Tapestries Move – Plus, Phony #DemDebate; @RealDonaldTrump Vs. Marco Rubio And Tony Rezko

This election gets dull. It grows duller by the day. It was exciting. It was real exciting. But now we are in the mop up operation stage. So it is dull – unless you are the guy with the broom sweeping up after the parade went by.

Last week we saw shocking news. Few took notice. The few that noticed did not get the meaning. A late week innocuous bit of news meant to hide and not be noticed. We saw the tapestry move. It was a subtle ripple of the tapestry but the tapestry moved. The players hiding behind the tapestry were busy. Did you see it? Did you see the significance?

That subtle wave caused by frantic maneuvers behind the tapestry should have been noticed by Hillary2016. But they are so stupid at the Brooklyn headquarters a truck busting through a plate glass window into the middle of a restaurant smashing pots, pans, and dishes, would be missed by them.

On the Republican side the tapestry moved too. But on the Republican side you could hear Moe, Larry, and Curly pummel the tapestry, the cacophony of pots and pans clang, each of the stooges noisily fall over each other, so that if you did not see the wild flapping and shaking of the tapestry you could not miss the clanging cloppery of the clowns.

On the Republican side the tapestry moved with news from the GOP establishment via Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney won’t rule out accepting GOP nomination at contested convention. That’s not so much a tapestry move betraying the treacherous, busy plotting behind it, as it is a bunch of clowns playing at being clever. The corollary to this clown show is the new Draft Ryan, as in Paul Ryan, for President clown show.

So the last guys to lose the presidential election think they can win the nomination by not running but instead staging a coup at the GOP convention. It would work if they were up against a pushover who won’t fight. But they’re up against Donald J. Trump.

On Tuesday, Idaho, Hawaii, Michigan, and Mississippi hold elections. Neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan are on the ballot. Again, as we wrote before the last set of elections, these elections are a prelude to the final battle on March 15. On the Ides of March, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Ohio, vote. Neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan are on the ballot.

In just about every poll of elections on March 8 and March 15, Donald Trump is ahead. That’s as it always has been. Some questions have been raised after SuperTuesday about a weakening Trump lead. But what has happened is not a Trump weakening, but a collapse of Rubio. This past week and weekend we saw Rubio support move to Cruz but Trump’s numbers, as Nate Cohn noted, remained stable.

Still, Trump is taking a beating. In Florida most ads attack Trump. Today the Trump counterattack ad war begins.

For the record, we think the Trump ad sucks. It’s a run of the mill political ad. What would we suggest? Tie the Marco Rubio real estate deal to the type of real estate deal Barack Obama did with Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Marco Rubio did exactly what Barack Obama did. The only difference is that Barack Obama was the bigger crook getting bigger money from a bigger crook. How come no one is making the connection?

Rubio’s campaign is in collapse and that almost assures Trump of winning winner take all Florida. Rubio supporters declare his great Puerto Rico victory as a big help in Florida with its one million Puerto Ricans. But how many Puerto Ricans in Florida are Republicans and how many of that sliver will vote for Rubio? That type of wishin’ and hopin’ is all Rubio has left.

But enough Florida, the action now is Michigan and Mississippi and the other March 8 contests. Trump is ahead in Mississippi in the last poll taken there by 24 points. In Michigan, Trump remains on top with Rubio sinking to last. Rubio might not even make the 15% threshold to get any delegates at all.

Tomorrow, this dull election continues. We’ll soon see if Trump wins Michigan and/or Mississippi which will lead to victory in Florida and Ohio. If that victory happens Rubio and Kasich will be out, only hated Cruz will remain. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan better get ready to strap on their burglar tools and steal the nomination.

As Mittens and Ryan go shopping for burglar suits, we suggest everyone go to bed and rest up for Tuesday night. If you have trouble sleeping, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will participate in a Fox News town hall event tonight and that should make you slumber. We will not watch. We didn’t watch the debate on Sunday night either. These “debates” are just too dull.

These dum dem debates are dull because there is no real fight. Bernie Sanders pretends to punch and Hillary pretends to care. It is dull, dull, dull.

If Bernie Sanders ever decides to fight we will wake up. If Hillary decides to stop the pretenses we will watch. But these dum dem debates are dull and a bunch of phony.

The dum dem debates are dull because they are phony. If Hillary attacked Bernie Sanders and his philosophy of socialism and why that is bad on a philosophical and real world impact then we would watch. If Bernie Sanders would stop his little bitchy insinuations and just come out and say what he believes “Hillary Clinton is corrupt because she is a tool of crony capitalists and is a crony capitalist herself who exploits the working class and the middle class to enrich herself and her 1% friends” then we would wake up. That would be a real fight, not the phony pretend slaps we see.

The real fight is between doddering Hillary/Bernie and the ones behind the tapestry. Last week we saw the tapestry move.

We do not believe Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders will be the nominee. We’ve said that for a long while now. We doubt anyone needs much explanation for why we doubt Bernie Sanders will ever get the nomination, so let’s ignore him. But Hillary Clinton? Last week evidence began to pour in. The first bit of evidence got attention:

(CNN)The Department of Justice has granted “immunity” to a former State Department employee who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Bryan Pagliano initially invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and would not testify. Of course, the Department of Justice, known to defense attorneys simply as the “government,” has many ways of getting people to talk.

The big question is whether there is a grand jury convened. The smart bet is yes. After all, the fact that there are immunity agreements logically means there’s a grand jury investigation in some district. The grand jury is typically the genesis of the government’s subpoena power. The next, bigger question, is whether anyone will be indicted.

The mere fact that the DOJ wants to talk to Pagliano does not mean anyone will be indicted. But if the DOJ is investigating criminal activity, they tend to find criminal activity.

In general, when the government wants to talk to someone, the person falls into one of three categories: target, subject, or witness. [snip]

Indeed, the government frequently knows more than the person they actually want to talk to. They are good at what they do; it’s no accident that the federal conviction rate is well above 90%. [snip]

While Pagliano is surely in an unenviable, nail-biting position, we can draw some inferences from recent events. Whether he had zero potential liability, or some liability, he’s probably not a “target.” Why? Because if he were, his attorney would probably not let him talk to the government, and the government would probably not give him immunity. Remember, the government is parsimonious with immunity deals. Another, less reliable inference may be drawn not about Pagliano, but others who are not Pagliano.

The person who often has to worry the most during this process is the person who hasn’t been approached at all by the government. That’s a chilling indicator that you may be the target.

This immunity deal was not decided by a minor government functionary. This decision went to the top. The decision was made behind a tapestry in our modern day Borgia Italy.

The immunity deal was not the big news slipped out in a news leak from underneath the tapestry. There was big news last week few noticed and fewer understood:

Obama says he’s not leaving D.C. next year

President Barack Obama and his family will continue calling Washington home after he departs the White House next year — at least for a little while. [snip]

“We’re going to have to stay a couple of years in D.C. probably so Sasha can finish,” he said. “Transferring someone in the middle of high school? Tough.”

