Heidi-Ho: Hard Evidence On Ted #CruzSexScandal – Cruz Missile Crisis – Lies And Truths

The Heidi-Ho man is back looking for his Heidi-ho. We’re here to bed some rumors and wonder about some others.

We’re too, much too, high-minded, to disgrace ourselves with sex, rumors, particularly of the political kind. But here we are. We know one thing that is not true – about where Ted Cruz silos his missile – that has him in crisis. We know another thing that cannot possibly be true about Lyin’ Ted Cruz and the mistress distress. But first, because we do not want to get in the mud, we’ll quote HotGas which has a good summary of the Cruz Missile Crisis (a.k.a. The Cuban Mistress Crisis):

So #TheThing, also known as the Cruz Sex Scan­dal, that the Rubio and Jeb peo­ple were push­ing on Twit­ter for the last few weeks before Florida, looks like it may have finally dropped. If you hadn’t already seen it, National Enquirer has a new story out relat­ing the claim that Ted Cruz had an affair with at least five dif­fer­ent women.

National Enquirer is the same orga­ni­za­tion that broke the John Edwards affair and love child that ended his cam­paign. They also were the ones that, cor­rectly, dis­cred­ited much of OJ Simpson’s claims dur­ing the mur­der trial. They also were right on Rush Limbaugh’s addic­tion to pain killersJesse Jackson’s love child with his mis­tress. Tiger Wood’s affairs, and Steve Job’s con­di­tion.

So what do we know, believe, to be absolutely untrue about the Cruz manned missile crisis? What is absolutely untrue about the Cruz Sex Scandal is that Donald J. Trump had anything to do with it. As has been repeatedly proved, the Sex Scandal attack against Ted Cruz, exposing the slimy side of Teddy Boy, allegedly, came from Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Get that fact straight because it is very pertinent to our next article: the authors of the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal are Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio (and of course, if true, Ted Cruz and his wandering missile).

Trump hater and Marco Rubio supporter Rick Wilson (the guy along with Liz Mair that run an hate-Trump SuperPac that attacked Melania Trump) first “tweeted” about #TheThing on March 10. Also, as well documented at HotGas, on March 11 Rick Wilson wrote

If I had #TheThing, I’d release it. Trust me, after 20 reporter calls today, I’m DONE

What was #TheThing?:

Secret Cruz sex scandal talk circulated on Twitter for weeks under THIS mysterious hashtag

Before the rumors and allegations were made public in a scorching piece against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for allegedly having five extramarital affairs, the accusations laid in hiding under a mysterious hashtag on Twitter.

For weeks leading up to the National Enquirer report out Friday, which claims Cruz had sexual relations with five former co-workers and political insiders, supporters of Sen. Marco Rubio and “#NeverTrump” promoters on social media discussed “#TheThing,” as the Cruz allegation was dubbed by insiders. 

#TheThing was supposed to “drop”, be published, before the Florida primary by Marco Rubio to destroy Teddy Boy Cruz. Perhaps that explains why Cruz, um, pulled out, of Florida shortly after Cruz made a great show of the ten offices he opened throughout Florida. Maybe once Cruz pulled out, Rubio decided that the better part of discretion for himself, was not to start throwing stones from his glass house, especially after that Jeb Bush planted story about the Rubio arrest at that park became known.

#TheThing was a Rubio hit against fellow Cuban, Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz wants to blame Donald J. Trump and has done so in a mendacious “tweet” that blames Trump and attempts a quick “denial”. The “denial” tied to the false blame-shifting to Trump makes the denial dubious. Lyin’ Ted is telling at least one lie, maybe two, in his “denial”.

Why do we give Lyin’ Ted Cruz the benefit of the doubt by allowing for the possibility that Ted Cruz might not have planted his Cuban missile in extra-marital, places? We allow for the possibility that Lyin’ Ted Cruz might not have repeatedly launched his missile, as the National Enquirer alleges, because, well, really, only one reason? Who would want that toad?

It cannot possibly be true that Lyin’ Ted Cruz had mistresses. Ted Cruz with many women desiring him would undermine our sense of reality. It would undermine our understanding of sexual attraction. It would undermine our concept of sanity. It would undermine everything we suspect we know about this world. And yet, to our utter shock, Ted Cruz did find one woman in this planet to publicly acknowledge carnal knowledge of Ted Cruz.

That woman is Heidi Cruz, the spouse of the louse.

In January we wrote about Heidi Ho in a non-sex scandal article. Our Heidi Ho article was written in a most appropriate manner as we discussed certain of her ties and most importantly the ties of Ted Cruz:

Today we expected to write a smart little thing about the destruction of Ted Cruz via the DemDebate this past Sunday. Consider, at the Dem Debate Bernie Sanders attacked Hillary Clinton for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees Hillary was paid by Goldman Sachs.

Before Sunday the Goldman Sachs attack spear was thrown against Ted Cruz at the GOP Debate. At the GOP Debate Donald Trump schlonged Cruz because of the million dollar loan obtained from Goldman Sachs by Mr. and Mrs. Cruz – so that Ted could fund his senate campaign. The additional crouton in this Goldman Sachs soup was the fact that Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi Cruz made her living strolling the halls of Goldman Sachs for pay. It didn’t take long before some nasty wags tongued out the epithet/cry “Heidi Ho”. For shame!

The very smart Heidi Cruz deserves respect even if she has, well, um, New York Values. She’s a smart woman, investment manager, but when did that stop anyone from smearing a talented smart woman? [snip]

As Darth Vader once said, “impressive, most impressive.” An incredibly talented woman with the grandest of commercial New York Values.

Ours was to be an excruciatingly proper discussion of how Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs connections both helped and hurt her and that Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz were about to experience a proctology examination the likes of which Hillary Clinton has endured for many a day.

The proctologist has arrived.

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, alleged to be one of the Cruz mistresses, spoke to MSNBC before #TheThing dropped and explained what Trump meant when he said he could “spill the beans” about Heidi:

She is a Bush oper­a­tive, she worked for the archi­tect of NAFTA, which has killed mil­lions of jobs in this coun­try, she was a mem­ber on the Coun­cil on For­eign Rela­tions who in Sen. Cruz’s own words called a nest of snakes that seeks to under­mine national sov­er­eignty and she’s been work­ing for Gold­man Sachs, the same global bank that Ted Cruz left off of his finan­cial dis­clo­sure,” Pier­son said.

Her entire career has been spent work­ing against every­thing Ted Cruz says that he stands for,” she added.

When Donald Trump threatened to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz it was in response to the Rick Wilson SuperPac attack against Melania Trump. Today, Donald J. Trump responded to the Lyin’ Ted Cruz lies that Trump had anything to do with the Cruz Missile Sex Attack with a complete denial as only Trump can:

I have no idea whether or not the cover story about Ted Cruz in this week’s issue of the National Enquirer is true or not, but I had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it, and have not, as yet, read it.

Likewise, I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence. Ted Cruz’s problem with the National Enquirer is his and his alone, and while they were right about O.J. Simpson, John Edwards, and many others, I certainly hope they are not right about Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

I look forward to spending the week in Wisconsin, winning the Republican nomination and ultimately the Presidency in order to Make America Great Again.

There’s a lot more to this story. Much of it “substantive” not about Cruz missiles and silos. Our comments section no doubt will continue to do radar work on Cruz missiles. Our next article will explain a bit more about Teddy Boy Cruz and what he’s up to in a down low way.


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  1. The completely despicable Barack Obama:


    Obama: Forget The Difference Between Capitalism And Communism, “Just Decide What Works”

    “So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate,” Obama said during a visit to Argentina Thursday. “Oh, you know, you’re a capitalist Yankee dog, and oh, you know, you’re some crazy communist that’s going to take away everybody’s property.”

    “Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it really fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works,” he added. “And I said this to President Castro in Cuba.”

