After New Hampshire: #Hillary2016 Crash And Bern; @RealDonaldTrump Deploys #FeelTheBern @BernieSanders Attack

Donald J. Trump and Bernie Sanders have a mighty, unified, singular, message for the rest of February. That message, if they take our advice, is simple and deadly effective. The message is “I am not owned by Goldman Sachs, never worked for Lehman Brothers, and never been a lobbyist.”

For Trump the way to destroy the weak second place in New Hampshire John Kasich (who spent most of his money in New Hampshire and now has no money, no organization, no future in 2016) is to remind South Carolina voters and the national audience at this Saturday’s debate that Kasich was a managing director at Lehman Brothers.

Trump can trash weak third place loser Ted Cruz for his many Goldman Sachs ties. As to Jeb Bush, Trump will remind all, that Jebbie was a registered lobbyist.

Trump will say he is not bought and paid for and no one owns him. That message will resonate powerfully in South Carolina, a state in which Donald Trump already has great popularity. Trump can mostly target Ted Cruz and let, as news reports indicate, Jebbie spend millions attacking Kasich and what remains of Robot Rubio.

Bernie Sanders will likewise scorch Hillary Clinton for her Goldman Sachs ties and her fundraising from the rich and powerful. Sanders will insist Hillary release transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches and Hillary will be attacked for the content of those speeches if she releases the speeches and if she doesn’t release the speeches she will be attacked for that failure.

The combined force of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as they pummel this message will have a multiplier effect. That is our warning to all candidates not named Trump or Sanders.

As to “message” we will say it again: Hillary2016 is not a campaign – Hillary2016 is an embarrassment. Hillary supporters who deny or seek to excuse, or spin this fact away do themselves no credit and enable Hillary and Hillary2016 to remain in a bubble of self-denial and self-destructive behaviors.

In September of 2013 we wrote THE article on the not yet born Hillary2016. The title of our article, which we post and post and post until someone in Brooklyn Hillary Headquarters reads and understands what we wrote, was called: The Hillary Clinton 2016 Muddled Message Mess.

Today, after the embarrassment in Iowa termed as a “win” by deluded Hillary2016 staffers, and after the crushing loss of more than 20 points in New Hampshire, we hear echoes of what we made explicit in 2013. Only now, after Iowa, New Hampshire, and embarrassment upon embarrassment from Hillary2016 we read the obvious from The Hill newspaper:

Clinton allies panic over message

Allies to Hillary Clinton say her campaign’s problems boil down to a fundamental problem: messaging.

On the heels of a devastating loss to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, Clinton supporters having nightmares about a repeat of her 2008 primary loss say it’s time for a change.

They say Clinton has to quickly find her way out of this messaging conundrum and provide voters with a reason why they should elect the former secretary of state and first lady to the Oval Office.

I love her but I still don’t understand what her campaign is about,” said one longtime supporter, who argues that the failure to find a singular message for why she should be elected president is a huge issue for Team Clinton.

Hillary2016 is a muddled message mess. Hillary2016 deserves death. Hillary2016 is an utter embarrassment.

Hillary Clinton talks about what she wants to talk about. Hillary Clinton does not talk about what Americans want to talk about. This contemptuous attitude and monumental stupidity assures a deserved defeat.

At every embarrassing Hillary2016 event we hear Hillary Clinton talk about something. Some issue or policy pours out of Hillary’s mouth like vomit from a drunk. “I have a plan” noises emit. Blah, blah, blah, echoes from 2008 persist to be the Hillary2016 product. No one gives a damn.

Americans want to talk about their anxieties, the wrong track we are on, the truth of the failed Obama economy not the statistical bullsh*t numbers, the terror of terror, the failures of Obama foreign policy, the failures of Obama domestic policy, the failure of ObamaCare, the failure of ObamaTrade, the failure of fairness, the failure to unite, the failure of the political system establishment, the failure of the academic establishment, the failure of race relations, the failure of free speech to counter political correctness, the failure of leaders to speak the truth.

Instead of what Americans want Hillary talks about what Hillary wants to talk about. Hell with that. Hillary2016 is a muddled message mess and today some few speak out like we did when it mattered. It’s panic time says The Hill:

Some supporters appeared to be nearing a stage of panic.

“Something needs to happen. How they let a guy who was so far behind in the polls a few months ago come so close to winning Iowa and killing her in New Hampshire is crazy to me,” one supporter said.

People who have had conversations with the former first couple in recent weeks say Hillary and Bill Clinton agree that messaging has been a problem.

“If I had to take stock, I’d say it’s a big, if not the biggest problem facing the campaign,” said the longtime supporter.

Hillary2016 is a muddled message mess.

Last night in New Hampshire Robot Rubio suffered an electric short. But if you want to see failed robotics, watch Hillary2016:

“When she’s having a problem capturing women, there’s a problem,” one ally said. “I think it’s time for a bit of a reboot.”

In a brief speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, Clinton conceded, “I know I have some work to do, particularly with young people.”

A memo from campaign manager Robby Mook on Tuesday said the campaign has “built first-rate organizations in each state and we feel very good about our prospects for success.”

Robby the robot Mook. Remember HAL 9000?

Says Robbie the Robot Mook, “I still got the greatest confidence and enthusiasm in the mission.” Will someone please pull the plug!

Bernie Sanders will not be the Obama Dimocrat Party nominee. Chris Christie will not be the GOP nominee. But Chris Christie blew up Robot Rubio and Bernie Sanders will blow up the Hillary9000 candidacy.

On Thursday, Hillary and Sanders will debate. Expect Goldman Sachs, via Bernie Sanders, to rise up to choke Hillary.

On Saturday, at the GOP debate, expect Trump to wield a bat called “Lehman Brothers” onto John Kasich’s head and a Goldman Sachs bat to batter and bruise Cruz.

The Prairie Fire has begun to burn.


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  1. Delusion runs deep:

    Decisive Trump victory sends GOP establishment reeling

    MANCHESTER, N.H. — In late January, the New Hampshire Republican Party held a gathering that attracted GOP officials, volunteers, activists, and various other members of the party elite from across the state. At the time, Donald Trump led the Republican presidential race in New Hampshire by nearly 20 points, and had been on top of the polls since July.

