Bestiality Fix #2: The Real Lyin’ Ted #CruzSexScandal

Update: Regarding Corey Lewandowski charged in Florida for battery. Michelle Fields lied about Corey Lewandowski and the proof is in what she herself wrote about the incident. Fields wrote “Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground…” Liar! Fields is a dumb Cruz supporter masquerading as a reporter. Lewandowski should claim “stand your ground” status and file counterclaim charges against Fields because she touched him first which apparently counts for battery in Florida.


There is nothing dumber than a Ted Cruz supporter. We wrote that in question form in early August of 2015. Today we report that Ted Cruz supporters have become even dumber. Ted Cruz supporters, the honest ones if such a thing exists, are dumber than ever. Ted Cruz supporters are over the edge of dumb, well past stupid… beyond whatever word expresses the deepest depth of stupidity… that is the level of non-intelligence sunk to by honest Ted Cruz supporters.

Back in early August of 2015 we explained that either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump would be the GOP nominee, in our article Newsflash: It’s A Fix – It’s Trump Or Bush That Will Win – Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Huckabee, Carson, Walker, Paul, Christie, Are Losers:

We’ll explain it to you now: This GOP primary election is a fix. The entire primary process and schedule was designed to nominate Jeb Bush. But Donald Trump surprised everyone and got in the race. Donald Trump has the money. Donald Trump has the Big Media expertise. Donald Trump has the experience of dealing in politics and with politicians. It was all “fixed” for Jeb Bush and then Trump got in.

As we wrote before, Trump can win. Why? Trump can win because he can take advantage of the fix that was set up to benefit Jeb Bush.
Put that in your jock straps and wiggle.

Donald Trump has the financial advantage Jeb Bush thought he would have. Donald Trump can not only win (according to all the polls from those states) Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina (latest poll there has Donald Trump ahead with 34% Jeb Bush 10%) but he can knock out Jeb Bush and win Florida and all those many many delegates. No other candidate can do that.

Hey, dummies, why do we call you dummies, especially you Ted Cruz dummies? We call you dummies because you think that once Trump goes away your candidate will rise and maybe have a chance to win. That’s so stupid. Your candidates don’t have a chance. The fix is in. We think Ted Cruz supporters are especially stupid because they think that the establishment figure most hated by the establishment due to his personality and obnoxiousness (which we do think should be admired by the way) won’t be swept away with ease by the very forces that have tried with all their raw power and vitriol to destroy Donald Trump. [snip]

The fix is in dummies. Only one candidate can win now other than Jeb Bush. Like it or not it is Trump or Bush.

We waited until after the first debate to make this assessment. But it is clear now that Trump is the sole alternative. If Trump is knocked out one by one the others – Cruz, Paul, Walker, Kasich, Rubio, will be dismantled and sent to oblivion. The fix is in. The establishment gets what it wants. Except of course that Donald Trump remains standing.

The above quote is not particularly complicated. But for honest Cruz supporters it is high level physics written in a foreign language. These stupid Cruz supporters are so stupid they somehow found themselves cheered when first the corrupt Neil Bush endorsed Ted Cruz only to be followed by the grand Jeb Bush endorsement of Ted Cruz. It’s like a turkey cheering the approach of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Consider how utterly stupid, dumb, idiotic, Ted Cruz supporters are. These dolts now await the Wisconsin primary with great hope that Cruz will beat Trump there. But the Ted Cruz campaign is a steaming pile of failure already, with zero possibility of success. First, a “victory” for Cruz in Wisconsin does not help Cruz – it helps Jeb Bush and the establishment. Second, the Ted Cruz strategy called for victory in South Carolina, dubbed the gateway to the South by Ted Cruz strategists, which would lead to many primary victories in the South – none of which happened. Third, the latest Ted Cruz strategy for victory written before the vote in Arizona, “Inside Cruz’s state-by-state plan to defeat Trump”, has already failed:

Inside Cruz’s state-by-state plan to defeat Trump
Rubio and Kasich might be sweating Tuesday but Cruz is looking down the road to a #NeverTrump sweep.

But that consolidation has to happen fast. Cruz’s top strategists say they believe Cruz must win decisively in Arizona and Utah, the next states to vote on March 22. [snip]

Cruz quietly began buying ad time in Arizona over the weekend, reserving $200,000 over 10 days, making him the first to buy ads in any state that votes after March 15. Cruz hired a top Arizona strategist six months ago, zeroing in on its potential significance as an inflection point on the calendar as early as last September.

In the wake of the strategic failure in South Carolina, the SEC primaries, Nevada, and the other Southern states, the Ted Cruz campaign plotted yet another ridiculous path (recall Little Marco’s 1-2-3 strategy which likewise went bust) to victory which required victory in Arizona. But Donald Trump won Arizona so there is no path to victory for Ted Cruz by his own measure! Further, as the Ted Cruz “state-by-state plan to defeat Trump” strategized, Ted Cruz had to win Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina, but Ted Cruz has lost those states as well. For Ted Cruz the “state-by-state plan to defeat Trump” has failed utterly and will fail in the states soon to vote:

Another problem for Cruz is the nomination map itself. As Rubio has repeatedly pointed out, the states after March 15 are less favorable to Cruz’s religious brand of conservatism. Many of the most evangelical states have already voted. And Cruz has mostly struggled in the Northeast (where Trump has mostly romped). Connecticut and Rhode Island are still to come, as are nearby Mid-Atlantic states, including delegate-rich Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, plus New York and New Jersey.

On its working map, the Cruz campaign cedes New Jersey and its 51 winner-take-all delegates to Trump and assumes the tycoon will carry his home state of New York.

The Cruz campaign has failed to meet strategic goals consistently. Every new strategic plan is quickly torched by Trump. Yet stupid Ted Cruz supporters continue to believe that the new failed strategic plan and the next sure to fail strategic plan and the next strategic plan failure will do the trick. That’s how stupid Ted Cruz supporters are.

Trump supporters at HotGas rewrite what we wrote back in August 2015, with updated results which spell out the endgame:

Right now Trump has just under a 300-delegate lead over Ted Cruz. The pro­por­tion­ally award­ing state pri­maries are nearly fin­ished, and there will be no more cau­cuses. [snip]

Accord­ing to NWConservative’s analy­sis, on April 19, if Trump wins New York’s 95 del­e­gates as expected, Ted Cruz will be math­e­mat­i­cally elim­i­nated from win­ning the nom­i­na­tion out­right. [snip]

The estab­lish­ment wants a con­tested con­ven­tion. This is a fact that is beyond dis­pute. The estab­lish­ment does not want Don­ald Trump. And it is undis­putable that the estab­lish­ment does not want Ted Cruz either. Even Ted’s most vocif­er­ous sup­port­ers’ most fer­vent argu­ment is that the estab­lish­ment hates Ted Cruz more than they hate Don­ald Trump. Go ahead, try to walk that argu­ment back, now that you know where I’m going with this.

Since the establishment’s main goal right now is to deny Trump the nom­i­na­tion, and given the solid argu­ment that they hate Cruz more than they hate Trump, why on earth would Cruz have a snowball’s chance in hell of win­ning a con­tested con­ven­tion? And, in fact, that is not even in the same galaxy of the establishment’s inten­tions. [snip]

You MUST accede that, assum­ing Don­ald Trump falls short of the 1,237 del­e­gates, there is a VERY high like­li­hood that Cruz will be cast aside once the first bal­lot is cast. In fact, the prob­a­bil­ity of Cruz being selected by a delighted, giddy estab­lish­ment deter­mined to install their own pup­pet is so small as to be indis­tin­guish­able from zero. [snip]

I’ll give Cruz the ben­e­fit of the doubt that he wants to see this thing through at least until New York. But after the New York Val­ues Vot­ers express their opin­ions, Cruz is effec­tively shut out from ever being the nom­i­nee. There is zero chance. [snip]

Either he has made some sort of deal with the estab­lish­ment to try and deny Trump the path to 1,237, or he is too naive or stu­pid to real­ize that the estab­lish­ment will NOT choose him in a con­tested con­ven­tion. Cruz is a Har­vard lawyer with advi­sors who, pre­sum­ably, can do sim­ple math. Which sce­nario is more likely?

If Cruz has made a deal with the estab­lish­ment, what does that say about Ted Cruz, the Out­sider, the Bul­let Point Con­ser­v­a­tive? He will have com­pro­mised his prin­ci­ples and his own cam­paign PLATFORM. If Cruz is being naive, what kind of Pres­i­dent will he be? But then again, he was fooled by Mitch McConnell, so there’s that. He has also enlisted Jeb Bush’s brother for his finance team, and now Jeb him­self has endorsed him. Admit this: If Jeb had come out and endorsed Trump, you’d be yelling “Estab­lish­ment!” at the top of your lungs.

Stupid, Ted Cruz supporters say they like Ted Cruz because he is anti-establishment but Ted Cruz is willingly engaged in bestial intercourse with GOP establishment animals. That’s the real Ted #CruzSexScandal!

The analysis above comes from a pro Trump website, HotGas. Now let’s hear from a Trump hater at the New York Post:

Wake up, Cruz and Kasich — the GOP convention will never nominate you

Let’s imagine for a moment that Donald Trump isn’t going to be the Republican nominee for president. There are three ways this fantasy — and it is likely nothing more than a fantasy — becomes a reality.

One is that something Trump does is just so outrageous and disgusting, it knocks him out of the race and by default Ted Cruz becomes the nominee. (You can stop laughing ruefully now; I’m sure we all know now that’s not going to happen.)

The second is that Ted Cruz wins 80 percent of the Republican delegates going forward, passes Trump and takes it on the first ballot at the convention in July. At the moment, no one seems to believe this scenario is viable — not even the Cruz camp, which doesn’t bother talking it up.

The third is that Trump doesn’t secure enough delegates to win it on the first ballot and the GOP rises up on subsequent ballots to take it away from him and give the nomination to someone else.

This is possible. Indeed, it’s exactly what Cruz and John Kasich — the candidate with no shot who is staying in even though he won as many delegates on Tuesday night as I did — are counting on to propel them to the nomination.

