Trump Towers

Update: Party party time! Viva Las Vegas with the Hotgas rebel army and the nearly blown up HotAir Death Star! We’re all watching tonight.

Nationally, Donald J. Trump is a rising rocket man as Reuter’s tracking poll pegs him at over 41% and not a single opponent breaks the 20% threshold we discuss in our main article. A victory tonight in Nevada will help Trump enormously and might be a deadly precursor to that 20% limbo line in many states.

Tomorrow we can compare and contrast the Dem results in Nevada with the GOP results from tonight. Trump should win Nevada easily but corruption in Harry Reid’s state is not unknown or infrequent. Lots of opportunities for a stolen election in Nevada ladies and gents.

Still, caveats aside, if Trump wins Nevada… Trump towers.


On September 8, 2015, before anyone else, while others mocked Donald J. Trump, we suspected Trump might have the GOP nomination locked up:

The hostile takeover will be complete.

Are we premature? Is it too early to declare the very real, very authentic Donald J. Trump the winner before one vote has been cast? The latest polls convince us that it is not too early but rather too late to stop Trump. [snip]

We do so because the political establishment in general and the GOP establishment in particular held one, er, trump card to play against Donald J. Trump. What was that, um, trump card? It was electability. It was always about electability.

The establishment attacks against Donald J. Trump failed. The “Trump is no conservative” attack failed. The “Trump is unpopular” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win without Hispanic support” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win without women” attack failed. The “Trump is not a serious candidate” attack failed. The “Trump won’t run” attack failed. The “Trump won’t disclose his finances” attack failed. The “Trump will blow himself up” attack failed. The “Trump can’t win the war against Fox News” attack failed. The “Trump won’t sign a loyalty oath we designed to block him” attack failed. The “Trump has no positions” attack failed. The “Trump positions are ridiculous” attack failed. The “Trump raped his wife” attack failed. The “Trump has no organization” attack failed. The “Trump won’t spend money” attack failed. The “Trump is a billionaire” attack failed. The “Trump is too rich to understand non-rich people” attack failed. The “Trump wants to raise taxes” attack failed. The “Trump is a clown” attack failed. The “Trump supporters are clowns” attack failed. The “Trump insulted McCain” attack failed. The “Trump insulted veterans” attack failed. The “Trump is mean” attack failed. The “Trump has a bad tone” attack failed. The “Trump is not nice” attack failed. The “Trump won’t stay in the race” attack failed. The “Trump supporters are not registered to vote” attack failed. The “Trump is a racist” attempt failed. The “Trump will weaken” attacks failed.

Every establishment attack against Donald J. Trump failed. But the “electability” argument remained and it had the strongest bite from the establishment snakes.

The “electability” argument was “yeah, but he can’t win.”

New Hampshire and South Carolina prove Trump can win and does win. The firewalls to stop the Trump prairie fire have burned down. The GOP establishment firewall is still ablaze.

In less than a month, Trump will be the undisputed GOP nominee.

Consider the immediate future. This Tuesday Nevada votes in caucus mode; next Tuesday a near dozen states vote. Will Trump win?

Before we look at the polls, let’s quickly remember the three top GOP rules that rule the race. As we explained last year, all these rules were designed to fix the race for Jeb Bush and now all these rules pave the way for Trump.

Recall that Jeb Bush was supposed to clear the field with his hundred million dollar haul for his SuperPac. Along with the Bush name and Bush organization the calendar was set to fix the primaries for another Bush.

First, the early states that Bush had a chance to lose remained states in which the delegates were proportionately allocated. Bush could lose Iowa and New Hampshire, but like other GOP establishment candidates he would be rescued by South Carolina.

Then after South Carolina, with all the momentum pushing him onward, Jeb could quickly win in Nevada which was to vote three days after South Carolina. Jeb could then go into the Super Tuesday elections with a head of steam and win at least some of the states and continue to proportionately gather delegates.

Finally, the coup de grace would be Florida which Jeb Bush was sure to win. Florida was made a winner take all state and the nomination would be secure for Jeb.

But Trump.

Instead of the runway set for Jeb Bush ascension, it is Trump’s Jet poised for take off.

Now, return to the rules in the wake of the Bush collapse. First rule, after the Bush collapse, to divide the delegate votes in the early states. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump grabbed a big proportion of the delegates. In South Carolina, Trump got all the delegates. All the millions of dollars Cruz and Rubio spent, all the hours Cruz and Rubio worked, all the organizational effort expended.. Trump takes it all at wholesale prices while Cruz and Rubio get nothing for their crap shoot.

Second rule in light of Jeb Bush’s collapse. The winner take all rules that will begin to dominate the races on March 15 and thereafter benefit Trump now. If Trump wins with a single solitary vote, Trump gets it all, not Bush.

Third rule. The minimum vote requirement to get delegates. In many states candidates will need to get at least 20 percent of the votes in order to be eligible to get any delegates. The winner will get the undistributed votes. This is a big rule for everyone to keep their eye on.

Super-rule 40. This is a big one. The biggest. We’ve talked about Rule 40 before. Rule 40 was meant to fix the election for Jeb Bush:

Officially, it’s Rule 40 in the RNC handbook and it states that any candidate for president “shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states” before their name is presented for nomination at the national convention.

A majority of eight state delegations just to have a name put into nomination. South Carolina gives Trump one of those states. A clear majority. Cruz cannot claim a majority of the delegates for Iowa. Trump is the only one that has a victory to qualify one state delegation under Rule 40. It’s the rules baby. The 2008 primaries were stolen from Hillary Clinton by the Rules and By-laws Committee as her delegates were stolen from her and given to Barack Obama and Barack Obama was also given delegates from an election (Michigan) in which Obama was not even a candidate as he had taken his name off the ballot. It’s the rules baby.

Now, with the strategic landscape of the Rules, let’s look at the tactical landscape of the polls. Who wins next? Can Trump win Nevada and the Super-Tuesday states? Yes:

Donald Trump leads polls in 10 of next 14 voting states

Donald Trump is leading in 10 of the 14 states set to vote in Republican primaries or caucuses over the next two weeks.

Recent polls show that Trump is ahead in Nevada, Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Louisiana.

According to Real Clear Politics, his biggest lead is in Massachusetts, where he is 35 points ahead of Marco Rubio.

Trump’s lowest margin of victory is predicted to come in Minnesota, where he leads Rubio by 6 points.

In Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s home state, Trump trails him by 6.7 percent, meaning he could still grab a chunk of the state’s 172 delegates.

Trump is currently ahead with a total of 61 delegates, 50 more than Cruz. The eventual nominee will need 1,236 out of 2,472.

Trump also trails in Arkansas, Colorado and Kentucky.

The candidates are now revving up their campaigns for Super Tuesday, March 1, when voters go to the polls in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming.

In the states Trump leads, the polls are often of recent vintage. In the states Trump is slightly behind, the polls are usually old and certainly do not take into account Trump’s tremendous victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina. (Latest poll from Massachusetts has Trump at 50%, latest poll from Nevada has Trump at 45%.)

Like a cold war era samizdat copy of a banned Solzhenitsyn novel, this excellent McClatchy article sums up the current state of GOP play:

Trump poised to step on the GOP accelerator

GOP delegate selection process favors front-runners

Nevada caucus up next; Trump favored

He leads in 8 of the next states

CHARLESTON, S.C. Things sure look good for Donald Trump.

