Trump Burns Bright In South Carolina #GOPDebate

Update: R.I.P. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 1936 – 2016. The politics are massive on this and have no doubt, Supreme Court nominations are all about politics.

We believe this helps, if we may be so crass as to discuss politics at this juncture, none other than Donald J. Trump. Others argue this hurts Trump because of the “electability” argument, but Trump is just as electable as any of the other GOP candidates and we think he is actually the only one that is electable.

Why do we think the politics of this issue help Trump? Because Trump is the tough guy. Trump will be the one that can force the GOP senate to grow a spine. As with the Muslim extremist attacks in Paris when many thought Trump would be hurt and we argued Trump would be helped – and Trump was helped enormously – tough Trump will lead the way against Obama.


Grab the sponges! Seize the towels! Stock up on the Brawny, the Bounty, and other absorbent paper! Tears will drip, the laughs will spew, the blood will wash over the stage and you will need everything to keep dry. Yup, the Republicans debate tonight in South Carolina, at 9:00 p.m. ET on the broadcast CBS network!

There will be little to none of the phony “my esteeeeemed colleague and respected opponent” crap tonight. This is to-the-death gladiatorial warfare.

The target of the GOP establishment tonight will once again be Maximus, er, The Donald, as traps and tigers are positioned to destroy the outsider so that the Emperor Commodus, er Jeb, has a chance to “surge” at this last hour. After all everyone else had their phony “surge” why not phony Jeb??? “Where’s my surge mommy? Carly, Carson, Scotty, Bobby, Chrissy, Marky, Teddy, they all got their surges mommy! Even brother George got his surge! Where’s my surge????? Wah, wah, wah, where’s my surge mommy?

The audience in the hall will be stacked with enemies of Trump but the TV audience will be with Trump, particularly the white working class. The composition of the audience won’t matter as much as the establishment hopes it will, however. Tonight, as in every gladiatorial battle, the warriors will live or die by their own talents and abilities.

Will replicant Marco Rubio acquire new sincerity software to replicate human emotion thereby prevent déjà vu indicator Matrix style glitches that hiccup verbal repetition from the parietal cortex? Or is the Marco Rubio “surge” over and done, along with the vaunted 3-2-1 strategy, currently reduced to a 3-3-0 probability paradigm? Only a blade runner knows for sure.

Will Barbara Bush wheel herself onto the stage and replace her low energy stiff of a son in combat? Or maybe the “mission accomplished” sibling will lack respect and knock Fredo from the tournament list to come on stage himself to rescue the clan from the brother that won’t even use their name in his campaign?

Ted Cruz? Will Ted Cruz get his precious? Ted Cruz thought he could pretend to be Donald Trump’s friend then in the end he would lead Trump to a trap. Gollum, er, Cruz also pretended to be Ben Carson’s friend only to stab him in Iowa. Whither Gollum, er, Cruz?

Oddly, Ted Cruz, wound up helping Ben Carson raise money, due to sympathy for the Cruz stab in the back. Now, Carson bleeds Cruz dry, because Carson takes evangelical votes away from Cruz at the moment Cruz needs those votes the most.

There’s lots of intrigue and questions which will be answered tonight:

Five things to watch for in the CBS Republican debate

Donald Trump versus Ted Cruz: Each candidate has a win under his belt, with Cruz claiming victory in the Iowa caucuses and Trump dominating the New Hampshire primaries.As they head into South Carolina, their attacks on each other are heating up. Trump this week accused the Cruz campaign of using “sleazy and dishonest” tactics in the Palmetto State, while the Cruz campaign is using attacks against Trump in its fundraising emails. It remains to be seen whether their nasty and personal attacks will reappear on the debate stage. [snip]

Can Jeb Bush build on his New Hampshire finish? The former Florida governor has struggled to gain much traction since launching his presidential bid, but after investing a considerable amount of time and money in New Hampshire, he placed fourth there. To keep his campaign alive, he’ll have to take the others down a notch.

Will Bush continue his pattern of taking on Trump on the debate stage? Or will he take on his competitors for the title of “establishment” candidate? Watch for Bush to take on Ohio Gov. John Kasich for expanding Medicaid, Cruz on defense issues, and Sen. Marco Rubio on the question of presidential readiness.

Can Rubio rehabilitate his image? In the last Republican debate, Rubio performed poorly — and it hurt him. After his relatively strong third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, expectations were high for the Florida senator. Yet days before the New Hampshire primary, Rubio let his fellow Republicans knock him off his game. He finished in a disappointing fifth place in New Hampshire. [snip]

How far right does Kasich move? John Kasich managed to take second place in the New Hampshire primaries after focusing all of his energy on that state — and catering to its famously independent-minded, moderate voters.

That strategy, however, won’t be as effective in deep red states like South Carolina. [snip]

Is this Ben Carson’s last stand?

As we have written so many times before, if Donald Trump wins with his strategy, he continues to win. Iowa was a bump, New Hampshire was a huge bump up. Now in South Carolina Trump is so well position that a win there and the nomination is effectively his. Ted Cruz will do everything he can do to prevent that from happening:

It’s a fight Cruz’s allies say they are ready for, as they prepare to assault Trump’s Republican credentials with an eye on the conservative, religious and security-focused voters throughout the south.

“There’s a Himalayan mountain of evidence out there that Donald Trump is not a conservative,” said Charlie Condon, a former South Carolina attorney general and a Cruz surrogate, pointing to Trump’s past positions on issues including abortion, health care and Wall Street bank bailouts. “I’m confident that everything I’m telling you will be discussed at the Peace Center.”

Condon said that the more Trump attacks Cruz on Saturday, the more the Texas senator will come across as the Trump “alternative.”

“It’s a recognition of what we think the reality is: This is becoming a two-man race,” he said. “So if you’re not comfortable with Donald Trump being president, whether for temperament reasons or judgment reasons or the fact that he really is a campaign conservative—he’s been a Democrat almost his whole life…if you’re uncomfortable with that…Cruz is the alternative.”

Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler said the candidate would be “prepared” for Trump, whose campaign he dismissed as unserious. “This is the Seinfeld candidacy,” he said. “It’s a campaign about nothing.” [snip]

In South Carolina, where polls show Trump with a double-digit lead over Cruz, the senator and his supporters are not holding back. “I’ve worked campaigns for long time and I’ve never seen the stuff Cruz is putting out,” said one Trump campaign staffer in the state, referring to mailers that question the businessman’s conservative credentials. [snip]

“As we approach South Carolina, Trump’s competitors will grow increasingly desperate,” said Seth Weathers, a Trump supporter who briefly served as the businessman’s George [sic] state director.

While Ted Cruz tries to supplant Trump, Rubio and Bush battle for third place in a six man race. And they’ll call third place a victory because… desperation. “It’s a cage match. One man wins, one man leaves.”

After New Hampshire, Donald Trump holds the shield and the sword. Trump has all the trump cards:

In cards, you usually can’t hope for a much better hand than pocket aces. Despite a minor speed bump in the form of the Iowa caucus, it would appear after his big win in New Hampshire, those are just the cards that Donald Trump is holding. [snip]

He has managed to become more polished and more refined while still maintaining the attitude so many voters have been getting behind. He projects as a defiant, no-nonsense leader who answers to no one, and his tough demeanor where he won’t give an inch is what has worked for him. It is a breath of fresh air to American’s who are tired of an Obama administration so willing to concede. [snip]

America loves a winner, and throughout the entire campaign process Trump has talked about how America just doesn’t win anymore. He has talked about how he has, in the past, had no trouble getting things done, making tough decisions, and being a winner himself. However, after the results in Iowa, that image Trump spent so much time promoting was in deep danger of being irrevocably tarnished. But now Trump has returned to stand back on top of the mountain, a winner once again. Only time will ultimately tell, but it appears “The Donald” has in fact been holding those pocket aces all along.

Rubio will attack Trump while defending himself against Cruz who will attack Trump while defending himself against Carson who will attack Cruz’ evangelical support while Trump gets evangelical support and will then get attacked by Jeb who will attack Trump while attacking Rubio who will attack Jeb, while the GOP donors in the audience attack Trump who will denounce the audience who will likewise be attacked by the television audience on CBS tonight. In brief, Trump will schlong them all.

Shine on Trump!


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    Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch

    Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.

    Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.

    According to a report, Scalia arrived at the ranch on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people. When he did not appear for breakfast, a person associated with the ranch went to his room and found a body.

    Chief U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, of the Western Judicial District of Texas, was notified about the death from the U.S. Marshals Service.

    U.S. District Judge Fred Biery said he was among those notified about Scalia’s death.

    “I was told it was this morning,” Biery said of Scalia’s death. “It happened on a ranch out near Marfa. As far as the details, I think it’s pretty vague right now as to how,” he said. “My reaction is it’s very unfortunate. It’s unfortunate with any death, and politically in the presidential cycle we’re in, my educated guess is nothing will happen before the next president is elected.”