They shouldn’t be. At all. In fact, they might as well write their own concession speeches right now. [snip]

This is the scenario Cruz and Kasich are hoping for. And in hoping for it, they are talking themselves into political oblivion.

Look, fellas: If Trump doesn’t get enough delegates to win, why would a GOP let entirely loose from primary and caucus results and able to choose anyone as its nominee turn to two candidates who received even fewer delegates than Trump did?

Would this panicked GOP look at Potential Nominee Cruz and foresee a shift in its fortunes? Why would it? Cruz has yet to demonstrate he has a national constituency. Alas for him, the movement he wanted to lead — conservative white people who, according to a delusional theory unsupported by evidence, didn’t turn up to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 by the millions and cost the GOP the election — has a candidate: His name is Trump. [snip]

You can’t win the GOP nomination by losing.

Ted Cruz should stop playing for second, because if he comes in second, he’s not going to be the nominee. The only way he gets to grasp the brass ring is to beat Trump outright.

It’s a nearly insuperable challenge. But there it is.

Stupid Ted Cruz supporters can put aside the issue of whether or not Ted Cruz is hated by the establishment because he is so anti-establishment (even thought the evidence points to Ted Cruz as GOP establishment tool and Jeb Bush enabler). The bottom line stupid Ted Cruz supporters have to explain to their withered brains is why someone that ran and lost because his presumed constituency of conservative blue collar voters went to Trump, and that same Ted Cruz has no national constituency, and that same Ted Cruz has a serpentine face and little serpent teeth – why would the establishment nominate the Ted Cruz they hate and are only using to get at Donald Trump? Stupid loser Ted Cruz supporters have no answer. They’re stupid losers, dumb, as useful as a wet bag of rocks.

So, we cited a pro-Trump website, a Trump hater, now a Trump neutral (supposedly). Larry Sabato considers Trump’s path to 1237:

About a month ago, after Donald Trump won the South Carolina primary and all of its delegates, we headlined a piece “The Hour is Growing Late to Stop Trump.” Well, the hour has grown later, and we have to ask the question: Has Trump been stopped?

Certainly not. And a look ahead at the remaining contests calls into question the ability of the other candidates, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, to prevent him from winning the requisite number of delegates to clinch or come close to clinching the Republican nomination.

The magic number is 1,237 delegates, and our own rough calculations show Trump just getting over the hump with 1,239. [snip]

In Wisconsin, Trump may benefit from a Cruz-Kasich split and also may hold the advantage in a number of congressional districts that have lower percentages of college graduates and lower median incomes. We see Kasich potentially winning a couple of districts with higher median incomes that performed strongly for Romney in the 2012 GOP primary. We also handed Cruz the heavily Republican Fifth District, as he has performed better among stalwart conservatives, and the Sixth District next door.

If you want to read Sabato’s prognostications for Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, California, go ahead but we’ll save you the trouble and [spoiler alert!!!] inform you that Trump will be very happy. In Nebraska-Montana-South Dakota, small states all, [spoiler alert!!!] Ted Cruz will slither and hiss.

The Ted Cruz path to victory is covered by an avalanche of boulders from the Trump earthquake. For Stupid Ted Cruz Supporters the only gloat left in them is the Mitt Romney establishment victory via tool Ted Cruz in Utah. But, Utah is a toxic drink of salt:

Ted Cruz’s Utah Win Doesn’t Derail Donald Trump’s Delegate Momentum
Texas senator is picking up endorsements from the GOP establishment like Jeb Bush, but still faces uphill battle

WASHINGTON—The split decision from Arizona and Utah on Tuesday leaves the Republican presidential race in the same place it has been: front-runner Donald Trump with a commanding lead, and Sen. Ted Cruz and the GOP establishment in a desperate effort to stop him from clinching the nomination outright.

Mr. Trump’s Arizona primary victory led to unlikely support Wednesday for Mr. Cruz, who won the Utah caucuses. The Texas senator, who built his campaign around how much he is hated by the Washington establishment, on Wednesday was endorsed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the Club for Growth, the antitax organization that had never before endorsed a presidential candidate.

“For the sake of our party and country, we must move to overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena, or we will certainly lose our chance to defeat the Democratic nominee and reverse President [Barack] Obama’s failed policies,” Mr. Bush said in his endorsement of Mr. Cruz.

Other prominent GOP activists, such as commentator Erick Erickson, have called on Republicans like Mr. Walker and Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Ben Sasse of Nebraska to coalesce behind Mr. Cruz as the party’s last hope to stop Mr. Trump.

Even if they do so this week, it may be too late.

Mr. Walker, whose state will hold its primary on April 5, said in a radio interview aired Wednesday that he is likely to endorse next week, “when it will have maximum impact.”

When he ended his campaign in September, Mr. Walker called on remaining candidates to coalesce to block Mr. Trump. [snip]

Despite Mr. Cruz’s continued insistence that he has a credible path to win 1,237 delegates before the convention, that scenario becomes less likely with each succeeding contest. [snip]

He must win 85% of the outstanding delegates—a task akin to winning a division in Major League Baseball after being 25 games out of first place on Labor Day—when there are only about 30 games left in the season.

To get to a contested convention, Mr. Cruz must win coming contests in Wisconsin—where each of the state’s eight congressional districts is winner-take-all—and perform well in the late-April primaries in the Northeast, Mr. Trump’s backyard.

The contests after Wisconsin are not on friendly terrain for Mr. Cruz. Mr. Trump remains popular among New York Republicans who vote April 19, and while competing in Iowa’s caucuses, Mr. Cruz mocked Mr. Trump’s “New York values.”

All the Lyin’ Ted Cruz machinations will get him no higher than a serpent’s belly on the ground. Trump will beat Ted Cruz on the beaches. Trump will beat Ted Cruz in the air. Trump will beat Ted Cruz on the ground. Trump will beat Ted Cruz in a group. Trump will beat Ted Cruz one-on-one:

Poll: Trump beats both foes head-to-head

The results indicate that unifying Republican opposition to Donald Trump would be very hard.

Trump pretty much won the GOP nomination in South Carolina. That does not mean that plotters won’t plot.

Those that want to stop the Trump nomination will continue to plot. There will be strange bedfellows. Sleazy Ted Cruz the phony “consistent conservative” will copulate with the GOP establishment and try to give birth to the ugliest baby since Barack Obama in 2008. That is the real Ted #CruzSexScandal.


231 thoughts on “Bestiality Fix #2: The Real Lyin’ Ted #CruzSexScandal

  1. Gonzo

    No unfortunately. Apparently he really would enjoy to be raped by Cruz. Read the article. Glenn is even sicker than I imagined.

  2. If Cruz has made a deal with the estab­lish­ment, what does that say about Ted Cruz, the Out­sider, the Bul­let Point Con­ser­v­a­tive? He will have com­pro­mised his prin­ci­ples and his own cam­paign PLATFORM. If Cruz is being naive, what kind of Pres­i­dent will he be? But then again, he was fooled by Mitch McConnell, so there’s that. He has also enlisted Jeb Bush’s brother for his finance team, and now Jeb him­self has endorsed him. Admit this: If Jeb had come out and endorsed Trump, you’d be yelling “Estab­lish­ment!” at the top of your lungs.
    I think it is a very ticklish situation.

    If Ted stays in AFTER New York, with no path to the nomination, and no chance at a brokered convention, then the only thing that means is he has agreed to act as a tool of the establishment.

    And whatever oral promise they have made to him–most likely a supreme court nomination aint worth the paper it is written on. The establishment will slit his throat once he is no longer needed.

    On the other hand, if he throws his support to Trump, then Trump will have the majority he needs to avoid a brokered convention. With Trump Cruz can write his own ticket.

    Unless you assume that Ted has been a ringer all along, then he is free to make the best choice he can, and that choice is to support Trump.

    The only reason he might not is that once he supports Trump, big media will suddenly decide that they adulterous affairs are worth investigating, and that may have a chilling effect on his options.

    The question then is this:

  3. How do you talk sense with Ted when he is in a hot war with Donald?

    This question arises often in labor negotiations where the two sides are deadlocked.

    The answer is mediation–not in the formal sense, but having some neutral party trusted by both sides approach each party separately, point out that the war is doing neither side any good, and suggest options of his own, so they cannot be attributed to the other side. Jeff Sessions for example.

    In labor relations, it is a mistake to enter into mediation too early. In order to be effective, both parties must see the futility of the current conflict and feel pressure to resolve the matter, but do not want show weakness by approaching the other party directly.

  4. No unfortunately. Apparently he really would enjoy to be raped by Cruz. Read the article. Glenn is even sicker than I imagined.
    A remake of the love scene in the movie Deliverance.

    Glenn could play the part of Ned Beatty

    His cherub face, crew cut and hog squeals would make him believable.

    And Ted meanwhile could play the role of the toothless back woodsman

    On a snorting sporting spree

    Handlebar mustache, tattoos from head to foot, and a bottle of white lightening

    Yup lights, camera, action, that’s a print.

  5. saw this comment at CTreehouse

    hmmm…could this be a last resort option if GOP really goes in for the kill with DT at open convention…DT’s voters would surely follow DT

    Frankly Ben says:

    March 28, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Trump may be talking to Gary Johnson with a Plan B. If the Corruptocrats steal the nomination from Trump he might switch over to the Libertarian ticket with Johnson as his running mate.

    This would make sense for the Libertarians, catapulting them to major party status as well as ring the death knell for the Republican Party. Johnson knows he doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to win if Trump is the Republican nominee whereas if he steps aside for Trump once stiffed by the GOP he’ll have his turn in four or eight years as President, depending on Trump’s wishes.

    This move would be a natural for the millions of small government devotees who would, under a nomination theft, would walk – no run – away from this totally corrupted organization.

  6. It’s too dizzying for me to figure out but Cruz is stealing delegates through a loophole. I am not sure Trump can win in Wisconsin … Cruz has lived there for 2 weeks while Trump “vacationed”

  7. I guess what I am saying is if only Cruz would realize that the establishment is not his friend and are playing him for a chump, then he would see that the best deal he can make is with Trump. That would get him a position he covets, and would make it clear that he is not a hypocrite when he attacks the Washington cartel. And Trump, for his part, needs to get a majority and thus avoid the perils of a brokered convention where the cards will be stacked against him. Trump and Cruz need to unite to complete the hostile take over of the Republican Party, and to eject those who are willing to screw the American People in order to serve their donors.

