#LeapDay #SuperMonday #SuperTuesday Preview For @RealDonaldTrump, #Hillary2016

It’s leap of faith day. Look out your political window anywhere in the United States today and you can see the massive cloud formations approach. Tomorrow, you will hear the crackle of lightning rending the heavens and the boom of thunder. SuperTuesday eve is here.

What’s going to happen? Hillary Clinton will score super big victories and Bernie Sanders will book at least one victory in his home state. Bernie Sanders never had a chance and we don’t believe Hillary will be the nominee either, not while Barack Obama has an alternative plan. Of course, if Sanders would quit tomorrow that would put the Obama plans in jeopardy. But Sanders will stay in the race, until the convention, when Barack Obama will take control.

As to the GOP, we can only quote that summer season musical band, The Beach Boys: “Fun, Fun, Fun.” It’s still Summer of Trump.

Before the storm breaks and it is back to the beach time on the political trail we must look at the astonishing news from today and the past weekend. Remember that Donald Trump “ceiling”, remember those “conservative” attacks against Trump, remember the “you can’t insult your way to the White House” critique?

Yesterday, in a massive rally in Alabama, the conservative godfather in the senate endorsed Donald J. Trump. The Sessions endorsement of Trump finishes off whatever claim Ted Cruz had against Trump.

Ted Cruz, and even Marco Rubio needed, had to win, South Carolina. The GOP establishment, the political establishment had to see Trump lose in South Carolina. Instead Trump won South Carolina then Nevada. After Nevada where Trump broke the 40% ceiling, the GOP establishment realized it had to go to war against Trump.

Now there are all sorts of rumors and facts frantically outracing each other. The New York Times published an article detailing the successful effort Marco Rubio made side by side with Chuck Schumer to get Fox News to support the Rubio/Schumer illegal immigration amnesty plan.

The New York Times also published an article this weekend which indicates Mitt Romney will try to enter the race in California or somewhere along with other half-baked plots:

Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump [snip]

In public, there were calls for the party to unite behind a single candidate. In dozens of interviews, elected officials, political strategists and donors described a frantic, last-ditch campaign to block Mr. Trump — and the agonizing reasons that many of them have become convinced it will fail. Behind the scenes, a desperate mission to save the party sputtered and stalled at every turn. [snip]

At least two campaigns have drafted plans to overtake Mr. Trump in a brokered convention, and the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, has laid out a plan that would have lawmakers break with Mr. Trump explicitly in a general election.

Despite all the forces arrayed against Mr. Trump, the interviews show, the party has been gripped by a nearly incapacitating leadership vacuum and a paralytic sense of indecision and despair, as he has won smashing victories in South Carolina and Nevada. [snip]

Late last fall, the strategists Alex Castellanos and Gail Gitcho, both presidential campaign veterans, reached out to dozens of the party’s leading donors, including the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and the hedge-fund manager Paul Singer, with a plan to create a “super PAC” that would take down Mr. Trump. In a confidential memo, the strategists laid out the mission of a group they called “ProtectUS.” [snip]

Two of Mr. Trump’s opponents have openly acknowledged that they may have to wrest the Republican nomination from him in a deadlocked convention. [snip]

“There’s this desire, verging on panic, to consolidate the field,” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a former supporter of Mr. Bush. “But I don’t see any movement at all.” [snip]

Mr. Romney had been eager to tilt the race, and even called Mr. Christie after he ended his campaign to vent about Mr. Trump and say he must be stopped. On the night of the primary, Mr. Romney was close to endorsing Mr. Rubio himself, people familiar with his deliberations said.

Yet Mr. Romney pulled back, instead telling advisers that he would take on Mr. Trump directly. [snip]

Mr. Romney is expected to withhold his support before the voting this week on the so-called Super Tuesday, but some of his allies have urged him to endorse Mr. Rubio before Michigan and Idaho vote March 8. Mr. Romney grew up in Michigan, and many Idahoans are fellow Mormons.

You know you’re digging your own burial plot when you depend on Mitt Romney to successfully implement your political plots. As we wrote before the debate, Romney and Rubio, along with “consistent conservative” Cruz, assailed Trump at that debate in a concerted, coordinated attack.

At the debate many Stop Trump loons believed Donald J. Trump had been mortally wounded. The personal and business history attacks against Trump, the Stop Trumpers believed, hurt Trump and had to be continued. To that end, Marco Rubio began a comedy tour with spicy attacks of a personal and business nature against Trump. Big Media howled with laughter and many said Trump could not survive the ridicule. Ted Cruz disappeared and that undermined the strategy to Stop Trump, but the stupid Stop Trumpers could not help but laugh and enjoy themselves as they tried to insult their way to the White House.

For Ted Cruz the news has been dire as his campaign implodes and he increasingly disappears all the while pinning all his hopes on a home state win. Meanwhile, Cruz supporters are turning to Trump:

Ted Cruz’s man in the U.S. territories has decided to support Donald Trump, he told POLITICO on Sunday.

Dennis Lennox, a Michigan-based GOP operative who spent several weeks organizing the U.S. territories for Cruz, including Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands, said he is supporting Trump because he sees him as more electable.

“I respect Sen. Cruz immensely, I just believe at this point, Mr. Trump is better-positioned, because of his stance on trade, to put Democrats on the defensive in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and ensure that Republicans win again,” he said.

Those remarks come as Cruz and the rest of the GOP field grapple with a front-runner who appears to be putting potentially insurmountable distance between himself and his rivals. Earlier Sunday, Trump notched the support of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, whom Cruz had counted as an ally.

Today, little Marco Rubio, said he was off his comedy tour because the issues facing the country are too serious. Seriously, little Marco? Why is Rubio off the comedy tour? What news has slammed Rubio off his high heels? A poll.

A new CNN national poll released today:

On the Republican side, the new survey finds Trump’s lead is dominant, and his support tops that of his four remaining opponents combined. The businessman tops his nearest competitor by more than 30 points: 49% back Trump, 16% Marco Rubio, 15% Ted Cruz, 10% Ben Carson and 6% John Kasich.

Trump’s supporters are incredibly enthusiastic about the coming election, and largely committed in their support for him. Nearly 8 in 10 say that they are more enthusiastic about voting this year than in previous elections, among Republicans who are not supporting Trump, just 39% say they are more enthusiastic than in years past. Likewise, 78% of Trump’s backers say they will definitely support him vs. 22% who say they could still change their minds. Among those backing other candidates, 57% say they are committed to their chosen candidate.

Yeah, you read that right: Donald Trump now has more support than all his Republican rivals combined, says new poll.

In New York, rumors are flying via a credible source:

Hillary could lose to Trump in Democratic New York

The poll results, from Democratic and Republican legislative races, have surprised many leading Dems, virtually all of whom have endorsed Clinton, while confounding and energizing GOP leaders, many of whom until recently have been opposed to Trump.

“There are some Democrats who think that Hillary can be taken if Trump mounts a strong campaign,’’ one of the state’s most prominent Democrats said.

Most of the polling didn’t address the possibility that former Mayor Michael Bloomberg would run as an independent, but some of it did — and found the former mayor took “significant’’ votes away from Clinton in heavily Democratic New York City and the surrounding suburbs, a source familiar with the data said.

The new polls, a second source said, showed Trump’s support, even without Bloomberg in the race, was “surprisingly strong’’ in Westchester and on Long Island, the key suburbs often viewed as crucial swing bellwethers on how statewide elections will turn out.

Can Trump win New York? That’s a question for another day but it certainly undermines the “Stop Trump” losers. What matters now is SuperTuesday. So what is going to happen on SuperTuesday? Ronald Brownstein who has derided Trump from the moment he announced, has an idea:

Trump Is Winning a Two-Front War

His strength in states that represent different elements of the GOP coalition shows his uniqueness as a candidate—and the challenge he presents for his rivals. [snip]

On one side, Trump could deal a crushing blow to Cruz, the Texas senator, across a series of Southern and Border States, from Alabama and Arkansas to Tennessee and Oklahoma, that are dominated by evangelical and blue-collar voters.