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: I guess to make a broader point, so often in the past there’s been a sharp division between left and right, between capitalist and communist or socialist. And especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate, right? Oh, you know, you’re a capitalist Yankee dog, and oh, you know, you’re some crazy communist that’s going to take away everybody’s property. And I mean, those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it neatly fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory — you should just decide what works.

    And I said this to President Castro in Cuba. I said, look, you’ve made great progress in educating young people. Every child in Cuba gets a basic education — that’s a huge improvement from where it was. Medical care — the life expectancy of Cubans is equivalent to the United States, despite it being a very poor country, because they have access to health care. That’s a huge achievement. They should be congratulated. But you drive around Havana and you say this economy is not working. It looks like it did in the 1950s. And so you have to be practical in asking yourself how can you achieve the goals of equality and inclusion, but also recognize that the market system produces a lot of wealth and goods and services. And it also gives individuals freedom because they have initiative.

    And so you don’t have to be rigid in saying it’s either this or that, you can say — depending on the problem you’re trying to solve, depending on the social issues that you’re trying to address what works. And I think that what you’ll find is that the most successful societies, the most successful economies are ones that are rooted in a market-based system, but also recognize that a market does not work by itself. It has to have a social and moral and ethical and community basis, and there has to be inclusion. Otherwise it’s not stable.

    And it’s up to you — whether you’re in business or in academia or the nonprofit sector, whatever you’re doing — to create new forms that are adapted to the new conditions that we live in today.

    Obama’s contempt for American values never clearer than with this latest obamination. Obama must know the terrors of communism and the destructive course of socialism and still he makes an equivalence argument. Most disgusting public official ever.

  2. it seems the obvious question in the Cruz scandal is “why did the Cruz camp give $500,000 to the Fiorina camp?

  3. When Bill Clinton ran for president his “issues” with marital infidelity were well known. In 1991 Gennifer Flowers made her shock allegations as the primaries began so the voters that voted for Bill Clinton did so with wide open eyes.

    Ted Cruz ran and increasingly runs, because of the Glenn Beck stuff about Cruz being the select of God, as a man without a blemish. Now it turns out Ted Cruz might not be so pure, so Biblical. We will give Ted Cruz the benefit of the doubt on this but he has a lot to politically debunk. Cruz’ charge that Trump is behind this sex scandal makes Cruz’ profession of innocence less credible.

    Cruz has two weeks to clear this up before Wisconsin votes. What will Glenn Beck say?

  4. more validation of what Admin is saying above



    The truth behind the rumor-mongering, however, is a little more complex. A half-dozen GOP operatives and media figures tell The Daily Beast that Cruz’s opponents have been pushing charges of adultery for at least six months now—and that allies of former GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio were involved in spreading the smears.

    For months and months, anti-Cruz operatives have pitched a variety of #CruzSexScandal stories to a host of prominent national publications, according to Republican operatives and media figures. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, Politico, and ABC News—reporters at all those outlets heard some version of the Cruz-is-cheating story. None of them decided to run with rumors. Those publications’ representatives all declined to provide on-the-record comments when The Daily Beast reached out for this article.

    Breitbart News, the notoriously Trump-friendly conservative outlet, was also pitched the story of Cruz’s extramarital affairs, according to a source close to the publication. That source said an operative allied with Marco Rubio—but not associated with his official campaign—showed the publication a compilation video of Cruz and a woman other than his wife coming out of the Capitol Grille restaurant and a hotel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But the outlet opted not to report on the video, which demonstrated no direct evidence of an affair.

    “We got it from a Rubio ally,” said the source. “It was too thin, so [Breitbart’s Washington political editor Matt Boyle] decided not to run it. There was no way to verify the claims.”

    A Rubio spokesman wasn’t immediately available for comment.

    The Cruz campaign team has been aware of the sex-scandal rumors for months. But it took the National Enquirer’s report to force the story into the mainstream media conversation.

    Friday afternoon, Trump disavowed any connection to the Enquirer’s story—while giving their credibility a backhanded boost.


  5. Who dropped the dime on John Edwards, er, Ted Cruz? It was Rubio, Marco Rubio:


    Ted Cruz ‘Affair’ Rumors Peddled by Marco Rubio’s Allies
    The senator accused Donald Trump of planting a National Enquirer sex scandal story. If that’s true, Trump wasn’t the only Cruz opponent trying to traffic in smears.

    If you enjoy daydreaming about Ted Cruz’s sex life, then today is your lucky day.

    The National Enquirer alleged on March 23 that the senator has had five extramarital affairs. And the descriptions it provided of the women—along with barely-pixelated headshots of them—left little to D.C. insiders’ imaginations as to who the Enquirer had accused of being Cruz paramours.

    A HOOKER, A TEACHER & COWORKERS: 5 romps that will destroy Ted Cruz!” the Enquirer piece boldly claims, in an article that includes a wild “sex-in-closet” allegation.

    Cruz fired back on Friday, charging that the piece was baseless and that the Enquirer was taking its marching orders straight from “Donald Trump and his henchmen.”

    The truth behind the rumor-mongering, however, is a little more complex. A half-dozen GOP operatives and media figures tell The Daily Beast that Cruz’s opponents have been pushing charges of adultery for at least six months now—and that allies of former GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio were involved in spreading the smears.

    For months and months, anti-Cruz operatives have pitched a variety of #CruzSexScandal stories to a host of prominent national publications, according to Republican operatives and media figures. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, Politico, and ABC News—reporters at all those outlets heard some version of the Cruz-is-cheating story. None of them decided to run with rumors. Those publications’ representatives all declined to provide on-the-record comments when The Daily Beast reached out for this article.

    Breitbart News, the notoriously Trump-friendly conservative outlet, was also pitched the story of Cruz’s extramarital affairs, according to a source close to the publication. That source said an operative allied with Marco Rubio—but not associated with his official campaign—showed the publication a compilation video of Cruz and a woman other than his wife coming out of the Capitol Grille restaurant and a hotel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But the outlet opted not to report on the video, which demonstrated no direct evidence of an affair.

    We got it from a Rubio ally,” said the source. “It was too thin, so [Breitbart’s Washington political editor Matt Boyle] decided not to run it. There was no way to verify the claims.”

    A Rubio spokesman wasn’t immediately available for comment.

    The Cruz campaign team has been aware of the sex-scandal rumors for months. But it took the National Enquirer’s report to force the story into the mainstream media conversation.

    Friday afternoon, Trump disavowed any connection to the Enquirer’s story—while giving their credibility a backhanded boost. [snip]

    David Pecker—the CEO of American Media, Inc., which publishes the Enquirer—is tight with Trump.

    Trump has repeatedly praised Pecker and tweeted several times in 2013 that his pal should be named the new CEO of Time magazine.

    The tabloid has provided Trump’s presidential bid with glowing coverage, and has been rewarded with “exclusive” interviews. In January, “America’s most popular presidential candidate” gave a two-part interview on the “most intimate details of [his] amazing life!” Trump is even an occasional National Enquirer contributor.

    Trump is a big friend of Pecker,” an anonymous source told the New York Daily News, claiming that the billionaire reality TV star is “protected” by the Enquirer. “So no John Edwards-type investigations … Some of the staff are furious. Trump’s such fertile ground, and it drives them crazy to not only be staying away from it, but running puff pieces for him.”

    A source close to the tabloid also told New York magazine in October that Trump’s campaign was the source for an Enquirer cover story on one of the mogul’s former rivals.

    “Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge in Patient’s Brain!” the headline bellowed. (The Trump campaign and Pecker flatly denied this allegation.)

    The Enquirer has also savaged other Trump foes, including Rubio, Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Jeb Bush. It recently reported that Bush, as governor of Florida, was embroiled in “sleazy cheating scandals…[with a] Playboy Bunny turned lawyer,” a rumor Bush publicly denied over a decade ago.