  8. Makes sense that that it ultimately would be Bush’s game plan once he saw he could not get the nomination via the primary…they vote at the convention, Trump,Cruz, Kasich lose and Bush wriggle shis way as the consensus candidate…and looks like a team player by taking down trump and fake support of Cruz.

  9. The foregoing assumes, of course, the Cruz is not simply a false flag operative of the establishment.

    (Note: a false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.)

  10. S
    March 28, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Trump needs 10 options like this.

    Its the goal of military strategy to build into your position the greatest set of options for when the moment of truth arrives. Because until you get to that point, you may not know what the best option, OR COMBINATION of options is, to rain down on your adversary.

    By contrast, the establishment’s options are binary, and they are slow moving because they depend on consensus, whereas with Donald’s campaign, the leadership principle is not lateral and consensus driven but top down. In a war, that is what you need.

  11. Makes sense that that it ultimately would be Bush’s game plan once he saw he could not get the nomination via the primary…they vote at the convention, Trump,Cruz, Kasich lose and Bush wriggle shis way as the consensus candidate…and looks like a team player by taking down trump and fake support of Cruz.
    And the answer to that one is what?

    I say, IF you nominate Bush, then the ENTIRE base stays home, and the Republican Party becomes nothing, nothing but an artifact of history.

  12. Watching Charlie Rose and David Brooks trying to make Trump out as some kind of dangerous movement. It is people like them that have led to the rise of Trump.

  13. listen to carley jump out of front of ted cut him off the lecture the reporter. bottom of the page:

    from the conservative treehouse.
    “the very same crowd of people who called for Trump’s head for not disavowing David Duke for the fifteenth time over his non-endorsement of Trump are all of a sudden okay with Ted Cruz’s vague denials with respect to the implication that he’s an adulterer. Here’s a hint: Saying that National Enquirer “story” is “garbage” is a lawyer’s trick; not a categorical denial of his alleged behavior. Think back to 1997: “I did not have sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky.” Even after he’s repeatedly asked, he cannot simply say : “I have never cheated on Heidi” or “I have always remained faithful to my marriage.” I mean, what motive does he have NOT to be that explicit? Seems like an innocent party would be that detailed right out of the gate (and put the matter to rest) rather than waiting 18 hours to concoct a response that falsely accuses Trump of trying to smear him when it was Rubio’s people that were pushing this angle. It’s very telling to me that a lawyer like Cruz remains so evasive on this subject in addition to the fact that he doesn’t threaten to sue National Enquirer considering what Hulk Hogan (bravo, Hulkster) just did to Gawker. In short, implying that something is not true is not a denial of any specific allegation. And Cruz, being a lawyer, must understand that. Implications only carry political weight (amongst the ignorant); they don’t carry legal weight. Cruz’s words would not suffice as a deposition. For my part, I think he’s scared that National Enquirer has more dirt and wants to be able to retreat further, if necessary. He’s not behaving like an innocent man; quite the opposite. Ditto for Amanda Carpenter circumstantial suspicion, notwithstanding”

    so heidi retreats…

  14. oops “Hilarious. Watching Carly and Ted blame Trump despite evidence and admittance that the initial investigation came from the Rubio campaign. Not to mention how they continuously dodged the question when an innocent man simply would have made the statement. Why? Because Cruz would also be announcing the lawsuit he is launching at the National Enquirer for defamation and punitive damages.
    Summary: Refuses to state that he did not cheat on his wife, is not pursuing legal action, hiding from the topic. Guilty as sin.”…/fiorina-on-trump-he-is-a-serial…

    so heidi retreats…. if it walks like a duck?

  15. Tony Stark March 28, 2016 at 11:45 pm From your link:

    “Heidi Cruz’s Haddon Heights event canceled
    had been scheduled to appear Wednesday at a rally and fundraiser in the Camden County borough
    … “This event is being postponed to the very near future due to a campaign scheduling conflict,” said Steve Lonegan, New Jersey State Chairman for Cruz for President.
    “A new date will be announced shortly,” Lonegan said in a statement.”

    Cruz’s NJ State Chairman ran against Cory Booker in special election to replace deceased US Senator Frank Lautenberg. October 2013. Steve made a complete ass of himself during that campaign.

  16. Trump having an event today in Wisconsin at 4pm central time. Also heard an interview of his on a Wisconsin radio program. Host was extremely hostile. One of those “true conservative” types supporting Ted Cruz. But she poo pooed the border wall and hinted Wisconsin needs illegal immigrants to do manufacturing jobs, because they’re manufacturing is so great they just lack bodies to do them. Trump handled her well, even though she kept talking over him and tried to shout him down. Also think he had another radio interview on a Wisconsin station as well. Trump stated he would be in Wisconsin “all week,” presumably doing rallies or, at least, calling into local stations and doing interviews.

  17. As for Heidi, she may or may not be retreating. Seeing contradictory news reports. One person claimed she cancelled all her Wisconsin appearances as well. Another news story claims she cancelled NJ so she can campaign with Cruz in Wisconsin. I guess we’ll find out if we see her sad mug on stage with Cruz, or if she is completely absent.

  18. Like a few here I too have been worried about Trump’s lack of events recently and what appear to be drop in polls. However, as of this morning, I’m starting to think maybe (just maybe) he’s been expecting the Cruz campaign to implode prior to the next round of primaries.

    I’m hoping beyond hope that is the reasoning behind it.

  19. Republicans Better Pay Attention to Bernie

    Most Republicans and their presidential candidates (when they’re not bashing each other like four-year-olds) are focused on Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, living in fear that the Department of Justice will give a pass to the former secretary of state on her email and foundation malfeasances, even if the FBI recommends indictments.

    And where is the FBI anyway? What’s taking them so long?

    But this has not been a good few days for Mrs. Clinton. First she lost in three states by stunning margins to Bernie Sanders, who garnered 71% of the vote in Hawaii, 73% in Washington, and and a huge 81% in Alaska.

    Then it got worse. The L.A. Times reported that FBI interviews were finally looming for Mrs. Clinton and her close aides Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan, Cheryl Mills and Philippe Reines. And 147 FBI agents are now officially said to be involved. That’s a lot of investigative power being applied to one case (or group of cases) and a lot of potential leakers if the DOJ rejects an indictment

    Ironically, Sanders’ electoral success may actually be giving the DOJ encouragement — or more precisely permission — to go forward with the indictment. At least it may be setting up that kind of emotional climate. The people don’t really want Hillary, so it’s okay to indict her. Let’s move on.

    But moving on for the Democrats may not be as predictable as we thought — bring on Biden or Elizabeth Warren — if Bernie’s popularity continues to grow. And it won’t be simple. Sanders has an army of supporters who would not easily be mollified if the nomination is taken from their hero. Many of them are young, as we know, and the young are the ones who like to demonstrate. Welcome back, Chicago 1968! The Whole World is Watching. Where are Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin? In Guy Fawkes masks?

    Meanwhile, inside the convention, the Democrat superdelegates may be standard-issue party hacks, but they’re still people, subject to public opinion. They may start to see Bernie as a more formidable candidate in the general election than Hillary. The polls already show that, and have for a long time. And after the FBI/DOJ information has leaked, if it’s bad news, who knows…?

    Winning is everything in politics. Accommodations will be made. Bernie may be a socialist, but socialism can be seen as chic, even to the gang at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, if need be. Anyway, Democrats will tell themselves, everyone knows that once Bernie’s in office, he won’t really be a socialist. The system won’t let him.

    Actually, whatever the Democrats tell themselves (and you can bet they will if they have to) Sanders really is a socialist. An excellent article in Commentary by Seth Mandel makes it clear. Mandel writes:

    When he [Bernie] arrived at Brooklyn College in 1959, he was amazed to discover, in his words, “real live socialists sitting right in front of me!” His first such encounter was with the Eugene V. Debs Club—named for the first socialist candidate for president of the United States. Soon, according to Sanders’s biographer Harry Jaffe, his roommate would come back to their dorm room to find the socialist reading material Sanders preferred to his schoolwork.
    After a year, Sanders transferred to the University of Chicago, where he threw himself into the burgeoning radicalism swirling around Hyde Park. He joined the Young People’s Socialist League and took a leadership position in the Congress of Racial Equality, and he would lecture his roommate late into the night on the ills and evils of capitalism.

    In 1963, Sanders took a break from school to volunteer for the reelection campaign of Chicago Alderman Leon Depres. It was his first taste of electoral politics, and it was under the wing of a man who claimed one of his formative experiences had been visiting Trotsky in exile in Mexico in 1937. Sanders then threw himself into Marx’s writings ….

    In reality, lovable Bernie Sanders is a dangerous man. He is already corrupting the minds of our young, who have been barely educated in civics in the schools — if at all. They don’t know the history of socialism and almost nothing about the economic failure and mass murder associated with the ideology.

    Republicans should be paying attention to this phenomenon — the rise of Bernie — because it’s scary. Its results could be worse than a Hillary presidency, actually a lot worse. And, as I just mentioned, he’s beating everyone in the polls in both parties. You may think that will evaporate by itself or in the back and forth of a general election campaign — and I hope you’re right. But what if it doesn’t?

  20. I find it interesting that the radio host hammering Trump is the ex husband of a woman who Trump has announced that he would consider nominating to the Supreme Court.

    So what, you say?

    Well, suffice it to say, if the divorce was acrimonious, then it is not beyond the pale that the radio host, in addition to being a supporter of lying Ted, sees Trumps admiration for his wife as being a repudiation of him. After all, in divorce situations, family and friends often take sides.

    If that is the case here, then the interview provided the ex hubby with motive, means and opportunity to impugn Trump’s judgement, in defense of his own judgement on a personal matter.

