Kamikaze Cruz: Suicide Bomber And GOP Establishment Tool Fails To Stop @RealDonaldTrump

It’s official. Ted Cruz is now a suicide bomber working for the GOP establishment Mullahs. The aim of murder/suicide Kamikaze Cruz is to Stop Trump at the behest of his masters in the GOP establishment.

We’ve written about this before when JebBush was the establishment fix. But now it is officially official and can no longer be denied by Kamikaze Cruz. Every news outlet calls out Kamikazi Cruz:

AP: Ted Cruz now mathematically eliminated from clinching GOP nomination before convention

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump is now the only Republican candidate with any chance of clinching the nomination before the convention.

Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated Tuesday after Trump’s big win in the New York primary.

Trump won at least 89 of the 95 delegates at stake. John Kasich won at least three and Cruz was in danger of being shut out.

There aren’t enough delegates left in future contests for either Cruz or Kasich to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination. Their only hope is to block Trump and force a contested convention.

Kamikaze Cruz pretends to be against the GOP establishment. But Kamikaze Cruz is a tool used by the GOP establishment to Stop Trump. Once Trump is stopped the GOP establishment will dump Kamikaze Cruz in the same manner Cruz dumped the “lollypop” whore. Kamikaze Cruz can no longer pretend he is anything but a paid for whore on a Kamikaze murder/suicide mission:

There are only 674 delegates still up for grabs in contests between now and the last day of elections on June 7, and Trump needs to win 391 of them – or about 58 percent – to secure the nomination before the convention.

That’s tough but doable.

The map is lining up nicely for Trump with contests in the northeast next Tuesday, where 118 bound delegates will be awarded in five states across the Northeast.

Trump will be the heavy favorite in most of those states, with polls showing the GOP front-runner holding double-digit leads in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Meanwhile, it was a devastating night for the anti-Trump movement.

It appears that Ted Cruz, with his distant third place finish, will be shut out of delegates in New York.

The dismal night effectively eliminates any possibility he can reach 1,237 before the convention, a fact that Trump gleefully sought to highlight in his victory speech on Tuesday.

Cruz is stuck at 559 delegates, and needs 678 to hit the threshold of 1,237.

There are only 674 delegates still up for grabs. The only reason that Cruz has not officially been eliminated is because he likely has support form several dozen unpledged delegates, including state party leaders, former Marco Rubio supporters and yet-to-be-allocated delegates in states that held conventions.

Still, Cruz essentially needs to run the table on the remaining contests, which is nearly impossible.

Instead, Cruz will move forward in an attempt to block Trump from hitting that threshold in hopes he can emerge as the nominee at a contested convention.

Like a ten cent whore that believes the client is in love, Ted Cruz is either Lyin’ to himself or delusional. If the Trump nomination is ever taken away by the establishment, Kamikaze Cruz will not be named as the beneficiary. The current bet is that Paul Ryan is the Mullah behind the attack:

Big donors order Paul Ryan to meet them in NYC
The owners of the Republican Party ordered Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to report to them in Manhattan. Pronto.

From the Observer:

The Observer can now report that Todd Ricketts, the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs who is also the son of the founder of Ameritrade, is arranging a meeting of some of the GOP’s top financial bundlers, to be attended by Mr. Ryan. The meeting is to take place next week at the Mandarin Hotel and will be comprised of a discussion with “twenty or so” Republican donors, including Mr. Ricketts and several people he has raised money with before, such as Randy Kendrick, the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick.

The Ricketts Family and Ms. Kendrick have collaborated on political efforts already this campaign. He is the CEO of the Ending Spending Super PAC, which she has supported. She donated and raised money for the Our Principles super PAC, which was founded by Mr. Ricketts’ mother, Marlene Ricketts, who seeded the organization with $3 million. Our Principles was formed earlier this year as an eleventh hour effort to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination.

The planned meeting came to the attention of the Observer via one top Republican donor who was approached and described himself to the Observer as “disgusted that he [Ryan] is saying one thing publicly but secretly trying to garner support with all of these NeverTrump people talking about all their strategies to subvert the people who are voting for Trump and Cruz.” He declined to join the group and either did not know or would not reveal others who would be joining the secret meeting at the Mandarin.

Mr. Ryan now finds himself in the precarious position of the “late stage undeclared candidate.” The Speaker has high-profile party figures such as Utah Senator Orrin Hatch talking about drafting him to unite the party if no candidate emerges victorious via the traditional way – as in, you know, winning the most votes. On the other hand, the Republican base is in near revolt over the way their ballots are being ignored. The idea that someone who has not endured these endless debates or made the case directly to the people swooping in at the last moment after being anointed by 20 rich guys in a fancy Columbus Circle hotel is unlikely to play well among a Republican base that even the New York Times sees as “in conflict with democracy.”

Mullah of the House Paul Ryan has played this game before:

5 Times Paul Ryan Said He’s Not Running for Speaker of the House

As Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) grows more insistent that he will not be the GOP nominee, Politico’s Mike Allen points out that Ryan is “running the same playbook he did to become [House] speaker: saying he doesn’t want it, that it won’t happen.”

“In both cases, the maximum leverage is to not want it — and to be begged to do it,” Mike Allen explains. “Of course in this environment, saying you don’t want the job is the only way to get it.”

Indeed, in the weeks ahead of becoming House Speaker, Paul Ryan repeatedly said that he would not become Speaker of the House:

These childish plots and schemes won’t work. Trump, as we have so often written, will be the GOP nominee. Trump will win because everyone understands that unlike Hillary Clinton in 2008 when the nomination was stolen from her, Trump will fight and there is no endgame scenario with Trump as the happy victim who will endorse and support the thieves who stole the nomination.

Kamikaze Cruz can’t win. Cruz is an establishment dildo:

WASHINGTON Ted Cruz’s faint hopes for a first-ballot Republican convention victory are all but mathematically impossible, thanks to Donald Trump’s landslide New York win Tuesday.

The senator from Texas, reeling from a bruising third-place finish, now needs to win almost every delegate awarded in upcoming primaries to reach the 1,237 needed for nomination at the July convention. [snip]

“If Cruz even had a faint glimmer of hope of winning on a first ballot, the results in New York tonight will extinguish it,” said Mark Jones, professor of political science at Rice University.

Ted Cruz is a used whore with a strap on bomb. For a dime, Ted Cruz was bought, used, discarded:

Stupid, Ted Cruz supporters say they like Ted Cruz because he is anti-establishment but Ted Cruz is willingly engaged in bestial intercourse with GOP establishment animals. That’s the real Ted #CruzSexScandal!

Ted Cruz in service to his clients can strap on a dildo, a suicide vest, or fly a Kamikaze Cruz mission against Trump – but Ted Cruz cannot win.


Donald Trump won New York State with over 60% of the vote. Next Tuesday Trump will win again and again, and again. The GOP election battle was over by August of last year and the South Carolina vote confirmed that fact.

What was the New York State primary about? New York State blew up whatever pretense there was that Ted Cruz is anything but a Kamikaze suicide bomber. New York State also made it clear that Ted Cruz is a paid for ten cent whore of the GOP establishment. Somewhere, in some brothel, Eliot Spitzer must be laughing.


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  1. Nevertheless, happy anniversary to the most astute, prescient and entertaining political blog in the Intrrnet!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    Colbert had Ryan on via satellite last night and called him the republican nominee….

  3. Starting right at the title, and going all the way through, this post rocks.
    Congratulations admin on the 8 yr Milestone.
    My 89 year old friend is reeling at the thought of any party nominee’s being totally unrelatable to the popular vote.
    Is the blog’s fainting couch still available?

  4. Rep Chris Collins from NY, one of the first in Congress to endorse Donald, is a good spokesperson for Donald

    He comments on a Trump camp internal memo reprinted in the Washington Post that says the Trump camp projects to win with about 1400 delegates

    He also says many of his colleagues in DC are accepting that Donald is their nominee & the unity is starting & they are getting behind him & starting to talk about his executive leadership ability & what a fantastic cabinet he is going to have

  5. So it begins. ..

    Rep Jason Chaffetz, who had endorsed Rubio, now starting to speak kindly of Donald
    Watch for these talking points as DT’s critics pivot from ‘hate’ to acceptance and/or admiration of DT…

    Donald has brought a lot of new people & enthusiasm into the Party

    People like DT because he ‘tells it like it is’…etc. etc

  6. Happy Anniversary Admin…

    You have kept us, sane, but it has exacted a price from you I am sure.
    I had a sense you were in a funk…
    Nothing has turned out that was wished for 8 years ago, so much had changed and things seem even more dire.
    The world is certainly a more dangerous place.

  7. Nice to see Diamond and Silk…hope they don’t go away because Trump is pivoting to be “more presidential”. When you looked at the stage last night, and I don’t mean this at in in a sexist way, you saw one stunning blonde after another, and off course Melania…no wonder why Trump is winning white middle aged male voters…lol.

