@RealDonaldTrump Wins #IndianaPrimary – Here’s The Next Big Fight

Donald J. Trump faces the next big fight after tonight’s big Indiana primary win. After tonight Donald J. Trump will lock up the nomination beyond dispute. But there is a big fight coming that Trump might lose.

The next big fight is not the upcoming primaries. Trump is far ahead in California with the latest poll registering 54% support there (34 points higher than the #2) and the likelihood Trump will win all of California’s 172 delegates. On the same day Trump will win New Jersey‘s 51 delegates in that winner take all state. Before then, on May 10, Trump will win all of West Virginia‘s 34 delegates. With Trump’s delegate count, before Indiana votes it’s 57 delegates tonight, at about 1,000 delegates and 1,237 delegates needed for the nomination, you do the math. Other states will vote in which Trump will gain even more delegates but the above contests are more than enough for Donald J. Trump to become the 2016 GOP nominee. Plus, today a new poll has Trump up nationally at 56% support.

As we wrote last year, Trump will be the 2016 GOP nominee for president of the United States.

The next big fight for Donald J. Trump is the fight over control of the GOP convention. This will be the big fight. It is a bigger fight than the fight for the nomination.

It won’t be enough for Donald J. Trump to get 1,237 delegates and win the GOP nomination. For Trump to accomplish what we long ago described as a “hostile takeover” of the GOP, Trump will have to seize control of the GOP convention in Cleveland.

Donald J. Trump will have more than the 1,237 delegate votes he needs to be nominated. Some, if not many, of those delegates will be forced to vote for Trump by law. This means that some, if not many, of the delegates that vote for Trump’s nomination will still vote against Trump’s interests at the convention. These treacherous delegates will vote for Trump on the first ballot but at every turn they might vote with Paul Ryan, who will be chairman of the convention, and the interests of the establishment.

For Donald J. Trump this means that Donald Trump should begin immediately to agitate to seize full control of the convention. This means that Donald J. Trump and his appointees should supervise every detail of the show called the GOP convention. Trump’s appointees should determine who will speak and when. Trump’s appointees should determine and have full control of all convention events as well as the calendar of events. It’s not just that Donald Trump will know how to produce a better “show” than the dull establishment. Donald Trump will produce a better political party than the one he is set to destroy tonight.

For Donald J. Trump to fulfill his revolutionary role and total seizure of the GOP he must first command fully and totally the GOP convention in Cleveland.

Total control of the GOP convention in Cleveland will mean that Trump will dominate the rules, platform, and credentials committees. From there Trump can demand total control of the Republican National Committee. Once he has control of the Republican National Committee and the apparatus of the party nationally, Trump can also seize total control of the finance committees and the state “victory committees” which will likely be the vehicles by which the Trump campaign runs alongside the state Republican campaigns.

Trump must also demand total control of the campaign finance committees for the GOP Senate and House. Any fund raising Trump commits to for any GOP effort must be predicated on funding only candidates which will support his election as president.

As we previously wrote, the GOP establishment, the ancien régime of the corrupt and rotted now accept that Trump will be the GOP nominee but they have devised a new strategy to strip Trump’s ideas and policies away from Trump. The ancien régime will tolerate Trump but only without Trumpism. The ancien régime will use every trick and every bit of power at their disposal to achieve their strategic aims now that they have lost the nomination fight. That’s why it is so important for Trump to strip the GOP establishment of any and all power to do further harm to the nation.

Trump will secure the nomination fight tonight. But the big battle for control of the party and the great realignment to come, will begin with the fight for control of the GOP convention in Cleveland.


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  1. Tony Stark, the Trump people want to control the “show” aspects. Behind the scenes we suspect they will do what we suggest.


    A bungled and possibly contested convention could have lasting repercussions not only for the eventual nominee but also for the Republican brand. Party leaders fear that a week of contentious floor fights, inflammatory rhetoric and potentially violent protests could project a negative image to voters nationwide.

    Compounding the challenges facing organizers are the expectations of Donald Trump, who asserted in an interview that he should have at least partial control over programming, stagecraft and other issues by virtue of his front-runner status — even if he does not have the delegates to secure the nomination beforehand.

    Trump blasted the GOP’s last convention, in Tampa four years ago, as “the single most boring convention I’ve ever seen.” The billionaire real estate mogul and reality-television star said it was imperative that this year’s gathering have a “showbiz” quality — and he cast doubt on the ability of the Republican National Committee, which oversees the convention, to deliver.

    It’s very important to put some showbiz into a convention, otherwise people are going to fall asleep,” Trump said in a 45-minute interview here last week in his Trump Tower office. “We don’t have the people who know how to put showbiz into a convention.”

    Trump’s comments capped a week of feuding between him and the RNC as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has outmaneuvered him in the chase for the convention delegates who will decide the nomination. Trump argued that the delegate selection process is “rigged,” prompting the RNC to proclaim in a memo that the rules of the system have been clear.