    “There have been few presidential candidates in recent history that have generated the kind of discussion that Donald Trump has,” Pecker told The Daily Beast earlier this month. “It’s no surprise that the readership of the Enquirer recently told us that they wanted to read more about Trump than any other 2016 candidate. The coverage of the Enquirer reflects what its 6 million readers want, and expect, from the publication which has shown no hesitation in presenting an unvarnished look at past or current candidates for president.”

    But unvarnished isn’t the same thing as true. Cruz and several of the women accused in the Enquirer’s story have denied its lurid claims.

  6. S, we must have seen the article from Daily Beast at the same time. It’s worth a double read. How often do you see a national political article with Cruz and Pecker named? 🙂

  7. admin
    March 25, 2016 at 5:37 pm
    Cruz has two weeks to clear this up before Wisconsin votes. What will Glenn Beck say?

    Glenn Beck will begin to stab himself and he won’t be able to stop.

  8. What will Glenn Beck say?
    Well now, THAT is an easy one to answer.

    “Anyone who believes this vicious, but quite likely true, piece of garbage, the rumor surely not Ted, is not and has never been a Christian.”

    What they did not tell Glenn when he attended Seahome High in Bellingham, and what was not scrawled on the side of the outhouse cannot be true, and even if it is true, it is not worth knowing, and if it not worth knowing then it is not worth repeating especially for a pundit/journalist.

  9. Southern born, from last thread.

    I think you have lost ALL objectivity when it comes to Trump, clearly the charges against Cory were false and the reporter forced to resign.
    Get your facts straight.

  10. Saw the very end of some discussion about the cruz scandal on cnn
    From the little I saw it seemed they were twisting it around to blame donald and then pivot to all of donald’s problem with women
    Didn’t hear anything about rubio’s involvement
    Did I miss something?
    The media is in full blown mode to demonize & destroy donald..no fairness…no ‘two sides to the story’…no balance…just a destroy & demonize narrative
    They will always twist & blame him
    Hang in their donald…beat them at their own game

  11. The National Enquirer broke the Edwards story. The whole thing is very slimy and I am getting anxious about a lot of things regarding this election. It is scary watching the powers that be ignoring the voters will. What makes this different than other communist countries other than our system is crony capitalism and the masses are too stressed out to even realize it.

  12. Red State blog has become a hate site.

    I wonder what they will do when these witnesses against Tenado come forward?

    Erickson is a holy roller.

    Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that he feels more than a little betrayed.

    This guy running it now Leon Wolfe has taken it to a whole new level.

    And every blogger there is marching in locked step.

    Just a bunch of rabid ideologue–no different from the bots.

  13. The CNN panel/reporters are so biased against Trump. Even Don Lemon, who at first covered Trump fairly, seems to be drinking the anti-Trump kool-Aid.

    Also, I promised never to watch MSNBC, but in moments of weakness I will watch for a few minutes. Is there anyone more obnoxious than Maddow and Hayes? They are so pro-Sanders they make Mathews look pro-Clinton and we certainly know that is not the case.

  14. CNN is in a no win position.

    The establishment blames them for creating donald.

    The base blames them for trying to destroy him.

  15. Anyone buying the take that this whole thing was planned by Cruz and/or the GOPe to get this over with and out of the way sooner than later? I’ve seen this suggested on a number of blogs and I believe it was mentioned in the previous article, attributed to DCWhispers. Doesn’t pass the smell test to me. Just wanted to get some opinions here.

  16. Even the panels they use on all networks are “professional” panel guests or contributors. They probably makes hundreds of thousans of dollars doing this and I wonder if they believe half the crap coming out of their mouths. Seems like a good gig if you can get it..You either have to be a established has been political figure , an angry black or Hispanic , or hot blonde.

  17. Doesn’t seem to be going well for Donald at this time, the gates of hell on fire,
    Sure hope for some Divine intervention. This is such BS.
    They are going to pin it on him no matter the facts.

  18. Late night love-nest music:

    I’ve heard people say, “too much of anything is not good for you baby” but I don’t know about that…

  19. gonzotx
    March 26, 2016 at 12:04 am
    Doesn’t seem to be going well for Donald at this time, the gates of hell on fire,
    Sure hope for some Divine intervention. This is such BS.
    They are going to pin it on him no matter the facts.
    Pin what on him? That he outed Cruz. He denies it. And they have no direct proof to rebut the denial. Suspicions are not proof. Ultimately, it goes nowhere. The key issue here is whether the allegation of serial adultery is true. This is not a general allegation, it is a specific one. And there is not one but five alleged mistresses. What you are seeing now is simply act I. Alternative media will keep this ball rolling. It is too salacious to ignore and there is ample precedent for this such scandals, i.e. Livingston, Gingrich, Hyde, Ryan, Tower, Spitzer, Vitter, Palin, Edwards, and of course Bill. These things take on a life of their own.

  20. No quarter is jumping on the anti Trump Wagon too wbb. I’m Probably going to be banned from his site.
    My fear is that before the truth comes out, the voting will be done.

  21. Agreed gonzotx..I think Cruz may overtake him as the Tsunami against him is too strong. Plus, Donald needs to spend some money and stop relying on free media…he is in for the fight of his life.

  22. The group Anonymous that threatened Trump also threatened Cruz about his marriage:


    But these rumors did not start with Donald Trump.
    The Anonymous hacker group warned Ted Cruz last week to leave the race “or else.”

    Anonymous threatened to release information on Cruz with prostitutes if he did not leave the race:

    ​”Have you heard of the expression “candy wrappers”? Do you recall visiting prostitutes? Mr. Cruz, we are now demanding you exit this race immediately or Anonymous will release all of the information that we have found. Your so-called underground acts that you think were done in the dark, will be brought out for all the public to see. It will be sent to every media outlet to publicize your disgusting behavior. We assure you it will go viral on every social media platforms in a matter of minutes.”

    Anonymous posted this threat on Monday.

  23. http://www.rollcall.com/heard-on-the-hill/team-cruz-capitol-police-pop-up-in-ashley-madison-data-dump/

    Team Cruz, Capitol Police Emails Pop Up in Ashley Madison Data Dump

    Among those purportedly seeking relations away from their spouses are emails associated with:

    The office of GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, R-Texas.
    The Capitol Police.
    Seven folks with ties to House offices.
    Nearly four dozen people who punch timecards at the White House.

    Sans a deep dive into the dark web to parse the full batch of raw data released for public scrutiny, HOH has no sure way of knowing which of our friends, neighbors and/or colleagues were looking to get their freak on away from prying eyes.

    A Cruz aide assured HOH that nary a soul in that office is surreptitiously on the prowl.

    “The email address in question is press@cruz.senate.gov, a publicly and widely available forwarding address that is often entered into web contact forms by people with no connection to our office,” Team Cruz said of the generic mailbox.

    No one from the Capitol Police or Senate Sergeant-at-Arms responded to queries concerning particularly lustful aides.

  24. This is from Jay Cost’s most recent blog:

    Trump 391 (39 percent)

    Cruz 304 (30 percent)

    Rubio 148 (15 percent)

    Unbound/Other Candidate 129 (13 percent)

    Kasich 37 (4 percent)

    There will be a total of 2,472 delegates at the national convention, and so far 1,009 have either been allocated to a presidential candidate or will not be allocated at all. That leaves 1,463 delegates left to be allocated. To receive a majority of all delegates, Trump would have to win 58 percent of the remaining delegates.