  8. Diamond and Silk aren’t going anywhere JB…
    I think they would be great in Indiana, Philadelphia, New Jersey…

    Ted Cruz..Hair Away From saying “Making America Great Again”…lol

  9. I guess everyone is in a bit of funk. We’ve been down this road before, we have seen the elite’s steal the election,
    Seems like old times.
    Will the people respond, or will they just shrug their shoulders, and go back to their TV’s.
    Will both the Dems and Republicans steal each leading nominees election.
    it’s really a nightmare.

  10. Yes JB, when you look at the Trump stage you see $$$$$$.
    All the children so beautiful, wives, husbands, reminds me of Richie Rich, the comic book character…
    Does need a little color in there.

  11. gonzo, I know what you mean, I check myself whenever I get too excited, because – well, 2008. That’s all I have to say in *this* group lol

  12. TV is reporting the New Donald.
    He and family are expected for Town Hall on NBC. 7 AM today.
    He has a speech writer, is practicing use of a teleprompter and maybe even has a new hair do.

    I believe I heard these things earlier today.

  13. Trump walked away with the abandoned Clinton 2008 coalition:


    Trump Wave Builds in a Steel Town Forsaken by the World Economy

    The billionaire’s pledges resonate in rust-belt Pennsylvania.

    The town of Johnstown was devastated by floods not once, not twice, but three times in less than a century. Then came the economic wave that washed away the steel industry, and with it a way of life.

    Now a backlash is building in the maple-studded hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. Captured in interviews and confirmed in statewide polls, the sentiment is propelling Donald Trump toward the Republican nomination, and possibly even the presidency of the world’s biggest economy.

    It’s the feeling people get when they’re afraid of being left behind.

    “This town is beyond distressed. We’ve been destroyed. It’s sad, because this was a good place to grow up. You didn’t have to lock your door,” said Robert Vargo, 63, as he talked politics with a friend in a McDonald’s. The retired Johnstown native, who worked as a security guard despite having an engineering degree, plans to vote for Trump. “People are sick of being ignored. That’s why Trump is popular. He’s actually saying the things people are afraid to express.” [snip]

    While there are no town-level polls, Trump’s promise to “make America great again” resonates in Johnstown, with its strong sense of vanished glory days. It was an industrial powerhouse, churning out the metal that helped build railroads, bridges and skyscrapers across a rapidly growing America. About 18,000 people worked in its steel mills after the Second World War — today the entire population is just over 20,000 — and they filled the skies above the Conemaugh River with columns of smoke. Residents hopped on and off streetcars, shopped at department stores, and went to movies at three Main Street theaters.

    The streetcars are long gone, and downtown is pocked with vacant storefronts, as is the main shopping mall just outside town. Many houses are abandoned or dilapidated, with bedsheets and mattresses covering their windows. Some, with their caved roofs and buckled frames, look like they’ve been hit by a natural disaster.

    “After businesses close, it’s like a ghost town. I don’t go downtown after dark,” said Michele Stuer, 47, a school-bus driver who plans to vote for Trump. “I remember when Obama was promising change. It changed alright, but not for the better.” [snip]

    Toth, a registered Republican who’s married with five kids, said he admires Trump’s business experience, though he hasn’t decided how to vote. He also said it upsets him when he sees people on social assistance living better than his family. “I work 40 plus hours a week and I struggle to keep my heat on 68 degrees, and these individuals are leaving their doors open,” he said.

    Johnstown’s poverty rate is 34 percent, more than double the national figure, while its median annual household income of $25,376 is less than half. Just over one in 10 people have a bachelor’s degree, compared with almost three in 10 nationwide.

    The promise of more jobs is key to Trump’s appeal. [snip]

    “They don’t think they’ve benefited from the economic recovery,” said Madonna. “These are people who believe that the folks they sent to Washington don’t represent them anymore. They don’t feel that they have a say.

    Back at McDonald’s in Johnstown, Vargo says he’s seeing a groundswell for Trump. “They’re attracted to how Trump speaks and what he says,” he said. “This is what the revolution looks like.”

  14. Trump will host a rally Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at the #Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center, according to his website.
    Bernie is at Scranton Cultural Center today.
    Bill is somewhere in western PA.
    Hillary will be at Scranton HS tomorrow.
    Have lost track of Ted.

  15. good afternoon…

    i caught bits and pieces of Donald and his family and the town hall on Today on NBC this am…it looked like fun

    it anyone comes across a clip or utube please post it

  16. Admin
    What is your take on Trumps view on transgender use of any facility they feel comfortable with? I am afraid that is all we’re going to hear about for the next months news cycle. Geez..

  17. I worried for the family’s safety the whole time they were outdoors. Don’t know how anyone could have been sure they were safe.

  18. Trump needs to question the question.

    Like this:

    An interesting question . . .

    You realize of course that:

    ISIS is taking over the middle east?

    Putin is on a rampage??

    We are at risk of national default???

    Europe is collapsing????

    We have broken borders?????

    100 million Americans not working????

    1 billion people at risk of a new deadly disease????

    You realize those are problems?????

    Then tell me sir, where in that list of priorities for the next president

    Would you, or your ignoramus editor put transgender barthrooms???????

    Let be more specific: would you put it above or below national default?????

    Then why not talk about that?????

    Do your editors have no sense of proportionality?

    Or are they playing the same old beltway game of gotcha questions to distract the public from the hard truths and what they need to know for their own well being, rather than the well being of your owner, General Electic???????????????????????????

  19. #3. Doris Roberts dead at 90 yesterday. Woman wrestler “Chyna” dead today at 45. Now, the artist formerly known as Prince, dead at 57:

    “make it rain harder”

    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Time is fleeting.

  20. Unbelievable about Prince….loved his music, seems so many are passing, cant keep up.

    Trump does need to get smart about these gotcha questions…amazing someone has not clued him in.

    Transgender bathrooms? Really?

  21. There is that old saw I won’t tell you how to do your job if you do not presume to tell me mine.

    Well, big media is ALWAYS telling candidates how to do their job, through their scripted questions and spontaneous excited outbursts when they don’t get the answers they want–like rat boy Todd getting all excited when Manafort accused Cruz of using gestapo tactics at the state conventions. Yes, the little rat was very animated, if you recall.

    Well then turn about is fair play.

    Trump needs to tell media how to do their job, because obviously they are completely clueless. Questioning the ridiculous question, like above, would be the start. It is one thing to tell the public that they are terrible. It is much better to show them what big media is—paid whores, masquerading as journalists. He could even point out their low standing in terms of public trust–whihc was a mere 6% last I heard.

  22. And when they get on their high horse and say

    I, I, I, get to ask the questions

    He can say, all you want is certain answer

    And answer the question yourself through your introduction

    Then the presence of the witness would seem superfulous, would you not agree?

  23. What a shock. RIP Prince

    Weird, it’s hard to find a song by Prince I could post on Big Pink…most have been blocked on youtube…at least the ones I saw.

  24. Prince…gone way too young…just did a piano concert last week and was on American Idol a couple of weeks ago…ahhh…geesh…one of the best of our generation…

  25. The bathroom 🚽 issue is a total red herring. I could care less and if I felt uncomfortable go on the Stahl . Maybe more of an issue for younger transgender folks and children. At 53 with prostate issues I am happy to just go.

  26. But hadn’t he just been in the hospital, I thought, just released.
    Pneumonia makes sense.
    Such a tragedy. ..

  27. Jb,

    As a woman I don’t want trans in the bathroom with children, way to creepy, as an adult, I don’t care.
    I was attacked by a male in a bathroom as a college student, and men exposed themselves to me several times…what’s up with that…
    It is a red herring, I mean in reality what, a few hundred thousand transfer vs ISSI?
    Please Donald, call them out, on this BS…

  28. Holdem…

    thanks for posting the NBC Town Hall this am…
    Donald did a good job…


    Melania reminds me a little of a young Sophia Loren…especially with her ‘cat’ eyes and high cheekbones…

  29. Dang phone, few hundred thousand trans…love the way phones make up words.

    I live in Austin, lots of trans, it really hadn’t been an issue. I work with 3 trans and love them.
    Bathrooms and cakes…These people are going to get us all killed.

  30. gonzo…the train has left the station and now corporate America is ‘supportive’…

    the times they are a changing…fast…

  31. I also sorry you had that horrific experience gonztox. Men, unfortunately, are by and large pigs . I understand you concerns as I also have the 10 year old daughter. Being raised by a single Mom (and hardcore feminist) made me aware at a young age of sexual harassment females face in virtually all aspects in our society.

  32. Thanks JB…wish that had been the most of it, but the attack and exposures, we’re the least unfortunately.

    Testosterone can do crazy things.

  33. Gonzo and Jb…I also share your concerns…the world is outwardly more complicated now and people are beginning to understand…and accept…that human nature comes in many shades and many varieties…

    the test will come if any of those issues you mention occur…people are imperfect…and sadly not everyone is good or has good motives and there will be those who will try to exploit situations…

    …that happens on all levels…

  34. Don’t know if this is true, but read Prince was Jehovah Witness and therefore refused medications?

  35. Just speculating here and until we know the autopsy results, I think that being a vegan may have weakened Prince’s ability to fight off severe infections, especially if he was Vitamin B12 deficient.

