@RealDonaldTrump Wins

It’s the beginning of the end game. Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign on June 16, 2015 and from that very first day we made the smart analysis about why Trump will triumph.

While others sneered that Trump had no chance, we predicted shortly after Trump’s announcement, the only way to Stop Trump was to keep him from appearance on the first GOP debate. That didn’t happen.

There was a second chance to Stop Trump if he could be blocked from the second GOP debate. That didn’t happen. Then when Donald J. Trump won South Carolina it was the final confirmation that Donald J. Trump is the GOP nominee in 2016.

* * * * * *

Donald J. Trump will win New York state decisively tomorrow. Then on April 26 Trump will continue his swift victorious march through the eastern states. Nothing the GOP establishment can do will Stop Trump from a nomination acceptance speech in Cleveland.

How did the GOP get here? This is what we wrote in the Summer of Trump July 2015:

Repeat: Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.

And it is imperative that Trump be destroyed well before August 6. Once Trump gets on a debate stage with governors and senators he will halve his biggest problem and be on the way to the scenario we’ve outlined above. What is Donald Trump’s biggest problem? Trump’s biggest problem is that many Americans do not believe he is really running for president, that this is all a big publicity stunt for something and therefore these Americans do not even consider voting for Trump. But once Trump is seen as a real candidate for president that vast ocean of “he’s not really running” skeptics will be a new target of opportunity for The Donald and Trump’s poll numbers will rise ever higher.

That’s why it is so important to destroy Trump now. Some argue that there is no need to “destroy” Trump because Trump will fade away and the “better” candidate will then rise. This is sheer foolishness.

The GOP establishment failed to keep Trump off the first debate stage. The GOP establishment failed the last ditch attempt to Stop Trump at the second GOP debate. At that point, as we wrote then, failure to keep Trump off the debate stage meant Trump had the nomination:

If the GOP establishment does not blow up Donald J. Trump before the Second GOP debate on September 16, it might well be over and Mr. Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. The hostile takeover will be complete. [snip]

As we approach the second GOP debate on September 16 it is an imperative for the establishment that Donald J. Trump be stopped and prevented from appearing on the debate stage. To fail means millions more viewers will fall under the Trump trance.

Trump trance achieved.

The final desperate deadline to Stop Trump was in South Carolina. But in South Carolina Donald J. Trump burned the last few firewalls down. By the time South Carolina voted Donald Trump had eliminated low energy Jeb Bush as well as Scott Walker. It was South Carolina that Ted Cruz called his “firewall” and the entry port to the other southern states. It was South Carolina that Liddle Marco Rubio hoped would prove true his 3-2-1 strategy of third in Iowa, second in New Hampshire, and first in South Carolina. Instead Donald J. Trump won South Carolina and the Southern states Cruz thought to be his for the taking.

As we wrote, South Carolina burned down the biggest firewall of all:

The biggest firewall to burn tonight is the GOP establishment firewall. If Trump wins South Carolina Trump will likely win the nomination and control of the Republican Party. The GOP establishment is burning, set ablaze by the voters, mostly the white working class, tired of the lies and corruption of the entire national political establishment

On Tuesday, Donald J. Trump’s home state of New York votes. The polls that just came out point to a Trump victory upstate, downstate, and every which way. All the polls point to a big Trump win. Men, women, rich, poor, moderates, conservatives, all education levels, for Trump. In big New York State with lots of delegates, Ted Cruz does not even break the 20% threshold to get any delegates.

After New York State, the news for Donald J. Trump is good. The latest polls have Trump ahead just about everywhere by a great deal. In Pennsylvania which votes on April 26, Trump is at 46% with Cruz and Kasich trailing at 26% and 23% respectively. In California Trump is near a majority with 49% to Cruz with 31% and Kasich with 16% and these numbers are likely to move towards Trump as it becomes clear that Trump will be the nominee after New York State votes.

It’s over for Trump, with victory in sight.


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  1. Meanwhile,


    Sanders’s scathing Clinton attack invigorates Brooklyn crowd

    NEW YORK — Bernie Sanders rallied a huge crowd in his home borough of Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon with a speech that drew stark and sometimes scathing comparisons with his rival, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

    Sanders, who has become more sarcastic about Clinton of late — including in the ninth and fieriest debate between the two last Thursday — mocked the former secretary of State for her refusal to release the transcript of her paid speeches to corporations, including Goldman Sachs.

