Judas And Brutus In The Season Of Plots: Obama V. #Hillary2016; @RealDonaldTrump V. The Totalitarian Left And The Powder Killers

Brutus lured his friend Julius Caesar, with sweet words, to stabbing knives on the Ides of March eons ago. This weekend millennia ago, Judas succeeded, with a kiss, in his plot to betray Jesus of Nazareth in what to this day is remembered as the climatic event in Christendom, The Passion. We’re in the Season of Plots, of betrayals, when killers let loose on civil streets.

Are not you moved, when all the sway of earth
Shakes like a thing unfirm? O Cicero,
I have seen tempests, when the scolding winds
Have rived the knotty oaks, and I have seen
The ambitious ocean swell and rage and foam,
To be exalted with the threatening clouds:
But never till to-night, never till now,
Did I go through a tempest dropping fire.
Either there is a civil strife in heaven,
Or else the world, too saucy with the gods,
Incenses them to send destruction.

This is the season of plots. Treachery moves behind every tapestry. Consider the latest ominous news via the New York Times, greeted with foolish welcome, like Caesar did Brutus, by the gullible Hillary2016:

US President Barack Obama has privately asked the top Democratic donors to support front- runner Hillary Clinton, now that it is increasingly becoming clear she would be the party’s nominee for the presidential elections, according to a media report.

Obama made the “unusually candid remarks” during a top Democratic fund raiser in Austin, Texas last week, The New York Times reported. “Mr. Obama chose his words carefully, and did not explicitly call on Mr. Sanders to quit the race, according to those in the room,” it said.

This is a false flag. It is ominous news for Hillary Clinton and for Hillary2016. Like Pontius Pilate, Obama washes his hands. When the final betrayal of Hillary Clinton arrives Obama will be able to say that he did all he could to help Hillary behind the scenes.

What really goes on? Obama knows the treachery about to take down Hillary. Obama pretends to be a friend. Hillary will be butchered. This news was leaked to the New York Times on purpose and the purpose is not to help Hillary. To the contrary, this news is ominous for Hillary because the danger to Hillary now is imminent. Obama is Brutus and Judas both. Hillary will be led to the slaughter with a smile on her face.

For Trump this season of plots, there is the possibility of survival and triumph. But the plotters do not rest.

This morning the news is of a death threat to the family, a powdery substance included, sent to Eric Trump at his home

Trump’s Son Threatened in Bid to Force Dad to Quit Campaign

Law enforcement agencies are investigating a threatening letter containing white powder that was sent to Donald Trump’s son, Eric, at his Manhattan residence that said the GOP presidential front-runner’s children are in danger if he doesn’t drop out of the race.

Sources told CBS News that the Secret Service, FBI, and New York Police Department are all involved in the investigation into the letter, which the younger Trump’s wife opened at their apartment at [——- —— ——], located at [— ———– ——-].

We removed the address and location of the Trump household which received the threat. Big Media outlets are publishing the address.

The serpentine Ted Cruz has many plots himself dug. Lyin’ Ted Cruz, the one who calls himself a “consistent conservative” and enemy of the establishment is now allied with the establishment with one sole purpose: to deny the voters in Republican primaries and caucuses the right to name their nominee for president. To that end, Lindsey Graham, a long time Cruz hater, is now allied with Ted Cruz and will raise money for Ted Cruz. Can a John McCain endorsement, another Cruz hater, be far away as the Arizona primary comes on Tuesday? Ted Cruz has sold out the little credibility he had for thirty pieces of silver.

Little Marco too is on the stop #TrumpTrain. Little Marco calls serpent Cruz “the only conservative left in the race” even though Little Marco used to agree with lion Trump that Cruz is lyin’.

More plots emerged from the fat confines of the fat cats and fat plotters who met yesterday to say #NeverTrump. The deception from them is that it is too late to mount a third party and so they will ally with the once anti-establishment, now a total shill for the establishment – Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

For this Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses, the governor of Utah will endorse Governor John Kasich, who has zero chance of winning the nomination, with the sole aim of depriving Republican voters of naming their standard bearer and plotting anything/everything to stop Trump.

What amazes is that any of these plotters wonder why they are so hated.

Paul Ryan continues to mewl and encourage a brokered convention. Mitt Romney continues to plot everywhere but especially in Utah which votes this coming Tuesday.

#CrushTrump rallies are planned by the crazed left. Trump rallies are sabotaged too. But the totalitarian left is matched by the moneybags of the right:

On the day before Super Tuesday, more than half of all the GOP-related campaign ads on TV were anti-Donald Trump ads.

The attack ads played more than 4,000 times on local broadcast stations and national cable channels, according to Kantar Media’s estimates. Just one day’s worth of saturation messaging cost the anti-Trump groups $5.9 million. [snip]

When the election results come in on Tuesday night, political pros will be looking for signs of the ad war’s success or failure. [snip]

Conservative Solutions PAC, which supports Marco Rubio, has spent $13.1 million on ads in the five states. The American Future Fund, which supports John Kasich, has spent $6.2 million.

“It’s wall-to-wall TV ads” in Ohio, Henry Gomez, the chief political reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, said on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources.” “This morning, as I watching local news, I don’t think I saw a nonpolitical ad among them.” [snip]

The week before the March 1 primary, $7 million was spent on anti-Trump messaging. The week after, $12.8 million was spent.

Trump won. Tens of millions spent in a week of frenzied attacks and still Trump won. All that is left, are puny plots, powder, and powerlessness in the face of the inevitable will of the people:

An organized effort by some Republicans and conservatives to stop Donald Trump from securing the party’s nomination appears to be taking shape as different groups and former candidates are putting their weight behind other efforts.

A mix of anti-Trump campaign ads, endorsements for Sen. Ted Cruz and talk of a third party candidate are all part of the fight against what many view as inevitable. [snip]

The first to make a clear move was former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who arranged to meet with Trump’s then-rivals Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich ahead of Florida’s primary. The specifics about what was discussed during said meetings were never released, but their meetings — and Trump’s lack of one — was confirmed ahead of the Sunshine State’s vote Tuesday. [snip]

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who dropped out in December, is providing a similar show of support to Cruz. Cruz’s team confirmed today that Graham will be hosting a fundraiser for the Texas senator on Monday, though he stopped short of giving a full endorsement.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who earlier endorsed Rubio, gave a similar nod to Cruz, saying Wednesday that “my hope and my prayer” is that Cruz can “really get to where he needs to go.” [snip]

Former Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain have both spoken out against Trump as well. [snip]

Blogger Erick Erickson said he participated in a meeting of “grassroots conservative activists from around the country” to discuss ways to beat Trump, who they do not view as a “real conservative candidate.” [snip]

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., confirmed the meeting in a statement, but did not detail the discussion. [snip]

There is more to the anti-Trump effort than just closed-door meetings and endorsements.

The number of groups not affiliated with a specific candidate that have produced anti-Trump ads appears to be growing.

Today the Club for Growth released 30-second television spot in Utah, which has its primary next week, criticizing Trump’s previous support for government-run health care.

Trump’s comments about women have been the basis of an ad released earlier this week by Our Principles PAC, which is run by former Mitt Romney deputy campaign manager Katie Packer. [snip]

More than $63 million and counting has been spent on anti-Trump ads nationwide, according to an ABC News analysis of data from CMAG/Kantar Media.

Almost half of that money — $32 million – came from super PACs supporting other Republican presidential candidates. Groups that are purely anti-Trump spent $17.5 million on ads attacking the real estate mogul.

The frequency of the anti-Trump spending has also increased dramatically, with nearly nine times the amount of money that was spent in the first half of February being spent this week alone. That breaks down to $2.53 million being spent each day this week, according to the ABC News analysis of data from CMAG/Kantar Media. [snip]

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck has also spoken out against Trump, and has posted articles on his site about the prospect of a third party candidate.

The above plotters are not in support of anyone. The plotters entire intent is to deprive the voters from being the ones who decide the nominee.

The “conservative” plotters are as reprehensible as the plotters on the totalitarian left. On the left the plotters are a bit more honest than the “conservative” plotters because they at least admit their aim is to silence Trump:

The hacking collective Anonymous has vowed once again to “dismantle” Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and to “expose what he doesn’t want the public to know”. [snip]

“This is a call to arms. Shut down his websites, research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know. We need you to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand.” [snip]

“This is a declaration of total war. OperationTrump engaged.”

Trump has been the target of several hacking groups, allegedly leaking personal information, voicemail messages and attacking his various sites, all of which have had little effect on his popularity.

On the right and on the left the aim is to destroy Donald Trump. The message is not “use your vote to elect this candidate”. The message is “silence Donald Trump and silence the voters who continue to vote for Donald J. Trump.”

Will this totalitarian appeal to destroy Trump work? A new poll from New York measures Trump support in the state at 64% to a measly 12% for Lyin’ Ted Cruz. Trump has an even wider lead than Hillary Clinton over old socialist Bernie Sanders.

Will Trump and/or Hillary survive the plots of the season? Hillary likely won’t survive because she does not even see the knives behind the tapestries and ‘neath cloaks. Trump likely will survive because he sees the plots. Trump sees the knives.

Trump also prepares for the battle to come, against all enemies – from the authoritarian right to the totalitarian left. There is still hope, to return government to the consent of the governed, to Make America Great Again.


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  1. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/03/17/steve_schmidt_republican_establishment_in_washington_suffering_from_affluenza_they_just_dont_get_it.html

    Republican strategist Steve Schmidt tells Morning Joe the Republican establishment in Washington, D.C. have a case of “affluenza” when it comes to taking on Donald Trump and “just don’t get it.” Schmidt on Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

    STEVE SCHMIDT: Think about the nitwit kid in Texas who was let off of his murderous drunk driving charges with the affluenza defense. The Republican establishment in Washington, D.C. has a case of affluenza. You have six of the ten wealthiest counties in the country surround Washington, D.C. You have a real estate market that took a narrow downturn but rebounded very quickly. You have a city that’s insulated from economic distress, it’s recession-proof to some degree.

    So this Republican establishment, the consulting class in Washington, D.C., these are not living wage jobs. And at the end of the day, I think they totally miss the psychic impact, the economic impact of the great recession, of the economic collapse. It was such a seismic event in the modern history of the country that even eight years later it’s the defining issue of the 2016 campaign as it was the defining issue of the 2008 fall campaign. And they just don’t get it.

