Chicago Gettysburg: @RealDonaldTrump Silent Majority Versus Cruz, Rubio, GOP Establishment, BLM, OWS, And The Totalitarian Left

(1) The totalitarian left is playing with fire; (2) The GOP establishment set itself ablaze; (3) The realignment is here; (4) Big Media suicides; (5) It’s Chicago 1968.

It is as we have predicted since 2007. Every year, every month, our crystal ball lights up with the news that will soon arrive before it arrives. This past week has not surprised us at all.

We’re not surprised, but we are disgusted. Every decent person should be disgusted and no one surprised. We’ve seen this before. Chicago 1968.

The streets of Chicago smelled of riot in 1968. Young white people mostly, protested a far off war that made less and less sense as the loses in lives and treasure increased daily. The vast “silent majority” was disgusted both with the stupidity of the war as well as the vagrant mobs that burned the flag and mocked much of what the “silent majority” believed in. Labor unions found themselves in turmoil as the workers strayed to the Republican Party in a cosmic roar heard by few except those that listened.

The self righteous on the left, prodded by well financed totalitarian organizers, continue to believe that childish antics on the street which feed their egos have no consequence except those they desire. In 1968 the consequences of street riots came in November.

We provided the same warning, the same lessons of 1968, when first the Occupy Wall Street loons and their totalitarian masters began to block traffic and cause havoc. For the Black Lives Matter rioters we gave the same warnings/lessons. Now the totalitarian left has a new target: Donald J. Trump. Our warnings/lessons we repeat today.

Presidential candidate and front runner Donald J. Trump could not deliver a speech in Chicago on Friday. Well organized hoodlums, disguised as “protesters”, invaded the auditorium where Trump was to speak and achieved their aim to “shut this down”. Like the 1968 protesters, the BLM criminals, the OWS totalitarians, the enemies of free speech rejoiced with self-congratulations and great noise. What they did not hear was the “silent majority” ready to vote on Tuesday in Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, the North Mariana Islands, and Missouri.

With those elections in mind, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz joined in solidarity with the thugs and criminals of Chicago, BLM, OWS, and the enemies of free speech who demand “politically correct” speech as well as the “politically correct” nonsense labeled “tone”.

On Tuesday, March 15, we will harvest what the left totalitarians allied with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio planted.

* * * * * *

The realignment we wrote about, the Prairie Fire, is here. A great deal is already ablaze. We noted this past week that the right wing website Ace of Spades has debased itself in their hate of Donald Trump. The once powerful HotAir website is likewise just a clump of cinders because of blind hatred of Donald Trump. Now Breitbart is in ashes having immolated in hatred of Trump. Red State is dead state and wants violence against Trump supporters:

My advice for reporters and protestors visiting Donald Trump events is simple: You have a right to keep and bear arms. Use it. If Trump’s brownshirts know their targets are armed, they’ll get less handsy, fast.

Red State has been deranged ever since they banned Donald J. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson from their convention. As loony toons as Red State is, the Breitbart story is particularly sensational and lurid. One of their reporters, Michelle Fields, the love interest of Jamie Weinstein of Daily Caller made the sensational claim of an assault by the Trump campaign manager. It’s not the first astonishing claim made by Michelle Fields.

We’ll fully disclose our bias here. Since 2008 when we hear of even good reporters/journalists getting killed or hurt our concern is very limited. Such is our contempt of Big Media that it can best be expressed with that joke about lawyers. “What do you say if 1000 lawyers drowned in a shipwreck?” Answer: “A good start.” That’s our attitude toward our Big Media masters. There might be some good apples in the barrel, but we’ll throw out the whole batch, even the good apples, to get rid of the worms. Weinstein and Fields are worms who want to make themselves the story everywhere they go.

Such is the crazy world of the anti-Trump right wing that the Breitbart website is now in meltdown as their own articles attacking Trump and his campaign manager on behalf of Michelle Fields include entire sections in which evidence contradicts what the headlines convey:

12:40 p.m. ET: MSNBC has now released new footage that presumably shows the altercation, albeit obscured, as well as a previously undisclosed apparent conversation between Terris and Lewandowski.

New video of Donald Trump’s press conference Tuesday evening shows that the Washington Post’s account of an altercation involving Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields could not possibly have happened as Ben Terris reported. [snip]

Audio of the incident, published on Politico, shows Fields asking Terris if the individual who pulled her left arm was, in fact, “Corey.” Terris says it was — an assertion he later repeated in print: “I watched as a man with short-cropped hair and a suit grabbed her arm and yanked her out of the way. He was Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s 41-year-old campaign manager.”

However, Lewandowski was not the only “man with short-cropped hair and a suit” walking near Trump. And he was walking on the opposite side of Trump from Fields, and Terris.

Multiple cameras recorded the moment when the alleged incident occurred. The claim is sensational as reported by the Trump hating Weekly Standard:

Michelle Fields, a reporter and a former Fox News contributor, was grabbed by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and yanked “toward the ground like a ragdoll,” an eyewitness tells the Daily Beast.

Tons of cameras, tons of reporters, yet no video that shows the high heeled Fields “yanked to the ground like a ragdoll”? There is plenty of video but somehow the moment when Fields is “yanked to the ground like a ragdoll” is nowhere seen.

Why do we bother with this nonsense from Weinstein and Fields? Because the supporters of Cruz and Rubio in Big Media are desperate. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will be destroyed on Tuesday so Big Media on the right will lie, cheat, steal, to help them and hurt Donald J. Trump.

It’s not only the Big Media allies of Rubio and Cruz that are disgustingly desperate. Ted Cruz, the ally of the GOP establishment via Neil Bush, Romney, Graham, and various other losers, attacked Trump and sided with the mobs of Chicago:

Friday, March 11, 2016: At a media availability in Chicago, GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz basically blamed Donald Trump for the violence and protests that occurred earlier in the day at a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago. The rally had to be cancelled due to safety concerns.

Ted Cruz blames the victim. Trump was not able to speak at his rally because of thugs so Trump is to blame, claims Cruz. Ted Crud accuses Donald Trump of “affirmatively encouraging violence” because Trump was prevented from speaking at his own event!