    Noting that Clinton has received as much as $225,000 per speech, Sanders said: “Now, if you give a speech for $225,000, it must be a pretty damn good speech, must be a brilliant and insightful speech analyzing all of the world’s problems, must be a speech written in Shakespearean prose. And that is why I believe Secretary Clinton should share that speech with all of us.”

    Sanders devoted a significant portion of his hour-long address in Prospect Park to assailing Clinton for issue after issue on which he suggested she was insufficiently liberal or flat-out wrong: free-trade agreements; fracking; the war in Iraq; her refusal to call for a $15 per hour minimum wage; and her reluctance to support raising the income cap on Social Security contributions.

    “I have challenged Secretary Clinton, and challenged her and challenged her — and she still refuses to come on board” on Social Security, Sanders said.

    More generally, he framed the support for his candidacy as a consequence of people being “sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics.”

    There is nothing new about Sanders highlighting contrasts with Clinton. But the withering tone he is adopting will worry those in the Democratic Party who see the former secretary of State as the all-but-inevitable nominee. There are already murmurs that such attacks wound her and make it more difficult to unify the party for November’s general election.

    But the Vermont senator is pulling no punches in a bid to pull an upset win in New York’s primary, which takes place on Tuesday.

    Sanders needs to spring a major surprise here if he is to retain a plausible path to the Democratic nomination. Clinton leads him by around 250 pledged delegates — won via the results of primaries and caucuses — and has an even more commanding advantage among superdelegates.

    She also leads Sanders by 12.5 points in the Empire State, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.

    Sanders, his Brooklyn accent undiminished by his four decades in Vermont, stressed his connection to the borough on Sunday, mistily recalling being “a kid growing up in Flatbush” who could never have imagined addressing a crowd like the one before him, which he estimated at 20,000. He was introduced on stage by actor Danny DeVito, who referred to Sanders as “a hometown boy.”

    The rally, held amid blissful weather conditions in Prospect Park, was more reminiscent of a rock concert than a conventional political rally in many respects: the youthful crowd, the musical warm-up acts ranging through reggae, hip-hop and indie rock — and even the occasional waft of herbal scents through the crowd.

    Homemade signs attested to the love for the 74-year-old senator — and skepticism of Clinton. “Bernie is bae,” read one. “Hillary is for herself, Bernie for us,” said another.

    Among the attendees was Athena Soules, a Brooklynite and creative activist who had made a large “Bernie” banner for the occasion.

    The first time she had become aware of Sanders, “I got that he was an authentic man of the people,” she said. “Imagine someone like that in the White House? I don’t want anything more than that.”

    Of Clinton, Soules said with distaste, “She’s right up there with Wall Street. She is both the government and the corporations.”

    Earlier Sunday, Sanders toured public housing in Brownsville, one of Brooklyn’s most marginalized neighborhoods, and attended a church service in Harlem.

    On the night of the New York primary, however, Sanders will be in Pennsylvania. The Keystone State holds its Democratic contest on April 26, but the decision to leave New York on primary night may suggest the Sanders campaign is not quite so bullish as it claims about pulling an Empire State upset.

  2. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/04/11-year-old-dancing-trumps-banned-school-talent-show-complaints-video/

    11 Year-Old ‘Dancing Trumps’ Banned From School Talent Show After Complaints (Video)

    Three 11-year-old boys attending Fiske Elementary School in Wellesley, MA were forbidden by the school’s administration from performing a benign, wordless, apolitical dance routine while wearing comically oversized Donald Trump masks.

    Christian Mattaliano, Marc Maggiacomo, and David Maggiacomo had been dubbed the Bobblehead Boys after performing a similar number last year, only then they wore masks bearing the face of the school’s retiring principal.

    When the three boys became the Dancing Trumps at the morning edition of this past Wednesday’s school talent show, “at least one” parent complained, according to the Boston Globe, which led to school officials forbidding the boys from reprising the performance at Wednesday’s evening talent show.

  3. The GOP Establishment and Cruz supporters keep hoping that somehow Trump will fall short of the necessary number of delegates to win the first round of voting. I think that after April 26, they and their useful idiots in Big Media will start talking about California being their last chance to do so.