  36. jb – I think it’s more an issue with women/children. And I don’t think the transsexuals would do anything untoward, but straight male predators could start dressing up as women and attacking women/kids in deserted bathrooms.

    I do know that I’m sick of them calling it a gay issue. It’s not a gay issue. It’s a transgender issue.

    Personally, I do not agree with them in women’s bathrooms, at all. Maybe someday all businesses will have one bathroom that is single use. And maybe they can just go somewhere else until then. IMO.

  37. Tony, most of us eat food that is fortified with it, and/or take a B12 pill. But I only started that about 5 years ago. My B12 has always been good… for 31 years (I’m mid 50s now), even before supplementation. I know you’re an MD, but my understanding that it builds up in your body when you eat meat, so it’s accessible to you for awhile after quitting. My iron is always excellent (I donate platelets and plasma at the city blood bank, and they check everyone first). It may depend on his particular diet or lifestyle (ie, did he refuse medications b/c of his religion), but most of us are in really healthy shape.

  38. I will never accept a $20 bill with Tubman’s picture on it–not because of Tubman–but because this represents yet another example of the effort to undermine our culture and keep the racial grievance that divides this country alive and festering–despite a civil war, a civil rights movement, great society, first black president. In point of fact, this whole issue is a tar baby, which means a problem that gets worse the more you try to fix it. But it is a perfect ploy for Obama sychophants who want to diminish and vilify this nation–like Obama does whenever he meets with foreign leaders. As far as I am concerned, this phony $20 bill is not legal tender. Two Hamilton or four Lincolns, but not this piece of crap. Get it out of my sight. Now. Or print a 20 with Sacagewa on it. That I could easily go for.

  39. To put a finer point on it—its the SUBSTITUTION of Tubman for Jackson–a true populist that is most insulting. If people think it is necessary to black self esteem to honor Tubman—or the myth of Tubman, or the myth of Martin Luther King for that matter—and much of it is a myth, albeit an important one, then find some other way to do it, like Ben Carson says. But that would not serve the elicit nefarious purposes of the Obama Administration. Its the substitution that they are after, and erasing an important part of our nation’s history, without which our boundaries would have stopped at the Mississippi.

  40. As a woman I appreciate women being acknowledged for their contributions to this great Country, for so long we have been invisible, but you are right wbb, this is not about that, this is about rewriting history, demeaning the White founders…White anything.
    Did you look at the video prodigy I posted on Harriet above 4:49..it’s hilarious.

    And Obama is not done yet, he is having changes in other tenders.
    It’s Like A Fire Sale With him, Trying To Get His Last Licks in.

  41. Maybe I am watching Fox too much, but it seems like Hillary may very well be indicted. I think this is how Obama gets Biden in.

  42. I think it would be cool if the photos on the right of Bush turning into Obama, could then have more photos, of Obama turning into Hillary…

  43. Tony sounds right…so much for anti drugs due to religion or the flu…
    We might be looking at a Whitney Houston moment.

  44. The whole transgender bathroom thing is all really a total distraction. It’s not like there are laws on the books banning transgenders from going to whatever bathroom they feel like, other than the one in North Carolina now, and these people are literally less than one percent of the population. If NC did not make it a law, would anyone, anywhere, be talking about some rise of tranny-sex abuse in bathrooms? I’ve never even heard of such a thing.

    Sure, perverts can go into the women’s bathroom, but if someone is willing to break all the other laws on the books– indecent exposure, rape, etc.– there’s no reason to think one more will stop them. They would already have access to the men’s restroom anyway, and thus young boys would be in danger just as much as the women, if we’re talking weird perverts here.

    Then we have the problem of even enforcing it. I mean, will there be cops patting people down, feeling genitals to make sure they match the intended restroom?

    The whole thing just seems totally ridiculous and just something these North Carolina politicians came up with to save their butts from being thrown out due to their general incompetence and betrayal of their voters.

  45. I agree. The transgender bathroom issue is just another giant squirrel for the easily distracted to chase after instead of concentrating on the big picture like the economy, illegal immigration and Islamic terror.

  46. Miscellaneous.

    The two conservatives PA sent to US House in 2010 (Barletta & Marino) warmed up Donald’s crowd assembled last night near Harrisburg. Their enthusiasm seemed unbounded. They are DJT’s state co-chairman. lol

    POTUS has his own news. TV is reporting that he wrote an op ed in UK:
    Healine at foxnews dot com: MAJOR INTRUSION: UK pols livid at Obama’s plan to enter EU debate

    Specific article says:
    ‘Monstrous interference’: UK pols furious at Obama’s plan to intervene in EU debate

    And previously,
    Obama’s chilly reception in Saudi Arabia hints at mutual distrust
    US president’s low-key arrival and meeting with King Salman underscores tension that has deepened over US policy towards Iran and the war in Syria
    The Guardian.com /world/2016/apr/20/barack-obama-saudi-arabia-visit-king-salman-relationship

  47. wbboei
    April 21, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Not to worry. I’ve had TWO bankers (the old fashioned kind who run state chartered banks) say Treasury can’t make the plates (very complicated and time consuming process), print it, get it into circulation, withdraw the Jackson’s, not to mention the extreme high probability of massive defacement to the new bills, before Obama is out of office. They think this is just another one of Obama’s “stinks” he is trying to throw out to cause discord between races and social groups (feminists et al). Changing currency is extremely expensive and takes time which he doesn’t have.

  48. So Obama goes from getting dissed in Saudi Arabia to getting dissed in the UK. His farewell tour is not looking so hot. How many ways can he be told internationally to go away and butt out loser can he ignore? His little slip about national sovereignty being obsolete was telling. He really thinks that “wise men” (NOT) like him are going to opine, spew, lecture, hector and advise the world. Since he is going to hang around in DC after his term is up he can be a pariah there too. I imagine the hostesses of DC are looking at ways to NOT invite “the incomparables” to dinner and drinks next year. The new administration should make it clear from day 1 if The Pariah and Sasquatch are invited we ain’t showing up.

  49. Trump supporters call-ins on talk radio are pissed. This bathroom thing is causing big problems. Like it or not, it may cost him big time.

  50. Mornin’

    Here is the delegate/and superdelegate count for everyone:

    The Democratic Convention has total of 4,765 delegates votes with 2,383 needed to nominate.

    Soft delegate count changed from Clinton 1,787, Sanders 1,137, O’Malley 1 to Clinton 1,924 (+137), Sanders 1,245 (+108), O’Malley 1.
    Hard delegate count changed from Clinton 1,223, Sanders 944, Uncommitted 714 to Clinton 1,362 (+139), Sanders 1,052 (+108), Uncommitted 714.

    California: Soft count changed from Clinton 49 to Clinton 48 (-1).

    New York: Soft count changed from Clinton 40, Sanders 0 to Clinton 178 (+138), Sanders 108 (+108). Hard count changed from Uncommitted 44, Clinton 0, Sanders 0 to Clinton 139 (+139), Sanders 108 (+108), Uncommitted 44.

    The Republican Convention has total of 2,472 delegates with 1,237 needed to nominate.
    Soft delegate count changed from Trump 758, Cruz 558, Rubio 173, Kasich 144, Uncommitted 28,


  51. alcina
    April 22, 2016 at 8:57 am
    I doubt it. Talk radio encourages loud mouths to sound off. The coalition of Trump supporters I believe are able to see to see that there are more important things to worry about than public bathrooms.

  52. Hi Shadow…hope all is well…

    re: delegate count numbers

    Donald’s delegate count is now 845 up from @ 755…in NY he got 90 delegates and probably will get one more for a total of 91 out of 95…4 went to Kaisch

    good night for Hill and DT

  53. The world’s most blue blooded, OLD (94), privileged, white man (g-grandson of Queen Victoria and many czars) HRH Prince Phillip drove the Obama’s (with Elizabeth slumped in the back seat) from the presidential helicopter in a big ass honking Land Rover up to the thousand year old pile Windsor for a a bite to eat then walked them out the door to leave. I’m sure they are thinking are we DONE with them yet? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3553625/Barack-Michelle-Obama-lunch-Queen-Windsor-Castle.html “There seemed to be some confusion about who was going to sit where, with Philip appearing to gesture to Mrs Obama to go round to the other side when in fact she eventually got in at the back on the same side as him.” LOL. That Phillip! What a cutup.

  54. gonzotx I think you have Jehovah’s Witnesses confused with another religion. I used to be one 40 years ago and my whole family still are JWs. They don’t refuse medications. The only thing they refuse medically is blood transfusions. I think it’s Christian Scientists who refuse medications/medical help and there have been a quite a few of them in the news over the years who have let their children die rather than take them to a doctor.

