Seven Days In May: After McAuliffe and Donald Trump, #Hillary2016 Falls Apart

Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee for president in 2016. For Donald J. Trump it is triumph upon triumph followed by more triumphs. The con artists formerly known as the Democratic Party? It’s not going to be Hillary Clinton. It’s not going to be Bernie Sanders either. The nominee will be that person with the knife hidden behind the Borgia Italy tapestry. Regular readers will be upset as we rewrite what we have previously written, once again, with an explanatory twist and new evidence.

The nerds who call us crackpots, the ones with brains so tiny they cannot understand why we write the things we write are in a quandary. We pity these idiots.

These idiots in 2008 hated “racist” “corporatist” “unitary executive” “warmonger” Hillary Clinton and thought Barack Obama was their golden calf – only to find themselves eight years later disgusted with Barack Obama and now demanding everyone support “racist” “corporatist” “unitary executive” “warmonger” Hillary Clinton in 2016. The younger, whiter, cohort among these idiots still won’t support “racist” “corporatist” “unitary executive” “warmonger” Hillary Clinton and instead demand the socialist codger from Vermont be plated with the gold recycled from the 2008 calf.

As pathetic as these idiots are, there are none so sad and worthy of contempt as the #Hillary2016 minions at Brooklyn headquarters.

So here we are, nine years after we began to publish still trying to ejamicate these dunces. How do we reach them? Words filled with ideas don’t help – it’s like trying to explain algebra to a chimp. A sentence with a dependent or independent clause baffles them because the only sentence they can truly “comprehend” consists of “OMG!” or “LOL”. Today, we’ll try moving pictures, film, movies, cinema, to communicate.

On our syllabus today is the Hitchcock horror classic “The Birds” and the movie written by “Twilight Zone” creator Rod Serling, “Seven Days In May“, to explain why Hillary Clinton won’t be the Obama Dimocratic Party nominee in 2016.

In the past, as in this excerpt from 2013, we used words to explain why Hillary Clinton won’t be the Obama Dimocrat Party nominee:

We mean that most Republicans, conservatives, and otherwise sane Obama opponents assume Hillary Clinton will be the next nominee of the Obama Dimocrat party and that Barack Obama will do everything to get Hillary the nomination because (a) he owes his reelection to Bill Clinton’s oratorical skills and Hillary Clinton’s silence; (b) some sort of deal was worked out with Bill to secure Hillary the nomination and the presidency. This is all wrong.

Barack Obama and his minions will do everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton and make sure she does not get the nomination in 2016 let alone the presidency.

There is no way that the crazed Obama left is going to go back to the hated paradigm of clinton-bush-clinton-bush interrupted by Obama for clinton-bush years. The crazed left minions might think they love Hillary Clinton now, but wait until their overlords decide they will oppose Hillary and the minions will fall back into the Hillary hate line.

The crazed Obama left is not going to have Hillary Clinton, THE CLINTONS, be the culmination of their revolution by having Hillary inherit the mantle of Obama. The left might be crazed but it is not stupid and the leadership of the totalitarian Obama left is not about to surrender its power to Hillary and Bill and Terry and the hated DLC.

Back when we wrote that many thought we were crackpots. Many still say that it is for sure, a no-brainer, that Hillary Clinton will soon be the nominee. But here we are in late May of 2016 and Hillary Clinton struggles to euthanize the Saint Bernard from Vermont. Oh sure, Hillary Clinton is less than a hundred delegates shy of the delegates she presumably needs to clinch the nomination, but this is the Obama Dimocrat Party we are talking about and the votes of the people simply don’t matter.

Periodically we point out when the tapestry moves. In March of this year we wrote about moves behind the tapestry including Barack Obama and lantern jawed Michelle’s decision to stay in Washington D.C. in 2017. There was more tapestry moving in March:

The real fight is between doddering Hillary/Bernie and the ones behind the tapestry. Last week we saw the tapestry move.

We do not believe Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders will be the nominee. We’ve said that for a long while now. We doubt anyone needs much explanation for why we doubt Bernie Sanders will ever get the nomination, so let’s ignore him. But Hillary Clinton? Last week evidence began to pour in. The first bit of evidence got attention:

(CNN)The Department of Justice has granted “immunity” to a former State Department employee who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Bryan Pagliano initially invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and would not testify. Of course, the Department of Justice, known to defense attorneys simply as the “government,” has many ways of getting people to talk.

The big question is whether there is a grand jury convened. The smart bet is yes. After all, the fact that there are immunity agreements logically means there’s a grand jury investigation in some district.


This immunity deal was not decided by a minor government functionary. This decision went to the top. The decision was made behind a tapestry in our modern day Borgia Italy.

Here is where things get complicated. This is where not bright Trump supporters along with Hillary and Bernie Sanders supporters match idiocy for idiocy. How can we explain it? We’ve tried to explain with “the medium is the message” logic. But some are none too bright. So we will try again.

See that Bryan Pagliano story? See all those Hillary e-mail stories, see all those corruption stories, see all those Clinton Global Initiative stories, see all those “scandal” stories? They don’t matter. The email stories, the Benghazi investigations, the finance scandals, all of that stuff is mostly irrelevant. But the medium is the message. The key sentence is all this is “This decision went to the top.”

We’ve explained with words. Now here’s a little moving picture thing:

That moment in Hitchcock’s horror The Birds when Tippi Hedren realizes the crows are massing for an attack on the school is a moment we have yet to see at the Brooklyn Hillary2016 headquarters. Tippi Hedren is still thankfully alive and we wish she would move to Brooklyn to slap the Hillary dolts awake to her fate as the victim of the evil crow in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Too subtle? Maybe this clip from a time when Americans trusted the President and were concerned about the growing power of the military:

This bit of dialog from the film “Seven Days In May“:

President Jordan Lyman: All right, Colonel. Let’s sum it up, shall we? You’re suggesting what?

Colonel Martin “Jiggs” Casey: I’m not sure, Mr. President: just some possibilities, what we call, uh “capabilities” in military intelligence…

President Jordan Lyman: You got something against the English language, Colonel?

Colonel Martin “Jiggs” Casey: No, sir.

President Jordan Lyman: Then speak it plainly, if you will.

“Speak it plainly.” What military intelligence calls “capabilities” is what any functioning eye should be able to see by now. Consider the latest “capability” we have all seen this week. We mean strong Hillary Clinton ally and governor of the all important swing state of Virginia – Terry McCauliffe:

Federal officials are inves­ti­gat­ing whether Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s 2013 campaign accepted illegal campaign contri­bu­tions sources famil­iar with the inves­ti­ga­tion confirmed Monday to Fox News.

The Democ­ra­tic gover­nor and Clinton ally is the target of a Justice Depart­ment inves­ti­ga­tion into whether he violated campaign finance laws.

The probe first reported by CNN involves a $120000 donation from Chinese business­man Wang Wenliang through his U.S. businesses. U.S. election law prohibits foreign nation­als to donate to polit­i­cal races. [snip]

Wang also has been a donor to the Clinton founda­tion pledg­ing $2 million CNN reported.

There is a lot of smoke in this Terry McAuliffe “scandal”. HotGas has some of the many details.

Again, this Terry McAuliffe “scandal” doesn’t matter at all, except it entirely matters. That’s a contrary, therefore complicated, thought for the idiots to understand.

How can it be that the Terry McAuliffe scandal, like the email scandal, like the other myriad Hillary Clinton “scandals” don’t matter but at the same time entirely matter? Hint: Rick Perry.

Remember when Rick Perry ran for president then he was indicted then once he stopped running for president the indictment disappeared? That “indictment” was a political hit by Texas Democrats designed to destroy Rick Perry and it worked to some extent. Does this mean that we mean that the myriad Hillary2016 “scandals” are a political hit without merit? No. We mean something entirely different. We’re talking “the medium is the message”.

The medium of this message is Barack Obama. The message?

The message from Barack Obama is “death to Hillary2016”. The Terry McAuliffe investigation began about the time we began to write that Barack Obama will do what he has to do to make sure Hillary Clinton is not the nominee of his corrupt party. The hapless losers at Hillary2016, like McAuliffe are in shock:

Asked for his reaction, McAuliffe offered one word: “Shock.” He said no one from the Justice Department notified him or his administration about the ongoing public-integrity probe.

No one had outreached to us,” he told reporters at the first of three appearances as he traversed the state by helicopter. “Listen, you get leaks and things happen in the business. As I say, I’m very confident.” [snip]

State Del. Marcus B. Simon (D-Fairfax) said: “I really don’t think there’s any there there. I’m a little suspicious of the motive of whoever leaked this at this particular moment in time. This is probably politically motivated and designed to make life more difficult for the Clinton campaign and Governor McAuliffe.” [snip]

The Clinton campaign is relying on McAuliffe to help her win Virginia in November. Although Virginia has just 13 electoral votes, it is one of a handful of crucial swing states that could decide the race for the White House. [snip]

The federal inquiry includes a period before McAuliffe was elected and when he was serving as an unpaid director for the Clinton Foundation. Wang has also donated to the foundation, giving $2 million.

The White House black crows are gathered and ready to attack. The attack will take place at the convention in Philadelphia. The dunces at Hillary2016 think codger Bernie Sanders is the problem even as Obama swoops above flapping his wings.

Do we need to make this situation any clearer? The investigations of Hillary Clinton and her friends are coming from government officials who would not act without explicit permission to do so from the White House and the black crows that inhabit.

The medium is the message. The investigations/charges whether they are true or not are of secondary importance. That there are investigations at all is the point. All these investigations, the extradition of Guccifer, immunity for those involved in the emails, years long McAuliffe investigations revealed as Hillary is about to garner the necessary delegates and before the California primary, all these investigations could have been blocked or kept quiet for a bit longer if Barack Obama wanted to see Hillary Clinton be the Obama Third Term. That is the message from Barack Obama. The message is that Barack Obama will do whatever it takes to take down Hillary Clinton.

The crows are pecking the eyes out of Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton. Maybe that’s why Hillary Clinton can’t see the obvious.


236 thoughts on “Seven Days In May: After McAuliffe and Donald Trump, #Hillary2016 Falls Apart


    The Romanian hacker who claimed he easily breached Hillary Clinton’s email server pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to two counts of computer hacking charges, as part of a deal with the Justice Department.

    In exchange for a reduced sentence, Marcel Lehel Lazar – also known as Guccifer — has agreed to cooperate with federal authorities in the future. [snip]

    The alleged hacking crimes are separate from Lazar’s claims of having breached Clinton’s personal server. The plea agreement does not mention the FBI investigation of Clinton’s email practices or his claims that he accessed her private server in March 2013. Such agreements typically do not stipulate how a defendant will aid the government.

    But the plea deal comes as the FBI is moving to conclude its investigation into Clinton’s exclusive use of a private server for government business while secretary of state. Lazar, who was facing more than 20 years in prison and cut what amounted to a very favorable deal, is currently being held in a Virginia jail – which means he will be available to the FBI and U.S. attorney.

    As outlined in the plea agreement which Fox News has reviewed, Lazar has agreed to extensive cooperation with the U.S. government. According to the court filing, Lazar has agreed to be “reasonably available for debriefing and pre-trial conferences as the U.S. may require.

    The document states: “The defendant agrees to testify truthfully and completely at any grand juries, trials or other proceedings.”

    Additionally, Lazar has agreed to provide all documents, writings, and recordings within his custody to the U.S. government that may be relevant to investigations or inquiries.

    Anyone think this is done without Obama’s permission and glee?

  2. Like I said all along, Biden runs with a female VP and crushes Trump. Obama pardons Hillary to look like the good guy. Hillary made it easier by her poor decisions .

  3. Admin,

    Your story gives me the willies. We have resident evil in the Whitehouse.

    Trump is going to have to stay on his toes. There is going to be a whole lot of illegal voting going on.

  4. Japanese prime minister is not afraid of Barry.
    May 25, 2016
    Japan PM Shinzo Abe slams Obama over “despicable” Okinawa murder
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe publicly chastised President Obama Wednesday over the recent murder of a woman in Okinawa, which Japanese police have linked to an American worker at a U.S. military base…
    The prime minister added that when it comes to “proceeding with the realignment of U.S. forces,” Japan “will not be able to make progress” in light of the rising anti-American sentiment over the Okinawa murder.
    “There is a tough and challenging road ahead of us as we seek to regain confidence which was lost in the most recent case,” Abe said.
    Mr. Obama, for his part, said the U.S. is “appalled” by any violent crime that may have been committed by any American personnel or contractor. He extended his “sincerest condolences and deepest regrets” for the Okinawa murder and pledged to assist Japanese investigators to “make sure justice is served….”

    So Abe excoriates BHO for situation which is akin to rapes, murders ignored in USA

  5. JB…I see no logical reason why Biden crushes Trump. People are fed up with Obama and won’t vote for another 4 years of it. You keep posting this “Biden crushes Trump” prediction over and over and provide no specific reason why, other than your unceasingly negative Eeyore mindset. I’ve followed your comments for many years and frankly I’m not sure why you bother to get out of bed every day with an attitude that is one of the most consistently gloomy and cynical I have ever experienced. Have a pleasant evening.