    The U.S. Marshal Service, the Presidio County sheriff and the FBI were involved in the investigation.

    Officials with the law enforcement agencies declined to comment.

    A federal official who asked not to be named said there was no evidence of foul play and it appeared that Scalia died of natural causes.

    A gray Cadillac hearse pulled into the ranch last Saturday afternoon. The hearse came from Alpine Memorial Funeral Home.

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement Saturday afternoon, calling Scalia a man of God, a patriot and an “unwavering defender of the written Constitution.”

    “He was the solid rock who turned away so many attempts to depart from and distort the Constitution,” Abbott said. “We mourn his passing, and we pray that his successor on the Supreme Court will take his place as a champion for the written Constitution and the Rule of Law. Cecilia and I extend our deepest condolences to his family, and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.”

    Scalia was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan.

  2. The GOP debate will go nuclear tonight on this news….Popcorn anybody….

    They all expected it would be Dem to drop dead but not one of the hardliners.

  3. The GOP did not want this having to fight an election while trying to stop a liberal judge being appointed…..

    Who would Obama go for…….?

    Booker would be my guess…….if he really wanted to blow the place up…Warren?

    My guess…an AA woman…….Lynch?

    This will be Obama’s 3rd appointment to the USSC

  4. unless O put up someone that the Republican Senate would agree to, sounds like this will be held over for the next President…the Senate is the key

  5. However the Senate republicans up this year are in very dodgy races.

    Senate 54-46 R. But there are several Rs with very competitive reelections this year. They would feel heat to sustain a filibuster. This is like a hand grenade lobbed into the room.

  6. Maybe Obama will go for Holder?

    He certainly will feel the push for another black man or woman on the USCC……no doubt about it.

  7. This also has the potential to shake the GOP race up depending on how they answer about this, nothing pushes gop voter buttons than a full swing lib tilt on the USSC.

    Tonight has potential to kill a few campaigns stone dead.

  8. Crazy conspiracy already……

    Obama waits for Hillary ti win election and then she appoints him to the USSC……god they are complete wingnuts.


    Yes, I just heard that on CNN on the way home. They are already talking about there was 9 Supremes, 5 R’s and 4 D’s…now it’s even and if Obama or a new D President decide, the majority will be D’s.

  10. my bet is we only have 10 months left of O…he already has picked a couple or people to the court…there will me a mourning period for Scalia out of respect…and then even if O sends someone up it will take a lot of time for any confirmation

    I think the tide will turn to hold off until the new President is elected…

    in the climate we are in, the republican base would go crazy if the Senate would allow a liberal to replace Scalia…maybe a slight chance of a very moderate person without a big paper trail…

    Holder is out of the question, that would never happen, he was held in contempt by the Congress…I am sure you meant that as joke Moon…

  11. O would never want to be part of team or do all the work that is required to be on the supreme court…

    O will look for some cushy narcissitic thing that makes him tons of money…

  12. One thing we’ve learned, that crazy bastard Obama will do what he wants……he’s does not give a shit.

  13. The GOP are saying tonight that the American people should get a voice on the new supreme and should be left to the next President…..

    Sorry GOP, that is not how it works….The american voters chose in 2012 and until Obama gets replaced, he unfortunately is in charge. You don’t get to kick it down the line until you are possibly in a position to change the score…..

    Tough Shit……

  14. the second amendment has cases pending


    just thinking that for all the repubs that are trying to get rid of Trump…they might start considering holding their fire…because they have a hell of a lot riding on who the next President is…

    Trump is a diehard second amendment…do they really want to shoot their front runner in the foot when they might REALLY, REALLY need him…

    an in effect, shoot themselves…not so easy now for them to screw around and gamble

  15. NC has not dented Clinton, new South Carolina polls…

    Trump 35
    Kasich 15
    Rubio 14
    Bush 10

    HRC 65 Bernie 27 Clinton +38

  16. no moon, that is not true…they can drag this out and they do not have to confirm who O sends up…

    they can reject someone O sends up…Bork was denied…and the congress denied Tower a senate confirmation, etc

    imho…O will never get a liberal approved to replace Scalia…

  17. I actually think this helps Trump…Cruz has no chance of being elected President

    Jeb,, Kaisch, no chance

    Rubio…basically no chance

    the only person that can win the Presidency on the GOP side is Donald Trump

    they need to get behind him and work to strenghten him…unless they want a democrat…and it might not even be Hillary

    the GOP insiders all know that Trump is the only hope they have got…

    Lindsey Graham pushing Jeb…wake up Lindsey, the country does not want another Bush…you are in fantasy land…if you care about your second amendment rights wake up…

  18. I don’t think this helps Trump at all, GOP voters will want a tough GOP’er to nominate, this could help force a compromise against anti trumps….

    This is such a big deal for them, they may run to the safe choice rather than a unknown.

  19. Natural causes whilst in a lodge on a hunting in political terms is the equivalent of face down with a hooker in a hotel room…..which i would find far more believable.

  20. I bet you they ask every candidate in turn tonight what they think should happen now?

    Watch the squirming on that stage…….

  21. natural causes

    Seems like they use this cause on older folks. Could be any cause, like heart problems, cancer, etc. No one just dies because they are old, they die because some vital part of the body breaks down.

  22. equivalent of face down with a hooker in a hotel room

    That’s the first thing I thought of when I read he was found dead in a ‘resort’.

    The guy has a big family, for their sake, I hope it was some health problem without a hooker involved.

  23. FoxNews noting that if Scalia’s seat is vacant and SCOTUS splits 4-4 on abortion + CO2 cases, conservative lower court rulings will hold.

    Thats why the dems will want it filled asap.

  24. Update: R.I.P. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 1936 – 2016. The politics are massive on this and have no doubt, Supreme Court nominations are all about politics.

    We believe this helps, if we may be so crass as to discuss politics at this juncture, none other than Donald J. Trump. Others argue this hurts Trump because of the “electability” argument, but Trump is just as electable as any of the other GOP candidates and we think he is actually the only one that is electable.

    Why do we think the politics of this issue help Trump? Because Trump is the tough guy. Trump will be the one that can force the GOP senate to grow a spine. As with the Muslim extremist attacks in Paris when many thought Trump would be hurt and we argued Trump would be helped – and Trump was helped enormously – tough Trump will lead the way against Obama.


  25. Agreed Admin. The people know what the establishment GOP candidates are and they don’t trust them. This helps Trump.

  26. the GOP do not have a safe choice…Donald Trump is not an unknown…and if you are following him closely at all…he has a tremendous following and is winning acoss the board with all groups…people are driving for hours and across state lines to go to his rallys…last night he had something like 12,000 people show up in Tampa Florida, the same thing the night before I think in some other state with another enormous crowd…I can’t keep up with him…none of the other GOP have any of that momentum…
    if you have OAN (on AT&T, not Comcast) he has enormous packed stadium rallys almost every night…

    I looked at realclearpolitics today and was shocked at how far ahead Trump is in almost every state…

    I do agree that each candidate will probably be asked who they would consider for his replacement…I hope DT is doing his homework…

  27. Scalia’s death will not adversely affect the immigration ruling. The decision will be 4-4 and the 5th Circuit ruling will stand.

    On the EPA case, little should happen there because the court stay order is active until the district court rules. Obama is likely blocked here for the remainder of his term.

    On the important one man one vote case the lower courts would be upheld and that would be a detrimental effect of the death of Scalia. But a 4-4 ruling is not precedent so even there not all is dire.

    All 4-4 splits do not count as precedent.

  28. Outris, i think you are following some of Trumps rallys, do you remember where he was this week before Tampa…another packed house…he has so many I am losing track

  29. I heard Joe S earlier talking about the second amendment and the Heller case and he went on to say how important this would be and how devasting it would be if a democrat got elected

    I will not be surprised to hear Donald speak very strongly tonight about the second amendment and how strongly he supports it…and also probably talk about illegal immigration and borders…

  30. shadow the debate is on at 9 pm ET on cbs

    moon…O can nominate all he wants that does not mean he will get someone confirmed

    and for you legal minds… McConnell said he would not even bring it up until the next President…

    Admin, how does that work…does the senate have to allow O’s nominee or can they put it off until the new President

    we know that they absolutely can reject the nominee and deny them, but can they post pone it legally?

  31. Actually Obama make a recess appointment, Washington and Eisenhower made recess appointments to the SC……and you can bet your ass he will if he gets the chance.

    This is all massive politics and it can make or break careers.

  32. S
    February 13, 2016 at 7:31 pm
    Outris, i think you are following some of Trumps rallys, do you remember where he was this week before Tampa…another packed house…he has so many I am losing track

    I’m not sure where he is tonight, but yes he has had overflow crowds the past two nights. People in Tampa started lining up 8-10 hours before he arrived.
    No surprise that Obama will nominate. He’s not just going to sit on his ass for the next 10 months. He has too much damage still to do.