  55. The “racism” card still gets played when the truth is spoken:


    Boris Johnson branded ‘racist’ and likened to the right-wing Tea Party after his attack on the ‘part Kenyan’ Barack Obama

    Mayor of London mentioned Obama’s African ancestry as he criticised the decision to remove Winston Churchill bust from the Oval Office
    Johnson suggested Obama got ride of the statue because of his ‘ancestral dislike of the British empire’
    But former Lib Dem leader Lord Campbell dismissed ‘unacceptable smear’
    Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott hits out at ‘offensive’ comments that echoed the right-wing Tea Party in the US

    Boris Johnson was accused of ‘dog whistle racism’ and likened to right-wing ‘Tea Party’ politicians in the US this morning after his attack on the ‘part-Kenyan’ Barack Obama.

    The Mayor of London spoke out against the US President after he urged British voters to stay in the EU and mentioned his African ancestry as he criticised the decision to remove a bust of Sir Winston Churchill from the Oval Office shortly after Mr Obama entered the White House.

    Mr Johnson – who is favourite to succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister – suggested the President got rid of the statue as a ‘snub’ to Britain’s wartime prime minister and a ‘symbol of the part-Kenyan President’s ancestral dislike of the British empire‘.

    But Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell hit out at Mr Johnson and demanded he withdraw the controversial remarks. [snip]

    Referring to the removal of Sir Winston’s bust, Mr Johnson wrote in The Sun today : ‘No one was sure whether the President had himself been involved in the decision,’ he said.

    ‘Some said it was a snub to Britain. Some said it was a symbol of the part-Kenyan President’s ancestral dislike of the British empire – of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender.’

    Asked later today if he intended to imply Mr Obama was anti-British, Mr Johnson said: ‘Not at all, not at all.’

    Speaking outside a Subway restaurant in his Uxbridge constituency, he added: ‘Well I think obviously people will make of the article what they want.

    ‘The crucial point is that I’m a big fan of Barack Obama – I was one of the first people to come out in favour of him ages ago.

    ‘But I think there’s a weird paradox when the President of the Unites States, a country that would never dream of sharing its sovereignty over anything, instructs or urges us politely to get more embedded in the EU, which is already making 60% of our laws.

    ‘I think the issue really is about democracy – America guards its democracy very jealously and I think we should be entitled to do so as well.’

    Downing Street said Mr Johnson was recycling ‘false’ claims in referring to the bust.

    Ukip leader Nigel Farage backed up Mr Johnson’s claims.

    He told The Guardian: ‘Look, I know his family’s background. Kenya. Colonialism. There is clearly something going on there.

    ‘It’s just that you know people emerge from colonialism with different views of the British. Some thought that they were really rather benign and rather good, and others saw them as foreign invaders.

    Obama’s family come from that second school of thought and it hasn’t quite left him yet.’

    The White House has previously insisted there was no basis to suggestions that the removal of Sir Winston’s statue was influenced by Mr Obama’s views on colonialism.

    Responding to Mr Johnson’s controversial remarks, Ms Abbott said: ‘Boris dismissing president Obama as ‘half-Kenyan’ reflects the worst Tea Party rhetoric’.

    Mr Johnson’s attack on the President came after Mr Obama’s controversial decision to make a major intervention in the EU referendum campaign.

    He wrote a lengthy article in the Daily Telegraph this morning setting out the case for Britain remaining in the EU.

    He pleaded with British voters not to cut ties with Brussels – saying it ‘magnified’ the UK’s influence in the world.

    He also invoked the spirit of the Second World War by claiming the sacrifice of GIs meant America has a stake in the EU debate and said our decision in June’s referendum ‘will echo in the prospects of today’s generation of Americans as well’.

    But a furious Mr Johnson responded by saying: ‘It is deeply anti-democratic – and much as I admire the United States, and much as I respect the President, I believe he must admit that his country would not dream of embroiling itself in anything of the kind.

    It is incoherent. It is inconsistent, and yes it is downright hypocritical. The Americans would never contemplate anything like the EU, for themselves or for their neighbours in their own hemisphere. Why should they think it right for us?’

    His anger was echoed by a string of senior Eurosceptic MPs who vented their fury at David Cameron and Defence Secretary Michael Fallon over a warning that there would be celebrations by Moscow and the Islamic State ‘in Raqqa’ if the UK voted for Brexit.

    Justice minister Dominic Raab said President Obama was guilty of ‘double standards’ because he would ‘not dream of opening the US border and allowing free movement with Mexico and he would not dream of allowing the US constitution to be trumped by a Latin American court’.

  56. The radical leftist who call this former Obama supporter racist do not deserve to be heard, much less listened to.

    They belong in the booby hatch, or on Prozac.

    Just not worth listening to. Not worth writing a column about. Erase them I say from our collective consciousness.

    But as for the British they do have a lot to answer for.

    It wasn’t just the those poor black Kenyans they colonialized, subjugated, and enslaved.

    They did pretty much the same thing to whites, specifically the English.

    I picked up a book entitled The Most Famous Irishman in America.

    His name was Megehen.

    He was an Irish revolutionary, was sent to prison, emigrated to this country and became eventually the territorial governor of the Montana Territory, and would have been its first senator had he not been murdered by a political rival who went on to claim that seat, but for only one term.

    The other thing about this guy is he was the founder of the Irish Brigade—probably the fighting 67th. They were at Bull Run, Antitem—the bloodies day in American history—5000 killed, including most of his command. But they stood their ground and fought while other units panicked and ran. A day later, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. And that provided the final irony namely that white red necks died fighting to free the slave—an inconvenient fact if you are a rabid leftist. What good is it to have a villain if he is not really a villain?


  57. They did pretty much the same thing to whites, specifically the IRISH.

    In the video that green flag next to old glory as the Yankees charge is the flag of the Irish Brigade.

  58. Trump said last night on Hannity that it was basically an insignificant matter (the bathroom thing), and that it is not a Federal issue. States should make their own determination.

    I doubt the bathroom thing will cost Trump any votes, but the irrationality of voters has surprised me many times before.

  59. TonyStark and Appllos5600
    Thank you for your input regarding the “bathroom” issue. Let’s hope you’re right!

  60. I did hear Trump dial it back a bit today saying it is not a federal issue, only a state issue. Ok, let’s move on!!!!

  61. Spent the day with my 92 yr old dad in a nursing home. He is a WW2 Navy veteran and he LOVES Trump! He also hates Cruz… Kinda funny.

  62. alcina
    April 22, 2016 at 6:15 pm
    Spent the day with my 92 yr old dad in a nursing home. He is a WW2 Navy veteran and he LOVES Trump! He also hates Cruz… Kinda funny.
    Then he was probably in the Pacific theater? What kind of ship did he serve on—carrier, battlewagon, cruiser, destroyer, escort, troop ship etc? What did he do aboard ship? Was he in Tokyo at the surrender, or San Franciso on VJ day? Did he come serve in Japan after the war ended? Must have been about 18 when the war started. That generation lived by the credo of Nietsche–that which does not kill us, makes us stronger. Of course, I have talked about my dad and his experience in that war, and my grandfather in the previous war to end all wars. I met a guy at a casino whose ship was sunk at the naval battle off the coast of Guandalcanal. Its like that line from Dorothy Parker, I’d love to dance with you, I would love to have my wisdom teeth pulled without anesthesia, I would like to be on a burning ship at midnight–except in his case he was. And for years after that he suffered. Lying in the hospital (looney bin really) he convinced himself that Sonia Hennie–the ice skating star was his personal nurse, and like Manchester (Goodbye Darkness) he wrote a book about it. And then of course there was Butch O’Hare for whom the Chicago airport was named. He had been on the Lexington at Guadalcanal when it was sunk, he transferred to my dad’s ship Enterprise and one night he went out with his squadron and never came back. Night flying in those days was especially perilous, if the enemy did not get you, your own planes would, as was the case with him. He was an ace and won the CMH. Those stories inspire children and grown men, but the reality was long periods of boredom, punctuated with brief violent interludes.

  63. wbboei

    My dad joined the Navy after graduating HS January 1942. He was a waist gunner, crew member on a PBY Catalina in the South Pacific, VP 101. Not the most glamorous of Navy air craft, they mainly flew at night. I believe he was in / around New Guinea, Port Moresby area. He never made it to Japan, but returned home after the war ended.

  64. alcina
    April 22, 2016 at 7:52 pm
    You might ask him if he ever knew a guy named Maurie Stacie. He flew PBYs and I think he mustered out as a Navy Captain. He was a friend of my dad’s and me. He was handsome, personable, and in very good shape. One of the guys he worked with, two decades his junior started calling him pops. He picked the guy up out of his chair, threw him against the wall and said don’t call me pops. After that is was yes sir, no sir, no excuse sir. I have a high regard for the men who flew PBYs, especially in that part of the war, before it shifted from the South Pacific to the central Pacific. Guys like you dad, who helped defend Australia, are why the Australians love Americans.