  4. Hopefully Roberts and Kennedy will do the right thing and vote no, but if the yes votes prevail, then that will benefit Trump who can further rail against Obama’s immigration amnesty and Hillary’s support of it.

  5. Tony,

    Wishful thinking, I can’t imagine Roberts having any cajones…and Kennedy has been leaning left for some time.

  6. Let’s be real. Based on how the SCOTUS has supported Oshithead for the past 8 years does anyone honestly think they won’t support him now?? Especially now that Scalia is conveniently out of the picture.

    By now we should all see this whole system is just one big fucking game and they feed us just enough scraps to make us think we have some influence.

    Sorry… just tired and angry today.

  7. Like I said, if the SC gives Obama a victory, then it will be a gift to Trump who can further rally anti-immigration amnesty independents to vote for him.

  8. http://www.northjersey.com/news/trump-s-lead-grows-clinton-s-shrinks-in-latest-n-j-poll-1.1547569

    Trump’s lead grows, Clinton’s shrinks in latest N.J. poll

    With New Jersey’s first competitive June presidential primary in decades approaching, Donald Trump has a bigger lead among state Republicans than he has ever had, while Hillary Clinton’s lead with Democrats has shrunk, according to the results of a poll released Monday.

    Trump had 52 percent support, followed by Gov. John Kasich of Ohio with 24 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas with 18 percent, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning registered voters. The poll is the first of state voters since the Republican field narrowed to three candidates, and the first to show Trump – whom Governor Christie endorsed after suspending his own presidential campaign – with support over 50 percent.

    “Despite gains by Cruz and especially Kasich since February, Trump’s large lead puts him on track to claim all 51 delegates in New Jersey’s winner-take-all primary, bringing him that much closer to clinching the nomination,” said Ashley Koning, the poll’s assistant director.

    Clinton led Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont 51 percent to 42 percent, the first time her lead had fallen into the single digits. In April, a poll showed Clinton leading Sanders 55 percent to 32 percent; in December, her lead was 60 percent to 19 percent.

    Clinton’s support is strongest among confirmed Democrats, but Sanders is winning among Democratic-leaning independents, the poll found. New Jersey allows voters who are registered but have never voted in a primary to declare their party affiliation on Primary Day.

    Among all registered voters, neither party’s front-runner had a high favorability rating. Only 30 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of Trump, while 62 percent had an unfavorable one. Clinton did not do much better, with 39 percent favorable and 50 percent unfavorable.

  9. jbstonesfan
    April 18, 2016 at 9:08 pm
    Roberts will be the swing vote to break the tie…
    What tie? There are only 8 now. He can vote with the conservatives and it will not result in a decision. Still, if Obama puts enough pressure on him he will wilt. And then we will get the bad decision. He is the worst Chief Justice since Roger Taney and that is going back a ways. Thanks to Kennedy there is no federal right to hetrosexual marriage, but there is a federal right to gay marriage. I used to know and respect him. Any more he is just another wacko bird. Maybe he is making google eyes at the charles laughton look alike on the court–I can never remember her name, and it is not worth looking up.

  10. bstonesfan
    April 18, 2016 at 9:04 pm
    My predictions for tomorrow: Trump wins by 19% and Hillary wins by 5%..
    Last poll I saw had him at 54%.

    The goal is 60%.

  11. http://www.dickmorris.com/trump-the-unstoppable-force-dick-morris-tv-lunch-alert/?utm_source=dmreports&utm_medium=dmreports&utm_campaign=dmreports

    I am surprised that Morris is suprised. The establishment is guilty of economic treason. Trump has tapped into patriotism, something the left tried hard to extinguish in their march through the institutions. Think about it for a second. In 1960 families could get by on one income. Today it takes two incomes. And today, the gutless slimeballs in both parties have run up a 20 trillion dollar bonus which means our children and grand children will be paying for it. Economic treason. There is no other word for it.