  6. Jb,

    Only thing in Trump’s favor is the will have to be massive, so massive that the usual cheating and media BS and cover up is not enough.
    I think a lot of people are tired of being labeled racist and bled for societies ills, I know, I am.

  7. Jb is Eeyore, but often he has been right. Hard to stay optimistic these last 2 decades, I know it’s been hard for me.

  8. Lol..You and my wife feel the same way about me. If a socialist like Sander’s is polling ahead of Trump, I would respectively suggest a ticket with Biden and a strong progressive would likely defeat Trump . Biden , justified or not, has a lot of good will behind him with rank and file democrats , is a sympathetic figure with the loss of his son, and Obama and particularly his wife , would campaign hard on his behalf. Add a female and you have a pretty strong anti-Trump ticket . Moreover, like Hillary, Trump is making some silly mistakes as of late and could very likely be his worst enemy.

  9. Trump has made mistakes since the get go, that won’t be his, undoing.His supporters for the most part, don’t care. The undoing will be massive widespread cheating, Media lies, and fear from bigger and more violent protests from the left, which will not only be blamed on Trump, but will allow Obama to undermine the Constitution I fear..

  10. …does seem like the walls are closing in on Hillary…for the most part she does have herself to blame…

    let’s put it this way…if at the 11th hour Hillary is forced out and Biden…or someone else steps in…i think the Dim party can kiss alot of Hillary’s supporters ‘good bye’…people like Shadowfax and other faithfuls are not just going to ‘switch over’ after having been screwed over AGAIN…no way…their loyalty is with her…not the Dim party…which will become so obvious to all once again after their hopes of Hillary are crushed…

    and with the help of O’s Inspector General at the State Dept no less…

    maybe at that point some of Hill’s diehards will see what we have been seeing and will say F’it…and join the trump train…

    i agree, we have to watch out for voter cheating…

    also, just to get it off my chest, I also wish DT would find a way to avoid walking into so many ‘press’ traps…and he would get off his ‘tit for tat’ and get down to focusing on what he plans to do…but heck…good luck with that…he is who he is…

    i say the odds are still with the donald and the trumpsters…All Aboard!!

  11. I still feel that Biden is a “blah” factor to most, remember no one really ever voted for him when he has run for president. He’s like the democratic Huckabee, sans the religion angle, coming in last but they keep trying. And he’s more tainted by Obama than Hillary is. And he hasn’t been attacked yet. They’re all saying what did Hillary do as SOS. They’re going to be saying what did Biden do as VP?

    I think maybe it will be a dark horse they pull out from behind the curtain. I don’t think Biden is a fellow traveler of Obama, he couldn’t be trusted to destroy the country as Obama has started. So, yeah, I think it will be someone more aligned with Obama in their soul. And probably younger than Biden, so they can serve 8 years with no problem.

  12. S – good point about the people loyal to Hillary not her platform, I think you’re right, they won’t vote dem if Hillary is out.

    I also wish Trump wouldn’t be so thin-skinned, they *do* have his number, and more traps will be ahead. I don’t think his supporters will care so much, it’s not as important as what he promises to do, but it would be nice to attract more people to counteract the cheating.

    And, in reaction to some comments upthread, I can’t remember who – I can’t speak for admin, but I don’t think that s/he was saying that the dems will win over Trump. I think s/he was just talking about the democratic race.

  13. …let me just add…that what i find really sad about this is that in the process Bill’s legacy has been trampled on…and Hillary and Bill are going to be dragged thru the mud with all these sleazy stories from days gone by…

    after all those years of trying to become statespeople this is going to be a tragic way to go out…

    I honestly wish she had just gone on to do great things at the Clinton Foundation

    …also let’s face it…she is not a good a good compaigner…her projection and her campaign message are a muddled mess…

    If i hear that tired old line ‘i will get up and work my heart out for you’ again I might scream…it has no meaning anymore…just rote

  14. admin, I love how you work in the “living” examples (videos or text of other situations) to demonstrate your points.

    I think I would add that IMO, Hillary is Tippi seeing the crows, then going in to the schoolhouse and saying that their enemy is the canaries … (Hillary is again seemingly seeing the world as us against them and calling the republicans her enemy, when right now it’s the democrats who are working against her – AGAIN).

  15. What is that reddit site? Is it dem or repub? A lot of people making comments about this site, but obviously didn’t read much, or they wouldn’t have so misunderstood it.

    And someone, a reader, paid a company thousands of dollars to redesign this webpage, which wasn’t even hers to redesign? Then she moved to Hong Kong and later became a Jeb Bush supporter? Either that’s a fable, or…. maybe it was someone bipolar in a manic phase….

  16. Those fark comments are a hoot (and the reddit). How does admin find these cracks in the wall? lol They are so sure they know who we are, and guess what we’re republicans who just went dem for Hillary but now we’re republican again because of Trump. Sounded to me like a bunch of punk boys who can’t imagine that people, especially women, can actually think and have reasons for what they do lol It’s just hilarious to read those comments saying what we are, so obviously demonstrating they haven’t absorbed anything from this site.

  17. Looks like even worse protests in Anaheim today. Trump is coming here on Friday. I want to say that wouldn’t happen here, it’s considered more of a conservative town with all the military here, but there were two days I saw BLM walking down the 805 freeway when taking over the freeways was all the rage. I kind of worry about it here, because the convention center underground parking exits are all on one road – Harbor Dr – even the back road that goes to the loading docks ends up on that same road. And right in back is the bay. Across the street from the front of the center is the trolley line, with an exit right in front, which could bring in trouble makers, and block the exit of people. Hopefully if there’s trouble, the police will keep people across the road, so people can get out.

    Here’s the convention center, if anyone wants to see it – it’s kind of pretty, a maritime feel to it

  18. I have only one thing to say about the topic of this thread.

    A lot of people are scared sh!tless to see this woman become the first female President.

    Big difference is that she about ready to win all the delegates she needs to win the primary. Try taking it away from her then, so some nitwit will take over and the Dem party will be torn to shreds.

    Hillary will not back down, and neither will those of us that fought for her twice.

    I bet ya $50 bucks admin, that Hillary will end up the Primary winner and no one will take it away from her. She will also not end up in email jail either.

  19. Shadow, if anyone does take it away from her (or try, or are plotting to do so) it’s her own party, not any Trump supporters. I’m glad she won’t back down again. She told us before she wouldn’t, then she did. And I hope the super delegates don’t screw her again, she had most of them last time, too – until she didn’t.

    I don’t support her anymore because I don’t understand supporting Obama III and open borders, but I’d truly hate to see her betrayed again. But it does seem her own party is messing with her again. How far they’ll go or if they’ll succeed, I don’t know. But it’s her own party. It’s most likely led by her BFF Obama.

  20. We suggested this last year, were mocked via email, and now it might happen:

    Before hitting a private fundraiser in Los Angeles, Donald Trump taped a guest appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where he fielded questions from the late-night host on a range of topics — including transgender bathrooms, and whether he’d debate Bernie Sanders.

    Kimmel asked Trump if he’d be willing to debate Sanders, given that Hillary Clinton had turned her primary opponent down for a California debate. Trump declared he would — as long as the proceeds go to charity.

    As he accepted the hypothetical debate, Trump asked, perhaps jokingly, how much Sanders would be willing to pay him — for charity — then conceded that it would be fine if a network were willing to put up the money. Trump also said he has never met Sanders.

    Sanders took to Twitter right away with his response:

    Once again, we’re months ahead of events.

  21. Smart loyalty, not the stupid kind loyalty:

    Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Wednesday night announced it had parted ways with its national political director, Rick Wiley — a move that appears to stem in part from an ongoing turf war atop the campaign.

    Wiley was the first high-profile hire by Paul Manafort, the veteran GOP operative who Trump brought on board in late March to help professionalize a campaign that had cruised through the GOP primary season with a skeleton staff.

    But Manafort and Wiley quickly found themselves at odds with Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and key members of the team he had built.

    Sources in and around the campaign told POLITICO that Wiley was not responsive to Lewandowski or other officials from the old regime, and that he had clashed in recent weeks with Karen Giorno, a Lewandowski ally who ran Trump’s campaign during the Florida GOP primary.

    Trump’s campaign, in a statement, suggested that Wiley’s position was not intended to be permanent and thanked him for his service, but it did not make clear the terms of his departure.

    “Rick Wiley was hired on a short-term basis as a consultant until the campaign was running full steam. It is now doing better than ever, we are leading in the polls, and we have many exciting events ready to go, far ahead of schedule while Hillary continues her long, boring quest against Bernie,” the statement said.

    Wiley did not respond to a phone message seeking comment. And campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks did not respond when asked directly if Wiley was fired or resigned.

    But campaign sources told POLITICO it was the former, and traced the move to Wiley’s row with Giorno, a seasoned Florida campaign consultant who oversaw Trump’s big March 15 win that knocked home-state U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio out of the race.

    For weeks, Wiley made appointments and had discussions with Florida Republicans and appeared to be building a new campaign from scratch, sources say. They say he refused, at times, to return Giorno’s calls or take them.

    Giorno then began calling other Trump campaign officials to ask them whether Wiley had it out for her or for everyone.

    On Thursday, word leaked back to Trump. He phoned Giorno, concerned, sources said.

    Tell me what’s wrong?” Trump asked her, according to one person familiar with the call.

    Karen unloaded on Wiley,” the source said. “Mr. Trump is loyal. He believed her. … Rick picked a fight with the wrong person.”

    At that point, Trump ordered Wiley to stay away from Giorno and to neither call nor email her.

    Donald is loyal. And she’s loyal,” a source said.

    Wiley had previously served as campaign manager for Trump’s vanquished rival Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. His campaign was initially celebrated by many in the GOP establishment, but as Walker struggled, Wiley came under fire for building a campaign apparatus that was too big and expensive to sustain. By the time Walker dropped out of the race, Wiley had been preparing to resign.

    Unlike some of the other Trump officials caught in the crossfire between Manafort and Lewandowski, Giorno hasn’t had to pick a side. Though hired under Lewandowski, Giorno has close ties to Manafort as well through Susie Wiles, who is a longtime friend of Manafort’s and managed Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s 2010 campaign. Giorno, who supported Scott during that campaign, went on to work for the governor as well.

    After she was recruited to run Florida — a state where Trump struggled to find Republican hands because of the influence of Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush — Giorno grew close to Trump. After Trump’s Florida win, Giorno was promoted to head the campaign’s operation in the entire Southeast.

    On Tuesday, Giorno and Wiles met in Orlando to plot out the campaign’s Florida strategy. Lewandowski and Manafort joined by phone. Trump called in at one point and gave his blessing to the plan, including dumping Wiley.

    By that point, Manafort had grown displeased with Wiley as well as everyone else, three sources said. He had hired Wiley only when the campaign was still facing the prospect of a contested primary and national convention. After Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out, Wiley was without a portfolio. And then his clashes with Trump officials became too much.

    “Rick has RNC tattooed on his forehead. He’s not part of the Trump culture,” a Trump source said. “Wiley was someone who didn’t understand what we were able to do, and he wasn’t interested in being a part of the team in the end anyway.”

  22. We forgot to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday this week (May 24). Here’s a Nada Surf tune kinda sorta inspired by Dylan:

  23. admin
    May 26, 2016 at 4:05 am

    Wiley has a history of “disrespecting” women including candidate wives. Like the Politico article shows this guy is a creep and a parasitic “consultant” who pays off his own cronies first. Everything the article says he was doing is indicative of building his own fiefdom within the big fiefdom. A major no-no. Manafort for some reason thought he could control him or thinks this is AOK. It obviously is not. I’m also sure Wiley was passing on info without authorization which will not come out at least now. His history with Scott Walker was appalling. Wiley turned an excellent candidate (even if not right for this cycle) into a donor begging machine, burning though campaign money like a meth addled freak paying off his cronies, fought with and disrespected the candidate’s wife who tried to suggest caution and frugality, made them both miserable, got canned and then ran off to the WaPo calling them names and saying how great he is. I hope Trump sues his sorry butt if he violates the non-disclosure in any way. Manafort what were you thinking hiring this scum and mole? And he looks like a psycho which matters.

  24. Interesting from Zerohedge:

    But what would lend at least some credibility to Hillary’s own de novo conspiracy theory is if the Inspector General was some hardened republican clearly out to get here. Here’s the problem: current Secretary of State Kerry asked Steve Linick, the State Department inspector general, to investigate after Clinton’s email arrangement came to light last year. President Barack Obama appointed Linick to the role in 2013.

    In other words, it was all… Obama’s fault.

    Then again maybe Hillary is right, and it is yet another vast conspiracy, a vast left-wing conspiracy that is. Because if Hillary is indeed right, that would mean that none other than… Obama wants to take her down?

