed over tradition, liberty, family, individualism, and economic security.

    The elites are fine with this as long as they can exploit it to their own advantage and not be dragged down into the same cesspool as they have consigned the middle class. Thus, they label those who respond to Trump’s call to arms, which is a stark repudiation of the progressive agenda, what? What do they call us? Why Trumpkins, which rhymes with bumpkins, which means that we are the untouchables, and even worse we did not go to Harvard.

    But in the back of their mind, perhaps they realize that as this populist revolt gains momentum, accelerated by the crisis at the border to which the either turn a blind eye toward, 95 million people of working age not working, and as we head back into a depression, they will find themselves on the menu—for the same reason that Willie Sutton robbed banks, i.e. its where the money is. But it will not be just their money that the mob wants. They will want their heads figuratively and literally. Their disrespect for the people will be their undoing.

  12. wbboei
    June 11, 2016 at 10:46 am
    June 10, 2016 at 2:55 pm
    If job growth is restored by Trump, would his answer be the same?
    NO. The markets haven’t been happy for 8 years.

  13. Tony Stark
    June 10, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Could Al Gore be Obama’s secret choice? He probably hates the Clintons just as much as the Zika virus himself.

    I hope so Tony. 😆

  14. For awhile, Reince sounded as a Trump cheerleader.
    Then nothing I’m aware of. Til now.

    Romney loyalists’ divisions over Trump spill out into the open at Utah summit
    ARK CITY, Utah — Mitt Romney warned that a Donald Trump presidency could normalize racism, misogyny and bigotry in the national conscience. Businesswoman Meg Whitman compared the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to Adolf Hitler. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) was asked, uncomfortably, how he could explain his endorsement of Trump to a young child.
    Then came Trump’s boosters, awkwardly imploring about 300 business executives and GOP establishment donors and strategists gathered here for Romney’s annual ideas festival to unite for the fall campaign. In a stroke of defiance, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus declared that Trump and the GOP would win in November “with or without you,” according to attendees….

  15. Thank you, Admin, for hopefully sorting out my difficulties for posting. For some time now, I’ve enjoyed reading your predictions which have been spot Trump’s candidacy,


    “The elites are fine with this as long as they can exploit it to their own advantage and not be dragged down into the same cesspool as they have consigned the middle class. Thus, they label those who respond to Trump’s call to arms, which is a stark repudiation of the progressive agenda, what? What do they call us? Why Trumpkins, which rhymes with bumpkins, which means that we are the untouchables, and even worse we did not go to Harvard.”

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”

    Tale of Two Cities

  16. ‘We consider this an act of terrorism’: Suspected Islamic extremist shoots dead at least 20 dead at Florida gay club after bursting in ‘wearing a suicide vest’ and taking hostages – injuring a further 42

    ok, Hillary. How do you respond to this?

  17. The news is still sketchy on the shooter. They are saying he had ties to radical islam, but no name, nationality or religion has been released. I was in Orlando last week. This is another one, too close to home. They are going to try to spin it as mental illness and gun control. That is going to be a whole lot more votes for Trump.

  18. #Hillary2016 is busy trying to figure out if this is Muslim terrorism or dance floor violence.

    ‘Islamic extremist’ Omar Mateen, 29, from Florida, shoots dead at least 50 at Florida gay club after bursting in ‘wearing a suicide vest’ and taking hostages – injuring a further 53 – before he is killed

    Suspected Islamic extremist opened fire inside Pulse gay club in Orlando in the early hours of this morning
    Law enforcement sources have identified the shooter as US citizen Omar Mateen, from Port St. Lucie in Florida
    He killed at least 50 people and injured 53 and took party-goers hostage before being killed by police
    Shooter, believed to be in his 20s, was carrying a suspicious device, possibly a suicide vest, when he attacked
    Police used an explosive device to distract the gunman and rescue around 30 people who had been taken hostage
    Police engaged in gunfire with the man and an officer was shot in the head, but he was saved by his helmet
    FBI says gunman may have ‘leanings to radical Islamic terrorism’ and it is being investigated as ‘an act of terrorism’

  19. Hillary Clinton
    ✔ ‎@HillaryClinton

    Woke up to hear the devastating news from FL. As we wait for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act. -H

    9:20 AM – 12 Jun 2016

  20. Donald J. Trump
    ✔ ‎@realDonaldTrump

    Really bad shooting in Orlando. Police investigating possible terrorism. Many people dead and wounded.