  65. The Americans would never contemplate anything like the EU, for themselves or for their neighbours in their own hemisphere. Why should they think it right for us?’


    Justice minister Dominic Raab said President Obama was guilty of ‘double standards’ because he would ‘not dream of opening the US border and allowing free movement with Mexico and he would not dream of allowing the US constitution to be trumped by a Latin American court’.

    lol poor guy, he doesn’t know Obama too well….

    Still 272 days, 15 hrs, 9 minutes, and 53 seconds to go…. 🙁

  66. My Dad was also in the Navy S1C in WW2..He died when I was very young and Mom never really talked about it.

  67. Obama’s trip to the UK ends in infamy. Not only did the boob crash the queen’s birthday celebrations demanding attention away from her country and family like a two year old, he repeatedly said offensive, ignorant, history illiterate bon mots, and outright lied. I would call him a clod and moron but he would have had to study up to reach those marks. If that globalist shill Cameron did in fact invite the boob over for a PR campaign as suggested by attendees at Davos to terrorize the UK public with his own brand of hectoring and sneering, well let’s say he bombed. Even the dopes who want to remain “IN” are disgusted with his “Buttinski” and complete misunderstanding of the EU as well as US trade policy in his own country. He is a dunce and the world’s leading authority on nothing. The world is waiting for him to leave office.

  68. Deblasio is a crook. I watch NYC TV regularly but don’t study the man in depth. To your point: Not so long ago an investigation began into a PAC he’s involved with. So he shut it down. Probably covered in the link you provide.
    Threats, pressure on delegates could put Cruz’s convention hopes at risk

    With Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in New York killing off Ted Cruz’s chances of being able to attain a 1,237 majority of delegates before July’s GOP convention, the Texas senator is casting his hopes on a contested convention – where most delegates will be “unbound” by the second ballot and able to vote as they choose.
    But there are risks to that strategy.
    Even if Cruz is able to force a contested convention by keeping Trump from reaching the magic 1,237 number, he is counting on delegates both having the strength to vote to reject Trump in the face of significant pressure from the campaign and Trump supporters, and then moving to Cruz after they are unbound.
    While the strategy seems to have its merits, the question of whether delegates will back him could be complicated by recent threats made to both GOP party officials and delegates themselves, allegedly by Trump supporters.
    Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House received death threats after the state’s convention, in which Cruz locked up the support of most of the delegates. House said that he received thousands of angry calls from Trump supporters, with some threatening his family, angry about the way the delegates are selected. He has referred the matter to the police.
    Earlier this month, Trump adviser Dan Scavino posted the Tennessee GOP Chairman Ryan Haynes’ cell phone number on Twitter, telling supporters to “Let him know you support the TRUMP delegates!” and accusing Haynes of wanting “to STEAL your vote TODAY.”
    Haynes told Politico he nearly canceled the delegate selection meeting after receiving a firestorm of abuse and threats.
    But the threats have extended beyond just GOP officials. Politico reported Thursday that Craig Dunn, an Indiana delegate who criticized Trump, received a note warning “traditional burial is polluting the planet” that said ominously “we are watching you.”
    Dunn, a Kasich supporter, told the outlet he’s most nervous about exiting the convention arena in the moments after a potential Trump loss.
    “That’s where there’s the greatest prospect for danger,” he said. “I don’t see myself walking outside the convention with a Kasich badge.”
    Dunn was one of at least four Indiana delegates who received disturbing messages — some of which have been investigated by police, Politico reported.
    The billionaire frontrunner has done little to dissuade supporters from making such threats. In March he said “I think you’d have riots” if the party attempted to block his nomination.
    The threats raise the question of whether delegates – many of whom have little-to-no experience of the white hot intensity of national politics – may feel unable to vote their conscience.

    [LOLOLOL and SNIP]


  69. Politico reported Thursday that Craig Dunn, an Indiana delegate who criticized Trump, received a note warning “traditional burial is polluting the planet” that said ominously “we are watching you.”Dunn, a Kasich supporter, told the outlet he’s most nervous about exiting the convention arena in the moments after a potential Trump loss. “That’s where there’s the greatest prospect for danger,” he said. “I don’t see myself walking outside the convention with a Kasich badge.
    Let me give you a little background on this Craig Dunn character.

    His wife runs a “non-profit” to help the handicapped in Indiana. It is very lucrative for him and his wife–too lucrative. What is more, it is heavily supported by the federal government. And a President Trump might very well scrutinize a cozy relationship like his and find it did not pass the smell test. In that case, more efficient vehicles might be found to help the handicapped.

    Here is something he told the local newspaper awhile ago:“One of my criteria for filtering out candidates was whether or not they supported Trump,” said one district GOP leader. “If Satan had the lead on him and was one delegate away from being nominated as our candidate, and Donald Trump was the alternative, I might vote for Donald Trump,” said Craig Dunn, a Kokomo resident and GOP leader hoping to represent Indiana’s 4th district. “I’ve always wanted to own a casino, but he couldn’t give me a casino and have me vote for him.”

    To which I say, thank God for delegates who cannot be bribed.

    Knowing all that, perhaps you can understand why I am pretty damned sure Craig Dunn forged the death threat letter. First of all, it feeds into the establishment narrative that anyone who supports Trump is ipso facto deranged. Second, it makes him appear to be something of a celebrity. Third, it is a well known fact that he is nothing more than a party apparatchik. Fifth, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. And sixth, he has a nest egg to protect.

    , before he claimed that he was in fear of imminent bodily harm in Cleveland, if Trump does not win on the first ballot:

    I would not put it beyond him to have written that letter himself, in order to cast Trump supporters as deranged–an establishment narrative which is losing momentum after New York. The odds of self planted evidence here with Dunn are better than 50-50.

  70. …also have read that Prince was a fan of ‘the Apprentice’


    will really miss Prince…he was such an amazing one of a kind major talent…writer, actor, played many instruments, fantastic dancer, choreographer, arranger, producer, humanitarian…and fiercely independent…visionary…and fearlessly unique…

  71. Here is a newspaper article written by a close friend of mine which is a fine rebuttal to that FOX hit piece.
    State GOP Officials Voice Trump Hostility

    Primary candidates have dominated news cycles since last June. Voters are fired up and turning out in record numbers. On May 3rd Hoosiers will finally get their chance to vote. There’s only one problem. Both parties would prefer to act untethered by those pesky things called votes.

    Mainstream media have cashed in on voter involvement and eagerly promoted the myth that votes count. Despite voting irregularities, dirty tricks, Super PACS, and those pesky things called votes, each party will nominate the candidate of its choice this summer.

    Both party establishments still face a few hurdles. The Democrats have to quench the unexpected fire created by party regulars “Feeling the Bern.”

    The Republican establishment is determined to “stop Trump.” Many want to do this even if it costs them the election or destroys the party. None of them like to discuss those pesky things that keep piling up for Trump called votes.

    The “Bern” and Hillary’s “security review” have disturbed many Democrats but Trump has driven establishment Republicans into hysteria. Rove and others are boldly calling for a “fresh face.” Ryan protests too much of his disinterest in the nomination while Romney’s just plain desperate to get it. To heck with those pesky things called votes!

    Indiana’s Republican primary has grabbed the attention of the National Media, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Indiana has 54 delegates. Becoming a Republican delegate is a steep climb. One must have filled out an application by March 15th and pledged to provide $2000 to participate. All Republican delegates will be selected before a single primary vote is cast.

    Politico interviewed numerous party leaders and officials involved in the delegate selection process. Those interviewed displayed openly hostile anti-Trump attitudes.
    “One of my criteria for filtering out candidates was whether or not they supported Trump,” said one district GOP leader.

    “If Satan had the lead on him and was one delegate away from being nominated as our candidate, and Donald Trump was the alternative, I might vote for Donald Trump,” said Craig Dunn, a Kokomo resident and GOP leader hoping to represent Indiana’s 4th district. “I’ve always wanted to own a casino, but he couldn’t give me a casino and have me vote for him.”

    Thank God for delegates who can’t be bribed.

    “Donald Trump doesn’t represent what I want my party to represent,” said Tom John, chairman of Indiana’s 7th Congressional District. John is running for one of the 27 at large delegate slots. He declared the three delegates selected to represent the 7th Congressional District were unlikely to be Trump supporters.

    John further reported that a grass roots effort had been launched to get Trump supporters to become 7th District delegates. Their effort produced a handful of applicants, but all were rejected.

    The Indiana Republican Party claims to be the party working for Indiana. However, the fervor displayed against Trump by each of the party officials interviewed was shocking. Not a single official mentioned concern for those pesky things that will be tallied on May 3rd.

    Clearly, the Indiana Republican Delegation is determined to vote for the candidate of their choice at the convention.

    The citizens of Indiana shouldn’t have to pay for a primary negated by such blatant self-absorption. Let the delegates pick up the cost of collecting those pesky things called votes.

