New Republican Party: @RealDonaldTrump And Dauphin Paul Ryan At Place De La Concorde

Donald J. Trump got the GOP nomination with relative ease, as we predicted at the 2015 dawn of the “Summer of Trump”. It was an easy prediction to make because Trump is a smart fighter who attracted other smart fighters. Donald Trump was not only willing, but happy, to fight his party establishment and the entire political/Big Media establishment under the blood red banner of REAL AND TOTAL CHANGE.

Long ago our analysis (after eight years of managed decline under treacherous Barack Obama) was that 2016 was to be a change election. Donald Trump waged a battlefield campaign, an insurrection, precisely tuned to be the champion of that CHANGE. Trump won on the battlefield, revolutionary flags unfurled, trumpets blaring. We recall with astonishment how Trump denounced the Iraq War and the entire Bush family dynasty at Republican debates with the glee of a vengeful anarchist from Marseilles as the guillotine sliced through the air.

Trump routed the ancien régime on the political battlefield. Now the ancien régime as personified by the cute Dauphin from Wisconsin presumes the winner on the battlefield must come to them hat in hand. It’s an ancient strategy of corrupt regimes: Win at the conference table what you lost on the battlefield.

The blue-eyed cute Dauphin of the ancien régime and the lion of the battlefield will meet this Thursday to arrive at a concordat to strip Trumpism from Trump. Trump without Trumpism is the goal. Only if Trump rejects the issues that won him the nomination will the ancien régime cuddle up.

Don Surber cites to reality:

Your silly endorsements mean nothing

Never Trump has become Drama Queen central. The self-righteous right continues to preen to my amusement because I am looking at my watch and waiting for November 8. No teeth are gnashed because Paul Ryan — veep loser last time — is petulant about backing the nominee. Ho-hum.

The Family Bush has not endorsed Trump. Cruz hasn’t. In fact, all the losers in the Republican Party are reluctant to endorse Trump. Their endorsements may have meant something during the primaries, but now? Do you really think Mitt Romney will flip one Democratic voter or sway on independent? That was his trouble last time. He had his chance. No walk, loser.

I contend that the backing of the Washington Establishment would hurt Trump more than it would help. [snip]

Trump is the Republican Party now. He is running the show. He is the main attraction, in fact, the only attraction. In the marketplace of ideas, Jeb lost. Rubio lost. Cruz lost. Why? Because the neocon movement which took over the post-Reagan Republicans failed. What is our national debt now? $19 trillion? The Athwart History Guardians Of Chairman Buckley’s Body at the National Review stood athwart history four years ago against the man who last balanced the budget — Newt Gingrich.

They tried that again, and lost.

The Bush dynasty desires a restoration with the same hunger the Bourbons of old France did. But the restoration is doomed to failure. As Talleyrand wrote of that dynasty, “they had learned nothing and forgotten nothing”. Patrick Buchanan helpfully summarizes the failed restoration of the failed House of Bush and the rise of the New Republican Party:

And they have to know, whether they concede it or not, that Trump’s triumph is a sweeping repudiation of Bush Republicanism by the same party that nominated them four times for the presidency.

Not only was son and brother, Jeb, humiliated and chased out of the race early, but Trump won his nomination by denouncing as rotten to the core the primary fruits of signature Bush policies.

Twelve million aliens are here illegally, said Trump, because the Bushes failed to secure America’s borders.

America has run up $12 trillion in trade deficits and been displaced as the world’s first manufacturing power by China, said Trump, because of the lousy trade deals backed by Bush Republicans.

The greatest strategic blunder in U.S. history, said Trump, was the Bush II decision to invade Iraq to disarm it of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

The war Bush began, says Trump, produced 5,000 American dead, scores of thousands wounded, trillions of dollars wasted, and a Middle East sunk in civil-sectarian war, chaos and fanaticism.

That is a savage indictment of the Bush legacy. And a Republican electorate, in the largest turnout in primary history, nodded, “Amen to that, brother!”

No matter who wins in November, there is no going back for the GOP.

Can anyone think the Republican Party can return to open borders or new free-trade agreements like NAFTA?

Can anyone believe another U.S. Army, like the ones Bush I and Bush II sent into Afghanistan and Iraq, will be mounted up and march to remake another Middle East country in America’s image?

Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom are history.

What the Trump campaign revealed, as Republicans and even Democrats moved toward him on trade, immigration and foreign policy, is that Bush Republicanism and neoconservatism not only suffered a decisive defeat, they had a sword run right through them.

They are as dead as emperor-worship in Japan.

Trump won the nomination, he won the argument, and he won the debate. The party is now with Trump — on the issues. For GOP elites, there can be no going back to what the grass roots rejected.

What does this suggest for Trump himself?

What should Trump do now? Lose what he won on the battlefield at the conference table to the little Dauphin from Wisconsin? Buchanan, as do we, suggests the wise course:

While he ought to keep an open door to those he defeated, the greatest mistake he could make would be to seek the support of the establishment he crushed by compromising on the issues that brought out his crowds and brought him his victories and nomination. [snip]

How then should Trump proceed?

Unify the party, to the degree he can, by keeping an open door to the defeated and offering a hand in friendship to all who wish to join his ranks, while refusing to compromise the issues that got him where he is. If the Bushes and neocons wish to depart, let them go.

Enter the little Dauphin from Wisconsin. The no action, all talk, Talker of the House Paul Ryan. Once again, Patrick Buchanan administers the needed laxative:

In millennial teen-talk, Ryan told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “I’m just not ready to do that at this point. I’m not there right now.”

“[T]he bulk of the burden of unifying the party” falls on Trump, added Ryan. Trump must unify “all wings of the Republican Party, and the conservative movement.” Trump must run a campaign that we can “be proud to support and proud to be a part of.”

Then, maybe, our Hamlet of the House can be persuaded to support the elected nominee of his own party.

Excuse me, but upon what meat has this our Caesar fed?

Ryan is a congressman from Wisconsin. He has never won a statewide election. As No. 2 on Mitt Romney’s ticket, he got waxed by Joe Biden. He was compromise choice as speaker, only after John Boehner went into in his Brer Rabbit “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” routine.

Who made Ryan the conscience of conservatism?

Who made Ryan keeper of the keys of true Republicanism?

Trump “inherits something … that’s very special to a lot of us,” said Ryan, “the party of Lincoln and Reagan and Jack Kemp.”

But Trump did not “inherit” anything. He won the nomination of the Republican Party in an epic battle in the most wide-open race ever, in which Trump generated the largest turnout and greatest vote totals in the history of Republican primaries.

What is Ryan up to?

He is pandering to the Trump-hating Beltway media and claiming the leadership of a Republican establishment routed and repudiated in the primaries, not only by that half of the party that voted for Trump, but also by that huge slice of the party that voted for Ted Cruz.

The hubris here astonishes. A Republican establishment that has been beaten as badly as Carthage in the Third Punic War is now making demands on Scipio Africanus and the victorious Romans.

This is difficult to absorb.

Someone should instruct Paul Ryan that losers do not make demands. They make requests. They make pleas.

What makes Ryan’s demands more astonishing is that he is the designated chairman of the Republican National Convention, a majority of whose delegates and whose nomination Trump is about to win.

Ryan is saying he is ambivalent over whether he will accept the verdict of the Cleveland convention – of which he is the chairman.

If Ryan holds to his refusal to accept the decision of the Republican majority in the primaries, he should be removed from that role. And if Ryan does not come out of Thursday’s meeting with the Donald, endorsing him, the presumptive nominee should turn to Paul Ryan, and, in two words, tell him, “You’re fired!”

Trump cannot allow the establishment to claw back in the cloakrooms of Capitol Hill what he won on a political battlefield. He cannot allow a discredited establishment to dictate the issues he may run on.

That would be a betrayal of the troops who brought Trump victory after victory in the primaries. [snip]

Paul Ryan, in declaring that he cannot now support Trump, and imposing conditions to earn his support, has crawled out on a long limb.

Trump cannot capitulate. He has to saw it off.

The limb that has to be sawed off is the one that secures the head to the shoulder. That is what Trump is up to we believe. The no action all talk, Talker of the House Paul Ryan and the ancien régime think they can stop the history train by throwing twigs on the tracks. The ancien régime draped in moth eaten ermine robes dream of a restoration not realizing their heads have been lopped off at Place de la Concorde.

Mitt Romney the head loser of 2012 privately meets with Bill Kristol the pamphleteer of the Bush restoration to plot a third party rear guard action against the New Republican Party and its leader Donald J. Trump. But the Trump train is on the move as even some establishment figures climb on board. Increasingly even top allies of Talker Ryan denounce Paul Ryan. Even House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has abandoned Paul Ryan in order to be a Trump delegate to the Cleveland convention.

This Thursday Donald J. Trump will meet with Paul Ryan to reach concord. Paul Ryan faces a primary challenge ably assisted by the smart Sarah Palin whom Ryan attacked as an “outside agitator”. Mama Grizzly gonna chew up that boy’s Dauphinic ass. Paul Ryan leads an ancien régime that is divided and falling apart as more and more of its members realize the Republican Party is dead. Long live the New Republican Party. Liddle Paul Ryan is the last to know.

