Kamikaze Cruz And Kasich Can’t Stop @RealDonaldTrump

Four o’clock beauties! Know what a four o’clock beauty is? A four o’clock beauty is that ugly person at the bar no one would take home while sober. But as midnight passes to near four o’clock in the morning, as the late night dive bar bartender declares “last call”, that ugly person from before midnight magically transforms into a four o’clock beauty.

As the bar is about to close the four o’clock beauties sometimes get together to bump uglies. It never ends well. But after a long drunken night judgement is fogged and stupid things happen. The bar with four o’clock beauties can be in places where bars close at 10:00, at midnight, at 2:00 in the morning, or at 4 in the morning. This weekend we political barflies saw two four o’clock beauties get together as time ran out. The four o’clock beauties will bump uglies. It won’t end well.

This weekend we saw Kamikaze Cruz bump ugly with John Kasich. As we will show, already it has not gone well.

Kamikaze Cruz, the suicide bomber, and John Kasich became bed-mates out of desperation. It’s late in the morning and the sun is about to shine on Donald J. Trump.

One would think that Kamikaze Cruz and John Kasich would have kept their ugly liaison secret. But they could not stay silent. Why? Well, most importantly, the reason why Kamikaze Cruz and John Kasich made their alliance a very public affair is that they both needed to communicate their unholy marriage to their respective Super-Pacs. So in order that their Super-PACs could be communicated with to stop attacks on each other, Kamikaze Cruz and John Kasich had to make their repellent intercourse a matter of public discussion.

Almost immediately the Cruz/Kasich abomination fell apart:

Cruz-Kasich pact shows signs of strain

The Ohio governor refuses to tell his supporters to vote for Cruz, while Trump gleefully mocks his rivals.

The alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich got off to a rocky start on Monday, with the Ohio governor immediately undermining the pact and Cruz getting assailed by tough questions as he tried to pitch the deal as the best way to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination.

Trump was all too happy to pounce. [snip]

Nearly two months after Mitt Romney called for such a strategy, Cruz and Kasich separately announced late Sunday night that they would be dividing up some of the upcoming contests in a bid to deny Trump the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination outright.

The pact entails the Ohio governor ceding Indiana’s May 3 primary to his Texan rival while Cruz stands down in New Mexico and Oregon. The math roughly works: Both New Mexico and Oregon award their 24 and 28 delegates proportionally, on June 7 and May 17, respectively, while Indiana’s 57 delegates are winner-take-all by district and statewide.

But it also plays right into Trump’s narrative and he immediately blasted his opponents’ “collusion” to underscore his core argument: The Republican establishment is corrupt and is rigging the system against the will of the voters.

It didn’t help that Kasich doesn’t seem fully on board.

I’ve never told them not to vote for me; they should vote for me,” Kasich said about Indiana during a prickly exchange with reporters at a Philadelphia diner.

“I’m not over there campaigning and spending resources. We have limited resources,” he continued. “Mine is like the people’s campaign. I have a campaign where, you know, we’ve been outspent basically 50-to-1. You folks have been counting me out before I even got to New Hampshire. And now we can’t jam all of you into this diner. I mean, everybody chill out.”

Kasich’s chief strategist John Weaver quickly clarified the sentiment in a tweet, writing, “We’re not telling voters who to vote for in IN, only where we are going to spend resources to ultimately defeat Hillary. They get it.”

Trump seized on the comments from Kasich hours later.

“Kasich just announced that he wants the people of Indiana to vote for him,” Trump tweeted. “Typical politician — can’t make a deal work.”

Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe and Weaver touched base in person while attending last week’s Republican National Committee spring meeting in Hollywood, Florida, and agreed to stay in touch, according to three sources briefed on the exchange. On Friday, they spoke by phone and agreed to make something happen — and that same day, Cruz aides were informed that a negotiation was in the works. A day later, they reached an agreement about a specific plan of action. At no point did Cruz or Kasich talk with each other about a prospective deal.

John Kasich was not the first to stab in the back. Earlier, Kamikaze Cruz the failed suicide bomber stabbed Kasich in the back first. Cruz, in a secret memo, urged his campaign team to get him votes in all the states he had supposedly ceded to Kasich. To top his treachery with a cherry, Cruz then mocked his fellow four o’clock beauty John Kasich as a sure loser. These “last call” booty calls never end well.

Four o’clock beauties Cruz and Kasich mated in a most foul nest because it is all over, the last bar has closed:

Trump adviser Barry Bennett mocked the agreement in an interview with CNN, calling it a “desperate act,” “bad strategy,” “bad theater,” “stupid deal” and “really pathetic.”

The new Cruz-Kasich pact is also a tacit admission that neither man can catch Trump before the Republican National Convention convenes in July. Cruz, once scornful of the “fantasy” of a contested convention, now openly admits that his only shot at the nomination entails beating Trump on a second or subsequent ballot in Cleveland. Kasich, as recently as last month, was dismissive of an alliance with Cruz, asking rhetorically, “At the end of the day, how do you tell your people that are for you to go vote for somebody else?” [snip]

They are mathematically dead and this act only shows, as puppets of donors and special interests, how truly weak they and their campaigns are,” Trump said, noting his large and growing lead. Thanks to his campaign, he concluded, “everyone now sees that the Republican primary system is totally rigged.”

As we noted, Cruz and Kasich needed to make their bed of whores marriage public in order to communicate their passions to their Super-Pacs. It was also desperation that drove the two well plowed whores to declare their marriage of convenience before the vote on Tuesday which Donald J. Trump is sure to massively win. Couldn’t they have waited?

Picture it. The two whores get together in their lumpy marriage mattress and let everyone know of their diseased estate even as Donald J. Trump is about to score big wins in five states! Why didn’t the two whores wait to reveal their union? Because they didn’t wait Cruz and Kasich will now see the headlines on Wednesday to be a declaration of Trump’s multi-state victories and the failure of the Cruz and Kasich union.

On Tuesday Donald J. Trump will win big. The latest polls show Trump will clobber Cruz and Kasich on Tuesday. In many if not all the states that vote on Tuesday, Trump will win over 50% of the vote. In Connecticut and Rhode Island, Trump might top 60% or come darn close.

Kamikaze Cruz and John Kasich will not stop Trump. It’s all over but the counting.


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  1. After Trump victories tomorrow, Trump will campaign in Indiana:


    Bobby Knight to campaign with Trump

    It looks like Donald Trump got what he wanted — former Indiana Hoosiers coach Bobby Knight will be hitting the road with him on Wednesday.

    Trump in recent days has been talking up the idea that the famously hot-headed coach would back him, saying on Saturday that his endorsement would be a big get.

    “Tough, strong, smart. I would like to get that for Indiana, I’ll tell you what. To me, that would be a great endorsement,” he said over the weekend, adding on Monday in Rhode Island that he hoped to win his support.

    Meanwhile, Knight, who is known for once throwing a chair during a game, has been talking up Trump for months, including when he was on speakerphone with Trump while a New York Times reporter was in the room. ‘‘No one has accomplished more than Mr. Trump has,’’ Knight said in the article that was published last October.

  2. “four o’clock beauties”…lmao. Been there, done that and your right, it never ended well.

  3. The bar with four o’clock beauties can be in places where bars close at 10:00, at midnight, at 2:00 in the morning, or at 4 in the morning
    Transvestite Ted, and Drug fiend John can sing along with Flasher Faron Young—on what 4 in the morning is like.


  4. I was out at a public facility today and they had CNN on during that Kaisch interview…first of all, Mr Happy Face is really an angry guy with a temper…
    He was yelling at the reporters and who knows who else

    …and then he started shoving food into his mouth and talking with his mouth full…

    I could not believe how ignorant he was…no manners whatsoever…


    as for Cruz…I think there is something seriously wrong with him…and his spokespeople…they are going on about Donald being in “real trouble” and how Cruz is going to win…bla, bla, bla…delusional…

    besides the fact that Cruz…and Kaisch…have shown themselves to be snakes…

    …to be sleezes of the highest order…they are making fools of themselves stabbing each other in their backs…


    one last obvious thing…can you imagine if the media had been actually showing the size of all of these Trump rallies…they are gigantic…

    the media has done everything they can to downplay Donald and take the focus away from his unbelievable support…unlike the media’s attempt to portray Trump’s rallies as violent, etc…his rallies are loaded with families with their kids, young people, old people, minorities…and lots of women…


    latest poll Donald and Hillary now in a dead heat

  5. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article73840137.html

    Doomed to fail? Cruz-Kasich alliance is high risk

    WASHINGTON The unprecedented alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich is a longshot not only to succeed, but to last.

    There were strong indications Monday, just hours after the two underdog Republican candidates claimed they wouldn’t campaign against one another in three states, that their effort was as shaky as their chances to win the nomination.

    Kasich said he’d urge voters in Indiana to vote for him anyway, even though the Ohio governor had agreed not to challenge Cruz there.

    And experts in the three states where the non-aggression pact was supposedly in place – New Mexico, Oregon and Indiana – raised serious questions about whether Kasich and Cruz voters would simply give up their candidates for the other guy.

    Cruz and Kasich’s maneuver was viewed as near-desperation. Front-runner Donald Trump is well ahead in the delegate race, with 845 toward the 1,237 total needed to nominate. Cruz, the senator from Texas, has 559, and Kasich, who’s won only his home state of Ohio, has 145.

    They’re running out of time and delegates. Both know they mathematically can’t win on a first ballot. So Kasich is supposed to essentially pull out of Indiana’s May 3 primary and Cruz out of primaries in Oregon May 17 and New Mexico June 7.

    Cruz and Kasich each need the convention to go to a second or third ballot, when most delegates would not be bound to a particular candidate – namely Trump.

    They may have unwittingly given Trump important new ammunition against them – after all, he’s built his insurgent campaign on railing against the establishment.