    What was extraordinary about the gathering was that I talked to a lot of people there, politically active Republicans, and most of them told me they personally didn’t know anyone who supported Trump. Asked about the Trump lead, one very well-connected New Hampshire Republican told me, “I don’t see it. I don’t feel it. I don’t hear it, and I spend part of every day with Republican voters.”

    Readers of the story came to one of two conclusions. Either New Hampshire Republican leaders were so out of touch that they couldn’t tell something huge was happening right under their noses, or there really weren’t very many Trump voters, and the Trump phenomenon was a mirage that would fade before election day.

    Now, with Trump’s smashing victory in the New Hampshire primary, we know the answer. There really were a lot of Trump voters out there, and party officials could not, or did not want, to see them.

    And what an astonishingly varied group of voters Trump attracted. At his victory celebration in Manchester Tuesday night, I met a young woman, Alexis Chiparo, who four years ago was an Obama-voting member of Now she is the Merrimack County chair of the Trump campaign.

    “We just delivered Concord!” Chiparo told me excitedly. “We were getting a really excellent response from a very interesting swath of voters — veterans, disabled people, elderly people, women, blue-collar workers.”

    They were joined, it appears, by an even wider group of their fellow New Hampshirites. According to exit polls, Trump won among men, and he won among women. He won all age groups. All income groups. Urban, suburban, rural. Every issue group. Gun owners and non-gun owners. Voters who call themselves very conservative and those who call themselves moderates.

    In short, Trump won everybody. [snip]

    “I haven’t believed in the system in so long, and now it’s time for a change,” said Muriel Labrie, of Manchester, who is 51 and says she has never voted before Tuesday’s primary. “I feel Trump is going to kick ass and take care of us the way our country should be taken care of.”

    “He speaks from the heart, and he keeps America very close to his heart,” said Dan Barter, of Raymond, who described himself as a lifelong Democrat.

    “He’s outspoken, and he’s not afraid to stand up to the establishment,” said Dawn Petruzziello, of Manchester.

    Dawn’s husband Angelo cited the economy and immigration as his reasons for supporting Trump. Angelo is an immigrant himself, he explained; his parents came to the United States from Italy when he was two, after waiting seven years to come here legally. Looking at immigration now, Angelo said, “They’ve got to fix that, because it’s so unfair and it’s so wrong.”

    During that state GOP meeting a couple of weeks ago, I asked former Gov. John Sununu, a man with a lifetime of knowledge about New Hampshire politics, if he knew any Trump supporters. Sununu pondered the question for a minute and said he thought a man who lived down the street from him might be for Trump.

    Immediately after the story was published, I got an email from a real estate executive and former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives named Lou Gargiulo, who happens to live down the street from Sununu. “I’m the guy!” Gargiulo told me. “Not only do I support Mr. Trump, I am the Rockingham County chairman of his campaign. The governor would be shocked to know that many of his other neighbors are Trump supporters as well.”

    I looked for Gargiulo at Trump’s victory party Tuesday night. It turned out he was still working the polls in Rockingham County, so I asked him via email why he thought so many members of the state Republican power structure were unable to recognize the extent of Trump’s support.

    >I think like most establishment Republicans, they thought if they kept promoting the narrative that Trump was a passing fancy and he would collapse, it would happen,” Gargiulo told me. “But this phenomena is the result of 25+ years of failed promises and lackluster leadership over multiple administrations from both parties. People have had it, and those in power don’t want to accept the reality they can no longer maintain the status quo.”

    A Move-On member for Trump, a New Hampshire state representative for Trump, but the establishment sees no Trump supporters. Denial runs deep.

    Across the aisle, in Brooklyn, denial is the daily drink.

  2. Hillary2016:

    “When she’s having a problem capturing women, there’s a problem,” one ally said. “I think it’s time for a bit of a reboot.”
    A “bit” of a reboot?

    Because, shit happens??

    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln . . .

    How was the play???

  3. I’m not as wise
    As these pundit guys
    But strictly between us two
    Young women were supposed to be
    The centerpiece of her campaign
    So when two leading surrogates
    Disparage them as they clearly did
    It undercuts the core objective.

  4. My friend has the names and dates of Marco’s close encounters with underaged boys. So he was not the ultimate candidate of the establishment. He was to have been cover for Bush, while he quietly gained traction so when Marco fell those votes could migrate to Bush. The reason Bush is bored now, and not energetic is because he wants to get on to the convention where the dirty work will be done to install him. Donald’s counter strategy is to sweep Super Tuesday to get to the 55% figure he needs to avoid the brokered convention the establishment is aiming for. Christie has been told it is time to pull out, and the incentives offered are either attorney general in a Trump administration or the Senate seat now held by Robert Menandez who is once again in trouble. If Donald has the votes, and the establishment forces a brokered convention pandomonim will break out. One final point: the superdelegates in the Republican Party represent only 5% of the total delegates whereas they are over 20% in the Democrat Party if memory serves. Superdelegates are party apartchniks who will always go with the establishment. Also there are rules for Republicans like the Romney imposed requirement that the nominee win at leas seven primary contest by majority vote, which is difficult while there are five candidates in the field, which is why Kasich and Rubio will hang around, etc.

  5. Spoiling us rotten, admin. Here’s a footnote to your 1:01 pm comment:
    Bush super PAC is pouring $1.7 million more into South Carolina
    …Right to Rise USA is pouring another $1.7 million into the Palmetto State in the next 10 days on top of the more than $10 million the group has already spent in the state, according to people familiar with the plans. The money will be spent primarily on television, radio and digital advertising….

  6. I suspect the other reason the republican establishment is reeling is not because Marco fell, but that he fell too soon to build the following which he could hand off to jebediah, and jeb lost his cover before he was ready to march on Rome. The best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley.

  7. Wbb

    Hillary trying to win over a young women’s vote on jobs and financial equality…that is a lost cause.

    Having hard core feminists out there talking about their experiences is not going to change any minds. We all saw how that went over on this blog.