The Republican presidential race expanded across the country Sunday, and polls show the real estate mogul ahead in eight of the dozen states voting in the next nine days.

Trump has now won primaries in two very different states, center-right New Hampshire and evangelical-dominated South Carolina. And the Republican Party system of choosing a presidential nominee favors candidates who continue to win early primaries and caucuses.

He seems to have about a third of the Republican electorate under his spell, and it’s a durable, non-ideological coalition,” said Kyle Kondik, managing editor at Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball Sunday. [snip]

Rubio lived in Las Vegas as a child, was a church member, and Sunday picked up the endorsement of Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nevada. But a CNN/ORC poll last week showed Trump with a huge lead, with more support than Rubio and Cruz combined.

Trump had 45%, Rubio 19% and Cruz 17% in the Feb. 10-15 CNN/ORC Nevada GOP caucus poll.

Ruby-O leads in zero states. Ruby-O campaigned with most of the South Carolina GOP establishment but lost. Now, Trump at 45% in Nevada before the impact of his South Carolina hit. Who do you think will win Nevada?

On March 1, the primaries and caucuses in 11 states include seven states in the south or near the south none of which are likely to go Ruby-o. The Ruby-o fans love their Ruby-o but he’s just a dreamer unlikely to immigrate to the White House.

We don’t see any state where Ruby-o wins a majority of the delegates. None. Neither does Ruby-o himself. Which means Ruby-o won’t even get his name in nomination at the GOP convention. Now that we’ve ruined a great song, let’s go on with the McClatchy analysis of the next primary elections:

Cruz has a more daunting test.

South Carolina should have ignited his crusade for a more God-fearing America. Everything was in place, including a big momentum-filled downtown Charleston rally Friday with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, conservative talk show host Sean Hannity and a surprise endorsement from Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C.

Instead, Cruz not only finished third, but exit polls showed he trailed Trump among evangelicals. [snip]

The challenge for Trump’s rivals is that his appeal transcends traditional political boundaries. The future of Trump’s candidacy was apparent last week when he stopped in wealthy Kiawah Island, a southeastern South Carolina residential and resort community. The audience was a well-educated, politically sophisticated group full of teachers, lawyers, nurses, doctors and retired government workers.

They tended to be over 55 and had worked in bureaucracies all their lives. They appreciated Trump’s ability to cut through the rhetoric.

“I’m tired of all the political correctness,” said Isabel Romero, a former Army finance official. “He appeals to your heart and he appeals to the middle class.”

Today’s crisis at the Cruz camp, a communications director firing for yet another dirty tricks incident, does not help Cruz – and it’s hours before Nevada votes. As to the McClatchy analysis and Trump, there’s lots more appreciation of Trump from the well educated residents of the island. But here is the heart and soul of our argument why now Trump Towers about all the rest:

Trump is also going to find a delegate selection process to his liking. The Republican race now is less about who finishes second or third than who can win the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus deliberately crafted a process designed to produce a nominee quickly. By March 15, about 60 percent of Republican delegates will have been chosen.

Rules favor winners. In some states, candidates must get at least 20 percent of the vote to win delegates. In theory, if someone won 35 percent, and no one else got 20 percent, that candidate would win all the state’s delegates.

On March 15, the system changes again to promote an early nominee. States then can award all their delegates to the winner, period, no matter what the margin. That means someone could squeak through in Florida, which has a March 15 primary, and get all its 99 delegates.

The “fix” in place for Jeb Bush now works to the benefit of Donald Trump. The best laid schemes of mice and men – often fall apart. The best constructed firewalls often are the first to burn.

When you look at it right now, it looks like there’s this juggernaut.”

Trump Towers now above the rest of the field.


94 thoughts on “Trump Towers


    Is Donald Trump unbeatable? [snip]

    No GOP candidate who won both New Hampshire and South Carolina has subsequently lost the nomination.

    Trump is the frontrunner. He is the most likely Republican nominee for president. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. [snip]

    Rubio has certainly been the beneficiary of media expectations that he would make the most formidable nominee. Every moment is a Rubio moment and South Carolina was no different. It is annoying to anyone who is not sold on him that Rubio seems to “win” according to the media’s made-up spread even when he finished third in Iowa, fifth in New Hampshire, and a second that was a hair away from third in South Carolina. But the Rubio expectations game is based on national polls that show him being acceptable to the largest blocs of the party and competitive in the general election.

    Saturday was a bad but not fatal night for Ted Cruz. Consider what coming in a virtual tie or just behind Rubio means for him. First, it blows a hole in his post-New Hampshire theory that this had become a two-man race. Clearly that’s not true if voters were willing to wind up Marco-bot for another run. But more crucially, South Carolina seemed to disprove the theory that the Cruz campaign is operating on. South Carolina’s GOP primary is determined by evangelical voters. Ted Cruz’s theory of the 2012 general election is that the Republican Party failed to turn out millions of evangelical voters. But Trump won the evangelical vote in South Carolina. And he won especially big margins among evangelicals who do not have college degrees. The South Carolina primary also set a record for turnout. That has to be credited to Trump turning out new voters (for him and against him). If the Cruz theory is true, it is helping Trump more than Cruz. Not to mention that Cruz was always going to have trouble being the consolidated anti-Trump candidate because the donor class of the Republican Party loathes him. [snip]

    Many powerful people in the conservative movement and the Republican establishment desperately want him as their nominee. That counts for a lot.

    But don’t get too excited for Rubio. It may still be too late. The race moves to Nevada next. It is hard to see Rubio or Cruz being so discouraged by results there that one of them drops out and endorses the other in an attempt to stop Trump. They will, as they have, focus all of their fire on each other, continuing the pattern where Trump never stays in a prolonged one-on-one fight. Rubio wins among people who have college diplomas and Republicans who have high-paying jobs. He is acceptable to most of the party, but he is only truly beloved by the political class itself.

    Trump’s victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina make the Trump phenomenon more real and plausible to voters who find some part of themselves attracted to him. He is creating havoc and inflicting pain on the Republican Party, along with the entire class of media and political professionals. Trump’s campaign has shattered the illusion of governed order within the Republican Party, and many voters now find themselves enjoying the freedom to loot unpunished. A kind of dark fatalism gathers itself in the Republican Party. And, anecdotally, this fatalism is shared by many Republican elites themselves, who privately tell columnists like yours truly that they richly deserve the fate Trump is delivering to them.

  2. Lu4PUMA, excellent question So, what if the GOPers change the rules?

    Our question: Does anyone think if the GOP tries to rob Trump the same way the Rules and By-laws Committee robbed Hillary, the results will be the same?


    Will Trump walk and denounce the GOP?

    We bet on the second possibility. If the GOP tries to steal the election we easily see Trump campaigning against the nominee actively if not passively.

    An active campaign would be to get on the ballot in certain states and break the back of the GOP that way. A passive campaign would be to remind everyone at every turn of the treachery against him by the GOP.

    Now, ask yourself, what if the DNC steals the nomination from Hillary? What will she do? Will Hillary again surrender or fight? As past is prologue, Hillary would give in. That surrender is the operating premise of the Dims.

    That is why she fails.