Concord is the aim of Thursday’s meeting between the Lion of the primaries and the Dauphin of Wisconsin. We know of two great historic sites of “Concord”. Both sites of “Concord” should shake Paul Ryan as he tries to wrest victory from Revolutionary Donald J. Trump. Place de la Concord in Paris had an earlier name and an earlier notoriety:

Originally called ‘Place Louis XV’, the square was renamed in 1792 as ‘Place de la Révolution’ when it became the stage for the horrendous public executions by the guillotine. During the Reign of Terror, the King, the Queen Marie-Antoinette, and more than 1,100 victims were beheaded in less than two and a half years. On 21st January 1793, Louis XVI was guillotined at the very position of the statue of Brest, at the North-West angle. From the 13th May 1793, the “National Razor” was moved across the square near the railings of the Tuileries Gardens and beheaded many more victims: Marie-Antoinette (16th October), Madame du Barry, Danton, Madame Roland and Robespierre. Following those dreadful events of the Reign of Terror, the Directorate changed the name of the square to one of reconciliation and hope: Place de la Concorde.

If the Liddle Dauphin from Wisconsin does not get the meaning of the square formerly known as ‘Place de la Révolution’ there is a more American Concord:

At midnight on the 19th of April the British column, consisting of 650-900 troops left Boston, crossed the Charles River, followed closely by the alarm rider Paul Revere. As the British marched towards Concord, the entire countryside had been alerted to their presence, and rebel militia was deployed to meet them.

Donald J. Trump has nothing to lose on Thursday when he meets with Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan has plenty to lose his head over. The rebel militia, fresh victories marked with bloody hands as evidence, is deployed and ready to march on Cleveland and cleave some more heads.


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    Some of Donald Trump’s most trusted aides will travel to Cleveland this week to ensure the plan for the Republican National Convention—an extravaganza where the presumptive nominee will command the nation’s attention for four days—is to their liking. [snip]

    Later this week, aides with the Republican National Committee will give tours and planning updates to several members of Trump’s top staff, including deputy campaign manager Michael Glassner, strategist Paul Manafort, political director Rick Wiley, and Rick Gates, a longtime Manafort associate hired last month, said people familiar with the plans.

    The design for the stage is done, the people said. Other details are already in place, such as what the perimeter outside Quicken Loans Arena will look like and which hotels each state delegation has been assigned. [snip]

    Trump has said it’s important to put some “show biz” into the convention. “It should be a monumentally magnificent convention, and it should be brilliantly staged,” he told the Washington Post last month.

    On Monday, Trump’s chief aides gathered in Washington for another meeting with the Republican National Committee staff, this one to discuss campaign mechanics and to explain what the party can do to help the soon-to-be nominee.

    Directors from each department at the committee—data, technology, digital, fundraising, communications, research, and finance—gave presentations during the three-hour meeting, according to people who attended.

    The data staff explained how they can help pinpoint the most voter-rich neighborhoods to decide where to locate field organizers and campaign offices, rather than, say, setting up shop in each congressional district.

    The technology staff gave Trump’s aides a presentation on data that can be collected on a website and security features that they can put in place to prevent hacking.

    Research staff touted their treasure trove of opposition research on likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, which includes a searchable video database with exhaustive footage of her from over the years.

  2. Hot damn… this is fun!!! :-).

    This is the most fun I’ve had watching politics since…..EVER.

  3. Trump can also hammer Hillary over her vote on Iraq while she was senator and is already reminding people in his rallies that he opposed that war when it was unpopular to do so.

  4. I don’t like him attacking Hillary and Bill over issues that we have had before Bill even took office. Policy is fair game, but back off the personal stuff as he has plenty of baggage as well..

  5. Jones did you listen to the video of hillary laughing about the lie detector test she had her client take, as the criminal defense attorney for the defendant in a rape case, of which he was guilty, laughing about it, because he passed and she knew he was guilty?

    The girl in question was 12 years old. She was repeatedly rape and beat by this man and, another after they abducted her, he was 41. Hillary, destroyed the, girl. Made her look like she came on to older men, had her take a psychiatric exam, etc.
    He got a slap on the hand, the 12 year got a life, of drugs and depression. He of course went on to rape again..oh, and they also destroyed her womb so she could never have children.
    This tape just surfaced, I think it tells, alot, about a person.
    I understand where we were in the 70′, the woman was always on trial. I know, because it happened to me and I was innocent, knifed and beat up, but hey, I was 20 and apparently asked for it.
    He got a slap on the hand too.
    I will never forget that lawyer and knowing Hillary did this, and more to a 12 year old,

    FU#K her…

  6. Trump shaking in his boots, from laughter:

    Nearly half of Republican voters disapprove of Paul Ryan’s performance as House speaker, according to a new poll released Wednesday by Public Policy Polling.

    Only 40 percent of GOP voters are happy with Ryan’s stint as speaker so far, while 44 percent disapprove. Those numbers worsen among all voters, with just 30 percent approval and 48 percent disapproval.

  7. They never vetted Obama:

    Washington Post assigns army of 20 to dig into ‘every phase’ of Trump’s life

    The Washington Post has built a sizable army of reporters to dig into every facet of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s life, urged on by new owner Jeff Bezos to reveal everything about the potential nominees.

    Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward revealed Wednesday that the Post has assigned 20 staffers to Trump. In addition the paper plans a book.

    “There’s a lot we don’t know,” he told the National Association of Realtors convention in Washington. “We have 20 people working on Trump, we’re going to do a book, we’re doing articles about every phase of his life,” he added.


    Lou Dobbs: A few thoughts on the increasingly isolated and clearly politically perplexed Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan is beginning to make Hamlet look broad-minded, strong willed and decisive… He’s been left breathless and uncertain as to whether he should be part of that unity he himself calls for… A senior GOP senate source says RYan’s hesitation is costing the party valuable fundraising time needed for what will be needed to battle Democrats in the fall.

    In my opinion, Ryan has become a caricature of himself who has won favor with Democrats by collaborating with Mr. Obama than anything he’s done for the Republican Congress.

  9. “Washington Post assigns army of 20 to dig into ‘every phase’ of Trump’s life

    The Washington Post has built a sizable army of reporters to dig into every facet of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s life, urged on by new owner Jeff Bezos to reveal everything about the potential nominees.”

    What they really mean is potential NOMINEE. They could care less about the plural.

  10. Jb – I don’t think it’s a question of it’s old information, so it’s not important or relevant. First, many voters are unaware of it, as it (this particular trial) was 41 years ago. Second, in looking at that and also Hillary’s manner of handling Bill’s women, the important, relevant part is Hillary, although Bill has to be mentioned to set the context.

    It may seem like old news, but when someone is running as the women’s candidate, including specifically someone who says that women should be listened to when they say they have been raped, it is very relevant if they haven’t acted as they have preached. Making up stories about that 12 y/o victim just to win a case, ignoring Muslim atrocities against women, and threatening Bill’s women (some of whom have claimed he raped them) is in direct contrast to how she tries to portray herself. That’s all very relevant to today, since she is not only running for president, but as an advocate for all women.

  11. What it does seem like, is that it has always been about her – telling lies about the 12 y/o to win a case, choosing Muslims over women because that’s the left’s thing, threatening women to protect Bill’s political career (and her potential future one)…

  12. jb, what I said in my last comment sounds just like a politician, and we often just shrug our shoulders at what they do, because they’re so often acting in their own self-interest. But a lot of us (probably you too) never thought of her that way until after 2008. I myself used to tell people she was the last true public servant. I feel pretty embarrassed now about that ignorance.

  13. This really says it all, IMO…

    One of the best Trump attributes in the current political season is his ability to campaign on common sense. Unfortunately for the media enterprise, this makes much of their influential punditry seem silly. It’s not a matter of Donald Trump defying the intellectual logic of the professional political class; it’s more a matter of just plain common sense.

    Trump is not simply winning because he’s defying political norms or rules – he’s winning because the “norms and rules” are nuttery and they’ve never made sense to begin with.

    Donald Trump is not “defying political gravity”, his campaign exemplifies the non-existence of this “gravity” nonsense to begin with.

  14. WaPo had a top of the page headline “Did Trump Steal the Party from Paul Ryan” or something like that and changed it to Ryan Built a GOP Pillar and Trump Tore it Down”. It changed before my eyes. Which is very amusing as the the first one is more accurate.

    Only Trump didn’t “steal” jack squat. The Republican Party doesn’t belong to Ryan, Mitt Romney, or any other individual. Or donors. Nor a bunch of dopes at think tanks or National Review. A “public” (supposedly non-profit) organization which was supposed to serve voters no longer did so and wonder of wonders was yanked from their control which is a pretty good definition of a hostile takeover. The WaPo just noticed what happened and that Ryan et al spin was not correct. Slow, dim-witted, babies live in DC and at the WaPo. No wonder that cretin bully of the playground Ben Rhodes could “fool” them so easily. Our elites and betters are toddlers. The case could be made that they are yokels or rubes but whiny babies seems more apt.

  15. Mexico City needs to pull Vincente Fox back to Cartel-ville where he belongs. He is threatening “war”. The PR professionals hired by Mexico in DC are not getting through to this fourth (or is it fifth?) adopted Bush brother. There already is a war you stupid bastard. We know that you and Nancy Pelosi’s remittance business is looking at annihilation but them’s the breaks. It is the business cycle old fellow. Hot wars always end badly for Mexico as in Texas Revolution, the Mexican War, Black Jack Pershing, Texas Rangers stringing up rustlers, and Eisenhower and his deportation trains. We could go back earlier to the last time Hispania beat a Anglo/Norman which is John of Gaunt (who had a tiny army). Why not try something new. Like reforming your rotten parasitic grandees of Spain (influenced culturally by the Islamic hordes) business and government models. You crazy, racist, moronic, old crook. Pelosi needs to be warned about sedition.