Ted Crud. Marco Rubio is as bad as Ted Crud:

Trump Chicago rally postponed amid scenes of chaos

CHICAGO — Raucous protests shut down a planned Donald Trump rally Friday night before the Republican presidential frontrunner even appeared, sparking scenes of chaos inside and outside the arena that the candidate said infringed his right to freedom of speech.

More than 30 minutes after the event was supposed to start, a representative stepped to the lectern to announce that the event was being canceled for safety considerations.

That set off an eruption of cheers and screams from hundreds of people who revealed themselves to be protesters: “We stopped Trump! We stopped Trump!” they said, jumping, shouting and tearing up Trump signs.

The moment revealed that hundreds of people had slipped into the event portraying themselves as Trump supporters. They instead unveiled protest banners, and some hoisted campaign signs for Bernie Sanders.

The crowd inside the University of Illinois at Chicago pavilion grew contentious long before the originally scheduled 6 p.m. start time, when an entire section of the stadium began protesting.

The intensity of acrimony inside became clear early on as security hauled off one person after another, each time to the screams of the demonstrators.

The anti-Trump contingent, some wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts, stood and chanted “Let him stay! Let him stay!” as security removed an African American male from the building at another side of the arena. Across the aisles, Trump supporters chanted “USA! USA!” [snip]

Trump’s Republican rival Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also spoke out later Friday about the protests, saying that some Chicago residents are professional protesters and that they don’t have the right to disrupt an event if they don’t like what’s being said. [snip]

“I do think that Mr. Trump needs to own up to the fact that the rhetoric he has used at some of his events has also contributed that you’ve seen in other rallies he’s had. There are consequences to things people say in politics.”

Another Republican presidential candidate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, also spoke out after the protests.

“The responsibility for that lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands. But in any campaign responsibility starts at the top,” Cruz told CNN.

“Any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign. When you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse,” he said.

The assaults on free speech and the right to assembly are organized by the totalitarian left. These are not random. For Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to join in with denunciations of Donald Trump instead of in defense of free speech, the right to assembly, and against political correctness means that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are not friends of freedom and are on the wrong side of history.

Why is all this happening? Why now?

This assault against Donald J. Trump occurs now because there is a Gettysburg style battle this Tuesday, March 15. Whoever wins the battle wins the war. The odds favor Donald J. Trump and that is why every attempt by the political establishment on both sides of the aisle and from all the institutions of great power in this country now take place.

Consider, labor unions, as in 1968, are terrified the workers are in revolt against them and in favor of Donald J. Trump:

Exclusive: U.S. labor powerhouse to launch anti-Trump ad campaign

The AFL-CIO, the largest U.S. federation of labor unions, will launch digital attack ads targeting Republican front-runner Donald Trump next week as part of a multi-pronged effort to derail the New York billionaire’s bid for the White House and dampen union workers’ enthusiasm for him. [snip]

The officials said the anti-Trump advertising effort would likely expand over the coming months. At the same time, an AFL-CIO affiliate organization will ramp up a door-to-door campaign to undermine the candidate in Ohio and Pennsylvania, key battleground states in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

“Donald Trump has tapped into the very real and understandable anger of working people. But while he says he’s with America’s working people, when you look close, it’s just hot air,” AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka told Reuters. “Donald Trump is nothing but a house of cards, and once we educate people, the house of cards comes crashing down,” he said.

Union leaders are increasingly concerned about Trump’s appeal to labor, typically a stronghold of the Democratic Party, because of his promises to scrap free trade deals that have led to manufacturing job losses in the United States.

There are some signs Trump’s message is resonating beyond the 20 to 30 percent of rank-and-file union members that vote Republican, attracting political independents and even some frustrated Democrats. [snip]

AFL-CIO’s affiliate, Working America, has noticed Trump’s inroads with working-class Americans, and recently sent canvassers to talk to 1,689 likely voters with household incomes of $75,000 or less in Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to learn more about Trump’s appeal.

Working-class voters are up for grabs this time in a really significant way. These folks need good information, and we’ll fill that gap,” said Karen Nussbaum, executive director of Working America.

In 1968 the trade unions voted Republican.

It’s not just the unions that are worried. Ted Crud and Little Marco are worried that even in the far off Northern Mariana Islands, Trump trumps:

Ralph Torres, the governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, has thrown his support behind Donald Trump, a top party official confirmed Friday, saying the endorsement all but guarantees the mogul will win the territory’s nine delegates next week.

Little Marco is so desperate he is campaigning on behalf of John Kasich:

Rubio urges voters to back Kasich in Ohio to stop Trump

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Marco Rubio, desperate to save his presidential campaign in his home state, is adopting the Mitt Romney strategy—asking Republicans hoping to stop Donald Trump to support his rival, John Kasich, in Ohio. [snip]

“A vote for Ted Cruz or John Kasich in Florida is a vote for Donald Trump. Any vote that doesn’t go to me is helping Donald Trump win the 99 delegates that this state will award to the winner.”

Often, too often for many of our readers, we have made the honest observation that “Hillary2016 is not a campaign; Hillary2016 is an embarrassment.” Our statement is now undermined as Little Marco and Ted Cruz have demonstrated that “an embarrassment” is not the lowest a campaign can fall. Little Marco and Ted Crud no longer have anything that resembles a campaign. Cruz2016 and Rubio2016 are scam operations to thwart the intent of the voters and wrest the electoral franchise from the people, to corrupt power brokers:

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate with a realistic chance of winning the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim the party’s presidential nomination, according to a POLITICO analysis. [snip]

The outlook for his rivals is grim — there is almost no way they can get to the magic number.

Dr. Ben Carson knows what side he is on:

Carson rushed to endorse Trump, he told WABC Radio host Rita Cosby on Friday, because he feared that GOP elites’ last-ditch efforts to stop him might succeed.

I would call them disgusting and despicable, and I just hope that we can get some real leadership and not only the Republican Party, I mean Democrats, too,” Carson said. Asked why he endorsed Trump so quickly, he said that “seeing the intensity of activities by the political establishment against him, I began to realize that there was a good chance that they would succeed in derailing him and if that happened basically we’ve give the country over to socialists.”

“There’s no way I could sit there in good conscience and let that happen,” Carson said.