  72. But at the end of the day, it never seems to matter Lu…where the money comes from, just a shell game.

  73. wbboei
    April 22, 2016 at 8:21 pm
    April 23, 2016 at 2:15 am

    Driving home after visiting my dad made for many moments of reflection. He never talked about the war until very recently, perhaps due to his age. He promised not to talk about the bad stuff, but did speak of one of his fellow planes lost on their way back to port, never to be heard of again until months later. From what I understand, PBYs mainly did reconnaissance, forward scouting and rescue. Anyway, to make a long story short, they finally heard about the missing PBY who had rescued some marines and nurses. US forces had found their decapitated remains at the hands of the Japanese. Something tells me losing their heads was probably a blessing.

    The time our dads and moms lived had real heroes, real giants in the world; FDR, Churchill, Patton, etc. It wasn’t Hollywood or make believe. It was real and they lived and died through it all. All I could think about was the contrast to todays world. FDR vs Obama. What a disgrace. What an absolute disgrace.

  74. We do have heros today, these kids you join the Army or Reserves and end up doing 3 tours of duty in that God forsaken hell hole the Middle East.
    The problem is the American people just go on their daily activities, No sacrifice , no thoughts of those who are sacrificing everything for our freedoms. Soldiers that have to operate under ridiculous cultural limitations and come back to an indifferent Nation.

  75. I’ve lost track. Is this 3 for 3 or 4 for 4?

    Thousands of trade deal foes rally in Germany on Obama visit eve
    Protesters against the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) wear masks of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama during a rally on the eve of Obama’s vist to Hanover, on April 23, 2016

    … A loose coalition of trade unions, environmentalists and consumer protection groups in the northern city of Hanover said they drew a crowd of 90,000 to a march and rally outside the city’s opera house.
    Police mobilised a large force to keep the peace and put attendance at 35,000.
    Obama’s trip — to open an industrial technology fair and hold talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders — was intended to lend momentum to flagging efforts to see the world’s biggest trade pact finalised this year.

  76. Gonzotx
    The media ignores the heroes, but the box office take from American Sniper proves that many still embrace love of country and duty. Of course you have rolling stone featuring a Boston bomber as a teen heart throb.

  77. Obama’s trip — to open an industrial technology fair and hold talks

    Put aside that he is an idiot, a traitor, a globalist, and that most Americans can’t stand him. Put all that stuff aside.

    Obama has nothing to do with industrial technology. Not in a foreign country and not here. Why in the world would anyone want him to open their fair, especially when he is a foreigner? There’s no connection, and nothing but a bad image.

  78. Alcina, I was always told my dad died of a heart attack when I was four. As I have posted, I discovered him dead in the bathtub returning from Brighton Beach with my Mom and late sister. I saw water flowing from the bathroom door and opened it and Dad was in the tub water running over his body and flowing on the floor. I tried to open his eyes as I though he was sleeping. Mom and my sister were talking to a neighbor in our Brooklyn apartment and almost immediately I was ushered to the neighbor and was not even at the funeral. Recently, I talked to an elder cousin who knew my dad, he said out of now where that my dad was depressed and that it was not uncommon for vets to commit suicide!!! I said my Dad died of a heart attack and he said, “Oh, I’m sorry I brought that up, I thought you knew”. I was stunned and he said if I wanted to find out why don’t I order the death certificate from NYC, although it may list other causes to protect the family. I was very upset and my Mom has severe dementia/Alzheimer;s and does not even know who I am so it’s not something I can discuss. MY sister was 8 and slowly began a life summarized by getting into trouble, and ultimately OD’ed at age 16. Did she know something I didn’t or was it a case of a child go astray after losing her Daddy and Mom having to work and not be around? I have not ordered the death certificate because it doesn’t matter. I lost my dad and then my sister an nothing can bring them back.

  79. JB,
    That’s horrible to hear that in such a way. Do you have an Aunt or Uncle that you trust to talk to about it?
    I am doubly sorry about your sister. She was older and may have heard the truth, if it is so, and having to carry a “secret” like that can have severe adverse effects. If she was not allowed to talk about it and apparently needed help, it may have “shamed” her instead of allowing her to ask for the help she needed.
    Depression can have a familiar effect and that’s what makes it that more important, for you and your children.
    I really do understand, my father and brother committed suicide.

  80. jbstonesfan: So tragic. I’m very sorry, jb.
    Rarely do I have an upbeat article to leave here. But this is one:

    4/22/16. Judge sentences Special Forces vet, spends night in jail with him
    “… when he appeared before Judge Lou Olivera, a Gulf War veteran, on April 12, Serna said he admitted that he had lied to the court and that his last urinalysis had been positive… he was trembling,” Olivera said. “I decided that I’d spend the night serving with him….”

  81. This article foretells the future.

    It is the fault of the most corrupt force in our nation—big media.

    It is the legacy of their messiah Obama.

    It is cockroach motel.

    It is gunfire in the distance approaching.

    It is where ignorant armies class by night.

    It is world ruled by globalists where people don’t count.

    Where the RINO and DINO serve only their donors.

    Where a grinning Obama dances to Soros tune.

    On the roof of our house as the structure caves in.

    Where big media ignores reality and obsesses over transgender bathrooms.

    Welcome the the nightmare ahead.

    And don’t forget to lock the door.

    To understand the appeal of Trump to a wide swath of the public, you must first understand what Richard Fernandez is trying to tell us here.

    I Want My Money Back

    It looked better in the brochure
    Michael Walsh asks in his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: how might people react if the land promised by modern cultural Pied Pipers turned out to be a hell? How if after accepting abortion, the loss of individuality, the destruction of tradition and a near utter reliance on the state the end point was not utopia but dystopia? Worse what if those two places are actually the same thing?

    After more than seven years of “hope and change” not just the US but the world seems to have arrived at a strange and unexpected destination. Peggy Noonan, who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 asks her readers if they’ve looked around lately and noticed how strange the scenery is.

    Have you had your 2016 Moment? I think you probably have, or will. … My Moment came a month ago. I’d recently told a friend my emotions felt too close to the surface—for months history had been going through me and I felt like a vibrating fork. …
    Because my country is in trouble. Because I felt anguish at all the estrangements. Because some things that shouldn’t have changed have changed. Because too much is being lost. Because the great choice in a nation of 320 million may come down to Crazy Man versus Criminal. And yes, I know this is all personal, and not column-ish.

    But that was my Moment.

    You’ll feel better the next day, I promise, but you won’t be able to tell yourself that this is history as usual anymore. This is big, what we’re living through.


    The man on the street may have experienced the “moment” before Noonan. The New York Times reports that “suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years … The rate rose by 2 percent a year starting in 2006, double the annual rise in the earlier period of the study. … The rate declined for just one racial group: black men. And it declined for only one age group: men and women over 75.” “The data analysis provided fresh evidence of suffering among white Americans,” said the NYT, which went on to describe the “moment” when a generation of working Americans realized the future they signed up for was not what it was cracked up to be.

    Disappointed expectations of social and economic well-being among less educated white men from the baby-boom generation may also be playing a role … They grew up in an era that valued “masculinity and self-reliance” — characteristics that could get in the way of asking for help.
    Author Neal Gabler’s own moment came when after years of harboring the “secret shame” at having no money he came across a 2013 Federal Reserve study showing nearly half of Americans had trouble raising $400 in unscheduled bills. “I’m one of them,” he realized writing in the Atlantic.

    So I never spoke about my financial travails, not even with my closest friends—that is, until I came to the realization that what was happening to me was also happening to millions of other Americans, and not just the poorest among us, who, by definition, struggle to make ends meet. It was, according to that Fed survey and other surveys, happening to middle-class professionals and even to those in the upper class. It was happening to the soon-to-retire as well as the soon-to-begin. It was happening to college grads as well as high-school dropouts. It was happening all across the country, including places where you might least expect to see such problems.
    Everybody’s broke — well not everybody. But, as the NYT article pointed out, not only is the money gone but so too are the things sacrificed on the altar of progress. Family and pride, to name two factors which saw previous generations through the hard times, but were regarded as obstacles to recent progress, are gone too. Marriage rates have declined and divorce rates have risen with the disastrous results that critical theory would never have anticipated. The NYT article says “in 2005, unmarried middle-aged men were 3.5 times more likely than married men to die from suicide, and their female counterparts were as much as 2.8 times more likely to kill themselves.” In this age of nonstandard families, who would have thought it?

    Loneliness as a cause of suicide is now suspected in even ‘advanced’ European societies. NPR’s Rebecca Hersher explains that Greenland, part of Denmark, has the highest suicide rate in the world, so bad that even the suicide hotline respondents are driven to depression. One of the hotline workers told Hersher there was a clear pattern to Greenland’s suicides. “Love, she says. Or, loss of it.”


    Love, family, financial independence and self-respect are bygone virtues. Yet there is even now a grudging suspicion that a vanished masculinity may have played an important role in American society. Michael Rosenwald in the Washington Post writes that Peter Langman, a psychologist and author of two books on school shootings has a theory that what “really motivated the Columbine massacre” was a “damaged masculinity” and he thinks “it is overlooked not just in the Columbine case but in many other mass shootings — an important observation considering that most mass shooters are male.”