  33. Update: R.I.P. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 1936 – 2016. The politics are massive on this and have no doubt, Supreme Court nominations are all about politics.

    We believe this helps, if we may be so crass as to discuss politics at this juncture, none other than Donald J. Trump. Others argue this hurts Trump because of the “electability” argument, but Trump is just as electable as any of the other GOP candidates and we think he is actually the only one that is electable.

    Why do we think the politics of this issue help Trump? Because Trump is the tough guy. Trump will be the one that can force the GOP senate to grow a spine. As with the Muslim extremist attacks in Paris when many thought Trump would be hurt and we argued Trump would be helped – and Trump was helped enormously – tough Trump will lead the way against Obama.
    Admin: here is another reason: RINOs have been threatening to sit out this election or cross the aisle if Trump is the nominee. The death of my favorite justice kills that idea. The RINO must now support and that means negotiate with Trump, if, as it appears to me, he is the nominee. This tragedy has two bright sides to it: first, as noted, it forces the party to consolidate around Trump. Suddenly the cost of a brokered convention just went through the roof. Second, this makes it unlikely that the Supreme Court will grant amnesty, because but will defer that case until the next term which is to say, until after the election. If Trump becomes president that is one issue that will be resolved, and that way the court, which is a non elective body, will not decide the issue. Court decisions on what are fundamentally political questions are always problematic, because they circumvent the democratic process. We do not need a bevy of platonic guardians–particularly when most of them aint that smart.

  34. moon…you sound like you would want O to pick someone…why in the hell would you want that…the country is a freaking mess…things are bad enough…with ten months left do you want him to have this power to do even more drastic damage…

    the country is being run by a lawless bunch of crooks…

    O has stopped the border agents from stopping illegals coming in, criminals or not…he lets them all in…

    He is letting criminals out of jails…some deserve to be let out, kids arrested for pot, but not freaking drug dealers that are bring HEROIN into the usa and killing kids and their parents

    on and on and on…btw…guess where O is today…that’s right, playing Golf and was on Ellen yesterday…give me a break

  35. wbboei…what is your opinion…does mcconnel have to bring up O’s nominee or can they wait until the next president is elected

    and what about a recess appointment as Moon suggested…and how would that work?

    if he could do that, would it only last through O’s term????

  36. I’m being realistic, he’s going to do it, regardless of whether i give a shit or not, I don’t know what your problem is.

    and if you had read what i wrote actually, no i don’t but I don’t have that luxury nor do I have a choice. So chill your boots.

    As far as Trumpy Humpy Hopium is concerned, you can have that all to yourself.

  37. Outris, Trump will be at the debate tonight on CBS

    Do you recall where he was the night before Tampa? It was another massive rally, Nevada???

  38. The looney Toons over at Free Republic are spitting acid and having complete flip out fruit loop epic rants over Scalia….

  39. President Obama will speak at 8:30pm ET on the death of Justice Scalia

    Lol, he’s going to lob that grenade right before the debate starts……he really does not give a fuck.

  40. S,

    I believe he was in Baton Rouge. He said his rally last night that in Baton Rouge he broke the previous attendance record at that location. The old attendance record was held by Elton John for one of his concerts.

  41. Recess appointments expire at the end of the Senate’s next session, or when the recess appointee is formally confirmed by the Senate, or when another individual is nominated, confirmed and permanently appointed to the job.


    I guess my question is…does the recess appointment expire when that President leaves office…

    for example, all O’s executive orders can be rescinded when the new President comes into office

    …it just seems like with 10 months left for O, his time may run out on this on the vigorous process to confirm a new person…or be short lived

  42. Yes Outris…thank you…that’s right Baton Rouge…I watched it, but if you are watching many of them as I do, there are sooo many…and all are packed…

    thanks again

  43. Clinton has issued a statement on Scalia:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Justice Scalia as they mourn his sudden passing. I did not hold Justice Scalia’s views, but he was a dedicated public servant who brought energy and passion to the bench.

    The Republicans in the Senate & on the campaign trail who are calling for Scalia’s seat to remain vacant dishonor our Constitution.
    The Senate has a constitutional responsibility here that it cannot abdicate for partisan political reasons.

  44. Obama can nominate all he wants. If McConnell does not set a vote, there is no vote. End of story. Just because Obama nominates someone does not mean there has to be a vote or even consideration of the nomination. Senate does that all the time. A nomination can sit until Hell freezes over if the Senate so chooses.

    The senate can also take up an Obama nomination and reject it. Just say “no”. But it would be wiser to just not even have a vote or even a Judiciary Committee hearing on any Obama nomination.

    As to recess appointments, recess appointments to the SC are lifetime. Again, the question of timing is whether the Senate is in session and when the new congress starts. This is where McConnell if he wants is expert and can time things to prevent Obama from a nomination.

  45. I swear, honestly the ignorance of voters…..

    CBS revealing top google searches on GOP candidates…

    1 : Is Jeb Bush related to President Bush.

    2 : Is Jeb, Dubya’s son?

    I give up, people are dumb.

  46. I thought I just heard Johnathan Turley just say that is Senate session ends on Jan 3rd and the new session begins on Jan 20

    he said a recess appointment would be a very bad idea…

    however this is one point that Moon and I agree on…O does not care and he will try anything he can to get around anything to make it possible to do whatever he wants

    at the very least, “just say no”

    maybe this swings the country towards the repubs…

  47. Hillary
    “The Senate has a constitutional responsibility here that it cannot abdicate for partisan political reasons.”

    Well Hillary, the reason you don’t want it to remain open is also for “partisan political reasons”.

    The pot calling the kettle black. Oh wait…. is that a racist comment?


    There’s Ample Precedent For Rejecting Lame Duck Supreme Court Nominees

    February 13, 2016 By Gabriel Malor

    Historically, many Supreme Court nominations made in a President’s final year in office are rejected by the Senate. That started with John Quincy Adams and last occurred to Lyndon B. Johnson.

    It is critically important that the Senate hold pro forma sessions, since President Barack Obama would be able to make a recess appointment to the Supreme Court if the Senate goes out of session. Critically, there is a five-day recess this week and a two-week recess currently scheduled for April. There have been twelve such recess appointments to the high court. A recess appointment would last until the end of the Senate’s next session.

    Historically, most presidents select a nominee within a week of a Supreme Court vacancy. However, there have been several lengthy vacancies when the Senate refused to play ball with controversial presidents or controversial nominees.

    President John Tyler had a particularly difficult time filling vacancies. Smith Thompson died in office December 18, 1943. His replacement, Samuel Nelson, was in office starting February 14, 1845. That’s a vacancy of 424 days. Henry Baldwin died in office April 21, 1844. His replacement, Robert Cooper, was in office starting August 4, 1846. This vacancy lasted 835 days because Tyler could not get the Senate to work with him. During Tyler’s presidency, the Senate rejected nine separate Supreme Court nominations!

    Most recently, Abe Fortas resigned May 14, 1969. His replacement, Harry Blackmun, was in office starting June 9, 1970, making the gap just longer than a year.

    Several pending cases were expected to be 5-4 decisions. Crucially, the immigration (DAPA) case, United States v. Texas et al., and the mandatory union dues case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, and the Little Sisters of the Poor cases on the contraception mandate accommodation.

    Decisions that are tied with a 4-4 vote have no binding precedent and the decision of the lower court is upheld. This would be good for us in United States v. Texas et al., but bad for us in Friedrichs and Little Sisters.

    Gabriel Malor is an attorney and writer in Washington, D.C. Follo

  49. I can’t stand Bozo but he does have the right to nominate a justice, the senate also has a right roject it and thats the politics, that is what it is sopposed to be. Let battle commence.


    Donald Trump set to come under attack over Vietnam deferments
    In the staunchly pro-military state of South Carolina – where the next Republican primary will be held – the issue of Donald Trump’s draft deferments is likely to be central

    As the US presidential election reaches the pro-military state of South Carolina, the Republican front-runner Donald Trump is set to become embroiled in a new controversy: the story of how his bony feet kept him out of the Vietnam War.

    The southern state is home to eight military bases and 58,000 veterans, and 25 per cent of those expected to take part in Saturday’s primary vote for the Republican nominee are either serving or former members of the armed forces.

    Mr Trump, who has led polls in South Carolina since July, received a deferment from the Vietnam draft because he had bone spurs in both heels.

    Until now, this quirk of medical fate has lain dormant in the records, a parenthesis in his rise to celebrity. But in a party that still sees military service as a sign of political muscle, it is about to take centre stage.

    The billionaire, who at the time was 22 and had been a student athlete, suffered temporarily from the condition, which involves calcium deposits building up on the underside of the heel bone. It has a variety of possible causes including ill-fitting shoes and over-exercising.

