#Trump2016 Already Won #SuperTuesday #Primary Day; #Hillary2016 Already Lost

Update: Trump wins in Northern Mariana Islands. Trump wins Florida. Little Marco suspends campaign citing God’s will. Our response Tweet: God didn’t make little green apples nor a @marcorubio victory.

At this hour (8:44 p.m. ET) all polls are closed. Trump schlongs everywhere except Ohio, thus far. GOP establishment headed to mental health facilities in Gotham.


Donald J. Trump has already won today. Hillary Clinton has already lost. Is that our prediction for today’s results? No. Those are simple facts.

Consider the battlefield for both The Donald and for Hillary today and you will see why Trump has already won and Hillary already lost.

Donald Trump might win every state that votes today. Hillary Clinton might win every state that votes today. But whatever the results of today, Donald Trump has already won and Hillary Clinton has already lost. We explain:

In one state that votes today with 66 delegates at stake, Ohio, Donald Trump is up against a very popular governor of his own party. In the last poll of Ohio to measure Kasich’s standing, John Kasich’s approval rating overall was 61% and among Republicans Kasich was at 84% popularity. Kasich won reelection with a 30 point margin and won every county but two. As governor, John Kasich has his formidable political organization, government functionaries, largesse to distribute, a great deal of expertise in how to win elections, a long time connection to the voters, a record of accomplishment the voters generally approve of, national party support, Mitt Romney to campaign with, a complete understanding of every precinct in Ohio and the voters of every district, Big Media support, and just about every advantage a person running for office might want. Yet John Kasich’s campaign operation is reduced to theft and destruction of Donald Trump lawn signs, and we mean the big lawn signs that are drilled into the ground, because few want a Kasich sign on their property.

Think about all that. Donald Trump is tied, possibly ahead or slightly behind in Ohio, against a very popular (84%) governor in the party which holds a primary today. Trump won in southern Michigan counties which border Ohio as well as Kentucky coal county areas near Ohio so Trump might pull a win. Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk and she still might lose in Ohio today.

In Florida, Donald Trump is up against a Florida Senator that once was at Sir Lancelot level popularity and everyone thought would one day be president. Trump first defeated the brother and son of two presidents who was also the former governor of Florida and now in poll after poll Donald J. Trump is poised to win winner take all Florida’s 99 delegates. Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton will likely win Florida too – but Hillary is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk.

In North Carolina with 72 delegates, Donald Trump will likely win. Even though Trump is campaigning in every state while his opponents pick and choose a single or a few states to campaign in, Trump campaigns everywhere. Trump will likely win North Carolina as the billionaire from New York City has won just about every southern state that has voted thus far. Think about that. Trump won South Carolina and Georgia and Alabama, etc. and he is from New York City! Tens of millions of dollars in attacks against Trump, attacks from every corner of the establishment bars and drug dens, and still Trump is ahead just about everywhere. Hillary Clinton will win in North Carolina too but Hillary is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk.

In Illinois, with 69 delegates at stake, Donald Trump will likely win. Trump in Illinois is up against the serpentine Ted Cruz who sides with Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Big Media, and the GOP establishment’s desires for a brokered convention. Donald Trump campaigns in every state but Ted Cruz has abandoned the Ohio fight in the hope that John Kasich wins there. Ted Cruz also abandoned the Florida fight in the hope that Little Marco wins. Ted Cruz campaigns only in Illinois, Missouri, and a little bit in North Carolina, while Trump runs a 50 state strategy. The polls show Trump ahead in the state which hosts attacks against free speech and the right to assembly as Ted Cruz applauds the deprivation of the civil rights of Donald Trump and his supporters. Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk and she still might lose in Illinois today.

In Missouri with 52 delegates, Donald Trump will likely win. Trump in Missouri is again up against the viperous Ted Cruz. Trump fights everywhere and against all the power of the establishment, powerful institutional forces, and Big Media. Ted Cruz collaborates with the GOP establishment and against the Republican voters as Cruz adopts a “steal the nomination at the convention” strategy. Democrats can vote in Missouri which provides Trump an assist. Missouri evangelicals at 36 percent of the state population and a voting history favorable to evangelical GOP primary candidates benefits Cruz. But Trump is also popular with evangelicals. Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk and she still might lose in Missouri today.

Trump might win all tonight or lose some. Hillary might win all tonight or lose some. But Trump already is the big winner. Already Trump has won the Northern Mariana Islands and its 9 delegates. A national poll results in Trump at 53% support for the nomination. George Soros is alarmed and pouring money to defeat Trump.

As we have written previously, the GOP race was won by Trump in South Carolina. From there on it is all a mop up operation. While others mocked Trump we noted that March 15 would be the final nail in the establishment coffin. We also wrote that the Chicago riot will prove a boon for Trump. In the same vein, we noted that the Paris attacks would help Trump. In short we have been right about Trump and the rest of the field from the very beginning and tonight will be pretty much the same. If Trump loses everything we will be shocked. If Trump wins everything or mostly everything, we will be confirmed in our analysis.

As to Hillary2016 and the Dem race, we’ve noted repeatedly that neither Sanders nor Hillary will be the nominee – Barack Obama won’t tolerate a Hillary victory. If Hillary loses anywhere to Sanders today, we will consider that a confirmation that we are correct about the results here too.

Today, there is no need to speculate or analyze. Today is a day to harvest. Something big will happen today. Something big can always happen on the Ides of March. Tomorrow we will analyze the results from tonight’s exercise of American democracy, as the political establishment takes on the people.

Tonight, our usual sarcasm, snark, sneer, and snobbery will take the stage.


384 thoughts on “#Trump2016 Already Won #SuperTuesday #Primary Day; #Hillary2016 Already Lost

  1. President Obama sure didn’t seem to mind the rampant vulgarity and sexism in the ’08 primary when, being directed at his opponent, it benefitted him and egged on his supporters. As I recall he said NOTHING! But now,

    “We have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities, and Americans that don’t look like us or pray like us or vote like we do,” Obama said at the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon.


  2. Since the residents of Ohio love Kasich so much why don’t they say we want him to stay our governor so much and don’t want to lose him, therefore we will vote for Trump. Of course, that would be too logical.

  3. Screw Obama and screw Paul Ryan:


    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Tuesday he was dismayed by “vulgar and divisive rhetoric” directed at women and minorities as well as the violence that has occurred in the 2016 presidential campaign, a swipe at Republican front-runner Donald Trump that also served as a challenge to other political leaders to speak out and set a better example.

    “The longer that we allow the political rhetoric of late to continue and the longer that we tacitly accept it, we create a permission structure that allows the animosity in one corner of our politics to infect our broader society,” Obama said. “And animosity breeds animosity.”

    Without mentioning the GOP candidate by name, Obama used a unity luncheon at the Capitol to express his concern with the nation’s political discourse and the protests that have escalated to attacks at the Trump rallies. The candidate has spoken of barring Muslims from entering the country and deporting immigrants living here illegally.