  21. I think Trump has been basically doing 1-3 interviews a day, calls into many radio and tv shows, works on his policy plans – in other words, works extremely hard. I don’t see any reason to view this week off as anything other than a vacation for Easter and the birth of his grandchild. He took a week off at xmas, too. This period of time also didn’t have any primaries. Seems like a good time to take a week off. He’s already got 4 rallies up for the next few days. I don’t understand why people are freaking out, saying he’s “giving up”. And he *has* spent money, he’s said in some rallies or interviews – I think he said 2 million or 20 million – but he’s definitely been spending money.

    The guy works 10x harder than the other candidates. Without any evidence to the contrary, why assume his week off is anything other than the simplest explanation…?

  22. Agreed WB. If one reads the Treehouse link above and the various comments therein, you get a completely different view of the interview and motives. DT handled himself pretty well in my opinion, contrary to the AP article. No surprise there.

  23. Sad day. Patty Duke dead. Patty Duke Show, Neely O’Hara in Valley of the Dolls, Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker, and mother to Sean Astin.

  24. Outris
    March 29, 2016 at 11:55 am
    Yes. Of course. And why not? She is, after all, the victim of this horrific assault which occurred in plain view before the camera lens if only the film had not been scrubbed by pernicious aliens, and produced grievous injuries physical and psychological which one medical expert compared to shell shock which caused world war I veterans to be locked up in attics for the rest of their lives, this and more cries out for justice and demands its day in court, so says HuffPo. After reading about it, I myself have had nightmares. If Corey can get away with this, just imagine what he will do next? Help is candidate win New York, New Jersey and California? He must be stopped.

    “Misdemeanor assault, also referred to as a simple assault, generally means an act of violence against another person but can actually include any physical contact made without consent. Even a threat of bodily harm made with an apparent ability to cause the harm is considered assault.”

  25. A very well done poll from Wisconsin came out today. Unfortunately, events outpace the poll.

    Trump is ahead in this poll which merits study. Trump 29.42%, Kasich 26.8%, Cruz 25.0%. Trump leads in 4 congressional districts, Kasich in 2, Cruz in 2, which is the important number because Wisconsin allocates delegates via congressional district. (For fun, please note that Trump wins the Paul Ryan district.)

    The reason to take this poll seriously is that it has a really big sample of voters, over 7,000, which is a big number nationally, and really really big for a state poll. Margin of error is a stunning 1.136% only.

    The poll was taken before the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal, before the Walker endorsement of Cruz, before the Lewandowski charges. Wisconsin is an open primary so that is an additional factor of uncertainty.

  26. Wbboei, this is what Michelle Fields wrote about the event she claims was an assault:

    On Tuesday night, I went to cover Donald Trump’s press conference at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. I was looking to cover the event like I have covered many live political events for Breitbart News, including an uneventful Trump press conference in Palm Beach the week before. [snip]

    When he approached me, I asked him about his view on an aspect of affirmative action.

    Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken.

    The Washington Post’s Ben Terris immediately remarked that it was Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who aggressively tried to pull me to the ground. I quickly turned around and saw Lewandowski and Trump exiting the building together. No apology. No explanation for why he did this.

    Even if Trump was done taking questions, Lewandowski would be out of line. Campaign managers aren’t supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground, no matter the circumstance.

    The video released today in no way shows Fields “forcefully” thrown anywhere, let alone to the ground. Fields is lying. Lewandowski should counterclaim that she touched him and file a stand your ground defense.

  27. I thought the assault charge was dropped already and video proved her a liar..she had to resign for God’s sakes.

  28. Patty Duke dead at 69. Just like I felt with Joan Rivers’ passing, I feel like I personally knew her. My life is a little more diminished today as I feel the passage of time a bit more. It is impossible to be a gay guy my age and not rank “Valley of the Dolls” as a favorite guilty pleasure.

    Rest in peace, dumpling.

  29. Michelle Fields is in for a surprise. All this current media spin will neither help her nor fix her one big problem: The exchange is on tape.

  30. I love Patty duke. I grew up with her show and the Helen Keller movie (I don’t know that Valley movie… maybe it was for adults and I wasn’t one when it came out.) And she was married to the dad in the Adams Family… John Astin (?). Those old hard rock singers passing away… I really didn’t listen to them. But this one hits home.

  31. admin
    March 29, 2016 at 2:21 pm
    She did not see who committed the foul deed, which left her emotionally scarred for life.

    Another reporter from a source hostile to Trump accused Lewindowski.

    Ergo, her accusation against Lewindosky is based on rankest hearsay.

    Since the camera witnessed the event and saw nothing, the question is:

    Is he lying, is she lying, or are they both not in fact, chronic and habitual liars?

    Their strongest defense comes for HuffPo, who was not there and conflates a complaint with a conviction.

    That is because HuffPo is in fact a chronic and habitual liar.

  32. Lorac, if you are ever in town I’ll take you for drinks and then we can watch “Valley of the Dolls.” You may love it or you may hate it, but you will never forget the line:

    “I am Neely O’Hara, damn it! I AM Neely O’Hara!”

    When she did the movie she was trying very hard to leave the good girl image behind. She succeeded.

  33. admin
    March 29, 2016 at 1:58 pm
    That is the first piece of encouraging news I have heard for awhile.

    Thank you.

    Big media is fixated on the prospect that the Republican Convention may and hopefully will become a sequel to The Gunfight At Okay Corral.

    Big media shows no similar concern that the Democrat Convention may erupt in a manner similar to what occurred in Chicago in 1968.

    In fact, the same radical leftist are on stage.

    And in fact, the same issue is presented, i.e. should the nominee be selected by party bosses or by voters in the primary or caucus determine the result by majority vote.

    When the protesters do their thing, and the skull crushers attempt to control, it could easily become deja vu all over again.

    Roger Simon’s piece above should cause the scales to fall from the eyes of big media, but were they to do so, they would be forced to acknowledge that the chaos is caused by factors other than Trump.

  34. What is the truth?

    The truth is 2/3 of the nation’s wealth is being sucked out of the country and into the Washington – New York Corridor, and sooner or later there will be hell to pay. Their sudden interest in Homeland Security is driven by that fact, as opposed to the crime and drug traffic on the border. Good liberals that they are, they will ignore and make excuses for terrorists, but come down hard on law abiding citizens.

  35. The moderator of the civil war in Germany, who Admin posted in this thread on the separate issue topic of Lying Ted, makes many compelling points, but none of them are more compelling that this:

    Those good liberals (lazy fucks really) who impute racist motives to people who try to caution western nations about the real and palpable risks of inviting hordes of people into their country who come from violent cultures animated by a religion of world domination which has been at it for over a thousand years, those gentle souls, those paragons of virtue, those moral poseurs have the blood of the dead in Paris and Belgium on their hands, and should be excoriated for it at every available opportunity. Like the AIDS virus, the good people attack the immune system of the culture, and contribute to its demise. You find them in media, in universities and in charities, where the test of an idea is not whether or not it works, but whether it excites interest, emotion and self promotion. Useless fuckers they are.

  36. Fields is a known liar! She accused Allen West of trying to touch her breasts in an elevator full of people! Attention whore is what I call her. Really dismayed to see that Fox CNN and MSNBC ratings are OVER the roof up …I guess smut sells. The trashing of Trump is outrageous but now we see why they are doing it. I find it horrible.

  37. Donald is back in the public

    he is doing a news conference right now on his plane

    says he will be doing over 5 events in wisconsin

    he is not cowering at all…

    totally backing Corey…the Fields issue is ridiculous…Donald was the one that provided the tapes everyone is seeing…

    I have empathy for Donald…the sharks are coming from all angles and he is standing his ground…

  38. I hope most Americans see the establishment attack hit being dumped on Donald…and for once, the American people stand up against the usual BS that is usually forced upon their brain cells


    Donald on CNN tonight for a townhall after Kaisch

    Donald on Hannity tonight at 10

    Donald goes into the pits tomorrow with Chris Matthews for another town hall

    …plus rallys

    so relax trumpsters…he is back…and fighting…

  39. S and all,
    Daughter tipped me off. MSNBC just gave Donald nearly 30 minutes. I’ll be off line, but they let him talk free range. ABC hit piece at 4 PM was disgraceful.
    Please find Donald video for me. TY.

  40. Regarding Terrorism, It’s Time to Take Off the PC Gloves and Fight

    (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)
    The always-astute Jed Babbin calls out the pusillanimous PC poseurs who determine our “war-fighting” strategy, and explains why we’re losing a battle against a stone-age army of suicidal savages. If you’ve had it with teddy bears and candles, and are culturally predisposed to agree with the late Air Force general Curtis LeMay when he said, “If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting,” read this:

    Je suis fed up with the politically correct methods and means of counterterrorism pursued by America and its Western allies. There’s so much of that stupidity controlling what we do, with so many bad policies imposed by President Obama and others of his ilk, it’s no wonder the terrorists are winning.
    Every time another mass murder occurs, the media’s coverage focuses on the memorials — piles of flowers, rows of candles and hand-drawn signs — and the calls for “unity” and pledges of resolve by national leaders. But all the memorials are totally meaningless. They are merely a stage for politicians to act on, professing emotion, proclaiming unity, and calling for everyone to just keep calm and carry on. Nothing else results from them.

    President Obama began military action against ISIS in June 2014. Since then ISIS has grown despite the occasional killing of some ISIS leader accomplished by good intelligence work and a drone strike. Not only does ISIS control big chunks of Iraq and Syria, it now controls key portions of Libya as well. ISIS-trained terrorists — and those radicals who don’t bother to travel to ISIS-held lands for training — are a growing menace to us all.

    Obama’s strategy and tactics were intended, as he said, to degrade and eventually destroy ISIS. They have failed. Obama said last Wednesday that defeating ISIS remained his number one priority. But, he added, there will be no change in strategy. Amazingly stupid

    Maybe not just stupid — it’s an awful thing even to contemplate, but given the philo-Islamism of Barack Hussein Obama (yeah, what’s in a name?) and the proven anti-Americanism of John Kerry, it’s not much of a leap to suggest that they’re fighting a sham war against an “enemy” they’re actually rooting for. So consider it suggested.

