Abort, Abort! #Trump2016, #Hillary2016: March Madness Ends, April Fools Enter

Not much has happened this past week, but there sure is a lot of noise.

Once again we hear “it’s over for Trump” and once again we hear how Bernie Sanders is “movin’ on up, to the East Side”.

Nope, not much has happened on the political front lately. There is an intriguing Donald Trump meeting today at the Republican National Committee which might change our minds and there are some other important Trump moves, but otherwise, not much has happened.

On the Hillary v. Sanders front there was a reputable poll from Marquette University with Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary in Wisconsin by 4 points. There is the pending Hillary2016 tactical defeat in New York. There was that stunning trifecta of wins for Bernie Sanders way out West. There is the continuing Hillary2016 stumbling and mumbling. There is the gathering storm over emails and immunity for Hillary aides. There is also the tapestry that continues to move as those hidden sharpen their knives to strike at Hillary2016. But not much has actually changed.

What do we mean by not much has changed for Hillary2016 and Saint Bernard? We still think, (1) Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee; (2) Hillary Clinton is not going to be the nominee.

Bernie Sanders is doing his job well. Not only did Bernie Sanders survive Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders has thrived. The many Bernie Sanders victories keep him sufficiently alive so that when the knives are readyforHillary, Hillary’s back will get full of slashes. Bernie Sanders will not be the nominee but he does buy time for the Hillary backstabbers secure at the White House.

When will the Hillary backstabbing occur? On March 18, we noted recent ominous news for Hillary. Even earlier we watched the tapestry move as Obama declared his 2017 abode and Pagliano got immunity from a federal judge. These moves occurred before Bernie Sanders bought some breathing room for the #NeverHillary backstabbers.

So, when will the Hillary backstabbing occur? Well, assume Bernie Sanders wins Wisconsin and tactically defeats Hillary in New York by keeping her margin of victory narrow (we don’t even rule out a Hillary defeat in New York), when will be the best time to take Hillary down if you are Barack Obama? Is the best time to strike at Hillary now, next month, the month after that, June, July, at the convention, immediately after the convention, a month after the convention? Our answer: the overthrow will be at the convention before a Hillary nomination (it will be much more difficult to get rid of Hillary if she is the nominee because she might refuse to surrender the nomination) and whatever legal/political assault is to occur will be in June.

That Hillary is forced to campaign and spend money in New York brings a smile to the #NeverHilary authors at the White House. So you see, when we write that nothing is happening, nothing is happening because the Obama overthrow of Hillary at the convention is in better shape and further ahead of schedule than anyone could possibly imagine.

On the Republican side, not much happened lately either. There are the claims that Trump aborted his campaign with hypotheticals, is stinking at the polls, is in legal jeopardy, and otherwise falling apart. Of course, none of that is true.

So what is happening in the GOP side of the presidential race? Well there was a very well done poll that came out with a 1% margin of error and a 7,000 sample for Wisconsin which had Trump barely ahead. But then the same Marquette University that schlonged Hillary in Wisconsin came out with a stunning poll with Trump falling behind Cruz by ten points. That the Marquette poll had a much smaller sample and with a margin of error of 5.8% was not taken note of. There will be a Fox News poll to come out on Thursday at 7:00 which no doubt will push Fox News’ aims and proclaim Trump stumbling further. The PPP poll from today with Trump at 37, Cruz at 38 and Kasich at 17 (Sanders at 49 with Hillary at 43), again tells us this GOP race in Wisconsin is very tight.

So, on the poll front, nothing has happened. That Marquette poll? It has a high margin of error which likely means the race is very tight. Trump was off the campaign trail for a week too while the poll was in the field. What do we see? The race is Wisconsin is very tight.

Yeah, nothing has happened in the poll front. Trump was with his daughter and his son for a birth and a birthday while the worst poll for him was in the field. All other polls confirm that this is a tight race. What does a tight race mean? It means good news for Trump.

The person that absolutely needs a big victory in Wisconsin is Ted Cruz, not Donald Trump. Donald Trump merely needs to pile up on delegates which he will. Wisconsin is not winner take all statewide. Wisconsin is a winner take all by congressional district and Trump is doing very well on that front. Trump will increase his delegate totals, already fattened this past week with the official Missouri win and 12 additional delegates. After Wisconsin, Trump heads towards his biggest victories in states such as New York and New Jersey.

Is Trump in trouble? Is it over for Trump? Why do we write that nothing happened these past few days?

Perhaps we should write that nothing new happened. There was a lot of noise in the Hillary v. Sanders race, but as we explained above, what we see is what we expected and what we expect to develop. All is on track. For Donald Trump nothing new at all has happened because it is all that we expected to happen and all we expect to happen.

Consider why there once again is so much noise about “it’s over for Trump”. Why the “it’s over for Trump” business again? Well, that’s because the level of noise has increased but it is still the same noise. What we have seen in Wisconsin is the same #NeverTrump coalition pumped up to jet engine noise levels. The GOP establishment after the debate with Cruz and Rubio both attacking Trump non-stop thinks that the lesson to a successful Trump attack is a coordinated, no-hold, all out series of attacks upon attacks upon attacks. That strategy is one they hoped would defeat Trump in South Carolina but failed. In Wisconsin the GOP establishment hopes to take down Trump with all out attacks that come in one right after the other.

That strategy is why Michelle Fields files phony charges against the Trump campaign manager, the reason for Paul Ryan to make his moves in Wisconsin against Trump, Scott Walker endorsing Cruz, Rand Paul to endorse tomorrow, the RNC to start a website to prepare for a contested convention , the loyalty pledges of GOP candidates to be made null and void. The entire exercise is not to elect Cruz or Kasich. The purpose of the machinations, with Ted Cruz in full participation, is to empower the GOP establishment to screw over the Republican rank and file. This happened in 2008 on the Dem side and will happen again in 2016 on the Dem side.

What we see in 2016 is the spectacle of both political parties expressing pure contempt for their respective bases. It’s disgusting, but entirely pedestrian.

Add to all this noise, the abortion clatter. Because we don’t watch MSNBC we sort of giggle at the whole “it’s over for Trump because of abortion” show.

What is this abortion story about? Well, Donald Trump appeared with Chris Matthews on MSNBC and answered a barrage of hypothetical questions.

There is much to condemn, or is it to compliment, Donald Trump for this entire Chris Matthews abortion uproar. We’ve written repeatedly that Hillary Clinton should never appear on MSNBC or anywhere with Chris Matthews. Hillary stupidly ignores our sound advice. For Trump, we don’t know what to say. On the one hand, we don’t think anyone should appear with Chris Matthews. On the other hand it is impressive that Trump will go into the lion’s den. Unlike Hillary, Trump has not been viciously attacked by Matthews, yet, so we sort of excuse Trump’s appearance with Matthews, but we also loathe Matthews so much that we hope Trump learns his lesson and treats Matthews with the same level of avoidance as a drunken Megyn Kelly.

Then there is the substance of the Trump answer on abortion. Trump said if abortion was illegal that there should be a penalty to the woman who gets the abortion. Then Trump quickly walked that answer back in a campaign statement which made the woman essentially blameless in an abortion. Was Trump goaded into his first answer by Matthews or was Trump uninformed? Did Trump shoot from the hip or was this a very carefully considered and vetted answer? Does Trump believe his first or second answer? We don’t know. What’s worst, we’re not sure if we care.

How can we, pro-choice advocates, “not care”? That’s because abortion is not illegal. Because abortion is not illegal the entire episode is sort of silly. If it rains cookies should we invest in milk? Well, it’s not raining cookies so we don’t really have to make an investment decision.

When we first heard the noise about Trump’s abortion comments we thought Trump had made an explicit call for abortion to be made illegal without exceptions and for the execution of women. Then we discover it was a hypothetical question and we knew the wrong lesson was about to be learned.

What is the lesson to be learned about Trump after the past “nothing happened” days? There is not much to be learned about Trump from the past “nothing happened” days. There is much to be learned about the voter.

Consider a voter that says “We’re on the wrong track. Politicians have failed us. The political establishment needs to be brought to heel. I want a candidate that says what she believes. I want a candidate that fights. I want a candidate that is not afraid to say what needs to be said. I want a candidate that is not beholden to the special interests that run the institutions of power to the detriment of the American people overall. I want a candidate that will not be the prisoner of advisers. I want a candidate who thinks for himself. I want a candidate that says what is on his mind, not what pollsters tell him he should say. I don’t want a perfect candidate. I want a candidate who will speak honestly and without fear. I want a leader.” Does this type of voter really mean what she says or is this voter a liar?

The problem with a non-politician running for president is that he is a non-politician. This type of candidate will say things that are not run through the mill of advisers and will utter uncontrolled remarks. The problem with a politician running for president is that he will run things through so many filters what you get is mush.

The lessons we will learn from this election are not about the candidates. We will learn about the voters.

Is it over for Trump? Trump is still very well positioned to win. Trump is slowly getting ready to fight the GOP establishment head on and Paul Ryan in particular. As to the voters and the GOP, we’ve long written that after Obama destroyed the Democratic Party the GOP would profit with new voters and would have to form a new coalition. That’s happening:

When Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump square off in Pennsylvania’s April 26 Republican presidential primary, they will find themselves competing for votes from a rapidly changing base.

At least 128,000 voters statewide have changed their registration since Jan. 1 to join the party. Nearly 85,000 of them had been Democrats; 42,000 were independents or third-party voters. The GOP has also racked up 55,468 more first-time registrants.

The changes reflect what experts are calling an unprecedented number of party switches before a primary election.