    Trump left open the possibility that he would seek to install his own allies at the RNC should he accrue the 1,237 delegates required to win the nomination by the time primary voting ends in June. Asked in the interview whether he would retain RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in that scenario, Trump replied: “I don’t know. I haven’t made the determination.”

    It’s about a whole lot more than just the important “showbiz” elements that the next big fight will be about.

  2. http://thehill.com/opinion/john-feehery/278446-feehery-memo-to-george-will-david-brooks-and-others-stop-being-stupid-on

    Trump is winning in his presidential primary and winning big. Instead of examining why he has been so successful, the leading lights of the Republican Party continue to bash away at the real estate tycoon and his supporters.

    Here is Mike Gerson: “If the worst enemies of conservatism were to construct a Frankenstein figure that represents the worst elements of right-wing politics, Donald Trump would be it. But it is Republicans who are giving him life. And the damage is already deep.”

    And George Will: “Donald Trump’s damage to the Republican Party, although already extensive, has barely begun. Republican quislings will multiply, slinking into support of the most anti-conservative presidential aspirant in their party’s history. These collaborationists will render themselves ineligible to participate in the party’s reconstruction.”

    And Ross Douthat: “That clamor is loudest from the Trumpistas and their dear leader. Donald Trump is clearly running to be an American caudillo, not the president of a constitutional republic, and his entire campaign is a cult of personality in the style of (the pro-Trump) Vladimir Putin.”

    And of course, David Brooks: “Donald Trump now looks set to be the Republican presidential nominee. So for those of us appalled by this prospect — what are we supposed to do? Well, not what the leaders of the Republican Party are doing. They’re going down meekly and hoping for a quiet convention. They seem blithely unaware that this is a Joe McCarthy moment. People will be judged by where they stood at this time.”

    To these so-called smart people, I say: Stop being so stupid.

    Trump will be the nominee. [snip]

    So why has Trump, on a relatively small budget and with a tiny campaign staff, done so well, while his competitors have failed so miserably?

    Well, first, because he is a real outsider who represents real change.

    So many voters are so completely fed up with the political class (and the conservative intelligentsia that supports them) that they saw Trump as the only candidate who could blow up the status quo.

    I know many of those who voted for Trump, and they are by no means stupid, irrational, racist or anti-democratic. They are frustrated with politics as usual and they are taking their constitutional rights seriously by voting for change.

    Second, Trump says what many of us have come to believe is true: that the Iraq War was a tragic mistake that shouldn’t be replicated. He was the only candidate to be so explicit in his denunciation, and I think it helped him with a big chunk of voters.

    Third, he has a clear message on the economy that resonates: The middle class is getting screwed because the political class is looking out for their interests rather than for the broader interests of the American people. From being open to increasing taxes on the very wealthy to expressing concerns about trade deals to promising to protect Social Security, Trump is stating clearly that he will change the direction of the American economy.

  3. I think this is where Manafort’s REAL mission has been all along. The media and eGOP describe him as a “convention” manager but his real job is to strip the party of crooks, neo-cons and Bushites. The purge is coming. You must do it in a hostile takeover or they will sabotage everything. I think this is one of the reasons that Cruz (and his handlers)is/are physically and mentally falling apart. When he is out he will be really OUT and so will be his sponsors/enablers/flunkies. Goldman Sachs better lawyer up too.

  4. Admin: when it comes to strategic analysis, you are without equal. That is exactly the counter strategy they will adopt. Trump without Trumpism. It is all rolled up in that telling statement of theirs don’t worry– we can work with him”, which to them means he must adopt their policies such as open borders, endless wars, crushing debt–the whole legacy of Bushism and Obama I, II, III. Trumps’s strategy will be the marine assaults on the Pacific atolls, shore bombardment, close air support, attacking fortified positions, and finally the mop up operations which means flame throwers into caves. The evil these people represent must be eliminated root and branch. Already they have destroyed the middle class. Soon they will destroy the country as a whole for the god forsaken object of a new world order favored the by internet typcoons, finaciers, etc. You know the names I am talking about–Schmidt, Imelt, Fuckerbert, etc.

  5. Wbboei, the GOP establishment will adopt a scorched earth policy to defeat Trump’s policies. They’ll tolerate Trump but not his ideas. So the GOP establishment will do everything to undermine Trump. That’s why Trump, like a French revolutionary, must hang the GOP establishment leaders and writers from the lampposts in Cleveland. Lop off their heads! It’s a fight to the death.

  6. The sad truth we wrote about long ago documented by the Associated Press today:


    Once a Clinton stronghold, Appalachia now Trump country

    ASHLAND, Ky. (AP) — When President Bill Clinton rolled into the small Appalachian town of Ashland, Kentucky, in 1996, cheering crowds lined the streets. Local boy-turned-country music star Billy Ray Cyrus performed a special version of his hit, “Achy Breaky Heart” before nearly 20,000 supporters at a riverfront re-election rally.

