Why @RealDonaldTrump Wins War After @TedCruz Won #WisconsinPrimary Battle

It was the cheese! Ted Cruz, with his cheese grater serpentine teeth, was a natural fit for the cheeseheads in Wisconsin. That should have been a clue to all, that with the GOP establishment using Cruz like a ten cent whore, and the affinity of the Wisconsin cheeseheads to vote for anything related to cheese, it would be a tough slog for The Donald. It was a tough battle exacerbated by the failure of the Trump campaign to organize and to take advantage of issues such as the Teddy Bears, TPP, and the Ford fiasco.

But it was the cheese! The wonderful voters of the wonderful state of Wisconsin could not overcome their cheesy love! Cheese! The voters of Wisconsin voted for the rat who shares their love of cheese.

Rat Ted Cruz with his cheese grater teeth, ready to make Parmesan powder out of a whole wheel of cheese, was a natural fit for the GOP establishment in Wisconsin. But now that the whoremonger GOP establishment has used Cruz, like a Kleenex, for their pleasures, they came and went. Cruz is still in bed hugging the dime he got for letting his orifices be used by the GOP establishment. On the bed side table stands a radio playing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

The answer is “no”. If the National Enquirer is correct and Ted Cruz himself has employed the “lollypop” whore, then Ted Cruz should know that after the money is paid, the whore is left hugging the dime and not much else. Ted Cruz is the cheese grating whore with the dime left alone on the wet sheets after the men of power have left the room, satiated. For Ted Cruz all that is left is the dime and the mocking sounds of a one night exchange of fluids and a short diseased future:

Cruz Still Faces Daunting Delegate Math After Win in Wisconsin

The Texas senator sounded confident in his victory speech Tuesday night, but he needs about four-fifths of remaining delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination.

It was a very good night for Ted Cruz. [snip]

But Cruz wakes up to a discomfiting reality Wednesday: he needs about four-fifths of remaining delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination. Even cutting into Trump’s still-large lead in the primary is a stretch as surveys show him ahead in the three most delegate-rich states yet to vote: New York, Pennsylvania, and California. [snip]

However, “Trump is likely to erase whatever poor performance he has in [Wisconsin with] a big win in New York on April 19—he could win almost all 95 delegates there,” Wasserman added.

Donald J. Trump woke up with his honor intact, having done what he could in the face of the united GOP establishment, millions of dollars in attack ads, and a talk radio/conservative power broker all out war against him. Donald Trump also woke up to good news from New York:

Donald Trump has 52% support in N.Y. Republican primary, John Kasich at 25% and Ted Cruz at 17%, in Monmouth University poll.

“If this result holds in every single congressional district, Trump will walk away with nearly all of New York State’s delegates,” says Patrick Murray, director of Monmouth University Polling Institute

Trump has more than half the vote in NYC, Long Island and Upstate New York: Monmouth

NOTE: N.Y. primary is April 19; state’s 95 delegates the 2nd-largest prize remaining on primary calendar

Not only is Trump likely to break out with over a 50% winner take all threshold, Ted Cruz at the moment does not even qualify for any delegate distribution because New York has a 20% threshold to win delegates.

Ted Cruz is about to learn the lesson that all whores, sex workers, prostitutes, hookers, eventually have to learn: the client is not in love with you.

Ted Cruz is about to learn the lesson that all rats in the city learn: that cheese is in a trap.

Some estimates are that a loss of as little as 32 delegates in the upcoming contests mean the mathematical end for Cruz. That end is, um, coming. The GOP establishment having come and gone will not rescue Ted Cruz in New York. John Kasich will be the whore of the hour now.

The GOP establishment will pay any whore to get their pleasure. The GOP establishment pleasure is to block the voters, disenfranchise the franchise, and stop Donald J. Trump.


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  1. National poll has Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton:


    Even if she eventually vanquishes Bernie Sanders in the primaries, Hillary Clinton might have serious trouble winning over his voters.

    One out of four Sanders supporters– 25 percent – say they would not back Clinton in a general election if she became the Democratic nominee for president, while just 69 percent say they would support her, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.

    By comparison, Clinton supporters are considerably more open to supporting Sanders should he overtake her large lead in delegates and win the nomination. Just 14 percent of Clinton supporters would shun him in the general election, while 79 percent would support him, the poll found.

    The poll also found Sanders edging ahead of Clinton nationally, by 49-47 percent. Overall, the results underscore Clinton’s vulnerability in a surprisingly competitive contest where she has often failed to capture the same enthusiasm as her rival and risks losing votes against a possible Republican challenger in November.

    “Right now, the Sanders voters are more reluctant to support a Clinton candidacy,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion in New York, which conducted the national poll.

    If anything, Sanders voters are even more committed to him – and perhaps against Clinton – since he soundly defeated her Tuesday in Wisconsin after the poll was conducted.

  2. Admin

    This is the key:

    By comparison, Clinton supporters are considerably more open to supporting Sanders should he overtake her large lead in delegates and win the nomination.

  3. Admin,

    How the hell can we get Trump to open the purse strings and get the ground and ad game going, this is for the marbles!
    heard on TV, rarely watch so don’t know truth of it, but said shake ups in Trump campaign. ..

  4. Trump must be specific about TPA, which he co-wrote, TPP, TEDDY BEARS, HIBI VISA which has he supported doing, there’s video on it for crumbs sake.

  5. The key is Hillary has no mojo and is coasting at this point and praying the super delegates don’t abandon her her again.

  6. Admin: here is what I am passing along to Trump, Stone and Alex in re. Wisconsin results. It expands upon the comments I made after I got done complaining about cheeseheads, and realized this was a vendetta, and not a harbinger of things to come, despite what Tokyo Rose Kelly and the rest of big media are seeking to make of it.


    What does the Wisconsin primary result mean for the future?

    If you listen to the scions of big media it means three (3) things, i.e.

    It means Trump has been stopped.

    It means that he will flat line in the remaining states.

    It means a brokered convention with Kasich as the nominee

    And now mirabile dictu they have new polls to prove it.

    Big media is to be congratulated.

    They have done everything a true journalist would never do.

    They have protected the political class—of which they are part.

    They have quashed the rebellion–and the middle class

    And, they have come up with a new narrative

    Which they can repeat ad infinitum ad nauseum

    That narrative is categorically false

    It is predicated on lies, damned lies, and now statistics.

    It is pure propaganda calculated to manipulate people.

    The truth is ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL.

    Therefore, if you want to know the true meaning of this vote

    Then you need to understand the political history of that state.

    Wisconsin is a blue state.

    The Republican hold on power has been tenuous.

    The state was in dire economic trouble.

    Due to the loss of manufacturing and the growth of government.

    The Wisconsin Republican Party campaigned to fix the problem.

    They nominated Walker for governor as their point man.


    He was elected in January 2011.

    Walker’s solution was to go after the public unions.

    To enact a right to work law.

    To lay off union workers.

    To reduce property taxes.

    Not surprisingly, this meant war, i.e.

    War with the Democrat Party (state and national)

    War with the Union (state and national), and-

    War with big media (state and national).

    And this was no fine little march up San Juan Hill.

    It was the political equivalent of the Battle of the Bulge.

    The fate of the fledgling governor hung in the balance.

    And so did the fate of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

    Walker endured protests, death threats, and recall efforts.

    He fought the good fight, and ultimately he won.

    As a result, he was no longer the embattled governor.

    Suddenly, he was Siegfried, the German hero of the golden age.

    And the Wisconsin Republican Party’s lease on power was secure.

    Shortly thereafter, Walker declared his candidacy for president.

    And for one brief moment the savior of Wisconsin lead the field.

    And the Wisconsin Republican Party cast its eyes on the Potomac.

    Yes, those were heady times.

    But they were dashed in the Presidential debates.

    On that stage, Walker came across as wooden and uninformed.

    He was, in that sense, his own worst enemy.

    But the candidate who sent him to the locker room was Trump.

    To avoid further injury, Walker withdrew from the campaign.

    And the Wisconsin Republican Party lost their favorite son.

    They never forgave Trump for that assault.

    So when Trump came to Wisconsin they were laying for him.

    Then Trump did two things which drove them berserk:

    First, he attacked Walker again, when Walker endorsed Cruz.

    That opened the old wound.

    Second, he assailed the economic miracle narrative they promoted.

    That threatened their lease on power within the state.

    In both cases, Trump spoke the truth.

    But the Wisconsin Republican Party could not handle the truth.

    They were not interested in the merits of Trump’s policies.

    All they wanted was to get even.

    And to their discredit, they did.

    They voted for a ringer named Cruz

    To get even with Trump

    As further disclosures on Cruz hit the transom

    What does that mean for the future?

    It means that the Wisconsin result sounds in vendetta.

    It means it is case specific, and-

    It means it is no harbinger for the future.

    Despite what the chronic and habitual liars of big media tell you.

    Given this history, it is remarkable Trump won the votes he did.

  7. Hi Big Pinkers…

    had a very long, draining day yesterday and fortunately fell asleep during most of last nights news…hearing it once was enough…did not need to hear it over and over again with every pundit’s two cents…

    caught a bit of today’s ‘the situation room’ with Wolf…and fwiw…even Jeff Tooblin…yeah, I know, but even he is saying that if Donald comes in…even short a bit below the 1237..Donald will be the nominee.

    and SC Cupp…definetly no fan of Donald…seems to agree and says if DT starts acting presidential and studying the issues the map is there for him to win

    Wolf adds that Roger Stone is on other radio outlets warning that if they try to steal it from The Donald then Stone and his crew will give out the hotel locations of the delegates and let them feel the heat of the Trump supporters…sounds like the Trumpster Brigade will be on call…


    something makes me think…that for all these pundits that “hate” Donald and love to rake him over the coals…yesterday’s win for Cruz may be a little too close for their comfort…

    if Donald will simply do his due diligence now…and give the supposed and reported upcoming speeches…lay off the “shock value” a bit…show his smarts, his charm…this is still his to win..

    he has to get down to brass tacks…do the ads, get some “real people” testimonials out there and STUDY his butt off…the time for “winging it” has flown away…dazzle with your brillance Donald…work like you have never worked before to CLOSE THIS DEAL…

  8. Donald has big rally tonight in Long Island at 7 pm

    OAN usually carries his rallys

    CTreehouse livestream

  9. You do know, Trump won Ryans district and Ryan has competition! A businessman, self made millionaire. Saying all the right things

  10. S
    April 6, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    This is disinformation they are peddling–Tubestake et al

    Whenever he opines on anything, it is a lie.

    What they are doing behind the scenes is stealing Trump delegates and giving them to Cruz

    States he won are giving them to Cruz/

    States where there was no primary are going to Cruz.

    So when they say if he has 1237 or near he will be the nominee

    They are pretending that the establishment will respect democracy

    But what they are doing in secret belies this.

    If you want more on this, here is a helpful link:

    Morris has gone from predicting a Trump victory to this:


  11. New York Values:


    There are more than 1.4 million people in the Bronx — but Ted Cruz couldn’t even muster 100 at a campaign event in Parkchester with state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., a conservative Christian minister.

    Cruz visited the Sabrosura Chinese-Dominican restaurant, where Diaz said the presidential candidate could “listen to the social, economic and spiritual needs of our community” while dining with other clergymen on the eatery’s famed fried rice and plantains.

    Aside from about 70 ministers affiliated with Diaz, only a dozen voters turned up — and two of them were tossed out after screaming protests about the Texas senator’s hardline stance on immigration.

  12. wbboei

    April 6, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    WB I haven’t paid attention to anything from Dick Morris’ bloated carcass since he was left with egg on his face when he predicted a landslide victory for Romney 4 years ago. He talks a good talk don’t buy it.

  13. admin

    April 6, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    New York Values:
    Love the reaction on Ted’s face in the picture. It’s like he’s saying “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Wisconsin anymore”

  14. Outris
    April 6, 2016 at 7:59 pm
    Point taken.

    What amazes me about the guy is how fast he can turn on a dime.

  15. wbboei
    April 4, 2016 at 2:10 am
    I would like to go to Cleveland. I missed Denver over my daughters surgery, but did sponsor a young woman to go. People should stock up on Cipro if things might get bio-nasty. Alternatively, start on a hefty probiotic and then zinc before going. That would at least take the edge off it so you could take a drive.

    Washington DC is just a 7 hour ride to go express bodily excretions on the Whitehouse lawn.

  16. gonzotx
    April 6, 2016 at 7:47 pm
    He has no power to confer social security benefits on illegals.

    The only entity that can do that is congress.

    This is as phony as his red line statement in the middle east.

    He is reduced to a babbling idiot.

    His power is gone.

    Unless he can start a Reichstag fire.

  17. Ted

    I know the turn out in the Bronx was a little disappointing

    But don’t give us

    The night is young, the sky is clear, and if you want to go trolling dear–

    Get on the High Bridge over the Harlem River and into Manhattan

    Go from up town to mid town to down town to the East Village

    To a transvestite bar

    You will be in your element there

    And you will get yourself more supporters

    Than you will hanging out with that odd mix of Holy rollers

    And open borders scum

    Ted could get more votes if he went to the east village and hung out at a transvestite bar.

  18. Donald was great at Long Island rally…Ivanka introduced him

    12,000 people inside…many more outside

    some protestors outside…CNN went live for about a half hour covering the protestors…wish they would ask them how many of them got paid to be there…

    Donald was in his element…America first


    just saying…hey O and the dims…

    remember that old saying…”you have got to take care of yourself before you can take care of others…

  19. …someone write a song about The Donald…the Straight Shooter…please…

    He really is something special…wish many of our fathers were around to see him in action…plain speaking, cut the bull, solve the problem…

  20. ok…seems like there are different delegate numbers different places

    however, if we go with real clear politics numbers, then

    Donald has 743 delegates and needs 494

    Cruz has 517 and needs 720

    Kaisch has 143 and needs 1094

    so NY/95 (prop), Conn/28 (prop), Del/16 (WTA), Md/38(WTA), PA/71( WTA), /RI/19 (Prop), WVA/34 (direct election), CA/172(WTA), NJ/51 (WTA)

    that adds up to 524, so over 494 assuming for subtracting from DT for some proportional states

    AND…there are other states not even factored in that DT might lose but pick up some proportional delegates, ie Indiana, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota

    for me, in question Washington and Oregon??

    any thoughts?

  21. Read Aloud by Donald J. Trump I love the way he tries to evoke some sort of Shakespearean persona, whenever he reads ‘The Snake’.

    On her way to work one morning, down the path alongside the lake.
    A tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.
    His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
    “Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you.”

    “Take me in, oh tender woman.
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake.
    Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake.

    She wrapped him all cozy in a curvature of silk.
    And then laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk.
    Now she hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived,
    She found that pretty snake she’d taken in and revived.

    “Take me in, oh tender woman.
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake.
    Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake.

    Now she clutched him to her bosom.
    “You’re so beautiful,” she cried.
    “But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you would have died.”
    She stroked his pretty skin again and then she kissed and held him tight.
    Instead of saying, “thank you,” that snake gave her a vicious bite.
    I saved you, cried that woman
    And you bit me even why
    And you know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die

    Ah shut up silly woman said that rep with a grin
    “Please, take me in, oh tender woman.
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake.
    Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake.”

  22. Trump has a better chance of rebounding than Hillary…really disappointing campaign but also the party has changed so much. Sanders supporters hate Hillary more than the GOP.

  23. JB…the democratic system of electing a president is anything but democratic
    The super delegate system is completely corrupt
    They are elites that can do anything they want
    Regardless of who the voters vote for or who actually wins the state
    The dims are even more corrupt than the repubs when it comes to voting and the voters
    No respect for the voters, a total scam & charade

  24. S
    April 6, 2016 at 11:52 pm
    And what that says to me is that I have been right all along.

    The only path to reform is through a third party.

    The problem is how does a third party survive, much less win, in a system which is a duopoly?

    There will come a point where that question gets answered

    Most likely at the point of a gun.

    In pre revolutionary times, money controls outcomes.

    In revolutionary times, money does you no good.

    It revolutionary times, violence controls outcomes.

    I hate to talk this way, but it is where simple logic takes you.

    Davidson and Lord Reese-mog (a Soros confederate) talk about the hairbrained thief

    Who holds up a 7-11 store, but sells his guns to the man at the til, and is held until the police arrive.

    Violence, not money, controls the outcome.

    In my opinion, the elites have driven us to that point.

    And, I am not one of those end times guys who get off on this kind of shit.

    For me, a quiet life, of having just enough to get by

    Is perferable to a life with so much money that your children wait for you to die

    So they can fight over the estate.

    That to me is as low as humanity (or is it hermanity now under pc) can sink.

  25. I know of a case of that here in my own building.

    Parents, both deceased, had more money than God.