  12. It is amazing wbb,
    Although my mother also worked, most families could make it on one paycheck, now when I meet a stay at home mother, it is the exception. You don’t see Schafley in her apron preaching for mothers to stay at home..because in most instances they can’t, and, we see the reward of latch key kids now. I don’t care how you spin it, kids need someone to care for them, guide them. My mother and father worked different shifts so someone would be home, which is what my husband and I did. I worked weekends and he worked during the week.
    I’m not making judgements on those who weren’t as fortunate to be able to do that,

  13. I don’t think he can reach 60% wbboei…As for Roberts, yes, I meant he will likely cave or use Kennedy for cover…

  14. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/donald-trump-campaign-staff-222110

    Trump orders new campaign hierarchy, spending plan

    At a senior staff meeting on Saturday, the GOP front-runner gave Paul Manafort more authority and approved a major spending increase.

    By Kenneth P. Vogel and Ben Schreckinger

    04/18/16 06:41 PM EDT

    In a shakeup that’s roiling Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the GOP front-runner told senior staffers at a Saturday meeting that he wants his recent hires Paul Manafort and Rick Wiley to take the reins in upcoming states, giving them a $20-million budget for key contests in May and June, according to three sources with knowledge of the meeting.

    The spending authorization, which covers most of the month of May, is far more than the campaign has spent in any prior month, according to Federal Election Commission filings. The cash infusion — which the sources said is intended to fund an aggressive advertising push, as well as more staff at Trump’s New York headquarters and in upcoming states — is part of an effort by the billionaire to expand and professionalize a shoestring operation that had mostly gotten by on the strength of free media exposure and a small core team.


    Stuart Jolly resigned today

  15. I just watched the last part of Hannity, and he sent someone to a Sanders the socialist rally to ask their opinions about Hillary. One middle aged black woman said she believes in communism, and in my head, all I heard was (it was just in my head, she didn’t say this): “I never learned a skill, I got pregnant in high school before I could afford a kid, and I kept having kids I couldn’t afford, so my life choices guaranteed I would be poor for life, so I’m all about being given other people’s money”.

    Hannity also had a panel. One of the guests (forget his name, he’s always been a dem, but often speaks against the dems’ actions, I think maybe it’s Doug Shoen..?) said that Hillary is playing to the far left, but will move to the middle in the general, and that this is a smart move on her part. Hannity just blew up in astonishment and indignation, “this is what you encourage her to do, to lie?”. I thought, what a jerk. They all do that, and you know it!

    Then the other guy just came on, O’Reilly. He was saying that large numbers of Americans (and politicians and judges encouraging it) believe that the “federal government” is supposed to provide most everything we need throughout life. I’m so tired of people saying “government”. I’m trying to teach myself to always say “taxpayers”, because that drives the point home.

  16. Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign on June 16, 2015 and from that very first day we made the smart analysis about why Trump will triumph.

    admin, can I give you some money to play the lottery or go to a casino for me? 🙂

    We’re so lucky you write this website when you could be making big bucks interfacing with the slime 🙂

  17. What tie? There are only 8 now.

    wbboei, he has caved in the age of Obama, but now that Obama is gone in 276 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes, and 05 seconds at the time of this posting, and Trump is looking so strong, do you think there’s any chance their opinions may be influenced by the likely future….?

  18. lorac

    Jolly was DT’s national field director…DT hired a man named Wiley from Scott Walker’s camp who will be taking over what Jolly was doing

    if you read the article and ignore the writer’s slant, it is all there

    essentially DT is expanding and growing and hiring more experienced pros beyond his smaller shoe string staff…and he has just given them a $20 million dollar budget to work with, mainly for California…DT is number one and Manafort is number 2 in authority

  19. Thanks, S. It’s interesting that Jolly resigned, instead of working in some other capacity. To me, it suggests maybe he was let go.

  20. (sorry, I didn’t realize it was in that article… I thought the part about Jolly was an additional thing you were saying)

  21. Stuart Jolly, on Monday submitted a letter of resignation, according to the sources, who characterized Jolly as displeased with the reorganization. (snip) ….. said “Stuart will not work with Rick Wiley. It just wasn’t going to happen.”

    Ok, I read the article, so my guess was wrong 🙂

  22. How good could Wiley be if he is from Walkers campaign?
    I wonder if it is like the NFL and they hire players temporarily to get inside info on plays from the team they were let to of?

  23. wbboei, he has caved in the age of Obama, but now that Obama is gone in 276 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes, and 05 seconds at the time of this posting, and Trump is looking so strong, do you think there’s any chance their opinions may be influenced by the likely future….?
    Justice Jackson said the Supreme Court is influenced by election results.