  25. Assuming Admin is right that Obama intends to derail Hillary’s nomination, I think Obama will fail just as the Republican establishment failed to derail Trump. I think the people will have the power in this election and the elites don’t quite get that yet. If O succeeds in taking the nomination from Hillary, any substituted candidate will fail. Both Sanders and Hillary supporters will abandon the dems in large numbers…..and there would be rioting at the convention which we may see anyway.

  26. Admin, excellent piece! All of this reads like a novel and I await the mutual destruction scenario. But that may never happen because the black crows rule the nest right now. Hillary has run this campaign with her hands and legs tied and mouth gagged. I still can’t believe how or why she gave the gift of a private email server on a silver platter to Obama. In addition to the Terry M. evidence, throw in the fact that they are now renting a mansion in Kalorama to live in DC after election. Prepare for a stooge to win the election and bury and burn all those skeletons without a trace under the watchful eyes of the black crows lingering on Embassy Row.

  27. gonzotx
    May 25, 2016 at 6:12 pm
    Soooo Admin, you don’t think Trump has a chance, it will be the Obama clone?
    I did not read the article that way.

    The alter ego candidate is known to insiders of both parties.

    How do I know this?

    Because Murdock has stated that he knows who it is.

    Well, I do not have inside information on this

    So if I sift through the endtrails I am likely to be wrong

    The right question however is who does Soros want because he controls the party.

    Jbstonesfan think it is Biden, he will bring in Warren and its game set match.

    The big electoral states all go their way.

    Plausible on paper.

    But NOT when you have a wiley opponent who goes for the throat.

    Not then.

    And not when you have Manafort who has dossiers on everyone.

    On rock slips and you have a landslide.

    And don’t assume that these plans have not been factored into the stock price.

    But the biggest factor is Biden would mean a status quo election in a time of change.

    They Obama message is dead on arrival.

    As Richard was saying just the other day, the winner of the election will be a transitional figure who will be mired in the problems bequeathed to him or her by the failing post modern globalist construct which western elites have been forcing down our throats for a generation, producing failure—and that not by halves. However, that next president will not be the wave of the future, but a brake on the edge of a cliff. The new direction will come later, once more pieces of the puzzle are known. Here is the relevant passage, which to my mind at least, is more important than inside baseball.

    “To elect someone to fix things under those circumstances makes little sense. If the post-World War 2 era has been smothered in its dotage by an Obama administration which underestimated the difficulty of replacing it with something better, the more rational thing to do is redo the system rather than apply some patch. The “no” to which Taranto refers is simply a refusal to refuse to pour good effort after bad and is not nearly so negative as it seems. Perhaps the best metaphor for the 2016 election and the other upheavals that Shivani refers to is a that of billiard break or the reinstall of a virus afflicted operating sytem.

    As both Shivani and Taranto note things have reached the point where people are willing to ask for the deck to be re-cut and a new hand dealt out. Crucially for the first time in 200 years the warmed over 19th century Marxist ideology of Sanders or Barack Obama’s first term is no longer the default template for the future. People may not know what they want, but they know what they don’t want. A genuine leap into the unknown is now within the realm of possibility.

    This suggests the winner of the 2016 contest will likely be a transitional figure rather than a harbinger of a lasting tendency. The winner is more probably going to be overwhelmed by events in this period of flux. But that doesn’t matter. Their task is to stop “the train even if they don’t know what happens next.” And ‘what happens next’ is a question that can only be meaningfully asked once crucial missing piece becomes available. What exactly that is, is unknown.”

  28. And here is an insight which is important.

    The press carries water for people behind the scenes/

    BUT they do not decide whose water they carry.

    People in the press are vulnerable as well.

    And that is why Brian Williams lost his job.

    More, the deponent sayeth not.

  29. On one theory, the people behind Obama have selected Biden. They reckon that he is a tragic figure having lost his son, and more distantly his wife—and that will convey sympathy. They think he is pretty much a blank slate, since he has done nothing in his years of “public service”. They think they can pour hate on Trump and the public will see Biden as a safer alternative. They think they can cover his gaffs. Hollywood is behind this, and the stupid tripe from Cluny is one indication of this. He has got his head up his ass. They think they can buy off the left with Faulkahanas—just what Wall Street wants. The question they have not considered his how do they dispose of Bernie if Hillary is taken out? If she is removed how do they prevent the nomination from going to him, and if it does, how do they keep on the tab with Wall Street. No, this fail safe plan aint fail safe, regardless of what the brilliant Larry Sabato sometimes right but never in doubt might opine.

    I think this is a much flawed strategy. You should anticipate some world class gaps at the debates which will cause people to say this man is an idiot. Remember Fords famous statement Eastern Europe is not under Soviet domination, during the heyday of the Warsaw Pact–only worse. There is no way to cover up that shit. Also, the dominoes will fall on the people around him. The rules of this game are scorched earth, and everyone–even the big pubas in the media are on the menu. I mean, they wanted to be celebrites, they got their wish and they can live with the consequences.

  30. td – if Obama’s motive is to not have a non far-left/globalist/race obsessed/whatever democrat winning the presidency after him, then even if the dem candidate fails, Obama “wins”….

  31. Either way –

    If Bernie happened to stumble into victory – An old white guy runs.

    If Barack succeeds in getting Biden into the oval – An old white guy runs the country.

    If Trump wins – An old white guy runs the country.

    Same shit different day

  32. well that settles it…Donald is the OFFICIAL nominee and now has 1238 delegates…and counting

    …what i would say to Hillary supporters that may be caught in this web to take her down…remember many of you hated O and saw him for what he was…and what he has done and planned to continue to do…

    …then Hillary announced that she was so proud of him and not only would carry on his legacy but would go even further…some Hill people counted on blind faith that she really didn’t mean it…

    that is when many of us just could not take or rationalize her campaign anymore and broke ranks…

    remember prior to Hillary swearing allegiance to O…many of you wanted to take down O after what he had done to the Democratic Party and Hillary…

    so if O takes Hill down and out why would any Hillary supporters not want to pick up where they left off and finish off the O dim party…

    …and the best way to do that is…do not forget…someone will have to win and take charge…either Hill, or the person O puts in …thereby a further extension of O either way…or the Donald…

    stay home at your own risk…open borders, a dim party that goes even further left…more regulations, more devasting trade deals, more illegal immigration, more santuary cities…

    it is still our country…we can still do something to take it back…if Hill is out, for her supporters it will be time to choose head over heart and help save our country…staying home only gives in to O…get b

  33. oops…think about getting back in the game and the fight…think of your kids and their future…

  34. freespirit
    May 26, 2016 at 12:58 pm
    Either way –

    If Bernie happened to stumble into victory – An old white guy runs.

    If Barack succeeds in getting Biden into the oval – An old white guy runs the country.

    If Trump wins – An old white guy runs the country.

    Same shit different day

    For the same reason that two people are exactly alike because neither of them is named John.

    The focus on race, gender and nothing else may cloud your judgement.

  35. Td – I just meant, that Obama wants the dems to stay far left. If trump wins, the dem party is still styled after obama…

  36. Td – I just meant, that Obama wants the dems to stay far left. If trump wins, the dem party is still styled after obama…..

  37. We need diversity in world view, IMO.

    Hillary, biden, even Sanders who would be easily controlled, any of the repubs who dropped out… all more of the same, the status quo, globalists and bought people leading us down the same road to ruin.

    The only hope of a new road is trump.

    What’s Hillary going to do, break a glass ceiling, maybe pass some law for minority women…? Our country hangs in the balance. Hillary will not be a change.

  38. GonzoTx, “Soooo Admin, you don’t think Trump has a chance, it will be the Obama clone?

    Where do you get that from?

    It appears to us, as early as last year in August, that Trump is nigh inevitable.

    Everything written in this website since 2011 has been that 2016 will be a change election. Repeatedly we have written that whoever positions herself as the change candidate will win the election and be president. Hillary Clinton had to position herself as the change candidate but instead decided, with her hires and strategy, to be the Obama Third Term. Disaster for Hillary2016 ensued.

    Further, it will be impossible for Hillary to reposition herself after the convention because as this article illuminates Obama now controls her and her fate. Hillary has become the Shield Maiden of Chappaqua which we warned against in 2014.

    Baring death, Trump will be elected.

  39. Another point many miss which this article did not mention due to concerns about length but which we have written about previously: for Obama 2016 is not about the election. For Obama it is all about maintaining control of the party. That’s why Obama stays in D.C. whether his plots against Hillary succeed or fail and whether or not the Obama Dems are slaughtered in 2016.

  40. One last point: it won’t be Biden who gets nominated either. Biden only matters as a distraction until Barack reveals his real choice which will then be railroaded through the convention as a salvation choice.

  41. Trump broke the fix Jeb Bush and GOP establishment planned:

    While Republicans traded recriminations after Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012, Priebus announced that the RNC would conduct a rigorous postmortem of all that had gone wrong and figure out how to refashion the party for the 21st century. “It wasn’t the RNC’s fault that things didn’t work out in 2012,” says Sally Bradshaw, a senior Jeb Bush adviser and a co-author of the resulting report. “But Priebus was willing to say, ‘There’s no other entity that can do this, that can take this on.’ ” The key to revival, the authors concluded, was to put a kinder, gentler gloss on the old stalwart Republican ideals (free trade, small government) while reforming immigration laws to entice nonwhite voters who were tuning the party out.

    This was a comforting notion, but it hasn’t panned out. “The Jeb Bush guys wrote the autopsy,” says a frustrated Republican strategist who works with the RNC. “Then Jeb Bush ran the worst campaign in presidential history.” By obliterating Jeb, Trump redefined the Republican Party’s identity off the top of his head. And his vision of the GOP’s future is in many ways the diametrical opposite of what Priebus and the party Establishment had imagined. Many politicians, Trump told me, had privately confessed to being amazed that his policies, and his lacerating criticism of party leaders, had proved such potent electoral medicine. Trump says this was obvious, but craven Republicans wouldn’t acknowledge it. So he called bulls—. “It’s funny,” he told me, delighted by the swift triumph of his influence. “It’s like the paper clip: a very simple thing. But one guy got rich, and everyone else said, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ ”

  42. One more article for us to “crow” about. We were the first to write that Trump, because of Obama’s destruction of the Dem Party, would destroy the GOP and recreate/realign the GOP. Proof for our contention from Trump:

    I asked Trump what he thought the GOP would look like in five years. “Love the question,” he replied. “Five, 10 years from now—different party. You’re going to have a worker’s party. A party of people that haven’t had a real wage increase in 18 years, that are angry. What I want to do, I think cutting Social Security is a big mistake for the Republican Party. And I know it’s a big part of the budget. Cutting it the wrong way is a big mistake, and even cutting it [at all].” He explained the genesis of his heterodox views. “I’m not sure I got there through deep analysis,” he said. “My views are what everybody else’s views are. When I give speeches, sometimes I’ll sign autographs and I’ll get to talk to people and learn a lot about the party.” He says he learned that voters were disgusted with Republican leaders and channeled their outrage. I asked, given how immigration drove his initial surge of popularity, whether he, like Sessions, had considered the RNC’s call for immigration reform to be a kick in the teeth. To my surprise, he candidly admitted that he hadn’t known about it or even followed the issue until recently. “When I made my [announcement] speech at Trump Tower, the June 16 speech,” he said, “I didn’t know about the Gang of Eight. … I just knew instinctively that our borders are a mess.”

    Trump casts his break with party orthodoxy as being a matter of common sense dictated by electoral math. “I think Republicans lose because they have a harder highway in the [battleground] states,” he explained. The standard conservative message holds such limited appeal that it forces Republican nominees onto a dangerously narrow path. “If you look at the states,” Trump said, “the Democrats have a lot of cushion; the Republicans have no cushion.”

    Trump Republicanism, on the other hand, in his estimation, holds broader appeal, despite the clucking of lily-livered Establishment types. “You notice my poll numbers today are starting to get much better?” he said. “I’m above Mitt Romney with the Hispanics. He was at 27 [percent in the 2012 election]. I’m 29 in the NBC poll this morning. A radio announcer, a Hispanic from New York, said, ‘I don’t know about these polls, because every listener that I have’—they call in Spanish—‘they’re all for Trump.’ ”

    That is the most controversial statement of the 2016 election cycle and it is mostly ignored by Big Media because it is such a potent declaration by Trump. Trump says “The GOP is dead, long live the New Republican Party.”

  43. admin
    May 26, 2016 at 5:13 pm
    One last point: it won’t be Biden who gets nominated either. Biden only matters as a distraction until Barack reveals his real choice which will then be railroaded through the convention as a salvation choice.
    Can we assume that Hillary will then go out and campaign for that stealth candidate? If past it prologue, the answer is yes. After all if she believes Obama is god like she keeps telling us, and if god ordains another candidate in her stead and place, how can she not obey the will of god? Poor health will be no excuse. That is the easy part. The tough part is where to dump Bernie’s body. Time was the Meadowlands, but that property is has been bought by developers.

  44. Obama is counting on no corpus delecti.

    But if the disappears his supporters will not accept that explanation.

    They will demand that Obama take a lie detector test.

    When the do, it will say FRAUD.

