From Big Pink: Insults, Great Advice, Sanity, Analysis For #Hillary2016, @RealDonaldTrump, @TedCruz, @MarcoRubio, @BernieSanders

Once again we must perform a public service and provide the sanity, good advice, early and smart analysis, along with insults to the presidential campaigns and their respective supporters. That’s because we have never seen so much stupidity.

Now that Jeb Bush is out (although he’s now holding auditions for his kiss-of-death endorsement) there is no contest as to which is the dumbest campaign this election cycle. The winner beyond dispute is Hillary2016. Ted Cruz has the smartest inside baseball organization but the dumbest supporters. But overall, Hillary2016 takes home the prize for klutzes and clods.

Consider the events and results surrounding the Michigan primary results. As the crushing tally of the Michigan contest came in, we saw Bernie Sanders celebrating his “revolution”. Here’s the crackpot in full glory:

Notice the signs behind Saint Bernard. We finally have an answer to our oft asked question about the campaign slogans of various campaigns. We frequently note that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” is universally recognized while no other campaign has a slogan we can remember. Now we can see that Bernie Sanders’ slogan is “A Future To Believe In”.

The slogan “A Future To Believe In” is clumsy but clever. The “future” part is an appeal to his callow millennial supporter base. But the interesting part of the slogan, the crafty, nasty, vicious, “To Believe In” is what caught our eye. Where have we seen that before?

Back in 2007 we wrote about what makes a good political campaign slogan. We wrote that a good slogan should be short, three or four words maximum. We wrote about why “The New Frontier” “Nixon’s the One” “Putting People First” “A New Deal” “Morning In America” were all excellent slogans. An excellent slogan not only puts forth the candidate’s message but it’s also a good attack against the opposition. “The New Frontier” was the promise of “a new generation of leadership” and also JFK’s way of running against the oldest president up to that time, Dwight Eisenhower. “A New Deal” was a positive way of attacking the old deal. “Putting People First” was a promise and also a critique that Bush did not put people first.

“A Future To Believe In” is rather long so it fails on length. But as a positive vision and especially as an attack it is smart. Sanders’ slogan is a canny way of saying that Hillary’s vision is not one “to believe in”. Where have we heard that before? Well, back in 2011 we worked hard to wise up Hillary Clinton in a nice way, to no avail. We quoted that hater of Big Pink, Ben Smith on Barack Obama’s dirty campaigns:

“The former Illinois senator’s career is littered with the husks of fallen candidates, and at the core of every major race he’s won is a personal contrast — though his aides protest, more credibly in some cases than others, that they had little to do with it. His primary and general election campaigns in 2004 featured candidates undone by divorce filings. His 2008 primary campaign against Hillary Clinton was one long, high-concept assault on her credibility, under a brilliant banner that contained an unstated contrast: “Change You Can Believe In.” In the general election, a barrage of negative advertising added to aides’ — but never Obama’s — jabs at an “erratic” John McCain.

Bernie Sanders’ “A Future To Believe In” is a variation of Obama’s “Change You Can Believe In”. It’s an attack against Hillary and her credibility. But don’t tell Hillary2016 that. They’re liable to hurt their wittle heads. The Sanders’ campaign has many Obama aides as does the Hillary campaign. But somehow Hillary2016 does not understand that the assault on her is an attack on her credibility, honesty, trustworthiness. Hillary Clinton blathers on about this plan and that plan and “I will do this” and “I will do that” but few believe her because, well, Hillary is not “change you can believe in” or represents “a future to believe in”. The attacks on Hillary Clinton are personal and she responds with policy. Have you ever seen anything so stupid? It’s 2008 all over again, only dumber because we’ve seen this before.

Why did Hillary lose Michigan even as the polls showed her with twenty point leads? Because on Sunday and Monday Bernie Sanders’ in a debate and a town hall said on trade agreements and other matters there was no reason “to believe in” what Hillary was saying:

CNN exit polls showed that Sanders outperformed Clinton among voters who are “very worried” about the U.S. economy, 56% to 40%. Among voters who believe international trade takes away American jobs, Sanders also led Clinton, 56% to 43% — a sign that Sanders’ populist economic message resonated in Michigan.

In another troubling sign for the Clinton campaign, among voters who said their most important priority in a presidential candidate is that they are honest and trustworthy, Sanders overwhelmingly outperformed Clinton, 80% to 19%.

Hillary Clinton can talk about policy all she wants. But if people don’t believe her she’s in trouble. That’s what Bernie Sanders’ campaign is up to. Sanders knows he can’t beat Hillary on policy, so why not call her a liar? Not that we think she or Bernie Sanders are either of the ones Barack Obama has chosen to anoint at the convention. The big winner of the Hillary v. Bernie fight in Michigan is none other than Donald J. Trump.

Sanders is running a smart campaign. He’s got money and a money making machine which starts printing funds after every victory. Sanders, like Obama, is running a “clean, positive” campaign on paper, while going heavily negative in the subtext. Sanders should just come right out and call Hillary Clinton a “corrupt crony capitalist” but the sensitive souls in his rallies might faint so that is why he does not. Or maybe he will? There’s a debate tonight after all.

Donald J. Trump won the fight in the Sanders v. Clinton brawl. Hillary was a big loser. But the biggest loser of all? Well, that’s Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz lost big on March 8. It’s not so much the three vicious beatings Donald J. Trump administered to Lyin’ Ted. It’s that Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz supporters (the dumbest supporters of any candidate this cycle) have gone all out nuts. Before they were delusional. Now, after March 8, Teddy and the Cruzers are plain ol’ nuts. Nuts. Wack. Bongo. Flipped. Bonkers.

Consider this Cruz supporter who once had a brain:

Thus, the way I see it, the downside to Cruz of delivering Florida and Ohio to Trump is less down than the downside of letting Rubio and Kasich get their stupid fucking Participation Trophy and their excuse (and financial backing) to continue dicking around in a race that neither man can win. Neither of these guys can win more delegates than Trump now; both are hoping just to have a contested convention, and then hope that the Establishment reaches past the 1st and 2nd place finishers to deliver the win to the third or fourth place “winner” — Rubio Gold come literally true, in other words.

This makes no sense from Cruz’s perspective.

It’s time to take them both out, and then take his chances one-on-one with Trump, 250 or more delegates behind. It’s a bad situation to be in, but if, after knocking these two Participation Trophy Collectors, he could start winning by 56% to 44%, he could start to wear down Trump’s delegate lead to something winnable at a contested convention.

See, we told you there is nothing dumber than a Cruz supporter. If we were advising Cruz we would say leave Ohio and Florida to Kasich and Rubio, respectively to fight it out with Trump – and concentrate your finances and appearances in Illinois and Missouri, which also vote on March 15. But such is the stupidity of Cruz supporters that they think Cruz should expend time and money to make sure Rubio and Kasich die in their respective states.

The truly stupid Cruz supporters must be Common Core math students – a trite joke but the only viable explanation for such fathoms deep dumbassery. Somehow these truly stupid Cruz supporters and Ted Cruz don’t realize that on March 15 not only Florida and Ohio vote – but also voting are North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri.

A Trump win in winner take all Florida and Ohio mean 99 and 66 delegates for Trump. Add the 69 Illinois, 84 Missouri, 72 Missouri, 72 proportionally allocated North Carolina delegates, and Trump will be up substantially, unstoppably so once his near 500 delegates already garnered get added all up to some Trumptastic sum of all fears. The more Trump is assured of victory in Ohio and Florida the more Trump can campaign in all these states. Trump is already ahead everywhere – but the dumbass Cruz supporters think helping Trump get close to 1,000 delegates so they can have their one-on-one Trump v. Cruz dream is smart. Such stupidity. After March 15, Donald Trump wins in states like New York and New Jersey will push him over the magic number and Ted Cruz will be in Texas wondering about that truck that ran him over.

The word stupidity immediately brings to mind the corner Donald Trump has painted Little Marco into. At his press conference on Tuesday night Donald Trump noted that Little Marco’s barking and yelping did not help Little Marco because they were inauthentic. But Little Marco barked and yelped himself into oblivion. Now Little Marco faces obliteration in Florida.

