Loser #Hillary2016, Loser @BernieSanders At Dum #DemDebate

What the frickin’ fu*k??? Frickin’ Milwaukee??? Are you frickin’ fu*king kidding????

Our regular readers know that not for a second do we believe or ever have believed that frickin’ socialist Bernie Sanders will get the Obama Dimocrat Party nomination.

Our regular readers also know that we do not believe Hillary Clinton will get the nomination either – Barack Obama and the Obamaroid kooks will never allow Hillary to be the culmination of the Obama Reich and Barack does not want to be an asterisk in between the Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush ping-pong game.

If Hillary had followed our advice in “Muddled Message Mess” she had a good chance of defeating Barack Obama’s plots to get his person the nomination via a coup at the July convention. But Hillary chose a deaf, dumb, and blind, strategy and now it appears too late to survive.

So here we are, in the depths of winter, prepared to mock and sneer in the comments, as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders make fools of themselves and waste all our time in Milwaukee tonight. Yeah, you read that right, frickin’ fu*kin’ Milwaukee.

The next two contests for the nomination are in South Carolina and Nevada for Republicans – Nevada then South Carolina for Obama Dimocrats. Say what bitches??? What the frickin’ what?:

In South Carolina, Republicans are voting on Saturday, Feb. 20, and Democrats will be choosing their candidate the following Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016.

Nevada kicks off its caucuses the same time, with Democrats voting on Feb. 20 and Republicans weighing in the following Tuesday, Feb. 23.

What the frickin’ what? Who the Hell came up with this fu*king stupid schedule??? If the next states to vote are Nevada and South Carolina what the frickin’ fu*k are Hillary and Sanders doing tonight in fricking fu*king cold Milwaukee???

We’ll provide some answers to our fricking fu*king questions. First, as every idiot by now should know caucuses are designed to provide the political party establishment maximum control. Fu*k the frickin’ people! So the game is to keep as few people involved in the process and maximize establishment control. What better way to keep participation in the Nevada caucus down than to have a debate in frickin’ Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the frickin’ fu*king cold, rather than Nevada???

In Nevada the establishment is Harry Reid. That is why for Obama Dimocrats the next contest is Nevada, not South Carolina. Harry Reid wanted to maximize his power so Harry Reid dictated that Nevada follow New Hampshire – and only after Harry Reid got to exercise his power could the people of South Carolina vote.

To what ends will Harry Reid exercise his power? In 2008, or rather in 2006, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy prepped the landscape for Barack Obama. Poor Hillary Clinton was befuddled in 2008 as all these strange events which only helped the little known, corrupt senator from Illinois, popped up. “What the frickin’ fu*k is happening?” Hillary wondered, only to realize too late that the 2008 primaries had been fixed in 2006 for Barack.

What is Harry Reid up to now?:

Reid: Contested Dem convention ‘would be kind of fun’

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says the race for the Democratic presidential nomination could lead into the party’s national convention in July.

These races go on for a long, long time,” Reid, who has not yet endorsed a candidate, said in an interview with CNN broadcast Thursday.

Asked if that could mean a brokered convention, Reid said, “Sure, seriously, some of the old conventions produced some good people.”

“It would be kind of fun,” he added. [snip]

Clinton hopes to use her edge with minority voters to pull away from Sanders in the upcoming Nevada caucuses and South Carolina primary. But Reid said it doesn’t look like the race will end soon.

Reid told CNN that his state is a toss-up and criticized the Clinton’s campaign for saying that Nevada is 80 percent white.

Nevada will vote next in the Democratic race on Feb. 20.

Reid told MSNBC in an interview earlier Thursday that he wouldn’t be endorsing before that contest, saying that he didn’t want it to be perceived as unfair.

The knives are sharpened, the tapestries are moving, and Hillary is walking around making a fool of herself collecting useless endorsements from fossils, issuing dull policy prescriptions and plans that will never come to pass with a sure to remain Republican House of Representatives, staying up for days prepping for a debate against a nonentity, as the parade passes her by.

The silly debate, heavy on the race-baiting, is tonight. 9:00 ET. On your local PBS station and CNN. We’ll be here to scoff and sneer.


164 thoughts on “Loser #Hillary2016, Loser @BernieSanders At Dum #DemDebate

  1. It’s all about race-baiting now. Hillary will move to the left and try to prove she is Barack Obama and deserves the black vote. Bernie Sanders will do the same. Disgusting.


    Bernie Sanders’ campaign released a powerful ad featuring the daughter of Eric Garner, who died on Staten Island after a New York City police officer put him in a chokehold in 2014.

    Sanders and Hillary Clinton are locked in a battle for the Democratic nomination, both trying to appeal to African American voters ahead of the South Carolina primary, where the black vote is crucial to a Democratic victory.

    Erica Garner gives a moving account of losing her father, saying, “No one gets to see their parent’s last moments. And I was able to see my dad die on national TV. They don’t know what they took from us … he was loved dearly. ”

    She endorsed Sanders in January, about a week after Eric Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, endorsed Hillary Clinton.

    In the video, Erica Garner explains her support for Sanders saying, “I believe that Bernie Sanders is a protester,” her account, told at times straight to camera or over images of her protesting, interspersed with Sanders talking about criminal justice reform at campaign events.

    “He’s not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. He’s not scared,” Garner says.

    The Sanders campaign posted the four-minute video online the same day that Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, endorsed Hillary Clinton and dismissed Sanders contributions to the movement.

    “I never saw him. I never met him,” Lewis said Thursday. “I was involved in the sit-ins, the Freedom Rides, the March on Washington, the march from Selma to Montgomery and directed to voter education project for six years. But I met Hillary Clinton. I met President Clinton.”

    Sanders has talked about attending the 1963 March on Washington, recounting, “I was way way back there, one of the several hundred thousand people who was here.”

  2. Puke.

    I am not watching their disgusting debate.

    If these parties pull their brokered convention crap and do not nominate Hillary and Trump, then they need to go independent.

  3. Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff.

    Opening statements:

    Sanders: Nine months ago our campaign began without money or name recognition. Now the American people respond against the campaign finance system which is corrupt and for the rich and a rigged economy. All new income and new wealth goes to 1%. A broken criminal justice system. 2.2 million in jail. Kids arrested for pot while Wall Street executives pay billions of dollars in penalties but don’t go to jail. Millions of Americans rise up in revolution and against the Trumps of the world.

    Clinton: I’m running against the barriers that hold us all back. Americans are angry about the economy. No wage increase and the economy is rigged. Unaccountable money must be taken out of the system. Wall Street cannot be allowed to wreck the economy again. African-Americans that suffer racism; immigrants that face injustice; America must live up to it’s potential by making sure all Americans can live up to their potentials. We will make progress.


  4. And Hillary agreed to this arrangement? Debate in Milwaukee, only 76 miles from Chi town, while the election moves to Nevada?
    What in the world was she thinking?

  5. Woodruff: Role of Federal Government? How much bigger under you?

    Sanders: There has been a massive transfer of wealth to the top 1%. The U.S. should join the world and provide health care for all; free higher education; create jobs to fix infrastructure. We have massive levels of income inequality. The government has a moral responsibility to make sure all our people have a decent level of living.

    Clinton: Under Sanders it would require an increase of 40% in dollars. His promises cannot be kept. We both need to be held account. Healthcare is not about math, it is about lives.

    Sanders: Clinton has been saying I will get rid of healthcare. I will provide healthcare for all. I will fight for that.

    Clinton: I am a staunch supporter of ObamaCare. Medicare for all will get ride of ObamaCare, as Sanders proposes. What will people have? The numbers don’t add up.

    Sanders: Only one country does not guarantee healthcare for all. We can provide this in a cost effective way.

    Clinton: We are not England. Obama got us to where we are and we should not go back.

    Ifill: Era of big government is over?

    Clinton: We both need to be vetted. There is skepticism about government. Don’t make promises we can’t keep. My price tag is $100 billion a year. No more debt.

    Sanders: I pay for my proposals. No one denies we need to create jobs. I will get rid of loopholes. $100 billion a year for infrastructure. We bailed them out.

    Clinton: I want debt free college. But Sanders’ plans requires governors contribute 23% of the payment.

    Sanders: College is like public education today. Free tuition is right.

    Woodruff: In NH 55% of women voted for Sanders.

    Clinton: I fought for women to have the right to make their own choices.

    Woodruff: Special place in Hell?

    Clinton: Women can make their own choices.

    Sanders: We try to bring Americans together. I support women. Pay equality.

  6. Ifill: Thwart history, stop first woman president?

    Sanders: I would make history too, with my history.

    Clinton: I am a leader on women issues which is why NARAL and Planned Parenthood endorsed me. We need a leader. I am ready to work on foreign and domestic policy.

    Sanders: Women’s rights are under attack. Republicans say they hate the government. They propose cuts to programs. When it comes to a woman’s choice, the Republicans want more government. Hypocrisy.

    Ifill: via Facebook, Wisconsin incarceration of black men?

    Sanders: One of the great tragedies in our country. A black baby born today has a 1 in 4 chance of going to jail. End over policing in AA neighborhoods. More blacks get arrested for pot, more stops, more jail. We are sick and tired of unarmed blacks shot by police. Police officers must be held accountable.

    Clinton: My first speech this election cycle was about criminal justice reform. Especially bad in Wisconsin. Dante Hamilton should still be with us. Obama’s policing commission I endorse. Sentencing reform. There are other systemic racial problems, such as education, which need addressing. Jobs, education, housing.

    Sanders: Mandatory sentencing is bad. Demilitarize the police. Diversify the police. Releases from jail without education, jobs. At the end of my first term we will not have more people in jail than any other country.

    Woodruff: Race relations better under you, better than with Obama?

    Clinton: I don’t agree that things are worse. Obama has been good. ObamaCare. Because of technology we are better able to see the dark side of systemic racism. Obama has been great. We can do better. Obama exemplifies this issue as the first AA president. His advocacy and Michelle’s work has been great. We must more forward. The Justice Department has forced Ferguson to make changes.