On the other front, polls show Trump leading in mostly white-collar, far less evangelical states including Vermont, Massachusetts, and Virginia that should be crucial building blocks for Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich, the candidates relying most on mainstream conservative voters.

Trump’s strength in states that represent such divergent poles of the GOP coalition testifies to his unique assets as a candidate—and the challenge he presents for his rivals. If Trump can beat Cruz next week in heavily blue-collar and evangelical states on one side, and top Kasich and Rubio in white collar, less culturally conservative states on the other, it will grow increasingly daunting for any candidate to coalesce a coalition large enough to stop the front-runner. That prospect may help explain the urgency with which Rubio and Cruz assailed Trump at Thursday night’s debate.

It’s almost impossible to win a two front war. But that is exactly what Donald Trump is doing. It’s like a massive snowstorm on a ninety degree summer day:

“In Trump you’ve got a candidate who appears to be able to take on Cruz among Cruz’ strength voters, who are evangelicals and also to take on Kasich and Marco among more mainstream voters,” says Neil Newhouse, the chief pollster in 2012 for Mitt Romney. “That is going to make him tough to beat.”

John Brabender, the chief strategist for Rick Santorum’s campaign in 2012, adds:

“It speaks to the complexity of Donald Trump. I saw a poll out today, which had him leading in Texas, one leading in Florida, and one leading in Massachusetts. There’s an absurdity in that. You should not have a presidential candidate leading in all three of those states because the voting universes are so different.”

It’s leap of faith day. On the storm-cloud-on-the-horizon-filled last day of February, it’s still Summer of Trump. On March 1, surf’s up.


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  1. More from Brownstein on the fascinating aspects of this race for political junkies:


    With that profile, Trump is poised to bridge a geographic and demographic divide that stymied the party’s past two presidential nominees, John McCain and Mitt Romney. The 11 states allocating delegates this year on Super Tuesday did not vote at the same time in 2012 or 2008. But in 2012, Romney won the mostly white-collar states voting next week on Super Tuesday (Vermont, Massachusetts, and Virginia) while losing most of the heavily evangelical Southern states (Alabama, Oklahoma, and Tennessee) to Rick Santorum, and Georgia to Newt Gingrich. (Romney carried Arkansas and Texas, which voted only after he had effectively clinched the nomination). In 2008, John McCain and Romney split the white-collar states voting next Tuesday while Mike Huckabee captured Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia across the South.

    This clear geographic divide reflected the demographic patterns of allegiance that drove the 2008 and 2012 races. Both McCain and Romney ran better among voters who were more centrist, and were not evangelicals. Each man followed a remarkably similar formula for victory: both carried about half of voters who were not evangelicals and about one-third of those who were, according to cumulative analyses of all the 2008 and 2012 exit polls conducted by the ABC pollster Gary Langer. As a result, both McCain and Romney ran well in states with few evangelicals, but struggled in those with more.

    Trump is crossing the geographic divide that Romney and McCain could not because his coalition does not follow along the same demographic lines that shaped their races—and indeed most earlier Republican presidential contests. Trump has displayed remarkably consistent support from voters across the GOP’s ideological spectrum, and has also run about as well among voters who are evangelicals as those who are not. [snip]

    Trump’s strength among non-college voters—particularly blue-collar evangelicals—keys the threat he poses to Cruz in the South. In five of the Southern states voting on Tuesday, white evangelicals comprised at least 60 percent of the vote in the most recent GOP presidential primary for which exit polls are available, and blue-collar voters represented at least half the vote. These include Arkansas (75 percent white evangelical and 58 percent non-college); Alabama (75 percent evangelical and 56 percent non-college); Tennessee (73 percent evangelical and 54 percent non-college); Oklahoma (72 percent evangelical and 55 percent non-college) and Texas (60 percent evangelical and 50 percent non-college).

    Cruz faces dire prospects in all of these places, with the likely exception of his home state, if he can’t reverse Trump’s inroads among evangelicals, particularly those without a college degree. In most of these states, those blue-collar evangelicals figure to be the single-largest voting block. And they have moved steadily toward Trump since the GOP contest began. [snip]

    Most polls show Cruz leading in his home state of Texas: A Monmouth University poll released this week gave him a double-digit advantage overall and a comfortable lead among evangelicals with and without a college degree there. But if Cruz on Tuesday can’t beat Trump in the other heavily evangelical Southern and border states that Huckabee and Santorum mostly carried, the Texan will instantly face difficult questions about where he can win as the calendar turns toward Northern states with fewer born-again voters. “If he loses the South and barely squeaks by in Texas it’s going to be very difficult for him to continue on because those other states don’t set up well for him at all,” says Hogan Gidley, the communications director for Huckabee’s campaign this year. [snip]

    Vermont, Massachusetts, and Virginia, which also vote on Super Tuesday, present a stark contrast to the Southern states balloting that day. In each of them, white evangelicals represent only a minority of the vote (42 percent in Virginia, 27 percent in Vermont, and 15 percent in Massachusetts), and college graduates constitute about half of the electorate or more (48 percent in Vermont, 56 percent in Massachusetts, and 58 percent in Virginia.)

    Yet the very limited public polling available in Vermont—conducted before Trump’s South Carolina and Nevada victories—placed the New Yorker comfortably ahead there. A Monmouth University poll in Virginia released Thursday showed Trump drawing 41 percent, as much as Rubio (27 percent) and Cruz (14 percent) combined; Kasich lagged badly at just 7 percent. The survey found Trump leading among both evangelicals and non-evangelicals-with an even wider advantage among the former than the latter. Among voters without a college degree, Trump drew a commanding 47 percent; his showing wasn’t as dominant among college-educated voters (37 percent), but even there he comfortably led Rubio (at 27 percent).

    Likewise, a poll released Friday morning by WBUR public radio in Boston showed Trump romping in Massachusetts, with 40 percent of the vote, slightly more than Rubio (19 percent) and Kasich (19 percent) combined. In an increasingly familiar pattern, the survey showed Trump attracting 54 percent of voters without a college degree, nearly four times the showing for Rubio, his closest competitor. Trump attracts a much more modest 30 percent among voters with a four-year degree or more but leads with them because Kasich (24 percent) and Rubio (23 percent) splinter the rest.

    These states could expose, in particular, the limits confronting Rubio. On Thursday he turned in by far his most spirited debate performance—but so far he has demonstrated an appeal that is broad, but shallow. In particular, these white-collar states underscore Rubio’s inability to truly consolidate the college-educated voters who have long expressed the most skepticism about Trump’s policy agenda and temperament. In many states, both McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 amassed dominating numbers among college-educated voters who were not evangelicals: Romney, for instance, carried over half of those voters in Michigan, Illinois, and Florida, and between 42 and 48 percent in New Hampshire, Georgia, and Ohio.

    Anybody seen that damned 35% ceiling? Seems to have been misplaced.

  2. I am hoping tomorrow is a blow out for Trump. I want us (The U.S.) to win again. It will be a good first step in doing so.

    PS, Happy Leap Year birthday to all those born around February 29th. XXOO

  3. Can you embed Admin?

    Yes, I want Trump to win, I want him to win Texas, don’t know if he will, but dang, would love it.

  4. The Man, The Moment, The Message: that is the magic formula. And it is an inclusive one, cutting across all demographics. Rather than catch the wave big media tries to stare it down calling it racist, nativist, sexist, all the old worn out tools of oppression they have deployed over the past sixty years, which have chased the RINO under the bed. Nietzsche however said it best: when you make common currency of these issues whatever value they may have had in other times and other places, you wear the gold off them. That is what the establishment has done, in spades.