    8:07 AM – 12 Jun 2016

  21. Yea, the muslim freak is one of my neighbors. And Hillary wants to bring more of them here. Well, I just hope people stay cool and we do not start having vigilante BS start up.



    Hillary deletes more than emails as the latest edition of her memoir removes all her cheerleading for controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

    Hillary Clinton’s publisher removed a section of her memoir dealing with the Trans-Pacific Partnership from the book’s paperback version
    The controversial trade deal makes regular appearances in Donald Trump’s speeches, and Hillary Clinton was for it before she was against it
    She changed course last October when Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley clobbered her about the Obama administration’s position
    Clinton boasted in her 2014 book ‘Hard Choices’ that she had encouraged nations in the Americas to join the TPP agreement, but a paragraph about that cheerleading has disappeared from the paperback edition
    Simon & Schuster included a brief but vague acknowledgement that part of the book were zapped ‘to accommodate a shorter length’

    Hillary Clinton’s 2014 memoir ‘Hard Choices’ is out in a new paperback edition – minus a detail that trade hawk Donald Trump might notice.

    The original hardcover book included a discussion of Clinton’s efforts as secretary of state to urge foreign coutries to join negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    That 12-nation Pacific rim agreement has become a political football, with the Obama administration cheerleading for its success and Trump rooting for its failure – and Clinton caught in the middle.

    Her book’s new paperback edition drops entirely the description of her work on the pro-TPP side during a 2009 conference in El Salvador.

    More embarrassment at the link.

  23. admin
    June 12, 2016 at 10:47 am
    Parents from Afghanistan, he was born in NYC, a wife from Uzbekistan. Had been a suspect by FBI in 2013-2014 but DoJ makes them close out cases so he wasn’t currently under observation but they sure did know who he was quickly. Probably another anchor baby born to non-citizens at the time of his birth. Sen Nelson on site in FL said it is ISIS on air per Intelligence Comm staff.

  24. POTUS to speak to nation at 1:30.
    That’s all I have.
    I’m thinking about watching, but as you here all know, the decision to inflict such agony upon oneself involves grief too.

  25. The freaks father is claiming his son killed all these people because he recently saw two men kissing in Miami. Dad says it has nothing to do with his religion. I guess the nut does not fall so far from the tree.

  26. At first they said the death toll was 20. Now I am hearing it is over 50. God have mercy on us all.

  27. this week it was reported that every refugee coming in to the USA is costing the american taxpayer a minimum of $20,000 – they are given cash, food stamps, living accomodations, medicade/care


    MSNBC/NBC and the Democrats continue to embarrass themselves…

    all they want to do is change the subject and spin this into a ‘gun control’ issue

    the biggest joke of them all has to be Tom Brokaw…he sounded like Hillary…

    essentially what he had to say is “what difference does it make who does it … it is about guns…and we need to have a national conversation about that”


    personally I do not know how anyone can feel “safe” with Hillary…the extension of Obama…leading at the helm…all i can say is…think about your kids…and their future kids…
    Is is really worth what will be coming just to elect ‘the first female president’

    Hillary will just open the borders wider and let anyone just waltz in…

    what is the use of an FBI observation list?


    the only good news I saw from the painful, awful tragedy is that the people in Florida…I assume the Orlando area…are lined up as far as the eye can see to donate blood…gives me chills to see ‘good trying to overcome bad’

    so sad for all those who died and those who love them…and the ones that are fighting for their lives…

  28. How ANYONE could support Hillary, when she wants to bring more and more of these animals to the US is beyond me. If you do support her, then you ought to head examined. She is one sick POS.