  25. Way too close Wbb and jb, your right, show us the money, it’s past time to spend Donald, time to spend…

  26. The convoluted spin that Heidi Cruz is being targeted and mistreated as a crazy woman is spinning lunacy. Who thinks that Goldy Sacks would make a disturbed person a US Regional VP? Or even a portfolio manager of god knows how much money before they promoted her with Ted’s ascension to the Senate. I guess she is willing to give up her reputation to get in the White House as a co-equal president or someone convinced her to do it. It is garbage. She is NOT nuts. She is also his best fundraiser. And she was fine with living a separate life in Houston for years while Ted worked wherever he could climb the greasy pole to both of their advantages. This woman is ambitious with a capital A. If he was such a horn-dog it was because she did not give a rat what he did. SHE made most of their money. Personal arrangements should stay private and I don’t give a rat, but when you start putting out the slime on others they are going to look at the difference in what you say and what you do. Everyone apparently was sick of their hypocrisy including the !Jeb-ites, Rube’s, serious Senators, and the RNC climbers who batted this stuff around trying to decide what to do with it. Their dirty tricks, dishonesty (FEC is breathing down their duplicitous necks), and say one thing and do another is catching up.

  27. So far TV news is leaving FEC out of their reporting. If it’s mentioned, it stops after a few seconds for Donald’s brief reply to Ted’s long rant.

    Here’s a Twitter brawl I enjoy:
    WashTimes vs Drew Johnson.

    Drew Johnson: COMING CLEAN: From what I know, at least 2 of the women named as Cruz mistresses by the National Enquirer are accurate

    Wash Times: Drew Johnson parted from WashTimes over a year ago. We take umbrage with him linking to an old bio page claiming to represent us

    Drew Johnson: You never updated my bio page when I stopped writing editorials full-time. Don’t blame me. It’s not my job to update your site.

    Drew Johnson: If we haven’t had a relationship in over a year, why do you still pay me for columns I write?

    More of the exchange: http://twitter.com/WashTimes/status/713554198357544961

  28. Ted is getting weirder and weirder

    Ted Cruz on Trump: “I have no desire to copulate with him”
    From the Boing Boing Shop

    The Republican presidential campaign just got even weirder. After a pro-Ted Cruz group ran a nasty ad about Donald Trump’s wife, Trump said something nasty about Cruz’s wife, and a too-timely story appeared in the Trump-friendly National Enquirer about the Cruzes’ private life. All nasty stuff. In his denial today, however, Cruz was talking about about Roger Stone, Trump’s political advisor, when he went off on a rather bizarre tangent.

    “Stone is a man for whom a term was coined for copulating with a rodent. Let me be clear. Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him.”

    Ooookaaaay, Ted.


  29. Jerome Corsi, who runs World Net Daily, reported on his twitter that Drew Johnson was terminated from the Washington Times for confirming two Cruz affairs. Another reporter asked him “to protect Cruz or for lying?” Corsi replied, “told the truth.”

  30. Interestingly, Drudge is still pretty silent on this. He’s not even posting any fallout stories on it, such as the denials, or Cruz’s weird “I won’t copulate with Trump” stuff. Drudge isn’t a chump who would be hiding the story for political reasons. He’s close friends with Ann Coulter and has been tailoring his coverage to benefit Trump for weeks, if not longer. I frequently send Drudge tips and suggestions via his tip box, and often see him implementing them pretty quickly, even headline ideas. He’s not touching anything about the affairs yet though. I hope he’s investigating personally and isn’t just sitting it out.

  31. Lu4PUMA
    March 26, 2016 at 7:51 am
    Interesting choice of words.

  32. Apollos5600
    March 26, 2016 at 9:28 am
    He has no hesitation when it came to posting unflattering articles about the Clintons, especially those involving Bill and other women, so there’s clearly some internal conflict going on with him with regards the NE’s allegations.

  33. Can’t think of what that internal conflict could be about. He didn’t hesitate to hit Cruz on his Dominionism and cult-like beliefs on Drudge for almost 24 hours. He then kept articles about Cruz’s Muslim immigration support for a day or maybe 2 days right before the last vote, following the terror attacks, despite the fact that they were old news. He’s been doing a similar pattern like that right before big votes for awhil

    That said, Drudge is not altogether trust worthy. During Mitt Romney, again, because of his connection to Ann Coulter as well as surrogates in the Romney campaign, he played the same game against Newt Gingrich. Drudge has no problem with manipulating news or suppressing info for a political purpose. But why start suppressing against Cruz when he’s clearly taken a side? It’s strange.

  34. Yea. The victim card for Heidi does not work, for a lot of reasons.

    Watergate gave us lesson 1: it isn’t the crime, its the cover-up.

    Cruisegate gives us lesson 2: it isn’t the scandal, its the hypocrisy.

    The hypocrisy we see here operates at two levels:

    1. level 1: the double life of Ted Cruise: by day, a bible toting politico. By night, a horn dog.

    2. level 2: Heidi as the good wife, mother vs. the ambitious corporate player allied with Bush

    Nobody is all one thing. But when it reaches the level of Dr. Jeckel vs. Mr. Hyde, even the dimmest bulb is likely to take notice.

    This thing will have a period gestation longer than the typical news cycle. Voters who Glenn Beck called not Christian for supporting Trump will find this revelation especially interesting.

    Cruise supporters are a different story. They will not want to believe it. But it will beget a fair amount of soul searching on their part, and may even dim their level of support.

    Am I any better? Who knows. I suppose I could hire a shrink to answer that question. But what is the use. They make a living telling people they are sick, even when they are not. And that is one form of self indulgence I do not need at the moment.

  35. My two cents on Drudge and others that are currently sitting the story out. There may be someone involved whom no one wants to hurt or might be afraid of hurting. The more the story develops the more vulnerable he or she (probably she) becomes.

    Whether out of sympathy, loyalty or fear that is the only thing I can come up with. Otherwise, it does not make sense for Matt to be on the sidelines right now.

  36. Hypocrisy is all around us.

    But when the subject is sex, it can be lethal.

    Kathy Lee Gifford used to brag about her great sex life with her husband Frank.

    Until one day he was lured into a liason by The Globe tabloid, and everything fell apart.

    Its that word I can never spell–schandenfreude (you see I still cannot spell it)

    Her braggadocia led to jealousy, and when the truth came out they pounced.

    It is a little bit that way here.

    Ted presents himself as a man of God.

    But that is a tough line to walk in private life, and infinitely tougher in public life.

    The problem is, when there is direct proof that this is just an act, belief becomes skepticism, skepticism leads to cynicism, and cynicism leads to feelings of betrayal.

    The amazing thing about this is that it came out now. If this evidence was offered to big media and they declined to run with it, this can only mean that they intended to save it for the general election. Their claim that it could not be corroborated is just hot air.

    They do not give a goddamned about the truth. ALL they care about is the narrative which keeps them in power, and feeding their 491 ks. Most of them could care less about the country.

  37. Felix_the_Infidel
    March 26, 2016 at 10:25 am
    Perhaps he knows at least one of the alleged mistresses personally or has first hand knowledge of a female friend’s liaison with Lyin’ Ted and is trying to give her as much cover as possible.

  38. Whether out of sympathy, loyalty or fear that is the only thing I can come up with. Otherwise, it does not make sense for Matt to be on the sidelines right now.
    Drudge supports Trump, but I doubt he wants to be in the forefront of attacking Cruz because he is a candidate who many conservatives who go to his site still support. Furthermore, he is loath to do the dirty work for big media. Therefore, he has assumed a position of neutrality. Not so FOX News. They are perfectly willing to attack Trump despite the fact that a large part of their audience supports him. And that is because they are globalists and they are part of the corrupt system, whereas Drudge is not.

  39. Tony Stark
    March 26, 2016 at 10:30 am
    That could be it too.

    Washington is not only a small world.

    It is also an incestuous one.

    And one outing leads to another, and another, and another.

    Suddenly, no one in The New Versaille is safe.

    Most of what goes on is hidden from the public eye.

    But political insiders have the goods on eachother.

    It is sort of like old cold war doctrine of MAD—mutually assured destruction.

