Trump 45 Clinton 42 – @RealDonaldTrump Triumphs, #Hillary2016 Disasters

There’s a lot of great news for Donald J. Trump. There’s a lot of terrible news for Hillary Clinton. We’re not going to spend every second of our lives over that hot stove watching the pot of Trump good news and Hillary bad news boil. We’re just going to dip a spoon into the pot and sample some of the stew of news.

There’s a new Fox News poll out tonight which we don’t believe for a second. At this point in the cycle we don’t believe any poll on the November election. Still it is good news for Trump, who leads, and bad news for Hillary Clinton. In the poll Trump loses to Bernie Sanders – which is even more good news for Trump and bad news for Hillary Clinton. We’ll explain in a moment why this poll is really good news for Trump and really bad news for Hillary Clinton.

Last night Donald J. Trump was interviewed by Megyn Kelly. It was a silly interview full of nothing. More good news for Trump however.

Last night there were some primary elections. More great news for Donald J. Trump and more bad news for Hillary Clinton. Even the assumed “win” in Kentucky for Hillary Clinton is really bad news in two ways.

Ready to sample the stew? Here we go, in no particular order:

The silly Megyn Kelly interview of Donald J. Trump

Megyn Kelly, after a week of non-stop promotion, some would say “ceaseless whoring” of her Trump interview, finally aired the waste of time. We didn’t watch it. We caught some excerpts and read commentary. It was also a ratings flop because Trump supporters won’t watch Kelly Megyn. It was Barbara Walters type hum-buggery of personal questions to try and get Trump to dance to her fiddle. Trump was too smart to fall for Kelly’s fan dance interview and mostly said things he has said before in front of crowds of tens of thousands broadcast to million of viewers. Still, the interview was a smashing success for Donald J. Trump.

The Kelly interview was another instance of “medium is the message”. The message from the medium is that Fox News capitulated to Donald J. Trump. After months of attempts to savage Trump and destroy him Fox News waved the white host of surrender. Megyn Kelly approached Trump for an interview and Trump agreed. Why did Trump do this? Because he won.

Kelly and Fox News came fake eyelashes in hand to signal to their viewers that Trump won the fight. Trump this May is consolidating the party apparatus and also declared this is “be nice to losers month”. “Be nice to losers after you beat them” is what Trump is up to. That’s why Trump visits with loser Paul Ryan and losers in the GOP establishment. May for Trump is “be nice to losers” month.

The Megyn Kelly interview is one with the endorsement of Trump by the New York Post during the New York primary. Rupert Murdoch owns both the Post and Fox News. When the Post endorsed Trump it was the white flag of surrender by Rupert. Megyn Kelly’s interview last night was the follow-up white flag moment. It was time to display for all to see that Fox News too is ready to shovel coal in the fast moving Trump train.

The Hillary2016 House of Horror Heated by Coal

Speaking of shoveling coal, Hillary Clinton had a chance to fix the latest big mess in her mess of a campaign. Instead Hillary2016 has made worse into worst.

We’ve written before that it is of paramount importance for Hillary2016 to repair the seemingly irreparable level of stupidity displayed by Hillary Clinton herself. As we’ve written the Hillary ‘I’m going to put coal miners out of work’ nastiness in order to woo environmentalists will be the single most destructive ad to come in 2016. Hillary Clinton and Hillary2016 know we are right. That nasty statement will be of use in every state in 2016.

That nasty promise to force coal miners out of work is a great danger to Hillary2016. Hillary Clinton, as we have written has to find a way to combat her own statement. Hillary Clinton had a great opportunity to wiggle out of this mess. Instead Hillary wiggled into something much much worse.

Here’s the damaging video and what we wrote:

At his victory speech Donald Trump mentioned what we believe will be the death blow if Hillary Clinton ever becomes the nominee (which we doubt). Trump briefly discussed Hillary’s incredibly ugly promise to destroy the jobs of coal miners. Hillary subsequently said she “misspoke” but the massive damage to her has been done. If Hillary ever becomes the nominee (which we doubt) we believe the Hillary attack on coal miners will be the central advertisement by the Trump campaign against her. Those ads will air nonstop in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and New Jersey. In coal country and any county in the country with high unemployment the ad will also air. The damage to Hillary will be that she would willfully and deliberately destroy the livelihood of workers for her political ambition to court ideological crackpots.

A continued Trump attack on Hillary2016 for her purposeful unemployment of coal miners – alongside a Bernie Sanders demand that Hillary stick with environmentalist kooks against coal mining – will place Hillary2016 in an indefensible position especially in states like California.

Hillary Clinton knows what we write is exactly on target. So Hillary Clinton said a really stupid thing to try to counteract that really stupid statement about putting coal miners out of work. Here’s what Hillary Clinton said which is truly stupid on many levels:

That was Hillary’s stupid attempt to put away her earlier stupid statement about unemployment horror for coal miners. Hillary is smart enough to know that ugly statement will birth lots of ads so Hillary tried to counteract it by promising Bill Clinton will help fix “coal country”.

At first blush, we see why Hillary thought she was being smart. Bill Clinton was once loved in coal country. Bill Clinton was and possibly still is viewed as a good steward of the economy. But further examination quickly disintegrates the notion that what Hillary said was smart.

We’re not going to examine in detail the stupidity of what Hillary said. We’ll just bring up some of the problems that come to mind real quick. Bill Clinton is going to be the “economy” president under the first woman president? Isn’t the whole rationale of Hillary2016 that a woman will be president? What happens when news organizations ask Bill what he will do for the economy? Will Bill say “ask Hillary she’ll be president”? But Hillary said Bill will fix things so Bill “what is your plan” as you become the real president of the economy not the one who is the first woman president. This likely back and forth when news organizations ask Bill what he will do only to be sent to Hillary who will then say she’s in charge but Bill will be in charge of the economy, is another bit of muddled message mess.

Then there is the problem with Bill Clinton. Hillary is essentially running against Bill Clinton’s presidency and as the Obama Third Term. Hillary says she will preserve “Obama’s legacy” while at the same time appointing Bill as the economic president even as she says she will be the president. Sorry, that’s muddled beyond a mess.

Hillary knows she has to somehow neutralize that ‘put coal miners out of work’ stupidity. But the Bill Clinton gambit was stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

What should Hillary Clinton have done? We answered that question in May 10 of 2008! Back then the issue was the West Virginia primary. We noted that John F. Kennedy was viewed with great suspicion as a first Catholic president by many protestants. JFK went to West Virginia. JFK met with the coal miners. JFK visited a coal mine. JFK soothed the ill feelings against him by speaking with and listening to the coal miners that would eventually give him a pivotal victory. That’s what Hillary Clinton should have done.

Hillary Clinton should have visited the coal mines. Hillary should have met with the people she threatened with economic extinction. Hillary could have attempted to neutralize her nasty statement about putting coal miners out of work.

Did Hillary Clinton do what JFK did and what we advised? No. Hillary Clinton continued Obama Third Term nonsense. Hillary campaigned in black churches and did everything to bring out the black vote. Tactically that was smart but strategically that was stupid. Bernie Sanders has little support outside of the young in the black community. So Hillary did the easy and stupid thing by campaigning in the black neighborhoods and centers of Kentucky. But Hillary’s problem is the elemental one of whether she is honest with voters and in this case with coal miners in particular.

Instead of taking the opportunity to neutralize the nasty ‘put coal miners out of work’ statement Hillary chose the racially divisive courting of black voters and backhand insult to white working class voters. The result was a near defeat rescue of less than half a percentage point in Kentucky. That’s not victory, that’s black lung disease.

Worst, the opportunity to find an antidote to the poisonous ‘put coal miners out of work’ statement on video, was not taken. Hillary’s unemployment threat on video remains as deadly as a hungry cobra.

The Fox News Poll With Trump On Top

Good news for Trump gushes in:

Mitt Romney ends recruiting efforts for an independent candidate

Washington (CNN)Mitt Romney won’t launch a third-party presidential campaign of his own and has stopped trying to recruit somebody else to do it.

The 2012 Republican nominee had attempted to recruit a challenger to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But prospects like Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse said no, and Romney is now dropping his efforts, a source familiar with Romney’s thinking told CNN. The news was first reported by Yahoo News.

It’s the latest blow to the “Never Trump” movement — a group of conservatives led by Romney, blogger Erick Erickson and The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol — to find an alternative to Trump.
Romney still hopes a candidate will emerge. But an adviser to the “Never Trump” efforts confirmed Tuesday night that the efforts are looking grim.

Loser Romney! It’s over for… Romney. Put him in the Mittens drawer.

Why did Willard euthanize his efforts to stop Trump? Well, for starters, the Fox News poll has Trump ahead of Hillary which Romney and the #NeverTrumpTards said would never happen. Trump is tops:

Donald Trump tops Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, according to a new Fox News Poll that also finds majorities of voters feel both frontrunners lack strong moral values and will say anything to get elected.

Trump has a 45-42 percent edge over Clinton, if the presidential election were held today. That’s within the poll’s margin of sampling error. Last month, Clinton was up by 48-41 percent (April 2016).

Clinton is ahead by 14 points among women (50-36 percent). Yet Trump leads by a larger 22 points among men (55-33 percent).

He also tops Clinton by 37 points (61-24 percent) among whites without a college degree (working-class whites).

Overall, Trump is preferred by 24 points among whites (55-31 percent). He’s even ahead by nine among white women (47-38 percent).

Clinton has a commanding 83-point lead among blacks (90-7 percent), and is up by 39 among Hispanics (62-23 percent). [snip]

In 2012, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won by 20 points among whites, while President Barack Obama won blacks by 87 points and Hispanics by 44, according to the Fox News exit poll.

One reason for Trump’s showing is there is parity on party unity, as 83 percent of Democrats back Clinton and 82 percent of Republicans support Trump.

Independents go for Trump by 46-30 percent, although one in five would vote for someone else or stay home (20 percent).

Enthusiasm is on the GOP’s side, as more Republicans (74 percent) than Democrats (66 percent) say they are extremely or very interested in the presidential election.