If you believe that Barack and Michelle Obama are staying in Washington, D.C. because of school you need to go back to the first grade and get your I.Q. tested.

This year, brokered, counter-revolutionary, conventions are in fashion. Romney declares himself the tapestry vox populi and Barack Obama says he won’t go back to the Rezko house because of his great concern for his daughters which he did not have when he moved them to Washington. As if.

The tapestry moves. The plotters are busy. Corruption is everywhere.


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  1. http://thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity/271718-immunity-deal-raises-stakes-in-clinton-email-investigation

    The day after her Super Tuesday victories, a law enforcement official leaked that Bryan Pagliano, who helped set up Clinton’s personal server, has been granted immunity in exchange for his cooperation with the FBI’s investigation.

    Pagliano, a former information technology official with the State Department, is seen as a key figure in the investigation into whether Clinton illegally transmitted classified information over her private server. [snip]

    Legal experts say the kind of deal the Department of Justice (DOJ) has struck with Pagliano is common in cases where investigators want to work their way up the food chain in uncovering possible criminal activity. [snip]

    What the immunity deal does suggest, experts say, is twofold.

    First, that investigators believe Pagliano has potentially valuable information that will help them determine whether any laws were broken.

    Second, that the Department of Justice is at minimum setting the stage for the possibility of a criminal case.

    “It doesn’t necessarily signal that there will be charges. What it does signal is that they are accelerating past the investigation stage and things have now risen to the level of a grand jury investigation,” Ray said.

    Legal experts note that the Department of Justice (DOJ) — under whose authority the FBI operates — doesn’t have the power to grant immunity. Federal judges are the only ones with that power, and only at the request of a DOJ prosecutor.

    But for a DOJ prosecutor to make such a request is “a pretty significant step,” Ray argued, one that prosecutors don’t typically take unless they believe the testimony is worth letting go of a smaller fish.

    “Prosecutors are in the business of making cases — you don’t hand out immunity unless the hope is it gets you additional evidence that you would not be able to get, and that [the] evidence leads towards being able to perfect a charge,” he said.

    Security experts say Pagliano could know a great deal.

    “I think of him as Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano; he knows where the bodies are buried and he could bring down the whole organization,” said Morgan Wright, a cybersecurity consultant who has worked with tech companies like Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent, referencing the underling who helped bring down mob boss John Gotti.

    According to reports, Pagliano was the central figure behind Clinton’s server configuration.

    “There was no crew,” Wright said. “This was a one-man shop.”

    As a result, Pagliano would have the “most direct knowledge” of how the server was set up, said Peter Toren, a cyber crime attorney and former DOJ computer crimes prosecutor.

    He likely can provide pivotal details, including what security measures — such as encryption — were put in place when the server was installed, and whether backups were made.

    Perhaps more importantly, Pagliano might have been part of conversations regarding what Clinton’s camp said the server would be used for, and how the team wanted to manage confidential information that could pass through the device.

    “Was he told, ‘Oh this server is going to have confidential, or top secret, or secret State Department communications on it?’” Toren said.

    All of the conversations with Clinton’s staff at State could give investigators more targets and leads.

    This guy’s low-hanging fruit,” Wright said. “But he’s going to lead them to bigger things.”

  2. So Hillary could get indicted and Joe Biden “saves” the party with Elizabeth Warren as VP ….makes sense.

  3. DrudgeReport headline:


    Some Rubio advisers say get out before Florida

    Washington (CNN)A battle is being waged within Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign about whether he should even remain in the Republican presidential race ahead of his home state primary on March 15, sources say.

    Rubio himself is “bullish” on his odds of winning the critical primary, despite some advisers who are less hopeful and believe a loss there would damage him politically in both the short- and long-term.

    Publicly, the campaign is maintaining they are still a contender in this race, touting a Sunday win in Puerto Rico’s primary that delivered Rubio 23 delegates. But privately, the campaign is having a debate about whether he should remain in the mix — even for his home state of Florida’s primary.

    “He doesn’t want to get killed in his home state,” one source familiar with the discussions said, noting “a poor showing would be a risk and hurt his political future.”

    Alex Conant, Rubio’s communication director, said the report of such an internal debate is “100% false.”

    “That is fiction,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.” [snip]

    Most of the senator’s advisers agree he does not have a path to the nomination and some are advising him to get out ahead of the March 15 primary. [snip]

    Sources within the campaign also say the pressure will only continue to mount following an expected disappointing showing Tuesday, when voters in Michigan, Mississippi, Hawaii and Idaho make their picks in the GOP primary.

    Not going to have a great day is an understatement,” one campaign source said.

    There are two lines of thought within the campaign: getting out before Florida, and hanging in there.

    On the one hand, some advisers are warning that if Rubio does poorly in his home state, it could not only hurt his presidential campaign but also his future politically, including a potential gubernatorial run in 2018 or chance to be on the ticket as a vice presidential candidate.

    “Cruz won his home state. If Rubio can’t win his, that’s a problem,” one prominent supporter said.

    But others within the campaign are urging Rubio to stay in the race, predicting a better-than-expected finish in Florida.

    Rubio’s victory for his Senate seat against the governor makes him optimistic he can come from behind, said one source close to the campaign. The senator also believes his experience in the state translates to a superior ground game and infrastructure than that of his competitors.

    The latter line of thinking seems to be winning, for the moment. But a particularly awful Tuesday could change the rationale, a source warned.

    One potential x-factor in the Florida contest is the looming possibility of an endorsement from once-rival Jeb Bush. But Rubio and Bush, the former Florida governor, have spoken three times since Bush dropped out of the 2016 last month and the Rubio campaign is not expecting an endorsement.

    Rubio raised the possibility in the latter two conversations, sources said, but felt Bush was “vague about his interest” and Rubio came away under the impression that Bush would not endorse.

    Other political insiders are closely watching to see what former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney decides to do. The 2012 GOP nominee delivered a speech last week excoriating Trump — but he did not endorse any of the remaining Trump rivals.

    Romney is going to continue with that anti-Trump campaign, a source close to the former governor said, adding that while he is not running, he is open to the possibility — however remote — of stepping into a brokered convention as a consensus pick.

    Sources familiar say that Romney isn’t working with any of the non-Trump campaigns, but part of his resistance to throwing his support behind one is to leave his own options open.

  4. I have not seen one Trump commercial in Florida..he is not spending his money and he needs to asap. The negative ads are beginning to gain traction.

  5. The tapestries have been moving for months in admin’s 3rd eye.

    Screwing over Hillary has been going on for decades.

    If the DOJ wants to prove Hillary is some traitor, what the Hell is taking them so long?

    Emails are black and white. They either were illegal back before 2012, or they weren’t. They don’t need Barry Scheck there talking about DNA proof for weeks on end.

    Trump is stirring up so much $hit that the focus is all on the whackadoodle R debates. Yes, compared to their circus, the Dem debates are boring…but I am not waiting to vote for a performer in the Big Top.