  40. There may be no checks and balances institutionally.

    But deterrence is still possible, through a comarade card index sort of system.

    Stalin was a devotee of this and so was Hoover.

    And if there is any consensus in that leaderless group

    It is that we must keep the wool over the public eye, and keep the donations flowing in

    What they (the public) does not know about what we are doing will hurt them.

    But revealing it would hurt us.

    And so, if it is a question of hurting the public vs hurting us

    There is no question which direction the shoe will fall.

    This is the corrupt system Trump wants to reform.

    Nobody else has the vision and courage to do so.

    They are all creatures of that system.

    The political system is like the Catholic church five centuries ago.

    Erasmus tried to reform it from within. He failed.

    Luther tried to reform it by breaking away. He succeeded.

    Complex systems riddled with politics cannot be reformed from within.

  41. I too have sent texts and info to Drudge asking him why he won’t go to print on the story.
    He doesn’t hesitate on anyone else, I think he’s in the bag like most.

  42. As I say, this revelation about Ted’s sexcapades is premature insofar as the establishment is concerned. They want him to remain in the race for now, to prevent Trump from achieving the majority of delegates he needs to avoid a brokered convention. This assumes that the majority of his supporters would migrate to Trump–rather than to an establishment goon like Kasich, if Cruz were not in the race. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we shall see how many conservatives continue to support him. The fact that big media is trying to hush it up, except to blame Trump, is of no moment. Their blatant partisanship and lack of credibility, makes them a secondary or teriatiary source of information for most people now. The internet is the main source any more. Ironically, the one thing that could have saved them, namely the appearance of neutrality and professionalism is the first thing they discarded in their race to the bottom, and obsession with managed news force fed to the public.

  43. From Professor Victor Davis Hanson’s new book:

    The Obama administration proves wearisome, as if it is replaying a tired script of a strong power whose anxieties prompt naiveté in lieu of deterrence, and render it paralyzed before weaker but aggressive enemies. We have learned nothing from the paralyzed Carter administration. Its outreach to communists in Central America, theocrats in Iran, and geriatric Soviets ended in a chaotic world from Kabul to Teheran to Managua. The European appeasement in the 1930s of an ascendant Third Reich is the locus classicus for any historical analogy with the present American recessional: a public weary from war, record debt and economic uncertainty, apologies and euphemisms for the aggressive behavior of violent regimes, an impotent world council of nations, indifference to the victims of fascist violence, cutbacks in military readiness, and invective and charges of war-mongering leveled toward any that question such appeasement. And we know how this ends: either in a costly 11th-hour recalibration to restore deterrence—or war as violent as it was avoidable.

    (Note: no one on the public stage today is capable of instituting that recalibration at a cost we can afford but Donald. The beleaguered middle class, once the backbone of this country, is in no position to do it. Ryan wants to cut social security and medicare to do it–effectively balancing the security needs of the nation compromised by Obama, on the backs of seniors. The answer to this and many other questions lies in renegotiating treaties where Obama and his predecessors sold our future to the bad guys, and to world governing bodies. Getting it back will require major surgery. The alternative is certain death. The downward spiral here is obvious, and Obama the arsonist has poured gasoline on the fire hoping to destroy our nation, so global government can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. It requires a turn around artist, but other than Trump, there are none. He is the only one capable of restoring the job base, from which everything else proceeds, or fails if it is not restored.)

  44. imo…Donald is ‘laying low’ because he is huddling with his advisors, getting his teams together, tightening up his policies, brainstorming and getting ready for a relaunch

    in my heart of hearts, I am hoping that because everyone says he is a great listener and deep thinker…that he is hearing from his people and they are telling him this is crunch time…they are alerting him to some red flags, polls that are tightening, and the upcoming delegate fight…and what he has to do to succeed…

    …hopefully they are telling him that he should only use twitter for mature and substantive remarks…lay off the silliness…speak only to the voters

    hopefully they are telling him that he has to make the voters his priority, not his ego or perceived slights, let it go, he has the white working class…he needs to focus on women and minorities…he needs to speak to them and win them over…Donald is a master salesman…he can do it…

    time for the mature, presidential and dare i say it…a bit more polished…Donald Trump to emerge…talk about issues…stay above the fray…do not take the bait and fall for the traps…instill confidence with a broader spectrum of voters

    some reports say that Christie is taking a big part, surely Jeff Sessions is in there, now even Jim Webb is endorsing him…brave man…he has Newt, Guiliani, etc

    Donald has what he needs…He has to up his game…forget the tit for tat…rise above it and prove he is ready to be a stable and serious President…

    think before he speaks…take a beat…think…it is ok to say ‘you will have to take that under consideration and get back to you’

    we will soon see…debate on tuesday and then he has a rally planned next week in Paul Ryan’s hometown in wisconsin

    Donald can still be Donald…but it can grow…learn…and mature…nothing wrong with that…

  45. Does anyone have a link to a site where they publish the amount of votes each candidate has so far? can’t seem to find one for votes, only delegates count

    I know I have heard that Donald has over 2 Million more votes in than Cruz

    I’s like to be able to check votes as time goes on for all candidates still in

  46. Thanks S. It was by all accounts a great show. I having been watching most live via periscope, but the Cuban Government blocked all wifi /internet by the stadium
    Off topic, but based on the polls, Hillary loses all threee(3) today and by wide margins. Give the folks at MSNBC another week to try and boast Sanders.

  47. S 2:03PM – you’re definitely channeling DJT.

    March 26, 2016, 03:06 pm
    Trump proposes new international institution to fight terror

    In a wide-ranging foreign policy interview with The New York Times published on Saturday, Trump said that U.S. participation in NATO has become too costly and that the world might need a new institution to handle terrorism.
    “I actually think in terms of terror you may be better off with a new institution, an institution that would be more fairly based, an institution that would be more fairly taken care of from an economic standpoint,” he said, according to a transcript of the interview.
    “You have many wealthy states over there that are not going to be there if it’s not for us, and they’re not going to be there if it is for terror.”
    Trump added that Middle Eastern nations should be more involved and contribute more resources to the fight against organizations like ISIS….

    And it’s most impressive.

  48. foxyladi14
    March 26, 2016 at 11:51 am

    “I won’t copulate with Trump”
    I think he is talking about the VP spot here. 🙁

    He is talking about political dirty tricks called rat-f***ing. Which is really amusing since he, his staff, and his PAC have already been doing it big time. To call rat-f***ing mouse copulation shows what a dweeb he is. Call it dirty tricks if he wants to try to maintain his saintly holiness but that copulation stuff sounds like some ninny tattling in Sunday School class. What a priss ass! They must have done polling on Trump’s longshoreman (or oil rig) mouth. I sometimes think he may be slightly autistic because he cannot read social cues.

  49. Teen arrested for Trump death threats
    The 15-year-old boy’s name has not been released and police haven’t indicated the nature of the threats.
    Meriwether County [GA]Sheriff Chuck Smith said the boy is charged with terrorist threats and acts.
    The threat was reported to the FBI hotline, and that information was forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service and Meriwether authorities.
    Earlier this week, a 16-year-old was arrested for making similar threats toward Trump on social media.

  50. wbboei
    March 26, 2016 at 11:17 am

    As I say, this revelation about Ted’s sexcapades is premature insofar as the establishment is concerned.

    It blew their timetable to hell. By the time of the convention no one was supposed to be left standing so they could waltz in and appoint someone. But while Ted is out there spinning, Trump can take a breather, rest and regroup. He doesn’t have to say a word. I think someone who had the Ted stuff (which the eGOP wanted to save for later) and that no one else would touch in the media sold it to the NE. Money is money and if no one else would bite why not? Does Rubio need a few bucks? Lucky Trump.

  51. Heard on NBC 6:30 PM Donald has few invites to Sunday talk shows this week.
    5PM news seemed to be avoiding Trump/Cruz topic, choosing to focus on Dem caucuses. Bern already projected to win two of them.