    They don’t understand the impact for blue-collar wage workers in this country over a 20 year basis and you’re seeing this now all play out in this general election. And this Republican establishment in Washington, D.C., until the middle of the fall, legitimately if you talk to people in Washington they say, ‘Well, no, Jeb Bush will win, he’s the Republican front-runner,’ until very, very late in the process. Then it was Marco Rubio.

    Now there’s going to be a brokered convention and it will upend the results of the actual voting and will have Paul Ryan be the nominee. So all this continues to play out over an almost hourly basis by a very disconnected and decapitated now Republican establishment in Washington, D.C.

  2. The establishment of both parties thinks nothing of throwing the voting public under the bus. Of, by and for the people?! Please! We are a joke to those in power. They want our money, our votes, and our compliance – not our opinions, not our input.

    Like Trump or hate him – it doesn’t matter. The Repub party and media have openly conspired to thwart the will of the people who in large numbers support him. The message is loud and clear: F-You! We don’t give a damn what you the voters think!

    We have known for a long time how the progs have felt about the centrists among us and the antipathy they held and still hold for the Clintons. Barack stole the election from her in 2008, confirming that the Dim leaders couldn’t care less about democratic process. We regular Americans – especially if white, blue collar, and over 25 – are just too irrelevant to have our votes count. That he would plan a repeat of 2008 is not surprising. Shocking – but not surprising!

    To hell with the bully leadership of both parties. Hillary and Trump supporters will have to fight the establishment if their voices are to be heard.

  3. Those who fought injustice and oppression back in the day are not their perpetrators. The political leaders of both parties have become “The Man”. Now, their efforts to oppress must be protested. Now, they are the enemy of voting rights and civil rights.

  4. Odd that
    We the people, have prayed for a long time.For someone to come along with a big brass pair.
    And take on TPTB and the cesspool in DC.
    Now that one has emerged they will crucify him. 👿

  5. Foxy

    How appropriate given the season. (And no I’m NOT comparing Trump to Jesus) but the scenario has similarities.

  6. Agreed Alcina. Where is the outrage for this act of violence?

    I just hope they remember that Americans love the underdog. It’s in our blood.

  7. If donald can withstand this nonstop negative barrage & win it will be divine intervention & the sheer force of his will to succeed

    He needs all the good angels to surround him…calling all our good angels…protect this man & his family

  8. Time to head over to my local Aubuchon Hardware store and pick up the pointiest big-assed pitchfork I can find.

    Meet you all in DC.

  9. Easter 2016

    “Is it needless after all?
    For the Uni-Party may yet keep faith when all is said and done.

    But Donald knows our dream; enough to know our dreams are nearly dead.
    Will we allow an excess of lies to bewildered us till they are truly dead?

    I write it out in verse – NAFTA, ObamaCare, Amnesty and Worse.

    Now and in times to be, we Americans have sworn.
    We are changed, changed utterly:

    A terrible beauty is born.

    [The real W. B. Yeats poem Easter 1916]

  10. Freespirit, back when the Tea Party started we frequently noted that much of the agenda was very reasonable and should be backed by the left, if they really cared about the issues. The Tea Party was pro-Medicare and pro-Social Security and for this the left mocked them. Instead of mockery the left should have embraced the Tea Party but tribal politics of the Obama Party demanded the Tea Party be castigated and ridiculed.

    What was done to Hillary in 2008 is being attempted against Donald Trump in 2016. Trump knows better than Hillary how to use Big Media because Trump spent his entire life in the New York tabloid spotlight. Also, Trump’s money gives him a degree of independence. Hillary is hampered because the Democratic Party will not tolerate any divergence of opinion.

    Where this realignment we have been writing about, that now everyone is writing about, gets interesting is that the vast consensus in the country and the vast points where “a deal can be made” might finally come to pass.

    The social issues which have been so divisive such as gay rights and the rights of women are pretty much a done deal. On both a religious liberty exemption can be made which reasonable people can agree on. Eventually the religious liberty exemptions will either fade away from lack of exercise or their value will be confirmed.

    On the issues of security we should all be agreed we don’t want crime to fester nor terrorism to weaken our resolve. This morning we heard from various Democrats that they erred on the border security issue and now understand why Trump has been so successful with this issue.

    On economic issues we can all agree that the poor cannot be discarded, that the industrial/technological revolutions of recent vintage have hurt the middle and lower classes and greatly profited the upper classes of income. As we wrote at the time, we opposed the absolute unfairness of bailing out companies and individuals in 2008/2009 who bought houses and stocks which they could not afford or which were at best a gamble. To us it was a question of fairness – we should not reward those who are reckless and punish (such as with government policy of low interest rates) those who are prudent in the management of their financial affairs.

    There are many, if not most, points of agreement among the electorate and the devil is not so much in the details as in the details of the interest groups that want to protect what. We can all agree we want a vigorous national defense and a well equipped military. But we can also agree that when the military is used as a government jobs program or a system of largesse to political and economic interests first and foremost and not the national defense then that spending should be not only cut but permanently obliterated.

    As with the military same with social programs. Programs that exist to provide jobs to cronies should be cut. The proliferation of bureaucracy and administrative personnel which do not increase efficiency but stifle initiative and gobble up resources is another area most Americans can agree in principle to get rid of.

    In short, we usually see that the problems are not really as big as they appear if only there is the will to do what needs to be done. When FDR said “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” he was right. We need a president and a national leadership that says “do what needs to get done in the way it should be done”.

    This is our way of agreeing with you that the leadership of both parties is to blame for the conditions in the country. The people are not the problem.

  11. e’s being welcomed as a hero on the Communist island prison.

    A poster of US President Barack Obama popped up in central Havana Thursday in a revolutionary change to the portraits of Che Guevara and other communist leaders plastered around Cuba.

    Cubans are used to living under the gaze of billboards, paintings and other depictions of Fidel Castro and his comrades in arms Che and Camilo Cienfuegos, as well as 19th-century independence leader Jose Marti.

    But three days before Obama arrives in Havana for the first visit of a serving US president in nine decades, a restaurant entrepreneur has broken the bearded revolutionaries’ monopoly.


  12. Capitulation soon (if Trump wins Arizona and holds Cruz under 50% in Utah):


    Anti-Trump forces contemplate the end

    With Donald Trump marching toward a nomination that few believed he could win, Republicans once bent on defeating him are now reassessing their efforts to stop him.

    Trump’s dazed and demoralized adversaries find themselves at a defining moment: After unloading millions of dollars in attack ads aimed at destroying the real estate mogul, after the party’s 2012 nominee delivered a no-holds barred speech targeting him, and after conservatives far and wide spoke out in unrelenting terms about how he could never be president, he’s more dominant than ever — with another rival vanquished, a massive delegate lead and his two remaining opponents looking increasingly like the next to go.

    While some Republicans insist on standing firm against the businessman, more and more are contending that it’s time to reach a point of acceptance — and that a drawn-out primary or convention battle could be worse.

    “I’m soul-searching right now,” said Penny Nance, president and CEO of Concerned Women for America, who last year explored the possibility of launching an anti-Trump campaign. “There’s still a pathway to defeating him, but it’s getting harder to see that.”

    “We’re at a turning point,” conceded Randy Kendrick, wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick and a major contributor to the stop-Trump effort. “It’s a fork in the road — a political fork.”

    The talks about how to deal with Trump’s ascendance took on fresh urgency on Thursday. Some were intent on keeping up the fight. [snip]

    “The consensus was that we need a unity ticket of some sort, and we’ll let the candidates work out who the unity ticket is,” Hillyer told POLITICO, floating the possibility of an alliance between Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

    Others, however, appeared more resigned. At a posh resort in Palm Beach, Fla. — just minutes from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate — many of the Republican Party’s biggest donors discussed whether to continue shelling out millions on an anti-Trump offensive that so far has done little, if anything, to halt his rise. Many of those gathered, including New York hedge-fund manager Paul Singer and members of the Chicago Cubs-owning Ricketts family, have been the primary funders of Our Principles, a super PAC that spent heavily to defeat Trump, plastering Florida and other states with TV ads that portrayed him as a heartless businessman. Several of the donors reiterated their hope that Cruz or Kasich could still somehow win, sources familiar with the gathering told POLITICO. But others indicated they would be open to supporting Trump in the general election.

    Some in the anti-Trump movement now concede that the push to defeat him hasn’t worked — and may be backfiring. In the final days leading up to the critical Florida primary, outside groups devoted to defeating Trump, including Our Principles PAC, spent more than $10 million against him only to see him notch a double-digit win and knock native son Marco Rubio out of the race. [snip]

    “You’re going to push the big red button and blow up the party, at least in the short term,” said Ned Ryun, president of American Majority, a conservative group. “It’s asinine, it really is.”

    “If it’s not close, how much stomach do I have for a contested convention?” asked Nance. [snip]

    The confusion in the party’s top ranks has left Republicans divided about whether to keep up the anti-Trump offensive at all, or line up behind him. [snip]

    As long as Trump continues to win, though, some are convinced the opposition to him will start to crack. The mogul is poised for another strong performance on Tuesday, when he’s seen as the favorite in the winner-take-all Arizona primary. He also is expected to rack up a number of delegates in Utah, which votes the same day.

    And even Trump’s famously high unfavorable numbers are turning around: Gallup’s tracking poll of Republicans and leaners shows that his net favorable numbers have surged 14 percentage points in the past two weeks, vaulting him past Cruz.

    “It’s coming together in my opinion and will continue to do so,” said Jonathan Barnett, an influential Republican National Committee member from Arkansas. “Everyone likes a winner.”

  13. Don’t recall seeing that anyone posted the farewell message from John W. Smart. Smart hates Sanders, appears to despise Trump and wrote the best he could on behalf of Hillary. Much of his “defense” sounds like what we observe:


    The only adult in the room is an inept manager of campaigns., her campaign malfeasance is so bad that it is allowing the course of American history to change..for the worse. The lameness of her campaign is shocking. The only word I can think of that speaks to her unwillingness to learn ANYTHING from 2008 is ARROGANCE. And it makes me sad. Profoundly sad. After 08 years to learn and put together a great campaign – She’s blowing her last shot. I no longer care to watch.

