Uncivil Wars: #PrimaryDay For #Hillary2016 @RealDonaldTrump @Bernie Sanders

We have not written about the June political earthquake. We will write about the earthquake soon, but not today. Today we look at the convulsions afflicting the two major political parties in America.

Tonight we will watch to see if the voters in the states that vote today will still come out for Donald J. Trump even though Trump won the GOP nomination long ago.

Tonight we will chortle as the Republican establishment continues to seethe as all their attacks cannot deny Trump the nomination. The more the Republican establishment attacks “racist” Trump the more likely Trump might decide to run the general election campaign against the Republican leadership and fools such as Paul Ryan, not just the Democrats and Big Media. We’ll watch as Trump makes his moves and the GOP establishment attempts a scorched earth battle to destroy the choice of millions of Republican voters who disobeyed the Republican dictatorship. The GOP establishment cannot stop Trump. But the GOP establishment will try to keep control of the party even though the voters aligned with that party have rejected the GOP establishment entirely.

Tonight we will watch to see if Bernie Sanders turns into Carly Fiorina or Ted Cruz. We recall Ted Cruz declared on the day Indiana voted he would never quit only to quit later that day. We recall Carly Fiorina who declared she would never quit on the day she lost New Hampshire, only to announce she quit the next day. Maybe Bernie will quit. But we doubt it.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist who never ran as a Democrat. Bernie Sanders is a disheveled old coot full of putrid vinegar, who wants to be a broken down latter day Che Guevara and does not give a toke about the party from which he demands the nomination. Bernie Sanders wants to make the Obama Dimocrat Party even more of a left wing nuthouse than it already is. Bernie Sanders is the guy it has taken Hillary Clinton the entire primary season to fail to bury.

Bernie Sanders in many ways is the winner of the Democratic Party primary. Usually primaries choose the leader not just of the ticket but of the direction the party wishes to take. This year Bernie Sanders will not win the nomination but he did determine the direction the party will take.

We still doubt Hillary Clinton will be the party nominee. We hear that Obama will endorse Hillary as early as tomorrow and we hear that Obama wants to get back on the campaign trail. We don’t doubt Obama wants to begin to campaign but we wonder for whom. We’ll wait to see what happens at the convention even as the AP declares Hillary has the delegate votes she needs to be the nominee.

We’ll watch the primary results from tonight to see what happens. Will Trump turnout be tops? Will Sanders win anything tonight? Will Hillary woo Bernie Sanders’ brigades or will she just race-bait Trump?

We’ll watch tonight. But we already know the results that matter.

What matters tonight? The Republican establishment is still at war with Trump. Trump won the nomination and the hearts of the voters. But the establishment is resentful and will continue to attack Trump at every turn and every chance.

What matters tonight? Hillary Clinton will have on paper the delegates she needs to be the nominee. But Hillary got her many delegates not be defeating Bernie Sanders but by avoiding the fight she should have fought. Hillary Clinton should have make the case against socialism and the Bernie Sanders leftward lurch. But Hillary has garnered more delegates that Bernie Sanders only because of her surrender in the battle of ideas.

American democracy is in upheaval. The dogs refuse to eat the dog food served up by the establishments of the two major political parties.

The two major political parties have found out dogs bite.