    BO and MO staying in DC because outside of DC, everyone sees them as crooks and frauds. They both have as many fingers in financial pies as possible.

    It isn’t easy to find a well paying job, where you don’t have to actually work.

  6. LU,

    maybe Robio’s camp are seeing a big advantage for Donald in the early voting and then their internal polls spell out the rest

    the talk is Robio might want to run for governor in florida and cannnot risk a big defeat

  7. I don’ want to sound petty or superficial…but the question remains…

    who in the world is picking out the clothes Hillary is wearing at these debates and townhalls???

    yesterday she had the most unflattering jacket with these enormous framed pockets that only served to draw attention to areas she tries to conceal

    and today at fox townhall event she had some wierd two piece outfit on that not only cut her in half but the lower part of the oversized long jacket looked like an apron

    I do not understand it…if I were Hillary, at the very least, I would have a stylist providing flattering clothes…and a full time nutritionist preparing all her food at all times

    leave it at that…

  8. Shadowfax
    Your allegiance to hillary is admirable, but she will do nothing about our open border. She in my eyes is as New World Order as bush. She spoke before the UN when they were trying to pass a resolution at the UN and said we will use ridicule and shame to silence those who offend. She tried to distance herself from Alinsky in 2008 yet before the UN she said we will shame Americans who speak out or ridicule their religion. Alinsky. She tells a body she will shame Americans for exercising freedom of speech.
    Great advocate of women? I think not if she defends the indefensible. She at the UN did not defend freedom of speech. Instead she insulted Americans by saying we will hurt them. She is an attorney. She wants to be back door sharia compliant.
    Think about it she said the government will shame people that insult that guy they like. What is next? Seriously any challange to islam becomes ridicule by the government. Then women being told what to wear. Look at Germany.

  9. I saw that about Obama staying in Washington and I must say it’s disturbing.

    It could very well mean MO, at least on the ticket.
    How awful would that be?

    To the moon Alice, to the moon…

  10. Trump is definitely taking a beating and experiencing some erosion of support…

    He needs to up his game…start instilling confidence with the people that he is scaring away…”acting presidential” would be very helpful to him in this week’s debate…do not take the BAIT to lower yourself (calling Ivanka and Melania…read him the riot act)…Donald, please show some discipline and decorum…(he does not need to keep getting in the face of his rivals for fun, instead focus on getting the votes)

    and he needs to start spending more money to counter punch/attack these massive negative ads against him…and they are trying to paint DT as a loser…which goes directly against his brand…and hurts him…(as if all sides coming at him are pushing him into the ropes)

    Indulging himself in the big, massive rallys is great, but it is not enough…I wonder how many of all of them actually go to the voting place and vote…

    Donald says he is going to use twitter and facebook to address the lies in the ads
    that is NOT ENOUGH…this is the big time now…he needs to go for it, otherwise he may look back and see the error of his ways when it is too late…


    Admin says go to bed early

    FYI…Season Four of Bates Motel returns tonight on A&E at 9 pm…

  11. also seems like Donald made the same miscalculations as Hillary did in 2008 with the caucuses

    not competitive in the caucuses because opponents were better prepared and organized…

    like it or not, fair or not, that effects the delegate count

  12. If Trump is so foolish not to counter punch Rubio and Cruz in Florida, then he is short sided and foolish.

  13. GOP Rank And File To Party Bosses—-Take A Hike!
    By New York Times

    By Michael Barbaro, Ashley Parker & Jonathan Martin at New York Times

    From Michigan to Louisiana to California on Friday, rank-and-file Republicans expressed mystification, dismissal and contempt over the instructions that their party’s most high-profile leaders were urgently handing down to them: Reject and defeat Donald J. Trump.

    Their angry reactions, in the 24 hours since Mitt Romney and John McCainurged millions of voters to cooperate in a grand strategy to undermine Mr. Trump’s candidacy, have captured the seemingly inexorable force of a movement that still puzzles the Republican elite and now threatens to unravel the party they hold dear.

    In interviews, even lifelong Republicans who cast a ballot for Mr. Romney four years ago rebelled against his message and plan. “I personally am disgusted by it — I think it’s disgraceful,” said Lola Butler, 71, a retiree from Mandeville, La., who voted for Mr. Romney in 2012. “You’re telling me who to vote for and who not to vote for? Please.”

    “There’s nothing short of Trump shooting my daughter in the street and my grandchildren — there is nothing and nobody that’s going to dissuade me from voting for Trump,” Ms. Butler said.


  14. henry

    I dislike both Hillary’s and Trump’s position on immigration.

    I’ve always hated the dream act bs.

    I love the idea of the wall.

    I hate, hate the pitting of races and religions that Trump screams about.

    I would like something more in the middle.

    Wall up
    Any race or religion can try to come in, after a good screening that we still don’t have, and they have to do it the legal way all of our ancestors did.

  15. S
    March 7, 2016 at 8:16 pm
    also seems like Donald made the same miscalculations as Hillary did in 2008 with the caucuses
    not competitive in the caucuses because opponents were better prepared and organized…
    like it or not, fair or not, that effects the delegate count


    I agree, but I still hate them.

    If anyone that lives in a state with caucuses, that thinks they are better than one person, one vote…please let me know why they are just as fair.

  16. As for Hillary’s wardrobe…not my favorites lately either, but heck, a girl’s gotta wear what she likes once in awhile, even if others don’t necessarily like it.

    At least no one is complaining about her scrunchies and black rimmed glasses now that she’s feeling better.

  17. Hillary was great in the townhall. She answered hard questions from Bret and she was the Hillary I knew she was.

  18. Donald says he is going to use twitter and facebook to address the lies in the ads
    that is NOT ENOUGH

    Exactly – that will just reach the choir. He needs to get on TV and radio, where regular people get news, where older people get news, heck even where most middle aged people get it. Just because even senior citizens can get online and send emails, doesn’t mean they’re tweeting and instagramming and reading blogs. Even a lot of middle aged people, while they can do it, turn away from it, too much invasion of privacy for our generation (why do I have to reveal access to my contact list, photos, etc, just to get an app that allows me to post funny faces???? People like me won’t do it)

    He needs tv and radio, maybe even an ad in AARP….

  19. Jb,

    These Mammoth polls are being vilified for internals. Out of 400+ phone calls 3/3-6…98 were not Republican. Called themselves independent. 4.5% error…

    I do believe it has tightened, and I do believe he needs to step up NOW.

  20. Radio and TV will ADD some new voters, and his local people should be signing up older and handicapped people to organize rides for them to the election.

    But to keep what he’s got, perhaps he needs to stop messing around with Cruz and Rubio (as I believe admin said,stop stooping to their level). Maybe it’s time to start taking it to Hillary. His numbers against her will improve, and his not repeating Little Marco’s insinuations will stop some supporters from fading away….

  21. The other website likes to label “troll” on anyone who has suggestions for Trump (it’s not PC to say that Trump may not be perfect), but today I saw more people speaking up about things Trump could change. They also see things shifting and feel different things need to be done by Trump. I was so glad to see some brave souls speaking up.