    “They colluded,” Trump bellowed in Rhode Island, where he was campaigning Monday. “It shows how weak they are. How pathetic they are.” [snip]

    In what may be a major problem with the plan, Kasich said he would not ask his supporters in Indiana to vote for Cruz instead of him. That’s because the Ohio governor has already secured a number of delegates who support him and would be free to vote for him after the first ballot. [snip]

    In Oregon, GOP party chairman Bill Currier does not think there will be much of a difference in the outcome in his state without Cruz campaigning. “I don’t see their supporters changing their votes. I don’t really see a lot changing,” he said.

  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/04/25/why-the-ted-cruz-john-kasich-alliance-is-destined-to-fail/

    Why the Ted Cruz-John Kasich alliance seems destined to fail

    Achieving the goal is WAY harder for me to see happening — for a bunch of a reasons, which I’ll get to in a minute. But before all that, it’s worth making this point: This is a massive gamble born entirely of desperation. What probably became clear to the Cruz campaign and, to a lesser extent, the Kasich campaign, is that they weren’t going to beat Trump in Indiana’s winner-take-most primary and, by losing, would put the real estate billionaire on a reasonable path to the GOP nomination.

    And so they acted. Which they deserve credit for — since most of the time politicians in unwinnable/untenable situations continue to cling to the idea that everyone else is wrong and they are right, right up until they lose.

    But action doesn’t always produce the desired results. And I think that’s what is going to happen here. Let’s list the reasons why:

    1. Candidates and campaigns are strategic. Voters aren’t. [snip] The idea that a Kasich voter would be for Cruz “for the broader good of the Republican party” is the sort of stuff that makes sense on a phone call where this deal was cut between two longtime political operatives. In the real world of voters, it’s a much harder sell. [snip]

    2. The overlap between Kasich and Cruz voters is almost nonexistent. [snip]

    So if you are an Indiana Republican who was for Kasich, it’s hard to imagine that you agree with Cruz on almost anything. Ditto a Cruz voter in Oregon or New Mexico. These candidates were on the opposite ends of the GOP spectrum even when there were 17 candidates running! The only reason you would be a Kasich voter for Cruz in Indiana is because Kasich told you to be. (And there is some doubt about how Kasich feels about that matter.) No way.

    3. The alliance perfectly fits Trump’s “rigged” narrative. If Donald Trump could have engineered a scenario that would fire up his anti-establishment base any more than it already is, the public announcement of a Cruz-Kasich alliance would be how he would have done it. Now it’s not just hard-to-understand delegate math where the GOP establishment is plotting against Trump but a high-profile handshake agreement between a sitting senator and governor. (Given the negative consequences of going public with the Cruz-Kasich deal, why did the two campaigns do it? They needed to signal their voters and, as importantly, their aligned super PACs to stand down.)

    That is directly in the Trump message wheelhouse. And, if he needed a way to energize his supporters in Indiana and beyond, he now has a perfect lever to do just that. THEY are trying to take it from you! THEY are colluding! THEY think you don’t matter! The way to get back at “them”? To vote for Trump, of course.

    Gambles sometimes pay off — even one with as long odds as this one. And the time to gamble is when you are on the verge of losing it all. (Remember that freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.)

    That’s where Cruz and Kasich find themselves. And it’s why they made this deal. But none of that makes it more likely that the deal will work. It almost certainly won’t.

  7. From the yahoo article, same subject as admin’s article

    Added Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, “Our goal is to have an open convention in Cleveland, where we are confident a candidate capable of uniting the party and winning in November will emerge as the nominee.”

    For heaven’s sake, he knows that the only possible barrier to Trump’s winning is those two not dropping out. In any other election, the party *itself* would be telling them to get out. Trump seems to know he needs *some* positive interaction with the party, as he will need to work with them and doesn’t need them trying any harder to get rid of him, but otherwise I’d say he should have a press conference and ask the party why they aren’t telling them to get out lol

    I’m a little curious why they seem to be leaking to people that they’re going to change the rules on convention day (ie, getting rid of rule that you need to have won 8 states, so they can get someone other than Trump in). Aren’t they giving Trump ammunition and time to work against that?

  8. Gambles sometimes pay off — even one with as long odds as this one. And the time to gamble is when you are on the verge of losing it all. (Remember that freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.)

    That’s where Cruz and Kasich find themselves. And it’s why they made this deal. But none of that makes it more likely that the deal will work. It almost certainly won’t.

    Quote from the 11:57 pm Washington post article. I think this writer has been reading here. IMO, this quote sounds just like (substance and style) what admin would say!

  9. Trump did a kill shot on Kasich for the ages. Just like Fiorina “Look at that face!” the hoggish and slovenly John Kasich will be remembered for the shoveling into his face, gulping with out chewing like a starved dog, and talking (and smiling sort of-shudder) with his gob stuffed. This folks is the REAL John Kasich and why people dislike him even if they couldn’t quite put their finger on exactly why. He is a boor and and a bore. Then he blew off Cruz and their “deal”.

    Cruz did something you never do in politics or business. He violated his carefully tended “brand”. The principled conservative, the “Constitutional” purist, the upright man. All bullshit. The confusion and cognitive dissonance of his “brand”washed supporters is in evidence. It was all fake from the beginning which is one of the reasons everyone who has ever worked with him hates him. Another poseur and a fake exposes himself as just another climber and liar. And he must be a really lousy lawyer if the couldn’t make himself clear what the “deal” was to that slob Kasich. They proved Trump’s point which was not part of the “deal”.

  10. Just a mention of a political prick in trouble:

    De Blasio’s imminent demise sparks hunt for a challenger …
    New York Post
    1 day ago – Gov. Cuomo has renewed his effort to recruit a challenger to Mayor de Blasio next year as the “smell of blood” from widening corruption probes …

  11. I heard Hillary talking about Bernie and his voters uniting behind her…

    essentially she said…that when she left the race in 08 there were about 40% of her supporters that did not support O and she worked “so hard” to convince them to support O…and then she went to the convention and nominated O…and she added, paraphrasing…that is what you are supposed to do and she did it and she hopes that is what will happen…


    there is just so much wrong…and out of touch…with that statement…

    first of all…I know why she is saying it…but don’t think I would brag about convincing 40% of her supporters to support the failed O presidency…the one that has unfortunately dragged our country so far left…and her with it…

    …second…don’t think Bernie’s supporters are the type of ‘voters’ to just ‘fall into line’ because Hillary expects them to…my guess is some of them will…some of them will not even bother to vote…and some will cross over to Donald…

    …Hillary just sounds so out of date…so ‘old school’ and not in a ‘cool’ way…

    she then went on to trash Donald…saying he needs to come out of ‘his tower to meet with the people’…

    Is she kidding? has she ever seen any of Donald’s rallies? thousands and thousands of people from all walks in life showing up…

    she goes on about his penthouse, etc…does she not realize that she has a mansion in Westchester, NY and another mansion in DC…and according to her has not even driven a car in something like 20 years

    …8 years ago she could pull off ‘person of the people’…fast forward…she is so entrenced with O’s foreign polices, $250,000 a pop speeches with Wall St insiders, secret servers in some hideaway place, and an acquired wealth with Bill of over $100 Million dollars basically from speeches…

    really…this is not credible…

    say what you will, Billionaire Donald is still a street brawler with the common man touch…sometimes it is hard to even believe he lives in a gilded home environment…probably a lot of that is left over from Ivana remodeling days with upgrades from Melania…


    NBC – Survey Monkey poll just out

    Donald just hit 50% as favorite for Republican nominee…

  12. fwiw…out of the blue…

    I was in my car and switching radio channels and started listening to this show on 850 FTL … anyway a couple of guys talking about topical stuff…could have been the Rich Stevens show???

    and then one says he is going to do the setup before the commercial and come back after commercial and talk about this topic in detail

    …and he brings up Donald Trump…and goes on to say that every year Donald Trump turns over his Trump International Golf Course to the LEAF Foundation…the Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation…and let’s them have their annual golf tournament there…

    Donald pays for everything…EVERYTHING…food, set up…everything…

    the radio guy goes on to say that about 85% of the people working there are immigrants from all over…

    at that point they went to commercial so I did not get to hear what the immigrants had to say about Donald…but something tells me if was very positive…

  13. S
    April 26, 2016 at 1:23 pm
    As you may recall, I have been calling Kasich “pizza face” here on this blog for weeks, never suspecting that in due course he would provide me with the perfect visual. It sort of reminds you of the pie eating contests of yesterday. Perhaps THAT is why he calls himself a “conservative”, when his actions prove he is a globalist, and, as they say, action speaks louder than words.

  14. Moe Levine was a celebrated San Francisco trial lawyer of the 1950’s known best for is riveting closing statements which stuck an emotional chord with the jury, thus avoiding the clinical dissection of the evidence which is more common.

    On one case, he represented a client who was grievously injured through the fault of the defendant. (Note: this was in an era when liability was assigned based on fault, rather than ability to pay and spread the cost, which tends to be the modern bias). The injuries were so bad that he lost the use of his arms.

    His closing statement went something like this: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. You went to lunch together. I know this because my client and I were sitting together in the corner also having lunch. You ate with a knife, a fork and a spoon. My client cannot use those culinary instruments any more.

    Now, thanks to the defendant, my client “EATS LIKE A DOG”

    Oh . . . if only we could whistle up those jurors today, and the impressario Levine, he would not have to say my client eats like a dog. He could simply say, my client eats like John Kasich, and they would take his meaning.