    Child gave money to Obama–and he reciprocated

    Obama appointed her as Ambassador to Luxenbourg

    She terrorized the place

    The boss from hell, she was

    They had to fire her

    More often than not big money is more of a curse than a blessing.

  26. I wonder if Obama will invite us to visit him at the magnum mansion in Hawaii

    If he draws red lines around the place, you know he will retreat and let us in

    We can sit around and drink mint juleps

    And talk about how he could have been a contender–or a great president

    Then we could wander down to the Royal Kamapali golf course

    And see him shank a few shots, and have the secret service shag balls for him.

    Come to think of it, I believe I will pass.

    Unless Michelle shows up and kicks his lazy ass

    I might hang around for that chapter

  27. Lu4PUMA
    April 6, 2016 at 9:31 pm
    I sent both of them copies of my little piece all politics is local, which is something tip o’neil would always say, and far be it from me to ignore a man of his pedigree, i.e. fine Irish barroom politician–from south of the bos. Just remember last night I said the same thing–cheating. It was, in fact, the first word out of my mouth after I said cheeseheads ten times. But as I say, the real explanation lies in a vendetta, and revenge served cold, for which Wisconsin Republicans proved petty, with a touch of treason.

  28. The clairvoyant wrote something tonight which she is passing along too. She has studied George Washington and believes Trump has many of those qualities which can lead a nation through the shadow of death to safety. She does an incredible job of putting Trump, you and me, at a pivotal time in American history. She claims Trump is the only one on that stage from either party who works for you. Because of the way funding has changed, all the rest of them do not work for you—they works solely and exclusively for their donors, and they will rob you blind if that is what their donors demand. Trump will never do that. Her paper is a masterpiece, and perhaps there will come a point where she gives me permission to post it here in which case I will. If you are at all like me, you will find it very inspiring, and it proves that thank to Admin we are all on the right track here on this blog.

  29. So, Hillary supporters will vote for the socialist if he wins the nomination, but Sanders people mostly won’t reciprocate. Reminds me of 2008. As I recall, Hillary voters (not the smart PUMAs, but the other ones) said they would vote for Obama if he won the nomination, but Obama supporters said they would not vote for Hillary. Hillary is again running against someone whose supporters won’t vote for her if she wins. So again she is kissing up to someone who has betrayed her, and again she is moving ever further left wooing the same type of voters who don’t want her in the first place, OR the second place.

  30. She claims Trump is the only one on that stage from either party who works for you. Because of the way funding has changed, all the rest of them do not work for you—they works solely and exclusively for their donors, and they will rob you blind if that is what their donors demand. Trump will never do that.

    Well, this part isn’t clairvoyance, all one has to do is listen to Trump, he says this himself all the time 🙂

  31. alcina
    April 7, 2016 at 10:08 am
    Cruz will have his come to Jesus moment competing with Trump in NY.
    He got a taste of it in the Bronx, when 12 people showed up for his rally, and two of them were there to protest, and had to be evicted. I am not entirely sure that he will get those two votes when the time comes. On the other hand, since they are illegals, the establishment fill find some way to get them into a voting booth, with instructions in spanish to vote for the globalist and not the nationalist, and take your turn to loot the middle class. As for the other ten, just think how lucky they are. It is not often groupies in any field of the entertainment industry get a chance to spend so much quality time with a (transvestite) rock star. But make sure they bring a lie detector, so when he opens his mouth and starts lying, they are not taken in the way conservatives like Guttfield and minnie mouse Perino, Cheney’s half daughter has been.

  32. I think I mentioned I got a new car, and a day later an illegal ran into the intersection against the light, I slammed on my brakes, and got rear ended. He came over and thanked me for saving his life, but when I asked him for a witness statement he said please do not report me to immigration. This, and one other accident ten years ago when I entered the Hollywood Freeway, and was rear ended by an illegal, gave me a deeper appreciation of the illegal immigrant experience. Driving through the ghettos of east LA, seeing the artillery on display, and gunshots in the air was also an enriching experience.

  33. alcina
    April 7, 2016 at 10:08 am
    Cruz will have his come to Jesus moment competing with Trump in NY.
    Cruz has already been paid his 30 pieces of silver. I think of it as more of a come to Judas moment. He will be sacrificed.

  34. This is the most incredible story. It is all about FOX. On one level, it is a battle royal between Trump supporters and Trump haters in the organization. On another level it is the story of someone who some perceive to be a smart independent woman, and others know to be someone who attacks people without provocation, and when they fight back, whines when colleagues who cautioned her against doing so do not come running to the rescue. And on yet another level, it is the story of the man in the middle, Roger Ailes, who had trouble of his own, and asked Trump to come in, mediate the dispute between his lawyers and those of the charging party, and through the force of his personality and negotiating skills forge a deal which kept the issue out of court, and save Ailes bacon. Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive. General Sarnoff, who founded NBC, used to say what he valued most in life was peace of mind. At this point, Ailes is feeling little of that, as the schism in his organization widens, and there is little he can do about that. The obvious answer would be to fire Kelley, she is a bull in a china shop, but I suspect that ninny has the protection of the ring, meaning Murdock.


  35. LIVE Donald Trump New York Bethpage Ivanka Trump Rally Grumman Studios 7:00 PM EDT ✔

    Streamed live 18 hours ago
    LIVE Stream Donald Trump & Ivanka Trump Rally in Bethpage, NY (4-6-16) 7:00 PM EDT. Wednesday, April 6, 2016: LIVE Stream of the Donald J. Trump for Presiden Rally in Bethpage, NY at Grumman Studios beginning at 7:00 PM EDT.

    Quality is not the best. Replace it without hesitation. Enthusiasm is catching. I hear there is a point where audience chants lyin Ted.

    BTW already Amnesty is a hot topic. Sabine Durden letter at Breitbart. Check her out at Twitter. She love love loves Donald.

  36. fabulous photos…

    if you really want to get a sense of the crowd that was in Long Island last night click on the 38 second clip that scans the room…

    no news media would dare to show you the energy and support that Donald has in that studio hanger… no they stay in close up of Donald…

    check it out…let’s just call this “HIGH ENERGY” Trump New York style…


  37. wbboei

    April 7, 2016 at 2:00 am

    The clairvoyant

    New romantic interest? I used to mention my wife all the time when we were falling in love.

  38. blowme0bama
    April 7, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    April 7, 2016 at 2:00 am

    The clairvoyant

    New romantic interest? I used to mention my wife all the time when we were falling in love.


    No, she is spoken for, and has been for over thirty years. Her husband is also a friend. I stayed with them during the 2008 primary and both of us were strong supporters of Hillary at that time.

  39. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2016-04-06/a-convention-coup-endangers-republican-party

    This still seems to me, as of April 6, the most likely outcome. To date, Trump has acquired 743 delegates, Cruz has won 517 delegates and Ohio Governor John Kasich, who appears to be playing a different sport on a distant field, has 143.

    The American system of elections is not immutable. It has changed considerably over the years. Sometimes the changes are huge — as when constituents began directly electing their U.S. senators or when women gained the vote. Sometimes, they’re relatively small, as when Nebraska changed its formula for apportioning the state’s electoral votes.

    However, one theme runs consistently through American history: The candidate with the most votes wins, just as in sports, where the team with the most points wins. Sometimes it’s a lucky shot that puts you in the winner’s circle. Sometimes it’s an electoral college majority trumping the popular vote. But one way or another, you need the most points to win the game.

    Trump will almost certainly have the most points heading to Cleveland. It may be well and proper, under party rules, to deny him the nomination. It will also be widely considered — by his supporters, above all — as undemocratic, un-American and crooked. As political conventions go, this one would be a doozy. [snip]

    This is the outcome that many Republicans in Washington, D.C., who fear Trump and detest Cruz, seem to dream about. In this case, Trump and Cruz go into the national convention having won the vast majority of delegates between them. In voting for Trump and Cruz, this majority has proved contemptuous and distrustful of Republican elites, and eager to humiliate and punish them for perceived failures and betrayals.

    Under the fantasy scenario, members of that detested elite then finagle a nomination that disrespects and repudiates the votes of those millions of Republican primary voters. Instead, in an outcome that will variously be described with words such as “backroom” and “coup” and “treason,” the establishment engineers a nomination for someone such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, who didn’t compete in the primaries, or, even more unlikely, the Ohio governor who did compete — and lost and lost and lost.

    There is much consternation among Republican leaders that a Trump nomination would break the party. But the outcome most likely to break the party is the one in which Republican elites crown one of their own. Such a candidate would be perceived as illegitimate — not by every Republican, surely, but by enough Trump and Cruz voters to court disaster.

    In 2008 Hillary got the most votes. Now it is the GOP’s turn to steal a nomination. The difference this time is that Trump will fight.

  40. wbboei
    April 7, 2016 at 12:33 pm
    I disagree. Grandpa was better looking! 😄

  41. Admin
    “In 2008 Hillary got the most votes. Now it is the GOP’s turn to steal a nomination. The difference this time is that Trump will fight.”

    Absolutely Admin, and as you listen to the 15,000 Trump supporters in Bethpage, New York last night, you could sense the angry energy of those New Yorkers, who knew the Trump was out maneuvered with the GOP/Establishment and cohorts with their massive built-in ground play. They are angry that the Establishment would go after their own political front runner.
    There was that old familiar ‘Gang of New York’ super strong feeling that, if you hurt or try to damage a New Yorker, it is equal to, they themselves being flimflammed and there is a day of reckoning in store and they wanted to get at it. The energy and over-whelming support they showed to Trump, I think sometimes moves him, that he often stepped away from the microphone to compose himself.

  42. Administrator has been correct almost every time. I am convinced more than even Hillary is not going to be the nominee and it may not even have to wait until the convention. Regarding Trump, sadly not I think he is done either way. He hurt himself immensely with the abortion punishment and the party will rather lose to Biden/Warren and maybe even Sanders as VP, than allow Trump to prevail.

  43. JB
    I respectfully disagree. American voters have short memories. Few people are paying as much attention as we are.
    If Trump makes some new good news, then the abortion thing will fade away. For better or worse that’s what we are dealing with.
    Warts and all, I’m still all in for Trump. There just is no other choice for people like me who have been hurt by illegal immigration and the crappy economy.

  44. I’d forgotten Hillary was to be on The View this week. The audience is very appreciative. Look for Bernie there too. Not certain about Donald. Hopefully he’ll skip it.
    Hillary Clinton “The View” Full Interview (2016 Election) 4/5/2016
    She went after Trump with inaccurate specificity. Don’t know that she stirred enough.

  45. Rudy Giuliani is voting for Donald…(fwiw…imho…most NY Italians will support Donald…bring on Rudy and Christie…and the rest of the gang)


    Peter Kings says NYers voting for Cruz need to have their heads examined
    and he says:

    “Look, I hope he gets the cold shoulder and other things from every New Yorker. Send him back where he belongs.”


  46. holdthemaccountable
    April 7, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Thanks for posting. Good interview and Hillary looks beautiful.

  47. gonzotx

    April 7, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Yes voting for him but did not officially endorse. Something wrong there, playing both sides

    Gonzo, the explanation I heard was that Rudy is also a delegate and he has more leverage later with other delegates if he does not endorse

    regardless, Rudy’s support is a GOOD thing…and will instill more confidence in DT

  48. Shadow, Sure. Agree that she’s looking top notch and it WAS a good interview.
    gonzotx, It did sting a bit, but for now I can give her a pass on it. Come to think of it, that might be the standard for her GE season general attack. Then I can picture the two of them going for it. (lol)

    Bob Casey and hundreds from Scranton are waiting for Big Dawg to show up. He’s somewhere in town, but is past due at High School where he will of course, campaign for Hillary.

    The school kids were dismissed very early today to prepare for his arrival. Some locals not happy that the teaching portion of the day was clipped so much.


  49. gonzotx
    April 7, 2016 at 3:58 pm
    So on one hand Bill blasts the BLM movement, while on the other hand Hillary panders to them. WTF is going on with the Clintons?

  50. Peter Kings says NYers voting for Cruz need to have their heads examined
    and he says:

    “Look, I hope he gets the cold shoulder and other things from every New Yorker. Send him back where he belongs.”
    I doubt the psychoanalysts on the upper East side will be very busy with New Yorkers voting for Ted. But if the big media beloved messiah comes to town they will have their hands full.

    As for Cruz going back to where he belongs, I cannot figure where that might be:




    The women’s dorm at Princeton???

    The Mayflower Madam’s bourdier????

    Finicchos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finocchio%27s_Club???? or

    The south Bronx at midnight???????

  51. Trump does not have anyone from his campaign who is advocating on tv for him!!! Cruz and Hillary and Bernie have thier campaign managers on ALL day long it seems and you NEVER hear from from Trumps TEAM

    I am a bit worried about the older voters here in WVA .. a few church people I talk with need NUDGED about social security and the seem to be vested in Cruz cause of his “values” .. The damn stories on the mistresses need to come out SOON … I mean REAL women

  52. wbboei
    April 7, 2016 at 2:00 am
    I think that Donald Trump will need to be a better man than he has ever been in his life, to handle what is to come. Yes, the ultimate deal to be made for the future of our society. There is no one else willing, who is more able. I believe he can.

  53. dot48
    April 7, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Mistresses? The man is a whore monger. Apparently he has no life with his wife.

  54. I guess the DC Madam involvement precedes his marriage, but is none the less revealing about him.

  55. S,
    Saying he would have.more sway as a delegate does not pass the smell test with me. Something is not right.

  56. gonzotx
    April 7, 2016 at 5:45 pm
    Good interview when Hillary LIES about Trump..hmmm, not so much lol.

    Ya know what gonzotx, I find you truly disgusting. Every time I post any comment, for weeks on end…you have to turn it into a total dig.

    Everyone knows that you don’t support Hillary, don’t like her, don’t trust her…love your new choice as a candidate after dumping Cruz, after you dumped Hillary.

    Vote for who you want, praise who you want, but quit being a little yappy dog trying to nip at every freakin’ comment that isn’t trashing Hillary.

    You have trashed me, so big effin’ deal.

    I tried to ignore you as long as I can, you are definitely the most annoying person on Big Pink.

  57. Ahh Shadow, thanks, that means so much to me coming from you. ..your so special, as you have shown yourself time and time again…

  58. Mystifying for me however why Trump is scaling back his rallies while others are intensigying theirs .. Cruz an d Kasich already into PA and WV

    Trump has good lead in NY so why not go into other states? I’m confused

    Also seems he was going to give policy speechs but when???

    EVERYONE else has people ALL over the place now so I’m puzzled at this strategy..

    One rally on Monday one on Wednesday and nothing else for I don’t knwo how long???

  59. Maybe he needed to lick his wounds from Wisconsin, solidify his base in NY to make sure he gets over 50%…
    The way he hit Wisconsin, big, I am sure he will be hitting the rest of the state’s big time.

  60. The great Bill Clinton could not get elected today..as some talking head said on CNN that party is dead. The party is extremely left as evidenced by the popularity of Sanders, Warren, Obama, etc. Hillary has to pander to BLM because truthfully, without the AA vote, she would be toast already…As I said last night, the AA vote cost her in 08 and is keeping her afloat in 16. The dems have lost a lot of white middle aged males like me (53 and counting). I also make a good living so there is no incentive to vote democratic as they want to take everything I have worked for away..My kids inheritance will pay for Sander’s programs to pay for these slackers and people who think capitalism is evil..I don’t like to curse, but F– them!!! To paraphrase the late John Houseman in that old Smith Barney commercial “How do (I) make money? The old-fashioned way… (I) earn it.”

  61. I feel your pain JB…
    I have to take care of freeloaders everyday and they bluntly tell me “I’m hear to get disability”. They admit them selfs to the hospital with made up Dx., lies, lawyers, healthy but wanting the easy money and there are enough Dr.s and Lawyers to clear the path for them.
    Its, disgusting.

  62. I apologize as a lawyer to you. My friend also works at a public hospital and is not well off, tells me the stories of the free loaders(many middle eastern) and how frustrated she is …they are rude, arrogant and think they are entitled to everything for free..and they get it for free while my friend is reduced to a 37 hr work week, no raise this past year, and less benefits..this was a great country and always helped the needy, but the idea was after we helped you got up and started to be a productive member of society. That concept no longer applies…they just want more and more freebies and we have to work until we are dead just to keep up…I am putting 2 kids through college and another will be going in 8 yrs….I can’t sleep at night, the pressure is unbelievable and I have it relatively good!!! My wife tells me to try and be happy as we have 3 wonderful kids, a home that is paid off, and some savings, but she does not realize it can all go away in a flash…

  63. dot48

    April 7, 2016 at 7:34 pm


    I agree with you…

    this morning I had CNN on in the background with Carol Costello (I don’t like or watch her…the tv was just on)

    anyway…she had on two people trashing Trump…his high negatives, only white men support him, women can’t stand him, wisconsin voters afraid of him…on and on

    the kicker was they also had Jeff Lord on remote…and surprise, surprise…he had a bad connection so they said they would come back to him…and the trump trashing continued…when Jeff finally came back on…yep, his connection was still bad…and then segment ended….no one got to speak for DT …just a wee bit too obvious for me

    there are a few guys speaking on behalf of trump…miller and another man who is running his camp somewhere…and then Katrina Pierson and the two other blonde women

    but i agree he needs more and often…
    i do hear his attorney Michael Cohen on the radio when I am in my car…he is a very strong voice for DT

    and evidently Roger Stone has been banned from the cable stations
    the cable people do not want strong voices for DT, it interrupts their narrative to destroy and demonize him…Trump Derangement…

  64. And someone may want to remind Hillary that her fabulous journalist Megyn Kelly, while not attacking Trump, has a story on whether Hillary will be indicted almost every other night!!! Again, she is either pandering or really misinformed…I am pretty ticked off about things.