    I say, when the time comes…let them fight for their own rights, women on both sides of the isle will tear each other apart…that is the shame. I don’t have much hope for the joining of the minds on this issue.

    Like beating a dead horse, young women want something they can use NOW. Free college and free health care paid by the 1% is feeding into their way of seeing the American reality. “European kids get all this for free, why can’t we?”

  8. It’s funny because it’s true:

    CHARLES HURT: Donald Trump built a juggernaut and had the media pay for it

    Why does the mainstream media heap such scorn and disbelief on Donald Trump over his promise to build a great wall along the border with Mexico — and make Mexico pay for it? After all, Donald Trump has built a winning presidential campaign — and made the media pay for it.

    Mr. Trump’s second place finish in Iowa gave respite to the legions of media pundits and establishment flunkies who suffer the worst forms of Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome. [snip]

    What Donald Trump pulled off in Iowa was nothing short of miraculous.

    The last time a secular, loud, brash New Yorker who was leading in all the national polls faced Iowa Republican voters — former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2008 — he got truly schlonged. Mr. Giuliani came in sixth place with only 4 percent of the vote.

    Donald Trump came in second place with an astonishing 24 percent of the vote. He was just 3.3 percentage points behind Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who won the race by shamelessly pandering to the state’s huge evangelical population, which has determined the outcome of every Republican caucus there since at least 2000.

    If Rudy Giuliani had done as well in Iowa as Trump did, the media would have declared him the winner and he very likely would rushed through New Hampshire and South Carolina on waves of positive press and his ultimate gambit of winning it all in Florida very likely could have worked. In other words, if Mr. Giuliani had done as well as Mr. Trump did in Iowa, we quite possibly would be referring to him now as former President Giuliani.

    But the media hatred for Mr. Trump is so unrestrained that even a stellar accomplishment like he had in Iowa was dismissed as a shattering loss. And Sen. Marco Rubio’s third place loss behind Mr. Trump was spun endlessly as some kind of huge victory. This propelled the Florida Republican, until his poor performance in last weekend’s robotic performance in the New Hampshire debate.

    What is so amazing about Mr. Trump’s blowout in the nation’s first primary in the Granite State is not just the 2-to-1 win over the next-nearest competitor, but his performance among every demographic group on every single issue.

    Among women, middle-aged voters, the elderly, the educated — all people the experts warned would flee from Donald Trump — Mr. Trump managed to win. And he won on every major issue, including the economy, foreign policy and immigration.

    Perhaps the sweetest thing out of New Hampshire is how the media will be forced to spin the results. They will, of course, try to minimize Mr. Trump’s thumping.

    Then they will be forced to breathe wind into Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s disappointing — but surprising — second-place finish. The Kasich campaign is hopeless going forward. And so the battle rages on for the so-called “establishment lane” with Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and even Ted Cruz piled up behind John Kasich’s hopeless campaign.

    Live by the spin, die by the spin.

  9. Wbboei, please check around your house, under your desk, tucked away in a closet, in between sofa cushions, to see if you can find the Marco Rubio 3-2-1 strategy anywhere. We hear it’s been misplaced, or missing, or burnt to a cinder.

  10. From Admins article above, we find the manifesto of this revolution:

    “The (Trump) phenomena is the result of 25+ years of failed promises and lackluster leadership over multiple administrations from both parties.

    People have had it, and those in power don’t want to accept the reality they can no longer maintain the status quo.”

  11. To the establishment:

    “Be not the first by whom the new are tried,

    Nor yet the last to lay the old aside.”

    —Alexander Pope, 1711 (Essay on Criticism)

  12. admin
    February 10, 2016 at 1:46 pm
    Wbboei, please check around your house, under your desk, tucked away in a closet, in between sofa cushions, to see if you can find the Marco Rubio 3-2-1 strategy anywhere. We hear it’s been misplaced, or missing, or burnt to a cinder.
    Out out brief marco

    Robo’s but a walking shadow

    A poor prep who struts, frets his hour upon the stage

    And then is heard no more

    His is a tale told by establishment idiots

    Full of sound and fury

    Signifying nothing

    Except endless war and open borders

    Favored by his handlers

  13. AP:

    Analysis: Trump proves GOP establishment can’t stop him

    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The current and former chiefs of the state Republican Party condemned him. New Hampshire’s only two Republican members of Congress refused to endorse him. The conservative owner of the state’s largest newspaper called him “a con man” on the front page.

    Donald Trump won anyway — big time.

    So, too, did Bernie Sanders, who will leave New Hampshire with the commanding victory one might expect of a front-runner blessed with the near universal favor of his party. Except all that establishment support belongs to Hillary Clinton.

    Trump’s 18-point victory and the self-described democratic socialist’s 21-point win are reminders of the limits of party power in an age of anger toward Washington and frustration with politics.

    Many Republican Party leaders may be terrified by Trump’s ascendance, but have yet to divine a way to stop the billionaire real estate mogul. Clinton may have all the endorsements of her party’s bold-faced names, but it is Sanders who is winning over the young people and independents who helped push Barack Obama to the White House.

    On Tuesday, establishment-minded Republicans from New Hampshire expressed a mix of frustration and shame that it was their state that delivered Trump’s first victory. “I refuse to support him under any circumstance,” said Fergus Cullen, a former New Hampshire Republican Party chairman. “Trump would be a disaster.”

    Cullen likened Trump to Pat Buchanan in 1996, the divisive former Nixon aide and conservative commentator who also won the New Hampshire primary. GOP leaders quickly coalesced behind mainstream alternative Bob Dole, the former Republican Senate leader who went on win the nomination.

    It wasn’t because they loved Dole, Cullen said, but because they feared Buchannan would embarrass the Republican Party.

    “The party was able to stop Buchannan 20 years ago,” Cullen said. “Today, they’re incapable of doing it.”

    For those like Cullen who oppose Trump, it only gets worse.

    Marco Rubio’s underwhelming performance in New Hampshire eliminates the prospect the Florida senator might emerge as the Republican establishment’s favored alternative as the race heads into South Carolina and the Super Tuesday states.

