Uncle Mitt Romney Niece And The Detroit #GOPDebate Against @RealDonaldTrump

Update: Hanging Chad Horror! Ted Cruz lip visitor. First on upper lip. Then leaps to lower lip. Ugh! What was that? Mama!!! We’re scared!!!


In 2008, we were younger and foolish then, the Democratic Party Rules Committee engineered a rules coup against the winner of the most votes in order to steal the election and nominate Barack Obama. Now the Republicans try the same trick. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Donald J. Trump will not cower in this fight.

Donald J. Trump will be under establishment attack tonight at the debate in Detroit. The only allies Trump has are voters.

The Michigan Republican Party Chair is Mitt Romney’s niece. Party Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel distributed the audience tickets for tonight so the house will be papered with Trump haters. The Fox moderators will be well known Trump haters. The other candidates on the stage will do anything to destroy Trump. Big Media will attack Trump. The viewers of the debate will be the Trump supporters who continue to vote him victory.

Today Uncle Mitt Romney, laid out his plan for a convention coup:

Mitt Romney declared it a time for choosing but could not bring himself to choose. [snip]

In failing to back a single Trump alternative, Romney essentially called for a Republican civil war to wage through this summer, a retrenchment for an irreparably divided GOP in hopes of outmaneuvering Trump at a contested convention where party elites still control some levers of power. (Also, by not picking a single anti-Trump standard-bearer, Romney, who briefly considered running for president again in 2016, left slightly more open the door that might allow a contested convention to select him.)

Can this Republic be saved when such corruption rules? Republicans will decide that question. Romney chose to bypass the electorate. Hillary Clinton better be prepared for her own palace coup at the Dem convention when once again she will be schlonged by Obama.

The Republican establishment, the political establishment, says “screw the voters, We Rule, not the people.” The GOP establishment is in full panic.

Tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET, Donald J. Trump will be goaded and mocked in an attempt to get Trump unhinged and somehow get Trump to destroy himself. Trump’s wife Melania however has told Trump to “be presidential”. It’s good advice. That good advice in the voice of his lovely wife is one Trump should constantly repeat to himself as he endures the barbs orchestrated to get the only person that can destroy Trump to do the job. Trump is the only person who can destroy Trump. It’s too late for the losers who have failed and failed again.

Rubio cannot get the nomination unless he gets 2/3rds of all the delegates in the remaining primaries. That’s not going to happen. Ted Cruz is still a means to an end. Once Trump is removed, Cruz will be butchered, but as we wrote long ago, there is nothing dumber than a Cruz supporter. Kasich? The Lehman Brothers director will never be the nominee, not with his zero win record and the same bleak future results.

As in the last GOP debate, Mitt Romney tried to prep the battlefield for tonight’s debate. Last time it was the McCarthyite/Reid innuendo about Trump. Today it is the ‘your choice doesn’t matter, I choose a convention coup’ speech.

Donald Trump is walking briskly on a hill occasionally sipping from a bubbling brook – that’s his easy path to victory. The Romney/Ryan/Rubio/Cruz/Kasich losers are climbing up a massive mountain which grows steeper with every step – that’s their hard reality that leads to defeat.

Tonight Donald Trump will be both Bruce Banner and his alter-ego The Hulk. Trump’s opponents? Puny losers.


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  1. Imagine all the pressure he’s under…be Presidential Trump, they won’t be able to handle it.
    I think like the Godfather, Trump revels in it.

  2. From end of last thread:


    I don’t know how to copy and paste tweets, so hopefully this works somehow… but for heaven’s sake, they’re just literally making things up. There needs to be some kind of recourse.

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 9m9 minutes ago
    Rubio puts out ad that my pilot was a drug dealer- not true, not my pilot! Guy owned helicopter company- don’t think I ever even used.
    681 retweets 1,810 likes
    Reply Retweet 681
    Like 1.8K

  3. Wallace: Romney personal attacks.

    Trump: He was a failed candidate. He failed miserably. He went on vacation the last month. He wants to be relevant. I believe in free trade but China and others are beating us badly. Mexico, Japan too, we lose money to. We will make great trade deals.

    Wallace: Romney, David Duke, white supremacy.

    Trump: I totally disavow David Duke, the KKK, I’ve been answering this for weeks. I disavow. I disavowed on Twitter too immediately after. Take a look.

    Baier: Personal attacks beneath the office, you said. Now you say Trump wet himself among other things.

    Rubio: Trump has been personally attacking all year. Trump deserves to be attacked. The media has given Trump’s attacks coverage.

    Trump: I called him a lightweight. I take it back. Look at my hands, are they small? I guarantee you neither my hands nor something else is small.

    Kelly: Your brand of conservatism rejected in favor of Trump?

    Cruz: This is about the people. Single moms struggling because of ObamaCare. Steelworkers with callused hands. Students with loans and no jobs. Solutions, not slogans. Principles made America great. Abolish the IRS. I can beat Trump.

    Trump: Ted keeps saying that. For the record I’ve won more states than him and more votes than him.

    Rubio: The majority of people have voted against Trump. We won’t turn the party over to Trump. He does not have the conservative principles.

    Trump: CNN poll has him at 15 and me at 49%.

    Rubio: He performs worst against Hillary.

    Trump: I beat Hillary Clinton in many polls. Fox, in Ohio, in many polls, and I have not yet started against her.

    Baier: Romney wants a stop Trump movement. Do you support your supporters voting for Rubio in Florida?

    Kasich: This is process. I can get the crossover votes. I am told I am the adult on the stage. Romney will not determine my strategy. I was the Budget Committee Chair with success. My formula works there and in Ohio. My plans are reasonable and will bring everyone together.

    Baier: Single digits in 9 states? Brokered convention your only path?

    Kasich: You keep writing me off. I continue to win delegates. Now we head north to my turf. I will win Ohio. You don’t give me time on the debate stage.

  4. Someone needs to admonish Rubio, little yapping chihuahua who won’t shut up during Trump’s time

  5. How interesting… they’re putting up screens trying to show that Trump is wrong. But everyone is always on Trump to be specific, not on the others. They couldn’t even try this on anyone else, BECAUSE Trump is the only one trying to be specific. Oy.

  6. Oh for heaven’s sake, Canada – everyone already knows that Trump supported politicians on both sides of the aisle, d*mn, I’m so sick of everyone twisting everything

  7. I really hope somehow this NBC thing gets formalized, even if after Trump wins. Imagine how many frauds we will have in 4, 8 years… first Obama, now 3 (Jindal dropped out), then how many in 2020… we wouldn’t be dealing with these two weasels if this had been straightened out. Or the incumbent weasel, for that matter…

  8. oh maybe you’re talking to jb, yes, he called him little Marco, “little guy” too, I *think*

  9. megyn’s first question to Donald, and she says hello how are you, he says it back and you’re looking well – I think maybe she has been tamed. Not that she won’t attack him, but maybe she’ll be “regular”

  10. Hope Trump brought his own bottled water, wouldn’t want to be drinking water from that state.
    Trump needs to bring home the utter destruction of Michigan, especially Detroit, once the Versailles of America, the ruins of historical, unbelievably beautiful buildings, people literally living in holed up houses, no longer even any street lights, no running water. Oh please bring up it was under Romney when it started to crumble…please.
    This is what greed by the car companies and outsourcing did.
    Detroit is the most dangerous city in America.Its literally run by thugs.

  11. Yow, the off the record conversation Trump had with the NYTs WAS REAL. He wants it confidential. I think this is going to come back to him.

  12. Economy.

    Wallace: Trump a con artist sticking it to workers but he has created jobs. How many jobs have you created?

    Rubio: He is a con artist. Clothes made in China. Government does not create jobs. Make America a good place to create jobs. Roll back regulations.

    Trump: This little guy has lied so much about my record. I started off with one million dollars. I built a tremendous company. That’s the kind of thinking this country needs.

    Wallace: Move your clothing line to this country?

    Trump: China and Mexico devalue their currency and it makes it very difficult to make clothes in this country. Marco is in favor of TPP. I am already shifting production as much as possible.

    Rubio: He won’t do it. He makes more money by producing things in China and Mexico.

    Trump: You haven’t employed in your life one person. Mitt Romney won’t talk about my tremendous successes.

    Rubio: He won’t answer it.

    Trump: I’ll answer it little Marco. This guy doesn’t work in the Senate anymore.

    Wallace: Waste, fraud, abuse?

    Trump: Get ride of EPA, Dept of Education, every single agency can be cut down. The waste fraud abuse is massive. Kudlow says my plan is the best.

    Wallace: Put up graph! Deficit is 544 billion. Your numbers don’t add up.