    According to draft board records, Mr Trump first became eligible in 1964, aged 18, when had just graduated from the New York Military Academy. His draft registration form lists him as being 6ft 2ins and weighing 180 pounds.

    He then received a series of four student deferments over the next four years while he was studying at Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance.

    Mr Trump graduated from university on July 9, 1968, and once again became eligible for the draft.

    Two months later, on September 17, 1968, he underwent a military physical assessment which he failed because of the bone spurs. It was not clear if the condition was discovered by the military doctor, or whether Mr Trump brought a letter from his own doctor.

    Draft board records showed he had passed a similar physical assessment two years earlier, but at that time he was still a student.

    Mr Trump played sports including basketball and baseball at university and his campaign has said the bone spurs were a “minor” and temporary condition.

    In December 1969 he was eligible again when a draft lottery, the first in the US since the Second World War, was held based on birth dates.

    Mr Trump’s date of birth, June 14, 1946, came out number 356 out of 366 in the lottery, meaning he was not drafted.

    In a statement his campaign said Mr Trump was “not a fan of the Vietnam War” but “had his draft number been selected he would have proudly served”.

    The billionaire has said little about his deferments, and the bone spur condition only came to light recently.

    At a recent rally in New Hampshire he said: “I always felt a little guilty, frankly, like other people who didn’t serve. I had friends that served and they’re very proud, and some are no longer with us because of the fact that they served.

    “I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve built the Vietnam Memorial in New York. In a way it’s a way of making up.”

    Mr Trump has support among the military because he has vowed to improve care for veterans and give the armed forces better equipment. He recently raised $6 million for veterans’ groups at an event in Iowa.

  51. Via the premier reporter on Nevada politics:

    Poll: Sanders and Clinton in Nevada dead heat

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a tight race to win Nevada, according to a poll taken this week.

    The survey, paid for by the conservative Free Beacon, shows a 45-45 tie. It was conducted by TargetPoint of 1,236 potential Nevada caucusgoers from Feb. 8-10, with a margin of error just under 3 percent. That’s a lot of interviews — “867 interviews were completed using automated telephone technology and 369 were conducted using mobile phones,” according to the polling instrument, which I have posted below along with the crosstabs.

    I understand some, especially partisans, will be skeptical of the results because of the Free Beacon’s leanings and because the questions after the horse race will be seen as anti-Hillary. But this is silly. Any poll should be judged on its merits and not by who paid for it.

    My take:

    Some thoughts:

    ►If the survey is right — and remember how hard it is to gauge voter sentiment for caucuses — it would explain the ludicrous expectation-lowering by the Clinton campaign. Maybe the poll matches their internals.

    ►The crosstabs (alas, there is no race breakdown) look reasonable on regional breakdown: 66 percent for Clark, 18 percent for Washoe and 16 percent for the rurals. Maybe a little low on Clark, but in the ballpark.

    ►Clinton loses on trust, 53-29; on who cares about people like you, 49-36; and who is progressive, 49-36. Danger, Will Robinson!

    ►The sample is almost 60 percent female (about what it as in ’08), which ought to worry Clinton. Sanders leads 63-16 among young voters (18-29), and if there are a lot of youngsters who register on Caucus Day…. She’s also losing among independents, as the Free Beacon reported.

    ►Yes, there are a lot of Free Beaconish questions about bad issues for Hillary. But they all come after the initial horse race.

    Finally, let’s remember: Even in ’08, with the record Democratic turnout, it was only 27 percent. So the cliche of cliches is apt here: It’s all about which campaign gets its voters to the polls. And with same-day registration on Feb. 20 — new registrants were a quarter of the turnout in ’08 — the accuracy of any pre-caucus poll should be taken with a grain of salt. Or 100.

  52. If any Republican President were in O’s situation, before an election…you can bet your bottom dollar HE would nominate someone.

    Lord knows I don’t like Barry, but just letting a nomination at all, go until after the election by any President’s end of a second term would just be dumb.

  53. So sad about Scalia..amazing my own turnaround with him. I grew up and learned to appreciate not only what he stood for, but the genius and courage of the man..


  54. If Barry nominates and the Republican’s block it until after the election, I think it would be the First real thing they have accomplished (by not accomplishing a new Supreme) in almost 8 years.

    Actually, they are masters at this type of maneuver.

  55. Dickerson: Scalia. Would you wait to nominate if you were president?

    Trump: Obama will try to do it. Senate and Mitch should block. Tremendous blow to our country and conservatism. It’s up to Mitch McConnell to stop it. Delay, delay, delay.

    Dickerson: Reid says it would be shameful abdication not to vote on new justice.

    Kasich: If I was president we would not have this division. The country is divided. The president should pick a unanimous choice but he won’t. The president should put the country first and let the next president nominate after the election.

    Carson: The Supreme Court is important to our system. The average age of death was 50 in early days. We need to examine the concept of lifetime appointments. There is a lot of division in our country. We need healing but won’t get it with Obama. Next president should nominate.

    Rubio: Justice Scalia was a great Justice. Original intent. Obama should not appoint. Over 80 years a lame duck has appointed a SC Justice.

    Dickerson: You wanted to end filibuster?

    Rubio: Not true.

    Dickerson: Sanders wants litmus test. You?

    Bush: No litmus test on specific issues. Next president should nominate someone with proven conservative record. Fight to pass the nomination. We want a strong president but we want a consensus pick.

    Dickerson: When should the date be not to nominate?

    Cruz: We have 80 years of not confirming in election year. Scalia was a legal giant. Our prayers are with his family. Big stakes in this election. Heller decision, religious liberty at stake. The senate has to stand strong. Who on this stage will nominate constitutional nominee. I will.

  56. Did they hire a crew of screamers that sit at the back of this debate?
    I hear the same women, screaming for different candidates.


    MarcoPolo talks like a little politician. I don’t believe a word he says.

  57. Can someone get the hook on from the side and pull Carson off, he’s just rambling and babbling, its like letting your drunk, dementiaed father on stage at a wedding…

  58. Kasich, Rubio, much better tonight, Bush making no headway really…

    Carson should sit in the corner and Trump’s eyebrows have a life on their own are they real or microbladed on?

  59. Shadow, he really does not like being questioned, where have we seen that petulence before….Thats why I on’t like or trust him, he’s Obama in wolf clothing.

  60. Trump shut it, you are making this a disaster for yourself, Did He just basically just say Bush was to blame for the trade centres coming down.

  61. Dickerson: As president, what 3 questions do you ask?

    Trump: What we want to do. How to do it? Who do we hit? The Iran deal is a disgrace and embarrassment. Who are we fighting for? What are we doing? I was against the Iraq War which no one else in this stage said. I also said attack the oil 3 months ago.

    Rubio: What are we doing in Asia Pacific? In Middle East? Rebuild NATO?

    Dickerson: What in your past was crisis experience?

    Rubio: In 2014 Obama said he would not take action in Syria. I concluded Obama was wrong. I voted against plan to use force.

    Carson: Judgement is what is required. I was known for doing what had never been done before. Comes in handy with threats to our nation.

    Kasich: We have to make clear what we expect. Arm allies. An attack on NATO is an attack on us. Radical Islam is a threat to all. The world needs us.

    Dickerson: Defeat ISIS or Assad?

    Bush: Containment of ISIS does not work. Destroy ISIS and Assad. Trump says he will accommodate Russia. That’s ludicrous. End the sequester. Make clear we won’t allow a nuclear Iran.

    Trump: Jeb is so wrong. The boos are Jeb’s special interests and lobbyists. Fight ISIS first. Knock out the ISIS animals first. Listening to Jeb will continue to make a mess of things. We spent 5 trillion in the middle east already.

    Bush: Putin will not be an ally. Build a Sunni coalition.

    Trump: We’re supporting troops without any idea who they are.

    Jeb: Spent 44 million in New Hampshire to lose.

    Dickerson: First Gulf war as a model?

    Cruz: Focus on objective. On day 1 the next president has to understand the threat. Establishment Republicans and Hillary/Obama want to topple governments. Topple ISIS, arm Kurds. Military experts should be in charge of President’s orders.

    Dickerson: Kurds can only operate in limited areas?

    Cruz: Obama refuses to arm Kurds. Start with air power.

    Dickerson: George W. Bush will campaign for Jeb. You wanted him impeached?

    Trump: I get along with everyone as a businessman. The war in Iraq a big fat mistake. It took Jeb 5 days to say it was a mistake. Now Iran has taken over. GWB made a mistake. We have destabilized the mideast. They lied. There were no weapons of mass destruction.

    Bush: I’m sick and tired of Obama blaming my brother. I don’t care of Trump’s insults. I am sick and tired of him going after my family. My brother built a security system for the country.

    Trump: World Trade Center.

    Bush: My dad and mother are the greatest.

    Trump: She should be running.