    Sanders: Wall Street misbehavior hurt the black community and Latino community especially hard. High rates of incarceration. Institutional racism. Instead of tax breaks to millionaires, jobs to poor kids, free college.

    Ifill: Let’s talk about white people. This is most polarized city racially. Whites die sooner. Shouldn’t whites be resentful?

    Clinton: Early deaths are a horrifying fact. I have a plan. Revive coal country. These distressed communities feel they have been forgotten. Rep. Jim Clyburn proposes aid for communities with generational poverty which impacts many whites. Focus on where the real hurt is.

    Sanders: AA and Latinos face these problems but they face other problems as well. Wages for high school graduates are lower today than before because of trade agreements. Clinton and I disagree on this. Factory jobs have mostly gone to China. This causes massive despair. The study that white working class are dying earlier than ever is accurate.

    Woodruff: Immigrants and white working class. Would you go further than Obama with illegal immigrants?

    Sander: Yes. 11 million undocumented. Comprehensive immigration reform. Path toward citizenship. Agree with Obama executive orders. I would go further. Bring families together, not divide them. I disagree with Obama’s deportation policies. I would use executive orders.

    Clinton: I strongly support Obama’s executive orders. I hope the Supreme Court upholds them. I’m against deportation. They keep economies going. I am strong supporter of DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. I would call every member of congress. We will not deport 11 million people in this country.

    Sanders: When we saw children come across the border fleeing horrid conditions. Hillary wanted to send them back. I voted against the immigration bill because it make illegals into slaves. Many progressive members of congress opposed it. We must stand up to the Trumps of the world. Path toward citizenship for 11 million.

    Clinton: I made it clear that those children had to be processed and then sent back to send a message that children should not be sent on this dangerous trip. Ted Kennedy was the one who wrote the bill Sanders voted against.

    Sanders: AFL-CIO said vote no as well as many progressives. Who were you sending a message to? We welcome them.

    Clinton: That was not the facts. The Obama administration knew these children were being abused. We have a disagreement. I call for every child to be given counsel.

  7. Being White is now the new Black…..being White might as well paint a swastika on your forehead..guilty as charged.
    I think Hillary and old Bernie the Commie, just lost the South..

  8. Ifill, via Facebook, seniors entitlements?

    Sanders: We’re not doing well. High childhood poverty. High senior poverty. $11,000 a year is not enough Social Security. Lift the cap on SS which Clinton disagrees on. Expand SS benefits for seniors and veterans. The top 1.5% will pay.

    Clinton: We don’t disagree. I am looking at how to pay for it. My approach is that we expand aid for women and poor seniors. Women do not get credit for care-taking responsibilities. Get more revenue into the program.

    Sanders: With all due respect, you have been asked if you are on board with my proposal. Obama had the same proposal and you opposed it. Top 1.5% will pay.

    Clinton: We agree. I have not seen your proposal. I will have a plan.

    Woodruff: Soros and Sussman gave you $10 million. Koch Brothers?

    Clinton: I can’t speak to the Koch Brothers. We have many donors. Small contributions. Sanders, Obama, and I have more donors than anyone who ever ran. We have many small donors unlike on the Republican side. Koch Brothers have an agenda that is bad for the country.

    Sanders: A corrupt campaign finance system which undermines American democracy. SuperPacs have more money than candidates. I refused to have a Superpac. I asked the working families to contribute. We have received millions from millions. Hillary’s superpac gets money from Wall Street.

    Clinton: Apples and oranges. I get many small donors too. The real issue is that Obama had a superpac that now supports me. Obama got the largest amount of Wall Street donations but Obama stood up to Wall Street. Let’s not imply that Obama or myself can be bribed.

    Sanders: Let’s not insult the intelligence of the American people. Why does Wall Street make huge contributions. Why do the insurance companies, drug companies, fossil fuels industry, Wall Street make large contributions. Wall Street and major banks have paid billions in fines and no executive jailed.

    Clinton: Dodd-Frank is a major accomplishment. I go further in my plan. Krugman says it is most effective plan.

    Sanders: I respectfully disagree. The financial institutions are bigger today than ever. Break them up. Bring back Glass Steagle.


  9. Shadow must be living in a different dimension than me.
    Hillary had sold her middle of the road working class out for 15 shillings of silver.
    Don’t want to say where that payment came from.

  10. Woodruff: Area of government to reduce?

    Sanders: I believe in effective government so I would reduce where necessary.

    Clinton: Cut waste fraud abuse to give the money to education and programs that are needed.

    Sanders: Waste and inefficiency in Dept of Defense. Cost overruns.

    Ifill: Foreign policy. Terror coming to U.S.?

    Clinton: We’re readier than we used to be. Go after ISIS at home and abroad. Support Arabs, Kurds. Take on ISIS online. Welcome Muslims. Donald Trump stirs up demagoguery hurts us at home, it is dangerous. I know how to put together coalitions. Trump insults their religion.

    Sanders: Safety is president’s priority. Peace and prosperity. I voted against the war in Iraq. I did not believe Bush/Cheney. I led the opposition to that war. Much of what I feared would happen happened. Clinton and I disagree on regime change. Foreign policy is not about throwing out governments. Clinton got rid of a terrible dictator in Libya but did no follow up. This has gone up for 50 years. Unintended consequences. I will not get bogged down in perpetual warfare in Middle East.

    Clinton: In 1998 Sanders voted for regime change. Same in Libya. I do not believe a vote in 2002 is plan to defeat ISIS. This is about the commander in chief, who is best prepared. Obama was against war in Iraq but then he turned to me to be SOS.

    Sanders: We are friends and she has enormous experience. But judgment matters as well. She and I looked at the same evidence. I led the opposition, she voted for it. My vote in 1998 was to help the process move forward.

    Clinton: The most important decision for Obama was the decision on Bin Laden. I gave him the advice to go forward. I am proud I gave him that advice.

    Sanders: We have a profound difference. In her book she says she was mentored by Henry Kissinger. I think he was a destructive SOS. I do not want to be his friend, I do not want his advice.

    Clinton: We still don’t know who you listen to.

    Sanders: It’s not Henry Kissinger!

    Clinton: His opening up China was very useful to America. I listen to certain people for certain things.

    Sanders: Kissinger was a “domino theory” proponent. The great threat of China. Then after the war he opened up China. Then trade agreements with China which took our jobs. Not my kind of guy.

    Woodruff: Russia. Kerry announcement on Syria tonight. Sanctions, military action against Russia?

    Sanders: It is a complicated problem. I congratulate SOS Kerry. Syria is unspeakable. Russia in Crimea and Ukraine forced higher troop levels from Obama. I believe Putin is trying to overcome his economic problems. We must protect eastern Europe.

    Clinton: Agreement on humanitarian relief must be implemented. The cease fire must be implemented faster than the Russians want. I negotiated the Security Council resolution to bring the parties at stake together. Iran also is a player as well as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Sanders has called for Iranian troops on the border of the Golan. That is a non-starter. The Russians will try to go after the opposition to Assad not ISIS.

    Sanders: We disagree. The president does not agree with her on the no fly zone. Let’s hope the agreement holds. I hope in years to come, as in Cuba, we someday have decent relations with Iran. We must be aggressive and principled.

    Clinton: I disagree. We must enforce the Iran agreement. They have to stop trying to destabilize the middle east.

    Sanders: We have a lot of work to do. When Clinton ran against Obama she was critical of Obama for wanting to talk to Iran. Over a period of time we must talk to them.

    Clinton: The disagreement was over preconditions.

    Sanders: It’s easy to talk to your friends. We need to talk to our enemies.

    Ifill: Refugees.

    Clinton: NATO announced patrols in Aegean and Mediterranean to prevent more refugees from coming. Our willingness to take vetted refugees is good. Back up donors conference. This is a humanitarian catastrophe.

    Sanders: I want to a Turkish refugee camp. Sad sight. Our nation is a beacon of hope for the world. I disagree with Republicans who want us to turn our backs. Kuwait, Qatar, have a responsibility too.

    Woodruff, via Facebook, name 2 leaders foreign and domestic who influence you?

    Sanders: FDR. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. That gave us courage to get out of depression. He redefined the role of government. If we come together there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Don’t listen to the Trumps of the world. Winston Churchill was a conservative but as a leader he rallied the British. I admire them both.

    Clinton: FDR and his role I agree with. I would choose Nelson Mandela. Sanders said today that Obama has failed the presidential leadership test. He’s said voters should have buyer’s remorse over Obama. Obama inherited many problems and does not get the credit he deserves. I don’t expect that from someone running for the Democratic nomination.

    Sanders: That is a low blow. As a result of Obama we have made enormous progress. Last I heard we live in a democratic country and we can voice criticism. I said the next president has be bring in more people into the political process. It is unfair to say I have not been an ally of Obama. Have you ever disagreed with Obama?

    Clinton: Calling him weak, a disappointment. Saying in 2012 he deserved a primary opponent.


    Sanders: One of us ran against Obama, it was not me. There is no president who has the capability to take on Wall Street, the media, the big money interests. This campaign is about creating a process for a political revolution. This is not just about electing somebody. It’s about bringing tens of millions of people together. Not just the 1% who have so much political power.

    Clinton: We agree we need to take money out of politics. I am not a single issue candidate. This is not a single issue election. Poison in the water, poor miners in coal country, any American put down by racism, sexism, LGBT discrimination. We have to stand up for unions. We have to stop governors like Scott Walker. We must give a chance to every single American.

    IT’s OVER.

  11. gonzotx
    February 11, 2016 at 10:10 pm
    Shadow must be living in a different dimension than me.

    We disagree on almost everything…nothing new there.

  12. Well, since I guess Admin and I are the only ones that watched the debate, I will just add that although I hated her bring up Obama’s name and I didn’t agree with everything they discussed…I do think this is one of her best debates, so far.