That’s in Pennsylvania. Will the same happen happen in Wisconsin? Will Wisconsin Democrats vote for Hillary Clinton or go with Bernie Sanders or hurt Sanders and give their votes to Trump or abandon Trump to vote for Sanders? We’ll know Tuesday. But we do know that a realignment of some sort, big or small, is happening.

Is it over for Trump? Voters have to decide whether they want McClellan or Grant. General George McCellan was a dapper dresser with an organizer ability but his drawback was he didn’t want to dirty with fighting his lovely grand army. General Grant was an unkempt, cigar smoking, hard drinking hairy beast who fought and fought and fought – then he would sleep and get up and fight.

With a tidy McClellan you lose the nation. With a sloven Grant you win the war. With General Patton you get a self-aggrandizing man who slaps a soldier as well as the best tank commander to defeat the Reich. With General MacArthur you get an egotistical authoritarian who destroys the Japanese war machine.

The voters will have to decide. The GOP establishment should not be the ones to decide. Is this next election going to be about national security or third trimester abortions? Is this next election going to be about illegal immigration or a hypothetical gaffe and very unlikely abortion ban? Is this next election going to be about preservation of a ruling class or the overthrow of the ruling class? Nothing happens until these questions are resolved.

Next week in Wisconsin something will happen. What will happen is that Trump will continue to rack up delegates. On April 19 something else will happen when New York votes and Trump racks up many more delegates. Eventually something big will happen. The GOP establishment will either listen to the people or the people will stop listening to the GOP. It will happen in Cleveland:

Cleave, a verb, has two very different meanings. It can describe cutting or splitting something apart with a sharp instrument, or — oddly enough — it can describe sticking to something like glue.

To cleave or not to cleave, that is the question.

In July, Cleveland will be cleave land. Something will happen.


195 thoughts on “Abort, Abort! #Trump2016, #Hillary2016: March Madness Ends, April Fools Enter

  1. August 13, 2015:


    Whatever you think of him, Donald Trump is a stick of dynamite thrown into the presidential pond. All the boats have been rocked, and given Trump’s potential for more explosiveness, the political waters show little sign of settling down anytime soon.

    Donald Trump is so special that we’ve created a category (and perhaps a word) just for him in our Republican presidential rankings: “The Un-Nominatable Frontrunner.” [snip]

    Friends, this is also true today for The Donald. Or perhaps we should say: If Trump is nominated, then everything we think we know about presidential nominations is wrong.

    History has shown that presidential nominations tend to follow a certain set of “rules.”

    First, the nominee has to have widespread backing from party elites — those in public office (many of whom will have to run on the same election ticket), the people in party leadership positions, large donors, and the heads of factional, well-funded organizations outside the party structure but still under the broader partisan umbrella. [snip]

    Second, a likely nominee needs a layered, professional organization that has been carefully constructed at the national level and in each of the early critical states. [snip]

    But Iowa and New Hampshire, in particular, are not won by sound bites and celebrity coverage.

    Third, a party winner is a disciplined politician who knows the language of politics and the dangerous curves that exist all along the campaign trail. As the first debate proved beyond doubt, Trump has little knowledge of any of this, and contempt for what he calls “politically correct” conventions. [snip]

    Trump is an early season fling for many people, fun while it lasts but doomed to breakup somewhere along the path to the nomination. There have already been some signs this week that his polling may — may — have peaked. Moreover, we need to constantly remind ourselves that few people are paying very close attention to the race right now. [snip]

    The Summer of Trump is unlikely to turn into a Year of Trump, much less four years of President Trump. Current frontrunner? No question. The Republican nominee for president? Doubtful in the extreme.

  2. Adm, I am not as confident about Trump as you still seem to remain. Wisconsin may be closer than 10% but the trajectory is in Cruz’ favor. I agree with you 100% on Hillary not getting the nomination. Sanders easily wins Wisconsin and I actually think Sanders has shot at New York and California.

  3. Why can’t The Donald learn to simply take a beat…pull back a second…and then when confronted with an obvious trap…say, “Abortion is now legal, I just had my eighth grandchild, I do not answer hypotheticals…(something like that)

    or…on other traps, I would have to take a closer look at that…period..

    stop…why let Matthews badger you into a corner…do you, do you, do you…

    DT…Chris, take it easy…and end it right there…next question…

  4. The Marquette poll jb heavily favored Milwaukee residents, ie very very liberal and 5.8% hit or miss and very small, shall we say skewed and flawed.
    I’m from Milwaukee and as the ad says, I ought to know..

  5. admin
    When we first heard the noise about Trump’s abortion comments we thought Trump had made an explicit call for abortion to be made illegal without exceptions and for the execution of women.

    thanks for the laugh and putting my mind at ease.

  6. Agree Gonzo

    Admin’s take is the only positive news I’ve heard. Even FBN has been down on Trump since the abortion remarks.

  7. My other issue with donald digging some of his own holes & literally pushing some voters away is…

    Why…why talk about using nuclear weapons at this point in time???

    Yes, I…we…may know what he means but does he have to scare others away that might be considering him…others less sophisticated to get his “strategy”

    Donald…please use a little more of that common sense you speak of…

  8. S
    March 31, 2016 at 9:30 pm
    How ironic.

    At the very moment we are worried that he is making all the wrong moves, he is making all the right ones.

    First, he has hired the best delegate manager in the Republican Party. (see video above) This guy is a master at the convention, and he knows down to the county level where all the bodies are buried. They are lots of secrets out there which these delegates want to keep hidden, and if they pull a fast one, everything–all those past sins are fair game.

    Second, he has approached Rence Priebus, and told him point blank, if the convention blows up it will be on his head. This puts Rence in a position where if he cannot control the forces in play, he will be blamed not only for the loss of the election, but the end of the party.

    Third, he has added to his hash tag after the words make america great again the additional words peace through strength.

    Fourth, there has been a marked improvement in his tweets, according to a friend of mine who is a former professor in political journalism, and speech writer.

    Fifth, she wanted me to tell those who reacted to the screaming headline about punishing women for abortions to watch the actual interview, and they will see that Donald corrected the comment in the moment, and again later. She says what I said—this too shall pass.

    Sixth, Fields has pulled this shit before, the judge is a democrat operative, the charge is frivolous, and before its through the judge and complainant will be sorry they did this–pariahs.

    Seventh, with its reputation on the line, the National Enquirer will dig until it finds pay dirt on Cruz. Unlike big media, they have investigative reporters, whereas big media has only lazy humps like Brian Ross of ABC who either rests on his laurels or breaks stories that turn out to be hoaxes etc. The good ones like Sharyl Attkisson are gone.

  9. Hi hillary44
    I first started following hillaryis44.org when another blogger wrote on the website we were both posting support for Hillary on and she wrote the website address and these words:
    Obama simply cannot be trusted
    Obama cannot be trusted on any issue
    Obama cannot be trusted by his friends
    Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies
    Obama cannot be trusted.
    I am sorry that we lost Hillary to the Dark (Obama) Side and the quick sand she seems to have put herself into.
    When I listen to someone speaking I use my own two eyes Intuition and Instinct:
    Always Trust Your Own Two Eyes Only!!! INTUITION and INSTINCT!!
    I believe what admin has stated, but I also believe that Trump might just pull this one out of the bag.
    When Trump spoke at a rally in De Pere, WI at the Walter Theatre at St. Norbert College, he told the university crowd three important things about successful people; 1. They never ever give up. 2. They should also have great momentum, rarely take vacations. 3. He quoted Gary Player who said, the harder I work, the luckier I get.
    And that is some of the mental thinking Trump seems to use in his goal to, Make America Great Again.
    Trump will never give up on Wisconsin, he has his momentum back after a four day vacation and he is working harder than his competition and he will be luckier in Wisconsin.
    There will be two rallies on April 2, 2016 and one on April 3, 2016, this website carries all of his rallies if you are interested.

  10. Hopefully the National Enquirer will have something more substantial about the #cubansexscandal when they come out with their new issue tomorrow.

  11. So, it’s not Friday so I’m not going to say TGIF –

    but I’m going to say TGFA.

    I felt a whole lot better reading this essay today.

    okay, if you need a hint, it’s “thank god for admin” 🙂

  12. Is this next election going to be about national security or third trimester abortions? Is this next election going to be about illegal immigration or a hypothetical gaffe and very unlikely abortion ban? Is this next election going to be about preservation of a ruling class or the overthrow of the ruling class? Nothing happens until these questions are resolved.

    Well…. I guess that hinges on how many voters get educated about the facts on the ground, or just let the media lead them around. Especially about keeping/overthrowing the ruling class – I think a lot of people don’t have a clue about that.

  13. Trump is being interviewed by phone on Fox, can’t remember this interviewer’s name. The interviewer says that they can change the required delegate count the day of the convention, and make it way out of your reach. not said, but meaning, they could then substitute a walk-in candidate at the convention). Trump says it won’t happen. Perhaps he is aware and playing it cool, or perhaps he is not aware of what happened in 2008.

    IMO, they shouldn’t be allowed to set up rules that expire the morning of the convention. That’s so obviously for the benefit of the elites, not the candidates who are representing the voters’ wishes. Even when a university decides to change the requirements for a degree, the students currently in the program are able to use the old rules which they had been building their class requirements on, they’re grandfathered in to that.

    Having rules which start before a campaign starts then ends on the day of the convention – it’s so wrong. Rules being changed should only be allowed to happen once the election is over. And those new rules would apply through the NEXT election.

  14. Lorac…interviewer is Eric Bolling…he leans towards Donald…and oftens speaks out for him…He is also one of the people on ‘The Five’ on fox



    Richard Hornsby is a criminal trial lawyer in Orlando, Florida.