  65. Lu4PUMA
    April 7, 2016 at 7:39 pm
    I told you a week ago this would be coming out.


    But, like the song goes, you forgot to remember.

    So, that’s good for one hail Mary.

    Now for the pez d restance

    The transvestite years, or

    Baby chickens aren’t the only thing that peep

    Ted dressed as a transvestite snuck in the girls sorority at Princeton

    And went trolling for bath room key holes

    Not the qualities we want in a president

    Better suited to sit beside Roberts on the Supreme Court

    But not too close because in the immortal words of Rocky Balboa

    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

  66. jbstonesfan
    April 7, 2016 at 10:23 pm
    You are an excellent lawyer, but more important than that, you are a man of character. Your clients are very fortunate to have you representing them. You are the kind of individual I look for when I refer cases to other lawyers.

  67. Yes JB, they have us working 12 hour shifts so 36 hours per week, that way they cut down on overtime and you lose 16 hours a month.
    However nurses are quitting non stop.so believe me, there is overtime if you want it but the stress is extreme, short staffed, high patient to nurse ratios, entitled patients…
    don’t go into a hospital unless you know the ratios are 1 to 5 or less, better 1 to 4.
    Almost all the patients are unfunded, it’s a nightmare.

  68. Thank you all for the nice comments…you all express your thoughts much better than I ever could. Wbboei your brilliant analysis of both legal and political issues is aspiring to me. I learn from each of you everyday, and although we are not always on the same page, we all love our country and are sad to see the transformation that has occurred over the last 8 years. Glad to be here (and to think when I first started posting some thought I was an Obot plant).

  69. this morning Trump’s new hire, Paul Manafort gave, i believe, his first interview on cnn with cuomo…

    I like this guy…Dot48…a good strong, experienced voice speaking for DT and countering all the voices saying a brokered convention is coming…He is the man DT has hired to handle the whole delegate issue and also counter Cruz beating him to the punch and ‘stealing’ delegates that DT should get and needs…

    Paul M is a voice on the air saying Donald will have the 1237 (people sure need to hear that to counter all the other noise)…he has a confident persona, easy on the eyes and projects a calm PR and almost diplomatic prescence…for example, at one point he described himself as the person that is introducing delegates to Donald that do not know him and do want to support him but have not had a way to connect to him…

    (a positive way to put/spin it)

    Cuomo tried to throw him off course, but he was steady, calm, self assured and gave the impression that the campaign is in a new phase and the ship is on course and knows how to win

    I think we will be seeing more of him…

  70. btw…Bernie Sanders was on Morning Joe this am

    He got an invitation from the Vatican to meet with the Pope and he is on his way to go to the Rome to meet the Pope to discuss economic fairness

    Oh boy!

  71. I know who Charles Black is and I have known it for years.

    The original firm was Black, Manafort and Stone.

    Stone now does not mention his name, merely that he worked for him.

    I gather there has been a falling out.

    Certainly there is in this election, because Black represents Kasich.

    The think for you to know about Black, the one thing that matters is this:



  72. He will tell you fairy tales like he knew Goldwater, and Reagan, and is therefore a solid conservative. That is pure unadulterated bullshit. He engineered the Bush vice presidency which led to the undoing of the Reagan legacy, long before the big media messiah came on stage. That in a nutshell is what Charles Black is all about. For those of us who are nationalists, he is an arch enemy.

  73. You can be sure that whoever Black represents is where old man Poppy Bush is placing his poker chips.

  74. I guess I should have said it more succinctly:

    Black is more than a mere Bush operative.

    He is a consigliere to the Bush Crime Family.

  75. wbboei
    why are you talking about Charlie Black??? it is my understanding that Charlie Black is working for Kaisch along with Stu Spencer

    it is Paul Manafort that is with Trump, actually I watched some of the clips posted with Stone talking to Alex Jones and Stone says he and Paul are friends and that he thinks Paul is a good and NEEDED person to get Trump in a better position with delegates

    I kind of got the impression that Stone will be putting the Trumpsters together to put pressure on delegates at the Convention

    but Manaport will start now with getting DT and the delegates together…and also try to stop the bleeding delegates that are going to the vampire Cruz

  76. one more thing…Paul Manafort said this morning that he has known Donald for a long time and were friends

  77. wbboei…i see you mention that Black is with Kaisch



    On Thursday, Trump announced that Manafort would play an increasingly influential role in his campaign as it heads toward a possibly contested Republican convention in Cleveland. In a statement, the business mogul announced that “he is consolidating the functions related to the nomination process” and “assigning” them to Manafort.

    “Mr. Manafort will oversee, manage, and be responsible for all activities that pertain to Mr. Trump’s delegate process and the Cleveland Convention,” the statement said. “Mr. Manafort will direct the campaign’s activities in areas including delegate operations, Washington, DC outreach and the DC office opening next week.”

    Friends, lobbyists and former foes say that Trump is picking the right man for the job at a time when he is seeking to professionalize his political operation as it fends off talk that he will be unable to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP presidential nod outright. If that doesn’t happen, then Trump will be relying on the longtime party operative to corral delegates in a race that could go to a second ballot and beyond.

    Manafort comes with the right calling card: He fiercely protected Gerald Ford’s delegates at the last contested convention in 1976, in what Bay Buchanan, national treasurer for Ronald Reagan’s insurgent campaign, called “hand to hand” combat.

    “You’re down to the number of people you can count and meet,” Buchanan said, noting that Manafort didn’t lose a single Ford delegate. “If you’re not tough, you will lose. To suggest he’s tough is saying he’s competent.”

    Since then, Manafort has been involved in many a convention operation. But that doesn’t mean Manafort is a conventional Washington figure — indeed, he remains somewhat of a mystery on K Street.

    [As contested convention looms, Trump to hire ‘seasoned operatives’ to help]

    Friends say Manafort hasn’t lived full time in the Washington area for years. He resides, at least part of the time, in Trump Tower in Manhattan, where he has an apartment. He and Trump have met over the years in the lobby and elevators.

    Manafort splits time in Florida, New York and Alexandria, Va., and travels internationally often, and for weeks or months at a time, consulting for foreign governments, several friends said. Corporate lobbyists describe such work as “a different cup of tea” than the typical contract lobbying for corporations that keeps most K Street types in Washington full-time.

    But despite his low inside-the-Beltway profile, no one underestimates Manafort, seen as a formidable opponent who is unafraid to go to the mat for controversial, polarizing clients. The Trump job marks his reemergence onto the U.S. political scene, one longtime friend said.

    “He’s going to be a major influence on Trump,” said Scott Reed, senior political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a longtime Manafort friend. “They’re close in age, so Trump doesn’t look to him like he’s some kid. He brings a level of professionalism to the Trump operation at an important time because they have to pivot from being this band of merry campaigners that fly around to actually grinding out a convention where every delegate matters.”

    Reed was campaign manager for Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign and hired Manafort to run the San Diego convention. The two previously worked together on the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1984, when Manafort was heavily involved in the convention planning.

    “Paul is very much into the basics of this business,” Reed said. “Blocking and tackling. Message discipline. Those are the things that really matter. We’ll see if he can get it done. The jury is still out.”

    If anyone is capable of whipping the Trump campaign into a more organized, disciplined operation, it’s Manafort. He was recommended for the job by Roger Stone, the longtime Trump associate who officially parted ways with the campaign last summer but remains influential.

    Manafort is the co-founder of two lobby and consulting firms, Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly (BMS&K) and, later, Davis Manafort. Even in the lobbying industry, where the buying and selling of influence can blur ethical lines, both businesses garnered considerable scrutiny for their tactics and clients.


    BMS&K also appears to be the early link that connected Manafort and Trump decades ago. The firm lobbied on behalf of the Trump Organization on gaming, taxes and other issues related to Trump’s hotels, at both the federal and state levels in New York and Florida, said lobbyist and GOP strategist Charlie Black, Manafort’s former business partner.

    Manafort “has taken on a tough task, but certainly it’s a good decision for Trump,” said Black, who has been friends with Manafort for 40 years. Black is an adviser to John Kasich’s presidential campaign.

    The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for an interview with Manafort. But on Thursday, in the Trump release expanding his role, Manafort described winning the GOP nod “as an intricate series of steps that requires a comprehensive strategy.”

    “As part of the campaign team, my job is to secure and protect Mr. Trump’s nomination and that is what we will do,” he vowed, adding he intended to work closely with campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and deputy campaign chief Michael Glassner. “I am honored that he has allowed me to join him in this effort. Mr. Trump has created a historic campaign that has moved the American people. He is on the verge of an incredible victory.”

    For much of his career, Manafort seemed to be a part of the establishment that Trump routinely rails against.

    He made a name for himself working for leading Republican figures, including Ford, Reagan, Dole and George H.W. Bush.

    “Paul has been involved in internal Republican politics for almost all of his adult life,” said Vin Weber, a lobbyist and a Republican former congressman from Minnesota who is a longtime friend of Manafort. “He’s one of the true first-rate professionals in the Republican Party. There’s only a handful of people, I really mean that, that can honestly say they know how a national convention works. He’s one of them.”

    Weber, who advises Kasich, is no fan of Trump but lauded his choice of Manafort all the same.

    “This is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen the Trump organization do,” Weber said. “Maybe the only impressive thing.”

    After BMS&K was sold to Burson-Marsteller, Manafort formed Davis Manafort in 1995 with former John McCain adviser Rick Davis. It effectively disbanded after the 2008 election, Politico reported in 2014. Davis did not immediately return a request seeking comment.

    Manafort then founded DMP International, a business and international-affairs firm. The firm was formed in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., in 2012, according to the state’s business records.

    Along the way, he seems to have picked up a masterful command of the unique traits critical to securing delegates, a dance that combines math, management skills, discipline and a knack for knowing when and how to apply pressure. He has a keen ability to “size people up pretty well” to gauge whether they can be trusted, Black said.

    “A delegate operation is a big undertaking,” Black said. “You need several hundred people contacting the delegates to back up the efforts the candidate and others are making. You have to be very organized and make sure people are following through and accountable.”

    Buchanan recalls the aggressive convention strategy deployed by the Reagan campaign to try to win over Ford-aligned delegates. Not a single one budged. “The spirit in the room was so pro-Reagan, it was astounding, yet we didn’t get one [delegate] to come over,” Buchanan said. “That says a great deal about Paul Manafort’s ability to know these delegates, become familiar with them and make certain they remained in the camp he needed them to be in. Paul Manafort made certain no delegate moved no matter what we did.”

    In Cleveland, Manafort will find himself on the opposite side of some of his former business partners — and not for the first time, in what seems to be a small circle of delegate wranglers. In 1976, Manafort worked for Ford and Black worked for Reagan. In 1988, Manafort backed Dole and Black worked for Jack Kemp.

    Black said he has not spoken to Manafort since he was tapped for the Kasich campaign and Manafort signed on with Trump. But to Black, it’s business as usual.

    “We’ll be friends regardless,” Black said. “We don’t always have to be on the same side to be friends.”

  78. And that is why the democratic party has really shifted from Pro-Israel to Pro-Arab/Muslim. Demographics are changing and getting that demographic will carry substantial influence , particularly they are affluent. American liberal Jews can blame themselves for speeding the demise of Israel by supporting an openly anti-Israeli President, not once, but twice knowing full well his hatred of Israel.

  79. S
    April 8, 2016 at 10:52 am
    why are you talking about Charlie Black???
    Because that is who we are up against.

    He represents Kasich, not Tednado, therefore we know Tednado is will not be Cinderella.

    Strike that.

    I damned near crucified an apt metaphor.

    Okay stupid, fix it.

    Okay Okay, how about this.

    Ted will dress up like Cinderella

    He will go to the the Convention as Cinderalla

    But the silver slipper won’t fit

    And everyone knows

    If the slipper don’t fit

    Then the establishment must appoint him to the Supreme Court

    Where he can sit in Roberts lap.

  80. Damn it–I did it again

    If the slipper don’t fit

    Then he must sit

    In Roberts lap

    On the supreme court

    So Ted can say

    Get this idiot off my feet

    And Roberts can say

    No, first get this idiot out of my lap

    And if they asked me to arbitrate that one

    I would say they both have a good point

  81. Your right JB…it’s like a Country of fools, I guess they are so distant from Israel and the Holocaust, they have sold their collective souls to the devil.

  82. Shadowfax
    April 8, 2016 at 4:18 pm
    If the slipper don’t fit

    He must quit.
    Touche Shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Pennsylvania primary is soon, 4/26. It’s late, but Trump is waking up NE Pennsylvania with two great decisions. One is to open a campaign office near but not in Scranton: classier Clarks Summit. Secondly his campaign has appointed US Rep Tom Marino state campaign chairman. (And Tom endorsed Trump weeks ago because most of his constituents are voting for DJT – [and it cannot hurt a 2 term conservative guy who has been struggling to stay in DC for awhile.]

    It’s a straight article, and the station’s investigative reporter indicated he’ll take on my complaint Tweeted last night that “HandMaiden to Democrats everywhere” Katie McGinty’s TV ad misrepresents Trump on social security.

    DJT’s taking a break to catch up on his professional business? It has been stated as such. I wonder how many protesting goons are disappointed they won’t be making the new minimum wage ($15 per) today.


    Donald Trump has long been noted for being fiercely loyal to those who do right by him. Thus, it came as no surprise to longtime friends and advisers that he stood by embattled campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after the Mainstream Media accused Lewandowski of manhandling a female reporter during a press scrum even though video appears to show whatever interaction occurred between the two fell far short of the allegations an assault took place.

    What Mr. Trump doesn’t abide is repeated incompetence though, and it is THAT violation that is said to have now placed Lewandowski dangerously close to Trump’s “gotta go” list.

    There have long been complaints of Lewandowski’s often blunt approach to politicking. That wasn’t an issue for the often equally blunt Donald Trump. Plus, as the primary season progressed, Trump was racking up repeated wins and extending his delegate lead over his GOP rivals, so scrutiny upon the internal workings of the campaign were apparently not a priority for the New York billionaire. He simply focused on a state primary, won it, and then moved on to the next.

    Then two critical things happened that placed Mr. Lewandowski on Trump’s reassessment radar – a meeting in Washington D.C. and a primary election.

    The first was the most recent sit down between Trump and RNC Chair, Reince Priebus. While Trump told media it was a “great” meeting, privately he is said to have left RNC headquarters initially stunned and then increasingly angered over how his campaign operatives were clearly slow to act in protecting the very delegates he as the leading candidate, had won. The business tycoon was being outflanked by a long-corrupted political system and he knew it.

    This anger simmered while the relationship between Trump and Lewandowski allegedly cooled as the campaign then focused upon the Wisconsin primary where a perfect storm of state and national GOP operatives, donors, and media were united in using Ted Cruz as the tool to deliver a resounding defeat to the New York billionaire.

    Trump once again found himself having to be the campaign’s ground game as he crisscrossed the northern Midwest state attempting to overcome the focused Establishment powers working so aggressively against him.

    The Establishment won.

    Then came a much-needed return to New York and a private sit-down with new campaign hire, Paul Manafort who had by then already spent a number of days assessing the campaign’s overall strengths and weaknesses. Mr. Manafort apparently found little to like, and a lot to fault – and proceeded to share that opinion with a still uncertain and frustrated GOP front runner.

    Sources indicate a repeated plea from Manafort was that Corey Lewandowski’s role be quickly and quietly diminished because the entirety of the campaign was teetering on total collapse beneath the onslaught of a GOP Machine far more experienced in foisting its candidate of choice regardless of the actual will of Republican voters.

    “You’re winning the votes but losing the nomination.”

    Trump is said to have listened and then agreed, with the caveat that Lewandowski not be made to feel lessened by the restructuring – the loyalty, at least remnants of it, remained intact within Mr. Trump’s assessment of the situation.

    For now.