    This is because it has neither the power of the sword (executive) or the power of the purse (legislature)

    HOWEVER, when you change the equation and have people who are globalists on the court, hell bent on undermining sovereignty—and that is how I read Roberts and the rest of the liberals, then the people do not count, nor would election results.

    Bottom line: I don’t know where the wackos will go. Nobody does, except perhaps Soros.

  24. Stuart will not work with Rick Wiley.
    If it said he will not work FOR him, that would suggest that he simply does not want him as a boss.

    But when it says will not work WITH him, that suggests that there is personal animus between them.

    What I cannot figure out (besides everything) is what special talents this new guy brings to the party.

    And why Jolly needs a boss.

    I think Paul made the decision, so it probably the right one, but it is opaque to me.

  25. This was a good decision. He was the political director of the RNC, he is internet and social media wise, and he will neutralize the advantage the dims have had in that area. I am sure this was a Manafort decision, and it ensures a line of communication directly to him.


  26. I will say this however. I do not get the same vibes from this guy that I do from Manafort. Manafort is the voice of wisdom and authority. I do not get the same impression from Wiley. He sounds like all the other political operatives we have listened to over the years. But if he is okay with Manafort, then he must be value added. Gulianis campaign was not crowned with conspicuous success.

  27. As long as Manafort is the main guy, when you start adding in the party favorites, makes my stomach turn.

  28. I just read that Hillary is continuing to have her coughing spells. I wonder what’s up with that. I hope she is okay. She had so much stamina 7 years ago, Obama was constantly taking vacations during the lead up to the primaries, but she was the energizer bunny. It seems pretty indisputable that she’s not that now. Of course, she is 7 years older, but so is Trump, and they are only 1 year apart in age. The coughing part is the most worrisome.

  29. The trouble with Justice Roberts is life-long. Whatever control (blackmail) Obama holds over him today will continue, regardless of who occupies the Whitehouse. The problem doesn’t go away just because Obama leaves office. The tentacles of filth Obama has planted run deep.

  30. geez.. I hope the majority of New York State voters realize the polls don’t open until Noon.

    In New York City and the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland,Orange, Putnam and Erie, polls open at 6:00am and close at 9:00pm. In all other counties polls open at 12:oo NOON and CLOSE at 9 PM

  31. In 1960 families could get by on one income
    And we had one bathroom, one tv – black, color too expensive, one car.

  32. If Wiley is the guy who was Walker’s campaign director they better have a non-disclosure agreement and keep him away from Melania and the media. I think this is the guy who butted heads with Mrs Walker and then ran to the WaPo and badmouthed her. Mrs Walker was worried this guy was running up the campaign debt to pay his pals AND have Walker beg for ever increasing donations only to lose. If it is the same guy they better keep a lid on him. He is an ass, tattletale, and didn’t think a lowly woman should have any say in him ruining her and her husband’s finances. Hopefully Manafort told him to shut up and stay out the media.

  33. gonzotx
    April 19, 2016 at 9:51 am
    Is this not against the law to threaten a Presidential candidate?
    they’ll claim “artistic” freedom of speech.

  34. Top Headline @ FoxNews

    UnitedHealth pulls back on ObamaCare exchanges amid huge losses

    The nation’s largest health insurer, fearing massive financial losses, announced Tuesday that it plans to pull back from ObamaCare in a big way and cut its participation in the program’s insurance exchanges to just a handful of states next year – in the latest sign of instability in the marketplace under the law.

    UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley said the company expects losses from its exchange business to total more than $1 billion for this year and last.

    Despite the company expanding to nearly three dozen state exchanges for this year, Hemsley said the company cannot continue to broadly serve the market created by the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansion due partly to the higher risk that comes with its customers….

  35. I was surprised that Donald Trump hired Wiley. Did Rick Wiley have something to do with the nasty 2014 primary battle in Mississippi? Was he on the side of the nasties: McConnel,Thad Cochran and that crew? Or was he the smart lawyer who helped Chris McDaniels?

  36. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/trump-staffers-face-threat-of-blacklist-222123

    Trump staffers face threat of blacklist

    Some political operatives shy away from the billionaire for fear of being shunned by other Republicans.