  45. I am comfortable with a Trump Presidency. I believe he will become a far better man than he has ever been, to do the job right. The ultimate achievement, saving the world.

    But I still have hopes for Hillary, somehow turning against the evil that has been consuming the Dimocratic Party. Can I call it Soros?

  46. HI Shadowfax. The latest polls in CA have it a virtual tie as independents are registering democratic to vote for Sander’s . Her inability to shake him lose ( and I blame Sander’s and his hateful supporters for her recent drop in polls versus Trump) has really hurt her ability to focus on Trump and the stuff his is throwing at her and Bill. I have remained uncommitted for the general, but definitely want to see her dispose of Bernie and not cave in to his demands . Trumps attacks on her have been nasty and I am really turned off by his attacking the greatest president in my lifetime , William Jefferson Clinton. On the other hand, Hillary’s campaign has been awful and while not IMO criminal , the email was really poor judgment . Anyway. Nice seeing you here and come and visit. I actual went to that other site and posted something .. Saw some names from the past 🌈

  47. Admin,

    “This is where not bright Trump supporters,along with Hillary and Bernie Sanders not to bright supporters match idiocy for idiocy.

    ???..I’m not feeling too bright..

  48. Bill Clinton was not the greatestest President in my lifetime.
    He gave us NAFTA…He gave us visuals of a President using a cigar to fornicate with a young female who could have been his daughter.
    He gave us a nuclear North Korea…
    He should have gotten osama…he however was too wrapped up in defending himself for perjury.

    Did I worry his mind was not on his job?

    Yeah, I did…and it wasn’t unfortunately.

    Do I blame the Republicans? Yes, in Part, hypocritical assholes…

    Bill could have been great, but he wasn’t and he has no one to blame but himself.

  49. Hillarys campaign is awful because hillary supports awful globalist agendas and has been dishonest and deserves the outcome she is recieving imho.

    Hillary is obama 3 hillary is obama 3 hillary is obama

    She is Soros puppet,lining her pockets with dirty money .
    she didnt answer the 3am call regarding Bengahzi…

    What difference does it make?

    A heck of a lot hillary!

    Hillary has American blood on her hands.
    , along with her buddies obama and Holder…great company Hillary..

  50. It was not Hillary’s job to answer the fucking 3AM call. The nation elected Barack Obama to do that. Hillary haters suck.

  51. Well Lu, depends on what you believe, she was SOS and apparently Libya was her baby. There is information coming out that attests to that fact.
    I don’t believe for a second she was not aware of Ambassador Stevens numerous phone calls begging for increased security.
    WTF was he even doing there on 9/11, how out of touch can you be.
    I think it’s clear it was an arms running operation for the rebels that SOS assisted the CIA with.
    Yes, Obama is the President and the buck stops there, but regardless, she is neck deep in it and has blood on her hands.
    Believe what you want.

  52. If Hillary haters suck then count me in as the suckiest sucker who’s ever sucked at sucking. In fact you may crown me King of the Suckers and I will devote my free time to the further development and promotion of sucking. Damn, that felt good.

  53. Outris, Lol, I’m right there with you.
    They are always quick to curse at you and tell you personally how much you suck, but then in the same breath complain that Trump is mean and vile and hurting their collective feelings.

    I sense cognitive dissonance.

  54. I guess some are just too busy with their hate-fest to ask some questions about Benghazi like who gave the Armed Forces the order to stand down? Where was ValJar? Instead they deflect blame from Obola to Hillary, like his good stooges.

  55. I’m not deflecting blame, but to say she is completely without blame is ludicrous. She was after all Secretary of State.

    One of her duties in this position by definition is:

    “Ensures the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries”

    This she did not do. Since her tenure ended in this role, she had opportunity to tell the truth and expose those who are guilty. Since she has not, I can logically conclude that doing so would either implicate her or make her damaged goods for her campaign.

    Unfortunately, that sucks for her.

  56. I certainly do not hate hillary…I just don’t believe her anymore. ..the trust is gone…

    That doesn’t mean she cannot do ‘good works’ in the private sector. ..just lay off the big money speeches & really get down with the people she keeps saying she wants to fight for…she doesn’t have to be president to fight for them

  57. Lu,

    “Good Stooges”, there you go with your polite discourse.


    I am sure that “video” had everything to do with it. Cough, cough..

    She was SOS, she did not in the MINIMUM perform her duties and protect her people. She left them out to dry, put them in harms way and somehow plays dumb regarding all requests for additional security.
    But boy that video!!!
    We got that criminal!
    The parents of the soldiers that died trying to rescue the Ambassador probably have a few choice words to say about her made up theory.

    Oh but wait, her emails in the closet have shown she knew ahead of time it wasn’t the “video”…hmm…why do you think she has twisted herself into such a pretzel with such a ridiculous lie that any second grader could figure out?

  58. S,

    She wants to fight for Trayon Martin’s mother, who literally had nothing to do with him for years, she wants to fight for BLM, she wants to fight for illegals..She wants to put Coal miners out of work!
    I just as soon she stayed home and babysat her grandchild and leave the rest of us alone.
    We don’t need help like that.

  59. The Trump vs Bernie debate does several things:

    1. first, it marginalizes Hillary

    2. second, it elevates Bernie, so he is harder for the elites to kill off.

    3. third, it gives Wall Street a new found appreciation for Bernie.

    4. fourth, it gives Trump the a forum to ask Bernie who he most admires, i.e. George Washington or Mao Tse Tung–assuming Mao took a bath, which he rarely did.

    This assumes of course that Trump can hold his own against the fast thinking, articulate and compelling persona of Bernie. (No easy task that)


  60. The Great White Hope’

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    “Something startling is happening to middle-aged white Americans. Unlike every other age group, unlike every other racial and ethnic group … death rates in this group have been rising, not falling.”

    The big new killers of middle-aged white folks? Alcoholic liver disease, overdoses of heroin and opioids, and suicides. So wrote Gina Kolata in The New York Times of a stunning study by the husband-wife team of Nobel laureate Angus Deaton and Anne Case.

    Deaton could cite but one parallel to this social disaster: “Only H.I.V./AIDS in contemporary times has done anything like this.”

    Middle-aged whites are four times as likely as middle-aged blacks to kill themselves. Their fitness levels are falling as they suffer rising levels of physical pain, emotional stress and mental depression, which helps explain the alcohol and drug addiction.

    But what explains the social disaster of white Middle America?

    First, an economy where, though at or near full employment, a huge slice of the labor force has dropped out. Second, the real wages of working Americans have been nearly stagnant for decades.

    Two major contributors to the economic decline of the white working-class: Scores of millions of third-world immigrants, here legally and illegally, who depress U.S. wages, and tens of thousands of factories and millions of jobs shipped abroad under the label of “globalization.”

    Another factor in the crisis of middle and working class white men is the plunging percentage of those who are married. Where a wife and children give meaning to a man’s life, and to his labors, single white men are not only being left behind by the new economy, they are becoming alienated from society.

    “It’s not surprising,” Barack Obama volunteered to his San Francisco high-donors, that such folks, “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…”

    We all have seen the figure of 72 percent of black children being born out of wedlock. For working class whites, it is up to 40 percent.

    A lost generation is growing up all around us.

    In the popular culture of the ’40s and ’50s, white men were role models. They were the detectives and cops who ran down gangsters and the heroes who won World War II on the battlefields of Europe and in the islands of the Pacific.

    They were doctors, journalists, lawyers, architects and clergy. White males were our skilled workers and craftsmen — carpenters, painters, plumbers, bricklayers, machinists, mechanics.

    They were the Founding Fathers, Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Hamilton, and the statesmen, Webster, Clay and Calhoun.

    Lincoln and every president had been a white male. Middle-class white males were the great inventors: Eli Whitney and Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and the Wright Brothers.

    They were the great capitalists: Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford and J. P. Morgan. All the great captains of America’s wars were white males: Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, U.S. Grant and John J. Pershing, Douglas MacArthur and George Patton.

    What has changed in our culture? Everything.

    The world has been turned upside-down for white children. In our schools the history books have been rewritten and old heroes blotted out, as their statues are taken down and their flags are put away.

    Children are being taught that America was “discovered” by genocidal white racists, who murdered the native peoples of color, enslaved Africans to do the labor they refused to do, then went out and brutalized and colonized indigenous peoples all over the world.

    In Hollywood films and TV shows, working-class white males are regularly portrayed as what was once disparaged as “white trash.”

    Republicans are instructed that demography is destiny, that white America is dying, and that they must court Hispanics, Asians and blacks, or go the way of the Whigs.

    Since affirmative action for black Americans began in the 1960s, it has been broadened to encompass women, Hispanics, Native Americans the handicapped, indeed, almost 70 percent of the nation.

    White males, now down to 31 percent of the population, have become the only Americans against whom it is not only permissible, but commendable, to discriminate.

    When our cultural and political elites celebrate “diversity” and clamor for more, what are they demanding, if not fewer white males in the work force and in the freshman classes at Annapolis and Harvard?

    What is the moral argument for an affirmative action that justifies unending race discrimination against a declining white working class, who have become the expendables of our multicultural regime?

    “Angry white male” is now an acceptable slur in culture and politics. So it is that people of that derided ethnicity, race, and gender see in Donald Trump someone who unapologetically berates and mocks the elites who have dispossessed them, and who despise them.

    Is it any surprise that militant anti-government groups attract white males? Is it so surprising that the Donald today, like Jess Willard a century ago, is seen by millions as “The Great White Hope”?

  61. Remember when we published Why @RealDonaldTrump #Indiana Win Makes @BernieSanders THE Big Winner Of #IndianaPrimary And #Hillary2016 An Even Bigger Loser? Everything we said would happen is happening. Trump and Sanders now have Hillary2016 in the crossfire we predicted.

    Commentary notes the state of play as we predicted:

    But it’s once again time for us to bow in homage to his political skill as well as his good luck. The possibility of a debate between Trump and Bernie Sanders that started with a challenge on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show” and which ought to be the top political story of the day – even on the day that he formally clinched the nomination by getting past the 1,237 delegate mark — isn’t just yet another example of the Donald winning a news cycle. It’s an example of how he is cleverly undermining his already floundering general election opponent Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton probably thought she was being clever when she decided she didn’t need to make good on her promise to debate Sanders one more time before the California primary. After all, why should she? [snip] Debating Sanders would just give his quixotic quest more oxygen at a time when she needs to put him to sleep as soon as possible. But this seemingly smart play has set her up to be sidelined in what could be one of the epic political events of the century — a Trump-Sanders debate.

    To say that there is no precedent for the presumptive nominee of one party to debate the certain runner-up in the other is the understatement of the century. No such thing has ever even been thought of let alone reached the planning stages. But there has never been a situation like this before, where a presumptive runner-up like Sanders has been willing to aid the presumptive nominee of the other party in this manner.

    It’s entirely possible that Trump-Sanders would have as big if not a bigger audience than the eventual official presidential debates in the fall with Clinton. Make no mistake about it. If the Trump-Sanders matchup takes place, it won’t matter much who wins, if indeed there can be a winner with two such different and controversial candidates. But we know who the loser will be, and her name is Hillary Clinton. [snip]

    The attention and the credit he will get from challenging the Democrats’ bête noire in person will be immense and might actually help him win the California primary even if such a victory can’t possibly garner him enough delegates to prevent Clinton from winning the nomination.

    As much as a debate with Trump may puff up Sanders, it will be even more helpful to the Republican nominee.

    Though Sanders will attack and prod him, the two will largely talk past each other. [snip]

    But by elevating Sanders in this manner, he will be diminishing Clinton, who would be a spectator to the fight of the century rather than a participant. She would be immeasurably diminished by this and, combined with Sanders’ continuing attacks and the increasing possibility of a chaotic Democratic convention where his left-wing supporters will create strife on issues like Israel, enter the general election at a distinct disadvantage.

    How much of an impact would a Trump-Sanders debate have on the eventual outcome in November?

    Let’s concede that nothing that happens in May or June can decide a general election. But it would be a blow to Clinton and one that she’d have to waste weeks recovering from and make Sanders even more of a nuisance that he was already.

    But it also illustrates that, despite his being a swaggering, vulgar bully who has unleashed terribly negative nativist and isolationist forces into the political mainstream, Trump is clearly the most able politician left in the race. Part of his brilliance stems from his willing to think outside of the box since a more conventional candidate might have shrunk from the risks accepting a debate challenge against someone like Sanders with nothing to lose. As disreputable and vulgar as his tactics have been and as bad as they are for the country and its standing in the world, nobody should doubt that Trump knows what he’s doing in this campaign.

    This presents the Democratic Party with a massive problem. If they had any influence or leverage over Sanders, they would need to use it now to get him to back away from a Trump debate. But with Sanders in open revolt against the Democratic National Committee and even backing a primary challenger to its chair Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it’s clear they have none.

    Clinton needs to see if she can take back her refusal to debate Sanders in California on Fox News pronto and hope that spikes any thought of a Trump-Sanders matchup. But given that Sanders would get far more mileage out of a debate with Trump it may be too late to put that genie back into its bottle.