  29. more followup info on the Muslim assassin:

    ISIS ‘kill list’ targets Palm Beach, Treasure Coast residents: Ex-FBI agent

    WEST PALM BEACH (CBS12) — A pro-Isis group has released a hit list with the names of more than 8,000 people mostly Americans.

    More than 600-people live in Florida, and one security expert believes that many of those targeted live in Palm Beach County and on the Treasure Coast.

    The “United Cyber Caliphate” that hacked U.S. Central Command, 54,000 Twitter accounts and threatened President Barack Obama is the same pro-Isis group that’s reportedly created a “kill list” with the names, addresses and emails of thousands of civilian Americans.

    Reports of the list came to light online when Vocativ reported the list was shared via the encrypted app, Telegram, and called on supporters to kill.

    Former FBI agent-turned lawyer Stuart Kaplan says the threat is especially alarming, because the people on this list are civilians who don’t have the security necessary to protect themselves.

    “It’s going to create some hysteria,” he said.

    Kaplan believes civilians from our community are on the list.

    “I would suspect a head of a hospital or, perhaps, a local community leader. Those are the individuals that may appear on the list–or just a local banker or local school teacher–someone who, for some reason, was in the public eye.”

    Kaplan is concerned the list will inspire “lone wolf” style attacks.

    “If in fact a sympathizer gets ahold of this list and is readily able to identify you as being his neighbor and, then, decides (because they’re a sympathizer) to go out and do something horrific to you, there is no way to calculate the potential or to prevent that.”

    The list has not yet been made public.
    (if Obama is named on the list, why doesn’t SS have that info yet?) Could this (socalled unavailable info be what prompted the heightening of the WH fence? And BO playing the also a ‘victim card’?)

    We reached out to the FBI, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Martin County Sheriff’s Office to see how credible they view the threat and what action they might be taking.

    We are awaiting their response.

    According to the Martin County Sheriffs office,the FBI is aware of this and the agency will work closely with the Joint-Terrorism Task Force to keep citizens safe.

  30. …maybe the terrible tragedy will knock some sense into the superficial and frivolous heads of the likes of Romney and Kristol and their band of dopes…

    who would they rather have in charge and protecting our country?

    not to mention the supreme court…

    time for them to think about country before ego…and Romney has turned out to be such a coward…big man going after Trump…yet he shriveled up against O and doesn’t even have the guts to jump in as an independent…just wants to complain and take low blow shots at Trump…


    btw…I am not buying that this was a hate crime against gays, not to say that ISIS does not hate gays, yet…these ISIS supporters know to look for easy targets …that is what they did in Paris and Brussels..

    it is their MO…this club ‘Pulse’ was prime territory for a terrorist…hardly any security, party scene, drinking, dancing…

    and I am sick about hearing about guns when it comes to terrorits…does anyone believe that any American gun law is going to stop a terrorist in the USA??? homegrown terrorist or not…give us a break…

    please…the dems and Hillary…and I predict when O speaks…want to “strengthen” the gun laws so it will make it easier for terrorists to just walk in and kill people…

  31. Outris
    June 12, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    How ANYONE could support Hillary, when she wants to bring more and more of these animals to the US is beyond me.

    A truly frightening thought. Even more frightening if you live in a state where gun ownership is prohibitively verboten. And the first female president in US history refuses to share her ‘security detail’ with 10’s of millions of unarmed
    Americans just plain unfair!

  32. Like the attacks in Paris, Brussels and San Bernardino, the Orlando terrorist attack is probably going to further increase Trump’s support among Latinos in Florida.

    The Donald Trump karma continues. His warnings about immigrants and radical Islam again appear to have been vindicated with the terrorist attack early this morning (Sunday) at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Allah Hu Akbar.

    While a central tenet of Christianity maintains that homosexuality is against the laws of God, the Bible and the doctrine do not instruct Christians to kill homosexuals. Their judgment, if they do not repent, is in the afterlife. At least that’s the theology.

    Not in Islam. Fundamentalist Islam approves of killing homosexuals. It is that stark and that simple.

    When you shoot up a nightclub of an unarmed LGBT crowd and murder at least 50 people and you are named Omar Siddiqui Mateen and you happen to be a Muslim and your parents are immigrants, do not be surprised that Donald Trump’s message about radical Islam and illegal immigration resonates among Americans.