    The Trump campaign is quickly forming into a Manafort operation vs a Lewandowski operation, though Trump supporters fear it might prove too little too late. Trump has taken to resting up the last few days, pouring over piles of political data that is the air someone like Manafort breathes, but is astonishingly new to a man who has led the GOP field for some six months.

    A national political campaign is among the most turbulent and challenging of shark-infested waters.
    Donald Trump, at long last, has decided it’s finally time he learn to swim.

    UPDATE: Here is just-released video of Paul Manafort speaking with CNN on the shift within the Trump campaign and his direct role in that undertaking. Note how he says he answers to Trump directly – not through Lewandowski, a clear substantiation of the above report. This a very competent and confident political operative of the highest order:


  85. another poster described Manafort as Rocky Balboa in a suit. you’ve gotta love his attitude. let’s hope it’s not too late to secure the delegates.

  86. foxyladi14

    April 9, 2016 at 11:40 am

    If you watch the trailer its seriously anti Trump- like the title implies. They feature Bill Ayres saying how dangerous and anti American Trump is…give me a break. I will not give Fox the ratings.

  87. alcina
    April 9, 2016 at 11:01 am
    another poster described Manafort as Rocky Balboa in a suit. you’ve gotta love his attitude. let’s hope it’s not too late to secure the delegates.
    More like the real James Bond.

  88. alcina…

    I like that ‘Rocky Balboa in a suit’…he does have that Stallone look


    I’ve been thinking and reading about Paul Manafort for days…and, for fun, it occurred to me that is last name is…

    man…a…fort..and he is here to man the fort… symbolic? hope so

    he needs to get right to work with Cruz continuing to rack up delegates in Colorado and supposedly in Indiana…

  89. The article above demonstrates the limitations on the knowledge of the Washington DC elite establishment.

    First of all, Lewindowsky has NOT been demoted. He will continue to do what he is doing, and has done so well, which is set up the events which have propelled Trump’s success. He was never charged with the duty to protect delegates, and Trump never realized how aggressive this effort would be. He figured winning the vote would guarantee him the nomination, whereas he now realizes that they must be as much emphasis on protecting the ones you won as there is on winning new ones.

    Second, as he said in the interview, the campaign has entered a new phase and a new set of skills are required, namely delegate management. If you listen to these delegates spout off now, believing they can say what they want with impunity, or watch the ugly Kasich sit there like a chesire cat, sure that he will be coronated at the convention, these fools have raised their heads high above the foxhole, which is not a good place to be in a war.

    Third, the Washington establishment says he is the best, but they do not say how much better. The answer is he is light years better. He successfully represented Ford in 1976 and Reagan in 1980. He has not worked for anyone since.

    He believes Trump is brilliant (same word Charles Black used), and he would not have jumped into this thing if he did not think Trump could win, and that he WILL win with his help. He is moving forward with incredible speed to get set up. Also, he knows how to deal with the media–really.

    The establishment knows this guy and respects him. Anyone who underestimates him does so at his peril.

  90. The Achilles heel of the establishment is the fear that all their backroom deals will be exposed, that people will realize that their vote is meaningless and that a cadre of insiders will decide who the nominee is in a back room. That may be a secret, but it is fast becoming an open secret.

    And then there is the black book of the Mayfair madame. She kept detailed notes on all the insiders from both parties, and the powers that be at that time had her murdered. But the book survived, and has been in the hands of her attorney for all these years. A judge in that case issued a protective order to protect himself and his colleagues on the bench from disclosure. A woman judge announced to her colleagues that she planned to use it, and a short time later she resigned.

    Turns out, there were a lot of names in that book, and some of them were not players then but are now, Cruz being merely one example. The practice then was prevalent. For example, I hired a Washington mega firm in 1985 and I was walking back from dinner one night with one of their partners who made an oblique suggestion to me about this, to see whether I was interested. I never put 2 and 2 together at the time, that what he was offering was the Mayflower Madam.

    Leon Uris wrote a book about Ireland, and said in the beginning the Irish survive on hate. That may or may not be true, but there is one thing I do not doubt, and no one in the real world will ever doubt is that behind all the statues, the history, and the hollywood for ugly people that is our nation’s capital, Washington DC survives on blackmail.

  91. If I were a delegate in a state which had just voted for Trump, and I was pressured by the establishment into supporting Cruz or Kasich, I would not want the people in my state to know that I had changed my vote, and I would especially not want them to know how I was threatened, or enticed into betraying them. Big media would give its left testicle for that story.

  92. 7913
    Montgomery Blair Sibley has threatened to release phone records he claims will throw a kink in the presidential election.
    Throw a kink in-


    We already know Cruz in on that list, so who else could it be?

    I suspect it is Kasich

    It could also be Ryan

    Who else is left?

  93. Does Wyoming mean anything tonight? What is over/under Hillary loses by 70% and Trump by 40%

  94. Donald Trump donates $100k to 9/11 Museum in unannounced trip
    “Cruz and Trump are going to get killed in the fall. They cannot win,” Kasich said

    A somber looking Trump. Just one line of text exists within the article, and it echoes the headline.

    There is mention of what the other candidates did this day including the “should-have-known-better” Kasich statement.

    I have an email saying Donald will have a Rochester NY rally tomorrow.

  95. JB
    “…Does Wyoming mean anything tonight? What is over/under Hillary loses by 70%”

    Seriously my friend, where are you getting your information from? WY for Dems is here:


    Hillary lost by one delegate and the percentage is 56% Sandcrap vs 44% Hillary, (with 96% of the vote counted).

    (Plus she has 3 Superdelagates)

  96. Can the GOP Get Together in Cleveland?
    Thursday – April 7, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    By Patrick Buchanan

    After winning only six delegates in Wisconsin, and with Ted Cruz poaching delegates in states he has won, like Louisiana, Donald Trump either wins on the first ballot at Cleveland, or Trump does not win.

    Yet, as that huge, roaring reception he received in his first post-Wisconsin appearance in Bethpage, N.Y., testifies, the Donald remains not only the front-runner, but the most exciting figure in the race.


  97. Seriously, who are these superdelegates who have betrayed their electorate who voted for Trump? They should be on a wall of shame.

  98. SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2016 –

    JetSmart Aviation
    3:00 PM
    Donald J. Trump for President Rally in Rochester, NY
    Doors Open at 12:00 PM.

  99. from Trump’s website – it’s all that is showing. I understand he took down the upcoming CA trip b/c Manafort told him to focus moree…

    MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2016 –

    Time Union Center
    7:00 PM
    Donald J. Trump for President Rally in Albany, NY
    Doors open at 4:00 PM

  100. Seriously, who are these superdelegates who have betrayed their electorate who voted for Trump? They should be on a wall of shame.
    Who are they? That is an easy one. They are public officials whom the Bush Crime Family, a.k.a. the establishment, has either threatened or enticed into betraying the will of their constituents. That is what is going on. That is why this is happening. The antidote is to show who these people are, by name, and their hotel room for the 5 million supporters who show up in cleveland to mull over, and by exposing the details of their deal to betray the American People by supporting a globalist. This may be one of those Louis XVI vignettes where it is great to be king, or in this case a super, until it isn’t. When the smoke clears and the magnitude of their betrayal becomes known in their home towns, their lives, and their families lives will never be the same. This process, and the public outcry will drag those dark movers from behind scene of the shadows into the keiglight where everything about them will be sliced, diced and dissected for science. This is one of those times in history which separates the patriots from the traitors. The momentum of events will drive things to that point. One final point, someone who understands has studied the process for years with a keen eye, and inside knowledge of what is going on gives us the unvarnished truth which is that the goal here is to bring down America, to eradicate western culture, and they are about 70% there. But now there is push back, so they are hiding behind a known globalist who is the tool of the establishment at this point, and a globalist traitor in his own right. I have no respect left for these so called conservatives who have been taken in by this con man. How can people I once thought were smart be this stupid.

  101. The other part of the Buchanan article:

    Prediction: If the GOP establishment does collude to steal the nomination from the candidate who has won the most states, most delegates and most votes, not only could the party be crushed in November, but that establishment could be discredited in perpetuity.

    For those who have come out for Trump, and have given the GOP the largest turnouts of any party in a primary season in history, will not be give their allegiance to a Beltway elite that cheated them of the prize they had won.

    Sullen and angry, they will be going home, not soon to return.

    An establishment embrace of a rule-or-ruin course — Better to lose, than win with Trump! — seems irrational. But it is not irrational if one’s preeminence and position are the summum bonum of one’s political existence.

    To avoid the Hobbesian choice — back Trump or abandon Trump — the establishment must block him from a first-ballot victory. And indispensable to the Anybody-But-Trump coalition is Ted Cruz, whom the establishment, if possible, detests even more than Trump.

    One testament to the esteem in which Cruz is held is that only two of his 53 Senate GOP colleagues have endorsed him, and one of these, Lindsey Graham, did so as the lesser of two evils.

    Here is the second peril for the GOP elites.

    If Trump is stopped on the first ballot, the delegates who leave him on the second ballot may go to Cruz, and the stampede could be on.

    Yet, it is hard to see how a Cruz nomination is better for the party than a Trump nomination.

    For Cruz cannot win in Cleveland, unless the man with the most votes and delegates is deprived of a nomination to which he has a far stronger claim, if this country remains a democratic republic.

    A Cruz victory in Cleveland would likely lead to the angry and bitter departure of the Trump delegates, and, in the fall, to a mass defection of the blue-collar, Middle-American Trump voters, especially above the Mason-Dixon line where Cruz is already weak.

    The latest poll of Republicans in New York has Trump above 50 percent, with Cruz running third at 17 percent. Even in the South, which was to be Ted Cruz’s firewall, Trump beat him repeatedly.

    And while Cruz can claim to be a more reliable conservative than Trump, how does that translate into electoral votes in the fall?

    Is the Republican establishment, having been repudiated in the primaries in a historic turnout by the party base, now engaged in a willful act of self-deception?

    Can that establishment believe it can rob Trump of a nomination he has all but won, then hold off a right-wing Cruz surge that would ensue, then trot out of the stable one of its own, Speaker Paul Ryan, crown him at the convention, and then win in November?

    This is delusional. And what this tells us is, to borrow from The Gipper, that the Republican establishment is not the solution to the party’s problems; the Republican establishment is the problem.

    While the GOP appears headed for a train wreck in Cleveland, the principal ingredients of a Republican victory and a Republican future will all be present there: Cruz conservatives and Tea Party types, Trumpite nationalists and populists, Rubio-Kasich-Bush centrists and moderates.

  102. Glad to see Trump making an effort in upstate NY; Rochester and Albany. Hopefully he’ll make it to Buffalo and Syracuse, too. All upstate city’s have been hit hard.

    There is a big state beyond the five boroughs of NYC.

  103. Lu4PUMA
    April 9, 2016 at 7:03 pm
    April 9, 2016 at 6:47 pm
    How do we find out who they are, now?
    Well, one way to do it would be to Gordon Liddy to break into the RNC headquarters.

    Then we could bring Brian Williams out of retirement to report the story.

    He would rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

    That would be his hour of redemption and he would be welcomed back into the new Rome with crowds confetti and only one slave in the back of the chariot whispering in his ear all glory is fleeting.

    Some of these supers have been self identifying.

    But the normal delegates should be available to you from your state republican party.

    At one point, I had an entire list of the democrat delegates and was making phone calls to try to get the undecideds to vote for Hillary. I sent out about 80 emails, most of which were deleted not read. I made phone calls to them as well, and only one jumped into the Hillary camp, for reasons that had nothing to do with my entreaties. Persuasion of them is very much an inside job.

    I am sure Roger Stone has that information.

  104. wbboei 6:47 pm

    Please clarify. Who has studied the process with a keen eye? Who is the known globalist tool of the establishment? Just checking that I am following along. Thank you.

  105. Hi Shadowfax,I was being a little sarcastic, but I figured it was a caucus state and her track record has not be so good…Glad she is doing better than expected..New York is what counts!!!

  106. RemVem
    April 9, 2016 at 7:37 pm
    wbboei 6:47 pm

    Please clarify. Who has studied the process with a keen eye? Who is the known globalist tool of the establishment? Just checking that I am following along. Thank you.

    1. Q-1: I am not at liberty to say—but I swear to you this is true. There are people above the political class who have the full picture on what is going on. One of them is Trump and is rolodex of people he know could reach from her to the moon. There is a level of conversation about this subject which is going on at that level, where those who push the aggressive steps toward globalization are being put on the spot by those who favored a more evolutionary one who point out that their zeal has produced a backlash which can now lead to chaos, rather than world government. The first group responds that this is what creative destruction is all about, and we will end up in charge of everything. The second group responds you are not the first meglomaniacs who have held such a vision down through the centuries, and when you set seismetic forces in motion you are playing Russian Roulette.

    Q-2: The conservative poseur Cruz is the globalist. As a former supporter, this has been a very painful awakening for me. Very. The first clue was his position on TPP. Then we learned from a staff member of Senator Jeff Sessions that when Cruz gets into those closed door meetings he pushes for huge increases in immigration, legal and illegal. Third we know he is a late convert to the conservative cause and his wife was a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, part of the Bush team, etc. And now we see the establishment backing him to the hilt. He is Dr. Jeckel by day, and Mr. Hyde by night. A devout Christian who engages with women not his wife. What you and I might be justified in calling hypocrisy, his response would be more to the tune, I did not do it, but if I did do it I didn’t mean it, and if I did it, and I meant it, its okay.

  107. Prediction: If the GOP establishment does collude to steal the nomination from the candidate who has won the most states, most delegates and most votes, not only could the party be crushed in November, but that establishment could be discredited in perpetuity.
    At the present time, that is where it is headed.

    I have it on good authority that it can be turned around and thus avoid a crushing defeat in November, and the death of the establishment. There is no leadership in the party today capable of preventing it. Rence Prebius is a “mushball” Prebuis. The only way to save the party is to get to that magic number 1247, and keep the establishment from stealing. Trump has got to win more than 50% in New York in order to capture the 93 delegates, and that has to be why Manafort wants him there rather than in California right now. If he can do that he will regain the momentum.

  108. A rumination on George Soros:


    SOROS is of course the deceiver, SORES are the Establishment who live off the Backs of the citizenry and the CYPRIANS are the prostitutes called Senators and Congressmen, who will do anything for money…
    This is George Soros controlled mob including myriads of underlings…

    George Soros has this mob, The Soros Sores and Cyprians who spread their vile cancerous lies among the voters, they and their underlings are found at rallies, at town halls, on websites, on twitter, on Facebook and especially on radio and television.

    The Soros Sores and Cyprians are all paid in various ways, the underlings have been hired by a notable employment website, CraigsList. Here they hire thugs, fabricators and their overall game plan for these underlings is to generally create mayhem.

    The Soros Sores and Cyprians try to label all Trump supporters with derogatory names, such as low information voters, uneducated and constantly on welfare, racist, sexist, homophobes and misogynists etc. etcetera.
    Once you are aware of their techniques, The Soros Sores and Cyprians won’t have an effect upon you, for you now know which mod, they descended from the Deceiver Soros and laugh them off.

  109. Strategy:

    “After Wyoming, [Cruz] is done,” Manafort said. “We’re going to have our act together. We’re going to start putting numbers on the board and that will become infectious.”

    Elements of a more traditional campaign include set speeches by the candidate in non-campaign rally settings, similar to the scripted speech he gave before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee recently.

    A major goal will be to repair relations with the hierarchy of the Republican Party. That should have started when Trump met with Priebus in Washington recently. Instead, the meeting became more of a grievance session. “We’re going to do it the right way,” Manafort said.

    Local Politics Alerts
    Breaking news about local government in D.C., Md., Va.
    Sign up
    Trump harbors resentment over the failure of the party to begin to treat him as a presumptive nominee when he was on a winning streak in March. Instead, the party rebelled against him, with Romney leading the charge with a speech that excoriated Trump as unfit to be president. Trump’s hope is that, if he has another victory streak now, the party will, however grudgingly, rally behind his candidacy.

    In addition to New York, the April calendar looks favorable for Trump and includes contests in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island. Those are followed in early May with what could be a critical showdown in Indiana, and then contests in Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon and Washington state. The season ends with California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota.

    Some of those states will be good for Cruz, although it’s possible that in some of the eastern states he could run third behind Kasich. But Trump’s team anticipates strong performances and a hefty delegate haul from California and New Jersey, which together will award 223 delegates.

    As for what is required to break the 1,237-delegate barrier, Manafort said, “blocking and tackling, not a Hail Mary.”


