Abort, Abort! #Trump2016, #Hillary2016: March Madness Ends, April Fools Enter

Not much has happened this past week, but there sure is a lot of noise.

Once again we hear “it’s over for Trump” and once again we hear how Bernie Sanders is “movin’ on up, to the East Side”.

Nope, not much has happened on the political front lately. There is an intriguing Donald Trump meeting today at the Republican National Committee which might change our minds and there are some other important Trump moves, but otherwise, not much has happened.

On the Hillary v. Sanders front there was a reputable poll from Marquette University with Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary in Wisconsin by 4 points. There is the pending Hillary2016 tactical defeat in New York. There was that stunning trifecta of wins for Bernie Sanders way out West. There is the continuing Hillary2016 stumbling and mumbling. There is the gathering storm over emails and immunity for Hillary aides. There is also the tapestry that continues to move as those hidden sharpen their knives to strike at Hillary2016. But not much has actually changed.

What do we mean by not much has changed for Hillary2016 and Saint Bernard? We still think, (1) Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee; (2) Hillary Clinton is not going to be the nominee.

Bernie Sanders is doing his job well. Not only did Bernie Sanders survive Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders has thrived. The many Bernie Sanders victories keep him sufficiently alive so that when the knives are readyforHillary, Hillary’s back will get full of slashes. Bernie Sanders will not be the nominee but he does buy time for the Hillary backstabbers secure at the White House.

When will the Hillary backstabbing occur? On March 18, we noted recent ominous news for Hillary. Even earlier we watched the tapestry move as Obama declared his 2017 abode and Pagliano got immunity from a federal judge. These moves occurred before Bernie Sanders bought some breathing room for the #NeverHillary backstabbers.

So, when will the Hillary backstabbing occur? Well, assume Bernie Sanders wins Wisconsin and tactically defeats Hillary in New York by keeping her margin of victory narrow (we don’t even rule out a Hillary defeat in New York), when will be the best time to take Hillary down if you are Barack Obama? Is the best time to strike at Hillary now, next month, the month after that, June, July, at the convention, immediately after the convention, a month after the convention? Our answer: the overthrow will be at the convention before a Hillary nomination (it will be much more difficult to get rid of Hillary if she is the nominee because she might refuse to surrender the nomination) and whatever legal/political assault is to occur will be in June.

That Hillary is forced to campaign and spend money in New York brings a smile to the #NeverHilary authors at the White House. So you see, when we write that nothing is happening, nothing is happening because the Obama overthrow of Hillary at the convention is in better shape and further ahead of schedule than anyone could possibly imagine.

On the Republican side, not much happened lately either. There are the claims that Trump aborted his campaign with hypotheticals, is stinking at the polls, is in legal jeopardy, and otherwise falling apart. Of course, none of that is true.

So what is happening in the GOP side of the presidential race? Well there was a very well done poll that came out with a 1% margin of error and a 7,000 sample for Wisconsin which had Trump barely ahead. But then the same Marquette University that schlonged Hillary in Wisconsin came out with a stunning poll with Trump falling behind Cruz by ten points. That the Marquette poll had a much smaller sample and with a margin of error of 5.8% was not taken note of. There will be a Fox News poll to come out on Thursday at 7:00 which no doubt will push Fox News’ aims and proclaim Trump stumbling further. The PPP poll from today with Trump at 37, Cruz at 38 and Kasich at 17 (Sanders at 49 with Hillary at 43), again tells us this GOP race in Wisconsin is very tight.

So, on the poll front, nothing has happened. That Marquette poll? It has a high margin of error which likely means the race is very tight. Trump was off the campaign trail for a week too while the poll was in the field. What do we see? The race is Wisconsin is very tight.

Yeah, nothing has happened in the poll front. Trump was with his daughter and his son for a birth and a birthday while the worst poll for him was in the field. All other polls confirm that this is a tight race. What does a tight race mean? It means good news for Trump.

The person that absolutely needs a big victory in Wisconsin is Ted Cruz, not Donald Trump. Donald Trump merely needs to pile up on delegates which he will. Wisconsin is not winner take all statewide. Wisconsin is a winner take all by congressional district and Trump is doing very well on that front. Trump will increase his delegate totals, already fattened this past week with the official Missouri win and 12 additional delegates. After Wisconsin, Trump heads towards his biggest victories in states such as New York and New Jersey.

Is Trump in trouble? Is it over for Trump? Why do we write that nothing happened these past few days?

Perhaps we should write that nothing new happened. There was a lot of noise in the Hillary v. Sanders race, but as we explained above, what we see is what we expected and what we expect to develop. All is on track. For Donald Trump nothing new at all has happened because it is all that we expected to happen and all we expect to happen.

Consider why there once again is so much noise about “it’s over for Trump”. Why the “it’s over for Trump” business again? Well, that’s because the level of noise has increased but it is still the same noise. What we have seen in Wisconsin is the same #NeverTrump coalition pumped up to jet engine noise levels. The GOP establishment after the debate with Cruz and Rubio both attacking Trump non-stop thinks that the lesson to a successful Trump attack is a coordinated, no-hold, all out series of attacks upon attacks upon attacks. That strategy is one they hoped would defeat Trump in South Carolina but failed. In Wisconsin the GOP establishment hopes to take down Trump with all out attacks that come in one right after the other.

That strategy is why Michelle Fields files phony charges against the Trump campaign manager, the reason for Paul Ryan to make his moves in Wisconsin against Trump, Scott Walker endorsing Cruz, Rand Paul to endorse tomorrow, the RNC to start a website to prepare for a contested convention , the loyalty pledges of GOP candidates to be made null and void. The entire exercise is not to elect Cruz or Kasich. The purpose of the machinations, with Ted Cruz in full participation, is to empower the GOP establishment to screw over the Republican rank and file. This happened in 2008 on the Dem side and will happen again in 2016 on the Dem side.

What we see in 2016 is the spectacle of both political parties expressing pure contempt for their respective bases. It’s disgusting, but entirely pedestrian.

Add to all this noise, the abortion clatter. Because we don’t watch MSNBC we sort of giggle at the whole “it’s over for Trump because of abortion” show.

What is this abortion story about? Well, Donald Trump appeared with Chris Matthews on MSNBC and answered a barrage of hypothetical questions.

There is much to condemn, or is it to compliment, Donald Trump for this entire Chris Matthews abortion uproar. We’ve written repeatedly that Hillary Clinton should never appear on MSNBC or anywhere with Chris Matthews. Hillary stupidly ignores our sound advice. For Trump, we don’t know what to say. On the one hand, we don’t think anyone should appear with Chris Matthews. On the other hand it is impressive that Trump will go into the lion’s den. Unlike Hillary, Trump has not been viciously attacked by Matthews, yet, so we sort of excuse Trump’s appearance with Matthews, but we also loathe Matthews so much that we hope Trump learns his lesson and treats Matthews with the same level of avoidance as a drunken Megyn Kelly.

Then there is the substance of the Trump answer on abortion. Trump said if abortion was illegal that there should be a penalty to the woman who gets the abortion. Then Trump quickly walked that answer back in a campaign statement which made the woman essentially blameless in an abortion. Was Trump goaded into his first answer by Matthews or was Trump uninformed? Did Trump shoot from the hip or was this a very carefully considered and vetted answer? Does Trump believe his first or second answer? We don’t know. What’s worst, we’re not sure if we care.

How can we, pro-choice advocates, “not care”? That’s because abortion is not illegal. Because abortion is not illegal the entire episode is sort of silly. If it rains cookies should we invest in milk? Well, it’s not raining cookies so we don’t really have to make an investment decision.

When we first heard the noise about Trump’s abortion comments we thought Trump had made an explicit call for abortion to be made illegal without exceptions and for the execution of women. Then we discover it was a hypothetical question and we knew the wrong lesson was about to be learned.

What is the lesson to be learned about Trump after the past “nothing happened” days? There is not much to be learned about Trump from the past “nothing happened” days. There is much to be learned about the voter.

Consider a voter that says “We’re on the wrong track. Politicians have failed us. The political establishment needs to be brought to heel. I want a candidate that says what she believes. I want a candidate that fights. I want a candidate that is not afraid to say what needs to be said. I want a candidate that is not beholden to the special interests that run the institutions of power to the detriment of the American people overall. I want a candidate that will not be the prisoner of advisers. I want a candidate who thinks for himself. I want a candidate that says what is on his mind, not what pollsters tell him he should say. I don’t want a perfect candidate. I want a candidate who will speak honestly and without fear. I want a leader.” Does this type of voter really mean what she says or is this voter a liar?

The problem with a non-politician running for president is that he is a non-politician. This type of candidate will say things that are not run through the mill of advisers and will utter uncontrolled remarks. The problem with a politician running for president is that he will run things through so many filters what you get is mush.

The lessons we will learn from this election are not about the candidates. We will learn about the voters.

Is it over for Trump? Trump is still very well positioned to win. Trump is slowly getting ready to fight the GOP establishment head on and Paul Ryan in particular. As to the voters and the GOP, we’ve long written that after Obama destroyed the Democratic Party the GOP would profit with new voters and would have to form a new coalition. That’s happening:

When Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump square off in Pennsylvania’s April 26 Republican presidential primary, they will find themselves competing for votes from a rapidly changing base.

At least 128,000 voters statewide have changed their registration since Jan. 1 to join the party. Nearly 85,000 of them had been Democrats; 42,000 were independents or third-party voters. The GOP has also racked up 55,468 more first-time registrants.

The changes reflect what experts are calling an unprecedented number of party switches before a primary election.

That’s in Pennsylvania. Will the same happen happen in Wisconsin? Will Wisconsin Democrats vote for Hillary Clinton or go with Bernie Sanders or hurt Sanders and give their votes to Trump or abandon Trump to vote for Sanders? We’ll know Tuesday. But we do know that a realignment of some sort, big or small, is happening.

Is it over for Trump? Voters have to decide whether they want McClellan or Grant. General George McCellan was a dapper dresser with an organizer ability but his drawback was he didn’t want to dirty with fighting his lovely grand army. General Grant was an unkempt, cigar smoking, hard drinking hairy beast who fought and fought and fought – then he would sleep and get up and fight.

With a tidy McClellan you lose the nation. With a sloven Grant you win the war. With General Patton you get a self-aggrandizing man who slaps a soldier as well as the best tank commander to defeat the Reich. With General MacArthur you get an egotistical authoritarian who destroys the Japanese war machine.

The voters will have to decide. The GOP establishment should not be the ones to decide. Is this next election going to be about national security or third trimester abortions? Is this next election going to be about illegal immigration or a hypothetical gaffe and very unlikely abortion ban? Is this next election going to be about preservation of a ruling class or the overthrow of the ruling class? Nothing happens until these questions are resolved.

Next week in Wisconsin something will happen. What will happen is that Trump will continue to rack up delegates. On April 19 something else will happen when New York votes and Trump racks up many more delegates. Eventually something big will happen. The GOP establishment will either listen to the people or the people will stop listening to the GOP. It will happen in Cleveland:

Cleave, a verb, has two very different meanings. It can describe cutting or splitting something apart with a sharp instrument, or — oddly enough — it can describe sticking to something like glue.

To cleave or not to cleave, that is the question.

In July, Cleveland will be cleave land. Something will happen.


Bestiality Fix #2: The Real Lyin’ Ted #CruzSexScandal

Update: Regarding Corey Lewandowski charged in Florida for battery. Michelle Fields lied about Corey Lewandowski and the proof is in what she herself wrote about the incident. Fields wrote “Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground…” Liar! Fields is a dumb Cruz supporter masquerading as a reporter. Lewandowski should claim “stand your ground” status and file counterclaim charges against Fields because she touched him first which apparently counts for battery in Florida.


There is nothing dumber than a Ted Cruz supporter. We wrote that in question form in early August of 2015. Today we report that Ted Cruz supporters have become even dumber. Ted Cruz supporters, the honest ones if such a thing exists, are dumber than ever. Ted Cruz supporters are over the edge of dumb, well past stupid… beyond whatever word expresses the deepest depth of stupidity… that is the level of non-intelligence sunk to by honest Ted Cruz supporters.