They can’t win against Donald Trump and his 2016 “silent majority”. That is why Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio along with Big Media and the political establishment side with totalitarian street thugs to silence Donald J. Trump and deprive him and his supporters of their free speech and associational rights in Chicago.

As in 1968 the answer from Trump’s “silent majority” supporters will be delivered at the ballot box in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, and the Northern Mariana Islands.


168 thoughts on “Chicago Gettysburg: @RealDonaldTrump Silent Majority Versus Cruz, Rubio, GOP Establishment, BLM, OWS, And The Totalitarian Left

  1. Great, can’t wait to see what BLM, OWS, and GOP establishment have in store for the GOP convention in Cleveland.

    And yes, Rubio and Cruz have show their true colors when it come to the right of assembly and free speech.

  2. Parasites of all varieties are now trying to stop Trump. Amazing.

    Dr. Ben Carson is a gentleman and a patriot. God bless him.

  3. Amazing the collaboration between the Republican establishment, Elite from both parties, looney left MO, BlM, illegals,Media Allowing police to be beat up, .

    I heard Donald canceled an event in Ohio, now Rubieslepers telling his 5% of Ohio voters to vote Kasich to stop Trump. What a slime ball, what a slime ball. Then Cruz the other slime ball is in it as thick as thieves, BrietBart owned by billionaire super pay Cruz man, Ace gone full crazy Nazi anti Trump, making up all kind of delusional connections.
    Remember obama, “they bring a knife, we bring a gun, they hit, c we hit them back twice as hard? Nothing

  4. gonzotx
    March 12, 2016 at 8:00 am

    Amazing the collaboration between the Republican establishment, Elite from both parties, looney left MO, BlM, illegals,Media Allowing police to be beat up, .

    Globalists. They thought they had captured both sides and made the rest shut up. Then Trump. Their behavior, generally losing their shit, exposes it. It is happening in Europe simultaneously and they can’t stomp out all the fires fast enough and are getting too obvious, sloppy and desperate. It is an INTERNATIONAL preference cascade. They wanted global so they get global. They just forgot or never considered that the shit would hit the fan globally and simultaneously too.

  5. Admin
    Wow…what a post. I hope after Hillary destroys her political career that you will rename this website and continue to provide the best news and analysis available anywhere in the USA. I would be lost without this site, not fully understanding what’s happening.

    There is one important difference in what happened in 1968. I was a student at the Univ of Michigan, involved in anti war protests. I attended the massive peaceful anti Vietnam protest in DC. We were protesting a useless corrupt war in a country that was drafting young men who didn’t believe in the cause and didn’t want to give their lives for it. My brother would have left the country rather than go to Vietnam.

    These protesters don’t have a just cause IMHO. Last night on the news I saw Hispanics with signs saying no human is illegal. …well of course not but their BEHAVIOR can be illegal. THe protesters were a mix of Illegals, Bernie supporters, BLM and establishment R’s. I would like Bernie top be put on the spot to answer for his supporters.

  6. Bernie blamed Trump .. his supporters still think they will just have a “free” ride if he gets in. THIS is why the protested .. they are AFRAID it’s not gonna happen

  7. They wanted global so they get global. They just forgot or never considered that the shit would hit the fan globally and simultaneously too.

    haha good point, Mormaer!

  8. You know, those Chicago “protesters” are really stupid. I do believe it was they…who got Trumped.

    Smart Trump is changing up his Ohio schedule, making it difficult for protest organizers to catch him. It is going to be very dangerous for him and any supporters, until after March 15th.

  9. If you watch Trump’s speech on youtube, there are comments being posted live on the right side. There are so many people commenting, the comments fly by so fast you can’t really even read them lol

  10. Admin.

    Brilliant post.


    What is the difference between a totalitarian leftist, nihilist, and an anarchist?


    There is no appreciable difference.

    They are simply different names for the same thing.

    And, as with similar disruption of this nature in Europe.

    It is not unlikely that Soros is behind them.

    When you study him for a year, as I did.

    It leaves very little doubt in your mind who is behind this–and why.

    He is also the financier of Black Lives Matter, and the 99%.

    He has a coherent albeit political philosophy.

    These people on the other hand are what Lenin called “useful idiots”.

  11. foxy, on the video at your protest link, the reporter says a couple of times about the protesters, “they were allowed to come in”… I thought that was interesting, especially given that reports are that they looked normal on being admitted, but once the signal was given, they revealed anti-Trump tshirts and banners. So it’s not like “protesters were ALLOWED in” (suggesting Trump wanted a violent clash), they snuck in!

  12. Trump is on fire but a bit tangential, I think his inability to give the speeches yesterday, and some today has his energy level HIGH!

  13. he turned it around well, he said “I had a great easy life, what do I need this for? — because I had a great life, and it’s time to pay it back!” He went right back to where he was, speaking on fire lol

  14. I want to watch the replay of what happened, I saw Trump body and what he was standing on starting wobbling and Trumped looked behind him and down, then I saw a secret service guy diving past Trump.

    He was speaking at a plane hangar. You could see the plane behind him, but there were people behind him, although most were in front.

    I hope that person goes to jail.

    They really are desperate.

  15. gonzo – it happened so fast , I have to see it again to know more. It was about 5 minutes before the end of the speech.

    But these idiots are being emboldened. The media of course is part of that. Maybe they need to highlight these guys going to jail.

  16. I like Jan Brewer as a VP pick for Trump. She tough, smart, articulate and a former governor.

  17. It just ended a few minutes ago, I think it takes a little bit for them to make the live speech available. I just saw his body and his podium wobbling and Trump looking behind himself for the cause, then the secret service flying by on the left side of Trump. That’s all I saw, it was so fast and of course, I wasn’t expecting it, and I was like, OMG! They’ve been attacking his supporters, but now they’re going for HIM. That’s a huge step “forward”.

    We already know how bad it will be if he is not elected. And now I just realized, all this type of person will rise if he loses. America will definitely lose if Trump loses. Thank heaven he’s a fighter, and this only seems to strengthen him. He’s not one to put his tail between his legs and slink away. (sorry Hillary)

  18. After that happened, one of the commenters (on the youtube RightSide site) said “sorry, libs, you all are going to have to get a job!”

    I know it’s a huge generalization, but I couldn’t help it, I laughed lol

  19. Looks like the live stream is now converted to watch again. It happened about 5 minutes before the end of the speech.