    When Matt Braynard signed on to run Donald Trump’s data team last fall, he got an email from a veteran GOP operative to whom he was close warning, “You realize once you go Trumptard, your career in GOP politics is over?” [snip]

    But according to interviews with more than a dozen operatives — including several who oppose Trump, some who support him and the leaders of some prominent D.C. political shops — some of those who go to work for Trump face an implicit, and occasionally overt, threat: Help Trump, and you’ll never work in this town again.

    It may be unenforceable, but the push to stigmatize Trump’s aides, advisers and vendors is among the last remaining pieces of ammunition available to a Republican establishment that has tried just about everything else to block the billionaire from taking over of the GOP. And, critically, it has complicated Trump’s efforts in recent weeks to hire top-tier operatives, according to sources familiar with Trump’s campaign.

    Already, the conservative digital firm Targeted Victory has fielded questions about its relationship with Trump’s campaign, for which it has been paid nearly $106,000 for processing online payments. And the venerable law firm Jones Day has faced internal grumbling about its work for the Trump campaign (which has paid the firm $672,000 for legal consulting). Multiple staffers at the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity turned down Trump’s entreaties, in part because they were “concerned about what that would do to their reputation in professional circles going forward,” as one staffer familiar with the entreaties explained.

    Meanwhile, the board of directors of the multipartisan American Association of Political Consultants quietly debated whether to publicly call out Trump for capitalizing on racial and religious tensions and the ethics of those working to elect him. (They ultimately decided against weighing in.)

    Juleanna Glover, a longtime GOP operative who is now a corporate consultant in D.C., said of people choosing to work for Trump: “In the world Fortune 100 companies, their careers would be severely curtailed.

    Katie Packer, who served as Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager and now runs an anti-Trump super PAC, said: “I know that I would never hire or want to work with somebody who tried to help Trump. It would be disqualifying.”

    Trump’s opponents have been the loudest and most outspoken voices in amplifying talk of a blacklist, but, Packer said, “there are a lot of people who share my view.”

  37. admin

    April 19, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    How many politicians will be blacklisted by the American people if they are cheated of their vote??

  38. admin
    April 19, 2016 at 3:17 pm
    Trump’s opponents have been the loudest and most outspoken voices in amplifying talk of a blacklist, but, Packer said, “there are a lot of people who share my view.”

    The problem with blacklists is they go both ways. To be completely shut out of an 8 year presidency and ALL that it touches must be understood and is a big and dangerous risk for these leeches. Blacklists includes who funds these numbnuts, the numbnuts, and the numbnuts who work for them. They can easily be replaced in government by moderate Democrats and Republicans who know how to remain neutral and newbies. The public will not give a hoot. And no one will miss them or probably even notice their absence.

  39. I see the poisonous news media just pumping their noxious propaganda. A friend of mine at work, who is an African American, got miffed with me the other day when she was grumbling about Trump and I told her I was a supporter. It hurt my feelings because I like her. But she calmed down and I brought her Jeb! And the Bush Crime Family and she said it was difficult for the average person to know what to believe.

    So many lies. So much poison.

    They could only win a race to the bottom.

  40. I took a stand and deleted my FB account, cannot stand Zuckerberg. ..

    Guess I will miss the cats, babies, and 30 second recipe’s lol.

  41. So looks like my 19% margin for Trump was to conservative but 5% margin for Hillary about right…

  42. Can’t believe crying postman’s son has 24%
    With Trump at 61%, Guess its where crybaby has his votes.
    Hillary is 8% ahead.

  43. With 14% of the vote in Hillary at 62%. This includes NYC numbers so expect a drop as upstate and Long Island come in.

  44. So hopefully Trump gets all 95 , but they showed Kasich is actually winning Manhattan at this time with only 23% in.

  45. Trump at his speech refers to “Senator Cruz” not Lyin’ Ted. Big pivot to the nomination as Trump eschews insults to focus on his core issues of jobs, immigration, growth.

  46. Anybody been watching Vinyl? My new crush on HBO?
    All about music scene in New York in early seventies…Mick Jagger had his hands in it, I love it, the music, people. ..
    Final show first season was last Sunday.
    Really worth a look.
    Se,, drugs, rock and roll!