  110. There are three guys, and only three, who are in a position to save the republic. Doesn’t mean there are not a lot of wonderful people, for example Jeff Sessions, Carson, Clint Eastwood. But they are not in a position to stop the globalist destruction of America–and THAT is no tin foil hat stuff that is 100% the game–god I wish people understood that single fact but they never will. They cannot believe their government is THAT corrupt, even though it is. If you wanted to take down this nation, what would you do? Double the national debt so it sits on the cusp of national bankruptcy—24 trillion is the magic number according to the estimable Nial Ferguson, open the borders to the worse elements in the world with no marketable skills, but with terrorist and drug cartel connections, lie through your teeth about the real unemployment rate, promote racial strife–oh sure we say that is what democrats do, until we find that the Republican establishment does the exact same thing, as we saw in Mississippi. Stop thinking of these things as random occurrences. Start thinking about how they may fit together into the very globalist reality that Soros has been working toward for 30 years. Follow the footprints and you will see he only three people who can save western civilization in this winter of our discontent are Trump Manford and Ican. No one else can do it. The headwinds are too brisk. The public is too detached. And big media is too corrupt. Now. But when Trump regains momentum I guarantee you they will change for the same reason a jackass with a stick at its hind end and a carrot in front of its nose will move in the right direction. Right now those idiots in the Boston Globe are printing a virtual reality piece showing Trump deporting illegals. Then in the same breath, the Washington post blames alternative media of causing public delusionment, when big media itself has been the main source.

  111. TerryDo
    April 10, 2016 at 12:09 am
    A rumination on George Soros:
    The clairvoyant was talking to me about these people during what turned out to be a 2 hour conversation, in the aftermath of which my head was spinning. There are two groups the monster is hiring: protestors who do the chants that Soros perfected during his salad days in eastern Europe—the Rose revolution in Georgia, the orange revolution in the Ukraines. These gerbels are there to collect money, and to chant and block exists hiss curse and carry on like good Christian gentlemen. They are there for the money–the princely sum of $15 per hour. And then there are the professional agitators, who are there to disrupt the proceedings, get the other side to overreact and get their co-conspirators in big media to cast this nonsense as some kind of morality play, demonizing the cops and making saint of the agitators.You might go so far as to say big media does not know its ass from third base, but that is the unkindest cut of all for poor old third base.

  112. Shadowfax
    April 9, 2016 at 9:32 pm
    Is that you RememberNovember?

    Yes – it is me! Another person used ‘my’ name back in 2008/9 with different spacing so as I had become RemVem to some at PumaPac I figured I would change 🙂 Those years took such an emotional toll on so many of us – I have tried not to invest again – I recognize Lu4PUMA who has a different name too I think. Those were the days my friend!

  113. Good to see you RemVem, my friend.

    If you still support Hillary, you will probably notice that not many Hillary supporters are still on Big Pink. Most here have changed to supporting Trump, including Admin.

    If you want to see more Hillary supporters, you should check out Uppity’s site.

    Hope to continue to see you here or there.

  114. wbboei – I can see the forces trying to destroy America, and I can see the forces trying to destroy nation states by first forming state-unions, by inviting huge numbers of “others” to invade to destroy the culture and the economy, by instituting P.C. to erode free speech and individuality.

    But – what’s the payoff for TPTB? Ownership of a reduced number of corporations, manufacturing sites, etc? I imagine it all boils down to “follow the money”… but I’m not clear on how they will get rich when everyone is basically poor and socialist….???

  115. Hello RemVem,

    Yes, I was Headclunker over at PumpPAC. That name is a reference to the glass ceiling and not a penchant for violence, although I am getting to that point, watching the destruction of our nation and my fellow citizens falling into poverty under totalitarianism.

    I myself have reorganized into a modest, affordable standard of living, but my daughter has not been raised at the standard of living I had. She is off to college now but I do not see pleasant future for her. Low wages, islamification and oppression. She is not a fighter, like I am. Maybe that is better? I breaks my heart. I will not go quietly.

  116. I’ve been taking “breaks” from the news for my sanity’s sake so this guy Monafort seems to be trying to make Donald focus, stop getting distracted, whip the delegate work into shape, and recapture that connection Trump has with voters. The media and GOP elite have been successful in leading him out into the weeds and getting him off topic. I admit I was getting frustrated with him.

    Monafort has been a lobbyist. His last direct campaign work appears to have been for Reagan (he advised others also). I would presume he needed to make a living so lobbying is more stable and lucrative employment than chasing scummy elections every four years. Older, successful, and now he can do what he pleases. Which is apparently work for Trump instead of that nest of the globalists.

    He was in biz with Charlie Black (a snake) and Roger Stone (a trickster) years ago so I would guess Stone would have seen him as the guy with discipline who as a successful contemporary could focus Trump. There must be some of that old idealism (Reagan when he was a huge underdog) and ego to take on the Republican establishment AND the media. I hope most of the current media and GOPe don’t appreciate WHO and WHAT this guy is capable of. Their ignorance is for once hopefully beneficial. Patience and “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven, …A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;… I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work…” Ecclesiastes 3 (KJV)

  117. Lu,

    Sometimes people become fighters later in life, don’t give up on your daughter, life has a way of surprising us all.

  118. Monafort has been a lobbyist. His last direct campaign work appears to have been for Reagan (he advised others also). I would presume he needed to make a living so lobbying is more stable and lucrative employment than chasing scummy elections every four years. Older, successful, and now he can do what he pleases. Which is apparently work for Trump instead of that nest of the globalists.
    An accurate assessment. The establishment/big media has been doing everything possible to lead Donald astray, and Monafort is getting him to stay focused. The rally is BethPage New York was much better according to a media expert I spoke with. A couple insights on Monafort, beyond the accolades he gets for the reasons you accurately point to. He does not need the money. You can rest assured of that. The reason he is in here is simple and straightford: he believes in Donald, and knowing the playing field as no one else does, he is determined to win. The how and the why of it will not be for the media to know or the pundits to critique. But the end result will reflect a degree of discipline, focus, media work and strategy second to none. He has not worked for anyone besides Reagan because he has found no one worth supporting since Reagan. He believes Trump is the most brilliant politician he has ever known, and he says that as a dyed in the wool Reagan supporter. If Donald can be compared to George Washington as the clairvoyant has on more than one occasion, then Monafort is surely his best general, and our last best change to avoid the creative destruction plan of the elites. Yes, I know, the American People cannot believe their government can be this corrupt as this determined to destroy them for the sake of the globalist vision. The clairvoyant was part of the anti war movement and she said if anyone asked why are you protesting, they could give you a coherent answer, as she did when she backed down Bill Ayers who at time (now as well) was preaching violence. Today, they have no concept, and no idea why they protest at Trump rallies. They are fed talking points like he is a racist, and lack the mental acuity to examine whether or not that is true, or to question the bona fides and agenda of those feeding them that tripe. Worst of all, they have no concept of the globalist who is the real threat to everyone’s future, most especially theirs. The most they are capable of is a hissy fit.

    Trust me, he does not need the money. He is in it for the challenge, and because he believes in Donald. Your assessment is spot on in all other respects, especially with respect to Black, and the

  119. Just to be clear, I do not know Paul personally. What I have said above reflects research and talking to people with an institutional history with the party longer than my own. There are other guys out there like Ed Gilespee who was paid 36 million to handle the disasterous Romney campaign, and forever urging him to be a nice man, when he was already too nice of a man for the blood sport of politics. Monafort is the dyametric opposite of that kind of consultant, and is, therefore, the exception that proves the rule. Bay Buchanan (Pats sister) reports how in 1976, the insurgent Reagan was trying desperately to delegates committed to the establishment candidate Ford to come over to Reagan, and only because at that time, unlike in 1976, Paul was supporting the establishment candidate, they were unable to get a single delegate to defect. She cites that as a perfect example of just how effective Paul is. In 1980 he worked for Reagan, and Reagan won the delegates and the election by a landslide.

  120. The other point of interest is in the Ukraine, Monafort went up against Soros directly and he beat him. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Soros went into the old communist republics with they aid of our own CIA and venture capitalists. He toppled two of those government, and put in capitalists who were beholden to globalists like himself, and through those capitalists he bought the assets of the state for pennies on he dollar. These were referred to as colors revolutions, which was the code to signify they were CIA/CFR sponsored. The tactics used to overthrow those governments were the mirror image of what the globalists did in conjunction with the Rand Corporation a decade later in the Obama campaign–charismatic figure, media echo chamber, 3 word chants, protests, agitators, flash mobs. After those countries were looted by the globalists, their stooges had to stand for election. In the Ukraine, after the Orange Revolution, Monafort was hired to work for the opponent, who happened to be the prior leader, and when the electorate compared the former leader to the Soros stooge, they preferred the old leader. Soros, who had bragged to journalists that the old Soviet empire was now the Soros empire got taken down a peg, by Monafort.

  121. I don’t know how much more of the 24/7 Media – GOP gang-banging of Trump I can take. Did anyone see what the Boston Globe did? I refuse to copy it here. Disgusting. I don’t feel like I live in the United States anymore.

  122. gonzotx
    April 10, 2016 at 1:15 pm
    Cruz got all 34 Colorado delegates
    We knew that was going to happen the minute we knew they were not going to hold a primary. At this point, it would not have done any good. The stage for flipping them must be set. And I think it will be.

    In effect, the party ABOLISHED the election.

    There is only one answer:

    The Colorado Republican Party AS A WHOLE must be punished:

    Republicans and independents in that state should refuse to vote for ANY Republican candidate for ANY office in that state for the NEXT FOUR elections. Radio talk show hosts should get the word out on that one and take a poll of ALL voters in the state.

    This would remind those politicians who their real boss is.

    Also, it could give Manfort some leverage with those delegates in the election, and some incentive to switch to Trump.

    An insult like that cannot go unanswered. If the escape retribution they will do more of it in the future, and we cannot have that.

  123. Exactly wbb, but people are sheep…

    Even hillary has sown up the delegates before hand.She of obama3..

    We have become a true banana republic…will anyone care?

  124. The pitch here is obvious if someone wants to make an example out of the Colorado Republican Party:

    How can any citizen of this great state support a party who thinks so little of you that they convene in secret and announce that they have decided to suspend the primary election, abolish your right to vote and give you no say whatsoever on who this state will nominate for the office of president? They have bitch slapped you from here to hell and back. Are you going to be their doormat, or will you fight back? If you have the courage to fight back you need to hit the party where they live. Since they have boycotted you, turn around is fair play. Tell them you will vote for no Republican candidate for any office county, stake or federal in 2016, 2018 and 2020. Thereafter, it is negotiable.

  125. gonzotx
    April 10, 2016 at 1:42 pm
    Exactly wbb, but people are sheep…

    Even hillary has sown up the delegates before hand.She of obama3..

    We have become a true banana republic…will anyone care?
    They are.

    But here is the interesting part of it.

    If you can prove to them they are wrong, and what will happen if they persist

    Then it is no longer an abstract discussion

    What happens then can be magic

    All the things they said up to that point get reinterpeted

    Before they said

    And now they say I never said, or if I did I didn’t mean it

    And if you can turn the leaders of the delegation

    Then the sheep will follow

    To be nicer about it, they are social organisms who respond to their environment.

    No, let Romney be the nice one.

    The rest of us can call them what they are: sheep

  126. Word is, Trump’s people are working on a Marco Rubio endorsement and potentially a VP slot in exchange for his 172 delegates and support in the convention. Didn’t Admin say before that Rubio is a whore and might whore himself to Trump if he was smart?

  127. Why bother with this byzantine process for selecting the nominee?

    Why not conduct a primary and award apportion the votes accordingly?

    That would be honest, legitimate and consistent with the principle of democracy.

    The reason why we have the present system is obvious.

    It provided senior members of he political class with control over the outcome.

    It provides second tier of the political class opportunities for networking, advancement and bribery.

    And in all cases, it is inimical to the welfare of the American People.

  128. Word is, Trump’s people are working on a Marco Rubio endorsement and potentially a VP slot in exchange for his 172 delegates and support in the convention. Didn’t Admin say before that Rubio is a whore and might whore himself to Trump if he was smart?
    Yes, and it makes perfect sense from another perspective as well. Two young Cubans, both posing as conservatives, both after the same prize—if you saw the John Wayne western El Dorado, there is a point where the rival gunfighter says to his counterpart, we are so much alike that sooner or later we will just have to find out who is faster.

  129. gonzotx
    April 10, 2016 at 2:24 pm
    No,it will Not be Rubio…
    I share your concern. Gang of 8, etc. But there is a role for him in a Trump administration. He would make a fine ambassador to Cuba.

  130. Marco is such a fast talker that by the end of his tenure as ambassador, Cuba would be begging to become our 58th state, with Obama as their governor building luxury golf courses and ignoring everything else/

  131. LuPuma, more than politics, I share your fears for my 3 children and that is why I am so dam angry. Our family would be considered comfortable I suppose as we own our home 🏠, have no debt, and I have made a good living for 20 years since leaving the firm I worked as a young attorney. However, we have put 2kids through college which will end up costing 500k and another one in a few years. I ave been taxed to death and now Mom has severe Alzheimer disease and enough resources not to qualify for Medicaid so that cost me another 54k a year for 24/7 care. I thought I could retire with a few million in the bank, but I see my kids whom are smart (and do not want to practice law because they see the stress and aging it has put on me) will not remotely have the opportunities that I had. I am going to ave to burn most of m retirement savings to support them and will have to greatly downsize to accomplish this. With such low interest rates on $$$ I have played the market and after 25 yrs my average return has been 3.83%!!! You can’t draw enough income off that to get ahead of inflation. I remember my Aunts and Uncles who never earned more than 30k a year retire at 60 and make 11% off their savings which were maybe 250k, and they lied modestly but fine. So to make a long story short, I along with wife will sacrifice a comfortable retirement so the kids can have homes, some money, and prepaid tuition for their kids. The American dream of hard work paying off really no longer exists unless you are super wealthy. I think that is why I like Trump. He wants everyone to be successful and not continue this losing attitude. He may not express it well, but essentially he sees that many hard working Americans are unable to see any hope for a better future.

  132. A black guy speaking before Trump said that Obama/Hillary have been the most divisive, making the color of your skin more important than the “color of your country”….

  133. jbstonesfan
    April 10, 2016 at 2:43 pm
    Exactly right.

    Crony capitalism produces a winner take all result

    And a race to the bottom for everyone else

    Under Bush and Obama, crony capitalism has prevailed

    Trump represents a return to the vision off JFK

    A nation where all boats rise with the tide

    And the youth of the nation have a future.

  134. Getting them (the youth) to understand that however is the difficult part of it.

    This I know, because I have tried and failed.

    Nial Ferguson commented that the youth, rather than people in their 60s

    Should be the tea partiers

    Because they are the ones who will pay the ultimate price over their lifetimes

    For the malfeasance and misfeasance which is rampant in the current political class.

  135. I don’t think it would be VP for Rubio – maybe some other deal, but not VP. I don’t think Trump would trust Rubio, plus he (he said himself) wants someone with experience with the system (and Rubio was never at work), and he would want someone who would continue his policies, especially if he decides to just be president for 4 years…

  136. Jb,

    You are very generous with your children, very.
    I’m in awe, and certainly it’s not my place to comment outside of that.
    Your mother is lucky to have you as a son.

  137. So Manafort goes on the chuckie cheese show, and rat boy tries to pin him down on whether is kosher to threaten delegates and he says we don’t but Cruz does. Whereupon the irrepressible rat boy demands to know whether a golf club membership is a legitimate quid pro quo, and Manafort brushes rat boy aside telling him I am not going to get into that discussion. What I will tell you is if you look at the electoral map you will see that there is no way Cruz can win any of the states Romney lost in 2012, and that means if Cruz is the nominee then the Party will lose the presidency, whereas Trump can win those states—and the presidency because he is bringing in millions of new voters–reagan democrats as well as independents. The question then boils down to this: if you want to lose the White House, vote for Cruz. If you want to win the White House vote for Trump. Let Bill Kristol and his ilk vote for Hillary, if they think Trump threatens their little heaven. He does not speak for you, and much less for the people of your state. And by the way, if Bush is offering you something, get it in writing.



  138. Sorry that last four sentences above are my editorials. Paul did not say them. But please do watch the video in the link above.

  139. In thinking about this further–the establishment may be playing a game of chicken, but the fact is, when you get into those sorts of games, you can become a prisoner of your tactics and things go over the edge. In a merger setting it is called deal heat, etc.

    The following question then looms large: the establishment can survive the loss of a presidential election if that is they believe they can maintain their wealth and power. But do the delegates feel the same way? Can they survive the loss of not only the presidential election, but all the down ticket elections because the strategy of the elites has carved out and expelled the heart of their base. Can they ignore the reality outside the convention hall, which is the reality they will have to go back to and live with apres le deluge. Maybe. In fact, someone I spoke to yesterday cited some examples of delegates who are so stupid they cannot see the forest from the trees. But most of them are not. And then too, they have to ask whether they must heel to the Bush family, or whether that family is losing its stature, given the way it pulled out all stops for their son Jeb! and he failed miserably. The earth is moving below their feet. Will they take heed or make the mistake of believing it is business as usual, even in revolutionary times?