  3. KY has gone to a CAUCUS too ..not sure why KY would not be a big Trump supporter

    ALL stops will be put in Florida for Rubio

    The GOP will ACTIVELY send every $ and every one in the establishment there to wrestle the win for him

    HOME town advantage

    I am trying to not get invested in this thing too much

  4. MEEEGan Kelly has set up a TOWN HALL in Texas on Wednesday night … the table is all set for Rubio

    Where did you find current polling for KY???

  5. I’m here in Florida in a predominantly Democratic county. Trump is well liked here and he has a presence. Governor Rick Scott likes him. I do not see Robio taking this state.

  6. I lived in Texas for 20 years. MeeeeAgain is not going to sell Robio there, either. Now, they may go for Cruz, but if I have my guess, Trump will do well there, also. It’s about living on the border of Mexico and that Wall.

  7. Via Time magazine, a rules primer:

    What about Rule 40? This obscure rule passed to prevent Paul from being nominated on the convention floor in 2012, requires that candidates win a majority of eight delegations to be entered into nomination and have their delegates counted. It is almost certain to be amended in the week leading up to the GOP convention, depending on circumstances. (For instance, the minimum could move higher, in the case of a clear nominee, or lower, if there’s a contested convention.) [snip]

    Alabama Primary (50 total delegates/47 bound) — Proportional with 20% threshold
    Alaska Caucuses (28/25) — Proportional with 13% threshold
    Arkansas Primary (40/37) ­— Proportional with 15% threshold
    Georgia Primary (76) — Proportional with 20% threshold
    Massachusetts Primary (42/39) — Proportional with 5% threshold
    Minnesota Caucuses (38/35) — Proportional with 10% threshold
    North Dakota Caucuses (28/0) — The state does not have a presidential preference poll and all delegates are officially unbound. Caucuses can be flexibly scheduled
    Oklahoma Primary (43/40) — Proportional with 15% threshold
    Tennessee Primary (58/55) — Proportional with 20% threshold
    Texas Primary (155/152) — Proportional with 20% threshold
    Vermont Primary (16/13) — Proportional with 20% threshold
    Virginia Primary (49/46) — Proportional
    Wyoming Caucuses (29/0) — The state does not have a presidential preference poll and all delegates are officially unbound

    March 5, 2016 (145 bound delegates)

    Kansas Caucuses (40) — Proportional with 10% threshold
    Kentucky Caucuses (45/42) — Proportional with 5% threshold
    Louisiana Primary (46/43) — Proportional with 20% threshold statewide, no threshold for congressional district delegates
    Maine Caucuses (23/20) — Proportional with 10% threshold

    March 6, 2016 (23 bound delegates)

    Puerto Rico Primary (23) — Proportional with 20% threshold

    March 8, 2016 (140 bound delegates)

    Hawaii Caucuses (19/16) — Proportional
    Idaho Primary (32) — Proportional with 20% threshold
    Michigan Primary (59/56) — Proportional with 15% threshold
    Mississippi Primary (39/36) — Proportional with 15% threshold

    March 12, 2016 (19 bound delegates)

    District of Columbia Convention (19) — Proportional with 15% threshold
    Guam Convention (9/0) — Delegates elected at convention and unbound

    Super Tuesday: March 15, 2016 (361 bound delegates)

    This is the first day that states may begin to award delegates on a winner-take-all basis and where favorite sons are looking to score big. It’s also the date at which a majority (56%) of delegates will have been already bound—an important milestone that was reached nearly a month later in 2012.

    Florida Primary (99) — Winner take all
    Illinois Primary (69) — Statewide delegates are winner take all, congressional district delegates elected directly on ballot and bound as they declare
    Missouri Primary (52/49) – Winner take all above 50%, otherwise winter take all by congressional district
    North Carolina Primary (72/69) – Proportional
    Northern Mariana Islands Caucuses (9) – Winner take all
    Ohio Primary (66) –Winner take all

    More data at link, some of which will be updated as circumstances require.

  8. When 11,000 people caucus, ie, Democratic Nevada election, and how many millions of voters are there? Well several, really hard to accept that, really hard, but that is the twisted bought and paid for, corrupted non representative government that we have.

    So I imagine Paul may very well win KY Admin, lol.


    Nevada expert: Trump will win state ‘easily’

    Jon Ralston, known as the dean of the Nevada press corps, thinks Donald Trump will have no trouble winning in his state’s GOP caucus Tuesday.

    Donald Trump is going to win Nevada easily,” veteran journalist Jon Ralston said Sunday on “Meet The Press.”

    “There are no rules anymore,” Ralston said. “The old math doesn’t work.

    Host Chuck Todd noted that Nevada was long thought to be the state where Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., would score his first win. Establishment Republicans hope that Rubio, who picked up an endorsement Saturday from Sen. Dean Heller, can consolidate anti-Trump Republicans in the state.

    Ralston dismissed the notion.

    “He’s not going to win,” Ralston said. “He’ll be lucky to finish second.”

  10. gonzo: professor hanson is as rock solid as it gets. He starts off with Trump—the pluses and the minuses, and then after the break he dissects Obama’s foreign policy which was supported to the hilt by the New York Times, only now they are trying to extricate themselves. It is a policy of appeasement, and encourages weaker nations to rub our nose in the dirt while Obama prattles on with his all empires fall, and the world is a beautiful tapestry of people if we could just get rid of the whites. What is interesting is that Brennan, who is despised by many people, has promoted the Obama theme describing radical islam as a personal journey is now going full tilt the other way and warning us of impending disaster. He, and Clapper know they have not told the truth to the American People, and they will pay a heavy price for it when the next disaster hits the transom. The consensus of thinking people–not the Obama loving big media, NYT or WashPo, but people who deal in truth rather than lies, is that the next 9 months are fraught with danger, as our allies realize there is no value in having a friendship with the United States, we cannot be counted on to have their back, and our enemies realize that they had better get everything they can before Obama leaves office, because it is likely to change, unless Hillary wins in which case it will be Obama III–which she is 100% committed to.

    The other problem with Hillary is her commitment to smart power. Colonel Bing West had some profound things to say about this in his book The Strongest Tribe. In The Strongest Tribe and in a subsequent article in Military Review about counterinsurgency lessons, West argued that the current doctrine of nation-building and winning hearts and minds by economic development was based on Western liberal theory rather than the realities of battle. West has grave reservations about extolling the effects of “non-kinetic COIN” (counterinsurgency). He believes that the warriors, not the people, defeat warriors, and that America’s mistake in both Iraq and Afghanistan was to concede all authority to appoint and to remove for cause military and police officers. He believes insurgencies proceed from the bottom up, and must be dealt with at the local level. To that extent, each American battalion operates as a separate franchise. Variations among units are extraordinary because the high command has lacked a set of practical guiding principles.

  11. admin
    February 22, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    A Morman acquaintance told me that Rubio’s family used to be Mormons and that they used the LDS to sponsor them when they hauled it over from Cuba. When they got established to their satisfaction (with LDS help of money and time) they went to Miami and weren’t Mormans anymore. Viewed as a tribe of opportunists and cons, Rubio the boobio won’t be getting the Morman vote needed to win any states in the west. He like Cruz does not have a path to winning many delegates that I can see.