    Trump’s strength in states that represent such divergent poles of the GOP coalition testifies to his unique assets as a candidate—and the challenge he presents for his rivals. If Trump can beat Cruz next week in heavily blue-collar and evangelical states on one side, and top Kasich and Rubio in white collar, less culturally conservative states on the other, it will grow increasingly daunting for any candidate to coalesce a coalition large enough to stop the front-runner.


  5. I still say Biden..did you see him last night at the Oscars? The hair plugs looked good, he seemed fit and trim and got a lot of love from the Hollywood elites.

  6. Admin. did you see the WSJ editorial opinion this morning?

    It says Hillary has a lock on the nomination, that all factions that comprise the party have united behind her and dispatching the hard left candidate as they have done consistently over the years. The go on to say it is not clear who the republican candidate will be and if it is Trump then it will be hard to unite the party and they imply that Hillary will win the general election.

    Their utter lack of understanding, their refusal to accept feedback from reality, and their implied threat to pick up their marbles and go home has all the noblesse oblige of a spoiled brat who fails to get what he wants, throws a hissy fit, picks up his marbles and goes home. That is Murdock for you. Murdock, who told Trump not to run and has been consistently wrong ever since.

  7. We’re voting here in Oklahoma tomorrow. I changed my registration to Independent 5/31/08 after the DNC RBC debacle. The state Democratic party has opened their primary to Independent voters this year. I’ll vote HRC tomorrow.

  8. Whenever I see David Corn, I get dizzy. I don’t know whether to laugh or puke. I have been told that Hillary has post concussion problems from the fall she took several years ago which we all worried about at the time. It causes dizziness, even when David Corn is nowhere to be found. It is why Huma stays with her when she travels. It is why she was late to that prior debate. Now that is hearsay, it came to me from the investigative reporter. The problem with it–assuming its true, is that could be the wedge issue Obama uses to put his own clone, if she keeps winning primaries, which I hope she does.

  9. OkieAtty
    February 29, 2016 at 9:17 pm
    Welcome back old friend.

    I imagine your child is in pre school by now?

  10. jbstonesfan
    February 29, 2016 at 9:13 pm
    Megyn Kelly spending a lot of time on Trump/David Duke. She is a total loser.

  11. Megan Kelly is a hostile, arrogant, loser.
    I have never liked her.
    I have worked with too many MK’s I am afraid.
    Well, I did talk my son into voting Trump tomorrow in Texas and my daughter is…not sure of husband…

  12. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/02/29/guest-post-the-2016-election-stats-the-media-and-establishment-republicans-prefer-to-ignore/#more-113058

    I believe this may have been posted before, but numbers do not lie, Trump is bringing in MILLION of voters, crossing all lines, he is using the Republican party for an Independent run in reality. How smart is that!
    And they gave him a symbol, a Lion, because the Donkey and Elephant no longer work. Very clever.

  13. I have a headache from listening to all the elite repub establishment today…and those going on record saying they will not support DT if he is the nominee…this is the same sabatoge that Hillary went thru…

    my question is one of procedure…if this does go to a brokered convention and DT goes in with the majority of delegates but short of the 1237 (?) and the party does, in fact, deny him the nomination by whatever plot they try…

    what can DT do? can he just bolt and run independently? would his name still be on the ballot? I heard something about him running with another party if this were to happen?? the constitution party???

    I am wondering what are the options in a worse case scenario…because this elite repub establishment is CRAZY…and they are ready to blow the election for the repubs if that is the only way they keep their power…(they cannot in their right mind think that if they deny DT the nomination that his voters will vote for their pick…no way)

    does anyone know what DT can do…how can he still represent all those votes he has won

    i am confused because they say you have to meet a deadline to be on the ballot…so has he already met that deadline whether it is running as a repub or something else
    or third party/independent

  14. Wbboei, doing Pre-K enrollment now. It does go very, very fast. Local politics are heating up and the Bernishiviks are being an asspain. The downside to living in a college town. Smug little fuckers.

    Gonzotx, sorry about what?

    As for Trump, my mother called me for the first time in 6 months. She worked his private meet and greet after the debate at UH last week. She’s lost the faith. *sigh* My husband is voting for him because he’s an asshole.

  15. OkieAtty

    Great news, HRC.

    If Trump pulls off a win in NY, I’m not so sure about that…California will have to counter balance that with it’s huge population.

  16. Wbb did you see this? I’m not sure if this is what you are talking about above or not, on WND…I don’t normally go to this site, it popped up somewhere else.

    Establishment ‘seeks to draft Romney if Rubio doesn’t perform’


    “Rubio has been given until Tuesday and if he doesn’t win the Florida primary, the establishment GOP leaders have decided to dump Rubio in favor of drafting Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential nominee who lost to Barack Obama in 2012,” he explained. “If Rubio cannot win Florida, then Rubio drops out and Romney is in.”

    “The GOP establishment’s secret plan is to back Romney against Trump in the hopes of winning enough delegates in the primaries after Super Tuesday to block Trump on the first ballot at the GOP national nominating convention in Cleveland,” he added.

    “If Trump does not win enough delegates to carry the nomination on the first ballot, there’s no way he will be president,” Stone stressed. “On the second ballot, the GOP establishment figures enough delegates, including the 210 GOP superdelegates, can be pounded together to make Romney the GOP nominee in 2016.”

    Stone argued the GOP establishment as seen by the GOP leadership in Congress would be as comfortable with the policies of Hillary Clinton as they have been caving into the policies of Barack Obama.

    “If Romney loses to Hillary in the general election, that’s fine with the GOP establishment,” Stone continued. “With Hillary as president, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan keep their jobs as the congressional heads of the GOP and they actually have more power under a Democratic president, the lobbyists supporting the GOP stay put, and the globalists open-borders crowd in control of the GOP establishment remain in power within the party.”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/02/claim-gop-plots-secret-plan-to-elect-hillary-block-trump/#QjfIO4golGYzTHUP.99

  17. Shadowfax
    February 29, 2016 at 10:17 pm
    This is what I was talking about a few days ago.

    Last Thursday the Koch Brothers held a meeting in New York with billionaire donors. They gave 25 million to support Ruby slippers, but if he loses Florida he is out, and casey mighty case will advance to the bat, namely loser Romney. Kristol came close to saying that he will vote for Hillary if the nominee is Trump and his justification was to protect the political class who knows how to run the country (for their own benefit) and to “save” the Republican Party from being taken over by someone who will serve the people rather than the voters–a very anti Republican concept–people first donors second. It is deeply offensive to the RINO and he will do everything possible to prevent it and if that includes setting himself on fire like a Buddahist monk, then I will loan him the matches.

  18. wbbs

    Well the GOP saw it happen to Hillary in 2008, DNC pulling the rug out from under her…so, monkey see, monkey do.

    It would super suck for Trump, just like it did for Hillary.

    If Admin is right and the DNC does it to Hillary again, if she wins…………then everyone will know, our votes still don’t amount to a pile of burning poo.

  19. That’s right wbb,

    Hillary protect’s the political class. End of story. Whatever she was, or who we thought she was, stick a fork on it.
    Those who delusionally think she will turn around after accepting million’s upon millions of dollars to do THEIR bidding, THEIR agenda, are just refusing to let go of a very unhealthy, abusive , relationship.

    Sad, that WE, and OUR, children will be sold down the drain because of others inability or refusal to have any insight.
    Oh they would cheer, thrilled with the ecstasy of “victory”.. but it would be in reality the agony of defeat….

  20. Okie,

    Glad to hear some your family supports Donald. Your support for Hillary I was sad for.
    This is it, we can’t have obama3…Hillary has sold us down the river….no going back if she wins.

    But good to hear from you. Hope you have a relevant during the night, take care.