    Back then, this was Clinton country. Today, it looks an awful lot more like Trump town.

    Hillary Clinton was met in Ashland on Monday by just a handful of supporters and a lone heckler, who shouted: “Go home, Hillary!” Later on, hundreds of protesters stood in pouring rain, waved Donald Trump signs and chanted “Kill-ary” as Clinton toured a health center in Williamson, West Virginia.

    The unwelcome reception marks a striking political shift for the Clintons, who’ve long staked their electoral fortunes on working class white voters. Bill Clinton won the White House in 1992 by wooing Southern swing voters in places such as Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee, and his wife swept all three states in her primary run in 2008 against then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

    Eight years later, Trump’s connection with those voters could pose a threat to Clinton in the coal mining communities of Appalachia she visited on Monday, but also in parts of the Rust Belt and upper Midwest hit hard by the decline of domestic manufacturing.

    “I am well aware of the politics in West Virginia,” she told MSNBC in Charleston, W.Va on Tuesday. “It’s gotten increasingly challenging for Democrats to be successful.”

    As she increasingly focuses her efforts on the general election, Clinton is trying to replicate the electoral strategy that twice boosted Obama into the White House by concentrating on wooing young, minority and female voters. [snip]

    On Sunday, Bill Clinton was booed at an event in Logan, West Virginia. Before he arrived, the town’s mayor sent an email to West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s office, saying the couple wasn’t welcome to use city fire department facilities for their political events.

    Clinton’s waning popularity in the region was further hurt by a remark she made in a March interview with CNN, when she said she would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” She was responding to a question about how her policies would benefit poor white people in Southern states.

    “I can’t take it back and I certainly can’t get people who for politically reasons or personal reasons, very painful reasons, are upset with me,” said Clinton, who called the comment a “misstatement.” ”I’m going to do whatever I can to try to help.”

    Outside her event, protesters weren’t buying.

    “Hillary Clinton should be in prison,” said Dionne Collins, who backed Bill Clinton in 1992. “The only hope is Donald Trump.”

  7. Our prediction: this horrid remark will become THE anti-Hillary ad in November and will air in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania non-stop (if Hillary is the nominee, which we doubt):

  8. Obama really tarnished Bills legacy and Hillary went along for the most part. Presumably she felt she needed to stay in public service if she were to be the nominee in 16, but I think looking back she could have done more outside than what occurred during her tenure as SOS. She also probably thought that leaving after the first term would provide some distance between she and Obama, bit ironically she needs his Obots and Sanders to have a shot.

  9. Mormaer
    May 3, 2016 at 2:52 pm
    Absolutely right.

    You are probably more of an expert in this area than I am, but from everything I know, have seen and have lived through mergers fail for one of three reasons:

    1. bad strategic fit

    2. bad cultural fit

    3. bad execution which fails to eliminate entrenched pockets of resistance to the new vision.

    The same concept applies to political parties, which are likewise businesses, set up to serve the interests of insiders, at the expense of the public, while endeavoring to convince the public that they are serving the public–with the aid of big media.

  10. admin
    May 3, 2016 at 3:12 pm
    Wbboei, the GOP establishment will adopt a scorched earth policy to defeat Trump’s policies. They’ll tolerate Trump but not his ideas. So the GOP establishment will do everything to undermine Trump. That’s why Trump, like a French revolutionary, must hang the GOP establishment leaders and writers from the lampposts in Cleveland. Lop off their heads! It’s a fight to the death.
    I agree 100%.

    Five million Trump supporters in Cleveland will help.

    But the blood letting must be inside the convention.

    And the rule of he who is not for me is against me must apply.

    There is no room for equivocation.

  11. This is not really off topic. A once powerful figure of the political establishment in New York State/City:


    Sheldon Silver gets 12 years in prison for corruption

    Corrupt ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was slammed with 12 years behind bars Tuesday — after the judge questioned whether the disgraced pol traded his clout for sexual favors.

    Silver — one of the most powerful politicians in the state before his arrest last year — was convicted of netting more than $5 million in kickbacks in business schemes. But the feds have said they also uncovered evidence of ​the long-married ​Silver keeping two mistresses, including a lobbyist and former beauty-queen assemblywoman.

    “Did a lobbyist have preferred access because she was a better lobbyist than her competitors, or was it payback for a personal relationship?” Manhattan federal Judge Valerie Caproni said before sentencing Silver.

    “Those sorts of doubts end up corroding trust in government, and that, Mr. Silver, is discernible harm to the people o​​f New York,” the judge scolded.

    In addition to the prison term, Caproni ordered Silver to fork over nearly $5.2 million of his ill-gotten gains and another $1.75 million in fines.