    Kasich: This is just crazy. We thought there were weapons of mass destruction. But we got ourselves in a civil war. The tragedy is we are embroiled. Don’t get involved in civil wars. Only fight for national interests. Not policeman of the world.

    Rubio: I thank God it was GWB as President. He kept us safe. Hussein was in violation of UN resolutions.

    Trump: How did he keep us safe when the World Trade Center came down?

    Rubio: Because of Bill Clinton.

    Trump: GWB did not listen to the advice of the CIA

    Bush: I do not invite Trump to my Monday rally.

    Trump: I don’t want to go.

    Carson: I was not for Iraq War. Those are nations ruled by dictators and without replacement chaos ensues. Obama turned tail and ran. Rules of engagement under Obama are asinine.


  62. this is a bush crowd…Donald is right…the Iraq war was a big waste

    this crowd is for the Bush family…

    funny thing is Trump predicted all the things that have evolved…and he predicted them years before they happened…starting with Osama bin laden and the oil fields…

    maybe “rambo” knows something these other establishment politicians don’t…not to mention the trillions they wasted and “”lost””

    George Bush Jr was 100% wrong and many americans died…DT is right…with this group…and Lindsey Graham…we will be at war forever

  63. Lol, not complementary…

    A commenter on twitter…

    That Trump WMD answer was like a word-for-word quote of Dennis Kucinich at a Democratic debate circa Dec 2003.

  64. …and Rubio wants to blame Bill Clinton…get real

    it was Condelizza Rice and George B Jr who ignored the advice they were getting about Osama Bin Laden

  65. CBS saying it was not just the crowd booing Trump but military vets from SC in audience, that did not go down well.

  66. moononpluto
    February 13, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    Trump doesn’t know how to ‘debate’, he is quiet until someone disagrees with him, then he goes all major-jerk on the person.

  67. shadow, it isn’t someone who disagrees with him…it is someone who attacks him

    Jeb B intentionally and strategically attacked DT and he hit back…Jeb trying to make DT sound stupid…and then JB stands there and talks about his mommie and daddie in a crowd that is pro bush

  68. Trump is right about Iraq and we all know it.
    Funny how the anti Trump supporters keep ridiculing him, but eyebrows and all, he just keeps ticking.

    We shall see.

  69. and Gonzo…he shut them all up with his strong words on Social Security…the rest of them want to cut it…

    He says NO…and he does not care if the “repubs” like it or not…that is the principle he stands on

  70. Attacking Dubya not so smart…..

    George W. Bush had a 74/21 favorability with GOP voters nationally the last time it was polled, higher than anyone in this field.

    Do it with peril.

  71. He spelled out how he plans to save Social Security…people do not want to listen to his plan…he said it three times and the lady asked the question again

    he has enough details…he says it with less words

  72. Shadowfax
    February 13, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    Trump has very little to offer in details when it comes to how he will fix a situation.


    Its snake oil blah blah blah.

  73. the voters do not want another bush…that’s why he is at the bottom, came in fourth in NH after spending over $100 million in ads

    this might be a bush crowd…and bush is revered in SC but Bush is not getting the votes…big difference

  74. Bush: My dad and mother are the greatest.
    Trump: She should be running.

    Ooh Snap! Run too mommy Jebbie. She’ll make it all better. 😆

  75. Kimberly Strssel: No entitlement cuts?

    Trump: I am going to save Social Security and bring jobs back. Make our economy strong again. Bring back trillions from overseas. China just bought the Chicago stock exchange. Make the economy grow. This country is dying.

    Stassell: How?

    Trump: Tremendous waste fraud and abuse. We won’t hurt those who paid in all their lives. Make our economy great again.

    Major Garrett: Value added tax? An escalator for more taxes?

    Cruz: Middle class has been left behind. Economic growth comes from less tax burdens. No taxes for those under $36,000. Abolish IRS.

    Garrett; The tax continues to grow?

    Cruz: My business tax plan is not a VAT. Abolish corporate tax, payroll tax, death tax. 4.9 million new jobs.

    Strassell: You have the highest tax rate. Liberals use taxes for policy goals. Why conservatives?

    Rubio: It’s their money. Parenting is most important job. My tax plan creates child tax credit.

    Stassell: You pushed through Medicaid expansion and costs grew?

    Kasich: No. Costs did not grow. This stops revolving door of prisons. Working poor now get healthcare. We’ve cut taxes. Grown jobs. Credit and pensions are strong. Everyone rises.

    Bush: Kasich expanded ObamaCare. Creates further debt. Repeal ObamaCare. In Florida I blocked the expansion.

    Kasich: When Jeb was governor Medicaid grew more. Ronald Reagan expanded Medicaid too.

    Bush: CATO ranks him at top of spenders.

    Kasich: We went from 8 billion hole to 2 billion surplus. I will stay positive.

    Garrett: You propose tax on hedge fund managers?

    Bush: They should pay ordinary income. Reform the tax code. That’s what I did as governor.

    Garrett: What do you think?

    Carson: My tax plan praised by CATO and WSJ. I have everybody pay even a little something. My main goal is get rid of ObamaCare.


  76. Has there ever been a luckier President than Obama…I have never seen anything like it. Since his first day in office, everything breaks his way even when he loses…the death of Scalia (rip) and Obama’s ability to now nominate another left voting justice will be the most significant action in his 8 years..the court will now break 5-4 left for the decades..

  77. please…snake oil vs O3

    I will take a chance on “snake oil”…or in other words, a successful, independent businessman’s approach to taking an axe to all the corruption from the dems and repubs and the special interests

    remember DT is funding himself…the dims just opened their coffers to lobbyists…along with already taking millions and millions from Wall St and drug companies to keep Ocare rigged

    you want to talk about “snake oil”

  78. lots of gop folks on twitter who were trump supporters mad at him on twitter, saying they won’t vote for him now after that.

    That could be a costly big mistake…

  79. Jeb stands there and says he is sick and tired of DT going after his family

    hey Jeb, your brother and father were ex Presidents…they are fair game

  80. Lots of the hardcore looney gop over at free republic who were going to vote for Trump are dumping Trump tonight…..

    takes hazmat suit off…had to go check and see what was being said…

  81. People ALWAYS say they were going to vote for someone and now they aren’t. Oldest con in the book. Surprised you fell for it.
    Give the snake oil…

  82. The far-fetched O3…probably. .

    which will bring that ever loving cocktail. .

    I’ll take a Muslim terrorist, mixed with illegal MS13..stirred not shaken..

  83. Dickerson: Immigration. Spanish translation of GOP response.

    Trump: I will build a wall paid for my Mexico. Borders. We have to take care of our people.

    Garrett: Define amnesty?

    Rubio: Violation of laws without consequences. In 1986 they promised to secure border. People want secure border before comprehensive reform. Control illegal immigration.

    Stassell: Deport illegal aliens? Would you use list government has of 800,000?

    Cruz: I stood with Sessions and King to defeat Reid’s amnesty. The Rubio/Schumer amnesty plan, supported by the amnesty class which is why they are booing divides those who support Obama and GOP.

    Rubio: Cruz proposed increased visas. He lied then or now.

    Cruz: Marco supports citizenship for 12 million. As speaker of house in Florida he supported tuition for illegals. On Spanish TV he said he would not repeal Obama amnesty.

    Rubio: Cruz lies. He makes things up. He lied about Carson. He supported the immigration bill.

    Cruz: Sessions says without Cruz Rubio’s plan would have passed.

    Garrett: Act of love?

    Bush: Two senators talking arcane words to something that didn’t pass. The majority of people come for economic opportunity. Coming legally should be easier than illegally. Show respect for them.

    Trump: Illegal immigration wasn’t even a subject until I brought it up. I agree with Ted and Marco that Jeb is the weakest on amnesty.

    Bush: It’s weak to disparage women, disabled. Insult McCain.

    Trump: He said he would take down his pants and moon everyone and there are no complaints.

    Garrett: You said deporting 11 million is nuts?

    Kasich: Stop the negative talk and ads. I’m for sealing the border and guest workers. Make them pay a fine and give them citizenship. In first 100 days I will send plan to congress.

    Stassell: Jail financial executives? Fines enough?

    Carson: Government regulators are looking for someone to fine. Start trimming the regulatory agencies instead of those in economic activity. Regulations cost 24,000 per family.

    Dickerson: Are you a warrior for the poor?

    Cruz: Obama hurts the poor. My dad fled Cuba with little money. That’s how I see the issue. Lift the burden on small businesses.

    Garrett: Companies move to Mexico and you threaten to punish them?

    Trump: Build consensus with congress. I don’t like executive orders like Obama uses. Make deals via consensus. I would go to Carrier and tell them their Mexico products would be taxed. We are killing ourselves with trade pacts that are bad for our workers and us.