    Having been served with a Notice to Appear (frequently referred to as a written arrest), Corey Lewandowski has embarked on the first stage of a multi-step journey through Florida’s criminal justice system. Importantly for him, there are several steps along this journey that could result in dismissal of his charges prior to trial.

    In Florida, prosecutors can treat a Notice to Appear as the formal charging document and prosecute a defendant solely based upon the allegations in the Notice to Appear. More commonly though, the prosecutor will review all criminal charges initiated by Notice to Appear and make a decision on whether they agree that formal charges should be pursued prior to the defendant’s arraignment date. If the prosecution agrees that formal charges should be pursued, they will file a formal charging document that replaces the Notice to Appear as the formal charging document. If they decide against filing formal charges they will file a document titled a No Information, which serves as the prosecutor’s notice of dismissal.

    This makes the time before Mr. Lewandowski’s May 4th arraignment critically important. Typically, a defense attorney will gather exculpatory evidence and witness affidavits and submit this information to the prosecutor along with a memorandum letter explaining why formal charges should not be pursued – either due to evidentiary hurdles, the existence of affirmative defenses, or the inability to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

    In Mr. Lewandowski’s case, the video clearly shows he grabbed Michelle Fields, despite his initial denial of having done so. But the threshold legal question is not whether he grabbed Ms. Fields, but whether he grabbed her intentionally – as opposed to instinctively. As people touch other people every day without permission, but such every day touching is rarely criminal.

    It is highly probably that the prosecutor may find that although Mr. Lewandowski grabbed Ms. Fields, there is significant reasonable doubt as to whether he did so intentionally. This is because the prosecutor may find that as Donald Trump’s campaign manager, it was Mr. Lewandowski’s job to maintain a safe space for Mr. Trump as he exited the press conferences. Given that the video appears to show Mr. Lewandowski had been pushed away from Mr. Trump by the mass of people surrounding Mr. Trump as they exited the press conference, the prosecutor may be of the mind that Mr. Lewandowski was doing his job by trying to reestablish a safe buffer around Mr. Trump as they exited the private property owned by Mr. Trump. In many respects, Mr. Lewandowski’s actions were little different than how a bodyguard might attempt to protect a celebrity from paparazzi as they move through crowded areas. If the prosecutor reaches this conclusion, it is very likely that the charges will be dismissed at or before the arraignment.

    In a similar vein, even if the prosecutor concludes that Mr. Lewandowski intentionally grabbed Ms. Fields, they may find that he is immune from prosecution under a section of Florida’s stand your ground law. This section, usually referred to as Defense of Others, provides that “a person is justified in using [force] against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend [] another against the [] imminent use of unlawful force.”

    While reasonable minds may disagree on whether Ms. Fields’ actions could be perceived as an imminent use of unlawful force, there have been reports that at least one Secret Service agent told Michelle Fields to stop touching Mr. Trump before Mr. Lewandowski intervened. If true, it would be incumbent upon Mr. Lewandowski’s defense attorney to provide the State Attorney an affidavit from this Secret Service agent corroborating this claim. Such an affidavit, combined with the reported attempt of a protestor to approach Mr. Trump at his Dayton, Ohio, rally the next day, would serve as a significant hurdle for the prosecution to consider when making a decision to charge Mr. Lewandowski. More importantly, such an affidavit would provide the State Attorney ample legal cover to dismiss the case prior to arraignment.

    Significantly, even if the prosecution elected to pursue formal charges, Mr. Lewandowski could still raise his ‘Defense of Others’ defense at a pretrial hearing prior to trial, where he would have to convince a judge by a preponderance of the evidence that his actions were a reasonable attempt to protect Mr. Trump. If he persuades the judge that he was reasonably defending Mr. Trump, the judge could dismiss the case prior to trial. If the judge is not persuaded that he was reasonably defending Mr. Trump, the judge would hold the case over for trial and it would then be up to a jury to decide whether the Defense of Others defense was meritorious (or even if his actions were intentional in the first place).

    Notwithstanding the evidentiary and legal considerations the prosecutor must make in deciding whether to pursue the charges, there are also the practical ones that must be considered. Such as whether this case, with all the publicity it would bring, would be a prudent use of the criminal justice system’s finite resources. Often times, a State Attorney will find that while certain cases meet the technical definition of a crime, they do not justify the use of scarce resources within the criminal justice system. And given the Trump camp’s clear message that Mr. Lewandowski will fight his charges to the end, the prosecutor may very well decide that it is in the best interest of all parties not to pursue formal charges and dismiss the case before the arraignment.

    Likewise, prosecutors are elected partisan officials in Florida. So there may be nothing more enticing to an elected State Attorney from the Democratic Party than prosecuting the campaign manager for the Republican Party’s presidential nominee during the general election campaign for allegedly unapologetically battering a woman


    from what has been reporter the prosecutor is a Hillary supporter…we will see…

    if this gets dismissed…Donald will get an extra bonus of kudos for ‘standing by his man’

  15. from the comments:

    It has to be reviewed prior to court and the DA that filed these ridiculous charges is a $1000 Hillary donor and head of her leadership council in Fla.


    oh for god sakes…give me a break…if someone can get convicted for this nonsense then the floodgates are going to open all over the place…

    hey, you touched me…call the police and file a civil case

  16. wbboei

    March 31, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    March 31, 2016 at 9:30 pm
    How ironic.

    Wbboei…that is great to hear…and good news

    however the fact remains that Donald does need to attract the support of women and minorities…hence…think before he speaks…at least take a breath…

    there are times when he does go on breathlessly … and it is understandable because he gets interrupted alot…thus his “Excuse me, excuse me”

    bottom line…while transitioning from being a businessman through the political world on his way to the Presidency he does need to evolve and choose some of his words more carefully in public…

  17. Often times, a State Attorney will find that while certain cases meet the technical definition of a crime, they do not justify the use of scarce resources within the criminal justice system.


    Likewise, prosecutors are elected partisan officials in Florida. So there may be nothing more enticing to an elected State Attorney from the Democratic Party than prosecuting the campaign manager for the Republican Party’s presidential nominee…

    I would add that as DAs are elected, they’re very aware of their conviction rate. It might be fun to prosecute the opposing side, but if you’re likely to lose, it’s going to hurt you in the long run at voting time….

  18. I just watched the Matthews interview. Geez, does that guy need a sedative, or what? He was firing off several questions all at once, and when Trump would start to answer, he’d already be throwing out another question. And his rapid fire speech was also like a manic episode. In the end, I had to turn it off. He was giving me a headache.

    That wasn’t the best format for Trump (or anyone lol). Really, Trump should have told Matthews to calm down, ask one question at a time, and also told him (in the abortion part) that he is not going to answer hypotheticals. But watching it, it actually *felt* uncomfortable, it was like Trump was on a tennis court returning tennis balls from an automatic ball thrower, but it had gone haywire and he was being pelted with them, unable to even hit one in the flurry.

  19. hey, you touched me…call the police and file a civil case

    Oh, lighten up, S! You KNOW Corey didn’t give her a trigger warning before he touched her!!! lol

  20. S, this is from our update in the previous article:


    Lewandowski should claim “stand your ground” status

    This is from the article you posted:

    In a similar vein, even if the prosecutor concludes that Mr. Lewandowski intentionally grabbed Ms. Fields, they may find that he is immune from prosecution under a section of Florida’s stand your ground law.

    The insane claim from Fields on touching as a crime is what we meant by “she touched him first”, meaning Fields assaulted Trump. The rest of your article exactly traces what our update states.

    We should file a bill for legal services to Trump. 🙂

  21. http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/03/31/krauthammer-likely-trump-recovers-terrible-week/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+breitbart+%28Breitbart+News%29

    Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer speculated that although this was a “terrible week” for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, he will likely recover, noting that the predictions of Trump’s demise have proven to be incorrect throughout this election season.

    “Look, I’ve said it many times and I was wrong every single time,” Krauthammer said. “We’ve heard the expression ‘peak Trump’ about as often as we’ve heard ‘peak oil’ for the last 50 years and oil is gushing all over the world. So look, I think it is likely that he recovers. But if there is going to be one incident or one series of incidents happening together as we’ve seen in this week that would actually stop his and actually put a question mark in some of his supporters, this would be it. This was a terrible week.”

    Krauthammer misses the point either intentionally or because he hates Trump so. The point is that Trump is still in fine shape despite the barrage of attack ads, the endorsements from the unified GOP establishment against him, the ceaseless attacks from talk radio and the rest of Wisconsin Big Media.

  22. Politico confirms much of what we have written about phony support for phony Ted Cruz, the establishment tool:


    They can’t stand Cruz, but they’re voting for him anyway

    How GOP establishment in Wisconsin will do anything to stop Trump in next key primary.

    Wisconsin’s Republican establishment is publicly lining up behind Ted Cruz. Privately, it’s killing many of them to do it.

    A substantial slice of Wisconsin Republican Party veterans and business leaders can’t stand Cruz’s combative style in the Senate, abhor his hard line on immigration, could do without his heavy religious rhetoric and have misgivings about his general election prospects. But they’re willing to swallow all of that to back their best hope of beating Donald Trump, though some can’t help but pine for Paul Ryan — or someone like him — coming out of a contested convention. [snip]

    A prominent Wisconsin Republican business leader, who required anonymity in order to speak freely, added that he expects that the business community will turn out next Tuesday, and “a narrow hold-your-nose vote for Cruz” majority will prevail among those Republicans.