  16. admin May 11, 2016 at 6:48 pm
    Battle of Lexington and Concord
    Thanks for this pick which I’ll view several times.

    I’ve sent it along to two cousins who have silently “endured” my lengthy postcard advocacy, until recently when they “poured out” their lack of comprehension with the briefest of rhetoric regarding which candidate is the more frightening to be in possession of the nuclear codes.
    All of us college-educated, Christians when asked what religion even if none attend church regularly. Only one of is is really concerned.

    Thanks also for the Lou Dobbs at 10:39 pm which I’ve just come to familiarize myself with. Ryan has had a less than stellar career. From Wikipedia, he has been there since 1999. By 2005 had stated he absorbed values through #AynRand. Later he rode that back. A pathetic legislative record. Sadly, my cousins and many like them will see Paul as great. But I think the twitter stink will stick.

  17. I’ve always loved Lou, I, use to call his, radio show a lot in 2008.
    At the time I was glad when he came over to Fox..was he on CNN or MSNBC? Can’t remember, but they didn’t like his, more conservative, view, and made an offer for him to leave.

  18. To those who abandon the Republican Party in this hour of crisis, I say: Good riddance! Go now, and never come back. Your bad advice and dogmatic arrogance brought America from a lone pinnacle of greatness in 2001 to second-rate status in 2016, the fastest decline of a dominant power since Napoleon invaded Russia. Go pester the Democrats, and do as much damage to them as you did to us Republicans.

    This would be Kristol, Will, Krauthammer, Ryan and the rest of the Nevertrump Brigade of crony capitalists and neoccons who staged their own hostile takeover of the party of limited government beginning in 1988, after their attempt to assassinate Reagan failed.

    I could say fuck off.

    But that would not be constructive.

    Just because THEY have been utterly destructive, does not mean I must be.

    I could say go start your own party called the Cony Neocon party.

    Or, I could grab them by the nose kick them in the ass to a rousing chorus of:

  19. Unfortunately the meeting between Trump and Ryan is over and Ryan is still speaker, still hasn’t endorsed and Trump is now with Senate.

    I freaking hate Ryan.
    And of course Ryan is
    right out there on twitter and giving interviews.

  20. gonzotx
    May 12, 2016 at 12:06 pm
    I met him and his wife in Seattle eight years ago at Town Hall. I gave him a copy of my book, and told him not to give it to Zimmerman who was a big Hillary supporter. At the time, I was convinced that Hillary was a leader and that her war authorization vote was not an act of war, but an effort to give Bush/Cheney more leverage to force Saddam’s compliance with UN resolutions. Bill Clinton wrote me a short note on that saying I was one of the few who understood what the Iraq resolution was about, because I happened to be one of the few who read it and was inclined then to resolve any doubt in her favor. If I ever understood it, then she did not because she gave up that position without a fight. The other possibility is I did not understand it, she did, and the rest is history. I try not to make a habit of such mistakes. As for Lou, he was taking a lot of heat because of his broken borders theme and CNN was under pressure from the globalists to cashier him, which they did on very handsome terms I might add, and no covenant not to compete. He was accused of being anti-Hispanic, which I found to be somewhat curious because his wife, whom I met, happens to be Mexican. To a rational mind, this fact would suggest that the explanation for his opposition to illegal immigration has nothing to do with race. But when has the Frankfurt school which came to these shores after World War II and corrupted our institutions like the ebola virus ever been rational about anything, except for the destruction of western civilization. And now we are half way to hell.

  21. I’m hoping that Trump told Ryan if he wanted to dictate Presidential policy, he should have run for President.
    I’m hoping Donald gets rid of Ryan. There can be no comprise with the stooge devil.

  22. You’ve had an interesting life. I hope you have a room dedicated to your political writings and paraphernalia wbb!

  23. There’s a headline on drudge that says Biden asked Warren to be his VP..
    I wonder if that’s why Trump has been going after Warren recently, maybe he knows something and this is the shot off the bow so to speak.


    Ryan said the pair talked about core principles where they agree, including the importance of the constitution and separation of powers, the limited role of the executive branch and the Supreme Court. “We are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified,” Ryan said. “From here, we will go deeper into the policy areas.” [snip]

    Mr. Trump doesn’t need to do anything,” said Representative Duncan Hunter, the California Republican who co-chairs Trump’s U.S. House Leadership Committee. “As Republicans in the House, we got used to the idea that our speaker was the de facto leader of the party. We didn’t have somebody to represent our party against President Obama’s administration. But that’s over now — it’s Trump, whether people like it or not.”

    Ryan and Trump started far apart on the likely outcome, according to conversations with people in both camps. Ryan is looking for the the party’s presidential nominee to somehow declare fealty to conservative principles. Trump isn’t willing to cede any ground in his role as the incoming standard-bearer for the Republican Party. [snip]

    Some of Ryan’s fellow Republicans, however, won’t have much patience for a long, drawn-out reconciliation. Even two of his own top lieutenants have already publicly backed the New York billionaire — McCarthy of California and Scalise of Louisiana.

    “I don’t think Trump necessarily needs Paul Ryan to get elected president — he hadn’t needed him so far,” said Representative Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia, who is among those who argue it is time for all Republicans need to get behind Trump.
    ‘Time for Hugs’

    Trump also doesn’t appear too interested in being seen courting Ryan.

    “Paul needs to realize that Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee,” Hunter said. “He got the votes by the people of the country. Paul is starting to realize it but they all need to fully come around.”

  25. “As Republicans in the House, we got used to the idea that our speaker was the de facto leader of the party. We didn’t have somebody to represent our party against President Obama’s administration. But that’s over now — it’s Trump, whether people like it or not.”

    Sounds to me based on Admin’s post above…Trump made that clearly understood this morning. There is a new sheriff in town.

  26. admin

    May 12, 2016 at 12:49 pm

    “As Republicans in the House, we got used to the idea that our speaker was the de facto leader of the party. We didn’t have somebody to represent our party against President Obama’s administration…”

    That’s what we’ve been saying and why your asses have been kicked to the curb. Has a clue landed on you yet?

  27. Let’s analyze this comment

    “As Republicans in the House, we got used to the idea that our speaker was the de facto leader of the party” So you say that Ryan is the party leader?

    “We didn’t have somebody to represent our party against President Obama’s administration…” – But you say you don’t have anyone to represent the Republican Party?

    That must mean that Ryan is indeed not the leader. So which is it? It can’t be both. Sounds to me like they want a new leader Enter Trump.

  28. Ryan said the pair talked about core principles where they agree, including the importance of the constitution and separation of powers, the limited role of the executive branch and the Supreme Court. “We are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified,” Ryan said. “From here, we will go deeper into the policy areas.” [snip]
    There isn’t time to plant seeds.

    And there is no incentive to do so.

    One meeting with this donor class surrogate is enough.

    Trump will go deeper into policy issues in the general election.

    All this messenger boy needs to know is:

    1. The days of open borders are OVER.

    2. The days of moving jobs out of the country and then moving goods back in are OVER.

    3. The days of endless war for the merchants of death are OVER.

    4. The high jacking of the party by the Bush cabal is OVER.

    5. The days of Ryan’s tenure in congress are OVER.

    The question Trump needs to ask Ryan is what unholy deal did Ryan cut with Obama which is being held secret until after the election.

    And what makes this do nothing wonk think Trump has the time and patience to go deeper into the policy issues–that pedantic nonsense.

    Ryan had his day in court. Its over. Its time for him to lead follow or get out of the way. The party needs to unify and he is the retarding force.

  29. Scott raises the possibility that when all is said and done, Trump will get in bed with the establishment. A cynic might add that his decision to accept donor class donations in the general election is some evidence of that. And I am enough of a western movie fan to believe the morality play wherein the people who invite the new sheriff into town to deal with the outlaws like him more in the beginning than they do later, and those who opposed him in the beginning, come to like him or at least respect him as time goes on–is manifestly true.

    Still, I believe vision, leverage and ego are the controlling factors here. Trump has laid out his vision–and it is not one contrived for just this election as we saw with brother Cruz, but a whole set of principles which sound in pragmatism as opposed to ideology, which have been forged–and repeated over the course of a lifetime. From the standpoint of leverage, against all odds, he thrashed the establishment candidates one after another. And from the standpoint of ego, he has generated electricity and excitement not only in this country but around the world. He has given people a sense of empowerment, and a sense that as they watch their future dwindle away to nothing for the sake of some obscene globalist agenda, they are not alone.

    Simply put, I am not worried about Trump.

  30. Outris

    May 12, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    Let’s analyze this comment

    “As Republicans in the House, we got used to the idea that our speaker was the de facto leader of the party” So you say that Ryan is the party leader?

    “We didn’t have somebody to represent our party against President Obama’s administration…” – But you say you don’t have anyone to represent the Republican Party?

    That must mean that Ryan is indeed not the leader. So which is it? It can’t be both. Sounds to me like they want a new leader Enter Trump.

    They looked to Ryan as their leader and they didn’t have anyone to stand up against Obama. That says it all and why they’re all getting the boot.

  31. One potential advantage of giving Ryan a lifeline here is there are most definitely saboteurs in the party who subscribe to the idea that we must destroy the party to save it. Some of them are allies of Ryan. Trump needs to know who those people are so he can cut them off at the pass. Obviously, Kristol and Will are two of them. There are other members of the NeverTrump brigade, and they must be jettisoned.