  52. What’s also bizarre about Cruz’s statment is that it seems to say he has sex with rats. “Donald Trump may be a rat but I have no desire to copulate with him.” Isn’t that basically saying that he has an attraction to copulating with rats ordinarily, but is drawing the line with Trump?

  53. I concur with S that DT is laying low right now. I think there is more to come with the NE business, to be released when needed. It’s not needed this weekend, as it could be obscured to some degree by the Dem caucuses discussion. Let CheaTED stew a bit and wonder what’s coming next. All in due time.

  54. Nothing on Drudge about the affair, they are now trying to minimize, Trump I believe because of all the free TV, radio…

  55. Sorry, that’s the $1 million loan he received from Walls Street during his Senate campaign, not the gift to Carly.

  56. Obama states he will be bringing in more Muslims cause they need to get away from ISIS…

    This man is so dangerous to this country!

  57. It’s one thing to lose, but Hillary does not even come close in these caucus states…Bernie will probably gain around 40 delegates tonight and Hillary around 21? Not a game changer but really disturbing how poorly her team once again handled these type of states…I mean they saw Obama come out of nowhere so regardless of Sanders strange appeal (and there is no denying he is getting massive support from the under 30 crowd), her team she have anticipated some insurgent candidate and been better prepared. She is relying too much on the big states and it could end up being much closer than anticipated.

  58. Agree Tony Stark. I just hope I am alive when we learn the true story behind his candidacy and who got him in. I am not, however, looking forward to what this place is going to look like in 25 yrs…just look at Europe and you see our future.

  59. he is getting massive support from the under 30 crowd)
    They are getting screwed by the establishment and they know it.

    Also, they are young enough to still believe in Santa Claus

  60. Bernie won Hawaii as well, picking up 17 delegates to Hillary’s 8. He now has bragging rights for the week even though his victories don’t really dent her lead in delegates that much. A neighbor of ours who was in the Washington caucus told me that one of the ladies in charge told him and others that while she didn’t think Sanders can win the nomination, she believes that staying in the race will push the Democratic Party further to the left.

  61. Found this on Twitter by @TheLimerickKing:

    There once was a lawyer named Ted
    He tried to fit five in his bed
    His frequent erection
    Derailed his election
    His POTUS campaign is now dead

  62. , she believes that staying in the race will push the Democratic Party further to the left.
    Good thinking:

    There is a lot of room to the left of Marx

    And you meet some of the most engaging people

    Anarchists, terrorists, and other forms of mental illness

    Yes, Bernie, when you are swimming around in a toilet bowl

    Its good to have momentum so you do not get flushed

    And congratulations on winning Washington

    Haven and home for the wobblies: international workers of the world

    I know they are beyond Marx, but he said it better than anyone

    International workers of the world unite

    You have nothing to lose but your chains

    You may not have a world to gain, which was Marx’s last sentence

    But you have/had a caucus to win.

  63. Just to show you I am no better, I too am glad Bernie is staying in the race, not because he will win, and surely not because he is competent, or has viable solutions, but because he does blow the whistle on Wall Street, and hopefully the entire forced march toward globalization, but I am less certain of the latter. Scoring touchdowns in pee wee football is okay by me, provided there is oxygen available when he collapses on the sidelines, or surrenders the bully pulpit to the black lives matter terrorists.

  64. Ah, but Tednado has an affirmative defense to these charges of adultery.

    After is rhetorical dissertation on rat fucking.

    And what pray tell is that affirmative defense?

    Well . . I hear tell it goes like this

    And, by the way, the singer Jim Reeves was from Carthage, Texas.

    Ergo, QED:


  65. Shadowfax, I am more and more concerned about Hillary’s horrendous campaign and the emails I get which are not that of a winner. I know she can’t bridge the gap with what Bernie is saying to the kids, but she (and I mean her campaign ) is really not offering a coherent message. She is pivoting more left and it is getting nothing in return. Rather,she is turning off many who loved her (folks here) and losing more and more to people who will vote for Trump should her get the nomination(and I am not so sure about that anymore). I expected her to lose yesterday, but not by those margins. Sanders now has her tied in knots regardless of her lead as he will not unify around her and this will be very nasty. Does not bode well for general election if she even makes the democratic nomination.

  66. Happy Easter all that celebrate.

    JB, No one here is going to vote for Hillary, so the Sandcrab winning most of the far left, white dudes (male obots) in caucuses…is par for the course. It’s all about delegates in the primary.

  67. So, I guess the Establishment knew about Ted’s little problem from the start. He’s just another spoiler in the game to give JEB the nomination.

    They got Trumped.

  68. I think many here are waiting for her return to Hillary 08…right now we are focused on Trump because the dynamics are so unprecedented and the fear/attempt to take him down amongst almost everyone but those voting for him is quite amazing.

  69. Tony Stark
    March 27, 2016 at 8:40 pm
    It’s a boy!

    Yes! Welcome baby Theodore James! Can’t wait to see pics with G’pa Donald!

  70. Jb: I went to a continuing legal education seminar on the defense and prosecution of DWI cases, involving alcohol and now marijuana. We had a series of reputable speakers on the subject–an attorney who specializes in the field and has a degree in the technology they use for field sobriety tests, and he was one of those guys who when you ask him what time it is he tells you how to build a watch. Then we had an assistant district attorney who prosecutes those cases, who was a pretty good stand up commedian. And finally, we had a policeman who had about 20 hash marks on his sleeve, an expert whom they all admired for his honesty, his respect for the accused and his mastery of the subject. Since I have always heard differing opinions on what to do when you are stopped by an officer, who is charged with protecting the public, makes a preliminary determination that you may be under the influence, and tells you to either take a field sobriety test and if you pass you can go home, but if you refuse he will take you down town, so I took the opportunity to ask that question. The defense attorney, the prosecutor and the police officer all cautioned against taking the field sobriety test, because the officers are not well trained, the machines are fallible, and the officer on the spot has an incentive to find guilt to justify the stop. The defense attorney said go to the station, refuse the test and hire an attorney. The prosecutor said go to the station, take the test because if you refuse they will get a subpoena to take a blood test. And the policeman said, say nothing and get an attorney. Interesting.

  71. gee, Tony Blair sounds like Donald Trump…I wonder if the media will now begin to demonize Blair for stating the obvious and using common sense.


    By Jeffrey Lord | March 27, 2016 | 8:20 PM EDT

    Tony Blair was even more right than he knew.

    And security cameras and cell phone videos of the graphic images of the attacks on the Zaventem Airport in Brussels along with a second attack on the Brussels subway were there to back him up, as seen here and here.

    Hours before the ISIS attacks on Brussels that killed 31 and wounded 270, the former British Prime Minister sat down with the BBC, the British network reporting this:

    Tony Blair has warned against “flabby liberalism” and says there needs to be a tougher centre ground approach to issues such as tackling extremism and responding to the refugee crisis.

    The former UK prime minister is planning a global project to prevent extremism through education.

    But he warns that too often the West can “be made to feel guilty about itself” and fails to make its case.

    “We’re in a situation where we have to fight back,” said Mr Blair.

    “The centre has become flabby and unwilling to take people on. We concede far too much. There’s this idea that you’re part of an elite if you think in terms of respectful tolerance towards other people. It’s ridiculous,” Mr Blair told the BBC.

    …”One of the problems with the West is that it constantly can be made to feel guilty about itself – and I’m not saying there aren’t things we should feel guilty about.

    “But you know, we shouldn’t let people intimidate us into thinking there are certain values we shouldn’t be standing up for,” said Mr Blair, who was attending the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai last week.

    “I’m a supporter of multiculturalism. But there’s been a long period of time when we’ve allowed the concept of multiculturalism to be abused.”