    One last prediction: Someone other than Clinton or Sanders will be the nominee.

    I’m done.

    Be happy.

    Right now.

    He wrote that on March 13 of this year.

  14. “It’s coming together in my opinion and will continue to do so,” said Jonathan Barnett, an influential Republican National Committee member from Arkansas. “Everyone likes a winner.”
    Echoing what I stated above, everyone likes a winner…..especially if she/he is the underdog. Americans eat that up.

    The GOP may be starting to realize…”do we want to stop the attacks and end up with something, albeit smaller, or nothing?”

  15. When you come to a fork in the road…take it Kenny…

    Admin 2:13….Brilliant, please get it in the hands of Trump, you must know someone…He uses that as a speech, he will hit it out of the ballpark..

  16. Michael Cohen doesn’t sleep much. As Donald Trump’s right-hand man, there’s no time to do so at the moment. In his own words, as Trump’s Special Counsel and Executive Vice President of the Trump Organisation, he handles “everything” that personally affects the Republican candidate, who is currently the frontrunner for the US presidency.


  17. admin
    March 18, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Capitulation soon (if Trump wins Arizona and holds Cruz under 50% in Utah):

    It is playing out EXACTLY like the internal power and capitulation games of a hostile takeover. I worked in it. TWICE. Really big companies too. Decades ago now. In three months Repubs will be ALL in for Trump or have defected, retired, or whining in a corner. And the Repubs will see a PURGE called a REORGANIZATION (and will have many elements of a merger with the new voter groups brought in by Trump). Deadwood, thieves, phonies, lazy asses and nutters will be gone. Lean, mean, get it done machine. Icahn knows this game very well. Those who leave will be not missed and barely noticed which is now what they fear.

  18. admin

    March 18, 2016 at 2:31 pm


    Do these delusional Anti-Trump people not understand that supporting Cruz is the fastest way for them to lose the national…are they crazy?

    yeah, i know, in their dreams, they are using him as the spoiler for whatever they are trying to concoct thru their machinations

    but should they fall back on Cruz…it is over for them


    by the way what happened to that big Michelle, the journalist story…

    I kept thinking Donald was surrounded by Secret Service men, if anyone knew what happened it should be them

    maybe her 15 minutes is up???

  19. S, IIRC, video was released and showed that she wasn’t pulled down, wasn’t down, there was just a crowd of people moving in two different directions, with multiple people with that same hairstyle that Lew…ski has. She and some co-worker who said he saw he guy violently pull her down both quit because they were upset no one would support them (ie, were busted).

  20. Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam has been wounded and arrested in a dramatic raid in Brussels after four months on the run.
    Another man arrested, Monir Ahmed Alaaj, was also on a wanted list, Belgian prosecutors said.
    Three members of a family accused of harbouring Abdeslam have also been detained.
    French President Francois Hollande said he expected Abdeslam to be extradited to France “as rapidly as possible”.
    The raid in the district of Molenbeek came after Abdeslam’s fingerprints were found in a flat in another Brussels district, which was raided on Tuesday.

  21. Just got home
    Donald is on live in utah
    Just love this guy…whatever you throw at him … he just keeps going

  22. If protesters remain peaceful and do not physically attack others, should they be shut down? But it seems like these protesters although exercising their right to free speech are perhaps doing the opposite of what they intend.

    At Trump’s event tonight, he has questioned whether Romney is a Mormon? Is that questioning Mitt Romney’s religion? Good grief.

  23. SB, there are protests areas outside. The ones who come in want to disrupt, and they always do. It’s a private event and they aren’t welcome, and it’s a federal offense to protest where the secret service is protecting someone.

    In other news, Hillary apparently just said Obamacare should cover illegals. Yeah, let’s collapse the country even faster….

  24. I use to think Don Lemon was somewhat fairto Trump, but he must have a crush on Megyn because he is spending the entire evening defending her from big, bad, Donald.

  25. So if it is illegal to protest where the Secret Service is protecting someone, that would prevent ANY protest of the president speaking anywhere? That would also prevent any protests of, I suppose, any presidential candidate since I’m assuming most of them have SS protection??

    I am getting very weary of Trump’s vile verbal attacks on ANYONE who has said anything little or big against him. He questions other’s religion. Why? It seems a bit hypocritical for Donald to do that doesn’t it? He should not go for the jugular. To me that is not showing strength but almost jumps into the junior high bullying category. Trump absolutely needs to pivot to being more circumspect. I am getting weary of this immature behavior. I am beginning to wonder if Mr. Trump cannot get beyond this, can I trust him to be presidential and a leader.

    Trump is ahead in the polls and delegates as he reminds us at every speech. All candidates are attacked and no one has ever been more viciously attacked than the Clinton’s over the years. So why does Trump feel like he has to get down in the dirt and mean about anything not favorably said about him?

  26. Southern,
    We know you dont like Trump…clearly.
    Its not ok to disrupt a person at an event you have paid for.
    Its ok for him to tell his security to get them out of there.
    They have every right to protest peacefully outside.

  27. SB – Romney is Mormon and has endorsed both of Trump’s running mates (one in one state, one in another). Trump was in Utah in front of an audience that is supporting him (Trump) with a high percentage of Mormons. He knows his Mormon supporters don’t like Romney, particularly for endorsing the other candidates. So when speaking to them, he joked, is that guy even Mormon? (ie, *you* Mormons like me, what’s *his* deal?) Does every Mormon like Trump? I’m sure not. But I think he knew his audience, and made a joke he knew would go over well. I don’t personally think it’s a big deal, but I understand that it disturbs you.


    I don’t see the connection between this and his reaction to criticism that you seem to be implying. It seems to me to be a joke that took 10 seconds – not any earth shattering event. Like Hillary in 2008, Trump is facing barbs (many of which are lies) from the media and both parties. He has also been running against 16 (quite a large number) other candidates who were attacking him. Now the party elite are pulling out old candidates to attack him. Hillary got blindsided at the RBC meeting (AFAIK), but this time around the elite are quite open about their working to overturn the will of the people. The guy wants to win, so he’s fighting back. I also think part of his method of “fighting back” is a warning to back off the lies, and I think it has worked pretty effectively.

    I agree he has a bit of a glass jaw. But I agree with (most) of what he wants to do, and I think he will follow through. And have seen his “presidential side” many times. You know, I have always heard that Hillary has a sailor’s mouth, and can be very rude to staff. These aren’t things she shows the public. I think Trump just shows who he is, it’s not that he has some fatal flaw and other candidates who hide part of themselves are angels. I actually find it refreshing to see a candidate’s different side, instead of a poll-tested, politically correct “self”.

    For me, it boils down to issues and motivation to tackle those issues. Nobody owns him, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity for voters. So, I’m voting for the person I think will do things I agree with, actually get them done. I’ve voted plenty of times for people who were smooth and politically correct, but were owned and didn’t follow through on what they campaigned for – to put it bluntly, they lied when they were campaigning. Anyway, I think I understand your concern, but for me, you’re talking about just one part of him, and it’s way down the priority list for me.

    (I don’t think he is going to start a war with his words or his reactions to others’ words, and certainly not a nuclear war.)

  28. gonzo – but today they couldn’t even do that (protest peacefully outside) – they were charging the front doors en masse trying to get in. The police had to forcibly back them off, they had those big glass shields (riot gear?). At the end of the event, they said on the speaker inside that attendees had to exit out the side exit, so they could avoid the punks out front. There were several thousand supporters who were out there in front, too, listening to the event over loudspeakers, so good thing the police were prepared for the fascists.

  29. For the SW votes, Cruz holds presser Friday just feet from the border at Douglas AZ.

    Cruz to Obama: ‘Move White House to border, see how security is’
    “The immigration hawk” called out member of the press for trespassing over the border fence for the sake of a better picture.

    Will Ted help Donald build a wall? Or just enforce immigration tools we have.

  30. lorac
    In other news, Hillary apparently just said Obamacare should cover illegals.

    If true, she would force law abiding citizens to fund illegal behavior while destroying their own ability to obtain affordable health insurance. She will never become POTUS.

  31. Southern Born
    March 18, 2016 at 11:17 pm
    Keep one thing in mind as you think about this thing”

    These are not legitimate protesters exercising their first amendment rights.

    This is a mercenary army paid for by Soros.

    Their goal is to not to inform but to disrupt and to provoke violence.

    And it will degenerate into exactly that in the months ahead.

    When a candidate who proposes to reduce foreign wars, reclaim our sovereignty and bring back jobs, provokes this kind of cannon fire from those who are fucking the American People and killing the middle class, it becomes obvious that this whole protest movement is not organic but astrofturfed.

  32. The question is, will the little people fall for it. The little people, or Lillipetuians if you prefer are those who are still in love with Obama, and sit there like wide eyed children taking in and believing everything big media tells them, never suspecting that they are being bamboozled, manipulated and had.

  33. It may well be that the juxtaposition of Donald against the barbarians at the gate, namely the left wing vermin protesters, may cause the public to realize what the choices are and that anyone other than Donald who fails condemn these protesters cannot be counted upon to protect the country from their kind. The alternatives to Donald, are, therefor a false choice. They are simply the agents of the status quo which is completely corrupt, and a governmental system which is not kleptocracy, not a democracy. The choice is, therefore, that stark.

  34. Admin, I was surprised to see that John Smart tossed it in. I have enjoyed reading his blog over the years and much of the time have agreed with him. I don’t quite agree that the problems within Hillary’s campaign have derived from arrogance – at least not on her part. However, if she is innocently being led a deadly spot under the chicken-shit encrusted wheels of Obama’s vile, corrupt bus, does it follow that the problem is not arrogance, but ignorance?

    In either case, if Hillary is being played for a fool by O and the Dims – is that not an indicator that something (or someone) is rotten in her inner circle? Of course we know to be suspicious of those in her campaign who fought against her and for O in 2008. Surely she does, as well. But, something deeper seems amiss does it not?

  35. wbboei
    March 19, 2016 at 9:21 am

    Talk about being bamboozled, manipulated and had, I’m afraid that’s me. Over the past 15 years I have voted Gore, Kerry, McCain and Romney. How disgusting can you get? I am totally embarrassed.