Little Marco, because of early voting already has votes racked up in Florida. The Little Marco votes won’t get him a win. Which places Little Marco in a lose/lose situation. If Little Marco stays in the race, Little Marco loses and his career goes up in smoke. If Little Marco gets out before Florida votes, the votes he has already racked up will not go to a candidate other than Trump, so Little Marco will still be a big loser.

Donald J. Trump has put Little Marco in a lose/lose situation. Donald J. Trump has also placed Teddy Cruz in a lose/lose situation. Because of Trump’s victories in the Michigan counties bordering Ohio (not to mention Kasich lost Michigan, a state Kasich swore he would win) and his big lead in Ohio, Donald J. Trump has also placed John Kasich in a lose/lose situation. Bad news all around for everyone except Donald J. Trump.

We do have some advice for Little Marco though. Here’s our advice for Little Marco:

Dear Little Marco,

Donald J. Trump in his victory press conference told you about your big mistake in pretending you were a tough guy and being someone you are not. That Don Rickles comedy routine of yours hurt you a great deal. The reason it hurt you is that you got away from who you are and our advice is for you to get back to being the person you are. If you do get back to being who you are we have a way for you to salvage something, we don’t know what, from the disaster that is your campaign.

First, who are you? You’re a whore. You whored your way into the good graces of the dominatrix Bush family. Then you whored your way to an elected position. Then you whored yourself to the Tea Party to get elected when you ran against the governor of Florida, Charlie Crist. Then you whored yourself to the Chamber of Commerce, betrayed the Tea Party citizens that elected you to the senate, all so that you could get financing for your presidential run from the advocates of a low wage society illegal immigration amnesty Chamber of Commerce and associated oligarchs.

Having whored yourself to the Bush family, the Tea Party, then the Chamber of Commerce, you thought you were on your way to the White House. To do that you betrayed the Bush family, the Tea Party, and then you committed the ultimate sin when you failed to carry out your mission of illegal immigration amnesty for the Chamber of Commerce. In other words, you are an ineffective back-stabbing whore.

So our advice to you Little Marco is to get back to being what you are and what you do best: be a back-stabbing whore – although do try to be effective at it. Open your knees and shut your eyes, whore. Recall that night you were arrested in that park. Be the person you are.

Once you accept and return to the person you are, a back-stabbing whore, you will feel and do a lot better.

So this is what we think you should do, whore: Do not pull out. Stay in the race. Lose. Then in your tradition of being a good back-stabbing whore, do some back-stabbing, whore. The moment you lose go in front of the microphones in Florida on losing election night. Then, you back-stabbing whore, stab your patrons in the back, whore.

This is what you do whore: concede the Florida primary and then immediately endorse Donald J. Trump. Ask the party to unite with Donald J. Trump. Say it is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their party and help elect Donald J. Trump. Praise Trump. Extol Trump. Sing hosannas to Trump. Denounce all enemies of Trump. Vow your undying allegiance to Trump. You’re a whore you can do this.

What will this get you? Well, maybe nothing but maybe something. The Chamber of Commerce and the GOP establishment you will thus back-stab will be angry with you, but that is nothing new. You’re a back stabbing whore so this situation will feel familiar to you. The plus side is that if you back-stab and whore with your full whore abilities, Donald J. Trump might be amused by you and decide not to squash you like a bug. Whore’s can be useful sometimes and this might be a great career advancement possibility for a back stabbing whore like you.

That’s the best advice we can give you Little Marco, you back stabbing whore.

Sincerely, Big Pink

If Little Marco follows our advice he might salvage something from his career of back stabbing whoring. If Hillary follows our advice she might finally understand her opponent is not the old socialist on the ballot against her. If Trump follows our advice he will win on March 15 now that he has won the prelude states.

If everyone follows our advice the world will be a happier and better place.


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  1. Kiss of death endorsement:

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush may be out of the presidential race but he’s not out of the game. In advance of the CNN debate at the University of Miami Thursday, Bush is meeting with all the remaining GOP candidates except his former foe, Donald Trump.

    Bush will meet with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio today, then Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday, according to a Bush spokesperson.

  2. Maybe Rubio can sell Trump Steaks and wine…

    Oh delivery boy, can you come around the back please?

    I saw polls with Trump winning. I am sure Kasich is there crying and all that. His state may feel a loyalty, but I wouldn’t put my faith in Fox or a poll.

  3. The next week will be a storm of lies, deceit and manipulation.

    Since the moderators are not participating in the debate with slide presentations, are the candidates allowed to have them, too?

  4. Trump will win the big states like New York, California, New Jersey..he likely won’t win the delegates outright, but there is virtually no way they can steal it from him…he is not like Hillary. Trump will fight like hell and not go down without bringing the party down.

  5. Debate is on. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can find someone to sing the Star Spangled Banner without making a mess of it. It’s a hard song to sing, but still.

  6. Hillary’s opening statement was a laundry list of plans. Bernie Sanders is all about Citizens United and income inequality with a dash of immigration and climate change.

  7. The questions thus far are about process. The answers are equally dull.

    Now it is on to emails. Hillary says she will give the same answers she gave before. No argument here. This is all warmed over gruel.

    We’ll update when something interesting or not heard about before occurs.

  8. Ceaseless pandering on immigration and illegal immigration is the agenda. Univision is not a moderator it is an interest group pushing “comprehensive immigration reform”. It’s a long way away from 2008 when Hillary was against driver licenses for illegal immigrants.

  9. I still cant believe Hillary lost a state that was stolen from her in 2008 such as Michigan.
    If ever there was a time to change her message, feel the pain of their loses, especially with Ford building that 200 million manufacturing plant in Mexico right now…that was the time…and she didnt get it…

  10. I’m watching Caddyshack right now and I am telling you Trump is Rodney Dangerfield hilarious.

  11. admin

    March 9, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    love the comment from the Rubio supporter calling the picture fake.

  12. Karen Tumulty leading Sanders via many variations of the question as to whether Hillary Clinton says one thing to Goldman Sachs and another to the public. Sanders meanders along and says “release the transcripts”.

    BTW, these moderators are the most obnoxious.

  13. gonzotx

    March 9, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    I’m watching Caddyshack right now and I am telling you Trump is Rodney Dangerfield hilarious.
    “Hey Bernie, The last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it”

  14. Hillary had a 30% lead in Florida in a poll taken March 2-7th. I go out on a limb and say she wins Florida by 3%, but loses Ohio by 7%.

  15. Trump is on Hannity. He says the same things over and over…never gives any specifics. Even Hannity is trying to help him. It is high time for Mr. Trump to get into substance without using the words beautiful, fantastic, great.

    When asked about Social Security and what he would do Trump says he is going to make our country so rich, we can pay for everything and also pay for rebuilding roads, bridges, etc. He does NOT want to cut any entitlement.

    On health care, he is saying there is no competition. Again Hannity is feeding him specifics to some extent and he is agreeing. He says Obamacare is out of control. Again Hannity is feeding him specifics. Trump says Obamacare is not working. Well, yes, we know that.

    HOW? I want to know HOW Mr. Trump is going to do all this stuff? This is not an attack on Donald Trump but I am not ready to take a leap of faith for ANY candidate on either side including Donald Trump. I want more than sound bites.

  16. I love this place…Admin…another one of your best…you nailed Robio…


    I just turned into the debate when Hillary was saying (paraphrasing) “our borders are safe and have been secured, we did what was needed to secure them, it has all been taken care of and now it time to get onto to ‘comphrehensive immigration’

    she is outright lying…I cannot take it…outright lying…

    last night I had a text discussion with one of my closest friends in LA and knowing how committed and supportive i was to the Clintons she cannot understand how I am not supporting Hillary and am voting for Trump…

    cut to the chase I told her Hillary left me, I cannot support the policies she is promoting,etc…told my friend, Hillary has lost my trust…I still like her but would rather she does some good works in some other venue…and frankly i fear she has some very, very tough days ahead of her…

    …and tonight I tune into the debate and at that very moment she is lying thru her teeth in from of a hispanic group…

    I cannot even watch anymore, it upsets me too much…tell me when she starts talking about ‘white priviledge’…oh , check that…she saves that line for when she is in front of AA…

    she is a profound disappointment

  17. The issue is do you take a chance with Trump and assume he will have competent advisers, go with Hillary and hope she will pivot to the middle, or Cruz who is a brilliant lawyer, but extremely conservative on social issues important to many here.