    “There will be a stop-Trump vote, but I do not think it reflects enthusiasm for Cruz,” this person said. “It’s going to be an unenthusiastic vote. It’s a pick-your-poison vote that does not have the business community fired up. They’re basically [asking], ‘What color suicide vest do you wear?’” [snip]

    For some of Cruz’s newfound supporters, however, it remains a marriage of expediency, and it hasn’t stopped establishment eyes from wandering.

    Some are gaming out a scenario in which Cruz wins Wisconsin and goes on to keep Trump under the needed number of delegates to become the nominee — paving the way, potentially, for someone else to emerge from a brokered convention.

    In the weeks before he made his endorsement, even Walker floated the possibility of another candidate emerging as the nominee from an open convention, saying, “if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely it would be someone who’s not currently running.” [snip]

    The endorsement from Right Wisconsin, the website associated with Sykes, acknowledged that Cruz was not a first or even second choice, but it called him the candidate best-positioned to take on Trump.

    “If you look at the political establishment in southeastern Wisconsin, it very heavily leans Cruz, from the talk show hosts all the way to a lot of state leadership,” Klug said. “The whole southeast Wisconsin infrastructure is tilting Cruz to freeze out Trump.”

    Sykes said that when Vos, the assembly speaker, “who I really did not expect to come around,” came on board, “it indicated this is a binary choice,” suggesting that “if Wisconsin is going to be a firewall, you had to support Cruz, you had to at least tactically decide for Cruz. You can feel the dominoes falling in that respect in the last four days.”

    Ted Cruz, establishment tool.

  23. terrible week” for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, he will likely recover, noting that the predictions of Trump’s demise have proven to be incorrect throughout this election season.
    Bullshit on a terrible week. As noted, this was the week when a number of good strategic decisions were made. And because they see only the surface, Krauthammer and his ilk will always be wrong about Trump. I would say it was big media that had a terrible week, because the issues they seized and ran with have blown up in their faces, from Fields to taking his comments about abortion out of context, to missing the boat on Cruz. These fuckers cannot walk and chew gum at the same time, yet they pretend to be journalist. Next to congress they are the most hated people in the country. Polls now show that pedophiles have a higher rating then big media.

  24. TY admin. Sometimes it scares me that I’m not certain I know how I should think without Big Pink. I/E.
    I’m DJT or bust. I have no idea who I’ll vote if he does not make it. In addition to the polls, he has lots of friends who want to do things for him. It reminds me of a family who lived within 10 miles of a notoriously dangerous city, yet could go on vacation leaving their obscure back door unlocked. All the needs of their pets, plants, and home’s well-being were cared for by friends who stopped in to check if they were passing by. Never a problem.

    And maybe it could be so with Donald. Suddenly it seems, there were 1200 + or – Bikers For Trump at his Tuesday rally in Janesville. They’d formed to make certain the 400 paid protesters did not stop Donald from speaking, or his supporters there from attending in comfort. The bikers further claim that have his back at every rally from now on.

    Today I notice another helper identified below. How many more helpers will Donald have?

    Great America PAC, founded by Jewelry Exchange CEO William Doddridge and former Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer, is going on the air in Wisconsin this weekend with a positive ad aimed at female voters.

  25. admin

    April 1, 2016 at 2:25 am

    S, this is from our update in the previous article:

    The insane claim from Fields on touching as a crime is what we meant by “she touched him first”, meaning Fields assaulted Trump. The rest of your article exactly traces what our update states.

    We should file a bill for legal services to Trump


    Admin…that’s why “we” all keep coming back here…I hope you did act on contacting the Trump camp as you mentioned way back when…

    someone over there should be reading over here…

  26. I don’t like that ad, I would have used a different actress too. Older, less white, it just screams whitey…

  27. Gonzo…the ads will get better at least people are stepping up to the plate…
    if you read Holdem’s link…they say he needs and they are going to be “wind at his back”

    that ad is just for Wisconsin…then they will be going to the East Coast

    Lu4Puma is right…this ad is targeted at the “whiter” women in Wisconsin

  28. The new free speech movement on campus realigns the political spectrum:


    On campuses across the country, students are standing up for Donald Trump
    Los Angeles Times

    Hunkered behind a MacBook decorated with stickers that read “This laptop was brought to you by capitalism” and “TRUMP 2016,” Jake Lopez bounces T-shirt slogans off his friend Ian McIlvoy. [snip]

    Lopez is the California director of Students for Trump. Working from his dorm at Westmont College, he helps marshal the thousands of students who are pounding out phone calls, taping up fliers and blanketing Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat in an effort to persuade their peers that Donald Trump is the man.

    Although vastly outnumbered nationwide by left-leaning classmates chanting “Feel the Bern,” the youngest supporters of the GOP front-runner say they are similarly inspired by the hope of a radically different future and eager to support a leader who strikes them as anti-establishment and willing to speak his mind.

    The verbiage that erupts from Trump’s stream-of-consciousness is not universally appreciated by students. Many say the very mention of his name can be hurtful, threatening or cause for intervention.

    A Mexican American student at Scripps College in Claremont woke up to “#trump2016” scrawled on the whiteboard outside her dorm room. The student body president called it a “racist act.”

    On the campus of Emory University in Atlanta, students protested when someone wrote in chalk: “Accept the Inevitable: Trump 2016.”

    Jim Wagner, the president of the university, met with protesters and later sent an email to everyone on campus saying, in part, “They voiced their genuine concern and pain in the face of this perceived intimidation.”

    Young Trump followers say such backlash against minority opinion, in a realm where liberal culture dominates, is part of what draws them to the cause.

    Today, there is a movement to silence differing views,” Lopez says. He argues that the increasingly common practice of students turning to “safe spaces” is really about sheltering students from ideas with which they disagree.

    That’s not what America is about,” he says. “Mr. Trump, he’s single-handedly bringing back freedom of speech. He’s enabled students to voice whatever we believe in a thoughtful way.”

    Students for Trump began as a Twitter account in October in a dorm room at Campbell University in Buies Creek, N.C. Ryan Fournier, a freshman and early supporter of Rand Paul, was drawn to Trump’s blunt rhetoric and policies on border control and employment.

    Between classes, homework and fraternity meetings, Fournier fired off tweets praising Trump and setting the record straight on what he considered misinformation.

    “We love Muslims. We hate Islamic Extremism!” one tweet said. [snip]

    More than 5,000 students in 200 chapters in 38 states are publicly on board. Fifteen chapters have taken hold in California, on campuses including UC Santa Barbara and USC. [snip]

    Like Trump himself, the young people who support him trigger strong reactions.

    In a January news release, Fournier wrote: “We cannot forget our haters, whose messages give us a good laugh. As Taylor Swift would say, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.’ ”

    Looking ahead, the team is honing its ground operations in states like Wisconsin, New Jersey and California.

    “We want to match what Bernie Sanders is doing on the Democratic side,” Lambert says.

    The team hired Lopez, who grew up in the Central Valley town of Taft, to establish more chapters and recruit classmates like McIlvoy, who’s volunteering as state treasurer on top of working 20 hours a week at the library to pay off his student loans. [snip]

    Their strategy, they say, is to get classmates talking.

    McIlvoy, who identifies himself as half black, dressed up as Carson for Halloween, and Lopez recently launched a satirical petition calling for “GPA redistribution” to make a point about progressive tax structures that he thinks “punish success.”

    “Our pitch was: Some students at the top have too much, and some students at the bottom have too little. So we should redistribute some of the top earners, the 4.0s, to lower students so everyone can graduate equally,” Lopez says. “That provoked people, and we had a lot of good conversations.”

    His last name raises eyebrows among those who see Trump’s accusation that Mexico is sending rapists across the U.S. border — which he’d protect with a wall whose height seems to grow with every debate. Detractors point to that plan as evidence that Trump is hostile to Latinos, if not a flat-out racist.

    Lopez notes that his great-grandfather was Mexican but says he considers himself “an American, a Californian, a Christian.”

    “Not all Hispanics hate Trump,” he says.

    And the more he comes out as a supporter, the more other students do too, he says.

    “I have about 25 chapter requests in my in-box right now that I have not been able to get to. The support is out there, and we’re trying to get them mobilized and speaking up.” [snip]

    “What Trump and Sanders have both done very effectively is mount a strident criticism against the traditional political process,” he says. “If you’re a young person and you don’t feel like politics-as-usual has a place for you, there’s a natural temptation to align with a candidate that can dramatically upend that system.”

    The Republican party itself is largely to blame for this insurrection by ignoring that even young fiscal conservatives are becoming more “progressive” on social issues like gay marriage, says Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, director of CIRCLE, a research hub at Tufts University that studies youth voting.

    “Trump is a lesson in that,” she says. [snip]

    “We’re hoping to get people involved, even if they’re against us. Come talk; be a part of the conversation. That’s what America is about,” Lopez says.

    “Patrick Henry said, ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,’ and that’s what’s important to us.”

  29. ‘Go back to Ohio’: Kasich faces tough crowd in Camp Hill

    Signs fill the entrance to the Radisson Hotel at The Pennsylvania Leadershop Conference in Camp Hill, Pa., Apr. 1, 2016. Attendees will see U.S. Presidential candidates Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz

    It’s about a half-hour drive between Hershey and Camp Hill, but for John Kasich it was a world away.
    The presidential candidate was seemingly in a roomful of supporters and moderates during his Hershey town hall Friday morning.
    Hours later, Kasich was in Cruz Country.
    When the Ohio governor walked into the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Friday afternoon, he entered a larger crowd than the town hall and one that waved signs of support for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.
    He did get some applause and a few laughs, but mostly it was combative.