  15. Off topic……but has anybody heard a peep from Glenn Beck lately? Seems he’s been awful quiet. Maybe he’s on a pilgrimage somewhere 😄

  16. I see him pop up on O”Riley once in awhile but not this week. My take on all these guys is that Bill and Hillary made them multimillionaires as the hate for the Clinton’s started a cottage industry of right wing conservative talk show hosts on radio and TV. I don’t believe they have any core values but making tons of cash 💰. Some of these guys literally make 25 million or more a year spewing the same crap for decades. The left has their share to but nothing compared to guys like Beck, Limbaugh,Levin.

  17. Bill Clinton continues to leak the truth even though Hillary2016 does not want the truth to be told.


    BILL CLINTON: Obama economy gave rise to Trump, Sanders

    Bill Clinton says the political environment that has given rise to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders can be traced back to the economic woes of the Barack Obama years.

    “The country is doing better than everybody else in the world, but 80% of the country has not had a pay raise since the crash,” Clinton told reporters in East Hartford, Connecticut.

    “Therefore there is great fear that we can’t return to broad-based prosperity and that has lit a lot of the fires that have helped Mr. Trump on the right and Sen. Sanders on the left,” Clinton said before his minder jumped in to say he had to go.

    “It is totally predictable,” he said.

  18. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/apr/26/us-unions-donald-trump-us-election-2016

    US unions plan attack on Donald Trump in attempt to derail presidential bid

    The prospect of a Donald Trump nomination has labor leaders scrambling to hold the line as the Republican frontrunner’s appeal to disaffected working-class voters threatens to upset the traditional political calculus.

    The majority of America’s almost 15 million unionized workers can be usually be relied upon to back the Democratic candidate in a presidential year, but leaders are concerned by Trump’s populist message on trade and jobs – and his insistence that union workers are just one of many groups on a long list of those he claims “love” him. [snip]

    In the coming months, the AFL-CIO, which has not endorsed a candidate in the primary but has encouraged members to support the Democratic nominee, will launch digital attack ads against Trump and will ramp up its door-knocking campaign. The Service Employees International Union, which has endorsed Clinton, has organized phone banks for her nationwide, including most recently in Pennsylvania in the hope of getting out the vote on behalf of Democrats.

    Yet Trump is resonating with voters who are struggling to make ends meet and who are seeing their friends’ jobs shipped abroad, says John Cakmakci, president of United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 951 in Michigan. And some of those voters are union members. Trump’s populist positions on trade and his rejection of Washington politics have earned him votes across the Rust Belt, where several battleground states are key to winning the election in November. [snip]

    While unions still tend to lean Democratic, their rank-and-file members are increasingly split between the parties. In 2008, about 39% of households with union members cast their vote for Republican John McCain and in 2012 40% voted for Mitt Romney.

    Working America, the political organizing arm of AFL-CIO, wanted to find out whether Trump’s “rightwing” message appealed to workers outside Cleveland and Pittsburgh. After interviewing about 1,689 working-class Americans living in households earning less than $75,000, they found out that Trump was in fact the favored candidate. Of the 800 voters who had decided on a candidate at the time of the interview, about 300 favored Trump. Combined, the two Democratic candidates appealed to fewer workers – 174 chose Clinton and 95 chose Sanders.

    “While most of Trump’s support comes from the staunch Republican base, one in four Democrats who chose a candidate showed a preference for Trump,” said Working America’s report.

    The majority of respondents said they supported the candidate because of his pugnacious personality rather than for, say, his position on trade.

    On Tuesday, Jared Szczesny, a card-carrying member of the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America Union (UAW), will cast his vote for Trump in Pennsylvania’s primary. In 2008 and 2012, UAW endorsed President Obama. This time UAW has yet to endorse a candidate, but is likely to back a Democrat.

    Szczesny, 31, has never attended a Trump rally. He works seven days a week and has not been able to find the time. However, back in October, he picked up Trump’s book The Art of the Deal. When he finished it, he knew that Trump had his vote. [snip]

    “I work a half of a block from GE, where layoffs come in the thousands every couple of years or so,” said Szczesny. GE Transportation is part of General Electric; in November the GE locomotive manufacturing plant in Erie laid off 1,500 of its 4,500 workers. “There are no jobs around here. People scrounge for work, or work multiple jobs. I get tired of seeing my family and friends, and loved ones struggling over financial issues so often.”

    It is Trump’s business acumen that appeals to Szczesny and a handful of his coworkers, who he says will also be voting for Trump.

    “He is not a typical politician. He has been in the working world, even as a young boy building houses with his father. He’s not a career politician. He cares about jobs,” he said.

    Earlier this month, Trump stood before nearly 9,000 supporters in Pittsburgh and promised to revive the steel and coal industries in the area if he became president.

    “There are few places that have been more devastated by our trade policies than Pittsburgh. Don’t worry, we’re bring it all back,” said Trump.

    Szczesny hopes so. It’s why when he votes in Pennsylvania’s primary on Tuesday, it will be for Trump.

    “I am very conservative and do not agree with everything Mr Trump says or does, but I recognize him as the best candidate, and a great one at that,” he said.

  19. Polls Closing in 17 min. I want to see those two assholes to go down. Them and their wholesale sell out of the democratic process and the American People.

  20. I hate to say this but with Hillary’s embrace and praise of O’s admin…she is throwing shade on Bill’s leagacy…

    …it honestly makes me ill that Bill’s admin has to be sacrificed so she can kiss up to O…

  21. Hillary projected to win Maryland thus far according to Fox Business. The results for Rhode Island and Delaware have not come in yet so no projections there for Trump or Hillary.

  22. a clean sweep for The Donald…he has won all five states, they just added RI and Delaware

    realclear politics has his delegate count at 904 before counting in RI and Delaware, which will probably take him to 923 without the other PA delegates yet to be counted, etc

  23. so far Donald has met his mark…most were saying that it would be a good night if he got between 90-95, he is now at @ 94…with more delegates to be added

    I heard earlier that if he gets somewhere between 100-109 he is in an excellent sweet spot…

    Hillary just won Delaware, she has Delaware and MD so far

  24. Donald’s is killing it…if his percentages hold…wow! his “ceiling” is now hitting over 60%….oh my goodness…

  25. Celebrate Trump’s Clean Sweep

    Racist, sexist, xenophobic,
    Their rhetoric is anaerobic,
    Programmed to their last brain cell,
    The plans for them are made in Hell.
    For us who know what is to come,
    The vote to make’s for only one.

  26. Donald could put a lot of states in play in the general…including usually Democratic New England…New Englanders tend to be very independent people…

  27. With his margin of victory, I would be astonished if they try and steal it from him..You really would have people extremely angry and could lead to civil unrest. Love him or hate him, he is winning and winning big.
    I love seeing Bill and he wants it so bad for Hillary..her speech was OK but I did not like the attack on police.

  28. Trump music: “Start Me Up” by Rolling Stones. Melania is there. Chris Christie and his wife are there too.

  29. Make no mistake, these are very liberal states, Hillary beat Trump by votes in each of them, even Bernie beat him in a couple.

    Still, quite an amazing day for Mr.Trump

  30. Donald is currently at 950 in delegates…he has won 105 so far tonight

    and his percentages are thru the roof

  31. His theme against Hillary “crooked” “lacks strength and stamina”…I would disagree with that.

  32. Usually Rock stars throw fits if Republican’s use their music…I have been thinking that the Stones must approve. I am sure they are not thrilled with what is happening in Europe.

  33. On our Stones board we have divided opinions..Mick is definitely a fiscal conservative..Keith, well, is Keith.

  34. I think Hillary is at least crooked, her Benghazi emails, statements, murders of the 4 Americans on her watch as SOS. ..
    Yes the buck stops at Obama, but there were things she could have done, should have done as SOS…she chose not to.
    I have always said I would never forget Benghazi…her behavior, after was so disgusting to me too.
    I always knew Obama was a snake, but that solidified her path to insanity in my mind.

  35. I blame it all on Obama and her choice to be SOS…she is a dedicated public servant , but made a big mistake going with Obama.

  36. lorac…

    I just heard the same thing…bill hemmer on fox just said that Donald won every county in every state today…

    I thought ‘am I hearing things?’ can that be true

    wow, is right…even Rove sounds shell shocked tonight…

    Donald is going to be our next President…

  37. JB,.

    Hillary must stand for her own decisions.

    People either have character and a moral compass or not.
    She showed lack of both.

  38. Well, we are looking at two heavy weights facing off…going to be the most contentious election in modern times!

  39. ..sounds like DT is going to get a minimum of 50 delegates out of PA

    the 17, plus so far 33 of the unbound…

    what a freaking night…somehow I am getting premonitions of the general election night as the numbers come in…

    i just hope he will stay safe…my only worry

  40. I take no pleasure in saying this but Hillary’s fight…what she is fighting for seems small to me…very concentrated…simple platitudes…

    i do not get the feeling from her that she is fighting for big changes or to do big things…

    too safe…too local if you will

    Donald’s campaign is about breaking old molds…major changes…a whole new direction that is not afraid to do what needs to be done…he is not afraid and he won’t back down…what can you say…the man cuts to the chase…

  41. Hillary is fighting for big changes, to complete the destruction of America.
    I call that major, if she wins, we all lose.

  42. wow, is right…even Rove sounds shell shocked tonight…
    Yes, Porky Pig is stupified.

    And meee again?

    Talk about betting the farm on a loosing hand.

    Talk about working for a Republican media outlet, and being persona non grata with the Republican nominee.

    It like The Saga of Jennie, by Noel Coward and Gertrude Laurence.


  43. jbstonesfan
    April 26, 2016 at 8:58 pm
    As I called it, Hillary will win 3 and Sanders winning RI big and Conn.

    Wrong JB, Hillary won all but RI tonight.

    Bernie wants to stay in the primary to the convention, but realizes he has no chance to win now.

    Trump is a total jerk, sorry but his tactics are disgusting to me.