Back in early August of 2015 we explained that either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump would be the GOP nominee, in our article Newsflash: It’s A Fix – It’s Trump Or Bush That Will Win – Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Huckabee, Carson, Walker, Paul, Christie, Are Losers:

We’ll explain it to you now: This GOP primary election is a fix. The entire primary process and schedule was designed to nominate Jeb Bush. But Donald Trump surprised everyone and got in the race. Donald Trump has the money. Donald Trump has the Big Media expertise. Donald Trump has the experience of dealing in politics and with politicians. It was all “fixed” for Jeb Bush and then Trump got in.

As we wrote before, Trump can win. Why? Trump can win because he can take advantage of the fix that was set up to benefit Jeb Bush.
Put that in your jock straps and wiggle.

Donald Trump has the financial advantage Jeb Bush thought he would have. Donald Trump can not only win (according to all the polls from those states) Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina (latest poll there has Donald Trump ahead with 34% Jeb Bush 10%) but he can knock out Jeb Bush and win Florida and all those many many delegates. No other candidate can do that.

Hey, dummies, why do we call you dummies, especially you Ted Cruz dummies? We call you dummies because you think that once Trump goes away your candidate will rise and maybe have a chance to win. That’s so stupid. Your candidates don’t have a chance. The fix is in. We think Ted Cruz supporters are especially stupid because they think that the establishment figure most hated by the establishment due to his personality and obnoxiousness (which we do think should be admired by the way) won’t be swept away with ease by the very forces that have tried with all their raw power and vitriol to destroy Donald Trump. [snip]

The fix is in dummies. Only one candidate can win now other than Jeb Bush. Like it or not it is Trump or Bush.

We waited until after the first debate to make this assessment. But it is clear now that Trump is the sole alternative. If Trump is knocked out one by one the others – Cruz, Paul, Walker, Kasich, Rubio, will be dismantled and sent to oblivion. The fix is in. The establishment gets what it wants. Except of course that Donald Trump remains standing.

The above quote is not particularly complicated. But for honest Cruz supporters it is high level physics written in a foreign language. These stupid Cruz supporters are so stupid they somehow found themselves cheered when first the corrupt Neil Bush endorsed Ted Cruz only to be followed by the grand Jeb Bush endorsement of Ted Cruz. It’s like a turkey cheering the approach of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Consider how utterly stupid, dumb, idiotic, Ted Cruz supporters are. These dolts now await the Wisconsin primary with great hope that Cruz will beat Trump there. But the Ted Cruz campaign is a steaming pile of failure already, with zero possibility of success. First, a “victory” for Cruz in Wisconsin does not help Cruz – it helps Jeb Bush and the establishment. Second, the Ted Cruz strategy called for victory in South Carolina, dubbed the gateway to the South by Ted Cruz strategists, which would lead to many primary victories in the South – none of which happened. Third, the latest Ted Cruz strategy for victory written before the vote in Arizona, “Inside Cruz’s state-by-state plan to defeat Trump”, has already failed:

Inside Cruz’s state-by-state plan to defeat Trump
Rubio and Kasich might be sweating Tuesday but Cruz is looking down the road to a #NeverTrump sweep.

But that consolidation has to happen fast. Cruz’s top strategists say they believe Cruz must win decisively in Arizona and Utah, the next states to vote on March 22. [snip]

Cruz quietly began buying ad time in Arizona over the weekend, reserving $200,000 over 10 days, making him the first to buy ads in any state that votes after March 15. Cruz hired a top Arizona strategist six months ago, zeroing in on its potential significance as an inflection point on the calendar as early as last September.

In the wake of the strategic failure in South Carolina, the SEC primaries, Nevada, and the other Southern states, the Ted Cruz campaign plotted yet another ridiculous path (recall Little Marco’s 1-2-3 strategy which likewise went bust) to victory which required victory in Arizona. But Donald Trump won Arizona so there is no path to victory for Ted Cruz by his own measure! Further, as the Ted Cruz “state-by-state plan to defeat Trump” strategized, Ted Cruz had to win Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina, but Ted Cruz has lost those states as well. For Ted Cruz the “state-by-state plan to defeat Trump” has failed utterly and will fail in the states soon to vote:

Another problem for Cruz is the nomination map itself. As Rubio has repeatedly pointed out, the states after March 15 are less favorable to Cruz’s religious brand of conservatism. Many of the most evangelical states have already voted. And Cruz has mostly struggled in the Northeast (where Trump has mostly romped). Connecticut and Rhode Island are still to come, as are nearby Mid-Atlantic states, including delegate-rich Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, plus New York and New Jersey.

On its working map, the Cruz campaign cedes New Jersey and its 51 winner-take-all delegates to Trump and assumes the tycoon will carry his home state of New York.

The Cruz campaign has failed to meet strategic goals consistently. Every new strategic plan is quickly torched by Trump. Yet stupid Ted Cruz supporters continue to believe that the new failed strategic plan and the next sure to fail strategic plan and the next strategic plan failure will do the trick. That’s how stupid Ted Cruz supporters are.

Trump supporters at HotGas rewrite what we wrote back in August 2015, with updated results which spell out the endgame:

Right now Trump has just under a 300-delegate lead over Ted Cruz. The pro­por­tion­ally award­ing state pri­maries are nearly fin­ished, and there will be no more cau­cuses. [snip]

Accord­ing to NWConservative’s analy­sis, on April 19, if Trump wins New York’s 95 del­e­gates as expected, Ted Cruz will be math­e­mat­i­cally elim­i­nated from win­ning the nom­i­na­tion out­right. [snip]

The estab­lish­ment wants a con­tested con­ven­tion. This is a fact that is beyond dis­pute. The estab­lish­ment does not want Don­ald Trump. And it is undis­putable that the estab­lish­ment does not want Ted Cruz either. Even Ted’s most vocif­er­ous sup­port­ers’ most fer­vent argu­ment is that the estab­lish­ment hates Ted Cruz more than they hate Don­ald Trump. Go ahead, try to walk that argu­ment back, now that you know where I’m going with this.

Since the establishment’s main goal right now is to deny Trump the nom­i­na­tion, and given the solid argu­ment that they hate Cruz more than they hate Trump, why on earth would Cruz have a snowball’s chance in hell of win­ning a con­tested con­ven­tion? And, in fact, that is not even in the same galaxy of the establishment’s inten­tions. [snip]

You MUST accede that, assum­ing Don­ald Trump falls short of the 1,237 del­e­gates, there is a VERY high like­li­hood that Cruz will be cast aside once the first bal­lot is cast. In fact, the prob­a­bil­ity of Cruz being selected by a delighted, giddy estab­lish­ment deter­mined to install their own pup­pet is so small as to be indis­tin­guish­able from zero. [snip]

I’ll give Cruz the ben­e­fit of the doubt that he wants to see this thing through at least until New York. But after the New York Val­ues Vot­ers express their opin­ions, Cruz is effec­tively shut out from ever being the nom­i­nee. There is zero chance. [snip]

Either he has made some sort of deal with the estab­lish­ment to try and deny Trump the path to 1,237, or he is too naive or stu­pid to real­ize that the estab­lish­ment will NOT choose him in a con­tested con­ven­tion. Cruz is a Har­vard lawyer with advi­sors who, pre­sum­ably, can do sim­ple math. Which sce­nario is more likely?

If Cruz has made a deal with the estab­lish­ment, what does that say about Ted Cruz, the Out­sider, the Bul­let Point Con­ser­v­a­tive? He will have com­pro­mised his prin­ci­ples and his own cam­paign PLATFORM. If Cruz is being naive, what kind of Pres­i­dent will he be? But then again, he was fooled by Mitch McConnell, so there’s that. He has also enlisted Jeb Bush’s brother for his finance team, and now Jeb him­self has endorsed him. Admit this: If Jeb had come out and endorsed Trump, you’d be yelling “Estab­lish­ment!” at the top of your lungs.

Stupid, Ted Cruz supporters say they like Ted Cruz because he is anti-establishment but Ted Cruz is willingly engaged in bestial intercourse with GOP establishment animals. That’s the real Ted #CruzSexScandal!

The analysis above comes from a pro Trump website, HotGas. Now let’s hear from a Trump hater at the New York Post:

Wake up, Cruz and Kasich — the GOP convention will never nominate you

Let’s imagine for a moment that Donald Trump isn’t going to be the Republican nominee for president. There are three ways this fantasy — and it is likely nothing more than a fantasy — becomes a reality.

One is that something Trump does is just so outrageous and disgusting, it knocks him out of the race and by default Ted Cruz becomes the nominee. (You can stop laughing ruefully now; I’m sure we all know now that’s not going to happen.)

The second is that Ted Cruz wins 80 percent of the Republican delegates going forward, passes Trump and takes it on the first ballot at the convention in July. At the moment, no one seems to believe this scenario is viable — not even the Cruz camp, which doesn’t bother talking it up.

The third is that Trump doesn’t secure enough delegates to win it on the first ballot and the GOP rises up on subsequent ballots to take it away from him and give the nomination to someone else.

This is possible. Indeed, it’s exactly what Cruz and John Kasich — the candidate with no shot who is staying in even though he won as many delegates on Tuesday night as I did — are counting on to propel them to the nomination.

They shouldn’t be. At all. In fact, they might as well write their own concession speeches right now. [snip]

This is the scenario Cruz and Kasich are hoping for. And in hoping for it, they are talking themselves into political oblivion.

Look, fellas: If Trump doesn’t get enough delegates to win, why would a GOP let entirely loose from primary and caucus results and able to choose anyone as its nominee turn to two candidates who received even fewer delegates than Trump did?

Would this panicked GOP look at Potential Nominee Cruz and foresee a shift in its fortunes? Why would it? Cruz has yet to demonstrate he has a national constituency. Alas for him, the movement he wanted to lead — conservative white people who, according to a delusional theory unsupported by evidence, didn’t turn up to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 by the millions and cost the GOP the election — has a candidate: His name is Trump. [snip]

You can’t win the GOP nomination by losing.

Ted Cruz should stop playing for second, because if he comes in second, he’s not going to be the nominee. The only way he gets to grasp the brass ring is to beat Trump outright.

It’s a nearly insuperable challenge. But there it is.

Stupid Ted Cruz supporters can put aside the issue of whether or not Ted Cruz is hated by the establishment because he is so anti-establishment (even thought the evidence points to Ted Cruz as GOP establishment tool and Jeb Bush enabler). The bottom line stupid Ted Cruz supporters have to explain to their withered brains is why someone that ran and lost because his presumed constituency of conservative blue collar voters went to Trump, and that same Ted Cruz has no national constituency, and that same Ted Cruz has a serpentine face and little serpent teeth – why would the establishment nominate the Ted Cruz they hate and are only using to get at Donald Trump? Stupid loser Ted Cruz supporters have no answer. They’re stupid losers, dumb, as useful as a wet bag of rocks.

So, we cited a pro-Trump website, a Trump hater, now a Trump neutral (supposedly). Larry Sabato considers Trump’s path to 1237:

About a month ago, after Donald Trump won the South Carolina primary and all of its delegates, we headlined a piece “The Hour is Growing Late to Stop Trump.” Well, the hour has grown later, and we have to ask the question: Has Trump been stopped?

Certainly not. And a look ahead at the remaining contests calls into question the ability of the other candidates, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, to prevent him from winning the requisite number of delegates to clinch or come close to clinching the Republican nomination.

The magic number is 1,237 delegates, and our own rough calculations show Trump just getting over the hump with 1,239. [snip]

In Wisconsin, Trump may benefit from a Cruz-Kasich split and also may hold the advantage in a number of congressional districts that have lower percentages of college graduates and lower median incomes. We see Kasich potentially winning a couple of districts with higher median incomes that performed strongly for Romney in the 2012 GOP primary. We also handed Cruz the heavily Republican Fifth District, as he has performed better among stalwart conservatives, and the Sixth District next door.

If you want to read Sabato’s prognostications for Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, California, go ahead but we’ll save you the trouble and [spoiler alert!!!] inform you that Trump will be very happy. In Nebraska-Montana-South Dakota, small states all, [spoiler alert!!!] Ted Cruz will slither and hiss.