  30. 2 bits of good news, foxy.
    Just heard while Ted’s in PA Heidi and Carly are barnstorming WI for him.
    gag me

  31. I get Wisconsin is “white”, outside Milwaukee. .., however the actress and script is subpar..

  32. They got that from The People’s Cube website, a political satire site run by a former Soviet agitprop artist.

  33. Admin: Buchanan says if Trump and Cruz preserve Rule 40 then NO establishment candidate can get the nomination, because no establishment candidate has won a majority of the delegates in 8 state primaries elections. Rule 40 which was enacted to protect the establishment candidate now bars them from the Ryan on the fourth ballot strategy which they are talking about. See whether you agree.

    All Trump and Cruz need do is instruct their delegates to vote to retain Rule 40 from the 2012 convention. Rule 40 declares that no candidate can be placed in nomination who has failed to win a majority of the delegates in eight states.

    Trump has already hit that mark. Cruz almost surely will. But no establishment favorite has a chance of reaching it.

    With Cruz and Trump delegates voting to retain Rule 40, they can guarantee no Beltway favorite walks out of Cleveland as the nominee — and that Ted Cruz or Donald Trump does.

    No matter who wins in Cleveland, the establishment must lose.

    The establishment is stone cold dead in de market:


  34. No matter who wins in Cleveland, the establishment must lose.

    Buchanan thinks that Cruz is not part of the establishment? He is not liked by his coworkers, but he is certainly establishment. He’s part of the system . How do they twist their brains to think he is not? lol

    They definitely need to put in the new rules for the year, though, that they don’t expire the next time BEFORE the election, so that people aren’t again operating under one set of premises, to only have them changed on the big day….

  35. “Overall last year France lost approximately 3 percent of its total number of millionaires, while it’s capital, Paris, lost about six percent of its millionaires. That amounts to some 7,000 people from Paris alone, mostly to the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and Israel, according to a report by New World Wealth, an agency which compiles data on the global wealth sector.”

    I kept hearing stories about French people immigrating to western Canada (Calgary area) with a LOT of money. At first they were Jewish fleeing the Muslim hellholes of France. Now it is all kinds of people with a LOT of money ready to do business and invest in Canada. Wealth flees instability and especially rotten, crooked legal systems. Anybody with two nickels to rub together or brains is going to get the hell out of there unless they start shipping their “problem” back home. Who is going to pay for the freebies, benefits, and cheap labor services if everyone with any money (or potential to make any) leaves? Who is going to pay for their progressive liberal politicians? If Europe is broke and starts reversing their social welfare state will Muslims still try to migrate there? They do not want to stay stuck in Greece who is busted economically. The freebies are drying up and now the real fighting starts.

  36. Even now FoxNews occasionally hands us a yuge favor. I’m going by their promos as it’s not on my cable lineup. Writeups are promising. Former SecDef Robert Gates spills some beans.

    Premiered last night. More airings today, tomorrow:
    “Fox News Reporting: Rising Threats – Shrinking Military,”
    4/2 at 8 & 11P ET
    & 4/3 at 9P & midnight ET

    Also 3rd hand knowledge: Trump on CSPAN today 4 PM. via wacky situation. Guy in parking lot noticed my Trump stickers, and walked over. We talked Trump until my passenger returned to the car. Wound up writing my name & landline # which is a leave message operation. Thot he’d reciprocate with a name and number for himself, when he called first time, but so far he’s just “Tom” with no number . So he’s talking only to the answer machine here. And that’s the source for the CSPAN tip. It’s a crazy world.

  37. Ted and Heidi Cruz are both long time Bush functionaries. I think a lot of old Ted’s maverick anti-establishment shtick is all a “fairy tale”. His bullshit about being crossways with Rove and old man Bush and the Bush brother is looking more and more like a double cross of some kind to fool the rubes and have a Bush insider in the Senate and as a backup running for Prez. Rove and the Bushes supposedly wouldn’t help him with Senate campaign financing so he had to do it all by his lonesome with help from Wall St (Goldman Sachs and Citibank).

    Essentially running as a spoiler to Trump, and a tool for RNC insiders, he has said not one word about this except the usual boilerplate crap. The rapidity and viciousness that the Bush-ites switched to Ted and Heidi, both Cruz’s everyready to serve the Bush globalists, is very suspicious. To me anyway. They are both tools.

  38. “Rove and the Bushes supposedly wouldn’t help him with Senate campaign financing so he had to do it all by his lonesome with help from Wall St (Goldman Sachs and Citibank).” This of course was done illegally and on the sly because outsider mavericks and downtrodden minority “constitutionalist” wonder-boy, Princeton/Harvard underdogs, federal and state appointed flunkies never get financed by Wall St through their international globalist wife’s connections. Yeah, right.

  39. 11:09

    Good news Foxy…I thought the intervals must be better or Trump would not be spending his cash and time there. Outside of Milwaukee, people are conservative and honest hard working American’s.

  40. stuff flying every which way between Hillary and Sanders … has someone told Hillary she needs to worry now? She is becoming a big unhinged and Bernie is becoming a bit of a turd

  41. Alcina – did you stay for the call-ins after Donald? About 6 – 8 of them, all voting for Trump and all calling out media for smear tactics (altho they were politer than I in saying so.) Does not really match what polls are saying, does it

  42. Stephen Miller is Trumps best advisor and IMHO he could be a VP candidate He is is a lawyer, he has the senate experience because he has worked for Sessions and he is EXTREMELY smart ….. knows the ISSUES

  43. Because Trump tweets often on @realDonaldTrump, I always check in to read his tweets and gage his mood and direction, for the day. Trump definitely has his momentum back but I can’t help but wondered if the missteps he endured this past week, were just a boxer’s clever maneuver, which he used to feign vulnerability and weakness, to throw off the hounds from hell(MS).

    I was especially happy to see that Sarah Palin is back ‘Stumping for Trump’ which means her husband Todd is recovering nicely from his skidoo accident. Sarah is back in form and Trump can’t have a better more enthusiastic opener for his town halls and rallies.

  44. if anyone has any links to Trump’s events in Wisconsin please post

    I think there might have been about 3 events and I missed them all


  45. foxyladi14

    April 2, 2016 at 3:36 pm



    foxy…by any chance is there a LARGE contingent of bikers in Wisconsin??

    would be nice… : )

  46. S,

    There should be a huge biker population in Wisconsin. Harley Davidson is headquartered there. My nephew is an engineer with Harley.

  47. Harvey unfortunately had built a plant in India, the writing is on the wall if Trump does not get elected.
    Conservative Tree House wrote an article to that..

  48. holdthemaccountable
    April 2, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    I didn’t hear the call-ins, but their response is good news. Let’s hope they’re from Wisconsin!

    I had turned CSPAN off after the rally because they had this nasty snotty woman on prior who wouldn’t let up on Trump. Totally biased.

  49. Alcina – At least one of those callers afterward cited that women who spoke at great length prior to Donald’s rally. She was wicked altho she had not a clue – touting those (Cruz friendly? )Canadian roots which had rendered her relatively unbiased regarding US politics.
    admin: Having cleaned the history trail of this computer, I had to come here from the beginning just now. It allowed me to revisit your “Cleave” dissertation:

    “Cleave, a verb, has two very different meanings. It can describe cutting or splitting something apart with a sharp instrument, or — oddly enough — it can describe sticking to something like glue.

    “To cleave or not to cleave, that is the question.”

    Gold. Comedic and otherwise.

  50. The polls are showing Cruz ahead in Wisconsin, but I smell something rotten. I think the manipulation will backfire on them and get out the Trump vote.

  51. Anti-Trump groups hope a Cruz win in Wisconsin will invigorate donors

    …Club for Growth has spent about $8.5 million against Trump and Our Principles PAC, which is funded primarily by the billionaire Ricketts family, which owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, has spent more than $14 million attacking the GOP front-runner.
    All told, more than $37 million has been spent on anti-Trump advertising by conservative groups, according to The Hill’s analysis of Federal Election Commission data….


  52. I had dinner with the elite last night. The subject of Trump came up and one wealthy Canadian went on the attack. I could not keep my mouth shut. And I told her that he was the only candidate that was backing the American voters and that I was going to be backing him. She said the world would hate us and suggested he would be assassinated and I countered that may be but then I, for one, would not go quietly.

    They all thought Kasich was the solution and told me I did not know about who he was and what his policies were. I told them I knew he was a globalists who supports the TPP. Oh, but that was a good thing? And I told them that international courts who would have jurisdiction over our food safety and environmental protections was unacceptable for me as they were already under attack.

    So they said Trump would put us in a depression. And I said we were already in one, citing that 50% of Americans now make less than $30,000 per year and cannot afford to live. This so say they is a minimum wage issue. I said wages would not fix it as the jobs coming out are part time for the likes of bartenders and waitresses.

    Now mind you, this is group in investment banksters. Then one of them blamed FED. Then I bashed the central banks that were pushing the global economy into negative interest rates and that the FED was floating it for implementation here. The my ally in the conversation said they needed to get rid of the FED. By that time was sister-in-law was looking big eyed at my brother and asking him what he had to say about it as he waved his hands and said he had no idea.

    So I do not think I will be invited back to dinner for some time now. My take away from this is that they are all terrified and do not know what to do.


  53. The last poll I heard about RNC poll, had Trump ahead by 4, so don’t know..
    Posters on conservative Tree House said they call Wisconsin, per script and lots of angry no’ with hang ups, some Trumps, very few undecideds.

    Not Sure Where That Leaves us, But One Thing Is For sure, He’s Fighting Hard For Wisconsin!