  22. Lorac

    send your suggestions to TRUMP. On the bottom Po for the first page is a “contact us”
    easy to do, I’ve done it.
    Now anyone who can or will do anything with it, that’s a horse of a different color.

  23. Rubio’s Florida Tampa rally only had 300 that showed up. That Monmouth poll showing Trump ahead of Rubio by only 8% is bunk. The Conservative Treehouse spells out why:

    “Here’s the problem. Patrick’s polling uses 83 registered “independent” voters amid a total poll of 403 respondents. See the issue?

    That’s correct. Florida is a closed primary and “independents” cannot vote on March 15th. So take these poll results with a grain of salt.

    Does the removal of independent’s responses make the result better or worse for Donald Trump? That depends on who you talk to. But taking 83 out of 403 makes the actual poll itself utterly and completely useless as a predictive measurement.”

  24. yheitman – so when can independents vote? Is there a closed republican primary day, and a democratic closed primary day, and a third for independents? Kind of makes no sense, they should be able to just go vote, rather than the expense for a 3rd day. Or can they just not vote for dems or repubs at all? That doesn’t make a lot of sense either. What do independents do in FL?

  25. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/trump-hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-midwest-220353

    Trump poses Rust Belt threat, Democrats worry

    On eve of Michigan primary, the specter of the GOP front-runner hangs over the Democratic race.

    DETROIT — Bernie Sanders sees an opportunity to gain ground on Hillary Clinton by focusing on blue-collar workers in the industrial Midwest, the working class voters who once went by the title of Reagan Democrats.

    The same goes for Donald Trump.

    The specter of Trump’s possible appeal in the region is hanging over the Democratic campaign in the days before the March 8 Michigan primary – and in advance of upcoming primaries in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri — as Clinton and Sanders barnstorm all corners of the region, ripping through a debate over trade policy and the roots of the area’s economic struggles.

    The topic was front and center Sunday night when Clinton and Sanders debated in Flint, with Sanders calling out specific job losses to China and Mexico, and the pair sparring over their positions on the auto industry bailout.

    For Clinton, who owns a commanding delegate lead, there’s a special urgency to the discussion: the region is seen as a proving ground for some of the themes that stand to animate an increasingly likely Clinton-Trump general election battle.

    Among Democrats, there’s a growing suspicion that an unpredictable Trump candidacy focused on economic protectionism and opposition to trade deals could potentially put blue states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Pennsylvania into a swing-state column that includes Ohio.

    “I don’t think you can take Michigan for granted, even though it’s gone Democrat for the last five cycles,” warned Michigan Democratic Party chairman Brandon Dillon on Friday, pointing to the Republican front-runner’s resonance with Michiganders when he talks about outsourcing and manufacturing jobs.

    “Both Trump and Sanders have tapped into this incredible anger that exists out there,” added Michigan pollster Steve Mitchell. Trump “was in Warren, the center of Macomb County, talking about the fact that Ford just shifted some jobs into Mexico. These auto workers have seen jobs move out of Michigan, and out of the country, so the convenient scapegoat for that is trade deals. There was a strong opposition to NAFTA and CAFTA — and other trade deals that were done — among the UAW [members].”

    “These are issues that are certainly going to be part of the general election if it’s Clinton vs. Trump,” he explained.

    The central issue in the region’s debate thus far has been Clinton’s past support for those multi-national trade deals — which Sanders has repeatedly said are a major source of Michigan’s economic troubles — and outsourcing — a topic that Sanders has aimed to exploit by circulating a 2012 clip of Clinton appearing to praise it in India. The goal for the Vermont senator’s campaign is similar to Trump’s: appealing to those angry industrial workers who have fallen on hard times in recent years, particularly in Michigan, the state hardest-hit by the American auto industry’s struggles.

    Echoing the message he’s been espousing in ads, rallies, and press conferences all across the state — including in places like Traverse City, Sanders on Sunday took to the pages of the Detroit Free Press to respond to the paper’s endorsement of Clinton and insist that “unfettered free trade turned this once-prosperous middle-class city, where residents could own a home, raise a family and retire with security, into a place where good jobs are scarce and extreme poverty is high.”

    The decimation of Detroit, Flint and communities all over this country did not happen by accident. It is a direct result of disastrous trade deals that have allowed corporations to ship jobs to low-wage countries. Since I have been in Congress, I’ve helped lead the opposition to these trade agreements. Not only did I vote against them, I stood with workers on picket lines in opposition to them. Meanwhile, Secretary Clinton sided with corporate America and supported almost all of them,” Sanders continued, adding statistics about how many tens of thousands of lost jobs he attributed to Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois due to NAFTA and Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China — two policies supported by Clinton.

    While Trump has not zeroed in on Clinton’s past support for trade deals in such a targeted fashion, he has hit similar notes while decrying the decimation of the American auto industry due to such policies: “Mexico is becoming car capital of the world, whether you like it or not. What’s happened to you people is disgraceful,” he told a crowd in Warren on Friday — a conspicuous appearance in Macomb County, the archetypal home of Reagan Democrats. “If you get laid off on Tuesday, I still want your vote. I’ll get you a good job.”

  26. send your suggestions to TRUMP. On the bottom Po for the first page is a “contact us”
    easy to do, I’ve done it.

    gonzo – are you talking about a main webpage for Trump? And at the bottom there will be a box you can type in, and hit submit?

  27. send your suggestions to TRUMP. On the bottom Po for the first page is a “contact us”
    easy to do, I’ve done it.

    gonzo – are you talking about a main webpage for Trump? And at the bottom there will be a box you can type in, and hit submit?

  28. Lorac: either the get involved or join us button works

    I would address it to Cory Lewanadowski, marked urgent

  29. I think the world of Professor Victor Davis Hanson, and learned today that he even taught a year at the Naval Academy. Perhaps that is why I can live with the fact that he is not a Trump supporter even though I am. As always, I am impressed with his insights–they run deep, and as a military historian he is second to none living today. His insights on Trump, though not flattering, shed additional light on the man, and the very qualities Professor Hanson dislikes in him, I cherish. After noting that he is the only candidate on the stage who does not give us some mawkish version of the rags to riches story, he goes on to say this about Donald:
    Trump may have inherited more than $40 million from his real-estate-magnate father, but he has made no apologies. Instead, Trump inflates his net worth to more than $10 billion. He brags about his moneymaking and his “tremendous” and “fantastic” real estate holdings and various companies. Far from being ashamed of his opulent upbringing, Trump wallows in it.

    Trump’s logo has been emblazoned on everything from skyscrapers and golf courses to ties and vodka. His crass message is something like, “I was born rich and then got even richer — AND NOW I WANT TO MAKE YOU AS RICH AS I AM”

    So how does Trump pull off his populist act without sounding like a pampered rich kid? Certainly not in patrician fashion like Franklin D. Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy. Instead, Trump boasts that money is the only measuring stick of successful people — apparently, presidents included. Rich guys are “winners”; the rest are “losers.”