    Trump: We don’t have proper bidding procedures. Hundreds of billions of dollars.

    Wallace: Graph #2 up! Medicare spends $78 billion only. Your numbers don’t add up.

    Trump: The waste is throughout the economy. We don’t negotiate anything.

    Wallace: You abolish the IRS? Who collects taxes? Who will check deductions, cheats?

    Cruz: Taxes will be on a postcard which is on my website. Simplify. Treasury Dept will do those jobs. As to Trump there is no specificity. Trump uses angry rhetoric but he is part of the corruption.

    Trump: I’ve supported many politicians throughout all sides. I am a businessman. I owe that to my company to get along. In D.C. no one gets along that’s why we don’t get things done.

    Wallace: No increase in minimum wage, Trump says? You do?

    Kasich: That’s not true. I was the only person who balanced the federal budget. I did it. Common sense regulations. Job creators then create jobs. I am the only one to have done this. A balanced budget.

    Kelly: You say you stood with Jeff Sessions on immigration but Sessions endorsed Trump.

    Cruz: Trump wrote checks to Jimmy Carter, Kerry, Reid, 5 of 8 members of gang of eight, Hillary Clinton ten times including her presidential campaign.

    Trump: It was for business. I have 120 deals outside the U.S. In 2008 I supported Hillary Clinton. Also Reagan and Bush.

    Cruz: But what about Hillary?

    Trump: The last person Hillary wants to face is me.

    Kelly: New York Times taped interview with “flexibility” on immigration deportation?

    Trump: I met with the editorial board off the record. These 3 have done the same many times. In any deal there has to be tug and pull. You have to have flexibility. Sometimes to ask more is smart then settle. On this issue I am not that flexible. I will build the wall. Mexico will pay for the wall. There is always give and take. Great negotiators know how to get to the deal.

    Kelly: You still favor eventual path to citizenship for illegal immigration.

    Rubio: I want to solve this issue. I hoped the House would make it stronger.

    Trump: Rubio is talking about a little give and take. I understand that. I am stronger on illegal immigration. Sheriff Arpaio endorsed me.


  13. I wish Trump knew about that recent tweet of Rubio, and would use it to show how they’re just making things up – like what they were just saying, wanting Trump to release an off the record conversation he had with the NYT – they have nothing, they’re just insinuating without proof, and it’s disgusting. I wish Trump would call the weasels out.

  14. Trump is in total control of this debate and of himself. Rubio was stunned when Trump said “I take it back” (only to later on return to “little Marco”) because Rubio’s strategy was to attack Trump. Trump defanged him and continues to do so.

  15. Trump refused to have the NYTs release the tape.

    This is going to be jumped on by other candidates…100%

  16. Yes, everyone has off the record conversations, but Trump’s opponents claim that his conversation on immigration isn’t as tough as he talks about in his campaign. He didn’t deny it, at least not yet.

  17. I highly doubt anyone would be that stupid to say something very sensitive, campaign breaking even, “off the record”, especially to an antagonistic newspaper, and just trust it would never get out. Whatever it was, I’m certain it was nothing. Would any of us regular people say something off the record to a newspaper and just hope our trust was justified? I sure wouldn’t. The only way to keep something private…. is to keep it private.

    Trump has a pattern of letting things build up – then releases the info later and embarrasses everyone who pushed for it or assumed the worst.

  18. Megyn Kelly has off the record conversations everyday and would not release them..every politician does.

  19. Shadow, his opponents are increasingly insinuating things… that’s how desperate they’ve gotten…. they’re trying to score points by simple insinuation.

  20. They’re asking Trump about water boarding and other torture. I never liked his answer on this. If someone were to torture me, innocent of everything, I’d start making things up, just to get a break in the pain. So I can’t see that it’s a reliable method of information extraction.

  21. Kelly: Visas for workers?

    Trump: I’m changing. We do need highly skilled workers. Those that go to college here and want to stay should be able to do so. The border is still Swiss cheese and I will stop it.

    Kelly: You reversed yourself on visas too Cruz.

    Cruz: Abuse of the visa program leads me to propose a 100 day moratorium. That is what Trump does with his hotel in Florida. How many here have worked as waiters/waitresses. That’s why the NYTimes tape is so important. Release the tape.

    Trump: I’ve had tens of thousands of people work for me, Americans. All my short time hires are fully legal.

    Rubio: At least 300 were not hired. The ones brought here are captive.

    Trump: All the hotels during the season do this. It is a very hot area. This is a legal process. I take advantage of that.

    Cruz: Release the tape. Are you lying?

    Trump: You’re the liar, lying Ted.

    Baier: ISIS. Troops in Iraq and Syria you say. Troops against ISIS too in Libya?

    Rubio: It will require a significant number of American special forces.

    Kasich: I served 18 years on the Defense Committee. Hillary Clinton worked to depose Qaddafi. Now we have a mess. Special Forces alone won’t work. Only a coalition in force will work. We will have to do something about Libya. Then come home.

    Baier: 100 foreign policy experts wrote a letter opposing you on torture. U.S. military will refuse to carry out your orders.

    Trump: They won’t refuse. They’re chopping Christian heads in the middle east. These animals chop off heads and we have a hard problem with waterboarding. I am a leader. If I say do it they do it. I know leadership. As to families, the families know what the terrorists are doing so I don’t have a problem with that.

    Cruz: That doesn’t make you a tough guy. Reagan fixed the economy. Rebuilt the military. I will do the same thing.

    Baier: You said Edward Snowded performed a public service. It took you to January to call him a traitor.

    Cruz: I start with the facts in evidence then lead up from there. I said if the evidence was clear that Snowden committed treason then he is a traitor. He fled to China, Russia. We need a president who isn’t rash but waits for evidence.

    Baier: Who are your best national security people?

    Trump: I know Richard Haas. But the decisions will be mine. I was right on Snowden immediately.

    Kasich: I received 55% of the vote when experts were asked who would be best on national security.


  22. I know all of you are Trump supporters, so I am trying to be careful of what I say. I don’t think this is Trump’s best debate. Some things he has said will get him in more hot water.

  23. Snowden’s situation is a mixed bag, technically he is a traitor and people may have died because of his, actions.
    I still don’t know where I stand really.

  24. Cruz = there will be fraud trial during election, Trump – it’s a minor civil case

    Trump should bring up his eligibility law suits!!!

  25. Kelly: Cue tape! then cue next tape! Your previous words contradict what you say now? Cue another tape!

    Trump: You have to stay in Afghanistan. I was always against going into Iraq. I saw the invasion with a good friend of mine, and yours, and that is what happened.

    Kelly: You changed on migration.

    Trump: Yes, you’re right. At first they said it was very small numbers so I said OK. But then the real numbers came up and I changed.

    Kelly: You changed your tune on a lot of things.

    Trump: I’ve never seen a successful person who is not flexible. If you say “it’s Ok” then things change you can’t say “it’s OK”. You have to recognize when you’re wrong and change.

    Kasich: What people want to know is if they are told something can they believe it. That’s what happens in Washington. People want change, put outsiders in who don’t understand compromise. Pick someone with a record of achievement.

    Rubio: It’s not about changed opinions. It’s Trump University. You say what they want to hear.

    Trump: This was a case I could have settled easily. 98% approved. I don’t settle cases which is why I don’t get sued often.

    Rubio: That’s false.

    Trump: When they got the information they got an A.

    Kelly: We checked BBB and the last number is D.

    Trump: Elevated to A.

    Kelly: Class action suit. Little guys. Say they were fleeced. You countersued lead plaintiff. You had to pay $800,000.

    Trump: She’s trying to get out of the case.

    Kelly: Madoff?

    Trump: Let’s see what happens in the case.

    Rubio: I spoke with one of the victims. They believed Trump was fantastic businessman. They were asked for more money. It was a scam. They wanted money back.

    Trump: We will see who is right. Almost all said the course was terrific. Let’s see who is right in this pending litigation.

    Rubio: He’s trying to do to the voters what he did to these people. He cons people.

    Trump: The real con artist is Rubio. He doesn’t go to work and vote. The people of Florida won’t elect him dog catcher. He’s down 20 points. He’ll spend 25 million but that won’t help him.

    Rubio: He defrauded those people. Also in Mexico.

    Cruz: Ask the voters at home. Is this what you want. If we nominate Donald the Republican nominee will be in a fraud trial.

    Trump: Give me a break. It’s a minor civil case.

    Cruz: Come join us. We welcome you. We have beat Donald. Stand with us.

    Trump: These politicians. All talk, no action. You’re at 15% in the polls which means 85% of the people don’t want you. I won ten states. So how does he take 5 is better than ten?