    Democrats will try to spin this as “senseless” gun violence. Yet, the core of this act is Radical Islam.

  33. Lu4PUMA
    June 12, 2016 at 1:47 pm
    Is anyone watching Obola?
    Yes. There are plenty of fools who will watch it, hear him blame it on guns, and tell us now that the blood has been spilled he has directed the FBI to find the evil doers.

    Some big media whore who did not get the message may stand up and ask a question which was vetted and approved by the White House whether Open Borders had anything to do with this.

    (Note: that by the way is the reason he responded quickly rather than going to the golf course. His handlers told him you had better get ahead of the curve against this one or it will be turned against you. So repeat after me, it was the lack of gun control, not open borders that caused this slaughter–ergo it is the fault of the NRA. And if another whore asks what if this had been a dirty bomb, would you blame that on the NRA too? And the canned answer for that would be I blame it on an NRA mindset, which is why I the nuclear club must be restricted to peace loving nations like North Korea, Paaaakeeeeetaaaaaaan, and our new partner in the Middle East, Iran.)

  34. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen is registered in the Florida Democratic Party.
    He went into a trangender bathroom and came out dressed like Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He was subjected to rutheless micro agressions by racist homophobes and so he went bezerk. Now he is sleeping with 24 virgins and the most brilliant man to ever set foot in the white house is blaming the whole damned thing on the NRA. What we have here is a clash of agendas. Truth is the casualty. We will come out with a new chapter in the Common Core cirriculum so history spins this the right way, and our children are properly indoctrinated.

  35. ‘We consider this an act of terrorism’: Suspected Islamic extremist shoots dead at least 20 dead at Florida gay club after bursting in ‘wearing a suicide vest’ and taking hostages – injuring a further 42

    ok, Hillary. How do you respond to this?
    The video maker strikes again.

    And this time we will get him!

  36. After this event, the stock market will surge 300 points. Why? Because a bubble is forming. And that will allay the fears of the wealthy, for now. Its all part of what Admin has called:

    The Age of Fake

    For me, the age of fake is a cover to blind the public to the transition from a republic, to a bit player in the new world order. The goal is to isolate people, present them with a freak show, where the freaks come off the stage and take over the theater, and to convince the public that resistance is futile. Big media is the medium.

  37. I would like to hear the reaction of Jb since he lives in south florida.

    I wonder whether the gallup report that Obama’s approval rating is 54% is any more legitimate than the 5.2% unemployment rate, with 95 million people of working age not working.

    Trust me.

    Its all bullshit designed to blind the public.

  38. wbboei
    June 12, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Never let a massive tragedy or crisis go to waste. If there are no guns, even for the police, ISIS jihadis will flay people alive with a pointy stick if they are guilty of being infidels or not paying them the infidel tax. I think the media led by Obama and the other gun grabbers may have jumped the shark. Well maybe. If the monsters didn’t have guns they wouldn’t be monsters is not a very good argument since we know they will burn people, flay them, use poison gas, beat them to death, throw acid, crucify them, carve them up, drown them, etc. Mohammed’s raping, rampaging, thieving hordes didn’t have guns either. Murder and mayhem is not dependent on a mechanical device but those devices sure do help fighting back which is why they want to get rid of them.

  39. this 29 year old American that slaughtered 50 other Americans in cold blood…and then perhaps critically another 53 for the fun of it…for the hate of it…is one of many…and it does not matter if they are “domestic” or “foreign”…they hate us…they salute to ISIS and they all want to kill us all…they are bloodthirsty to kill us all..just liket that…

    however for Hillary and the Democrats for any of the rest of us to even suggest such a thing of all such peace loving muslims is racist…for any of us to utter such a thought will only make the evils one even more made so it will be so much more easy for them to “recruit” the peace loving muslim and turn he or she into another one of those that wants to kill the rest of us…

    We cannot ignore reality…good peaceful loving muslims must stand with the rest of us and recognize…denounce and be ready to destroy evil killers who seek to destroy any existence of peace…

  40. edit/correct…so we cannot dare make the MAD…even if we speak the truth…we can’t make them mad with the truth because according to the Democrats that will cause more good muslims to identify with and become bad muslims…

    Peace must endure…

    Might For Right…

  41. The Advocate, Gay magazine. In true liberal denial is advising readers to not put rumors out on social media AND that crazy Christian church applauding murders.
    Go ahead..keep it up, and don’t protect your readers..asswhipes….