    Obama pleaded for civility and said political leaders can either condone “this race to the bottom” or reject it.

    “We have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities, and Americans that don’t look like us or pray like us or vote like we do,” Obama said at the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon. [snip]

    Obama received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his remarks.

    Ryan also spoke at the event, as did Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny. Ryan said earlier Tuesday that all candidates have an obligation to do what they can to provide an atmosphere of harmony at campaign events and not incite violence.

    Screw Obama and screw Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan and his establishment creeps attack Trump with a vigor never used against Obama. Ryan should have denounced Obama to his face today for the throw grandma off the cliff ads and other nasty attacks from Obama and his fellow travelers.

  4. Paul Ryan should have denounced nasty Barack Obama for this:


    ‘Grandma’ thrown off cliff by Paul Ryan lookalike in anti-GOP Medicare ad made by The Agenda Project

    A liberal group is taking heat after releasing a political ad this week that shows a man resembling Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) shoving a wheelchair-bound senior citizen off a cliff.

    The piece, made by The Agenda Project, is supposed to depict what Ryan’s Medicare proposal would do to seniors.
    In the ad, set to the tune of “America the Beautiful,” a man in a suit is seen pushing a smiling, elderly woman through the wilderness.

    “In 1965, Americans made Medicare into law,” the ad says, noting that Medicare provides health insurance for 46 million Americans — more than half of whom live on less than $28,000 a year.

    “Now, Republicans want to privatize Medicare,” it adds, as the man wheels the woman past a sign and up a hill that reads “Do not go beyond this barricade.” He then dumps the frightened woman over the cliff.

    House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) touts his plan on April 5. (Applewhite/AP)

    The closing message: “Is America beautiful without Medicare? Ask Paul Ryan and his friends in Congress.”

    Screw Paul Ryan for not calling out Obama to his face.

    Screw Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney for not attacking Obama with the same vigor they attack Trump.

  5. Shadow, with all due respect, I think you’re missing the point – Hillary supporters were the ones accusing Trump of not talking about details, that they can’t vote for someone who doesn’t give details. People responded that Hillary doesn’t give details. No Hillary supporter stepped forward to show that Hillary gives details. If someone is asserting that their candidate gives details and the other doesn’t, maybe they should stand behind their words and prove it. Otherwise it’s just hypocritical. Or they’re saying that they won’t be voting for ANY one….

  6. Sing it Abbie! Scumbag Obama trashed Hillary in 2008. Scumbag Paul Ryan says nothing to remind Obama of what Obama did in 2008 or even 2012. Screw scumbag Paul Ryan and scumbag Barack Obama.

  7. Lorac, I am not feeling the debate right now. I have to watch Hillary kick Bernie’s wrinkled a$$.

  8. And they’re nuts with the sexism charge. It’s all because he talked back to Megyn Kelly at a debate (and his later words about blood were twisted), and insulted someone else (Rosie O’Donnell?). Of course, 99% of his insults have been about men, but let’s ignore that, apparently any attack on a woman is sexism.

    In the old days, women could either be mother figures (pure, kind women who knew their place) or whores (any woman who didn’t fit that first mold). I seem to recall we fought to get off that limiting pedestal and limiting 2 extremes of choices for freedom and equality. Wouldn’t that include equal treatment by people who speak their mind….? I guess not, I guess it’s sexism…. /s

  9. Let us never forget the rabid Obama misogyny of the 2008 campaign. Or Obama telling his supporters to bring a knife if “they” brought a gun. Let us not forget the deaths of Bill Gwatney or Stephanie Tubbs Jones. May the pervasive stench of his corrupt incompetent rule soon be gone from the land.

  10. Admin,

    Something odd with the site today. Unless I actually log in, I cannot see more than the first few comments, even after multiple refreshes. Once I log in, its all good and I see ALL comments and they update when I refresh the page. Not too concerned for me, but your many readers may be having similar issues

  11. Realistically the fight for the Republican nomination is likely to end tomorrow. I think Trump will wrap it up (and, should he not, I will be happy to accept the derision and jeers of Marge and Deapster, who are on hiatus). Here is why I think this is likely.

    The main issue in both Republican and Democrat campaigns is the weak state of the US economy and the stagnant wages of American workers. On one side we have Hillary (despite her latest backflips to disavow her support for TPP and NAFTA), Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.

    Boys and girls, that dog don’t hunt. Free trade is a classic shibboleth, especially for the Republicans, who have always espoused “free trade” as the key to economic growth. And it is now a discredited shibboleth. The flood of jobs from the United States–such as Nabisco, Ford and Carrier–and the accompanying devastation of former jewels in the US economy–Detroit and Flint to name two–has sparked an uprising.

    The foolish intervention of the United States in foreign countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria, also has angered most Americans, who are sick of such entanglements and the toll in blood and treasure that is being paid by largely working people. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders understand this point and speak out against it. The bad news for Bernie is that most Americans refuse to support a communist dressed up as a Socialist. They want America to be Great Again. They do not want a policy of bankruptcy and freebies, which is the Sanders program.

    Let’s take a look at the numbers comparing the primary season of 2008 to 2016 and what the general election results of 2008 may portend for this year.

    Here are the results for the first 18 contests:

    Republican 2008 Republican 2016 Democrat 2008 Democrat 2016
    Alabama 552,155 837,600 536,626 386,056
    Arkansas 216,550 387,139 296,821 205,052
    Georgia 963,541 1,273,475 1,060,851 749,714
    Massachusetts 499,018 590,976 1,255,644 1,154,569
    Minnesota 62,828 111,492 214,066 180,598
    Oklahoma 335,054 452,731 417,207 313,392
    Tennessee 553,815 834,894 624,764 365,637
    Texas 1,384,663 2,538,986 2,868,454 1,301,262
    Vermont 39,490 57,147 154,653 130,133
    Virginia 489,252 1,013,425 986,203 779,946
    Iowa 119,200 186,874 239,872 171,109
    New Hampshire 238,979 284,120 287,542 250,983
    South Carolina 431,196 737,917 532,227 369,240
    Nevada Caucus 44,315 75,216 10,649 12,002
    Louisiana 161,170 268,741 384,346 258,753
    Kansas 19,516 73,116 36,731 39,043
    Michigan 869,169 1,319,188 601,219 1,188,815
    Mississippi 143,286 403,944 434,110 218,566
    TOTAL 7,123,197 11,446,981 10,941,985 8,074,870

    This is a repeat, but it is to serve as a reminder that so far, thru these contests, the Republicans have turned out almost 4.5 million more voters than they did in 2008 while the Democrats are down almost 3 million. That is a huge swing.

    Let’s look back at how these states voted in 2008. Note the strong correlation between the states that supported Obama in the primaries and the General election.