    Cruz: That CNN poll shows Trump loses to Clinton. Same poll shows me beating Clinton. He’s been on every side in every issue.

    Trump: I’ll beat Hillary Clinton very easily.

    Kasich: I met a woman who’s child committed suicide. People who get no interest from the bank. Kids in the basement because they have not jobs but college loans. People want the power back. This discussion back and forth is not what people want. Let’s stop fighting.


  26. haaa good one Wallace 0- to Cruz – I’ll give you 30 more seconds to (actually) answer the question ROFL

  27. When other men have a 50/50 shot, Trump really has 80/20. .. the most interesting man in the world…

  28. I don’t think I am the only one that understands that when Donald says something, sometimes he is starting from the most distant point and that he has not only said, but also understands that from that point you have ‘give and take’ and thus eventually reach a ‘middle ground’ or agreement

    and yet it is his style to be bold…very bold…and start from that very distant point..

    so…as it relates to deporting 11 million people…again, call me naive…however I do not believe he plans upon becoming President…to suddenly start lining up 11 million people and marching them out of the USA

    I do believe he will prioritize his immigration policy…he will begin with building the wall…he WILL immediately begin with deporting the criminals and gang members…he will set a tone that illegal immigrants should not come in without going through the legal process and he will start other deportions on a case by case basis while at the same time enducing others to leave and/or not come in…

    there will be incremental, prioritized implementation of his illegal immigration policy

    Is he going to say all of that publically in detail??? NO…

  29. Trump just said he has no limits on 2nd amendment, and Cruz then says, Unlike Donald, I don’t support limits…. huh????

  30. S, of course, and mandating E-verify, and ending freebies will lead people to self-deport. People make fun of that, and I think they’re nuts lol

    Grrrr this is the second time that Cruz told Trump to breathe what a jacka@ss

  31. well ok I don’t mind when Trump does that kind of thing, but not the others lol anyway, it was a planned thing each time, Trump did not need to breathe

  32. Flint Michigan.

    Baier: GOP plans for Flint and infrastructure?

    Rubio: I’ve talked about it. Systemic breakdown. It should not be politicized. Hold people accountable. Should not be partisan. Let’s work together on this.

    Kelly: Urban blight. Detroit in debt, falling apart schools. Bailout?

    Kasich: This is what happened in Cleveland. I did a buyout plan to bring in young teachers. Cleveland schools are coming back. Has to be done in all our urban schools. Introduce vocational education too will help. Vouchers. Charter schools. Put politics aside and fight for our schools together.

    Wallace: Detroit 11 percent unemployment. Once had 300,000 manufacturing jobs now less than 30,000. What would you do?

    Cruz: Utterly decimated by Democrat policies. For 50 years left wing Democrats have pursued disastrous policies. Lift regulations, ObamaCare. Tax reform with 15% business tax.


    Baier: Cue video! Do gay marriage dissenters have rights?

    Kasich: I focus on the do in my faith. If they ask you to participate in something you don’t agree with you shouldn’t have to. Find another photographer if necessary. Common sense. Deeply held religious beliefs should be respected without going to court.

    Baier: Supreme Court says gay marriage is legal. Adoption too?

    Cruz: Marriage and adoption should be decided by the states. Constitution. I will not compromise on core principles such as religious liberty, unlike someone here. I represented millions of veterans in court on this.

    Trump: I generally agree with what he said. I prefer the states handle it.

    Baier: Scalia said 2nd Amendment is not absolute. What limits do you have?

    Rubio: The 2nd Amendment is a right, not a suggestion. Criminals don’t follow gun laws. Law abiding citizens are the only ones who follow gun laws and that’s why gun control laws don’t work.

    Baier: You supported assault weapons ban?

    Trump: I support the 2nd Amendment. If people had guns in shootouts they would happen less. I changed my mind on assault weapons ban.

    Cruz: Unlike Trump I am not for assault weapons ban. Trump gave money to Reid and other gun control politicians. Don’t cut a deal on 2nd Amendment.

    Trump: He was the primary supporter of John Roberts. He pushed and pushed for Roberts. Roberts upheld ObamaCare. Cruz is the biggest supporter of Roberts.

    Cruz: I wrote one editorial. You supported Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton with donations.

    Foreign Policy next.


  33. hmmm Trump just made an odd face as he turned away from the lecturn at the break… I hope he’s not discouraged…

  34. geez, insinuations, repeated misleading statements….

    Cruz keeps throwing that in, you donated money to this dem, that dem… it doesn’t matter that Trump has explained satisfactorily a million times that a business man donates to everyone… Cruz just wants to get that in the head of lowfos that Trump donated to dems

  35. No real game changer, but I think Trump needs to stop the personal insults as it comes off petty.

  36. Wallace: Why is Trump unprepared on foreign policy?

    Rubio: He’s unprepared. Our future depends on foreign policy. Trump just says things. World needs American leadership. Trump has not shown the interest on these complicated issues.

    Trump: He is not a leader. They will do as I tell them. We are in a very dangerous place. Our vets are treated horribly, our military is depleted. We will get weapons the generals, not the politicians want.

    Rubio: Again, he does not answer. The world is complicated. A lunatic in NK. Putin who Trump admires. You won’t answer a detailed question.

    Trump: Putin said nice things about me. I said “wouldn’t it be nice if we could get along instead of spending trillions. If we could get along in the world”.

    Wallace: NK has ordered nukes to be ready. What would you do as President Cruz.

    Cruz: Sanctions. Failure of Clinton when he lifted sanctions. We need to move carrier group. Pursue space based missile defense. Put pressure on China.

    Wallace: Putin called Trump bright. Kasich campaign ran ads. Cue campaign video! Suggestion is Trump is naive on Trump?

    Kasich: I’m not biting. Arm Ukraine. Consider attacks on neighbor countries an attack on us. Warn China on expansionist policy. Bring our allies closer.

    Final Question Next.


  37. Jb,

    True, but the personal attacks against him, for real.
    He needs to listen to his best adviser, his wife..
    Nothing upsets a bully as much as you being cool, calm and collected.

  38. gonzotx

    March 3, 2016 at 10:54 pm


    yes like Romney going on TV today and calling Donald every name in the book and asking everyone to vote against him

  39. Baier: Final Question. RNC pledge. Will you support the nominee, even Trump?

    Rubio: Yes. A socialist and someone under investigation. Benghazi.

    Cruz: Yes. I gave my word. I won Texas. People who know me best.

    Kasich: Yeah. I’ll be the nominee. We’re in the arena. A special circle. I will support the Republican nominee.

    Wallace: Millions raised against you. Will you?

    Trump: Even if it is not me??? Millions have come to the GOP because of me. Biggest thing in politics. Yes I will.

    Closing statements:

    Kasich: I have a record of solving biggest problems. I did it in Ohio. No one behind. I will fix the problems in Washington.

    Rubio: A lot of problems in America. We have to embrace our opportunities. If we act now we will leave our children the free-est and most prosperous.

    Cruz: Sailors, marines, mothers, Obama ties your hands. Police officers left behind by Obama. I will have your back.

    Trump: I will bring jobs back to the U.S., Fix our depleted military, fix our borders. You’ll be proud again of your country.

    IT’S OVER.

  40. Trump needs to get educated by military on our weapons, get some specific plans, that would sound Presidential

  41. lol Trump said he thinks O’Reilly has gotten negative towards Trump, O’Reilly says why, so Trump says ask your psychiatrist

    Trump does look peeved….

  42. computer says trump is 6’3″ = so O’Reilly had to be a step higher in the interview… he looked 7 inches taller!

  43. I do wish Donald would get some positive testimonials for Trump University in TV ads on the air…

    today I started seeing very negative testimonials airing for Trump U …and they are going to saturate the air…as i mentioned early voting in Florida begins this Saturday…

    he really needs to counter it just to be on the safe side to avoid erosion and continue to add to his winning percentage…even if it is winner take all

    i do not want him taking any chances…

  44. Lorac, Trump is already in general election mode. That’s why he tried to defuse the fighting at the beginning by “taking back” calling Rubio a “lightweight”. Trump ended with giving credit to all on stage, even as he said they did not deserve the credit.

    Trump is already working on unifying the party. Rubio and Cruz see this so they only have the option of higher decibel attacks. Trump’s objectives now are to prepare for his complete takeover of the GOP (as the last question made clear will happen).

    As Mae West once cannily observed about how she got so many big jewels, “I stayed cool, calm, — and collected.”

  45. Yeah, 63 to 69 % trump in all. Kasich second in some,distant, or Cruz, distant. ..

    Rubio is finished!

  46. Interesting that they are giving O’Riley a lot of time and not Kelly. Think Bill may have been annoyed that she is catching up on his ratings.