    She seems to have started to change her message and I hope she keeps evolving more into her own.

    Good job Hillary!

  13. I may have to vote for Bernie since he knows what to do about…Cambodia? Can someone clue him in that this is 2016, not 1970’s?

  14. The audience, which was addressed as voters that were undecided at the beginning of the debate…really seemed to respond much more positively to Hillary’s answers than Bernie’s. Many more clapped for her and seemed to agree loudly.

  15. Well Shadow,

    You are absolutely right, we disagree on nearly everything, and if you think she was making a subtle move to sanity, I think you watched the 2008 debate. .

  16. Hey, Shadow can support the candidate of her choice…Hillary. Gonzotx can support her guy, Trump. We don’t all have to agree.

  17. The Nevada/Reid thing is very ominous, particularly after his recent comments. Reid has not lost any real power despite being the minority leader in the senate. He is a despicable figure, but like Obama, he always seems to win. Would not be surprised if he plays a major role in derailing Hillary’s campaign once again. I wonder how Schumer will break on this given he has been waiting forever to become the democratic leader in the senate.

  18. jbstonesfan
    February 11, 2016 at 11:48 pm
    The Nevada/Reid thing is very ominous, particularly after his recent comments. Reid has not lost any real power despite being the minority leader in the senate. He is a despicable figure, but like Obama, he always seems to win. Would not be surprised if he plays a major role in derailing Hillary’s campaign once again. I wonder how Schumer will break on this given he has been waiting forever to become the democratic leader in the senate.


    Same thing as 2008…Bernie wins the caucus, Hillary wins the primary. All the delegates go to Bernie.

  19. Shadow and Admin, thank-you for having the intestinal fortitude to watch and report. I have thought for a while that we were watching Admin’s theory of another Dim take-down of Hillary become a reality. The first one was bad enough. For me, a second will confirm that we the people have next to no f*%king power.

    I wonder if they would have tried to take-down a viable male candidate – twice.

  20. Shadow,

    Could you imagine the media reports if it had been Hillary wagging her finger the way Sanders endlessly did tonight?

    *I bet you can. 🙂

  21. Free

    I think the moderators in this debate asked some tough questions of each, and were fair to both candidates as far as I could see. I really enjoyed watching the debate. I wanted to see if Hillary would make some changes to her delivery, and I think she did.

    If voters want to get off the cuff, short answers to complex questions, best they don’t ask her about foreign policy. 🙂

  22. VotingHillary
    February 11, 2016 at 11:59

    The old finger wag, I think of Jan Brewer wagging her finger at Obama, and I loved it.

  23. If voters want to get off the cuff, short answers to complex questions, best they don’t ask her about foreign policy. 🙂

    She knows her stuff, doesn’t she. 🙂

  24. Admin

    Are you worried that the GOP may have a brokered convention if Trump keeps winning? The buzz is going around about that too.

  25. If all this brokered convention stuff becomes a reality, we could end up with Biden vs Bush or
    Biden vs Rubie or
    OneDrop vs Bush or RubieS.

    Then we should all march to DC with pitchforks…and take back our House.

  26. Greenville, S.C. — Marco Rubio has South Carolina GOP superstars Trey Gowdy and Tim Scott in his corner. Ted Cruz is boasting a roster of 10,000 Palmetto state volunteers knocking on doors and phoning up neighbors.

    I won’t copy/paste the rest of the story at Politico.

  27. Hillary

    “I’m not asking people to support me because I’m a woman,” Mrs. Clinton said matter-of-factly.

    “I’m asking people to support me because I think I’m the most qualified, experienced, and ready person to be the president and the commander in chief.”

  28. Shadowfax, the brokered GOP convention is the last barrier from reality the political establishment has. Rubio and the rest are now pining for a brokered convention because they can see they will not get the nomination otherwise. There will be no brokered convention for GOP. Trump will win outright. On the GOP side, the contest is already almost over. Our scenario pre-Iowa is still in effect.

    If Trump wins South Carolina, with more than 4 points than the #2, the nomination fight is over. Notice Trump was in Louisiana today which votes on March 5. Trump knows he can complete his hostile takeover of the GOP by the end of February. March 1 superTuesday will be just a mop-up operation.

    Trump wins NH, then Trump wins SC, then Trump wins Nevada, then Trump wins every state or just about every state on Supertuesday because he is already so far ahead in the polls in each of those states with very very few exceptions (Alabama, Alaska caucus, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming caucus).

    If Trump wins Texas on March 1, Ted Cruz is out. Which means Trump will have no opposition while the establishment field is still divided among several candidates. Then on March 15 Trump finishes off Kasich in Ohio and Rubio/Bush in Florida.

    Republican Party rules require a candidate to win a majority of the vote in 8 states in order to have the right to have the name placed in nomination. So as long as no candidate wins 8 states the only candidate is Trump.

    Unlike Hillary, Trump won’t put up with a theft at the convention. If the GOP tries to steal the nomination from Trump he walks and can put his name on the ballot in enough states that he destroys the GOP. Trump is no chump. Trump won’t be a doormat.

    All that matters now is South Carolina where Trump has led by wide margins for months.


  29. talk radio interview yesterday had a GOP representative from either S. Carolina or Alabama. he was completely offended by Trump’s vulgar language and said “we don’t cotton to that type of language down here”.

    well, fiddle de dee..

  30. Alcina,

    That’s probably true, however if it’s a choice between vulgar language, and being taken to the shed by your government. ..curse away.
    I will say my husband is turned off by it, and he’s a born and bred Texan.

  31. gonzotx

    understood, but, it was the use of the word “cotton” that cracked me up. it sounds like an expression from the 19th century. 🙂

  32. I’m asking people to support me because I think I’m the most qualified, experienced, and ready person to be the president and the commander in chief.”
    Let me get this straight:

    You should support me NOT because I am a woman?

    But because I am the most qualified?

    I bought that line in 2008–lock, stock and barrel.

    And it made sense because the target was the working class.

    But today she is adhering to the Obama strategy, which says

    Hire me because I am a woman, and

    Hire me because I am Obama III

    And the whole appeal is to “oppressed minorities”

    Not white middle class, but the Al Sharpton crowd

    And any contention that she is the most qualified

    Invites a critical examination of her record as SOS

    Beyond that cover-up called the Mullen report.

    That statement is for low information voters.

    That was a good line in 2008.

    But today it no longer works.


    Because it denies the central premise of her campaign.

    And what is that central premise?

    Very simple:

    You must support me because:

    1. I am a woman, and we have never had a woman as president before, and-

    2. I am Obama III. In fact, I will go even further than he has to transform America

    That is the clear message

    To pretend that this is a gender neutral appeal, denies the main thrust of her campaign.

  33. Unlike Hillary, Trump won’t put up with a theft at the convention. If the GOP tries to steal the nomination from Trump he walks and can put his name on the ballot in enough states that he destroys the GOP. Trump is no chump. Trump won’t be a doormat.
    Haaa haa haa—absolutely right

    And when he destroys the party, it will be catnip for big media

    They will jump aboard that train fast and furious

    And the rino will groan through the night like a dying elephant

    By morning, as a gesture of mercy, we can introduce the elephant

    To a 610 Nitro Express elephant gun and say

    Oh . . RINO . . your hour of redemption is at hand

    And the battle cry will not be remember the Alamo

    It will be remember 2010, and 2014—you lying cocksucker.

  34. gonzotx
    February 11, 2016 at 9:34 pm
    Did Bernie come on stage in Blackface?
    Actually, it was much worse–the pandering I mean.

    He had breakfast with that guinness book race baiter and big media star Sharpton who is right out of The Bonfire of the Vanities, with his kill whitey subtext. Reverend Wright will be next. It is what you call riding circuit. He is a ridiculous figure. This is one of these situations where you have to separate the man from the message. He reminds me of a dog chasing a car. If he ever caught it he could not drive.

  35. wbboei
    February 12, 2016 at 9:54 am
    Unlike Hillary, Trump won’t put up with a theft at the convention. If the GOP tries to steal the nomination from Trump he walks and can put his name on the ballot in enough states that he destroys the GOP. Trump is no chump. Trump won’t be a doormat.

    I hope Trump does exactly that if GOP attempts to steal the nom from him. Both damn political parties need a lesson.

  36. Shadowfax
    February 12, 2016 at 2:41 am

    “I’m not asking people to support me because I’m a woman,” Mrs. Clinton said matter-of-factly.

    “I’m asking people to support me because I think I’m the most qualified, experienced, and ready person to be the president and the commander in chief.”

    Hell yeah she is!!! Go Hillary!

  37. Shadowfax, we think our analysis is on target, obviously. The counter to our argument we find delusional but we provide the whistle pass the graveyard thoughts from the GOP establishment to be fair and balanced:


    Insiders: Hard road ahead for Trump

    He finished a close second in Iowa, romped to a blowout victory in New Hampshire and leads the polls in South Carolina.

    But the Republican members of The POLITICO Caucus – a panel of activists, strategists and operatives in the four early states – still don’t think Donald Trump has a clear route to the GOP presidential nomination.

    Almost 85 percent of Republican insiders said Trump isn’t on a glide path to become the party’s nominee, despite a 22-point win in the New Hampshire primary this week.

    Their rationale is partly about math – Trump has a solid plurality of the vote in many states, but polls suggest he is too polarizing to win over a majority of Republicans – and partly grounded in the belief that the brash, sometimes-profane real-estate mogul will wilt once the other candidates turn their fire on him.

    Trump needs to show that he can grow his share of the vote,” said a South Carolina Republican, who, like all respondents, completed the survey anonymously. “Right now he’s getting around one-third, but that means two-thirds of the vote is ‘not Trump.’ If he has a ceiling, then as others drop out, Cruz or one of the establishment candidates can pass him. We are down to six in South Carolina – let’s see if he grows this time.”