  42. The only cure to that is to do the opposite thing and continue to post articles emphasizing the Islamist motivation of the jihadist and the imam calling for the death of gays in Orlando last April on social media.

  43. alcina
    June 12, 2016 at 7:06 pm
    Trump makes a lot of sense.

    Obola and Hillary sound like loons.


    Washington (CNN)A top Donald Trump aide called Mitt Romney a “coward” and Romney’s allies “sore losers” as he pushed back against Republican critics of the party’s presumptive nominee. [snip]

    Conservatives’ unrest with Trump was on display at Romney’s annual donor retreat in Utah this weekend, where Meg Whitman compared Trump to Adolf Hitler.

    “I think they’re sitting in their cocoon, you know, away from the reality of the world,” Manafort said, rejecting the Hitler comparison and calling Romney’s allies “sore losers.”

    “You know, Romney wanted to run, chose not to. He’s now attacking this past weekend all the other Republican who ran for president as well, saying they should have done a better job. Well, if he feels that way he should have run. He was a coward,” he said.

    Willard is a rat.

  45. Terrible day here in Florida and all over our country. We are not safe. Trump did predict more attacks. MSM trying to make it a mental health /gun issue and refuse to recognize root cause.

  46. So how does a guy who was of interest to the FBI, get a gun permit and work for Homeland security in effect?

    Americans who want to live want to know obama!!!

  47. Another case of political correctness which may have lead to this horrific event. We have to profile all people who present a threat to our national security much like the Israelis do. Obama is more concerned with water boarding our enemies than protecting the homeland.

  48. A clear case of workplace violence by the prophet of a peace loving religion who did what he and Representative Keith Elison (D-Mn), who took his oath of office on the Koran, because both of those rat bastards believed Allah ordered him to do it. Ergo, he is not to blame. Society is to blame. But then Allah spoke . . And here is what the almighty He said:

    Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. And this was one hell of a free exercise of religion. And the worst of it is, and the left is wailing about this, the authorities failed to read the terrorist his Miranda rights before he shot himself to death. In the immortal words of Bryan Williams, he killed himself for our sins. It was not him who pulled that trigger. Society did. (Q. When can I return to the throne. I am rotting with the rest of the mind rot here in this cesspool called MSNBC. A big league player like me is wasted serving out his contract on a losing farm team. I get no respect down here. And nobody down here is impressed by my whoppers, because down here they all tell whoppers and call it news. Maybe if I can just strike a few more John Barrymore profile shots, I will get noticed. It worked for Betty Grable at Snyders Drug Store on Hollywood and Vine so why not me? Why not here? Why not now. Maybe if I rub my magic slippers together forces beyond my control will usher me off to the Land of Oz where I can be the NBC anchor again. Maybe this time I’ll get lucky. Maybe this time I’ll stay. Maybe this time, for the first time, they won’t push me away, etc.

  49. Obama is more concerned with water boarding our enemies than protecting the homeland.
    True enough jb.

    But ya gotta understand two things

    First, O-bama is a “long arc of history” sort of guy who believes what we, in our petty ignorance regard as horrifying, tragic and banal, will not matter 200 years from now when we are all dead. Here and gone in a twinkling of an eye, we are. That long arc of history shit provides the perfect excuse for that lying prick to do nothing but play golf and fuck off.

    Second, O-bama is according to that prize winning black laughing hyena Eugene Robinson: “An intelligent man. In an intelligent house. In an intelligent city. (Note: this is Eugenie’s play on The House That Jack Built. Mad he is, about the boy. Or maybe just mad. Mad in 2008. Madder now because he still believes it. Slooooooow larner)

  50. Tony
    While a central tenet of Christianity maintains that homosexuality is against the laws of God, the Bible and the doctrine do not instruct Christians to kill homosexuals.