The poll shows Bernie Sanders has a 46-42 percent advantage over Trump in a hypothetical matchup. Sanders was up by 53-39 percent in April. However, the Vermont senator trails Clinton in the Democratic nomination race by what is considered an insurmountable number of delegates.

The drawn-out nomination battle may hurt Clinton among the base, as 1 in 10 Sanders voters say they would pick Trump over her in November (11 percent).

Clinton and Trump have made quite an impression so far. Overall, voters feel the candidates lack honesty, empathy, and strong moral values, and that they’ll say anything to win.

Clinton has a net negative honesty rating of -35 points. That’s because a new low 31 percent say she’s honest, while a record 66 percent say she isn’t.

Trump does better on this measure, although he is still underwater by 17 points: 40 percent think he’s honest and 57 percent say he’s not.

In addition, over half say the phrase “has strong moral values” does not describe Clinton (57 percent) or Trump (58 percent).

Many think “cares about people like me” doesn’t fit Trump (55 percent).

More voters than not think the “cares” attribute doesn’t work for Clinton either (46 percent yes vs. 51 percent no).

Clinton performs best on “is a strong leader,” although the reviews are mixed: 49 percent say it applies to her, while 50 percent say it doesn’t.

“Strong leader” is also Trump’s best trait, as 59 percent feel it describes him (38 percent disagree).

Even so, half or better say “is a reliable leader” doesn’t describe Clinton (55 percent) or Trump (50 percent).

Most think Clinton (71 percent) and Trump (65 percent) will “say anything to get elected.” And majorities think the main reason the former secretary of state (57 percent) and businessman (56 percent) are running is for themselves — rather than for the country.

Who is more corrupt? By a 49-37 percent margin, voters give that dubious distinction to Clinton.

These polls are a load of bullsh*t. But this is a treasure trove of good news for Trump. We don’t believe the numbers but we do understand the political impact of such a poll. Great news for Trump which cut Romney’s legs off.

The best news for Trump? Bernie Sanders beats Trump! Bernie Sanders is never going to be the nominee against Trump but this poll helps Sanders to make his argument against Hillary and this makes Trump happy as a pig in mud on a rainy day.

There’s lots other good news for Trump in this silly poll which we will encourage you to find yourself. Enough to say that Trump has to be happy that voters in this poll see Hillary at the same level as Trump. Two pigs in mud or two glory candidates in Elysium? Take your pick but advantage is to Trump who has never run for political office.

Donald J. Trump fought Big Media and won.

Want more good news/bad news stew? We can’t. We’re fed up. But do try the plate with Trump telling the new Muslim mayor of London to take an IQ test. For dessert there’s Hillary Clinton supporter Ed Rendell attacking Donald J. Trump for something Trump said on the rollicking Howard Stern show long ago:

“Will he have some appeal to working-class Dems in Levittown or Bristol? Sure,” said Ed Rendell, the former Pennsylvania governor and Philadelphia mayor, who won landslides in the suburbs. “For every one he’ll lose 1½ , two Republican women. Trump’s comments like ‘You can’t be a 10 if you’re flat-chested,’ that’ll come back to haunt him. There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women. People take that stuff personally.

Ugly women?

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has apologized for saying “there are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women.”

Rendell tells The Associated Press the comments were “incredibly dumb and selfish” and that he’s sorry.

He says he was poking fun at his own appearance and trying to make the point that “there’s more of us than there are of them.”

The Democrat was offering his thoughts to The Washington Post on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s prospects for success in the Philadelphia suburbs when he made the comment.

Ugly women??? With friends like these… it will get a lot uglier.

Things just keep getting better for Donald J. Trump and worse for Hillary2016.


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  1. Feel the Bernout:

    Democrats sweat Sanders revolt

    Bernie’s defiant pose heightens party fears.

    Hours after voters registered a split decision – a razor-thin victory for Hillary Clinton in Kentucky and a more comfortable win for Bernie Sanders in Oregon — top Democrats took to insisting that the seeming rift between Sanders supporters and the party establishment was no cause for alarm and no threat to an orderly national convention in July.

    But with other Democrats alluding to the chaos of the 1968 Democratic convention, the Sanders campaign continuing to strike a defiant pose and even Donald Trump fanning the flames of Democratic discontent, the prospect of a hot landing in Philadelphia seemed more real than ever Wednesday.

  2. Bill Clinton back when he was Bill Clinton:

    But there are some areas that the federal government should not leave and should address and address strongly. One of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration. After years of neglect, this administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. We are increasing border controls by 50 percent. We are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants. And tonight, I announce I will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

    Let me be very clear about this: We are still a nation of immigrants; we should be proud of it. We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws.


  3. Obama is the Bush third term, Hillary wants to be the ObamaThirdTerm???

    Abandon all hope:

    Obama ‘Hope’ Poster Artist Calls President a Failure
    President failed to meet expectations, he said

    The artist behind the iconic ‘Obama Hope’ poster says the president failed to meet expectations.

    Shepard Fairey, who’s now a Bernie Sanders supporter, says that after Obama won the presidency, he went “quiet on a lot of things” he promised while running for office.

    “I think history will be fairly kind of his presidency but I want things to move further in the direction that he promised as a campaigner,” he said. “He’s been more outspoken in the last 18 months.”

    “I think he’s going out having done some good things and said some good things, but there were about six years there where I think he could have done more.”

    Fairey said he had “high hopes” for Obama and that the president couldn’t blame his failures entirely on congressional gridlock.

    “If he had been as outspoken as he was as a campaigner, I would give him a pass on not being able to push through some of the progressive things I hoped he would, but he was quiet on a lot of things,” he added. “That to me was unfortunate.”

    Similarly, German journalist Klaus Faissner pointed out that Obama transformed from an “electrifying candidate” into a “Bush on steroids” who promoted drone strikes, mass surveillance, and a totalitarian relationship with the media.

    “Obama signed more orders for drone assaults than Bush Jr. had done in the entire eight years of his presidency,” he said. “These were drone strikes which caused catastrophic levels of non-combatant casualties, which America simply wrote-off under the euphemism of ‘collateral damage.’”

    “Like his predecessor, Obama threw all his weight behind GMO agriculture; he didn’t give the slightest thought to his promises to close Gitmo; he showed no interest whatsoever in improving relations with Russia, and he worked actively on destabilizing the situation in the Middle East.”

    It’s refreshing to see leftists and the media finally waking up to the false left/right paradigm because Obama is not really a member of the Democratic Party; he’s a member of the Establishment Party.

    His concern is not with the people but rather the expansion of the state and serving the needs of the bankers who control governments from above.

    This Fairey fellow never learns. Bernie? Really???

  4. I just can’t figure out how Hillary said that about the coal miners. Did someone else write it and she just read it without review from the teleprompter (Obama III, you know). Or did she actually write or approve it, and not even get that it would be heard outside of agreeing ears? If the latter, there has to be something wrong with her.

  5. … Democrats took to insisting that the seeming rift between Sanders supporters and the party establishment was no cause for alarm and no threat to an orderly national convention in July.

    I’ve been reading how the party is telling the Sanders supporters to be good boys and girls and not to act up. I think it’s so adorable how they’re encouraging civility, when they couldn’t be bothered to do that to the obots in 2008. That online harassment, defacement of signs and stickers, etc, they didn’t mind because it benefited Obama.

  6. My Mom dragged me to an Ethel Merman Show down here in the early 70’s and I still grew up straight…

  7. Lorac, Hillary said what she said about the coal miners in order to ingratiate herself to the left. She tried to out Bernie Bernie. It was an ad-lib line that she will live to regret because she was bragging about taking away their jobs. The full meaning of what she was trying to convey likely was that she had a plan for a new energy economy (that’s an Obama third term pitch) and that she had a plan to give money to coal miners (for the phony “retraining” that never works) once her policies led to a loss of coal miner jobs. The problem with all that is that the glee in her voice is unmistakable and she was bragging about what she will do – then the fateful words fall out of her mouth. No doubt she is kicking herself. No doubt Hillary wants to somehow take those words back but the intention remains to shut down an industry the left hates. Then, as if that was not bad enough Hillary compounded the disaster by making Bill Clinton the Economy President.

    Anyway, here’s the Bernout, via Sabato:

    Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics says that something like the clash between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters at the Nevada DNC Convention could likely happen again at the DNC convention in Philadelphia in July, “Unless something changes,” according to Sabato.

    “I’m not sure that Bernie Sanders is going to respond to much criticism from Democratic leaders,” he said. “Because they have not supported him. He was and is a lone wolf.

    He’s unbossed and unbought… the downside of being a lone wolf is you don’t work well and play well with others.”

    “[Sanders] is likely to have around 40% of the delegates. 40%, Carol, think about what you can do with a raucous group of 40% of the delegates. He’ll want all sorts of platform planks, he’ll want influence on VP pick, he may want to control some of the scheudle. This is going to get really stick and messy… We’re in for two disrupted conventions.”

    There will be no disruption at the GOP convention as Sabato states.

  8. First Mittens Romney, now Krauthammer. The last resistance to Trump is crumbling and will be over by the end of this “be kind to losers” month.

    Krauthammer: Cascade Of People Will Come Out And Support Trump, “Once It Starts, It’s Not Going To Stop”

    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think it will have a dramatic effect in doing that. The one thing holding back people who’ve resisted supporting Trump or at least the major thing is the fear of what a Clinton presidency would do to the Supreme Court and how it would change it for a generation.

    Now you get a list of 11 who are quite sterling, three of them clerked for Justice Thomas, two of them for Justice Scalia. The six federal judges all appointed by George W. which means they are conservative, and they are relatively young. So this is a future looking list.

    The only caveat is what you and I heard in the interview on Hannity tonight where Trump said his appointee will most likely be from this list. Not going to be, but most likely. How do you interpret that? I don’t know. He always leaves himself wiggle room. He says he likes to have leverage. He keeps the leverage, but what he does is to kindle a little bit of doubt.

    BRET BAIER: We’re going to have a story about the possible third party threat. Does this, he told me this was going to happen a couple of weeks ago. But I projected that I thought it was going to happen closer to the convention. I wonder if that talk and the concern about conservatives, kind of moved up the timeline and if that affects that possible run.