    Trump’s accent is Brooklynese, not Fifth Avenue. His vocabulary is street-crude. His behavior is uncouth. His finger-pointing rants and attacks turn debates into brawls. He is certainly no fussy, windsurfing multimillionaire like John Kerry. Trump tells voters that he knows politicians are corrupt because as a New York businessman, he knew how to corrupt all of them.

    Trump is not a banker, techie or Wall Street investor, but a wheeler-dealer builder who talks more like a New York cabbie or street hustler.

    For the first time in recent memory, a candidate is neither trying to convince us that he grew up poor, nor that he is an elegant aristocrat who feels a sense of noblesse oblige.

    Trump’s zillionaire shtick is certainly obnoxious. But so far, his in-your-face braggadocio has worked better with average voters than have the weepy log cabin tales from all the other well-off candidates.

  30. I like the direct in your face style of Donald Trump.

    In a world of passive aggressive people and a stifling political correctness, I find his approach refreshing and right to the point.

    When people say he changes with the wind, I say the only thing that changes is his tactics. His goals are sound and they do not change, as evidenced by those video recordings we have seen from 30 years ago.

    And he has a sense for the jugglar, which is needed in a blood sport like politics. It is an eat or be eaten environment, not for the timid.

    Finally, I agree with Roger Simon that Donald has a good heart, no one owns him, and at the end of the day, those are the qualities that matter.

  31. “President Barack Obama and his family will continue calling Washington home after he departs the White House next year — at least for a little while. [snip]”

    it’s all about power and keeping control. BO will have the same threats and blackmailing ability over congress/senate/donor class that he has today. I hope Trump is aware of this should he become POTUS.

  32. BO will still own the McConnell, McCain, Ryan traitor GOPers after the election. They will fight any Trump/outsider as the enemy. The tentacles of filth run deep.

  33. Trump started in MANHATTAN with a million dollar loan from his father who was a real estate guy in Brooklyn. Two different worlds. He didn’t inherit anything until much later when his father died. His brother still runs his father’s real estate deal in Brooklyn. Two separate non-competing companies with very different markets, properties, and goals. A million dollar loan for Manhattan is like giving your kid a thousand dollars to open a snow cone stand. It is a very small foot in very large door. His father could afford to loose all of the money if The Donald fell flat on his face and made Donald come back to work for him. Getting your first operating loan for any business, especially a risky one like real estate, is very difficult. The money was an investment in his son not for the son to blow out his ass or goof. I’d like to know how long the pearl clutchers and professionally indignant sponged off their parents not that any of them developed multinational multi-billion SOLE-proprietary business empires. Mitt Romney had partners. Others had “investors” and IPO’s to skim off of. What and how Trump has accomplished is very rare these days. The sour grapes, jealousy, and bitching is very telling. And they usually don’t know what they are talking about since they don’t have any background in business or only the elite, back-scratching, insiders view of it.

    The critique of Trump being vulgar, trashy, too in your face and impolite is along the same lines as the attacks on Sarah Palin. It is jealousy, regret in people’s own life for never taking risk or chances, and their lifelong out right laziness. They sniff, sneer, and denigrate success because they never got off their asses to accomplish much themselves. Their only recourse is to negate the accomplishments of others. Fat, sneaky, lying slobs like Karl Rove, fired for being a liar and cheat multiple times, and his useless parasitic clients MUST do this because they they have accomplished so little positive or constructive in their pathetic lives.

  34. [ Southern Born March 7, 2016 at 6:19 pm Link you mentioned is now at admin’s earlier post .]

  35. Ted Cruz is a very good appellate lawyer. He was a good Solicitor General for the state of Texas. This is an appointed position based on merit. He was appointed and supervised by a brilliant lawyer and ex-judge named Abbott (who was the elected state attorney general) who is now governor. After Ted went to the Senate where he was un-supervised by Abbott he processed to get cross-wise with pretty much everyone. Back in Texas Abbott was taking on the federal government in the courts. AND WINNING! Not in everything but most. As governor Abbott is still running the legal department of the state in influence and strategy. He is really good at it. The court case on illegal alien children in Brownsville and the appeals strategy-Abbott did it. The Bureau of Land Management kerfuffles with the state of Texas and making them climb down-Abbott. And several more. Abbott should probably be attorney general for Trump if he wants an Atty Gen to take on the illegal immigration machine and dismantle the fascist national bureaucracy.

    Ted Cruz is a climber. His wife Heidi is an even bigger climber as she uses Ted to climb on too. Both talented and bright, well educated, and ambitious they will use anyone and anything to get ahead. They remind me of the Obama duo only brighter. Except for the weird religious stuff which I think is a fake put on scam deal learned from Ted’s old scamming man to be pulled out in a scrape. I think Ted used the minority card to get into Princeton and Harvard cause he was smart for a Cuban like Obama was smart for an Kenyan. Climbers vs self made international billionaire. No contest. Not after the example of the Obamas. I don’t even think about Rubio anymore since he is dead armadillo road kill. No one will miss him because he didn’t do anything including show up for work.

    And Hillary and Bernie are making tentative toe tests into Trump ideology but it may be too late to be of any value to them. Both of them would have been naturals at illegal immigration killing the middle class, unfair trade deals, rigged wealth transfers, etc while preserving the national social safety nets and expanding economic opportunity. Slow pokes seldom catch up. Woulda, coulda, shoulda doesn’t cut it.

  36. alcina
    March 8, 2016 at 4:13 am

    That may be the plan but even the Dems want to see the back of this loser thug. He is the lamest of ducks I have ever seen so when he doesn’t even have the title anymore he is going to be like a tit on a boar. Useless except to pop up occasionally to take a selfie. Also the daughters want to stay in their “elite” brown noser school. It is not going to be so great when they are not top dogs as president’s daughters any longer. Bet they move after a year. Does he think he will get unlimited free golf around DC? First seating in all the restaurants? He will continue to be invited to all the embassy parties to bore the pants off everyone and they have to take it? They are in for a big shock. And since neither of them do jack shit for free who is going to pay for their non-influential time? It is actually pitiful that they got nothing better to do than hang on with their fingernails while everyone stomps on them to go away.

  37. Mormaer

    I hope you are right. However, I still see a lot of power with those who hold the polaroid’s against those still in office.

    That said, I plan on taking January 20, 2017 off from work just to witness that lazy ass exit the White House for the last time.

  38. He was never really the president. He was, is, and will always be a scam artist, a tourist, a guest of the elites. Guests, like fish, begin to stink after three days. In his case, three days has turned out to be eight years. Years of national decay. When he steps down, all the bootlickers in big media will proclaim his greatness and thank him for enriching their 401ks. Those like Matthews and Browkaw will speak of virtual accomplishments and endlessly about how he is a second MLK. And he will bask in the glow of those accolades for awhile. Meanwhile, however, the stink will grow, to the point that it resembles the air in Bejing. In due course, even in the town that raised him on their shoulders and proclaimed him Caesar, and gave the rest of us the digitus imputicus, the big media beloved messiah will come to know what the Latin phrase persona non grata means. At that point, he will embark on a world tour, auditioning for the job he wants and will only get if Hillary becomes president: secretary general of the UN. Holder will be his deputy. He will move from the pages of WashPo to the pages of People Magazine, and Mad Magazine, where he really belongs. Then, perhaps, Bellevue Hospital.