The Ted Cruz path to victory is covered by an avalanche of boulders from the Trump earthquake. For Stupid Ted Cruz Supporters the only gloat left in them is the Mitt Romney establishment victory via tool Ted Cruz in Utah. But, Utah is a toxic drink of salt:

Ted Cruz’s Utah Win Doesn’t Derail Donald Trump’s Delegate Momentum
Texas senator is picking up endorsements from the GOP establishment like Jeb Bush, but still faces uphill battle

WASHINGTON—The split decision from Arizona and Utah on Tuesday leaves the Republican presidential race in the same place it has been: front-runner Donald Trump with a commanding lead, and Sen. Ted Cruz and the GOP establishment in a desperate effort to stop him from clinching the nomination outright.

Mr. Trump’s Arizona primary victory led to unlikely support Wednesday for Mr. Cruz, who won the Utah caucuses. The Texas senator, who built his campaign around how much he is hated by the Washington establishment, on Wednesday was endorsed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the Club for Growth, the antitax organization that had never before endorsed a presidential candidate.

“For the sake of our party and country, we must move to overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena, or we will certainly lose our chance to defeat the Democratic nominee and reverse President [Barack] Obama’s failed policies,” Mr. Bush said in his endorsement of Mr. Cruz.

Other prominent GOP activists, such as commentator Erick Erickson, have called on Republicans like Mr. Walker and Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Ben Sasse of Nebraska to coalesce behind Mr. Cruz as the party’s last hope to stop Mr. Trump.

Even if they do so this week, it may be too late.

Mr. Walker, whose state will hold its primary on April 5, said in a radio interview aired Wednesday that he is likely to endorse next week, “when it will have maximum impact.”

When he ended his campaign in September, Mr. Walker called on remaining candidates to coalesce to block Mr. Trump. [snip]

Despite Mr. Cruz’s continued insistence that he has a credible path to win 1,237 delegates before the convention, that scenario becomes less likely with each succeeding contest. [snip]

He must win 85% of the outstanding delegates—a task akin to winning a division in Major League Baseball after being 25 games out of first place on Labor Day—when there are only about 30 games left in the season.

To get to a contested convention, Mr. Cruz must win coming contests in Wisconsin—where each of the state’s eight congressional districts is winner-take-all—and perform well in the late-April primaries in the Northeast, Mr. Trump’s backyard.

The contests after Wisconsin are not on friendly terrain for Mr. Cruz. Mr. Trump remains popular among New York Republicans who vote April 19, and while competing in Iowa’s caucuses, Mr. Cruz mocked Mr. Trump’s “New York values.”

All the Lyin’ Ted Cruz machinations will get him no higher than a serpent’s belly on the ground. Trump will beat Ted Cruz on the beaches. Trump will beat Ted Cruz in the air. Trump will beat Ted Cruz on the ground. Trump will beat Ted Cruz in a group. Trump will beat Ted Cruz one-on-one:

Poll: Trump beats both foes head-to-head

The results indicate that unifying Republican opposition to Donald Trump would be very hard.

Trump pretty much won the GOP nomination in South Carolina. That does not mean that plotters won’t plot.

Those that want to stop the Trump nomination will continue to plot. There will be strange bedfellows. Sleazy Ted Cruz the phony “consistent conservative” will copulate with the GOP establishment and try to give birth to the ugliest baby since Barack Obama in 2008. That is the real Ted #CruzSexScandal.


Heidi-Ho: Hard Evidence On Ted #CruzSexScandal – Cruz Missile Crisis – Lies And Truths

The Heidi-Ho man is back looking for his Heidi-ho. We’re here to bed some rumors and wonder about some others.

We’re too, much too, high-minded, to disgrace ourselves with sex, rumors, particularly of the political kind. But here we are. We know one thing that is not true – about where Ted Cruz silos his missile – that has him in crisis. We know another thing that cannot possibly be true about Lyin’ Ted Cruz and the mistress distress. But first, because we do not want to get in the mud, we’ll quote HotGas which has a good summary of the Cruz Missile Crisis (a.k.a. The Cuban Mistress Crisis):

So #TheThing, also known as the Cruz Sex Scan­dal, that the Rubio and Jeb peo­ple were push­ing on Twit­ter for the last few weeks before Florida, looks like it may have finally dropped. If you hadn’t already seen it, National Enquirer has a new story out relat­ing the claim that Ted Cruz had an affair with at least five dif­fer­ent women.

National Enquirer is the same orga­ni­za­tion that broke the John Edwards affair and love child that ended his cam­paign. They also were the ones that, cor­rectly, dis­cred­ited much of OJ Simpson’s claims dur­ing the mur­der trial. They also were right on Rush Limbaugh’s addic­tion to pain killersJesse Jackson’s love child with his mis­tress. Tiger Wood’s affairs, and Steve Job’s con­di­tion.

So what do we know, believe, to be absolutely untrue about the Cruz manned missile crisis? What is absolutely untrue about the Cruz Sex Scandal is that Donald J. Trump had anything to do with it. As has been repeatedly proved, the Sex Scandal attack against Ted Cruz, exposing the slimy side of Teddy Boy, allegedly, came from Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Get that fact straight because it is very pertinent to our next article: the authors of the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal are Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio (and of course, if true, Ted Cruz and his wandering missile).

Trump hater and Marco Rubio supporter Rick Wilson (the guy along with Liz Mair that run an hate-Trump SuperPac that attacked Melania Trump) first “tweeted” about #TheThing on March 10. Also, as well documented at HotGas, on March 11 Rick Wilson wrote

If I had #TheThing, I’d release it. Trust me, after 20 reporter calls today, I’m DONE

What was #TheThing?:

Secret Cruz sex scandal talk circulated on Twitter for weeks under THIS mysterious hashtag

Before the rumors and allegations were made public in a scorching piece against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for allegedly having five extramarital affairs, the accusations laid in hiding under a mysterious hashtag on Twitter.

For weeks leading up to the National Enquirer report out Friday, which claims Cruz had sexual relations with five former co-workers and political insiders, supporters of Sen. Marco Rubio and “#NeverTrump” promoters on social media discussed “#TheThing,” as the Cruz allegation was dubbed by insiders. 

#TheThing was supposed to “drop”, be published, before the Florida primary by Marco Rubio to destroy Teddy Boy Cruz. Perhaps that explains why Cruz, um, pulled out, of Florida shortly after Cruz made a great show of the ten offices he opened throughout Florida. Maybe once Cruz pulled out, Rubio decided that the better part of discretion for himself, was not to start throwing stones from his glass house, especially after that Jeb Bush planted story about the Rubio arrest at that park became known.

#TheThing was a Rubio hit against fellow Cuban, Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz wants to blame Donald J. Trump and has done so in a mendacious “tweet” that blames Trump and attempts a quick “denial”. The “denial” tied to the false blame-shifting to Trump makes the denial dubious. Lyin’ Ted is telling at least one lie, maybe two, in his “denial”.

Why do we give Lyin’ Ted Cruz the benefit of the doubt by allowing for the possibility that Ted Cruz might not have planted his Cuban missile in extra-marital, places? We allow for the possibility that Lyin’ Ted Cruz might not have repeatedly launched his missile, as the National Enquirer alleges, because, well, really, only one reason? Who would want that toad?

It cannot possibly be true that Lyin’ Ted Cruz had mistresses. Ted Cruz with many women desiring him would undermine our sense of reality. It would undermine our understanding of sexual attraction. It would undermine our concept of sanity. It would undermine everything we suspect we know about this world. And yet, to our utter shock, Ted Cruz did find one woman in this planet to publicly acknowledge carnal knowledge of Ted Cruz.

That woman is Heidi Cruz, the spouse of the louse.

In January we wrote about Heidi Ho in a non-sex scandal article. Our Heidi Ho article was written in a most appropriate manner as we discussed certain of her ties and most importantly the ties of Ted Cruz:

Today we expected to write a smart little thing about the destruction of Ted Cruz via the DemDebate this past Sunday. Consider, at the Dem Debate Bernie Sanders attacked Hillary Clinton for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees Hillary was paid by Goldman Sachs.

Before Sunday the Goldman Sachs attack spear was thrown against Ted Cruz at the GOP Debate. At the GOP Debate Donald Trump schlonged Cruz because of the million dollar loan obtained from Goldman Sachs by Mr. and Mrs. Cruz – so that Ted could fund his senate campaign. The additional crouton in this Goldman Sachs soup was the fact that Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi Cruz made her living strolling the halls of Goldman Sachs for pay. It didn’t take long before some nasty wags tongued out the epithet/cry “Heidi Ho”. For shame!

The very smart Heidi Cruz deserves respect even if she has, well, um, New York Values. She’s a smart woman, investment manager, but when did that stop anyone from smearing a talented smart woman? [snip]

As Darth Vader once said, “impressive, most impressive.” An incredibly talented woman with the grandest of commercial New York Values.

Ours was to be an excruciatingly proper discussion of how Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs connections both helped and hurt her and that Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz were about to experience a proctology examination the likes of which Hillary Clinton has endured for many a day.

The proctologist has arrived.

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, alleged to be one of the Cruz mistresses, spoke to MSNBC before #TheThing dropped and explained what Trump meant when he said he could “spill the beans” about Heidi:

She is a Bush oper­a­tive, she worked for the archi­tect of NAFTA, which has killed mil­lions of jobs in this coun­try, she was a mem­ber on the Coun­cil on For­eign Rela­tions who in Sen. Cruz’s own words called a nest of snakes that seeks to under­mine national sov­er­eignty and she’s been work­ing for Gold­man Sachs, the same global bank that Ted Cruz left off of his finan­cial dis­clo­sure,” Pier­son said.

Her entire career has been spent work­ing against every­thing Ted Cruz says that he stands for,” she added.

When Donald Trump threatened to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz it was in response to the Rick Wilson SuperPac attack against Melania Trump. Today, Donald J. Trump responded to the Lyin’ Ted Cruz lies that Trump had anything to do with the Cruz Missile Sex Attack with a complete denial as only Trump can:

I have no idea whether or not the cover story about Ted Cruz in this week’s issue of the National Enquirer is true or not, but I had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it, and have not, as yet, read it.

Likewise, I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence. Ted Cruz’s problem with the National Enquirer is his and his alone, and while they were right about O.J. Simpson, John Edwards, and many others, I certainly hope they are not right about Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

I look forward to spending the week in Wisconsin, winning the Republican nomination and ultimately the Presidency in order to Make America Great Again.

There’s a lot more to this story. Much of it “substantive” not about Cruz missiles and silos. Our comments section no doubt will continue to do radar work on Cruz missiles. Our next article will explain a bit more about Teddy Boy Cruz and what he’s up to in a down low way.


After Brussels: Donald Trump Becomes Winston Churchill

Speak and write in clear English. Call the Muslim “no go zones” of Europe what they are. They are “beachheads”. They are beachheads in a soft invasion of Europe and an attack on the values and peoples of the West.

Eli Lake today writes a preposterous article for Bloomberg News which declares France to be a “police state” fighting Islamic terrorism. Lake’s claim that France is a “police state” engaged in battle against Islamic terrorism is based on the state of emergency declared by France after the November 2015 Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris.

Lake’s “police state” is an odd one by any definition of that phrase. A police state where the police in a terrorist assault must first run to their stations in order to get weapons because they are unarmed even as the invaders assault them with machine guns – in a gun free, gun control continent? Police state? Do “no go zones”, or as we call them “invasion beachheads”, exist in France? Well, yes they do. The “invasion beachheads” exist in Belgium, England and other countries on the continent unaware it is invaded.

There is a “gathering storm” in Europe evident after Paris and Brussels. From the invasion beachheads the Muslim terrorists attack even as reinforcements are invited to join them by the very states they wish to destroy. The West, its peoples and values, are under attack but few speak or write clearly about the soft invasion of Europe and the weakness of our leaders:

Why does ISIS rise? Because their leaders and their followers believe in something. It is an evil something and a hideous something, but they believe in it and are willing to die for it.

The West, the values of the West, the heritage of the West, are in peril today because our leaders have abandoned everything about the West except its materialist component. Since 2011 we have written about Barack Obama’s “managed decline” of America. “Managed decline” of America, brought to you by Barack Obama.