    Republican Gen Elec 2008 Democrat Gen Elec 2008
    Alabama 1,264,879 811,764
    Arkansas 632,672 418,049
    Georgia 2,048,244 1,843,452
    Massachusetts 1,104,284 1,891,083
    Minnesota 1,275,400 1,573,323
    Oklahoma 959,745 502,294
    Tennessee 1,470,160 1,081,074
    Texas 4,467,748 3,521,164
    Vermont 98,791 219,105
    Virginia 1,726,053 1,958,370
    Iowa 677,508 818,240
    New Hampshire 316,937 384,591
    South Carolina 1,018,756 850,121
    Nevada Caucus 411,988 531,884
    Louisiana 1,147,603 780,981
    Kansas 685,541 499,979
    Michigan 2,044,405 2,867,680
    Mississippi 687,266 520,864

    There are three states solidly in the Democrat camp–Vermont, Massachusetts and Minnesota. There are ten that are solidly in the Republican camp. There are now five that are in play thanks to Donald Trump–Michigan, Iowa, Virginia, New Hampshire and Nevada. That is worth 46 electoral votes. If that trend continues than the math favors the Republicans, not the Democrats.

    That is particularly true if Hillary is the candidate. That are not enough black people and Latinos to elect her. They certainly are not showing up now for her and, after getting a full on Trump assault for three months, will be even more diminished as a candidate.

    I have been very up front about my reservations about Trump. But I also can count. Like it or not, if Trump wins four of five tomorrow and we see the present trend of high turnout by Republican voters continue then the nomination and the Presidency will be his to lose.

    I watched with some fascination today the continued hysteria of the Trump Violence Meme. Yes, there is all of the violence at his rallies, or so we are told. The reality? One 78 year old guy out of a dozen rallies attended by tens of thousands of people throws a punch at a 28 year black kid. If the guy throwing the punch was named Mohammed Ali or Mike Tyson I would buy the argument that this was a potentially life threatening attack. If you listened to Charles Krauthammer tonight then you heard him stridently insisting that Trump was a purveyor of violence. One old guy throws a lame punch and Donald Trump, at least in the eyes of whacko conservatives, is suddenly Genghis Kahn or the Japanese Army raping Nanking.

    Seriously people, can we have some sane criticism from the right and the left when it comes to Trump? I doubt it. Regardless of their views, the map math favors Trump. Tomorrow’s elections will tell us if that trend is going to continue or if Trump is head for a major derailment.

    UPDATE–I do not know if Trump will win or lose in Ohio today. If he loses it will not be by much. People should not assume these means that a Kasich Tsunami is rising up. Here is the reality. Kasich is a popular Governor in his state and should win it. That fact that he is running as hard as possible to try to win a victory tells you more about the power of Trump. Kasich has no such advantage in New York or Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

    The only hope for the Stop Trump movement is if he los

  12. gonzo – what an amazing statement of Obama. Especially considering that it was white countries that evolved first, became the “developed world”, and created innovations that helped many. And perhaps all those countries were Christian, too.

  13. I copied this off a comment on a website once … Obama has every right to say Trump is inciting violence / s


    “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun” – Barack Obama

    “I want you to argue with them and get in their face!” – Barack Obama

    “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!” – Barack Obama
    “Hit Back Twice As Hard” – Barack Obama

    “We talk to these folks… so I know who’s a** to kick“– Barack Obama

    Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat” – – Barack Obama

    “Punish your enemies.” – Barack Obama

    “I’m itching for a fight.” – Barack Obama

  14. Wolf is almost wetting his knickers…almost a big FL vote dump.

    Results coming in… Hillary and Trump way ahead, 7% of vote

  15. talking head pundits are saying blue collar democrats in Ohio are crossing over to vote Kasich. I don’t believe that for a minute.

  16. Someone stated Trumps campaign said Kasich will have a good night.
    Yup wbb, let’s ship them all the illegals. I am sure Texas wants to get rid of them, and Az, NM .
    Take them all!

  17. Lu – I read about that earlier on a website – but they never seem to mention if the situation was ameliorated…. did they get more? Did they give those empty handed voters a “hall pass” allowing them to vote at another voting place they’re not assigned to? I’ll read your article now.

  18. gonzo

    I can’t believe blue collar voters in Ohio would waste their crossover vote on Kasich. I guess we’ll find out shortly.. yikes!

  19. CNN can’t wait to call Fla for Hillary and Trump soon.

    Hillary 62%, Bernie 35% at about (20%) of the vote counted

    Trump 47% to RubySlippers 23%

  20. Outris, can’t say there is any predictive value that what happens in Florida will predict other states. There is a big Trump wave coming in but that is not Florida driven.

    North Carolina 6% of vote in: Trump 41%, Cruz 31%

  21. Gonzo, I don’t think he will get to 50% in Florida with 51% already in. But I’m with you. That would be sweeeet. 🙂

  22. Crazy…. all the money spent in Florida against Trump was basically flushed down the drain. That would have paid for a few more illegals

  23. Bill Kristol and Senator Sasse (R-Ne)

    Will vote for the Democrat

    If Trump is the nominee.

    Time is running out

    They need to register (as democrats)

    Hell, it may even be too late.

    I am worried for them as well

    In fact, I that I have assumed the fetal position.

    And when I open my eyes maybe those traitors will be gone.

  24. admin I’ll say it for you…. it’s more proof that Trump is going down…. he should have quit to avoid this further embarrassment lol

  25. And let’s not forget the anti-trump spent $10 Million with viscous ads nonstop on tv in Fla against The Donald

  26. Cant believe 500,000 have voted for Rubio slippers in Florida..
    If that is Cuban, then Ohio will be as stupid..

  27. Gonzo, the fact that Trump won as big as he did in FL is pretty amazing considering how popular Rubio was just 4 years ago. There were some that suggested he should have run instead of Romney in 2012

  28. I heard he has declared a win, but I haven’t found a video yet (not that he’s not correct, I would just like to see the video 🙂 )

  29. Rubio was finally vetted and seen by a national audience… and has been exposed as a fraud who takes the money but doesn’t go to work to vote… I bet a lot of Floridians didn’t even know that, before it came out nationally….