    “If Hillary were a man, she would only win 5% of the vote. Women don’t like her.” -Trump

    Hillary is winning big time with women.

    Many of you think Hillary is crooked, a liar, etc…yet you don’t hold Trump to the same standards.

  44. Hi Shadowfax, I looked at the early returns and thought he would win Conn but I was incorrect as the larger cities votes came in strong for Hillary. I was happy she crushed Sanders in PA which was the important state tonight. I also pointed out above that I disagreed with his comments regarding Hillary. Others felt differently. Please understand I totally understand how you feel. My heart still is big for the Clinton’s but legitimate questions have been raised about some of her actions. In turn, while I like some of what Trump stands for, his comment on Hillary being a man and only winning 5% was unacceptable to me. Hillary has worked to hard to be disrespected that way. I love this blog and whether it’s Hillary or Trump it will be my political home because I can take the heat either way it falls. My respect for the person who runs this site really goes beyond the candidates. To invest so much time, money and effort in keeping us informed , whether we agree or not, tells me a lot about the core values of this person. To run a site like this is a lot of work. The thought and analysis that go into the posts are extraordinary. I fully understand the need to go to places that support other points of view and applaud loyalty to ones’s core beliefs. I am not ready to commit either way at this time , but I will continue to follow the blog and on Nov 8th, 2016, make a decision that I feel best serves my country and the future for our children.
    PS-we get some great music as well..from the Stones to Julie Harris..lol:) All the best my friend..

  45. Ted Cruz is now like a drunk uncle rambling and refusing to relinquish the microphone at a wedding reception, while Kasich is eating crow for dinner.

  46. All the best to you to JB.

    I respect Admin, the main reason I came to this blog 8 years ago, and stayed. It broke my heart that Big Pink has gone 100% for Trump and only posts negatives about Hillary. It hurts, but for the most part, I have moved on. I just haven’t moved on from the people I care about here.

  47. make a decision that I feel best serves my country and the future for our children.
    That is the bottom line.

    Our country and our children’s interest cannot be served by the globalist agenda.

    That unfortunately is what the democrat party stands for.

    It is also what the RINO stands for.

    They ride roughshod over the constitition and the idea that the people are the soverign.

    For them, George Soros, and Bill Gates are the soverign.

    I reject that evil idea, root and branch.

    I reject any politician who takes bribes to support it–when they are supposed to represent us.

  48. Let me tell you JB…you couldn’t go to Uppity woman and call Hillary a “jerk”..but funny how some like to come here and call Trump names. You should go over there to visit, quite a bunch…
    Wonder why someone who knows this really is not a “Hillary” blog anymore feels compelled to come here and be negative towards the person most people are supporting here.
    Must fill some empty spot from childhood….


  49. Larry Johnson just posted some interesting numbers coming from the five states especially from Pennsylvania, which do not bode well for the Democrats in November.

    With these preliminary numbers we can see that the Republicans increased their numbers by about 975,622. The Democrats, by contrast, are down almost 808,000 votes. You think that is meaningless?

    It is important to understand that independents were not allowed to vote in four of the five states. In 2008 the Democrats surpassed the Republicans in these states by a total of 2.5 million votes. Today, the separation is less than 700,000 votes.


  50. I watched “A Bridge of Spies” tonight and fell in love with the lawyer James B Donovon, who also happens to be the author of the book which the movie was based on. Tom Hanks plays Donovon. He represented the Communist spy Able in his trial, and was the chief negotiator in swapping him for not only Powers, the American U2 plane pilot that was shot down over Russia, but an American student East Germany had.
    He went on to negotiate in other hotbeds for our government, even with Cuba after the Bay of Pigs. He was an amazing man and it is unfortunate he lost a Senate bid, because if he, was half the man Hanks portrayed him to be, that is the man I want for President.
    I had such a yearning for his courage, intelligence, humility, and honor.
    He unfortunately, died at, an early age in 1970 of a Heart attack. I think he was only 54.


  51. gonzotx

    Psycho analyze someone else gonzotx…you are no shrink.

    Trash people that have been here for 8 years, and trash people that are on another Hillary blog all you want, it doesn’t make you right nor does it make any Hillary supporter respect you!

  52. Oh, surprise,

    Well I’ve been here since the get go, 2008, myself, does that give it me a gold star too?
    Your little pity party is so ridiculous.

    You are so self centered and beg for attention. It was no surprise you would show up and diss on Trump.
    You are like clock work.
    Then like the true Borderline you are, you shower a few with love and respect, sniff, sniff.
    Grow up, if your going to come here on purpose to diss someone people here generally support, well, you my little sunshine deserve what you get.

    I can smell a Borderline a blog away.

    If you truly come to talk with those you care about, you wouldn’t be derogatory towards Trump, you would have your pleasantries and move on. You do these things on purpose,, I suggest therapy, get someone who knows DBT….It would be helpful.

  53. Do you feel better now?

    Are you proud of yourself for butting into my conversation with JB and trying to belittle people that do not think like you do?

    Go try and impress someone else, it doesn’t work on me.

    You are the main reason people with differing opinions leave this blog. You think you can control people that are here and chase away Hillary supporters with your nasty remarks…good luck, this is not your blog.

    Wake up with your mental health diagnosis of everyone you disagree with, trying to paint others as unbalanced. You are really out of line.

  54. No Shadow, you are a nasty piece of work…

    Now I feel better…

    Oh, and Borderline always say, “Your The Reason Everybody Blah blah, blah…just speak for yourself, it’s what adults do.

    Like I said..clockwork.

  55. Ted’s dead. Dead man walking. He is now officially going backwards. His clever Harvard lawyer stunts have officially backfired. He was beat by John Kasich the slob for number 2 in four out of five with a high of 21.6 in PA only. The rest of the percentages are really bad. He has no honor. He is a shill with no future. At least his parents immigration records are still closed. And he has shown his true colors. He managed to get out of the five states with primaries and hoof it to Indiana whose primary is next week and fill up a little gymnasium with supporters. The spin coming out of his campaign and the NeverTrump’ers is delusional. Now Ted’s money dries up and he will go away. Finally. He had no path to the White House after he was skunked in the South.

  56. The news just said that DeRay, the black lives matter main instigator, ran for mayor of Baltimore, and lost badly yesterday with 3% of the vote.

    ha ha! Your day is over, civilization is returning!

  57. Shadowfax
    May I ask what you see in 2016 Hillary? I think she is like Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones. Total submission to her global masters. I have zero respect for her. She vociferiously supports all things bambi. I want my little girl to be all she can. When we first met she was one and a 1/2. Will be 10 soon. Straight A’s, blue belt, sax, piano, voice, acting, tap, jazz,ballet, hip hop, gymnastics, archery, acting, swim. She got MVP in All Stars for softball several times. I am her great gay uncle, she was thrown away. She is also head engineer on a Sprout/PBS project and competes on a calculus math team. She is 9. We are on chapter 5 of Jane Eyre. We read it together. She hates it. I am taking my time she made the Cinderella connection on her own. That being said I think Hillary is a disgrace. Never do I want my brat to cry sexism. HRC represents nothing I want her to be. Pleaseoffer anything that supports her. I worked hundreds of hours for her and she spit in my face.

  58. I listen to these “conservative” (meaning low taxes and nothing more) pundits and donors, who are so mortified by the prospect of a Trump presidency, that they can tell the world I would rather have Obama III. Part of it is class bias and condescension, which is so thick that to cut it you would need not a knife but a chain saw. Part of it is the notion that if Hillary is elected their parasitic existence will continue in perpetuity, which is pure self delusion. The more likely outcome is there will be a powerful reaction in this country not only to Hillary, but to the Republican Quislings–like Rove, Kristol, and they will no longer be listened to and may even lose their heads, although it is hard to see that part as likely now. Even if Hillary did not fully embrace the anti American pro globalist anti white male pro black lives matter syndicate, and believed in Jefferson rather than Marx, Roosevelt rather than Soros, a positive outcome would not be possible, for the simple reason that she has never an organization, much less tried to turn around a failing one, like the federal government. Hillary is a world celebrity, but there is nothing in her resume to indicate that she is capable of running a complex organization. That is an entirely different task than managing the politics, or issuing threats and the empty promises, or dodging suboenas where she excels. Her mantra now is pure socialism, blame white males for everything, and globalism uber ales. That is a living hell on earth. That should be reason enough for the other party to unite around Trump. But given the passions this election has unleashed, the operative question has to be will they. Will their arrogance and sense of entitlement cause them to cut off their nose to spit their face?

    The Republican Convention Will Not Be Contested

    Apologies to those who still don’t accept the inevitability of a Donald Trump candidacy in the Republican Party — I feel your pain, as a famous prevaricator/predator once said — but, disappointing as it may be to Fox and CNN executives, not to mention the millions or hundreds of thousands of voters loyal to Messrs. Cruz and Kasich, it’s all over but the shouting and the backbiting. Cleveland in July may not be Christmas in July, but it’s not going to be the second coming of the 1992 L.A. riots or the 1968 Chicago convention either.

    It’s going to be business — relatively — as usual with a Republican nominee comfortably in place before the festivities begin. And we all know who that is, like it or not. The fat lady has sung — with a Queens accent.

    I know that many see this as a disaster. The Republican Party will disintegrate. The Congress will turn blue never to return, etc. etc.

    I don’t. I’m sure that since I am a Trump supporter — even though an intermittent and ambivalent one — people will disqualify my opinion, and perhaps they should, but I don’t have that worry. I think, as the old saying goes, things happen for a reason. I agree with Tucker Carlson, who said on The Kelly File Monday night that Trump was the only candidate with a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election. It is only Trump, of all the Republicans, if indeed he is a Republican, who is enough of a wild card to overcome the new American demographics that so favor Democratic candidates in presidential elections. They were bad enough when Obama ran against Romney. They are worse now.