    What is the root cause of this politically correct cowardice? For that’s what it is. You can call it what you’d like, but the fact is that our government — and those of our supposedly-strong allies in Europe — are too fearful of offending Muslims to do what is necessary…
    We have been at war with terrorist networks for fifteen years without dealing decisively with them. As I’ve written many times, we haven’t pursued the ideological half of the war. We have to or we can’t win this war. None of our presidential candidates on either side have given evidence that they understand. We can count on Clinton and Sanders to continue the politically correct approach… hard power needs to be undertaken under the authority of — at least — a new authorization for the use of military force without the restraint of the one passed quickly after 9/11. All our tools of war need to be employed against the terrorist networks and the nations that support them. That’s easy to say but hard to do. Allies can be helpful, but we can’t be restrained by their lack of courage and assent.

    Nous sommes Americans. End the politically correct stupidity. Let’s get on with it.

  41. What was interesting is that they’re calling those radio hosts “conservative,” oh so conservative, but the interview I heard with the woman, she was sitting there fretting over Trump’s chances to win moderates (he wins the moderates each election, except maybe Ohio), the cost of the border wall, how it’s soooo expensive and we can’t afford it, and how they need more “bodies” to work (illegals), and how Free Trade is just wonderful for Wisconsin. I read in that article that that anti-Trump fellow supported Romney in the primary? Wow. I mean, Santorum sucked, but with Romney the last hope I tuned out of that election knowing the inevitable.

  42. Ann Coulter quoted as saying “I support Trump” but calling him mental over his Heidi Cruz vs. Melania photo. Only person who seems to be supporting Trump for that tweet is Milo, who is reflexively politically incorrect and irreverent. Newt Gingrich ranting on TV calling the tweet “stupid.” No one remembering the Cruz campaign buying rights for that Maliania picture so they could try to embarrass her.

    Meanwhile, Rolling Reuters polling– with about 122 people polled nationally, when before they were polling at least 600 people daily– listing Trump as nose diving over past 3 days. That could be our new narrative.

  43. The black teen thugs are merely emulating BO’s leadership. Ofucktard is the epitome of a thug. Now thugging through executive order.

    The sad thing is that Trump could make all the difference for their race, he has the vision. But many have already chosen a path to slavery. The legacy of Obama.

  44. The black teen thugs are merely emulating BO’s leadership. Ofucktard is the epitome of a thug. Now thugging through executive order.
    Well, yes, he is a thug.

    But no body is all one thing.

    The other thing he is is a pimp.

    And that is what animates his young female supporters.

    They sense this about him.

    There is even that one picture of him dressed like a pimp that removes all doubt.

    Retarded people think this is chic.

    Realists take it as a sign of his true character–or lack thereof.

    Since that picture of him in a fur coat has been scrubbed, perhaps this will do:

  45. Those who get edgy when Trump gets quiet should take heart. I so admire this man as the anti-Obama. He has the vision to set us free. Free in our minds, if not in our state.

    I think it is for more that a tight pocket that Trump keeps his campaign expenses down. He is teaching a lesson. He is showing how it works. He is changing the direction of the spin that has kept the warm frogs in the pot.

    If you look at BO in 2008, $750 million he bragged he raised for his campaign that was supposed to show how much the people wanted him. Well $200 million of it was dirty money brought in through the loophole in the campaign finance accounting and there were less than 700,000 people on the record who contributed to his campaign.

    But more importantly, that was the amount of money that had to be spent to convince people that shit was caviar. 69,498,516 votes at the price of $747.8 million. That is $10.76 per vote. Not to mention the billion or so Soros spent outside of that. You could 2X it for that. He spent just as much in 2012 but got fewer votes.

    I think Trump wants bragging rights to how little he has to spend per vote he gets, to demonstrate that HE is the candidate people want without being “sold” something.

    The quiet times he is conserving his resources and organizing (and resting?) to spend it when it really counts. Watch and see. This is fascinating.

    Maybe people will start to figure out that they should not vote for the big money candidates.

  46. Absolutely heartbreaking the former Ms Wisconsin that stood up and talked spontaneously about how Trump has helped her and her 7 year old son. She is dying of a terminal disease.

  47. Alcina, I’m still crying, it was so touching, so real, so from the heart. She spoke how she has written letters from heaven to her son, who is Mexican American and how Mr. A trump helped them and how it is responsibility to pay it forward, to help others when he is grown. All 9th is college is paid for, I have a feeling Mr Trump will be taking care of this little guy even more. But she didn’t do it for that, she did it out of love for her son and wanting Mr, Trump and the world to know who he really is.

  48. gonzo, I think Mr. Trump was pretty touched, too. let’s hope the media doesn’t turn it into something grotesque. Most likely, they will ignore any acts of compassion and kindness from Donald Trump.

  49. gonzo and alcina…saw that heartfelt moment too

    i don’t know why Trump’s campaign does not have more testimonials coming out from all the people DT has helped over his whole life…


    re: Fields issue

    I cannot understand why the Secret Service do not have front and center response regarding Corey and Fields…maybe not publically but surely the SS have info to contribute to what happened…otherwise why the hell are they there?

    defies reality that SS cover Trump, she was going for Trump and the SS did not see what happened…


    finally I believe I heard that Donald has already spent from $25-30 million dollars of his money on camp

    not chunk change

  50. what’s with Hillary saying she will not debate Sanders because of his “tone”

    give me a break…yes i understand that she does not want to debate him for obvious reasons, especially after last weekend

    but to say so publically because of his “tone”…condescending anyone? afraid?

  51. lorac

    March 29, 2016 at 12:48 am

    Love these girls…

    We love you but we ain’t going to lie to you

    Black lives matter…all lives matter


  52. bottom line, if Cory gets convicted, then they need to seperate the press from candidates because in a crowd of any size you are likely to get bumped or pushed…

    total nonsense…more pile on Trump and demonize him as a bad boy thug who loves violence

  53. one last thing for me before signing off

    I cannot understand how any American who is fed up with politics as usual cannot see thru Kaisch and Cruz and how totally Political they are

    they politicize everything and twist it to their advantage and against trump

    it is so obvious …please American voters…do not be fooled AGAIN…

  54. Hillary is really in trouble..I think the national polls are now 49-43% and Bernie is out raising her by tens of millions of dollars. Sanders is now ahead in Wisconsin in some polls.

  55. gonzo,

    i did not get a veiled sarcastic attempt from the link you provided…

    yes some of the other contestants said they did not support DT, but

    for me, for once it seemed evenhanded and they provided the girl’s beautiful letter

    i will say we can bet it won’t get the coverage Kaish got with that young guy asking for a hug

    that played nonstop and all the pundits on all channels gushed and gushed with tears in their eyes and choking up


    thanks for posting

  56. I did S ,l, the AP literally mocked Trump for saying or implying that he was going to get the best medical treatment for her, as if he could defeat death.
    I personally feel he’s a doer and a fixer, and feels so strongly the need to fix things that he could not accept this beautiful young woman was terminal.

  57. I’m not watching the Townhall with Anderson Cooper but from Conservative Tree House Cooper was awful to Trump lots of audience, plant stupid questions, interrupting Trump, but, Trump did well.

  58. gonzotx
    March 29, 2016 at 10:22 pm
    I like Larry, I think his understanding of foreign policy is excellent, but his presidential choice are not so excellent. For example, I remember he was very anti Gingrich and very pro Romney. Some of us stopped blogging there, including me.

  59. Felix … I’ve been watching some video clips since I got home from work (I was so sad she had died, I actually for the first time signed in from my phone so I could post!). There was a clip in which she was interviewed and (maybe you know this) apparently her character (in that movie) was based on Judy Garland, except they weren’t supposed to be broadcasting that at the time. Then after filming started Judy Garland was cast for a role and started recognizing her life in Patty’s character, and then left the movie (? I’m not clear actually on what led to her leaving)

    So it looks like I was 7 when it came out… I’m imagining there wasn’t direct to tv then, so it must have been on the big screens. My parents just took us to kids’ movies, so that’s why I didn’t know about it…. Whereabouts do you live, anyway? We’d be a lesbian and a gay guy out on the town 🙂

  60. Lorac, the whole Judy Garland thing adds to the movie. It builds a mystery and mystique around the movie that heightens its legacy. Judy was too old to play Neely but was offered the “Helen Lawson” character instead. The book was based in the 40s and not the contemporary setting (at the time) of the film. Because of the setting of the book rumors swirled even before production the story was loosely based on Judy’s pill popping days post “Wizard of Oz.” Susan Hayward ultimately played the “Helen Lawson” character. Just like with the films “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane,” “Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte,” “Mommie Dearest,” and a few others, “Valley of the Dolls” was a perfect medium for actresses to chew their way through scenery leaving a legacy of campy delight for posterity.

    I am in Jamestown next to High Point, NC. My little area is a perfect balance of town and country. My home and bee farm sit in an area that is surrounded by state parks and protected woodlands, rivers and lakes. Great wild life, but not much action here. We are only known for the bi-yearly furniture mart. Other than that not much traffic the rest of the year.

    Whereabouts are you? I’m thinking I’ve seen you mention Northern California but could be wrong.

  61. S
    March 29, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    re: Fields issue

    I cannot understand why the Secret Service do not have front and center response regarding Corey and Fields…maybe not publically but surely the SS have info to contribute to what happened…otherwise why the hell are they there?

    defies reality that SS cover Trump, she was going for Trump and the SS did not see what happened…

    I don’t understand it either. This “reporter” violated a Secret Service cordon protecting a presidential candidate while he was walking out of a building. If she had done this to Obama she would have been thrown to the ground, throttled, and detained at a minimum and charged with a federal crime at a maximum. I think the unnamed agent quoted in the Daily Mail from Secret Service was an attempt to make the media and the idiot prosecutor in Florida understand “Don’t make us get involved you won’t like it”. She did not have permission to approach, stop or touch Tump. And no one in the Trump organization knew who the hell she was as she is a bit player. A local law such as Florida’s “battery” statute cannot override a federal one which allows the Secret Service to secure a location for a person under Secret Service protection. See Do the media want ZERO access to candidates? Or do they just want to tie the hands of the SS and get Trump killed?