  140. One thing I can tell you with relative certainty.

    Soros will be supporting Kasich from well behind the scenes.

    He wants the nominees from both parties to be globalists

    And that is exactly what Kasich is.

    That way the grandest globalist of all, Soros, cannot lose.

  141. Apollos5600

    April 10, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Word is, Trump’s people are working on a Marco Rubio endorsement and potentially a VP slot in exchange for his 172 delegates and support in the convention. Didn’t Admin say before that Rubio is a whore and might whore himself to Trump if he was smart?

    Well I certainly hope that doesn’t happen because I don’t think I could vote for a ticket with Rubio on it. The sweaty little whore is not fit to be POTUs IMHO.

  142. I told my husband last week it was going to be Rubio as VP. Trump needs his delegates and if Rubio wants to stay in politics he will endorse Trump. Last I heard Rubio was trying to secure a job with the NFL and I haven’t heart it worked out for him. I think Rubio can be bribed to endorse Trump and I can hold my nose and vote for the ticket. I personally don’t like him but Rubio would be as important as plugs Biden (which is not much) but not as stupid.

  143. yheitman
    April 10, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    I always felt if Trump goes establishment it would be Kasich. That would give him 150+/- delegates plus the stinking State of Ohio in the GE.

  144. I watched that interview this am with Paul Manafort and Chuck Todd…Todd did his best to instigate and throw Paul off base…the best Todd got was Paul said ‘cruz is using Gestapo tactics’…now the word Gestapo is everywhere

    I thought Todd and the on camera shots were incredibly rude when Todd ended the interview with Paul, Todd barely said a thank you and got up and left Paul sitting there while Todd walked over to his panel…all waiting to criticize trump…

    In all the interviews I have ever seen, I have never seen the interviewer leave the person sitting there still on camera while he walked away from him…to me, that was unbelievable…usually they cut to a commercial…or at least not show the man still sitting there while you walk away from him…on camera for all to see

    imo…that was the rudest and most amateurist conduct by an interviewer I have ever seen…

    btw…Paul Manafort comes across as smooth as butter…I can see why he has been successful in the past…also, if anyone sees any of his photos from his younger days…good looking guy…he just turned 67 on April 1…

  145. alcina,

    thanks for posting the clip of today’s rally ( I missed it because i finally bought my new computer today)

    i am going to nestle in and watch it now…looks packed…

  146. just watched the rally alcina posted above

    I don’t know how he does it…no teleprompter…yes he says many of the same things over and over again…and retells his stories…but still

    he is remarkable…a born leader…


  147. I recently bought the house I have been renting. I fired the person my landlady had doing the lawn and landscaping. They had been ripping her off for years. The guy, who was Hatian, rarely came out, but sent $2/hr stooges. They were horrible. Tore up the property and let the grass die in the back (the HOA does not gripe about that). And they were rude. So I had been looking for someone to just do the grass. I had one Mexican guy come out who could not speak English and had his wife translate. He would not take the job just doing the grass and made it plain he planned to do things his way. Well, today, the guy was a Vet. Very nice guy, who said he was voting for Trump, too. He said he knew things about Hillary and what all went on during her stint with Obola that he could not speak of, but they were very bad. He gave me a good price and I hired him.

  148. When a rank amateur (Todd) meets a seasoned professional (Manafort) you know it will not be good for the rank amateur–as in, mission not accomplished. No wonder he walked off the stage like a zombie. I am a bit surprised they did not carry Todd out in a stretcher.

  149. correction: a rank amateur pre pubescent who never graduated from college but teaches college–not journalism, finger painting.

  150. I wish Trump, whenever he points out that politicians are owned, would also point out that the media is owned.

  151. Since the fix is in, and appears to be working, does Trump go down without a fight like Hillary in 08(she figured she would have another chance so bite her lip and see what her rewards are today) or fight like hell and expose the way this countries political parties are bought, paid for, and run by a small group of globalists who have extraordinary power even over a guy allegedly worth 10 billion…that is chump change to the core group of people running the system. I don’t think Trump cared until now because his success made it irrelevant to him, but since he wanted a new hobby, that being POTUS, he has learned that no one, not even “The Donald” can change much. The only way things change are with the people who will be disenfranchised when he is gone..and 15-20 million folks probably can’t do much. Yet, a few hundred BLM Protesters sent out by these well orchestrated leaders can shut a city down..kinda scary if you think about it.

  152. Chuck Todd is a snotty little bitch.

    His goal is to cast Paul as the devil’s advocate.

    Ratboy asks him to expound upon the threats

    He cites Cruz—which is not what ratboy wanted to hear.

    Then he ratboy tries to get him to expound on the bribery of delegates with golf club memberships

    He tells him there are legal and ethical constraints and he does not want to get into it.

    Then ratboy claims he has been out of the process for years and doesn’t know the delegates.

    He says I don’t know all the 25-30 year olds, but I know the button pushers who control them

    Next, ratboy tries to impugn him by pointing out he worked in Ukraine for a candidate Putin supported

    Rather than the globalist Soros installed

    He tell him I got them to join NATO.

    Finally, ratboy asks him whether he will be careful who he takes on as a future client.

    He tell the little ninny he is always careful.

    No wonder ratboy left the room in haste

    Like the big gamer who was looking for an easy shot, and ended up mauled by his prey.

    I wonder what Andrea sees in him, other than the fact that unlike Greenie he is pre pubescent.


  153. bstonesfan
    April 11, 2016 at 12:31 am
    Since the fix is in, and appears to be working, does Trump go down without a fight
    Listen to the interview above, watch what happens in New York and California, and never doubt that Trump is a fighter. Above all, remember that big media will contort things, because when Trump wins many of them will be out of a job, because they burned their bridges. Did you see how deftly Paul finessed ratboy when he tried to set him up with the Roger Stone interview. That left ratboy sitting there stunned with his dick hanging out, ergo back to the scripted questions. How can that little twerp claim with a straight face to be a journalist?

  154. Or worse yet a professor of journalism at the Kennedy School of Government, when he really belongs in the theater of the absurd.

  155. Todd was suppose to be a “regular guy” like the late Russert ( may he rip, but whom was vastly overrated) .

  156. wbboei,

    last night in the wee hours I watched the replay of Meet the Press…the clip you posted above was great to see Paul Manafort’s almost effortless responses to the overeager Chuck Todd…

    however the clip above cut out just where Todd says a quick thank you to paul…you don’t get to see him walk away and leave Paul sitting there as Todd goes over to his panel

    I bring this up again because after watching it again last night…it is even more rude and obnoxious to me…

    Suffice to say one of the people waiting to go in for the kill on that panel was Rich Lowery…and 3 others…they were all salivating to try to neutralize and attack what Paul had just said…

    what a bunch of cowards…why doesn’t Lowery try to say his vile things to Paul’s face…

    also…Jeff Lord is almost too much of a gentleman when trying to speak for Donald…I heard him go up against one of the geeky pitbulls Ben (last name?) on CNN this am… Jeff is always talked over with vile attacks on DT…he stays calm but hardly gets a chance to say a word…

  157. Yes, big media does carry on about Trump, in a way that bears an eerie resemblance to the top Nazi judge Roland Freisler in the show trials that were conducted against the Germans who tried to assassinate Hitler and sue for peace with the western power. Close your eyes, and hear only their screaming baseless charges and character assassination, they are all Roland Freislers of a different kind. They are beasts, but they are controlled beasts, and at this early point, the establishment controls them, along with Soros who is pushing Kasich from behind the scenes. At this point, the are fighting for their own survival, but when the Trump presidency becomes inevitable, they will sue for peace or deal with the consequences. Manafort made a dozen or more sage points in that interview, effortlessly as you say. One of the key points was about expanding the electoral map, another was tapping untapped sources of support, and the other is that although he will be filing charges against the Cruz campaign next week, something I reported here two weeks ago, for vote stealing, that is the side show. The main show is getting to the convention. In golf there is a phrase called dormee. The commentators do not talk about it because it only arises in match play and most play today is medal play where low score in the field wins. Once in a while however they will have a full match playoff between two golfers, and when one of them is two holes up with one hole to go, the game is over. They say he one the match because he was dormee two. That is what Paul means when he says by June Trump will be the presumptive nominee, but the game must still go on until all states have voted.

    Here is the big media as it stands today, and Freisler is a distant mirror of what they are:


  158. Paul Manafort is one of few men who can pull off wearing pin stripes. Most guys look like they’re auditioning for the Godfather. It suits him.

  159. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours ago
    “@TimeHasCome1: @WayneDupreeShow @ThePatriot143 Trump needs to hold a massive protest rally in Colorado. He’d get 100k & own the news cycle”
    Absolutely, Trump should hold a massive protest rally in Colorado, he would be like their hero, marching for their rights to vote in a primary and have their voices heard.

    This is American, it is against the law to disfranchise citizens, from having their votes/voices heard, in regards in a government that has power for at least four years.

    Caucuses, an contrived and corrupt yet legal way to ‘Steal an Election’ away from the voters, must be eradicated from the future voting system.


  160. Coloroda GOP protest scheduled for Friday



    it is hard to believe how absolutely corrupt our entire political system and structure is…

    and for the record, the Democrats are the most undemocratic party out there

    with the republicans closely behind them…

  161. We have predicted Biden for a long time…and you get Warren so the woman issue is also covered. I think Bill, probably more than Hill, feels the same about the Obama’s as Michelle does towards Hillary. Hillary looks at it as politics and less personal. I think when they painted Bill as a racist and constantly tried to tear down his legacy of peace and prosperity, he took it a bit more personally. What is sad is that “the natural” has very few left in the party who respect the type of democrat he was…he is a relic to them as the party really went left. Gore, who lost (and probably looking back is happy as he became a super rich with the global warming crap) was moving much further left than the Clinton’s had he won.

  162. My bad…hoping to get through this I guess. Well, maybe there will be a show anyways, each day an adventure at this point.

  163. Tony Stark
    April 11, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Maybe Biden really is the one Obama intends to replace Hillary with at the convention if Michelle has her way.

    Biden is too old especially with his health history. Even old guys like me are getting tired of these old hacks never hanging it up. The job is strenuous both mentally and physically and Biden is way past over the hill. I think the Obama’s use his old ass as a cat’s paw and he is stupid enough to let them. In his prime he got like 2% in primaries so except as a joke, no.

  164. With Obama staying in DC..expect the racial hatred pot to be kept a turning, along with all the globalist agenda..
    Will we never be rid of this Benedict Arnold?

  165. Well friends, my blood pressure has not yet come down. The fraud is unbelievable. I received a letter from the NY state Suffolk county board of elections…..as apparently 15,000 others did….that my registration in the Republican party was not done before the deadline and that I can not vote in the Primary.
    I had several phone conversations with the Board of elections in Sepetember…none recorded…and was told that the change form had to be postmarked before Oct. 9th. I sent mine in ahead of the deadline and informed a good friend of the deadline and to make sure he did the same. He sent his in by Priority mail with a receipt. He has also been informed that he “missed” the deadline. My mail comes late and I will not be able to reach the election Board until tomorrow. I was also too late to talk to someone at the Trump headquarters.
    They picked on the wrong voters to try this fraud. I’m planning on going to the mat for this.
    Admin– any help??????

  166. BTW The letter says I submitted my form on Oct 13th, just days after the Oct. 9 deadline. Liars…damm liars. We live in a Banana republic. I’m 65 years old and truly ashamed of this country.

  167. Totally that is unbelievable. I am hoping there is something you can do but with these monsters, better legal minds then mine may be able to help, in the least I would try to get the news involved, if they care.

  168. totally disgusted
    April 11, 2016 at 7:12 pm
    You got my blood pressure up, too.

    Get your phone numbers ready tonight and get a copy of your friend’s delivery confirmation. Do not stop until you get someone to listen.

    Call the state attorney general and tell them you are being raped by the GOP.

    Post it on Craigslist Politics and organize people. Go demonstrate.

    Get your pitchfork!

  169. Trump To Fundraise For Suffolk County Republicans

    Wow-insult to injury.

    Gonzo and Lu.
    I’m calling the County Bd of election first. I remember getting a postcard months ago saying I was registered Republican. If they don’t make it right, I will be calling the Trump campaign office, Lou Dobbs, CBS news call for action and the reporter from Newsday who reported on thousands having registered “too late”. My friend is searching for his mail receipt. Unfortunately, I have no proof.

    I thought the county election Bs was neutral but apparently they have party representatives who control this????

  170. I remember reading on this site that NY was planning to stop Trump here and that is why I was on top of registering for the primary. NY has a closed primary.

  171. Frankly, I think Hillary would be stupid not to get commitments from as many Super Delegates as she could before primary. She probably had a number of them before deciding to run. As for her giving up in 2008 – she fought like hell, staying in the race with media and DNC demanding her to drop out, even tho she was winning. After Pelosi, Dean, and the rest of the rat bastards in the DNC twisted the arms of Hillary’s super delegates, promising money if they supported O and hell to pay if they supported Hillary, I don’t think there was a lot more she could have done.

    The Dim system sucks (Repub too), but it’s the system. She shouldn’t be expected to reorganize the Dim election rules and procedures. She has to play by the rules of the game. People seem to look for reasons to criticize Hillary, but damned if I think it’s fair to criticize her for getting SDs. Nor would I trust the word of anyone – vet or otherwise – who claimed to be in the know about her alleged actions when she was SOS.

    I could understand the vitriol re Hillary if she and Trump opponents. At this point, that’s not the case. Personally, I’m glad about Trump wins, even tho he’s often too out there for his own good – or for the country’s. I like the fact that every time he wins, it’s a big “screw you” to MSM and the political establishment. I also am glad when Hillary does well.

  172. Gonzo: I have no inside information, but as an outsider the following is self evident:

    1. We have the best quarterback.
    a. Donald Trump is a world class businessman,
    b. Donald Trump has a long track record of success in battles like this
    c. Donald Trump has boundless energy, and a fierce desire to win..
    d. Donald Trump cannot be bought.
    e. Donald Trump is, according to Paul, the best politician in his lifetime.
    f. The man, the moment and the message

    2. We have the best coach
    a. Paul Manafort is the best political consultant in the country
    b. He knows all the key players in every state
    c. He knows the rules of the RNC better than anyone else.
    d. He has the pertinent information–which big media does not have.
    c. Paul studied the case before he agreed to take it
    d. He would never have taken it if he did not believe he could win.

    3. We have the best fans
    a. We understand the stakes involved
    b. We understands that Trump alone works for us, and not for a cadre of donors
    b. We understand that party labels mean nothing
    c. We understand the term conservative is neither descriptive nor informative.
    d. We understand the real battle line is between nationalists vs. globalists
    e. We would follow Trump to the gates of hell if he asked us to.

    4. The dishonest referees/gatekeepers are under intense scrutiny
    a. Big media has abandoned investigative journalism (see Sharyl Attkisson)
    b. Big media is nothing more than a conveyor belt for establishment thinking.
    c. –And the public knows it
    d. Both political parties are beholden to globalists
    e. Both political parties are at war with their base
    f. –And the public damned well knows it.

    5. Delegates can be moved through pressure and micro negotiations, i.e.
    a. first, by showing the party will lose the election if it nominated Cruz
    1. Cruz cannot win states Romney lost. Trump expands the electoral map and will win.
    b. second, by showing that if the party ignores the vote it will be subject to government regulation
    1. When the parties use public funds to finance primary elections cannot disregard results.
    2. Nor can they disenfranchise voters after previously enfranchising them (the Colorado case).
    c. by showing them that the deals they cut to steal delegates–threats, enticements will be exposed.
    1. Through the complaints they will be fining against Texas and Louisiana.

    6. New York is the launch pad toward victory
    a. Cruz is persona non grata, thanks to his New York values comment
    b. Kasich is an outsider, his only real support will be Wall Street which is box office poison
    c. Trump is a New York native, Carl Paladino Chairman, Rudy, 911 monument and defense of NY

    7. Conclusion: this is the most important election in history. It is also the most complex. We are outsiders, reacting to what the media says, which more often than not is not what is actually happening. Thus, we are like blind men feeling the elephant. The only one who knows the elephant are the insiders, namely Trump and Manafort. They are consummate professionals they have our best interests at heart and we have to trust them. 90% of what they do, no one will ever see. It has to be that way, obvious reasons. Our role is simple and straightforward: to vote for Donald, to trust them and keep the faith

  173. Hillary fought till 5/31/08 and then she made a deal. You can spin it anyway you want, the proofs in the pudding. She sold out her base, us…
    But maybe you believe someone should get paid 625,000 for a speech to Goldman’s, maybe you think that only black lives matter, that the police are to blame for Furguson, Trayvon, etc… that borders are unAmerican, that illegals and Muslim’s should be fast tracked to citizenship . Maybe you don’t think the lies she told about Bengahzi are relevant. Maybe you really want Obama 3..
    But I will not support her globalist agenda. I want a better world for my children. I want jobs, I want a wall and I want to stop this politically correct bullshit.
    I will not apologize for my feelings about Hillary.She sold us out.