  18. if you want to make changes, real changes, try a different direction with a businesman who knows how to play hardball and negotiate putting the USA first…take a chance with Trump

    even if Hillary pivots to the middle, she is too entrenched with special interests, donors and payback commitments…she cannot dismantle O 1 + 2

    Cruz…I love Admin’s phrase…Teddy and the Cruzers, I would edit it to Teddy and the crazies…way, way too conservative for mainstream america

  19. Cruz is being suppied by his own billionaire handlers jb…
    There is no money for nothing and is a lying snake oil salesman.
    He will sell us out…believe me.

  20. Hillary says she wants to keep Obamacare, just fix it a little. What’s she going to change and exactly how is she going to do it? And how is she going to pay for it, when it is imploding, it is not financially viable? How exactly is she going to fix the problem that it leaves many people not able to use it, because their monthly payments are $500-600, and their deductible is $5,000? Young healthy people aren’t signing up and they’re needed to pay for the sicker people. Other people are signing up for 3 months to avoid the IRS fine, cramming their medical needs into that 3 months the best they can, and then are dropping it for the rest of the year. How exactly is she going to make everyone pay?

    How exactly is she going to help the middle class people who can’t afford to use their insurance, who have to pay every month for an insurance they can’t use, because they have to pay out of pocket for everything because they don’t get to the deductible amount? How exactly is she going to assure us that even though she is by far the highest recipient of pharmaceutical lobby money, the pharmaceutical lobby that is making big bucks off of Obamacare, that she really wants to fix the system for the benefit of the people? I missed those specifics somehow…. where are our specifics?

  21. Remember when Brazile said that the party doesn’t need us anymore, they just need the urban, minority type people? I guess Hillary agreed with that, because that seems to be all she is campaigning for, and pandering to them, including telling lies about criminal kids and how they died, which I find deeply offensive.

  22. Trump is on Hannity this hour, as already mentioned, and I believe he was also on another show, or will be…? Anyway, my bet is he planned these interviews to coincide with the democratic debate.

  23. Trumps support is the forgotten people of this nation, and that my friemds is a majority, if they are smart enough to know it.

  24. “our borders are safe and have been secured, we did what was needed to secure them, it has all been taken care of and now it time to get onto to ‘comprehensive immigration’

    S – wow. Just wow. Does she think none of us know the truth? And how does she think Trump isn’t going to smoosh her with the actual facts in the general? She’s just totally setting herself up for a rude awakening, a big whooping.

    All these lies.


  25. Yes jb…I see many at work like this everyday. But there are so many that dont access care, suicide rate with Vets is out of control.

  26. He’s a lucky one. He found his inner strength. It’s so cool he is fighting for those who haven’t been able to get help, reaching out so that we don’t keep having all these suicides…. He is continuing to be a hero.

  27. I will say one thing…if Donald does win the Presidency by the sheer strength and will of the American working class and heroes like this Vet…then it will be up to us to hold Donald’s promises and intentions foot to the pedal…

    I will be the first to say that he has to be systematic to work on the issues he has talked about and has inspired people to believe in him and take this big chance…

    We will not let him talk his way out of making the changes he has promised…he will need time and half to prioritize but we will not allow him to evolve into just another politician…

  28. Trump was trying to dance so fast when Hannity called it a revolution, he have a twisted. Nonsensical response afraid the establishment or media will twist it is my thought, but geez get a better answer.

    Maybe he needs some sleep,not 40 anymore

  29. I saw my first Trump anti-Rubio commercial tonight after the Heat lose to the Bucks. Attacks his use of credit card…

  30. I totally agree, Gonzotx. Donald Trump is going to have to get better answers. Frankly I’m tired of hearing his standard stump sound bites…”I’m winning in the polls, I’m great, I will make American great again, China, build the wall, have great things for vets, etc.” NO SPECIFICS. Donald has said he is for things and then reversed himself almost immediately. So what is he really for. I don’t want to hear the problems as he often states instead of giving us answers. We already KNOW what the problem is.

    I NEED to know specifically what and HOW Trump is going to make America great again. I’m very frustrated. I can’t do blind faith and sound bites anymore. I need more than that.

  31. He doesn’t have specifics, but will rely on a team of “experts” that are hopefully better than some of the folks (sans Jeffrey Lord) who appear on his behalf on the MSM. Reagan was not keen on specifics, but was a Governor and understood how to bring both party’s together on many issues. Believe me, I was a 18 yr old democrat when he was President and despised him just for the sake of being told to. Looking back, he was OK compared to Obama. His biggest mistake, imo, was not reacting to HIV as a national health crisis as opposed to a “gay” issue.

  32. Looking back, most presidents were great compared to Obama. I’ve seen too much over the past many, many years and presidential campaigns and candidates. Perhaps we are all wiser now and not as trusting since some presidents in our lifetime have certainly “burned” us. I just do not want that to happen again so I want to KNOW ahead of time before I vote. At this point I do need specifics.

  33. Agreed. I am not thrilled with his answers regarding Israel but he has to be better than any democrat, sadly, including the once pro-Israeli senator from New York who as SOS was opennly hostile to her. I will be interested in her AIPAC speech as opposed to Obama’s push of “J” Street whichimo, is anything but pro Israel.

  34. JB
    Reagan was not keen on specifics, but was a Governor and understood how to bring both party’s together on many issues.

    Really, JB?

    Raygun was my governor and most people in CA thought he sucked more than almost any governor, even Arnold.

  35. jbstonesfan
    March 9, 2016 at 11:38 pm
    He doesn’t have specifics, but will rely on a team of “experts” that are hopefully better than some of the folks (sans Jeffrey Lord) who appear on his behalf on the MSM. Reagan was not keen on specifics, but was a Governor and understood how to bring both party’s together on many issues. Believe me, I was a 18 yr old democrat when he was President and despised him just for the sake of being told to. Looking back, he was OK compared to Obama. His biggest mistake, imo, was not reacting to HIV as a national health crisis as opposed to a “gay” issue.

    It is not the role of the president to be a policy wonk.

    The role of the president is to establish a vision people can buy into, to set realistic goals, to pick the right people to achieve those goals and to hold them accountable.

    Being a policy wonk is not conducive to that job description. A policy wonk will tend to get involved in the minutae, and the people in charge of those areas back off.

    In the Navy, particularly nuclear submarines the officers tend to be the best and the brightest. From time to time, an overly motivated junior officer will move in and do the job enlisted men should be doing because he is knows better. They snicker and watch. In the process, he ceases to be the leader.

    As you may recall, Obama claimed he would be a chief executive officer, not a chief operating officer. He had no background in management. He was however a change agent, in the worst sense of the term. Everything he touched turned to shit.

    I do not want a policy wonk as president. We had one with Carter. He got lost in details and never came up for air.

  36. He seemed to have been more adapt as President, but history always looks back kinder. For Christ sake, some of us miss “W” (lol).

  37. I’m watching Caddyshack right now and I am telling you Trump is Rodney Dangerfield hilarious.

    I used to play the golf course where they filmed Caddyshack. The name of it is/was Rolling Hills. I won a lot of money out there, i.e.$10,000 on one occasion, playing against drunk Teamsters. I think the Teamsters owned that course at one point. They definitely owned La Costa in California. Who would you say Ted Knight would be? Jebediah? I think the rodent is Kasich, Bill Murray is Rubio, and Cruz is the Reverend who ventures out under hurricane conditions, has a great round, but misses the put on the last hole curses to the heavens and is struck down by a bolt of lightening.

    Lee Trevino was no stranger to being struck by lightening. So someone asked him as a survivor what would you do if you were out on the course and you heard thunder. He replied, I would grab a 1 iron and run for cover. Why the 1 iron he was asked. And he responded not even God can hit a 1 iron. In fact, it is so difficult to hit that no one carries one in their bag any more.