    That’s exactly what I thought when I heard the dad’s excuse. A lot of people hate gays, but only Islam says to kill them.

  51. Trump cancels Monday rally after Orlando shooting
    Donald Trump will make a speech about national security, immigration and Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando, Fla., in New Hampshire on Monday.

    But his campaign announced Sunday night that a rally also scheduled for Monday in Portsmouth, N.H., has been postponed. Trump, who has been going through one of the rockiest periods of his presidential campaign, had planned to give a speech on Monday focused on Hillary and Bill Clinton. But he announced Sunday, after attacking Clinton and President Obama, that he would broaden the discussion to national security.

  52. holdthemaccountable
    June 13, 2016 at 3:55 am
    Of course Trump will go after the stooges on national security. We don’t have any. They gave him a big old bull’s eye with their weak sister diversion statements ignoring the evil in the room. The underlying story is the White House’s manipulation of the FBI through the DOJ to protect these murdering loons and import more of them. The leaking of facts yesterday by the FBI was heroic. The globalist shill media ignored all of it until they couldn’t any longer today. A “presidential” candidate of Afghanistan, living in FL, who hangs out in DC with Dems, has a dumb as dirt radical violent son who works as a hourly rate flunky security guard for a Homeland Security contractor who constantly threatens and terrorizes people with impunity. One of Valarie Jarrett’s dreamers I’m sure. How much Iranian money is she pocketing?

  53. wbboei
    June 13, 2016 at 1:34 am

    Obama is more concerned with water boarding our enemies than protecting the homeland.

    Obama SAYS this stuff. But he wants his money. This is his grift just like in Chicago and he works cheap. It is why he sucks up so hard to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey when something nasty is said or “misconstrued”. He doesn’t want his deal queered or to be welshed. He sees himself as a glitterati of the globalists, rich, idle and spouting bon mots with a “position” requiring no work. I think he may land in exile if the shit keeps hitting the fan and the wrong person succeeds him.

  54. The massive poll swing towards Brexit in the UK is a classic preference cascade. It could still lose with ballot cheating but that is looking less likely and would cause a nasty revolt. 19 points ahead or a landslide. That is about 40.5% Remain to 59.5% GFY to Merkel and Junker. John Cleese, the old limey, is right when he said they should be hung. The collapse of the EU will be fast. It is a paper tiger run on other people’s money. They are looking at not making payroll. The “refugees” are in a spot of trouble too. Greece is seeing the “stuck” ones paying smugglers to get them back into Turkey. The reason? The Greeks won’t feed them. Won’t house them. And won’t provide endless “social” services. So they leave. No freebies. Not even a free airline ticket or repatriation check. They have to hire a rowboat and the Greek cops wave at them goodbye. One bunch is going back to Syria to a safe camp 70 miles from where they came from in Aleppo (ISIS HDQ). Not a very smart detour they made. Lesson: Do not get stuck broke ass in Greece.

  55. I am horrified at the slaughter in Orlando. But the various jihadi and ISIS freaks said they were going to do it. Why did the public not believe them? The usual suspects mouth platitudes and make idiotic empty gestures but a few dozen dead alternative lifestyle types dying horribly and violently makes zero difference to open border types. It is the cost of doing business and makes no difference. The slaughter on the Texas border (with a much higher body count and lots more “terror”) has been going on for some time and is ignored. What difference does it make? Globalism normalizes terror. It is a useful tool for control. Look at Chicago. They barely notice it.

  56. This piece of shit equal opportunity hire actually got promoted from obstructing FBI agents From obtaining needed info and delaying arrest of San Bernardino shooters “assistant” and wife!
    This is our obama Government…


  57. Gonzo…isn’t it a coincidence???!!

    i would bet there is/was chatter on social media for a call to arms to go after gays on Pride Week…

    what target will be next? the 4th of July?

    this week the gays, next week rock concerts…on and on…they have already targeted cafes and music concerts…sure they will be looking other surprise targets…

    they hate us all…


  58. Newton’s Second Law reads thusly:

    For ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Trump is the reaction

    In the broadest sense it is a reaction to three things:

    First, the strip mining of the American People, politically, economically and demographically.