  36. Clearly Hillary isn’t” as smart as we thought.

    Quite frankly, if she was blind sided in 2008 at the RBC, she isn’t Very smart at all, the Fix had been in a long time by then…we all knew it, including Harriet..remember her?

    I think it ended up being the day she made her deal with obama.

    In the endThat wasn’t smart at all!

    Donald wont sell out…he will fighg the bastards…

  37. Does anybody have any doubt that Hillary’s positions on the issues require that the legitimate working class of America commit suicide? That we should be more loving and kind as we die? They have tried to frame this as a “white” issue, but people of color are mostly doing worse. WTF? Hillary has gone full throttle NWO idiot.

  38. “Are you sure he’s (Romney) a Mormon?”

    Excellent question, Donald.

    I think Willard is a Rat, first and foremost.

    After that Mitt is a Twit.

    Mormon, who knows and who cares but the Mormons?

  39. The United States and the rest of the world have reached the point that we cannot go on the way we are going. I think we all sense that. But we also know that all of us are like the proverbial blind men feeling the elephant.

    The world of the twenty first century is unfolding before our eyes. If things continue moving in the direction we are seeing now, artificial intelligence and robots will run most of the world thus eliminating the need for labor, thus eliminating the need for excess people or useless eaters as Soros once described them. We will see all power centralized in a world run by a global elite and a bureaucractic race of mandarins all with Harvard degrees.

    I was born and raised in Seattle. I am seeing this city transformed into a paragidgm of what I am talking about. Amazon is the latest example. My partner and I saw a consulting opportunity with that company based on our unique qualifications. The door to us was shut. Partly, it was our age. But even more so, it was and is the fact that internet based companies like this, or Microsoft or Google, which are here, are in every respect a statum im statum–a state within a state. I met with an associate who was Forbes Magazine CEO of the year many years ago, and a mover and shaker in this town. Could he provide an entre? He told me those people do not interact with the local community the way traditional companies do. In fact, they do not interact at all. So there they are a foreign country of sorts, in our midst, clogging up our streets, bidding up the cost of housing to an average rent of $2370 per month, and causing new housing projects for them to spring up like toadstools following a warm summer rain. The rap on them is many of their people are dead from the neck down. The reality of their existence is living in a sweatshop, working well in excess of 60 hours per week, a cutthroat environment where colleagues steal ideas to get ahead. How similar to Wall Street. It is the jungle of the 21st information driven economy. The end result? People of modest means are being pushed out of this city. People who work here must live 40-100 miles away and spend their life commuting in congested freeway. A city government which give new meaning to the world disfuctional. This revolution has produced what? Eight high tech billionaires, and thousands of immigrants to Seattle between the ages of 22-34 making in excess of $350,000–and everyone else. But for these companies, the worst of it is that for every job they created here, they create 5-10 overseas.

    Now that is the world of one future, which Donald Trump is resisting. A world of masters and slaves. Suppose, for example, that everything gets automated. What are we, or more precisely the elites to so with all these useless eaters? Think about that.

  40. Finally a decent comment to Donalds Kelly tweets… by Glenn Beck of all people…


    An open letter to Donald Trump.
    I read your string of really sad and sick tweets against Megyn Kelly. First let me say this: Leave Megyn Kelly ALONE.
    She is brilliant, honest and brave.
    I can only imagine the amount of security this mother of three now needs because Donald Trump has gone over the edge with some revenge drama just because she asked a fair question almost half a year ago!
    Should a presidential candidate be so thin skinned that he must belittle, abuse and threaten women?
    Will we really vote for you? A man who abuses anyone who doesn’t kiss his ring?
    I know I will not.
    Donald, she is a journalist. This is what they do.
    You don’t like her questions? Fine.
    Grow up.
    Many of us have problems with the press. I have been asked questions much worse than what you were asked. For years.
    The people know bias, and I am afraid in your case, eventually, the people recognize sickness.
    Get ahold of yourself and stop preying on the worst in man. A real leader lifts people up, he doesn’t tear them down.
    I know what I will get from you and your supporters because I dare speak out against you.
    I know that your followers will write vile and hateful lies about me for this post. They will claim, I am a sellout or I have a vendetta against you. Read the posts below and see if they don’t belittle and deflect.
    So be it.
    I will gladly take a stand against bullies and men who abuse women. I will happily stand in line to protect anyone from abuse.
    I have done it before. And the abuser and enabler said that the entire family was wrong and that we had a vendetta. It is what always happens in cases of domestic abuse.
    It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I stood up in my own family. And someone needs to do it now.
    You see, Don, I know who you are because I have seen your type before.
    Verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. But men like those who abused the women in my family were smarter, like you, than the man who used to beat my mother.
    Words, most think, don’t leave marks.
    But maybe you don’t care, because you deliver your beatings in broad daylight and in full view, daring us to stop you.
    We don’t because our country is sick.
    We, as a nation, have battered spouse syndrome. We no longer know who we really are, many have given up and a few are about to light the bed on fire.
    We have been told that we are no good, hateful, bigots, worthless and powerless by more subtle abusers before you.
    Those in Washington and in the media have been verbally and sometimes physically abusing the American people for years. Mostly to cover the trail of who they have been sleeping with while lying to us.
    We are weak, but those of us who see it must begin to stand and offer help and healing for the abused and abusers.
    “America, you are better than this”, is what she needs to hear. But as always, the abused always breaks it off with an abuser only to find a bigger abuser. It is their comfort zone.
    You, Mr Trump, know this. It is why you chose this time and this party.
    You also know that some of us are on to you. It is why you poison the enablers against us and isolate the victims.
    I am not a doctor. But I am a survivor and I would bet a specialist in domestic violence would agree that the pattern is here.
    Your rage is terrifying to some.
    You should know:
    —you don’t frighten me and my guess is you don’t frighten Megyn.
    We know what a little man you are. Women are more than a “tight piece of @ss!” As you have called them.
    Megyn is a mom, wife, and someone’s daughter. And if I may, the Bible that you so cherish also explains that she is a daughter of God.
    Are we as a people not going to stand up for women being abused? I am not sure, but I want you to know, Mr Trump, that I will stand against abuse and my guess is millions of survivors will as well.
    Mr. Trump, what would you do if someone obsessively stalked your daughter on Twitter for months after a minor disagreement as you have had with Megyn?
    Wouldn’t you question the man’s mental health and advise your daughter to get a gun and a restraining order if that very powerful man stalked, reached out to her boss to get her fired, tried to turn her work friends in to enemies and then turned his friends into stalkers as well?
    What would you tell one of your beautiful daughters about that man?
    Would laugh it off? Tell her she was wrong for doing her job?
    Would you tell her he was qualified for the position of the highest honor and trust?
    Your followers will say “she deserved it” or words of that meaning.
    But, if Ivanka were Megyn, would you tell them to stop their defense of the stalker and harassment of Ivanka.
    Of course you would as many say you are a good father.
    I know that any man with as much success and power as you have, to spend any of his limited and valuable time, tweeting all night and day after day for months, like a 14 year old boy, means, to me,
    that someone must have hurt you badly in your past.
    I have been there Donald. I know.
    No one will say it, and you certainly won’t admit it, but my guess is, you were deeply hurt or abused when you were young.
    It explains your entire act.
    It is as if you stopped maturing in the 8th grade. You are a 14 year old boy trapped in a 70 year old body.
    I don’t know what your pain is. But it is okay Donald. No one can hurt you anymore and you need to see that in your effort of trying not to be hurt you have become the abuser.
    What frightens me, is what America is teaching you. By excusing your behavior, we are only making you more bold and once you “marry the nation” I fear what you will become.
    We have become enablers.
    If this is the behavior when we are “dating”, what will you do once you have the ring?
    I know you love Putin.
    You have said you want to open up the First Amendment to curb the speech of the press you don’t like.
    You bully, harass, and teach your followers to do the same.
    But at least, unlike your idol in the east, Putin, you haven’t shot any reporters in the elevator.
    I will protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, and to me, there is now a new meaning of domestic abuse.

  41. There is an answer to this problem, but it takes political will. Assuming you could clean out the corruption which exists in Washington, you would still be left with a big problem. The world marches to the incessant drum of progress, efficiency and low cost.

    The counter example of this is what occurred in Alaska when it became a state in 1959. They outlawed what was the most efficient way of catching salmon, which was with fish traps. The trap would be placed at the mouth of a salmon producing river. When the fish returned to that river to go upstream and spawn, they would swim into the trap, and would remain alive–and fresh until a cannery tender came out to recover them and bring them back to the cannery. The labor requirement was minimal. A guard with a shotgun, to ward off trap robbers, who were not immune from bribery. Therefore, this was efficient.

    The alternative way to catch fish at that time was to send out fishing boats–gilletters in Bristol Bay, and purse seiners in other areas. It required more manpower, vessels, nets, insurance, provisions, gas (or diesel), and the fish were brought aboard, were thrown in a hold with or without ice, and then transferred to a tender which bought them back to the cannery, so the fishing vessels could remain on the fishing ground while the short season remained open. Lots of 26 hour day, far less efficiency, and an inferior product, because the fish were dead, had to be double handled, etc.

    We had some of the best fish traps in Alaska. Ours were in southeastern, at the mouth of major salmon producing rivers. We had them from 1899 to 1959–which is a damned good run. And the reason we lost them was because we were not an Alaska corporation, and neither were our competitors. We could have overcome that obstacle, perhaps, but the one thing we could not overcome was the fact that the less efficient method of fishing provided employment to the citizens of Alaska, and a whole economy grew up around that less efficient process, which produced an inferior product for the reasons stated. Although that decision adversely affected my company, I happen to agree with it, because the blind quest for efficiency and low cost leads inevitably to a race to the bottom and ultimately to the substitution of machines for human labor–which means the end of us.

    Do you think the protester screaming obscenities and menacing people who want to hear Donald speak understand any of this? Or, are they not the paradigmatic example of the mass man, who is starving and protests by burning down a bread factory. And, of course they are aided and abetted all the while by those gentle souls who would rather lose the war than hire Patton, because Patton is not a nice man.