    KRAUTHAMMER: That probably was a factor. But the other factor is by doing something like this, to assuage a significant number of conservatives, he gives cover, Trump gives cover, allows some conservatives held back to come out and support him and say now I’m not worried so much about the Supreme Court. And I think that’s going to be a very important step. It starts this sort of cascade of who’s going to come out and support Trump. And once it starts, it’s not going to stop.

    Paul Ryan hit hardest.

    Remember, it’s “be kind to losers” month.

  9. May is the month of the proffered truce and opportunity to get with the program from Trump. They will still be on a shit list but not an active nor aggressive one to ruin them. Time for reflection and calculation of just how far they are willing to be “ruined” for their globalist paymasters who are hitting the skids . Jump to Trump or go down in flames full of holes in June and thereafter. It is rather generous but has a short expiration date and requires a lot of crow eating. It is not extended to everyone notably Cruz-ites who went way too far.

  10. Mittens, Jeb, etc have killed off any residual good will and elder statesman claims they may have had by being the Biggest Losers. Ryan will not be Speaker if the House wants to get along with Trump. He can continue to be a nothing-burger Congressman from Bumfu*# WI if they want him spouting goody-two shoe-isms for globalists. It is their choice. DC is bracing for the purge. President Phone and Executive Pen is going to have all of his legacy wiped out by a President TV and Shredder. Live by the executive order, die by the next guy’s executive order. If the TSA and their idiot union continues to push for mo’ money and staff by blocking passengers from flights,expect Trump to threaten to can them ALL a la Regan’s air traffic controller. They are failures anyway and private companies can come on board to screen out the freaks and drunks with profiling and breathalyzers. The theft will accelerate as the last chance looms with Obama exiting soon. Trump should talk about claw-backs and freak DC out. Contracts and pay outs based on fraud are invalid.

  11. Love this comment 😀

    The absolute best part was Mr. Trump saying that Obama was “obsessed” with him and his run; that he couldn’t make a speech without mentioning him.
    Trump lives in Obama’s head. Out loud, on national TV. Lol! Mr. Trump cracks me up!

  12. As much as I don’t support Hillary, I have to say it hurts to hear Trump Get On Hannity and bring up “rape” when speaking about Bill.
    Yes, he had a list as long as my arm of women, who came out and spoke about affairs with him, but Juanita Broderick was the only one that, spoken to rape and I never found her credible. She goes in that borderline category. ..
    I think Trump needs to back off on that…

  13. admin

    May 18, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    Bill Clinton back when he was Bill Clinton:

    Admin…that one is another big killer for Hillary…and co-president Bill…


    yesterday morning I happen to catch a segment on CNN where they had on a panel of diehard Trump supporters and Cuomo and Allison were asking them questions with their usual “attitude” and trying to trip them up…

    one very professional appearing man starts talking about how he made his way up the chain in, I believe it was, the engineering field and how he started at the very bottom in entry level positions and worked so hard from position to position to get where he is now in a senior position and he stated that he is the only American that he works with at his level

    so Allison shot in with something like if he had an issue working with immigrants…sort of an implied “gotcha” moment…

    and he said …no it is not that at all…he went on that because of these visas not only are they hiring people at his level for less money and making it harder for americans…but they are eliminating the path he took to get where he did for other young americans just starting out in their careers

    in other words, now at those entry levels they are not giving Americans a chance to get in and work their way up…they immediately bring in foreign workers at a lower range and eliminate the entry level for Americans

    of course at that point Cuomo and Allison are standing there with the “oops” look on their faces and they go to commercial…

    no way were they expecting that an American would make an innocent and truthful rationale for young Americans in their own country and work force…

    (the old fallback that Americans don’t want to take these jobs just won’t hunt here)

  14. Bill Clinton once stated that Gore was politically blind.

    Hillary is not blind.

    Hillary is myopic.

    She sees Soros, Goldman Sachs, blacks, and a billion illegals en route here.

    Sadly, the middle class is not in her field of vision.

    And that is why Bernie is doing as well as he is.

  15. Trump has Paul Manafort as his most trusted adviser.

    Hillary has George Soros as her most trusted adviser–unlike 2008 when he betrayed her.

    Who does Bernie have? Boka Haram?

  16. gonzotx
    May 19, 2016 at 10:59 am
    Hillary brought a knife to the party when she and the NYT raised the issue of how Trump treated women. Trump in turn brought out a BFG by dredging up Bill’s past.

  17. Another poll we don’t believe because it is too early to start these head to head polls. But this is very useful politically to Donald J. Trump:

    Donald Trump has now grown his lead over Hillary Clinton in Rasmussen Reports’ first weekly White House Watch survey.

    Trump earns 42% support to Clinton’s 37% when Likely U.S. Voters are asked whom they would vote for if the presidential election were held today.

  18. Mitchell described Bill Clinton’s rape accusation as “discredited and long-denied” in her report on “Today.”
    Is this true?

    Long denied—okay, fine.

    Paul Jones was paid over $700,000 for something that never happened

    And it was agreed that this was not an admission

    So the denial of that incident (which was not a rape)

    Is longstanding.

    But what about Juanita Broderick, and the others.

    Show me the proof that their stories were ever discredited.

    What Andrea means is big media at the time

    Elected not to pursue them

    Because big media feared that if they came out Bill wound not win

    Matthews told the head of 60 Minutes who covered them up

    You elected Bill Clinton

    In sum, big media covered up these stories in 2000

    And today they must lie again, calling the stories discredited

    In order to cover up their prior cover up.

    As with all pathological liars, one lie begets another.

  19. For me, the issue here is not Bill.

    Bill is what he is.

    A flawed hero in the Greek sense of the word.

    The issue is what did big media do to cover this up–then and now, and

    How and by whom were these women harrassed, coerced, etc.

    To answer that question we need to hear from them directly.

    Like it or not, Hillary opened the door on this issue

    By accusing Trump of being anti-women and urging women to report all rapes.

  20. 1. Bayer Proposes to Acquire Monsanto
    Takeover deal, which could be valued at $42 billion, would create world’s largest seed-and-pesticide company

    2.Auschwitz:60 Year Anniversary– the Role of IG Farben-Bayer: Medical Experiments in Auschwitz Conducted by I.G. Farben (from the book “I.G. Farben – from Anilin to forced labor” by Jörg Hunger and Paul Sander)

    Unethical human experiments are a major threat to vulnerable populations everywhere – including in the US where, for example, the EPA is seeking to conduct pesticide exposure experiments on children. The IG Farben culture continues to drive the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. “Profit urber alles” – that means ANYTHING goes – profit above all else.

    3.Obama will say, wunderbar!!!–no FTC problem here. Fast track it. Like TPP. Nothing to apologize for here . . .

    4.I say two glorious transnational corporations, loved by Obama and Soros, separated only by a common business vision: exterminating human beings. You might even call it a marriage of equals.

  21. There were rumors early in the campaign that Bill Clinton encouraged Trump to run for whatever reason. If they were ever true, then I wonder if Bill now very much regrets that decision.

  22. wbboei
    May 19, 2016 at 12:39 pm
    Sadly, the middle class is not in her field of vision.

    Which is why Hillary will be beaten badly in the general election.
    It is embarrassing to watch what she is doing to herself.

  23. “I will be the nominee for my party, Chris. That is already done in effect. There is no way I won’t be,” the former first lady told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

    Clinton called her delegate lead over rival Bernie Sanders “insurmountable” and said she expects him to unite behind her and rally his supporters to take on Donald Trump once she clinches the nomination.”

  24. Around noon today our US House Floor might’ve been mistaken for a foreign parliament as there was an outcry when the Democrats thought they’d successfully attached a gay rights amendment to a vet bill. Then some Republicans grew a pair and the amendment failed.
    GOP leaders held the vote open as they pressured members to change sides. Infuriating Democrats, they let lawmakers switch their votes without coming to the House floor.
    “Shame! Shame! Shame!” Democrats chanted as they watched the vote tally go from passage of Maloney’s amendment to narrow failure.
    Twenty-nine Republicans voted for Maloney’s amendment to a spending bill for the Department of Veterans Affairs and military construction projects, along with all Democrats in the final roll call.
    “This is one of the ugliest episodes I’ve experienced in my three-plus years as a member of this House,” Maloney, who is openly gay, said while offering his amendment.
    The amendment would have effectively nullified a provision in the defense authorization that the House passed late Wednesday night. The language embedded in the defense bill states that religious corporations, associations and institutions that receive federal contracts can’t be discriminated against on the basis of religion.
    Democrats warn that such a provision could potentially allow discrimination against the LGBT community in the name of religious freedom. Maloney’s amendment specifically would prohibit funds to implement contracts with any company that doesn’t comply with President Obama’s executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT workers.
    When asked about the vote-switching, Speaker Paul Ryan denied knowing whether his leadership team pressured Republicans.

    A busy news night. Does not seem to be time to cover this, or much about Trump-Christie, although the day hosted a second fund raiser:
    Trump will also appear at a second, private fundraiser Thursday for New Jersey’s Republican Party, which still has $525,000 in debt related to legal bills from the George Washington Bridge scandal that engulfed Christie’s administration*. Tickets for that event: $25,000.
    “That debt really puts a stranglehold on the party’s ability to field candidates in any successful way,” Harrison said. “This is what Trump can do for Christie in the short term.”
    Neither Trump’s campaign nor Christie’s office returned messages seeking comment Wednesday.

    *Just coincidentally at time when all Obama’s players were in NJ to throw special election to Booker. OFA SEIU … who knows who else. I’ve goaded NJ media for years on this. Saw more that I reveal here. Nada.

  25. Saw more THAN I reveal here, but documentation for it is probably not persuasive.

  26. The coal issue is fixable. The bottom line is coal miners live shorter lives and have more health issues. As long as Hillary Clinton makes it clear that she was for REPLACING coal mining jobs with new jobs that will ensure a safer and longer life for those same coal miners, she should be fine.
    However, the coal miners are worried about losing their pensions if fewer and fewer coal mining jobs remain, and that issue must also be addressed by Hillary Clinton.
    Donal Trump put on a fake presser about Trump Steaks, actually using someone else’s steak to present as his own, at a press conference after he won a state a few months ago. That Trump Steaks presser gave him unmerited momentum and eventually Trump Steak Gate may be his undoing.