    The other thing I will tell you relates to negotiation. In labor relations the view of management is fuck em—they are lucky to have a job, this is a waste of time. The attitude of the union, at least the one I dealt with–the Teamsters is fuck em—they need a good strike. When dealing with an adversary respect is sine qua non. But absent some screw up leverage is the deciding factor. From Ryan’s standpoint he wants to position himself as a co equal to Trump which is pure delusion. From Trump’s standpoint, Ryan is there to be used—an agent with limited authority, whereas Trump holds the whip hand.

  32. Without much fanfare, Donald has managed to coax out, or detoxify elocution of the word “conservative”. I wonder if Ryan realizes he is now frequently reaching for that word.
    The word which to this day, has the unacknowledged, untried, unpunished IRS scandal attached to it.

  33. Ryan can’t help himself…he tweeted out a picture of him and some kids saying, “most important meeting I had today”

    Trump needs to take this jerk down…
    What a, punk!

  34. gonzotx
    May 12, 2016 at 5:31 pm
    Two decades ago, the chief operating officer of my company complained to a partner at Cruz’s former law firm that I was not being tough enough in a negotiation with the Teamster locals which were controlled by the people depicted in the movie Goodfellows. The partner told the CEO this is not labor relations 101. This is labor relations 901. There is an art which conceals the art, and that is why Trump has given Ryan a lifeline. If it turns out I am wrong, then I am sure you will remind me. But try looking at it from Trump’s standpoint.

    The problem he has at this point is this: I won the election, and I won the argument. But I need to either bring the bomb throwers into church or turn the party against them. If I cannot do that then they will either run to the media or tunnel under on me, as we saw with the devils pact between Rove and Brazil in 2008. The jackals who put themselves on front street like Miss Lindsey, Romney, Will etc.are not the problem. It is the insiders who I must deal with. And that is a problem as long as they do their sniping from the sidelines. I need someone who is the single voice of the anti Trump movement—a spokesman I can deal with and have a deliberative process with so I can explain what we can agree on, what is negotiable and what is not negotiable. Then I can put the burden on him to convince the others and deal with the bomb throwers. So I would give him some latitude to toot his horn, as long as it does not interfere with what I need to accomplish. And the last thing in the world I want is his endorsement, because the minute he gives me that he will lose his credibility with the stop Trump movement, and my ability to influence them through him. During the ensuing meetings I will spoon feed him the information I want him to take back to them because weaning them off their opposition to my candidacy and reassuring them that I am worthy of their support as well as that of their constituents will not be accomplished in a fortnight. If he betrays me I will deal with that, because I retain all the leverage, but as long as he serves my purposes I will use him. The most important thing I got from him at the meeting was his assurance that I am a genuine person concerned about the future of the country and not some power mad PT Barnum. The key to all persuasion is the formula Aristotle gave us—ethos, pathos, logos. Ryans statement provided a degree of ethos that makes it hard for my enemies to dismiss me as a raving lunatic, and big media to present me as such. Its like Bismark said in the aftermath of the Franco Prussian War in 1870 when public opinion demanded the head of the defeated French Monarch. Public opinion always takes that line. I on the other hand will not dabble in the calling of Nemesis. For me the question is this: which is better for Prussia–a well used Napoleon or a badly used Napoleon.

  35. Outris – I think it meant that when a party has the presidency, the president is the leader of the country, but also of the party. When a party is the “out party”, they don’t have a leader, so they designated Ryan to be the “de facto” leader. Now that Trump is the candidate, he’s the leader of the party, and Ryan needs to slink away.

  36. Roger Stone said the meeting today was inclusive.

    On substantive matters, it was.

    It did not achieve “unity”.

    But unity is not as important as expanding the party.

    And new voters are more important than moribund old leaders.

    Here is Roger Stones take on the Ryan meeting.

  37. Pat Buchanan: The Clinton of 2016 is not the Clinton of 2008
    Trump may bring more excitement than some folks can handle.

    But Clinton has become a crashing bore, until she gets agitated, and then the voice rises to where she sounds like the siren on the hook-and-ladder in “Chicago Fire.”

    Other than that she would be the first woman president, what is there about her or her agenda that has popular appeal? That lack of appeal explains why her crowds are a fraction of Bernie Sanders’.

    The Clinton of 2016 is not the Clinton of 2008.

    As for the issues dividing Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump appears to have won the argument, if the debate is decided by voter preferences rather than Beltway preferences.

    Trump’s denunciation of NAFTA and other “free-trade” deals Ryan supports is echoed by Sanders, who opposed those deals when they were up for a vote. Hillary Clinton no longer rhapsodizes over husband Bill’s NAFTA, and signals she will not support Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership in a lame-duck session.

    Ryan professes to be a man of principle. Why does he not then stand by his principles, as Goldwater did, and bring up TPP for a vote?

    Is Paul Ryan’s “immigration reform” package as popular inside his party as Trump’s tough line? It would seem not. The longer the primaries went on, the closer the other GOP candidates moved toward Trump. And if Ryan believes in it on principle, why not bring it up?

    Ryan voted for the Iraq War Trump calls a disaster. The people seem now to agree with Trump that the war was misconceived.

    Thursday’s Post reported that, five years ago, Ryan stood on the House floor to declare, “This is our defining moment.”

    And what was Ryan’s defining moment?

    “On that day in 2011,” said the Post, “the House’s new GOP majority approved Ryan’s budget plan – which … called for cuts in a government program that voters knew and loved: Medicare.

    “Ryan … wanted eventually to turn the massive health-benefit program over to private insurers.”

    Come to think of it, Barry Goldwater wanted to turn Social Security over to private enterprise. How did that one work out?


  38. I’m obsessed with Obama going to Japan and apologizing for the use of nuclear weapons, he who gave Iran, a terrorist nation, the same capability, and believe me, Saudi’s will have one right on their heels.
    The Japanese who, bombed Pearl Harbor, who tortured and murdered American POW’s, Allied,and Chinese, Phillipinos, Malaysian people in the millions.
    I can not stomach this traitor and we have 200 more days of his insanity, which knows no bounds.
    My father could have been one of the one million men it was expected that would be killed in the attempt to take Japan, after fighting 4 years in the European front under Patton.
    I’m glad Truman made the decision he made and I know my father would not recognize this country any more.
    This election is much…
    Trump has got to win…and he must stay on Track to make America great again…

  39. By meeting with Ryan, Trump has pre empted the big media narrative of a civil war in the Republican Party, irreconcilable differences, and all the other crap they have been peddling. By analogy, under the National Labor Relations Act, the company is required to meet with the union, at reasonable times and places, but has no obligation to agree on anything. On the other hand, if he had done what most of us felt like doing and told Ryan look you little pip squeak, the train is leaving without you, I have no time for you and your nonsense. The problems facing the nation cannot wait for you to resolve your cognitive dissonance. If he had done that then the useless craven media would have used that to drill down on Trump’s intemperate behavior and how the party does not support him.

  40. The other thing to realize is the longer Ryan holds out with his non endorsement, while the critical mass of the party moves forward with endorsements, the keener he will become to end his hunger strike and get on board. But Trump should not let him off the hook. He should continue to negotiate, praise him endlessly, talk in generalities and give him nothing of substance, so he is left twisting in the wind. Publicize his positions favoring the donor class, and campaign for his opponent, while continuing to say he is a good man, and it has been wonderful getting to know him. At some point Ryan will break and go ballistic. Then Trump can offer him a suite in the new wing of Bellevue Hospital which he just financed, and wish him a speedy recovery. In about 9 years or so.

  41. when the republicans and anti trump pundits go on about Donald being “anti trade” why has not one reporter or one common sense person not ask the most obvious question…

    “What is so good about the “free trade” when the USA continues to be on the losing end year after year? How do Ryan and Trump’s critics justify continually allowing letting billions and billions of USA dollars being drained from our economy while our “free trade partners” get a literal ‘free ride’ and make all the money while we remain on the losing end?

    Do they understand in any realm of reality that Donald Trump wants to change that reality…and create a better result for the citizens of the USA…

    Do they have a problem with considering the interests of American citizens first? What is wrong with Donald Trump wanting to “protect” as in ‘protectionism’ if “our side” is continually losing?

    bottom line…whose side are the “free traders” on? their own interests or the interests of our own country…for a change…

  42. Lyn Ryan sees himself as an Errol Flynn swashbuckler.

    I see him as more of a Dudley Dooright–or, if you prefer, Dud for short.

    But by all means use him to your advantage.

    He is there to be had.

    And he gives new meaning to Alexander Popes observation

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

  43. I bet if they put “free trade” in a sports analogy to someone like Paul Ryan and his “free traders” they would never give such odds to their competitors

    Would he he allow his Green Bay Packers to play a game against the Chicago Bears without their helmets, or minus some other protective gear???

    of course not…

    but he and others will allow the USA to compete without any ‘protective gear’ against China and others when they manipulate their currency…and drain American companies and jobs from our country leaving American workers jobless…

    what about those “principles”!!! Are they blind to what is going on in their own country??