    And all of those “endorsements” spewing out of the political class, why do they think endorsing anyone will help? Voters want to get rid of the endorsers also. By whom they endorse, Kasich or Rubio, Bernie or Hillary, they can be identified by which school of hackery which they are associated. The same goes for the idiotic newspaper “endorsement”. The Waco Tribune Herald endorsed John Kasich to great hilarity in the area. When is the media and clerissy going to realize that this year no one gives a shit what they think or which in-group they are sucking up to currently?

    And lucky Trump continues to tell Machine Gun Megyn Kelly he can’t show up to Fox made up events because he has to wash his hair or talk to some very fantastic people instead of her is becoming a running joke. Murdoch never explained to Machine Gun Kelly that if you are going to shoot the king don’t miss. It was above her pay grade and ability anyway. She missed and is now in professional purgatory.

  12. In uni-party presidential election politics this was to be the year of the Hispanic. Jeb is a cultural Hispanic because he gave away his own culture and family decades ago to be married to a probably illegal alien who demanded he be Mexico too. Then Rubio and even Cruz were acceptable too. Hillary (the Dreamers are our future! and canned weeping Hispanic children she is going to save from their parents legal problems and complete lack of morals) was going to benefit from the elite cultural push to lionize all things Hispania. PBS even got Jacques Pepin to cook some Mexican shit. Some of us have been to France, Italy, even Scotland (prawns! venison! beef!) as well as poor old Mexico and there is no comparison. Mexico is a failed cartel with crooked elites country and no thanks.

    Anyway the plan hit a stump with Obama’s open border surges. They are still going on and now include Cubans and Afghans. With Mexicans mixed in these are the greatest drug producers and runners in the world. All on the Texas border. Heading for every town with cheap meth and heroin. But we have organic goat tacos! What a trade!

    Now the rubber meets the road.
    “Rubio touts his vast “foreign policy experience.” Seriously? How delusional does he think the American people are? How delusional is he? Does he sincerely believe that crap?”

    “This does not mean that I am endorsing or embracing Trump, but the Republican establishment is desperate to find them a new house nigger. A nice errand boy who looks good on camera, speaks in soothing tones and fires off a snappy salute when his economic benefactors tell him what to do.”

    The dreams and investment in the Hispanification of the US lives on. Seen as useful stooges, inferiors, and lackeys to be pitted against a native population. Even in politics. Very similar to the Muslimification of Europe. How is that working out?

  13. I keep reading about the murder of “saints” who work for Non-Governmental Organizations. And some UN troops, etc getting into hot water in the countries they are supposed to be helping. These “helpers” and expert virtue signalers have a disturbing thing in common. The sexual abuse of the young and even children of those they are supposed to be “helping”. Not all of them do it of course but a hell of a lot of them do. After their brutal murder, or arrest and jailing, it seems to always have something to do with who they were currently “banging”. I know that religious missionary organizations encourage and prefer married couples so no “lone wolves” get off into the weeds with the designated converts but the NGO’s don’t seem to care or conveniently ignore these predators. Even in-country NGO’s seem to have problems with fraternization and murders of their “volunteers” who seem to prefer the cross cultural “stimulation”. I wonder which came first the attraction and convenience of someone else paying for their sex tourism or the virtue signaling. It seems awfully dangerous and maybe they should be screened out. And the people they are “helping” seem to hate their guts.

  14. The RNC set the rules up for !Jeb to walk into the presidency. Mr Low Energy needed smooth sailing since he is so blech. He has his little “act of love” shtick and repeated claims to his great governorship a hundred years ago (hanging chads!). I suspect that Trump (who almost ran in 2012) and his coterie of advisers (most importantly Carl Icahn) read the RNC rules and knew they could beat them and punched out a plan. Just like in a corporate hostile takeover. The RNC is actually a corporate organization with donors who buy shares and influence and lackey “consultants” who do the dirty work. I also think Turd Blossom Rove came up with the RNC delegate plan of compressed and front-loaded primaries designed for Jeb. TB was so cock-sure that he didn’t write a plan B as backup. It was written to stop insurgents like Cruz who are neophytes but Rove has never run into corporate sharks. Thinking he is Machiavelli with a white board and a genius with numbers (it is simple arithmetic Karl), he met his match with Trump and Icahn who play with (mostly) their own money unlike Turd Blossom. Although Jeb went down like a drunk sailor, it is the complete obliteration of Turd Blossom and his ilk that is the utmost importance of this year in politics. I’d like to be a fly on the wall with any Turd Blossom, Bush family or flunky, and donor meetings. It will be gruesome.

  15. If the republicans do try to pull something at the convention, they could still use Bush as the candidate they are trying to force on people, I think. Hopefully Trump will be ahead by so many delegates they can’t even try their convention trick…

  16. imo…if the RNC tries to screw with The Donald in any way like the DNC robbed Hillary…Donald will declare hardball war…Donald will never go quietly into the night and suck it up…no way Jose…

    there is no way he is going to start stacking up win after win, and put in all the hard work he is with rally after rally every day and night and winning…winning…and winning

    …and then have the RNC try some manipulation to put in anyone else after DT has had the whole country voting for him and again…winning…

    first of all Trumps voters will walk with him…so who will the RNC be left with to go up against Hillary?…”you say you want a revolution…oh yeah!”

    they would be committing suicide…and Donald, as we all know, will not hold back…he would blast them to hell…

    no, Donald is going to get the nomination and is very likely going to become our next President…the thing that really worries me is his safety…

    (I mean if some one could turn the lights off at his last night rally, how secure are those rallys? with the lights out anything could have happened…DT did not miss a beat…

    …also, FYI, Donald was on Hannity for the full hour last night…so smart…he is the right person at the right time and would make a truly transformative President…however on behalf of the American people this time around…)

  17. Mormaer
    February 23, 2016 at 7:14 am
    Brilliant analysis.

    I can imagine Trump and Ican sitting down at a place like, oh I don’t know, Wing Foot (an Irish Course) or Muttentown (a Jewish course on Long Island—former home of Henry Fonda’s first wife who was a Long Island blue blood and went nuts, and was Jane’s mother dare I say it an apple does not fall far from the tree, etc. The way I imagine it, both of them see this country going down the tubes, and people they know and have little respect for making out like bandits. Not for nothing did Brokaw call Washington DC the new Versaille, this, while 95 million people of working age are not working, and 17 percent of the jobs in this country are currently held by illegals, and they said to each we are two guys from Queens, but we beat the best of the best in Manhattan, so as the song goes, we can make it anywhere, and now we have enough money to last ten lifetimes, maybe its time for us to see if we can rescue this country, on which the fate of the world still rests. We have been talking about these problems for years, maybe we need to give something back to this country which has given so much to us, and maybe the time to do it is now, before it is too late.

  18. Mormaer, to follow through on your analysis, Trump and Icahan can be viewed as sharks where the corrupt uniparty is concerned, but WHITE KNIGHTS where the nation is concerned.

  19. We’re conventional wisdom now:

    Donald Trump is on course to win the 1,237 delegates he needs to be the GOP nominee

    The biggest chunk of delegates, approximately 55 percent (1,360 delegates) are doled out proportionally. Assuming that past is prologue, let’s give Trump 30 percent of these delegates, which totals 408.