The president of the United States, the one that is supposed to be the leader of the Free World, the champion of the West and its values will not defend the West because he and his cohort do not believe in our values.

So from Barack Obama’s “managed decline” of America a different voice emerges. That voice says “Make America Great Again”. “Make America Great Again” is a rational response to “managed decline”. Add to that Donald Trump’s instinctive defense of the West and its values and the power of his message becomes clear.

Winston Churchill was a man of massive talents and massive faults. Look to someone else if you want politically correct “consistent” leadership. Winston Churchill wrote about his “art of the deal” in his autobiography, My Early Life:

I have always urged fighting wars and other contentions with might and main till overwhelming victory and then extending the hand of friendship to the vanquished. Thus I have always been against the Pacifists during the quarrel and the Jingoist at its close…I thought we should have conquered the Irish then given them Home Rule…and that after smashing the General Strike we should have met the grievances of the miners.

That excerpt is the philosophy of a man who believes that strength in national security affairs is a virtue, not a menace. The Churchillian philosophy of strength, as illuminated in the above passage, does not preclude submission to logic and what is proper once your aims are achieved – from a position of strength. Churchill would conquer his opponents then, if reasonable, have the flexibility to reach out and make necessary accommodations. It’s “better to be strong and wrong than weak and right” circa the 1900s.

Churchill’s personality and tough talk, like Donald Trump’s, was a problem too. He was not an easy man to get along with and one who took personal umbrage far too frequently. But Winston Churchill at the moment of greatest peril for the West, saved the West.

Winston Churchill’s warnings to prepare for the storm to come were not popular. To the contrary most of his assertions were denounced. But he was right. And Britain and the Western World woke up only when the full horror of war was upon them.

After Brussels, even Trump’s harshest critics hear the guns of 2016 booming in the same way earlier generations heard the guns of August 1914 and 1939. Trump hater Piers Morgan:

How many more innocent men, women and children are going to be blown to pieces by these murderous bastards?

How many more airports, train stations, sports stadiums, restaurants or concert halls will be obliterated in a hail of suicide bombs and bullets?

How many more world leaders will wring their hands on national television afterwards and spout pointless platitudes about the ‘poor brave victims’ and ‘heroic emergency services’?

How many taunting, gleeful claims of responsibility will the despicable perpetrators of these evil crimes be able to issue?

I’m sick of this, aren’t you?

Sick of feeling sick about such endless, senseless barbarism.

And the worst thing about it is that I see no end.

The inherent problem which causes it, chaotic war-torn instability in the Middle East, is getting worse, not better; just as the financial and military resource of the enemy is growing greater, not reducing.

Yet just as the world is crying out for strong decisive leadership, there is none.

America has a demob happy President Obama eeking out his last few months in office. A man whose infamous ‘leading from behind’ philosophy to foreign policy has been partly responsible for the war in Syria raging uncontrollably for five years – allowing fundamentalism to ferment.

Obama has zero interest in doing anything tangible to really deal with ISIS. This is now parked in the tray marked ‘next president’s problem.’

Europe, meanwhile, is splintering at the seams, ravaged by an unprecedented migration crisis that nobody seems to have a clue how to handle.

German chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to let a million migrants into its country is already seen to be an utter disaster.

France, reeling from two horrendous attacks in Paris, is understandably highly fearful of yet more terror coming its way.

Belgium officials effectively conceded today that they have no real way to protect themselves against the ISIS threat. A fact surely born out by the fact that today’s onslaught in Brussels happened right when the city most expected it, following the capture of Paris attacks suspect Saleh Abdeslam three days ago.

Britain, surely a target anytime soon, is on red alert but its warring politicians are too distracted by the upcoming EU referendum in June to pay anything more than lame lip service to terrorism.

So nobody seems to be doing anything concrete to stop ISIS, or even suggesting a new way to do so given the spectacular lack of success to date.

Well almost nobody.

By coincidence, I had an interview scheduled today with the world’s most controversial man, Donald Trump, for my UK show, Good Morning Britain.

It was set up a couple of weeks ago, but the timing was eerily prescient.

Here is one man who definitely has a plan to deal with ISIS terrorism. Several plans in fact.

The problem is that people don’t like them. Well, a lot of people don’t anyway.

Trump’s strong plans against Islamic terrorism are logical and reminiscent of Churchill. Piers Morgan, Trump hater, was astonished in his agreement with Donald Trump:

Trump told me countries must tighten their borders in light of these terror attacks, especially to anyone related to an ISIS fighter in Syria. [snip]

He told me he wants law-abiding Muslims to root out the extremists in their midst, expressing his bafflement and anger that someone like Abdeslam was able to hide for so long in the very part of Brussels he had previously lived. [snip]

He told me America must make it far harder for illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. and thinks European countries should follow suit. [snip]

He told me he believes there are now areas of many major European cities which have become poisonous breeding grounds for radicalized Islamic terror. [snip]

I didn’t feel I was talking to a lunatic, as many seem to view Trump.

I saw a guy, a non-politician unfettered by PC language restraints, who is genuinely furious at the devastation which ISIS is wreaking, and seriously concerned for the security of his fellow Americans and indeed, the citizens of Europe. [snip]

And right now, he firmly believes that ISIS will murder countless more Americans and Europeans if somebody somewhere doesn’t stand up and punch them hard in the face.

Someone prepared to stop spewing politically-correct niceties after these attacks, hoping nobody gets offended, and actually DO something.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, right now ISIS is winning this war and will continuing committing utter carnage on our streets on an ever graver and more barbaric scale until they are stopped. [snip]

Hate Donald Trump all you like, but at least he seems to recognise the magnitude of the threat and at least he has firm proposals for how to try to defeat it.

In June, Great Britain will vote on whether or not to exit from the European Union. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has broken with his own party and decided to run a Donald Trump style campaign for the “Brexit”. Other leaders, inspired by Donald Trump are sure to join in the world wide realignment taking place.

The worldwide realignment will take place and no plot against Donald J. Trump can stop it. Reality will see to that.

This is not the first time the Western world, its peoples and its values, have come under threat. Is this generation ready for the fight? Forced by events, hammered by reality, the answer will have to come sooner rather than later. Will the answer come with a Chamberlain whimper, or with a Churchillian trump?


The Obvious: Hulk Hogan, #Hillary2016, @RealDonaldTrump, Cuba, Obama, ObamaCare, AIPAC, GOP Plots, Arizona, Utah, And Lyin’ Ted Cruz

Update: More “obvious” crass “brutal searing truth” from us today. Donald J. Trump was likely to win Arizona today but Trump was also likely to be brutally beaten in Utah as well. The latest poll from Utah had Lyin’ Ted Cruz over the 50% threshold to make Utah a winner take all state. To make matters worse for Trump, the polls registered Trump support at 11%, not enough to get past the 15% threshold to get any delegates. But then, as we write below about Hulk Hogan’s effect on Donald Trump and how outside events continue to prove Trump correct when Trump needs help the most, outside events have intervened.

The outside events are the multiple Islamic terror attacks in Belgium today. No comment yet from Barack Obama as he cavorts in Cuba with communist criminals. To be brutally crass and say the obvious, these latest Islamic terror attacks politically help Trump. If Hillary2016 ever makes it to the general election this intrusion of reality in the form of Islamic terror attacks blow up the Hillary campaign. Blown up!

The Islamic terror attacks in Belgium today, with multiple deaths in multiple places, help Trump, because, to quote Bill Clinton “better to be strong and wrong, than weak and right.” That Trump is strong and correct additionally helps Trump. That Hillary won’t talk about the Islamic religion and the institutionalized misogyny therein, that Hillary won’t talk about the sexual attacks by Islamic men in Europe against women because Hillary wants Muslim votes is a suicide bomb embedded in Hillary2016.

Trump is additionally helped because these events, one near the European Union headquarters, follow his powerful presentation to AIPAC last night. Most of Big Media carried Trump’s speech because of the expected protests against Trump which did not occur. The controversy helped Trump. Here’s Trump’s AIPAC speech and notice how he starts his speech in the first sentence with strong comments against Islamic terror:

Here’s a live feed of European coverage of the terror attacks today:

Remember all the above and the below as we watch the election returns come in tonight.


Update: We will continue to pound Hillary2016 with brutal searing truth until Hillary Clinton stops lying and tells the truth about Barack Obama. Perhaps the results of our non-stop declarations of truth and reality are bearing fruit. Hillary Clinton continues to lie, but Bill Clinton is now telling some of the truth:

Bill Clinton Trashes Obama: ‘Awful Legacy of the Last Eight Years’

At an event today in Spokane, Washington, Bill Clinton called for putting “the awful legacy of the last 8 years behind us and the 7 years before that where we were practicing trickle down economics.” [snip]

“But if you believe we can all rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that where we were practicing trickle-down economics with no regulation in Washington, which is what caused the crash, then you should vote for her. Because she’s the only person who basically has good ideas, will tell you how she’s going to pay for them, can be commander-in-chief, and is a proven change maker with Republicans and Democrats and Independents alike.”

Bill Clinton needs to shout out the truth about Barack Obama as we have been promised. Bill Clinton should speak the truth with the same pride and brutality as Donald J. Trump did today (it’s still ongoing) before AIPAC. We’ll update when video of Trump’s AIPAC speech is available.


So we write that #Trump2016 is brilliant and #Hillary2016 is hapless. Why? Well, because #Trump2016 is brilliant and #Hillary2016 is hapless. How can this in any way be controversial? This is self-evident. As clear as the nose on your face. There is simply no denying that #Trump2016 thus far has operated in a brilliant manner and #Hillary2016 has operated most miserably.

Here is a Youtube representation of Hillary2016:

The muddled message mess that is Hillary2016 is in a foreign language. We translate: Mr. Burns: Ah, it’s as easy as crushing an ant! [Bernie Sanders appears] You know? [the ant takes control and there is a surrender AARRGGHH!!! Oh! Take my wallet and leave me alone!

A Hillary2016 win should have been as easy as crushing an ant. A Hillary2016 win should have been as easy as taking candy from a Bernie. But taking the candy from the Bernie proved exceedingly difficult. Not because of the barking Bernie but because Hillary2016 is hapless.

Instead of a glide, every “victory” for Hillary2016 comes at a high price. For instance, look at Ohio, where Hillary2016 “won” big:

But buried within the clear victory was a troubling trend for the party front-runner: She is doing a terrible job turning out voters, particularly in the states that will matter most in a November matchup against Donald Trump.

More people voted for Trump than for Clinton in two states Tuesday night — Missouri and Ohio. In Florida, Clinton edged Trump by a nose — less than 2 percent. Clinton had only one other candidate splitting the Democratic vote in a contested election, while Trump was embroiled in a four-way contest that factionalized Republican voters. In Ohio, Trump bested Clinton by about 50,000 votes despite coming in second in the GOP contest to John Kasich, the state’s current governor. In Missouri, both Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) bested Clinton’s vote total by nearly 20 percent.

Enthusiasm for Clinton appears to have plummeted from the levels she enjoyed in 2008, when she defeated Barack Obama in both the Florida and Ohio primaries. Clinton had 44 percent fewer supporters in Ohio this time around than she did eight years ago. Combine Clinton and Sanders’ Ohio numbers from Tuesday night and they still do not eclipse Clinton’s showing in the state from 2008.

Since Florida, Missouri and Ohio are traditionally swing states in the general election, these results should be causing some worry at the Democratic National Committee — Ohio most of all. Democrats are simply performing poorly in the Rust Belt this year. And the only way Democrats will blow a November matchup against Trump is by getting beaten in the upper Midwest.

Those who want us to write puff pieces on Hillary2016 should ask why Hillary “Clinton had 44 percent fewer supporters in Ohio this time around than she did eight years ago”. That’s from the Trump hating Huff n’ Puff. We could try to spin this news with a glib “a win is a win” but come on, we’re not particularly proud of ourselves when we lurk about cradles and playpens to forcibly steal lollipops from tots so we can’t “spin” the election results as somehow majestic for Hillary.

What we see is Bernie Sanders, who never had a chance to win the nomination, ever, forcing Hillary Clinton (who will have the nomination stolen from her by Barack Obama, again) into untenable positions and freakish statements. How else to explain the latest from Hillary2016:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: “Is she planning on expanding Obamacare as people know it, ACA, to include people who are not fully documented? Because when you get ill, your illness will not ask you if you are a permanent resident or not.”