  39. BO will still own the McConnell, McCain, Ryan traitor GOPers after the election. They will fight any Trump/outsider as the enemy. The tentacles of filth run deep.
    They have no bully pulpit. He does, and will. If they are obstructionist, they will get their ass whupped. He will drag those dark movers from behind the scene into the kleig lights, and label them warts on the nose of progress. They have everything to lose if they do not get with the program after he becomes president. Ryan will either bend or be replaced. McConnell will be sent out to pasture, like Boehner was, only the transition may not be as smooth. One of the first orders of business should be to impose a 10 year ban on politicians (and their staffers, particularly) going to work for lobbyist. This is one of the two ways lobbyist corrupt our political system, by offering lucrative jobs to McConnell staffers on K-Street, same with Even Bayh. That insight comes from superlobbyist Jack Abamaoff.

  40. Mormaer
    March 8, 2016 at 6:33 am
    A keen assessment of Ted Cruz.

    Frankly, the best I have seen.

    I wonder if the best and the brightest in big media see this side of him.

    And just aren’t telling at this point.

    After all, better the nation should perish than their 401ks take a hit.

    That could adversely affect their future plans to migrate to Costa Rica when the gotterdamn they helped orchestrate occurs.

  41. Yeah, Obama wants the UN job so he can continue his rage against America.
    Its been the plan all along.
    The Trillions he will steal…The hatred against America…Part 2

  42. On the other hand, they probably do not care. They write first for their editor, second for their peers, and a distant third for the public. Their editors want to promote the narrative, their peers want their liberal values stroked, and the public knows or should know that these people have no integrity. Watching these people in action, they live for the gala parties, the hugs by their peers, the faux awards, their networking, and the overall sense that they are to the manor borne, and the nation can eat cake. If you want to know where the real rot is, look to them, and the curious way they go about speaking truth to power by shilling for an uber corrupt administration.

  43. FOX has become the dumping ground for big media rejects. Latest addition to their collection of washed up big media superstars? David Gregory. I hesitate to betray a client confidence, but Bryan Williams has asked me to advise Murdock that he would be willing to consider moving to FOX as well, and bring his million man virtual audience with him, for the right inducement. He notes in passing that is a Neandrathal–just look at him, and even so Gregory got a severance package of $4 million. Ergo, if Murdoc wants Ly’n Bryan the bidding starts there. Besides, he is prettier than Meegain, and is a great raconteur–aka bullshit artist, which is the very thing big media needs more of.

  44. Lu, regarding the answer up above with Robio and absentee ballots, evidently according to reporting Robio is 2 to 1 in favor of Robio in absentee votes but Donald’s strength will be in actual votes…


    as far as any comments above about Donald taming down the “in your face” stuff, what I meant is particularly in the debates, starting with thursdays debate in Miami on CNN…

    (last debate and the KKK stuff resonated and was exploited to DT’s detrement)

    imho…it does Donald no good at this stage to waste his time going back and forth with “Little Robio” and “Lying Ted”…and it has become a bit tiresome…

    yes of course DT should respond and refute any lies and attacks but to get into the gutter and childish namecalling is not helpful at this stage (provokes eye rolling even from suporters, just say ‘No”)

    I think most of us agree things have tightened up, plus DT is under a constant barrage of negative attacks from campaigns, club for growth, superpacs, etc…

    Donald’s focus has to be to appeal to the viewing voting public and give assurance that he is not a loose cannon but “their messenger” and he his working for them…

    I’d like to hear him say something like “all of us have have had alot of fun but now we are getting down to the serious business of choosing the next President of the USA and I am your best choice because….list POSITIVE strengths…don’t fall for the bait that will produce bad headlines for him for the next week…beat them at their own game, including Mr Happy Face, Kaisch)

    silly ego games are a waste of time right now…and appear to have given some benefit to Kaisch…DT should outpsyche them all…or a little ‘reverse psychology’ if you will

    again, now is the time for Donald to impress the naysayers…beat them at their own game…do not let tomorrows headlines be about nonstop KKK and body parts and worse…

    instead stump them all and leave them saying the predicable “this was a different Donald than we have seen…he did seem Presidential…people can imagine him as President” etc, etc…

    Go for the POSITIVE…He is talking to the viewing public, explain the issues to them…win the sceptics over

  45. One thing I neglected to mention. If Lyn’n Bryan moves to FOX he needs to carry over his vacation seniority with him. One can never tell when he will get that call in the middle of the night to join a SEAL operation taking down a terrorist on the other side of the world, and when that happens, Bryan needs to be available, no questions asked. What a patriot he is. What a shining example of the current state of big media, which could not bring itself to fire him even though he is mad as a hatter.

  46. Trump, can you imagine what the pre debates are like?
    I kind of wonder if he has them.
    He needs to.
    Professional. ..
    Come on Donald, we need you!

  47. S
    March 8, 2016 at 11:13 am
    Excellent advice.

    Let hope Donald’s wife tells him this.

    Now is the time to move from campaigner to uniter

    From politician to statesman

    Which will fortify his supporters and flummox his detractors.

  48. gonzotx
    March 8, 2016 at 11:24 am
    Trump, can you imagine what the pre debates are like?
    I kind of wonder if he has them.
    He needs to.
    Professional. ..
    Come on Donald, we need you!
    Another excellent idea.

    Until now he has treated the issue of preparation the way Frank Sinatra treated cutting a record.

    He would do only one take, and leave it to the sound engineers to clean it up from there.

    This was after he had become successful, and iconic.

    The current situation is different.

    It is like live tv in the early days.

    You get one shot and that is what you are judged by.

    A moot court exercise prior to the debate would be advisable.

  49. Rush continues to push Cruz…
    Says Cruz won late voters in all of last 4 states…
    Citing negative polls, polls showing Trump support decreasing. Now this was a questionable poll Monmouth. ..

    However, he does stress Trump has enlarged the Party..but the Party doesn’t care, they don’t want Trump.
    Also heard on the news, more crap about Trump university…saying it had D+ rating, only went up to A when it closed. I believe, can’t remember, it was a government or quasi government agency bringing that out.
    Are you hearing Trump…This is war
    Practice pre debate…PRACTICE!

  50. I know everyone is deep into politics today, and I am making calls for Donald Trump but everyone needs a break –

    So I hope it’s ok to share this e-mail I got this morning from Heifer International. I included two short videos. In the second video you will see a woman trying to scrape a living by hoeing dry, hard, clumpy earth. It looks hopeless to me but she just keeps hoeing. I know we have all felt that hopelessness at one time or another and we have all kept hoeing at one time or another:

    “Elizabeth, today is International Women’s Day—a day in which the world advocates and celebrates the social, economic and political achievements of women.