    Only a few weeks ago, this looked like a general election matchup that Hillary Clinton couldn’t lose. But her ethical problems and inability to put away Sanders has crippled her far more than her camp or even many of her opponents thought possible just at the moment when Trump started to gain some momentum by consolidating GOP support behind him.

    Demography in the form of female and minority voting blocks that Trump has alienated and the Electoral College’s tilt to the Democrats are still factors in Hillary’s favor. But Democrats need to come to grips with the fact that, while their candidate may be more knowledgeable about policy than Trump, she is hopelessly outmatched in terms of political skill and it’s unlikely that this will be the last time Trump shows he can run rings around her. That’s why the recent shift of the polls in Trump’s favor may not be misleading. This election may be far more of a problem for Democrats than anyone on either side of the aisle could have imagined.

    Contrary to the claim that No such thing has ever even been thought of, we strongly suggested a Trump v. Sanders debate last year as a device against Fox News and Megyn Kelly. It was also rather obvious to anyone with a brain that a Trump alliance with Sanders was, after Indiana, very likely. All this has come to pass. Trump at every event props up Saint Bernard as a victim of a “rigged” election and flamboyantly courts Sanders’ supporters. To all this Hillary2016 remains gormless and feeble.

  62. Forget the Moon Landing, the Rumble in the Jungle or who shot JR . Hands down, Trump vs Sanders would be the televised event of the Century.

  63. wbboei

    May 27, 2016 at 3:52 am

    What is there to inspire loyalty to a government and culture that hates us and is doing everything in its power to replace us demographically – by making us pay to import, and sustain third world migration into what used to be our home? That’s where we are.

  64. blowme0bama
    May 27, 2016 at 8:46 am

    May 27, 2016 at 3:52 am

    What is there to inspire loyalty to a government and culture that hates us and is doing everything in its power to replace us demographically – by making us pay to import, and sustain third world migration into what used to be our home? That’s where we are.
    Loyalty is out of the question.

    What they have inspired is resistance.

    And at some point, inevitably, armed resistance.

    How ironic that the white demographic that saved the nation in World War II, would be dispossessed by the establishment and disenfranchised.

    They attacked white people economically with perverse theories of affirmative action, pinning the responsiblity for slavery on white people who were not even in the country then.

    And then they replaced white culture with black culture.

    And they gave us a black president, a federal government loaded to the gills with blacks, and a utterly disfuctional highly politicized government bent on getting even with whitey.

    They eliminated the blue collar jobs in which white people predominated, first in the timber industry, then in the fishing industry, then in manufacturing in favor of the high tech dweebs.

    Their final act of betrayal will be to eliminate the safety nets so they can bring in more illegals to scarf up that money and build new facilities for transgender illegals.

    They undermine the white family through revisionist history and common core bullshit. They do this with hubris, swearing that it is necessary to make sure our students can compete—which means to ensure they are intellectually euthanized.

    They weaponize the IRS and they rig the voting system to eliminate white voting power. And they give them death panels to alleviate the suffering which Pat Buchannan describes.

    The emerging picture will look a lot like the situation we see today Venezuela, but the elits will have their little heaven.

    The only answer I can see is to target the elites. How? I believe a net worth tax is something we need to start thinking about. It will prevent them from throwing the burden of economic location solely on the white middle class which they have been doing up to now with impunity.

    What else will be required cannot be answered at this point. As Ricard says, more pieces of the puzzle must fall in place and that will not happen until things start to collapse.

    I am at an age where I am happy to be at the age I am at. I will not see the end game to all this but if you believe there is a soft landing then I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you.

  65. I said it is ironic that the elites would dispossess the white race who built and saved the nation. I was wrong. It is not ironic at all. It is the pattern of history. Thus, it may be unjust but it is hardly ironic. The elites of ancient Rome did the same thing to the yeoman class of citizen soldier farmers–best expressed by that opening scene in The Gladiator where the soldier stroll across the wheat field brushing the wheat with his hand. They let them fight the wars for them, and then they turned on them. One of the things they did was to import cheap wheat from conquered lands in North Africa and suddenly the soldier farmers went broke. In time, they joined the ranks of the lower class, and demanded only the bread and circuses which the Roman poet Juvenal wrote about. The same thing is happening here, and the emerging elite is the tech class who piggish in all respects and dead from the neck down. They will go out of their way to promote race warfare, when the real battle here is economic.

  66. This is not a claim of victim hood.

    It is a warning of what causes a society to collapse.

    Viewed from that perspective it cannot be dismissed as crybaby stuff, which only white people are not permitted to engage in.

    I hope it is a call to arms, but frankly I know better.

    I do not see the situation as changing, until it collapses under its own weight.

    And how far away is that?

    Politicians may lie, but the numbers do not.

    The national debt was $9 trillion when Obama took over.

    Today, thanks to him and his counterpart Ryan it will be $21 trillion.

    Nial Ferguson maintains that the nation will be bankrupt when the debt reaches $24 trillion.

  67. This prediction is in line with Newton’s Second Law of Physics:

    A body in motion or at rest tends to stay in motion or at rest.

    The contemporary term is momentum.

    My guess is the current momentum of the system will carry us into bankrupctcy.

    And we need to be sure the trustee in bankruptcy is our guy and not a shill for the elites.

  68. Energy production is one way out. Seriously. Trump is going to have to sit down and give a harsh disclosure to the public as to just how badly the politicians have fucked everything up the last 20 years, especially Obama and the media.

  69. I think Trump will make it happen, it’s a win win for him.

    Unless the Democratic party has something to prevent it on Bernie, it’s a win for him too!

  70. My bet is the Brooklyn Heights Hillaryites are soiling themselves with the prospect of a Trump vs Sanders debate.

  71. Obama on his Japanese leg world apology tour..God, I hate that man..ignores Japan’s very real sordid past, it’s atrocities during WW2, which of course included starting the war with the US at Pearl Harbor, but prior, the murderous acts against the Chinese. But I digress, we are talking about the murder of children, women, nurses, Doctors, cannabilism, rape of millions by the Japanese.
    Even today, Japan refuses to acknowledge it’s War crimes…

  72. alcina
    May 27, 2016 at 6:31 am

    Forget the Moon Landing, the Rumble in the Jungle or who shot JR . Hands down, Trump vs Sanders would be the televised event of the Century.

    Amen to that!!! 😆

  73. Question for all Pinkers:

    Has a Prime Minister of Japan (since 1945)ever placed a wreath @ Pearl Harbor?
    I think a Defense Minister may have visited, but I do not remember a Japanese Prime Minister.

  74. My dad was building airfields and repairing aircraft in the jungles of New Guinea and the Philippines during WW2. He watched planes limping back to base after battle. Sometimes they made it and sometimes they crashed when they tried to land. Sometimes they had to unload the soldiers who were killed in flight. After the war he and my mom were stationed in Japan to help rebuild. He was an American hero and retired as a full Colonel in the Air Force.

    Obama is a traitor to this country. He should be tried for his crimes against America.

  75. I agree Outris..

    My dad was In Pattons 3rd…he was a hero too. I’ve told the story here before that between the end of the European Theater, love what they called it, and finishing off the Pacific, my dad had a short leave. He was home and my grandmother heard him crying in the living room..she asked him what was wrong. This was after 3 years of hell fighting the Nazi’s…He said he knew he was going to be deployed to fight the Japanese, going to Japan, after his leave, they knew over a million people would be lost taking Japan. My Grandmother put her arm around him and said,”Loyd, you know you have to go” and he said “yes, I know”. He was the ripe age of 21…
    It still brings tears to my eyes picturing that event. I thank Truman everyday he had the courage to drop those freaking bombs.
    Also, interesting enough, my future FIL was in Pattons 3rd as a Ranger, we all know the hell they inflicted and what was inflicted upon them.
    The Japanese were monsters, absolutely monsters.They still have taken No responsibility. When I went to Hawaii, not only do they own a huge amount of real estate there and populate the islands, it made me sick to see their tour buses at Pearl Harbor, wanted to scream.
    Just not right.

  76. OT? or not?

    1) Speaker Ryan has invited me to be a founding member of his new Team Ryan Speakers Club.

    2) Meantime Paul Nehlen sent this today. He’s beginning to sound like a mini Trump:

    …But I never thought we would get this far, this fast!
    Tonight, we are hosting Michelle Malkin in a high-profile campaign event that will shake up this race and send shivers down the spine of the Ryan-led Establishment.
    And what we have planned for the next two weeks will blow minds. (I can’t share any more details at this time, but trust me when I say that Ryan’s cronies will be shocked.)

  77. PS I’ve done what I can to discourage Ryan. To no avail. His ego is as big as reported here at times. His portrait is on the membership card I wrote of above.

  78. I love the Feinstein comment about bernie and the debate Foxy. Lol,”what he’s trying to do is bring attention to himself”!

    Ya think Diane?

  79. Donald issued a statement saying he will not debate
    Frankly I am glad
    The media will pull the one off color…off beat…comment donald says and repeat it for the next week…trying to degrade him

    He gave a great press conference the other day and all the press could talk about was his “racist” use of the name pocahontas

  80. Out & Gonzo

    My Dad was in a group known as Merill’s Maurauders. They were operated deep in Japanese occupied Burma, supplied only by mule & airdrop. China, Burma & Inda, or CBI was the theater designation. All I knew until I was well in my 30s was that they had a “tough time”, according to my Uncle. Only thing Dad ever would say about it was they had to eat monkeys to survive. He’d grow very sharp if you asked him anything about his service over there. Well, with the availability of the internet in the mid-90s, I found that they were chronically under supplied. The outfit, with no vehicles, marched / fought their way to destroy Mytkyina (pronounced “Mi-chi-yina) airfield deep in Burma. They made a movie about the group in the 60s named “Merill’s Marauders”, but the memory of the 5307th Composite seems to have faded with times. The current 75th Ranger Battallion, as I understand, traces its origin to that unit.

    Dad passed on in 2006. I have to say I’m glad he didn’t live to see this fucking traitorous, racist PoS become the President.

    I hope he’s tried for treason and put in Gitmo.

  81. Blowme…my comment disappeared.
    I said I think our Country has forgotten the sacrifices of our fathers and appears they just want to marginalize them in general. Especially if they were of non color. I think a few years ago I wouldn’t have believed it, but Obama and his cohorts are in full throttle to destroy the White male and minimize any of his achievements. We are to pay and pay for any historical wrong doing, no matter how long ago,
    by hopefully being eliminated from the race of humans.
    See up thread 1:33. A screaming insane coed at Yale cursing and just making an ass out of herself abusing a professor along with her insane criminal cohorts. This is Obamas America.If I had been there, I think I would have been in jail cause I wouldn’t have let that happen.

  82. gonzotx
    May 26, 2016 at 10:54 pm


    “Good Stooges”, there you go with your polite discourse.
    You would do well to first take your own inventory there.

  83. Love this quote:

    If you don’t fail it’s because you did not risk enough, and if you didn’t risk enough it’s because you didn’t put your whole self out there.”

    Carlos Barrabes

    Merrils Mauauraders lived by that code. They were all in. The small group cohesion you see in these units once the roles are established is something to behold.

    Did your dad see the movie on Merrils Mauaruders? If he is like other members of elite teams they refuse to do so. The sacrifices that level of service entails make are too personal to dwell on and too painful to talk about.

    A perfect example of this came when the Navy Seal who lost his unit was interviewed by little lord fauntleroy (Tapper) and Tapper made the mistake of saying war is such a waste, and the SEAL tore his head off and shit down his neck. He said this country sent us over there because it thought the war was worth fighting, and just who the fuck are you to say this was all just a waste of life? Come on Tapper, tell me, because the world wants to know, who are you to put yourself above this country and tell us that our service is meaningless. Come on Tapper, tell us cause we really want to know, WHO the fuck are you–you schmarmy gun control freak? Tapper had just got kicked in the balls and he knew it. Good time for a station break.

  84. My father was an intern during the Battle of Manila in 1944, which was the Pacific equivalent of the Battle of Stalingrad. The Japanese commander General Yamashita ordered his men to leave the city as the American forces approached the city, but instead they went on a rampage killing civilians. 100,000 Filipino civilians died in the massacre. My father was almost shot by a Japanese soldier but was saved by a stray American bullet that killed the soldier. The Japanese fully deserved those two atomic bombs.

  85. Sorry, it was in 1945 when the Battle of Manila occurred. I was thinking about General MacArthur’s return in Leyte and the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944.

  86. The US produced a million Purple Heart medals in anticipation of all the US casualties that would have resulted if Operation Olympic (the planned invasion of Kyushu in November 1945) and Operation Coronet (the planned invasion of Honshu in March 1946) had occurred. Fortunately, the two atomic bombs forced the surrender of Japan and aborted the planned US invasion of Japan, which would have resulted in millions of Japanese civilian casualties if what happened in Okinawa was any indication of what would have occurred. The Purple Heart medals currently being awarded to soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are the same medals manufactured from WWII.