  27. DailyPUMA

    May 19, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    The coal issue is fixable. The bottom line is coal miners live shorter lives and have more health issues. As long as Hillary Clinton makes it clear that she was for REPLACING coal mining jobs with new jobs that will ensure a safer and longer life for those same coal miners, she should be fine.
    However, the coal miners are worried about losing their pensions if fewer and fewer coal mining jobs remain, and that issue must also be addressed by Hillary Clinton.


    Fix a government created problem with another government creation. Got it.

  28. She lost her window of opportunity to do so before the West Virgina primary. At this point, West Virginia voters will probably view any subsequent attempt by Hillary to clarify her position on coal mining with a lot of skepticism.

  29. West Virginia is lost by the greater message to white males who feel disenfranchised is what she needs..Truthfully, however, if Bill can’t recapture the , Hillary’s chances are very unlikely.

  30. DailyPuma…Steakgate…don’t are me laugh lol
    Oh, you just did.

    Hillary thought she was being cute, just like “what difference does it make”
    Not so cute…
    She won’t be able to fix stupid…

  31. Listening to hillary during her interview with cuomo is very difficult. ..very hard to believe her or take her seriously..and she does seem to be cut from the very same cloth as O…professorial, lecturing…status quo…stuck…

  32. Here is an excerpt from an article by Camile Paglia concerning the epic take down of Donald Trump which has been whispered about for weeks by the New York Times. The bottom line was and is rarely if this newspaper, which is widely believed to be the gold standard for journalism, been caught red handed lying to its audience. And not a small lie, but a huge one which will cast a long shadow over their future attempts to destroy Donald.
    Zap! If momentum were a surge of electromagnetic energy, Donald Trump against all odds has it now. The appalled GOP voters he is losing seem overwhelmed in number by independents and crossover Democrats increasingly attracted by his bumptious, raucous, smash-the-cucumber-frames style. While it’s both riveting and exhilarating to watch a fossilized American political party being blown up and remade, it’s also highly worrisome that a man with no prior political experience and little perceptible patience for serious study seems on a fast track to the White House. In a powder-keg world, erratic impulsiveness is far down the list of optimal presidential traits.

    But the Democratic strategists who prophesy a Hillary landslide over Trump are blowing smoke. Hillary is a stodgily predictable product of the voluminous briefing books handed to her by a vast palace staff of researchers and pollsters—a staggeringly expensive luxury not enjoyed by her frugal, unmaterialistic opponent, Bernie Sanders (my candidate). Trump, in contrast, is his own publicist, a quick-draw scrapper and go-for-the-jugular brawler. He is a master of the unexpected (as the Egyptian commander Achillas calls Julius Caesar in the Liz Taylor Cleopatra). The massive size of Hillary’s imperialist operation makes her seem slow and heavy. Trump is like a raffish buccaneer, leaping about the rigging like the breezy Douglas Fairbanks or Errol Flynn, while Hillary is the stiff, sequestered admiral of a bullion-laden armada of Spanish galleons, a low-in-the-water easy mark as they creak and sway amid the rolling swells.

    The drums had been beating for weeks about a major New York Times expose in the works that would demolish Trump once and for all by revealing his sordid lifetime of misogyny. When it finally appeared as a splashy front-page story this past Sunday (originally titled “Crossing the Line: Trump’s Private Conduct with Women”), I was off in the woods pursuing my Native American research. On Monday, after seeing countless exultant references to this virtuoso takedown, I finally read the article—and laughed out loud throughout. Can there be any finer demonstration of the insularity and mediocrity of today’s Manhattan prestige media? Wow, millionaire workaholic Donald Trump chased young, beautiful, willing women and liked to boast about it. Jail him now! Meanwhile, the New York Times remains mute about Bill Clinton’s long record of crude groping and grosser assaults—not one example of which could be found to taint Trump.

    Blame for this fiasco falls squarely upon the New York Times editors who delegated to two far too young journalists, Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey, the complex task of probing the glitzy, exhibitionistic world of late-twentieth-century beauty pageants, gambling casinos, strip clubs, and luxury resorts. Neither Barbaro, a 2002 graduate of Yale, nor Twohey, a 1998 graduate of Georgetown University, had any frame of reference for sexual analysis aside from the rote political correctness that has saturated elite American campuses for nearly 40 years. Their prim, priggish formulations in this awkwardly disconnected article demonstrate the embarrassing lack of sophistication that passes for theoretical expertise among their over-paid and under-educated professors.

    When I saw the reporters’ defensive interview on Monday with CNN anchors Kate Bolduan and John Berman, I felt sorry for the earnest, owlish Barbaro, who seems like a nice fellow who has simply wandered out of his depth. But Twohey, with her snippy, bright and shiny careerism, took a page from the slippery Hillary playbook in the way she blatheringly evaded any direct answer to a pointed question about how Rowanne Brewer Lane’s pleasantly flirtatious first meeting with Trump at a crowded 1990 pool party at Mar-a-Lago ended up being called “a debasing face-to-face encounter” in the Times. The hidden agenda of advocacy journalism has rarely been caught so red-handed.

  33. Hillary thinks everyone is going to just fall into line …like she did in 2008…she is living in the past. ..these are very different times
    Bernie’s supporters are not going to just fall behind her and be good little kids…not going to happen

  34. Camile suggests that the problem here was that the NYT assigned two HIGHLY EDUCATED green horn journalists too steeped in political correctness which borders on Victorian prudery, and far too inexperienced in the word of sexual affairs to get to the real story.

    I would suggest that the real problem here is not sophistication or the lack thereof. I think the entire problem here is journalistic integrity, or the lack thereof. If you go back to the cannons of journalistic ethics which I posted when the witnesses came forward and complained that they had been given false assurances, misquoted and the entire thrust of their testimony was twisted around to make it appear that they believed Trump was a sexist. In so doing, these writers, their editor and their newspaper violated no less that four cannons, and the ones they violated were cardinal sins. So lets not let them off the hook by suggesting that they picked the wrong people for the assignment. Trust me. The editor knew exactly what he or she was doing.

  35. S, she chose not to ride the wave of her own revolution. She played by the self-sacrificing, party over country* rules in 2008, and daggummit, Sanders better, too. “No fair, I played the game, he has to, too!” Although, you could be right, she doesn’t seem to get it – because she shows that in other ways, too – for example, reverting right back to the “republican conspiracy”, even when everyone could see her own party and her dem opponent were the only ones she was fighting at that time.

    *I’m no longer positive it was party over country. I think it was personal advancement using the game of party over country. It was just strictly about herself.

  36. Isn’t that “balanced” approach toward Israel already being done by Obama? Bernie just wants to make it written in stone.

  37. wbboei
    May 20, 2016 at 12:03 am
    Paglia is academically signaling her head off. Do not send dweebs to cover a Viking. Do not write hit pieces on biological processes that they do not understand. Do not put “owlish” writers on television to virtue signal about a billionaire with five handsome kids (with three beautiful women) and a string of ex’s who still view him fondly. The NYT doesn’t get it. The public does. Biology has not been “educated” out of everyone.

  38. DailyPUMA
    May 19, 2016 at 7:38 pm
    Donal Trump put on a fake presser about Trump Steaks, actually using someone else’s steak to present as his own, at a press conference after he won a state a few months ago. That Trump Steaks presser gave him unmerited momentum and eventually Trump Steak Gate may be his undoing.

    Please tell me sarcasm was intended.

  39. I had no idea that we got rid of Holder, just to get the college roommate of his wife… There was a lot of outcry to get rid of Holder. I remember people felt Holder was hanging on, to protect Obama secrets. I guess this may have been the solution….

    A comment from the thread:

    WSB says:
    May 19, 2016 at 10:52 pm
    Most do not realize that she was the college roommate of Holder’s wife. She was installed to keep the secrets until Hillary took over. That may not be viable now. Oops

  40. Hmmm maybe I should look up my old college roommates. Maybe they’ve done really well, and can offer me a plum position….

  41. I mean, apparently it’s the “in” thing. I remember Michelle Obama’s college roommate got the no-bid contract to write the Obamacare website computer code…. that I understand *still* doesn’t work right…

  42. gonzotx and foxyladi

    Mitch-the-asshole-McConnell won a new 6 year term in 2014. how do we get rid of him? can he be voted or pressured to resign as majority leader? my fear is, we’re stuck with him. He will be no friend to President Trump.

    any suggestions?

  43. Alcina,
    Asshole Mitch endorsed Trump in a hurry, so it would not be wise to consider that a sincere gesture..
    In 2010 Mitch cozied up to conservatives. Not long after, he turned on them. Loudly.

    By 2014 Mitch was funding out-of-state dirty politics. Specifically a run-off in Mississippi for Chris McDaniel, conservative. The newbie’s runoff had been a sure thing until leading Senate Republicans decided to save Finance Chair Thad Cochran’s [senator since 1977) ass.
    There are many write-ups about it. Don’t know if a twitter prowl would help. Mitch has been published joking about Mississippi-ing others.

    Quite a number of write-ups from blogs to local TV.

    Also this abbreviation of PAC money given from info at website of Jim DeMint’s group:
    McConnellPress 50K SenBobCorker 30K senrobportman 25K OrrinHatch 25K SenatorBurr 20K RoyBlunt 5K Crapo 5K
    The year was 2014. Still pisses me off. Uniparty has been at war with conservatives since 2008, really.

  44. Bill Clinton upset NATO allies in a broadly unreported gaffe accusing Poland and Hungary of thinking “democracy is too much trouble” and wanting to have an “authoritarian dictatorship.” This is despite the fact that Poland recently held elections turfing out the establishment political parties in an election with a higher turnout than Mr. Clinton’s re-election in 1996.


    But in Mr. Clinton’s attempts to use foreign affairs against Mr. Trump, he angered one of NATO’s most important members: Poland, and one of the few countries holding back the tide of migration into Europe: Hungary.