  38. Both, and they both stand the test of time. Dont know how many times I have seen them, but love them Admin.

    On another note, I get what southern says. He has to make sense and often he is not. Dont expect him to be a policy wonk, but he has to string along words and sentences that clearly state his postions. Hes all over the place and then throws in crazy stuff like im going to be the best president we ever had except maybe Lincoln…its going to be beautiful. Here take a bottle of my finest wine and a steak on your way out.

    He needs to practice, hes not

    Bada Bing Bada Boom!

  39. jbstonesfan
    March 10, 2016 at 12:37 am
    Wbboei, Carter was indeed a brilliant man, and arguably, the worst president ever.

    So true!

  40. I must be in the minority here as I thought Trump’s victory speech/Q&A and Hannity performance was great. I saw general praise for Trump’s performance on other websites as well. I think, perhaps, some people are really hung up on delivery, or are looking at a tree but not the forest.

  41. Apollo,
    First of all welcome.Come back. Second most here are In Donalds corner, but there comes a time where glittering generalities are not enough. I’m not asking Donald not to be Donald but to channel the other Donald I have seen, when necessary, and the time is now, that is also pragmatic and logical, and verses on a level that can reassure especially some women, who he does not poll that well,and older folks that just don’t like certain language.
    He had opportunity in the Hannity Townhall, he didnt take the opportunity.

  42. Rubio the Boobio is now an afterthought. The Cruzettes, at least the ones I know, are slowly coming to from their bout of madness. Cruz’s southern strategy was one of the biggest busts of all time in political planning/hallucinations. Who exactly came up with that one? Ivy League lawyer/dominionist preacher/Cuban-Canadian globalist runs the southern primaries? That must have been some really good shit they were smoking. Niether Ted nor Heidi are cultural Southerners and know jack shit what the rubes are thinking or capable of figuring out. And where else was Ted supposed to wow them with his brains, charm and Supreme Court debate skills besides tent revivals in the south? Is this how Heidi runs the North American Free Trade cabal? Get the hook. No wonder their epic adventure in climbing the greasy pole is looking like major fail. Not everyone is as easy to fool as those inherited wealth low IQ dopes (trusts keep them from going homeless) in Houston. Side note: Ted’s crew of harpies going after Trump and his wife are from a famous club in Texas of trust fund idiots. Ex-wives, widows and many daughters of the extremely wealthy and great fortunes. Many need something to do so they create PR companies (that make no money) and act as surrogates to raise money or spout on tv for stray dogs and Ted Cruz. Many of their mothers were show girls (nothing wrong with that) except they inherited money and their looks from their fathers and their brains from their mothers.

    The Silicon valley, billionaire, elected assholes, Turd-blossom, double secret conflab (was it held in the Bermuda triangle?) to do something, anything about “that guy” Trump is one of the most impotent, too late, whiny, hysterical old demented things (!Jeb) I have ever heard of. They should have just gone to Hooters in Omaha so Warren could hobble in too. After pissing and moaning I hope they pulled an epic drunk and got it out of their system and beat on Rove for a while. Globalism is a failed business and political model. And delusional belief system based upon a Coca-Cola commercial (I’d like to teach the world to sing!). It will be remembered as another tulipomania. The worlds dumbest elites thought it up and it became a religion for a while. The EU technocrats are now asking Putin to save them from their own “globalism”. Remember they slapped “sanctions” on him for Obama. Cause/effect and cost/analysis bites again. Time to think up the next big con as The Donald stomps the old one into a grease spot with Carl Icahn.

  43. wbboei
    March 10, 2016 at 12:35 am
    I do not want a policy wonk as president. We had one with Carter. He got lost in details and never came up for air.

    The demands to get “into the weeds” is a tactic to change the subject, obfuscate, bait and switch, emit fog, and enforce purity tests. They remind me of four year olds going “Why, Daddy, why? Why? Why? Are we there yet? Why?” Adults, in the real world anyway, know you can’t propose solutions or a practical plan until you know just how fucked up something is. The world of think tanks and media never actually fix anything but rather blather about “things”. Does something need a little tweaking or a bulldozer? You don’t know until you have all the facts and are on site. It is not as if anyone can believe “facts and figures” coming out of the Obama bureaucracy or even this Congress.

  44. Southern Born
    March 9, 2016 at 11:32 pm
    I NEED to know specifically what and HOW Trump is going to make America great again. I’m very frustrated. I can’t do blind faith and sound bites anymore. I need more than that.

    I can certainly understand that. But again you can’t fix it until you know exactly what is wrong. We know something is wrong but the details we don’t know because they lie and withhold information, spin, misrepresent what they have been doing. For me announcing an national AUDIT, forensic if any theft is detected, and just lay it out. Treat the public like adults. “This is how bad it is” would shock people especially the ones in power. Rip the scab off. But again it cannot be done from the outside. First people have to face up to bad news. Then a plan to fix it. Then you have to start instead of just jawboning or whining and pointing fingers. It is hard.

  45. The guy who can fix stuff is probably more valuable at certain times that the guy who dreams and creates. We undervalue mechanics over the car designer who makes cars that won’t run right. If the creatives only think up shit that won’t work how valuable are they? Not very. Trump should run as The Mechanic to fix all the broke shit and some of it will have to go to the “Crusher” as it is unfixable.

  46. Is it just me or is Hillary bringing verbal contortionism to a new level? I can find my way through the maze of carefully crafted answers on almost everything. Exception: The Benghazi answer that she never said it was caused by the video.

    Exhibit A: The administration immediately went into overdrive the video was the reason for the uprising.

    Exhibit B: Susan Rice is now famous for going out on every Sunday morning talk show and lying to the U.S. the video was the reason.

    Exhibit C: We know Hillary did not want to say that on national television and turned down the request to do so. Enter Rice.

    Exhibit D: the families were saying from day one that Hillary and the administration told them the cause was the video and they would look for the film maker and put him behind bars.

    Exhibit E: the poor, dumb as rocks, dumbass was put in jail shortly thereafter.

    The film maker should have known better that such a video would put a target on his back. However, I think he assumed the incoming fire would be from Islamists and not from the U.S.

    Back to Hillary: To categorically deny she said that, and that the families are “wrong” flies in the face of everything the evidence above points to. Is it such a leap of faith to assume she knew this would come back to bite her and did not want snippets of her saying “it was a spontaneous uprising caused by the video?”

    Like I said, I can find my way through all the wording on everything else and realize it is politics as usual but this? 4 fellow countrymen died and no one seemed to give a shit.

    If a Republican (any Republican) would have had a hand in something of this magnitude (not to mention all the other known acts of impropriety) they would be viewed as pariahs. They would wholeheartedly be ostracized, ridiculed, and their careers ruined. No chance they could ever run for the presidency and certainly no chance they would ever get this far.

    I cannot reconcile the image of this individual with the image of the person I once supported.

    My conclusion: I was duped.

  47. Hillary may have already lost the blue collar workers of Ohio. The only question is whether they would fall for Bernie’s siren song of free everything.
    hard hats and hippies do not mix

  48. Felix_the_Infidel
    March 10, 2016 at 9:04 am
    I was never duped about her. I assessed her at holding 60% of my values with the ability to deliver on 50% so I would get 30% of what I wanted. BO it was 20%, 0% and 0%. He was pretty obviously phony.

    What I got on the Hillary bandwagon about was the the way the nomination was taken from her and given to the phony. It was the assault on the democratic process and it being such a trend, that flagged the desperate situation we are in with respect to our freedom.

    Hillary was the best candidate for this country in 2008. She would have boiled the frogs more slowly. But they wanted their way now, right now. On one hand, Hillary maybe could have implemented a more successful globalization that included the development of human rights within the system. Or just slowed it down for some course adjustment. But the sociopaths got their way and now we have the backlash of their tyranny.

    But if Hillary had been successful, then, the next POTUS… would that have been BO?

    Maybe it is God’s plan to reveal them to the world by letting them have their way and exposing them for what they are.

    We see them now. Hillary 2008 is too late.

  49. The demands to get “into the weeds” is a tactic to change the subject, obfuscate, bait and switch, emit fog, and enforce purity tests.
    If you are talking about the media.

    It is part and parcel of their approach when dealing with republicans.