    The WaPo should be ashamed to be paying a colluding reporter who pushed these lies in their paper. WaPo should be aware of SS protocol even if hysterical blogger boys entranced by Fields (and anti-Trump money) are too thick to do so. The fed statute overrides butthurt media demands not to be touched, pushed to get the hell out of the way or have to follow any security rules. DO NOT touch presidential candidates or violate security cordons even if you are a grabby dumb diva and then lie about it. The spin is disgusting and stupid.

  62. This morning the lame stream media is all out after Trump’s campaign manager as a liar. The lie: he tweeted that he didn’t touch her and didn’t know grabby Secret Service cordon violater girl.

    Back up a minute and review. Fields had not covered Trump before as she was folling Cruz around and got sent in because the other Breitbart press person covering Trump was out. Fields is a occasional talkie head on some channels. But she is very known for her decollete and being made up to the nines. I had never seen her before and I used to watch a lot of news. Compared to her tv appearances she looked very different and frouzy and coverd up even wearing glasses. Why was Lewandowsy supposed to KNOW who she was or even as an “it” girl with the self important media sub-culture (and supposedly every other blog reporter and why was she supposed to be able to violate Secret Service cordons? Because she was so IT with the younger male media? Lewdondowsky didn’t know who the hell she was when he replied to her whining tweets to get some attention. She got brushed off in a press and Secret Service scrum, her plan to cause an incident (as she has done before with NYPD and OWS) went sideways, and her feeling were hurt because Trump et al did not know (or care) who she is or was or anything else. This will come out at the trial. Trial: Why did you push a press person? 1)I didn’t recognize her because her tits weren’t hanging out and she had on glasses OR 2) I never heard of her before and only remembered this mousy woman trying to stop Trump’s exit from the building being led by Secret Service with her grabbing at him. Who knew she was a world famous journalist.
    Lewdondowsky’s lawyer needs to give a sarcastic and nasty press conference.

  63. Apollos5600

    March 29, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    Ann Coulter quoted as saying “I support Trump” but calling him mental over his Heidi Cruz vs. Melania photo. Only person who seems to be supporting Trump for that tweet is Milo, who is reflexively politically incorrect and irreverent. Newt Gingrich ranting on TV calling the tweet “stupid.” No one remembering the Cruz campaign buying rights for that Maliania picture so they could try to embarrass her.

    Agree with Coulter (never thought I’d say that). Her comment was “[i]t’s like having to bail your 16 year old son out of jail”. That is what is so frustrating with Trump. All he has to do is NOT @#$% up and he just can’t control that urge.

    Milo – love him, but he’s blindered on this specific incident. He thinks it’s great and encapsulates what is so attractive about Trump – complete disdain for decorum.

  64. foxy… I saw that in the speech… it was touching…

    … but two things bugged me – why didn’t she sue the MD? I would imagine there would have been lots of attorneys who would have taken it on contingency, as a medical suit for a case she seems to make very clear cut, would win big. I mean, it just jumps right out at you – you’re saying medical malpractice caused you a terminal disease, but you didn’t sue, especially since you’re worried about your son’s financial future…? It’s like something is missing in the puzzle…

    …. and why did she refer to her son as a Mexican-American every time she brought him up? It’s totally irrelevant. lol it made me think of those people who say “allah may peace be with him” or whatever it is, but every time they say “allah” they have to say the second part. So for her it’s my son a Mexican American. I don’t know, it just bugged me, it was so obviously irrelevant (well, unless there *was* a purpose, something manipulative, but I don’t want to rain down on a very ill, apparently nice person).

  65. Because Lorac, the press is always saying he’s against all latinos, she wanted people to know that was untrue.

  66. Mormaer
    March 30, 2016 at 5:55 am
    If the secret service has time to be engaged with call girl operations, then one would think they also have the time to clear up this tempest in a tea pot. Then again, maybe it doesn’t matter. Those who love Trump wont care. Those who hate him would find something else to obsess and grovel over. And those in the middle should, by now, be listening to the message and not be worried about noise. This assumes, however, a level of coherence and mental acuity which was missing in 2008 and 2012, therefore the operative question is have they learned anything–anything at all about how rigged against them this system is, or do they fail to see the economic crisis which will confront them after the election which the establishment candidate is there to manipulate for the benefit of the elites.

  67. foxyladi14
    March 30, 2016 at 10:26 am
    This will draw fire for sure, but it is important to get it out there, and the timing is about right.

    The establishment has isolated itself, promised to to support him, promised to vote for Hillary if he is the gets the most votes and becomes the nominee.

    The establishment is in material breach of the agreement, plain and simple. The record is replete with evidence to that effect. They are engaged in a full court press against him.

    Since they have not only breached but repudiated the contract, Trump has no obligation to honor it from his end and he would be a fool to do so.

    This also ties in with his third party strategy, for the take down they are planning for him at the convention. My prediction? The establishment will walk right into the trap. Why? Because, like so many other corrupt aristocracies throughout history, they do not understand that they are facing a revolt, and are inclined to say things like–I wonder if the great unwashed will sing in key after the revolution, rather than the real question, which is, how long will I survive after the revolution.

  68. I really think that Trump would win a third party or writs in vote.
    We the people are that fed up with the status quo
    if it is an honest election.!!! 😡

  69. gonzotx
    March 30, 2016 at 1:18 pm
    Lewandowski prosecutor connected to Hillary per Drudge…

    Really Hillary?

    …..well.. not really. 😄

  70. Admin,
    New Wisconsin poll shows Cruz surge by 20 pts and Trump trailing by around 10. What do you think?
    Personally I don’t understand how the adultery accusations didn’t have a slightly negative effect but the anti Trump media spin seems to be taking.
    I’m very worried. Trump appears to need a Wisconsin win.

  71. I am choosing to turn off the media at this point. They are simply POISON. EVERYTHING Trump does or says is nitpicked to death and you have to realize that at some point some people are going to believe them. I knew the media was corrupt and in bed with both parties but THIS season is the worst

  72. Even while Trump was OFF the trail the media still found something to pound him over. Fields is nothing but a slut and a liar. Lewandowski simply at the time stepped in front of a nut job who he did not even KNOW! So sick of the media HATE

  73. Oh Donald..He just said women should be punished if they have an abortion and it’s illegal…


  74. Good god to be so stupid to walk into a Chris Matthews trap like that. Trump will never be able to walk that back. Never.

  75. Out,



  76. A


    re: Fields issue

    I cannot understand why the Secret Service do not have front and center response regarding Corey and Fields…maybe not publically but surely the SS have info to contribute to what happened…otherwise why the hell are they there?

    defies reality that SS cover Trump, she was going for Trump and the SS did not see what happened…


    According to a report in London’s Daily Mail, a member of Trump’s Secret Service detail, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Fields touched Trump two times, and she was ordered by agents to stop before Lewandowski pulled her away

    “She crossed in between agents and our protectee after being told not to,” the agent reportedly told the Daily Mail.

    He didn’t indicate why Secret Service agents didn’t intervene when Fields allegedly touched Trump.

    What do YOU think? Is Trump’s campaign manager guilty of battery? Sound off in today’s WND poll

    In security footage of the incident, Fields cannot be seen making physical contact with Trump. However, the video does appear to show Trump pulling his arm away from Fields. And Trump posted an image of Fields apparently brushing his elbow with her hand at the event.

    The footage also clearly shows Lewandowski reaching for the reporter’s arm.

    But it doesn’t show Fields being nearly thrust to the floor, as she claimed.


  77. gonzotx
    March 30, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    prisons won’t work. we need to hunt down all women perpetrators and burn them at the stake.

  78. ^^that’s how crazy trumps statement comes across.^^ and that is how the media, GOPers and Dems will use against him.

  79. Well I can’t believe it but Trump may have lost me. I really didn’t believe he was strongly against a woman’s right to choose but that he was just saying what needed to be said to run as a Republican. His comments today are unacceptable even after they were walked back. I think he just lost Wisconsin and the race. What a shame…..

  80. It is 15 days until the next Primary election. Trump has to have something to have something to blow up the news cycle. So he said women having abortions should be be punished if it is against the law? Duh? I am fed up with defining women as ovaries and child producers. Nobody can tell me if I can have an abortion or not. If it get’s illegal here, I’ll go to Canada for one.

    Let them all rant. WTF about the Muslims who castrate women for being women? Where is that outrage? The stinkin’ third wave fauxminists support the Muslims who castrate women for being women? So they can just go ahead and get punished for getting an abortion, too. Fuck ’em.

    I think about the hostile educational systems and work environments and what I have had to put up with to practice my profession for which I have God given skills for and how I have had to fight, just to be paid 80% of what a man get for what I do. AND WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS ON FAIR PAY.

    Now the stinkin’ fauxminists are worried about their ovaries? Wait until the Iron Veil drops on them. Their ovaries will be the least of their worries as they will loose their heads if they open their mouths.

  81. We’re never going to find someone with whom we agree 100%. What he said was out of line, but it doesn’t negate all of the other things he stands for, and that I believe he wants to make America great again. I still believe he is the best person out there to lead this country. Trump has been under attack 24×7 for eight months and maybe he fucked up. Any other candidate I’ve ever seen would’ve folded many months ago. He’s put up with this shit from the media when no one else would have unless they were getting money in their pocket.

    For some of you, this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I won’t fault you for that, nor can I. However for me I still support him because he speaks for me on the majority of topics and alternative is far worse than we can imagine.

  82. I realize every campaign hits the crapper at some point; Muskies tears, Reagans call-back of nuke missiles, Dukakis’ tank ride, Bush checking his watch, Clintons bimbos, Deans scream, Hillary’s Bosnia sniper fire, Obama’s God Damn America.. (oops, that one didn’t count). you get the drift. some of them survive, most of them do not.

  83. Outris

    I honestly don’t think Trump meant or realized what he said. He was searching for an answer to pander to the right to life crowd and it backfired, horribly, as it ended up insulting women from both sides of the aisle.

    with the hate coming at Trump from all sides, it will be very difficult to regroup and bounce back. it is possible, though. Trump is all I’ve got.

  84. totally disgusted
    March 30, 2016 at 7:13 pm
    I guess you really have no choice then but to vote for Sanders or whoever Obama chooses to replace Hillary with in the convention.