  87. Truman’s decision to drop the bomb is always presented as a binary decision:

    1. drop the bomb or

    2. invade and suffer a million casualites

    In fact there was a viable third option which the American political elite blundered past

    1. agree the emperor could stay on but would have no power, and-

    2. impose a blockade

    As Roosevelts advisor Stimson put it: the true question is not whether could be achieved by dropping the bomb or invasion, but whether a different DIPLOMATIC and military course would hve led to an earlier surrender. An earlier expression of American willingness to retain the emperor would have led to an earlier surrender which would have thwarted Russian designs to take Japanese held territory adverse to American interests and avoided dropping the bomb. There was a lot of strategic myopia and a rabid insistence on unconditional surrender and so the third strategy was the path not taken.

    Consequently, the bombs were dropped to the consternation and bewilderment of mankind. The very source of creative power was tapped and transmuted into a catastrophic agent. The ultimate expression of the Industrial Revolution had been reached and the grand climeratic in human conflict, and as these weapons proliferted we the two scorpians in a bottle problem identified by Oppenheimer became a real world problem, as opposed to a theoretical construct. Who would have thought that Khameni and Kim Jo Ill would eventually possess that power. If Saddam or Kadaffi had possessed it then the US never would have attacked them.

  88. The above insight comes from General Fuller who made major general in the British Army at the ripe old age of 29. He developed the doctrine of blietzkreig which was utilized by Hitler in World War II. He spent 50 years as a military historian, and his theories centered on limited war as opposed to wars of annihilation, the latter being the strategy of such butchers as Napoleon, William Tecumseh Sherman and Curtis LeMay who slaughtered civilian populations as well as enemy combatants.

  89. The centerpiece of Fullers thinking hearkened back to the Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz who single maxim is that war must be viewed as an instrument of policy, rather than an instrument of revenge or the calling of nemesis. If that had been the case at the end of World War II, then it is highly unlikely that they bombs or an invasion would have been necessary. By then we had good intelligence, and it penetrated to inner circle of militarists. Japan was looking for a way to end the thing, if we had merely played our cards right. Bismark said God protects fools, drunks and the United States of America. Only not so much in this instance. If this had been done right—diplomatically, then in true Clausewitz form the question would have been asked what sort of a post war reality best suits American interests, recognizing that our next enemy would be the USSR. The failure to see it in those terms explains why, other than the fact that Princeton grads run that agency and have for years, the State Department is referred to in the venacular as Foggy Bottom.

  90. Wbb,

    I actually was thinking why didn’t we use a blockade earlier, but the Japanese were nuts and monsters and it’s military would have continued to fight and murder till the end.
    War makes you mad I think, and the Japanese were monsters through and through,the atrocities they inflicted on the world, I think after all the loses, all the years of fighting and terror… it had to end. The second bomb was used only after the Empire still refused to surrender.
    Truman did the right thing in my opinion.

  91. This is not an indictment of Truman.

    Frankly, he had a boldness and clarity of thought utterly lacking among his successors.

    He possessed the very qualities Napoleon looked for in a general:

    A strong mind, not a brilliant one.

    He is the only man Stalin ever feared.

    Stalin made Roosevelt dance to his tune.

    He figured Roosevelts vice president would be an easy mark.

    From Independence Missouri, asset of the Pendergast big city corruption machine, tailor by profession—an easy mark for Comrade Card Index who sent millions to their death.

    Their battle royal happened two years after Truman dropped the atom bomb on civilians in two major Japanese cities.

    Stalin was pushing his advantage in Europe and decided he wanted all of Germany rather than just the eastern part.

    He blockaded Berlin, Truman initiated an air lift and Stalin massed his troops and prepared to invade.

    Whereupon Harry sent Uncle Joe a caution: if you invade, I will drop an atomic bomb on Moscow within 24 hours if not sooner.

    Well, uncle joe was many things–cunning rutheless murderous. But stupid was not one of them.

    Would Harry dare drop a bomb?

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki answered that question.

    The better question was why wouldn’t he, and what could possibly stop him besides nothing.

    Stalin was beaten and he knew it.

    Therefore he backed off and invested all his efforts on stealing nuclear secrets from us.

    For that he enlisted the allegiance of the Rosenbergs and a Harvard trained blue blood named Alger Hiss.

    For years, the New York Times maintained these were innocent victims of right wing smear campaigns until real proof came on. Then of course they changed the subject.

    A very able trial judge, Irving Kaufman, lets put it this way–the opposite that worthless coward—a mensch presided over the trail and the Rosenbergs went to the gas chamber.

    Interestingly, Camile Paglia calls Stalin Steinham. I think she is selling uncle joe short. He did smile once in a while at the sight of blood, which meant either that he was human or that he was a werewolf.

  92. gonzotx
    May 27, 2016 at 8:40 pm


    I won’t lose any sleep over your BS…

    there you go with your polite discourse.

  93. The cops in California were much more aggressive than the ones seen heretofore at Trump gatherings. What is going on? Maybe a couple of things? The CA cops may be sick of criminal illegals and had a chance to vent (within legal bounds). Or they may be getting with the program.

    The Secret Service has jurisdiction. Period. Local pols like Rahm in Chicago and that drunk ass Martinez in New Mexico may think they do when pols order cops to stand down thus encouraging/enabling rioters a la Baltimore and letting mobs of baying Soros or cartel thugs get close to a presidential candidate or his protection unit. As usual cause and effect is beyond them. Thinking it is funny or cute or a sop to their homies and freedom of speech or some other idiocy not found in the legal code, they are overriding federal agents legal authority to secure an area for the protection (including egress) of a Secret Service protected individual which is provided for by federal statute. It is a criminal statute. 10 years in prison.

    Yesterday the Fresno police let a mob of terrorists get right next to the entrance of the parking garage where Trump’s California State police led and Secret Service driven vehicle motorcade exited. The question is are they willing to go to federal prison? Who told them to do that? On what authority? These actions are laid out meticulously so why did they do it? Last year their then deputy chief was arrested for distribution of drugs. Are they idiots or were they told to do it? Enabling illegal alien criminal mobs attacking police, Secret Service and presidential candidates and rally attendees has got to stop. NOW. Go after the organizers as it is a criminal conspiracy. If not now after the inauguration. RICO.

  94. wbboei

    May 27, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Did your dad see the movie on Merrils Mauaruders? If he is like other members of elite teams they refuse to do so. _______________________________________________________________________________

    I pretty much doubt it. I was born in 1961 and I have no memory of having seen it (until it came on some cable channel on maybe a movie marathon in the late 90s). He was never one to go out to watch a movie so I doubt it.

    The ONLY thing he’d mention about WWII was that he liked the Chinese people, and he was impressed with Ghurka soldiers. There had to have been some reason for him to have used this illustration but he would say, “[I]f you feel a tap on the top of your helmet, they’ve already slit your throat”. He also said he’d met Chaing Kai-Shek. You literally now know everything he ever told me about his WW2 service. Well, that’s a lie, he also commented that the Burma Road would wind for a half mile to go 100 yards (that’s an exaggeration, I think).

    If you asked him anything about his combat service, his stock response, and he’d say it very sharply, “[A]re you writing a book?, then forget it about it”.

    GONZO – Thank you for that link. My Dad kept his shoulder patch, identical to the one on that Wikipedia page. It’s still around somewhere up at my old family house which I still own and will retire to before too many years now.

  95. Lu,

    Payback is a bi#ch. You constantly like to TRY to provoke…not buying it.

    Have a nice day.

  96. If Obama was president in December 1941, he would have tried to negotiate the peaceful surrender of US forces in the Philippines, cede the Philippines and the Hawaiian Islands to the Japanese Empire, withdrawn the US Pacific fleet all the way back to San Francisco and allowed Japan to establish their dominion from China all the way to India and Australia just to “atone” for the sins of the white race.

  97. I was trying to imagine Obama being thrust into the position of Truman. He’d unilaterally withdraw after the Japanese Empire had been reduced to their home islands. Seriously. That’s what the fuck he’d do.

  98. Forgot to add, being thrust into Truman’s position following the death of FDR, with the empire having already been reduced to the home islands.

  99. Mormaer
    May 28, 2016 at 8:23 am
    The Mexican drug lords have corrupted and killed policemen, mayors and judges, and are flooding across our border thanks to messiah obama, the big media beloved hero for the ages.

    Well, it looks like the Mexican government is worried because they have turned the problem over to their military, and they are shooting the drug lord armies like fish in a barrel.

    The example they gave was telling: in normal combat there the ration is 8 to 1. Eight(8) soldiers injured for every soldier killed. But in this tussle the numbers are reversed: 8 killed for every one injured.

    The inference–and is all it is–an inference, is that these peddlers of poison for profit are being systematically executed. Obama is concerned about this and so are international organizations.

    After all, these vermin are entitled to a lawyer, and if they cannot afford one, then the US tax payers will pay for it–even though they are Mexican citizens.

    So far, between jibes at Trump, Obama has sought to persuade the Mexican government that is running for its life that even the meanest creature deserves a second change, unless he is white in which case feel free to fry his ass in the name of ethnic cleansing.

    Fearing the worst, namely that these drug lords may be getting their just deserts Obama has opened our borders to them, not under the rubric of give me you poor, your tired, your helpless, but give me your rich, corrupt and murderous and I will welcome them to this country.

    And when they do their drug thing his response will be equally accommodating. They are not selling drugs per se, they are simply earning a living and meeting a market demand. Narco Barack, the best friend a drug dealer ever had.

  100. gonzotx
    May 28, 2016 at 9:15 am

    …not buying it.

    LMAO. I just posted what you said.

  101. Lu,

    Please continue, shows your true self

    You remind me of ‘screaming girl” at Yale, yeah, that probably is you.

  102. blowme0bama
    May 28, 2016 at 8:50 am

    The ONLY thing he’d mention about WWII was that he liked the Chinese people, and he was impressed with Ghurka soldiers. There had to have been some reason for him to have used this illustration but he would say, “[I]f you feel a tap on the top of your helmet, they’ve already slit your throat”. He also said he’d met Chaing Kai-Shek. You literally now know everything he ever told me about his WW2 service. Well, that’s a lie, he also commented that the Burma Road would wind for a half mile to go 100 yards (that’s an exaggeration, I think).
    Not much of an exaggeration.

    The bond between special forces and chinese communists prior to and during world war II was real. The marine corps expression “gung ho” is chinese. The head of the Second Marine raiders lived with and studied under Mao. His commanding officer described him as red but not yellow.

    But the raiders were more involved with ambibious landings, and you are talking about something different, i.e. than sustained jungle warfare which you dad was engaged in. A guy he would have known in that theater certainly through reputation, and quite possibly in person was Orde Wingate. What Laurence of Arabia was to guerilla warfare in World War I–the seven pillars of wisdom, Wingate was to jungle warfare in World War II.

    One of the curious things about Wingate was he was a practicing nudist, which may have been a very practical response to the heat and humidity, as long as you did not worry about the malaria carrying mosquito.

  103. In a tribute to Wingate, Churchill called him “one of the most brilliant and courageous figures of the second world war … a man of genius who might well have become also a man of destiny.”[65] Churchill’s meeting with Wingate in Quebec, Max Hastings wrote that, “Wingate proved a short-lived protegé: closer acquaintance caused Churchill to realise that he was too mad for high command.”[64]
    So what is it that explains the undying affection of big media for Barack insane Obama? What is that elusive, compelling, x factor that makes them swoon for this portrait in failure. Could it possibly be that the scions of big media are just sick bastards, who do not give a damned about this county and care only about their 401K? What else could it possibly be that they go on and on and on and on and on and on and on ignoring the incontrovertible fact that Obama is too mad for high command? Answer: there is no (other) answer.

  104. Barack Obama has perpetrated more high crimes and misdemeanors than Hillary has, even if you interpret the facts as favorably for him and as unfavorably for her as you can. He is a traitor, and she is not. But you would never know this listening to big media.

  105. Bernie Sanders says it would be a “terrible idea” for Democrats to recruit Vice President Joe Biden to run for president if Hillary Clinton is forced out of the race.

    “I think that would be a terrible, terrible idea,” Sanders said Friday in an interview with The Young Turks, a pro-Sanders online news show.

    “That would say to the millions of people who have supported us, that have worked with us, that would say all of your energy, all of your votes, all of your beliefs are irrelevant. We’re going to bring in someone else,” Sanders said.

    “I happen to like Joe a lot, but I think that would be a very, very serious blunder for the Democratic Party,” he added.

    If that is what he says when he likes someone lord help us if he does not like them

    As for telling the young barbarians that their beliefs are irrelevant, its high time they grew up and realized there is no Santa Claus. (Note: sorry poor choice of words, i.e. high time)

    As for the democrat party making a huge blunder nominating the wrong person, there is a fond precedent for that, namely Barack (god damned America) Insane (Treasonous too) Obama (or banana in the venacular. He is a guiness book of words record blunder.