    1. Misstate the evidence–Russert’s Law

    2. Confront them with a prior inconsistent statement or action–to show they are unstable.

    3. Show that they are either ignorant or malicious.

    Conversely, they take a very supportive approach toward democrats. Chris Wallace said one time you cannot survive in Washington unless you are a democrat. It is worse than Hollywood in that respect. And they profit from democrat policies which strip the wealth of the nation, and siphon it into the five county area around Washington, which gives them wonderful and exciting live as they tank the country.

    THAT is big media for you. Corrupt and fraudulent TO THE CORE.

  50. Maybe it is God’s plan to reveal them to the world by letting them have their way and exposing them for what they are.
    Not since Sodom and Gamora (earlier less banal versions of Washington) was God’s plan so expensive.

    Inextinguishable debt and widespread joblessnes is a high price tag–some might say, a butcher bill for the sake of globalization–and caviar.

  51. Cruz says this morning that Trump is taking advantage of uninformed voters. In other words Trump supporters don’t know what they are doing. Hasn’t that argument been tried several time already??

  52. Outris,

    That is why Trump says the voters are smart and know what they are doing, not being taken in for the hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads.

    He has his style. While it is frustrating watching him not run the ads, I have to admire him for taking out his wine and his beef and putting them on display for the world to judge for themselves. He has earned the right to say that is just who he is.

    Yes. I do admire this man even if he acts like an asshole sometimes.

    Take immigration, a hot-button issue that ignited Trumpism, even when polls suggested voters’ real concerns were the economy and health care. If your experience with illegal immigration is hiring and patronizing with a daily “Buenas tardes” a José Garcia, your skilled, dependable—and rather inexpensive—gardener, or navigating around the political-correctness of an upper-middle-class diversity officer on campus or at work, then you are likely to embrace the Jeb Bush idea that illegal immigration is an “act of love.” That is an inexpensive and easily arrived at position—but not so if you are middle class and lack the romance of the poor and the influence and money of the well off.

    If you do your own lawn and clean your own home, or you live and school among the lower middle classes, and your job is always in jeopardy, then even Trump’s vulgarity on issues is proof that he “cares” while the calm perspective of Jeb Bush, or an earlier incarnation of Marco Rubio, or the sermons of John Kasich can come across as crass indifference.

    For half the week, I live at ground zero of Trump’s so-called poor white support, such as it is in blue California, and half the week I am with his critics on the Stanford campus. Aside from logic and to be crude, class is the chief divide that reveals attitudes about Mr. Trump. “Comprehensive immigration reform” for elites is a catchword that your children are not going to schools with Mexican illegal immigrants, who are not all dreamers but often include at least a few quite dangerous gang members. I know open-borders advocate Mark Zuckerberg’s kids will not enjoy a diverse Redwood City immigrant experience. (Why exactly has he stealthily bought up his surrounding neighborhood and staffed it with private security teams to adjudicate whom he sees while entering and leaving his compound?)

    The children of Republican elites do not sit in classes where a quarter of the students do not speak English. When that specter of diversity looms, parents yank their kids and put them in the prep schools of Silicon Valley that are rapidly reaching New England numbers (or maybe better southern academies that followed integration). Their children are not on buses where an altercation between squabbling eight year olds leads to a tattooed parent arriving at your home to challenge you to a fight over “disrespecting” his family name. The establishment Republicans have rarely jogged around their neighborhoods only to be attacked by pit bulls, whose owners have little desire to speak English, much less to cage, vaccinate, or license their dogs. They have never been hit by illegal-alien drivers in Palo Alto. In other words, they do not wish to live anywhere near those who, as a result of an act of love, are desperately poor, here under illegal auspices, and assume California works and should work on the premises of Oaxaca.
    But in rural Fresno County it is not uncommon to have been sideswiped and rear-ended by those who fled the scene, leaving their wrecked cars without insurance and registration. I doubt that CNN morning anchors have woken up to an abandoned Crown Victoria in their yard that swerved and went airborne in the night—its driver (who spoke neither Spanish nor English but a dialect of Mixteca Baja) found in the shrubs still sleeping it off.

    The police who arrive much later have zero interest in doing much other than lecturing one that the car cannot be sold to pay damages. And the driver most certainly will not be turned over for deportation in a sanctuary county. Just writing all that is, for an elite, proof of one’s xenophobia and nativism. But then again, he is rarely stopped in the Walmart parking lot by a gang-banger in the next parking stall who out of the blue says, “Hey essay, what the f— are you looking at me for already? And what are you going to do about it, punk?” (Are we back to the Old West where the wannabe with a six-shooter declares his nihilism on Main Street and thus his willingness to quick draw anyone?)

    In Palo Alto where I work, there is no epidemic of bronze plaque and copper wire thievery, as there is near my home, where everything metal—Romex conduit, the dedicatory plaque at a Masonic temple, or bronze fittings on irrigation pipe—is in danger of being carted off, Vandal-like. I don’t think Mitt Romney has had a dead pit bull, in ripe rigor mortis with a rope tied around its neck, dumped on his lawn, or a beautiful Queensland Heeler, torn to shreds from dog fighting, thrown into his vineyard. Does the Gang of Eight ever get accosted in the evening by a group of tattooed thugs, claiming at your door they “are lost,” as they case your rural home? Or were they dreamers and future UC brain surgeons incognito?

    Ask a citizen voter a simple question: If you invent a false Social Security number, and create an alias for the DMV, and lie on federal documents, will you be subject to indictment? If you arrive at an airport without a passport, will they wave you through as an act of love? I suggest you try it sometime—your version of crossing the southern border illegally.

    Who does and does not have to follow the law—only U.S. citizens?

  54. Cruz says this morning that Trump is taking advantage of uninformed voters.
    Well . . . he has got to say something.

    But he had best be careful here.

    He could just as easily be describing himself.

  55. The main difference between the elites and the working class is the former is quick to engage in magic thinking when it comes to politics and leads their lives accordingly, whereas the other cannot afford to do so–they must be pragmatic because their margin of error is negligible.

  56. Who does and does not have to follow the law—only U.S. citizens?
    Now that raises an interesting question, yes?

    If illegals are accorded all the rights of being a citizen–as an act of love, or because Vicente Fox refuses to clean up his act or because our two income elites must have their nannies and gardners–which for the political class is given, those same illegals have none of the responsiblities of being a citizen, what possible advantage inures to being a citizen under such a system.

    Hell, lets all be illegals–keep our guns, commit rape, get free health care, food stamps, education, pay no taxes etc. Its Wally’s world, with sinister overtones. Or Obamaland.

    Problem is: that is where it is all heading. Yes?

  57. Hell, lets all be illegals–keep our guns, commit rape, get free health care, food stamps, education, pay no taxes etc.
    I forgot to include–vote for democrats.

  58. This harkens back to that conservative critique of liberalism in the 1960s—“a liberal is someone who has never been mugged”. As the policies promoted by democrats and rinos create ever more chaos across society, that old saying will resonate with more people. The reference to Zuckerberg above is to be noted and taken seriously, because he is a paradigmatic case of what we are talking about.

  59. I cannot fathom what drives a Mark Zuckerberg. Simple greed does not describe it. Same for the other globalist billionaires. It is more than greed. They are closer to a James Bond villain/ megalomaniac who is willing to let millions die simply to accumulate and consolidate power. Even that does not describe it.

    Traitors and ass-wipes.

  60. Lu, I was a supporter from the beginning. When the nomination was taken I was incensed and changed parties. I did make excuses for her: she is being blackmailed, she is being threatened, Chelsea is being threatened, the knife is at her back. blah-blah-blah

    It never occurred to me the simplest answer might be the correct one: She made a deal she found beneficial to herself and her future in politics.

    It took a long time to learn to live with the chips as they had fallen. Only a year ago I was still making excuses for her as I could not believe she had become so cozy with the people whom I believed had screwed her (and me) over.

    My grandmother died many years ago but she had a saying for every occasion. One of those sayings in particular rings true regarding Hillary, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you what you are.” Boy, those words ring true.

    Or, as someone else once said, “When someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM.”

    The time for excuses is past.