  174. Wbb,
    I will need to read that daily, you make a strong case for success…it’s just that we have been down this road before and it gets disparaging at times and I think I tend to forget the long game.

  175. wbboei, is that a real site, not a joke site? I was just wondering, because they also have an (unfavorable) article about Trump’s kids not registering to vote in time to vote for their father. Which seemed weird to me. *We* have to register, because we all come from the dem side. But why would *they* have to register? It suggests that they don’t usually vote and just never registered…? I guess that could be it.


  176. Hastert should be literally quartered..The PIG..can you imagine that pig, sexually abusing children?
    Makes me want to vomit…
    To think he was one of Bills biggest lying hypocritical holier than thou impeachment proponents. …

    Hell has a special place for him…but first, prison. can you imagine what they will do to him? As bad as it visually could be, it won’t be enough!

  177. I was not particularly interested in opera until I discovered Anna Moffo. She went on to marry David Sarnoff’s son, so another one got away. Just like Andrea. This is a little like the Cuban bankers mother, a devout Catholic who looked his father in the eye, said she had always loved him . . . but if William Holden came along, all bets were off. Well, this patter song is just the thing to comfort Denny Hassert and to answer his heartfelt apology for sleeping with underaged boys before he became Speaker of the House and paying them $1.7 million in hush money. Now that he has got that off his chest, he can join Larry Craig on The Gong show. You gotta love the political class, fine public servants that they are.


  178. lorac
    April 11, 2016 at 11:58 pm
    wbboei, is that a real site, not a joke site? I was just wondering, because they also have an (unfavorable) article about Trump’s kids not registering to vote in time to vote for their father. Which seemed weird to me. *We* have to register, because we all come from the dem side. But why would *they* have to register? It suggests that they don’t usually vote and just never registered…? I guess that could be it.
    I saw that article too, when I was looking for somewhere totally disgusted could send her information. Who knows. Maybe its another onion. But the part about Denny is true.

  179. Gonzo: here is more evidence of what I am saying about Manafort. He is so much smarter and smoother than anyone else in the game, he is able to stop Cruz and reverse the delegate decline of the last two weeks. In the case of Michigan, he cut a temporary deal with Black who represents Kasich to cut out Cruz off two important seats on the ruled committee, which was a big victory for Trump. I went back to that video on meet the press, and am still amazed at what a pro he is and what a rank amateur rat boy is.
    While the tactics of chief Donald Trump rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%
    to win delegates without voters come under intense scrutiny, a quiet, thus-far-little-focused-on development has occurred that could provide a ray of hope for the Trump team fighting political insiders on their home turf.

    Paul Manafort, Trump’s new Republican National Convention manager, just delivered not only a big win in Michigan’s delegate game: He undercut Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) by throwing a separate victory to Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

    CNN reported on Saturday evening:

    Ted Cruz suffered a rare convention loss Saturday after delegates backing John Kasich and Donald Trump boxed him out of key positions in the Michigan delegation. The Texas senator’s campaign ran eight delegates for eight committee spots and lost every one, alleging it was ‘double-crossed’ by Kasich supporters. The Michigan delegation picked one Trump supporter, Matt Hall, and one Kasich supporter, Judi Schwalbach, for the two seats on the powerful rules committee. The Cruz campaign lost votes for both seats.

    CNN’s Tom LoBianco added in his report that this loss is a major defeat for Cruz—and win for Trump—because seats on the convention’s rules committed are “highly coveted prizes for their role in shaping a contested convention in Cleveland.” LoBianco wrote:

    After the delegates are selected in each state, they meet as a group and pick the members of four convention committees, the most important of which is the rules committee, which will ultimately decide who can be nominated president. Michigan Cruz leader Saul Anuzis said they were ‘double-crossed’ by Kasich’s campaign. The Kasich delegates were supposed to vote with Cruz delegates, he said, but switched sides and voted with Trump behind closed doors Saturday afternoon.

    The tactic, ex-Trump consultant Roger Stone—who is still favorable to Trump even though he isn’t advising the billionaire anymore—told Breitbart News, is just like one he used back in 1980 when he secured the GOP nomination for then president-to-be Ronald Reagan.

    “Manafort is a master of the game,” Stone said in an email. “Just as he forged a short term alliance between the Reagan and Bush forces to deny Howard Baker a Maine victory in 1980, he has just teamed with Kasich to shut Cruz out of Michigan.”

    Stone was also, like Manafort, a veteran of that 1980 Reagan campaign. Stone worked for Reagan in 1976, as well, while Manafort worked against them that year to secure the nomination for then President Gerald Ford, who ascended to the presidency without being elected due to Spiro Agnew’s and then Richard Nixon’s resignations as a result of the Watergate scandal.

    A Nov. 5, 1979, article in the Washington Post, written by Martin Schram, detailed what Manafort did for the Reagan campaign, working secretly with George H.W. Bush to crush Howard Baker. The article doesn’t name Manafort, but Stone—who along with Charlie Black, who would go on with Stone and Manafort to later found their own political consulting firm—worked for the Reagan campaign, and confirmed Manafort was pulling the strings. Black now works for Kasich, so it’s only natural that Black and Manafort would be able to work together easily.

    Schram wrote in the late 1970s Washington Post article:

    Fearing a certain loss to Baker, Bush’s political director, David Keene, recently contacted his counterpart in the Reagan camp, Charles Black, and proposed a political deal: Bush and Reagan could pull out of the Maine competition in an effort to minimize what they figured would be a public relations game by Baker. Keene confirms that he made the efforts but says that Black turned him down. Now, in the wake of Bush’s victory, Baker official are spreading the word to reporters that Reagan supporters at the GOP forum possibly decided to vote Bush because they were not going to win and were hoping to stop Baker — a suggestion that offers a convenient devil theory to cushion the Baker defeat. Reagan’s chief campaign strategist, John Sears, is inclined to go along with this explanation, though he won’t actually confirm it.

    Basically, Reagan’s people tossed votes to Bush to crush Baker, then beat Bush later. That is essentially what Manafort is doing now, and that he has the latitude to use the same tactics he used to get Reagan the nomination in 1980 in order to push Trump over the top this year is a sign that the New York city developer is learning. Trump had previously been running an outsider-type campaign, bashing all the party insiders—people who happen to be GOP convention delegates—but now that he’s on top heading into the home stretch, he’s changing tactics. It’s up to insider types like Manafort to carry Trump into the nomination by doing the pick-and-shovel work necessary to get there.

    Manafort is now convinced he’s going to be able to carry Trump over the top before the GOP convention in Cleveland in July.

    “I’m confident, we have several ways through June 7th to go over 1,237,” Manafort said in an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press this weekend. “And, you know, not counted in that at all are any of these unbound delegates who are getting selected, many of whom I feel pretty good about.”

    That Trump has empowered Manafort has created some internal divisions between Manafort and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Manafort is reporting directly to Trump, and it appears that at this time Lewandowski is reporting directly to Trump as well. But as long as Manafort has the ability to wrangle delegates—and pick up wins like he did in Michigan—he could turn what has amounted to a disastrous past couple of weeks with developments in Colorado, Wisconsin, and elsewhere, around.

    Manafort told Todd when asked whether it’s him or someone else running the campaign:

    Donald Trump is running this campaign. And I’m working directly for Donald Trump, but I’m working with the whole team as well. And a lot of what’s being talked about is much ado about nothing. Yes, there’s a transition, it’s a natural transition. Trump was doing very well on a model that made sense, but now, as the campaign has gotten to the end stages, a more traditional campaign has to take place. And Trump recognized that and is now reaching out not just with me, but with others as well that you’ll start to see come in.

    Trump’s children are backing Manafort, sources say, as well—since they have grown dissatisfied with lack of preparation under the structure put together by Lewandowski. One source said that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who helped write the billionaire’s widely-acclaimed AIPAC speech, is a major supporter of the Manafort takeover internally. Trump, that source said, is said to be very happy about the shutout of Cruz in Michigan and a recent uprising in Nevada—good news for Trump after the setbacks in Wisconsin and Colorado and elsewhere.

    What’s more, now that Manafort is officially in the driver’s seat in the Trump operation, that puts Cruz at a disadvantage. “In fact the Cruz people have no one who can count votes and have been romancing a woman from the 2012 Romney operation to run their delegate hunt,” a Republican familiar with the talks told Breitbart News.

  180. I think it is 60% likely that Kasich will end up being Trump’s vp. Tag team events like we just saw in Michigan and Ohio WHICH WENT WAY OVER THE HEAD OF RATBOY TODD, WHO WAS TOO FOCUSED ON TELLING MONAFORT HE HAD BETTER BE CAREFUL WHO HE DID CONSULTING WORK FOR IN THE FUTURE to see its significance. Also, the friendship between Monafort and Black (Kasich’s delegate manager) and their former buiness relationship, i.e. Black, Monafort and Stone, makes an open dialogue between the two campaigns possible. This may be the only way to unite the party, but having a stinking globalist controlled by Soros a heartbeat away from the future president makes me very nervous.

  181. lorac
    April 11, 2016 at 11:58 pm
    wbboei, is that a real site, not a joke site? I was just wondering, because they also have an (unfavorable) article about Trump’s kids not registering to vote in time to vote for their father. Which seemed weird to me. *We* have to register, because we all come from the dem side. But why would *they* have to register? It suggests that they don’t usually vote and just never registered…? I guess that could be it.

    The kids may be registered Independents or Democrats. They probably registered, like most of us, when they turned eighteen and never changed.

  182. Kasich pick would upset a lot of people, me included. He is the opposite of what this country needs and is very much a part of the problem. But I think people would “get” the deal.
    I had noticed that Trump really never bashed him, maybe because he saw him as no threat, or because deals were being made. I also noted Kasich really doesn’t go after Trump so much, or am I wrong, I stopped watching or listening to news so long ago..

  183. Agreed Kasich is a turd, but Ohio is way too important in the electoral GE. It is a must win for the presidency.

  184. I’ve come to peace with Hillary Clinton. I believe her 2008 campaign was Country First.
    When realism set in, she vowed NOT to crawl in a hole and die.

    I’m kind of there myself, and so are lots here and everywhere else. If Donald does not make it.
    This does not translate into a vote for her, but I think I understand.

  185. wbboei
    April 12, 2016 at 3:24 am

    Chess pieces are being moved around. Let Kasich and Little Marco compete on who gets to give their delegates to Trump. And for what. Cruz is getting a good taste of being outmaneuvered. And Kasich seems awfully happy to be sticking it to old Ted. If Manafort can get the different “globalists” and elite factions fighting each other instead of The Donald they can be sunk. And of course this same tactic will have to be used against the Democrats in a general election and Trump is much better positioned to do it.

  186. totally disgusted
    April 11, 2016 at 10:16 pm
    One other thing you can do is set up a gmail account and buy a disposable phone for the number and start posting them around to collect information on victims of this fraud who have delivery confirmation.

    Then look at the provisional ballot option to continue the fight after the election, if the vote makes a difference.

    They are counting on the short time before the election. Post here if there is anything I can do to help. I get home from work about 5 pm EST.

  187. The lawsuit in New Jersey (thanks Christie!) about Ted’s citizenship is interesting. Ted has everything sealed about himself and his mother. She seems to have had two husbands who were Brits (have possibly/probably changed her own citizenship to UK) and then used a fast track citizenship route to get Canadian citizenship for herself and her then new squeeze Cruz. Both of them were still married to other people when they were doing this in Canada. All kinds of immigration fraud, bigamy, stuff like that from a couple of people hopping countries. If any of it is true the “come to Jesus” stuff is even funnier. Please NJ make Ted open the immigration records for discovery. His mother’s Delaware birth certificate means nothing if people know about her globe trotting matrimonial history.

  188. The EU is headed for devolution. Even EU president Schulz is comprehending the dysfunction now. “In an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Mr Schulz said: “We are in Europe for some time now on a downward path.

    “The trust of many people in institutions as a whole, whether national or European, has been lost.”

    He added: “If the British leave the EU, there will be demands for further escape referendums.” http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/660240/EU-referendum-Brexit-European-Parliament-president-Martin-Schulz-implosion-of-EU

    The EU is now something for European nations to “escape”. Globalism via fascist technocrats working hand in hand with elite corporatists is a failure of epic and historical consequences. If the UK AND the US manage to “escape” via the Brexit vote and the US general election that is all she wrote. Schulz who is a globalist functionary knows it.

  189. Apparently Cruz supporters on the board of the Eagles Forum, run by Phyllis Schlafly (conservative icon who endorsed Trump), attempted a coup yesterday. They held a meeting without her presiding, violating bylaws, and were passing resolutions to put their people into positions, and to expel non-Cruzers from positions of authority. They also attempted on seizing the organization’s bank accounts. Schlafly’s own daughter was involved in this. Phyllis spoke out about it, calling for the members of eagle forum and regular Americans to stand with her against these rouge board members.

  190. Holdthemaccountable,

    A choice to crawl in a hole with the snakes and become one of them is the oldest story in the world.
    Make peace with Hillary?
    Hell no, this is for my children and Country.
    Benedict Hillary Clinton…
    I don’t think people have made peace with Hillary, a few who refuse to see what she has become and think she playing some kind of game, yes, but more in disgust.

  191. Hello, Shadow. Good to see a friend and ally.

    Gonzotx, “Right on time”? What could be more expectedly timely than your negative, insulting response to my comment, showing up as always, immediately, like clockwork. You do the same thing to Shadow or anyone who posts something in defense of Hillary. Your zeal is like that of a manic evangelist who cannot tolerate the utterance of any religious belief that might contradict his own. He’s too insecure in his own belief to hear the beliefs of others. Might shake his faith.

  192. Back in September both my friend and me were told that the change of registration form had to be POSTMARKED before Oct. 9th. A supervisor today told me that was wrong that it was the date the form was received. I’m trying to check State law. We have the option to go before a judge on election day which means driving for hours but we plan to do that if we can’t resolve before then.

    Anyone know the NY law on this?

  193. Free, spend some time at other Hillary sites if the turkeys wear thin on your nerves.

    Many of us are there…

    Until the antagonism stops…

  194. totally, the link I sent doesn’t seem to talk about changing one’s party.

    I also don’t see any October 2015 deadlines there…

    I will let you know if I find something else.

  195. I found this on a previous page, but it only seems to talk about the General election, but you can continue to search this site, putting in the link.

    Change of Party Enrollment

    The voter registration form should be used to change your party enrollment from one party to another or to enroll for the first time in a party. A change of enrollment received no later than 25 days before the general election shall be deposited in a sealed enrollment box and opened the first Tuesday following that general election and entered in the voter’s registration record.


  196. I just found out that the law for this is when it was “received” so we were given incorrect information when we phoned the county for information. Our only course is apparently judicial relief the day of the election.

  197. Well free,
    I will stand by my right to defend my beliefs that Hillary is bought and sold . I will not tolerate her abuse and if your support or others of her did not infringe on my life, the life of my children, my Country, I could literally give a shit….BUT IT DOES!
    People who refuse to see reality, that support the unsupportable, that have sold this Country down the tubes and Hillary the globalist will continue the sellout of America, so pardon me if I don’t care about your feelings, this is beyond politically correct BS…
    And shadow, I LOVE Turkeys, LOVE them, so thanks.

  198. And shadow, it won’t stop, if you noticed the heading is blank, even her most adamant supporter of past understands the fight we are in
    Rest assured, I will be here.

  199. gonzotx April 12, 2016 at 9:54 am


    I had to look back.
    I don’t believe I said “make peace” with her either.

    Perhaps the early hour….

  200. ‘I’ve come to peace with Hillary Clinton”

    Just saying, really it’s all just semantics…

    Best wishes, The Turkey Lover

  201. gonzotx
    April 12, 2016 at 10:18 am
    It does not change my opinion.

    The momentum has been the wrong way and it will take time to correct it.

    New York will be a game changer.

    If Trump gets over 50% he gets everything.

    The other thing to realize is these delegates can be moved back with the right strategy.

    Lets see what happens after New York Pennsylvania and California.

    For now try to be patient.

  202. The other thing to note is The Examiner is part of the anyone but Trump cabal.

    Thus, everything they say about him is tainted with bias, motive and self interest.

    Blocking Cruz candidates from the rules committee, as we saw in Michigan is a much bigger deal.

    I am as certain as Manafort is publicly and privately.

    But getting a landslide in New York now looms large.

    If we get that, Paladino will protect those delegate positions by whatever it takes.