  30. PollsElection 2016VideoWritersMore

    ArrowQuick Poll/Map LinksAdvanced SearchFind Any Poll
    Try ‘Iowa,’ or ‘Obama’

    North Carolina Republican Presidential Primary
    March 15 (72 Delegates)
    National: GOP, Dem | Mar. 15: GOP, Dem | Florida: GOP, Dem | Ohio: GOP, Dem | Illinois: GOP, Dem | Missouri: GOP, Dem | General Election Match-Ups | Clinton vs. Trump | North Carolina: GOP, Dem | GOP Map, Dem Map | Latest 2016 Polls
    Polling Data
    Poll Date Sample MoE
    RCP Average 3/5 – 3/13 — — 41.3 29.0 11.3 8.7 Trump +12.3
    PPP (D) 3/11 – 3/13 749 LV 3.6 44 33 11 7 Trump +11
    High Point/SurveyUSA 3/9 – 3/10 734 LV 3.7 48 28 12 8 Trump +20
    Civitas (R) 3/5 – 3/7 500 LV 4.4 32 26 11 11 Trump +6
    All North Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polling Data

    North Carolina Republican Presidential Primary
    41.3Trump +12.3 29.0Cruz 11.3Kasich 8.7Rubio
    –Carson –Bush –Christie –Fiorina
    –Huckabee –Paul –Jindal –Santorum

    46 Dem GOP 54
    Senate Live Results Map

    Polling Data
    Poll Date Sample MoE
    March 15, 2016 at 7:54 pm
    NC…Cruz within 7%…yuck..10% vote
    Trump RCP average today: +12.3 (here’s the breakdown)

    RCP Average 3/5 – 3/13 — — 41.3 29.0 11.3 8.7 Trump +12.3
    PPP (D) 3/11 – 3/13 749 LV 3.6 44 33 11 7 Trump +11
    High Point/SurveyUSA 3/9 – 3/10 734 LV 3.7 48 28 12 8 Trump +20
    Civitas (R) 3/5 – 3/7 500 LV 4.4 32 26 11 11 Trump +6
    WRAL-TV/SurveyUSA 3/4 – 3/7 688 LV 3.8 41 27 11 14 Trump +14

  31. According to my figuring, Rubio needs 31 delegates and Kasich needs 131 delegates tonight to be able to get to the minimum number of delegates.

  32. Trump behind in Ohio with 12% of the vote in. Trump 32% Kasich 44%

    North Carolina 22% of the vote in Trump ahead. Trump 40% Cruz 34%.

  33. My computer has chosen today to finally die
    So I am counting on my phone & this website for the next few days

    More difficult to navigate easily

  34. Ohio is not looking good. Oh well, that political machine would fix the votes otherwise, even if Trump did win. Onward.

  35. Only 12% in? The odds are that Kasich will win since it’s his state, but IMO there’s still hope…

  36. All I want to hear from Rubio about his parents is his admission that they weren’t citizens when he was born, and he isn’t eligible to run for president in the first place…

  37. Latest rumor on next debate:


    “Hearing that Trump secured a Monday night speaking slot at AIPAC conf. in D.C,” tweeted Noah Pollak, executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel, referencing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
    “Also happening that night: [the] Republican debate in Salt Lake City,” he added, alluding to the 13th GOP presidential contest on March 21.
    Fox News announced on Monday that it is hosting next week’s contest in Salt Lake City — its fourth event this presidential election. Trump remained non-committal later that evening when asked about his plans.

    “Well, I don’t know,” he said on Fox News’s “On the Record” when asked if he would attend the contest. “I know nothing about it right now.

    “I just heard somebody had announced that they wanted to do another debate,” Trump told host Greta Van Susteren. “And I don’t blame them.

  38. Update: Trump wins in Northern Mariana Islands. Trump wins Florida. Little Marco suspends campaign citing God’s will. Our response Tweet: God didn’t make little green apples nor a @marcorubio victory.

    At this hour (8:44 p.m. ET) all polls are closed. Trump schlongs everywhere except Ohio, thus far. GOP establishment headed to mental health facilities in Gotham.


  39. Cruz winning big cities in Mo..Trump everywhere else. . Reminds me of obama, so much easier to hide cheating….

  40. We need Trump to hold onto NC…..either way, he will have a large delegate lead, but losing Ohio and likely MO make it all the more probable this thing is going to the convention where he will be screwed …Trump better have his lawyers ready.

    I am still happy Hillary is beating the socialist.

  41. Kasich is a bitch. He will not be able to make the minimum required number of delegates, even if he gets 100% of what is left after tonight. He is just a Trump spoiler. Lot’s of contributions coming his way.

  42. GOP had a lot more voters come out in Fl with Trump over 1 million votes ..if the GOP wants to lose, they will pick Cruz.

  43. Bernie outspent Hillary 3/1 in the last few weeks, and she kicked his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Yeah free stuff Hillary and Bern…no jobs for American citizens, two birds of a feather..coming for more of your money, open borders, destroy America First Movement so we can all have increases in murders and mayhem!

    Thank you Bernie, Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, and Hillary supporters!

  45. How many ticks and facial grimaces does John Kasich have? The man twitches constantly and his face contorts all the time.

    Kasich throws a kiss to Little Marco hoping for his voters. Kasich now threatens to cry, literally.

    Kasich should enjoy tonight as soon Lehman Brothers and illegal immigration amnesty will hit him on the head.

  46. looks like they’re calling OH for Kasich with 49% in… I wish the remaining areas were Trump-strong, and when the votes came in he’d be ahead of Kasich lol I guess they must be Kasich areas remaining, or they wouldn’t be calling it…

  47. sorry not called, it’s “CNN projection – Kasich takes OH’
    Godamnit. Send all the illegals to them. All of them! They and Pizza face Kasich can wallow in it.

  48. IDK… I’m not experienced at knowing when results are going to remain the same… but OH is now 50%.. since I started watching Cruz was 12 percentage points ahead, then 9, then 7….

  49. The Chicago riot really hurt Trump, huh? Trump won Illinois even without his Chicago rally.

    And what the hell happened to Bernie the Socialist? He got Berned.

  50. still at 50% counted, and now Cruz is only 6 ahead… the more they’re counting, the gap keeps closing…. still half of the votes to count…

  51. I know Outris… I’m not holding my breath… but it’s interesting that the gap keeps closing….

  52. from CNN: Rubio: Becoming President now ‘not in God’s plan’

    Nah, I think what the results say is that your becoming president is not in the American people’s plan…. it’s called a rejection…. it’s not you misjudging God’s timing for you lol

  53. Lorac yes. I think the important thing is the other candidates are still splitting votes between states with no one but Trump getting consistent majorities

  54. Fox News calls Illinois for Trump.
    Wonderful. That must be God’s will too.

    That is a pretty good exit line for little marco. It wasn’t his betrayal of constituents on the Gang of 8, his memorized answers to questions that did not fit, his profuse sweating in an air conditioned room, his cheap shots at Trump, the bitch slapping Christie gave him, his acceptance of thinly veiled bribes, his fond hope to run for governor, or the exhaustion of resources. No siree. None of that. Simply put, God made him do it–withdraw. How did the get this pipeline to heaven? Well, these things are never easy to explain. However to the best of my knowledge information and belief it came to him first in a vision jet skying with great white sharks off Key Biscayne, on that fiber glass motor boat bought for him by a donor. Then, later, as he watched the dismal polls, the voice of Bruce Almighty whispered in his ear: Do not tarry where no one wants you. Go forth little marco. I have little plans for you. Its a small world after all. This song by the way is like heroin. I know people in their late 60s who took their young sons and daughters to Disneyland and have not been able to get it out of their head ever since. Psychiatrists have tried to help them but it is futile. It is also insidious.