    “Nobody has gone negative on The Donald,” added a Republican in New Hampshire, where Trump won Tuesday with more than 35 percent of the vote. “Nobody has talked about his liberal views, his bankruptcies, or his personal life. As the front runner, it’s all fair game.”

    A South Carolina Republican put it this way: “He will flame out as people become more serious.”

    Not all Republicans were as confident that Trump would crash and burn – only that the nomination fight would be difficult.

    “He’s on a fast train to it, but the rails aren’t totally greased,” a South Carolina Republican said.

    Among the minority of GOP insiders — 14 percent — who said Trump was on the fast track to the GOP nomination, were a few Trump opponents for whom the New Hampshire results have led to a mix of resignation and despair.

    “It’s his to lose,” a South Carolina Republican said. “He and his team have been underestimated by all of the ‘experts,’ and the angry segment of the party is pushing him forward.”

    “I fear our long, national nightmare may become ever longer and darker,” added another South Carolina GOP insider.

    The establishment “insiders” have been entirely wrong this entire election season. We’ve been on target. Pick your poison.

    Does anyone really still believe as candidates drop out Trump weakens?
    Does anyone really still believe Trump has not been attacked?
    Does anyone really still believe the nonsense about the “non-Trump vote” (what about the nonvote for other candidates?)
    Does anyone really still believe Trump will “flame out as people become more serious”?

  38. While we wait for all-important South Carolina polls, here is the latest evidence that it is over for Trump:


    Donald Trump has more than double the voter support of any other Republican White House hopeful nationwide, according to a new poll.

    Four in 10 Americans are backing the real estate mogul’s campaign after his victory in the New Hampshire primary last Tuesday, according to a Morning Consult survey released Friday.

    Trump earns 44 percent support from registered Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters. Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) comes in a distant second, with 17 percent.

    Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) are in third, with 10 percent each.

    Trailing them are former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, with 8 percent, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, with 4 percent. [snip]

    Trump is also viewed favorably by more than 6 in 10 of his party’s voters, pollsters found. He has a 67 percent favorability rating; Rubio’s is 62 percent, and Cruz’s is 61 percent.

    Friday’s results found that Trump’s support has risen 6 points since his win in New Hampshire.

    That “ceiling” continues to soar. It’s over for Trump.

  39. Well that was quick. New poll just released from South Carolina. We swear we did not see it before we posted earlier comments.


    Opinion Savvy Poll Conducted for Augusta Chronicle, Morris News and FOX 5 Atlanta: Trumps Holds Substantial Lead in South Carolina; Battle for Second is Tight

    An Opinion Savvy poll of likely South Carolina voters in next Saturday’s Republican Primary there continues to show Donald Trump leading by a relatively wide margin. The poll of likely voters was conducted February 10-11 by phone and mobile devices. The poll was weighted by age, race, gender, evangelical vote, and region. It has a margin of error of 3.5% and 95% confidence level:

    The Results:

    Trump: 36%

    Cruz: 19%

    Rubio: 15%

    Bush: 11%

    Kasich: 9%

    Carson: 5%

    Undecided: 5%

    Analysis by Matt Towery (Sr.) Political Analyst FOX5 Atlanta/columnist and frequent pollster for Morris Newspapers: “The poll conducted by Opinion Savvy (which is owned and managed by Matt Towery, Jr.) is one of the most detailed surveys I have seen conducted in a South Carolina primary. Looking at the various cross tabulations, it is easy to see why Trump has such a strong lead at this point in the race. Trump carries every age group except for the youngest (18-29) where Rubio nudges Trump out by 7 points. But Trump has comfortable leads among the other age groups in the poll. Trump has the highest support from almost every segment of respondents grouped by political philosophy. Trump leads among those describing themselves as “very conservative,” “somewhat conservative,” “moderate” and “somewhat liberal.” John Kasich leads among the few South Carolina GOP voters who describe themselves as “very liberal.”

    Nearly 60% of the voters in the GOP primary identify themselves as “evangelical” in the poll. But even among these evangelical voters, Trump leads Cruz by ten points. Of course South Carolina primaries can be very volatile and turnout can greatly impact the final numbers. But it appears Trump has consolidated and expanded upon his lead in South Carolina after New Hampshire in this poll. This is notable given that recent Opinion Savvy surveys of this race in South Carolina have shown Trump in a closer race there than most other surveys.

    The battle for second place now appears to be wide open. Cruz would seem to have the best opportunity to finish second but both Rubio and Bush are in contention as well. The poll does seem to indicate that Rubio’s post-New Hampshire debate “hangover” may be lifting. Just as in Iowa it would be wise to keep an eye out for last minute rise in his support should he turn in a stronger debate performance this coming week.

    It’s over for Trump.

  40. one of our cable channels has been off the air here for a few weeks and it just came back on so I was going back and forth between watching the last season of American Idol (sorry I love to watch the talent shows…hold over from my casting days)and trying to watch the debate

    but it is just too much for me to stomach…I cannot stand listening to Hillary kiss O’s ass…and she does it almost every other sentence…and now she is bringing in MO as some paragon of virtue…

    and sorry, so much of what she is saying just does not sound believable besides the fact that she continues to mention her all encompassing “plan” which is words, words and more words…a plan for everything…talking points here and talking points there…

    that “hit” she took on Sanders in defense and to praise O was the last straw for me…like she has to protect poor little misunderstood O who she loves so much…

    Shadow…you have a much stronger stomach than me…and your ability to ignore what you don’t like with Hillary2016 is ‘something’

    I wish you well on this but I see clouds ahead…

  41. admin
    February 12, 2016 at 11:29 am
    Shadowfax, we think our analysis is on target, obviously.

    Fair and balanced is something Fox used that turns out to be like hope and change.

    I appreciate your analysis on Trump.

  42. Admin,,

    I’m curious. In your opinion, if this were any other candidate besides Trump AND they had the same lead as Trump according to the polls, what would the media (and GOP) be saying about that candidate’s chances?

  43. this is simply my opinion and observation but if Hillary continues on with her “muddled, all over the map, messaging” and going on and on to answer a question and with O ever present in her answers…

    I could see Donald demolishing her in a debate…he will cut through all the words so fast and inject “foreign policy realities” and I do not doubt that he will go after her on many of “her issues”

    and then he will destroy her on O’s competency…why she wants to continue to try to make people believe O has done a great job is crazy…it is a LOSING strategy for her…especially in the general…and she keeps digging deeper and deeper with statements that will be used against her if she tries to pivot away from O later…

    she should be working on bolstering people’s trust and confidence in her…not defending and wasting her time on him…

    I do not think it will be pretty

  44. from the poll Admin posted…

    Trump is also viewed favorably by more than 6 in 10 of his party’s voters, pollsters found. He has a 67 percent favorability rating; Rubio’s is 62 percent, and Cruz’s is 61 percent.

    Friday’s results found that Trump’s support has risen 6 points since his win in New Hampshire.


    and what no one is really reporting yet is how many of his supporters are also independents and Democrats…can you imagine if you they start checking on how many people have changed their parties or registered for the first time solely for the purpose of voting for Trump

    there really is a movement going on out there…people are starting to “love” this guy…warts, swearing and all…

  45. S

    I wish you well on this but I see clouds ahead…

    There have been black clouds around Hillary since the 90ies, more in 2007 and 2008, and they have continued.

    The fact this woman is still standing and fighting is something I admire in her.

  46. South Carolina,

    As of early Thursday, Clinton’s lead over Sanders seemed insurmountable, as she was up on him 62 percent to 32.5 percent.

  47. yes Shadow but that was all before O …he has been there screwing and depriving her of opportunites since 2008 and somehow she goes along with it…

  48. Big Pink hater Peggy Noonan late to the party. Peg agrees with us! Prairie Fire:


    Trump, Sanders and the American Rebellion
    As institutions lose respect, voters think: Let’s take a chance.

    What is happening in American politics?

    We’re in the midst of a rebellion. The bottom and middle are pushing against the top. It’s a throwing off of old claims and it’s been going on for a while, but we’re seeing it more sharply after New Hampshire. This is not politics as usual, which by its nature is full of surprise. There’s something deep, suggestive, even epochal about what’s happening now.

    I have thought for some time that there’s a kind of soft French Revolution going on in America, with the angry and blocked beginning to push hard against an oblivious elite. It is not only political. Yes, it is about the Democratic National Committee, that house of hacks, and about a Republican establishment owned by the donor class. But establishment journalism, which for eight months has been simultaneously at Donald Trump’s feet (“Of course you can call us on your cell from the bathtub for your Sunday show interview!”) and at his throat (“Trump supporters, many of whom are nativists and nationalists . . .”) is being rebelled against too. Their old standing as guides and gatekeepers? Gone, and not only because of multiplying platforms. Gloria Steinem thought she owned feminism, thought she was feminism. She doesn’t and isn’t. The Clintons thought they owned the party—they don’t. Hedge-funders thought they owned the GOP. Too bad they forgot to buy the base! [snip]

    I mention this to say we are in a precarious position in the U.S. with so many of our institutions going down. Many of those pushing against the system have no idea how precarious it is or what they will be destroying. Those defending it don’t know how precarious its position is or even what they’re defending, or why. But people lose respect for a reason.

    To New Hampshire: The rejection of the establishment’s preferred candidates in both major parties is a big moment. It is also understandable, the result of 15 years of failed presidencies. It is a gesture of rebuke toward the political class—move aside.

    It’s said this is the year of anger but there’s a kind of grim practicality to Trump and Sanders supporters. They’re thinking: Let’s take a chance. Washington is incapable of reform or progress; it’s time to reach outside. Let’s take a chance on an old Brooklyn socialist. Let’s take a chance on the casino developer who talks on TV.

    In doing so, they accept a decline in traditional political standards. You don’t have to have a history of political effectiveness anymore; you don’t even have to have run for office! “You’re so weirdly outside the system, you may be what the system needs.”