  42. DJT getting coverage today.
    ABC15 Arizona ‏@abc15 · 51m51 minutes ago
    #BREAKING: @realdonaldtrump protestors blocking traffic in Fountain Hills. Watch here: http://on.abc15.com/1n3Nbzi

    Also is a place to watch what’s going on outside his NYC 5th ave Trump Towers.

  43. Tony Stark

    March 19, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    The totalitarian left trying everything to stop people’s right to assembly.

    Well…. get out the popcorn. This is getting interesting. Asshats.

  44. alcina

    March 19, 2016 at 10:24 am

    I voted the same but I do think they were the best choices, given the selection. In hindsight the choices really look pathetic.

  45. I hope the people caucusing in Utah are paying attention to what’s happening in Arizona. Tuesday should send another message to the tone-deaf leftist goons as to whether their tactics are working at all.

  46. She (Megan Kelley) is brilliant, honest and brave.
    Unless you are prepared to grant her similar dispensation when she lays into Hillary, you may want to consider the alternative possibility that she is simply a tool of the establishment, and a slave to her hyper inflated ego. The following description fits her like a glove:

    “The effect of power and publicity on all men is the aggravation of self, a kind of tumor that ends up killing the victims sympathies, like a passion for drink or perverted tastes. One can scarcely use expressions too strong to describe the violence of egotism it stimulates.” –Henry Adams, historian, son of John Quincy Adams, Grandson of John Adams.

  47. Correct as usual wbboei..before the Trump/Kelly feud, she was spending virtually every show on Hillary’s emails and still does bring that and Benghazi up daily. She is not a journalist in any sense of the word.


    Wbboei, I am no fan of Gawker (or Hulk Hogan), but I thought that jury decision was contrary to the First Amendment. I will be interested to see what happens on appeal

  48. New research in neuro science confirms what Henry Adams said. I mention it here because it explains the behavior of people like Zuckerberg, and Gates–and highlights the dangers of the status quo which is allowing people like this to manipulate and control our nation.
    The Powerful Think They Are The Only Ones On The Highway

    In a recent experiment in neuroscience conducted at NYU, subject with high power and low power were asked to draw an E on their foreheads. Those with high power drew the E backwards pointing inward toward themselves, whereas those with low power drew the E facing outward to the world. The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the fact that individuals with high power are less likely to activate the pre frontal cortex which activates the neutral circuity that pays attention to others–according to other research conducted at UCLA. Further research shows that the powerful display less neurological mirroring of other people or awareness of others around them. In the animal world as well, the predator has a much narrower field of vision.” –Friend and Foe, Professors Galinsky and Schweizer, Crown Books, 2015 at pages 52-3.

    This is why I have maintained, that unless the catastrophic consequences of Zuckerberg’s excesses on illegal immigration are brought dramatically into his narrow field of vision, through a forced march of illegals into his compound, he will never realize what a terrible young person he is, or see his folly.

    (Note: I had a friend and client now deceased who was part of that generation who followed the path of Werner Von Bran and Edward Teller. His crowning achievement was the invention of the triggering device on the hydrogen bomb. Years later he came to deeply regret the work he had once performed with great pride. Like Oppenheimer when he looked through the looking glass darkly he saw two scopions in a bottle. Now of course, there are many more scorpions, including Iran and North Korea.)

  49. In case I was not clear, the sober second judgement of my friend about himself and what he once held dear, was meant to illustrate the dual risks posed by the elites in the high tech field: i) the blind pursuit of technology and ii) the narrow field of vision, which misses that which is ultimately important. Until I read this book, my tendency was to dismiss them as sociopaths. Now I understand the neurological basis for this phenomenon, therefore, it is not entirely a question of character.

  50. Woman4Power,

    MeeeeeAgain Kelly is a political shill and does not qualify as a journalist. She promotes propaganda to suite Rupert Murdoch’s personal agenda. The first question she asked at the first debate with Trump, should tell you that she is devoid of professionalism and exploits her femininity.

  51. This morning we heard from various Democrats that they erred on the border security issue and now understand why Trump has been so successful with this issue.
    No. They did not err. That would be a misdemeanor.

    They betrayed the people they promised to serve. That is a major felony.

    If they erred on anything, these self serving public servants, they failed to anticipate the public reaction to the policies they took blood money to support.

    If the erred on anything, they firmly believed that if they boiled the frog slowly, and distracted the public with side issues like racism etc. no one would notice their crime.

    Trump, the whistle blower, turn the light on their nefarious practices, and only now do they scatter like the filthy cockroaches they truly are.

    They have been running Bad Man’s Bluff. And now that they have been caught what do they say? “This whole thing has sure been a lesson to me.”


  52. They (the dims for whom wisdom has come late) betrayed the people they TOOK AN OATH to serve.

    In other words, they did not simply promise, they took a hand on the Bible oath. That is different.

  53. Actually LuPuma..that was a well planned hit ..the first question to him attacking him as some kind of woman hating misanthrope. That would be akin to asking HIllary as an initial question about Bill’s serial adultery, etc..a loaded question irrelevant to policy, but salacious and a classic “gotcha” question. When I hear Don Lemmon say it was a legitimate question, I have to laugh because it was 100% attempt by Kelly to gain attention to herself and make trump look bad. A question like “Mr. trump, you have made disparaging remarks regarding woman in the past which many felt were crude, can you respond to that”” would have been fine.

  54. Interesting
    Donald J. Trump receives endorsement from four-star General Robert Charles Oak. Read more on his Facebook page here:

    General Oaks is also a Mormon
    Robert Charles Oaks (born February 14, 1936) is a retired U.S. Air Force general who served as commander of Air Training Command and United States Air Forces in Europe. Oaks was also a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 2000 to 2009. He is a first cousin to LDS Church apostle Dallin H. Oaks.[1]

  55. History has a way of placing awesome responsibility in the hands of unlikely men. In Lincoln, a former rail splitter with a genius for politics. In Grant, a former clerk with a genius for war. And in Trump, a member of the elite establishment, who is willing to blow the whistle on the establishment for what it is doing to destroy our nation, and to teach the nation to see things as they really are, if they would only listen, wake up and smell the coffee.

  56. a friend of mine who is my neighbor/friend’s sister lives in Arizona…she went to the taping of the Sean Hannity show this am that is set for Sean’s one hour with trump on Monday night…

    evidently they got caught up in the blocked traffic if i am getting the info correctly

    she has sent a couple of photos and copy of the ticket…and will later forward us many more photos and videos…sounds like it was really interesting

    I am looking at a copy of the ticket now and they had to go to the phoenix convention center this morning from 9 am – 10 am mst

    the one photo i have seen so far has Donald sitting with Sean in front of a big red flag with people in the audience sitting right there with them, looks very intimate

  57. 42 U.S.C. 1985(3) provides private right of action against anyone standing along highways who conspire to deprive any individual of exercising their right to advocate for a candidate for political office. It does a lot of other things too – initially enacted, as I understand it – to combat KKK goons. A large class action against all these SOROS funded front groups should be brought and then once either Trump or Cruz gets in, prosecute them all under RICO.

  58. Wanted to add – just think how far things have gone where we don’t even consider the possibility that an Obama administration would enforce our laws.

  59. @Southerborn. You wrote: “He questions other’s religion. Why?”

    Are you sure you’re Southern Born? You don’t act like the rest of us.

  60. Apollo,

    There are still some die hard Hillary followers that are over the edge about Trump and.sound at times like obots.

  61. Apollos5600
    March 19, 2016 at 8:21 pm
    @Southerborn. You wrote: “He questions other’s religion. Why?”

    Are you sure you’re Southern Born? You don’t act like the rest of us.

    She’s like some of us. The few of us left who refuse to worship Trump as if he were the messiah the dope-head kids thought Obama was back in 2008.

  62. Not, even close free…

    You certainly are short changing many who post here and see him an an imperfect messenger.

    But the messenger none the less!

    Hillary sold ALL of us, out, some still worship her, which to those seeking the messenger, feels like people who can’t see the dysfunctional relationship they are In with her.

  63. The few of us left who refuse to worship Trump as if he were the messiah the dope-head kids thought Obama was back in 2008.
    Thank you for the clarification. Frankly, I did not realize that among his other vast accomplishments, the big media beloved messiah, that darling of the political class, that savior of the world, that double bogey golf bum, in his spare time built a multi billion dollar real estate empire and broke into the Manhattan market against the toughest sharks in the world. I guess I got lost in all the Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Franklin Marshall Davis, typical white person, guns and small towns, beer summit stuff to realize all the tangible things the big media beloved messiah had accomplished. So when he told people you did not build what the built, what he meant was he built it himself in the sunken cathedral of his mind, while stepping deftly over all the red lines I drew against claim jumpers, taking orders from Soros and bleeding the middle class dry, on my way to the Magnum Mansion in Hawaii, screaming racist every step of way, to the gushing applause of big media and the political class. And here I thought he never ran so much as a Koolaid stand. Yea he is just like Trump alright.

  64. The interviewer refers to himself as a liberal who isn’t supporting Trump. The guy on the right called himself a libertarian who believes in a border. It’s an interesting discussion, IMO, because they’re discussing Trump in a civil, even amiable, manner. They’re trying to look at his campaign style, vs others’, from a kind of objective point of view. For example, they agree that Trump is very bright in his use of language, packing a lot of punch in how he labels someone, or in what he puts in his tweets. They’re basically looking at how Trump gets attention, how he gets his message across. When I think of it that way, I like it.

    But I wish it had been labeled that way, or identified in some way that this is what they’re doing. Because they don’t even touch on what Trump wants to do, on the substance of his message. The discussion almost leaves you with the impression that Trump is winning simply because he is better than the others at manipulating people’s emotions. Perhaps he is better at that, but the substance of his message appeals to people. His “style” may attract them, but they’re sticking around because they agree with what he wants to accomplish.

  65. I don’t know much about this site, if it’s just sensationalism or is on the up and up. But if this guy is right about our problems, and right that Trump knows about the globalists, then I hope he’s also right that Trump is truly the answer.

  66. Oh – I don’t know why the video above is titled that way. There is no “Trump scandal” – the point of the video is that globalists are trying to destroy nationalism, and that Trump knows, and has a plan to fight that.

  67. Alex Jones is generally dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. However, what he is saying in the Trump Scandal video about the globalists and what they are doing, is spot on. The most direct evidence you have of this is the Trans Pacific Partnership.