  47. Anyone know what that white thing on Ted Cruz’s upper lip was? The darn thing was like a hanging chad that would not drop. Then it jumped onto the lower lip. What was that thing?

  48. I’m just curious, all of you that plan to vote for Trump, how many of you now consider yourself

    a Republican?
    an Independent?

  49. Update: Hanging Chad Horror! Ted Cruz lip visitor. First on upper lip. Then leaps to lower lip. Ugh! What was that? Mama!!! We’re scared!!!


  50. FOX News is now pushing Kasich and especially that little slime ball Luntz. Do they really, really think that Kasich is going to take down Trump and win…seriously? FOX better watch out. They might become a joke as well.

  51. “Mama!!! We’re scared!!!”

    Somehow that brought me back to the lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody:
    “Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go
    Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me”

  52. I honestly thought Trump was very weak on substance tonight. As far as him winning the debate, it could only be that the others were even weaker.

  53. Trump wanted everyone to know his pen!s works just fine. I’m sure all of America will be so happy to know that.

  54. Shadowfax
    March 4, 2016 at 12:13 am
    I am still a blue dog democrat, I think.

    And now I have to be brutally honest.

    If Marco decides to run for dog catcher,

    I think Donald would find it in his heart to support him.

    Perhaps he can take was is left of the 25M and use it for that campaign.

    Lots of air time testimonials from chihiwaaws, and other ratters on what a great lay he is.

    He his acceptance speech in English all memorized.

    He has an entirely different acceptance speech in Spanish memorized as well.

    His aim is to give stray dogs an earned path to citizenship.

  55. This debate process has become a theater for slapstick humor.

    I highly recommended it for that reason.

    None of this high brow bullshit.

    Keep it all in the gutter.

    Moe, Larry, Curley knew what they were doing.

    Donald is Moe/

    Marco is Curley/

    Ted is Shemp.

  56. admin, I HAVE the answer! Rubio couldn’t find it. I though Kasich had swallowed it (expansively saying that he was going to be the winner). But it was on Cruz’ lip! The PILL!

  57. wbboei – oh, but the question was, can he *be elected* dog catcher! The community may not trust him to be wandering around their homes and children, treating animals humanely, etc.

  58. Wbbs

    I am still a blue dog democrat, I think.

    That’s pretty much what I think of myself too. Left of center.

  59. Wbb

    This debate process has become a theater for slapstick humor.

    I agree, but there is a lot of making fun of each others body parts too:


    Hands and fingers

    Male organs


    Spray tans and skin colors

    Sweat glands

    On their knees

    What’s next?

  60. Trump’s objectives now are to prepare for his complete takeover of the GOP (as the last question made clear will happen).

    I was wondering why he didn’t use the caveat (I’ll support them if RNC plays fair). So maybe he should start talking more about Hillary and Sanders, and swat away the insinuations and lies? Oh, but maybe that would be skipping the “unite” part of the process you were talking about.

  61. I sure hope biased and unbalanced Fox New’s days are numbered. What a kangaroo court. Complete with snide remarks from the moderators. Not only was Trump double teamed by Cruzsio, but MeeAgain tried to steal the show by debating trump on his issues.

    Never before have I seen a debate where slides were prepared to post with information to attack a candidate. Has anyone ever seen that before? Yes, the had ATTACK SLIDES! WTF?

    The stupid F’s still do not get it. People are empathizing with Trump – he represents many and these attacks on him are attacks on them. They see what will happen to them if they speak what the see is true instead of the imposed narrative of the elite.


  62. Trumps FB page is posted with issues that may not have been clear during last night’s bashing, including TU’s BBB A rating.

  63. Good grief, does Kasich really think he is going to be the nominee…seriously? He is on TV this a.m. saying that. FOX is trying to push him now instead of Rubio. Good luck with that. Even if Rubio and Trump got in to silly school yard bullying fights over body parts at the debate and Cruz attacked Trump on substance that does not mean that Kasich is gonna suddenly win.

  64. Shadow…

    Unequivocally an Independent…since the corrupt Democratic party stole the delegates from Hillary…sick of the extreme party lines and special entrenched interests on both sides…

    the trust has been broken…speaking for myself, no longer the loyal supporter in denial

    done with both corrupt parties…or as some here like to refer to it as the…


    Independence is the future

  65. I have one nagging question I wish reporters would ask when they are interviewing people who are against the wall…including Hillary

    Is is ok for the border to remain open while the drug cartels have carte blanche to cross the border and bring drugs into our country…drugs such as heroin that now have become an epidemic killing Americans in New England and beyond?

    …and if they resist the question…push back and ask them to explain where and how the drugs are coming into the country???


    sick of everyone ignoring the obvious and glossing over it like it does not exist

  66. Shadowfax
    March 4, 2016 at 1:00 am
    Trump wanted everyone to know his pen!s works just fine. I’m sure all of America will be so happy to know that.
    And it looks like that’s all the press would talk about now. Once again, Trump has seized the topic of the conversation around the water cooler and the current press cycle. Everybody else? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  67. Tony Stark

    I think it is Rubio’s fixation on Trump’s member size that should be the topic of conversation.

  68. alcina
    March 4, 2016 at 10:38 am
    But it’s not is it? It’s Trump’s retort to Rubio for bringing up the size of his fingers that has tongues wagging and twittering on Twitter. Few people even remember why it came up; the first thing they say is that Trump bragged about the size of his schlong.

  69. Southern Born
    March 4, 2016 at 9:14 am
    Good grief, does Kasich really think he is going to be the nominee…seriously?
    The establishment is setting it up with the machines so he can steal Ohio/

    THAT is the concern I have.

    Will it succeed?

    I guess we will know the answer to that question Tuesday night.

    If Kasich wins Ohio, and Rubio loses Florida, then Kasich will be the new darling of the establishment.

    I really think that is what they are aiming for.

    I was told Kasich has some really bad things in his past.

    No facts, just inferences.

    Those gargoyles will come out as well.

    The tendency now is to underestimate him.

    However, Soros once commented that Kasich was the opponent he feared most.

    Was that a please don’t throw me in the bramble bush, or was he serious?

    Who the fuck knows.

    I do expect however, that if he becomes the nominee, he will not peter out like Rubio.

    But to me he just isn’t very charismatic, witty or saleable.

    The problem is he is a safe harbor for those who do not want the system to change or dont like Trump.

    Lets keep our powder dry and see what happens.

    Lets hope that Trumps voter fraud detection detectives can catch Rove en flarante delicto.

  70. Lu4PUMA
    March 4, 2016 at 6:11 am
    I sure hope biased and unbalanced Fox New’s days are numbered.
    As I predicted Meeagin backed off.

    This is the way corporations operate once the top man has spoken.

    Her little personal crusade, vendetta, march through Georgia, call it what you will

    Has gained them nothing

    Nothing besides a 50% reduction in viewing audience

    If what I saw above is true.

    The cause and effect here is pretty obvious.

    Shareholders, if there are any, are not pleased.

    We know for a fact that certain executives at FOX are not.

    The resurgence of O’Reilly who was overshadowed by Meee again

    Is further evidence that their aggression has backfired.

    Meeagain was not alone

    But her personality made her uniquely susceptible the directive go get him tiger.

    And like I said, she pursued this as a personal vendetta.

    This is not at all unheard of for people with the megaphone.

    My original reference was to Arthur Godfrey who most of you are too young to remember.

    Count your lucky stars for that–for now.

    But I am seeing the same thing happen now with Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr.

    He helped send a business associate of mine to prison, and he was tenacious like Kelly is.

    He was a dog with a bone, he would not give up.

    Now he is doing the same thing with Whitey Bulger, who is behind bars.

    People like Carr and Kelley lose all perspective, and most of their humanity.

  71. blowme0bama
    March 4, 2016 at 3:46 am
    Trump is the Jacksonian Democrat of our times.

  72. The two legacy parties remind me of a monkey trying to fuck a football.

    They would like to feed their donors AND to have the country on their side.

    But now that they have been exposed that is a difficult act.

    It relies entirely on the premise that voters are too dumb to see.

    And can be manipulated by free stuff and imaginary things that go bump in the night.

    Unions went through the same process in the seventies.

    The old timers, like Hoffa senior, saw the membership as their strength.

    The had utter disdain for lawyers, marketers, and dissidents.

    And they were successful.

    A generation later, they no longer worried so much about their members.

    They relied instead on cadres of lawyers, lobbyist, and marketers to maintain their hold on power.

    And the results speak for themselves—8% of the hourly jobs in the private sector today are union.

    Public unions persist, but I believe their days are numbered as well. Others disagree.