    “If someone says there is no democracy in Poland today, that means he should have a medical test,” blasted the head of Poland’s Law and Justice party Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

    And his comments were echoed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who used the incident to highlight the multi-million dollar connections between the Clintons and Hungarian left-wing billionaire George Soros.


    Mr. Orban said, accusing Mr. Clinton of repeating Soros-inspired campaign lines: “These are not accidental slips of the tongue. And [the number of] these slips or remarks have been multiplying since we are living in the era of the migrant crisis. And we all know that behind the leaders of the Democratic Party, we have to see George Soros.”

    “And George Soros published his six points supporting the Muslim migration to Europe, in which he announced that at least one million Muslims should be allowed [into Europe] each year, that they must be provided a safe path and that Europe should be happy to get such a chance and shouldn’t be defending against it. He also said that it will cost a lot of money, which he’d loan.”

    “So, here, in Central Europe a shadow power exists, which is linked to George Soros, he is one of the most important sponsors of the Democratic Party, so I have to say that although the mouth belongs to Clinton, the voice belongs to George Soros.

  45. Who’s the Conservative Heretic?
    By Pat Buchannan

    In his coquettish refusal to accept the Donald, Paul Ryan says he cannot betray the conservative “principles” of the party of Abraham Lincoln, high among which is a devotion to free trade.

    But when did free trade become dogma in the Party of Lincoln?

    As early as 1832, young Abe declared, “My politics are short and sweet, like the old woman’s dance. I am in favor of a national bank … and a high protective tariff. These are my sentiments and political principles.”

    Campaigning in 1844, Lincoln declared, “Give us a protective tariff and we will have the greatest nation on earth.”

    Abe’s openness to a protective tariff in 1860 enabled him to carry Pennsylvania and the nation. As I wrote in “The Great Betrayal: How American Sovereignty and Social Justice Are Being Sacrificed to the Gods of the Global Economy” in 1998:

    “The Great Emancipator was the Great Protectionist.” (snip)

    Every Republican platform from 1884 to 1944 professed the party’s faith in protection. Free trade was introduced by the party of Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

    Our modern free-trade era began with the Trade Expansion Act of 1962. Among the eight no votes in the Senate were Barry Goldwater and Prescott Bush.

    Even in recent crises, Republican presidents have gone back to the economic nationalism of their Grand Old Party. With the Brits coming for our gold and Japanese imports piling up, President Nixon in 1971 closed the gold window and imposed a 10 percent tariff on Japanese goods.

    Ronald Reagan slapped a 50 percent tariff on Japanese motorcycles being dumped here to kill Harley-Davidson, then put quotas on Japanese auto imports, and on steel and machine tools. (snip)

    What, then, does history teach?

    The economic nationalism and protectionism of Hamilton, Madison, Jackson, and Henry Clay, and the Party of Lincoln, McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, and Coolidge, of all four presidents on Mount Rushmore, made America the greatest and most self-sufficient republic in history.

    And the free-trade, one-worldism of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama enabled Communist China to shoulder us aside us and become the world’s No. 1 manufacturing power.

    Like Britain, after free-trade was adopted in the mid-19th century, when scribblers like David Ricardo, James Mill and John Stuart Mill, and evangelists like Richard Cobden dazzled political elites with their visions of the future, America has been in a long steady decline.

    If we look more and more like the British Empire in its twilight years, it is because we were converted to the same free-trade faith that was dismissed as utopian folly by the men who made America.

    Where in the history of great nations — Britain before 1850, the USA, Bismarck’s Germany, postwar Japan and China today — has nationalism not been the determinant factor in economic policy?

    Speaker Ryan should read more history and less Ayn Rand.

  46. And it isn’t just what you see, namely policies like these which make no sense.

    It is what you do not see.

    What you do not see is the work that Cass Sunstein is doing in secret to build the legal architecture for world government.

    He is the congugal partner of Monster Power–we no longer use the patriararchical word marriage, it is loaded with historical baggage which we leftists must force people to forget.

  47. Some insights from Richard Fernandez:

    The issue which dogs Hillary and which no cosmetic distancing from Sanders will solve is that the middle class is losing faith in the platform.

    The political turmoil threatening to break apart the EU and the American Blue Model is rooted in the fact that both are broke and have no prospect of meeting obligations as manifested in the stagnation of wages in the West and also in the collapse of the “security” safety nets for which the present-day slaves have traded away their freedom.

    The progressive campaign is essentially predicated on the assumption that a sufficiently resolute government can defy the laws of financial gravity. There is now doubt on that point.

    Collectivism cannot even pay its pensions. “The present value of unfunded obligations under Social Security as of August 2010 was approximately $5.4 trillion. In other words, this amount would have to be set aside today such that the principal and interest would cover the program’s shortfall between tax revenues and payouts over the next 75 years.”

    One of the culprits, ironically is that the socialists have succeeded all too well and changing mankind’s dreadful habit of forming families and breeding children.

    It’s not just the Government that’s broke but also its political partners. Recently the Teamsters’ Central States Pension Fund announced that it was bust. Unless it gets an infusion of taxpayer money pension benefits for 407,000 people could be reduced to “virtually nothing”.

    Orwell famously said that “if you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” What he and Belloc failed to anticipate was that the boot might rot to pieces and fail to fulfill its function to oppress.

  48. lorac

    May 20, 2016 at 11:19 pm

    Mr. Orban said, accusing Mr. Clinton of repeating Soros-inspired campaign lines

    Mr. Orban would be correct. Soros is determined to destroy Europe through population replacement as his last nihilistic act in this life.

  49. FYI…Trump supporters are out in full force with signs on major blvd in Broward county…they are on all sides of the intersection with signs such as…

    ‘black women for Trump’
    ‘women for Trump’
    generic Trump signs
    ‘Build that wall’

    etc, etc…lot of enthusiasm with the diverse crowd of men and women

  50. Admin: I think Hillary will take Bernie as her vice president. Several weeks ago, I am told, he made that offer to her, and at that point nothing came of it. But as the pressure builds toward the convention, that will change. She will do anything to become president, so she will accept. This shotgun marriage between an uber crony capitalist, i.e. Hillary, and an uber alti uber capitalist (although recent disclosures confirm that he too has accepted Wall Street money, not much, but enough to undermine his ideological purity) Bernie, how would you feel about this?

    Would you say this is perfect because we get full support for our globalist agenda, and the base will support it? Or would you remember the what can happen when the president dies, or disabled and cannot fulfill the duties of office. Putting the insurgent candidate in the number 2 position can undermine your entire agenda, when fate step in:

    “The state party leadership distrusted Teddy Roosevelt, so they took the lead in moving him to the prestigious but powerless role of vice president as McKinley’s running mate in the election of 1900. Roosevelt campaigned vigorously across the country, helping McKinley’s re-election in a landslide victory based on a platform of peace, prosperity, and conservatism.

    Following the assassination of President McKinley in September 1901, Roosevelt, at age 42, succeeded to the office, becoming the youngest United States President in history. Leading his party and country into the Progressive Era, he championed his “Square Deal” domestic policies, promising the average citizen fairness, breaking of trusts, regulation of railroads, and pure food and drugs.”

    It is far worse in this case, of course.


    Because Bernie is no Teddy Roosevelt.

    Bernie is Leon Trotsky.

  51. from foxy’s link:

    “Studies — and our own investigations — have shown that most breakdowns and deaths occur because horses have pre-existing injuries that are masked by the excessive use of legal medications. We want to know if that is what happened in the cases of Pramedya and Homeboykris,” the statement read. “In today’s racing drug culture, at least three horses are dying every day on U.S. tracks. The foolish use of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and other medications must end now.”

  52. Terrible S. I read that one of them owned by couple who’d owned Barberos (sp)Really bad luck for them.
    It is a sign of these times when something about Trump trumps another big military strike for Obama.
    At FoxNews:

    Programming Alert!

    Then underneath:
    BREAKING NEWS: Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mansour ‘likely’ killed
    in US airstrike, official says

  53. So far thank goodness all the horses seem safe with the big race
    Congrats to Exaggerator

    Yes hold em i saw that re owners & barbaro…so sad for them & all that love horses

  54. OT…but
    Not to be redundant but the finale of the fourth season of Bates Motel was mindblowing
    The last 4 seasons have been about young Norman’s life growing up with his mother norma & his family

    The next season five supposedly picks up where the movie ‘psycho’ started
    Unbelievable series with superb performances, locations, sets, etc
    Not for the faint hearted

  55. The anti-inflammatory drugs are probably steroids…really really hard on the body, especially the heart/circulatory system.

    Poor poor baby…

  56. Very sad news about the two horses…


    I live in S. Florida and missed the Trump supporters downtown. Maybe will be on local news tonight. I am, however, reserving my right to vote for either Trump, Hillary or perhaps no one. I don’t like Trumps attacks on Hillary and Bill, but I also do not like how Obama like Hillary has become. Also, fears that shew will give Sanders a big say on policy, including his disdain for Israel, will be considered.

  57. Jb…jb…Hillary, please, tell me her polices you support cause that’s just not logical considering how you feel about Obama and globalists.

    Not logical at all…

  58. jbstonesfan

    May 21, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Very sad news about the two horses…


    I live in S. Florida and missed the Trump supporters downtown. Maybe will be on local news tonight. I am, however, reserving my right to vote for either Trump, Hillary or perhaps no one. I don’t like Trumps attacks on Hillary and Bill, but I also do not like how Obama like Hillary has become.

    Hmmm… so on the one hand, Trump hurts Hillary and Bill’s (and your) widdle feelings….
    While on the other, Hillary is a liar, responsible for the deaths of Americans overseas, will be Obama 3 (or worse), wants MORE immigration into the US and has apparently no concern for the rape and murder of women at the hands of Islamic “extremists”.

    If, after everything you have seen over the past 10 months, and all the sage insight and advice from Admin and others here…. If you are still you reserving the right to make a choice, I suspect in truth you have made your choice.