  20. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if the attacker was a Bernie supporter. Trump is a threat to his continued free stay in his mom’s basement.

  21. oh wow, it looks like they couldn’t tell who did it. But you’d think the supporters right there would have grabbed him or pointed the culprit out, that’s weird they didn’t…

  22. dot I was watching there live, but the comments today were sooooo fast, you couldn’t read them a lot of the time lol (so many people commenting)

    (although I did notice a lot of anti-Trump comments, which I haven’t seen before in those comments during rallies….)

  23. ok I take that back, everyone is looking to Trump’s right (our left), and I saw secret service heads above the crowd moving to our left, people are holding their phones up in that direction, so I guess the person ran that way, so maybe they did get him. I guess the secret service up with Trump was just looking for potential collaborators…

  24. gonzo I think you have to put your words first, then the youtube url last, in order for it to show up here (or maybe you know that and did it your way intentionally 🙂 )

  25. I am sure they have guy on someones video or something … we have complained to RSBN who is in contact with campaign that NOONE should EVER stand that near Trump

    LEFT can’t stand that he is connecting with the people..he is a threat to them

    GOP is afraid too .. because he has the PEOPLE with him

  26. dot, I agree, the uniparty is threatened, elites on both sides… and the obot types on the left (Hillary’s people)

  27. let me rephrase that – because I agree with Tony – the obot types of the left (Hillary AND Sanders people)

  28. (I hope it goes without saying that I’m not referring to our Hillary supporters on this site, I do NOT lump them in with the obot types, I’m talking about obot-type people)

  29. In foxy’s youtube clip above, at second :23 (the event has just happened), someone in the foreground in front of Trump, is holding up his Trump sign and tearing it in half, a little to the left of the screen. They’re really infiltrating. This is seriously dangerous when they are among the supporters (instead of in a cordoned off protester area outside), and going for Trump himself.

    I remember when someone started putting protesters in a cordoned off area (was it Bush, Obama?), sometimes quite far away, I thought that was kind of weird. Wow, it sure would be a good idea now for sure – but the bad guys can pass for regular people and don’t just want to protest they want to be in there to disrupt, so what are you going to do?

    One of the commenters on the comment stream dot mentioned said, “make them show their W2s to get in” lol

  30. My in-laws and I plan on attending West Boca tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. I think it will be a very good crowd with perhaps some minor protesters from local college. I will be wearing my Stones “You gotta Roll Me” navy blue V neck tee if anyone sees me on 📺😃

  31. A comment on the Treehouse

    Coat Confiscator says:
    March 12, 2016 at 12:46 pm
    The would-be Trump assassin is a member of the Mexican mafia. Look at the images of his tattoo. A giant M, associated with “La Eme”. They are one of the largest and most ruthless prison gangs in the U.S. They’re allied with the Aryan Brotherhood, and have a common enemy in the Nuestra Familia.

    La Eme was started not in Mexico, but in Mexican-Americans who were incarcerated in American prisons. La Eme is a Sureño gang, belonging to a large affiliation of Hispanic gangs in Southern California.

    Photos of the would-be-assassin: and

    As I’ve said before, the opponents of Trump are evil people, traitors who want to destroy our country. We are going to have to get a lot harsher to deal with these animals.

  32. I have a comment in moderation, so this refers to it, once it shows up –

    The post has two links for photos of the guy who attacked Trump – they group shots of the rally when it happened – I can’t tell who they are referring to in the photos – maybe someone else can.

  33. Hillary and Bernie are partly responsible for the violence because they promote the racism and bigot name calling.

  34. Tony, if the protester they’re showing being led away (looks like a white college aged kid) is truly the culprit (unclear if that was the protester who went for Trump, or another one, there had been another in the crowd just before the one where the guy went for Trump) – anyway, if that’s the ONE, then the Treehouse comment I pasted above (in moderation right now) is wrong. They were talking about someone with tattoos and MX gang member….

  35. Trump has another rally in Cincinnati in less than 30 minutes. We’ll see if Bernie, Cruz and Rubio has more tricks up their sleeves.

  36. Jb,

    They would take the Stones song as a call to violence I am sure,the Media, but it is spot on.
    Hey hold a sign that says Trump 46…we will find you I hope!

  37. Rubio speaking soon at restaurant location we just ate at in Tampa. Place called the Oxford Exchange near University of Tampa.

  38. Gonzo. I don’t know how many people at the Rubio “rally” but unless this is across the street over at the U of Tampa, there’s not a lot of room at this location. The News trucks are at the restaurant.

  39. Tony Stark
    March 12, 2016 at 1:18 pm
    They arrested the dufus and charged him with misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and inducing panic.
    In the spirit of Madeline (there is a special place in hell for people who disagree with me) Albright who told the generals who were cautious of jumping into a foreign war without public support, a clearly defined public interest, and an exit strategy–the lesson of Viet Nam, WHAT IS THE USE OF HAVING A MILITARY IF WE DON’T USE IT.

    Now putting aside the Alfonse-Gastone routine by the Pentagon and State Department–no that is a military problem–no that is a diplomatic problem, etc.–after you, no no after you etc. which is one of Washington’s many, many, many disfuctions, the question presented here is this:

    What is the use of having Homeland Security which has law abiding citizens under 24/7 surveillance and drones and secret courts of the star chamber, and not use it to give these anarchists a little of their own shock and awe. And why not do the same to the drug gangs. When it seeps into Bill Gates compound or that little prick Zuckerbergs castle, only then will something be done about it. Hey, little fellers, put down you brick bats for a moment, get in the bus, I have found a better target for your excessive violent quest for what you define as social justice. Lets go have tea and crumpets with the real oppressors. Why drive when you can be a rich pedestrian and a budding Che Guervera?

  40. One protester out already
    I am telling myself, hey idiot, stop looking at this like it is a political event and start looking at it as a sporting event. If the violent protester is one of their de facto leaders, it is comparable to taking out the opposing team quarterback. Their second string quaterback can’t fill his jock strap (sorry I am beginning to sound like Donald) so we win!!!