    So the fat lady’s been singing for a while. But she started to hit the high notes when, just the other day, Cruz and Kasich got more desperate and decided to team up (sorta) to defeat Trump. They didn’t, however, seem to have their hearts in it and only hours after the announcement Kasich appeared to be backing halfway out, saying he still wanted his supporters to vote for him. He just wasn’t going to campaign in Indiana. Cruz wasn’t acting particularly enthusiastic either. This wasn’t exactly the Bryan Brothers going for that last Wimbledon. No real team play for these guys. Trump called them “colluders,” but I’m not sure they could do a good job of even sharing crayons.

    Did they know deep down that Donald already had it? The opposition seems to. Hillary Clinton isn’t obsessing aloud every chance she gets on how she’s going to defeat John Kasich and she doesn’t give Cruz much of a mention either, except as an afterthought, someone to lump in with Trump as an evil conservative. Hillary, at least, doesn’t think Donald’s a liberal, no matter what contributions he may have made to her campaigns or foundation. She’s already making campaign ads attacking him.

    And, yes, I’m writing all this before the results of the five state primaries Tuesday or the supposedly crucial one in Indiana in May, not to mention the all-encompassing finale in my home state of California. It’s already over.

    As I mentioned, I realize because I have supported Trump, I am the wrong one to say this, but it is time to lay down our internal arms and concentrate on our external enemy. Multiple reasons exist for this, but the most important and obvious is that the larger battle is too crucial. Our country is at a turning point — there’s no time to waste.

    Painful as it may be for some, lining up behind Trump now does something else important — it does more to push Donald in the right ideological direction… toward the right. As we are his support group, he will listen to what we say. That’s the way the world works — usually. He will never be perfect. But as somebody smart once said (I think it was Dennis Prager), if you want to find a candidate you always agree with, you are going to have to run yourself.

    Still, I know it’s hard not to be angry and harder still to let go of the grudges and enmity that seem to have devoured us. The divisions among friends and family I have seen out there in recent weeks and months are as bad, it seems to me, as the ones that occurred after 9/11 when so many refused to acknowledge who our real enemy was.

    But in this case we’re not enemies. We’re on the same side and it’s never too early to start healing. If it’s any help, close you eyes and imagine Hillary making her inaugural speech. It works wonders.

  59. Well, I was talking to a Wall Street guy not even two minutes ago. He was shocked, and said everybody is shocked by the Trump momentum. I told him not everybody. He said, yes, I know, but . . . I told him that the reason Wall Street is shocked is because Wall Street is doing what they always do, and what Bill Clinton admitted he did too, which is to say focusing only on the top line in the balance sheet, and ignoring the figures underneath which show, among other things, joblessness, suicide rates, deteriorating education, rising health care, bankruptcies, etc. which will ultimately impact the top line, they always do, eventually. He went on to say that the lack of civility is what really disturbed him, and the fact that a segment of society supports bullying. I told him if you are referring to the coarsening of the culture, look to the entertainment industry. If you are frightened by the raw emotions, keep in mind that most people in this county do not lead the privileged life you do, and if you were in their position, you might find occasion to be less than civil yourself. It is funny because people like this accept incivility in the lower class, but when it affects the middle class, they run for the doors. Perhaps that is because they see the middle class as more like themselves. Or maybe they see the entire country turning against them, since they have the money and the socialist want it—all of it.

  60. I’m worn out from the yesterday, but Donald has another busy day. Being An Apprentice. I think he hit early AM TV. For noon, there’s this:
    By David Sherfinski – The Washington Times – Tuesday, April 26, 2016
    GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech in Washington, D.C., scheduled for Wednesday has been moved to the Mayflower Hotel “due to the overwhelming interest,” Mr. Trump’s campaign announced Tuesday.
    The campaign said last week that the speech, to touch on global trade and economic and national security policies, was going to take place at the National Press Club

    The search also gave up a livestream link:

    I did not check it out.

  61. That statement Hillary made the other day about how hard she worked to get Obama elected because he is the greatest human being in history, left me wondering what she meant. Fortunately, I have had time to reflect on that statement because my first shot out of the barrel would have been bullshit. I recall vividly how she asked supporters what she should do, made that concession speech for which she was fashionably late while the world waited with baited breath, lectured us that when you hear footsteps keep walking–whatever the fuck that means, while Bill bit his lip as tears leaked down his cheek, and then her fainting spell at the convention when her supporters looked for leadership. To us, her erstwhile supporters, she was enigmatic at best as to her intentions. What I forgot to remember to forget was her travelling around the country as a puppet for Obama at rallies for him of his people, and jackals like Taylor Marsh rushing to Obama. Somewhere in her deliberations, Bill and her decided that becoming Secretary of State was the prize to be sought, because it fed into the larger picture of the Clinton Global Foundation. I will say no more about that.

  62. Dishonoring General Jackson
    by Pat Buchanan

    In Samuel Eliot Morison’s “The Oxford History of the American People,” there is a single sentence about Harriet Tubman.

    “An illiterate field hand, (Tubman) not only escaped herself but returned repeatedly and guided more than 300 slaves to freedom.”

    Morison, however, devotes most of five chapters to the greatest soldier-statesman in American history, save Washington, that pivotal figure between the Founding Fathers and the Civil War — Andrew Jackson.

    Slashed by a British officer in the Revolution, and a POW at 14, the orphaned Jackson went west, rose to head up the Tennessee militia, crushed an Indian uprising at Horseshoe Bend, Alabama, in the War of 1812, then was ordered to New Orleans to defend the threatened city.

    In one of the greatest victories in American history, memorialized in song, Jackson routed a British army and aborted a British scheme to seize New Orleans, close the Mississippi, and split the Union.

    In 1818, ordered to clean out renegade Indians rampaging in Georgia, Jackson stormed into Florida, seized and hanged two British agitators, put the Spanish governor on a boat to Cuba, and claimed Florida for the USA.

    Secretary of State John Quincy Adams closed the deal. Florida was ours, and Jacksonville is among its great cities.

    Though he ran first in popular and electoral votes in 1824, Jackson was denied the presidency by the “corrupt bargain” of Adams and Henry Clay, who got secretary of state.

    Jackson came back to win the presidency in 1828, recognized the Texas republic of his old subaltern Sam Houston, who had torn it from Mexico, and saw his vice president elected after his two terms.

    He ended his life at his beloved Hermitage, pushing for the annexation of Texas and nomination of “dark horse” James K. Polk, who would seize the Southwest and California from Mexico and almost double the size of the Union.

    Was Jackson responsible for the Cherokees’ “Trail of Tears”?

    Yes. And Harry Truman did Hiroshima, and Winston Churchill did Dresden.

    Great men are rarely good men, and Jackson was a Scots-Irish duelist, Indian fighter and slave owner. But then, Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were slave owners before him.

    To remove his portrait from the front of the $20 bill, and replace it with Tubman’s, is affirmative action that approaches the absurd.

    Whatever one’s admiration for Tubman and her cause, she is not the figure in history Jackson was.

    Indeed, if the fight against slavery is the greatest cause in our history, why not honor John Brown, hanged for his raid on Harper’s Ferry to start a revolution to free the slaves, after he butchered slave owners in “Bleeding Kansas”? John Brown was the real deal.

    But replacing Jackson with Tubman is not the only change coming.

    The back of the $5 bill will soon feature Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, and opera singer Marian Anderson, who performed at the Lincoln Memorial after being kept out of segregated Constitution Hall in 1939.

    That act of race discrimination came during the second term of FDR, Eleanor’s husband and the liberal icon who named Klansman Hugo Black to the Supreme Court and put 110,000 Japanese into concentration camps.

    And, lest we forget, while Abraham Lincoln remains on the front of the $5 bill, the war he launched cost 620,000 dead, and his beliefs in white supremacy and racial separatism were closer to those of David Duke than Dr. King.

    Alexander Hamilton, the architect of the American economy, will stay on the $10 bill, due in part to the intervention of hip-hop artists from the popular musical, “Hamilton,” in New York.

    But Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Sojourner Truth, who fought for women’s suffrage, will be put on the back of the $10. While Anthony and Stanton appear in Morison’s history, Sojourner Truth does not.

    Added up, while dishonoring Andrew Jackson, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is putting on the U.S. currency six women — three white, three African-American — and King.

    No Catholics, no conservatives, no Hispanics, no white males were apparently even considered.

    This is affirmative action raised to fanaticism, a celebration of President Obama’s views and values, and a recasting of our currency to make Obama’s constituents happy at the expense of America’s greatest heroes and historic truth. Leftist role models for American kids now take precedence over the history of our Republic in those we honor.

    While King already has a holiday and monument in D.C., were the achievements of any of these six women remotely comparable to what the six men honored on our currency — Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Jackson, President Grant and Ben Franklin — achieved?

    Whatever may be said for Eleanor Roosevelt, compared to her husband, she is an inconsequential figure in American history.

    In the dystopian novel, “1984,” Winston Smith labors in the Ministry of Truth, dropping down the “memory hole” stories that must be rewritten to re-indoctrinate the party and proles in the new history, as determined by Big Brother. Jack Lew would have fit right in there.


  63. The thing I like most about Donald is finally someone is sticking up for the USA…it’s been a long time since
    someone talked about putting America first and he is giving a voice to a sense of American pride…he is resonating with the american people because he is talking with them not at them…and not force feeding them a guilt trip they don’t want to buy…Donald is making it ok for people to think about their own struggling families before they have to take care of and pay for the rest of the world
    Donald is making ‘made in I the good ole USA’ valuable once again. ..

  64. wbboei
    April 27, 2016 at 10:28 am
    …It is funny because people like this accept incivility in the lower class, but when it affects the middle class, they run for the doors. Perhaps that is because they see the middle class as more like themselves.