  21. Shadowfax
    February 29, 2016 at 11:52 pm
    I think its probably different in two respect:

    1. first, the republicans do not have nearly as many superdelegates, i.e. party regulars WHO HAVE AS MUCH MENTAL GIVE AND TAKE AS A SCOTTISH TERRIER WATCHING A RAT HOLE. Only 5% of the delegates are super delegate who will tend to support the establishment candidate regardless of what the voters want. In the dimocrat party its roughly three times that number. In sum, then, it will be harder for the establishment to pull the rug out from under Donald. (However, because they are idiots there is no way to predict what they will do, because logic and common sense are not in their repertoire.

    2. second, if they pull that on Donald he will tell them they breached the neutrality pact they signed and after that all you will hear is rage at the dying of the light, and a guy like Donald will not need the Irish poet Dylan Thomas, or Richard Burton the actor to tell him do not go gentle into that good night. The RINOs will scatter like cockroaches in all direction, and it will be like the Marians turkey shoot in WWII. As Reagan would say, they aint seen nothing yet.


  22. We already know they don’t care about our votes, what we need is a candidate who will fight for the people’s will… fight the corruption…

  23. Duke is a vile, despicable, loathsome individual. Trump should have immediately disavowed him and any support from the KKK.

  24. http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/trump-disavows-former-kkk-leader-david-dukes-support#.vtY1Boe3d

    Trump Disavows Former KKK Leader David Duke’s Support

    At a news conference in Texas on Friday, Donald Trump said he disavows the support of white nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke.

    I didn’t even know he endorsed me. David Duke endorsed me? I disavow, OK,” Trump said.

    Duke, who has expressed his support of Trump’s message on immigration throughout the election, urged his radio listeners on Wednesday to volunteer and vote for Trump.

  25. lol one of our Hillary supporters is on another Hillary site, rejoicing in posting anti-Trump articles – even they had to tell her that wnd is not a legitimate site lol

  26. So I guess another attempted smear by the left fails. It must have broken their hearts when he disavowed the support. They are probably on life support by now seeing that they, not the American People, may be the ones who have no future. That is really what this election is about. Whether the future belongs to the nationalist and all boats rise with the tide, or to the globalists who are setting the stage for a feudalistic order where they control the world, politically and economically. Then they will begin caping the herd to reach a more sustainable population level, which environmentalists and futurists and the Rockafeller foundation put at 2 billion. Now perhaps you can see why death panels were inserted in Obamacare, and why good old Zeke said people really should settle for living to age 75 and no more because the cost of care escalates and the quality of life deteriorates after that, statistically speaking. And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches it way to Bethlaham to be born.

  27. Lets hope we will be able to tell that fat ass brazille, times are a changing. We are moving forward, beyond the rut you and your ilk have tries to put the country in. Tear down THAT wall, fatso,

  28. I woke up from my sleep, so I’m watching Trump’s second speech from yesterday (Monday). I’m watching the Right Side Broadcasting youtube of it, and at around 34 minutes, Trump says he read the number of evangelicals in the country. He said it is higher than the number of women, and therefore of course, higher than the number of men in the country.*


    He said when he realized how many evangelicals there are, he wondered why they are letting themselves be pushed around, why is there no “Christmas” anymore, why you can’t say “Merry Xmas” anymore. Then he realized that during (Johnson’s?) administration, they passed a rule that pastors can’t get political or they will lose their tax free status.

    Trump said that has to change.

    Me: Trump needs to refresh his understanding of the separation of church and state. We already have pastors pushing candidates (or handing out flyers which tell how to vote) who don’t get into trouble. IMO, that’s a problem.

    *he appears to be confusing Christian with evangelical – what he was saying didn’t seem possible (it would mean evangelicals outnumbered other Christians in this country). I looked it up, and 2015 they list 70% of Americans as Christian. 46% of the Christians are Protestant, and of the protestants, 25% are evangelical. So he misspoke when he said evangelicals – he definitely meant Christians in general.


  29. ok I listened again… he said “Christians and evangelicals” – I just heard the “evangelicals”. But the “and” doesn’t make sense, because born again Christians are obviously Christians lol

    But I still don’t like the part about letting pastors use their bully pulpit for politics.

  30. jbstonesfan
    March 1, 2016 at 1:48 am

    Duke is a vile, despicable, loathsome individual. Trump should have immediately disavowed him and any support from the KKK.

    I think he did, repeatedly, but if there is a rule book on exact language, demeanor, etc it should be given to him. Trump is new at this and may not have the virtue signaling and groveling part exactly right yet. Does he bow or go down on one knee or something? If Trump called Duke a POS, and Duke IS a POS, he would have been hammered for using foul language. This was a very poorly thought out failed kill shot at Trump as it was multi-stepped, involved the idiot media, and they are really bad at this stuff and there were too many weak links in the plan. It was so obviously engineered starting with the college age doofus with a 4th grade level Sharpie marked cheap homemade underwear type T shirt at the rally saying I LUV KKK or something. They couldn’t find a red-neck so they used a rich looking (expensive longish haircut as rednecks don’t get that type of coiffure) liberal privileged and pampered white boy to crash the stage. THAT was the first mistake. Then it snowballed into a farce.

  31. Mormaer, this constant nonsense about the KKK is always astounding to us. What year is this???

    The KKK as far as we know does not exist. Whatever organization it had went bankrupt years ago if we remember correctly.

    Every year though, every election year, we hear the KKK nonsense again and again. It’s not 1950. The KKK has long disappeared. Still Big Media acts as if the KKK just hosted a Million Man March in Washington. Some loons still like to play dress up and pretend like they’re KKK in the same way some losers play dress up and pretend they’re Black Panthers. But these Kook organizations only live on in Big Media imaginations from those that are too young and want to relive the golden era of the “movement” so they can pretend they’re Matt Damon and face down the Klan. But the Klan is gone.

    If the KKK existed and went to Chicago and killed 500 black men the federal government would send in army troops to protect the terrified populace. But black killer thugs terrorize the black community and it is business as usual.

    Forget the KKK. The last time the KKK had any impact was the fashion statement made by Voldemort’s Death Eaters in a Harry Potter book.

  32. We can’t stop crying. Good-bye Jeb.

    We had so many insults that will now remain unused, unpublished. Sniff, sniff, sad, sad… Good-bye-Jeb.

  33. Briefly yesterday, when I was captive in someone else’s vehicle and forced to listen to Batshit Crazy Hannity, he mentioned (actually shouted) the meeting between the Kochs and a bunch of other wealthy GOP elites. I understood BSC Hannity to say that each rich dude was to contribute at least 75 million, to be used to defeat Trump.

    Like Trump or hate him, the clear will of the people should not be thwarted by a bunch of rich white guys.

  34. Today is March 1st 2016

    I will not be back on this site until The General Election.
    Don’t get mad at me when I tell you Donald Trump will never be president. I know this for a fact. You can take this to the bank.

    Some on this site get to emotional as if any politician care about you. All they want is your vote. All are talk and no action including Hillary. I will take her over Trump any day.
    I watched Trump acting like he did not know about those hate groups. Also when the kids interrupted his campaign, he hollered out are they Mexican?
    This guy thinks he is on a reality show.
    I am listening to how Trump can insult, talk under your clothes etc.
    If anyone else had been married three times, cheated on his wife when he was married would be a different story. Everyone thinks this is no big deal.
    He is not trust worthy. He is a bully and a big phony. Yet if this had been O they would have been all over him.
    Trump is the new o. Don’t get me wrong, I did not vote for o.
    People are so angry over o it is clouding their judgement.
    The wall he is talking about building, it will never happen.

    Talk is cheap.
    This world is going to hell.
    Remember be careful what you wish for.

    Love and Bless you all.

    Will talk after the General Election if I am not banned from this site.