  73. Tony Stark

    If Rubie keeps the small hands meme in play, perhaps Trump should note at the next debate that this is Rubies fixation and fantasy, not his.

  74. I think Trump has already used it to his advantage. Love him or hate him, he’s all people will talk about for the next several days.

  75. Rumors Swirl: ‘The Chance of Ben Carson Jumping Onboard with Trump Is Very Real’

    Ben Carson and Donald Trump talk during a break at the CNN Republican presidential debate Dec. 15, 2015, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)
    Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson looks to be dropping out of the presidential race, despite multiple declarations to the contrary on Super Tuesday. He will skip out on Thursday night’s debate, and he has openly declared that he does “not see a political path forward.” Carson will speak on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he is expected to drop out of the race. If so, whom will he endorse?

    Sources close to the good doctor have told Independent Journal Review’s Benny Johnson that Donald Trump is most likely to receive Carson’s endorsement. “Trump was contacting Dr. Carson regularly during the campaign and remains in contact,” a former Carson staffer told Independent Journal Review on condition of anonymity. ”I would not be surprised if the first call Ben got today was from Trump.” The staffer added, “The chance of Ben jumping onboard with Trump is very real.”

    Another former Carson staffer said, “Carson would be the crown jewel of an endorsement for Trump.” The retired neurosurgeon would bring a degree of moral support to the real estate tycoon, who has taken hits from evangelical leaders for being indecent and untrustworthy, and Marco Rubio has repeatedly denounced him as a “con artist.” Carson, by contrast, is well regarded as a moral man, primarily by evangelicals.

    Carson’s former Iowa campaign chair Rob Taylor said Trump would “rarely say anything ill of Carson.” If he were Trump, Taylor said “Carson would be my #1 pick for VP. He has the balance and reasonability that Trump needs.”

  76. Shadowfax
    March 4, 2016 at 1:00 am
    Trump wanted everyone to know his pen!s works just fine. I’m sure all of America will be so happy to know that.

    It was the moderators who lowered the level of discourse but raising the question and other stupid questions not worth raising. This debacle was not a debate it was a carnival designed to get ratings. Really, it was unwatchable.

  77. It is remarkable, really, how little traction big media has been able to achieve in their efforts to derail trump. Obviously, he has a lot to do with this–he has finessed them beautifully. But they are partly to blame as well, due to their blatant partisanship, and doctoring the evidence. And now they are doing their little fact checking of what was said- AS IF ANYONE CARES, and pronouncing Ted the winner, Rubion second and Trump in the cellar–AS IF ANYONE CARES WHAT THEIR BIASED OPINION IS–AND THAT IS ALL IT IS AN OPINION, BASED NOT ON WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY, BUT WHAT IS BEST FOR THEIR 401 KS. THEIR BLATANT PARTISANSHIP AND PREVARICATIONS HAVE MADE THEMSELVES IRRELEVANT TO THE PROCESS. THEY ARE NO MORE INFORMATIVE THAN A TREE FULL OF MIDA BIRDS.

  78. And Trump needs to take a step back and not, answer stupid questions like the size of his hands, it was a set up, he fell for it.
    He should just say, the American people aren’t concerned with hand size, they are concerned with paychecks, lack of jobs, lack of security,illegal aliens, terrorism. .blah, blah blah…
    Take The High road…

  79. gonzotx
    March 4, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    100% agree. once Trump takes the high road and turns the tables, the Rubio shit will stop.

  80. Washington (CNN)—Donald Trump will no longer speak at the annual conservative confab CPAC this weekend, he announced Friday.

    Trump was scheduled to speak at the annual gathering of the who’s-who of the conservative world Saturday, but said he would be campaigning, instead.

    In a statement, the Trump campaign said the GOP front-runner will instead attend rallies in Kansas and Florida.

    “Because of this, he will not be able to speak at CPAC as he has done for many consecutive years,” the campaign said. “Mr. Trump would like to thank Matt Schlapp and all of the executives at CPAC and looks forward to returning to next year, hopefully as president of the United States.”

  81. gonzotx

    March 4, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    And Trump needs to take a step back and not, answer stupid questions like the size of his hands, it was a set up, he fell for it.
    He should just say, the American people aren’t concerned with hand size, they are concerned with paychecks, lack of jobs, lack of security,illegal aliens, terrorism. .blah, blah blah…
    Take The High road…

    I agree…but no one is perfect. However, its a smart guy and I think he may have his reasons. The outrageous comments keep him in the news and the others out.

  82. Yes but for those who just listen to sound bites and think he’s vulgar, it feeds the fire.
    Even his wife told him to be Presidential. He sometimes goes a step too far, even for him. IMHO

  83. totally

    It was the moderators who lowered the level of discourse but raising the question and other stupid questions not worth raising. This debacle was not a debate it was a carnival designed to get ratings. Really, it was unwatchable.

    At some point, the candidates have to take responsibility for their own comments and behavior.

    I agree, it was a carnival and not so much a debate. I have watched all the debates except one, (work related absence), both R and D’s. I like to see the events and judge for myself, no matter how unpresidential they may get.

    These are people that are hoping to become President of our country for 4, maybe 8 years, and seeing how they react under pressure is something I think will be important if they are the winner in our election.

  84. Wbb

    Ah…that is a difficult word for me to accept, it was the name of an intelligent tv show that didn’t last long.

  85. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/03/04/post-gop-debauchery-analysis-we-are-well-beyond-enough-is-enough/comment-page-4/#comment-2196058

    I agree, these stupid debates are a set up to make all the candidates look stupid so the masses would somehow accept a brokered convention.

    I think Trump started out strong in the debate, then got tired swatting flies Rubio and cruz, and the media.. I figure he figured out the truth behind the debates and wanted to walk out.
    Hence his not going to CPAC, which has become more anti Trump, pro muslim..it was a set up to walk out 9n him and embarrass him
    Apparently Ryan was last man talking to Romney prior to the “speech”…
    Nothing that is happening is not happening without the RNC OK…including humiliating the candidates.
    I hope Trump kicks their as$.

  86. holdthemaccountable
    March 4, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    guess that sorta spoils CPAC’s pre-planned party. what a bunch of assholes. no one will go, no one will listen and nothing for the media to report. hey CPAC, go f*ck yourselves!

  87. Apparently Beck is the keynote speaker at CPAC…LOL
    Heard that on another blog, see if I can get link.

  88. http//www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/posts/10156717280775725:

    WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) issued the following statement today regarding the 2016 presidential election:

    “Here’s my message to the Republican Party leaders: Focus more on listening to the American people and less on trying to stifle their voice.”

    “What’s happening in the Republican primary is the result of two things: the fecklessness and ineptness of the Washington establishment in failing to address the big issues facing our country and years of anger with the overreach of the Obama administration. And to be candid, I think the American people should be angrier than they are.”
    Senator Corker has not endorsed a candidate in this election.

  89. Yes, Beck, Levin, Cruz, Fionia, Ernst, Malikin, usual suspects who don’t support Trump, heavy on anti Trump.

    Ernest questioned Trumps conservative credentials.
    I wish Trump would wise back, “oh, their handling out credentials? I didn’t know that, did you get yours in the mail? Can I see it so I know what to look for?

    Now I do think Trump is a very smart and witty man, but if I had to bet money, I would bet he has a language learning disorder. It makes it very hard to articulate things, mouth gets tongue tied. Often these people are extremely smart but have trouble with pronunciation, spelling, complex language skills. I have it. I can usually spot one. I am betting it led to some behavioral problems in school and that’s how he ended up in military school.
    And why sometimes he repeats himself with simple words…If you have trouble with a word, you don’t want to let the whole world know. I am sure his ego would be bruised and the media would be relentless.
    Unless your obama, the smartest Perez we have ever had, then you can call military corpsman, and inhalers airiators…

  90. Gonzo…don’t forget Donald does not use a teleprompter…can you imagine what most of these other people would sound like without a teleprompter…they sound bad enough with one…


    as far as Cruz and his lip…remember I said…the guy looks like a vampire…

    look at that photo admin posted above…descendent of bela lugosi…very creepy

  91. I know he doesn’t use one, amazing, but his language skills are basic,I do think because of the disability. People often infer your not so smart..that’s a mistake, especially with Donald, it probably propelled him to over achieve.
    Of course the media never points that out.l, no teleprompter, at least very infrequent as to be never.