    Sixteen percent of the delegates will be doled out on a winner-take-all basis, meaning that if you win the state you win all of its delegates. The two biggest prizes in the winner-take-all states, which, under Republican National Committee rules, can’t hold a presidential vote until March 15, are Ohio and Florida. The former allocates 66 delegates, the latter 99. Connecticut, which allocates 25 delegates, is a somewhat special case, but, for the moment, let’s leave it in winner-take-all. (More on Connecticut below.) Given Trump’s dominance in polling in these winner-take-all states, give him all 396 delegates available.

    There are 618 delegates (25 percent of the total) given out in some sort of hybrid process — a combination of winner-take-all and proportional allocation. Give Trump half of the winner-take-all and 30 percent of the proportionals. (Like we said, this is a rough calculation.) That’s 412 delegates.

    Another 4 percent of delegates are allocated by conventions and caucuses. Again, assume Trump gets 30 percent, which makes for 30 more delegates. Seven percent of delegates are RNC members. It’s hard to imagine Trump winning any of these. So, zero in that category.

    Add it all up and you have Trump at 1,246 delegates — or nine more than he would need to be the party’s official nominee at the party convention in Cleveland in July. [snip]

    For all the talk about Rubio vs. Cruz and who might be the stronger candidate in a one on one against Trump, it’s worth noting that the cake is very, very close to being baked for Trump on the delegate math. Something cataclysmic is going to have to happen — and soon — to keep Trump from being over or very close to the 1,237 delegates he needs to be the party’s nominee when these primaries end on June 7.

    This math is silly. Bottom line: if Trump wins Nevada tonight and wins the majority of SuperTuesday states next week (as the polls indicate will happen) then Cruz is gone. If Trump beats Cruz in Texas next week. Cruz won’t survive when he gets primaried in Texas for reelection. As we wrote a while back, Cruz should get out before Texas votes to avoid destruction of his entire career.

    Once Cruz is out most of his “outsider” votes might go to Trump. But even that is increasingly irrelevant.

    What is relevant? After Trump disposes of Cruz on SuperTuesday Trump will dispose of Rubio, Carson, and Kasich on March 15. Rubio and Carson both reside in Florida so if they can’t win there, as the polls overwhelmingly indicate for months, they are gone. If Kasich can’t win Ohio on the same day his barely functioning campaign is over on March 15 as well.

    After Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, and Carson are out – Trump will be the only contender towering over the decapitated field of former candidates. At that point he racks up win after win.

  20. It’s over for Trump:

    Byron York: GOP insider dilemma: Is there time to stop Trump?

    I think March 1 is already cooked,” said Scott Reed, the Republican insider now the senior political strategist with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in a phone conversation Monday afternoon. “It’s going to be a great day for Donald Trump.”

    “The people I talk to sort of take for granted that [Trump] will win most of the March 1 states,” added Charlie Black, another veteran of many Republican campaigns. [snip]

    If, as the experts predict, Trump can add a bunch of victories to his total, stopping him would become an enormous and unprecedented task. And there won’t be much time to do it, if it can be done at all. [snip]

    Yes, most see it as too late to stop Trump by March 1. For one thing, early voting has already begun; about one-third of the SEC primary votes will already have been cast by the time election day dawns. That, the thinking goes, helps Trump, not only because he leads in most of the polls but because early voters are casting votes in the glow of Trump’s South Carolina win.

    For another thing, the field is still too big. Even after Jeb Bush’s withdrawal, there are still John Kasich and Ben Carson keeping the race from narrowing to a three-way contest between Trump and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. “Until the GOP race gets down to three candidates, and two end this vanity tour, Trump is like a locomotive roaring down the tracks,” Reed told me in an earlier email exchange.

    So far, Kasich and Carson have shown no inclination to leave their “vanity tour.” As far as Carson is concerned, it’s fair to say that few completely understand his motives for staying in. But Kasich still has a “plausible” path forward, said Black, and will likely stay in through the Michigan primary on March 8 and, possibly, his home state of Ohio on March 15.

    “You’re not going to convince anybody who’s still in to get out now,” said Black.

    Given that, insiders don’t see any chance to stop Trump on March 1. The real deadline is March 15, with the Florida and Ohio primaries and the beginning of the GOP’s winner-take-all phase.

    Of course, that’s still not a lot of time. One might think there would be a super-duper top priority, all-hands-on-deck, 24-7, stop-Trump effort going on right now, with lots of meetings and game plans and check-writing.

    Or maybe not. “There’s no organized move that I’m aware of,” Malek told me. “Just a lot of folks surmising after South Carolina that we have only one alternative.”

    That alternative, of course, is Rubio. And as Malek sees it, the job is not to destroy Trump but to build up a better option. “There is a sense of urgency, not to take anyone down, but to mount a concerned effort behind a candidate who has the proven capacity to govern effectively, and also the ability to win the general election,” said Malek. “Most activist Republicans and leading donors are skeptical of Trump or Cruz’s ability to triumph in November, and therefore want to see unity behind a single alternative.” [snip]

    Now, if Trump wins Nevada, it will be a pretty lopsided race. Nevertheless, the GOP veterans don’t see him prevailing in the end. “My only prediction is that Donald Trump has a long way to go to get the nomination,” said Charlie Black, “and I don’t think he’s going to get it.”

    Reality, meet denial. Denial, meet reality.

  21. Memories of 2008:

    The Democratic caucuses in 2008, the first year Nevada voted early to boost its influence, “yielded a federal lawsuit, a fight between labor unions, charges of voter intimidation and accusations of prejudice,” the Los Angeles Times reminds us. Even Bill Clinton, no stranger to the dark arts of politics, was left muttering about union trickery that year in support of his wife’s opponent, Barack Obama.

    The shenanigans of 2008 were recalled on Bloomberg Television’s “With All Due Respect” last week by host John Heilemann and David Plouffe, who was Obama’s campaign manager that year:

    Heilemann: “I remember covering this caucus in 2008 and thinking that of all the 50 states, that this was the weirdest, most skeevy, hinky election of any in the nominating contest. Do you agree with that, and why is Nevada so weird?”

    Plouffe: “Well, you know, you’ve got caucus sites in casinos. It’s a multi-hour affair, so in some respects it resembles a primary. And you know, politics here, like in New Jersey, like in Louisiana, it’s crazy, OK …”

    Heilemann: “By which you mean dirty.”

    Plouffe: “Well, you know, there’s a lot of deals being struck, yeah.

    This year, it was Hillary Clinton who benefited from the backroom maneuvering in Vegas, and it was her opponent, Bernie Sanders, who left Vegas wounded and muttering to himself. Yet even with the encouragement of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, only about 80,000 voters participated in the Democratic caucuses on Saturday. For comparison’s sake, an estimated 171,000 voters participated in Iowa’s Democratic caucuses at the start of the month.

    Now it’s the Republicans’ turn. Because Nevada, in its wisdom, scheduled its caucuses on separate days, there’s concern that some passionate suffragists who participated in Democratic caucuses on Saturday might vote again today, just like gluttons returning for seconds at the free buffet.

    Donald Trump better watch out. Elections get stolen, as Hillary found out. We expect if Trump sees something he’ll yell and scream, not take the abuse with a smile.