  61. If you believe, as I do obviously, that big media is the most corrupt force in our political system, and you hope to convince other people to wake the fuck up, finding a smoking gun helps. Most people see them as leaning democrat, but they are really much worse, they are globalists. And if you want proof that, well, here is a smoking gun. And, but the way, it isn’t that these trade deals fail to serve the interests of American workers. It is the proven fact that they are INIMICAL to those interests. We must be cautious here about using too many euphemisms. We must be prepared to call a spade a spade.

    “There has yet to be a single question focused on the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trade Promotion Authority in previous debates. The issue has been treated like an afterthought by the mainstream media and by the political class, despite widespread anger among the electorate at elites over it.”
    Poll: High Numbers of Americans Think America in Decline; Infuriated with Elites on Obamatrade, Immigration

    MIAMI, Florida — Polling data from Caddell & Associates shows that Americans across the political spectrum are infuriated with the permanent political class pushing through trade deals that don’t serve the interests of American workers.

    The online survey of 1,950 conducted Feb. 23 to March 3, with a margin of error under 3 percent, found that 85 percent of voters rated “American jobs moving overseas because of the loss of American manufacturing” between a 6 and 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 as being an “extremely important problem.”

    The polling results were provided exclusively to Breitbart News ahead of their public release by Pat Caddell, along with Americans for Limited Government’s Rick Manning and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)80%
    at a National Press Club press conference on Thursday morning.

    The poll comes on the day of the next GOP presidential debate in Miami. There has yet to be a single question focused on the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trade Promotion Authority in previous debates. The issue has been treated like an afterthought by the mainstream media and by the political class, despite widespread anger among the electorate at elites over it.

    A whopping 70 percent thought the same thing when it comes to “trade deals with other countries that make it easier to import their products into the U.S.”

    The polling found similarly surprisingly high interest in controlling immigration to the United States. It found 64 percent of all voters thought the same when it comes to “increasing border security and controlling immigration.”

    When it comes to wage stagnation, something both bad trade deals and endless immigration negatively affect, an astonishing 81 percent of voters rated it between a 6 and 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 when asked if “stagnation of lower-to-middle-income wages” was either an “extremely important problem” or “not at all an important problem.”

    Those aren’t the only issues voters consider important. Eighty-five percent rated “the budget deficit and the national debt” between 6 and 10 on that scale, as well 85 percent finding the same for “fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorism.”

    But the trade and immigration statistics seem to explain why political outsiders like Donald Trump in the Republican primary and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16% in the Democratic primary are succeeding—especially in places like Michigan, where Trump and Sanders both just won big on Tuesday. Part of that, too, is that voters are feeling in their wallets and pocketbooks the disdain they think politicians in Washington, D.C., have for them.

    Eighty-one percent of voters surveyed agreed that “the power of ordinary people to control our country is getting weaker every day, as political leaders on both sides fight to protect their own power and privilege, at the expense of the nation’s well-being. We need to restore what we really believe in – real democracy by the people and real free enterprise.” Only 12 percent disagreed. 19 percent, meanwhile, agreed that “politicians really care about people like me” while 75 percent disagreed.

    Seventy-two percent of voters think “powerful interests from Wall Street banks to corporations, unions and political interest groups have used campaign and lobbying money to rig the system for themselves” and that “they are looting the national treasury of billions of dollars at the expense of every man, woman and child” while only 17 percent disagreed with that statement.

    When asked if they agree or disagree that “political leaders are more interested in protecting their power and privilege than doing what is right for the American people,” 82 percent said they agreed while 12 percent disagreed. Sixty-eight percent, meanwhile, said they agreed that “America is in a state of decline” while only 25 percent disagreed.

    It’s so bad that 63 percent said they would vote to throw out every single member of Congress, saying they agreed that “if there was a place on my ballot where I could vote to defeat and replace every single member of Congress, including my own representative, I would do so.” A mere 26 percent said they wouldn’t.

    Up and down these polling documents found similar answers no matter how questions were worded. Fifty percent replied that they think their children will find a worse off America than they currently experience, while only 23 percent think children will be better off than them.

    When asked if they think “there are different rules for the well-connected and people with money,” 83 percent said yes. Only 10 percent said “everyone more or less plays by the same rules to get ahead” while 7 percent said they didn’t know.

    Getting back to trade policy, 72 percent said they would support significant corporate tax cuts to prevent inversions—where companies move their operations overseas to avoid high U.S. tax rates.

    “Because the United States has the highest corporate tax rate, many American corporations have chosen to keep their profits overseas,” respondents were asked. “Would you favor or oppose a proposal to allow that money to be brought into the United States at a lower or no tax rate if the corporations agree to invest the great majority of that money in increasing U.S. manufacturing and adding jobs?” In response, 72 percent said they either strongly or somewhat favored it—28 percent strongly favoring it and 44 percent somewhat favoring it—while just 14 percent, 9 somewhat and 5 strongly, opposed it.

    Forty-six percent of those surveyed believe that “over the last two decades do you believe the free trade agreements signed by the United States with other countries were” more of a benefit to other nations, while just 9 percent think it benefits the U.S. more—and 18 percent think benefits were equal while 27 percent were unsure.

    When asked which is more important, “protecting American jobs and industries from being outsourced to other countries” or “allowing free trade so you can buy products at low prices no matter what country they come from,” 72 percent said the former while just 16 percent said the latter and 12 percent didn’t know.

    Fifty-seven percent similarly said “protecting American jobs by raising tariffs on countries with unethical trade practices even if it harms America’s global reputation,” is more important than “fostering good relations between America and other countries through free trade agreements at the loss of some American jobs.” Twenty percent were unsure.

    Vast majorities also don’t care about cheaper goods access if trade deals drain jobs out of America. “While increasing international trade has led to cheaper goods, it doesn’t matter how cheap they are if I don’t have a good paying job,” respondents were asked, to which 74 percent agreed and just 14 percent disagreed—with 12 percent unsure.

    Sixty percent agreed when asked if “increasing international trade has hurt America” and that “it simply results in more and more good paying U.S. jobs moving to other countries and forcing American workers to accept lower wages in order to compete.” Only 25 percent disagreed, and 15 percent were unsure.

    Seventy five percent said that they agreed “our economic and trade policies should always put American needs and American jobs first, before the needs of other countries or big corporations” while only 13 percent disagreed and 12 percent were unsure.

    Throughout the cross tabs, no matter how many other ways the pollsters asked similar questions, they got similarly high remarks in response. And the numbers were similar when it comes to how voters view immigration policy and how they view America’s standing in the world.

    On immigration, 67 percent agreed either somewhat or strongly when asked if “our immigration policies are being written by the same corporate elite that want cheap labor anywhere they can find it” and if “they send our jobs and factories overseas and at the same time want to bring lower-paid immigrant labor into our country.” Only 18 percent disagreed, 12 somewhat and 6 strongly, while 16 percent were unsure.

    When asked about visas, Americans expressed widespread opposition when posed this question: “America has a special visa program that allows companies to bring in varying levels of high skilled foreign workers. Similarly they are able to bring in workers for low wage jobs. Last December behind closed doors, Congress quadrupled the amount of these kind of visas, critics were shocked saying this would only come at the expense of jobs and lower wages for American workers. Do you agree or disagree with the decision to increase the number of these visas?” Fifty-eight percent said they either somewhat or strongly disagree, while just 25 percent said they strongly or somewhat agree and 16 percent didn’t know.

    Fifty-six percent of Americans believe that “in the 15 years since 9-11, do you think the power and prestige of the United States as an international leader and power” has declined while only 9 percent believe it has increased. A quarter think it has remained the same, and 9 percent don’t know.

  62. Wbb and Jb


    It is not the role of the president to be a policy wonk.

    The role of the president is to establish a vision people can buy into, to set realistic goals, to pick the right people to achieve those goals and to hold them accountable.”


    I couldn’t disagree more with you two on this issue. To me, this is one of the things that I care most about…not just some idea, but how they plan to make it happen.

    To me, it’s the same issue as someone with a lack of experience, like Bernie or Barry.

    Everyone has their advisors, it’s also important to have some in depth background to go with.

    Sander’s supporters don’t care that he doesn’t know jack shit about foreign policy or much of anything else other than wanting the US to become a socialist country that takes care of everyone.