    ….If you don’t give a solution, and you leave people with a choice between what I would call a bit of flabby liberalism and the hardline, they’ll take the hardline, I’m afraid.”


    “Flabby liberalism” doesn’t even begin to describe the reaction to the Brussels attack by the President and Simon Jenkins. What we are hearing from these two men — and Hillary Clinton as well — is a combination of naiveté combined with sheer historical ignorance. And taken together, that is a fearfully dangerous mindset. If cell phone videos do nothing else they can portray the absolute truth of an event like the Brussels bombings.


    What appalls here are those television images out of Cuba and Argentina of Obama doing a wave at a baseball game and tangoing into the night juxtaposed with the cell phone videos of dead bodies littering the floor of the Brussels airport. Not to mention the Simon Jenkins piece in which he asserts that the “menace of Brussels lies not in the terror, but in the reaction to the terror.” Were this 1933 one can easily see Jenkins saying that the real problem wasn’t Hitler and the Nazis but the reaction to them.

    Is it any wonder that Tony Blair, he the ex-leader of the leftist British Labor Party, feels compelled to say that a serious danger to the world is the “flabby liberalism” that responds to extremism – ie: terrorism – by refusing to “fight back”? Is it any wonder that this label can decidedly be pinned on Hillary Clinton when she prattles on about the tough responses from Republican presidential candidates? GOP candidates, says Clinton according to the Washington Post, are “wrong,” “counterproductive” and “dangerous.” Pay no attention to the cell phone videos of dead bodies — listen to Hillary! Right.



    I like Jeffrey Lord…would like to see him as perhaps the Communications Director/Spokesperson in a Trump admin…cool, calm, collected, affable and wise

  72. Interesting stuff wbboei. I was pulled over for an alleged speeding infraction. The guy asked me if I had any tickets within the past year and I said no. He went to his car and came back and said “you told the truth, so I am letting you off”. I was quite surprised.

  73. Big media gushed on about Obama, how wonderful he is, and how much their 401ks have increased during his imperious rein. They praise him to high heaven, just like they did in 2008 and 2012. They love Obamacare which the New York Times described as the greatest civil rights victory since 1964–I kid you not. And they are admire the way he has enhanced our stature throughout the world by apologizing to murderous dictators for western imperialism. The problem is, not everyone believes what big media is saying, shocking though this might seem. One of the prime skeptics is Professor Hanson, who believes the next president should undo all these wonderful things Obama has accomplished, with the able assistance of big media, who have helped him destroy our future, for their own profit. If it were my call, and lucky for them its not, I would turn the whole lot of them over to ISIS and never look back. Oh, there might be one or two of them I would save, but the rest would be a good substitute for the devout Christians they are killing now. The Harvard trained journalists would first on the hit parade. Anyway, enough of that. Here is Professor Hanson, one of the few wise men around:
    Perhaps our next president should also apologize for the government’s transformation of once reliable government agencies—the Secret Service, IRS, VA, NASA, and NSA—into either sinecures for political cronies and politically correct incompetents, or somewhat corrupt, politicized ministries. He could also swear that a president will never again demagogue racial relations in pursuit of short-term political advantage, or vow to the American people never again to double the national debt in just eight years and to fob such gargantuan obligations off on future generations.

    The next president should also undertake an Obama-like apology tour overseas. I suggest the following stops. First, he should call on the Iraqi government to offer apologies for Obama’s precipitous and reelection-driven pullout of all U.S. peacekeepers that led to the breakup of the country, tens of thousands of dead, and the creation of ISIS. The next government could also offer regrets for Obama’s strange assertion that ISIS was already “contained,” analogous to a jayvee team, and not a serious threat—as it expanded and harvested Westerners from San Bernardino to Paris and Brussels.

    Then President 45 could visit Libya, and express remorse for the lead-from-behind U.S bombing—without congressional approval and exceeding the no-fly-zone/humanitarian aid resolutions of the UN—that ruined the country and turned it into a terrorist wasteland. While overseas, our next president could also issue a mea culpa for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, whose murders were likely preventable if a resolute president had taken charge. He might also make amends for the politicized jailing of a video-maker, scapegoated for the administrator’s own errors, as well as a host of cruel inanities about Libya uttered by Secretary of State Clinton, while in and out of office: the “what difference does it make?” nonchalance about American dead, a crude boast over Gaddafi’s macabre murder (“We came, we saw, he [Gaddafi] died”), and a later assertion that “we didn’t lose a single person” in Libya.

    Next stop would be Syria, where over 250,000 may have been butchered, and millions sent abroad as refugees. Americans might not have been able to stop entirely the Syrian genocide, but Obama ignored a brief window in which it might well have been possible to arm legitimate opponents of the Assad regime. He issued, then ignored—and finally denied issuing—red lines about WMD use, and in exasperation invited into the Middle East Russian President Vladimir Putin, who began bombing opponents of Bashar Assad. Our next government in 2017 could offer a threefer “we are sorry” for all that.

    The next president could also make another Syria-related apology tour, hitting Lebanon, Baghdad, Ankara and Berlin, to note our remorse in watching Syria’s refugees and terrorists swarm the world. The president could express guilt for allowing thousands of Christians to be butchered in, and ethnically cleansed from, the Middle East, without any effort to offer either aid or sanctuary. The president could also hit Cairo, where he might try to explain to the Muslims, Coptics, and the old Mubarak Egyptian military why they all apparently hate us, and why we are sorry for intervening in their affairs when we were clueless about facts on the ground. The next president could apologize for the U.S. green-lighting of the Iranian bomb program, finishing up in Tel Aviv to reassure the Israelis that we did not really intend to make our only democratic friends in the Middle East neutrals or worse.

    Throughout these apology stops, the next president could offer a few Cairo-like orations on the peculiar nature of the Western therapeutic mindset that has resulted in such American-inspired chaos abroad. There is a strain of the affluent, leisured westerner, President 45 might lament to our critics, who—after never having worked in the private sector, and having grievanced his way from one academic or political job to the next—seeks to reconcile his own privilege by claiming abstract victimhood for himself and blanket culpability on the part of his country, especially while abroad and in the company of the illiberal and antidemocratic.

    The next post-Obama president could say of such apology tours that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

  74. wbboei
    March 27, 2016 at 9:30 pm
    It all depends on the outcome of the Cuban Mistress Crisis these next few weeks and what new revelations pop up. On Twitter, Amanda Carpenter, who is one of the women thought to be among the five mentioned in the National Enquirer’s story and who lawyered up when asked about it on CNN, is being hammered on Twitter for trying to delete her past tweets that were highly suggestive of something going on between her and Cruz in light of the NE’s accusations. If Cruz is forced to dropout because of it, then Trump has an easy ride to the nomination.

  75. If Cruz is forced to dropout because of it, then Trump has an easy ride to the nomination.
    Now wouldn’t that be grand.

    Dropping out to spend more time with his family.

    If it was just one mistress, then they could keep a lid on it.

    But keeping a lid on five, especially where there is money to be made, that is a tall order.

    Tendando needs to spend less time brushing up his Shakespeare and more time brushing up his Jim Reeves.

  76. That chick Amanda Carpenter posting all sorts of crazy stuff. Instagram photos of her reminiscing looking at a bottle of body spray that she had to use the day Cruz had his useless filibuster. A photo of her sitting on a bed… no wedding ring… in a tight pink dress…with a pack of condoms right next to her! Confirmed to be condoms. Internet sleuths even matched the brand and upped the resolution so you could see the bloody rings from the condoms on the package!

    THEN I’m hearing stuff about the Cruz Family home life. Kids live with a nanny! Cruz and Heidi mostly entirely separated, even from children! Totally, totally bizarre!

  77. S
    March 27, 2016 at 9:21 pm
    “The former UK prime minister is planning a global project to prevent extremism through education.”

    Tony Blair is one of the reasons that they need another “project” to farm tax dollars to prevent what he had a major hand in kicking off.