  22. OT but related to the power of Trump, it would seem, several remarkable tweets from House Speaker’s Twitter account this AM:

    Mr. President: It is against the law—& will stay against the law—to transfer terrorist detainees to American soil.

    Skinning the cat: President Obama’s War on Affordable Energy.

    The #SupremeCourt is not an extension of the White House. Congress, as an equal branch, has every right NOT to confirm someone.

  23. as mentioned last night Hannity had Donald on for the full hour in a town hall setting in Las Vegas where audience members could ask questions…lots of people in the audience

    when they started talking about the nevada caucus…Donald singled out Bob Massi who was in the audience (has a real estate show on Fox, based in Las Vegas)…and Donald said he will have Bob Massi and some of his friends “watching” things at the caucus to make sure everything is done properly…


  24. With his Hotel there, I suspect Trump knows a bit about Las Vegas politics. Probably has more than a few folks around with their ears and eyes wide open

  25. What goes around comes around Ruby-0. Be very careful about shouting liar at others. You don’t know all that might be coming out about you and all your lies.
    Do you really think, Ruby, that you can keep your activities hidden for long…well, then again, Barry did so maybe the RNC and the media will do for you all they did to cover up for Obama.

  26. wonder if rubio will get caught? and will it matter if he does?
    As the Nevada GOP primary caucus is underway, reports of an extramarital affair Rubio had with a Washington, D.C. lobbyist have surfaced.

    Per sources in Florida, Marco Rubio – while serving as the Speaker of the Florida State House of Representatives – used an American Express credit card from the Florida Republican Party to pay for AT LEAST 17 separate trips for Rubio and lobbyist Amber Stoner. Strangely, she would frequently end up in the same destinations, at the same time:

  27. NYTimes made itself useful in June 2013 by publishing this article which damns everyone involved with the Immigration legislation. Better yet, it singles out a Rubio aide:

    20 June 2013. White House Offers Stealth Campaign to Support Immigration Bill

    “WASHINGTON — The hide-out has no sign on the door, but inside Dirksen 201 is a spare suite of offices the White House has transformed into its covert immigration war room on Capitol Hill.
    “Strategically located down the hall from the Senate Judiciary Committee in one of the city’s massive Congressional office buildings, the work space normally reserved for the vice president is now the hub of a stealthy legislative operation run by President Obama’s staff. Their goal is to quietly secure passage of the first immigration overhaul in a quarter century.

    Six years ago President George W. Bush publicly sent cabinet secretaries to roam the Capitol building daily to try to woo Republican senators for a similar immigration bill. But this time, high-profile help from the White House is anathema to many Republicans who do not want to be seen by constituents as carrying out the will of Mr. Obama.

    So while lawmakers from both parties are privately relying on the White House and its agencies to provide technical information to draft scores of amendments to the immigration bill, few Republicans are willing to admit it. Some are so eager to prove that the White House is not pulling the strings that their aides say the administration is not playing any role at all.

    “President Obama’s concept of engaging Congress is giving a speech that nobody up here listens to,” said Alex Conant, a spokesman for Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, who is an important supporter of the immigration legislation. “If passing legislation is like making sausage, then this White House is like a bunch of vegetarians.”
    As senators near a final tally on the 867-page bill before the July 4 holiday, immigration supporters acknowledge serious risks in Mr. Obama’s approach: leaving the public advocacy for a major piece of his legacy in the hands of others. If the bill fails to become law, Mr. Obama will be open to criticism from Hispanics that he did not put the weight of his office behind the legislation.

    But Mr. Obama has made some careful public efforts, including a speech last week at the White House in which he strongly endorsed the legislation. On Tuesday while on Air Force One in Europe, he called a Democratic negotiator, Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, to reinforce his opposition to part of a Republican amendment that would have what the administration views as unrealistically tough requirements for border security.

    Inside Room 201, the administration has gathered a collection of its own Congressional lobbyists, policy specialists and experts from an alphabet soup of the agencies that will have to put the immigration legislation into effect if it passes. They all moved into the vice president’s offices on June 10, setting up laptop computers and thick binders filled with proposed amendments on an oval conference table.

    Continue reading the main story

    Continue reading the main story

    “We have folks who know the Senate really well, who know the players, who have been through this before so they know exactly what Senate staff needs,” Ms. Muñoz said. “We are deeply, deeply engaged.”

    The group is led by Ed Pagano, Mr. Obama’s chief liaison to the Senate and a former chief of staff to Senator Patrick J. Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He is joined by Felicia Escobar and Tyler Moran, senior advisers at the Domestic Policy Council, and Esther Olavarria, director for immigration reform for the National Security Council staff. Some days, Ms. Muñoz and Miguel Rodriguez, the president’s chief Congressional liaison, are there too.

    On one day this week, those at the table included two representatives from the Justice Department, a homeland security official, a State Department official and someone from the Department of Labor. Throughout the day they pored through proposed amendments, offering suggestions to the staff of the senators who offered them and flagging problems that might arise.

    At one point, Mr. Pagano, Ms. Escobar and the other White House advisers huddled for 45 minutes in the smaller of the two rooms with Mr. Leahy’s top aides. Working from spreadsheets, they discussed each of the 10 amendments that Mr. Leahy was likely to bring to the floor for a vote that day.

    “When Republican amendments are filed and we are trying to decide, ‘Can we accept this? Can we accept this without some modifications?’ they are the ones who tell us, ‘This is quite doable,’ ” said one Democratic Senate leadership aide, who requested anonymity to talk about legislative strategy.


  28. neetabug
    February 23, 2016 at 10:05 am
    We must get past the divisive politics that have been used, by the political and elite class that makes up the Establishment, to divide us, loot the wealth of the middle class and cheat the poor and take away our wealth and freedom. They are destroying the nation and looking to be part of the tyrannical One World Governance that has emerged as bunch of sociopaths. The UN Committee on Human Rights is chaired by Saudi Arabia where they live by Sharia Law and behead people on a regular basis. Obama promoted the Trans Pacific Partnership that starts the process of setting up governance by multinational corporations made up of sociopaths. Look at Europe where the populations are being assaulted by migrants coming in through their open borders. The elite live in their guarded Ivory Towers and leave us to survive assault.

    The African American community has their Establishment and is being sold out, too. If they do not question them, their future is dim. Speak your piece, but you cannot save other adult people from the consequences of their own decisions. What I posted at the link you posted is something I stole from wbboei, as follows:

    What I am prepared to tell people who disparage Donald Trump and his supporters is this:
    With all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about. You are blinded by the nostrums of identity politics, party identification, and political correctness. Consequently, you are repeating someone else’s talking points. I don’t know whether your goal is to understand what is going on, to look smart, or just to start a fight. But whatever it is you need to understand three (3) things:
    a. The Nationalist Model of Government (a constitution based system of ordered liberty)
    b. The Globalist Model of Government (a.k.a. “the new world order)
    c. How Will Trump Change the Game (and terrorizes reign in the elites)
    A. THE NATIONALIST MODEL OF GOVERNMENT: under the nationalist model of government, as envisioned by the Constitution, the power structure, and order of priorities look something like this:
    1. American People (Sovereign)
    2. Elected Officials (Serve the People)
    3. Political Parties (reflect interests of members.)
    4. Media (inform the public—and accept their feedback.)
    5. Donors (small donations limited by law)
    (Note: this is a bit theoretical because, if you read historian Charles Beard, economic interests were pivotal in shaping the constitution, and the slavery question was one manifestation of this.)
    B. THE GLOBALIST MODEL OF GOVERNMENT: inverts the triangle above. Under the globalist model the power structure and order of priorities looks is similar to the EU and it looks like this:
    1. Donors/Lobbyists (rent seeking special interests)
    2. Elected Officials (who are paid to vote for donors, and play game of failure theater.)
    3. Globalist Bureaucrats (to run a vast administrative apparatus and control the people)
    4. Big Media (a tower of babble, whose role is to brainwash the electorate)
    5. Consiglieries: Campaign Consultants, Pollsters, Beltway Law firms, Political staffers
    6. American People: rubes to be plundered, disenfranchised and replaced.
    (Note: this is the Soros/Zuckerberg model: as in: breathes there a man so dead that never to himself has said this is my native land—I am a citizen of the world, i.e. rootless cosmopolitan pursuing my narrow self interest whenever and wherever it takes me, and regardless whom it injures. I am also a sociopath)
    1. Point 1: Trump will reinstate the National Model of Government
    2. Point 2: Trump will invert the triangle back to the original one–with the people in charge
    3. Point 3: Trump will drive the money changers from the temple (see B. 5. above)
    4. Point 4: Trump will stop this forced march toward the New World Order
    5. Point 5: Trump will, through Ican, address a sea of corruption in corporate board rooms.
    6. Point 6: Trump will, through aggressive prosecutors, send to jail banksters
    7. Point 7: Trump will force congress to do its job–like reading bills before passing them
    8. Point 8: Trump will use the his legendary skills to negotiate better trade deals for us
    9. Point 9: Trump will show power to a world which respects power, not apologies.
    10. Point 10: Trump will deliver prosperity at home, peace abroad, through strength
    D. CONCLUSION: Donald is changing the model of campaigning in ways we see and in ways we do not see. This is why the political class is terrified of him, why they are seeking to take him down at the convention, which Murdock is moving Ailes aside at FOX. The transition to a new world order is in jeopardy because the masses whom the globalists believed they could seduce with smoke and mirrors and buying off big media are waking up. The tea party is not the enemy. The globalists are. And Donald stands between them, and the achievement of their perverse ambitions.

  29. foxyladi14
    February 23, 2016 at 2:58 pm
    Maverick. Yes. I am surprised that has not been used more with respect to Trump.

  30. JbStonesFan, to our way of thinking the preferred order for Trump would be for Cruz to come in behind Rubio. Trump should get rid of Cruz first, before SuperTuesday’s vote in Texas. Once Cruz is out, or diminished, most of his voters should go to Trump.

    Trump should be able to dispatch Ruby-o with relative ease now that so much of the establishment has rallied to Ruby. Add the establishment tag to the illegal immigration record of Ruby-o and Trump will have as much fun with him as Trump did with Jebbie-o.

  31. Update: Party party time! Viva Las Vegas with the Hotgas rebel army and the nearly blown up HotAir Death Star! We’re all watching tonight.

    Nationally, Donald J. Trump is a rising rocket man as Reuter’s tracking poll pegs him at over 41% and not a single opponent breaks the 20% threshold we discuss in our main article. A victory tonight in Nevada will help Trump enormously and might be a deadly precursor to that 20% limbo line in many states.

    Tomorrow we can compare and contrast the Dem results in Nevada with the GOP results from tonight. Trump should win Nevada easily but corruption in Harry Reid’s state is not unknown or infrequent. Lots of opportunities for a stolen election in Nevada ladies and gents.

    Still, caveats aside, if Trump wins Nevada… Trump towers.


  32. Trump should get rid of Cruz first, before SuperTuesday’s vote in Texas. Once Cruz is out, or diminished, most of his voters should go to Trump.=======================================

    That makes sense as arguably Cruz should win Texas if he comes out stronger in Nevada….he might be damaged goods if he finishes a lowly 3rd.

  33. They just played a clip, Hillary gave a speech last week and said republicans are specifically trying to deny blacks the right to vote.

    Oy. Even MX even has voter ID. We have presidential elections here every 4 years – it’s not a surprise. And when I researched in 2008, every state had free or low cost photo ID for people, and some states even provided free transportation for people to get to the DMV to get it. I’m so sick of democrats pretending that trying to have an honest vote is racist.

    There are people on twitter saying that they’re not checking ID, and people are going out and coming back in to vote again in the caucus.

  34. Jb: you are correct. He knows Rubio is a paper tiger. The reason Marco repeats the same lines over and over is because he has no depth of knowledge to rely on therefore he is wedded to the talking points. Trump can take Rubio down later. down later. The RINO vote is roughly 25% of the party. Therefore, if Rubio inherits all the Bush votes, his ceiling is 25%. If Trump gets the Carson, and Cruz voters, then he will have 66% and it is over. Interestingly, the stronger establishment choice is Kasich, but his past association with Lehman Brothers, and his peddling of dope make him unacceptable. Besides Rove has been telling the party that they must have the Hispanic vote, and they believe Marco is their man. This is a clear testament however to their Ivy League thinking, that race is the factor. First of all, Marco is a Cuban, and in the Latin world they are the cultural elite, and not someone Hispanics will gravitate to simply because of their skin color. Cuba was the center of the Spanish empire, and they were the masters not the slaves in the new world. The other thing–and this is where the cultural elitism of the whites–scarborough and their ilk really missed the boat. They think Trump will drive those people away by talking about a wall. They want a wall. They want a leg up in this system, and they know that if there is an open system, the labor market they have established through illegal immigration will be undercut by the next wave of illegal immigration. Furthermore, the white elitists assume that they will welcome the opportunity to come out of the shadow, pay a stiff fine and back taxes. This is nuts. These people work for cash, save what they can, get food stamps and free medical, and have no interest in what the uniparty is proposing for its own convenience. This is the tripe you will get from Marco, and they wont buy it. Trump will do well with Hispanics.

  35. Fight night in Vegas:

    Trump crashes Glenn Beck’s caucus speech

    Donald Trump crashed the Nevada caucus location at which conservative talk show host Glenn Beck was speaking Tuesday night on behalf of Ted Cruz.

    MSNBC was broadcasting a live look at the caucus site, Palo Verde High School in Summerlin, when Trump suddenly showed up and made an impromptu speech of his own.

    “We are going to have hopefully a historic night,” Trump said. “I appreciate everybody being here. I wanted to be here myself and say a few words.”

    The billionaire informed his Twitter followers he would be “at various caucus sites” throughout Nevada on Tuesday, but didn’t specify where.

    Afterward, MSNBC asked Trump about his allegation that Cruz is a liar.

  36. I spoke to the investigative reporter who his investigation Rubio and what she told me is what I told you before, which is that Rubio’s father worked for mob boss Meyer Lansky in Havana and the Mafia brought him here, not the Mormons. And this happened two years before Castro took over, but Marco has sought to create the impression that his parents fled Castro which is bullshit. When Marco’s dad got here, he worked awhile in Miami, and then the mafia sent him Las Vegas, where he developed an alcohol and gambling problem. He was like an indentured servant. That was where and when the Mormons stepped in, in Las Vegas, and they helped him get back on the straight and narrow. Thereafter, they sent him back to Miami. The claim that his family fled Castro is bullshit. Cruz’s claim that his family fled Castro is real, and his father has the scars to prove it. Marco is a phony mother fucker, in every sense of the word.