  63. for those expecting details from Donald Trump you have to step back and objectively look at his personality seperate from your expectations…

    at this stage Donald is not going to give details, he is not going to fill in the blanks with a 1 2 3 plan…I have said this a number of times, but one of the big tools donald keeps in his arsenal is the ‘element of unpredicability’…and he is not going to give it up…

    he holds his hand close to the vest…this is a manifestation of him being a businessman and the way he operates when engaged in his version of “the art of the deal”

    now, in fairness to him…I do not hear alot of “details” coming from the other candidates…I do hear alot of talk, talk, talk…and generalities and sweeping statements about “plans” they have and “detailed” accounts of who voted for what…useless stuff for the future…

    recently I posted a link to Bob Woodward asking Donald about his plans for a wall with Mexico and how he plans to get them to pay for it…(yesterday on Morning Joe)

    Bob Woodward ask Donald the same question over and over again at least 5 times…Donald give his answer and filled in some details over and over again

    the problem is Bob Woodward had his ears closed, he did not want to hear Donald’s answers…

    further, Bob Woodward cannot accept that Donald is telling him that we have a $ 58 Billion dollar trade imbalance with Mexico in addition we give Mexico financial aide…and Donald is telling Woodward that from a business perspective Donald has a lot to work with to renegotiate using that money at large and to recoup money for us that will in effect, pay for the wall with money Donald will retrieve from mexico

    when the interview was over Bob Woodward said he did not get any answers to his question…(Bob go take nap)

    what is so hard to understand about that…those are the details…those are the specifics…at this time…

    unless everyone wants him to spell out the negotiation details and amounts to Bob Woodward during a primary when he has not even won the nomination and is being bombarded by Anti-Trump forces to knock him out…then those are the details and specifics at this point in time…!!


    I so completely agree with others here that want Donald to pivot now to being “Presidential” to take the high road, eliminate the name calling and now focus
    on impressing people with his stature…and to show some maturity…

    I want donald to use “reverse psychology” to beat his critics and opponents at their own game…and be ahead of their anticipated traps…and now fall into them…

    and I would like for him to take a beat when asked “loaded questions” like last night regarding Islam with Anderson Cooper…and give a more measured answer rather than to rush into a mine field…

    imho…this works against him because the press is ready to pounce at every chance…so don’t give them an easy layup…BE WISE…do not write their narrative for them…

    imo…the time that Donald will give details…if elected…will be after he has successfully concluded deals on behalf of the American people…mark my words…if that day ever comes…Donald will hold press conferences bragging about all he did to win for the American people…just do not expect much more before…

  64. above and “not fall into them”…(the traps…or take the bait)


    one other thing that really bothers me about Hillary’s recent answers about the border

    (wishful thinking)

    in some debate I would like to hear a moderator bring up the issue regarding the epidemic of HEROIN in the USA

    question: Hillary do you recognize that there is a Heroin epidemic in the USA, particularly in New England?

    her answer:

    question: Hillary, how do you believe those drugs are entering the country? where do you think they are coming in from? How are they getting here?

    her answer:

    question: Hillary, you said at the Univsion debate that our borders are secured and that it is no longer any problem with our borders…How can that be when everyone recognizes that the Heroin is coming in across the border from Mexico into the USA? Are you aware of that? Do you recognize that to be true??

    her answer:

    question: Hillary what do you plan to do to stop the heroin from coming across our borders with Mexico into the USA?

  65. It is not the role of the president to be a policy wonk.

    The role of the president is to establish a vision people can buy into, to set realistic goals, to pick the right people to achieve those goals and to hold them accountable.”

    “I couldn’t disagree more with you two on this issue. To me, this is one of the things that I care most about…not just some idea, but how they plan to make it happen.

    To me, it’s the same issue as someone with a lack of experience, like Bernie or Barry.

    Everyone has their advisors, it’s also important to have some in depth background to go with.”

    Exactly, Shadowfax. We have had two past clueless presidents, Bush and Obama…therefore contributing to some of the mess we are in right now. We certainly do not need another one who gives us pie in the sky and leaves it all to possibly ill advised people. We have seen that with the past two presidents as well.

  66. Southern Born

    March 10, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    and Shadowfax


    ok, but you can’t have it both ways…if the candidate is telling you what they are going to do…then that is what they are going to do…not some reversal while they dupe and pander to the special interests with false statements to get their vote to capture O’s “coalition”

    so i hope you are happy with what you are hearing from Hillary who is now going further left than Obama…

  67. There are HRC fans here who deeply identify with personally; likely from the 90s and their emotional attachment to the Clintons and perhaps the more optimistic air of those times. As I told my wife, long ago and far away, there were Dems who had common sense and espoused centrist policy. Those days are far gone, however.

    But, to the point, you are not going to convince anyone with such apparent deep personal identification, that the object of their devout admiration is anyone other than who they believe that person to be. I do understand the frustration in seeing someone just contort themselves to avoid facing the obvious, but I don’t see much point in hounding them about it.

  68. “I couldn’t disagree more with you two on this issue. To me, this is one of the things that I care most about…not just some idea, but how they plan to make it happen.
    Well, not to sound flippant, but that may be what you care about, but it is not what the position calls for. If we could have both–what you want, i.e. a president well informed on the details of every issue, who could, at the same time, provide the overall vision, and hire the right people, and hold them accountable and maintain the confidence of the electorate, I would be a fool not to support her or him. But in the real world, you are not talking about one person, you are talking about several people, and those people need to be managed. That is the root of it. Have you perchance heard of Peter Drucker? For those who have not he is widely regarded as the father of business leadership, and he maintained that a CEO to be successful, must focus on a small number of issues. Low level tasks can be muti tasked the same way repetitive function can be automated. The other point is the distinction between leadership and management. Leadership is about people, management is about policies. No, I just do not think it is possible for the leader of a complex organization to be a policy wonk. That leader will fail, sure as God made little green apples. And when it comes to holding people accountable, the watchword is trust but verify.

  69. Univision gets tough on Democrats in debate
    By Hadas Gold 03/10/16 12:31 AM EST

    Many Republicans view Univision as a hostile news organization, with its unapologetic pro-immigration reform stance and ties to Hillary Clinton.

    But on Wednesday night the network’s two top anchors, Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas, along with Washington Post correspondent Karen Tumulty, tried to shed that image, while also previewing what a potential general election debate might look like between Clinton and Donald Trump.

    “Secretary Clinton, I want to disclose once again that my daughter Paula works for your campaign,” Ramos said in his first question of the night before launching into a question about Clinton’s use of a private email server.

    “When you were secretary of state, you wrote 104 e-mails in your private server that the government now says contained classified information, according to The Washington Post analysis. That goes against a memo that you personally sent to your employees in 2011 directing all of them to use official e-mail, precisely because of the concerns. So it seems you issued one set of rules for yourself and a different set of rules for the rest of the State Department. So who specifically gave you permission to operate your e-mail system as you did? Was it President Barack Obama? And would you drop out of the race if you get indicted?”

    Clinton gave the same answer she’s been giving on her email use, which wasn’t satisfactory for Ramos. He pressed Clinton to actually answer his questions, leading to one of the more memorable lines of the night in response to whether Clinton would drop out if she was indicted over her email use.

    “Oh, that’s not going to happen. I’m not even answering that question,” she said.

    Later on, the moderators played a clip of Sanders from 1985 where Sanders praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, comments Sanders said he made in the larger context of denouncing President Ronald Reagan’s interventionist foreign policy.

    “Everyone was totally convinced Castro was the worst guy in the world. They forgot that he educated their kids, gave them health care and totally transformed their society,” Sanders says in the clip.

    “Senator, in retrospect, have you ever regretted the characterizations of Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro you made in 1985?” Ramos asked.

    Sanders said while he recognizes Cuba is an authoritarian regime, the United States shouldn’t be involved in trying to overthrow governments.

    “Whatever you think of the question, at least the moderators are following up, which is missing from most debates,” tweeted Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake.