    Donald Trump…the Common Sense Candidate…Donald stay strong…do not let them manipulate you…

  44. the bottom line…a big difference between Paul Ryan his band of “free traders” is that they would rather ‘balance our budget’ on the backs of people who are receiving social security and medicare, “entitlements”…rather than deal with all the money they are losing to the cost of billions and billions of dollars in the name of “free trade”

    Donald has said over and over again that he intends to go after ALL the fraud and abuse there is within the system…he recognizes it is everywhere…Donald is smart enough to know there are people gaming the system

    just last week it came out that illegal immigrants are getting more in benfits than American citizens…

    and Ryan and his immigration plan…

    American companies leave and go to Mexico and create jobs for the mexican people there…then the non working illegals come across our border and claim our benefits…

    what a racket…Mexico gets our companies and our jobs and then their unemployed come into our country illegally and get more benefits than our own citizens

    How is this a good plan for the USA??? time for those ‘conservatives’ to review and rethink their cherished “principles” that are failing the USA

  45. …and let’s just stipulate that the Dems are just as bad and in some cases worse…

    the ‘uniparty’ are globalists vs the uprising of the American citizens

    Donald Trump is leading the revolution on the “right side” against the repub establishment…so it makes perfect sense that many of Bernie’s followers will support Donald…

    Hillary, sadly, represents more of the same, by her own words Obama 3…and more bad trade deals and detrimental illegal immigration policies…she is now the consummate insider and player…and for me it is with great disappointment to see how she and Bill have manipulated the system for so much personal gain…big hit on trust factor…

    I, in no way, begrudge either of them for making money…but the more we know…the worse it looks…something is not right…

    looks like even Chelsea’s husband is getting pulled into the whirlwind…

  46. Wbb,

    I get it that Trump is playing the long game here, It just irks me that Ryan is out front everyday, sometimes several times a day with his mocking BS.
    The day, he is taken down will be a delightful day for me.

  47. You all know Obama sent a letter to all the public schools in America today that they must open their bathrooms to any one who expresses they are Transgender or lose federal money.
    My daughter, a principal, just went to a meeting and not going to happen in East Texas.

  48. Gonzotx –
    I’m just here to report on same thing.
    Here is documentation:
    BREAKING: Obama admin. forces transgender bathrooms, locker rooms, on schools as condition of funding

    I saw it first at foxnews. Now they have changed headline to say conservatives are up in arms. Everyone is going to be a conservative as far as administration and media are concerned.

    Cannot imagine anyone with any semblance of Christianity not being up in arms.

    If POTUS is to seize control, perhaps this is the catalyst. I hope not.


    The dominoes are beginning to fall around Ryan. His two deputies — Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana — are both Trump supporters. Oregon Rep. Greg Walden — the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee — backed Trump Thursday shortly after the Ryan-Trump confab ended. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has already given Trump his support, even if it wasn’t exactly a full-throated endorsement.

    Yet Ryan and Trump will never truly be kindred spirits. Trump, not a master of minutiae, has turned Ryan’s party on its head, blowing up long-held policy convictions and upending a political order that had been intact for decades. For his part, Ryan has spent the past two decades crawling to the top of that heap while becoming a master of arcane policy fights.

  50. gonzotx

    May 13, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    I say we hold sending funding to Washington!

    I think that’s what will ultimately do the federal monster in. If HRC were to somehow be elected, I anticipate there would be open defiance of this insane federal lunacy at the state government level. Let her try and enforce any of it.

  51. As Obama prepares to leave office, his train is hurtling towards a massive derailment with this bathroom issue. The Hillary2016 wagon hitched behind the Obama train is predictably going to suffer the same fate.

  52. You know I work with numerous gay and trans,we all use the same single bathroom. It’s not an issue.
    But kids are emotional cesspools and we are talking letting in Transgender in locker rooms who are not in full transition with disregard of 99.9% of the rest of the population.
    Obama edict states it’s not OK to instead offer a single bathroom. What is wrong with this guy?
    Yet he has consistent 49% favorable’s.

  53. Maybe he is so truly delusional as to think that pandering to the trans crowd will drum up more support for the Democratic party in the general election.

  54. gonzotx

    May 13, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    You know I work with numerous gay and trans,

    Seriously? I may have run into one at a gay bar when I was 19 – or at least the dude was dressed like a chick – and of course, drag queens which largely put on the clothes for a show / entertainment (and I don’t know if they are “transgendered” or not), but other than that, I have never knowingly even met a “transgendered” person, and I don’t even have a clear idea what one is. Is a guy who gets a kick out of putting on women’s underwear transgender? Even if he only does it on weekends and he wears them under his street clothes? Or do they just have to say they “feel” like they’re a woman, or they should have been a woman? Short of someone who has had a sex change (must be tons of those, huh?) What is a transgendered person?

  55. I think Obama is purposely putting this out there during the election year to stir the pot.
    Don’t take the bit!
    Texas has declared it will not follow and the feds can have their money. ..see you in court.

  56. Well I work in the health field in a very liberal town, Austin. I can say for certain that at least 40 % of my male co workers are gay, a not so small percent of the women are gay and I do work with 3 that I know of Trans. One full transition.
    And yes, it’s not a problem for employees, but sometimes the patients are not too kind.

  57. Blowme..they are very open about it. Very few keep their sexual preferences to themselves.
    As they say location, location, location.
    But in this case, healthcare, healthcare, healthcare.
    I think it draws certain people because there is less judgement as a whole say vs working in banking, which I would guess would be more conservative. We all wear scrubs, so there’s that equalizer.

  58. holdthemaccountable
    May 13, 2016 at 5:02 pm admin May 13, 2016 at 2:05 pm
    The dominoes are beginning to fall around Ryan.

    Ryan will be the last man standing, all alone at the party. Trump will show Ryan to be the ass that he is.

  59. Shadowfax
    May 13, 2016 at 10:45 am

    Sure enough, those were all the kinds of things that we complained about BO doing. But what is the most disturbing thing about Bernie’s finances is that 60% are “unitemized”. Dark Money funds Bernie.

  60. Lu when you say “unitemized” do you mean donations to Bernie without any voter name attached to it, or what?

    This was posted on another PUMA site: … “I read that he owes $29 million in returns and he has only returned $780,000 (from the two previous FEC letters he received). In short, bernie’s campaign is going broke.”

  61. As Obama prepares to leave office, his train is hurtling towards a massive derailment with this bathroom issue. The Hillary2016 wagon hitched behind the Obama train is predictably going to suffer the same fate.

    Tony – I figured he and his followers would start amping up because his reign is almost over. But this move – I can’t see it as anything but him thumbing his nose at the country. No public discussion, no congressional involvement, just another threat from on high – do this or I’m not giving you the money you’ve paid in to me!

  62. You know I work with numerous gay and trans,we all use the same single bathroom.

    gonzo, I’m not clear – do you mean a single-person bathroom, or the same group bathroom with multiple stalls?

  63. Shadowfax,

    Unitemized funds are supposed to be money that comes in under the reporting limit of $200 (or is it $250, now?). They have no donor identified. During the 2008 campaign, BO was spending way more than he was listing in receipts. There were complaints and the FEC developed it as a line item in the reporting.

    BO had about 1/3 of his funds unitemized and they showed up just a critical times for his campaign. Here is what his looked like:

    What it basically is, is the amount the campaign spends, less the money they have in itemized donations.

  64. Every generation must face existential challenges unique to its own unique time and place.

    These challenges are not necessarily predictable, and they test of resolve.

    For the generation that fought world war II it was world war II.

    For this generation the issue of transgender bathrooms tests of better angels.

    The greatest civil rights issue since 1964 according to NYT.

    One would think that an unequivocal endorsement for that highly respected publication

    Would be provide sufficient impetus for agreement.

    But evidently not.

    Because there are some backward thinking people–some non progressives who resist.

    They see this as akin to a faculty fight where the battles are so bloody

    Because the issues they are fighting their war of extermination over are . . so small.

    But that does not answer the most important question of all:

    Where does Bruce Jenner go to take a dump.

    Fortunately, the NYT has the answer to that question

    Which is hardly surprising because experience has shown that they have all the answers

    And when they don’t they make it up.

    Their answer is he is a celebrity so he, she, it can go anywhere he wants

    And woe betide any homophobe who objects

    But if that isn’t enough we could call former Senator Larry Craig to the witness stand

    Larry is a world recognized expert on public bathrooms and the wide stance and foot work.

    And his reputation precedes him, and Olympic Judges have given him a 10 for his performance.

    Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that authentication will be no problem

    The only problem would be finding him.

    Nobody has seen him for years.

  65. The government under the great big media beloved messiah is a “kakistocracy” The derivation is Greek. It means a government under the control of a nation’s worst or least qualified citizens. The only question Obama asks is do they fall into a protected class. And that is hardly surprising since he himself is the quintessential example of affirmative action. What is surprising, even shocking, is that the man calling them out on how our beloved political class has corrupted and destroyed our institutions is Jeffrey Sachs. In case you do not know who he is, he is an academician and ally of Soros who participated in the Colors Revolution which by our beloved CIA that overthrew governments in Eastern Europe, installed puppet leaders just like Obama and sold off state assets bargain basement prices thereby looting those countries. For him to decry corruption–he being a one time perpetrator says something, and it is not what you think. It is not the intolerance you find in the reformed whore. Rather, it is the fact that in a kakistocracy, the elites are on the menu as well. And, by the way, what would you call Susan Rice, Eric Holder, John Roberts et al. Public servants? And when those paragons find their own necks on the chopping block and ask for mercy, what they are apt to find is not mercy, compassion or clemency. What they will find instead is schadenfreude–and that not by halves.
    Kakistocracy: Government under the control of a nation’s worst or least-qualified citizens.

    Origin: Ancient Greek κάκιστος (kakistos, “worst”), superlative of κακος (kakos, “bad”) + -κρατια (-kratia, “power, rule, government”).

    Richard picks up on this theme here:

    People used to know that when there was “something strange in the neighborhood” accompanied by an unnatural obsession with toilets there was probably trouble ahead. The oddest thing about these developments at the end of Obama administration is how supposedly natural they are. CNN reports that “the Obama administration issued guidance Friday directing public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity. … The letter does not carry the force of law but the message was clear: Fall in line or face loss of federal funding.”