  37. L.A. Times has coverage of Nevada Caucus and the Dem Town Hall. This is funny:

    Outside a high school in Sparks, Nev., Ted Cruz did his best to charm voters waiting to be admitted to a caucus site.

    “How are you, sir?” Cruz said, extending a hand to repairman Conrad Lillegard. “It’s cold out here.”

    “No it’s not,” Lillegard, 57, told him bluntly.

    “You’re from Texas,” Lillegard said. “Not able to handle the cold?”

    Cruz smiled and walked on to the next voter.

    Who is Lillegard supporting in the Republican caucus?

    “I’m for Trump,” he said.

  38. …some of the media cannot help themselves…they are getting excited about Donald…

    suddenly the “clown” and “buffoon” is becoming “star power”


    Trump wins Nevada caucuses

    Donald Trump trounced his rivals in the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday, notching his third consecutive victory and giving the Manhattan mogul even more momentum heading into Super Tuesday next week, when voters in a dozen states will cast their ballots.

    Trump’s decisive win, which the Associated Press announced immediately after polls closed, was propelled by an electorate even more enraged than the ones that had swept him to wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and a second-place showing in Iowa.

    “We love Nevada. We love Nevada,” Trump declared in his victory speech. “You’re going to be proud of your president and you’re going to be even prouder of your country.”

    For the first time in the 2016 primary season, media entrance polls showed that a majority of voters, 57 percent of Nevada caucus-goers, said they were “angry” with the federal government.

    And, as significantly, they want to bring in an outsider to fix it. More than three in five caucus-goers said they favor someone from outside the political establishment rather than a candidate with political experience as president.

    It all added up to Trump’s biggest night yet.

    Now we’re winning, winning, winning,” Trump said. “And soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning.

    The outcome was bad news for Marco Rubio, who is now 0 for 4 in the February contests, and Ted Cruz, who won the Iowa caucuses but finished a disappointing third in South Carolina on Saturday. [snip]

    Rubio skipped an election-night speech, while an exhausted-looking Cruz proclaimed himself the only legitimate alternative to Trump. [snip]

    Stopping Trump now looks like a steeper proposition after he trampled Rubio and Cruz on Tuesday, scoring huge wins across nearly every cross-section of the Republican Party. Entrance polls show Trump won moderate voters and very conservative voters by huge margins. He won in rural and urban areas, and among voters with only high school diplomas and those with post-graduate degrees.

    Trump even handily bested Cruz among his supposed based of evangelical Christians, and, though the sample was small, topped his two Cuban-American opponents among Hispanic caucus-goers.

    Trump reveled in the details. “I love the evangelicals!” he yelled. ““Number one with Hispanics,” he bragged.

    And he pointedly called out the home states of his remaining rivals — Texas for Cruz, Florida for Rubio and Ohio for John Kasich — as places he now leads in the polls and will win the coming weeks.

    “It’s going to be an amazing two months,” he said. “We might not even need the two months to be honest, folks.”

    Indeed, it’s not clear where anyone can next beat Trump, though Cruz looked ahead to Texas, which votes on March 1, in his speech.

    “I cannot wait to get home to the great state of Texas,” he said.

    Cruz and Rubio now face a political calendar that plays even more to Trump’s strengths: massive made-for-TV rallies and free national media coverage, with a dozen states voting in only seven days.

    Trump Towers.

  40. Trump at 46.2% with 93.9 percent reporting in Nevada. Ted Cruz won at gas station and a holy roller encampment in the four corners area of the state it looks like.

    The latest spin, Trump maxes out at 30% ceiling and can NOT win the nomination goddamnit, is now officially busted. The media and elites “wishcasting” is becoming pitiful. Rubio the “Morman with deep ties to the state” and busTED Cruz in campaigning at rest stops, are “winning” at second and only 23% and third at 25% BEHIND Trump. Now if only Kasich, Carson and TRUMP would drop out Cruz and Rubio could battle it out.

    Lucky Trump.

  41. The reality. This was Hillary’s main event yesterday:

    FEBRUARY 23, 2016
    Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton held a forum discussion on gun violence and policing practices in Columbia, South Carolina. Clinton pledged to improve the criminal justice system, address systemic racism, and fight for gun control. At the start of the forum, Mrs. Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D) and her husband, Astronaut Mark Kelly were also a part of the panel. The event included remarks from five mothers who lost their children to gun violence and police incidents, including the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Eric Garner..

    I bumped into a rerun of it on CSPAN while waiting for caucus results and was disgusted to see that Trayvon’s mom is again given a national podium. There will be no substantial recognition of truths covered over, and certainly no mea culpa’s for the injustices to George Zimmerman, Officer Darren Wilson,and how many others?

    While I surely do not appreciate HRC for opening these misguided wounds again, I’m sorry for those who are in a mourning process regarding changes no one can help.

  42. Rubio is out this morning spinning like a drilling rig and making big holes in the ground. This is why: The establishment pick, Rubio, is trending down and that was BEFORE the NV caucus disaster. In the five day rolling numbers Cruz up-ticked slightly and Trump went way up. From 37.3 to 41.2 in ONE DAY nationally. Rubio has peaked. As soon as the media, RNC, donors, and elites pick a guy he peaks (at what should be considered really low percentiles) and then goes down. This has happened to every single one of them.

  43. You know how we have all talked about how Donald says something and it sounds crazy and time goes by and not only was he ahead of the time but people start agreeing with him
    Having said that, yesterday he said there is something wrong with cruz
    Again I think he is correct
    Cruz sounds delusional…last night one of the pundits said cruz sounded stale…he is strange to say the least

  44. Last night chris matthews had to concede that Donald Trump is bonding with the American people

    He had to admit that donald is talking about the big picture and talking with the American people about our country and it is all about we & us
    and that everyone else seems small next to him evev HC
    Even Chris had to admit the obvious

  45. Why did Trump pick the Republicans to pull a hostile takeover? He could have picked the Democrats or gone indy.
    “The underlying problem for the American right is that the Republican Party – and thus by extension American conservatism which faute de mieux uses the GOP as its principal operating entity – is a very weak brand. At the presidential level, that is. It varies locally from state to state, and it can still win mid-term elections, when turnout is even lower than it is in presidential elections.” The whole thing is quite good. The conservative elites do not care if there is much turnout for Republicans. Their true and pure base is rather small really. By rounding up disgusted non-voters, people told to shut up and sit down, the ones Donna the Brazil nut said were not welcome in the Democratic Party, the Republican voters that the elites ignore and alternately fool every election, the elite conservative snoots are being swarmed and thus the hostile takeover. Cokie Roberts this morning on tv (I thought she was dead) said the ladies at her Georgetown beauty shop were afraid of Trump. They are scared! Why? Are they thieves and crooks? Incompetents? Elites? Do nothing shit heads? Maybe all of the aforementioned? Weak and/or small and always horribly run, thus becomes the target in a hostile takeover. The conservative dopes were a sitting target. Survival of the fittest and they are not at all fit. Natural selection strikes again. Sniff.

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