  35. We’ll miss you neetabug. You are so right about pols wanting only our votes – including Hillary.

    Many of us still detest O and the backstabbing dims involved in the 2008 theft of the nomination for O – rightly so, IMO, but in some ways 2008 was more personal to us than to Hillary. She could not allow it to be personal – at least not publicly. She couldn’t remain a Dim and openly declare her disdain for Barack – not if she ever hoped to run for office again.

    Sorry we won’t see you here for a while, but several of us will be visiting your place frequently.

  36. You know you’re digging your own burial plot when you depend on Mitt Romney to successfully implement your political plots.

    😆 Agmin,
    Mittens is about to get Trumped.

  37. Then he realized that during (Johnson’s?) administration, they passed a rule that pastors can’t get political or they will lose their tax free status.

    They shouldn’t have tax free status and be political activists, imo.

  38. lorac
    March 1, 2016 at 5:56 am : “Me: Trump needs to refresh his understanding of the separation of church and state.”

    Can we wait till after CAIR figures it out?

    I read this comment this morning and agree completely.

    MVW says:
    March 1, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Trump is a genius, the solution to islamification of America is to restore the political clout to Christians, which were defanged by the IRS by Lyndon Johnson. Simple, devastating, pure genius!

  39. Happy March!!
    Happy Super TrumpTuesday!!
    I predict that Trump will win at least 8 of the States voting today.
    But I would not be surprised if he
    ‘Runs the table’
    I predict that Hillary will win most of them also.
    However I have some nice fresh eggs ready (just in case) l

  40. Betty, he was including having political talk in churches. It doesn’t stop Christians from doing political activism on their own.

    I’m not sure what we’re waiting for CAIR to figure out…?

    I don’t want to live in ANYone’s monarchy….

  41. lol thanks Foxy!

    I think it will be SuperTrump day, and it will be a birthday gift that I’ll share with everyone 🙂

    I’m looking for my horoscope – I think it probably says something like, “Today will be a smashingly winning day!”

  42. Betty, sorry, just woke up – I see what you meant about CAIR, because they don’t get it at all.

    But I think Christians can fight back without politics and religion becoming intertwined. I really, really appreciate a secular society.

    I think secular cops can escort CAIR people to where what they want is already in existence! 🙂

  43. neeta, Trump didn’t shout “are you MX” out of nowhere. He can see what protesters are wearing that may identify their political stance, he can see any newly unfurled signs, and he can hear what the protester is saying, which the tv audience can’t. From what I caught of the interaction, my impression was that the protester was saying something about MX, maybe the wall, maybe deportations, I don’t know, and I think he was trying to zing the person that if you’re not a citizen here, you have no right to try to be influencing our politics. But something about that person – what s/he wore or said, made Trump think s/he was MX, not American. It’s easy to denigrate someone and pass judgment when you are only aware of one phrase they said, and not about everything that was going on that you can’t see….


  44. a few tidbits…

    …evidently Jeb is going to start campaigning with Robio in Florida sometime next week

    …every time I hear an utterance from Romney the first thing I think of is the Press Conference he called when Donald endorsed him…he made a big thing of Donald then and was happy to accept his money and endorsement and exploit it…

    now Romney is just another scummy opportunist and backstabber…he was afraid to take it to O…as DT says, Romney did disappear in the second half of his campaign and had NO FIGHT in him…Romney has to be dreaming if he thinks a fight with Donald will be easier than they one he ran away from with O

    and hh is crazy if he thinks the Trump voters will turn to him in place of Donald…no way…


    …finally re: this whole KKK issue…Donald disavowed them…that is not enough, the media is prepped to keep it going…just like they did with Hillary over asinine, made up issues during her campaign against O…all part of the usual attempt to brainwash the voters…

    what I find amazing is that the media, the elite repubs and dims are in a frenzy over a made up accusation that Donald has not disavowed them…

    and many of them cannot even utter the term “islamic radicals” who actually, in reality, pose a threat to all of us and the world at large…they do not want to talk about reality…


    more nonsense that gives me, and I suspect others, a headache and drives us to turn the channel or just turn it all off…

  45. http://www.kitv.com/story/31351961/valdosta-state-university-black-students-escorted-out-of-trump-rally

    oops two comments got put together. The website above is I believe a local valdosta one. I thought it might be more objective than the CNN one that I saw…

    In this altercation, a journalist/photogapher man chest bumped a secret service guy and said, “f you!” The secret service guy took him down, so the guy calmed down and they were just standing there again (should have been arrested, IMO), then the guy reached out and put his big hand around the secret service guy’s neck. It’s on video.

    But look how the media is protecting their own, making the secret service “throw the first punch”

    Kicking out anticipated protestors isn’t an uncommon practice for Trump events, but this was one of the largest groups so far in his campaign. It occurred hours after a Secret Service agent choke-slammed a Time magazine photographer attempted to capture images of #BlackLivesMatter protesters at an event in Virginia.

  46. neeta, neeta, neeta…. with all due respect, if you think O and Trump are the same… then you don’t know much about Trump. They have led very different lives. One is a hard worker and has had a life of success. One has held the same basic views about how to help this country for decades. One has a record of wanting to do something and then doing it. The other one is a politician with 1 gram of work experience.

    To me, in a time of such big government and embedded corruption and good old boys/girls clubs, the incest and revolving door between politicians, lobbyists, think tanks, etc…. we need someone who can crack a few eggs. Not a go along to get along so I can get elected again and get rich politician…

  47. neetabug

    I totally understand how you feel, and agree with a lot of what you said. I don’t know if you’re done with blogging until the general, or just need to step away from here. You’ll find a lot of Hillary-supporting friends over at Uppity’s, and sometimes stepping away, helps me at times.

    I hope to see you around and know I will really miss you.

  48. Neetabug, I don’t think you ever need to worry that Admin will ban you.

    Lord knows, some of us have pushed back a lot harder than you have, and we still have an open door offer. 😉

    Thank you for that, Admin.

  49. admin
    March 1, 2016 at 8:57 am
    This ignaus fatus (swamp fire) of the KKK points to the following truism about those who stoop to that level of discourse, which is the negation of discourse, and instead scapegoating of the most venal kind:

    False claims of racism are the last bastion of scoundrels.

  50. Happy birthday Lorac.

    Lets hope you get the birthday present we are hoping for: a clean sweep by Donald of Super Tuesday.

  51. At least today, we will all be very happy at the end of Super Tuesday.

    I am so darned excited, today is Hillary’s second chance to kick some a$$, Go Hillary, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. My day began with a pleasant surprise.
    The US House Rep for my district has endorsed Donald Trump.
    It is not an election day here, and DJT did not solicit the endorsement.
    But the Rep is up for re-election and senses that his constituents are largely for Donald.
    Could be a win win.
    My senators (1 D, 1 R)could care less. Their bipartisan bill to allow federal prison guards to carry pepper spray has made great progress – may even be law – and that’s what they’re tweeting about.

  53. Shadowfax
    March 1, 2016 at 12:48 pm
    The Hillary part is a foregone conclusion.

    The big wigs have consolidated behind her, and that makes all the difference.

    Its too bad in a way because this thing needed to play out longer in my opinion.

    The reason I say that is because only then would it be obvious how unqualified Bernie is for the job.

    And young people who do not understand that need to.

    There is no hope for them with the establishment in power, nor with Bernie in power.

    The system needs to be not merely shaken up.

    It needs a thorough delousing, to get rid of the lice.

  54. This spring will be so lovely. While Lorac celebrates a birthday today she will soon be younger. Eight years younger. We will all be younger. Eight years younger. At the conventions this year we will all go back, like it or not, to 2008.