  92. Different Dr… sorry Tony…

    By the way, Kansas tomorrow, no Trump ads, no presence..Cruz closing fast…

    This is the Rudy strategy…Not a good one, he lost…
    Wake up Trump, spend the $$$$$$$

  93. Wow. Whether that knife gets linked to the OJ murders or not, that cop should face obstruction of justice charges or something…

  94. gonzotx
    March 4, 2016 at 2:59 pm
    Wbb, others, do you remember the Dr. That use to post here, I wish he would

  95. Washington (CNN)—Donald Trump will no longer speak at the annual conservative confab CPAC this weekend, he announced Friday.
    Just look at the way that sentence is worded.

    It reeks of bias.

    Just as McCarthy saw a red under every bed

    Big media sees racism behind everything that occurs

    We should impute elitism and bias to every word they utter

    And question their motives to the hilt.

    Experience has shown that they are the real con artists.

  96. Foxy…

    that schedule for DT that you posted says that Donald will be having a press confernece tomorrow, Sat nite at 9 pm in WPB

    hmmm…another endorsement??

    my bet is Ben Carson

  97. Foxy,

    I sent the video to Trump. I am so impressed with it, I put it on Facebook too. I may send it to Hannity, a few others, Greta.
    I know, I don’t like Hannity but I think he’s supportive of Trump, at least he use to be.

  98. Trump has no speaking deficit. There are years of videos where he speaks very well during interviews. He speaks to the people. Simple English. It is intentional. And he knows what he is doing.

  99. just saw Cruz speaking at CPAC. he was wearing jeans with a jacket. please, some men should NEVER wear jeans. you’ve got it, or you don’t.

    it reminds me of someone else we hold near and dear. Happy Friday!


  100. Mitt Romney Is The Real Super-Fraud: Here’s The Proof, Chapter And Verse
    by David Stockman • March 3, 2016
    Tweet about this on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on LinkedInPrint this pageEmail this to someone

    Now that’s a screaming case of the pot calling the kettle black if there ever was one. Mitt Romney has lashed out at The Donald for being a “phony and fraud”, but consider this. During his 16-years at Bain Capital, fully one-fourth or $600 million of the firms cumulative $2.5 billion of profits were scalped from companies which went bankrupt soon after Mitt and his partners got out of town with the loot.

    No wonder the American voters did not believe him when he claimed to be the “job creator”!

    Yes, the GOP establishment’s putative “jobs” candidate from 2012 was never really a businessman at all. He was an LBO strip-mining artist who rode the first Greenspan Bubble to riches between 1987 and 2000. Yet in the overwhelming share of the 77 investment deals he superintended during that period, he left behind financial cripples, zombies and Chapter Eleven bait.


  101. Drudge has a headline that Gallup says boas approval is 51%..

    I just can’t believe that…

    We’re are lost in space…

    How do we win if he is at 51%…Of course he doesn’t get blamed for anything. ..

  102. Carly Fiorina just finished an address to CPAC. Guess chanced upon the last 20 minutes of it. Thought enough of it to get out of a warm bed to make note of it here. Apparently she’s going to be devoting her time to Sarah Palin = like activities – lining up candidates downstream. Although she devoted time to unification of conservative movement, and chided those there who may have been holier-than-thou in a fairly polite way. She gave DJT some credit, and Hillary none. So strong supporters of either may not appreciate her. Others may find her inspirational in the unifying approach she for the most part took.

    I will tell you that she’s gone back to her old style of hair, dress. Had to chuckle about that.
    Carly Fiorina Remarks at CPAC
    Carly Fiorina delivered remarks at the 2016 Conservative Political Action convention in National Harbor, Maryland.
    http://www.c-span.org/video/?405972-22/carly-fiorina-remarks-cpac Airing Details

    Mar 04, 2016 | 9:00pm EST | C-SPAN 1
    Mar 05, 2016 | 1:34am EST | C-SPAN 1
    Mar 05, 2016 | 6:06am EST | C-SPAN 1

  103. Gonzo, I suspect that Bo’s approval is higher right now because he’s not getting any press coverage (good or bad)the primaries are taking up all the air time. He’s layin low. I think many people figure if he’s out of sight, he must be doing an OK job and they have short memories. Fox is spending all their time bashing Trump instead of the root cause of the mess we’re in, i.e King Obama.

  104. I don’t see Trump picking Rubio..really bad blood. Maybe Kasich for Ohio? I wonder who Hillary has in mind? Needs an AA or Hispanic imo to win.

  105. When asked by Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity if he thought the nomination would be settled at a brokered convention, Kasich said, “I do.”

    He continued, “It has to be done fairly. I was there as a really young man in 1976 when Governor Reagan tried to beat Gerry Ford. At the end everybody got together. It worked out.
    It-all-worked-out alright.

    They nominated Ford and–

    They lost the general election.

    For Kasich and the other RINOS

    That is a happy ending.

    That is what the want here.

    Much as they want to disavow it,

    They disavow it because there is money in failure theater

    The establishment in both parties wants Hillary.

    Not because they like her personally

    But because she will continue Obama’s policies.

    If this happens, the Republican Party can fold its tent.

  106. OF

    It’s amazing how House of Cards mimics what’s going on in politics now! Underwood the Prez, is running for re election and gets the KKK card pulled on him. It’s a picture of his father standing right next to a fully clothed KKK. Won’t go into the story, but his father was relatively innocent, but the AA’S were unforgiving, it was reality unfortunately.

  107. Yes, I have been watching that presidential approval rating stuff too, and it has been around 50% for a while. It is reflected across all polls so I take it as a empirical. With failure after failure after failure after failure after failure, how does one explain this blatant disconnect. You have to go back to Nazi Germany where the majority of the German Public still approved on Hitler even after the debacle at Stalingrad, the D-Day landings, the liberation of Paris, the failure to achieve the breakout at the battle of the bulge, the disaster at Hurtkin Forest, the saturation bombing of Dresden and other German cities. People who were true believers cannot deal with reality, so their magic thinking continues. This is a very strong indictment against liberal democracy, that the people who are supposed to be the sovereign and ultimately in charge are incapable of processing relevant information and reaching a rational conclusion. It is a bad thing, not a good thing. It is sign of decay and rot.

  108. The Obama thing is a cult. He draws in millions of co-dependent personalities. You cannot get through to these people with rational discourse, and objective evidence. Cults are resilient. They can go on for years. The only way to defeat a cult is with a stronger cult, and that is what is happening. I applaud this because the Obama cult is the destroyer of worlds, and anything is preferable to that. Trump is right, if these Obama policies continue we will not have a country.

  109. Here is the Obama legacy which 51% of the public supports:


    There is so far no Obama legacy, except the creation of Donald Trump, a $20 trillion debt and zero interest rates—and the gift of flat energy prices that came despite not because of Obama’s efforts. Almost every major bureaucracy is awash in scandal or charges of incompetence. The common theme of the disasters at the GSA, EPA, ICE, IRS, NASA, Secret Service, and VA is ideological subversion and ingrained hostility to meritocracy. Would anyone be surprised that another government official pled the 5th, created fake email personas, resigned at 5 PM on a Friday afternoon, declared a foremost mission Muslim outreach, or withheld subpoenaed documents?

    Obamacare, borne of rank partisanship and serial mendacity, can survive until 2017, only by bailouts and executive-order manipulations. We now call health care affordable by ignoring the new astronomical deductibles: we pay premiums of $6,000 a year and forget that an annual $4,000 “deductible” ensures no one thinks the real cost is $10,000. Is that a small price to pay to ensure granny has contraceptive coverage?

    Americans shrug that Obama has left the world abroad a far scarier place. Libya has been destroyed. We can see in Iraq what Obama would have done to South Korea had he been in Eisenhower’s shoes. Syria’s death toll is nearing Saddam Hussein’s. We gave up our golden special relationship with Israel for one of dross with an Islamist and roundly disliked Turkey that, logically, now dislikes us.

    What was astonishing about Obama’s empty red lines that finished off any lingering sense of U.S. credibility and deterrence in the Middle East was that after issuing such threats and then ignoring them, Obama then blamed the UN and the U.S. Congress for setting them!

    But then again, he blamed congressional Republicans for opposing the Iran deal and compared House members to Iranian theocrat hardliners, in a way his team earlier had compared them to suicide bombers. Even Neville Chamberlain did not blame Winston Churchill for the “peace for our time” travesty. In a tragic sort of way, Obama has reminded us how savage is human nature, by demonstrating that a vicious thug like Putin won more of an amoral world’s respect for his savagery than a whining Obama earned pity for his diffidence.

    While the Middle East is aflame, China is marking out new atolls to control, like toll pirates of the 17th century, European-Asian sea traffic. Russia is eyeing neighbors, unsure only whether gratuitously embarrassing Obama is worth the hassle of another annexation. Is the solution to global tensions really a trip to Cuba or shutting down Guantanamo by executive order? When Castro soon harangues Obama in Havana for his country’ sins, will he, as he did after Daniel Ortega’s April 2009 dressing down in Trinidad, sheepishly reply with, “I’m grateful that President Castro did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old”?