  84. Moon, Trump plans to renegotiate the trade imbalance the US has with Mexico, we are losing millions and millions to Mexico,

    in addition, as you know many major American companies are moving to mexico…so while their illegals come here and we pay for them … and their anchor babies…we pay for their schools, health, housing and to incarcerate them

    they are getting our companies and our jobs and making multi millions on the trade imbalance

    so when he says they are going to pay for the wall, he means that when he renegotiates our trade deal with Mexico he will recoup the money for the wall on our border

    that’s how he plans on getting them to pay for the wall…

  85. People finally questioning Trumps conservatism.

    This is where it gets dicey for Trump on the “who is he really” question.

  86. Moononpluto, STFU!!! I came here to read honest opinion by real people here, not hear the ravings of some Cruz supporter complaining about Trump’s eyebrows or falsely claiming that Trump is losing supporters on FR (I’m reading their live thread too). Shut your f*cking face so I can read this thread in peace! I had to make an account to tell you off.

  87. Trump is sounding like a Democratic candidate and not a republican, that planned parenthood thing just made the evangelical midwest choke on their cheerios.

  88. Trump the builder can build the wall. He has already done amazing things by breaking the spell of the false narrative that was leading the nation to destruction. The man is anti-bullcrap.

  89. Moon, you are cynical…that is a defeatest attitude

    btw…that is the approach Donald takes on many issues

    for example the fact that Ocare does not negotiate drugs and Americans end up paying the highest cost of drugs than anyone else in the world even though we use the largest amount

    he has a business proposition on how to deal with that …besides negotiating he wants to use business principles…I could go into detail but listen to him speak away from this madness and find out for yourself…(Hillary is not going to do that…she is indebted to the drug companies)

    if you only listen to the media spin that hates DT, you are not going to know what his plans are or how he plans to do things differently from all of the other politicians…if you do not like him that is one thing, but if you have not heard his plans and just react to his counterattacks then you are not getting the whole picture

  90. He is just a good brawler.?


    No he is a petulant bad tempered childish buffoon like the current asshole in the WH, same style of egotism.

  91. Nobody cares if he sounds like a democrat if he can save this country and he clarified his approval for Planned Parenthood for women’s health services other than abortion. He had to brawl that in.

  92. Carson : I’m not a politician, I’m never going to be a politician…

    Lol, then what the f… are you doing up there on that stage…go home.

  93. Asserting yourself requires self esteem, not egotism. Trump has high self esteem. He has some egotism, but nothing like the narcissism of BO.

  94. Dickerson: Change of mind?

    Trump: In life you have flexibility. Ronald was a somewhat liberal Democrat and changed. I feel I am a common sense conservative. These people hit me with eminent domain. I don’t like it but we need it. Jeb attacked me on this and his brother used eminent domain for a baseball stadium.

    Jeb: I disagree with my brother on this. But don’t use eminent domain to take a woman’s home.

    Cruz: Don’t be flexible on core principles. Trump supported abortion. Now he supports Planned Parenthood.

    Trump: You are the biggest liar. That’s why you have no endorsements. Nasty guy. That what you did to Ben Carson.

    Cruz: Donald didn’t disagree with the substance.

    Trump: Where did I support it? That’s a lot of garbage.

    Cruz: The reason principle matters because Trump will appoint liberals.

    Trump: Ted Cruz with Bush appointed John Roberts. You gave us Roberts.

    Bush: He denigrated one of my heroes. Reagan did not tear down people, but the Berlin Wall.

    Cruz: I did not nominate John Roberts.

    Trump: You pushed him.

    Cruz: I would not have nominated him. Trump has always supported liberals.

    Rubio: The issue of poverty is free enterprise not reaching people. Turn the program over to states.

    Dickerson: You left off your list of accomplishments, immigration reform?

    Rubio: It didn’t pass. Flexibility. You have to work to get things done and change. After border security.

    Carson: I won’t jump and shout. We can’t afford to lose this election.

    Dickerson: Political correctness?

    Carson: People need to know that free college is a non-starter. We’re on the verge of economic collapse. The FED hurts savers. Hillary and Sanders blame it on the rich. It’s the irresponsible government to blame.

    Dickerson: Win the nomination?

    Kasich: First, grow the economy. Common sense regulation. Lower taxes. Fiscal plan so people can plan. I’ve done it twice and can do it again Democratic Party has left the blue collar worker.

    Dickerson: Does anyone tell you you’re wrong and you listen.

    Trump: My wife and I listen. I built a great company. I am self-funding. He spent 42 million I spent 3 million. That’s what we need. Effective. I hire top people. Sometimes people are wrong.

    Dickerson: Profanity?

    Trump: I’ve made many speeches over my life and sometimes I use a profanity. I have said I will not use a word that is a bit off color because you make a big deal of it.

    Dickerson: In 2012 you said Reagan and Bush could not get elected now?

    Bush: We need someone who doesn’t go bankrupt. Someone who can forge consensus. People are struggling. We need a proven record.

    Trump: I’ve used the laws of the land. I use the laws. I never went bankrupt. Never. Florida. He put so much debt on Florida that Florida crashed. Florida crashed because he loaded it up with debt. Not a good governor.

    Bush: AAA bond rating. We didn’t go bankrupt. Personal income went up.

    Trump: Florida went bankrupt.

    Dickerson: What question to former president would you ask?

    Rubio: Obama is worst president in 35 years. To Reagan, how did you inspire Americans?

  95. Tony…I was waiting for that…thank you

    btw…for all the problems some are seeing in him…this is the guy I want in the room negotiating for me…and i think many other Americans feel the same

    he says the right thing when it counts the most…the rest of it is noise coming from all ends

  96. Admin,

    Goodness…. if all those hardcore republicans hadn’t changed their mind tonight. I guess he would have won by at least 80%

  97. Nobody care what Trump sounds like or who boos him at the debates. His positions are clear and he is the only one who is going to stand up for Americans on national issues. The more they diss him the higher he will rise

    BO is the teflon POTUS. Things don’t stick.

    Trump will be the rubber POTUS. Things bounce back on the source.

  98. Closing.

    Kasich: People won’t wait on the president. I’ll send the power back. The spirit of America lies in us. The spirit of America rests in us. You are special. I hope I have your vote.

    Carson: This is first generation not expected to do better. Our country is headed off the cliff. We the people can stop the decline. Vote for me because we can win. The media and the political class manipulate us. I’ll be beholden to know one.

    Bush: Next president will face unexpected challenge. Who do you want behind the big desk? I will have a steady hand. I did it in Florida. We ran to the challenge. Focus on American people. I ask for your vote.

    Rubio: Our economy and culture are flat. Wrong is now right. Our enemies don’t fear us. These are difficult times. This could be a turning point. Life begins at conception. Marriage is one man, one woman. Be loyal to allies like Israel. Vote for me.

    Cruz: South Carolina our country hangs in the balance. Do you want a government deal maker or a proven conservative. It won’t be easy. The Supreme Court hangs in the balance. The wrong candidate dooms us. Who will stand up to our enemies?

    Trump: Politicians are all talk, no action. We owe 19 trillion dollars. We need a big change. We’re gonna make our country great again. We don’t win anymore. We don’t win. We’re gonna start winning again. We’re gonna make our country great again. I’m working for you.

  99. Great summaries from Admin, but painful reading Moononpluto aka Catfish1954 over at Free Republic spamming the thread.


    LEXINGTON, Va. — A gymnasium full of college students here on Saturday did what a former Republican Party chairman, a former vice president and a former speaker of the House who addressed their mock convention would not: predict the Republican nominee for president.

    And they did so with bravado, perhaps characteristic of their nominee, predicting that Donald J. Trump, the business tycoon who has never held elected office, would win the Republican nomination with more than twice as many delegates as the runner-up, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.


    In the end, Mr. Trump earned 1,320 delegates, Mr. Cruz 652 and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida 399. No other candidate topped 100 delegates.

    The prediction is a serious matter on this history-soaked campus, where students have hosted a mock convention every four years since 1908. Designed to predict the nominee of the party not currently in the White House, it draws alumni and prominent politicians from around the country, engages students in a four-year planning and fund-raising effort, and has historically precipitated more than a fair share of celebratory parties, as well as an annual parade.

  101. I bet DT picked up even more independents and dems tonight…when you think about it, in some ways he is fearlessly speaking in general election terms

  102. Moononpluto, definitely. Comments about eye brows, declaring Trump a liar, none of it helpful in a thread like this where people are interested in getting fair reviews of the debate. You should have used Free Republic to vent your Trump hatred instead of cross-posting your comments from there to here.

  103. This is like a horrible Thanksgiving where the family decides finally they’re all going to say what they really think about each other
    Turkey legs are flying all over the room. Mashed potato snowballs hitting everyone. Peas and carrots dumped in hair.

    That just about sums it up.

    A couple of those on the stage looked like visiting relatives that were in shock. 😉

  104. Apollos5600

    Here’s a tag team for ya.

    People on this blog often disagree with who they support and why, but coming on a blog an telling someone that has been on this blog for almost a decade is lower than any of us have ever gone with each other.