  41. Trump openly called Bernie a “Communist” then mocked Hillary for having so much trouble trying to put Bernie away.

  42. I just saw a 10 second video on Twitter of the guy that stormed the stage. Looked like about four Secret Service agents were practically carrying him out and his feet were barely touching the ground. They were were leading him out toward where the plane was parked. When Trump first arrived they also showed a black Chevy Suburban pull up to the rally (where the plane was on the tarmac) so I think that’s where they were headed. The guy was white and was wearing a black tee shirt that looked like it had been torn on the left shoulder.

  43. Gonzotx, I use to live virtually across the street from Southcounty park about 18 yrs ago. I have not been to the amphitheater, but it says room for 6k. I don’t know if that many people will show up as this is a very blue county. Perhaps because of the Chicago protesters more will show up just for the spectacle. I am looking to see if he has a local office to get a sign, Trump shirt or hat . Maybe at the event. It is going to be very hot.

  44. jbstonesfan,

    I signed up for the Trump event tomorrow, but have not been feeling well so if there are long lines, I may not make it.

  45. There is a flag burning video that the Trump attacker made that was picked up and branded by ISIS. In it, he is wearing his pants at half mast, periodically pulling them up, and leading a bunch of black people. It is all weird and sick.

  46. Tony Stark
    March 12, 2016 at 3:31 pm
    And here is his mug shot at the county lockup.
    Ain’t technology grand!!!

    Within a couple hours this douche is exposed.

  47. LuPuma, feel better. I signed up this am and it was no problem. I will watch local news to see what the expected turnout will be. Maybe lines for security/metal detectors.

  48. Here is my tribute to that fine young protestor who had his liberty taken away from him by the capitalist pigs and the white oppressors:

    Just saw you in a mug shot
    You’re wonderful to see,
    A social justice warrior
    Oh what a hit you will be!

    Your face will thrill your cell mate
    Your lips would be adored,
    Forget about a jail break
    You slimy whore

    You’re sure to shine as brightly
    In Jolliette or Oz;
    You oughta be in leg irons,
    You star of stars.

  49. Trump needs to be very careful.

    The night I was able to vote for the first time, I walked back home and found out that Bobby Kennedy was shot, the same time I voted for him. It was during the Primary.

  50. Wbb, I haven’t forgotten our conversation on the last thread, and I will rewrite it when things cool down on Big Pink.

    Not wanting too jump into this hot bed……………..

  51. wbboei

    Here is my tribute to that fine young protestor

    —-Good job Wbb, you need to put it to some rap music to get his bros to listen to it.

  52. …got tickets too for tomorrow…i will try to make, not sure I will be able to

    if not, will be there in full spirit

  53. Free speech includes what the totalitarians peg “hate speech”. A great deal of what these totalitarians against Trump say we view as “hate speech”. That does not mean we would suggest their “hate speech” be banned. The “hate speech” of totalitarians on the left is free speech. We support free speech.

    Dr. Keith Ablow: SHOCKED that Cruz and Rubio Support Violent Protests

    BTW, to post a youtube in the comments you must paste the URL and then have a blank line before and after the URL. Should be something like this:

    whatever comment you want followed by a blank line

    “the youtube URL address goes here” followed by another blank line

    then you can put another comment if you so want.

  54. Shadowfax
    March 12, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Here is my tribute to that fine young protestor

    —-Good job Wbb, you need to put it to some rap music to get his bros to listen to it.
    Shadow, you must tell me the truth now

    Do you believe the bros would be receptive to a little Rudy Valley

    I mean for the sake of diversity and affirmative action etc?

    My lyrics bastardized one of his songs, You Ought To Be In Pictures

  55. admin

    March 12, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    Shadow…I just watched the video Admin posted above. I don’t see this “hot bed” getting any cooler.

  56. Cruz won WY big caucus…Trump 3rd poor showing but like a few thousand votes total entire race 29 delegates up.

  57. lorac
    March 12, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    I am so impressed. Little ISIS wannabe Tommy Dimassimo. I think we should export him to Syria.

  58. How Ray Gun dealt with protesters 1969.. i remember being in lots of civil rights antiwar protests in Milwaukee, I stepped out of sidewalk, which we were limited to cause I lost my friend, huge crowd thousands, anti Wallace.. Well a police officer, huge guy, I was 16,just looking for my friend, and he picked me up and threw me hard.If some nice man hadent caught me my head would have smashed on a fire hydrant…

  59. I noticed at the end of the 3rd rally (Kansas City) that Trump didn’t go into the crowd to shake hands and sign autographs as he always does – he just exited with some secret service agents into the curtain on the side of the stage…

  60. (but he did as he usually does after the second rally, so maybe his 3rd rally exit wasn’t because of the attacker in the first rally today…)

  61. In the 3rd rally Trump said he’s going to have to press charges against the protesters who disrupt his rallies, and the next woman who protested, he said, “arrest her”. I know these are “private” events because he rents the venues, but is there such a charge for these people? Even the guy who tried to attack him only got charged with 2 misdemeanors and is already out (although Trump’s point was that they would have to explain to their parents and potential future employers why they have a police record). The people who shout out and disrupt, I wonder what would be the charge?

    What do our lawyers have to say about this question…?

  62. I like how Trump has started referring to protesters as “Bernie’s people”. “Oh! We have another of Bernie’s people here, get them out of here!” (paraphrased) lol

  63. I am so impressed. Little ISIS wannabe Tommy Dimassimo.
    One bad turn deserves another.

    The system may have more good things in store for him

    An all expenses paid trip to Sing Sing,

    A date with Bubba date–just like

    The old Dating Game, without Bob Eubanks.

    Yes, Tommy, I mean Che—Karma is a bitch.

  64. Between now and Tuesday, MSNBC will have Tommy on the air. If we are real lucky they will give him his own show, since Dirty Al’s show has fizzled. There wouldn’t be much dialogue, but the MSNBC audience is ignorant and illiterate anyway ergo no harm no foul. Here is the pilot for the Tommy D show, with Ayres the voice over:

  65. This poor guy, he tried so hard to get the crowd to open their eyes. They just want their victimhood, they don’t want to accept that they choose to buy into the lies and live a life of handouts. They think they’re “getting one over” on “the system”, but all they do is cause themselves to live a life of poverty and complaining….