  59. Imho…bill & hillary play a vastly different position in the democratic party now then they did when they were in power. .they were moderstes then trying to pull the party to the center. ..the centrist group they created doesn’t even exist anymore
    They are very entangled with wall st…bill was the prez that did away with glass steagall which opened the floodgates to the finacial crisis
    Fast forward &bill & hill have this enormous foundation that is entangled with massive foreign contributions. ..not to mention having made multi millions for “speeches”
    They hadctheir time

  60. Comment posted before I finished
    They had their time &currently still have a lot of power & many more conflicts of interest…starting with the clinton foundation..and hillary putting bill in charge of the economy

    All of this on top of the dem party now pulled too far left by forceful special interests
    For hillary to take power with the O legacy, Soros, the globalist agenda, pro illegal immigration AND still running the global foundation is just way too much concentrated powe and control over money
    It is time for a break and a big change

  61. And if I am being honest…hillary is too secretive…that whole thing with hiding her server does not lend her presideny to transparency. ..bad enough O is considered one of the least transparent presidents…I do not believe hillary will be either
    Time for a big change…even if it is only for one term
    Hillary seems to think this is owed to her

  62. gonzotx May 22, 2016 at 12:14 am

    The treehouse link here sure took a turn I did not expect.
    I’d searched and found a link that offered this info, (in selected snips):
    When Hillary Clinton speaks to the Trayvon Martin Foundation in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, she will be continuing her groundwork to boost black voter turnout in Florida.
    Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, has endorsed Clinton.
    A $1,500 minimum donation to the foundation is required to attend Saturday’s dinner, which will be held at the Embassy Suites on 17th Street. Clinton will also fundraise while in South Florida.
    For Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, there is no question that more black Floridians will cast ballots for her than Trump on Nov. 8. The question is whether she can turn out black voters in Florida and the nation at rates similar to President Barack Obama to help her win. About 13 percent of Florida’s voters are

    More at link on background and strategy.

    When I read here that there was big Trump protest in Broward Cty I went for search because TV had told me Hillary was speaking in Ft Lauderdale. TV remained mum about the Trayvon Foundation’s involvement until late in day. 6 PM NBC NewYork spoke the words.

    I’d tweeted all day that HRC had been fundraising for Trayvon. Is that a fair statement, or too snarky?

  63. A poll was taken in Turkey about the citizen’s plans if Turkey gets into the EU, and one of the questions involved if the UK stays in it. 12 million said they would decamp for the UK. Most were either semi-educated, or unemployed, and young especially males. Since Turkey has a crime rate four times that of the UK if would be a disaster and bust all of the social services, council housing, national health service, law enforcement, etc. The EU thinks this would be a good thing. And Turkey thinks it would be heaven if they could ship off the unemployed, young trouble makers, and criminals plus the chronically ill. It sounds a lot like Mexico and the US.

    It is becoming more and more apparent that current leadership in individual countries in much of the EU have their eye on climbing the greasy pole in the EU technocracy. Junker is a apparatchik from Lichtenstein. Not too many good paying and powerful sinecures there. Cameron and Merkel too have their eye on more power if they could just sell out their country fast and hard enough to prevent the whole shebang from imploding. Italy, Spain, France, Greece all have the pole climbers digging deeper graves for their own people. Austria appears to be bolting in their elections today as did Poland already. For those failing ever upward who are not in the EU stranglehold hierarchy the goal is the UN or things like “initiatives” raking in the bucks. Obama of course wants to be UN Secretary General to pose and get paid. The hated Tony Blair, always wrong on everything, is a perfect example with his slush funds.

  64. Re: hillary in ft lauderdale yesterday…

    Maybe that is what is prompting the trump people to take to the streets in broward at the usual protest intersection on federal & commercial

    If I had to guess this will only grow

  65. Btw…I saw some clips of her in ft lauderdale talking about trump & bigots bla bla bla
    Imho…She has jumped the shark

    She wants to talk about “temperament”…I predict that clip of hillary wearing her glasses & screaming “what difference does it make?” Is going to come back to haunt her in attack ads & debates in the general election

  66. Hold em…just read your article from the Miami Herald

    If hillary were being honest instead of pandering, she would try to talk about reality in Miami

    Miami is a mini Chicago…a day does not go by where there are not multiple murders, robberies. on and on
    I guess hillary does not adhere to people taking responsibility for their actions anymore
    Rampant crime…Anything goes…and if you point it out. are a racist/bigot

  67. geez. sometimes I’m a bit slow. it took me this long to realize Hillary and Bernie were dancing to The Nutcracker Suite. SNL doesn’t miss a trick…

  68. Two significant and similar headlines within 7 days:

    ‘Intentionally deceptive’ Justice Dept. lawyers ordered to take ethics classes (has previous mention upthread) pub by Washtimes 19 May
    The scandal in Washington no one is talking about 21 May 2016 i.e. Fast & Furious

    Picture Caption: President Obama and his former Attorney General Eric Holder are tight-lipped on the Fast and Furious gun scandal — but a judge has ordered the release of 20,000 pages of buried e-mails and memos. Photo: AP (2)
    …“The documents reveal how senior Justice Department officials — including Attorney General Holder — intensely followed and managed an effort to carefully limit and obstruct the information produced to Congress,” he asserted.
    They also indict Holder deputy Lanny Breuer, an old Clinton hand, who had to step down in 2013 after falsely denying authorizing Fast and Furious.
    Their efforts to impede investigations included:
    •Devising strategies to redact or otherwise withhold relevant information;
    •Manipulating media coverage to control fallout;
    •Scapegoating the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) for the scandal.

    Seems everything’s being shaken loose. Again.

  69. Outris, I have always been forthcoming with my feelings towards Bill and Hillary. I supported both for 25 years. I was also one of the few here who vehemently opposed her having anything to do with Obama.
    I am simply uncomfortable with both Hillary and Trump at this point. If it is any consolation, my wife, a long term Clinton supporter is all in for Trump despite his opposition to abortion which my wife thinks is the most sacred right for women.

  70. Foxy,

    Will we never get rid of Cruz? Manfort….what’s up?
    Well the good news, I hope, is that the delegates will be bound by the upcoming election.


    I get it, your loyal, to a fault in my mind with Clinton. ..but I’m really inerested in the polices she has been talking about, her immigration, Israel, BLM, open borders, jobs (?)…not sure she has any plan there except to keep wages low by her own immigration polices…which ones do you support?

  71. JB…correction. ..I think the trump supporters were at the intersection at federal & oakland in front of that mall on the corner …not commercial…I get them mixed up

  72. jbstonesfan

    May 22, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    I don’t really believe Trump wants to take away a woman’s right to choose or that his wife and daughter will let him go there. He is not a religious zealot. However, right now we have bigger battles and I think that radical Muslims are a greater threat to women than Trump. I also think our border and economic issues must be dealt with now.
    I don’t agree with Trump on other issues as well such as the environment or guns, necessarily. He’s far from my perfect candidate but many of us are in survival mode and we need change which Hillary will not give us.

  73. If Trump gets elected, seals the Border, tightens our security and brings jobs back then we address other issues 4 years from now….especially if DC and the media get a thorough cleaning in the process.

  74. jbstonesfan,

    I think Trump will stay complete away from social issues. I don’t he wants to go there. I am pro-life but I voted for him assuming he’d basically be neutral on the issue. No one I know who is a one issue voter on the pro-life issue trusts him. Personally, I’m more worried about trade, immigration, jobs, and foreign policy than social issues.

  75. Trump is not going near abortion, end of story, but they will continue to trip him up, which appears easy as he really had not thought through some of these issues too well. He’s not an experienced politician, not a lawyer, and sees big picture, not so sure of details. I think he let’s his minions do that.

  76. Trump will have way too much on his hands to worry about abortion laws. The global economy is crashing, China leading the way. The next 4 years are going to be very rough. Just how rough, and for how long, will depend a lot on our next POTUS.

    It will be a time for deals to be made.

  77. It took a long while, but I finally cut the final cord, erased the final vestige.

    A while back, I gave away my Hillary books. Then in more time I changed my screensaver. Then in more time I took down my two framed Hillary posters.

    Today I finally changed my wordpress avatar; it’s now gumby and pokey instead of Hillary in the rain.

  78. gonzo – really, there’s no pain associated – I listened to my heart. When I felt ready, I did each of the steps as they felt right. Pain about the whole process? Definitely. But I’m glad I let myself do things as they felt right. Does that make sense?

  79. I gave away my only T-shirt shirt with Hillary’s sillouette from her campaign that I got more contributing to her campaign back in 2008 to my in-laws.

  80. Yes, I am a loyal person, but also a smart person who understands that loyalty can become misplaced. I may be in denial but I still think there is a chance Hillary , once she shakes Sanders, will pivot center and perhaps be the person I thought she always was. I also always wanted Bill back in the White House as he is a brilliant mind/politician and can only help our country get out of the mess Obama put us into . Maybe I am guilty of thinking Hillary was more like Bill. As for Trump, I like the bravado, the putting media in it’s place, the wall, America first (not really sure how he will be on Israel, but his daughter converted and he seems to be a friend of the Jew), but there has to be more substance and a more controlled temperament as he has a very real chance of becoming POTUS. Again, we all have the luxury to wait and see how this plays out. Remember, I still think there is a chance Hillary gets indicted and Joe Biden and Warren come in and easily defeat Trump.

  81. jb, I disagree about Biden/ Warren easily defeating Trump. He’s just as tainted by Obama – maybe more so, because Hillary is tainted in the foreign policy area, but he’s tainted totally, he was the VP, but particularly in the domestic area. Plus, he was always down at the bottom when he ran for president, no one wanted him in the first place. What do we know about him for the last 8 years, other than getting filmed drunk and saying O’Care is a “big f’n deal”? And Warren isn’t going to attract anyone other than the far left, she’ll just be a downer in the general. She’ll just give Trump more ammo.

    And as far as Bill…. apparently Bush started, and Bill signed into law, the policies that enticed all our businesses to MX. So… for sure Trump is going to bring that up, should Hillary be the nominee…

  82. So everything coming get out of Hillary’s mouth is a lie, she will “pivot” for the general..and that’s OK jb? You can trust that?