    The other less direct evidence you have is the tremendous debt that the nations have been driven in to and the behavior of the central banks. The only question is, have they done this with the intent of world dominance or is this a huge failed experiment that they do not want to face the consequences for?

  68. Goodwin’s latest post had some good insights into why Trump is resonating with the working class and why the elite hate him for it.


    Why it’s time for a Trump revolution

    Why it’s time for a Trump revolution
    My friends are worried about me. They insist something is not right and suggest prayer, counseling, even rehab. “Take a break,” they urge. “Get away for a few days and clear your head.”

    They are wise and kind, and it would be foolish to dismiss their concerns. Truth be told, there are moments when I doubt myself. Am I making a huge mistake? Am I losing my mind?

    Perhaps I am. My friends say that’s the only possible explanation for the fact that I might support Donald Trump for president.

    The insanity defense is all that’s left now that the smart set has declared that it’s immoral and indecent to even think about voting for Trump. OK, call me immoral and indecent as well as crazy, because I’m thinking about it.

    It’s been a long road to get here. When Trump’s name first popped up, I joked about moving to Canada. When he launched his campaign, I cursed him, certain he was going to create a circus just when Republicans finally had a strong field of candidates.

    I was intrigued by many of them, starting with Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. Others I admired while believing they wouldn’t get far — Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Ben Carson, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki and Carly Fiorina.

    I like those Republicans even though I’m a registered Democrat, just not that kind of Democrat. I voted for President Obama in 2008, believing he meant it when he said no red states, no blue states, only the United States. The barrier he broke added to his appeal.

    Six months later, I was off the bus. It was already clear Obama had no intention of building a consensus on anything, although few realized he would be such a radical and partisan polarizer. He may love America, but doesn’t seem to like actual Americans. Other than himself, of course.

    With the world on fire thanks to his abdication of global leadership, and with the home front nervous and angry, the 2016 race couldn’t come soon enough. I hoped a Democrat would emerge who realized that Obama had set us on a course that was dangerous and unsustainable, with our ­national debt exceeding $18 trillion.

    Clearly, neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton is that Dem, though I’ll vote for Sanders in the New York primary just to send her a message.

    Following Obama, Clinton’s election would be a calamity. She would be beholden to him, and unable to shift much from his disastrous policies. And who knows what she really believes?

    Besides, if the Clintons are rewarded with the White House again, it would be impossible to demand honesty from any public official in America. She’s thoroughly corrupt and, in the memorable words of the late William Safire, a “congenital liar.” Voting for her is a give up on the future.

    So I’m stuck with Republicans, but my favorites were rejected, with only Kasich surviving by a thread. Frankly, I don’t blame voters. They’ve had it with vanilla men who play nice and quietly lose elections. If the nominee is another Mitt Romney, Clinton would win in a landslide.

    As noted, I do admire Cruz, but he strikes me as more Barry Goldwater than Ronald Reagan. He’s whip smart, but too rigid ideologically and personally joyless. If I were president, I would nominate him for the Supreme Court in hopes he could fill Antonin Scalia’s shoes as the leading constitutionalist.

    Which leaves only Donald J. Trump. He’s weird, erratic and I have no idea what he will say or do next. His nasty put-downs of rivals and journalists, especially Megyn Kelly, diminish him. His policies are as detailed as bumper stickers and his lack of knowledge about complex issues scares me.

    If he weren’t the GOP front-runner, the gaps in his game would make it easy to dismiss him. But dismissing him requires dismissing the concerns of the 7.5 million people who have voted for him. That I can’t do.

    My gut tells me much of the contempt for Trump reflects contempt for his working-class white support. It is one prejudice gentry liberals and gentry conservatives share.

    It is perhaps the last acceptable bigotry, and you can see it expressed on any primetime TV program. The insults don’t all seem good-natured to me. I grew up in central Pennsylvania, surrounded by the kind of people supporting Trump, and I sympathize with their worsening plight.

    For generations, they went all in for the American dream. Their families fought the wars, worked in the factories, taught school, coached Little League and built a middle-class culture. Now they are abandoned and know it.

    Nobody speaks for them. The left speaks for the unions, the poor and the nonwhite, even shedding tears for illegal immigrants and rioters and looters. The GOP speaks for the Chamber of Commerce, big business and Wall Street.

    Donald Trump at a rally in Utah ahead of the state’s caucuses.Photo: Getty Images
    Trump alone is bringing many of these forgotten Americans into the political system, much as Obama did with millennials and black voters. Trump has done it with full-frontal attacks on lopsided trade deals and a broken immigration system. His message is a potent brew of populism and nationalism that reaches across the partisan divide, and the public response is stirring the country.

    In fact, many who despise Trump concede he is right that globalization and the open-border flood of cheap labor, while benefitting many Americans, has hurt many others. But instead of working to fix a broken status quo, many on the left and right echo each other’s venomous attacks against him. One day he is Mussolini, the next he’s Hitler, and he’s routinely accused of hate speech and racism.

    What is his great sin? Breaking the taboo about what ails the middle class? Daring to challenge a power system that only pretends to have the consent of the governed?

    The shame is that others didn’t beat him to it.

    For his chutzpah, tens of millions of dollars are being poured into attack ads against Trump, and the urgent blue-nosed concerns about dark pools of money in politics have vanished. As long as he’s the target, all is fair.

    Often, the avalanche of sludge against Trump looks and sounds like a reactionary confederacy fighting to keep its power and privileges. Naturally, the mainstream ­media is slashing away.

    A Washington Post editorial claims that stopping Trump is the only way to “defend our democracy.” In other words, those troublesome voters are the problem.

    A New York Times columnist raised the prospect of assassination. Sure, it was a joke. Make that joke about Obama or Clinton and see who laughs.

    I would be delighted to support a more conventional candidate who has Trump’s courage and appeal, but we don’t always get to pick our revolutionaries. And make no mistake, Donald Trump is leading a political revolution that is long overdue.

  69. Good Morning all…

    I don’t want to jump the gun or be overly optimistic…and I am certainly no way a number cruncher or as good at it as many others here…

    but for the heck of it, I took a look at the remaining states, how many delegates they have allocated and whether they are winner take all, proportional and open or closed primaries or caucuses

    ok, having said that…as of today it seems to be agreed (not counting Missouri which evidently is still being resolved??)

    that Donald has 678 delegates…

    so I took a look at states I think are most likely to go for Donald

    Arizona 58 delegates
    NY 95 (some say 98)
    PA 71
    RI 19
    W VA 34
    NJ 51
    NM 24
    Conn 28
    CA 172

    if Donald were to win above, he would be at 1230, he needs 1237

    and that still leaves many other states where he could pick up other delegates, although less likely to win the states including, Ind, Neb, Oregon, Washington, Montana, S Dakota

    it is difficult to find current polls on most of these states so working on some assumptions that could be wrong

    but even though the media would not have you believe it…it is really starting to look like Donald is going to win the nomination before the convention

    any thoughts or variations on the theme…or addition?

  70. the other issue I have been thinking about is the whole issue Donald has put on the table regarding “free trade vs fair trade” and all the trade imbalances in the billions that leave the USA on the losing end…

    now his critics will go on and on about Donald starting trade wars and tariffs, etc, etc…

    and then they will say that Americans will have to pay more for the products that they buy so cheaply because of these trade deals…

    but think about it…whether we buy a tv set or washing machine for a cheaper price…we are actually paying…in the long run and big picture…so much more for that “cheap product”

    for example, if we buy say “cheap” tech products or tvs from China, Japan or Korea…
    how much are we really paying for that “cheap product”

    first, we have lost many jobs and sacrificed our own manufacturing base that these countries now own…so we have weakend ourselves at home…

    and we continue to lose companies and jobs which is essentially reducing the USA to a service industry…we can do so much better than that…

    second, we have suffered balance deficits in the BILLIONS WITH these countries

    so when you factor in loss of jobs and American companies, plus BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars in taxpayer money and wealth leaving our country…how much is that TV really costing the taxpayer and our country…

    we manufactured our own products in the past…there is no reason why we cannot do it again…

    Go Donald…keep educating the public and keep exposing the lies they want to brainwash us with…

    …and no, I am not a naive person as in an obot…it is about time we have an informed electorate who has someone championing the big picture, structural problems that are causing our country to fail…

    instead of continuing to sweep everything under the rug and remain in denial…or make matters even worse…

  71. S
    March 20, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    I too am cautiously optimistic.
    Just counting winner take all states of AZ, DEL, MD, PEN, IN(?), CA, NJ puts Trump within 96 delegates. That doesn’t even count NY with a proportional primary which Trump will win big.

    Big media is doing its best to tamp down Trumps outlook.

  72. Yes, “Fair Trade” is what we need. Just had this conversation with the Wife this morning. Things will be more expensive, but its the price we must pay to bring along “the least among us”.

    There are so many unemployed people, generationally unemployed even, in urban centers where there are just no damned jobs. You can’t just say “they need to work – cut off their welfare”. Well, first there has to be some job for them. The only thing unskilled people are capable of doing is assembly line work in manufacturing and low level construction work. These people are incapable of learning how to debug software or write code. Labor intensive things such as construction will increase sharply as will manufactured goods. Robotics have certainly displaced and will continue to displace jobs which will never return, but these people HAVE to be afforded the opportunity to have a job and earn their own way. It’s going to take paying them something along the line of 20+ an hour to make it worth their while.

    Once jobs are returned, they generate all kinds of other jobs. But get ready for an increased cost of goods.

  73. blowme0bama

    March 20, 2016 at 2:53 pm
    Agreed. Freedom in not Free…. and many have given their lives, which are priceless

  74. Romney is a snake…a opportunistic snake in the grass…beyond that I could care less about him ever again…

  75. yes blow…and in addition these Americans have to even compete with the illegals…and probably now refugees…that come in a take what little jobs there are ‘under the table’ and push their wages down even lower

    not to mention the americans that have to train foreigners who are brought in and then take their jobs

    it is sick…and people wonder why Donald Trump is doing so well…


    as far as all of our “stuff” costing more…sometimes more and more competition just brings prices down…why shouldn’t we have China, Japan, Korea and Mexico have to compete…

    it will be worth it…Make America Great Again…

    say No to the naysayers that want things to stay the same because they are either profitting or lack the confidence to believe “we can do it” “made in America”

  76. …and blow…how many versions of an iphone or a tv or stove, washing machine, etc, etc, etc do we need…

    maybe we can all buy wisely and learn to appreciate what we have…and take care of “our stuff”

  77. S

    CA 172

    Maybe all those delegates could come from southern CA?