CLINTON: “It’s such an important question. Thank you for supporting my mom. My mom has very strong feelings that we must push as quickly as possible for comprehensive immigration reform, and this is a real difference between her’s and Senator Sanders’ record, she supported comprehensive immigration reform at every possible chance and she was one of the original supporters and sponsors of the DREAM Act. She does not believe that while we are working towards comprehensive immigration reform we should make people wait, like the families you are talking about. Which is why she thinks it’s so important to extend the Affordable Care Act to people who are living and working here, regardless of immigration status, regardless of citizenship status. While we’re pushing for comprehensive immigration reform and reminding Republicans who are currently running for president that a couple of years ago they actually supported comprehensive immigration reform – something they seem to have forgotten during this election cycle – that we do whatever we can to solve challenges in the education system and the health system and elsewhere.”

That’s from a Hillary hating, Trump hating website, but still… ObamaCare for illegal immigrants??? Bernie Sanders is for ObamaCare for illegal aliens so now Hillary follows off the same cliff. That’s a long way from what a sensible Hillary Clinton used to say:

“We do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country,” Clinton said then, adding that “we know now that too many people come in for medical care, as it is.”

We certainly don’t want them having the same benefits that American citizens are entitled to have.

Clinton also took a blanket stance against illegal immigration — and illegal immigrants themselves — as a U.S. Senator from New York.

In a February 2003 radio interview Clinton said that she was “adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

“Certainly we’ve got to do more at our borders,” she said, adding that “people have to stop employing illegal immigrants.”

We suppose we will be criticized for pointing out the obvious. The obvious is these videos exist and that Donald Trump knows they exist and that Donald Trump will not be shy about the broadcast of these videos. The hapless Hillary2016 will wish away these videos while Donald Trump continues to say the most obvious things that no one else will say. And that is why Trump2016 is so brilliant.

Consider this weekend’s supposed “big” news. Here is the obvious, brought to you courtesy of Donald J. Trump:

Donald Trump is entirely correct and the only one who said the obvious: Obama was schlonged in Cuba. Not only did Obama give away the store to Cuba but then the communist leaders of Cuba, the totalitarian Castro brothers, don’t even bother to show up at the airport to greet the numbskull. Did Lyin’ Ted Cruz say the obvious? Did John Kasich say the obvious? Did Hillary or Sanders say the obvious? No, Donald Trump said the obvious and he is entirely correct to say this is an affront to the United States and a particularly vicious slap on dumb-ass Obama’s face.

Trump injected himself into the “big” story of the weekend with a statement of the obvious that no other candidate noticed. Trump did not say anything complicated nor in need of a foreign policy council of experts analysis report. What Trump said is obvious. Trump says the obvious and Americans say, “yeah”. That simplicity is brilliant.

That Cuba business is a calculated bit of brilliance. But we’ve also noted how frequently Donald Trump says something which is considered outrageous only to have the news cycle prove Trump either entirely correct or at the very least on the right track. We saw that from the very beginning. Trump talked about the criminals in the illegal immigrant population which caused much outrage. Then a sensational murder of a young woman in liberal San Francisco by an illegal alien and the outrage becomes an obvious Trump truth telling moment. Now, consider Hulk Hogan. Remember this Trump outrage?:

Donald Trump wants to ‘open up’ libel laws so he can sue press

Donald Trump said Friday that if elected president he will change the nation’s libel laws in order to make it easier to sue news organizations.

“One of the things I’m going to do if I win… I’m going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money,” Trump said during a rally in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We’re going to open up those libel laws so when The New York Times writes a hit piece, which is a total disgrace, or when the Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they’re totally protected,” he said. “We’re going to open up libel laws and we’re going to have people sue you like you’ve never got sued before.”

Those remarks immediately drew criticism from journalists, including The New Yorker’s John Cassidy, who wrote: “Trump takes attacks on media to new level — says as president he’ll try to gut the First Amendment.”

No federal libel law currently exists, because libel suits are handled in state courts.

Since 1964, when the Supreme Court ruled on “New York Times vs. Sullivan,” public individuals who wish to sue media companies for libel are required to prove that the news organization knowingly published false information with malicious intent.

The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said in 2012 that he “abhors” the ruling, saying it gives news organizations the freedom to “libel public figures at will so long as somebody told you something.”

Trump’s remarks were mocked by Big Media because libel suits are prosecuted in state courts, not federal courts, and there is no federal libel law. That’s all obvious.

However, Trump correctly noted the abuses by Big Media. Big Media and anti Trump outlets let loose with invective against Trump. Trump defenders who also defend the First Amendment and tolerate abuses by Big Media in order to protect the First Amendment found themselves cowed into silence. Then, Hulk Hogan:

Hulk Hogan body slams Gawker: Website faces ruin after wrestler wins sex tape lawsuit and is awarded $115MILLION – with $50m due upfront and punitive damages STILL to come [snip]

After Hulk Hogan’s victory against Gawker, the online news site will have to cough up an initial installment of $50million about a month from when the punitive damages are decided sometime next week.

The wrestler was awarded $115million in damages by a jury in Florida on Friday after the website posted a leaked sex video that showed him engaging in intercourse with his best friend’s wife.

The jury awarded Hogan $55million for economic injuries and $60million for emotional distress.

E Online spoke with attorney Troy Slaten, not related to the case, who said that the punitive damages could literally be any amount.

‘It could be anything. God knows what it will be. I couldn’t even start to speculate on that. Frankly I’m shocked at the $115 million dollar compensatory verdict for showing a video for nine seconds,’ said Slaten. [snip]

Gawker will appeal the case, but under Florida law will have to hand over at least $50million in monetary damages and if Hogan defeats their appeal they will hand over the rest of the money whenever the case is settled. [snip]

The site published an article soon after with the headline; ‘A Judge Told Us to Take Down Our Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Post. We Won’t.’

They wrote in the post; ‘We publish all manner of stories here. Some are serious, some are frivolous, some are dumb. I am not going to make a case that the future of the Republic rises or falls on the ability of the general public to watch a video of Hulk Hogan f****** his friend’s ex-wife.

‘But the Constitution does unambiguously accord us the right to publish true things about public figures.

‘And Campbell’s order requiring us to take down not only a very brief, highly edited video excerpt from a 30-minute Hulk Hogan f******session but also a lengthy written account from someone who had watched the entirety of that f******, is risible and contemptuous of centuries of First Amendment jurisprudence.’

The video was eventually removed from the site.

We’re not about to litigate the merits of the Hulk Hogan case here. We just want to point out that even when Trump appears to lose and say something outrageous, something happens that gives Trump the win. Much too often the “luck” that comes to Trump is not calculated by the campaign. But Trump’s style of saying the obvious, even when it is obviously outrageous, not only sucks the air from the campaigns of his opponents, it also leads to surprise twists that tend to, thus far, consistently benefit Trump2016.

Just as often, or more often, Trump’s calculations pay off. Today, in this season of plots, Donald J. Trump is set to meet with a bunch of GOP establishment bozos. No doubt this is “businessman Trump” closing the deal. It is also “political Trump” prepping the battlefield for the disgusting theft planned by the GOP establishment at the convention.

After the meeting with the GOP bozos, Donald Trump will speak before the lobby group for Israel, AIPAC. This speech at AIPAC will be the first speech in which Donald Trump will (likely) read the remarks he has prepared beforehand. Some of Trump’s speeches are written beforehand, such as his announcement speech, but rarely does Trump read what is written. Today though, at AIPAC, Donald J. Trump will do his best to be “presidential” and that means a read of prepared text, not a free jazz composition.

Later in the evening, Donald J. Trump will appear at a CNN town hall event. This will be freestyle jazz Donald Trump knocking down questions like a golfer hitting a few balls for fun. All the other candidates will appear at the CNN snoozefest too. Hillary will be there; baby Sanders will participate long distance; John Kasich will annoy and Lyin’ Ted Cruz will repeat old lies and craft new whoppers.

Even this CNN sleeping pill tonight is a Trump triumph. Recall that Trump refused to participate in a Megyn Kelly hosted Fox News debate scheduled for tonight. Trump said he was scheduled to speak to AIPAC and that conflicted with the Fox News debate to be held in Utah. Fox News apparently did not do the obvious and change the site of the debate from Utah to Washington, D.C. So tonight, Trump will speak to AIPAC and help CNN ratings while Fox News fumes. That’s three Trump wins with one mighty slap.

At tonight’s CNN town hall expect the illegal immigrant ObamaCare question to be asked of Hillary. Trump will get to blast Obama and the Cuba slap from the Castro Brothers. Lyin’ Ted Cruz will orchestrate his lies in order to win Tuesday night’s primary in Arizona and the caucus in Utah. Lyin’ Ted desperately needs to win Arizona and the 58 delegates. Lyin’ Ted also desperately needs to win more than 50% of the vote in Utah in order to get the 40 delegates there. Everything in Utah is stacked against Trump, and even Romney has put on his boxing mittens to help Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

Donald J. Trump has already won tonight’s news cycle. Instead of a Fox News debate attack against Trump, Trump gets to humiliate Fox News and appear on CNN with new ploys to dominate the news even as Obama tours totalitarian communist Cuba. Trump will win tonight’s news cycle because… well, it’s obvious Trump will dominate the news today. It’s what’s happened since June 16, 2015 – as Jeb Bush and many others found out.

So, we’ll continue to write the obvious.


Judas And Brutus In The Season Of Plots: Obama V. #Hillary2016; @RealDonaldTrump V. The Totalitarian Left And The Powder Killers

Brutus lured his friend Julius Caesar, with sweet words, to stabbing knives on the Ides of March eons ago. This weekend millennia ago, Judas succeeded, with a kiss, in his plot to betray Jesus of Nazareth in what to this day is remembered as the climatic event in Christendom, The Passion. We’re in the Season of Plots, of betrayals, when killers let loose on civil streets.

Are not you moved, when all the sway of earth
Shakes like a thing unfirm? O Cicero,
I have seen tempests, when the scolding winds
Have rived the knotty oaks, and I have seen
The ambitious ocean swell and rage and foam,
To be exalted with the threatening clouds:
But never till to-night, never till now,
Did I go through a tempest dropping fire.
Either there is a civil strife in heaven,
Or else the world, too saucy with the gods,
Incenses them to send destruction.

This is the season of plots. Treachery moves behind every tapestry. Consider the latest ominous news via the New York Times, greeted with foolish welcome, like Caesar did Brutus, by the gullible Hillary2016:

US President Barack Obama has privately asked the top Democratic donors to support front- runner Hillary Clinton, now that it is increasingly becoming clear she would be the party’s nominee for the presidential elections, according to a media report.

Obama made the “unusually candid remarks” during a top Democratic fund raiser in Austin, Texas last week, The New York Times reported. “Mr. Obama chose his words carefully, and did not explicitly call on Mr. Sanders to quit the race, according to those in the room,” it said.

This is a false flag. It is ominous news for Hillary Clinton and for Hillary2016. Like Pontius Pilate, Obama washes his hands. When the final betrayal of Hillary Clinton arrives Obama will be able to say that he did all he could to help Hillary behind the scenes.

What really goes on? Obama knows the treachery about to take down Hillary. Obama pretends to be a friend. Hillary will be butchered. This news was leaked to the New York Times on purpose and the purpose is not to help Hillary. To the contrary, this news is ominous for Hillary because the danger to Hillary now is imminent. Obama is Brutus and Judas both. Hillary will be led to the slaughter with a smile on her face.

For Trump this season of plots, there is the possibility of survival and triumph. But the plotters do not rest.

This morning the news is of a death threat to the family, a powdery substance included, sent to Eric Trump at his home

Trump’s Son Threatened in Bid to Force Dad to Quit Campaign

Law enforcement agencies are investigating a threatening letter containing white powder that was sent to Donald Trump’s son, Eric, at his Manhattan residence that said the GOP presidential front-runner’s children are in danger if he doesn’t drop out of the race.

Sources told CBS News that the Secret Service, FBI, and New York Police Department are all involved in the investigation into the letter, which the younger Trump’s wife opened at their apartment at [——- —— ——], located at [— ———– ——-].