    But at Heifer, we call this an ordinary Tuesday.

    International Women’s Day, there’s certainly a lot to be proud of, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.”


  51. Any predictions for tonight? I say Hillary wins both by less than 8% and Trump wins both in a nail biter.

  52. The constant negativity, over and over on Trump.
    People are not smart, and he ran a really smart campaign except for not putting enough money into ads and boots on the ground.
    I’m in Texas, never saw a commercial, sign, nothing. I think he thought Cruz would be too tough to beat here, but no presence but for a few speeches.

  53. Ted the climber and turncoat: “And now, with the unlikely emergence of Donald Trump, Cruz finds himself in the position of having that Establishment grudgingly look to him to be their savior – and he is to this point, happily obliging them.”

    “Pressure has been mounting within the GOP to have some among the Senate endorse Ted Cruz. This plan has taken longer than originally anticipated, because so few in the Senate were willing to do so because of their deep, personal dislike for the Texas senator. Trump’s Super Tuesday victories have forced these personal dislikes to be pushed aside in favor of what some perceive to be a narrowing window to “save” the Republican Party.” http://dcwhispers.com/ted-cruz-is-being-used-he-doesnt-seem-to-care/

    Read the whole thing. It’s great.

  54. Mississippi Governor just endorsed Cruz
    That governor is a Haley Barbour/Karl Rove/Trent Lott RINO.

  55. If the establishment succeeds in its nefarious scheme to derail Trump, then whoever they install in his stead and place will stand watch as first mate on The Titanic.

    And when the ship goes down, all hands on board will go down with it. Why? Because the base will punish the down ticket fascist collaborators.

    Pooof, the senate is gone, then the house, and a third party will arise from the ashes, adopt the philosophy of the Convention of States, and the establishment will burn to the ground.

    It is a symptom of their delusion, that they think this can be done through immaculate conception, restoring them to the role of Lord overseer. As with Louis XVI–its fun to be king–until it isn’t.

  56. When organized crime controlled the boxing sport, long before Howard Cosell and Don King turned it into a legitimate business (if you believe that then I have some Florida swampland you may be interested in) there as such a thing as a ringer–a rising star they would promote and get suckers to bet on who would then take a fall in the middle of fifth round, whereupon all the stupid money would flow from the pockets of the suckers, through the bookie, to organized crime, with no social security deductions.

    Tell me that is not what the Republican Party is. A ringer and nothing more. Just tell me I am wrong. And then explain the empty promises they made in 2012 and 2014 to fight Obama, the failure theater they played with an orchestra of violins, the congressional investigations that went nowhere, the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, the imposition of inextinguishable debt on the voters who trusted then, AND THE REALLY BIG PAYOFF from their donors.

    Cost can call it a principal-agent problem, if he likes. They are, after all, a run away agent who betrays the principle. But in fact, it more–far more. It is a clear cut case of fraud. And the remedy? A scorched earth approach by voters against anyone who wears the RINO brand. Anyone.

  57. Pressure has been mounting within the GOP to have some among the Senate endorse Ted Cruz. This plan has taken longer than originally anticipated, because so few in the Senate were willing to do so because of their deep, personal dislike for the Texas senator.
    A brown helmet job, perhaps?

    Its depends—-on how they look at it:


  58. Whoa! With the sharp claws that are coming out against Cruz, I’m assuming he must now be posing a big threat to Trump? I thought he was not part of the establishment and that is why his fellow Senators and McConnell hated him. He didn’t play the establishment/RINO game?? I thought Trump pretty much had it all sewed up to win today and next Tuesday so there must be some internal polling we don’t know about??

  59. Southern it’s the constant negativity.
    In my book Trump needs to stop them in their tracks by positive non stop ads and demeanor now.
    It’s what is recommended to deal with ADHD kids because that’s all you hear,negativity,so that’s what they believe about themselves. that’s why they are going full metal jacket on him.They want the populous to believe the negatives. If he doesn’t counter, that’s what is left for people to chew on. The stadium speeches are good, but he needs more. This is not the time to be cheap.
    And all you hear from radio, TV, print, is anti Trump.
    People who believe in Trump feel he needs to open the purse strings
    Nothing more, we’ve been down this road before.

  60. Just went to the dcwhispers website. It’s funny. There is an ad FOR Rubio beside the negative article on Cruz. Fair and balanced I suppose. lol

  61. I agree, Donald is going to have to spend some money. Up to now his force of personality carried him through with the media…FREE. Actually till now I’ve not heard many if any Trump negative ads. I had read that the establishment Reps along with groups like Karl Rove’s were going hit Trump starting about now.

    Gonzotx, yes indeed, we have been down this road before with all the negative, hateful ads, books, articles about Bill and Hillary Clinton since 1992. Even if a person is not a Clinton fan, he/she would have to agree that the attacks have been beyond vicious. No matter how outrageous the book or ad about a politician and obviously not much if any truth to it, some people will never look beyond that to the truth. As Wbb, says, the media needs to be taken down several notches that’s for sure.

    These days who ever heard of journalist REPORTING the news rather than trying to influence and manipulate we unwashed, non elite Americans who live in fly over country, you know, and do nothing but cling to our Bibles and guns. Apparently, the present media think we need to be told what to do since we can’t think for ourselves!

  62. She is just trying for her 15 minutes again.
    She speaks highly of Trump and they have a child together. Don’t think she will be bashing him.

  63. Today I finally saw some campaign signs in Palm Beach County, Fl. They were in front of the Supervisor of Elections building. One for Rubio and six for Trump.

  64. ok…the deed is done, I voted today (early voting in the afternoon was empty)…to alert others voting in Florida, when you put your ballot in, it goes in so fast (with someone standing right next to me btw) that it is almost impossible to see if the person you voted for is the name that comes up

    I asked the guy standing right next to me…who could actually see who I voted for… “don’t I get to see the name of who I voted for, and he said, the name came up it goes away fast”

    so be prepared to be looking at the screen for that split second to see if the correct name at least comes up

    …bottom line, we are all voting essentially on blind faith…not only do I not have any idea if that machine registered who I asked for on my ballot, but we get no receipt…nothing to validate our vote…

    so how easy it must be to change votes…almost seems like a given that a techie could do whatever they want with the votes…and who would ever know??!!

    heaven help us…

  65. I went to New York City for the first time in 1970. I wandered into a pool haul in a Navy uniform and I was approached by a gentleman in a trench coat and a fedora hat who was a dead ringer for Mickey Rooney, only he was not Mickey Rooney. He was a top CIA officer, and the reason he approached me was because the uniform reminded him of his service in World War II, wherein his ship, most likely a destroyer but honestly I cannot recall, was hit by a torpedo which never detonated, and because of his diminutive stature he was able to squeeze into the compartment where it was lodged and disarm the damned thing. I am sure he got the Navy Cross for that feat of heroism, and I am just as sure he was telling me the truth. He told me he had written the definitive book on billards, and we went to a bookstore around the corner and he bought me a copy of it as a gift, but did not sign it. The name of the author was Clive Cottingham and the illustrations in the book left no doubt in my mind that it was him. The reason I mention this story was because he had a PHD from Stanford, and he talked about the professor who was his advisor and mentor. Again, the name escapes me, but its been nearly 50 years. He told me that he owed a debt of gratitude to that professor, and expressed it to him by reciting to the professor, as he did for me, that passage from Keat’s poem On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer.