    They are pouring their hope into uncertain vessels, and surely know it. Bernie Sanders is an actual radical: He would fundamentally change an economic system that imperfectly but for two centuries made America the wealthiest country in the history of the world. In the young his support is understandable: They have never been taught anything good about capitalism and in their lifetimes have seen it do nothing—nothing—to protect its own reputation. [snip]

    As for Mr. Trump, it is not without meaning that his supporters have had eight months to measure the cost of satisfying their anger by voting for him. In New Hampshire, 35% of the electorate decided that for all his drama and uncertainty they would back him.

    The mainstream journalistic mantra is that the GOP is succumbing to nativism, nationalism and the culture of celebrity. That allows them to avoid taking seriously Mr. Trump’s issues: illegal immigration and Washington’s 15-year, bipartisan refusal to stop it; political correctness and how it is strangling a free people; and trade policies that have left the American working class displaced, adrift and denigrated. Mr. Trump’s popularity is propelled by those issues and enabled by his celebrity.

    In winning, Donald Trump threw over the GOP donor class. Political professionals don’t fully appreciate that, but normal Americans see it. They get that the guy with money just slapped silly the guys with money. Every hedge-fund billionaire donor should be blinking in pain. Some investment! [snip]

    Congratulations to the establishments of both parties for getting us here. They are the authors of the rebellion; they are a prime thing being rebelled against.

  49. Peggy forgets to mention that “the wealthiest country in the history of the world” is $ 20 TRILLION dollars in debt and going up

    in many ways, Hillary has created Trump…she could have captured the country’s concerns and rallied them by saying so much of what he is saying…but no…

    she is speaking on behalf of O…

    …at the very least…give Donald a chance to go in there for four years and clean up our finances…get rid of the waste and abuse…put our country back in order…give us our country back…

    4 years is a small price to pay at this crucial time…the country and the American people seem to get it and the need seems to be clearer and stronger as each primary, debate, rally and poll is revealed…

    DT ‘affectionately’ calls it a “lovefest”

  50. Today at a red light I came across a corner full of Berniebots. I rolled down my window and booed them. And then I launched in to a chant for HIL-LAR-RY.

    And I am really in a funk. Because I waited 8 years to campaign for her and now she sounds like BO. I mean, I bought some big pink flip-flops to wear to any rally she might have in my area. But I just no-can-do on the immigration and TPP. It is just a slap in the face of working class Americans. I will not vote for my own murder.

  51. S

    Yes, she seems to think it’s the only way he and her party will not stab her in the back AGAIN, although Admin thinks they will do it again at the convention anyway, that the Dem party needs her, and she doesn’t need them. But if they broker a convention, then they never needed her in the first place, and the Clinton’s are not political outsiders, they probably know this more about this situation then we do.

    As I said before, if she feels she has to lie to obots, lie to Barry and MO…I don’t give a crap. They proved before they can’t handle the truth when it comes to Hillary.

    Could she win if she stood up there in the debates/campaign and told the public all the crappy things that they have done? Maybe, but I don’t necessarily agree and think they would fight harder to derail her, even more so than they are doing now?

    One thing that she keeps saying about ObamaCare is that she doesn’t think it is the best plan to destroy it, she doesn’t want to try and start at square one with a Rep House and Senate to try and pass her health care plan, which she thinks would be a huge, long-term fight, leaving those that are now covered without insurance. She wants to work with it already established and take on the insurance companies to bring down the costs. She also said more of her plans on this, probably on her website.

    Since I am a centrist leaning left, I don’t agree with either party, but I do think if anyone can remake the crap that Obama built, Hillary is the most knowledgeable on the subject and she doesn’t freakin’ give up.

    If the DNC had not stolen the primary from Hillary in 2008, I have no doubt with a super majority of democrats in the congress at that time, that Hillary would have built a MUCH BETTER healthcare system then what exists now. If she doesn’t win, we will never know.

    I do not like anyone’s plan about immigration. They are either too far left or too far right for me.

  52. I think Trump’s campaign is a good thing for Hillary. Just to get the dialog open that the Party Establishment is corrupt and should be challenged. Her problem is that she appears to be the Establishment to most people. And she has to behave like that or they will cross her out for sure. But she will need to pivot when they pull something and point to it and say, “SEE THEM!” that they would not do that if they really owned her.

  53. Shadowfax
    February 12, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    I do not like anyone’s plan about immigration. They are either too far left or too far right for me.

    The left has gone off the deep end. The Trump plans will not be 100% successful and really do not need to be to protect national interests. It is more important to cut off the dead beats and send the criminals home. Decent people will work things out.

  54. Lu

    I agree the competition with Trump is a good thing. It might get pretty bloody on the dance floor, I will probably get really angry at times, but that will be a real battle.

  55. It is more important to cut off the dead beats and send the criminals home. Decent people will work things out.

    I agree.

  56. S,

    Trump will need a full 8 years. He will have battles with entrenched golden teet professional political suckers and programs that do nothing but pay each other to write thousands of pages of regulations in order to keep funneling in our money to them.
    Nearly every good thing Palin fought for has been overturned. That’s one of the reasons it was abhorrent to me she stepped down. They easily unfunded her programs.

  57. Trump no easy road to nomination/

    Sez who?

    Steve Sheperd, of Politico

    Who is Steve Sheperd?

    A wet behind the ears punk.

    And, a self confessed bigamist.

    Say what?

    Oh yea, by his own admission he lives with his wife and his dog.

    How is that working out?

    Well the dog is happy.

    Okay, how about the wife?

    Oh, she is suing for divorce.

    No easy path to divorce court.

    Can’t say as I blame her.

  58. Shadow…good luck with your idea of her “lying to obots, O & MO” and then changing her tune and going back on what she has said…

    her problem is she already has a big trust problem…how is that going to help people trust her?

    not everyone is viewing this from the love you have for her…look at what is happening with young women…the only people Hill has done well with so far are women over 65…

    she has alot of work to do…but she keeps digging deeper and deeper


    as Admin…and many of us have said…the country is sick of O…we want a break from him…we want a big change from the last 7 years…not a little tinkering here or there

    I heard someone say on tv the other day that O was all about “Yes we can” and Hillary is about “No we can’t”

    right now i am looking at the news and Hillary is going on and on about O does not get the credit he deserves bla, bla, bla…hope he will be there for her…without a knife in the you know where…

    How is she going to run from O3 when that is what she is pushing

  59. Biggest newspaper in Dallas endorses Clinton

    Breaking : Dallas Morning news endorses Clinton

    Editorial: We recommend Hillary Clinton for Democratic Nmination for President.

    It’s been 44 years since Hillary Clinton arrived in Texas as a firebrand feminist working to register Hispanics and others in South Texas to vote …


  60. Tampa Bay Times endorses Clinton too, rips Sanders to shreds.


    Hillary Clinton on Friday scored the endorsement of the editorial board of the Tampa Bay Times, one of Florida’s most influential newspapers, ahead of the state’s March 15 primary. The paper’s editorial board also ripped into Bernie Sanders, calling his proposals “expensive fantasies.”

    Deeming Clinton the best candidate to tackle issues ranging from economic strife to global terrorism and national security, the editorial board of the historically liberal-leaning publication wrote that the former secretary of state is “clearly the best prepared to achieve results in each of those areas.”

    Writing that Sanders’ calls “for revolutionary change are as tantalizing to liberal voters as they are unrealistic, particularly in today’s polarized politics,” the paper summarily ticks through its list of grievances with the Vermont senator’s record and positions.

    “His proposals for a single-payer health care system and free college tuition are expensive fantasies,” the editorial continues. “His lack of a coherent foreign policy and tendency toward isolationist positions are particularly concerning. There is no indication Sanders is prepared to effectively protect the United States from terrorists or manage the complicated relationships this nation must nurture around the world.”

    The Dallas Morning News’ editorial board also endorsed Clinton on Friday, invoking her work in Texas for the failed campaign of George McGovern against Richard Nixon in 1972.

    “Democrats should vote for her March 1. She’s a better choice than another long-shot liberal senator,” the Dallas paper wrote of Sanders.

    Both candidates have clashed in recent weeks over foreign policy credentials, including during Thursday night’s debate, in which Sanders denounced Clinton for associating herself closely with the work of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

  61. Jim Gilmore suspends campaign

    I never knew him well enough to even know who he was or what he looked like.

    Happy Gilmore has left the building.

  62. S, I think this statement by Hillary is a clue to her frequent references to O :

    Hillary: …… “Obama inherited many problems and does not get the credit he deserves. I don’t expect that from someone running for the Democratic nomination”.

    I’m don’t believe it’s a smart move for her to praise O at every opportunity, but it seems clear that in doing so she’s trying to 1) clearly represent herself as someone who is loyal to the party, 2) appeal to and garner votes from AAs (especially), as well as Hispanics and Muslims, 3) get and keep support from O and O-nuts.

    As I said, I don’t agree with this tactic and I don’t think it has the desired effect, but her advisers clearly are encouraging this. I’m not sure her advisers have her best interest at heart. In fact, some of them appear to be working for her defeat. I hope she is beginning to realize this.

  63. Foxy, that global warming – AKA Climate Change is hell ain’t it? 🙂

    Sounds like the Northeast is in for some frigid weather. Even down here in the Sunny South, it’s colder than usual. Somewhere Al Gore is crying like a little boy.

  64. In doing so, they (New Hampshire voters) accept a decline in traditional political standards. You don’t have to have a history of political effectiveness anymore; you don’t even have to have run for office! “You’re so weirdly outside the system, you may be what the system needs.”
    How ironic.

    In 2008, the author of that nonsense (Noonan) took a chance on Obama, and the Chicago Machine he represented. So if this be trouble, don’t lets pretend it started in New Hampshire this year, and don’t expect us to take lessons about virtue from a (semi) reformed whore.

  65. “The DNC’s recent change in guidelines will ensure that we continue to have the resources and infrastructure in place to best support whoever emerges as our eventual nominee,” Mark Paustenbach, deputy communications director for the DNC, told the Washington Post, which first reported the news.
    The national committee confirmed the policy change to The Hill but also said that lobbyists and those running PACs are still not able to attend events with the president, vice president, first lady Michelle Obama or Dr. Jill Biden.