We removed the address and location of the Trump household which received the threat. Big Media outlets are publishing the address.

The serpentine Ted Cruz has many plots himself dug. Lyin’ Ted Cruz, the one who calls himself a “consistent conservative” and enemy of the establishment is now allied with the establishment with one sole purpose: to deny the voters in Republican primaries and caucuses the right to name their nominee for president. To that end, Lindsey Graham, a long time Cruz hater, is now allied with Ted Cruz and will raise money for Ted Cruz. Can a John McCain endorsement, another Cruz hater, be far away as the Arizona primary comes on Tuesday? Ted Cruz has sold out the little credibility he had for thirty pieces of silver.

Little Marco too is on the stop #TrumpTrain. Little Marco calls serpent Cruz “the only conservative left in the race” even though Little Marco used to agree with lion Trump that Cruz is lyin’.

More plots emerged from the fat confines of the fat cats and fat plotters who met yesterday to say #NeverTrump. The deception from them is that it is too late to mount a third party and so they will ally with the once anti-establishment, now a total shill for the establishment – Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

For this Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses, the governor of Utah will endorse Governor John Kasich, who has zero chance of winning the nomination, with the sole aim of depriving Republican voters of naming their standard bearer and plotting anything/everything to stop Trump.

What amazes is that any of these plotters wonder why they are so hated.

Paul Ryan continues to mewl and encourage a brokered convention. Mitt Romney continues to plot everywhere but especially in Utah which votes this coming Tuesday.

#CrushTrump rallies are planned by the crazed left. Trump rallies are sabotaged too. But the totalitarian left is matched by the moneybags of the right:

On the day before Super Tuesday, more than half of all the GOP-related campaign ads on TV were anti-Donald Trump ads.

The attack ads played more than 4,000 times on local broadcast stations and national cable channels, according to Kantar Media’s estimates. Just one day’s worth of saturation messaging cost the anti-Trump groups $5.9 million. [snip]

When the election results come in on Tuesday night, political pros will be looking for signs of the ad war’s success or failure. [snip]

Conservative Solutions PAC, which supports Marco Rubio, has spent $13.1 million on ads in the five states. The American Future Fund, which supports John Kasich, has spent $6.2 million.

“It’s wall-to-wall TV ads” in Ohio, Henry Gomez, the chief political reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, said on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources.” “This morning, as I watching local news, I don’t think I saw a nonpolitical ad among them.” [snip]

The week before the March 1 primary, $7 million was spent on anti-Trump messaging. The week after, $12.8 million was spent.

Trump won. Tens of millions spent in a week of frenzied attacks and still Trump won. All that is left, are puny plots, powder, and powerlessness in the face of the inevitable will of the people:

An organized effort by some Republicans and conservatives to stop Donald Trump from securing the party’s nomination appears to be taking shape as different groups and former candidates are putting their weight behind other efforts.

A mix of anti-Trump campaign ads, endorsements for Sen. Ted Cruz and talk of a third party candidate are all part of the fight against what many view as inevitable. [snip]

The first to make a clear move was former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who arranged to meet with Trump’s then-rivals Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich ahead of Florida’s primary. The specifics about what was discussed during said meetings were never released, but their meetings — and Trump’s lack of one — was confirmed ahead of the Sunshine State’s vote Tuesday. [snip]

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who dropped out in December, is providing a similar show of support to Cruz. Cruz’s team confirmed today that Graham will be hosting a fundraiser for the Texas senator on Monday, though he stopped short of giving a full endorsement.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who earlier endorsed Rubio, gave a similar nod to Cruz, saying Wednesday that “my hope and my prayer” is that Cruz can “really get to where he needs to go.” [snip]

Former Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain have both spoken out against Trump as well. [snip]

Blogger Erick Erickson said he participated in a meeting of “grassroots conservative activists from around the country” to discuss ways to beat Trump, who they do not view as a “real conservative candidate.” [snip]

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., confirmed the meeting in a statement, but did not detail the discussion. [snip]

There is more to the anti-Trump effort than just closed-door meetings and endorsements.

The number of groups not affiliated with a specific candidate that have produced anti-Trump ads appears to be growing.

Today the Club for Growth released 30-second television spot in Utah, which has its primary next week, criticizing Trump’s previous support for government-run health care.

Trump’s comments about women have been the basis of an ad released earlier this week by Our Principles PAC, which is run by former Mitt Romney deputy campaign manager Katie Packer. [snip]

More than $63 million and counting has been spent on anti-Trump ads nationwide, according to an ABC News analysis of data from CMAG/Kantar Media.

Almost half of that money — $32 million – came from super PACs supporting other Republican presidential candidates. Groups that are purely anti-Trump spent $17.5 million on ads attacking the real estate mogul.

The frequency of the anti-Trump spending has also increased dramatically, with nearly nine times the amount of money that was spent in the first half of February being spent this week alone. That breaks down to $2.53 million being spent each day this week, according to the ABC News analysis of data from CMAG/Kantar Media. [snip]

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck has also spoken out against Trump, and has posted articles on his site about the prospect of a third party candidate.

The above plotters are not in support of anyone. The plotters entire intent is to deprive the voters from being the ones who decide the nominee.

The “conservative” plotters are as reprehensible as the plotters on the totalitarian left. On the left the plotters are a bit more honest than the “conservative” plotters because they at least admit their aim is to silence Trump:

The hacking collective Anonymous has vowed once again to “dismantle” Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and to “expose what he doesn’t want the public to know”. [snip]

“This is a call to arms. Shut down his websites, research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know. We need you to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand.” [snip]

“This is a declaration of total war. OperationTrump engaged.”

Trump has been the target of several hacking groups, allegedly leaking personal information, voicemail messages and attacking his various sites, all of which have had little effect on his popularity.

On the right and on the left the aim is to destroy Donald Trump. The message is not “use your vote to elect this candidate”. The message is “silence Donald Trump and silence the voters who continue to vote for Donald J. Trump.”

Will this totalitarian appeal to destroy Trump work? A new poll from New York measures Trump support in the state at 64% to a measly 12% for Lyin’ Ted Cruz. Trump has an even wider lead than Hillary Clinton over old socialist Bernie Sanders.

Will Trump and/or Hillary survive the plots of the season? Hillary likely won’t survive because she does not even see the knives behind the tapestries and ‘neath cloaks. Trump likely will survive because he sees the plots. Trump sees the knives.

Trump also prepares for the battle to come, against all enemies – from the authoritarian right to the totalitarian left. There is still hope, to return government to the consent of the governed, to Make America Great Again.


Who Is Strong And On Top? #Trump2016 Or #Hillary2016?

Did Donald J. Trump or Hillary R. Clinton have the best night last night? Hillary crushed the old socialist who has never done anything but talk, everywhere they competed. But Hillary last night said something monumentally stupid too. Donald J. Trump crushed Little Marco so badly Little Marco ran off spouting Bible verses; Trump stomped Ted Cruz everywhere they competed too. But Donald Trump did not win Ohio which is either a problem or a big gift. So who had the best night?

If it wasn’t for the Bible blaming Little Marco or the idiotic comments by Ted Cruz last night, Hillary Clinton would have won the “dumbest statement of the night” award. Hillary also has the problem that old socialist Bernie Sanders won’t go away because old socialist Bernie Sanders is not running for president. Old socialist Bernie leads a quixotic and idiotic “revolution” to make this country the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Ol’ Bernie doesn’t want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Ol’ socialist Bernie wants to go back to the U.S.S.R. glamourized version of his honeymoon years.

Bernie Sanders sole role is to cement the once great Democratic Party into an institution of the totalitarian left. To that end Bernie Sanders wants to force Hillary Clinton further and further left and any nominee in 2016 to be a candidate of the totalitarian left. Hillary is so far left already that every victory she garners comes at a high cost if she ever becomes a general election candidate (which we still doubt).

Still, Hillary Clinton won all on March 15. Meanwhile, Donald Trump lost Ohio but that might be a blessing. In every other respect Donald Trump had a great night. Consider the two headlines which caught our eyes last night:

Headline #1: Top conservatives gather to plot third-party run against Trump

Headline #2: Top liberal leaders call for ‘massive’ anti-Trump campaign

These plots and headlines help Trump. As we predicted the riot in Chicago helped Trump and Trump won the state of Illinois last night. So when “top liberal leaders” and “top conservatives gather to plot” headlines appear, Trump zooms up and up.

Here are some more headlines from today that help Trump:

Headline: Limbaugh: Jeb Bush could mount a convention comeback

Headline: We choose the nominee, not the voters: Senior GOP official

Yeah, “screw the voters” says the GOP establishment. These threats by the GOP establishment, and that is what they are, out and out threats against Trump voters by the GOP establishment, remind us of the riot in Chicago which deprived Trump of his right to speak and the rights of Trump supporters to hear him speak. As we warned, the public, and public opinion still counts in this country, the public will not accept the totalitarian riots in the streets or behind closed doors to thwart the will of the people. Before the elections yesterday we wrote that the elections would prove or disprove our theory that the Chicago riot helped Trump. Well, we were right.

And speaking of riots, the big news today is the shocking news that Donald J. Trump said if the nomination was stolen from him there might be riots:

Trump warns of ‘riots’ if he isn’t GOP nominee

A contested convention could ‘disenfranchise’ millions of voters, he says.

Big Media is in full outrage about what Trump said. But some of us remember the Big Media silence in 2008 when Barack Obama threatened riots in Denver if he was denied the nomination. We wrote about the Obama threats and many others wrote about “Intimidate ’08” as it was happening. Big Media ignored the Obama threats of violence. The difference between Trump and Obama? Obama stole Michigan and Florida delegates from Hillary and Hillary was the winner in vote totals too in 2008. In 2016 Trump is the only candidate that can win the nomination without a dirty back room deal at the convention that ignores the people.

Big Media attacks Trump saying the obvious even as Big Media ignores the big threat of violence:

Anti-Trump Groups Threaten ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’

With little fanfare and almost no news media attention, some of the same radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plotting a mass civil disobedience movement to begin next month.

They intend to march across the East Coast in order to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate in America.”

The AFL-CIO and Move-On will stomp and scream. Voters will flood to Trump. This will help Donald J. Trump. The more they tie up traffic and drum circle their noise the more Trump trumps.

This is a great week for Donald Trump after a great day for Trump on election day. Today, Trump schlonged Fox News:

SALT LAKE CITY — Monday’s GOP presidential debate scheduled here in Utah has been canceled, FOX 13 News has confirmed.

The decision to cancel the debate followed Donald Trump’s announcement on “FOX & Friends” that he would not be appearing. Instead, he said he would be appearing at a pro-Israel group’s event on Monday night. Trump dropping out led John Kasich to indicate he would not be appearing at Monday’s debate.

Enjoy that bit of news for a bit. Trump, on Fox News itself, announced he would not attend the Fox News debate to be hosted by Megyn Kelly because he will address the major Jewish lobby group instead. Try and figure out who the biggest loser in this is. Is the biggest loser Megyn Kelly? Is the biggest loser Fox News? Is the biggest loser Ted Cruz who can’t get any attention now? Is the biggest loser Mitt Romney who hoped to attack Trump in Mormon Salt Lake City? Is the biggest loser John Kasich who gets less attention that even the serpentine Ted Cruz? We don’t know who the biggest loser is but the big winner is Donald Trump who uses Fox News to attack Fox News.

Trump not only attacks Fox News on Fox News, Trump also schlonged Little Marco:

“I believe with all my heart that the winner of the Florida primary next Tuesday will be the nominee of the Republican Party,” Rubio told supporters on March 8, following crushing losses in Mississippi and Michigan.

Thanks Marco We Agree,” the on-screen text reads in the video tweeted by Trump.

So who won the most last night? Hillary or Trump?

Hillary has a problem:

Bernie is being kept alive by independents. Clinton’s convincing victory in Ohio was all the more impressive because it took place in an open primary state that permitted same-day registration by independents. But exit polls, and reports from both campaigns, indicate that Clinton cleaned up by intensifying her turnout operations in black communities (she had a net 15-point lead in Ohio among registered Democrats) not by crossing over to working-class whites and young people who are more prone to avoid party affiliations.