  85. notice how the national enquirer five affairs adultery news has entirely disappeared from the headlines. like it never happened. the media is in full control. sickening.

  86. It matters not to me. He’s my guy and I stand with him when he needs it most. If it wasn’t this it would be something else at some point. LU made some very valid points as well.

    Moon once said something like she? would crawl over hot coals to vote for Hillary. I would do the same for Trump. That’s about the only thing Moon and I have in common.

  87. Just watched the replay…as stated above, he was trying to outwit Mathews and the result was bad. I don’t think he meant to punish women , but it was a very silly comment. Bottom line, Wisconsin is gone. Also, as I stated he should not appear on MSNBC(sans Morning Joe who I can’t stand , but Trump seems to like them) which is virulently anti-Trump/anti-Hillary.

  88. I think Trump, not being a politician, didn’t forsee the trap. They asked if it’s illegal, should there be punishment, and he said yes (I imagine because doing things against the law involves a penalty).

    He used to agree with abortion, now says he’s against it, but the president doesn’t decide these things. In addition, both sides like to use it as a wedge issue, they always have, they don’t want to change it. I think he just stupidly gave the other side a point of attack, but I do think he can clarify. WI is an open primary so it could hurt him there, but mostly it seems to me it’s a general election issue, so I think he has some time.

    I do think that Trump thinks about things. If he’s not just pandering, I think he can be shown the history, and how women resort to coat hangers or unlicensed medical help when it’s illegal. And that giving it back to the states makes no sense, because poor women can’t get to the next state.

    But again, a Supreme Court ruling would have to be overturned, it’s not up to the president, and I think it’s unlikely. As I said, the parties like their wedge issues.

    But maybe someone will make the morning after pill more available, make less informed women more aware of it, and also educate them way more on contraception. I have no idea what the stats are, but really the abortion rates should be going down with the advent of contraception and now the morning after pill. If they’re not going down – that’s something that needs study.

    I’m not into late term abortions (save for mom’s health), but early abortions – I have no problem with. I don’t personally think it’s a human being yet, but a lot of religious people do.

    To me, the most important thing that Trump can do at this stage of the campaign is go on a twitter diet, behave more presidential, and remain calm in expressing his opinions (unless he’s doing something else strategically). I think he has time to clarify his statement before the general. But there are other things he can work on that can help him with the other elections (see above).


    And then again, Hillary has the email thing still not closed, the party may throw a new person out at the convention, and there’s Sanders. He.just.can’ We’re not a socialist country, you Sandersbots!

    I think there is a chance it’s going to be okay. He may need to go on the offensive to get the media to knock it off, that’s all.

    And finally, younger women don’t really seem too concerned about their birth control. They take everything we did for granted. Heck, let them learn it the hard way and then walk the path to get abortion reinstated. Maybe they’ll retire the multiculturalism and intersectionality and start to just focus on the d*mn women!

  89. lorac
    March 30, 2016 at 9:53 pm
    The real question is whether independents and Democrats who have fled the new and improved Democratic Party under Obama will consider his views on the abortion issue to be sufficient to override their agreement with him over immigration, Islamic terrorism, health care, trade and foreign policy. No one can really pretend to not know his views on abortion; he has said it loud and clear in the past. I think some people were just shocked to hear him say out loud the logical conclusion if Roe vs Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court and abortion was made illegal again. Will Congress enact a law making it a felony for women to get an abortion punishable by jail time if Roe v Wade was overturned? I personally doubt it. Will some states do so? Perhaps, but not without a big fight that will drag on for years with lawsuits and appeals in the court system.

  90. MARCH 30, 2016 –


    If Congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. My position has not changed – like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.


    So the woman herself wouldn’t be held responsible. That’s good, in that I was going to propose penalties for men who don’t want the fruit of their loins.

    Of course, there would still be a penalty to women. MDs would stop providing the abortions, not wanting to get arrested.

    Again, though…. the president isn’t in charge of this….

  91. gonzotx
    March 30, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    It’s bad on drudge, they are crucifying Trump

    On another note, a faint nod to Cruz infidelity hidden in an interview with Stone.
    Someone is getting paid to keep this quiet…
    You listening Drudge?
    They cannot keep it quiet.

    Three of these women are coming forward.

    Cruz has never denied this outright

    He is a slime ball.

    One bullshit big media stunt put to rest.

    Up pops another bullshit stunt.

    The abortion thing was a trick question.

    He corrected the record.

    It is hard to do all these fundraisers and interviews.

    Matthews should be off the list.

    He is a deranged idiot.

    Trump looks tired however.

    When you are fighting both parties, and the media it wears on you.

    And when you have ignorant voters who cannot see the forest for the trees, that is a problem too.

    The people who really lack intelligence however are those who embrace Bernie and reject Trump.

    They are totally brain dead.

    I am ashamed to live in the same country with them.

    In the state of nature, Darwin would eliminate them from the gene pool–along with Tapper.

  92. Is this how normal people think, and am I abnormal? If something is illegal, it seems common sense that there would be a penalty for breaking the law. If a woman goes to a back alley doctor and has a partial birth abotion, where the doctor basically delivers a late term baby except for the head, then sucks out the brains, the woman will not be punished but the doctor will if caught? What about prostitution? Just arrest the Johns now?

  93. ” … Ben Carson defended Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday for his proposal to punish women who get illegal abortions, a position he quickly reversed.
    “Well bear in mind, I don’t believe that he was warned that that question was coming, and I don’t think he really had a chance to really think about it,” Carson said in an interview with CNN.
    “That happens very frequently, and you know, what you develop with experience is how to answer that in a way that is not definitive,” the former GOP candidate added. “You know how politicians are. He hasn’t really learned that because he’s not a politician.”

  94. And now, more talk about Hillary being indicted?

    And for what? What?? WHAT???

    For a breach of national security over these emails.






    That is, if you are serious about national security.

    And the fact that you have done none of those things

    Leads me to believe the whole thing is political

    Not in the sense that Adam Shiff says

    Because he should have his be swinging up there too

    But in the sense of weighing the equities

    Obama’s crimes are felonies

    Hillary’s are misdemeanors

  95. Question: what do Fields and Sharpton have in common?

    Answer: both are despicable liars

    Question: how so?

    Answer: both steal the spotlight by making rape allegations which prove to be false.

    Question: anything else

    Answer: yes, their motives are identical: money, power, no scruples.




    If I found a latern laying around on the beach, a genie popped out, and gave me only one wishes, and would go mad trying to decide which the aforesaid three actions I would select.

    Obama will be gone in another few months, so unless you believe he will complete his destruction in that short period, it might be a waste.

    Soros is most definitely a Nazi, and evil incarnate, but he has one foot in the grave. This two might be the waste of a wish, unless you could take down his organization as well, and that is a tall order.

    Matthews is probably not worth wasting a wish on. A punch in the nose and a kick in the balls would be enough to send him hurdling to the ground, in much the same manner as Fields fantasizes.

    I hate to disappoint a genie.

  97. Just when the media and GOP is salivating over your dead corpse, Trump will come roaring back like a freight train. One thing I have learned is to never underestimate this man.

    Yup, you sure stepped in it yesterday, but lessons learned and time to move on.

    I believe we can still do this in Wisconsin. We must win.

  98. At the suggestion of the big media messiah, cities like Richmond California, and soon Washington dc will be paying known criminals $1000 per month not to commit crimes. But as Casey Stengel said, do the fucking math. A rational criminal–and at their best they are far more rational than the Harvard trained liberals who devised this new entitlement program, which is better: making 1000 per month not selling drugs, or making $100,000 per month dealing drugs, and what would my mother say if I accepted a lower paying job? Yes, that is a real tough one, but only for an idiot politician or bureaucrat. And what would that rational criminal do next, assuming he did not want to deal drugs? He would use the first $1000 to buy a gun, and once he had the gun, he would demand $10,000 for next month and every month thereafter. This is part of the whole liberal belief system, namely that inside every mass murderer there is a patriot just waiting to get out, if only society would let him. They are an embarrassment.

  99. A rewind to consider the atmosphere Donald faced Tuesday in Janesville WI

    Anti-Trump Activists to Face Bikers, Riot Police at Trump Rally
    Riot police already standing guard where Trump will speak
    Kit Daniels – March 29, 2016
    Anti-Trump activists, ‘Bikers for Trump’ and riot police will all face each other at a Trump event where six anti-Trump protestors were already arrested.

    Pro Trump Biker groups are planning on attending future Trump rallies to insure he gets his ability to speak and that supporters are able to safely attend.
    Trump will give a speech at the Janesville, Wisc., Conference Center on Wednesday, which is connected to a Holiday Inn Express where four women and two men, all from Madison, were arrested the night before while staging a ‘sit-in’ protest.
    Local police told Infowars the city has experienced volatile protests in the past, including a recent demonstration against a local pet store.

    It’s also likely some of the same activists from the recent, violent anti-Trump protests in nearby Chicago will make an appearance.
    Monday night’s sit-in protest was apparently an attempt by leftist protestors to intimidate the hotel into cancelling the Trump event.
    “An organizer told The Gazette earlier that the Monday protest was a last-ditch effort to convince the hotel and/or the city to cancel Trump’s appearance in order to prevent violence,” the local GazetteXtra reported. “The hotel’s owners on Monday afternoon issued a statement saying they would not cancel.”
    Furthermore, bikers in support of Trump said they would show up at the event in response to the planned protest.
    “Patriotic bikers, from all across the U.S. are planning to show up at ALL future Trump rallies to make sure that any paid agitator protesters don’t take away Mr. Trump’s right to speak or interfere with the rights of Trump supporters to safely attend,” a press release from the group stated. “We shall not be silenced!”
    Local police with riot gear stood guard in the hotel lobby all night and were expecting people to start pouring in Wednesday morning.
    Infowars will be covering the event live from the ground.

  100. the 24/7 negative media is starting to wear everyone down.
    alcina if one negative comment loses your support go vote bernie.
    he will tell you what you want to hear.

  101. sorry about that” Donald J. Trump is all I have. There are no alternatives, no second choices. This is it.”
    alcina I never made it to the end of the thread before your opposing comment got to me.

    good lesson for trump hopefully he will not fall for it again.