  55. black atheist transgender for Trump2016 …. Hillary has made me side eye her antics and the right must be goof troops if they think trump is remotely into ending marriage equality … good luck with that … #Trump2016 baby

  56. Trump crows that over 40 million was spent against him in negative ads and his numbers went up. “You explain it” Trump said. The funniest moment was when Trump said the negative ads against him were “mostly false” but “some true”. Even in this Trump is not afraid to tell the truth. Calls them “disgusting reporters” “some are nice”.

  57. Sometimes i wonder is Hillary going soft during the primaries and being all up obama are til the presidential debates so she can really unleash because now with Sanders she sucks ….Sanders is a loser he need to go home to mommy

  58. lorac
    March 15, 2016 at 8:40 pm
    looks like Rubio is only going to come in 4th in EVERY state…
    Lets see, what’s the medal for that?

    Gold–no, that’s first

    Silver–no that’s second

    Bronze–no that’s third

    Wait teacher, me me me, I’ve got it

    Leadville for Little Marco

    God I love a happy ending

    Is there balm in Gilliah?

    No, but there’s plenty of lead in Leadville

    The home sweet home of Little Marco

    God is smiling

    Or is he laughing?

    Lets all go to Calle Ocho and celebrate Marco

    He finished fourth, got the lead medal, and by Jupiter he earned it


  59. Trump back on top in MO 41.8 to 41.6

    MO is winner take most if over 50%. Otherwise 5 delegates are awarded per district won. Plus, bonus 12 delegates to biggest votegetter.

  60. The globalists–like Obama, want to hang men and women for wearing the red white and blue. This is an Anglo American CONSPIRACY so the plight of Ireland and the plight of the working class are not dissimilar. Also, think back to the days following the revolutionary war, when the elites reneged on their promise to grant land to the men who fought for the revolution, and those officers and men met in Newburg New York and said fuck you–we are heading to the frontier, we will not attack you, but neither will we defend you–we are leaving you to the tender mercies of the Indians and the French. Washington intervened, he shocked his troops but putting on glasses they had never seen before, and told them his eyes had grown old in the service of the republic–and he talked them out of it, went back to Congress and made them make good on their promise. Yes, a forgotten chapter of history, but a distant mirror of what the situation today. There is much about Donald Trump who echoes Washington, and my friend the clairvoyant was first to bring this to my attention. As Jim Webb’s book Born Fighting makes clear, the Irish were the ones who defended this nation, and built the country. Therefore, their plight vis a vis England is like ours with out elites, and the reference to a distant land is clearly America.


  61. OmG…now Cruz is welcoming Rubio Supporters With “Open arms”..How Can anyone vote for this charlatan?

  62. Even if he loses OH, Trump is still in the best place compared to the others…. but I’d like to him to win OH, a total shut out of Cruz….

  63. Gonzo, did you expect less from Ted? His TrusTED slogan should be replaced by BusTED. I’m sure Rubio’s dropping out tonight was preordained by his handlers.

  64. I don’t know, I hope one of the new rules isn’t that you have to win by a certain number to “officially” win…

  65. Still 99% but Trump nearly 3000 ahead..However as I was looking through the Counties, Cruz won Jefferson City , I believe by 10,000.

  66. For me, the conundrum is how do you get through to the person who says I do not like Trump because he is too mean to people. I can tell them this is style only, in substance he is a good man with a good heart. But it does not register. I mean it when I say, little people like this would rather lose world war II than hire Patton, because he was not a nice man. Does anyone have an answer for this, because I sure don’t? And, by the way, in most cases these were also the ones who were bamoozled by Obama. Frankly, I am much more concerned about people like this–WHO HAVE NO GUTS, than I am about some space cadet strolling along the beach at Santa Monica who does not know who the vice president is, which is enough to make dullards like Letterman feel superior, when he in particular is not.

  67. Cape Girardeau has a Population:of 38,816 (2013) and cruz won by about 1200 votes so I do not think cruz can come up with enough votes in perryt county to win Missouri.

  68. A lot of people who want Ted are good people. I would ride the river with most of them. They believe he is a legitimate conservative. But the bloom is off the rose with Ted for me. TPP changed that. And so did some of the dirty tricks. If Ted won, I do I firmly believe it would be 1964 all over again. In the final analysis, the pivotal factor for me is no one controls Donald. He says people do not give him enough credit for that. Perhaps. Perhaps. But I do.

  69. Sirmrks…I’m counting on your math!
    Only County or and 0 votes counted. .
    Would be a “steal” for Cruz…

  70. Trump should win the majority of delegates in MO. Each CD gets 5 votes for the winner and Trump wins CD1, CD3, CD4, CD6, CD8.

    Cruz gets CD5, CD7.

    The fight is over the 12 delegates the overall winner gets.

  71. The CNN page I’ve been watching only lists the percentages, not any raw numbers… so I’ve been relying on you guys for that…

  72. If I’ve done my math correctly, and Trump is 3000 ahead, then Cruz would have to get 65% of Perry county at least, or about 12000 of the 19000

  73. trump is uncontrollable. I feel he has done it all seen it all and wants to be remembered as a great man. nothing better for being remembered as the man who cleaned up after obama and made america great again.
    if he does a fantastic job he will go down in history and his legacy will be magnitudes greater than if he was just another billionaire.

    trump will be an amazing president.

  74. I have to pick my wife up at seatac so have to leave soon.

    perry county is left Population: 19,072 (2013)

  75. ace says 11:15: We’re at 99% of the vote in Missouri and the spread is less than 3,000 votes. Sadly, I’m about to pass out. Trump is in the lead at this point and the difference is important because the state-wide winner will get an extra twelve delegates. The counting of the congressional districts will take a while beyond that.

    so it sounds like the vote will not be complete for a while anyone have any idea when it will finalize?

  76. down to .2 difference.. (it’s been hanging steady at .4 even with more percentage accruing to each candidate….)

  77. looks like Trump wins most of the counties: Missouri http://www.cnn.com/election/primaries/states/mo/Rep

    Missouri is another big one with 52 delegates up for grabs. And yet again, it’s another strange hybrid of a primary. They’ve chosen to add two of their at large delegates to the three they get for each of the eight congressional districts, so the battle in each CD will yield 5 delegates for the winner on a winner take all basis. The remaining 12 at large delegates are all awarded to the candidate with the highest state-wide total.

    BUT…. we have an exception. If any candidate gets more than 50% of the state-wide vote total the congressional district results are thrown out and all 52 delegates go to the winner.

  78. After all his many wins, after today’s big victories, after the squashing of yet another candidates, someone has to say it: It’s over for Trump.

  79. I said above this was and is an Anglo American conspiracy. The genesis of it goes back to the period after the American Civil War, when the sons of northern industrialists who sought status wedded the daughter of British aristocracy whose wealth was held in great estates which were expensive to maintain. This is in some ways, the history of Newport Rhode Island. That joinder took place primarily in the banking community, when the Rothschildes met the Morgans, or, in the ditty of that patter song where the underworld meets the elite, not 42nd street however, Wall Street and Broad at the southern tip of Manhattan. You see it now in so many ways, but this whole idea, raised in a little noticed article about a trans Atlantic economic union joining the EU with NAFAT and now with TPP, puts the Anglo American elites in charge, and woe betide the working class of this nation–their bones will be picked clean. And the worst part of it is, they are utterly clueless.