In Illinois, Clinton lost indies by a roughly 75-to-25 percent margin — similar to the ratio that doomed her in Michigan a week ago. Trump, like Sanders, feasts on independents and thrives in open primaries, and Clinton’s staff acknowledges she has to cut into those margins to succeed in the fall. “It’s a serious problem,” a senior Clinton staffer told me. “It’s something we are going to be focused on once — I mean if — we get past Bernie.”

The red flags and warning bells are coming not only from the Clinton campaign but also from the Hillary haters that worked for Barack Obama:

Trump could be formidable in November, warns former Obama campaign chief

Democrats should not underestimate Donald Trump, David Plouffe warned Tuesday night.

Plouffe, who managed President Obama’s 2008 campaign and served as a senior adviser to the president, said Trump is a more dangerous candidate for Hillary Clinton than Sen. Ted Cruz.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in politics,” Plouffe told Fox News. “Democrats should not be popping champagne corks since Donald Trump is doing so well.”

The coalition of young people, minorities and women that twice sent Barack Obama to the White House should not be taken for granted, Plouffe said.

“It is the Obama coalition, it’s not the Democratic coalition or the Clinton coalition. It’s got to be earned,” he said. [snip]

Plouffe on Tuesday night specifically contrasted the relatively low turnout on the Democratic side with the new voters Trump is drawing to the Republican contest. Bringing new voters into the fold has become a staple of Trump’s campaign message.

“He’s clearly bringing people into the process, and Democrats better be very mindful of that because at the end of the day to win a presidential election you have to maximize your turnout,” Plouffe said. [snip]

“He’s defied every prediction, every convention,” Plouffe said.

Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump both had big nights. But Trump is the big winner. Trump’s opposition is still divided whereas Hillary still has an old socialist and young voters to fight. Hillary also is still off her game. Hillary almost won the “dumbest statement of the night” award. Hillary was saved by the even dumber statements made by Little Marco and Lyin’ Ted.

Little Marco blamed God for his loss instead of taking the smart step of endorsing Trump and saying the voters “have spoken and I will learn from this”. But the dumbest statement of the night was when Ted Cruz declared “Tonight was a good night.” If Tuesday night was a good night for Ted Cruz, who lost everything and everywhere, what does a bad night look like?

Ted Cruz won the “dumbest statement of the night” award hands down. But Hillary had a close second “dumbest statement of the night”. Hillary’s dumb statement of the night:

When we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all Muslims from entering the United States, when he embraces torture, that doesn’t make him strong; it makes him wrong.

Cue Bill Clinton from our 2013 article which quotes Donald J. Trump:

…that bit of brilliant Bill Clintonism that goes like this: “Better to be strong and wrong than weak and right.”

Donald Trump continues to win because, Hillary’s opinion notwithstanding, he is perceived as “strong”. You don’t have to agree with Trump, you can think Trump is “wrong” and still vote for Trump. Bill Clinton frequently declares Better to be strong and wrong than weak and right.” By now Hillary should have internalized that truth that Bill frequently utters.

After the Chicago riot and his many victories in primaries – with votes from evangelicals that were supposed to vote for Ted Cruz, moderates who were supposed to vote for Jeb Bush, crackpots that were supposed to vote for Rand Paul, Latinos that were supposed to vote for Little Marco, women that were supposed to vote for Carly Fiorina, and particularly after last night’s victories – Donald J. Trump is viewed as strong.

Donald Trump is viewed as strong in a country that is tired of Obama weakness and does not want a third Obama weakness term. That is why Trump had the best night over Hillary last night.


#Trump2016 Already Won #SuperTuesday #Primary Day; #Hillary2016 Already Lost

Update: Trump wins in Northern Mariana Islands. Trump wins Florida. Little Marco suspends campaign citing God’s will. Our response Tweet: God didn’t make little green apples nor a @marcorubio victory.

At this hour (8:44 p.m. ET) all polls are closed. Trump schlongs everywhere except Ohio, thus far. GOP establishment headed to mental health facilities in Gotham.


Donald J. Trump has already won today. Hillary Clinton has already lost. Is that our prediction for today’s results? No. Those are simple facts.

Consider the battlefield for both The Donald and for Hillary today and you will see why Trump has already won and Hillary already lost.

Donald Trump might win every state that votes today. Hillary Clinton might win every state that votes today. But whatever the results of today, Donald Trump has already won and Hillary Clinton has already lost. We explain:

In one state that votes today with 66 delegates at stake, Ohio, Donald Trump is up against a very popular governor of his own party. In the last poll of Ohio to measure Kasich’s standing, John Kasich’s approval rating overall was 61% and among Republicans Kasich was at 84% popularity. Kasich won reelection with a 30 point margin and won every county but two. As governor, John Kasich has his formidable political organization, government functionaries, largesse to distribute, a great deal of expertise in how to win elections, a long time connection to the voters, a record of accomplishment the voters generally approve of, national party support, Mitt Romney to campaign with, a complete understanding of every precinct in Ohio and the voters of every district, Big Media support, and just about every advantage a person running for office might want. Yet John Kasich’s campaign operation is reduced to theft and destruction of Donald Trump lawn signs, and we mean the big lawn signs that are drilled into the ground, because few want a Kasich sign on their property.

Think about all that. Donald Trump is tied, possibly ahead or slightly behind in Ohio, against a very popular (84%) governor in the party which holds a primary today. Trump won in southern Michigan counties which border Ohio as well as Kentucky coal county areas near Ohio so Trump might pull a win. Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk and she still might lose in Ohio today.

In Florida, Donald Trump is up against a Florida Senator that once was at Sir Lancelot level popularity and everyone thought would one day be president. Trump first defeated the brother and son of two presidents who was also the former governor of Florida and now in poll after poll Donald J. Trump is poised to win winner take all Florida’s 99 delegates. Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton will likely win Florida too – but Hillary is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk.

In North Carolina with 72 delegates, Donald Trump will likely win. Even though Trump is campaigning in every state while his opponents pick and choose a single or a few states to campaign in, Trump campaigns everywhere. Trump will likely win North Carolina as the billionaire from New York City has won just about every southern state that has voted thus far. Think about that. Trump won South Carolina and Georgia and Alabama, etc. and he is from New York City! Tens of millions of dollars in attacks against Trump, attacks from every corner of the establishment bars and drug dens, and still Trump is ahead just about everywhere. Hillary Clinton will win in North Carolina too but Hillary is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk.

In Illinois, with 69 delegates at stake, Donald Trump will likely win. Trump in Illinois is up against the serpentine Ted Cruz who sides with Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Big Media, and the GOP establishment’s desires for a brokered convention. Donald Trump campaigns in every state but Ted Cruz has abandoned the Ohio fight in the hope that John Kasich wins there. Ted Cruz also abandoned the Florida fight in the hope that Little Marco wins. Ted Cruz campaigns only in Illinois, Missouri, and a little bit in North Carolina, while Trump runs a 50 state strategy. The polls show Trump ahead in the state which hosts attacks against free speech and the right to assembly as Ted Cruz applauds the deprivation of the civil rights of Donald Trump and his supporters. Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk and she still might lose in Illinois today.

In Missouri with 52 delegates, Donald Trump will likely win. Trump in Missouri is again up against the viperous Ted Cruz. Trump fights everywhere and against all the power of the establishment, powerful institutional forces, and Big Media. Ted Cruz collaborates with the GOP establishment and against the Republican voters as Cruz adopts a “steal the nomination at the convention” strategy. Democrats can vote in Missouri which provides Trump an assist. Missouri evangelicals at 36 percent of the state population and a voting history favorable to evangelical GOP primary candidates benefits Cruz. But Trump is also popular with evangelicals. Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton is up against an old socialist that has never done anything but talk and she still might lose in Missouri today.

Trump might win all tonight or lose some. Hillary might win all tonight or lose some. But Trump already is the big winner. Already Trump has won the Northern Mariana Islands and its 9 delegates. A national poll results in Trump at 53% support for the nomination. George Soros is alarmed and pouring money to defeat Trump.

As we have written previously, the GOP race was won by Trump in South Carolina. From there on it is all a mop up operation. While others mocked Trump we noted that March 15 would be the final nail in the establishment coffin. We also wrote that the Chicago riot will prove a boon for Trump. In the same vein, we noted that the Paris attacks would help Trump. In short we have been right about Trump and the rest of the field from the very beginning and tonight will be pretty much the same. If Trump loses everything we will be shocked. If Trump wins everything or mostly everything, we will be confirmed in our analysis.

As to Hillary2016 and the Dem race, we’ve noted repeatedly that neither Sanders nor Hillary will be the nominee – Barack Obama won’t tolerate a Hillary victory. If Hillary loses anywhere to Sanders today, we will consider that a confirmation that we are correct about the results here too.

Today, there is no need to speculate or analyze. Today is a day to harvest. Something big will happen today. Something big can always happen on the Ides of March. Tomorrow we will analyze the results from tonight’s exercise of American democracy, as the political establishment takes on the people.

Tonight, our usual sarcasm, snark, sneer, and snobbery will take the stage.


Despicable Them: Lying @TedCruz, Little @MarcoRubio, Oily @JohnKasich Attack @RealDonaldTrump

Clarity. Ted Cruz calls himself the “consistent conservative”. That’s one reason why Donald J. Trump calls him “Lyin’ Ted Cruz”.

Yesterday we wrote how Ted Cruz joined in with the worst elements in the American political spectrum to attack Donald J. Trump. Imagine if Ted Cruz, the “consistent conservative” had instead said:

My opponent Donald Trump was deprived of his free speech rights in Chicago. Donald Trump supporters were deprived of their rights to attend a Trump rally and to associate with whomsoever they choose – the birthright of every American.

I disagree with Donald Trump on issues and am running against him for the office of president. But I am a “consistent conservative” and as such I quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

As a “consistent conservative” I denounce and deplore the brown-shirt tactics of those who planned and achieved their aim to deprive Americans of free political discourse. As a “consistent conservative” I stand with Donald Trump today and his supporters and against the enemies of freedom and liberty.’

Evelyn Beatrice Hall also said “It is by character and not by intellect the world is won.” Lyin’ Ted Cruz has neither character nor consistent intellect as proven by his attack on Donald Trump for political profit. America needed a consistent fighter for freedom of speech. Ted Cruz sided with totalitarians against free speech, liberty, and associational rights.

Hillary Clinton should have given the same response as the one Ted Cruz should have taken to the attack on freedom and liberty that took place in Chicago. Hillary Clinton should have said “as a consistent liberal” or “as a classic liberal” to preface her defense of Donald Trump’s right to speak and his supporters to hear him. Bernie Sanders, a socialist, has less reason to defend free speech. But Bernie Sanders does call himself a “democratic socialist” so maybe the “democratic” portion of his self-description should have given Sanders sufficient reason to stand on the side of free speech, liberty, and associational rights.

Little Marco Rubio and Oily John Kasich should also have defended Donald J. Trump’s right to free speech, and the right of Trump supporters to attend and hear what Trump has to say.

Instead of a defense of freedom and liberty these Republicans thought they could profit with a unified attack against Donald J. Trump. Clarity.

It was up to the genial Dr. Ben Carson to defend the free speech rights of Donald Trump and call out his party’s leaders to speak in defense of free speech and liberty.

Free speech, liberty, associational rights, should be defended by liberals and conservatives. Those who do not support free speech, liberty, and associational rights, are totalitarians, authoritarians, political opportunists, or plain old hypocrites.

The attacks on Donald J. Trump’s rights and the rights of his supporters tell us what we need to know about those running against Trump. Chicago provided the opportunity for defenders of freedom, liberty, and associational rights to speak out. Those that chose to exploit that opportunity for personal profit are not deserving of high office – they are too low on character. Clarity.


Chicago Gettysburg: @RealDonaldTrump Silent Majority Versus Cruz, Rubio, GOP Establishment, BLM, OWS, And The Totalitarian Left

(1) The totalitarian left is playing with fire; (2) The GOP establishment set itself ablaze; (3) The realignment is here; (4) Big Media suicides; (5) It’s Chicago 1968.