  14. This Hillary supporter is under no illusion about the disaster that has been Hillary 2016 campaign. From the start, her decisions with regard to her campaign have been questionable (beginning with the decision to hire so many O-nuts to help with campaign) – raising the question (in my mind, at least) of WTF has happened to the Clinton political savvy. I suspect that memories of so-called “failures” in 2008 (failure, even tho she received more popular votes that O) have had a profound influence on her. Add to that a steady diet of O-nut advice and lunacy, the knowledge that MSM savagely opposed her in 2008, as did the Dim leaders, and it’s not inconceivable that her perspective has become skewed. That’s not an excuse, mind you. Just a possible explanation.

    Regardless of the reason, I don’t think anyone could deny that many mistakes have been made in Hillary’s campaign – including her stated approval of O and his policies.

    That said, I, for one, believe that if she can manage to get the nomination – a big effing IF from jump (as we have all agreed) – and if she can prevail in the general – against Repub lies, accusations, sexism, CDS, etc. – she will be the best damn president in recent history – and FINALLY a freakin’ female will be in the WH -and not as FLOUTUS.

  15. GOP Trump haters in crisis:

    What’s the Anti-Trump Strategy Now? [snip]

    Both the other Republican candidates and the pundits should take a close look at those polls, because they raise questions about what we think we know about the Trump phenomenon. Many people, including me, have looked at his support as a sign of dissatisfaction among Republican voters with Republican politicians. That dissatisfaction is indeed widespread, including about half the New Hampshire Republican electorate. But Trump did roughly the same among people who feel betrayed by Republican politicians and those who don’t.

    Is his support instead about immigration? He certainly did markedly better among the 15 percent of Republicans who picked it — rather than the economy, terrorism or government spending — as their top issue. But he won among the people who picked each of those other issues, too. (A majority of New Hampshire voters said they favored offering legal status to illegal immigrants. Trump won 23 percent of those who favor making this offer.)

    Is his support coming from people who feel they have been losing in the modern economy? He did better among them, sure. But he also won among those who say their family’s financial condition is improving. Is it instead about fear of national decline? It has often seemed that way. But a mood of pessimism does not appear to be a distinguishing feature of Trump voters. He won 44 percent of those who think the next generation will do better than this one — better than his showing among voters overall.

    New Hampshire is just one state, but the exit poll numbers coming out of it do not lend themselves to an obvious anti-Trump strategy. Co-opting him on immigration does not seem promising, given that he cleaned up among voters who don’t prioritize it. Saying he isn’t a real conservative may be important for conservatives, but won’t drive down his strong support among moderates. Perhaps, given Trump’s large margins among people who are looking for a candidate who tells it like it is, his rivals should let people know how often the man lies.

    But how to take down Trump is at the moment a theoretical concern. While it’s still early in the primary season, we have to circle back to Trump’s other coup of the night: Even if there were a clear anti-Trump strategy, it’s not clear which candidate would employ it.

    Trump won even among those who favor illegal immigration amnesty!

  16. I should have been clearer – I don’t think we doubted in the beginning that Hillary could legitimately WIN the nomination – just as it was legitimately hers in 2008. The doubt was about whether the Dim leaders and kooks – and their right arm, MSM – would prevent her from acquiring the nomination. WTF difference does it make if you win it . In the Dim party you don’t get it unless they give it to you,

  17. Jebediah had a farm


    E: endless war

    O: open borders


    He stands 6 foot 5

    When he stands on his tip toes

    Like some ballerina

    Strike that, that honor belongs to Marco

    But when all is said and done

    Alot is said, little is done, because Jeb is low energy

  18. posted last thread just before the new one came up


    February 10, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    I am not happy to see Hillary lose…and to lose so big…maybe this will helpt to jolt her into being herself…

    frankly to me it feels like she just let the O people run her show and then put her out there to praise O and then (robotetly) recite her talking points…

    I felt her concession speech was a lost opportunity…she could have expressed some vision instead she linked everything but the kitchen sink together…

    the problem is that Hillary is missing…


    as for Trump…thank goodness he is there…or look what the alternatives could end up being on the republican side…

    and as far as worrying about Trump with a GOP congress I do not think it will matter

    Shadow…you should take some comfort that Trump does not give a damn what the GOP wants…he is fighting the GOP establishment as much as the media, etc…

    just that article you linked from Politico showed that…Trump did not care if the NH GOP did not give him and endorsement he was not going to go with their policy against Medicaide expansion…Trump has bigger ideas…big picture ideas…and his ideas include getting rid of Ocare

    He is an independent person…and can’t be bought…

    Hillary should try to get some cues from DT and why things are working for him…

    stay away from the big corrupt doners and leave O in the shadows and be her own person…never mention O again unless it is to start talking about what is wrong with him

    Donald is fearless…and a fighter…

  19. One establishment man falls. Christie is out.

    Reuters: A senior aide has confirmed New Jersey governor Chris Christie is ending his 2016 presidential campaign.

    The more that gets out, the more Trump gets a solidified opposition.

    Christie never had a real shot, delusional.

  20. Hillary needs to stop being nice, she needs to pull the shit Obama pulled on her on Sanders, crucify Sanders, do not hold back, burn him back to socialist hell.

    Sanders is the establishment just as much as the rest, yet is getting away with portraying himself as not, he’s been in Washington as long as she has, the public needs to be made aware of that fact, over and over.

    Annihilate the muppet.

    No more Mr nice guy.

  21. admin
    February 10, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    GOP Trump haters in crisis:

    The consultants and analysts cannot wrap their thick heads around the fact that immigration, the economy and national security are not separate issues but intertwined. The public understands this but the so called intelligentsia don’t, won’t or can’t. When they ask citizen voters what is most important to you: the economy, security, or immigration, they say one or the other but they mean all three because they are one big problem interconnected. THIS is how Trump wins people stating what to journalists or academics seem like entirely random issues but they are not and certainly not to voters. In his speech last night Trump directly tied the horrible rise in overdose deaths from heroin to the cheap drugs coming over the completely open border with illegals and the cartels. The media acted like they never heard such a thing and it should be about more treatment. Why? You don’t need treatment if there isn’t $5 heroin sold at junior highs by unaccompanied MS 13 minors. Cause and effect is hard if you refuse to see it.