  80. Well thank god it wasn’t this close in Florida. We wouldn’t know the real results until October 😉

  81. It makes me wonder if they got all hands on deck to catch up with the dem vote in MO – they were way behind, and they went up to .90 counted while Trump has been stuck at .99 counted…

  82. This just in from Breitbart;

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich tells Breitbart News that if Donald Trump wins big in Florida today, the party “won’t be able to stop him.”

    “If Trump gets big numbers in Florida, you’re not going to be able to stop him. You’ll just tear the party apart,” he said.

    “If Trump wins Florida by the margin anticipated, then [Sen. Marco] Rubio could stay in just to affect the numbers, but he won’t be a serious candidate anymore,” Gingrich said.

    Gingrich is watching Florida closely, but he’s also looking at Ohio, where his former House Budget chairman John Kasich is looking to get a win to keep himself alive going into the convention, amid pressure from Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%

    “If Kasich wins Ohio, he could certainly stay in and be part of a potential negotiating block,” Gingrich said. “But in five Ohio counties, 20 percent of the voters are people who voted in the Democratic primary in the past. That is very, very good for Trump.”

    Gingrich threw cold water all over the idea of a brokered convention, which Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol has been plotting. If no candidate gets 50 percent of the delegates on the first ballot, then on the second ballot the pledged delegates can become “un-pledged” and support whomever the party bosses tell them to support.

    “It’s childish nonsense,” Gingrich said. “There are two potential presidential nominees. One is named Donald. One is named Ted. The idea that some clever Washington intellectual or power broker — put quote marks around ‘power broker’— can step into an election in which millions have voted and magically change the trajectory of history? It’s goofy. There’s two players standing.”

    Gingrich speculated that Trump and Cruz might actually form an alliance, similar to how they did in the early days of the campaign, in order to prevent a brokered convention at the last minute.

    “If Trump is at 45 percent does he negotiate with Cruz?”

    “They will band together and have 85 percent of the delegates between them,” Gingrich said. “Both of these guys are committed to breaking up the old order.”

    “How is somebody who’s never run going to stand up on national television and on social media [as the brokered candidate] and not get run out of town?” Gingrich said, referring to a potential Mitt Romney, who could walk onstage at the convention after a backroom deal.

    Gingrich’s statement to this reporter in December that “the country is in rebellion” and that Trump can kick down the doors — which was recently cited by Trump-supporter Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)80%
    at the National Press Club — went viral and helped to cement Trump’s position as a formidable Republican candidate ahead of the Iowa caucus.

    Early exit polls Tuesday showed Trump taking a commanding lead over Rubio and Cruz in Florida.

  83. Perry is in 100%..so where are these votes coming from?
    A little here, a little there..

  84. Hillary wins IL, FL, NC and Ohio

    Only Missouri is left…still the possibility she will do a clean sweep.

    Sandcrab 49.9%
    Hillary 49.0%

    Great night for Hillary!!

  85. And of all people, Brazillnut was almost giddy, saying Hillary has won 58% of all the pledged delegates, so far. Not sure if she was able to count all of them from tonight.

  86. I invested a lot of time and money for her in 08, and obviously love Bill, so I can’t deny that I would be proud to see her be the first legitimate female candidate to have a chance to win the Presidency. I will be interested in her AIPAC speech and if Trump skips a GOP debate to address AIPAC.

  87. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, I found one bottle should happen to fall, 8 bottles Po for beer on the wall.

    Lol, I’m from Milwaukee and we actually sang that on field trips in the bus.
    Today your teacher would be fired.
    Politically correct we are.
    Hey, it was the beer capital of the world at one time. . Of course we have outsourced or moved the businesses overseas. Some just went under.
    Everyone was literally drunk at work. I tell you no lie, drinking was acceptable.

  88. .4 difference between Sanders and Hillary. .98 counted
    still the same .3 difference between Trump and Cruz, .99 counted

  89. Phone..jeez.. If one bottle should happen to fall, 98 bottles of beer on the wall

    Creative math, nothing to see…lol

  90. lol gonzo we used to sing that at summer Y camp – but looking back at photos when I became an adult, I could see there was some hippy-ness to the counselors lol

  91. I have spent a lot of time and money on losers, horrible dysfunctional relationships. .life’s short.
    Hard to see and believe, but there it is…best to walk away. .

    I’m a woman and there is nothing more than I wanted for my daughter but to have a wonderful female president. ..
    But Hillary is not the one.
    She will make my daughter’s future unbearablr.
    By the way April 4th, my daughter defends her dissertation. ..Dr. G

  92. if Trump skips a GOP debate to address AIPAC.
    The last thing

    The last thing

    The last thing

    In the world

    We need

    Is more debates

    Which are not debates at all

    But gotcha sessions for big media

    And cash cows for big media

    To put a finr point on it

    Fuck big media

  93. They are trying to figure how many Dem votes to siphon off from Hillary to Cruz so they both win…
    Tricky..give them a break

  94. That AA commentator on MSNBC hates Hillary…claims BLM made a difference in getting rid of two (2) prosecutors who lost. I also see more and more that Mathews is anti- Israeli.

  95. I have spent a lot of time and money on losers,


    Me too gonzotx…a fortune.

  96. I am very proud of her… better yet, she is a great human.. Much nicer than me lol. Now I know that’s hard to believe. …

    Division 1 athlete, Principal At 27…Doctorate before 30…

  97. It is just another tool of the left that seeks confrontation instead of the underlying cause of black on black crime. We have it here in Palm Beach County in Belle Glade, Riviera Beach, etc..young black men killing other black men. It is heartbreaking and BLM does not gice a s—t.

  98. Oh, Education
    Heck of a teacher too!
    She won teacher of the year her first year teaching, took her basketball team, won school district, literally they never won and always bottom..3 years in a row
    Yet, it’s her humanity that stands. She is special. ..very proud

  99. What a wonderful format for a Fox debate

    The frontrunner does not participate

    So it is cruz vs kasich

    A waste of time

    How many fox “debates” are there

    And how does this help the political process to have yet another

    Without Trump nobody will watch

  100. Sanders people must be going nuts… they were probably hanging on MO all night as we were… and now they lost… yeah, I hope they don’t riot… they have obot blood…

  101. Hillary will need to go deep left to get those brats supporting Bernie and that is why many of us are not on board. As pointed out by the pundits, she has become Obama’s best friend the last few weeks and will need to go even further to get those votes which she would need to compete with Trump.