  54. Lu4PUMA
    April 3, 2016 at 9:38 am
    “She said the world would hate us”

    That cracked me up. I would have said “so what else is new?” The world hates us now, always has and always will.

  55. Lu4PUMA

    And may I add, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit what the world thinks.

    As you would say, TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!

  56. West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath bans Trump from campaigning in her city & that led me to this:
    Peggy Lee – I Don’t Wanna Play In Your Yard.
    Naturally. They would lose their inside track to government. They would be off the sugar tit. It is not a matter of political values, because they have none.

    As for Peggy Lee, she was very popular with the public in general, but not with Richard Rogers. At one point, after listening to her rendition of one of his songs, he famously said why does she have to pick on me, and then the clincher, she could fuck up Silent Night with no difficulty.

  57. A-(strike one)

    Wealthy0 (strike two)

    Canadian (stike three)

    Fears (for our sake, not hers)

    That “the world” will hate us

    If we elect someone

    Who represents the American People

    Rather than ignorant swans

    Gullible rubes (or useful idiots if you perfer)

    And skull fucks like her

    Let me say this: her concern for us, and her fear the world will hate us is touching

    The counter attack should begin with the question:

    What do you think of Donald’s position on illegal immigration

    Which will elicit the inevitable: I think it is horrible, inhuman, s

    She cannot say un Christian because these are Muslims

    And then you can deliver the smack down

    If that is the way you feel, then the blood of those killed in Paris Brussels

    And on other venues to come

    Is on the hands of you and people like you

    For vilifying those who attempt to impose order on chaos

    And protect our security

    And although your wealth allows you to avoid the consequences

    Sooner or later fate will get around to you.

  58. wbboei
    April 3, 2016 at 11:05 am

    I had to stay in civil bounds out as these are friends of my brother. Otherwise I may have had a very different tone. But it is just as well, for who wants to fire their fear and this is all quite disturbing for so many.

  59. wbb There are not many recordings of that song available. I was looking for kids and lyrics. So it is fair to say I was disappointed too.

  60. Lu4PUMA

    April 3, 2016 at 11:24 am

    The Soros Brownshirts are getting really bold. WTF?
    Empty threats, like all the people who say they will leave the country if Trumps wins. If anything this only serves to further show their real agenda and will strengthen the resolve of those that support Trump.

    Fuck ’em

  61. • holdthemaccountable
    April 3, 2016 at 11:47 am
    wbb There are not many recordings of that song available. I was looking for kids and lyrics. So it is fair to say I was disappointed too.

    Peggy Lee
    Once there lived side by side~~Two little maids,~~Used to dress just alike,~~Hair down in braids,~~Blue gingham pinafores,~~Stockings of red,~~Little blue bonnets~~Tied on each pretty head.
    When school was over,~~Secrets they’d tell,~~Whispering to themselves,~~Down by the well.
    One day a quarrel came,~~Hot tears were shed:~~~~”You can’t play in our yard,”
    But the other said:
    “I don’t want to play in your yard,~~I don’t like you anymore,~~You’ll be sorry when you see me,
    Sliding down our cellar door,~~You can’t holler down our rain barrel,~~You can’t climb our apple tree,~~I don’t want to play in your yard~~If you won’t be good to me.”
    Next day two little maids~~Each other miss,~~Quarrels are soon made up,~~And sealed with a kiss,
    Then hand in hand again,~~Happy they go,~~Friends all through life to be,~~Loving each other so.
    Soon school days pass away~~Sorrows and bliss~~But love remembers yet~~That quarrel and kiss,
    In sweet dreams of childhood,~~We hear this cry:~~~~”You can’t play in our yard,”

    And the other reply:
    “I don’t want to play in your yard,~~I don’t like you anymore,~~You’ll be sorry when you see me,
    Sliding down our cellar door,~~You can’t holler down our rain barrel,~~You can’t climb our apple tree,~~I don’t want to play in your yard~~~If you won’t be good to me.”

  62. lorac

    April 2, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    There ya go, S!

    thanks Lorac, I have tonights evening viewing…after Donald’s TH with Greta on fox 8 pm

    (and then the guilty pleasure of the ‘Shameless’ finale on Showtime)


    Gonzo and Outris…a salute to the bikers…reve up those engines…


    Lu4Puma…go girl(pretty sure?)…dazzle the Trump haters with your disarming intelligence…


    …contrary to the media reports guess some people in Wisconsin like The Donald…there is a clip below that goes on for over 4 minutes just filming the people standing in line waiting to see him


  63. Gonzo…some glimmers for hope



    Now that I’m seeing that the Republicans are trying to tackle Donald Trump, the more I see on the news, the more pissed off I get.”


    The amateur classic car mechanic and former owner of Jimmy Boy Pizza also has a penchant for fighting alongside those he sees as being unfairly treated by the entrenched powers, and with that, Mr. Edming declares that he and many-many other voters in Wisconsin are aligning themselves with Donald Trump. Even the media hysteria over Trump’s campaign manager being charged with assault for moving a reporter to the side (a case which video evidence suggests is without merit and many legal experts have declared to be waste of taxpayer dollars) has only furthered Edming’s support for the New York billionaire:

    “That’s malarkey from the opposition…“I’ve talked to a kazillion people here in the last two to three weeks. The more and more that they attack Trump, the more people are going to vote for him.”

  64. TerryDo, that poll is among independents. That’s one reason why Wisconsin is so hard to predict. Wisconsin is an open primary therefore what independents and Democrats think matters. Will Democrats/independents vote for Sanders or Trump or will they vote for another candidate?

  65. Will Democrats/independents vote for Sanders or Trump or will they vote for another candidate?
    Its always nice to have options.

    And here we do:

    1. Globalism, Goldman Sachs and Obama III.

    2. Socialism, Santa Clause, and Financial Collapse.

    3. Make America Great Again, and Peace Through Strength

    Well . . . I must admit, the choice is a tough one.

  66. Thanks Admin~~~ Sorry, I noticed it to late and there is no edit option on your site
    I have watched every video on Right Side Broadcasting – On the Right Side of History, since they started broadcasting. http://rsbn.tv/
    The enthusiasm from the Wisconsinites demonstrated at all of Trump’s town halls, and rallies are just as good or equal to the exuberance shown by his followers and supporters from other states in which he has won in a landslide.
    And the more Trump speaks to his Wisconsin audiences the more I sense that he has won them over. It is too bad that Trump doesn’t discus more about the thousands of negative radio and TV commercials telling them, that all of these Negative Commercials are paid by the Special Interest Groups and the Lobbyists, who are more interest in their own financial income, not theirs.

  67. I’m actually pretty radical in that I support single payer healthcare since I think we’d actually save a lot of money rather than continuing our current system, where people literally go bankrupt over healthcare bills. It would have to be combined with strict immigration laws, however, to avoid the situation in the UK where people come over just to use their services. Although I oppose free university and many other things. But what turns me off about Bernie the most is his commitment to social justice and race baiting, like with his recent comments saying white folks don’t experience poverty. Electing Bernie would be like electing those college students who are having mental break downs over having Trump’s name written in chalk at their university.

    Consequently, I’d never be able to support any Democrat, EVER, due to their pandering to this degenerate, radical, social justice ideology.

  68. Donald did a decent job on Greta…

    if any of his people read here, Donald needs to develop some better answers to how he plans on helping people with this Heroin epidemic…more empathy for helping them out of this mess…

    yes, the Wall is going to go a long way to stop the flow of it coming into the USA
    but that did not answer the young man’s question about what Donald do to help those with heroin problems already…re: treatment…in NH and all over the country…

    yes, he can stop the opportunity to create more heroin users with the wall…but what about the ones that already exist

    same thing for how he is going to help the Veterans…

    I am not saying that he has to have a 10 pt plan from A to Z…but at least a sentence or two about some help…some way…some specifics…so that the people asking the question feel that he heard the question and they got some kind of an answer…time to go a little bit past the same things he has been saying for months

    He needs to start showing some depth…imho…the “winging it” days should be winding down…talk to Scott Brown, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, etc…start digging a little deeper below the surface…come up with a line or two that people will connect with…

    I know it is very hard in these quick answer setting…and Greta had so, so many commericials…

    but…just like Lu4Puma can dazzle with substantive answers so can The Donald…and by now he should be putting together a team to bounce off of…

  69. add Newt to that group…and Eric Bolling can telegraph some good answers from “the Five” or when subing for O’Rielly on Fox…and Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney and Charles Payne on Fox are also good people on TV for DT’s people to pick up some cues from or “get to know better”…they all lean towards DT

    at least someone got thru to Donald to use the word “hypothetical” and not to answer…Donald just needs to know when to stop…talking…answer the question…pause and then look at the audience and flash a great smile…next question…

    and I noticed this morning with John Dickerson on Face the Nation…that try as Dickerson did to really badger Donald with the same question over and over again (re Corey…over and over and over again)…

    Donald kept his cool and essentially put his foot down and did not answer some of the “tricky” questions that would have been headlines for days…

    he is getting better…

  70. I am told that they have an internal poll which has Trump up by 3 points. That poll is based on 6000 respondents, and has a 1% margin of error.

    I am told that the polls FOX and CNN are pushing are based on under 400 respondents, are older and have a greater margin of error.

    I am told that Corey is an ex state patrolman, and his response to the Fields was mild compared to what most security people have done and have been trained to do in this kind of situation.

    I am told that in security planning the candidate is most and risk when he enters or leaves the building. And the latter is when Fields approached Trump.

    I am told that Fields pulled the same stunt against the police in a confrontation with black lives matter thugs–the unauthorized approach with pen in hand, breaking through the security line.