    HE and his globalists backers are the ones who kicked off the problem of massive migration to begin with. HE is the one who let these ignorant savages milk every social welfare program INTENDED for the welfare of his own people into bankruptcy. HE and his social justice signaling (and massively profiting) wife turned the UK legal system into a mewling, silly, protection racket for criminal aliens. HE is the one who hid the numbers of moochers from the tax paying public. HE is the one who broke the National Health Service. HE is the one who made sure London globalist bankers bankrupted the north and concentrated the majority of the countries wealth in London. And HE made sure the EU had a stranglehold on the country.

    NOW he comes up with another “initiative” scheme to cost billions to “educate” what shouldn’t be there in the first place. What is he and that hag he is married to cut to be? Shit head, mooching, freaks. He sure loves the impoverished until they blow shit up. This bastard should be sent to Elba. And incommunicado. Tony and Cherie’s new con and virtue signaling scheme.

  78. The NYT condescending yet again little screed was written by the “comfortable”. Always free with resources, as long as someone else is paying with life and limb and money, they again miss the point. Their odd combination of virtue signaling and dick swinging is something they don’t have to foot the bill over. Their kids are not getting killed, maimed, or PTSD’ed and they aren’t paying additional taxes when these little contretemps blow up all over the world that MUST BE RESOLVED. They actually don’t. Letting people fight it out is usually the fastest way to let them deplete themselves and find resolution. ON THEIR OWN. Like in family fights the fastest way to get yourself clocked is to stick your outsider nose in it. Is that cruel? Yeah. So. It is also true. And people learn faster from their own mistakes than some virtue signaling goody two shoes butting in.

    Just like people, countries sense when things are wrong, going sideways, sick, off track, and need to withdraw, regroup, and concentrate on one’s self. Who is surprised that a group who is insulated, isolated, and paid to be clueless doesn’t “get it”. Carlos Slim wants that US taxpayer money to keep getting wasted. So what else is new?

  79. Was wondering what Admin and other here think about the 10 day absence of Trump on the stump? He has been trying to secure delegates but do you think being off the scene is hurting him? He has only ONE event in Wisconsis scheduled for rally and one town hall with Chris Matthews. I think he is going to lose Wisconsin.

  80. “…Fox News Reporting: Rising Threats – Shrinking Military investigates what President Obama has done with – and to – the military. The special premieres Friday, April 1 at 10pm ET on Fox News Channel, with additional airings over the weekend….” [insider.foxnews…fox-news-reporting-rising-threats-shrinking-military-anchored-bret-baier-schedule]

    [Soon the nation can know the burden we’ve carried, tried to get out, for so long.]

    During a recent interview with Fox News, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates revealed that President Barack Obama essentially paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to assume control in Egypt — thus suggesting that Obama wanted that to occur — by stubbornly ignoring the advice of his entire national security team.
    Time and time again, Obama has ignorantly chosen to place his naive dreams of changing history and creating utopias ahead of common-sense, not to mention the advice of his senior staff members. And by doing so, Obama continues to make the world a more dangerous place, not that he possesses the insight or humility to ever acknowledge this

    Naïve? No, but one step at a time is the way to go.

  81. I keep remembering Charlie Gaspereno saying that when it got to the point that Trump had to “really” spend money, he would stop campaigning … it looks like that is what is happening. Really sad to see the right message and a candidate who COULD go all the way and he is just suddenly stopping DEAD in his tracks. COULD it be threats on his life? That being said, it is not fair to his supporters to just give up …NOT really understanding what is happening within his campaign now. He called Hillary and Mitt weak but he is exhibiting ALL the signs of being weak kneed at the most important phase of the campaign.

  82. Seems like DJT plans a normal week. TET (tweet early today):
    I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 7:30. Things are looking good, had a great Easter-look forward to spending the week in Wisconsin!
    This upcoming FoxNews Robert Gates revelation. Could it explain why last week was so weird? Was DC laying preparation for it and what should follow so that minimal order could be maintained?

    Or am I dreaming?

  83. dot48
    March 28, 2016 at 10:46 am
    One thing I’ve learned in the past 8 months is NEVER underestimate Trump. To call him weak kneed after these constant non stop attacks is frankly insulting and reeks of a bandwagon fan.

  84. Hopefully Trump has some big plans and surprises in store for Wisconsin. The cards are really stacked against him there. I look forward to seeing him kick some ass!

  85. Dot48, I agree. I think this thing picked up more than he ever expected. He is getting 100% free publicity, but does not seem to want to dig into his alleged 10 billion to campaign. Sounds like he is hedging his bets or dare I say not confident he can win it ? This is why I am leaning towards Hillary again as I don’t think Trump is going to get it, and as much as I am disappointed with her, I vote for her before Cruz any day.

  86. I can’t vote Hillary because her thinking and plans are WAY beyond what I believe.

    Re: bandwagon .. how silly .. I’ve watched Trump since June of last year and promoted him in every venue

    Now ..bandwagon is those “fans” who choose to put their head in the sand versus reality

  87. http://www.dickmorris.com/why-is-trump-slipping-in-the-polls-dick-morris-tv-lunch-alert/?utm_source=dmreports&utm_medium=dmreports&utm_campaign=dmreports
    I will have more to say on this later.

    One think that is problematic is Trump has 70% opposition from women.

    Partly, its his abrasive style.

    And part of it is the problems he puts front and center.

    That 70% do not see the dangers that lie ahead for this country.

    These dangers cannot–and will not be solved by establishment politicians.

    History has shown that while establishment politicians may create these problems,

    They simply kick the can down the road, rather than confronting them at an early stage

    Polls show that women in Europe have a sentimental view of these migrants

    They oppose strict policies to stem the tide

    Most of all, they have no understanding that the Muslim religion is not merely a religion

    It is an ideology of world domination, and history is replete with example

    Throughout Europe today we have these Muslim zones which are not assimilation

    But states within a state, where the police and western law do not go

    Today, there are roughly 100 sharia courts in Europe

    And as the numbers grow, the clash of civilizations will cause civil war

    The European elites, like those in this country, lack the will and capacity

    To nip the problem in the bud

    And the man or woman who points to the danger ahead is reviled as a racist–if they are white

    Brown racism is prevalent, white racism is in decline

    Yet white racism is the entire focus of the degenerate western elites

    Blairs plan for a world wide effort to fight extremism through education

    Is Alice in Wonderland

    The godless west has no comparable weapon against the theorcratic muslims

    The godless west has replaced ideology with heroic materialism

    And as long as the sheep are comfortable, they can be led down any primrose path

    To their own destruction

  88. gonzotx, I said if I was faced with Trump/Clinton it would be a tough call, but I do not think I will have that dilemma. How could we vote fro Cruz if Trumps delegates are stolen??? maybe I won’t vote at all.

  89. Jb,I just have never thought you would vote any other way. I think you believe she is the Hillary of 2008..I don’t.
    I have no idea what Trump is up to, if in the end he doesn’t win..I’m done, I, can not reward Hillary’s Betrayals…

  90. gonzotx, I said if I was faced with Trump/Clinton it would be a tough call, but I do not think I will have that dilemma. How could we vote fro Cruz if Trumps delegates are stolen??? maybe I won’t vote at all.
    Colorado has cancelled their primary. Pennsylvania is holding a primary, but the party bosses say the delegates they send to the convention are not bound by the results. Okay. Fine. But the voters cannot take these imperious actions sitting down. They must retaliate in kind:

    If the establishment does not want the base to have a primary, or feels free to disregard the results, then it is up to the base to show equal disregard for the establishment by sitting out the general election. This would teach the establishment the lesson they need. And, it would reverberate down ticket to all federal and state elective positions, none of them would be re elected and when they found themselves out of a job, they would know who to blame, namely the establishment.

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