    Long ago and not so far away, I, a lowly cow college graduate and presentable looking hick, worked with prep school boys and some Ivies. They are terrified of middle classers because of competition. They like to treat what they consider really low class folks as pets as they are not considered quite human and thus no competition. While there are a considerable number of Wall Street’ers who came up the hard way and are of firmly middle-middle or lower middle class backgrounds, most are not. The Ivy types craved constant attention which was really craved supervision because they are not so self-confident as they claim (and needed constant approval and blandishments) and I found they did not work alone well at all. They needed the group and were very poor at out of the box thinking or risk taking unless the group was ordered to do so. Anyway I got out of that as I knew I worked better with factored risk in small groups or alone with commensurate pay. The elites or wannabe’s are finding out the hard way what a self-imposed bubble (really a circle jerk) will get them. They have made avoidance of competition in their groups a fetish and are now being gobsmacked at how mediocre to lousy they are at pretty much everything. Trump is the hero for making the elites looks stupid. Which they are.

  65. I have to assume Trump will be better for Israel even with him looking at it “neutrally”. The democrats are openly hostile to Israel. I hope his opinion of this issue evolves a bit more and understands that the Palestinians do not want peace, but to kill every Jew in Israel.

  66. Carly, women votes?

    She got like 10 votes altogether. Maybe a reminder of what Trump said about her to all women?

    Failed leadership?

  67. Gonzo
    I am not a parent. Great gay uncle. Eight years ago she was in diapers. Now I cannot keep up with all her activities. Thank god she is bright and attractive because she never shuts up. Talk talk talk talk talk. She’s like a Shakespearean sonnet. I get so annoyed, but filled with joy. She has to wear sports bras she is 9 no boobies but she has to have them. I just picked up 2 from the floor of her bathroomi was chagrined. Walk down to laundry and I s. ee her sax and I smile. Good god though I wish I had the money I’ve spent in court protecting her. Non stop for years. Cost nothing to file okay maybe 20 dollars. Then he’s in prison on court date. He refiles, loses refiles. 175 an hour
    Anyhow brat is my bff and I pray she is never anything like hillary. Woman has becime a cartoonish monster.

  68. Henry,
    You may technically be her Great Gay Uncle, but you seem to be her parent in every respect…and an angel.

  69. Admin,

    Do you think the Trump landslide gives Hillary any protection from the knives behind the curtains?

  70. wbboei
    April 27, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Interesting comments from Buchanan on the changes to our currency. I had thought awhile back that Obama would surely act to remove white males from US currency. Oh boy, right again. Maybe “affirmative action raised to a fanatical level” is another way of describing good old fashioned prejudice, anti-whiteism if you will.

  71. gonzotx

    April 27, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    Carly singing a lullaby during her introduction as Cruz’s running mate.

    How ridiculous is that?

    Gonzo…I think its more than ridiculous… it’s just disturbing. Something is not right with these two. Picture someone describing this scene 10 months ago and you would have called then insane.

  72. My hope is President Trump puts a stop to the debacle with our currency.
    It’s beyond ridiculous. Can’t imagine looking at Harriet on the 20$ every time I use it.
    As a woman, I want a few females recognized, but this is racism pure and simple..and in your face. I have a funny feeling Me-chlle had a lot to do with picking out the women and pictures.

  73. Curley Haugland, a member of the rules committee from North Dakota where they had no primary says this:

    Presidential primary elections are essentially a waste of time. Haugland made this claim in an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” saying that “We (Delegates to the Republican National Convention) choose the nominee, not the voters”; on the question why the party holds primary elections, Haugland replied: “That’s a very good question”.[4] Haugland went on: “The media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nomination” … “Political parties choose their nominee, not the general public, contrary to popular belief.” [5]

    On April 14, 2016, he reaffirmed his stance in an interview on NPR. When asked if the votes of people in the primaries had a say in the outcome of the primary election, he responded by saying that they were “absolutely irrelevant” since the nomination for president is dependent solely on a simple majority of the vote of the permanently seated delegates to the national convention.[6]

    In his capacity as member of the RNC Rules Committee´, Haugland sent a letter on March 11, 2016 to all convention delegates saying that convention delegates are not bound to cast their votes at the convention according to primary vote results in the first round of voting. In the letter to the delegates, Haugland says, “Without the use of force to bind the votes of delegates to the results of the primary process, primaries are nearly worthless ‘beauty contests’.”[7]
    This man is a fool.

    He rests his case on a hyper technical reading of the rules.

    He forgets the fact that the entity he represents is not a business—it is a political organization.

    It rises or falls based on how it is perceived by the public.

    If the party get the people to vote, and then negates that vote, which is essentially what he is saying

    Then it will be perceived as a swindle

    And its political fortunes will fall through the floor

    Voters will abandon the party en masse

    It will lose not only the presidency but the down ticket elections as well.

    Is he prepared to ignore political reality?

    If so then he should be removed as a delegate.

    By the way, they held no primary in North Dakota, so they do not think much of the voters there.

    Like I say, he is a fool.

    The questions he should be asked, by a moderator is not simply a potted plant, are things like:

    Q-1: you say the

    Q-2: you say the voters have no legitimate role in the nomination process?

    Q-3: you understand that your party

    if Trump gets 1237 and the party nominates someone like Ryan who never even ran, are you prepared to accept the logiathe consequences of your stupidity?


  74. When Curley goes to Cleveland I am sure he will get a very warm reception—like 212 F, and his hotel room with be a very popular place with the voters he seeks to disenfranchise.

  75. Lu4PUMA – I hope admin sees your question, I hadn’t thought of that, I think it’s a really good question…

  76. jb – I just got home from work, so I haven’t listened to the policy speech yet. But once before Trump said that he wanted to approach it from a neutral position. Later he tried to explain, and my understanding of what he was saying is that it’s a deal-making position, you want both sides to know you are going to hear them. I have heard him say that Palestine does terrorists acts, and that he will protect Israel, so he knows. It seems starting neutral is just a fair place to start from, the way he likes to do deals, but it doesn’t mean he is going to think the two sides are the same, or equal, etc…

  77. Not even narcissist Obama chose a running mate before he was (s)elected. Cruz must be one, too, or maybe just plain CRAZY…. and geez, if he were picking a woman just for the woman vote, you think he’d pick someone else. Of course, maybe no one else wants to be named for a position she will never get. Unless somehow he thinks it will help him if the convention goes to a second vote – but then why announce *now*…? Or maybe it *is* about globalism, as someone upthread suggested.

    But…. yes, he has something wrong with him to be picking a running mate now.

  78. I think the bills should stay as they are. I’m a white woman, and I’d like to see women on our currency at some point. But I don’t see the people on our bills as men vs women, I see them as founders of our country, even if not all at the same time, but they were all from the early days.

    I remember when they made the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, and made it sufficiently similar in size to a quarter so no one liked it, because they’d get mixed up.

    I also don’t like that historically, when a woman is going to be shown and a minority, they always combine it – so the women were always minority – always black – women. Hey, what about us white females? I’m talking about when they’d show a few people in a commercial, they’d have two men and a black woman. Weird. I don’t see that as much now on commercials, but it started that way!

    Plus, if you’re going to add *one* woman, right now I’d say it should be a white woman who got women the right to vote. Women are 52% of the population, so really, IMO, we should be acknowledged before a minority (a minority other than men, at least ROFL), and the 19th amendment in 1920 gave *all* women the right to vote, so choosing someone from this era would be a woman who fought for all women. Picking a black women would be picking someone who just fought for something for her own race. Maybe that could be on a later bill, but the first bill, IMO, should have a white woman and be from the women who got us the vote.

    I think the bills should stay the same, and they should create different denomination bills – maybe a $25 bill? for other people.

    But my bottom line is that what we have should not be touched. We already have issues with the youth knowing anything about their own country’s history. At least this way they could learn *some*thing from their bills lololol

  79. foxy – from your article above

    Trump passes Romney’s popular vote total, likely to break GOP record

    I always heard in 2008 that Hillary won the most votes of *any* primary in the history of elections. I wonder if we can find out that total and compare to what Trump’s current total is and final total will be….

  80. AArrrgghhh! It’s being rewritten already, history that is!


    In the wake of her victories in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Delaware, some of Hillary Clinton’s top operatives are ready for Bernie Sanders to call it quits. But Clinton’s own refusal to give up in 2008, even after she had no real path forward, remains an obstacle to ramping up that pressure.

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, she had a “real path forward”, more than HE did, since she had the most votes and the most delegates. Neither of them hit the delegate number-line, but she was even a little ahead of him on that. And she was winning all the huge primaries. HE had even LESS of a path forward. Give.me.a.break!

  81. People do not realize what an iconic figure Bobby Knight is in the culture of Indiana.

    He gave them three NCAA championships and no one has forgotten.

    For Trump to have his endorsement is like owning the Hope diamond.

    Trump is ahead by 8 points right now, but Cruz is a barrage of attack ads on televison.

    Here, Trump introduces Bobby, Bobby gives a stirring speech for Donald and then he introduces Donald.

    We also learned that Bobby asked Donald to run before he became a candidate.


  82. wbboei
    April 27, 2016 at 8:55 pm
    “Curley Haugland, a member of the rules committee from North Dakota where they had no primary says this:

    Presidential primary elections are essentially a waste of time.”

    Curley ain’t real bright. And Curley is the classic example of a moron who works in an organization ripe for a hostile takeover like we are seeing of the Republican Party. Like executives and managers though history, Curley thinks the executive committee and board of directors (or kings and nobility or dictators and bureaucrats) “own” the company. They may have some ownership but the bondholders (citizens) and stockholders (voters) own it. Not Curley. Curley is there on sufferance and good performance which he doesn’t quite get. I suggest Curley be fired for being incompetent and not knowing his function within the organization which is not to serve him and his idiot ego.