  102. If Trump doesn’t make it, I’m tuning out of the election. I’ll be devastated. It would mean the media won. The liars won. The globalists got their way and its back to business as usual. It be time to go out into the wilderness and live like Hugo Glass, but without the bear mauling.

  103. sirmrks
    March 31, 2016 at 4:50 am

    don’t know where you got an opposing comment from me to begin with.
    none of us gets through life without saying some thing stupid, something you wish you could take back.
    again, it is time to move on and fuck everyone who can’t deal with it.

  104. From what I can tell, the inside baseball game looks like this:

    1. part 1: establishment directs state party officials cancel primaries, and announce the delegates they send to the convention are free to vote anyway they choose, regardless of voters

    a. Pennsylvania is holding a primary which is non binding. Colorado has cancelled its primary. North Dakota has no primary.

    b. this is a stark repudiation of the pro democracy rules agreed to in response to prior changes to the democrat party drafted by McGovern

    c. big media is covering this up to protect the establishment

    d. remedy: voters in those states must adopt a scorched earth response. All down ticket republicans from those states– federal and state officials alike must be voted out of office. No survivors.

    2. part 2: establishment directs officials at state party convention to steal delegates won by Trump

    a. note: this has happened already in Louisiana and Texas

    b. big media is covering this up to protect the establishment

    b. remedy: Trump will be filing lawsuits against these ultra vires actions next week

    c. the argument:

    1. both political parties receive public money

    2. therefore, they are not private institutions

    3. therefore, they are not free to change rules ex post facto

    4. such actions violate:

    a) the due process clause of the fifth amendment

    b) the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment

    c) the incorporation clause of the fourteenth amendment

    d) the one man-one vote precedent (Baker vs Carr) etc.

    e) therefore, the state parties should be enjoined from such actions

    3. part 3: establishment will threaten, bribe and/or cajole the Trump delegates, prior to the conventions. Make sure Trump does not win on the first ballot. Give Paul Ryan the nomination on the fourth ballot.

    a. the elites are prepared to lose the election. Several have said they will vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee. What fools these elitists be. They assume they will still have a party. We must make sure that if they pull this shit, then that is the end of the republican party.

    b. naturally, they will beg, cajole and implore their base. They will say, apres moi le deluge. Who, they ask, will stop the democrats if the republican party is destroyed. And the base will reply, who is stopping them now. Surely not you. You are too committed to your donors, and too addicted to the game that ruins nations, i.e failure theater to stop anyone. Go to hell.

    c. grand strategy to defeat the establishment (5 parts)

    1. Trump accuses RNC of breaching its commitment to support the Republican nominee (done)

    2. Trump repudiates his own pledge for that reason (done)

    3. Trump supporters laying legal groundwork for a third party run (in progress)

    4. Trump hiring experienced delegate managers to stop the theft (in progress)

    5. Trump encouraging a we will walk movement (in progress)

    6. Trump invite 5 million supporters to show up in Cleveland (we must all go!)

  105. Apollos5600
    March 31, 2016 at 4:57 am
    If Trump doesn’t make it, I’m tuning out of the election.
    If Trump doesn’t make it, the country will be destroyed.

    Right now, we are half way to hell–thanks to Obama and his RINO collaborators.

    This is now a battle for survival.

    As such, it is very personal.

  106. A couple follow up comments to the inside baseball post above.

    First, the theft of delegates by the states is also a violation of the first amendment, if you conclude that this constitutes government action. Why? Because, as a quasi organ of state and federal government are depriving citizens of their right to free speech AND their right to petition the government for a redress of grievance, those rights being guaranteed by the First Amendment.

    Second, too soon old, too late schmart, someone was bemoaning the fact that if the Supreme Court ends up being the final arbiter of this question of whether the state parties are free to make up the rules as they go along, and to change them in such a way as to repudiate the result of the primary they held, but did not like the results of, then Scalia will be sorely missed. Now, there are plenty of reasons to miss Scalia, for the brilliant and principled man he was. But this is not one of them. Even if he had survived, and heard the case, it would have been a 5-4 decision in favor of the elites. Again, the weak link would be John Roberts. He is, I have come to find out, a Bush crime family operative, and the guy who feted him was another Bush crime family operative, the scarlet pimpernel Ted Cruz.

  107. Correction: First, the theft of delegates by the state PARTIES is a violation of the first amendment, etc.

  108. Apollos5600

    March 31, 2016 at 4:57 am

    If Trump doesn’t make it, I’m tuning out of the election. I’ll be devastated. It would mean the media won. The liars won. The globalists got their way and its back to business as usual. It be time to go out into the wilderness and live like Hugo Glass, but without the bear mauling.

    I’m about with you. A life of perpetual Obama / Bush is a bleak one, indeed.

  109. lorac

    March 30, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    I agree with you. First, low cost abortion is a women’s health issue. My uncle was an OBGYN and the first to open a low cost abortion clinic in NYC. He did that because of the tragic situations he would encounter in the ER as women who had tried to self abort with hangars, etc came in hemorrhaging and often lost their uterus as a result and sometimes their lives. I also agree that there is a huge difference between early terminations and late ones.
    Trump could walk this back and if he is smart he will.
    He needs to say that his anti abortion stance is his personal belief and that the decision about abortion rights will be made by the courts and the American people. He is not a lawyer and should not be opining on legal ramifications.

    I can’t believe that Ivana, Ivanka, Milania and his sister would support his statements. I can only hope that if elected, he would make moderate conservative appointmnets and not be ruled by the small religious right.

  110. I meant walk back from even discussing ending a woman’s right to choose by saying that its a matter for the courts and/ or the states.

  111. TD –
    That’s exactly what EVERY politician should say on the matter because that is the truth of it. They can state their personal beliefs but aside from appointment of SCT justices, there’s not really anything POTUS can do about the legality of it.

    RvW is the law and it isn’t going to be overturned – the most that can happen is exceptions in the various states be limited. If it’s too limited, Court strikes it down. No POTUS involvement in it, at all.

    Or that’s the way it used to work before Emperor Obama.

  112. I think it boils down to Trump

    — stating strongly and repeatedly that he was answering a logical question (if, then) and that this is a court issue, not a presidential one

    — focus overwhelmingly on looking presidential as much as he can for the remainder of the elections. This abortion thing can hurt if not handled correctly, but it’s ONE issue. It can be healed, but overall people have to feel he is the best choice.

    (and he also has to do whatever he can – lawsuits, whatever – to protect his delegates)

  113. Further Trump should strongly state that he is running to create jobs , secure the borders and make the country safe and not to focus on issues that divide the country.

  114. Elections have to be cleaned up. It’s ridiculous that parties can play around so much with how the apportion delegates, IMO. Delegates aren’t really representing our votes if the whole process is so complicated.

    I remember in 2008 the black areas in some states were given extra delegates (something like that) to favor Obama. The huge number of superdelegates who can be forced to swing an election the other way. And now the republicans have this crazy formula, some states you have to get a certain percentage, some states not all the delegates are awarded by votes cast (to stymie a movement candidate – well, if the people’s votes are creating a movement candidate, so be it!). All the rules favor the party elite get the candidate they want, and that is NOT representing the people’s votes. IMO, it’s WRONG.

    Delegates have to be more straightforward IMO. 1000 votes = 1 delegate for example. I’m so over “parties”. People can donate directly to their own candidate instead of the party. The party does not have the citizens’ stated interests (by vote) in mind. If they must exist, let them certify candidates at the beginning. Then go away.

  115. Kasich speaking in NY right now saying that the frustrations of Trump supporters “do not fall on deaf ears” (this, after criticizing Trump’s stands). What an opportunist.

    They’re saying that Cruz is now tied with Trump in CA. Something weird is going on. Many people are repulsed by Cruz, even just by his face, and now this mistress scandal coming out. And now he’s doing BETTER?

    I wonder if Trump, in an interview or rally, brought up globalists and showed examples and how he’s the only one to protect us, if that would be meaningful to people, or if it would sound conspiracy-minded or like UFO territory….?

  116. Saudi Arabia, a dairy company, just bought land in CA and AZ (I strongly object to foreigners owning our land! There’s already an issue with the federal government “owning” land instead of the states owning their own land! – although I have heard there is a danger that if states own the land, they would more likely sell to foreigners). They also want to grow alfalfa, which they say uses a lot of water. In CA and AZ! We ALREADY have water problems, and now Saudi Arabia can use our water????

    I remember foreign countries were buying some of our ports in the past. IMO, this should be illegal.

    Who is in charge of this country???? !!!! (rhetorical)

  117. Oh, boy. They’re really playing up this abortion remark. He’s got to get a handle on this, show how it was taken out of context, and how abortion is the law.

  118. They’re saying a poll in January had women listing abortion as their least important issue in a general election. I imagine that was strongly influenced by the fact that it is the law. He’s gotta hammer that, it’s the law. Maybe also talk about how he’ll work to make it less necessary to comfort the right wingers.

  119. New York remains solidly blue as either Clinton or Sanders top any Republican in the head-to-head general election matchups, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds, with some margins approaching 2-1. November matchups show:

    Clinton beating Trump 53 – 33 percent;

    Clinton over Cruz 53 – 32 percent;

    Clinton edging Kasich 46 – 41 percent;

    Sanders topping Trump 56 – 32 percent;
    Sanders beating Cruz 56 – 28 percent;
    Sanders besting Kasich 47 – 37 percent.

  120. sirmrks

    thanks. I never mean to bite, it’s just that the last 24 / 48 hours has me totally stressed out.

  121. Adm. must be as dumbfounded as we are over Trump’s remarks. While we have come to expect and even appreciate his lack of pc, those comments were stupid and he took Mathew’s bait, hook, line and sinker..dumb move Donald. Meanwhile, Hillary has got serious issues and watching Warren on that awful Colbert show last night shows you were she stands. By the way, Bernie’s supporters in the crowd booed when asked if Hillary go the nomination would they support her…Hillary was a fool going along with that convention and not fighting ..she probably figured 2016 would be a cake walk.

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