    I hope you haven’t set a new standard.

  105. ShadowFax– Moonon ticked me off so badly with the unnecessary spam it forced me to make an account. On FR he’s extolling Ted Cruz and copying and pasting some of his posts over here. There’s no purpose for it. I read these live threads to get a sense of what different people are thinking. Was reading live threads from several websites. This thread almost rendered useless because people had to respond to Moonon’s trolling.


    Donald Trump confronts audience in another GOP debate after loud boos

    Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) sparred in an early presidential debate exchange during which Trump confronted the audience multiple times.

    Bush brought up Trump’s name unprompted in order to question the real-estate developer’s plans to combat the Islamic State in the Middle East. Bush said it was “ludicrous” to support Russia helping the US out in Syria, as Trump has done.

    “Let me just tell you this: Jeb is so wrong. Jeb is absolutely so — ah,” Trump began.

    A chorus of booed in the audience interrupted Trump, who then suggested that the crowd was stacked with pro-Bush elites in the GOP establishment.

    “Just so you understand: You know who that is? That’s Jeb’s special interests and lobbyists talking,” Trump continued.

    Trump took another shot at the audience shortly after. The crowd loudly booed Trump when he mocked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), for having “0%” in the polls before dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing Bush.

    “I only tell the truth, lobbyists,” Trump told the people booing him. “We’ve spent $5 trillion all over the Middle East. We have to rebuild our country.”

    At an earlier debate this month, Trump similarly confronted the audience for booing him after taking a shot at Bush. Trump said tickets to the event had been given out to “donors” and other establishment figures who supported Bush.

  107. Rubio so reminds me of Barack Obama in 2008. What a sleazebag and the establishment Reps were all in the tank for him tonight. Rubio had his pillows fluffled tonight. He is s first term senator like BO who can give a good speech and look how that turned out. Rubio memorizes his robotically and BO telepromptered his. Rubio does not answer the questions only launches into his canned speech. He says he is the new generation…hope and change and where have we heard that. He filps and flops just like Obama did…face of the Gang of 8 but now he’s against it and is trying to hide behind Cruz by saying…he did it too…BUT…Rubio was the FACE of the Gang of 8. Rubio was supposedly against the ethanol gov. pay outs BUT when he went to Iowa he flipped and was all for it. That is one thing I do admire Cruz for doing. He was against it and when he went into the lion’s den of Iowa he along stood up and said he was against it.

    As president, I can already hear Rubio…if you like your illegal immigration you can stay and blah, blah, blah.

    I hope, hope people will see Rubio for the sleazebag, slimey bought and paid for politician he is and that people will see that the establishment is pushing him just like they did Barach Obama in 2008. If a candidate is an establishment approved and pushed candidate…HELLO…voters wake up!

  108. Voting

    Lovely. That speaker expected everyone to just hear that their jobs were moving to Mexico and stand like good little soldiers, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    A lot of us are hearing job cuts, layoffs where we work. Berry hasn’t fixed the economy enough to save jobs.

  109. I went to see “The Finest Hours” this evening(pretty inspiring movie and I am not a movie type of guy )and when I came home learned Scalia passed away, Trump apparently has won another debate, and that Hillary will not be attending the fund raiser down here, but be campaigning in Nevada(better than Milwaukee)where I guess it’s going to be closer than we ever thought. President Clinton will take her place both at the private gig and public one at the Port Of Palm Beach. The Scalia thing, however, “trumps” everything imho….this will seal Obama’s legacy and as painful as it is to admit, he will have accomplished more of what he wanted to do than any modern president. It’s over for us………:(

  110. SB…that is one good reason why people are turning to Donald Trump

    and what a great essence of DT Admin cited above:

    A chorus of booed in the audience interrupted Trump, who then suggested that the crowd was stacked with pro-Bush elites in the GOP establishment.

    “Just so you understand: You know who that is? That’s Jeb’s special interests and lobbyists talking,” Trump continued.

    Trump took another shot at the audience shortly after. The crowd loudly booed Trump when he mocked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), for having “0%” in the polls before dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing Bush.

    “I only tell the truth, lobbyists,” Trump told the people booing him. “We’ve spent $5 trillion all over the Middle East. We have to rebuild our country.”

    At an earlier debate this month, Trump similarly confronted the audience for booing him after taking a shot at Bush. Trump said tickets to the event had been given out to “donors” and other establishment figures who supported Bush.


    Democrats are trying to claim Trump is a democrat

  111. Southern

    I agree, Rubio is more like Obama then any of the other candidates.

    Did Joe give him the smell test yet? Is this one clean too, Joe?

  112. S

    I think Trump is a centrist leaning right.

    I think he does believe in issues from both sides, if he didn’t, I wouldn’t have considered him a few months back. I think his fence idea is liked a lot by many Dems that I have spoken to.

    Not wanting to get rid of SS is a strong issue many Dems want protected.

    I think most American’s are more in the middle than either the Dem or Rep party.

  113. By the way Admin, I found Hillaryis44 from Treehouse. Great website. I now check Treehouse and this website daily.

  114. BO is the teflon POTUS. Things don’t stick.

    Trump will be the rubber POTUS. Things bounce back on the source.

    lol well said

  115. Voting Hillary
    February 13, 2016 at 11:57 pm
    According to Breitbart, this is what Trump said about it during the debate:

    I would go right now to Carrier and I would say I am going to work awfully hard. You’re going to make air conditioners now in Mexico. You’re going to get all of these 1400 people that are being laid off — they’re laid off. They were crying. They were — it was a very sad situation. You’re going to go to Mexico. You’re going to make air conditioners in Mexico, you’re going to put them across our border with no tax. I’m going to tell them right now, I am going to get consensus from Congress and we’re going to tax you when those air conditioners come. So stay where you are or build in the United States because we are killing ourselves with trade pacts that are no good for us and no good for our workers.

  116. The Scalia thing, however, “trumps” everything imho….this will seal Obama’s legacy and as painful as it is to admit, he will have accomplished more of what he wanted to do than any modern president. It’s over for us………:(
    jb. He was my favorite justice, but I think the practical effect of this will be that the Senate will not bring to the floor, much less confirm, whatever ideologue Obama appoints. There is a time honored tradition of not confirming judges in election years—Carswell, Hainsworth, Bork, Meyers just to name a few. This is based on the quaint notion that the people through their duly elected representatives may yet resolve the issue, so the court which has neither the power of the sword or the purse does not have to decide. They were scheduled to decide amnesty prior to the election, whereas now Roberts has the perfect excuse to be his lazy weak self, by saying he need that ninth tie breaking vote.

  117. I would like to see any US company that moved to somewhere like Mexico, be banned for 5 years from selling the Mexican made products in the US.

    I would like to see this happen to Apple, all those parts and assembly done in countries like China.

    It would make them think twice about if they can only sell those same products in Mexico and other countries for 5 years. Let US companies that start up and stay in America take their place and show what real competition really is.

  118. The unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia has precipitated a mini-crisis in domestic politics for the same reason. The New York Times reports that it has united the GOP presidential hopefuls against Obama’s expected replacement.. “The death of Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday thrust the Supreme Court to the center of the already volatile Republican presidential race, with the party’s candidates asserting Saturday that President Obama should not nominate a successor.” But the GOP must have known that Obama would not offer any conciliatory or compromise gesture. Just as nothing can alter his foreign policy of defensive passivity nothing can swerve him from the goal of “fundamentally transforming America.”

    Indeed nothing can. Just now President Barack Obama declared that he will nominate a successor to Scalia, breaking a nearly 100-year tradition.

    With the next weeks certain to bring a foreign policy crisis, and next months a likely economic crisis the death of Antonin Scalia is a reminder of how few degrees of freedom the old order has left. With the presidential races now dominated in both parties by outsiders; with actual war drums beating on the international scene; with domestic politics galvanized around a fight over the Supreme Court, the inflexibility of Barack Obama himself will soon become the main issue. It’s drained the system of the last degrees of flex.

    He is like a great, deaf, stone god whose acolytes must either decide to continue worshiping or flee from for their lives. His immobility is a great source of comfort to the Leftist faithful who see in their high priest the inevitability of the progressive project even as thunder and lightning gathers over the temple. But it is also the source of unease among those who suspect the stone is just stone; that there is no there, there. Events will soon put his fitness as Leader of the Free World to the test even as he finds himself under pressure domestically.

    Antonin Scalia’s death has raised the volatility index on everything by one more notch at a time when there is precious little Design Margin left to spare. Ordinarily the death of a Supreme Court justice would not matter. However these may not be ordinary times.

  119. S
    February 13, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    thank’s S. It ain’t rocket science. Trump will renegotiate trade and tax the snot out of Mexico.