    Yet one can’t help feeling the needle has skipped out of the groove, the TV series has jumped the shark, the system is printing random garbage on the console screen. Jeffrey Sachs complains in the Boston Globe that the stars have left their age-old tracks. “Impunity,” he tells us, “is epidemic in America. The rich and powerful get away with their heists in broad daylight. … Our major institutions, the ones that should know better, are often gross enablers of impunity.”

    Like many opinion leaders he’s noticed just now there are no brakes. “They” — the Ivy League, the Republican party, Bill Nye, the churches even — have lost the ability to impose consequences or respect the natural order of things. For years we’ve talked it down and until finally we’ve pulled the brake pedal from the floor and chucked it out the window. “A lioness hath whelped in the streets” has become no more remarkable than CGI dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. “And graves have yawn’d, and yielded up their dead” is just an episode in The Walking Dead. That “the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes” is undoubtedly true. Too bad that he died last April in his Minnesota home.

    Zachary Jacobson argues in USA Today says Bernie Sanders is popular with Millennials because they never heard of the Cold War and are learning about Communism from him possibly for the first time.

    All that student debt and they never heard about the Cold War. They never heard about consequences either. To waken to a city with the sky above on fire and zombies roaming the streets is disturbing by itself. Yet the real alarm in Jeffrey Sach’s article is not that the elite cheat; but they are not above cheating each other. He complains that Harvard has proved willing to take donations ripped off of unwitting investors. Drug companies like Theranos are suspected of marketing faked treatments to the public. Hillary Clinton may have possibly provided “off-the-record favors for foreign governments”. But why not when Chelsea’s hedge fund husband lost 90% of the value of his bet on Greek stocks? Somebody had to lose the money so that someone could gain it. The elites are discovering that they are not only at the table, but also on the menu.

    People who actually matter are starting to become victims. That’s the shock. Just as Caesar was soon to discover that he was the prince for whom the heavens mourned, the Millenials may be surprised learn that the perma-renter trend may eventually become the perma-tenter trap. “Just outside of Seattle sits a small cluster of tents in what resembles an overcrowded camping ground.”

    The reason why revolutions eventually fail is not because they do not attain their goals but because they attain them too well. The great surprise is the discovery that it affects everyone in the end. As many former Chavez supportesr now falling in fruitless line from midnight have said, “I never thought it would happen to me.” Toilets anyone?

  66. lorac
    May 14, 2016 at 7:32 am
    I am really disappointed that former Hillary supporters now buy in to this crap. The whole hit piece on Hillary is based on Barack Obama’s supposed “delegation” of the matter to Hillary. So who believes the MSM now, about that? Barack Obama went to bed to rest up for his fund raiser. THAT is the negligence. So it was Hillary’s responsibility to call out the Air Force? WTF? Believe what you want.

  67. Lu4PUMA
    May 14, 2016 at 9:30 am
    I see.

    Then you dismiss Larry’s detailed factual analysis.

    You believe the Pickering/Mullen Report

    Should be conclusive of the matter.

    Well, color me skeptical.

    He is why:

    1. First, the authors of the report are known to be political fixers

    2. Second, they were hired to find what government wanted them to find

    3. Third, they failed to call material witnesses

    4. Fourth, they never interviewed Hillary who was at the center of this

    Under the circumstances, it is hard to give them much weight

    Obama later claimed he gave the order to do everything possible to save our men

    However that has been shown to be a lie because there is no official record of this order.

    He told Hillary this is your political mess, clean it up, I am going to bed, I have a busy day

    On the odds that is what happened.

    Also, bear in mind that Larry is a very analytical guy.

    The account he gives and the conclusion he reaches are sound.

    To ignore all this borders on magic thinking.

    And that is not your style.


    All of us on this blog marched through hell to get Hillary elected in 2008.

    We believed she was a true Roosevelt republican and would get our nation back on track.

    Seeing her morph from what she was then to what she is now has been very painful.

    Some of us recovered by the dawns early light.

    Others continue to see her through the rose colored glasses we all did.

    Our skepticism cannot be dismissed on the grounds of partisanship.

    Our contempt for the RINO and big media is a matter of record.

    Its all the things she has said and done in morphing into Obama III

    That leaves us cold

    And hoping that the last best hope for the country–Trump– can and will deliver

  69. Yes wbb,
    I read Larry’s account of Benghazi, and I know because of his former operation he has skin in the game to get at the truth. He too was once a Hillary supporter.
    I remember many accounts of Obama going to bed to get ready for his fundraiser, that info, wasn’t new, what was was this,it veing Hillary’s, baby through, and through.
    Now we know why she so adamantly supported the video story. It was in reality her story.
    This is a shameful edit. This on top of the story of the 12 year old that was beaten and raped,It’s one thing to defend someone so their rights are protected, another matter I believe to destroy a young girls life in doing so.
    That was Hillarys ego and lust for making a name for herself.
    I didn’t know her at all.

  70. wbboei
    May 14, 2016 at 11:33 am
    You missed my point in your elaborate analysis.

    Unless they find evidence that Hillary issued orders to Stand Down, your assignment of responsibility is simply your choice, in what you believe. So go give Obama his free pass.

  71. wbboei
    May 14, 2016 at 11:42 am
    Multitudes are pinning a whole lot of hope on DT. Including me. I get scared when I see what he is up against and I know these people would assassinate him if they could. Anything could happen.

    Hillary lost my vote on the positions she has assumed. But I never though she was an angel in 2008 and now I do not believe she is a devil.

  72. Lu, no one is giving Obama a free pass. We’ve been calling him out for a long, long time. He’s not running for president, though.

  73. lorac
    May 14, 2016 at 3:51 pm
    Excuse me, but this happened right before his 2012 election.

    Mitt Romney gave him a free pass, too.

  74. WASHINGTON (AP) — Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:

    ABC’s “This Week” – Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus; Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    NBC’s “Meet the Press” – Pre-empted by English Premier League soccer coverage.

    CBS’ “Face the Nation” – Priebus; former Defense Secretary Robert Gates; Reps. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., and Peter King, R-N.Y.
    CNN’s “State of the Union” – Sens. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.; Paul Manafort, adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    “Fox News Sunday” – Priebus; Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan.; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

  75. Excuse me, but people are trying to ascertain Hillary’s role in events.
    We already know obama is the ultimate culprit, even if he delegates.
    No one gets a pass, and I don’t think Trump will be handing out passes either.
    Trump has his own skeletons, but I don’t think any of them have to do with national security or the murders of 4 Americans, including our Ambassador.

  76. To Young Ugly Man, and his request for a beer summit with conservatives, this reply from the editor of Breitbart, who tells him go piss up a road, you little piss-ant.


    On Thursday, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg announced he is planning a “pat conservatives on the head” session with “leading conservatives” to discuss Facebook’s conservative media suppression scandal.

    Representatives at Facebook have already reached out to Breitbart News.

    We have zero interest in a Facebook photo-op.

    Moreover, if, as Facebook claims, there has been no effort to suppress conservative media, why the need for a meeting?

    Despite Facebook’s rampant suppression of conservative media in its Trending News section, Breitbart News has out-hustled Facebook’s bias, clawing its way to #15 in the world on Facebook for total engagement, #12 in the world on Facebook for Shares, and #10 in the world on Facebook for comments.

    And all that with 1.9 million Facebook followers.

    We do not want, nor do we need, Facebook’s corporate “validation.” We understand algorithms. Our social media team works relentlessly each day using state of the art analytics to monitor and leverage Facebook traffic. We strive for excellence, and we do not need Facebook’s condescension.

    Here’s what we and our tens of millions of readers are interested in:

    An interview between Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos and Mark Zuckerberg on the topic of free speech and Facebook’s suppression of conservative media. Milo will interview Zuckerberg anytime, anywhere—and we’ll agree to have it broadcast on your live video platform.
    Facebook to immediately cease its active suppression of conservative media, as extensively reported by Gizmodo, The Guardian, and myriad other news outlets. Indeed, Facebook’s Trending News chief, Tom Stocky, is a maximum political donor to Hillary Clinton. So there’s no need to “discuss” anything. Facebook did it, Facebook got caught, and it must end.
    Bottom line: be interviewed by Milo and stop screwing conservatives.

    Free speech is not for sale, and neither are we.

  77. Young Ugly Man receives another headshot, this time from Bill Whittle. Don’t worry, with a young prick this behaviorally blind, and sociopathic sooner or later he will have a bonfire of the vanities. Prudence might caution a normal human being to lower their profile, but with this young sociopath caution is not an option. He is sure he can buy his way out of anything, including common sense.

  78. Lu, I sense anger in your comments, and I think there must be something I’m missing. I used to complain about Bush all the time, and I couldn’t stand to look at his face. While I still know he was terrible as a president, he isn’t hurting us now, and I don’t think about him much. In the same vein, Obama is on his way out, and Hillary may be on her way in; it seems obvious why one would be more relevant right now. And I have no idea what Romney has to do with me or anyone else here.

    You used to be here a lot, and it seems like you’re not here as much anymore, but the last few times you’ve come just to say, basically, that we should be nicer to Hillary. I don’t think that anything *here* has changed. But I’m sensing something similar to someone else who followed the same pattern. I don’t know what’s going on, but I hope everything’s okay.

  79. Excuse me, but this happened right before his 2012 election.

    Mitt Romney gave him a free pass, too.