    Up in northern CA, at least in the big cities, Trump has almost no support.

  78. Southern

    From your link posted above. Another feud between Mittens and Trump, carried out in the public arena. If Trump were President, would he bring endless drama like this towards foreign leaders that disagree with him?

  79. 187 Soroe funded organizations against Trump.
    Love this comment. 😀

    “It is a bewildering array of enemies lined up against our man Trump. Now we know how Leonidas and the 300 felt at Thermopylae…

    But, as Chesty Puller famously said, “All right, they’re on our left; they’re on our right; they’re in front of us, and they’re behind us. They can’t get away this time!””

  80. Yes Foxy…I saw that and posted it on FB…I think everyone should make it viral…

    What few friends I have left after supporting Hillary in 2008 and fighting obots and berniethecomm fanatics, can Trump harers.

    Haters gonna hate…

  81. Did you hear Bernie at the border yesterday say that not only does should we welcome the illegals, but he wants to bring back the deported illegals so they can reunite with their families. Do you have any idea what someone must do to be deported south of the border…..multiple felonies…

  82. This is why Trump will win…40% of American jobs are now contract or consulting jobs…no benefits …no security.

  83. regardless of what side anyone is on…I think most of us would agree that California is not going to be so stupid as to vote for Ted Cruz

    no way…maybe some will fall for Mr Happy Face…but Mr T will win the lion’s share

  84. In 2008, obots regularly came on Hillary sites, but Hillary supporters didn’t go to their sites to cause trouble. In the present time, I’m not aware of any former Hillary supporters going to Hillary sites to cause trouble. But _________….. fill in the blank…. It’s not like they think they’re going to change anyone’s mind.

  85. now his critics will go on and on about Donald starting trade wars and tariffs, etc, etc…

    I don’t know a lot about this kind of stuff… but Trump keeps saying how China puts a tariff on everything coming in. That didn’t start a trade war…

    and then they will say that Americans will have to pay more for the products that they buy so cheaply because of these trade deals…

    In one of the debates, Trump said that we would start making things here again, so we will be able to buy things without the added cost of a tariff.

    Besides that, I’m pretty sure he also said it was partly a threat. We’ll put the tariffs on, but if they want to get stuff here to make the money they always make, they’ll take trade more fairly with us, or if a US company, they’ll move back home.

    I think the people who complain about Trump, are reactionary and don’t know how to think through the steps, which Trump does well in formulating his plans.

  86. @Southern Born Mitt Romney is a known pathological liar. He literally lied about everything, sometimes just a week a part. He had campaign surrogates telling donors that he wasn’t serious about the abortion issue just a week after he gave major pro-life speeches. He would tell half truths to your face, lawyerly misrepresentations, or else would outright lie about his past.

    This guy can’t be that religious. You sure you aren’t a yankee transplant?

  87. I live in SoCal. This area is always considered conservative because of the military. The north is considered Nancy Pelosi and SF and that says it all IMO. There’s a lot of coastline in between, and of course, all the rest of CA which is to the east. Not as populated as the huge cities on the coast, but that huge area is always considered conservative. I don’t know who they’ll vote for in the primary (polls suggest Trump), but it won’t be Hillary or Bernie in the general. And as for northern CA, I’m pretty sure any Trump supporters are staying mum until the voting booth. They know they live in political correctness land more than anyone in the country lol

  88. Outris
    March 20, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    tell ‘ya what, Utah. you can have Beck and Cruz all to yourselves. what a bunch of nut cases.

  89. I’ve been perusing around the nets. So Shadow, “Trump loves the riots”? Really? That’s what you think? Or are you playing to the crowd and spreading Trump untruths? Wow.

  90. foxy, I just watched the video of the black cop in Tucson who went to the Trump rally there in his civilian clothes because he wanted to see for himself what Trump talks about. It’s a good video. And it’s too bad more people don’t learn what he did, that you have to go to the source, and not rely on biased media reports – of course, we learned that in 2008 (well, most of us lol).

    He talked about his surprise that all the agitators were the protesters (Hillary and Bernie supporters, oh my), and how obscene they were and he saw mothers covering their little children’s ears, and he mentioned his surprise that the agitators were actually grabbing people’s legs who were trying to go up to the balcony, protesters were wearing the KKK hood, etc. He said how the media never shows that stuff.

    He mentioned how at the beginning of the speech during the warm up speakers, they made an announcement not to touch the protesters, that the police would come to get the protesters and escort them out. (me: they also always say, chant “Trump” so they know where to go.) He noted that the media never talks about that, either. But I’ve heard it myself, when I watch a video of a rally that includes the beginning… the warm up speakers… the dead time in between. Some videos will include the warm up speakers and then you can hear the announcement. But a lot of videos just start when Trump just starts talking. Actually, now that I think of it, the difference may be when you watch them live vs the replay. The replay usually cuts out the beginning stuff.

  91. And it’s weird, why have individual (online) voting *and* a caucus. I find that very weird. What could possibly be the rationale? (I get that it’s hard for people to get to caucuses, but why not just get rid of them, especially since they’re so easily corrupted? PLUS, I read that this is Utah’s first time with a caucus, haven’t verified, but if so, they start online voting *and* a caucus, two new things, at the same time, *and* it makes no sense to have both?)

  92. Chachi! I like what he says when he talks to democrats – basically he’s saying the issues are what is important, not the letter after someone’s name. Parents in both parties, with politics, religion, raise kids to believe what they believe, and people become ideological, if not by their parents, then college (which no longer has free speech or teaches both sides) gets them lol

    He also says, when she asks him how his Hollywood people will treat him now, says “country first”!

  93. The FEC reports through the end of February are due in. The summaries are not all posted yet. But something very interesting is going on with the unitemized contributions. Typically, a campaign runs 10-15% unitemized contributions. That is a function of the maximum contribution, the minimum reportable contribution, the number of contributors under the reporting limit that are reported and the data distribution.

    BO’s campaigns ran around 33% unitemized, even though he reported quite a few contributors under the limit (around 5%). I estimated, that during the 2008 campaign, 28% was funny money. Bernie has been running way up at 60-70% but his most recent report is not posted yet. Hillary is showing $28.6 of $145.4 million or 19.7%, which is a little high. Kasich is showing 17.9% unitemized.

    But it is Cruz who is scary.

    Cruz is showing $27.6 of $66.2 million, 42% of his contributions unitemized. And his last month was similar. WTF?

  94. If Trump were President, would he bring endless drama like this towards foreign leaders that disagree with him?
    JBstonesfan: our friend, Herb Stern, says: in the court room, no experienced attorney objects to evidence that does not hurt him. And, of course, the corollary to that is no experienced attorney fails to object to evidence that does hurt him. Thus, we can infer that when an advocate objects vigorously to evidence presented by the other side, that evidence is harmful to his case.

    By the same token, the fact that the president and former president of Mexico, and the leader of China object vociferously to Trump is circumstantial proof that what he is true, namely, they are cutting a fat hog in their dealings with Washington, and our Harvard trained negotiators do not know shit from shinola—but they sure know their caviar, and their 401k strategy. Trump proposes to level the playing field so we can compete, to bring back jobs from their shores, and to give US companies strong incentives to stop sending all our jobs to low cost venues, through tariffs NOT UNLIKE those which the countries in question impose on our goods. The shrill objections confirm what Donald is saying.

  95. Hi Shadow and Lu4PUMA and others whose names I do not recognize! I have been reading your posts but have tried not to become emotionally involved after 2008. Thank you all for providing so many useful links I would have missed otherwise. The Green Papers website provides a lot of useful information re primary and general election. Re California – does not look as though winner takes all:

    “Tuesday 7 June 2016: All 172 of California’s delegates to the Republican National Convention are pledged to presidential contenders in today’s California Presidential Primary.

    159 district delegates are to be bound to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the 53 congressional districts: each congressional district is assigned 3 National Convention delegates and the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in that district will receive all 3 of that district’s National Convention delegates.
    13 at-large delegates (10 base at-large delegates plus 0 bonus delegates plus 3 RNC delegates) are to be bound to the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in the primary statewide.
    The selection of Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates to the Republican National Convention … shall be chosen by the Presidential candidate who obtained the plurality of Republican votes within each Congressional district, and, for … at large … by the Presidential candidate who obtained the plurality of Republican votes statewide. [Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party As Amended 20 September 2015 Article VI Section 6.01 (A)]”

  96. Apollos5600

    “@Southern Born Mitt Romney is a known pathological liar. He literally lied about everything, sometimes just a week a part. He had campaign surrogates telling donors that he wasn’t serious about the abortion issue just a week after he gave major pro-life speeches. He would tell half truths to your face, lawyerly misrepresentations, or else would outright lie about his past.

    This guy can’t be that religious. You sure you aren’t a yankee transplant?”

    You said Mitt Romney but it would seem your comments above could also apply to Donald Trump, however, I respect your right to support whomever you want. Please respect my right and Shadow’s as well.

    We came to this site many, many years ago in the early days when we all were supporting, working for, and fighting for Hillary Clinton. We were here during the cheating and heartbreak of the 2008 primaries and the horrible convention. We needed this site for comfort and to vent our frustrations of the fraudulent activities of the BO administration. We were here in 2012 and many, many of us voted for Mitt Romney instead of the vile Barack Obama. This site was like a support group for us.

    Then things changed, Hillary seemingly changed (she should have listened to Administrators wise advice back when), and this site changed. I have done some serious reading and listening and presently I just cannot support Trump. You may be right that Mr. Trump is the best thing since sliced bread, however, I’m just not there yet. I fear where we are headed. We shall see what happens, but presently my trust of him is just not there. Perhaps there will come a time in the future when I agree with you but it seems we have been down this road with trusting what politicians said and they governed in a totally different way. “No drama Obama” was anything but. I know since this site has changed, that is not a popular view. But it is MY view.