  22. They lie without shame. Last night Carly Fiorina declared to her supporters that she was not going to get out. Fiorina said she was in until the convention.

    Carly Fiorina just announced she’s out.

  23. I think someone on the GOP side is getting the losers out to get the numbers down to create a viable opposition.

    Carly was adamant last night, someone definitely gave her and Christie a nudge.

  24. So after all that Hillary and Sanders walked away with the same amount of delegates last night….. 16 each.

  25. Philip Rucker


    Carly FIORINA has decided to drop out of the presidential race and will announce her decision later today, @costareports scoops.
    3:07 PM – 10 Feb 2016

  26. Donald got 100,406 votes last night (maybe more if absentee ballots are not counted yet)

    closest was Kaisch at 44,907

    100,406 horrible racists with many more to follow…

  27. any thoughts on if Christie will endorse Donald?

    heard alot of chatter about Christie for Attorney General

    wonder what Carly will do…she will not endorse DT, where would she go?

  28. Yes,
    Something is behind Carly dropping out. I heard her speech last night, she was not going anywhere but to the Convention.
    I think the RNC made an offer she could not refuse. They think her votes will go to Rubio and against Trump.

  29. Winning New Hampshire wasn’t about delegates.

    MANCHESTER, N.H. — The Bernie Sanders fundraising bump that Hillary Clinton’s allies have been worried about for months is real.

    The Vermont senator’s campaign raised $5.2 million in the 18 hours since the polls closed in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, a haul guaranteed to worry the frontrunner’s team nearly as much as the wide final margin here. [snip]

    Sanders’ online fundraising prowess, which has for months matched Clinton’s high-dollar machine, recently came into the center of the national political spotlight after he outraised Clinton $20 million to $15 million in January.

    And his campaign has also used that money to invest in what’s looking like a prolonged race: it reserved air time on Tuesday in four Super Tuesday states.

    Read more:

  30. moononpluto
    February 10, 2016 at 2:51 pm
    Hillary needs to stop being nice, she needs to pull the shit Obama pulled on her on Sanders, crucify Sanders, do not hold back, burn him back to socialist hell.

    I agree.

    Nice Hillary, the good girls that played by the effin’ rules, get’s used as target practice.

    I am sick of the Trump is such a hero, when he is less than any hero of mine.

    If he can play dirty, then Hillary should do the same.

    Good girls finish last, is bullshit.

    Hillary is fighting, just needs to dump her backstabbing staff and play her own game, not Obama’s. Go punch Axelwipe in the mouth.

    Let the children follow Burnie off the cliff, prepare to fight dirty with Trump.

  31. Hillary losing has nothing to do with Trump, but everything to do with her campaign and the words coming out of her mouth.
    Trump is not a hero, he is a snake handler that loves America enough to put his own money where his mouth is.
    Clearly he didn’t have to do this.
    Maybe in the end he does become a hero, but that’s a big word that is earned by far greater sacrifices than I could ever claim.

  32. The more that gets out, the more Trump gets a solidified opposition.
    Actually, it is the other way around.

    The solidified opposition is there right now among establishment candidates.

    All of them are attacking Trump.

    But do note, even though Bush is has low numbers, he is the one Trump focuses on.

    They are not there to win.

    They are there for the Bush cabal to engineer a brokered convention.

    The faster they get out, the better for Trump.

    The establishment is displeased with Christie.

    He took out their final pawn in the game to elect Bush

    He did not realize this when he took down Rubio

  33. The other thing I am hearing is that there will be no emails and no indictment, because a fair amount of the material in those emails implicates corrupt Republicans as well as corrupt Democrats. Topping that list would be people like McConnell, McCain, Cronyn, Corker, Hatch and their ilk. This is soft information, but knowing the people it deals with, it is not beyond the pale. In fact, this sort of thing happens so often in Washington, every time the light of truth starts to get shined on corruption. Democrats appoint democrats and Republicans appoint republicans to head up “blue ribbon” panels to investigate and report. But nothing ever comes of it because the purpose is not to find the truth, but to cover their asses, making sure they do not get blamed. It happened with the Warren Commission, just as he has for every public scandal since that time.

  34. because a fair amount of the material in those emails implicates corrupt Republicans as well as corrupt Democrats.

    I also heard the BarryBoy was also on those emails.

  35. CBC actively working for Clinton now and will set to work immediately in states where AA’s for a good vote.

    Trump card played by clinton after the Nh slap.

    I figured a card would be played like Obama did in 08 wheeling out kennedy and kerry.

    Its a strong signal from aa leaders to voters.

    Its also a big slap to sanders meeting with Sharpton today

  36. Hillary’s Time to Fight

    As grim as her New Hampshire defeat was, Clinton’s upcoming road looks a lot better.


    Clinton, for her part, is doing what she can to speak to the distrust among younger voters. Not by condemning or condescending but by acknowledging her weakness and pledging to move forward. “I know I have some work to do, particularly with young people,” she said to an audience both disappointed in the results and thrilled to be in her presence. “But I will repeat again what I have said this week: Even if they are not supporting me now, I support them. Because I know I’ve had a blessed life, but I also know what it’s like to stumble and fall. And so many people across America know that feeling.

    And we’ve learned that it’s not whether you get knocked down that matters, it’s whether you get back up.”

    Tuesday’s defeat was grim, but it is important to remember that Iowa and New Hampshire are not the Democratic Party. In particlar, the voters who backed Sanders are younger, whiter, and far more liberal than the typical Democrat. From now forward, the question of the Democratic primary is whether this cohort is a harbinger of a shift in the Democratic Party writ large, or if it’s sui generis, the product of attitudes, experiences, and expectations that aren’t shared among the rest of the party’s voters.

    There are signs the latter is true. According to a January poll from ABC News and the Washington Post, 62 percent of nonwhite Democrats and 58 percent of Democrats over 50 say that Hillary Clinton would be most likely to bring change to Washington, D.C., and the nation at large.