    How the GOP Insiders Plan to Steal the Nod From Trump

    Despite a growing string of victories in the Republican primaries ,the DC-Wall Street cabal that has dominated the GOP since 1988 has no intention of letting the billionaire real estate mogul be nominated. None other than Karl Rove has insisted the stop-Trump effort is not too late and can succeed.

    A new superPAC has dumped $10 million dollars into blistering negative TV ads against Trump in the last three days. The Koch brothers and their associates deny funding the effort but they denials are questionable at best. The New York Times reported Sunday that the Rubio and Kasich campaigns are now openly planning on a ‘brokered convention” to stop Trump in the back rooms in Cleveland. The New York Daily News reported that Barbara Bush has vowed revenge against Trump for ending the “low energy” campaign of her son Jeb, the anointed one and that the Bush clan is all-in in the effort to stop Trump. The News reported that Jeb may transfer the $25 to $30 million in SuperPAC funds he has left to an anti-Trump effort

    The power-brokers short term game is clear; stall Trump just short of the magic number of delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot with the knowledge that many delegates bound on the first ballot by Trump primary and caucus victories would be unbound on a second ballot. Much in the way the RNC stacked the galleries with anti-Trump partisans in the last two debates, anti-Trump quislings are be planted in various delegations that will be free to betray Trump on subsequent ballots. [snip]

    The Republican nomination process was already rigged: the campaigns of the four early states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada) have been traditionally controlled by high paid consultants and party leaders who convince candidates to spend hundreds of millions on media, staff and early state “necessities.” [snip]

    In 2016, Trump doesn’t need the racketeers money because he has the Republican grassroots, but the racketeers have one last play: fix the Rules of the Conventions. For example, do you know how many delegates Trump must get to be nominated for president today? Zero. Cruz, Rubio, and all the rest? Also zero. Why? Because the Rule that allows them to be nominated (Rule 40) requires “permanently seated delegates” for nomination. But that won’t happen until the Credentials Committee meets at the convention!

    Then there is rule 40-B.Please note that Rule 40 as it is currently written expires on the day before the convention when the Rules Committee meets to make up the new Rules of the Convention and for the Republican Party for the next 4 years. Rule 40-B currently requires a nominee to have “the “majority of the permanently seated delegates from at least 8 states.” Romney lawyer Ben Ginsberg was able to change Rule 40 from “plurality of the delegates from at least 5 states” to the current rule. The potential for skullduggery is clear. Even if Trump runs the tables in the primaries winning a plurality in virtually every state the rule can be tailored by a controlled Rules Committee to prevent a Trump nomination.

    Rule 40-B used to require a majority in six states but when Congressman Ron Paul met that goal it was quickly changed to eight states. Under control of the insiders the number of states required can be amended to any number to block Trump.

    Also, the goal of the extended nomination process will be to make it so either no one gets to eight states (or what ever number the establishment changes it to) Then, under the guise of letting “the voters be heard”, the Rules committee will make a more lax Rule 40. After all, Cruz and Rubio and Romney “deserve to be nominated,” they will argue. Romney will enter the late primaries because he is concerned that Rule 40 B will be changed to allow only those who won some delegates from voters in the states to be considered and because he might stand a better chance of chiseling delegates from Trump in late “’winner take all” primaries than the hapless Rubio. [snip]

    There are many great aphorisms in politics but this one may be the key to who ends up President: he who knows the rules, rules. Right now, it’s Reince and the Racketeers who know them best. Beware Republicans: the big steal is coming.

    Well, that could never happen in the Democratic Party!!! Imagine what would happen if the Rules Committee tampered with delegate rules to gift the nomination to someone who got less votes than the other candidate. Imagine what would happen if the Rules Committee of the Democratic Party ever attempted to shift delegates to someone that did not even appear on the ballot. If any such shenanigans were perpetrated by the Rules Committee of the Democratic Party the candidate would fight back and bring down the party in support of the voters. No, no, no, it could never happen in the Democratic Party so we can all be relieved.

    Anyone who remembers the Rules Committee of the Democratic Party in 2008 stealing the nomination must be hallucinating.

    Those like us who believe Hillary Clinton will not be the nominee, because as we have repeatedly stated, the tapestries will reveal their secrets at the convention must be nuts. Could never happen. Never.

  55. To be crystal clear on this point the lice are those who are well connected, incompetent and overpaid.

    IF YOU HAD ANY IDEA what it is like to drive thought the four state area and see the mansions which the bureaucrats and senior staffers have, and how congress really works when it comes to donors, you would not tell children ardent for some desperate glory that old lie . . . . . . .

    well, we need to come together and each side must give a little, a little on taxes, a little on entitlements and viola that is the American way—and where is that bottle of everyclear, its been a long time (5 minutes) between drinks—Captain Kirk.

    The system is failing. It rewards the few at the expense of the many. It needs reform. Anyone who fails to understand that fundamental truth is either ignorant or malicious.

  56. The above reference is to the four counties around Washington dc.

    Seeing what these people have stolen from the American People is enough to gag a maggot.

  57. Happy Birthday LORAC… I do hope it’s a Triumph of a day!

    I see we are still getting drama calls…

  58. admin
    March 1, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    At the conventions this year we will all go back, like it or not, to 2008.
    Yes but will it work.

    Two factors are salient.

    First, in 2008 Hillary had more votes but The Fraud had more delegates.

    Second, in 2008 Hillary folded instead of screaming RAPE.

    If I am right, Donald will go into the convention with far more delegates than anyone else.

    Inserting a mystery candidate in his stead and place would destroy the party.

    And if nothing else has been learned in this primary, surely we know by now, Donald is no wall flower and will not go gently into that good night.

    So if the party wants to swallow a cyanide pill, I guess nobody can stop them.

    The establishment cannot surrender power gracefully.

    They must be beaten into submission.

  59. So Admin, you are agreeing that the GOP may pull the rug out from under Trump, like they did to Hillary in 2008.

    And, after 2008, that Hillary will be ‘rugged’ again, replacing her with x, y or Z.

    So everyone in America that votes in the primary for either Hillary or Trump will be pushed over the cliff, AGAIN.

    At that point, Hillary and Trump should both run as Independents, and let both political parties waste their money trying to stop them.

    If they do this to Hillary AGAIN…the shit will hit the fan.

    I don’t doubt that Trump will say he is going to sue the GOP for breaking their verbal contract with him.

  60. Lets remember what happened in Florida in 2008 . . . Hillary won the primary, Dean wanted to punish Florida for going out of turn, and Lanny was in Florida talking to the media while Hillary was cutting a deal with that senator and others to get half the delegates. And she won Michigan and did not put up much of a fight there either. They even gave votes to Obama who was not on the ballot. But again she did not put up a fight. That failure to defend her interests was tactical perhaps, but it told the opposition that they could have their way with her. And at the convention, that is precisely what happened.

    I see a floor fight in the Republican Party this time around. Roger Stone predicted it in one of the videos I posted several weeks ago and he mentioned that Rule 40. I do not see it however in the Democrat Party, unless Hillary is forced to step down.

    The only question in my mind is what the fuck do I know, sitting here on the outside.

  61. At that point, Hillary and Trump should both run as Independents, and let both political parties waste their money trying to stop them.
    I like that idea.

    Oh how I like it!

    Both are registered in all 50 states.

    And it would leave both parties a shell.

    It is ridiculous to waste your life walking the gaunlet

    Only to be denied the prize you earned at the very last step.

    It is also an affront to democracy.

    But I do not think Hillary is at risk of this.

    The risk here relates to Trump.

  62. The elites have two alternatives:

    1. nuclear war, or

    2. seeking a modus vivendi which leaves them with some power, but not absolute power

    The choice here is Darwinian–evolve or die

  63. They think of the convention as their sand box.

    They are wrong about that.

    Not when what comes out of that sand box defies the will of the people.

    These fucking courts can call these parties private interests who can set their own rules.