    As for your mentioning a couple of times that I may not even be southern…I’m not sure what you are implying or trying to say. Although those who have been at this site for years know where I’m from, I’m not sure what difference it would make where I was born and bred.

  97. The Republican establishment is unable to understand why people are backing Trump and not them.

    This is not surprising.

    It is hard for a man to understand what is occurring when his livelihood depends on him not understanding what is happening.

    It is much easier to treat the convention as an Alpine Redoubt, i.e. a fortress planned by Himmler in southern Bavaria which the Nazi government and armed forces could retreat to in the face of advancing allied troops, and from which a counter offensive could be launched.

    The establishment sees the situation in precisely that way, because even if they explode the party, they will still have their Paris. But if he wins, they may be out of a job.

    In effect what they are saying is this:

    1. we reject your proposal to expand the party to democrats and independents

    2. we reject your proposal to win the general election

    3. we reject the will of the people, because we and we alone choose the nominee.

    And we are willing to blow up the party and lose all down ticket elections to prove we are serious.

    In effect, we are willing to destroy the party to save it.

    Because we like our European vacations, our caviar, and fucking the middle class like a house cat.

  98. The site has changed, most, definitely, and most have evolved with it. Country first. Most don’t feel any loyalty to Hillary any longer, she left us in the dust a long time ago.
    Difference of opinion is one thing, but putting crap out there to start fights is another, and that is what a couple of posters seem to want.
    As if their angry so many don’t support this person called Hillary any longer.
    Certainly not the person called Hillary I thought I knew, but more than likely, she was gaming us even then.
    Don’t think I will ever know.

  99. Very true wbboei…in layman’s terms “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”

  100. Gonzotx, there is no fight or starting a fight. We just have different opinions. And just so you know, I am not a Hillary supporter this time around. It makes me sad where this has all gone and I’m not sure we saw it coming…maybe Administrator did. Our difference comes in that I am not a Trump supporter this go around. I’m not a RINO or an establishment supporter either.

    I wish I could trust Donald Trump to do all he says he is going to do and to be what he says he is. But I just can’t right now. Something feels really off to me and not right about him. I hope I’m wrong about Mr. Trump since it looks like he is going to be the nominee.

  101. SB – there is something off about him – he’s not a politician. We’re all used to trusting the people who look so smooth and experienced who are lying through their teeth to us. It’s a brand new thing, trusting someone who puts it all out there, warts and all.

  102. Trump is an imperfect messenger…no doubt
    But if he does 25-50% of what he promises,build the wall, sends back the illegals, cuts the chafe in government, and make manufacturing possible in America again…
    I would say that’s a successful President, because as it stands now all we have are broken promises.

  103. Wow- what a speech! Victor Orban of Hungary. He will be a good ally to Trump. He is aware of powers trying to get rid of nation states by trying to flood Europe with the Muslims, who are a different culture, different religion, and do not agree with the principles of western society (he mentions equality of women and men). This guy sure seems fired up, and people are out in the rain listening to him.

  104. The video above is good, I think. So nice to hear Trump talk without the constant interruptions. Ben Carson was there with his wife, too. Trump was apparently the keynote speaker. After he was done speaking, a guy comes up and tells Carson to come up to the stage. Then the guy stands between them and sings a song, a little bit modified “Stand by me”. He was a good singer, pretty pink tie, and Trump and Carson were sort of dancing next to him as he sang (swaying their bodies and clapping to the beat sometimes).

  105. Written by Trump’s friend, Roger Stone –

    The power brokers short-term game is clear: Stall Trump just short of the magic number of delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot with the knowledge that many delegates bound on the first ballot by Trump primary and caucus victories are ringers who would be unbound on a second ballot. Much in the way the RNC stacked the galleries with anti-Trump partisans in the last two debates, anti-Trump quislings are be planted in various delegations that will be free to betray Trump on procedural matters and subsequent ballots.


  106. @Southern Born You wrote: “You said Mitt Romney but it would seem your comments above could also apply to Donald Trump”

    Bizarre reply. Basically you don’t actually care if Donald Trump questions the religion of a pathological liar like Romney. You just want to whine deceptively then play the victim. You can think what you want, but please don’t say silly things you don’t intend to even defend. “H-h-how dare he question the religion of a pathological liar!? T-t-that’s a step too far for me!” LOL

  107. Still totally weird the more I think about it. So Southern Born makes a big deal out of Trump questioning Romney’s faith (meanwhile Romney is calling him a racist). I point out that Romney’s faith can sure be questioned due to his well known track record of being a pathological liar. So Southern basically replies “Well Trump might be too!” and goes on a long winded reply that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I was challenging her about.

    Totally irrational!

  108. Apollos5600
    March 21, 2016 at 4:53 am
    @Southern Born You wrote: “You said Mitt Romney but it would seem your comments above could also apply to Donald Trump”

    Bizarre reply. Basically you don’t actually care if Donald Trump questions the religion of a pathological liar like Romney. You just want to whine deceptively then play the victim. You can think what you want, but please don’t say silly things you don’t intend to even defend. “H-h-how dare he question the religion of a pathological liar!? T-t-that’s a step too far for me!” LOL

    Apollos, Southern Born, being quite articulate and intelligent, needs no one to defend her or her right to her POV – so I don’t offer a defense. However, I would like to say that your tone is somewhat offensive and over the top. She responded reasonably and respectfully to your comment, and you come back with the above comment -Intended more to insult than enlighten?! Not helpful or appropriate, imo.

    The truth is Trump lies, Mitt lies, Hillary lies, Cruz lies so much his pants are perpetually smoldering. The comment Trump made about Mitt’s religiosity or lack thereof was childish irrelevant. Who gives a damn whether Mitt is a devout Mormon or not?

  109. orac
    March 21, 2016 at 2:10 am
    Written by Trump’s friend, Roger Stone –

    The power brokers short-term game is clear: Stall Trump just short of the magic number of delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot with the knowledge that many delegates bound on the first ballot by Trump primary and caucus victories are ringers who would be unbound on a second ballot. Much in the way the RNC stacked the galleries with anti-Trump partisans in the last two debates, anti-Trump quislings are be planted in various delegations that will be free to betray Trump on procedural matters and subsequent ballots.
    You cannot keep people who are determined to commit suicide from committing suicide. They will always find a way.

    Likewise, the RINO.

    Suppose they stop the candidate the base wants through cheap parliamentary maneuvering.

    Maybe they are prepared to lose the presidential election, and all the down ticket elections as well, because that is what will occur if the base fails to show up to vote.

    But are they prepared to see their party split in the hull below the waterline?

    Are they prepared to deal with the rise of an aggressive third party targeting them?

    And are they ready to accept the political oblivion that will follow which will last for a generation?

    Simply put, the loss of power they are obsessing about now if Trump takes over the party is as nothing compared to what they will lose if they deprive the base of its nominee it has voted for.

    The recent comments by King Weasel Prebius reversing his prior position that they will be no convention fight to the promise of a scorched earth battle by the elites to protect their power and privilege is what lies ahead. But beyond that horizon lies doom for the party if they pursue the latest course.

    This is the paradigmatic case of us vs them. The globalists–which is what the establishment and its RINO sheep truly are vs. the American People. And big media is on the wrong side, as usual.

  110. Apollo,

    I think your statement was spot on. It was thrown out there to incite an argument.
    I know southern stated they were not in support of Hillary, but a few posters here just throw crap out, I believe, out of anger that we’re not on the Hillary, let’s completely destroy America band wagon.
    Anything Trump says is distorted and exaggerated, so pass on by…

  111. Momaer: I do not see the hostile take over scenario where the party accepts the change in control and moves forward in unison. If the conflict were simply between politicians that would be plausible. But here is the donor class that is willing to destroy the village to save it. I was shocked by the above video to hear Vin Webber carry on that way. It is their economic interests which are now imperiled whereas previously it was just the middle class. It is comforting to view this like a hostile take over, but in that case it is like one where the old owners refuse to leave. To me, this whole thing smells more like Armageddon.

  112. I said I was shocked that Vin Webber would call Trump an authoritarian.

    Twenty years ago he seemed like an articulate congressman with a bright future.

    So I took the advice of Casey Stengel and I looked it up–after venturing that erroneous opinion.

    And, to my surprise, I discovered that he is now a Neocon, lobbyist, etc.

    Consequently, he precisely the sort of parasite Trump seeks to delouse from government.

    I hope he chokes on his martini olive.

  113. And the caption in the video should not read former congressman alone–more big media lies. It should read neocon, lobbyist as well, because that is what he is now, and it is where he is coming from.

  114. The more I think about this, the more incensed I become.

    If Haperin, i.e. ABC is going to put forth someone with a pejorative opinion on Trump forward as a witness of what is wrong with Trump, then we need to know alot more about who that witness is, than just a former congressman. And when you get THE REST OF THAT STORY–the part that big media knows but does not tell its audience, you can see the motive behind what he is saying, and can discount his opinion–or not on that basis. I am not talking about laying an evidentiary foundation. I am talking about a reasonable level of disclosure. There can be but one reason, and one reason alone, why ABC withholds that information from its listeners. It is bent on manipulating them. And that is a crime against their profession.

  115. Officer Tatum’s Viral Video has a bit of a transcript now.

    Tucson cop’s video slamming ‘hateful’ anti-Trump protesters goes viral
    By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times – Monday, March 21, 2016
    he said the main problem at the Trump rally was the disruptive protesters “acting a fool.”
    “They’re calling [Mr. Trump] a racist … and the funny thing is, these people are the most hateful, evil people that I have ever seen,” the officer said of the protesters.
    “People were directly yelling at me as if I’m a criminal, and all I’m trying to do is just hear what the man has to say,” he said. “I’m a police officer and I have been through a lot of dramatic situations and I have to be honest, I felt very uncomfortable there.”
    Officer Tatum said that he also gained a newfound respect for Mr. Trump, who he said is being treated unfairly by the press.
    “I was very impressed that he wasn’t a crazy psychopath like some would say,” he said. “I think that if you want to know the truth about stuff, you got to examine it, you got to physically show up. You show up to events and you’ll get a perspective of what’s really going on and you won’t have to listen to what anybody else says.”
    “This was an eye opening experience for me,” Officer Tatum added.
    His video had been viewed more than 740,000 times as of Monday afternoon.

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