    How might people react if the land promised by modern cultural Pied Pipers turned out to be a hell? We now know the answer is: surprised. The significance of Peggy Noonan’s 2016 moment is not only that it so perfectly coincides with the end point of seven years of progress towards Hope and Change, but it marks the moment when the penny finally dropped for the American upper middle class. After a long and arduous march through the institutions the progressive bus has finally arrived at its long promised paradise hotel and found it desolate, dangerous and full of roaches.

    Welcome to the future and don’t forget to lock the doors.


  82. Lorac, that Hillary would stick her nose into the Brexit debate is further proof that she is 100% a Soros controlled globalist. If this were the only piece of evidence, one could argue that it is just a one off situation. But it aligns perfectly with everything else she is saying–which is the living embodiment of the globalist manifesto, and CGI, which was modelled after a similar institution which was set up in Arkansas it the instrument of power, money and corruption. Who can forget that email she sent to Obama telling him that Soros was upset and he had better call him. I say, death to Soros, and it cannot come to soon. He must have a world class security team to have survived as long as he has. Then again, it was hard to kill his mentor, Adolf Hitler, even though many tried.

  83. Cudos to Kudlow for seeing the art that conceals the art. Cruz did play by the rules in re. delegate regime, and he did catch Donald’s team flat footed. Of course, Cruz got major help from the Bush cabal, after they blew through Jebediah, Rubycheeks et. al. But the larger point is the rules Cruz played by are archane and anti democratic. They are a Casbah of incest, self dealing, and bribery by insiders, which thwarts the will of the people. So what Trump did was he shined the kleig lights on the corrupt process, and best of all he cast Cruz as a defender of the establishment. Like Thatcher said, first you win the argument, then you win the vote.

    End of the Line for the ‘Never-Trump’ Brigade?

    (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
    Nate Silver, whose predictions for the 2012 presidential race turned out to be spot-on, has some bad news for the Trump-bashers:

    Donald Trump has had a good run of numbers lately. While his victory in New York this week was expected, he got 60 percent of the vote, more than the roughly 55 percent projected by the polls. He appears headed for victories in Maryland and Pennsylvania, which vote on Tuesday. He’s gained ground in California and is narrowly ahead of Ted Cruz in the first public polls of Indiana. He’s added about 2 percentage points over the past two weeks in our national polling average.
    You could push back against some of these details. Some of the California polls come from pollsters that have had a Trump-leaning house effect or that used an unorthodox methodology. The Indiana polls have Trump leading, but with only about 39 percent of the vote, which might not be enough if the rest of the vote consolidates behind Cruz. The national poll gains are small and may just be statistical noise.

    But with Trump’s path to 1,237 delegates on such a knife’s edge, every percentage point matters. And it’s possible that Trump has moved a few voters into his column with a series of process arguments that he’s been pressing recently. The more restrained version, as you can see in a recent op-ed published under Trump’s name in The Wall Street Journal, is that the candidate who gets the most votes should be the Republican nominee — that delegates shouldn’t upend the people’s verdict. In public speeches, Trump has taken the argument a step further, describing the GOP’s nomination process as “rigged” and “crooked.”

    Polling suggests that a majority of Republicans agree with at least the milder version of Trump’s argument…


    It’s still surprising to me that the “movement conservative” Right — which seems largely to consist of folks who came to maturity during the glory days of the Reagan Revolution and thought they hit a triple — can neither fathom Trump’s appeal nor understand why their technical arguments bounce harmlessly off the rampaging monster from Queens.

    It also helps that Trump’s system-is-rigged message is relatively simple and plays into the media’s master narrative of the Republican race as a conflict between the Republican base and the GOP “establishment.” The Republicans’ delegate selection rules, by contrast, require an attention to detail that narrative-driven stories about the Republican race can misconstrue…
    It’s true that most delegates become free agents on the second ballot — and more still on the third and fourth ballots — and that Trump hasn’t done a good job in delegate-selection conventions held by state and local Republican parties.7 But that won’t matter if Trump has enough support on the first ballot, which he can still get if he finishes strongly in states such as California and Indiana. The process is still in Republican voters’ hands, and Trump may have found an argument that can get him over the finish line.

    In a recent CNBC column, Larry Kudlow makes some similar points:

    Donald Trump’s landslide victory in the New York GOP primary was a game-changer. It ended his Wisconsin slump and set the stage for an across-the-board sweep on Tuesday in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Trump’s vote count exceeded his pre-primary polling average by nearly 10 percentage points. Perhaps most important, the win gave him 89 more delegates for the RNC July convention. So Trump is now the prohibitive favorite to win the GOP nomination, although there is still much dispute about this. But I believe, even if he comes up short of a majority 1,237 delegates, he will still get a first-ballot victory. There will be roughly 190 uncommitted delegates at the Cleveland convention. And Trump, with his art of the deal, can be very persuasive.

    But what hasn’t gotten enough attention following New York is how Trump did it, and how it will enhance his position in the rest of the primaries. My theory is this: Trump cleverly turned the tables againstTed Cruz in regard to the nationwide delegate fight, especially in Colorado. Trump outflanked Cruz. By calling the delegate-selection process “rigged,” and arguing that Colorado had an election without voters, Trump turned a loss into a victory. Why? Because he put Cruz in the unenviable position of defending the status quo delegate-selection process.

    Now, Cruz played by the rules in Colorado and elsewhere. And Trump was caught flat-footed, and to some extent was embarrassed by his own weak delegate-gathering team. However, and this is the key point, Cruz argued time and again that the rules were the rules and that he simply played by them. And as Trump continuously attacked the RNC rules as being undemocratic, disenfranchising to voters, and creatures of out-of-touch Republican-party regulars, he put Cruz in the position of backing the establishment. A bad place for Cruz.

    In very clear terms, Trump connected Cruz with exactly those establishmentarian elites who have bred so much anger and resentment in Republicans everywhere. Trump completely outflanked Cruz while turning a process issue into a policy issue.


  84. jbstonesfan
    April 24, 2016 at 2:14 am
    Jb, what a sad story. It explains your own commitment to your own family. And, it gives those of us on this blog an even deeper insight into the friend, lawyer and fine human being we have come to admire.

  85. jbstones

    I had no idea you lost your dad under such tragic circumstances. It breaks my heart to think of you, a child, enduring such pain.

    Years ago, no one knew about depression or PTSD. Those were subjects kept hidden, mostly I would guess due to shame. Hopefully today, depression is not the stigma it once was.

    In my own family, my grandmother, an immigrant from Italy had 9 children. She took her own life 3 months after giving birth to my mom. This was 1926. Back then, no one had ever heard of post partum depression. After learning the circumstances, I found myself grieving a woman I had never known.

    We are all friends here, in a strange sort of way. Please know you are in my thoughts.

  86. JB…those are very difficult and traumatic experiences you have gone through…especially as a young boy…

    …take pride in all the inner strength that you have to have not only perservered and succeeded but also, in addition, to have created a beautiful family for yourself, your wife and your children…take heart…though you get down…you are stronger than maybe you even realize…

  87. Oh JB, I am so sorry to hear of how you found your dad as a little boy.

    May your dad rest in peace and I agree, that the trauma of war is more than most of us can deal with.

  88. Trump now in Hagerstown:

    “Our leaders are either paid off or stupid.”
    He has evolved into providing a choice of what’s wrong with current administration.
    Used to be they were only stupid.

    We’re getting there!

  89. Have you ever wondered how an insurance saleman like Tom Clancy could write the kind of novels he did about spying, Los Angeles class nuclear submarines—how would he have had access to that sort of information. The answer is his co author who as a deputy undersecretary of state in the Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush Administrations. He is medical doctor who specializes in psychiatry. and was one of the architects of the strategy that took down the soviet union. This is no work of fiction. Here we find a new framework for analyzing world events which centers around what the CIA an agency he used to work for is doing. He says the script we get from Obama, and Obama’s grandfather and mother worked for that agency, and so did Obama. And even that little swish Anderson Cooper served as an intern in that agency after Yale. Most important, he provides a new framework of what is happening in our country, and he finds great hope and inspiration in the candidacy of Donald Trump. The establishment has constructed a narrative which aligns perfectly with their own self interest, but is burying the country alive. The American People must do their own research and then they will have the facts needed to pulverize that narrative. He says that Trump scared the hell out of the Bush cabal when he threatened to re open the 9-11 investigation which will incriminate them, and prove to the world that it was as many suspected a Reichstag Fire. The only distracting part of this interview is Alex Jones interrupts him when he is making key points. But what he does say is highly probative.