    But if they push that principle too far it will blow up in their faces.

    Again, if Hillary had elected to fight the party in 2008, things might have been different.

    Hindsight is 20/20.

    But we can learn from the past, and apply those lessons to the future.

    The Republican Party has a weak brand now.

    If they push defy the will of the base it will become a non existent one.

  64. Thanks, Shadow, gonzo, wbboei, admin – admin>???? Justin Bieber? lol noooooooooooooooo My grandmother was Canadian, but I have nothing to do with the non-NBC OR the little pipsqueak lol

  65. Ted Cruz campaigns today in his home state of Texas. Trump goes to Ohio and Florida the March 15 states. By email request, here is the Trump rally in Columbus today (video is and hour and a half long; Trump arrives at the 30 minute mark.)

  66. We will become the Kingdom of America. Where the serfs have no say in who our rulers are.

    Queue up the Beatles ” Revolution”

  67. Poor berne he will only have 40 million or so after losing. ..not bad for a awful carpenter with out a steady paycheck till age 40 government handout.

  68. If the goal of the establishment is to prevent Trump from getting the nomination, and failing that to collude with the democrats to ensure he does not win the election—the Brazille Rove strategy of 2008, then the unstated assumption is they can defy the voters and survive the process. This would be the final episode of failure theater which they have been playing since 2008. And it will be their undoing. On the question of modus vivendi, or total war, the rational choice is the former. The sociopathic one the latter. Rove is a sociopath. But how many other officials in the party are that deranged. They are sheep to be sure, but will they agree to be led to the slaughter? It gets back to the post made by Jay Cost–the fact that we have an agency problem here. The agent is a rogue agent who not only fails to serve the interests of the principal, he openly defies those interests and treats the principal, i.e. the people contemptuously. The principal is wise to the problem, is mad as hell and won’t take it any more.

  69. Outris
    March 1, 2016 at 3:44 pm
    Well gonzotx….. He needs to share the wealth with us doesn’t he?

    That is his wealth.

    He built it.

    It is other people’s money he aims to share.

    And (only) black lives matter.

    And bring the illegals out of the shadows.

  70. Assuming arguendo that Trump sweeps Super Tuesday, and goes on to sweep the winner take all primaries on March 15–assuming all that, then the strategy of stopping him at the convention reminds me of the failed strategy of the French army in Indochina in 1954. The Republican convention which they perceive to be their sand box could prove to be the Republican Party’s Battle of Diem Bien Phu:
    The Battle of Dien Bien Phu (French: Bataille de Diên Biên Phu; Vietnamese: Chiến dịch Điện Biên Phủ) was the climactic confrontation of the First Indochina War between the French Union’s French Far East Expeditionary Corps and Viet Minh communist-nationalist revolutionaries. It was, from the French view before the event, a set piece battle to draw out the Vietnamese and destroy them with superior firepower. The battle occurred between March and May 1954 and culminated in a comprehensive French defeat that influenced negotiations over the future of Indochina at Geneva.

  71. admin
    Mormaer, this constant nonsense about the KKK is always astounding to us. What year is this???

    It seems the democrats are always trying to convince people that it’s the past when things were worse. It’s amazing I never saw this type of thing about my former party until an anvil had to fall on my head (May 31, 2008) to wake me up.

    I do think there are factions of our society that are getting desperate (not just the politicians on both sides of the aisle) as Trump keeps gaining strength. Of course, I’m talking about BLM and the people in other special interests that have to likewise pretend it’s still the past – instead of just putting that energy into their own lives, working hard, and getting ahead.

  72. I love how Trump talks to people in the audience

    He’s raising a sign, Hispanics for Trump lol

  73. wbb

    Brazille Rove strategy of 2008, then the unstated assumption is they can defy the voters and survive the process. This would be the final episode of failure theater which they have been playing since 2008. And it will be their undoing.

    I agree.

    Rove, so full of himself that he is the self-appointed party assassin, and his buddy, the Anyone-but-Hillary BOdzilla.

    Two ugly lovers, out to destroy Democracy.

  74. Trump just finished. .he’s a rock star…I love you, we’re going to make America great again!

  75. Trump understands the very basic caveat. ..
    The regular person doesn’t understand capital, gains tax, but they understand when their job has been shipped over seas or an illegal has taken it.
    Basics people, not “new’ math…

  76. Donald holding a Press Conference tonight at 9 pm…maybe another big endorsement

    hmmm, who?

    not that I would be impressed with this one, but maybe Governor Scott of Fla?

    yesterday he got Nascar…

    who else is on our wish list?

  77. did the Hucksterbee make it official yet for Trump?


    Gonzotx…what is going on in Austin?…reports coming out that votes for Trump are going to Robio?

  78. with all the talk above regarding the threat of GOP rule changes and knocking Trump out to supplant god knows who…Romney? they really are dreaming and out of touch…

    anyway…can anyone shed any light on my question regarding ‘what can Donald do?’

    if they push him out, has he already met the requirements to be on the ballot and then he can go rogue as an independent?

    align himself with the Constitution party????

    he …and all his voters…must have some option…in a “free country” to still run in the national

    does anyone know…anything??

  79. Trump will not hold a rally to celebrate his victories. Instead, Trump will hold a press conference at 9:00. The election returns won’t yet be in so the guess is there will be a surprise tonight.

    There might not be a surprise. Maybe this is yet another Trump way of Trumping himself and everyone else. Big Media outlets are wondering what The Donald might be planning.

    Are we too precious in thinking Trump might announce an endorsement? In this case it would be a rather spectacular announcement that would Trump the election results.

    Our best guess? Florida Governor Rick Scott endorses Trump. Why else would Trump be in Florida tonight instead of a big victory state?

    Anyone else have a guess? Or is Trump playing mind games here and finding a new way to drive Big Media nuts?

  80. I hope it’s eating away at the Fraud that Trump is getting way bigger rallies (and without a rock band to lure them in) and bringing in more new voters! I hope it’s keeping his cheating, lying heart awake at night.

  81. The point that Neetabug has persistently missed is that the American People are not looking for a good husband, they are looking for a BIG STICK.


  82. Donald had the best line about Robio today…

    He was asked about Robio’s sudden attacks and attempts at being funny

    and Donald said “He’s trying to act like Don Rickles and it isn’t working”

    ba da boom!!


    he had another one when on fox and Friends this am…

    something about them asking if Robio should get out of the race and the GOP going against him…and he said…”maybe they should get out (meaning the GOP establishment)…they have lost the last two races for President…races they should have won…

  83. Is Hillary winning? I just got an e-mail from Robby that asked for more $$ cause Sander out raised her in February.

  84. JB

    Votes aren’t counted yet, but Hillary will win big tonight.

    Yeah, they also have the obots working real hard on the phones trying to get money for the campaign.

  85. Well Virginia may be interesting. .exit polls have Rubio ahead in some categories. …especially with the young. Hope they didn’t vote in numbers.

    Youth is wasted on the young isn’t it?

  86. Your right Lu, if we want a good husband, Bill would never fit that.

    Never, and to be truthful, 60 year old man, 25 year old kid. ..puts that in a special category. And a repeat offended…so if you want to throw bricks in that glass house, be very careful.

  87. Do you remember the movie A Perfect Storm? Do you remember the old man in the yacht with the two young women aboard, who takes one good look at the storm of the century, and the terror of his two guests and says: I have been through this before. The trick is to ride it out. If we submerge, that’s okay, because we will float back up to the surface like a bouyant cork. So sad that the two young women, fearful for their own lives, do not listen to the old frizzle, but call in the coast guard. So lucky they did to avoid Davy Jones locker. I don’t know about you, but to me, the political class reminds me a lot of the old frizzle. As Richard points out eloquently in this article–hell he is always eloquent I do not need to guild the lilly, after fucking the country like a house cat, after squandering the peace dividend of world war II, and after indulging all of their smell of the lamp theories about how to conduct foreign relations, their main goal now is to survive. For the good of the nation, I pray they do not. This may be a blow to Harvard. But it would be a boon to this nation. Fuck em. In my view, our girl Hillary hitched her wagon to a dark star. I defer to Richard:
    The Hillary Defense

    When does the cavalry arrive?