    That’s not to say the praise was universal. There were some production issues such as the translators’ English dubbing not being loud enough to cover the moderators speaking in Spanish. Sanders’ microphone at one point was cutting in and out. And others were disappointed that the moderators kept such strict tabs on the time and quickly moved on from topics.

    Don’t understand why moderators would insist on moving past a fierce engagement between candidates on a critical dispute in Dem politics,” tweeted New York Times reporter Alex Burns as the moderators switched from a question on the Export/Import bank to a question about Benghazi.

    For Univision, the debate proved they could be tough on Democrats as well as Republicans, while providing a glimpse at the kinds of questions that might surface in a Clinton-Trump debate.

    “Secretary Clinton, you recently said, instead of building walls we need to tear down barriers. However, last November in New Hampshire, you openly said that as senator you voted numerous times to build the wall with Mexico. What’s the difference between what you did, voting to build the wall, and what Donald Trump wants to do now?” Salinas asked.

    “Looks like Univision gets its coveted “We’re Hard On Both Sides!” media badge so they’re free to unload on Trump in the general,” tweeted former President Barack Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.

    I’m shocked that Hillary/Sanders were involved in a debate with Univision being first segment of the debate name, but I lack context. Is this a choice Hillary or DNC made? Is it a favor to #Hispanic crowd?

  70. How can you compare Bush and Obama to Trump? That is crazy. George Dubya was a spoiled brat coke head who was elevated to offices of the Governor and President by the Oligarchy. Obama was a dope head, too, who’s subversive promiscuous mother and dubious father groomed to be a toxic American politician whereby he rose out of the swamps of corrupt Chicago politics. Neither ever did an honest day’s work in their lives. Phony and corrupt, the both of them.

    Donald Trump has achieved a great business and has a beautiful family through hard work, guts and brains. If he also came from privilege, he has taken his opportunity and done well. He has been a public figure for 30 years and more and we know who he is.

    The solutions to our countries problems are not rocket science. We have simply been gamed out of getting someone in office who would look after business instead of selling the country to the highest bidders.

  71. I guess what you want shadow is a blueprint–what is proposed and how to get there.

    I don’t blame you at all, but that is not the job of the leader.

    That can be passed down the ranks, and endorsed by the leader.

    The thing to remember however is what they learned on D-Day:

    No battle plan (blue print in this case) survives the first engagement.

    What matters is how you recover.

    The leader cares about his people, he respects their values, shows them how they benefit from his or her policies, and he inspires them through his actions.

    Obama is the antithesis of a leader. And that is why he has failed, miserably.

    He is a Guinness Book of World Records failure, and the destroyer of worlds.

  72. I think the better question is how will this affect me?

    For example, when some bright eyed busy tailed politico comes forward and tells us the children are our future, ergo, I propose that you vote for this $100 million dollar levy so I can be a hero, and dole out the money to my insiders–which you damned well know they will do, rather than asking a cat to bark, the pertinent question is how much will this hair brained scheme of yours cost me? When dealing with politicians and their magic thinking that is a question that must always be asked early and often. And where the mawish save the children pitch is concerned, be mindful that we spend more than any country on earth per pupil and we rank 37th in terms of results. Ergo, more money may not be the solution.

  73. Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.
    I wonder whether Obamacare provides a payout for castration.

    If so, this ignorant young whipper slapper would be a promising candidate for that medical procedure.

    It would give him something more appropriate to chew on.

    No anesthetic please.

  74. Many Republicans view Univision as a hostile news organization, with its unapologetic pro-immigration reform stance and ties to Hillary Clinton.
    The article should have stopped right there.

    The “but” was gratuitous, superfluous and unnecessary.

    The good new is Haddas Gold just attained drinking age.

    Her frontal lobes however have not yet developed.

    Be patient you say?

    Sorry, I haven’t the time to wait for this kid to grow up.

  75. wbboei

    I guess what you want shadow is a blueprint–what is proposed and how to get there.

    I don’t blame you at all, but that is not the job of the leader.

    I believe that is precisely the job of a leader. Just being a guy that tosses out ideas, isn’t enough for me.

    Yes, I do want real details of how someone that thinks they are prepared to become our President, is going to make major changes to our country or policies.

    Obama and Bernie had/has pipe dreams of freebies and I wanted to know the details of their plans…they just gave empty words. Nothing that they could be held accountable to.

    I am not willing to give Trump a free pass because I hope he will do things I approve of later. That is not good enough for me.

  76. I will not debate women’s emotions in supporting Hillary.

    I feel that is dismissive and missing the point of why someone is the best candidate for each of us.

  77. Jorge Ramos

    I watched the debate last night, and watched all but one of them for D & R’s.

    Ramos was a ……….can I cuss here? Yeah, he was a DICK as a moderator.

    As much of a dick as he was, he asked the hard questions that R’s would ask, and Hillary seemed to give honest and intelligent answers to all of them. On the email answer, Ramos didn’t get what he wanted and asked is she would drop out of the race if she was indicted…that is when she said she wouldn’t bother to answer that question.

  78. bottom line…

    in 2008…Hillary and Bill were centrists/moderates (and I was too, I loved their common sense approach)

    Hillary joined O’s administation for one term…when she surfaced again as her own person and decided to run for President…she changed and has evolved as far left or “progressive” as she likes to say…even further left, or progressive, than O…and she is proud of it and says it…she will take his policies further…

    that’s just the way it is…and she is on the record stating her current policies that have radically changed from 2008

    …now for those that still support her and are willing to evolve further left with her and her proposed policies…that is fine…no problem with that…

    but let’s all be clear…Hillary’s positions and policies have changed from 2008…along with the democratic party…it is that simple…

    if you agree with those changes and support them…that is fine…(it would not make sense to not support them and vote against yourself)

    however let’s not pretend these are the same policies, positions and democratic party it was in 2008 and/or pre Obama…it is not…

    I do not begrudge anyone their choices…however the changes and evolution cannot be denied and we can’t pretend that she might reverse everything and undo O wink, wink because she will have enormous pressure on her to continue doing what she says she is going to do…the people voting for her are expecting her to follow through on what she is saying she will do…

    just like the people supporting Trump are expecting him to follow through on renegotiating trade deals, building a wall, bringing jobs back to the USA, helping our Vets…for starters…because that is why people are gravitating to him

    it really is simple…no need to fight or be defensive…it is what it is…

  79. Ramos was a ……….can I cuss here? Yeah, he was a DICK as a moderator.
    Yes, but only in Spanish

    Only unlike Rubio does it, he changes the meaning.

    Here we will not.

    Quien es Jorge Ramos?? (English traslation: who is George Ramos??)

    El pene pequena con boca grande. (English translation: the little prick with a big mouth.)

    His calling card reads–no, not have gun will travel.

    It reads—little brick big mouth ugh.

  80. Thanks for the Spanish lesson wbbs.

    Ramos es un pene pequena con boca grande.

    Regresar a México donde perteneces.

  81. I have been sick with a bug going around so I did not get my early voting done yet here in Florida. The Governor has his finger on the pulse of the fraud. The part that worries me is the absentee votes. I was a poll worker in 2008 and the people who came in to vote, who had absentee ballots issued to them, came to me for processing. I could tell some of them were genuinely surprised.

    Then there was the Bobot caretaker I had for my mother who had Alzheimers. The women knew my mother was not competent and she took her ballet for BO as an absentee ballot. You know they will be making the rounds in the nursing homes here.

    Registered Voters in Florida:
    R-4,209,039 D-4,534,845 Other – 3,249,612 Total – 11,993,496

    here are the trends:

  82. If there was still any doubt whether the Trump juggernaut can be stopped before, if not so much after the Michigan primary earlier this week, it can be laid to rest now because shortly after Trump received the endorsement of Chris Christie, the real estate mogul has now secured his second highest profile backing, that of Ben Carson who according to the Washington Post will endorse Trump officially on Friday morning.

  83. I wonder why Trump announced about Carson (in the debate just now and the website in comment above) instead of letting Carson do it tomorrow.

    In listening to this debate so far, it’s all Trump issues – I wonder what these others would be campaigning on if they couldn’t jump on Trump’s wagon – and I wonder if inside he wants to jump up and down and say, those are MY ideas lol They wouldn’t even be issues if Trump hadn’t brought them up.

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