  37. admin
    February 10, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    $54 million of Bernie’s $73 million is unitemized. Wbboei says it is coming from Bush.

  38. Trump just finished his rally in Clemson S.C. The moment Trump finishes the music starts. Lately Trump has been playing the same song. This one:


  39. Shadow and Moon…please tell me one thing…and this is about POLICY…not PERSONALITIES…

    if Hillary supports O’s immigration policy and SHE SAYS SHE wants to take it further, including santuary cities (where illegal criminals game our system and go and hide and are protected) and allow more dreamers and their families and Hillary’s answer to the issue of illegal immigration is “I have a comprehensive plan” whatever the hell that means…a comprehensive plan that has been in the ethers for decades and no one has acted upon…as if it is some vague term…

    ok, so if Trump is the gop nominee and she has to debate him on illegal immigration and he starts in with connecting all the dots…from the heroin coming in from our southern borders…where O’s policies have stopped the border agents from arresting illegals…so they just waltz in with HEROIN and other drugs that go right up the coast to kill and addict Americans in NH and New England and going west…

    and then Trump connects the dots on how illegals and working visas are taking jobs from the working class Americans…and hurting AA the most…and lowering their wages to nothing (as in that comprehensive comment from a man from a mill town that Admin posted last thread that said it all very clearly)

    and then he starts listing the actual Americans that have been killed by illegals…and names names and talks about their families…

    maybe Donald will recite the “employment statistics” and let the dirty secret out that many of those jobs are going to illegals and visa jobs…not Americans

    then maybe Trump will state how much this is costing the struggling American taxpayer while we are simultaneously in debt for $20 Trillion dollars (and I read today that O’s latest and last budget will increase our debt to…wait for this…$ 27 TRILLION DOLLARS…

    and then Trump throws our at Hillary that she is indebted to George Soros for a minimum of $ 5 MILLION DOLLARS he put into her campaign and he is the most strident advocate for open borders…

    and there is lots more just on that issue…not to mention all the refugees she and O want to let in that cannot be vetted and are harbouring ISIS infiltrators…

    Will Hillary at that point say “that’s the kind of people we are”

    what is Hillary going to say? How does she does she justify putting illegal immigrants over Americans? when Americans are wise to what is happening

    suppose all of this ends up in ads going after Hillary…

    imo…bottom line…Hillary has boxed herself in and is on the losing end of this issue

  40. I heard a (desperate sounding) Dim or Establishment Republican – did not identify which – call into a talk radio show tonight. Said Trump really didn’t win in NH b/c the votes cast for all of the other candidates totaled 65% of the Repub votes cast, and that as losing candidates dropped out, their votes would go to an establishment candidate.

    A bit of straw grasping to be sure, but I wonder if that theory has any merit?

  41. S, I think Hillary unlike O, would work within established legislative process to support any controversial legislation such as immigration – not attempt to do so by exec order. As we know, O had already begun enactment of his order, and lied to a fed judge about it – but further action has been blocked.

    I believe that if Hillary wants amnesty and other concessions for illegals, she will work with congress toward that end. Granted, the Repubs have been too chicken-shit to take much of a stand against amnesty, so conceivably it could pass.

  42. Shadowfax
    February 10, 2016 at 7:02 pm
    Hillary’s Time to Fight

    As grim as her New Hampshire defeat was, Clinton’s upcoming road looks a lot better.
    Shadow, I did not listen to the speech.

    But a friend of mine who is a university professor who has taught courses in public speaking told me is was a brilliant speech, best one she has ever given. My friend is a Trump supporter, so there is no chance of bias, motive or interest in that statement. It is clinical. I believe this will mark a new beginning for her, and after she wins in the south wherever black predominate the tune will change. We have been to this well before remember—I still have the NYT headlines from February 2008 which read The Skies Darken for Hillary, etc. and a hostile press bird dogging her every step of the way. But then her platform was congenial to the white working class whereas today it is hostile towards them. That will not present a problem in winning the primary, because the base is non white and they feed on grievances. But in the general election, it is an unwinnable strategy. And that is where the rubber meets the road. If Jebediah is the opponent, then she will roll over his sorry ass. If it is Trump, all bets are off.

  43. I also heard the BarryBoy was also on those emails.
    That is a safe bet.

    But the more interesting thing is the Republicans, because this proves there is a uniparty and the coin of the realm is corruption. Therefore, all their whining about corruption is just eyewash. They are masters in the fine art of failure theater. Personally, I would rather watch success than failure theater but the republicans have become so adept at it that they assume everyone enjoys it as much as they do.

    Proposal: since establishment Republicans object to the term RINO let me propose a more descriptive term: WHIGS. Just as a wig is a phony hair piece, so too are they a phony political group. And, of course, the Whig Party was an anachronism just like they are.

  44. wbbs

    I also hate that Hillary and the burningman feel they have to pander to obots and Only Black Lives Matter. What the hay, she has already lost some of her supporters to Trump, if this blog is any indication of the mood out there, so maybe she can’t play with a full deck right now.

    Personally, I don’t care if she lies though her teeth at obots and Obama…a big knife in the back would be fair, but she has to talk more about the working class Men and Women, and just let the idea of helping young woman not be a major focus.

    I honestly don’t care about those women that think Bernie will fix their student loans and pay for college. They can just be disappointed, once again. Hillary can play along, but needs to move on from that issue, they are a lost cause.

  45. S

    I know immigration is a big issue for you. I have said many times I don’t like parts of Hillary’s vision for illegals, the Dreamers, etc. Never have liked it.

    I also don’t like Trumps vision either…there is no one I really agree with totally.

    So, since I don’t have my ideal candidate on that issue, I focus on other issues.

  46. Free, I agree.

    Hillary has said, even for refugees, she would not let them in without a full vetting, which has to be developed first.

  47. Just as a wig is a phony hair piece

    To me, they are vermin.

    They want to take down Hillary so they, lie, cheat, steal and fill up Bernie’s coffers, to make her weak and make him seem more of winner.

    They are as bad as Obama, and they are the majority in both houses.

    Step aside, I need to puke.