    Greg Sargent, channeling the Democratic establishment’s fear that Donald Trump is unstoppably advancing like the Blob on the capital, has laid out Hillary Clinton’s defense plan against him. The first thing Hillary will do is fire up the liberal base and circle the wagons.

    Today’s New York Times delivers the most comprehensive report yet on the evolving Dem strategy. It’s worth dividing the Dem approach into two categories: First, there are the attacks that are designed to tear Trump down in the eyes of core Dem constituencies (minorities, single women) and groups of gettable swing voters (suburbanites and college educated whites).
    The other component of her defense is to deploy a yet to be announced set of firebreaks in the path of what is now recognized as incandescent angry white males. “The Clinton operation .. and other Democrats are poring over polling data to understand the roots of Mr. Trump’s populist appeal.” From this hope to deduce how best to neutralize the angry demographic they’ve ignored and reviled all these years. Sargent quotes a New York Times article which explains.

    Mrs. Clinton’s uneven performance with male voters so far, especially white men, could create an opening for Mr. Trump to attract Democrats and independents who are socially and culturally moderate and open to his call for a strong military, fearless foreign policy and businessman’s approach to the economy. Those voters could give him an edge in places like North Carolina, which Mr. Obama won in 2008. But Clinton advisers also worry about Ohio, Florida and Democratic-leaning states in presidential elections that Mr. Trump has vowed to contest, like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
    Clinton’s idea is to throw a few sops at the crowd in the hopes they’ll go home. The Republicans are also belatedly realizing they must outbid Trump on key issues like immigration, jobs and national defense to stop his advance. But in both cases the problem will be whether anyone will believe them this time. Hillary’s credibilty problems need no explanation. But the GOP must also outbid Trump in a way that unambiguously binds them to their pledges. This time the promises need collateral. James Hohmann writing in the Washington Post observed that the most threatening aspect of the rebellion has been its unsuspected headlong commitment, almost bordering on kamikaze determination.

    “It’s like Dr. Strangelove,” said a tip-top Republican who is closely aligned with the GOP establishment and supported Chris Christie until he dropped out. “People are saying, ‘I’m not gonna tell my friends and family I’m voting for Trump,’ but then they’re pulling the trigger for Trump. I might as well be like Slim Pickens at the end of the movie and just ride the atomic bomb down and see what happens.”
    Up until now the political elite always believed that discontent could be bought off. But by backing Trump voters have echoed Sherlock’s famous answer to Moriarty.

    Moriarty: It has been a duel between you and me, Mr. Holmes. You hope to place me in the dock. I tell you that I will never stand in the dock. You hope to beat me. I tell you that you will never beat me. If you are clever enough to bring destruction upon me, rest assured that I shall do as much to you.’
    Holmes: ‘You have paid me several compliments, Mr. Moriarty,’ said I. ‘Let me pay you one in return when I say that if I were assured of the former eventuality I would, in the interests of the public, cheerfully accept the latter.’

    That’s when you know it’s serious. The power of commitmentment is a powerful concept in the theory of deterrence. “Precommitment is a strategy in which a party to a conflict uses a commitment device to strengthen its position by cutting off some of its options to make its threats more credible. … For instance, an army can burn a bridge behind it, making retreat evidently impossible. A famous example of this tactic is when Hernán Cortés had his men scuttle the ships in order to eliminate any means of desertion. Alternatively, in the context of the Cold War, fail-deadly retaliation systems such as the Soviet Dead Hand make a response to a sudden attack automatic, regardless of whether or not anyone is left alive to make decisions.”

    Supporting Trump is equivalent to burning the bridges. There’s no way back. It remains to be seen whether the Republicans or the Democrats, whose response so far has been a day late and a dollar short, can call and up the ante. The establishment, unlike the voters, is risk-averse. They are too used to gambling with other people’s money to go for broke. They are more likely to offer the appearance of reform rather than its painful reality and hope smoke and mirrors suffice to halt the blaze.

    The two threats to Hillary’s planned defense are that her radical shift to the Left to beat off Sanders will now hamper her ability to steer hard a-starboard to meet the threat of the angry white voter. Having twisted her policies like a pretzel to mollify the followers of Sanders it will hardly be easy for her to pander to the supporters of Trump. Like a World War 2 battleship trying to comb the tracks of torpedoes, the good ship Hillary may find itself dodging one spread only to run into another.

    The second threat to Hillary is the significant probability that some major foreign policy or economic catastrophe will strike before election day thereby ruining her carefully crafted messaging. In the words of Fred Hiatt says in his Washington Post article: everything went south for the administration because the world failed to cooperate with Obama.

    Foot soldiers of misery, they tumble out of buses and their first request is not for water, food or diapers. They have been on the move for weeks, in some cases months, and they need to connect — with relatives they’ve left behind and may never see again, with comrades who can relay rumors on the dangers of the road ahead.
    They are escaping the wreckage of entire countries. A million have washed into Europe in the past year, and another million are on the threshold. The continent’s leaders see the mass migration as their starkest test since World War II. Far-right xenophobic parties are on the rise. Longtime commitments to free speech, tolerance and open borders are eroding. Many of the leaders despair at the absence of U.S. leadership and the rise of Russian meddling. …

    President Obama acted as though pulling back from the arc of conflict would end the conflict. “The tide of war is receding,” he proclaimed as he announced the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq. Again the world failed to cooperate.

    Given, as John Bosco writes in Real Clear Politics, that “Obama needs a JFK moment in East Asia” to beat back China. Given, as the Atlantic Council writes, that NATO is wilting under a “perfect storm” then clearly it is not safe to count on the world cooperating with Hillary any more than it assisted Obama.

    Hillary can circle her wagons, but the world will no longer ride to her rescue. It may no longer be possible to steer a course between the irate domestic voters and the crony lobbies and foreign enemies. In their own way even the administration has admitted this. Their goal is no longer to “build a world without nuclear weapons” or establish a “rule based international order” nor even “Hope and Change”. Its goals like those of the refugees become far more basic. All the party in Washington wants to do now is survive.

    The real problem with Hillary’s strategy of circling the wagons is the implicit assumption that if she can make it to 2016 things will somehow get better. They won’t. In a manner of speaking the current political challenge is providential because it provides a chance for the American political system to adapt within the context of a democratic system. If the political system cannot call forth the men who can meet the challenge now then what hope can there be of finding people with the mettle to face actual enemies later?

    Everyone must have guessed the day would eventually come when it wouldn’t be enough to kick the can down the road and wait for the cavalry to arrive. Maybe that day is here.

  88. For me it all boils down to this: Trump is a gamble. The establishment is a certainty.

    The establishment will destroy this nation. That is a fact.

    Trump may save it, provided it is not to late. That is the gamble.

    By the way, this is not just the way I feel.

    My friend, the clairvoyant, sees it the exact same way.

    I ran into a young lady who wants Bernie, but will not go to the polls to vote for him.

    But if Trump is the Republican nominee, then she will go to the polls and vote against him.

    She admitted the reasons she would do this because Donald is not nice.

    In other words it is a matter of style–NOT SUBSTANCE.

    Would it matter to you if he gave you a better future, even though he is not nice?

    Would it matter to you if someone who was nice, condemned you to a negative future?

    Echo answereth not. Neither did she.

    This is the same drivel I got from another young woman eight years ago.

    She said she did not want Hillary because Obama was so full of hope.

    Like the show title: Just shoot me.

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