  120. I suspect Apollo would be a new troll. I for one would never post at that sorry excuse of a site full of loons….sure go and guage reactions…..and Cruz….lol…you have got to be joking. This is why I am bothering less and less Shadow with this place too,its toxic and frankly is no longer home due to the nature of what its become.

    Well if you want trump good luck to you but to even criticize him and you get the same treatment we got from obots in 08.


    Read the site byline, it no longer applies.

  121. One of my favorite books, coming of age, was Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. It is such a trip to compare the social trends and effects on society that she was so on point with the issues. Of course, in the book the builders and movers eventually left the world to it’s own self destructive choices. But the interim story of those who fought on bring to mind the spirit of Trumps bid for office. So does our society still have the will and insight and ability to form a productive system that Provides for it’s members with fairness? Or will the masses vote for free stuff for themselves?

  122. admin
    February 13, 2016 at 8:31 pm
    Obama can nominate all he wants. If McConnell does not set a vote, there is no vote. End of story. Just because Obama nominates someone does not mean there has to be a vote or even consideration of the nomination. Senate does that all the time. A nomination can sit until Hell freezes over if the Senate so chooses.
    The senate can also take up an Obama nomination and reject it. Just say “no”. But it would be wiser to just not even have a vote or even a Judiciary Committee hearing on any Obama nomination.
    As to recess appointments, recess appointments to the SC are lifetime. Again, the question of timing is whether the Senate is in session and when the new congress starts. This is where McConnell if he wants is expert and can time things to prevent Obama from a nomination.

    Given McConnell’s traitorous history, why would he not cave and give Obama everything he wants?
    As for the recess appointment, if they are lifetime, why wouldn’t Obama select a SCJ right away and seal the deal. no one would be able to do anything about it. We’d be stuck with O’s choice for a lifetime.

  123. Given McConnell’s traitorous history, why would he not cave and give Obama everything he wants?
    For the same reason a bank robber does not rob every bank he sees.

    He has to weigh the chances of getting caught and the penalty he will pay.

    What is the core argument of every Republican in every presidential election?

    Vote for me because if you do not, Democrats will control the court.

    If he sneaks through an Obama appointee so as you point out the other side can control the court

    He would be caught and he would be tarred and feathered

    And that would be enough to deter him

    And even if Obama appointed a competent jurist–which he failed to do on the last two appointments

    The mere fact that Obama appointed him would be the kiss of death.

    In normal times, this would be a real and palpable risk

    But here, now, it is mega political.

    Bear in mind this is a time when the party has two options:

    To adapt or die.

    And the fact that Trump has crushed all establishment candidates

    Is a red flag for McConnell if he has any inclination to sell out the country this time

    Which is a long way of saying I’d like to see that beedy eyed gizzard lipped fog horn leg horn try it.

    His donors would castrate him on utube and send it to ISIS along with a cover note:

    You people are pikers. Here is how it is done. Watch closely.

  124. If you want to know what President Rubio or President Bush would be like…look not farther than Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. Sell outs, uber partisan, Chamber of Commerce, open borders for their rich donors…ALL.

  125. The response to Trump is an example of asymetrical political warfare.

    1. The Elites: for shame, for shame, he called a fellow candidate a liar. He scares the royal horses. He is angry. He is unstable. He might go after Harvard trained parasites like me, and I do not like that. (Notice: they no longer call him a clown.)

    2. The Base: he speaks for me. The louder the better. The current elites are different than those who preceded them. These people are not part of us. They have their own heremetrically sealed culture which is impervious to logic, common sense, and feedback from reality. They put us in a whole, and refuse stop digging. They lie to us repeatedly. And they no longer bother to hide their contempt. Well, this has all caught up with them, and unless they adapt a bitter divorce is imminent.

  126. I guess the question is not whether you or I are persuaded

    But whether McConnell is persuaded that this will not be good for him

    And it will lose him the senate.

  127. From Trumps FB page: Jeb’s special interests and lobbyists pack the chamber with boo-birds!

    He keeps those pages up to date and flowing with more upbeat stuff than negative. Very well done.

    I look at Hillary’s and the message is mushy. Too much free stuff for everyone that does not say how that gets done. The conflict with raising wages and legalizing millions of illegals is flagrant.

  128. I guess your argument is if the chamber of commerce believes they will get a better deal on open borders by forcing their boy McConnell to accept an open borders hack appointed by Obama, that they will get from a Donald Trump, then they would squeeze his balls until he agrees to go forward. But if McConnell goes that route he is condemning the party, and his own political future. This time, thirty pieces of silver may not be enough.

  129. must admit, I never go to free republic but I was curious…to begin with what a muddled, messy page…yet I did manage to find the comments regarding last night’s debate…and some are very interesting…

    a lot of support for Donald…but even the ones that say they do not “like” him or “support” him say very positive things…for example:

    ‘Trump is a jerk, but he is our jerk, I want that jerk in there fighting for me’ (maybe Shadow understands their logic : ) )


    When the elephant dust settled, Trump emerged – yet again, victorious. This about sums it up: I am not a Trump supporter but that was a bloodbath. He tied that whole stage and audience into a package and stamped “Washington Bulls–t” on it. Then he set it on fire and walked off.

    Another summary via Twitter: Tonight, Trump poured gasoline on 30 years of neocon foreign policy thinking and lit the match. It was beautiful. #GOPDebate

    Or this one: Trump was just Trump tonight — the lone guy fighting all Establishment comers, including that obnoxious audience


    from Breitbart

    Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for 2016 GOP frontrunner billionaire Donald Trump, bashed the Republican National Committee (RNC) for stacking the debate audience here with pro-amnesty consultant class party donor figures. Lewandowski told Breitbart News in the spin room after the debate: I think the RNC does a terrible job in allocating the tickets, to be honest with you, There’s an opportunity–there’s 2,000 seats out there, there’s six candidates on stage, they should just divide them evenly so everyone has them, but instead they just give them to the donor class, they give them to the lobbyists and to all…

    and this wrap up from Conservative Treehouse…so true…

    The GOP audience reflected one of the long-time republican truisms: the donor class is completely, intentionally and insufferably, disconnected from the general electorate.

    The best thing Donald Trump might do next time is pay for an hour of “open bar” just prior to the debate beginning. The RNC can then provide goodie bags of squirt guns, nerf darts, and rubber bands for all audience members.

    Don’t fight the bias, enhance it, more Trumpet equals more sunlight. Allow the chattering class to fully embarrass themselves even further. Their behavior helps the insurgency.

    Despite the overwhelming odds, and positioned as the dominating fighter he is, Candidate Donald Trump stood on the debate stage and wielded the atomic battle axe against all of their collective antagonisms. Counting the stage crew it was roughly 1,905 to 1.

    When the elephant dust settled, Trump emerged – yet again, victorious.


    Mr. Trump is 100% Main Street and he means it when he says he will not stop fighting. Openly stating his intent to do so against 1,905:1 odds is a visible representation of the severity of his promise.

    Trump is definitely not a politician – He’s us. That’s the message received.

    Getting booed by a stacked crowd of special interest groups is a positive for the rest of us… The American people

    And when you are supporting a candidate willing to put themselves into such a hostile environment on your behalf, you betcha people will get off their asses and into the voting booth to support him. It’s the least they can do.

    Don’t get me wrong, as much as Trump was successful swinging the linguistic battle axe, the circling hyena’s were equally improved in their collective attack. Rubio, Jeb and Cruz each taking turns thrusting forward and snapping their teeth.


  130. I hope you are right about Mitch condemning his own political future if he sells out for any amount of money but he would just go on to be a big time lobbyist and pull in major bucks. He is as slimey as Rubio so who knows. I can hardly stand to look at either one of them much less listen to them and it literally makes me sick to think of 4 years of Rubio who is a clone of Obama just on the Rep side. I fear that people are being fooled by Marco just as they were by BO.

  131. Moon

    I certainly know how you feel about this blog. I do not want to vote for Trump, I was only considering voting for him in the primary, months ago, when I was waiting for Hillary to start fighting. She is now.

    I never considered voting Trump over Hillary in the general election.

    Yes, almost everything about Hillary in the header is gone…one wouldn’t know this is/was a Hillary site at all.

    Let me know if you find another site you feel more comfortable at.

  132. alcina
    February 14, 2016 at 10:43 am

    Thank you for posting that video of Hillary.

    Hillary hasn’t changed, she still has the ability to make me cry. Yes, this side of Hillary hasn’t been caught on the video in awhile, but she hasn’t changed.

    She has the ability to lift people up, she forgives and moves on much more quickly than I do…when she has a goal in mind.

    Go Hillary, you go girl!!

  133. foxyladi14
    February 14, 2016 at 10:34 am
    Closing statement. 😀
    That is a wonderful closing statement. First rate.

  134. [Tweeted by Eminent Jeffmain]

    You “conservative pundits” still don’t get it:
    Trump isn’t our candidate.
    He’s our murder weapon.
    And the GOP is our victim.

    We good, now?

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