  48. Personally, I don’t care if she lies though her teeth at obots and Obama…a big knife in the back would be fair, but she has to talk more about the working class Men and Women, and just let the idea of helping young woman not be a major focus.


  49. I didn’t listen to Hillary’s concession speech either, but after what wbb’s friend said, I think I’ll check it out.

  50. $54 million of Bernie’s $73 million is unitemized. Wbboei says it is coming from Bush.

    How much do you think that the GOP had clean hands in 2008?

    Isn’t Bernie always talking about how he won’t take big bucks from donors? Doesn’t he talk about campaigns being bought?

    This is disgusting that the GOP has no freakin’ morals.

  51. Roger Stone wrote a book that was supposed to be available on January 26th…JEB AND THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY. I ordered and paid for it a few weeks ago. On January 30th I got a notice from Barnes and Noble that it would be shipped in 1-5 business days. I never got it so I called. My order was cancelled and now the book “may” come out on Tuesday, February 16th and the big Barnes and Noble store will only get three copies. This seems strange to me?? Is this book being held up till after a primary or am I putting on a tinfoil hat?

  52. Politics is a nasty, lying, gotcha business isn’t it. Since 2000 it is who has the meanest, most dishonest operators working for them, I suppose, so who ever wins is by far not necessarily the best candidate and one who takes our country down a bad path…just the meanest, slimest and best liars. Bush Jr./Rove, Obama/Axlerod, etc. I’m disgusted.

  53. No tin foil hat trick, they are probably waiting until Jebbie drops out of the race.
    Jeb is not dropping out.

    He has his sights set on the convention.

  54. I was kinda sad to see Christie go, I enjoyed his cutting RubySlips down to size. Christie signed his Presidential exit papers when he hugged Obama.

  55. Southern Born – I just checked on my Kindle about that book in electronic form, and it said you could pre-order and it would be delivered wirelessly on Feb 16. No explanation. It’s possible the delivery date was originally earlier and they changed it, too, because it wasn’t available yet. But it even says “date of publication 2/16/16”, so perhaps it just wasn’t ready as early as planned, for whatever reason.

  56. wbboei – I agree with what you said about the republican field and Bush. The splitter strategy is why so many candidates were in the field in the first place, and why they stayed in so long even polling 0-1%. It’s all to keep a “movement” candidate from getting a lot of delegates so they can install Bush at the convention.

  57. I’ve noticed for awhile that “feminism” is a joke among seemingly most younger people, including women. For one thing, a lot of barriers have been removed for them by previous generations (I’m not saying there is no sexism or any barriers left, but things are definitely better for them). I suspect some don’t even fully realize how relatively recently some things have been improved – their whole short lives things have been pretty okay and that’s their perspective. And that leads to the next thing –

    I highly doubt they even know who Madeleine Albright or Gloria Steinem are. Actually, if they do know Gloria, it’s probably as one of the attorneys who jumps for high profile cases, seemingly liking to be in the public spotlight. But most likely they don’t know her at all.

    And, youth seem to be very race occupied.

  58. wbboei – what exactly are “close encounters” with young boys? Does it mean, something probably would have happened, but someone walked in and interrupted plans?

  59. I wonder how come Trump has never brought up that Cruz is married to Wall Street through his wife? He talks about the sweetheart loans, but not this particular way he may have been able to get them.

  60. And from a totally different perspective…

    Why Sanders’ Win Is Good for Clinton
    The socialist senator has been a saving grace for the Clinton campaign. Best to keep him around as long as possible.

    Clintonworld is shaken up. Dismayed by a small victory in Iowa and a big loss in New Hampshire—the campaign is reportedly making big changes to deal with Bernie Sanders, who is, they fear, siphoning support from Hillary Clinton’s flagging campaign.

    That’s one way to think about Sanders. Here’s another: If Sanders hadn’t existed, Clinton should have paid big money to invent him.

    This campaign season, the socialist senator has been a gift to Clinton. He’s pumped a huge amount of oxygen into a race that could easily have been starved for attention. And even more importantly, he’s made sure that the biggest story in the race isn’t Clinton’s own background. Clinton fans might lament her 22-point loss to him in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. But taking a hit in New Hampshire is a small price to pay to keep so useful an opponent around as long as necessary.

    For a long time, it seemed that Hillary Clinton’s main opponent was going to be Hillary Clinton. Upon completing her tenure as secretary of state, boasting sky-high approval ratings and name recognition, Clinton seemed a lock for her party’s presidential nomination. No relevant Democrat was willing to challenge her. For all his media-trained to-run or not-to-run angst, Joe Biden learned years ago how to read polls and knew his current gig as vice president was also his last hurrah. Virginia Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and every other potentially serious Democrat knew better than to waste political capital going against Clinton in 2016.

    Clinton therefore faced the prospect of hanging around playing solitaire until the summer of 2016 while the Republican traveling circus, offering far more than three rings of entertainment, mesmerized the press and the American public. At her nervous-giggle best, Clinton has never been the life of the party; as a solo act, Clinton would have America changing the channel. July 2016, when Clinton’s race against a GOP nominee would officially begin, would have been awfully late for the plodding Clinton to try to sprint from a flat-footed start into America’s fondness.

    And, as it turned out, the risk that she’d be unable to attract meaningful media attention was not even close to Clinton’s biggest problem: In July, last year, a serious challenger—Emailgate—emerged.

    Even more than a primary opponent, Emailgate would never fight fair. With no one understanding the State Department’s two different, totally separate email systems—the normal, unprotected (whether using the State Department’s server or Hillary’s home server) one relying on unprotected BlackBerries and desktops to which anyone could and did send any material at any time and the hard-to-access, rarely used, laptop accessible-only protected one that would stamp emails “Classified”—Emailgate could assume whatever size and grotesque features a journalist or Republican chose to ascribe to it. Absent a real primary contest to draw some attention and with Clinton alone in the public eye, Emailgate threatened to appear and undermine every Clinton rally, interview and media hit as her campaign went on.