  12. The last six states were called for Donald within minutes

    …anyone want to guess how long it will take to call the winner of Indiana tonight

  13. With 1% of the vote counted, Trump has 56.2% while Cruz has 28.7% and Kasich 11.9%. Hillary has 65.1% and Sanders 36.9%.

  14. With 5% of the vote in, Trump has 53.1%, Cruz 33.3% and Kasich 10.8%. Hillary has 54.8% and Sanders 45.2%.

  15. Looks like Trump and Hillary’s leads are holding. With 8% of the vote counted, Trump is at 53.6%, Cruz 33% and Kasich 10.4% while Hillary is 55.8% and Sanders 44.2%.

  16. All polls in Indiana close in 4 minutes. Here’s a clue:


    Early exit polling data finds a majority of Indiana GOP primary voters are angry or dissatisfied with the federal government: 34 percent said they were “angry” and 50 percent said they were “dissatisfied.” (Only 14 percent said they were “satisfied” with their government.)

    And outsider status is important to Indiana’s voters: 59 percent said they want the next president to “be outside politics,” compared with 36 percent said it was more important to “have political experience.” More than half of GOP voters, 53 percent, said they felt “betrayed” by the Republican Party.


  17. Hillary’s lead is shrinking. With 10% counted, she is 52.4% while Sanders is 47.6%.

  18. Trump already won 45 of the 57 Indiana delegates. Once the rest of the vote is in Trump will get them all.

  19. Wow…this is a phenomenon!!!! I just don’t see how they stop him now.

    Hillary struggling to beat Sanders..

  20. Cruz is DEAD!
    What is this California, is the next do or die for Cruz?
    How many deaths does a vampire survive…
    If they deny Donald J Trump, they deny 20 millions or more Trump voters not just Trump, and that insult will never ever be forgotten and the consequences are deadly for the dying so called Elite old Stogies that will not survive, no matter what! Trump 2016!!!

  21. With 16% of the vote, Hillary now 50.5% and Sanders 49.5% with just approximately 1000 votes separating them.

  22. Looking at the CNN map, unless Gary comes in strong for her, he will squeak it out.. …embarrassing

  23. Now up by approximately 1900 votes with 27% of the vote in. It’s going to get worse.

  24. Just to show you (me really because I read the asshole) what kind of a charlatan he is, Dick Morris last Friday predicted a “narrow” path to 1237 for Trump. This was after the five state sweep. He also predicted a very tough battle in Indiana. I am more eager than ever to read his columns because I know whatever he predicts with scientific certainty, will not only not happen, but the opposite of what he predicts will happen.

  25. NYPost front page has a picture of Trump with “Hoosier Daddy” headline. Fun with “Who’s your daddy?”

  26. We’re wondering about Gary too, JbStonesFan. In 2008 the Obama camp held the vote there till very late.

  27. Looking at the CNN map, unless Gary comes in strong for her, he will squeak it out.. …embarrassing
    That is a bad town.

    It is a black town with a black mayor and more votes than there are registered voters.

    The blacks all voted for Obama last time.

    Our internals showed her up 8% or more in 2008.

    And I sat there in the living room that evening with other Hillary supporters.

    And watched her margin–which started at 10% erode down to a mere 4%.

    Carville was sitting with Bill and Hillary watching the same thing.

    Carville told her she had better get out there and declare victory, or she would lose.

    Gary, South Bend and Fort Wayne were the source of the cancer.

    Gary is black so it may go for her this time because she is Obama III

    Unless they happened to hear her latest dictate on the elimination of coal and coal miners.

    South Bend will go strongly for Bernie with Notre Dame being there.

    I do not know about Fort Wayne.

  28. I do not know what else Hillary expected. The BO administration has been a horror that is just now coming to light. All the dead in the middle east with “refugees” flooding out, half of them just more horror. Our zombie economy teetering on collapse and no relief in sight. The FED is angling for negative interest rates to start overtly robbing savers. To enable the 0.1% to live large. Disgusting. Just Disgusting. And Hillary thinks we want more of the same?

    Let it all fall down.

    Donald will have fun making America Great Again.

    I think of him as my Big Stick. I think of grabbing him by his feet and clobbering the Banksters and their political bitches. Yes, my Big Donald Stick.


  29. She is now almost 9k votes down..it’s over. Don;t see how she can possibly beat Trump.

  30. Truthfully, I despise Sanders, but he certainly has a legitimate right to carry on…he is winning a lot of states.

  31. Bernie is a phony. Just look at his FEC report and all the dark money (unitemized donations) funding his campaign. Political Theater.

  32. Hillary shaking I’m sure. Ole senile Sanders might erode her almost 300 delegate lead by 5.
    It doesn’t help losing to Sanders in a state she was suppose to win and gives Bernie more momentum to carry on and make a real messy convention. Plus you have Trump picking us some of his supporters.