  47. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/new-york-primary-trump-cruz-kasich-222155

    Even as champagne corks are set to pop at Trump’s victory party in his eponymous tower on Fifth Avenue, there’s a crucial subplot that backers of Ted Cruz and John Kasich will be watching intently: Can Trump crack 50 percent support?

    Trump’s rivals have spent weeks working to keep the mogul below that threshold, which would wrest a handful of delegates away from Trump’s grasp. As the GOP nomination fight increasingly becomes a seminar in complicated delegate math, limiting Trump’s support on his home turf would amount to a victory of sorts.

    Trump’s allies are hopeful that he can score 80 to 85 of New York’s 95 national convention delegates. Hitting that level of dominance will require Trump to hit 50 percent support statewide — earning a guaranteed pot of 14 delegates — as well as cracking 50 percent in nearly all of New York’s 27 congressional districts, a more difficult feat.

  48. Yes gonzotx..good show…his son plays the lead singer of the band. PS-Stones will be back at MSG in the fall…

  49. Katie Packer, who served as Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager and now runs an anti-Trump super PAC, said: “I know that I would never hire or want to work with somebody who tried to help Trump. It would be disqualifying.”

    Well, this is all assuming he doesn’t win. When he wins, SHE may find herself on a blacklist lol “too dumb for vote for Trump”

  50. Trump 59.7
    Kamiah at 25%
    Cruz 15%

    67% in…surprised both Cruz and Kasich that high, who the hell votes for Cruz in New York?

  51. Looks like there were a variety of different problems – but the Trump not on ballot rumor isn’t true, the others are…

  52. JB,
    Hate to say, but daddy has all the charisma. definitely a Alpha male with a “few”character flaws”, but boy when he is on… he steals the show. The little blond, had a great story line to and definitely a scene stealer. .this, will Catapult her career too.

  53. Ohhhh, JB…
    I thought we were talking about Richie…The main character! His son acts in stuff with him too, like nurse Jackie..lol.
    But in reality, my comment could relate to either.
    Kip is, doing a good job.
    I love the show, love the music..I didn’t live in New York but I lived through those times…
    Nothing like it..Music, Vietnam, eise of the Black Panthers, race riots, counter culture..must of been terrifying to be a parent!

  54. Manhattan. ..

    Kasich will win the Goldmen S Wall street, Muslim vote by about 800, votes..
    99% in…I think it’s perfect, lol.

  55. gonzotz, Bobby Cannavale has always been a great character actor…I remember him form “Cold Case”.

  56. Yes wbboei..you were spot on!!! I didn’t think he could get 60%…so much for my predictions. I also thought Sanders would be much closer .

  57. Watching the RNC former rule committee guys on various networks they must either be really ignorant, tone deaf or both. This 1237 number being the “Holy Grail” and if he comes in with 1207 he ain’t getting it…I just don’t think they understand how out of touch they are with what the people are demanding.

  58. They don’t care Jb.

    It’s all about keeping the status quo, if Hillary wins, they are still in business and they really could give a damn about the people..only our money..

  59. Twice as many Democrats voted than Republican’s.
    If you look at the map, the hole state is green for Bernie, except some of the big cities where Hillary won big.

  60. admin April 18, 2016 at 3:55 pm
    RT Russia Today has picked this up!
    Giant Trump bobblehead dancers banned from school show (VIDEO)

    Politics in school music was ok when it was barack 2008.

  61. Well good morning gang. Donald did good, but the road is till full of pot holes.
    Ted sounds delusional, this may be fun to watch, but he’s a viper. .

  62. I Think if Obama is going to make his move against Hillary, it would need to be soon, otherwise she will have this wrapped up.
    As much as I have come to not trust her, I trust him less and this will be difficult to witness.
    I imagine there will be a huge blacklash by her supporters.

    Admin, What Do You know?

  63. GonzoTx,

    As Admin so eloquently wrote after Wisconsin

    “If the National Enquirer is correct and Ted Cruz himself has employed the “lollypop” whore, then Ted Cruz should know that after the money is paid, the whore is left hugging the dime and not much else. Ted Cruz is the cheese grating whore with the dime left alone on the wet sheets after the men of power have left the room, satiated. For Ted Cruz all that is left is the dime and the mocking sounds of a one night exchange of fluids and a short diseased future”

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