It is as we have predicted since 2007. Every year, every month, our crystal ball lights up with the news that will soon arrive before it arrives. This past week has not surprised us at all.

We’re not surprised, but we are disgusted. Every decent person should be disgusted and no one surprised. We’ve seen this before. Chicago 1968.

The streets of Chicago smelled of riot in 1968. Young white people mostly, protested a far off war that made less and less sense as the loses in lives and treasure increased daily. The vast “silent majority” was disgusted both with the stupidity of the war as well as the vagrant mobs that burned the flag and mocked much of what the “silent majority” believed in. Labor unions found themselves in turmoil as the workers strayed to the Republican Party in a cosmic roar heard by few except those that listened.

The self righteous on the left, prodded by well financed totalitarian organizers, continue to believe that childish antics on the street which feed their egos have no consequence except those they desire. In 1968 the consequences of street riots came in November.

We provided the same warning, the same lessons of 1968, when first the Occupy Wall Street loons and their totalitarian masters began to block traffic and cause havoc. For the Black Lives Matter rioters we gave the same warnings/lessons. Now the totalitarian left has a new target: Donald J. Trump. Our warnings/lessons we repeat today.

Presidential candidate and front runner Donald J. Trump could not deliver a speech in Chicago on Friday. Well organized hoodlums, disguised as “protesters”, invaded the auditorium where Trump was to speak and achieved their aim to “shut this down”. Like the 1968 protesters, the BLM criminals, the OWS totalitarians, the enemies of free speech rejoiced with self-congratulations and great noise. What they did not hear was the “silent majority” ready to vote on Tuesday in Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, the North Mariana Islands, and Missouri.

With those elections in mind, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz joined in solidarity with the thugs and criminals of Chicago, BLM, OWS, and the enemies of free speech who demand “politically correct” speech as well as the “politically correct” nonsense labeled “tone”.

On Tuesday, March 15, we will harvest what the left totalitarians allied with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio planted.

* * * * * *

The realignment we wrote about, the Prairie Fire, is here. A great deal is already ablaze. We noted this past week that the right wing website Ace of Spades has debased itself in their hate of Donald Trump. The once powerful HotAir website is likewise just a clump of cinders because of blind hatred of Donald Trump. Now Breitbart is in ashes having immolated in hatred of Trump. Red State is dead state and wants violence against Trump supporters:

My advice for reporters and protestors visiting Donald Trump events is simple: You have a right to keep and bear arms. Use it. If Trump’s brownshirts know their targets are armed, they’ll get less handsy, fast.

Red State has been deranged ever since they banned Donald J. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson from their convention. As loony toons as Red State is, the Breitbart story is particularly sensational and lurid. One of their reporters, Michelle Fields, the love interest of Jamie Weinstein of Daily Caller made the sensational claim of an assault by the Trump campaign manager. It’s not the first astonishing claim made by Michelle Fields.

We’ll fully disclose our bias here. Since 2008 when we hear of even good reporters/journalists getting killed or hurt our concern is very limited. Such is our contempt of Big Media that it can best be expressed with that joke about lawyers. “What do you say if 1000 lawyers drowned in a shipwreck?” Answer: “A good start.” That’s our attitude toward our Big Media masters. There might be some good apples in the barrel, but we’ll throw out the whole batch, even the good apples, to get rid of the worms. Weinstein and Fields are worms who want to make themselves the story everywhere they go.

Such is the crazy world of the anti-Trump right wing that the Breitbart website is now in meltdown as their own articles attacking Trump and his campaign manager on behalf of Michelle Fields include entire sections in which evidence contradicts what the headlines convey:

12:40 p.m. ET: MSNBC has now released new footage that presumably shows the altercation, albeit obscured, as well as a previously undisclosed apparent conversation between Terris and Lewandowski.

New video of Donald Trump’s press conference Tuesday evening shows that the Washington Post’s account of an altercation involving Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields could not possibly have happened as Ben Terris reported. [snip]

Audio of the incident, published on Politico, shows Fields asking Terris if the individual who pulled her left arm was, in fact, “Corey.” Terris says it was — an assertion he later repeated in print: “I watched as a man with short-cropped hair and a suit grabbed her arm and yanked her out of the way. He was Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s 41-year-old campaign manager.”

However, Lewandowski was not the only “man with short-cropped hair and a suit” walking near Trump. And he was walking on the opposite side of Trump from Fields, and Terris.

Multiple cameras recorded the moment when the alleged incident occurred. The claim is sensational as reported by the Trump hating Weekly Standard:

Michelle Fields, a Breitbart.com reporter and a former Fox News contributor, was grabbed by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and yanked “toward the ground like a ragdoll,” an eyewitness tells the Daily Beast.

Tons of cameras, tons of reporters, yet no video that shows the high heeled Fields “yanked to the ground like a ragdoll”? There is plenty of video but somehow the moment when Fields is “yanked to the ground like a ragdoll” is nowhere seen.

Why do we bother with this nonsense from Weinstein and Fields? Because the supporters of Cruz and Rubio in Big Media are desperate. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will be destroyed on Tuesday so Big Media on the right will lie, cheat, steal, to help them and hurt Donald J. Trump.

It’s not only the Big Media allies of Rubio and Cruz that are disgustingly desperate. Ted Cruz, the ally of the GOP establishment via Neil Bush, Romney, Graham, and various other losers, attacked Trump and sided with the mobs of Chicago:

Friday, March 11, 2016: At a media availability in Chicago, GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz basically blamed Donald Trump for the violence and protests that occurred earlier in the day at a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago. The rally had to be cancelled due to safety concerns.

Ted Cruz blames the victim. Trump was not able to speak at his rally because of thugs so Trump is to blame, claims Cruz. Ted Crud accuses Donald Trump of “affirmatively encouraging violence” because Trump was prevented from speaking at his own event!

Ted Crud. Marco Rubio is as bad as Ted Crud:

Trump Chicago rally postponed amid scenes of chaos

CHICAGO — Raucous protests shut down a planned Donald Trump rally Friday night before the Republican presidential frontrunner even appeared, sparking scenes of chaos inside and outside the arena that the candidate said infringed his right to freedom of speech.

More than 30 minutes after the event was supposed to start, a representative stepped to the lectern to announce that the event was being canceled for safety considerations.

That set off an eruption of cheers and screams from hundreds of people who revealed themselves to be protesters: “We stopped Trump! We stopped Trump!” they said, jumping, shouting and tearing up Trump signs.

The moment revealed that hundreds of people had slipped into the event portraying themselves as Trump supporters. They instead unveiled protest banners, and some hoisted campaign signs for Bernie Sanders.

The crowd inside the University of Illinois at Chicago pavilion grew contentious long before the originally scheduled 6 p.m. start time, when an entire section of the stadium began protesting.

The intensity of acrimony inside became clear early on as security hauled off one person after another, each time to the screams of the demonstrators.

The anti-Trump contingent, some wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts, stood and chanted “Let him stay! Let him stay!” as security removed an African American male from the building at another side of the arena. Across the aisles, Trump supporters chanted “USA! USA!” [snip]

Trump’s Republican rival Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also spoke out later Friday about the protests, saying that some Chicago residents are professional protesters and that they don’t have the right to disrupt an event if they don’t like what’s being said. [snip]

“I do think that Mr. Trump needs to own up to the fact that the rhetoric he has used at some of his events has also contributed that you’ve seen in other rallies he’s had. There are consequences to things people say in politics.”

Another Republican presidential candidate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, also spoke out after the protests.

“The responsibility for that lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands. But in any campaign responsibility starts at the top,” Cruz told CNN.

“Any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign. When you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse,” he said.

The assaults on free speech and the right to assembly are organized by the totalitarian left. These are not random. For Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to join in with denunciations of Donald Trump instead of in defense of free speech, the right to assembly, and against political correctness means that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are not friends of freedom and are on the wrong side of history.

Why is all this happening? Why now?

This assault against Donald J. Trump occurs now because there is a Gettysburg style battle this Tuesday, March 15. Whoever wins the battle wins the war. The odds favor Donald J. Trump and that is why every attempt by the political establishment on both sides of the aisle and from all the institutions of great power in this country now take place.

Consider, labor unions, as in 1968, are terrified the workers are in revolt against them and in favor of Donald J. Trump:

Exclusive: U.S. labor powerhouse to launch anti-Trump ad campaign

The AFL-CIO, the largest U.S. federation of labor unions, will launch digital attack ads targeting Republican front-runner Donald Trump next week as part of a multi-pronged effort to derail the New York billionaire’s bid for the White House and dampen union workers’ enthusiasm for him. [snip]

The officials said the anti-Trump advertising effort would likely expand over the coming months. At the same time, an AFL-CIO affiliate organization will ramp up a door-to-door campaign to undermine the candidate in Ohio and Pennsylvania, key battleground states in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

“Donald Trump has tapped into the very real and understandable anger of working people. But while he says he’s with America’s working people, when you look close, it’s just hot air,” AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka told Reuters. “Donald Trump is nothing but a house of cards, and once we educate people, the house of cards comes crashing down,” he said.

Union leaders are increasingly concerned about Trump’s appeal to labor, typically a stronghold of the Democratic Party, because of his promises to scrap free trade deals that have led to manufacturing job losses in the United States.

There are some signs Trump’s message is resonating beyond the 20 to 30 percent of rank-and-file union members that vote Republican, attracting political independents and even some frustrated Democrats. [snip]

AFL-CIO’s affiliate, Working America, has noticed Trump’s inroads with working-class Americans, and recently sent canvassers to talk to 1,689 likely voters with household incomes of $75,000 or less in Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to learn more about Trump’s appeal.

Working-class voters are up for grabs this time in a really significant way. These folks need good information, and we’ll fill that gap,” said Karen Nussbaum, executive director of Working America.

In 1968 the trade unions voted Republican.

It’s not just the unions that are worried. Ted Crud and Little Marco are worried that even in the far off Northern Mariana Islands, Trump trumps:

Ralph Torres, the governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, has thrown his support behind Donald Trump, a top party official confirmed Friday, saying the endorsement all but guarantees the mogul will win the territory’s nine delegates next week.

Little Marco is so desperate he is campaigning on behalf of John Kasich:

Rubio urges voters to back Kasich in Ohio to stop Trump

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Marco Rubio, desperate to save his presidential campaign in his home state, is adopting the Mitt Romney strategy—asking Republicans hoping to stop Donald Trump to support his rival, John Kasich, in Ohio. [snip]

“A vote for Ted Cruz or John Kasich in Florida is a vote for Donald Trump. Any vote that doesn’t go to me is helping Donald Trump win the 99 delegates that this state will award to the winner.”

Often, too often for many of our readers, we have made the honest observation that “Hillary2016 is not a campaign; Hillary2016 is an embarrassment.” Our statement is now undermined as Little Marco and Ted Cruz have demonstrated that “an embarrassment” is not the lowest a campaign can fall. Little Marco and Ted Crud no longer have anything that resembles a campaign. Cruz2016 and Rubio2016 are scam operations to thwart the intent of the voters and wrest the electoral franchise from the people, to corrupt power brokers:

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate with a realistic chance of winning the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim the party’s presidential nomination, according to a POLITICO analysis. [snip]

The outlook for his rivals is grim — there is almost no way they can get to the magic number.

Dr. Ben Carson knows what side he is on:

Carson rushed to endorse Trump, he told WABC Radio host Rita Cosby on Friday, because he feared that GOP elites’ last-ditch efforts to stop him might succeed.

I would call them disgusting and despicable, and I just hope that we can get some real leadership and not only the Republican Party, I mean Democrats, too,” Carson said. Asked why he endorsed Trump so quickly, he said that “seeing the intensity of activities by the political establishment against him, I began to realize that there was a good chance that they would succeed in derailing him and if that happened basically we’ve give the country over to socialists.”

“There’s no way I could sit there in good conscience and let that happen,” Carson said.

They can’t win against Donald Trump and his 2016 “silent majority”. That is why Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio along with Big Media and the political establishment side with totalitarian street thugs to silence Donald J. Trump and deprive him and his supporters of their free speech and associational rights in Chicago.

As in 1968 the answer from Trump’s “silent majority” supporters will be delivered at the ballot box in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, and the Northern Mariana Islands.