  66. wbboei – do you have any ideas what charges a non-violent (but disruptive) protester in a Trump rally could be charged with?

  67. Meanwhile, Bernie gets 17 yr olds to vote in ILL which will probably swing the race in his favor.

  68. lorac
    March 12, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    wbboei – do you have any ideas what charges a non-violent (but disruptive) protester in a Trump rally could be charged with?

    Depending on the content of the speech, the actions associated with it, the predicate acts and an intent to harm people and/or property, the charges could range anywhere from disturbing the peace, to inciting a riot, to terroristic threats.

    Over a decade ago, the Dallas Fort Worth police changed a Teamster I was prosecuting with terroristic threats. He had a reputation for violence, an assault rifle, had threatened other employees to do a drive by. Nevertheless, the charge did not stick.

    In this case, it would require a strong showing that the perpetrator had the will and capacity to carry out the threat, it was imminent, and it posed a clear and present danger to the public.

  69. I thought Cruz got all the Wyoming delegates too but I just read this on Twitter:

    1100 people voted today, the state convention will be held next month to award 14 more delegates 29 total.

    I think I read somewhere else that Cruz received 9 today and I’m not sure about the others.

  70. Isn’t that grand;

    1100 people vote, and all they get is 9 delegates

    Next month the party hacks vote—probably 100 of them

    And they get 14 delegates

    The vote in Wyoming is determined by insiders

    Not as bad as Colorado–where the party hacks get all the delegates

    And the people do not have a primary

    But it is still morally reprehensible–and offensive to democracy

  71. well said from Allen West

    My husband and I just returned from a rather heated dinner discussion with a person who at least before dinner was a friend. She raised the issue of last nights Trump rally and how Trump has “caused this” with his hateful rhetoric.
    I shocked her when I countered that the liberal left had become the “haters” and that you didn’t see any Trump protestors behaving badly at Clinton or Sanders rallies…no matter how distasteful their policies.
    Like most liberals today she just spits out one talking point after another…Republicans gridlocked Obama because they’re racists….Obama has been a great president…race relations never better…
    I told her how deeply offended I was at being called a racist and low information bigot and she was stunned as she sees me as an otherwise intelligent educated person.

  72. I’m reading accounts that Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich are all getting hammered on their face book pages today from their own supporters for blaming Trump for the obot violence and refusing to validate his first amendment rights. People are saying they’re going to vote for Trump instead.

  73. totally disgusted
    March 12, 2016 at 10:27 pm
    Above, I noted Karma can be a bitch.

    So can reality, when you cannot face it.

    I have had two similar conversations.

    Obama is a failure and they need an excuse.

    Other than the fact that they got bamboozled.

    So they blame everybody but themselves.

    Its like achoholism.

    You cannot deal with it until you admit it.

    People like this need to forget about Trump

    They need to look themselves in the mirror

    And repeat three times : I was bamboozled.

    And if millions like me had not been bamboozled

    And the nation had not paid dearly for it

    Then there would be no candidate Trump

    If things were different they would’t be the same.

    If this friend lives on the Upper East side

    She could benefit from the services of a good shrink

  74. Sorry, I played the shrink car prematurely.

    It is best to hold it in reserve until they call you a Nazi

    Or tell you, like Secretary Alright did, there is a special place in hell for those who disagree with me.

    Then you affect a syrup tone, and need to see a shrink, because they have no sense of reality.

    And then you can guild the lily by telling them that the first visit is probably free.

    To be most effective, do this in a public setting with no less than 10 and no more than 50 people within earshot.

  75. When Richard described Donald as the man in the arena, I thought of a skillful bullfighter.

    Take a look at the 2:10 minute mark et seq in this link and tell me I am wrong.

    The mobilization of the left and their resort to violence will draw people who were sitting on the fence into the fray.

    Alinsky tactics work in a society which prizes order and is willing to accept black mail–in other words, a society willing to pay Dane Geld.

    But once it realizes the end of that game is oppression and shame and the nation that pays it is lose, then it will crush them.
    Recon By Fire

    The Left may be on the verge of thinking they’ve shut down Donald Trump when they’ve done the opposite.

    For months, Trump has been able to control — and often use to his advantage — the hundreds of protesters who show up to his rallies to oppose rhetoric they consider divisive, racist and hateful. …
    But Trump could not control the protesters who showed up by the thousands to his rally Friday night at the University of Illinois at Chicago. … “We stopped Trump!” the protesters at the rally chanted after the event was canceled, pumping their fists into the air. “We stopped Trump! We stopped Trump!”

    Perhaps what the Left have really done, as predicted, is SUPERCHARGED HIS CAMPAIGN — and they’re doing it again. The day after the Trump rally in Chicago was canceled, Trump was rushed by a protester in Dayton Ohio. (Video here). It will probably GAIN HIM A FEW MORE POLLING POINTS.

    The result may be a wave of sympathy support for Trump. He is now the Man in the Arena, the guy on center stage. Voters who were formerly content to compare one candidate’s policies to another may now feel emotionally compelled to take his side in the showdown with leftist muscle. What the Left has done is give the limbic brain a chance to overpower the cerebrum.


    History is filled with incidents that so starkly frame the narrative that they compel a gut decision: Concord Bridge, the Reichstag Fire, and the Amritsar Massacre to name only a few. Some of these pivotal incidents, like Concord and Amritsar, were genuine. Others were contrived. As a result, the outcomes varied. Sometimes the litmus moments led to the right thing at the right time; other times it led to “the wrong man for the right reasons”.

    The Trump phenomenon is especially interesting because it is the joint creation of Leftist fantasies and populist reaction. The image of Trump represents what the Left think he is; what they would prefer to fight. Trump is the distillation of all that gives their anger meaning. Sanders’ supporters, having chosen their candidate also want to select their opponent. In that way the tableau is complete and the psycho-drama can proceed. This is the Boss-level fight. Whether the image represents reality or not is oddly beside the point.

    But the cerebrum has had its input too. Although it may hardly seems so, in one respect this is the best election cycle ever. The one clear benefit of this conflict-filled campaign season is the information it has thrown up. The chaos has forced candidates to abandon their scripted paths and into unplanned encounters. We seem them as they are, with their focus-group crafted speeches and professionally written zingers left by the wayside.