    I am told that the secret service failed to protect Trump.

    I am told that Fields was retained by a Cruz supporter named Mercer who runs an anti Trump superpac and since he contributes to Breibart, he got them to hire her, so she could create an incident.

    I am told that whereas before, Corey was the sole guy, the two professionals he has hired have smoothed out his presentation, got him to fill in more substance, adopt a show me don’t tell me approach.

    Also, they have gotten him to talk about how Wisconsin has experienced a 20% job loss thanks to NAFTA which Johnnie Boy Kasich agreed to, and will be decimated by TPP which Cruz supports.

  71. Admin: here is clear, cogent and convincing proof that the Fields incident was orchestrated by the Cruz campaign, and its major backer Mercer who is a hedge fund manager from New York. The proof can be found beginning at the 36 minute mark, continuing to the 43 minute mark, and ending at the 45 minute mark.


  72. S – I see your point about Trump saying more than just we’re going to build a wall. But I’m not sure what more he could mention other than that he would work towards having more treatment facilities. Of course, that’s going to lead to more government money, whether provided as free to the consumer, or accepting insurance including the low-paying Medi-cal.

    The big issue I see in terms of addressing the existing addicts, whether alcohol or another drug, is that they have to be ready to quit. Most facilities I’m aware of require an interview before the person will even be accepted. There are so many people with needs that they don’t want to waste their time and resources on someone who is not fully committed. And with commercial insurance, often they don’t want to pay for inpatient unless the person has failed at outpatient first. And so many people think they want to quit because they go through a hard withdrawal, but once they start feeling better, they lose interest, they think they can use again with no problems.

    And then there’s the problem of people generally having to try and fail several times before it takes hold, if it ever does. I don’t know about current rates, but it was always said that AA had the best success rates with addiction, and that was only 10% success.

    It’s just a tough, tough problem, once someone is already addicted. Especially heroin. They say it’s the toughest thing to quit, other than cigarettes. Perhaps he could talk about school or other programs, more focus on teaching people how to cope. So many people nowadays want to check out, want to feel good all the time. When they start at a young age, as many do, they never learn to cope with stressors. That makes quitting all the much harder. I think part of the solution – for the future – is some cultural change with the young.

    So building a wall will at least help cut off most supply to prevent future addicts, and something along the lines I was talking about, an emphasis on new cultural norms for the young, starting early and often. And maybe he should talk about treatment facilities for current addicts.

    But perhaps the biggest factor will be prevention, IMO. Current addicts… it’s just tough. And without the supply, they may just switch their drug of choice. It’s very sad.

  73. Churchill, a direct descendent of the Duke of Marlborough was once First Lord of the Admiralty. When a political opponent inveighed against him citing the so called traditions of the British Navy, he responded that the British Navy had but three traditions:


    the lash


    By the same token, the gloablist Republican establishment in general, and their darling clementine and pop goes the weasel at the convention the forever earnest Paul Ryan have but four objectives:

    population replacement

    conservative communities must die

    military adventurism

    looting the middle class

    The particulars can be found right here:


  74. The clairvoyant and I were talking about going to Cleveland. If she goes I will too. The Trump campaign wants 5 million people. She went to the Chicago convention in 1968. She saw revolutionaries clash with police and people get their heads bashed in. She stood up to Bill Ayers and his sermons on violence. But she is getting cold feet on this one, not just because she is older, but because she fears the worst. Rather than sharing her vision with you, and letting you think this is nuts, let me ask some questions and let you figure out what may happen. Assume that the elites will destroy the village, the party and even the country to save it, because they have no interest in the country. Their sole concern is to build a new global community with them in charge–that is the faith that sustains people like Gates, the political class, and big media. So take off the blinders, and think about the unthinkable.

    Q-1: if Trump wins the number of delegates required to avoid a brokered convention, after all your dirty tricks failed–the phony polls, the character assassination, the dirty media, and the wall of money, what would you do to prevent him from securing the nomination?

    Q-2: given what occurred with the Fields incident, where the Secret Service dropped the ball, how good are they, really, in protecting candidates?

    Q-3: knowing that Soros was once a Nazi collaborator, has the moral scruples of the most infamous Nazi of all, Heydrich, and is financing the left wing terrorists who attack people at Trump rallies, what do you suppose he will pay to have done?

    Q-4: if Trump does not achieve the number of delegates, the nomination proceeds to a brokered convention, and 5 million Trump supporters were present, along with Soros paid terrorists, what might happen?

    Q-5: if you were a sociopath by the name of Obama, and wanted to retain power, would you instigate violence in Cleveland, blame Trump, indict Hillary, declare marshal law, and suspend elections?

    Q-6: would you fly drones over Cleveland, and drop e-coli or other bacteria to make people sick, and scare the billie be jiggerds out of the public, so they submitted to your tyranny?

    These are hypothetical possibilities. But if you think they are too far fetched to be true, consider who we are dealing with, and think again.

    If nothing else, this is a good reason not to go the Cleveland. And my friend has got me thinking that way, for sure.

    Q-3: assuming Trump does

  75. Comments from conservative Tree House about the PAC ad.
    They too felt it is poorly written, poorly acted and the message is written to look like it appeals to white trash racist types. The actress herself looks like a caricature a liberal would use to represent same type of person.
    The PAC is funded by a RNC operative and it also allows them to bash Trump’s statement of being self funded.
    Something stinks…

  76. You’d think once you’d won a state, you could move on to the next. But silly me, again thinking it has anything to do with what people want.

    Well, if Trump has something on Cruz, maybe he better get it out there….

  77. The discussion on Patriot talk radio this AM was about Cruz / RNC chipping away delegates in States already won by Trump.
    This is fucking WAR!

  78. 😆

    George Scarborough ‎@GeoScarborough

    In what MSM classified 1000s of times last week as @realDonaldTrump ” worst week” Reuters tracking poll #’s increased 6 pts for him. WOW

  79. I am told that there was a poll 18 hours ago by an entity called The People of Wisconsin, which surveyed 50,000 people and found that Trump was leading Cruz by 13 points.


    I hope to god that is accurate. If it is then margin is sufficient to withstand the cheating which the establishment has in play.

    The rcp average has Cruz leading, based on older surveys.

    Admin’s point that this is hard to predict because it is an open primary is duly noted.

    If democrats vote in the primary, I cannot imagine that they will line up to vote for Cruz–unless the establishment pays them walk around money, and that is harder to do in a state like Wisconsin, than in places like Philadelphia, Chicago, or Mississippi.

    But what the fuck do I know?

  80. It isn’t just the fact that Cruz is a dirty lying politician.

    All politicians are dirty.

    All politicians engage in deception.

    All politician are public servants, only in the narrow sense that they serve the public up to their donors and skin them alive, while seducing them with happy talk.

    Then what, if anything, is different about Cruz?

    Its very simple really:


    A man who pretends to be a constitutionalist, but is in fact a globalist.

    And a Bush asset.

    We know this how?

    We know it by his past associations with the Bush family.

    We know it by his wifes connections to Goldman Sachs.

    We know this by his secret low interest loan from Goldman Sachs.

    We know this by the way the establishment is rallying around him.

    But, but, but, what about his filibusters and his condemnation of the political class?

    Well, that is a stunt.

    The divining rod for every politician is forget what they say, and focus on what they do.

    And you will be surprised, rarely if ever.

    Erickson, who has left Red State, but is all in for Cruz

    He calls Trump supporters losers

    Since Cruz is a holier than thou man himself, I gather he means Jerry Falwell Jr. and Billy Graham Jr.

    All I can say if we have managed to earn the condemnation of a pile of steaming shit like Erickson

    Then we must be doing something right

  81. lorac

    April 4, 2016 at 1:37 am


    Lorac, I agree with all the ramifications of what you are saying…that is why I said I don’t expect a 10 pt plan from A to Z but he could at least have a sentence to address the question…

    maybe something like we are going to repeal and replace Ocare and have treatment available …something

    at least use the word ‘treatment’…that was the question…same goes for the Veterans…in both cases, treatment will be available, people will be taken care of…

    DT has already said “he is not going to let people die on the street”…maybe he can use that sentence as a response…something, in addition to the wall…however the wall is essential…

    it is a very difficult situation…

  82. And we know it by his support for TPP and how he hides behind the fig leaf of free trade when pressed on it, whereupon the lying media say okay nothing to see here.

  83. OAN (one america news cable tv) just came out with a poll with

    Cruz 44, Trump 41, Kaisch 15 MOE 3.7

    …said Trump is gaining and then they had a discussion about the districts and who could pick up what where…

  84. wish Donald would have many more “real people” testimonials…he has helped so many people in need…we should be hearing from THEM

    …and ads that are a la Ross Perot where Donald talks directly to the people…

    guess he is figuring get past Wisconsin then coast thru New England, NY, NJ

    but it cannot be helpful that his delegates are being poached in states that he won

    I know they say he hired an great delegate counter guy that is very experienced with Dole, etc

    but he also needs some of these younger ‘hustlers’ that are also tuned into what is happening in the techie 21st c…

    time to ramp it up

  85. I don’t think any of the polls are right.
    Cruz is handing out $$$ and future promises of positions to delegates like it’s Christmas. .

  86. Gonzotx…congratulations to you and your daughter from me too! you both should be very proud…


    as for Enquirer story…Gretchen (Carlson?) whatever her name is on Fox had two people on her show talking about it today…both were discussing what the judge might do in lifting the ban…and supposedly the guy who has the info is going to leak it either way…

  87. apologies if this has been posted,
    but ARG Poll has Trump up by 10, dated 04/01 – 04/03.