  90. Misc.

    Such a nice touch that Trump’s namesake son visited the Clarks Summit campaign office over the weekend, and he tweeted a selfie with US House Reps Marino and Barletta. I so hope they had time for serious exchange of facts. Also that they keep in touch. Sorry, but a viable link of local coverage of this meetup is not readily available:

    admin’s prescience is in full sight AGAIN with first line of this post “It’s official. Ted Cruz is now a suicide bomber working for the GOP establishment Mullahs”. But it took until this morning for me to acknowledge the incredible hypocrisy of the man who once commandeered the Senate Floor (govt shut down Fall 2013) to address the nation with green eggs, ham, and #MakeDCListen.

    And not long after, Ted fundraised off the hashtag above. I was impressed at the time, and I gave.

  91. “Top staff from both the Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)and Ohio Gov. John Kasich presidential campaigns issued separate statements Sunday evening, saying they would be working in concert to prevent GOP frontrunner Donald Trump from securing enough delegates to win a first-round vote at the Republican National convention.” http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/04/24/ted-cruz-john-kasich-cut-never-trump-deal-upcoming-primaries/

    We appear to be approaching the “all over but the screaming” stage. Exactly why these schmucks and their handlers think they can divvy up states and their voters like loot between pirates is unknown. It reminds me of proxy fights by board members and the executive committee who had no idea what they were talking about when trying to bluff their way into keeping do-nothing sinecures or asking for a little something-something before they rode off into the sunset after getting canned. After the recent RNC meeting Paul Manafort was mobbed by members handing him their cards with cell phone numbers scribbled on the back after the ritual shit flinging was over. The long knives are out and this is what Manafort is really good at dealing with when everyone is a traitor.

    Cruz’s campaign manager reputedly sat behind the batter’s box at the Astro’s game flashing a Never Trump sign. Is this the behavior of a winning campaign manager or a mental case running a dog in the manger shit show? Both Kasich and Cruz are done. Stunts like this are pure desperation. The longer this goes on the deeper in exile they will be and no one with any juice will touch the pariahs. In the year of populism, nationalism, one person one vote and anti-globalism these two picked all of the wrong sides. Paid punk tools both of them.

  92. Before there was ly’n ted there was lying brian.

    Each of them proud holders of the pinnochio award.

    In the 1990s he was busboy of the year at a famous pancake house.

    By 2009 he got the Walter Cronkite award for excellence in journalism

    From no less of an institution than Arizona State University, known for it collegiate golf teams in my era

    In 2013 he signed a five year contract, for a cool $10 million per year

    He was also talked about for the lead in a new James Bond thriller

    But then OMG (no not MeeGan) this time the shit hit the fan

    Stories that his heroism was the stuff of Walter Mitty

    Some of us felt he simply played fast and loose with the truth

    Which made him NO DIFFERENT from the rest of the big media whores

    Not a wit of difference

    Truth to tell, he was outed because he was getting too big for his britches

    And the numbskulls at NBC could not figure out that to do with him



    The best they could think of to do with the washed out superstar

    Was to send him back to the farm team—MSNBC

    Where is congenital predisposition for lying would present no problem

    And a show that promised to land him back on the great white way in no time

    Rock Center with Brian Williams—catch eh?

    Well, the audience was underwhelmed

    The show was cancelled

    And Brian felt “insulted”

    From love’s close kiss

    To hells abyss

    Is one short step I trow

    However you cannot keep a good man down

    Now he is auditioning in drag

    For yet another rendition of Evita

    He hits the high Cs with Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

    I’ve still got three years left on my contract

    And I have been offered a professorship

    At that bastion of journalism Arizona State University

    Now just tell me he is any worse than any of the rest of big media

    They are all liars in my opinion, every last one of them

  93. Mormaer
    April 25, 2016 at 6:35 am
    The problem has shifted somewhat.

    He will get to the 1237.

    The problem is the rules commmittee

    They are talking about changing the rules

    To benefit Paul Ryan

    What they plan to do is eliminate the rule

    That requires the nominee to win a majority in 8 states

    Which Trump has/will have done

    And neither has/will anyone else

    The counter to that is 5 million Trump supporters at the convention

    When the rules committee does this act of treason

    It will have to be ratified on the convention floor by the delegates

    If there are 5 million Trump supporters, and

    If Roger Stone has given them the hotel numbers of the delegates

    Then the delegates may lose their appetite for betraying the voter for personal gain

  94. Very very very important that Trump pick his own vice president–hopefully it will be Martinez, although he has given no indication. He cannot let the establishment saddle him with a globalist, like eagle scout (skud) Ryan or the pizza delivery boy from O-hi-O kasich. Reagan was forced to accept CIA operative Bush and not long after that there was an attempt on his life, supposedly by John Hinkley, whose father was also in the CIA. There is an expression in the CIA called sheep dipping, which refers to recruiting operative out of high school, like they did with the great big media beloved messiah, who sent to Indonesia by “The Company” i.e. CIA He went to Occidental in Los Angeles, which is a CIA affiliated school, just like Pepperdine (where Ken Starr is now). This is real high stakes poker, and Trump needs a vice president who is a nationalist like him–not a globalist to be a heart beat from the presidency. Otherwise the temptation by The Company will be irresistible to take him out, as they did to Reagan–and JFK.

  95. t’s War! Trump Strikes Back at Cruz and Kasich Collusion

    As has been widely reported, Ted Cruz and John Kasich agreed in separate announcements Sunday to divvy up forthcoming primaries — Kasich to step back his campaign in Indiana, leaving that state to Cruz, with Cruz doing the same for Kasich in Oregon and New Mexico — all in order to stop Donald Trump’s march to the Republican presidential nomination.

    Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe went so far as to say “having him [Trump] as our nominee would set the party back a generation.”

    Trump did not waste much time, striking back with the following letter of his own at approximately 10 p.m. PST Sunday night that was emailed to the press covering the campaign:
    It is sad that two grown politicians have to collude against one person who has only been a politician for ten months in order to try and stop that person from getting the Republican nomination.
    Senator Cruz has done very poorly and after his New York performance, which was a total disaster, he is in free fall and as everyone has seen, he does not react well under pressure. Also, approximately 80% of the Republican Party is against him. Governor Kasich, who has only won 1 state out of 41, in other words, he is 1 for 41 and he is not even doing as well as other candidates who could have stubbornly stayed in the race like him but chose not to do so. Marco Rubio, as an example, has more delegates than Kasich and yet suspended his campaign one month ago. Others, likewise, have done much better than Kasich, who would get slaughtered by Hillary Clinton once the negative ads against him begin. 85% of Republican voters are against Kasich.

    Collusion is often illegal in many other industries and yet these two Washington insiders have had to revert to collusion in order to stay alive. They are mathematically dead and this act only shows, as puppets of donors and special interests, how truly weak they and their campaigns are. I have brought millions of voters into the Republican primary system and have received many millions of votes more than Cruz or Kasich. Additionally, I am far ahead of both candidates with delegates and would be receiving in excess of 60% of the vote except for the fact that there were so many candidates running against me.

    Because of me, everyone now sees that the Republican primary system is totally rigged. When two candidates who have no path to victory get together to stop a candidate who is expanding the party by millions of voters, (all of whom will drop out if I am not in the race) it is yet another example of everything that is wrong in Washington and our political system. This horrible act of desperation, from two campaigns who have totally failed, makes me even more determined, for the good of the Republican Party and our country, to prevail!


  96. Out and about this AM with my Trump hat.
    At the small bank there were 3 tellers and the manager.
    Quite a discussion began and grew.
    Despite the fact I thought I’d considered everything:

    – One teller’s husband is employed by a firm offering tickets to their workers for tonight’s rally in the area (Mohegan Sun)

    – Same teller believes strongly that if Hillary wins, she will pick BHO as her VP. She backs it up with lack of talk about VP’s so far, and evidently it has been done once before. I’m relying on those here in the know to weigh in on the veracity of it as I’m too lazy to figure it out myself.

    – The young teller spoke more enthusiastically than the rest of us about DJT, and we too were quite animated.

    Customers were walking in and out. It did not seem to bother the help, but I scooted after a bit as I tend not to notice the moment I’ve worn out my welcome.

  97. The problem has shifted somewhat.

    He will get to the 1237.

    The problem is the rules commmittee

    One of the Republican establishment groups NOT being talked about is Congress. The “leaders” of course hate Trump but the rank and file are nervous especially about voter blow-back directly onto them. Most of them are being very quiet. Various talking heads, consultants, etc talk about a Trump candidacy hurting or wiping out down ticket Republicans but there is absolutely no proof of that and they appear to have just made it up. Where are the Cruz and Kasich advocates in Congress, etc except for the paid ones? No where is where. They should be very nervous about being represented by a party that rigs, changes the rules and openly disrespects and disregards voters as it will stick to them too. Engineering a low Republican turnout in the general election will be devastating to a Republican Congress especially to swing seats that went Republican since 2010. Only idiots would not want Trump voters voting for Congressional Republicans.

  98. Hillary Will pick Gutierrez Major San Antonio. ,A real classless act. He’s been learning Spanish so he can appear legit to the Latinos, it will probably give her Texas, or at least it will be very close. The cheating will be epic..
    He is Latino illegal immigration 24/7.

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