  83. imho…you have to know how to “read” Donald Trump…he has given everyone lots of clues…

    first off… the man likes to hold onto the card of “unpredicability”…it is one of his master tools in his arsenal and in negotiating

    second…he throws his net very wide…knowing full well, he will not get all the fish he wants, and will have to “adjust”…in his negotiations

    third…now that he is the presumptive nominee…he has started “showing his cards” a little bit…he is actually saying over and over again that he will have to work with senators and congress and does not want to have to resort to ‘executive orders’ like O…

    in saying this he is essentially indicating and stating that a lot of what he is saying are “suggestions” that will have to be ‘legislated’ because he is not a king…and in that process his wide net approach will be adjusted

    JB…and others on the fence…I think we are all smart enough to “get this”

    no way is DT going to line up buses with millions of illegals being pulled from their families, however one can imagine that he does, in fact, get started on building the wall…

    …and then rounds up illegal gang members and gets them out of our country…and then perhaps sets up a system for longer law abiding and established illegals to go through a legal process, etc, etc

    …as for ‘muslim ban’…the opening ‘wide net’ throw on establishing stringent vetting procedures as to who and how people are coming into our country…

    his boldness put the issue out front and on the table…previously being ignored and just accepted by the current far left Dem party to just let anyone waltz into our country because as Hillary, O and the rest of them keep telling us “that’s the kind of people we are”

    …i do not see him banning vetted Muslim business people, sports people, VETTED individuals…etc

    The Donald is not a politician…he is not going to communicate like one…he is more like a ‘father’ figure saying a big fat ‘NO’ to illogical and stupid policies

    His approach is common sense with a firm hand…

  84. The Washington State Republican Party—two days before the election!!!!! picks the delegates, gives all but one of them to Cruz who has suspended his campaign, and Trump’s campaign manager who is a state senator was not chosen as a delegate in this kangaroo court. So the story here really isn’t just that they gave all the delegates to a defunct candidate, but just as much that they acted BEFORE the voters had a chance to vote. That is disenfranchisement. And they–the Washington State Republican Party, are total idiots.

  85. I think Bernie would be a tougher candidate for Trump that Bernie. I say that knowing full well that he is a dottering fool, that his resume is bare as a goats ass long as a whores dream, etc. I say it because Hillary is the candidate of Wall Street therefore she represents an aberrant form of capitalism called crony capitalism, whereas Trump represents traditional capitalism. Hence the general election would be a contest between two capitalists. Bernie, on the other hand is a communist, but for purposes of political correctness we will pretend he is something else–a socialist. He is not a progressive, because progressives are about centralized control, world government and abolishing individual rights. He is more in the vein of Santa Claus. Thus, if Bernie is the candidate then the general election will boil down to an ideological contest between capitalism and socialism. With 1% of the public controlling 70% of the wealth of this nation, with 95 million people of working age not working, under the current system of crony capitalism, which of the two political docrtrines will have more appeal to the broad mass of the population: capitalism or socialism. If it is the latter, then Bernie would prove to be a more formidable candidate for Trump than Hillary, in my opinion.

  86. Obama is in North Vietnam bowing again in front of a statue of Ho Chi Minh ,

    God, I dislike this guy. ..sure as white on race he is going to apologize to Japan.

    Guess he wanted one million Americans to die taking that unholy island.

  87. S

    May 23, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    no way is DT going to line up buses with millions of illegals being pulled from their families, however one can imagine that he does, in fact, get started on building the wall…

    They can ride trains and their families can go with them. THIS is not some radical idea – enforcing our own immigration laws, like EVERY OTHER non- EU country in the world. Why are WE not entitled to our own nation like everyone else?

  88. So, it’s postal ballots in Austria? The peoples votes all over are discounted. But the tide has turned and Trump is the tipping point. The established parasites will not go quietly.

  89. blow…

    we are entitled to our own nation…that essentially is what Donald is saying and his whole campaign is about…

    but you know that…

    just being realistic in the approach…

  90. But S don’t forget, if he gets businesses to use e-verify and puts substantial fines for hiring an illegal, and cuts off the welfare for illegals, I truly think a lot will go home. With their kids. And maybe giving a deadline after which people found will be deported – that would be incentive for a lot to get moving… so that’s all things he can do (enforcing existing laws mainly) that would lead to them getting themselves out of here….

  91. The courts seem to be in open revolt. Judge Hanen going after the DOJ, an appeals court reversal of a BOA decision and punitive award to extort that bank for “walking around” money to fund Obama’s community organizing and politics, and now the bench trial decision of a judge who was all for enabling the mob and the mental midget elected prosecutor of Baltimore who would have been imperiled professionally by the state appeals court. It was probably his job or theirs and doing the right thing has nothing to do with it. The days of the Obama lawfare DOJ are coming to a close, the courts know it, and aren’t waiting until these political lawyers are no longer sitting at their desks or lying in their courtrooms. This is what the end days of a crooked regime look like when their terror peters out. Shit is now rolling downhill faster than they can run.

  92. The days of the Obama lawfare DOJ are coming to a close, the courts know it, and aren’t waiting until these political lawyers are no longer sitting at their desks or lying in their courtrooms. This is what the end days of a crooked regime look like when their terror peters out. Shit is now rolling downhill faster than they can run.

    I figured in these last days that Obama and his ilk would start to ramp up, knowing they were out of time. But I hadn’t thought of *this*, what Mormaer is saying. This part is very gratifying!

  93. lorac
    May 24, 2016 at 6:30 am
    What you find gratifying here, I find thoroughly depressing.

    Its the old story of justice delayed is justice denies.

    Where were these humps in the middle of his campaign?

    They were right where Roberts was–cowering.

    Now that time has run out, these thieves cover their tracks.

    It like the belated memo cautioning agencies not to engage in political activities

    After doing so openly and notoriously for eight years.


    There a few saints in this pantheon—Judge Neopolitano and the conservatives in the system.

    But today the judiciary is infested with a globalist fifth column.

  94. If this thing were a bona fide movement among judges that would be one thing. But these are mere pin pricks. This gets down to the whole question of how judges are selected. They get to where they are by kissing ass and not making waves. They are beholden to the political system and those who appointed them.

  95. I can think of no better example of this than Steven Breyer. But the Ivy League as a whole has moved so far in the direction of globalism, that none of this is surprising. Today, the Harvard law school has replaced the traditional cirriculum with globalist courses. The ex prosecutor at PJ Media wrote an article on this very subject a year ago. And where do these federal judges come from? Harvard and Yale mostly. If you doubt this–look at the current court, and look at the statistics. How can such a narrow group lecture to us about diversity, when they do not practice it themselves??????

  96. I cannot stick around for this, but please know it is happening now.
    LIVE NOW: @HouseJudiciary hearing on impeaching #IRS Commissioner #Koskinen over #IRSTargeting and the #IRSScandal
    Examining the Allegations of Misconduct Against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, Part I About 300 watching. This link failed for me after several minutes.

    IRS commish is not there stating notice given was too short.

  97. In sum, I am not impressed with the guardians of the institutions of democracy who tolerate an assault on liberty by a tyrannical and oppressive administration, only to weigh in on it after the harm has been inflicted. The would have, should have, could have, but did not when it mattered crowd. Like I say, I am very depressed. If you like, you can call them the separate facility for transgender illegals supporters and appeasers paid for by a reduction in veterans benefits to bankrupt the country. You can sum it all up in two words: John Roberts.

  98. None of these cockroaches would be running for cover were it not for Donald Trump. If this were the planned contest between Jeb! and the dutchess of Chapqua all of this would have been whispered about but hidden from public view until after the system collapsed.

  99. washington Primary: Today
    California/New Jersey/Montana/South Dakota/New Mexico Primaries: 14 Days
    Republican National Convention: 55 Days
    General Election: 168 Days
    Inauguration Day: 241 Days

  100. wbboei, I understand what you’re saying. I’m just saying, I’m glad that the chance of Trump winning is starting to get the ship righted again. It would best if everyone did the right thing because it is the right thing, but if some of these people need a good sheriff in town in order to actually follow the law and common sense, at least the right thing will start getting done. Maybe some of these people will find their way to other, less powerful occupations in the new era of America.

  101. Off topic. I opened an official looking email from the local bar association and my laptop became the victim of a vicious virus called ransom ware. They encrypted all my files and demand $$$ to get key to un crypt. Needless to say I am angry at myself for opening the link and at thescumbags who did this. It is virtually impossible to fix.

  102. wbboei

    May 24, 2016 at 10:33 am

    This gets down to the whole question of how judges are selected. They get to where they are by kissing ass and not making waves.

    Mostly kissing ass.

  103. lorac
    May 24, 2016 at 12:00 pm
    The Cuban banker told me one time that he does not believe in great men. He believes in institutions. And that is because great men may turn out to disappoint, they are always subject to the charge of personal ambition that earned Caesar the assassins knife, and even it they were in life as great as the were in myth, like the emperor Trajan, that is no guarantee that they will not succumb eventually to a Nero or Caligula. We rely on the institutions to protect our lives, liberty and property.

    In Obama we have find the curse of Nero and Caligula wrapped up in one character. Thus, it is hardly surprising that he would surround himself with a cadre of flatterers, thieves and traitors. How could it be otherwise? And what this cadre has done, systematically, is pollute our institutions of government. You would expect as much in the executive branch since they are for better or worse under the control of the executive branch. But he has also ceded those types into the two other branches of government, who have loaned him aid and assistance in the confirmation process, budgets etc. Or, they have offered only token resistance, and thereby betrayed their oath of office. And the string pullers are the worst of denizens–Soros, etc.

    But what happens to a democracy when those institutions fail to stop a tyrant?

  104. Trump’s luck continues, and for the many times I’ve dissed CBS and Charlie Rose, I do feel an obligation to inform that combination as the tipoff for me of this:
    5/24/16. Baylor not commenting on reports of President Kenneth Starr’s firing

    …Baylor declined to respond to reports Tuesday that President and Chancellor Kenneth Starr, best known for his investigation of the Clinton administration, has been fired by the Board of Regents in the wake of a sexual assault scandal involving the school and its football team….

    Earlier today CBS went round and round with Corey Lewandowski over revealing DJT’s tax returns. I could not follow it, but it had a Sesame Street Bert and Ernie ending when someone at IRS said we cannot comment on individual taxpayers.

  105. holdthemaccountable
    May 24, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    Kenneth Starr – the guy always made my skin crawl.