    It is often forgotten, in this age of overhead reconnaissance and ISR, that people used to find out what was over the next hill by sending a luckless patrol over or firing and seeing if anything fired back. Those who formerly believed there was no one in the Leftist or Populist woods must now see they are full of hostiles.

    In the process these encounters have yielded up a trove of insights that the spin-doctors would otherwise have smoothed over. Candidates that looked good — or bad — on paper are put to the test in ‘combat’. Events are like a shock test and from their results we know more of what Sanders, Hillary, Trump, Cruz and Rubio really are. Though we might not like what we see, there is more to examine.

    The results are the mixed picture one would expect. What all the meeting engagements, chance encounters, retreats under fire, advances under doubt of the campaign reveal is a map of strengths and weaknesses in a less-than-perfect array of candidates. No one is the perfect package of guts, intellect, character, truthfulness and acumen one would like. But if one tries hard enough, it might just be possible to find what you can live with.

    There is no Santa Claus, Virginia. However, there are Bernie, Hillary, Donald, Ted and Marco. Now which one will it be?

  76. From Hillary, Cruz and Rubio to this conflict–the one which had to happen at this time, because of the seismic forces in play—their response to it all has been ain’t it awful what Donald is doing. That response is enough to destroy any presumption of leadership. Leaders do not ignore the facts, or the zeigeist. They do not try to hide it under political correctness, or engage in bitter partisanship. That is what cowards. Not leaders. (Note: don’t get me wrong. I still want Hillary to win the primary. We have come to far to let that slip away yet again. Bernie is as maniacal as his supporters, but the dark horse they have in mind–whoever it is, would be orders of magnitude worse.)

  77. 99.9% of the American People are oblivious to what is happening to their country. The main reason is the elites have covered it up. It takes someone like Donald to wake them up, and the elites do not like that. But with or without Donald what Obama has done will crash though their front window.

    I have been fortunate, or unfortunate as the case may be, to have had a couple of those come to Jesus moments. The first happened two weeks ago when my car was T-bowed by a vehicle driven by a gentleman from the Ivory Coast. The car was a classic and the parts are no longer available so it was treated as a constructive total loss with a minimal pay out. The other driver did not have insurance. I leased a new Toyota, and tonight, lightening struck twice. I was travelling along one of our main streets, i.e. Madison and a pedestrian decided to jump out in front of me. I jamed on the brakes and the car in back of me slammed into my right rear. The pedestrian came up to me afterwards, thanked me for stopping and gave me his name. But he asked me not to report him to the IRS. The guy in back of me was wearing an army pullover, and told me he had been discharged with a psychological disability. He told me he was going to school on the GI bill, but was sleeping in his car with his cat. I got his phone number and vehicle license, but I doubt I will ever see him again. My collision coverage has a thousand dollar deductible. My town, Seattle, where I was born and raised is becoming an inhospital place. China which as more money than land is settling here en masse, and they are buying up probably thousands of residential properties, indigents from all parts of the country are moving here because there are no jobs in other places, and I learned only this afternoon that the state of Washington–meaning Seattle has contributed more money to Bernie than any other state. Like I say, reality is a bitch. Big media however covers it all up, especially the idiot rag The Seattle Times, which went with the headline that Trumps campaign of hate was shut down in Chicago. Nothing could be further from the truth, but no one any more is interested in the truth. There is only the narrative.

  78. The way I look at it, the elites are robbing the American People blind–taking their money, their jobs, their safety net, their children’s future and their right to vote. They do this because they can, and because congress has been bought. Simply put, they are burglars, and they do their dirty work under cover of darkness. Therefore, it is surprising that they would object when someone like Donald turns on the kleig lights so all can see what thieves and degenerates they truly are. No wonder they hate him. No wonder they are bent on destroying him. These are not at all the elites of yesteryear. Those people were Americans. Our current elites are citizens of the world, or as Stalin called people of their ilk–rootless cosmopolitans. They would rather let everything crash than surrender control. I hold out very little hope they will change, as long as they are living.

  79. The condemnation of Trump by Cruz over the protests is not an effort to attract votes.

    It is an attempt by Cruz to cozy up to the establishment.

    For someone who professes to love the Constitution it is curious that he would manifest so little regard for the First Amendment, which according the the late Justice Hugo Black, comes first because it is first. If you are unfamiliar with that Amendment Ted, it protects free speech and the right to assemble. If you would like to know more about the first amendment, then, as Casey Stengel said: “look it up”, because then you might even learn something. And above all Ted remember the old saying, its what you learn AFTER you know it all that counts.

  80. Sanders’ supporters, having chosen their candidate also want to select their opponent. In that way the tableau is complete and the psycho-drama can proceed. This is the Boss-level fight. Whether the image represents reality or not is oddly beside the point.
    Which proves that I have been on a fool’s errand trying to tell these young barbarians that the establishment is the enemy, and Trump and Bernie are both insurgent campaigns, and that if Bernie fails Donald is the alternatives. That suggestion, by me, was met with icy stares, and I figured the problem was the messenger not the message. I should have known better. I know every political movement needs a villain, but I figured I could make he establishment the villain, but these little Marxist chose Donald as their opponent. If I had thought about it more clearly, then I would have realized he had to be their target because he represents all the things they hate, i.e. the middle class, patriotism, accountability, etc. He may even remind them of their parents. And above all he is a rich business man which in their eyes is the root of all evil. Richards comment above helped clarify the issue in my mind, and I will stop wasting my breath on trying to persuade them with logic and proof. Like I say, this is a fool’s errand. I have been on enough of them over the years. I really don’t need another.

  81. The White Middle Class Needs To Die Off

    So says National Review roving writer Kevin Williamson

    About Kevn Williamson, the following has been said:

    “Williamson lacks the ability to report facts accurately and his work contains preposterous errors.”

    But inasmuch as there are millions of white working class, the burial problem is obvious.

    If the goal is the greatest happiness for the greatest number

    Wouldn’t it be equitable and more efficient if Williamson took the path he advocates for other.

    In this case, I believe the Pope would give him absolution for suicide.

    But since he is a coward, he will stay around and with articles like this

    Suffer the death of a thousand cuts

  82. “Williamson lacks the ability to report facts accurately and his work contains preposterous errors.”
    So now we know what it takes to be a “roving writer for National Review.”