  106. What I want is a net worth tax on multi millionaires. We need more, not less, transgender bathrooms for illegals. Watch those millionaires howl and shriek like a stuck pig when the wheel of fortune points to them. Plus, unlike the middle class, they have the ability to pay. We saw some of this in the Republican Primary. How about sticking Tom Steyer and the Koch brothers with $10 billion dollar tax bills, so they can feel good about themselves in not buying corrupt politicians but in helping those with their hand out. To whom much is given much is expected.

  107. gonzotx
    May 28, 2016 at 12:33 pm


    Please continue, shows your true self

    You remind me of ‘screaming girl” at Yale, yeah, that probably is you.

    there you go with your polite discourse.

  108. When my father used to take the train into Chicago for work back in the day, the trains had bar-cars – cars that had an actual bar in them and some tables. So the commuting businessman could have his nightcap while being driven home – maybe that was the first multi-tasking lol

    So, I’m just thinking – we’re all on the Trump Train here – maybe it would help some to move on down to one of those cars, have a few drinks, and – I don’t know – sing Kumbaya? Nah, businessman wouldn’t do that… but the alcohol would at least make some Trump Train riders feel good… 🙂

    Which of course is just to say, hey guys, we’re all on the same side…. the prospect of “Making America Great Again” is bigger than all of us…. but *needs* all of us….

  109. warning – rap song – usual rap obscenities (someone needs to start teaching adjectives in school!)

  110. One of the pitfalls that Trump is mostly avoiding is the divisive social issues that the media, political and social elite have used to divide the electorate. Things are so bad that they seem trivial and silly to a lot of the electorate in comparison to economic and security ones. This is why Hillary dropped the “woman” thing. During more flush economic times it would have more resonance but now it simply doesn’t. Things are simply too bad. The Republicans are finding it out with abortion, all of their states rights crap, and the Confederate flag. People care if they are un- or under-employed and financially treading water (as well as physical threats from terrorism or crime) as the elites ignore the physiological needs in Maslow’s hierarchy. The elites are so far removed from it they have no concept of need except social and psychological. The true or pure of any ideological stripe is not working this year except for the comfortable (or deranged) who can afford it or those who are paid (or brainwashed) as a matter of class or employment to be so “high minded” which is often a rationalization for what they want to do for further income and power redistribution anyway. It is the economy you morons and the basic biology of the hierarchy of need.

  111. Obama’ people forced naive, impressionable children to recite a song about Obama, it had a whole communist feel to me.

    Trump’ people, adults, in American style, write their own individual songs.

    It’s interesting. Polls and primaries have shown us that Trump is popular all over. But listening to the different accents and musical genres in the Trump songs really makes the point, too.

    Trump. No to Sanders’ socialism and Hillary’s globalism. Yes to Trump’s American individuality!

  112. wbboei

    May 28, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    What I want is a net worth tax on multi millionaires. We need more, not less, transgender bathrooms for illegals. Watch those millionaires howl and shriek like a stuck pig when the wheel of fortune points to them. Plus, unlike the middle class, they have the ability to pay. We saw some of this in the Republican Primary. How about sticking Tom Steyer and the Koch brothers with $10 billion dollar tax bills, so they can feel good about themselves in not buying corrupt politicians but in helping those with their hand out. To whom much is given much is expected.

    I’m blowmeObama, and I approve of this message.

  113. wbboei

    May 28, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    What I want is a net worth tax on multi millionaires, a tax for which there is no loophole, and that they can’t pass on to consumers. We need more, not FEWER, transgender bathrooms for illegals. Watch those millionaires howl and shriek like a stuck pig when the wheel of fortune points to them. Plus, unlike the middle class, they have the ability to pay. We saw some of this in the Republican Primary. How about sticking Tom Steyer and the Koch brothers with $10 billion dollar tax bills, so they can feel good about themselves in not buying corrupt politicians but in helping those with their hand out. To whom much is given much is expected.

    I’m blowmeObama, and I approve of this message.
    I’m lorac, and I approve this message. 🙂

  114. Just watched again 13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, now out on video. The movie vividly depicts how Ambassador Chris Stevens, the CIA personnel and their six man GSR team were abandoned by their own country to defend themselves against Al Qaeda-backed rebels in hostile territory. However, it did not make clear what Hillary and Obama should have or could have done to prevent the deaths of four Americans, including the ambassador. Larry Johnson’s article about how Hillary should have handled the crisis as it was unfolding is definitely worth the time to go over again after watching the film.

  115. Tony Stark
    May 29, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    What makes that all politicized propaganda is that Hillary was not the Commander in Chief and someone gave the order to stand down.

    And all this propaganda never focuses on BO and his responsibility.

    BO is not leaving Washington D.C. after his term is up. His new digs look like something appropriate for him, maybe with coffins in the basement for him and Soros.

  116. The GSR survivors made it clear in testimonies to Gowdy’s House Intelligence committee that they blamed the CIA base station chief “Bob” for telling them to wait three times when the ambassador’s residence. Larry Johnson believes he did so because he was being overly cautious.

    There is a fair argument to be made on his behalf that he was sacrificing the life of the State Department personnel in order to protect the CIA position. But that is simply selfishness and reflected worry about explaining things after the fact. The security contractors, who heard the cries for help, were motivated by the warrior code. They were not going to worry about keeping their own asses safe while other Americans were dying.
    According to the Washington Post his career as a case officer was spent largely in Central and South America. That is a critical piece of information. There is no nice way to say this. The Latin America section of the Directorate of Operations over the last twenty years was not filled with the best and the brightest that CIA had to offer.

    Hillary had the authority on her own to convene Counter Terrorism Security Group when requested repeatedly by her Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Counter Terrorism when the attack began but did not do so.

    We now learn that the government’s own Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) was never convened during or after the attack. Members of the interagency group are steamed, and sources have been leaking information to Fox News and CBS, which reported this news yesterday.

    A protocol set forth in a classified presidential directive quoted by CBS calls for the CSG to be convened in the event of a possible terrorist attack. It is designed to “synchronize the efforts of all the government agencies that have a role to play in the Global War on Terrorism.” The CSG knows “of multiple options and [has] the ability to coordinate counterterrorism assets across all the agencies,” an official told CBS. . . .

    “The response was isolated at the most senior level,” said one military official. “My fellow counterterrorism professionals and I (were) not consulted.”

    In the hours and days after the attack, major assets in counterterrorism efforts (the CSG and Foreign Emergency Support Team, a rapid-response unit) were disregarded, and the decisions made were compartmentalized and isolated at the very top.

    Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin reported, “I’m told at the most senior level of the Administration and there’s a great deal of frustration in the counterterrorism community that some of those counter-terror assets weren’t used in the initial hours and days.”

    You can call it propaganda and pass the buck up to Obama, but the fact is that she did not follow established protocol in this crisis situation and therefore bears responsibility along with Obama in the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans.

  117. So let’s pretend we are Secretary Clinton around 4pm on 11 September 2012. The State Operation’s Center calls her office. The phone is probably answered by Cheryl Mills or Huma Abedin. They are informed that Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff are under attack at his residence in Benghazi. They know immediately that Stevens is in distress and has limited physical security.

    What would you do? What should you do?

    Every department and agency with responsibility for policy and operations overseas conducts at least one crisis response exercise every year. Some do more than one. The purpose of a crisis response exercise for State Department, the CIA, the Department of Justice and the FBI, and the Department of Defense is to test the ability of each Department or Agency to do emergency planning, identify appropriate courses of action, and alert and deploy relevant assets. You want to force these organizations to test their decision making process in a practice scenario in order to prepare them for a real world event. It is like doing a fire drill only more complicated.

    Here is a critical piece of information you must understand: when these incidents start you never know how long they will last. If an Embassy has been blown up you prepare for recovering personnel, dealing with casualties, securing the facility and finding out who carried out the attack. No one agency or department can do it all. There should be a military response, an intelligence response (CIA and NSA), a State Department response and a law enforcement response (the FBI).

    If your people are being attacked your first job as Secretary of State is to determine what assets are available to go help. This task is supposed to be handled by the Counter Terrorism Security Group aka the CSG. The CSG, according to Wiki is an:

    “interagency body convened on a regular basis to develop terrorism prevention policy and to coordinate threat response and law enforcement investigations associated with terrorism. This group evaluates various policy issues of interagency importance regarding counterterrorism and makes recommendations to senior levels of the policymaking structure for decision.”

    Hillary should have convened the CSG. She is not a terrorism expert and she did not and does not have the experience to know the full array of assets that can be assembled and deployed to deal with the on-going attack at Benghazi.

  118. With regards to her emails and using an unsecured server and Blackberry for both personal and work emails, I think that was just a boneheaded decision on her part. She had been working for the government for several years now and should have been exposed to some basics about Internet security. I’ve worked in both academic and VA hospitals during the last 20 years, and we always had yearly lectures about keeping work-related correspondence strictly confidential and separate from our personal stuff, especially if it dealt with patient information. One would think that, given the sensitive nature of the diplomatic work that the State Department engages in, Hillary would know as Secretary of State that you do not use the same PC or smartphone that she uses for for sensitive emails about the Middle East or Russia to talk about Chelsea’s wedding plans. Whether that level of cluelessness and poor judgement rises to the level of criminal activity is something the FBI will have to decide as far as I’m concerned.

  119. Tony Stark
    May 29, 2016 at 1:18 pm
    The GSR survivors made it clear in testimonies to Gowdy’s House Intelligence committee that they blamed the CIA base station chief “Bob” for telling them to wait three times when the ambassador’s residence. Larry Johnson believes he did so because he was being overly cautious.
    Obama to CIA Bob

    “Heck of a job, Bob”.

    Haul him in under subpoena

    Hi ya Bob, how they hanging

    By the way Bob

    Are you just a cowardly incompetent son of a bitch?

    Or were you acting on orders from CIA chief Brennan who epitomizes those character flaws?

  120. Wishing all a nice holiday weekend and thanking our servicemen/women, past and present, for their service this Memorial Day weekend.
    I see the dems are caving and allowed sore loser Sander’s to appoint anti-Israeli’s to the DNC platform writing committee. He is a vile, anti-women , never done anything Senator who sadly has a fairly large following in the demcratic party. I think CA is unfortunately going to go his way and Hillary is really going to have a tough time getting her footing to face Trump in the general.

  121. holdthemaccountable
    May 29, 2016 at 5:34 pm
    An interesting story.

    The golf partner of my dad was a retired executive from United Airlines, and his father was an army doctor who went on the Bataan Death March. The Japanese captors broke his ribs, and as I recall one of his hands. Whether they did this for sport, or in response to some provocation. Of course I never met the man, but his son was one of the most mild mannered people you will ever meet and I find it hard to believe his father was any different. Therefore, the most likely reason for this assault which left him crippled was that he tried to convince the Japanese commander to stop long enough for his patients to rest, in that malaria infected jungle environment. This scenario goes to show that Gozo’s was correct in calling some of those Japanese soldiers monsters. Every army has them. Which doesn’t exactly square with the big media beloved messiah’s prognosis, that even if a million people die a violent death today in the long arc of history the world will be a better place for it. If a million people must die, then I would like to see him go first, to serve the long arc of history. By the way, the NYT had a front page picture of the boob with the prime minister of Japan with some mawkish headline worshiping and his bullshit.

  122. Every marine is . . . a rifleman? Nooo so sayeth Obama. Every marine is a rifle person. Maybus had only one qualification for the job. He was and his a homosexual. I say so what. So was Baron Von Steuben who was the father of the Continental Army. The problem with Mabus is he is a disgusting little nerd with no military record to speak of.
    Homosexual SecNav Ray Mabus Bans Marine Job Titles With Term ‘Man’ to Ensure Gender Neutrality
    2 posts by 2 authors

    Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus recently sent a memo to Marine
    Commandant Gen. Robert Neller directing him to review the Marine
    Corp’s position titles to ensure their gender neutrality.

    Mabus told Neller to drop the term “man” from position titles so
    that they become gender integrated by the deadline of April 1,
    according to the Marine Corps Times.

    “As we achieve full integration of the force … this is an
    opportunity to update the position titles and descriptions
    themselves to demonstrate through this language that women are
    included in these MOSs,” Mabus wrote in the Jan. 1 memo. “Please
    review the position titles throughout the Marine Corps and
    ensure that they are gender-integrated as well, removing ‘man’
    from the titles and provide a report to me as soon as is
    practicable and no later than April 1, 2016.”

  123. By the way, the NYT had a front page picture of the boob with the prime minister of Japan
    I did notice a group picture where the world’s “leaders” pretty much assumed the stance of POTUS – a gaping grin and hands up in some kind of brotherhood gesture.

    Prior to this year, Obama seemed to be the cheese standing alone with his goofy hand signal which I secretly wished had been photoshopped. Now the jerx are bros.
    To add depth to the monster impression you and gonzotx have mentioned, even Gause’s widow, interviewed as a very old woman, referred to “Japs”. Readings from the journal, as well as conversations did the same IIRC.

    Then of course the camps Japanese in America were confined to. Not many could have been comfortable with them right after Pearl Harbor.