    ARG 4/1 – 4/3 400 LV 5.0 32 42 23 Trump +10

  88. jt, sorry, I can’t take anyone seriously who says:

    If the USA were truly a democracy, Bernie Sanders would be the next President. He is the people’s choice and has many solutions to our social and economic problems.

  89. Someone tried to assault Melania tonight. CNN guy on twitter describes it as “egg throwing” by a 16 year old high schooler against both Trump and Melania. Others describing it as a “Cruz supporter” attempting to attack Melania. Whatever the case, he was arrested by the secret service.

  90. f the USA were truly a democracy, Bernie Sanders would be the next President. He is the people’s choice and has many solutions to our social and economic problems.
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    Better not pout
    I’m telling you why
    Bernie the Torch is coming to town

    He’s making passing out freebees
    Railing against wall street
    Lighting the fuse to get us all killed
    Bernie the Torche is coming to town

    He sees you when you’re sleeping
    He knows when you’re awake
    He knows if you’re a good commie or not
    So be commie for goodness sake!

  91. Well, the clairvoyant strikes again.

    There is a guy on Info Wars saying the very thing she told me last night re. cleveland

    Makes you wonder whether there isn’t something to this clairvoyant stuff.

  92. Whatever the case, he was arrested by the secret service.
    Oh great.

    They did not prevent it.

    All they are good for is clean-up after the fact.


    To pre empt or to arrest.

    To interdict or to apprehend.

    To deter or to retaliate.

    How but it, Master Sergeant Highway?

    The goal of every good marine is:

    To improvise, adapt and overcome.

    Jail Binger: I don’t like soldier boys.

    Highway: Say what?

    Jail Binger: If you wanna pop that puppy’s can you don’t have to grease him so hard, jarhead.

    Highway: Well, it sounds like you’re a man of experience.

    Jail Binger: What the hell’s that supposed to mean, grunge shit.

    Highway: It means: Be advised. I’m mean, nasty and tired. I eat concertina wire and piss napalm and I can put a round in a flea’s ass at 200 meters. So why don’t you go hump somebody else’s leg, mutt face, before I push yours in.

    Jail Binger: Ain’t gonna be so smart with your balls stuffed in your mouth, jarhead!

    Highway: [hands cigar to the young man] Hang on to this, boy. I think war’s just been declared.

  93. Yes yes.

    We must respect the secret service.


    When they are not running call girl rings, or failing to protect the one they are supposed to protect.

    On the other hand, this is the glorious age of Obama.

    Its not about doing the job, its all about the photo op.

    And why should the secret service be any different.

    The point is these people are not protecting Trump, and the had good goddamned well better start.


  94. I just wrote out my checks for the IRS so I am not necessarily in a good mood. With that said, my predictions for tomorrow: Cruz by 12% over Trump and Sanders by 11% over Hillary. I hope to be wrong, but things not looking good imho.

  95. lorac
    April 4, 2016 at 9:42 pm
    This is a nice commercial, and beautiful, peaceful piano music, poignant words at the end.
    Thank you lorac.

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    A cynic would say its all hype.

    A realist would say there are times when the hype is true.

    I believe him when he says to the American People, the only one I will be working for is you.

    No one else, with the exception of Ben Carson, can say that and be telling the truth.

  96. Cruz is as phony as a three dollar bill.

    Look into the wine filled draught
    And see Ted Cruz as Ted Cruz is not
    And faith tis pleasant til tis past
    The mischief is that cannot last.

  97. Wbboei, could you provide a link to that InfoWars interview re: Cleveland? Or was it just a part of his radio show?

  98. Unless Obama launches an attack upon the people who go to Cleveland, as some people smarter than I am, are predicting he will do, so he can declare marshal law and suspend the election, I am prepared to say I am beyond Obama, because he is a sociopathic tool of soros, and not much more needs to be said on the subject. Has he destroyed the nation? Yes. But he cannot help himself. The real traitors are big media. They are the ones who created him, swaddled him, lied for him and launched withering attacks against anyone who stood up. If big media is not the biggest traitor in the country, then the word traitor has lost all meaning. They and they alone are responsible for him, and must be held accountable–I hope.

  99. Apollos5600
    April 5, 2016 at 12:45 am
    It is part of his show, but I can find the link and the minute mark. Just give me a few minutes.

  100. Thanks Wbboei! Re: Tony Stark and ARG. Another poll by IBT has Trump leading by 7 with a MOE around 4 or 5, similar to ARG with only, maybe, a hundred more votes, but Trump still leads over the MOE. Emerson also has a poll with Cruz leading by 5, but, again, MOE actually ties them up or puts them very close. The PPP poll had them only 1 point apart.

  101. Of course, the Media is ignoring the latest surge in the polls for Trump. The usual “keep quiet, maybe the uninformed masses won’t notice”.

    Let’s hope Wisconsin does the right thing today and gives Trump a come from behind victory!

  102. Trump opens phase II on Mexico. This is the wall on money. “Donald Trump says he will force Mexico to pay for a border wall as president by threatening to cut off the flow of billions of dollars in payments that immigrants send home to the country, an idea that could decimate the Mexican economy and set up an unprecedented showdown between the United States and a key diplomatic ally.”

    “In a two-page memo to The Washington Post, Trump outlined for the first time how he would seek to force Mexico to pay for his 1,000-mile border fence, which Trump has made a cornerstone of his presidential campaign and which has been repeatedly scoffed at by current and former Mexican leaders.” http://preview.tinyurl.com/j5ktabv (link to the WaPo)

    Some ally Mexico is. NOT. This of course is Trump’s first offer. A very, very tough first offer. The end game of course is to get them to fight the cartels and the flow of drugs, assist in policing the border which is their border too, and a user fee of some kind when their citizens use the US as an ATM machine and only for those legally allowed to be in the US and working. The gravy train for Mexico is going to fizzle out and they need to get ready for it. Dumping their social and economic problems on the US to keep the wealthy very wealthy needs some work. All of the Mexican government squawking is because they have a very weak hand and they know it. Expect Trump’s polling to soar.

  103. Mormaer, ty you many times over.
    Cruz crew worried enough about ARG others here have cited, to send email:

    A new poll has been released by American Research Group (ARG) that suggests the Wisconsin GOP Presidential Primary might not be resolved – as other polls had suggested.

    This poll actually showed Donald Trump with a 10% lead – and while this poll is an outlier it demonstrates why we must not take Wisconsin for granted and must continue to campaign hard and turn out every vote possible for Ted Cruz.

    “might not be resolved”

  104. My Dad was a very wise man, which I come to realize increasingly as I age. I’d wondered why countries such as Mexico were so poor, and he stated matter of factly that it was because of corrupt politicians. Being an adolescent at the time, I didn’t pursue it any further and accepted the explanation to be axiomatic. Now that we’re living through an era of pervasive corruption permeated with cronyism, I see how the details of his assessment in action. Big Media, Big Government, Big Business all aligned to suck everything out of us, increasing their power over us so that we look to Uncle Sugar to save us.

  105. A guy on Fox, journalist from Milwaukee Sentinel. ..each might as well be written in Russia…says large turn out benefits Cruz and Bernie..

    I know Milwaukee will go Left and the GOD are majorly invested in corruption of this election.
    Come on Wisconsin, prove the Communist party wrong!

  106. gonzotx
    April 5, 2016 at 8:55 am
    Jb, always the optimist…
    Let me say this on jb’s behalf:

    If you are a pessimist, you are never disappointed.

    And you would be so happy to be wrong.

    The only problem is its contagious.

    Nevertheless, the justification was for pessimism can be found in an obscure verse from my favorite late Victorian poet, Houseman, in a larger work called A Shropshire Lad:

    Therefore, since the world has still
    Much good, but much less good than ill,
    And while the sun and moon endure 45
    Luck’s a chance, but trouble’s sure,
    I’d face it as a wise man would,
    And train for ill and not for good.
    ’Tis true, the stuff I bring for sale
    Is not so brisk a brew as ale: 50
    Out of a stem that scored the hand
    I wrung it in a weary land.
    But take it: if the smack is sour,
    The better for the embittered hour;
    It should do good to heart and head 55
    When your soul is in my soul’s stead;
    And I will friend you, if I may,
    In the dark and cloudy day

  107. Let me mention something I was told last night.

    If Trump does not win, then forget I said it.

    But assuming he does win, N.B. this:

    Big media conducted a whole slew of polls over the past week

    Push polls

    With very small samplings

    In coodination with their obscene narrative this was Trumps last week

    Based on the Field/Lewindosky stunt and the trick question by Matthews.

    Only to discover that they could not move the needle

    So now they must cover their dirty tracks

    By coming up with new polls that reflect the probable election results

    And they will produce a new narrative how Trump pulled it out at the last minute

    Because voters are stupid.

    And they, big media are . . . smart???

    Well, that all depends, doesn’t it?

    As Kipling said about those who the elites look down on until they need them:

    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!

  108. Based on the Field/Lewindosky stunt and the trick question by Matthews.

    Only to discover that they could not move the needle
    And why do you suppose that was?

    Because they are not merely up against a man.

    They are up against a rebellion movement targeting them.

    And where their latest light of love is concerned

    A vote for Cruz is a vote against the job of you or your neighbor

    Its just that simple.

  109. It is a measure of their delusion that the elites are giddy about stealing votes, and engaging in what can only be described as voter nullification. They brag about it, they talk about it, and they are willing to tell the world. There comes a point where arrogance becomes stupidity, and they have certainly crossed the rubicon on that score. And suppose it works. Who will ever vote for them after that. They are Kamikazes of a different kind.

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