    Another hostile takeover issue is the confusion over who is the customer and who is the supplier. And exactly what product or service is being sold. Voters are the customers not donors. Customers want and need their needs tended to not the supplier. Donors are suppliers. They supply cash or investment for a reasonable return. And sometimes advice if they are not idiots and are not working AGAINST the customer. The customer comes first not the supplier because the entire point of the organization is to serve a customer. If the supplier is working counter to the customer (voter) you get new suppliers (donors). The best example of this confusion and subsequent correction was Eric Cantor. Eric Cantor was a very confused man who got canned as Curley should be.

    The hostile takeover is about a return to equilibrium. Parties should serve customers (voters/citizens) not the hired managers (party and elected officials and their flunkies) nor the suppliers (donors) who have treated the customers like a cows being eaten by piranhas. We are seeing the cows stick an electric current into the piranha river and a lot of dead or stupefied piranhas. The piranhas seem somehow surprised that the cows have fought back and are much smarter than they are. Preference cascades are VERY unpredictable. Ted and Carly’s bizarro behavior yesterday (Heidi run away with your little girls NOW!) show just how much stress (voltage) is being put on the self-appointed “managers”. Lucky Trump.

  83. lorac
    April 27, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    That is a good article. But it doesn’t address one of the biggest problems right now for Republicans and Democrats. Namely their embarrassment for being WRONG. If your entire identity is based upon your “smartness” and you completely ignore, misread, and are simply too dumb to understand a political tectonic plate shift, well you really aren’t too smart. And that “smarts”. The groundswell of opposition and “get off your ass” attitude of the citizenry I still think started with the “in your face” border invasion a couple of years ago beloved by both parties. Then it happened “big time” in Europe. With much the same reaction by the public. Preference cascades kicked off by crime waves (illegally entering a sovereign country without permission is a crime recognized by international law) are very unpredictable. The very hard right swing by electorates in Europe are proof that propaganda and social pressure to accept your fate go only so far. And the “smarts” in Europe didn’t see it coming either because they don’t get out of their safe and cushy bubbles anymore than the DC/NYC smarties did either. The only way to deal with them is stop paying them, cut off the money. Every parent of a teenager knows this. Trump started it by not paying “consultants” and now the entire gravy train is in peril. This now includes NATO, the EU and hopefully the collectors of public money at the UN. Businessmen don’t like to pay for shit that doesn’t work and is only make work or bribe taking infrastructure called globalism. Perfect timing for lucky Trump.

  84. Also this past Tuesday:

    Donald Trump Triumphant at TIME 100 with Wife Melania as He Sweeps All 5 Primaries: ‘We’re Going to Heal the Nation’
    “There’s no better way to celebrate sweeping primaries in five states than attending the TIME 100 Gala in New York City.
    On Tuesday, Donald Trump and wife Melania, dressed in Mugler, attended the star-studded soiree honoring the 2016 crop of the publication’s most influential people.
    In the issue, Trump, 69, was honored as a “ferocious leader” and “rule breaker” by Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC). “Frankly, the U.S. is in desperate need of a leader like Trump who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and ruffle the appropriate feathers in order to get our country back on the right track,” Ellmers wrote for Trump’s profile… As her husband gets closer to the nomination, Mrs. Trump’s role as First Lady becomes more and more realistic.

    “She’s got a great heart, more importantly than anything else,” Trump told PEOPLE at the TIME gala. “She’s beautiful, but that’s the least of it. But she really does have a great heart, great compassion.”

  85. [Just the search return]
    Donald Trump Beat Expectations Everywhere, Suggesting a Broad Shift
    New York Times – ‎18 hours ago‎
    After just about every primary night this year, I’ve written something like “Donald J. Trump stayed on a narrow but clear path to the Republican nomination

  86. this is so outrageous it is hard to believe…

    I heard this morning that Donald did not mention immigration in his foreign policy speech because he is going to be giving another speech on immigration

    I hope his speech is fully equipped with the stats below…and while he is at it…

    I would like to have some reporters ask Hillary if she agrees with this policy and will continue it…or “go even further” if she becomes President


    The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in 2015 decided not to deport but release 19,723 criminal illegal immigrants, including 208 convicted of murder, over 900 convicted of sex crimes and 12,307 of drunk driving, according to new government numbers.

    Overall, those released into virtually every state and territory of America had a total of 64,197 convictions among them, for an average of 3.25 convictions each, according to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies. ICE also said that the group were convicted of 8,234 violent crimes.


    freaking Obama Administration could care less for the safety of the American people

    What will Hillary do??? Will she keep santuary cities so illegal criminals can go hide protected by our own government while they rob, rape and kill American citizens

  87. re: Donald’s current delegate count

    real clear politics has Donald at 987
    the news reported that Donald has at least a commitment of 33 of the unbound PA delegates

    that’s a total of 1020 delegates

    does anyone else have any thoughts or insight into where it stands now

  88. S
    April 28, 2016 at 1:47 pm
    That looks about right.

    But you have got to understand that this is a rigged number.

    For example, two weeks ago, we did the research on Indiana.

    By law, every state must have three delegates per district nationwide.

    Indiana has nine districts therefore they have 27 congressional delegates who are bound to support the candidate chosen by their district at the convention, but only on the first ballot.

    But in addition, Indiana has another 27 delegates who are not selected by the voters but by the party. And the party is antediluvian conservative, best represented by that idiot Craig Dunne whose first wife committed suicide and whose new wife had her first husband commit suicide, to keep their love alive. He is the one who said he would rather vote for Satan than Trump, and, perhaps by voting for Cruz he is fulfilling that wish. Now of course as 11,000 bikers prepare to visit Cleveland in June he fears for his life. Yes, he and his wife have something to fear, and not just from each other.

    Gingrich was at Perdue yesterday speaking with former governor Mitch Daniels trying to send a message to the fools who are planning to thwart the will of the people, don’t be stupid. You need to face reality here.

    Got all that?

    Well now, as of yesterday the State created 3 more of these “at large”, general call them what you will delegates. They must have taken them from some other state with the approval of the RNC. One of them went to Cruz, one to Kasich and one to Trump. Theoretically state parties have some latitude here and it depends partly on whether they have a Republican Governor–they do–its Mike Pense, whether the state voted for the nominee in the last election, and other things.

    In other words, they make up the numbers as they go along. The only one who really understands it is Paul Manafort.

  89. The other part of this is the biker thing.

    11,0000 of them are headed for Cleveland.

    With American flags and Trump signs.

    Trump says he loves them but is more of a limosine guy.

    Already, their Convention information packets

    Prepared by Roger Stone

    With pictures of Karl Rove, Rancid Prebus have been passed out

    And the names of delegates have been identified

    Just in case they want to drop in and say howdy

    Imagine how happy those delegates with their balloons and ten gallon hats will be

    To receive such a warm greeting from people who are not devotees of globalism

    Sort of like going to Disneyland, and ending up in hell.

    Their presence will remind delegates that they are not as free as they thought they were to betray their voters.

    Then for our biker heroes its on to the Black Hills (Sturgis)

    Where they can sing along with Doris Day and Howard Keel:


  90. Hi wbboei…

    yes i know there are all these other “unbound” or “uncommitted” delegates out there…just trying to get a handle on what is generally being agreed upon that cannot be disputed…

    it seems like we are in good shape…

    hope good karma kicks in in Indiana and gets rid of the vampire once and for all…and takes his singer with him…

    won’t it be nice when we won’t have to deal with Cruz popping up all over the place…his voice alone…ugh!

  91. Mormaer
    April 28, 2016 at 5:49 am
    April 27, 2016 at 8:55 pm
    “Curley Haugland, a member of the rules committee from North Dakota where they had no primary says this:

    Presidential primary elections are essentially a waste of time.”

    Curley ain’t real bright. And Curley is the classic example of a moron who works in an organization ripe for a hostile takeover like we are seeing of the Republican Party. Like executives and managers though history, Curley thinks the executive committee and board of directors (or kings and nobility or dictators and bureaucrats) “own” the company. They may have some ownership but the bondholders (citizens) and stockholders (voters) own it. Not Curley. Curley is there on sufferance and good performance which he doesn’t quite get. I suggest Curley be fired for being incompetent and not knowing his function within the organization which is not to serve him and his idiot ego.

    The comparison is apt.

    Astonishing, mysterious and threatening

    As the Trump campaign seems to the political establishment

    Who think nothing of the country or its people

    But only in terms of:

    1) how to attract donors

    2) how to play big media,

    3) how to keep delegates on the reservation, and-

    4) what flavor of bullshit to feed voters (cherries jubilee anyone?)

    Now of course they are catching on

    For they now understand this is not business as usual

    But it is still business–

    It is, as you say, a (very) hostile take over.

    And when you analyze it from that perspective

    Suddenly, it is far less astonishing and mysterious.

    But it remains threatening to charming and mentally bracing


    Like Curley, Dunne and more’s the pity

    A Cecil B. De Mille cast of hundreds of tin gods just like them

    Who are accustomed to selling their vote to the highest bidder

    While saying the public? The public be damned! I can do whatever I want.

    (Come to think about it, they sound an awful lot like the big media beloved messiah)

  92. When rat boy suggested by way of innuendo that Trump was bribing delegates to vote for him by offering golf memberships, an allegation which was facially plausible since Trump owns Doral in Miami and Turnberry in Scotland, and Manafort assured him that neither he nor Trump was doing that, even though Cruz and Kasich clearly are, he spoke the truth. In 1980, Manafort worked for Reagan and they tried to offer inducements, but the Bush forces moved in with a box car full of money and outbid them. So what are they left with? Simple: the three arguments which Manafort has identified publicly, and what my dearly departed evidence teacher referred to as moral suasive pressure. The ultimate question for the hold outs has got to be which would you rather do: win the White House or destroy the party. The choices are that stark, and there is no door 3.