    Wait – are you saying that it’s old, therefore not relevant? Even with no information coming out about it? (I’m still trying to figure out what I’m missing)

    But I remember that Hillary gave Obama a free pass, too. She didn’t stand up to him, she didn’t fight him, she chose to hold hands with him. (no snark) We’ve been b*tching about Obama for 8 years. Hillary hasn’t.

    I guess I just don’t get what’s wrong about focusing on the person who is running for president, rather than the one who is on his way out…?

  80. Today:
    Trump and Biden to attend Penn graduation – as parents
    About 1,500 students in the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences will collect their diplomas at a ceremony on May 15
    Trump’s 22-year-old daughter, Tiffany (with former wife Marla Maples), and Biden’s granddaughter Naomi
    Security will be especially tight, and Penn will be advising parents and students to get there early. Penn’s police department is working with the Secret Service and city police to prepare for the event, including the possibility of protesters
    Rush said Penn would not infringe on protesters’ freedom of speech, but also will make sure any protest is orderly and does not detract from the ceremony or inconvenience graduates and their parents.
    This won’t be the first time Trump has been at a Penn commencement. His son Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka both graduated from the Wharton School.

  81. And a good time was had by all . . .

    When I look at these Bernie supporters

    I say to myself

    They will get over the fact that their vote did not count

    They will heed to call of the establishment to oppose Trump

    And divine the real purpose of his campaign

    Which is not to save the nation, balance the budget, beat ISIS and create jobs

    But to oppress young single women and disrespect them

    Whereas Hillary has lectured them to report rapes

    Except those that hit too close to home

    And when they hear that clarion call

    They will fall in line behind Hillary, with great enthusiasm.

    At the behest of that least objective of all papers the NYT.

    The secular Bible for over educated idiots with no common sense.

  82. Ok it’s just the Nevada convention – it threw me, because Boxer, who is a Californian, was speaking

  83. wow – reading the comments on foxy’s reddit link – that convention is a mess – and the Sanders supporters are really upset, accusations of cheating, no Sanders supporters in the counting room, saying they “can’t believe Hillary wants to win this way”. A lot of the Sanders supporters’ complaints against Hillary sound just like ours did in 2008 in defense of Hillary… maybe Hillary figured out how to do what was done to her.

    There has got to be a fairer way to have a representative democracy – this delegate business as it is has so many opportunities for cheating.

  84. When it comes to over educated idiots the golden stable of “award winning New York Times journalists” writing “all the news that’s fit to print” provides an embarrassment of riches. I mean where to start??? That is the question. For me that crack pot Krugman would get the cupie doll. He is an idiot savant. A savant when it comes to a largely discredited school of economics. And idiot with respect to everything else, about which he, knowing nothing, is perfectly willing to opine. And a Nobel Prize to prove it. Just like Obama. Forgive me if I am underwhelmed. An ancestor of mine won that award for literature in 1920. And he was a flawed human being too. My reference to the staff humps at NYT as a stable was not serendipitous. The stench of their reportage would gag a maggot. Fortunately, their influence over public opinion, which was once catholic in the sense of being universal, is on the decline.

  85. from the comments:

    [–]Dblcut3Ohio 14 points 20 hours ago
    I hate to say it, but no change will happen if we agree to rally around HRC in the GE. The only way things will change are if we vote 3rd party or support Trump.

    [–]TheFucksOfMe 8 points 19 hours ago
    Absolutely. The door to the revolution Bernie is calling for may not be completely open yet, but that shit will be busted off the hinges with Trump in office (optimistically, anyway).
    I’m utterly disturbed by this election and the media right now. I’m also disturbed by how many people have absolutely no idea it’s happening because they’re not as invested as we are and they just trust the news to tell them what’s going on. I see long-term consequences of an HRC presidency, institutionalizing things that have led to the very shitshow we are witnessing right now.

    [–]GandalfSwagOff 11 points 23 hours ago
    Can’t they just give the most damn delegates to whoever got the most votes instead of this asinine system they have.

    [–]Zukb6 4 points 22 hours ago
    I think that very well could happen next time around. The entire room booed when NVs caucus system was brought up earlier today.

  86. What NYT and CNN will find is that the public is not interested in Trump’s tax returns, a incomprehensible audio tape which has never been authenticated, or the front page headline of NYT huge letter above the fold accusing Trump of crossing the line with women, without mentions Bill’s wild and wolly escapades. At this point, nothing NYT prints is worthy of belief without corroborating evidence, and a sense of context. Experience has shown with remarkable consistency that they will do anything they can to divert public attention from the issues that matter to the nation, because they benefit from those perverse policies themselves.

  87. [–]GandalfSwagOff 11 points 23 hours ago
    Can’t they just give the most damn delegates to whoever got the most votes instead of this asinine system they have.
    Nooooooooooooooo Silly Goose

    If we awarded the delegates based on the popular vote.

    Then the delegates could not wheel and deal.

    Trade their votes for bribes and other inducements.

    The primary system is designed to promote bribery, not democracy.

    You got a problem with that.

    If so you can write a letter to NYT which they will be happy to not publish.

  88. lorac
    May 15, 2016 at 3:28 am
    Thank you for your concern. At a personal level, I have been absent from the blog because my daughter is graduating from HS and is off to college in the fall. So it is a big year of change for me. But after 16 years of hard knocks I finally got some good breaks and I am busy in a good way. My daughter got some good scholarships to a good college and is going to be studying aeronautical engineering. And my landlady sold me the rental house I had been living in, at a real good price that I could afford. I was thinking I was going to have to move out into a crummy little place to try to save a few more dollars towards college, but she is a generous person with a good heart. Renews my faith in people. The place also needs quite a bit of fix up, but I have affordable housing that is totally decent. Then, a friend of the family was emptying out his storage and gave me a whole slew of high-end furniture. So good, but my house has been in chaos changing out and and getting rid of stuff, so it is like moving, after all.

    But with the economy crashing, I am making it a priority to downsize and dig in, so I am feeling better about being able to weather the storm. We are definitely entering a deflationary period, but the banksters have so far kept the real estate (and rents) fairly well inflated. It is the rents right now where they are looting.

    But as Hillary is concerned, I think she is treated unfairly here and I am pissed off the Shadowfax has been so badly disrespected. We should be able to discuss the issues without running people off. I was never that in to Hillary, even though I do like her. In 2008 I only estimated she would represent 60% if my interests. What my outrage was about is the way she was cheated of what I believe she would have won with fair process. I saw the dirty money and the thuggery that stole that nomination and gave it to an unqualified puppet POTUS. And I fear that the process is so compromised, that we will be taken over by totalitarian rule.

    And those are just some of my thoughts that rationalize what she is doing now. The bottom line is that Trump has $1.5 Billion to win the election and Hillary does not. Sure, he would rather not use his money, but he can and that is real leverage. So I do not like what is going on now, but I am still going to watch what comes with an open mind.

    BO and Willard are still players in the game. What is happening behind the curtain?

  89. Shadow has literally given as good, as she gives. She comes here, says derogatory things about Trump but plays the victim card when it is given back.
    We have discussed Hillary, pros and cons for going on 9 years. There really is not anything to debate anymore. The vast majority here have made up their mind, and it’s not Hillary. Even Admin has not had a positive thing to say about Hillary IN years.
    Battle lines have been drawn.
    It is the way it is.
    Country first…

  90. On another note Lu, regardless, glad to hear your daughter doing so well and your finances taking a turn for the better. You don’t hear that often these days.

  91. Lol foxy, it originally said on the video you don’t see much of this, meaning Hispanics for Trump; definitely downplayed. ..but when I looked again a different line was there, so what I am saying is I didnt mean you don’t love that the Hispanics were for Trump..I meant you don’t see it because they don’t want us too.
    The media, LA Raza,Mexico, DNC, and RNC..will make sure of it.

  92. Yes, foxy, so it’s good to see this once in awhile. Good for him. I am sick of the EPA dictating every drop of water in the US…they need to be downsized,they are out of control, like most of the government.
    The whole Transgender thing isn’t about gender equality, it’s about controlling what your children believe. The leftist government believe your children belong to them and the indoctrination can’t start early enough for them. Hence 3 year Olds in pre k, over aggressive sex education, transsexuals realization, some schools actually ask the incoming kindergarden children what gender they prefer. Well when I was young I already knew boys had it easier and I wanted their freedom and I was a Tom boy, so I am sure I would have told them I wanted to be a boy.I use to never understood home schooling. …how naive… it’s hard to overcome the long arm of government,

  93. gonzotx
    May 15, 2016 at 3:31 pm
    My recent experience with you is that you are out of line and your response to me that I was delusional shows you are just not listening. You are “battling” the wrong people.

  94. Lu,
    Whatever. ..I won’t lose any sleep over it, you can bet the house on it.

    Put it in the category could care less…

  95. But, but, but foxy, he was feeling womanly that day!
    The woman and little girl must of provoked him in some way. .

  96. gonzotx
    May 15, 2016 at 5:44 pm
    The EPA became a shell organization under Bush who dis empower it. The first thing he did was fire all the scientists. So you have already won that battle. Obama continued that with the politicized science of global warming but never gave a fig about Safe Drinking Water. That is why you have situations like in Flint. There are more than you know.

    The Lead and Copper Rule is a poorly written rule that was due for major revision is 2012 and is now 4 years overdue for update. The Groundwater Rule, pertaining to bacteria in drinking water, has holes in it you can drive a truck through. And believe me, they are. The rules on monitoring the aquifers for effects from Fracking were never written.