  33. Admin, Carly bot only lost twice, but embarrassingly fell off the stage while Lyn’in Ted ignored her and just kept on talking.

  34. Lyin’ Ted’s last lie was he would not get out. Now Lyin’ Ted quits. Lyin’ Ted lies again.

  35. Now that Ted Cruz is a bleeding lump of flesh on the side of the road, Trump is nice to him. 🙂 🙂

  36. admin
    May 3, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Now that Ted Cruz is a bleeding lump of flesh on the side of the road, Trump is nice to him.

    Why be mean to roadkill? Pat Caddell just agreed the hostile takeover by the voters is done.

  37. The fat lady sings:

    We were in a restaurant in the table next to Debbie right after she had her gastric bypass surgery. She was ecstatic she had just lost 20 pounds. She’s lost a lot of weight but none of her talent. Debbie looks great now.

  38. I know that Hillary is Obama III, but her bringing up the coalminers – now I think she’s reading his old speeches from his teleprompters….

    And she’s ahead in superdelegates…. but she was also ahead in superdelegates in 2008…. till Obama began charming them away….

  39. Well, as another band once said “what a long strange trip it’s been”…and it’s just starting.

  40. ADMIN: you saw Haley’s Comet coming long before anyone else. Long before the beltway establishment, long before big media, and you got the people on this blog turned in the right direction when most of our friend would see us as low brow for supporting Trump. Soon it will be high brow to be pro Trump and the people who condemned him and us before will say things like its about time this country started winning again, and he is our best shot.

    Such foresight and wisdom can also be Cassandra’s curse, for you foresaw with equal clarity the perils Hillary, your candidate of original choice would encounter if she did not pull back but instead followed Obama down the rat hole.

    Your eloquent pleas and entreaties however fell on deaf ears, and even if by some strange twist of fate, she wins the general election, she has less chance than a snowball in hell of ever uniting the country, because she rejected your sage advice to be the candidate of change, rather than the one who believed that she could win by staying the course and doing the bidding of Soros, which is what Obama did these past eight years.

    And lest there be ANY doubt about that assertion, the email recently uncovered by Judicial Watch from Hillary to Obama telling him that Soros was unhappy about something and he had better get in touch with Soros removes all doubt on who is running the show. In the meantime, the slow painful process of watching the establishment catch up with you is documented in this article at Breitbart:

    The 5 Stages of Political Death by Donald Trump

    by MATTHEW PALUMBO 3 May 2016662

    The phenomenon that is Donald Trump and the Trump candidacy is historic. It has created an election and an atmosphere that we could go another century without seeing again.

    Given that Donald Trump is the Haley’s Comet of American politics, no political science playbook or textbook or game plan exists on how to handle this phenomenon. From day 1, Donald Trump has baffled pundits, experts, strategists, analysts; and just about everyone else paying attention.

    The efficacy of the Trump campaign to this point is attributable to Mr. Trump’s unpredictability and unconventionality. They call the study of politics and campaign management in academia “Political Science” for a reason. It doesn’t just exist to give future law students an easy major. Much like hard sciences, the political scientist likes to deal in theory or law with best practices, related to distinct causes and effects, tested over time in the laboratory.

    But don’t expect to see any test tubes and microscopes. Politicos use public opinion, focus groups, conventional wisdom, and statistical analysis in their laboratory.

    Donald Trump and his campaign has not only never entered the political laboratory — he’s burned it to the ground.

    What is evident however is that a pattern has developed in the manner in which Donald Trump has dispatched his opponents — in the case of Jeb Bush, with nothing more than an adjective. One by one, his 16 opponents in the quest for the GOP nomination have vanished.

    Each of these opponents was unique in their interactions with Trump over the course of the campaign. But in examining these interactions and how they have been portrayed in the media and evaluated by the court of public opinion, Trump’s opponents have met their demise to what I call: “ The 5 Stages of Political Death by Trump.”

    Here are the stages:

    Stage 1: Under Estimation

    Hubris and ego are most prevalent in this stage as Trump’s opponents discount his business acumen and question his vast wealth and how he amassed it. Collectively they discount any chance he has for any type of success because he is after all a political novice and lacks the instincts needed to achieve. They ridicule his appearance, his hit TV show, and overall competence.

    Stage 2: Placation

    After they’ve gotten past Stage 1, the Trump opponent begins to realize that maybe Trump does have some appeal. During this stage advisers will tell the Trump opponent to “stay above the fray,” or “to keep doing your own thing,” or respond when asked about Trump with general platitudes like, “I couldn’t care less about Trump.” Essentially you are just trying to stay out of his gaze, and thus stay out of his crosshairs. Your grandpa called it, “whistling past the graveyard” — at least mine did.