    Second, the failure of government to protect them from the risk of violent death, and the abandonment of the rule of law for the sake of crass political calculations.

    Third, the forced substitution of the progressive agenda for traditional American values.

    The reaction is against all this is, in my view, unstoppable.

    It can only gather steam.

    The contrast is seen in the reaction to Palm Beach

    Trump says kill ISIS

    Hillary says work with our allies.

    That is pure tripe.

    We have been working with our allies for eight years

    How has that worked out? Did it prevent these attacks.

    Did cautioning us against discriminating against illegals deter this tragedy?

    Perhaps that is why Paul Manafort opined last week that this will be an easy election.

    One must not underestimate the third factor.

    The elites call Trump supporters Trumpkins–bumpkins who support for Trump.

    Well, speaking as a Trumpkin myself, and quite possibly a bumpkin as well

    Because I am just not smart enough to buy this long arc of history shit

    But devious enough to believe that if we defrocked those smug superior elites

    Then we would see en masse what we are seeing now with the Nevertrump movement

    Who have not figured out that the political war is over. They lost.

    Here then is what a Trumpkin says when he or she says I want my country back

    Over the catcalls and guffaws of our Harvard trained betters:

    Courtesy of our big media cheerleaders, who will soon be on the menu.

    Who subjects them to the following montage:

    Black Lives Matter bullying the latest object of their ire; a lesbian company kissing at their wedding ceremony; a fierce denunciation of Christianity, white people and the rule of law; a mother in Chicago weeping over the death of her young daughter, struck by an errant bullet from a black gang shoot out; a panel ernestly discussing the need for men to identify as women to have access to public restrooms; college student showing the results of their dire albeit expensive educations, railing about imagined psychological injuries inflicted on them by professors and fellow students.

    If Plato or Thucidides saw this they would not hesitate to say this is a culture in decline. This is, perhaps, the final chapter of the culture wars of the 60s. Lose this battle and we have nothing to look forward to but death and endless night, while big media collects its thirty piece of silver and condemns the corpse.

    That is another dimension. It is the part the elites do not see, because they do not want to see. It is the part that will do them in.

  59. The elites believe they can outrun this train

    They can’t

    It calls to mind my first case as a lawyer

    I represented the estate of a 19 year old girl

    Who was standing with her boyfriend on a railroad bridge

    The train failed to sound its whistle

    Her boyfriend jumped off the bridge into the water

    She tried to outrun it.

    The elites are in that same position

    If Janus is right and we get that supernova Admin posted

    They are just as shit out of luck as the rest of us

    Yet they persist in doubling down on the problem

    Thinking that they will survive

  60. Watching Hillary’s speech. Some good points, but I disagree with not profiling. It is the only chance we have to attempt to prevent this problem which is now part of everyday life all over the world.

  61. jbstonesfan
    June 13, 2016 at 1:45 pm
    don’t you think the good points are peripheral to the issue.

    if they cannot identify the root cause–which is radical Islam

    then they cannot be constructive

    if you went to a doctor with a pain in your chest

    and he told you it was heart burn

    and you have to watch your diet

    that would be a good point

    and if he told you to lose weight

    that may or may not be an excellent one

    and if he prescribed rolaids

    and told you they would help build calcium

    that would be a good point

    but the problem was heart blockage

    and he failed to identify it as such

    then those good points do not add up to much

    then you would be hardpressed to trust his medical opinion

    and if he knows it but refuses to tell you

    then you would know you were being deceived

  62. Yes wbboei, I do agree. I think Hillary, however, despite her omission of the obvious cause, will be much stronger on terrorism she she get elected. trump seems more of an isolationist, so even though kudos to him for not being PC, the issue is who is more likely to use military force and I think that would be Hillary.

  63. ISIS releases “kill list” which includes 8,000 American civilians.

    But it’s the guns that are the problem.

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