  203. Shellary .. I see her as a SHELL now because she is NOTHING of the woman or leader that she was in 08! Either she was a LIAR then or now! I tend to believe that Bill WAS more of a working mans populist friend and now ShellARY sees that the globalist is where th e POWE$ is .. she has become something of a behomoth UNREAL empty cold uncompassionate for working people and AMERICANS. She is in LOVE with everyone but Americans. I could NEVER vote for her and the hatred of her here in my part of WVA is UNHEARD of .. OLD DEMS are registering R but many stay because our local offices are still D .. Hillary is hated here now because she turned on Coal WORSE than Obama did. I do not know how the BERNIE will fare in the primary .. I suspect the Dems here will vote for him not knowing tha the also hates coal but many will not know that. Some may still vote for ShellARY because they cling to bitter Bill’s days. I put up signs for Trump today and had people stopping to ask for sings and to talk.

    However my way back home I noticed that 3 signs had been torn down out of about 30 I put up today.

    I am going back day after tomorrow to do more

    If ANYONE here can phone bank for Trump PLEASE do so. We need it

  204. I know the Examiner was anti Trump, and a weasel of a paper, was just wondering about the article.
    I guess I am impatient…it’s been bad for sometime. ..probably 9/11 in reality. Before that W was just a meandering clown, then he became a puppet of Cheney and the Neocons…The rest is history.

  205. CNN Town Hall Tonight with Trump and Family:

    Ahead of the upcoming New York primary, CNN will host a special AC 360 Town Hall in NYC with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. The event will be moderated by Anderson Cooper and will air live on Tuesday, April 12th at 9pm/ET. Mr. Trump will be joined by members of his family and will take questions from an audience of registered Republican voters. The Town Hall will air from 9-10pm ET on CNN.

  206. To phone bank go to DonaldJTrump.com website and click on Volunteer ..

    You can also go the the states list he has listed and go through that route

  207. Dot48,

    I do not see a volunteer link at the site. I had signed up and checked volunteer, but had not been following my email so I do not know if I missed something.

  208. My wife said Manafort’s name was a variation of “strong hand” in French probably in Provencal or Savoie. It is actually Italian for “strong hand”. LOL. A consigliere named strong hand is somehow appropriate and symbolic for Trump.

  209. Mormaer
    April 13, 2016 at 6:35 am

    My wife said Manafort’s name was a variation of “strong hand” in French probably in Provencal or Savoie. It is actually Italian for “strong hand”. LOL. A consigliere named strong hand is somehow appropriate and symbolic for Trump.
    Spot on. And, by the way, others have made that same semantic and substantive observation. The combination of him and Trump should give the establishment pause. I see no comparable leadership grid anywhere in their Axis Powers. A lot of fat cat donors, and a lot of people with palms to be greased, alot of hangers on, a lot of thespians in failure theater, a lot of wannabes, and alot of hangers on, but nothing comparable, nor the control of information–which is power, and ability to execute with lightening speed. He gave us an overview of the grand strategy. As as he told to the insipid Todd, dying to know all the inside baseball, he is not going to get into the details because as he says they are a side show. We do not know those details, and we do not need to know them. All we are interested in is the end result. If you study the 1976 and 1980 primaries, and read the comments of others at that time, you will see how brilliant he was, and if he was brilliant then, it is reasonable to assume that he is even more so now. And yet I would be quick to add that like Machiavelli, he is there to serve The Prince.

  210. Meanwhile, Cruz is courting some woman (not his wife) who was the delegate manager for Romney in 2012, to be his delegate manager. She has never been tested in the cauldron of a brokered convention however, like Paul has–twice. You may wonder also whether as the Cruz delegate manager she might turn out to be a double agent working for Romney or Ryan on the floor when Cruz fizzles out.

  211. Laura Ingraham had on the author of Die White Die, the documentary rebuttal up thread to National Review, it was excellent.

    She is the only one I listen to infrequently, glad I did.

  212. wbboei
    April 13, 2016 at 8:44 am
    If Cruz doesn’t already have a convention/delegate manager he is NOT as organized or running a “machine” as he claims to be. He just has his regular thugs. Trump has landed a guy who not only won two conventions but whose clients went on to win two general elections. If Cruz can’t find anyone with a history better than one catastrophe mess like Romney there is a problem. I suspect his reputation for being an high-handed asshole has a great deal to do with this. It is one thing to endorse with just words (like Gov Abbott of Texas) and another to work for or with him. Cruz’s establishment support is looking like it is an inch deep and a mile wide. They will turn on him in an instant.

  213. Ted Cruz: “Donald needs to understand he’s not Michael Corleone. I understand that Donald has had some very shady business deals with people that are currently in prison-mobsters. But the presidency should not be like Cosa Nostra and it is wrong for a presidential candidate or his henchmen.”

    Oooh! Bigoted Ted is worried about Manafort the consigliere. You can always tell what Ted is thinking by who he takes a shot at.

  214. regarding CNN’s Town Hall with Donald and his family last night…

    very good, if you get a chance to catch a repeat…worth a watch…

    …it began with Donald and Anderson Cooper sitting…and right off the bat, Donald went at the “rigged election process” and he attacked the RNC, and said Reince should be ashamed of himself for letting what is happening happen…emphasis on ‘the voters are being disenfranchised’

    next segment, Donald’s family was there…Melania (looking great), Ivanka, Tiffany and Donald’s two older sons, Eric and Don, Jr

    everyone was articulate and charming and the family bond and love was obvious

    cannot go unsaid…(besides Donald)

    Ivanka is the Star…she has everything…

    first she looked gorgeous, particularly after having a baby about one week ago

    next, she is so articulate and fluid…her sentences just flow and state the obvious and make her statements

    she is incredibly photogenic and has a beautiful smile and just comes across as very smart…and very likeable

    and she added that she now has 3 children under the age of 4 1/2 yrs old

    She has what some would call the “it factor” or “the triple threat”

    She is his best Ambassador to assure women that Donald will be a positive leader for the USA and that they have nothing to fear with him…


    the audience got to ask any of them questions…

    all went well…

    Donald is making headlines this morning with his attack on the “rigged” voting process and attack on Reince

    all the pundits saying the same thing, as usual…few of them looking at the substance of what Donald is saying…

    it is all about the “rules” rules, rules, rules…that are rigged and are meant to minipulate and cut the voters out of the voting process…


    btw…where is Ted Cruz, Mr so-called Outsider??? He is at the Harvard Club trying to raise money for himself and his “insurgent campaign”…yeah, right!

  215. Oooh! Bigoted Ted is worried about Manafort the consigliere. You can always tell what Ted is thinking by who he takes a shot at.

    Paranoid might be a more accurate word.

    And as any good athlete will tell you, victory is all in the mind.

    Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer in history, used to say despite his impressive physical skills, his success was 70% mental.

    Cruz cannot afford to get paranoid. It makes him less effective.

    As in the John Wayne movie El Dorado (1967):

    00:40:45 He (the opposing gunfighter) gets mad, he’s not so good.

    00:40:39 – I hope he is. – How come?

    00:40:42 Fellow in his business hasn’t got a right to get mad.

    00:40:45 He gets mad, he’s not so good.

    00:40:48 So the madder he gets, the better I like it.

    00:40:51 Sure wish I was there to see that.

  216. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/04/colorado-republicans-passed-around-anti-trump-resolution-back-march-22/


    Robert Zubrin from Colorado Republicans for Liberty wrote about the anti-Trump resolution at American Thinker back on March 22, 2016:

    In the caucuses March 1, I was elected an alternate delegate to the Colorado State GOP convention, which on April 9 will select and instruct our delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer.

    Accordingly, I have drawn up a resolution that is now being circulated that will forbid Colorado delegates to the national convention from voting for Donald Trump for president or vice president on any ballot. Such a resolution is necessary, because Trump has publicly stated that his methods of operation include buying or renting the services of politicians for cash.

    As the text of the resolution provides a succinct and forceful summary of the reasons why Donald Trump is unacceptable as a Republican candidate for president, I thought I would share it with the readers of American Thinker. Here it is:

    Resolution to Forbid Colorado Delegates from Voting for Donald Trump

    Whereas Donald Trump is not a Republican; and

    Whereas Donald Trump is a demagogue who is using fear, hate, and lies to assemble a mob in support of an agenda of socialist policy, unlimited government, and strongman rule; and

    Whereas Donald Trump would destroy the Western alliance which is the basis of American security; and

    Whereas Donald Trump would destroy the system of international trade which is the basis of American prosperity; and

    etc, etc, etc

  217. And Trump’s silent partner is Carl Icahn.

    The legendary investor and Wall Street reformer.

    His issue: corruption in the corporate board rooms

    Which is the other wing of the establishment vulture preying on the middle class

    The corruption in the political system and on wall street is headed on trial

    Set to the music of the Wagnerian opera, Gotterdammerug–the twilight of the gods.

    Too bad Anna Moffo never did that one.

    It requires a Bruenhilde type like Merkel who reminds me of a death camp guard.

  218. Correction: I did not mean death camp guard.

    I meant something worse:

    Time Magazine Person of the Year.

    We need to give that useless award to dickhead Matthews

    With instructions to take it, hand it over his shitter, and just go away.

  219. Robert Zubrin:

    Fuck the voters, they are too stupid to know the truth, which is:

    Trump would destroy the western alliance–which is the basis for our security? WTF

    Trump would destroy international trade–which is the basis of our prosperity? WTF

    Trump would threaten my personal power and prosperity—now we are getting closer to the truth.

    Trump would give useless humps like me the bums rush—now we have arrived.

  220. wbboei
    April 13, 2016 at 1:36 pm
    Paranoid might be a more accurate word.
    And as any good athlete will tell you, victory is all in the mind.

    “In just a few weeks, Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort has become nearly as hated within the Ted Cruz campaign as Donald Trump himself is.

    The reason is simple.

    Manafort is effectively blocking the Cruz-RNC cabal at nearly every level now, and is promising to continue to do so right up to and during the GOP convention this summer.”

    Ha! Everyone knows and is talking about it. Read the whole thing.

  221. some good news…Donald was finally awarded 15 delegates from his Missoui win

    Donald’s delegate total is now: 755…he needs 482 to get to 1237 …and he and we have a very good lineup coming this month…


    then there is this…



    and then there is this…


  222. http://dcwhispers.com/ted-cruz-now-begging-wall-street-cash/

    In stark contrast to his campaign trail rhetoric where he promises voters he will “go after” the big banks and “crony capitalism”, Ted Cruz is now courting those very banks for yet MORE campaign cash. (Reports indicate he’s already received $12 million from Wall Street donors already.)

    In fact, more than one political watcher has noted how similar both Cruz and Hillary Clinton are in how they say one thing yet repeatedly do the other when it comes to generating donor dollars for their respective campaigns.

    A Politico report had this to say on the subject just today:

    This Monday, assorted bankers, traders and Wall Street lawyers will gather inside the neo-Georgian walls of the Harvard Club in midtown Manhattan to write big checks to an unlikely recipient: Ted Cruz.

    …In a debate in November, Cruz ripped bailouts for “rich Wall Street banks.” More recently, Cruz slammed “New York values” while campaigning in Iowa. In a Bloomberg TV interview, Cruz even criticized Goldman, his wife’s employer, for receiving special favors from the government.

    Cruz is personally giving his time to those on Wall Street now willing to donate just $2,700 to his campaign. Whether that qualifies as promising down-the-road favors to those financial kings and queens will be up to voters to decide.

    A D.C. Whispers source has indicated the Wall Street meet & greet today was strongly suggested by Republican Party operatives who discovered the Cruz campaign’s campaign donations took a steep decline last month at the very time when Cruz needs far more cash if he is to have any hope of competing against Donald Trump in the upcoming primaries. The influence of Republican power brokers on Cruz’s behalf has been enough to make members of Wall Street who personally despise Ted Cruz for a number of reasons, write the GOP candidate checks because they fear Donald Trump more than they dislike Mr. Cruz.

    In fact, a Trump presidency is said to be even more feared than a Bernie Sanders one for the sole reason that unlike Sanders, Trump has the both the will and the know-how to bring Wall Street to heel should he be given the federal authority to do so.

    In essence, the Wall Street gravy train might be at long last over.

    And so, despite his anti-Wall Street campaign trail rhetoric, Ted Cruz has stepped forward with hat in hand to happily take yet more Wall Street donations.

  223. I just felt a need to re post Charles Le Duffs great video. He is a Pulitzer Prize, winner, he has done so many exposes on the Death and dying of America, how the elites have directed it. He has a very good one on Detroit, America’s dirty little secret, the Republicans decision to encourage the death of White America and Americans to be replaced by low cost immigrants, legal, illegal, doesn’t matter.
    We the former base that both the Republican, and Democrat parties use to fight over, now just want our money, but want us to shut up and die off, quickly if possible.
    Yes, we were Hillary former base, and yes, she threw us aside. ..Donald literally picked us up after the bus ran us over.Of course she is not alone, it’s pretty much we the people, Donald vs the NWO…


  224. Don’t know how many of you have had a chance to hear what Hillary said today to Sharpton’s group

    frankly I was shocked

    bottom line…she threw White America under the bus big time…she spoke for all of white americans

    she has a lot of nerve…she does not speak for me…she has no idea what an individuals experience is with any other Americans…or any other people for that matter

    imo…all this BS she was spouting was the epitome of racism…she is without a doubt a completely different and desperate person from the woman I admired in 2008

    I do not know how she pulls all of this stuff back in the general election…very offensive

    this was the most disgusting pandering i have heard from any of these politicians, perhaps with the exception of the rantings of Cruz…

    Shadow…it is entirely your right to do so, however I do not know how you ignore this…

  225. S,

    Watch the video above, Die Whitey Die…As I said, they do want us to die And be replaced by immigrants, easier to control.
    Hillary is part of the cartel now, no question.

  226. I am usually good at having our administrator end a thread and start a new one. Perhaps he/she is waiting until the day before the NYC primary to get a better read of things going on….

  227. Yes, I was noticing the thread was kind of long. Maybe Admin has gone off to work for the Trump Campaign.

  228. New Balance was pressured not to come out, against TPP by Obama..but their speaking out now…The elimination of Tariffs to shoe companies in Vietnam. ..think about that…Vietnam..would jeopardize manufacturing in New England…no problem, just, an American company, with American jobs…


  229. Cruz’s establishment support is looking like it is an inch deep and a mile wide. They will turn on him in an instant.

    Mormaer – I was thinking today that they’re probably encouraging Wall St to donate to him because even though they don’t want Cruz, they want to keep him “competitive” with Trump until the convention or closer to it anyway, when they pull their fast one…

  230. I saw a quick blurp of Hillary today at the Sharpton thing saying that racism is still very much alive, as evidenced by some of the current candidates, and I immediately turned the channel.

    Black people need someone to tell the truth (as Bill tried once recently to do), and someone to say the basic things their parents evidently aren’t telling them. I imagine it’s a huge handicap to be raised by people who raise you to have a big chip on your shoulder instead of telling you to work hard and study hard and to improve yourself.

    Anyway, the point is, it doesn’t help anyone to keep telling blacks that everything is everyone else’s fault. Someone should really ask people like Hillary to explain the growing black middle class (which is stumbling now during the Obama era), if racism is everywhere. And someone should tell her to stop pretending that racism killed people like Martin and Brown, pretending they weren’t attacking someone else when they were killed in self-defense. All this d*mn divisive crap only helps people like Hillary. It helps NO one else….

  231. lol I saw a blurb (actually, I think you read blurbs), not a blurp. Maybe my remote went “blurp” when I quickly changed the channel lol

  232. 4/13/16. Trump campaign chief ‘will NOT’ be charged with battery of female Breitbart reporter… but now she ‘is suing for defamation’

    Lewandowski was charged with battery against journalist Michelle Fields
    Campaign manager was accused of grabbing and bruising her arm at rally
    But prosecutors will not be pressing charges, sources have told Politico
    Prosecutor is due to announce the decision on Thursday, it was reported

  233. Full Event: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Pittsburgh, PA (4-13-16)
    Recent tweets from Donald:

    Big protest march in Colorado on Friday afternoon! Don’t let the bosses take your vote!

    Biggest story in politics is now happening in the great State of Colorado where over one million people have been precluded from voting!

    His Twitter staff appears to have been bolstered significantly.

    S – thanks for tip on Corey’s legal victory.

  234. Donald Trump: THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS RIGGED; RNC Should be Ashamed

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016: At a campaign rally in Rome, NY, GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump blasted the RNC for allowing the nonsense in Colorado to go on- where Ted Cruz won all of the delegates in the State without any vote.
    5 minutes.

  235. pretty good synopsis of the Corey and Fields drama…

    what a piece of work she is…supposedly she has a past of doing this to 2-3 other people, I think one may have even been a policeman (not sure)

    she is in the process of destroying what little “crediability” she has left

    if she sues for defamation I hope Donald and Corey counter…would serve her right


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