    Stage 3: Manipulation

    When their strategy in Stage 2 proves unsuccessful, Trump’s opponents attempt to manipulate him and diminish his rising poll numbers and momentum by impacting his campaign with external forces. Examples of this have been the eminent domain argument, the KKK attacks and focusing on his past donations to Democrats (though they never seem to mention that Hillary Clinton was once a Republican). Hyperbolic labeling is popular during this phase, as comparisons of Trump are made by his opponents to some of histories most divisive and infamous characters.

    Stage 4: Frustration

    After Trump utilizes his broad populist appeal to stave off the manipulative, coordinated attacks from Stage 3, good old fashioned frustration sets in. “How could people be so dumb?” and “Trump appeals to the low information voter” are typically the types of sound bites that you will hear during this stage — ironically, especially so from Democrats, claiming to represent the “common man.” During this phase you’ll also see Trump opponents make wholesale changes in their staff. Like the cherry blossoms in spring, denial is in full bloom during Stage 4.

    Stage 5: Hate

    Like a pot full of boiling water with the stove still on high, Trump’s opponents become enraged, unable to grasp how they could be losing to the incompetent novice whom they had foolishly under estimated in Stage 1. During this stage the Trump opponent begins to deviate from their disciplined style of campaigning and they begin to make rash, reckless decisions. Their hand has been forced by Trump, never a good situation for a candidate to be in. This stage signals that political death is near.

    With the GOP nomination all but wrapped up for Donald Trump, and his delegate count surging toward 1237, many are now looking toward the general election and the match up with Hillary Clinton. For those of you scoring at home, Hillary and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz are currently vacillating between Stages 1,2, and 3.


  41. Admin:

    On the futility of teaching pigs to sing (its a waste of time and it annoys the pigs) and the futility of teaching Brooklyn how to win an election, this short clip from the movie The Desert Fox and the pertinent exchange between Field Marshall Von Rumstead (Lewis J Carrol) and General Erwin Rommel (James Mason).



  42. I expect that low energy Jeb! is savoring the Trump landslide in keeping with his promise/threat you will NEVER be the nominee–nevah evah . . . . rinse and repeat. I imagine that he and the rest of the Nazi loving Bush clan are consoling him thusly, in between W doing his Stan Laurel impressions.

    You’re forever blowing bubbles
    Pretty bubbles in the air (Dom Perigon champagne!)
    They fly so high
    Nearly reach the sky (5%)
    Then like your dreams
    They fade and die, etc.


  43. The Presidency Is Trump’s to Lose—The Sequel

    BY ROGER L SIMON MAY 3, 2016

    Over eight months ago, August 19, 2015 to be exact, I wrote the following:

    We’re still over five months from the Iowa caucuses and — astoundingly — it’s increasingly looking like the 2016 presidential election, not just the nomination, is Donald Trump’s to lose.

    It’s not only the polls, which are swinging his way. He has changed the nature of our electoral politics into a reality show with himself as star. Read his interview in Wednesday’s Hollywood Reporter if you’re looking for confirmation. Everybody else in both parties looks boring by comparison. We pretend to be interested in the others but Donald is all we really care about, even bourgeois liberal critics when they try to dismiss him. (The WaPo’s David Ignatius is now likening Trump to Putin, as if Donald were about to invade the Crimea. Well, he might put a hotel there.)

    That seemed a bold prediction at the time — that the presidency, not just the Republican nomination, which he now has, was Trump’s to lose. But it really wasn’t so courageous. It was almost obvious, if you would let yourself look. And equally obviously, it still holds true. With all the sound and fury, nothing has changed

    Donald Trump did alter the nature of American politics, possibly forever, but at least for the foreseeable future, the moment he came down that Trump Tower escalator to announce his campaign. And he will, most likely, be the next president of the United States.

    The only one who can defeat Donald, then as now, is Donald, by shooting himself once too often in the foot, although, at this point, I’m not sure that is possible. He is particularly fortunate that his opposition, Hillary Clinton, besides still being under threat of indictment and still not having defeated Bernie Sanders (go figure), is a truly uninspiring, almost soporific, figure who is starting to resemble the old Helen Hokinson cartoon characters from The New Yorker. It’s hard to pay attention to what Hillary’s saying for more than a minute. She’s not a star. Trump is. All attention will be on him in the general election. The primaries have shown us what an advantage that is. What that means for American politics may not all be good, but it’s true.

    Trump also has in his favor (James Carville should be shaking in his boots) an economy that has been worse than anemic for nearly a decade. The number of Americans not even trying to get a job is approaching a hundred million. Household incomes are down, home ownership down. The current administration and their media lackeys like to lie about this, putting out periodic reports of revival, but the people know better. They’re maxing out their credit cards at the grocery store — and then voting for Trump and Sanders. The reality of fixing this never-ending recession will clearly be more complicated than just “making great trade deals” in a static global economy where trade appears to be diminishing by itself. But I imagine if I know that, Trump does too. At least I hope he does.