    The DNC, which is chaired by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-Fla.), opened the door to K Street donations earlier this summer, when it announced that lobbyists and corporate PACs would once again be allowed to make donations to the annual nominating conventions. That change was made primarily because Congress in 2013 nixed federal financing for conventions, depriving the parties of roughly $20 million to pay for the events.

    With the DNC now accepting all lobbyist and PAC donations, it has reversed the policies that were adopted in 2008, when Obama vowed to curb the influence of special interests in Washington.

    “We are going to change how Washington works,” Obama said at the time. Lobbyists and corporate PACs “will not fund my party. They will not run our White House. And they will not drown out the voice of the American people when I’m president of the United States of America.”

    While Obama still limits lobbyist participation in his administration, many of the policies he put in place have been eroded over time. Several waivers were provided that allowed lobbyists to work in the administration.

    Campaign finance watchdog group Democracy 21 chided the DNC’s decision, calling it “a major step in the wrong direction.”

    The reversal in policy “is in direct conflict with the American people’s deep concerns about the role of influence-money in Washington,” said the group’s president, Fred Wertheimer.

    “The DNC is acting as if the party is blind to the anger and frustration with Washington that is being expressed by voters in both parties as the presidential nominating process unfolds.”

    “President Obama should immediately instruct the DNC to re-impose the lobbyist contribution ban he had established,” he added.

    The issue of money in politics has indeed loomed large in this year’s presidential race.

    Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), has boasted that his contributions have come in at amounts averaging $27 a pop. He says the corporate world and a rich donor class fund Clinton’s campaign.

  66. Videos, because it’s Friday night!!

    Shadow, I love your characterization of Hillary as a fighter – still standing in spite of everything. So, here’s Elton – who was one of the few in the entertainment industry who stood with Hillary in 2008.

  67. University of South Florida Sun Dome filled with over 10,000 people at the Trump rally in Tampa tonight and several thousand more outside who could not get in.

    Just learned that at his event last night in Baton Rouge, he broke the previous attendance record at that location, previously held by Elton John.

  68. Doing a quick cross reference of the 16 newspaper endorsements currently listed for Hillary on the Wikipedia link earlier in this thread, 10 of them endorsed Barry in 2008, 2012 or in both elections. Interesting.

  69. Democratic Debate Recap: Uncle Bernie, the Mini-Schnauzer

    When one of the moderators asked Bernie Sanders in Thursday night’s debate whether he felt any qualms about disrupting the election of America’s First Woman President, the Vermont senator avoided the most obvious response: he would be the first Jewish president.

    Of course, that’s nothing anyone wants to hear — particularly in Bernie’s world. Although the likes of, say, Benjamin Netanyahu would likely obliterate both Sanders and Clinton in a debate, the likelihood of Bibi being the nominee of today’s Democratic Party is equivalent to that of, well, Donald Trump. In fact, Trump might have a better chance with the Democrats than Netanyahu.

    Needless to say, however, Sanders is no Netanyahu Jew. He’s the opposite kind — everybody’s Uncle Bernie from Brooklyn, the kind who would regale you ad infinitum with tales of the IWW and the philosophy of “revolutionary industrial unionism” circa 1917 until your head fell in exhaustion on the dining room table. Actually, Bernie himself, being 74, is stuck more closely (and permanently) in 1962, the year the Students for a Democratic Society published the Port Huron Statement, Tom Hayden’s manifesto resurrecting socialism as something “democratic” after the embarrassment of Stalin. How’s that looking?

    But that is the secret of Bernie’s success, both in the debates and in the election, to the extent he has and will have it. Bernie Sanders, unlike much of the human race, never finds himself in a position of doubting a word he is saying. He has never questioned himself, not even once, since he was twenty and probably younger. He has what my wife Sheryl calls an “animal brain,” likening him to our dog Henry who never, ever varies from his DNA-dictated assignment as a “guardian of the barn.” That, according to canine manuals, is what mini-schnauzers were bred to do. And I can assure you, they continue in their mission in modern day Los Angeles where there hasn’t been a barn in sight for decades.

    That is Bernie to a T. He’s singing “We Shall Not Be Moved” to a new generation that has never heard it before. For now, many are enthralled. We will see how long it lasts.

    But also for now it has Hillary flummoxed. At least half her brain consumed by dread of the FBI investigation, she has to negotiate between attacking Bernie because, obviously, his numbers can’t possibly add up and assuring her audience that she too hates Wall Street, the banks, hedge funds, CEOs, Republicans, Donald Trump, racists, sexists (not Madeleine Albright), etc., etc. Not an easy task, especially if you have a one hundred million dollar foundation yourself and give speeches for 500K a pop. This gave Thursday’s debate slightly comic overtones, if you looked at it in a certain way, but it also made the discussion completely divorced from reality. Everything was “as if” — Bernie talking as if he were haranguing the crowds at Berkeley’s Sproul Hall during the Free Speech Movement and Hillary trying to play catch-up until the questions turned to foreign policy. Then Bernie had this annoyed expression as if to say: ISIS-shimisis — why are you asking about something so stupid and far away when America doesn’t have single-payer health insurance like the rest of the modern world?

    Speaking of which, the discussion of healthcare has been asinine from both parties throughout the campaign. No one dares, particularly in an election year, to state the obvious: there is no perfect healthcare solution, even remotely. A free market approach might be better on margin because costs might lower and more qualified people might go into medicine, but only by so much and people will always be standing in line for services. They will be standing in line under socialized medicine too, probably more so. Just ask people in Canada seeking treatment for cancer. But don’t tell Tom Hayden — or Bernie Sanders.

  70. Herein lies Bernies problem….he got roasted at a AA forum today…They went to town on him……


    MINNEAPOLIS – A warm, welcoming African-American crowd grew increasingly frustrated with Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday evening, complaining that he’s too scared to talk about specifically black issues.

    Sanders was here for “A Community Forum on Black America,” introduced by the local congressman, Rep. Keith Ellison, one of Sanders’ only two endorsers in the House, But unlike many of the packed rallies that have greeted Sanders in other parts of the country, neither the folding chairs nor the bleachers in the gym here at Patrick Henry High School were full.

    And the crowd and the panel grew lukewarm on Sanders, saying his focus on economic inequality looks past the entrenched problems they face as African-Americans.

    Questions from a panel and the crowd drilled down on felon voting rights — which Sanders said he strongly supported restoring — but turned to environmental racism and reparations for slavery, with demands for more exact answers about actions the candidate for the Democratic nomination would take if he was elected president.

    The tension quickly rose over his 40-minute appearance, with moderator Anthony Newby repeatedly calling for “specific redress.”

    “I know you’re scared to say ‘black,’ I know you’re scared to say ‘reparations,’” said Felicia Perry, a local entrepreneur and artist on the stage. “Can’t you please specifically talk about black people?”

    Sanders, who started off the forum running through his stump speech touching on “systemic racism,” unfair incarceration and education inequality, responded sharply to the charge.

    “I said ‘black’ 50 times,” he said. “That’s the 51st time.”

    But, Sanders said, the issues at hand are more about economics than race.

    “It’s not just black,” he said. “It’s Latino. In some rural areas, it is white.”

    Sanders wasn’t the only one in the room who drew complaints. Just before he left, he took a question from Clyde Bellecourt, a 79-year-old Native American activist who refused to give up the microphone as he ticked through centuries of injustice that he said needed to be addressed, too.

    “This is a black forum,” Newby said, trying to cut Bellecourt off before Sanders quickly acknowledged Native Americans’ difficult history, and headed for the door to his next event to the tune of David Bowie’s “Starman.”

  71. I am skipping the gala fund raiser here in Boca and skip the pic with Hillary this time…Bill will be at Port next week. Iam not investing one red cent until/if she wins the primary..

  72. Absolutely Free, I remember it and wonder if Hillary will play it if she wins either the primary or general…just because it is the Clinton song. I would love it.

  73. An attorney I know met with Zuckerberg and was blown away by his operation. The employee perks are unreal. Its like a vacation, including minature golf in the corporate headquarters. My understanding is that Harvard trained Zuckerberg has a three (3) part agenda that he is pursuing economically and political, which spells big trouble for this country:

    1. first, offshore as many US jobs as possible—to the lowest cost venue

    2. second, automate as many US jobs as possible—robotics

    3. third, replace American workers with illegal immigrants–to drive down wages

    If this young pup is not evil personified, then the term evil has lost all meaning.

  74. This is what Obama III looks like:

    1. restoring felon voting rights (Sanders okie dockey)

    2. restitution for “environmental racism”: $10 trillion.(part of climate change treaty)

    3. slavery reparations: $25-100 trillion:

    (Note: the foregoing are estimates—they could go higher)

    “Questions from a panel and the crowd drilled down on felon voting rights — which Sanders said he strongly supported restoring — but turned to environmental racism and reparations for slavery, with demands for more exact answers about actions the candidate for the Democratic nomination would take if he was elected president.”

    Let Zukerberg pay for all this. He is creating the conditions where nobody will have jobs, so no one will be able to afford to pay taxes, and because someone must pay taxes, why not him?

  75. Shadowfax
    February 13, 2016 at 1:44 am

    It’s call no national pride, just pure greed.

    You have this thing called Maselow’s theory, which starts with the survival needs, and ends with self actualization, which involves service to others.

    Alas, it doesn’t always work that way. For example, when the subject has an acute personality disorder, predatory instincts, a successful business innovation, and god forbid a Harvard degree, it will tend to produce megalomania–or Zuckerberg’s disorder, which is worse than ebola.