  106. On the question of who he will pick as a vice presidential running mate, Corey Lewendowski says Trump wants someone who can move his legislation through congress, meaning a Member of Congress past or present as opposed to a governor. So now our intellectual betters in Washington are spinning off names like whirling dervish: corker, ernst, sessions, gringrich and the homeless man from Ohio Kasich. Stupid. They don’t listen. They don’t think. Specifically, what legislation has Corker moved through Congress other than stripping away the advise and consent roles of Congress with respect to the Iran deal? The same complaint can be lodged against Ernst. Sessions is a good man, but his forte has been more in the area of stopping bad legislation and he is no favorite in the eyes of the establishment. So what this whole thing boils down to is two people: Gingrich has that experience as a former speaker. Kasich was the point man on the Reagan agenda on welfare reform, and he can deliver a key state, Ohio. My preference would be Gingrich. My fear is it will be Kasich.

  107. No to Gringich… and Kasich…
    Gringich, I don’t necessarily trust, Kasich, I absolutely don’t trust.

  108. People aren’t changing their registrations to republican to become conservatives – they’re switching to vote for Trump. Gingrich will repel a lot of independents and democrats who have switched over. They may stay home or switch back for the general.

    I strongly wish Trump would pick a younger person, someone who can run after him. Eight years isn’t enough to fix all our problems.

  109. … and Kasich? A VP should be a kindred soul, someone to carry on in the president’s stead. IMO, Kasich would simply follow the money if he were president (if something happened to Trump, or if elected after being Trump’s VP) – he doesn’t have Trump’s ideals and goals.

  110. starting in half an hour – it’s streaming now showing the audience – maybe there will be opening speakers – I wonder if Susana (sp?) Martinez will be there…?

  111. They talk about Warren as VP for Hillary. But she is only 2 years younger than Hillary. Of course that is the best thing you can say about Fauxahanas. Bernie is several years older. But that is no problem really because he is a warlock and we know from carbon dating that he is already 300 years old, and warlocks do not reach their age of consent until they are 500 years of age.

  112. Stephen Miller is talking about the book Clinton Cash and reading excerpts from it against Hillary

  113. He’s making a play for Sanders’ voters – saying that the reason that Sanders is able to give Hillary a contest is that many democrats don’t want to vote for someone tied to Wall street, etc

  114. I do wish Trump would minimize his 1990 truther BS…it diminishes him and most of us were so tried of it and don’t really want to rehash it..

  115. Trump just gave the NM stats, and disparaged the governor…. so my guess is that she isn’t there lol

  116. Washington primary
    Last updated May 24, 2016 at 9:19 PM PT
    May 2444 delegates
    69% reporting Delegates Votes
    Trump (won)
    Source: AP

  117. Trump Wins Republican Primary in Washington State

    by The Associated Press MAY 24, 2016, 11:29 PM EDT
    E-mail Tweet Facebook Linkedin
    Share icons

    Trump is within 44 delegates of the number needed to become the Republican nominee.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump has won the Republican primary in Washington state, helping him inch closer to claiming the GOP nomination for president.

    The billionaire businessman’s victory Tuesday pulls him within 44 delegates of the number needed to become the Republican nominee.

    Trump won at least 24 delegates in Washington state, with 20 still left to be allocated. He has 1,193 delegates. It takes 1,237 delegates to win the GOP nomination.

    There are no more Republican contests until June 7, when the last five states vote. With a total of 303 delegates at stake in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota, Trump should easily clinch the nomination that day.

    Donald Trump
    MANDEL NGAN—AFP/Getty Images

  118. JB, I just stopped by and was not going to come back to Big Pink, but when I checked on you I saw you were having computer virus problems.

    If you are really good with computers and have a PC, you should check out this page and maybe it will give you some good info:

    How to rescue your PC from ransomware


    My best advice is to find a trustworthy geek, possibly at a nearby University that can fix this for you. This is well worth the cost for someone that knows how to fix this, shouldn’t take much time. Question the person to make sure they know a lot about computers and feel comfortable doing this.

    I hope you get your files back and the virus wiped.


  119. wbboei
    May 24, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    Dems can dream about Indian Woman Who Is Not An Indian all they want but Dirty, Dirty Harry Reid had an excellent reason yesterday that she needs to kibosh that stuff. She would be replaced by a Repub governor appointing a Repub if they accidentally won. Reid knows she would stab anyone in the back to get an asbestos client for a few shekels and is not how she presents herself. The vetting would be lots of fun and Cyclops Harry knows it.

    The hysteria of BLM and Reconquista illiterates is just warming up. The gravy train (not to mention the social and media hyping of these failing cultures) is ending.

  120. Half the Puzzle

    It helps to think that
    Polls have shown that 6 out of 10 voters dislike both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Their paradoxical position as standard bearers of their respective party tickets is not because they represent a clear choice of political alternatives, but because of the perceived absence of them. Neither is a candidate in the traditional political sense. Anis Shivani at Salon puts it this way: “Hillary Clinton can’t defeat what Trump represents” which is a rebellion against “neoliberal globalization” that is looking for a leader.

    Americans, like people everywhere rising up against neoliberal globalization (in Britain, for example, this takes the form of Brexit, or exit from the European Union), want a return of social relations, or embeddedness, to the economy.
    His idea is that the election is really a referendum. The voters want their country and jobs back. They understand the status quo elites, left to themselves, are never going to give it back. Therefore they are turning to Trump not in the function of a leader but as a wrecking ball for what they don’t want.


    James Taranto makes a very similar argument to Shivani’s. He writes, “Trump is the purest expression of the politics of “NO!” that I personally can recall. He’s the candidate for people who think the conventional wisdom of the American establishment is hopelessly out of touch with the real world. He’s the little boy saying that the emperor, or in this case, the aspiring empress, has no clothes. What energizes the Trump phenomenon is the very power of rejection: people who think the train is about to head off a cliff want to pull the emergency cord that stops the train even if they don’t know what happens next.”

    The election of 2016 makes no sense unless it is judged from outside the system, because the system itself is on trial. From that external vantage this negation is not nearly as pointless as its critics make out. While it’s true that nothing Trump (or Hillary) has proposed will likely solve the major contemporary problems or repair the chaos Obama unleashed upon the world that is beside the point.

    The reset with Russia which turned into a new Cold War; the pivot to Asia which morphed into a faceoff with China; the Arab Spring that became a tragedy of Biblical or should one say Quranic proportions are catastrophes that are largely irreversible. There is about as much chance undoing these blunders as unscrambling an egg or regaining an airplane once one has jumped from it. Nor is there much chance of “bringing back the jobs” fled to foreign shores in the short term. Protectionism is unlikely to do it because the cure for a hangover of excessive government spending, demographic collapse and too much debt can never be quick or cheap.

    Thus to elect someone to fix things under those circumstances makes little sense. If the post-World War 2 era has been smothered in its dotage by an Obama administration which underestimated the difficulty of replacing it with something better, the more rational thing to do is redo the system rather than apply some patch. The “no” to which Taranto refers is simply a refusal to refuse to pour good effort after bad and is not nearly so negative as it seems. Perhaps the best metaphor for the 2016 election and the other upheavals that Shivani refers to is a that of billiard break or the reinstall of a virus afflicted operating sytem.

    As both Shivani and Taranto note things have reached the point where people are willing to ask for the deck to be re-cut and a new hand dealt out. Crucially for the first time in 200 years the warmed over 19th century Marxist ideology of Sanders or Barack Obama’s first term is no longer the default template for the future. People may not know what they want, but they know what they don’t want. A genuine leap into the unknown is now within the realm of possibility.

    This suggests the winner of the 2016 contest will likely be a transitional figure rather than a harbinger of a lasting tendency. The winner is more probably going to be overwhelmed by events in this period of flux. But that doesn’t matter. Their task is to stop “the train even if they don’t know what happens next.” And ‘what happens next’ is a question that can only be meaningfully asked once crucial missing piece becomes available. What exactly that is, is unknown.

  121. Tony – “and so begins the slow twist.”
    At noon NBC NY may have headlined it as breaking news, but in the telling, mentioned at least twice it’s nothing every other recent SOS has not also done.
    I saw an interesting clip of DJT from last night on Philly ABC at noon. It involved a young boy seated behind him and protesting. D asked how old he was. The response was off mic. Then D said “still in diapers”. If anyone knows more about that exchange and can share, I’ll pay attention.

  122. I think the State dept report further damages her trustworthiness and give Trumps, fairly or not, more ammunition. Also, while not criminal, it certainly could enhance the chance of an indictment. It’s really sad how badly things have gone for her since 2008.

  123. Thanks Shadow..I saw that article and it is above my pay I am using another computer at home and getting a quote from a tech guy on cost to remove and possibly save files. Since a new laptop is anywhere from $750-1500, it depends what the cost is and if he can retrieve. One concern is that I read in some cases, even if you remove the virus it may be in your data, so I am leaning towards ditching it.

  124. gonzotx, he is a brave man and tells it like it is. I have seen him appear before and admire his candor about the fundamental goal of these terrorist groups to destroy Israel.

  125. jb

    If you get a good tech guy to remove the virus, he should be able to tell you if your files are ‘clean’ or not. It all depends on the variation of the virus. Most are not that sophisticated to tell you the truth. They rely on non-tech savvy computer owners to panic with the situation and pay them to recover their files.

    There is no need to get a new laptop when the virus is removed unless the tech guy knows of specific problems with the type of virus you received.

    After the tech guy removes the virus, save all your important files onto an external hard-drive. They are really cheap these days, buy the way. I have bought one for $60 that holds 1 Terabyte of data.

    Anyway, it is a good place to back up your files in the future.

    If at any point you have some bug that got into your files, you can get a tech person to reformat your harddrive, reinstall your operating system, and start putting files from your old computer back on to your laptop. You would also delete the copied files you put on your new external drive if they were infected.

    Anyway, no reason to toss out your laptop because you have a virus. Your tech person will be able to explain this to you.

    It would be like throwing away your fridge because you had spoiled food in it. You just clean the fridge, and put back the good food.

    I hope this helps, wishing you the best.

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