    So I disagree with pundits like Charles Krauthammer who said Tuesday evening on the O’Reilly Factor that the split in the Republican Party would assure Trump’s defeat. That split will start dissolving in a matter of weeks and will be gone — except for minor holdouts — by the Republican Convention where there will be a relatively conservative platform. You already could sense this détente happening in the hours after Trump’s Indiana victory, a full ten weeks before the GOP convenes in Cleveland and half a year before the election. Donald not only won big, he won early. Why not use this time to try to influence him, rather than take him (and the rest of us) down?

    Newt Gingrich may even be right when he said, also this evening but on Hannity, that Trump is, ironically, the one Republican presidential candidate with the moxie to finally put a stake in the American left wing. If not he, who?

    I wouldn’t want to be Mrs. Clinton at this moment. Her dreams of justifying her years of personal humiliation with a presidential victory are about to be thrashed as thoroughly as were those of the fifteen other Trump competitors on the Republican side.

  44. Donald’s range is incredible. He can go Don Rickles one minute, and Alexander Hamilton the next. Very hard for an opponent to deal with. The victory speech in Indianapolis was Hamiltonian.

    The crowd at Red State suffers form Trump derangement syndrome. They are saying no trump forever. That attitude will marginalize them, and may even lead them to engage in anti social behavior. Erickson put them on the wrong side by uninviting him to the Conservative event they sponsor every years. Since then hit has been all down hill. No writer supporting Trump has any change of being published on that useless blog.

  45. Erick Erickson, formerly of Red State, has his dreams shattered by Teddy Bear Cruz:


    Whether He Wins or Loses Today, Ted Cruz Needs to Stay in Till June 7

    First, there remains a chance he can stop Trump, however unlikely.

    Second, Cruz needs to keep his delegate ground game going. The Trump delegates, most of them at least, are not traditionally Republican and have no real investment in the Republican Party. They are there for Trump. Cruz’s delegates have all typically been heavily involved in the party and the conservative movement.

    Trump may get to 1,237, but Cruz’s delegates, should Cruz stay in, have a real chance of writing the rules for the Republican convention and shaping the Republican platform.

    As long as Cruz has money coming in and can sustain his operation, he needs to. Trump is his own worst enemy at this point and he is always one interview away from another bad news cycle. Cruz can and should capitalize on that.

    Certainly there is fatigue setting in and certainly the Republican establishment is lining up against Cruz, but the establishment was never for him and will never be for him. Conservatives though, and the party as a whole, still need a viable alternative to the electoral disaster that comes with Donald Trump.

    Right now Cruz is that only viable alternative. Win or lose in Indiana today, Ted Cruz needs to stay in till the bitter end.

    The bitter end came for Erick last night.

  46. Watching a little news this morning it is obvious that Trump is already drilling Hillary over her smug and progressive mindset over energy policy in the US. Fossil fuels, oil, gas and coal have provided enormous amounts of tax revenue and jobs for large swaths of the country. Her swipe at coal was straight out of the Obama/Harvard/eco-globalist/wealth transfer cabal sneering playbook. It was all too obvious that the great Clinton ability to connect with middle, working class, and lower middle class people is gone or jettisoned to fit into Obama, globalist, progressive world. Hillary walked straight into a Trump theme. Her walkback was too late, awkward, and obviously fake. She should have sent Bill. She has squandered his legacy.

  47. Maybe that’s why Bill had to come out of retirement: to try to salvage what’s left of his legacy.

  48. Mormaer

    May 4, 2016 at 9:39 am

    Watching a little news this morning it is obvious that Trump is already drilling Hillary over her smug and progressive mindset over energy policy in the US. Fossil fuels, oil, gas and coal have provided enormous amounts of tax revenue and jobs for large swaths of the country. Her swipe at coal was straight out of the Obama/Harvard/eco-globalist/wealth transfer cabal sneering playbook. It was all too obvious that the great Clinton ability to connect with middle, working class, and lower middle class people is gone or jettisoned to fit into Obama, globalist, progressive world. Hillary walked straight into a Trump theme. Her walkback was too late, awkward, and obviously fake. She should have sent Bill. She has squandered his legacy.


  49. Even someone as sentient as Mike Walsh who is as near as I can tell a Trump supporter repeates the BIG LIE published by big media–NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and FOX that Trump endorsed the National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz father was somehow in league with Lee Harvey Oswald based on a photo of Oswald and a man who looked like Cruz’s father. And that allows they to ask why would a candidate who is this far ahead in the polls make this slanderous remark? He must be deranged, etc. The answer is a candidate who is this far ahead in the polls did NOT make this slanderous remark. What he said–AND NEVER GOT REPORTED by the spoiled and pampered pets of big media was first he had not seen the story, he clarified what the question, and then he said repeatedly that is ridiculous. But that is not what the public heard, because big media across the board lied about it–and reported the opposite of what he said, in order to serve their pathetic narrative that Trump is deranged. So it is no mystery to me why most people do not believe a word those lying cocksuckers say. The mystery to me is why anyone believes them. It should be obvious that they lie repeatedly, with impunity, and are not worth listening to.
    But here is Mike on the better aspects of the article which make the right points in bullet point form, and they hit the establishment hard, but no harder than they are hitting us.