  76. I know you’re scared to say ‘black,’ I know you’re scared to say ‘reparations,’” said Felicia Perry, a local entrepreneur and artist on the stage. “Can’t you please specifically talk about black people?”
    It must be quite a let down not to have Obama around–he who gave them racial pride and nothing else. What they really mean is how much are you going to steal from whitey to pay not because we were victims of slavery, but because we are black. The perfect answer would be if we can send a man to the moon, then we can afford to be generous. What say bequeath to you all our right, title and interest in the national debt. You could then issue debentures and pay them to yourself since nobody else will buy them.

  77. gonzo – do the Texas Republicans have that “two step” (caucus then primary) process, too, or just the Dems?

  78. The five day rolling Reuters poll shows the story. http://polling.reuters.com/#poll/TR130/filters/PARTY_ID_:2/dates/20160208-20160212/type/day Cruz and Rubio going down. Trump going up. NH helped Trump not the others. The Trump number for 2/12 appears to be 44.1 which is getting very close to 50% and then the bandwagon effect kicks in and that’s it. No more talk of convention rigging please. The hostile takeover from the elite stupids of the RNC will be basically complete.

    Charles Murray attempts to explain it all to his fellow intellectuals who still don’t know anyone who is supporting Trump. http://www.aei.org/publication/trumps-america/?utm_source=paramount&utm_medium=email&utm_content=AEITHISWEEK&utm_campaign=Weekly021216 They fucked up and betrayed a country that has given them everything. It is time for them to go.

  79. Well well well….Hypocrite is thy name…


    WASHINGTON—In nearly every speech, Bernie Sanders reminds voters that he doesn’t have a super PAC, doesn’t want money from Wall Street and rejects establishment politics.

    Yet the Vermont senator has benefited from at least $1.5 million in backing from super PACs and from political groups that don’t have to fully disclose their donors, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

    As a member of Congress, he regularly attended retreats with Wall Street lobbyists and other donors, and as a candidate for the Senate, he benefited from money that indirectly came from them. Last year, he directly accepted about $55,000 in Wall Street contributions for his Democratic presidential campaign, FEC filings show.

    To be sure, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has raised far more from Wall Street donors, taking in $2.9 million last year, and the super PACs helping her collected $14.3 million from financial firms, about 30% of their total haul, according to an analysis from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. She has helped raise money for her primary super PAC, while Mr. Sanders hasn’t raised funds for outside groups. Overall, Mrs. Clinton raised $112 million last year, compared with $75 million raised by Mr. Sanders.

    Mrs. Clinton says outside contributions supporting her campaign don’t influence her judgment. Mr. Sanders says that, for him, such contributions don’t exist. “I’m the only candidate up here…who has no super PAC,” he said Thursday during a Democratic debate.

    He may not have formed one of his own, but Mr. Sanders is getting help from National Nurses United for Patient Protection, a super PAC that gets its money from the nation’s largest nurses’ union, with nearly 185,000 members.
    Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont walked through downtown Concord, N.H., on Feb. 9. ENLARGE
    Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont walked through downtown Concord, N.H., on Feb. 9. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    The union doesn’t have to disclose its donors, but a spokesman said the super PAC money comes exclusively from members’ dues. Representatives from the union have frequently joined the senator at events and this week launched a bus tour across South Carolina ahead of the state’s Feb. 27 primary. At an Iowa campaign stop, Mr. Sanders thanked the group for being “one of the sponsors” of his campaign.

    In a five-minute video posted online by the nurses union in October, Mr. Sanders said he was “honored” to have the union’s support and highlighted his work on its members’ behalf. He promised to make it a “national priority” to focus on issues important to the union, including training more nurses. A spokesman for the union said the video was screened at its October convention.

    Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said labor unions have long worked for candidates, and that this one is working to ensure health care for all. “You’re talking about nurses, nurses, one of the most trusted professions in the country,” he said, “versus millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street.”

    But Mrs. Clinton’s supporters also can point to labor support for her super PAC. At least $7 million given to Priorities USA Action came from labor unions, including $1 million last year from the American Federation of Teachers.

    The battle over the influence of special interests began in earnest in New Hampshire. Mr. Sanders has been suggesting that Mrs. Clinton is influenced by Wall Street campaign donations. On Monday, she replied by drawing attention to Mr. Sanders’s 2006 race for the Senate, when he benefited from $200,000 in contributions from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, known as the DSCC, which is charged with electing Democrats—and accepts significant contributions from Wall Street interests.

    “Sen. Sanders took $200,000 from Wall Street firms, not directly but through the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee,” she told a rally in Manchester. “You know, there was nothing wrong with that. It hasn’t changed his view. Well, it didn’t change my view or my vote, either.”

    Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver responded by pointing to much larger Wall Street contributions benefiting Mrs. Clinton. He said the money from the DSCC comes from many places including individuals, labor and environmental groups. “To say that every nickel that Bernie received came from Wall Street is beyond preposterous,” Mr. Weaver said.

    Five of the top 20 givers to the DSCC in the 2006 election cycle were Wall Street firms, two were law firms and the rest were senators’ political committees. The top giver that year was Mrs. Clinton’s campaign committee, which gave $2 million. Goldman Sachs Group gave $685,050.

    Mr. Sanders has also regularly attended the DSCC’s retreats, either during the winter in Florida or during summer on Martha’s Vineyard, including one as recently as July. Guests at the retreats are donors who have donated the maximum amount to the party, or raised more than $100,000. Many attendees are lobbyists, lawyers and members of the financial industry.

    Similarly, at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Mr. Sanders attended a luncheon with a group of roughly 30 senators and donors who had given the maximum to the DSCC for five years in a row, or a total of $500,000. The group was called the “Legacy Circle,” had been organized by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, with the goal of enticing more donors to pass that threshold.

    Several donors who have attended the retreats said Mr. Sanders fully participated in the events, including socializing, and didn’t take the opportunity to tell Wall Street lobbyists that, as he says on the stump, their industry’s business model is fraud.

    “He was just like any other senator hobnobbing with lawyers and lobbyists from DC,” said Rebecca Geller, a Washington attorney who attended with her husband, a financial services lobbyist. Ms. Geller, who has donated to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, said Mr. Sanders was happy to take photos with her family. “My kids have fond memories of him hanging out by the hot tub.”


    He is such a two faced lying sack of shit.

  80. The borders are all closing against Greece. There is very little pushback from Greece and I suspect a deal to forgive debt and/or other very lucrative economic incentives. The pretense of processing illegals and patrolling the Aegean has begun but it will accomplish very little practically. Turkey cannot and will not be trusted (Erdogan is dealing with Assad and Putin running all of the Turkmen ethnics who have enabled ISIS out of northern Iraq). Greece has a long history of not giving two craps about Muslims especially if they are coming out of Turkey. Quotes from migrants stuck in Greece include bon mots such as Greece is worse than where they came from especially out in the boonies while hanging off the side of mountains. So is Germany going to pay Greece to go slow motion and create a humanitarian disaster to stop migrants coming into Europe? I think yes. And Merkel and the Brussels technocrats will have to pay through the nose which is turnabout fair. The Armenian genocide in Turkey of Orthodox christian is still remembered in Greece.

  81. Here is Bernie’s FEC page:


    He has made some refunds, so you really have to analyze the detailed reports to draw conclusions.

    I find the most significant statistic the unitemized amount of $54,074,010.40 of the Total $73,483,756.37, showing that you will not be able to tell who his donors are, from the FEC records. The “under the reporting limit” loophole was the one Obama used to bring in around $200 million to each of his campaigns, mostly for media blitzes at critical times in his campaign. So most of the money probably went back to the real source, the elite establishment that runs the uniparty and the MSM.

  82. Mormaer
    February 13, 2016 at 9:25 am
    Thank you for that excellent article by Professor Charles Murray, who has a long consistent history of telling the truth, that nobody in the elite class wants to hear. This reflects my own conclusions about the elite class. In a revolutionary period, it is what makes them expendable. They contribute nothing of value, and lead parasitic existences. That is a general observation for sure, but it provides an accurate measure of what they are all about, namely, elitism, hedonism, contempt for the American creed. They are a crowd of adolescents who never grew up, and were easily bamboozled by Obama. Lets put it this way. I would not lift a finger to save them from ISIS. Their natural reaction to a threat of this nature would be to intellectualize the problem, and if that did not work then throw opm (other people’s money at them), and if that did not work, they would fall on their knees and plead for their lives. You may think that is a far fetched scenario, but it is not, if societies crumbling institutions fall apart. Colonel Jeff Cooper USMC is a leading expert on personal protection. He believes that for every hundred men, you will find no less than one who will prey on other people when the opportunity to do so presents itself. So when Merkel opens the door to millions of men from the middle east, she is opening the door to 10,000 criminals who disperse within German society. And they are surprised that there are rapes, murders etc, which they do not wish to talk about. If these things are to occur let them befall the elites who invited all this. They are responsible.

    Murray nails the elites with this passage:

    They have a distinctive culture in the food they eat, the way they take care of their health, their child-rearing practices, the vacations they take, the books they read, the websites they visit and their taste in beer. You name it, the new upper class has its own way of doing it.

    Another characteristic of the new upper class—and something new under the American sun—is their easy acceptance of being members of an upper class and their condescension toward ordinary Americans. Try using “redneck” in a conversation with your highly educated friends and see if it triggers any of the nervousness that accompanies other ethnic slurs. Refer to “flyover country” and consider the implications when no one asks, “What does that mean?” Or I can send you to chat with a friend in Washington, D.C., who bought a weekend place in West Virginia. He will tell you about the contempt for his new neighbors that he has encountered in the elite precincts of the nation’s capital.

    For its part, mainstream America is fully aware of this condescension and contempt and is understandably irritated by it. American egalitarianism is on its last legs.

  83. Free, probably not, they seem as oblivious and as mentally challenged and the Obots were….

    They are pathological nuts, I have seen so many posts today with them saying the SD’s better not hand the nomination to Clinton and then miraculously shut up when you point out Clinton won the national total vote in 2008 and the SD’s handed it to Obama……

    So by their reckoning today SD’s are bad but are ok when it suits them…..contradictory little toads.