    Obama cannot address the massive debt he has run up. He cannot address entitlement reform. He has neither the imagination to offer solutions, nor the disposition to share accomplishment with any other than himself—even if he had the political clout to compromise and reach consensus. For the next nine months the Obama presidency will be mostly teeth-gnashing and petulance. He will offer executive orders and do his best to incite division and rancor from a somnolent public, the more the better to please his hard-core base, and to pave the way for a lucrative (and iconic) post-presidency among leftwing foundations, universities, non-profits, foreign governments, sports, Hollywood, Goldman Sachs progressives, and the media.

    But at least Obama was an iconic president, who transformed racial relations? Not really. Perhaps no single individual has done more to erode racial reconciliation than did Barack Obama. The racialism of the 2008 campaign — the nativist clingers of Pennsylvania, his “typical white person” grandmother who did so much to ensure his own upper-middle-class prep-school existence, the savage anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism of consigliore Rev. “audacity of hope” Wright, the childish calls to “get in their faces” and “bring a gun to a knife fight” — really was the foundation for the next eight years of Trayvon Martin as the lost Obama son, the Ferguson mythologies, racism explains all opposition to Obama, the beer summit, “punish our enemies,” and Eric Holder’s “nation of cowards” and “my people.”

    Obama’s racial legacy is the strange phenomenon of whiny, wealthy black elites—whether a Skip Gates, Spike Lee, Melissa Harris-Perry, Will Smith, or Chris Rock—acting hurt and oppressed if rewards to elites such as themselves are not doled out on the basis of racial percentages. When Oprah feels disrespected at a Zurich boutique called Trois Pommes for not being shown quickly enough a $38,000 crocodile-skin handbag for sale by a European clerk, we are supposed to feel across the Atlantic the ripples of Jim Crow racial psychodramas.

    America is now supposed to work on a strict 13 percent racial spoils system, everywhere except in non-disparate impact professional sports or federal employment. Complaining that an awards show this year only had 10% black nominees in the top categories (3% short?) is about like whining that the secretary of State was either black or female or both for over 15 years between 1997 and 2013. Who knew, who cared? Will the NFL face court orders to recruit Asian-American split ends, with outreach, mentorship, and proportional representation writs? Are there no talented Hmong or Vietnamese athletes in a nation of 330 million who can run, catch, and hit? Or are the criteria for NFL participation arbitrary and likely culturally constructed? In our sick society, is cultural appropriation white rappers with cornrows or black opera singers with blond Scandinavian-like streaks in their hair? Neither or both?

    Christians are baited at their prayer breakfasts with pseudo-historical snipes at the Crusades. Cairo-speech mythohistories pass for foreign policy. Euphemisms about terrorism only empower radical Islam. The mythologies of Ferguson are canonized at the UN. All that can be said for all this and more is that our enemies were put off guard and confused that a president of the United States seemed so intent on deprecating his own country and traditions, and thus could think Obama’s sermonizing might really be some elaborate hoax, con, or Trojan Horse.

    Nothing in the last eight years is sustainable or can be emulated. Race relations will change after Obama for the simple reason that if they were to continue on his segregationist trajectory we would quite soon end up like Bosnia or Beirut. Fiscal policy will change, because if we followed Obama’s all “by his lonesome” Bank of China credit-card binge borrowing of another $10 trillion in the next eight years, the country would implode. Monetary policy will change because eight more years of zero interest would wipe out the age-old idea of the wisdom of saving money altogether. Government policy will change because the bureaucracy cannot endure legions of more Lois Lerners, Lisa Jacksons, Kathleen Sebeliuses, Hilda Solises, or Eric Holders. Health care will change after Obama, because if Obamacare were to persist, the entire country would turn to cash-only concierge medicine. Foreign policy will change after Obama, because to persist with his policies would lead to four or five major theater wars, a nuclear Middle East, Russia in the Baltic states, and Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan as client states of China.

    Immigration will change, because to follow Obama’s open borders policy is to arbitrarily declare federal law null and void, and to establish the roots of a new third world country, neither American nor Mexican, along the border, but inside the United States. The media will change after Obama because it is about to be enshrined as an embarrassing government Ministry of Truth. It cannot again proclaim that the next president is the smartest person in the history of the presidency, a veritable god, a wizard that can lower the seas and cool the planet or send tingles down our legs or make us wish to press our pants just like the commander in chief. At some point, journalists will get back to sniping that the next president should know that there are not 57 states, that “corpseman” is not the proper pronunciation, that the trilled politically correct name for the Falklands is not the Maldives, and that presidents do not normally make fun of the Special Olympics.

    We are witnessing the lamest of the lame-duck presidencies, with the power neither to act nor inspire—nor even to shock or surprise.

  110. We are sleeping on a volcano… A wind of revolution blows, the storm is on the horizon.
    Speaking in the Chamber of Deputies just prior to to outbreak of revolution in Europe (1848).
    Socialism is a new form of slavery.
    Notes for a Speech on Socialism (1848).
    As for me, I am deeply a democrat; this is why I am in no way a socialist. Democracy and socialism cannot go together. You can’t have it both ways.
    Notes for a Speech on Socialism (1848).
    La démocratie étend la sphère de l’indépendance individuelle, le socialisme la resserre. La démocratie donne toute sa valeur possible à chaque homme, le socialisme fait de chaque homme un agent, un instrument, un chiffre. La démocratie et le socialisme ne se tiennent que par un mot, l’égalité ; mais remarquez la différence : la démocratie veut l’égalité dans la liberté, et le socialisme veut l’égalité dans la gêne et dans la servitude.
    Translation (from Hayek, The Road to Serfdom): Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.
    12 September 1848, “Discours prononcé à l’assemblée constituante le 12 Septembre 1848 sur la question du droit au travail”, Oeuvres complètes, vol. IX, p. 546
    Égalité is an expression of envy. It means, in the real heart of every Republican, ” No one shall be better off than I am;” and while this is preferred to good government, good government is impossible.
    Variant: Equality is a slogan based on envy. It signifies in the heart of every republican: “Nobody is going to occupy a place higher than I.”
    Conversation with Nassau William Senior, 22 May 1850 Nassau, p. 94
    It is almost never when a state of things is the most detestable that it is smashed, but when, beginning to improve, it permits men to breathe, to reflect, to communicate their thoughts with each other, and to gauge by what they already have the extent of their rights and their grievances. The weight, although less heavy, seems then all the more unbearable.
    Letter to Pierre Freslon, 23 September 1853 Selected Letters, p. 296 as cited in Toqueville’s Road Map p. 103
    Even despots accept the excellence of liberty. The simple truth is that they wish to keep it for themselves and promote the idea that no one else is at all worthy of it. Thus, our opinion of liberty does not reveal our differences but the relative value which we place on our fellow man. We can state with conviction, therefore, that a man’s support for absolute government is in direct proportion to the contempt he feels for his country.
    Ancien Regime and the Revolution (fourth edition, 1858), de Tocqueville, tr. Gerald Bevan, Penguin UK (2008), Author’s Foreword : ISBN 0141919736

  111. I think Donald should select Ben Carson as his vp.

    In addition to all the other things Carson brings in, qualities of character, etc. it would make it that much harder for the establishment to knock off Trump at the convention. I think it would really flummox the establishment.

  112. Action today:

    Kansas, Kentucky and Maine all GOP Caucus States.
    Louisiana is the only GOP Primary.

    Caucus = Fraud. Let’s hope for the best.

  113. If Rubio is on the ticket, I would not vote for it. Carson may be a nice man but I don’t believe he is qualified to be POTUS. Do you think he would be getting the same attention if he wasn’t black?
    Also, Carson has promoted health savings accounts as an alternative to Obamacare. Unfortunately I have also heard Trump say he supports this. Anyone who has had a health savings account knows how bad they are for consumers….,you pay a lot of money for catastrophic benefits but must pay out an additional 5 to 10 K before your medical costs are covered.
    My Dad was a surgeon and he cautioned us against these plans from the beginning.
    But at least Carson has credentials for the Surgeon General post.

  114. anyone else notice the increase of protesters at Trump events? gee, I wonder who is backing that effort..

  115. I believe the establishment will blow up the party rather than concede the playing field to Trump.

    The NYT, clueless as always, casts the issue as simple opposition by the lower middle class people to business as usual whose virtues, they cannot understand, lacking as the do, a Harvard degree. No, they did not use those words per se, but that was the clear thrust of their front page editorial—strike that, their article, this morning.

    Business as usual?

    Is that the issue?