    Americans love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser, as General George S. Patton, Jr., famously said.

    Is Donald Trump — of all people! — the ideal candidate? Of course not. But the very fact that he was able to undertake a successful hostile takeover of the Republican Party speaks volumes about the ineptitude of the GOP and how little its “leadership” understood the mounting anger of the electorate it repeatedly betrayed. The defeat of Eric Cantor didn’t register with the GOPe, nor the toppling of John Boehner; did they really think they could fob folks off with the glib Twitter pieties of Paul Ryan, a man who let a gibbering Joe Biden whup him on national television? Those who blithely assure you that Trump has no chance against the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua know no more than anybody else — and probably a good deal less.

    So the GOP is now reaping what it has sown; as the big number in Chicago goes, they had it coming.

  50. Very embarrassing lose , at least optically, for Hillary last night compared to Trumps knock out blow. I think the likelihood of Biden just increased ten fold as I don’t see how she can defeat him as he will pick up 1 or more of the rut belt states. Kasich as VP?

  51. the media is currently all about repubs leaving the party to vote for Hillary

    funny…none of them are noticing all the Hillary…and subsequent Bernie people…supporting the Donald…

  52. …my bet Donald will put together one of the most interesting and entertaining conventions in years…


    can’t guarantee what will be happening outside…they should make sure to have a helicoptor pad for Donald’s arrival and departures

  53. jbstonesfan
    May 4, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Kasich as vp?

    Not a chance–unless I am missing something.

    Trump has made it clear that he will serve only one term.

    He wants to get back to his normal life.

    If that is his position, then the choice of a successor

    To carry on his program of making america great again and

    Reforming the party




    He needs a vice president with executive skills

    Who is loyal to Trump (better yet a personal friend before he threw his hat in the ring)

    One who is willing to buck strong head winds from an establishment

    Which will still be around in four years,

    Hopefully in much diminished capacity

    Now if those are the criteria, it does tend to narrow the field, yes?

    But then the caveat: I have no inside information

    And I have no idea whatsoever that I am talking about

    And we know logic plays little part in politics

    Except in the Trump organization

    If you can accept those criteria with that caveat

    Then I will tell you who I thing he should and will select


  54. he media is currently all about repubs leaving the party to vote for Hillary
    Good good good.

    That flushing sound you hear is not a toilet

    It is the neocons leaving the party

    Like shit through a goose

    And going to a candidate who is committed to endless war

    How predictable

    If Trump gets in they are out of business

  55. I think Christie is at the top of the VP list because Donald knows he needs someone he can trust and I believe he and Christie have that

    Christie is smart, another brawler and not afraid to go for the juggular if necessary…a la a prosecutor

    although i agree with the sentiment that i would love Christie as AG, I think he might have the inside track for VP

    …and for similar reasons and because he knows how to navigate I do think Gingrich is in the top 3

  56. foxyladi14
    May 4, 2016 at 12:30 pm
    Webb would be good too
    Better still, Secretary of Defense

  57. As for women for VP

    I do like Marcia Blackburn…she is a good communicator
    and Govs Susanna Martinez and Mary Fallon

  58. btw…take that Romney…now just go slither away in your traitorous way…and not another word from you…

    all aboard the Trump train…


    what are all these trump haters, like a lindsey graham and the rest of them, going to do and say when the polls inevitably change and show him leading Hillary…they have all hung on to ‘trump is going to lose to hillary in a landslide’…

    this is going to be fun…

  59. Martinez has gotten in some real trouble, drunken parties, some campaign finance stuff, not even sure she would get reelected in her state.

  60. yes gonzo…that is true…and she endorsed Rubio…

    although some say Marcia Blackburn is not “heavy” enough…she has attributes that could counter balance Donald…especially with women…she is smart, not afraid to speak forcefully and communicates very well

    and from what I have heard Gov Mary Fallon has done a good job in OK

  61. I’d love to see US AG Christie investigate the shit out of New Jersey Democrats, and New York media.

  62. The police recording of Martinez that were different from her official statement that night will likely surface during the campaign, so I agree that she is tainted as far as being a possible VP choice for Trump.

  63. The police recording of Martinez that was different from her official statement that night will likely surface during the campaign, so I agree that she is tainted as far as being a possible VP choice for Trump.

  64. One term would not be enough, they would wait Trump out delay, nothing would change. He has to do 2 terms.

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