  93. I made the mistake of reading a short article by Paul Beddard.

    Paul draws a paycheck from the Weekly Standard.

    Which is the publication of arch neo con Bill Kristol.

    The same Bill Kristol who said if Trump is the nominee, he will vote for Hillary.

    Therefore, it is hardly surprising that Beddud would write a hit piece on Trump.

    Follow his logic:

    Lewindowski has been demoted. (Note: the allegation is unproven and refuted by Trump)

    Because he assaulted Fields. (Note: the prosecutor dismissed that case because she did not think there was a case there)

    And loyalty means nothing to Trump (Note: balderdash. Corey still travels with Trump. The delegate business is Manafort. Put differently, this is not a demotion, it is a division of responsibility, in preparation for the convention/rule committee battles that lie ahead.)

    Bottom line: fiction.

  94. I think Hillary gets indicted and Obama pardons her but hair plug Joe gets in with either Warren or some other wack job…Biden’s agenda has been too high profile to be going off in the sunset and I think although he will always grieve for the loss of his son, he also is a man who thinks he should be President..an incompetent plagiarist who seems to feel he has Presidential ‘gravitas” as O’s right hand man.

  95. Heartbreaking watching the families of loved one’s killed b illegals at Trump rally at Costa Mesa, CA

  96. Iben Thranholm is a Danish journalist. She is one of the great thinkers of this century. I find her fascinating.

    She understands to a fare thee well something that western society does not: the Muslim religion is not a religion of peace, it is a religion of conquest and submission. It is based on fear, not love. During the course of history, it has swept over the former Christian kingdoms in the middle east and north africa. In the late middle ages it got stopped at Seville and at the gates of Vienna. But now it is back, by invitation of our politicians.

    It is throwing down roots in Europe and here in the United States. Meanwhile, politicians offer it endless accommodations, and hope it will assimilate. However, it seeks conquest not accommodation. And it has no desire to assimilate. It seeks to become statum im statum, a state within a state. Its explosive birth rate compared to the low birth rate of European populations guarantees over time, Europe will be Muslim. It terrorist attacks, and rapes of European women will increase over time.

    She analyzes the root causes for our inability to recognize and meet this challenge. They lie in the rejection of the Christian religion which gave us faith in the future and lured us away from a life of hedonism. She blames multi-culturalism, political correctness and the culture of death promoted by western intellectuals. These doctrines paralyze our natural response to danger. And she sees a lost masculinity in our culture. Not for nothing did the big media beloved messiah promote the image of the sexless pajama boy. Obama himself is a variation on that same theme.

    She believes there is a growing sense in the people of Europe that their governments have betrayed them, a civil war is not far off, and yet she finds hope in the candidacy of Donald Trump who rejects the post modern philosophy root and branch.

    If you have time, watch the entire interview.

    If you want to hear only the part relating to Trump, it can be found at 46:50 et. seq.


  97. Billy Kristol has published in the Weekly Standard portions of a memo by a young guy named Rich Danker dated 04/24 which is devastating.
    It is very inside baseball and technical in some aspects but try to slog through it. It is a postmortem. The eGOP, Cruz-ites, and globalists have done EVERYTHING wrong. Example: “Still, few could predict back then – especially with the specter of a Bush looming – that Cruz would find himself essentially in a two-man race with an even more unlikely candidate from the moment that Republicans starting electing delegates. It’s a testament to the Republican electorate’s demand for an anti-establishment conservative populist, and to Cruz’s clairvoyance of that all the way back when Mitt Romney was at the top of their ticket.”

    “But I believe this very political shrewdness is also what undermined his quest for the GOP nomination. Cruz’s obsession with being the conservative in the race barred the door to the broader Republican primary electorate that, while just as conservative as Cruz, does not base its vote on an ideological scorecard, or even fidelity to the conservative movement.” There is much more.
    Clueless, deeply stupid and incapable of learning, corrupt, condescending, too much money, and assholes. Cruz and crew outsmarted no one but themselves.

  98. The above video is worth reading. Unfortunately, the cover page sends the wrong message. It is not feminism, but a certain variant of feminism typified by the women need men like a fish needs a bicycle variant espoused by Steinham and her ilk that is the root of the problem. It is not gender equity, which is the competing doctrine espoused by Camile Paglia and Christine Hoff Summers, typified by the figure Amelia Erhart, but a long distressing whine, and a subtle call to arms to move past the Christina heritage to the post modern era which glorifies only the state, abolishes freedom and leads directly to the result predicted by Orwell. Nor is this the suffragette movement of our grandmothers, it is the Frankfurt school of leftist doctrine which came here after World War II. One does not have to be a practicing Christian to realize that the entire program promoted by the elites has no spiritual component to confront radical Islam, in Europe or even here. That is where the future will go–off the proverbial cliff if we do not turn the wheel. The Trump candidacy, characterized by the antediluvian right as another version of statism, compared to what the unelectable Ted Cruz parrots, is in fact, an attempt to save our civilization from the destruction and despair which lies ahead if we make the mistake of voting for Obama III. Unforunately, too many people have been dumbed down and brainwashed, or have become so dependent on handouts that they cannot see past their limited horizon.

  99. What made me think of this was the article in NYT written by a staff assistant to the dreadful Maurine Dowd saying that Trump’s “gender based” attacks on Hillary carry risk. Well, first of all, everything a candidate does carries risk, so that is hardly the point. The point is what is a gender based attack? Is any clinical examination of Hillary’s persona and record ipso facto a gender based attack, the same way big media preached to us that any clinical examination of Obama’s track record of failure ipso facto a racist attack? Is that where political correctness has taken us? Is that all the uniparty has to offer us? Evidently it is. And that leave us with two salient choices: you can buy into their bullshit, or you can think for yourself. I think the system is corrupt to the point that it is sucking the life blood out of the country, there must be serious reform, and no member of the establishment who takes money from donors is capable of climbing that mountain. All they can possibly offer is empty promises and more of the same. And more of the same will kill us. Europe has 10 years to wake up and smell the coffee. We have maybe 15. Much depends on a victory by Trump and the decision by Brits on whether to withdraw from the EU this summer.

  100. Hillary’s answer is to issue a ‘woman card’

    …sorry but whoever sends out her emails must be about 12 years old…or Madelyn Albright…

    here we go…the trivilazation of the ‘war on women’…just poor little weak pawns who cannot speak or stand up for themselves in 2016…

  101. I agree with Mike Walsh: if this deranged tirade by the Cruz spokesman against the Trump spokeswoman is what movement conservatism is about then I say to hell with movement conservatism. It is the antithesis of open discussion. It is no different than the radical left, in terms of forced conformity and shouting down opposing views. Both need to be put in the same cage, in the fond hope that they will kill each other. But unfortunately that is not what typically happens. What typically happens is the destroy the country and its foundations first. And only then do they turn on each other.


  102. I feel bad for that Trump supporter Kayleigh she gets hit from every side no matter what panel she is on (CNN)…she is too ‘nice’ for the barracudas

    btw…that host Brook Baldwin (?) hates Donald Trump…anytime her mouth is going she is full of snark for DT

  103. Mormaer
    April 29, 2016 at 5:55 am
    When this joker says few in the establishment could have predicted that the end game here would be a battle to the death between Trump and Cruz, as if this whole scenario just descended from the clouds like some latter day version of a Nuerenberg rally orchestrated by some Lenny Reifenstal on the ground, is yet another attempt to defend the establishment. I mean they can be forgiven if this was all as he puts it unpredictable. But if you believe, as I most certainly do, that after betraying the voters in 2010 and in 2014, this was a pre ordained certainty and the only thing that prevented them from predicting that it would come down to something like this is something which the law calls wilful blindness, where as we see in white collar criminal law–never enforced by Obama against his Wall Street masters, nevertheless it is still on the books, and what is says is if the ceo of a company has reason to believe there is corruption but does not want to know about it, then he is guilty.

  104. S
    April 29, 2016 at 11:56 am
    The main attacker is a dead ringer for the grown up Leave It To Beaver, with a malignant streak a mile wide.

    I thought the Trump defender handled herself admirably—let the American tourister gorilla go at it in his cage–because when he does so he evokes a visceral reaction.

    As for Brook Baldwin, she is dull as paint.

  105. Indiana Gov Pence said to endorse Cruz around noontime

    too bad
    Well, perhaps.

    Indiana is losing population and it lost a congressional seat as a result. Has 9 now, used to have 10. The culture is well behind the times, and has a hard time attracting business and young people. This is understood by the smarter people in that state, but certainly not Craig Dunn. Pense is something of an embarrassment, because he is an antediluvian, i.e. before the Great Flood in the Bible kind of figure. Therefore his endorsement is apt to add very little, because the people who were supporting Cruz before will still support him, whereas others may say they do not want Ted because he is too much like that idiot Pense.

  106. Which endorsement carries more weight? Pense or Bobby Knight? 😄
    That depends on whether Pense can coach UI to three national championships

    And whether he, like his buddy cruise, knows the difference between a basketball court and a basketball rink.

    Otherwise young Godman brown Pense is not in the same league.

    He is however in the “Bush” league (of plotters, connivers and co-conspirators)

    Hell bent on destroying the party to save it.

  107. Two telling quotes from the WashPo article:

    “Trump has become a fact rather than a problem,” said Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker who has offered informal advice to Trump but has not endorsed him. “Show me mathematically how you’re going to stop him. This all assumes, by the way, that the guy who wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ can’t figure out a way to make a deal with the undecided delegates.”

    Donald Trump is going to be our nominee, and he is going to be on the ballot as the Republican candidate for President. The Republican leaders in Washington did not choose him, but the Republican voters across America did choose him. The voters have spoken.”

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