    The Cuban banker maintained that National Review, like the old gray nag, ain’t what it used to be

    When Buckley and Rusher ran it.

  83. wbboei
    March 13, 2016 at 1:04 am

    Thanks for the dose of Dmitri. Was fortunate to see him in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin at the Met a number of years ago. Unbelievable performance. Very easy on the eyes, too.

  84. I’ve been fighting with idiots on FB…they buy the Bernie BS and see Trump AS Hitler..they buy the narrative hook , line and sinker.
    I’m Going To Stop And Finally Un Friend them, Can Stand Their BS.
    Lol, people use to unfriendly me cause of Hillary..obots all…fried.

  85. wbboei
    March 13, 2016 at 4:51 am

    The White Middle Class Needs To Die Off

    So says National Review roving writer Kevin Williamson

    About Kevn Williamson, the following has been said:

    “Williamson lacks the ability to report facts accurately and his work contains preposterous errors.”

    Whenever someone goes over the edge, especially so publicly, I look at their biography and prior work. Williamson has had many, MANY, employers. He lived (and I would presume worked) in India for quite some time which of course is the location of one of the world’s most punitive and bizarre social class structures called castes. Williams is assigning “untouchable” status to a very large group of US citizens. Who own guns. And get to vote currently.

    One of the things that always eventually tells about “globalists” is their overweening pride in their elite status. Education, pedigree, ability to string together nonsense ideas, beliefs, and wishes often gathered upon their rootless, uninformed, and almost certainly terrifying travels. Being convinced of their superiority is central to their survival. Mr. Williamson is paid to serve globalist elites and appears to believe he is one himself. He is not. He is an paid ass kisser and says in print what his masters dare not in public but openly espouse in private. His place in his current semi-privileged social caste requires it. He could be a rag picker on a garbage dump tomorrow. Writing for a magazine no one reads is chancy and could certainly lead to hysteria.

    The current elite is going down. Like the Hapsburgs, so inbred that they had deformed jaws and could not chew, so in a bubble they don’t know anyone who didn’t go to prep school and an Ivy, so used to failing repeatedly upward they cannot understand how it is all falling apart. Meritocracy is their enemy. Their minions shrieks are the harbinger of the realignment. Williamson and poor, left tragically alone Irish sneering girl Maureen Dowd, servants both to people they were told were better than they are. The dodo birds. They had no use. Will the globalists be sitting stuffed in museums for the multitudes to gawp at their oddness and evolutionary dead end?

  86. gonzotx
    March 13, 2016 at 8:47 am

    German regional elections today. We’ll see how globalist Merkel does. Tuesday we will see how the globalist Bush cabal does. Don’t lose heart as change is usually incremental. Word is getting out and like Churchill said “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” We’ve pretty much tried everything else already.

  87. gonzotx,

    Take a break and try again. The globalists have failed. Otherwise, Trump would not have made it as far as he has. The silent majority exists all over the world. They are good people of all races, religions and ethnicities. They have protested the TPP and call for human rights. It is just that this bunch now in power has not answered.

    We will see if they accept this peaceful revolution. It is actually their best option, if they could see beyond their denial.

  88. lorac

    March 12, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    wbboei – do you have any ideas what charges a non-violent (but disruptive) protester in a Trump rally could be charged with?

    Likely, criminal trespass. Sort of weak, but in civil action, someone can be sued and attorney’s fees awarded for simply causing something to interfere with someone’s right to enjoy their property – even throwing a baseball in your neighbor’s yard, EVEN if you didn’t mean to throw it in your neighbors yard. The Venue is Trump’s to enjoy for his purpose for the period of his lease.

    Got into this with someone on Twitter Friday afternoon before the riots who was arguing that protesters removed from Trump’s rallies “were just trying to exercise their 1A rights”. I asked them if they were fine with me and friends coming over to yell at them in their living room. After several exchanges explaining the above to him/her, it went from Trump violating their 1A rights to “excessive force”.

  89. Foxy
    That was yesterday Right? He’s very good and needs to be on all the shows.
    So they won’t put him on. . The media

  90. The polls this morning for Trump look good. Rubio the snake is weasling on support for Trump as the GOP candidate. THAT is what Chicago was about. Give them an excuse. All the other candidates in the race, GOP and Dem, are blaming Trump.

    2 more days. Just pray.

  91. blowme0bama
    March 13, 2016 at 11:02 am
    Then you think criminal trespass would apply. This assumes Trump has a property right in the premises, by virtue of ownership, or simply renting them for legitimate purposes. And by interfering with that property right, through conduct which exceeds the parameters of free speech, they are liable. We ran into this during the battle of Seattle when the left flew in activists to disrupt a WTO meeting.They broke some glass, disrupted traffic, and a New York Times writer in a Brioni overcoat standing beside me tried his level best to egg the protesters on. The cops were scared. Criminal charges were filed by the King County prosecutor and later they were dropped. If there had been serious injuries, they would have been compelled to do more. And I made it my business to be out there because even then I hated the globalist more than the leftists. This was one rare instance where Soros was not behind the disruption—as he was behind similar tactics in the colors revolutions in eastern Europe, which installed puppet governments beholden to capitalists.

    The remarkable thing about the left is their consistency. During the 1930s the Spanish intellectual Jose Gassett y Ortega made the salient observation that when the mass man is starving, he protests by burning down a bread factory. In our time, leftist see the ebb tide for the American People, so they fall in love with a candidate who has no proven ability to solve the problem, and judging by his resume could not pour piss out of a boot if it had the instructions on the bottom side. He is their hill to die for. He is their Don Quixote de la Mancha. He is why Richard describes their political movement as fantasy, driven by greed on the one hand and things that go bump in the night. To a man like Soros, they are useful idiots. To the rest of us, they are barbarians at the gate.

  92. The polls this morning for Trump look good. Rubio the snake is weasling on support for Trump as the GOP candidate. THAT is what Chicago was about.
    If the contract of mutual support is to be annulled, rescinded, breached, call it what you will, then Trump is free to run as a third party candidate. In that case, he will siphon off half of the party base. I have long believed that is what needs to happen. So I have no difficulty saying: Go ahead you slimy motherfuckers, make my day.

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