  102. jb, at the same time, she has started copying Trump, I just heard her last week talking about trade deals…

  103. Lat few weeks jb? You haven’t been paying attention.
    Try 7 years, and as each year ticked by, she became worse.
    This is not new in terms of weeks, it’s years…

  104. jbstonesfan
    March 16, 2016 at 12:56 am
    MSNBC calling apparent winners Trump and Hillary in MO!!!!!!!!!!!
    The only time I hope msnbc is right.

    Of course if you win Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma and Wyoming

    Or if you win Ohio

    Then its like Marlon Brando to Rod Steiger in On The Waterfront, i.e.

    I could have been a contender

    The interesting part is what Gingrich says above

    If Bill Kristol and his ilk plan a coup

    Trump and Cruz have 85% of the vote with them combined.

    Therefore if the establishment tries to pull the shit they are planning

    They will soon be sucking bilge water

  105. I turned on Fox – they not giving MO to Trump yet .. or Clinton… they and CNN online are not the fastest lol

  106. Yes, she married him a long time ago… she was definitely married to him with that Benghazi fiasco….

  107. This really is ridiculous. . But all will be forgiven if Trump wins, or allowed to win, without the usual stealing of last minute votes as we Literally saw in Indiana. . It was Indiana when it was on TV and the world saw first hand the stealing and they had to stop because it was called out.
    Wasn’t that Wolf Blitzer?

  108. Don’t have link but Decision Desk says 100% in MO Trump wins…hmnm, got it from Conservative Tree House. .for what it’s worth.

  109. Jb, you have a soft heart. Must be difficult being a lawyer. .
    Just kidding.
    Kids are innocent.
    Their father is an as#hole…now I am sorry about that!

  110. I’m watching the video admin posted above of Trump’s victory speech… he’s at his campaign HQ at Miralago… he seems to be doing his standard speech… I wonder why? These are his volunteers, aren’t they? They would know all of this…

  111. None of the talking heads are pointing out the differences in total votes between the D and R primaries in all the states so far. Would be great to see a comparison chart. For example, Donna B said something like, “oh look Clinton and Trump each got about the same 1,000,000 plus votes–Florida is a purple state.” But the total votes cast in each primary there differed enormously (roughly 2.2mm to 1.7mm). If the R’s unite and can maintain the fervor to go to the polls again in the general, they are outnumbering the D’s as far as I can see in total votes per state.

  112. The girls were crying and having 3 kids, including a 10 yr old daughter, it does make you a bit soft. On the other hand, I am still an a–h– attorney and told opposing councel to F off yesterday after a discovery hearing , so I still have it!!! Plus, my wife hates me at times 🙂

  113. Now I see wbboei made this same point further up about the numbers! I think this is the real story and will perhaps upend the traditional electoral map that historically gives the D’s a huge head start. It may not happen this time.

  114. I feel bad for the girls, but it’s Rubio’s fault…. he knew he was not an NBC and he ran. He knew he was an Obama, not doing the jobs, just always trying to get the next higher gig…. he knew he didn’t have a national presence…. Not that I like Bush, but Rubio knew he was trying to usurp his mentor by running…. He put his kids through this….

  115. jb, you have a lot of women here who *never* hate you 🙂

    (just don’t tell us what your wife gets mad at you about lol)

  116. T Hey gave allotted delegates on CNN for MO…20 Donald, 5 Cruz…

    Maybe I drank too much beer… That didn’t add up to 52…

  117. The longer CNN and Fox delay reporting the results in Missouri, the more likely the fix is in to arrange a victory for Cruz.

  118. by all media accounts this morning Hillary won huge, Cruz will mop up the remaining western states and Kasich is on his way to the GOP nomination.

    did Trump win anything?

  119. Did Trump loose Ohio on purpose? http://prospect.org/article/losing-ohio-improves-trump%E2%80%99s-chances-win-nomination

    “Two months ago, based on a computer model I developed of the Republican delegate race, I wrote in The American Prospect that the GOP’s nomination rules tilted the playing field to Donald Trump’s advantage. For Trump’s opponents, the time window for counteracting many of those advantages and winning a first-ballot nomination has passed. Now the campaign enters a new phase, as Trump’s rivals try to deny him a majority of pledged delegates going into the convention. Simulating the remaining contests based on current polling data, my model picks up an unexpected wrinkle: Trump’s strongest position comes if he loses the primary in Ohio on Tuesday.”
    Ending paragraphs: “Some Republican insiders see the ascendancy of Cruz as more damaging to their party in the long run.”

    “We are therefore left with an odd situation. Many Republicans who oppose Trump and Cruz are desperately hoping for Kasich to win Ohio, an outcome that Kasich himself certainly wants so that he can stay in the race. But Trump also should hope Kasich wins Ohio, since a decision by Kasich to keep fighting keeps the field divided, offering Trump himself the best chance of getting a majority of delegates and ultimately winning the nomination. The only candidate who should not want Kasich to win Ohio is Ted Cruz.”

    The elites are still split. Kasich is their boy for now but has nowhere to go. Cruz is still disliked, not trusted, and cannot get the establishment solidly behind him. Cruz had a bad night and Kasich hanging on by his fingernails with Soros money. Trump still has opposition who make a sorry contrast with him but he got Rubio out by humiliating him in his home state by Rubio only winning his home COUNTY. http://www.decisiondeskhq.com/results/2016/primary/gop/president/florida/ What a reviled loser by those who know him best. He is done. No governorship for you Marco.

    Trump’s team are using the RNC’s Byzantine rules against them while they lose their minds.

  120. I’m watching the video admin posted above of Trump’s victory speech… he’s at his campaign HQ at Miralago… he seems to be doing his standard speech… I wonder why?
    Donald invites staff and press. Calls them pressers. Gives media a chance to get it right when publishing. ;/
    Oh, By the Way: A Democratic Party Superdelegate Is a Convicted Felon
    …State Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver remains a convention superdelegate despite his conviction last December on federal corruption charges. Party grand poohbahs, plus the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns today all declined to disavow Silver….
    Enjoyed catching up with your journey last night.

    Did any here detect a look of distress on Heidi’s face after Ted released her from his enveloping hug?
    Kind of a who the hell are you look.
    As if she’s catching up to thoughts at Big Pink.
    It may be a hasty conclusion on my part.
    But not worth another look to verify.
    I thought I did, but not worth going back to verify.

  121. Given a choice between attending AIRPAC or letting FOX cobble together at the last minute one more debate to squeeze unearned income out of a corrupt political process, and to continue to thwart his ascendancy to the nomination, the question on his mind has got to be why aid and abet my enemy at the expense of a friend. That is Obama’s schtick, not Donald’s. Go to AIRPAC, and let the liberal jews and muslims deplore it. Finally, Murdock does not need the money, and he runs a fair and balanced orgainization. He will understand. Meanwhile, big media is thrilled with the opening of Cuba, and they are begging the Fraud to take them with him when he goes in there to kiss Castro’s ring, to be part of history, and to gush about him until hell won’t have it anymore. Good for their 401ks too. On the way home they can take a side trip to Costa Rica to check out vacation home prices, in case the globalist revolution they are promoting goes sour and people of conscience come looking for their scalps. Get that rat line ready.