    How about the loss of our country?

    How about a vision of globalism which shares commonalities with the Nazi regime?

    How about oligarchy supplanting democracy?

    How about a collapse of safety nets?

    How about the loss of the critical distinction between citizen and invader?

    Nope. None of that. Not from NYT.

    Just a spirited opposition to business as usual, per NYT.

    They need to go to Websters dictionary and look up the word treason.

    Perhaps then they could grasp the meaning of what is going on.

    As if they did not know.

    In most cases, the burglar knows when he is stealing.

    Stealing is, after all, a conscious act.

    And so is lying, which is the only thing NYT seems to do well.

    Nothing worse than low brows who think they are high brows.

  116. Two people without “experience” would not be a winning ticket. Carson will not be on the ticket.
    I don’t think Carson would be a winning choice nor do I think he is qualified. Nice guy, brilliant surgeon, some strange ideas.
    HSA…nooooo. But boy do they push them, because you won’t use them but for catastrophic needs and you get to pay for everything else.

  117. I didn’t realize there were so many caucuses. Yuck, I think Cruz may have gamed Alaska and probably will these too I hate them, I hate them.
    And I am not sold that Trump takes them seriously, the smaller states. Cruz can rip off 2 or 3 today and his delegate count jumps, there is only 80 separating them, correct?

  118. Protesters crash Donald Trump’s New Orleans rally on eve of Louisiana primary
    …But his popularity in Louisiana all but assures him a lion’s share of its 46 delegates. A survey this week by the University of New Orleans has him winning 38 percent of registered Republicans. Data show he has the most success in the suburbs around New Orleans, including the bedroom communities across Lake Pontchartrain.
    His closest rival, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, polled at 26 percent. He hosted a competing rally Friday in St. Tammany Parish.
    Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida *** canceled *** his rally in Baton Rouge, opting to focus on his home state, *** where Trump has amassed a sizable lead ***
    A few dozen musicians, organizers of hotel workers and Black Lives Matter protesters marched to the airport before Trump arrived in his airliner….

    Katey Tur NBC, tweeted that the situation inside the hangar was tense. I guess Trump attendees took to grabbing signs and such as the n’er-do-wells were marched out.

  119. Two people without “experience” would not be a winning ticket. Carson will not be on the ticket.
    I don’t think Carson would be a winning choice nor do I think he is qualified. Nice guy, brilliant surgeon, some strange ideas.
    Gonzo: any more, the word experience, is a dog whistle to someone who is in and of the corrupt establishment which has squandered the peace dividend, ruined our foreign policy and has made us the greatest debtor nation in the world. That is precisely the thing we do not need. It is killing us. It is arsenic without the old lace. The other point is this: the moment you let the camel’s nose inside the tent, President Trump would become vulnerable. Christ, there is going to be a learning curve here. But that is offset by the fact that, I believe, he will give government the proctological examination it sorely needs, and eliminate a million freeloaders–because, in fact, and especially under this morbid administration,the real welfare constituency is inside the federal bureaucracy, and the serial abusers within that protected domain are legion. Legion. If Lois Lerner can abuse her position, avoid prosecution, and collect $120,000 per year in retirement, plus retiree medical etc. then it is time to empty to sewer.

  120. Besides, the position of vice president aint worth a warm bucket of piss, in terms of running the ship of state. But, on the campaign trail, and even in office, the right man in that position can lend a sense of moral legitimacy to the tough decisions the president will confront when he tackles the flotsam and jetsome of a racist and failed man like Obama–who by virtue of his hate anti American, pro globalist agenda, was president in name only. If life imitates art, then it is no exaggeration to call him, not only the first black president, but the first president from Manchuria.

  121. A few dozen musicians, organizers of hotel workers and Black Lives Matter protesters marched to the airport before Trump arrived in his airliner….
    I am fine with having them show up, act like assholes, and get thrown out of the meeting to the bronx cheers of his audience. This is like the Apprentice in a way. And it is far better than the alternative, i.e. to be assaulted by their pathetic attempts at music, would prove unendurable. Showman that he is, I am just about sure Donald likes the action, because, as a famous Las Vegas gambler once responded, if there is not action, nothing happens. And action is catnip to our seat sniffing press.

  122. I know wbb, but Carson, sweet man, not made for this position. I really think that.
    I think in terms of someone like Sessions, I could and would go there.
    The world is on the verge of complete chaos, people need to feel secure, Trump is a hot head in some respects and does need a partner that has some insight into the wicked world politics that Donald does not at this time IMHO.
    In the end maybe it is, all business, power and money, but those ISIS monsters seem to live in a different galaxy. They would be better off in a galaxy with Klingons.

  123. Well, now I am channeling Patrick Henry:

    I know not what others may think, but as for me, I would much rather have those little tree hugging bring you bring a knife I bring a gun Alinksy bastards running around acting out their pathologies, decorating the landscape, and troubling the living stream, than have these big media slime balls in our midst, worshiping Obama, and conspiring to destroy this nation. It is the difference between stupidity and treason. I can be tolerant of stupidity up to a point, because no one is completely free of that vice. But treason, that is an entirely different matter.

  124. I think Trump will pick a VP with legislative experience who he will expect to be very functional in his administration. So we have any conservative Senators who have not sold out and who could fill such a role? Sessions is one, but DT already slotted him for something else.

  125. gonzotx – on that language thing, his people and my people – came from Brooklyn. I actually never lived there, but my mother, who became an English teacher, came from Brooklyn and I have other relatives there. That is how they talk. This is something that the elite would look down on him for, despite his wealth. And as it relates him to the populous it alienates him from the elite. I cannot think he does not know this and his speech patters are by choice.

  126. wbboei March 5, 2016 at 11:41 am
    You’re a multi-faceted treasure trove. TY
    Listening to CSPAN1 call in right now. I cannot find link, but host claims they’ll be covering Donald in FL this afternoon – 2:30 PM

  127. Wbb,

    I’m not talking about the sell out Alinsky types…which is 99.9%, someone that can cut through the legislative crap to streamline his polices.

  128. VP? I dunno. I like Chris Christi, Rudy Giuliani, Carly Fiorina. Must be an Italian thing with me.

  129. cruz has bashed him too much and a Crubio ticket/Unity was floated at Cpac

    The GOP does not really want to win

    They would rather “blame” whoever is in power and continue to obstruct the American people

    The really are the party of NO

    I plan to vote for Trump or I will write his name in

    That being said, if they nominate anyone besides him you all can say President Hillary Clinton (if she makes it) or whoever is the D nominee

  130. dot48 – I think you are spot on. The GOP has a corrupt culture of failure for personal gain and Trump is trying to take it over and win. So far he has done an amazing job. The toughest battle is ahead. They would rather destroy the party than let Trump have it.

    But look at the Dems. The same thing is going on over there. It is just not so obvious. But we know how Obola hates Hillary and Admin has told us what about what is behind the curtain.

    Failure Theater.

  131. gonzotx
    March 5, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    I’m not talking about the sell out Alinsky types…which is 99.9%, someone that can cut through the legislative crap to streamline his polices.
    Eight years ago, I would have thought so.

    Four years ago, I might have hoped so.

    But not today.

    The legislative branch has become a total anachronism

    Faced with a run away executive

    It did not impeach, it did not use the power of the budget,

    It played Quisling to Obama’s Hitler

    They have been an abysmal failure in confronting a weak leader

    They will be no impediment at all for a strong one

    As I look at the people in Congress today–including my two senators

    I would be embarrassed to be seen with them.

    All power today is vested

  132. The old assumptions and the old rules do not mean anything any more.

    We are in a gravity free environment.

    The only force that matters now is the force of nature.

    Which compels free men to cast off the chains imposed on him by a tyrant.

    It is no longer politics, it is megapolitics aka the logic of violence.

    Let me explain:

    In any social setting three games are possible:

    The first game is the economic game, which involves working within the established rules. It therefore assumes that people are willing to work within the rules, and receive a payback for doing so.

    The second game comes into play when they are not. It involves changing the rules. This involves legislative action, and increasingly, deplorably, court action to change to rules.

    And when the rules do not work, and when they cannot be changed–which is where the establishment has placed the American People today, a third game arises which is subject to no constraints. This game is subject to the laws of nature, raw power and violence.

    Like a hammer pounding on precious metal, power changes the shape of society itself, it redefines the winners and the losers, and as Nietsche said: that which does not kill us makes us stronger.

    The elites however understand none of this. For them, it is a simple matter of going back to business as usual, where they can make fabulous fortunes, and laugh at the rest of us.

  133. They are flooding the precincts in Kansas long lines and running out of ballots. They are showing Cruze ahead with 4% reporting.

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