    I feel the same way he did when I read the latest offering by that Filipino software engineer Richard Fernadez who elucidates much of what is obscure to many of us about this whole business of a forced march toward globalization. It is not our imagination. It is why our political class no longer serves the American People, but instead a group of international bankers and capitalists. The underlying assumption of these high flautin Greeks was that the global market state would displace the nation state, and would be accepted precisely because it would provide superior benefits to the population. That however turned out to be a major miscalculation, because what it has delivered has been widespread chaos and economic dislocation. The tepid response of the great and immortal first black president man for all seasons big media wet dream messiah to terrorist attacks, not worried about defending American lives because while nations rise and fall, the global community and its benign overseers are like the Gods of Mount Olympus immortal. The masses see this all rather differently and that is the raison detre of Donald Trump. It is why the elites despise him, and the people who get it feel the very opposite.


  66. Here is a great video suggested by Eric Trump. I agree. Have no idea when it was published.
    Of 6:30 PM news casts, NBC was the worst. I cannot believe they are touting another NBC/WSJ poll just out.
    CBS, ABC fairer. All I recall is voters by 59% feel GOP has betrayed them. Donald weak on some of the personal ones.

    I do hope Marla does not hurt him. I can picture anchors twisting hairs over 3 marriages.

    I just received a Senate Conservative (Fund ? ) invite to a town hall to discuss REAL conservatives. I missed first name give, Mike Lee. He’s gotten weaker IIRC.
    OK. I’m rambling. That video is like a rousing rendition of patriotic songs.

  67. The Oligarchs’ Super-PAC Anti-Trump Savagery
    Tuesday – March 8, 2016 at 12:40 am

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Narrow victories in the Kentucky caucuses and the Louisiana primary, the largest states decided on Saturday, have moved Donald Trump one step nearer to the nomination.

    Primaries in Michigan, Mississippi and Idaho on March 8, and in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina on March 15, may prove decisive. If Marco Rubio does not win his home state of Florida, he is cooked, as is Gov. John Kasich if he does not win Ohio.

    Ted Cruz already looks to be the last man between Trump and a GOP nomination that has gone, in the last seven elections, to George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

    All five of those nominees since 1988 seem appalled by Trump’s triumphs, and only slightly less so by the Cruz alternative.

    Not in memory has the leadership of a party been so out of touch. The Republican rank and file are in revolt, not only against the failures of their fathers but the policies of their present rulers.

    Some among the GOP elites, who have waited patiently through the Obama era to recapture control of U.S. foreign policy, are now beside themselves with despair over Trump’s success.

    Fully 116 members of the GOP’s national security community, many of them veterans of Bush administrations, have signed an open letter threatening that, if Trump is nominated, they will all desert, and some will defect – to Hillary Clinton!

    “Hillary is the lesser evil, by a large margin,” says Eliot Cohen of the Bush II State Department. According to Politico’s Michael Crowley, Cohen helped line up neocons to sign the “Dump-Trump” manifesto.

    Another signer, Robert Kagan, wailed in the Washington Post, “The only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton.”

    Are they serious?

    Victory for Clinton would mean her remaking the Supreme Court, killing all chances that Roe v. Wade could be overturned, or that we could get another justice like Antonin Scalia before 2021.

    What are these renegades and turncoats so anguished about?

    Trump calls the Iraq War many of them championed an historic blunder. Trump says that, while a supporter of Israel, he would be a “neutral” honest broker between Israel and the Palestinians in peace negotiations, as was Jimmy Carter at Camp David.

    Trump says he would “get along very well” with Vladimir Putin, as Richard Nixon got along with Leonid Brezhnev and Mao Zedong.

    Trump would launch no new crusades for democracy. He would not oppose Russia bombing ISIS. He would build that wall on the border. He would transfer from U.S. taxpayers to rich allies more of the cost of defending themselves.

    Do not most Americans agree with much of this?

    Yet this neocon ultimatum about deserting should the voters nominate Trump testifies eloquently to their loyalty.

    With every ex-president and ex-nominee repudiating Trump, and foreign policy elites going rogue, the GOP hierarchy is saying: We will cut Trump dead, just as the Rockefeller-Romney crowd cut Barry Goldwater dead.

    This is pure my-way-or-the-highway politics.

    But it raises anew the question: Can the establishment stop Trump?

    Answer: It is possible, and we shall know by midnight, March 15. If Trump loses Florida and Ohio, winner-take-all primaries, he would likely fall short of the 1,237 delegates needed for nomination on the first ballot.

    How could the anti-Trump forces defeat him in Ohio, Florida and Illinois? With the same tactics used to shrink Trump’s victory margins in Virginia, Louisiana and Kentucky to well below what polls had predicted.

    In every primary upcoming, Trump is under a ceaseless barrage of attack ads on radio, TV, cable and social media, paid for by super PACs with hoards of cash funneled in by oligarchs.

    But Trump, who is self-funding his campaign, has spent next to nothing on ads answering these attacks, or promoting himself or his issues. He has relied almost exclusively on free media.

    Yet no amount of free media can match the shellfire falling on him every hour of every day in every primary state.

    Our Principles PAC, backed by Nebraska’s billionaire Ricketts family, has poured millions into trashing Trump. American Future Fund is dumping $1.75 million in Florida this week; Club for Growth $1.5 million.

    Hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer is backing the Conservative Solutions PAC, which has dumped millions into anti-Trump ads and plans to spend more than $7 million between March 1 and 15, with $4 million of that going into Florida. The super PAC pile-on is unprecedented.

    How well Trump fares in Michigan and Mississippi, measured against how well he was doing in polls last week, will reveal just how successful super PAC savagery has been in changing hearts and minds.

    Can millionaires and billionaires who back open borders, mass immigration, globalization and the disappearance of nation states into transnational collectives overwhelm with their millions spent in ads the patriotic movements that arose this year to the wonderment of America and the world?

    Has that proud 18th century boast of Americans, “Here, sir, the people rule!” given way to the rule of the oligarchs?


  68. Primary Election Night Coverage Our Road to the White House coverage continues with the Michigan, Mississippi and Idaho presidential primaries and the Hawaii caucuses. Join us for election results, victory and concession speeches from candidates, and your reaction.

    This program has not yet aired

    Airing LIVE Tuesday, Mar 08 8:00pm EST on C-SPAN

    Alert me when this program is:
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