  124. wbboei – will the name change really be that big of a deal? What exactly is wrong about them being gender-neutral? If the real name for “chef” had been “chefwoman”, you would have objected to it being changed to “chef”? Men are so absolutely terrified of being called a female, or referred to as a female – c’mon, the worst insults for men are actually terms referring to women – I would think men would understand a term being neutral.

    In a matter of years, any new terms are going to be accepted without thought (except by older people holding a grudge). With the world in crisis, is this really important?

    Are men so delicate they need to have their gender confirmed in their job title…?

  125. wbboei,

    I think you will enjoy this article:

    One of the endearing features of the ruling classes is their abiding faith in their own judgment. Despite inexhaustible evidence that they are bumbling incompetents, the power elite stick to their guns – literally – and to their cushy sinecures.

    We are now seven years into the “recovery” supposedly engineered by the PhDs at the Fed. At a cost variously estimated between $4 trillion and $10 trillion, we have now achieved a growth rate that is about half what it was 40 years ago – before the internet and debt-based money allegedly freed the economy from earthly tethers.

    And thanks to these custodians of the public weal, 99% of the families in the USA now have less wealth than they did before the crisis of ’08 began. But wait – it gets worse. It is now 45 years since the PhDs took control of America’s money. Over those four and a half decades, how much financial progress do you think the average family has made? Approximately zero.

    Actually, if they do much more work, “failure to make any progress” may quickly become the least of our worries…

    Yes, the Levy Institute has completed a study. It tells us what we suspected already. Nine out of 10 people in the U.S. have roughly the same real earnings today as they did in the early ’70s.

    That makes FOUR LOST DECADES, thanks to the feds, with no advance in the material well-being of the American people (aside from technological marvels) since the new money system came on the scene….

  126. Lu4PUMA
    May 29, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    The latest rumor making the rounds is that Barack Obama replaced General Carter Ham at AFRICOM after the general made a move to help the US security officials at the Benghazi consulate and annex. Ham was replaced by Gen. David Rodriquez on October 18.

    Nice try, but you really are reaching if you put more stock in unconfirmed rumors than in first hand testimony from the GSR guys who were there on the ground in Benghazi and an ex-CIA guy who knows the protocol governing the government’s crisis response in order to try to find Hillary blameless for something that occurred on her watch.

  127. Lu4PUMA
    May 29, 2016 at 8:45 pm
    Thank you.

    It confirms what I am saying.

    What it does not show is how much the elites have profited during that period.

    This income redistribution from the middle class to the elites

    Can only be cured by an income redistribution from the elites to the middle class.

    That is a simple principle of equity—a make whole remedy

    And that is where the net worth tax comes in.

    The elites are at the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy of values

    Which is self actualization

    They love to self actualize with o p m–other peoples money

    They need to self actualize with their own money

    Through a net worth tax

    Think how much fulfilled that would make them feel

  128. Unless they happen to be nothing more than a bunch of greedy self centered motherfuckers

    To conclude otherwise would require a suspension of disbelief which I for one am not capable of.

  129. Tony Stark
    May 29, 2016 at 8:49 pm
    It is more than a nice try. It is the whole game. The “guys on the ground” do not know what directives Barack Obama gave Valerie Jarret and Co. Hillary Clinton does not have the authority to over-ride the Commander in Chief. I say he tied her hands and told her to go take a swim. The investigation was a lame joke.

  130. Lu4PUMA
    May 29, 2016 at 8:45 pm
    The public is so goddamned stupid when it comes to politics that you begin to wonder whether they will ever catch on. A perfect illustration of this is a conversation I had with someone claims he does not believe mainstream media, but it is obvious from his comments on politics that he buys their bullshit lock stock and barrel. Yesterday he told me that as much as he dislikes illegal immigration, he sees those people as no different from his grandparents who emigrated here from Europe in the early twentieth century. No different. Yes, at times I feel explaining the facts of life to the ignoranti is like spitting in the ocean.

    The best chance we have for educating the public is through mass media. The left knows this and that is why they control it. Lock stock and barrel. However, once in a while a movie comes along which tells the real story. The elites do their best to bury it, but through ubtube and other venues it gets out. Curious minds may listen, closed minds do not, but instead thing of all the sexual position they would love to get into with Obama or his lovely wife. Chris Buckley son of William Buckley, a conservative poseur has been so explicit on this point, that it turns your stomach. Yes, it is Freudian. Which is a hell of a way to run a railroad.

    What I am thinking of a movie called The Big Short. At first blush you might assume it is about what is between Obama’s legs when he confronts ISIS and stoops to conquer–or more accurately to draw meaningless red lines with flashing eyes and floating hair. But no, the big media beloved messiah is not the object, and you can be sure he is miffed about being ignored for five minutes. This movie is about Wall Street.

    Have you seen it? If so then you may agree with me that it would have been a better movie if it had better actors. Unfortunately there are no better actors today. And so, like the army on the cusp of world war II they went to war with what was available. The script is likewise mediocre. But the story is compelling, and it gives rise to a teaching moment, but only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, which today is a minority of the population.

    We learn that the banking industry was, historically, for lack of a better word boring as hell. Thirty year mortgages were about as exciting as it got. Then a creative banker whose name ended in a vowel with no known ties to the mafia, did what every mafia don dreams of doing. The big swindle of the American People. It began with bundling good mortgages, and selling that bundle as a new financial product. Which led to the bundling of bad mortgages. Which led to the corruption of rating agencies which gave those bundles triple A rating on the premise that if they did not do it the Wall Street wolves would go to their competitors. And that led to the creation of derivatives which were bets on bets which amounted to $100 trillion of stupid money, producing a pyramid scheme which was destined to end badly. Meanwhile, mortgage brokers were making million dollar real estate loans to street vendors, as we saw here in Seattle. This led to a bubble. And when that bubble burst, Wall Street minions arranged a bail which paid them back for their improvident bets and passed those losses along to the taxpayer. In other words, the socialized the losses, and privatized the profits of the Obama bail out.

    If the American People, such as they are, and not as we wish they were, are capable of assimilating that then perhaps they could see past the big media mantra that everything is just fine and dandy, if we could just get those retards in North Carolina to offer transgender bathrooms, give up their sovereignty, and be the good persons we are (as we fuck them like a house cat and send them stampeding in the wrong direction). This is why I am madly in love with the idea of a net worth tax on billionaires, as a way to disgourge from them the assets they have stolen from the American People though their hit team of unscrupulous establishment politicians. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  131. This story is the reason why a Trump presidency is feted. And when he appoints Carl Ican as secretary of the treasury rather than that goofy useless little prick from the federal reserve bank of new york with that perennial smirk on his face that says I am fucking you and you don’t even know it, and given Carl’s keen observation that the corruption in the political system bad as it is, is as nothing compared to the corruption which exists in our corporate board rooms and is endemic on Wall Street, with whom Hillary is aligned. Then perhaps, the fur will start to fly whereas now, the Justice Department has failed miserably in whatever effort it has expended in the name of cheap politics as opposed to the law, to bring what Bush would call the evil doers to justice. Who knows what the future holds. There might even be a Bush wing at Leavenworth/

  132. A good question for Hillary: you support illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. You have been crystal clear on that point. And, surely you realize that 2/3 of those illegal end up on welfare? Which is paid for by taxpayers? Not the Clinton foundation? Given all that is there ANY limit on the number of illegals you would allow in this country? All six billion on the planet? It would be nativist, racist and sexist to prevent them all from coming—in your concept of a just universe, right? The wealthy would find their gold plated Noahs arc? Great. If there is anyone worth saving, surely it is them. They are, after all, such superior people. And if you don’t believe it, all you need to do is ask them.

  133. Kate Steinle’s Family Sues San Francisco, Federal Agencies Over Deadly Shooting by Illegal Immigrant

    Brad Steinle, Liz Sullivan and Jim Steinle, the brother, mother and father of Kate Steinle (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)
    The parents of Kate Steinle, the woman shot to death by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco last summer, filed a wrongful death lawsuit Thursday against the city, its sheriff, and two federal agencies.

    The lawsuit, filed Thursday in a federal court in San Francisco, seeks to hold the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the City and County of San Francisco and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department for providing “the means and opportunity for a repeat drug felon to secure a gun and kill” the 31-year-old, the complaint reads.
    James and Elizabeth Steinle are accusing the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department of failing to notify federal immigration officials when it released Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez from jail.

    Via Fox News:

    Frank Pitre, the lawyer for Steinle’s family, said the lawsuit points out “failures at every level.”
    He said a seven-time convicted felon was able to obtain a BLM officer’s handgun due to negligence and ICE agents did not pursue his deportation.

    The murder of Kate Steinle put San Francisco’s leaders on the defensive for supporting the city’s dysfunctional sanctuary law. Despite the national outcry, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors last week voted to retain its sanctuary city policies for people in the country illegally.


    As has been the case since 2013, the legislation bars city law enforcement officials from notifying U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents when an individual will be released from local custody, except in limited circumstances.

    In the wake of Steinle’s murder, sanctuary cities have become a hot-button issue in the presidential race. Last summer, Donald Trump vowed to scrutinize existing sanctuary city policies and held a press conference in Los Angeles featuring family members of other individuals who were killed by illegal immigrants.

    In an interview earlier this month with KVI-AM in Seattle, Trump said that as president he would withhold funding from sanctuary cities, calling such cities “a haven for criminals.”

    “We have to have law and order in our country,” Trump said. “We have no law and order. When you look at the people who are pouring in and the borders are so porous.”

    “I want people to come into the country a hundred percent,” he explained, “but they have to come in legally. They have to come in through a process, and what’s happening now is out of control. It’s totally out of control.”

    Democrat presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, fully support sanctuary cities.

    “Hillary Clinton believes that sanctuary cities can help further public safety, and she has defended those policies going back years,” a Clinton spokeswoman said days after Steinle’s murder.

    On his campaign website, Bernie Sanders informs voters that he “wholeheartedly rejects the ‘The Great Sanctuary City Slander’ as the politics of fear, and supports enacting community trust [sanctuary city] policies.”

    These policies will strengthen relationships between community members and local law enforcement, respect the constitutional rights of immigrants, and reflect the will of a locally elected electorate.
    A Rasmussen poll last summer found that 62% of likely U.S. voters thought “the U.S. Justice Department should take legal action against cities that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants.” A mere 26% opposed Justice Department action against sanctuary cities and 12% were undecided. A poll in September found that Californians strongly oppose sanctuary city policies, with 74% of respondents saying that “local authorities should not be able to ignore a federal request to hold a detained person who is in the country illegally.”

  134. Remember the fallen, for they have given all they had to give, and deserve our utmost devotion and respect…

  135. I have no problem believing that Obama set the tone for what happened in Benghazi – either by ordering the stand down, and/or disappearing to his room with ESPN in the fetal position.


    1 – Hillary has told lies and lies of omission

    2 – Hillary’s role is going to be scrutinized because she is running for president. The people of this country are not involved in some joint investigation of Benghazi, they’re involved in vetting a potential president.

    All I know is, Hillary has made choices. If her hands were tied by Obama, she chose to let them be tied, choosing her career over letting people know the truth. And she chose to overtly lie to those soldiers’ parents.

    She made choices.

    She created this reality she’s currently going through.

  136. When you know somebody well enough you can complete their sentences for them if they make the mistake of pausing mid sentence.

    So when the effete left wing snobs at the New York Times produce a headline above the fold, after a full day of revolting Obama worship, which reads:

    For Trump, A Tricky (Electoral) Map An Uphill Battle . . .

    The next words in their mind are–if not out of their mouth, because they know they would be targeted if they ever revealed their true nature and intention, i.e.

    We, The Chosen Ones, will plant boobie traps, subborn perjury, and, lay the foundation for murder and mayhem to make prevent the middle class from having any say in the future. We are, after all, the best of human beings—and the lowest form of life on earth, and there is nothing we will not stoop to.

  137. lorac
    May 30, 2016 at 1:57 pm
    Certainly what you describe is bad enough, but it is just not on the same level as putting her to blame for the deaths there. Yea she picked up the party line, when she knew it was nonsense, but apparently she drew a line at the what they sent Susan Rice to do. I do not see Hillary’s part in it as the big deal they are trying to make it out to be. It is all about that stand down order. That is where heads should roll. And they are too cowardly and ineffective to go after that.

  138. Lu, I hear you. But there are two different things going on (maybe run by the same people). One is the investigation, and one is the vetting of a potential president. If Hillary weren’t running for president, I think the focus would be on Obama (if there were any focus on this at all).

    I’m not an expert, but it sure seems the investigation shouldn’t take this long. I imagine political intrigue is part of it.

    If Trump wins, I think he will open an investigation into Benghazi (he has said so, anyway). Hillary wouldn’t be his opponent, and he’s not any fonder of Obama, so I would hope all the truth would out at that time. Right now it’s not likely to, because she’s running for president, and so he draws the attention. Plus, Obama is still in charge, and can keep the focus off of himself.

  139. Lorac,

    The uniparty is not looking for the truth. A real investigation would benefit Hillary. All her dirty laundry has been put on display. It is all about the stand-down order.

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