    Safe Air and Drinking Water are issues of National Importance. Standard will be under attack from the Globalists through the TPP and if you get sick or die, well just go do it. Those of us who know how essential it is, will battle for an EPA that protects our safe air and water.

  97. The EPA is out of control.
    IF they stuck to their original job to keep air and water safe, there wouldn’t be an issue. It is now all about power and corruption.
    It needs to be downsized.

  98. Delegates at Nebraska GOP convention smack down Ben Sasse’s call for third-party candidate. 5.15.16.
    “… Delegates at the State Republican Convention overwhelmingly passed a resolution opposing Sasse’s call for a third candidate. They argued it would only help Democrats win the White House in November.
    “If you support a third-party candidate, you are going to elect Hillary Clinton, and she is going to nominate the next three or four members of the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Pat McPherson, an Omaha Republican.
    The delegates also went one step further in making clear they were lining up behind Trump. They roundly rejected a counterresolution that sought to condemn the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for making “degrading” comments toward women and minorities. (The resolution was submitted by people who opposed the earlier resolution.)
    One Republican said it was not their place to be the “thought police” in this presidential election.
    Trump claimed more than 60 percent of the GOP vote in Nebraska’s presidential primary Tuesday.
    The resolutions came after a daylong convention attended by more than 400 state delegates in Omaha. In addition to the pro- and anti-Trump resolutions, delegates also waded into two national debates, over bathrooms and refugees.
    They adopted one resolution calling for a state law that would require a transgender person to use a bathroom that corresponds with the gender on his or her birth certificate. They passed another to oppose the relocation of refugees into America. “I’m a foreigner in my own country,” one man said in support of the resolution….”

  99. If you can hold your nose long enough, see how your local TV is reporting the transgender bathroom issue. One station up here has me fuming as it could not be painting a more optimistic AND inaccurate picture.

    The “Guidance” issued by US DOE & DOJ is located at

    and clearly states that regarding Restrooms and Locker Rooms…

    “A school may not require transgender students to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity
    or to use individual-user facilities when other students are not required to do so.”

    The dufus’s here interview the superintendents who say their buildings have many single units currently designated “teacher”. They’ll turn them over to Transgender usage. Problem solved.

    Neither educator nor reporter realizes that such action is prohibited.

    That’s at least two dufus categories telling an intellectually lazy audience there’s nothing to be seen here folks. And I have not even mentioned the guidance for housing and overnight trips.

    Seems it will take as many years to unravel kinks as O’Care is taking, especially because DJT is cautious with comments. I cannot blame him. But this will be a mess for a decade as O’Care appears to have become.

    Can’t you see BLM somehow getting involved with this? Trolling? How many young minds are to be traumatized for this latest Obama outrage?

  100. gonzotx
    May 15, 2016 at 6:21 pm
    I was downsized ten years ago into virtual non-existence.

  101. holdthemaccountable

    May 15, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    Seems it will take as many years to unravel kinks as O’Care is taking, especially because DJT is cautious with comments. I cannot blame him. But this will be a mess for a decade as O’Care appears to have become

    Nahh… If Dept. of Education is disbanded it goes away. When a new Secretary of Education is appointed, the rescind the rule. It isn’t going to last one way or the other. That’s assuming HRC isn’t elected.

  102. Not nearly enough- the EPA reeks havoc on American citizens everyday, everyday.
    Their motto is “you don’t own this land”.

    It goes against individual Americans while letting flint’s water supply be a disaster.

  103. Lu – I’m really glad things are looking up for you. You’ve got a lot of work on your hands right now, but it sounds like it’s going to be worth it. Hurry back with your political and financial acumen 🙂

  104. This has reference to George Clooney and the rest of the Hollywood pretenders. To them this is all about sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. To those below that line–the camera men and below, Trump is the one. Here is some sound advice, which Clooney needs to take in.

    Be sure your self and your own Reach to know.
    How far your Genius, Taste, and Learning go;
    Launch not beyond your Depth, but be discreet,
    And mark that Point where Sense and Dulness meet.

  105. I’ve appreciated a lot of his movies, but I’m wondering now if ideology blinds him to the fact that globalists are on both sides of the aisle…?

  106. They’re all saying Hillary is running this – is there even a “Clinton machine” anymore? Obama has taken over the party. I’m sure that whatever is happening (current DNC support for Hillary) is at the Obama team request. Doesn’t mean it will last. And there are various PUMAs who post there who have told what happened in 2008 to Hillary, so the context is known to them. Even as they speak of understanding globalists and that they’re on both sides, in the good old uniparty, they fall back to old ideological hatreds. They get it, but then again, they don’t.

    I sure hope Trump picks a younger VP, so his righting of the ship can continue after his 2 terms. It’s the people vs the elites, the globalists, not these stupid parties that only serve to manipulate us againt each other while they steal us blind and seek to destroy our cultures.

  107. According to a WaPo article the ass covering has begun in DC. Reminder training that the Hatch Act applies to all federal employees including agency secretaries and appointees, commissioners and management. Political activities on the job is verboten. A new boss is coming and they need to cover their heinies. The past seven and a half years didn’t happen. Hehe. If Trump’s blacklist of GOPe consultants and flunkies is an example of his modus operandi and his spending habits to win the nomination are his norm there is going to be one hell of a purge in DC. Imagine Rick Perry as EPA director or Sarah Palin as Sec of Energy. The Obama thousand year Reich lasted a little over seven years then the disgorgement of flunky asses from the public payrolls begins. Remember that federal executives poll that most of them would quit? No shit. Before they are fired was politely left out. Hatch act violations is a hell of a way to get canned or dogging you going to your next sinecure. The “How to Avoid Jail” seminars must be full these days. Lucky Trump.

  108. blowme0bama May 15, 2016 at 9:43 pm
    Thanks for some hope.
    Some Humble Pie for the new London mayor, so Muzz and anti-Trump?

    Security company gaffe behind ‘outrageous’ Manchester United Old Trafford bomb blunder
    A suspicious package destroyed by a bomb disposal team after prompting the evacuation of Manchester United’s stadium on Sunday was a fake device accidentally left behind after a training exercise, police said.
    Two of the Old Trafford stands were evacuated about 20 minutes before the scheduled kickoff of the Premier League game against Bournemouth at 1400 GMT when the item was found in the toilets at the ground. The match was called off soon afterwards and the whole 75,000-seater stadium cleared….

  109. Some “good” news on the Supreme Court front. After the death of Justice Scalia there was great danger for the Little Sisters of the Poor who fought the ObamaCare contraception mandate. The notion that the Little Sisters of the Poor were going to be beaten into pulp over their refusal to in anyway provide contraceptives when they have a genuine religious objection to doing same should have been abhorrent to even those on the pro-abortion pro-contraception side of the argument. The Little Sisters of the Poor do wonderful work and to see them beaten down was disgusting.

    The Supreme Court, now minus Scalia was expected to throttle the Little Sisters of the Poor because the 4 liberals on the Court would force a stalemate vote and therefore the lower court orders against the Little Sisters of the Poor would stand. The Supreme Court realized that beating these mostly old women who comprise the Little Sisters of the Poor and the older and poor people they assist was not a politically wise move. The Supreme Court took a pass and remanded the case to the various lower courts meaning the case will take a long long time to decide well after Obama is gone and this alone buys the Little Sisters of the Poor a lot of time:

  110. lorac
    May 16, 2016 at 2:47 am
    That is the best political video I have ever seen.

    The Obama Justice Department that gave a pass to Lois Lerner for a major assault on the first amendment and the hatch act (which the toothless rino secretly applauded–because they hate their own base), but incarcerated this guy for a trifling (both cases motivated by politics not the rule of law), will rue the decision to prosecute this guy, especially as their power declines and their legacy is seen for what it is: a “nightmare in red”. For those beyond the beltway who wonder what is legacy will be, begin with this video.

    The other thing I have heard–but cannot prove, is that Hillary has promised Obama that if he supports her candidacy and she wins she and her fellow globalists will get him elected as Secretary General of the United Nations. That question should be teed up in the debates.

  111. Try thinking of Progressivism as a new name for the old political doctrine of Marxist promoted by a global elites of international businessman and bureaucrats.

    Better yet, try thinking of Progressivism as malware which is the silent killer of civilization.


    Ideological malware may be the silent killer of civilizations, all the deadlier because it may leave no trace in the form of invading armies, or great physical cataclysms. The sole clues left by the catastrophe will be cities abandoned for no apparent reason, fields left fallow without explanation, multitudes of workshops with tools discarded where they lay, interspersed with references to strange cults (like the Mystery of the Bathroom with a half-man, half-woman emblem) of bizarre importance that archaeologists will strive in vain to comprehend. The key to understanding the disaster will be in the cults, but none among the survivors will be able to turn it in the mental lock.

  112. Foxy , I despise Sanctuary cities…Austin is one.
    It’s beyond me that they exist.
    They Only exist because the Elites Want them to.

  113. McCarthy wants Ryans job and if you read foxy’s article, you see him positioning for it. He wants immigration reform to show Trump he would be a good choice.
    But believe he was Boehner’s sidekick before. Probably more than a little upset he didn’t get the job.

  114. Hello all..just back from Boston after attending son’s graduation. Very happy occasion and the commencement speaker, a liberal, kept it fairly short and upbeat as opposed to Kerry. One (1) down and two (2) to go. Hopefully he can get a real job asap as I agreed to pay his first years rent in Boston ($2k for 375 sq foot “apartment”) and then he is on his on (which could mean moving back upstairs to his old room g-d forbade :)).

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