  122. BREAKING: Donald Trump To Skip Fox Debate
    By: Joe Cunningham (Diary) | March 16th, 2016 at 09:30 AM |


    Share on Facebook 6 6 SHARES

    This morning on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump startled the morning show’s hosts by announcing he will not be attending the upcoming debate – which will be held on their network – and will instead be speaking at AIPAC. “You hit me with it yesterday… so I’m not going to do the debate,” he explained.

  123. That guy is a total liberal…bad news if confirmed. Truthfully, with he age of Ginsberg,Kennedy, the next President will have the ability to shape the court for decades.

  124. alcina
    March 16, 2016 at 12:10 pm
    Website won’t refresh unless logged-on. Even then, it is funky.


    Me too Alcina. Reported this last night.

  125. Question: was Boehner drunk when he endorsed Ryan for president. Dare I inquire, president of what? Can we at least be sure Johnie Boy a.k.a. Mr. Crockadile Tears is sober before he opens his mouth. In his situation, it is imperative that the drug testing be conducted early and often.


  126. Looks like the next primaries are on March 22 with Arizona’s 58 winner-take-all delegates and Utah’s 40 proportional delegates. My guess is Trump will take Arizona and split Utah with Cruz.

  127. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/03/16/we-choose-the-nominee-not-the-voters-senior-gop-official.html

    In 2008 they went in that closed room, against the rules. Now they’re (the other side of the uniparty) aren’t even hiding.

    I’ve tried to tell conservatives, who are aware of the republican elite plotting something, that this happened 7 years ago, this is an “us vs them” thing not a party thing. While they’re aware of the uniparty concept for sure, all they seem to be concerned about is their own party.

    Maybe when Hillary reminds dems that this was unfairly done to her 7 years ago, the people can unite and fight back… oh wait, she can’t “remind” them, she didn’t make a big deal of it, she brushed it off her shoulder and joined the “winning”, cheating team….

  128. from the article above:

    Political parties, not voters, choose their presidential nominees, a Republican convention rules member told CNBC, a day after GOP front-runner Donald Trump rolled up more big primary victories.

    “The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,” (said) Curly Haugland (snip) He even questioned why primaries and caucuses are held.


    Haugland said he sent a letter to each campaign alerting them to a rule change he’s proposing, which would allow any candidate who earns at least one delegate during the nominating process to submit his or her name to be nominated at this summer’s convention.

  129. I’ve been following the Ipsos (interactive) poll for Reuters. Trump is at March 15 at 49.2%. The runnerup at 20.7% for Cruz. That is a 30 point disparity. Enormous. http://polling.reuters.com/#poll/TR130/filters/PARTY_ID_:2 If it was anyone but Trump the media, consultants, and even political enemies would acknowledge that it is over.

    This poll is a five day rolling taking the data and averaging it over 5 days. The high/low is given for each date by cursor-ing over the date for each candidate. The current climb for Trump began March 10. That was Cruz’s high with an average of 25.3 with a high/low 22.1 to 28.8 so he was polling 28.8 for March 10th. He has been on a slide since.

    Trump on March 10 was 42.8 with high low of 39 to 46.8. Trump on March 15 is 49.2 with high low of 45.1 to 53.3. On the day before it was 49.6 with high low 45.6 to 53.6. Two days with over 50%, actually four if the prior two day highs are counted also.

    The public is coalescing around Trump. The trend is going UP. The contested convention stuff is all talk.

  130. Foxy,
    Yes,conservative tree house has been pushing the lion for Donald..
    I think it works beautifully, hair and all… may need to use it…third party.
    Which would most likely gift the Presidency to Hillary top continue the destruction of America..
    But from the ashes, a Country is reborn…

  131. To think that when Glenn Beck was a local talk show host in Tampa, I really enjoyed his show. Now he is just insane.

  132. He’s going to hit her hard, as he should, it won’t be easy…
    She has been very negative on him…remember. .

  133. IMO, that barking thing is silly. C’mon Trump, it will make the conservatives giggle, but don’t sink to that level, focus on substance

  134. lorac
    March 16, 2016 at 6:03 pm
    IMO, that barking thing is silly. C’mon Trump, it will make the conservatives giggle, but don’t sink to that level, focus on substance
    Agree Lorac, but if it keeps the media talking about him, that has seemed to work for him. This is uncharted territory now. He’s already blown up the GOP

  135. Another corrupt party…

    (Posted on another site, The Hill)

    RNC Official Says Party Decides Nominee, Not Voters

    A member of the Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee said that the party will decide who the GOP nominee will be, not the voters, The Hill reports.

    Said Curly Haugland: “The media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nomination… The political parties choose their nominees, not the general public, contrary to popular belief.”

    “Haugland, one of the party’s few unbound delegates that can decide who they want to vote for, argued that the party can block Trump even if he wins 1,237 delegates through the primaries.”

  136. It’s all over the internet…we have been the uniparty for a long time, they just fooled us for awhile.

    This is not going to go down without someone crashing.
    No time for half truths, half lies…

    Good time to have a Donald, a fighter…

    The Lion….
    Out of the ashes of the Whig party rose the
    republicans, now to the heap they will go.
    I don’t think this will happen quietly…
    The Democrats are a dying party too….

  137. I got an interesting email from Harry Dent’s group today about the stock market. Apparently they are pumping the stock buybacks to get the market up.


    The greedy pigs will be driving us into negative interest rates and they will be coming after savers big time.

  138. An RNC official says:

    The people do not select the nominee.

    The delegates do.

    That is not the issue however.

    The issue is are the delegates free

    To substitute their will for the will of the people?

    Which is expressed through the primary vote.

    He says yes they are.

    And again, I agree.

    They are free to nominate anyone they want—legally

    But they are not free to do so– politically.

    If the delegates defy the will of the people.

    That would render the primary process itself superfluous

    And it would tell the people you cannot work within the system.

    And the initial step will be for them to not vote.

    And that means not only will the nominee of the elites lose.

    But all the down ticket officials–who are also delegates will lose as well.

    So Curley, you really are a fucking stupid ass to be running your mouth about this.

    He has made the party radioactive.

  139. When Trump wins California, New York and New Jersey, he should send a letter to Priebus asking him for clarification. The pledge was that all parties would support the nominee chosen by the people. Does Curley speak for the party when he says that the delegates are free to appoint anyone they want. Because if the establishment is breaching their promise, that will relieve him of his obligation to remain in the party. If the answer is anything less than unequivocal, he will take that as a yes they will breach their promise, in which case he will take all appropriate steps to ensure that the right of the people to select the nominee is preserved, including but not limited to running third party.

  140. If the GOP exercises it’s prerogative to select a candidate that the voters do not want and did not choose, then they should not expect the people to vote for them in the GE.

    The Dems got away with it in 2008, but now more people have gotten wise (PUMA) and ar watching. Third Party time.

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