  84. love it….FEC investigating…

    FEC launches inquiry into hundreds of “excessive” contributions to Bernie Sanders campaign

    The Federal Election Commission has launched an inquiry into hundreds of what it calls “excessive” unexplained contributions to the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign for President, according to a letter the FEC has sent to Sanders and posted yesterday on its official government website. The inquiry comes even as Sanders tries to make the case that he’s running the cleanest campaign in the 2016 race due to his lack of excessive outside contributions, and the revelation could not come at a worse time.

    In what the FEC has titled “Excessive, Prohibited, and Impermissible Contributions” to the Bernie Sanders campaign, it lists nearly a thousand contributions from hundreds of donors, some of them repeat offenders. Sanders is accused of failing to provide adequate detail on who the contributors are beyond their names, which campaigns are required to make their best effort to do under federal law. The FEC is also informing Sanders that he “may have to refund the excessive amount” if he can’t adequately explain where all the money came from. But it gets worse.

    The FEC report also accuses the Bernie Sanders campaign of widespread “incorrectly reported” reimbursements for travel purposes and other costs. Sanders has been warned that if he cannot explain the stunningly long laundry list of violations, “failure to adequately respond by the response date noted above could result in an audit or enforcement action.” Read the full FEC report

    …………..someones gonna get audited up the ass.

  85. Just some background on “unitemized” contributions. Most honest candidates will legitimately have around 10% that are unitemized. This is supported as a function of the data distribution of itemized contributions. You simply look at the number of people who made itemized contributions that should be up to the maximum of $2700 per campaign. For the presidential election that is $2700 for the primary plus $2700 for the GE. You make a plot of the amounts in increments versus the number of people that made contributions of those amounts, for example 5000 people who gave amounts between $1,000 and %1,250.

    Then you look at the graph and extrapolate from 250 to 0 and compare that with the claim of the campaign for contributions under the reporting limit of 250.

    It takes some analytical skills because you need to get the raw reports and sum up each contributor. BO obscured his records by making them inaccurate, such as listing Bob Wilson and Robert Wilson as two different people when they are one. He used such to accept amounts over the maximum limit, too. What the Pumapac FECK Obama Team did with the 2008 campaign data was to cross reference the donors, identify the ones over the maximums and demonstrate how his under the limit claims were unlikely. There were multiple complaints filed under MUR 6142 and the FEC responded to this as part of the fines that the campaign eventually paid. They were only $375,000 and less than the over-limit donations he took in, which was a couple of million. I think there was a restriction on him spending that the the 2008 BO campaign still shows a balance of $18 million.

    In 2008, BO had 2.3 million contributions, from less than 700,000 individual donors and his unitemized contributions were 1/3 the total. I think the one real victory we had with the Pumapac project was to get these unitemized contributions set up as a line item in the FEC reports. Yes, we DID that. Before that, you just had observers just had to figure out what was missing.

    In 2012 BO did the same thing he did in 2008. The FEC was actually on to the donors filing under name variations and called him on it, but that is a relatively small amount compared to the funny money coming in through the under limit loophole.

    Here is the graphic discussed above: https://flic.kr/p/7tMKRW

  86. Sometimes I get so discouraged, but I know we must find ways to fight the overwhelming corruption in our government and in campaign finance. I mean we worked hard on those phony 2008 BO records and felt like we had little response. I sent them books of details on the over limit donors. I sent them jump drives full of the whole 2.3 million record database cross referenced. BO had to revise so many campaign finance reports, you just do not know. One of his reports he had to revise 5 times. The average was 3 times. And then I revised the analysis and send in another complaint about the continued irregularities and I even complained about the number of times the campaign finance reports were revised.

    Maybe it made some things just a little bit better. At least let the FEC know the populous does data analysis and wants legit campaign finance.

  87. LU4Puma…how do you feel about the DNC now allowing lobbyists to contribute…

    as if they do not have enough coming in from Wall St and Drug companies…now they open the doors wide open to lobbyiest to “help” Hillary

    the other night at the debate Hillary was going on about how O collected the most money in the history of any campaign…as if to say, if he can do it , so can I…

    Hill…two wrongs do not make a right…you are supposed to be above this…and you wonder why some of your most faithful are looking elsewhere…

    more disappointment for me


    btw…I won’t be going to the Boca event either…starts at $1000 a pop…
    in the old days I would have been thrilled…need I say…

  88. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/father-of-child-murdered-by-illegal-immigrant-trump-sent-from-god/article/2583204

    Illegal murder victim’s father: Trump ‘sent from God’

    A new ad released Friday by Donald Trump’s campaign team tells the story of Jamiel Shaw, a Los Angeles man who lost his teenage son in 2008 when a man in the U.S. illegally randomly shot and killed 17-year-old Jas.

    In his first interview since the ad debuted, Shaw, an African-American man, told the Washington Examiner why he chose to support the Republican Manhattan billionaire who has been criticized by some as a racist and a phony.

    It started on March 2, 2008, in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles were Jas had been walking home, talking with his girlfriend on a cellphone. He was three doors down from his house when a car pulled up by him. Two Hispanic men in the vehicle asked Jas which gang he belonged to. Police reports indicate Jas did not respond, which frustrated one of the men who pulled out a gun and shot the teen.

    Jamiel, inside the family home, heard the shots and ran outside to find his son, a boy he judged to have been on the “right path,” bleeding from bullet wounds. Jas later died at the hospital

    In the days that followed that incident, Shaw tried to piece together the perfect storm of conditions that created this tragedy. Shaw learned the man who had killed his son was an illegal immigrant who had just been released from jail.

    The incident gained national attention for a short time, prompting former president George W. Bush to write a condolence letter. But it was quickly forgotten, and Shaw didn’t quite know what to do.

    “Since my son was dead, I pretty much gave up on being happy,” Shaw said. He said he gave in to grieving day in and day out. Shaw also admitted a frustration of not being able to express the sorrow he had to others.

    Trump unexpectedly reached out to Shaw last year about the murder and asked for a meeting at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles hotel, which left Shaw stunned.

    “To see somebody, especially a billionaire, come out. I can’t even get a neighborhood politician to come out, that’s why it’s so surreal to me,” Shaw said.

    The two shared an intimate moment shortly after meeting last year. “He told me to my face, he said, ‘I promise you I would never let your son’s life be in vain.’ To me it felt like the [future] president cared about me,” an emotional Shaw shared.

    Shaw told the Washington Examiner that he never reached out to the Trump campaign about immigration policy, and especially the deportation of violent criminals of the kind who killed his son. He believes someone on Trump’s team saw an interview he did on Fox News.

    Trump’s meeting with Shaw and promise to reform immigration laws were a transformative moment for Shaw, who was previously a Democrat but had switched to Independent following the death of his son.
    “People are looking at immigration as just an immigration issue, but people are dying. It’s a fact. What good is the economy, healthcare, going to school, if people are dying?” Shaw asked. “Trump is doing things he doesn’t have to do. He can buy a whole island and get away from crime.”

    The journey for Shaw in the eight years since his son’s death still takes a toll on him, he said. But now he has some hope, that in helping to change the policies that abetted his son’s murder, he can find a way to go on.

    “This was the first time I thought everything’s really gonna be all right. To me, he was sent from God,” said Shaw.


  89. S,

    It all looks like depraved corruption. It is Hillary’s mistake to think that because BO got away with it and won, that it has become the way to win. He has, instead, shown the results of corrupted elections to be the election of a failure POTUS. Hillary has failed to see that parade has passed her by.

    This is why we have seen the rise of Donald Trump. He has been waiting and has recognized that it is time for a candidate like him.

    So if Hillary has joined the pack of the depraved, all I have to say is:


    We will see. Hillary shows $19 million of $110 million as unitemized. The rest is on the books. Can they buy her? Maybe, maybe not. That is why they selected BO. If they never bring out the assassin from behind the curtain, I will believe she has convinced them that they have. Should he/she appear, the game is on. Sad, but the emergence of the assassin actually makes a positive statement about her.

  90. Lu, I just looked at the SunSentinel…and there is an article that is behind the wall so I could not read the whole thing, but essentially it says Hillary is skipping the Florida fundraiser and heading to Nevada…

    not sure if it is the Boca fundraiser JB & I mentioned above…but some fundraiser in our neck of the woods…

    if you hear of Trump events here please post and I will do the same…

  91. From Trumps FB Page:

    The RNC, which is probably not on my side, just illegally put out a fundraising notice saying Donald Trump wants you to contribute to the RNC.

    “Get on Trump’s List” is totally unauthorized, do not pay! I am self funding my campaign! Notice has just been withdrawn.

  92. Love it that Moon and Lu are digging into the FEC situation. Lu has a lot of experience doing this from Obama’s campaign over where PUMApac was till full-speed-ahead.

    Bernie is trying to appear as the only saint running for President, the socialist that just gets more little donations from children. Fact is, that everyone that is able to stay in a race, that isn’t a billionaire, get’s big bucks from someone else.

  93. Thank for the video Shadofax. They will be performing that song tonight in Buenos Aires and Keith looks great.

  94. JB

    Keith does look so much better. They were so young in that video, younger then when I first saw them in Hawii in the early 70’s.

  95. Does anyone think Harry Reid is really talking about Donald Trump here? Or is Reid’s target someone else?


    Reid praises Trump for being ‘authentic’

    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday praised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for speaking his mind and being “authentic.”

    You may not agree with his authenticity, but he’s authentic. People like that. He speaks his mind, which reminds me of me once in a while. I think that’s something that’s refreshing,” Reid said, according to CNN.

    He just says whatever he thinks is appropriate. I think some of the stuff is not so good but he does that. People identify with that,” he added.

    Reid says he won’t endorse a candidate before Nevada votes. Odd then that Reid is praising a candidate for being “authentic”. Who else in this election is called “authentic”? What could Harry Reid possibly be up to?

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