    What Clinton oh-so desperately needed was a rival just credible enough to stir up the grass roots, generate enough excitement for the debates at least to go forward, and attract early wind in the first two march-to-their-own-beat states of Iowa and New Hampshire. A rival who could then use those gusts and the media’s and public’s longing for a close race to sputter through the process toward the summer as long as stubbornly possible, all the while diverting some attention from the emails in the room.

    No one too serious, mind you. And certainly no one who could pull off an upset.

    Martin O’Malley? Too Dennis-the-Menace milquetoast to get the job done. Jim Webb? Lincoln Chaffee? Wrong party.

    Bernie Sanders: Come on down. Please be careful not to trip on your way; Ms. Clinton needs you to go as far as you can toward Philadelphia.

    You might have thought him an unlikely challenger: True, he is 74 years old and a socialist who openly proclaims that he is not so much running for president as starting a revolution. True, he likely could not have launched a political career in any city other than Burlington nor progressed in any state other than Vermont.

    But, after all, more than 40 percent of the Democrats in Iowa claim to be socialists, and New Hampshire borders Vermont. The young, for their part, don’t know enough history to realize that Sanders has always been considered an asterisk in American politics. He is, moreover, a nice man and brings his own bundle of excitement wherever he goes.

    Sanders is, in short, the perfect partner to convert Clinton’s lethargic game of solitaire into a spirited game of rummy. And while Sanders is not strong enough to divert all attention from Emailgate, he does make many voters focus from time to time on “the race” and “the issues” that the next president will have to deal with.

    So far, this has all been playing out perfectly for Clinton. Had she scored a major victory in Iowa, or had she made a comeback to win New Hampshire, Sanders’ money might very well have dried up. Clinton would be on her own again, looking for a red queen to put on a black king and debating daily and publicly her prior choice in mobile phones.

    But Sanders came through. The virtual tie in the Iowa primary and his big win in New Hampshire will let Sanders go on, even as the race turns to states that believe socialists merit exorcism. A good result for Sanders. And thus an even better one for Clinton.

    Seems more like a glass half full idea, but it’s at least interesting.

  61. So sanctimonious zero foreign policy Sanders didnt bother turning up for the senate vote on North korea while all the rest did…. Where was he, playing egotrips with sharpton in NY and the clinton campaign is having a field day with this piece of blind stupidity

  62. lorac
    February 11, 2016 at 1:05 am

    I highly doubt they even know who Madeleine Albright or Gloria Steinem are. Actually, if they do know Gloria, it’s probably as one of the attorneys who jumps for high profile cases, seemingly liking to be in the public spotlight. But most likely they don’t know her at all.


    Apparently, neither do you, lorac. Gloria Steinem was in the forefront of the women’s movement and founder of Ms. magazine….not an attorney.

    Gloria Allred is the ambulance-chasing attorney.

    Seriously, you really didn’t know which was which? Banishing you to the library to read EVERY issue of Ms. magazine published. 🙂

  63. VH – oh I accidentally conflated the two women, excuse me lol Call the feminism pc police (she’s not far lol) My father started calling me a woman’s libber at age 10 (I don’t even know if feminism was a word back then). And I got Ms. Magazine as a teenager and young woman, but substance has always been more important to me than names so my faltering, aging memory is least likely to remember names.

    I don’t know about you, but that was a long time ago for me. I guess memorizing names and forever remembering them was more important than taking assertiveness training classes and the like and going to take back the night rallies. 🙂

    Anyway, Billie Jean King was my hero back then. Feminist in action, breaking barriers and narratives and such a winner. Her tennis battle with whatshisname was one of the greatest moments of feminism, but as great as it was and how meaningful it was to me, uh oh I’ve don’t remember his name. And it’s classic feminist history. But I remember the action, the substance.

    It appears to be great fun to play “gotcha” with a Trump supporter here lately, but to my point, do the young ones know Steinem? After all, I’m not actually the issue.

    PS I *am* aging and I worry about my memory, so I’m a little sensitive about it, especially when it’s used against me to say I don’t know Hillary or feminist icons or perhaps even imply that I’m not a feminist, so this is just a friendly explanatory note…. I’ve lived the life, and walked the walk as opposed to someone who could conceivably read wikipedia and spout out details that they never knew before and sound online like the perfect lifelong feminist (or Hillary supporter) – so I refused to be judged by details I can’t remember 🙂

  64. If people knew that The Bern skipped this vote too, I think they’d be really upset.

    Regarding H.R. 4038 Roll Call Vote January 20 2016 to
    consider curbing flow of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into our United States

    The only other senator who missed this vote was Lindsay, and I feel confident in noting that many here believe he’s always missing.

  65. lorac
    February 11, 2016 at 1:10 am

    I wonder how come Trump has never brought up that Cruz is married to Wall Street through his wife? He talks about the sweetheart loans, but not this particular way he may have been able to get them.

    That is future ammunition if he needs it. Ex-Goldman and Merrill Lynch (she worked there too) employees have told Icahn and Trump ALL about both of them. Those crazy eyed women (ex-wives or widows of filthy rich old crooks) who show up on Fox as Cruz’s surrogates on primary night from Houston are some of her clients. Mrs Cruz wined and dined her clients and Ted tagged along the story goes. Trump hasn’t needed to do this yet because Cruz is going nowhere fast.

  66. I’m seeing more articles and blog pieces appalled and horrified over Trump’s “language”. So vulgar and aggressive and “hurty”. Muslims are offended. Socialists are offended. The perennially offended are offended. Sunday school teachers are offended. So are grade school teachers (for the children!) and church ladies and those gents at National Review are appalled. So if he gave “rap” speeches it would be acceptable? Or Quentin Tarantino movie dialogue it would be OK to say shit? Maybe Rev Wright with a few Goddamn America’s? I would prefer “Deadwood” myself as a template for speeches like Al “Swear”engen. It is almost as if they want Trump and his supporters to shut the hell up and go starve like good little serfs in their trailer parks. Sniff. So declasse.

  67. Mormaer
    February 11, 2016 at 6:51 am
    They appall too easily.

    These assholes are not interested in civility.

    They abuse civility when it suits their purpose.

    And they sneer at us.

    They want political correctness.

    And political correctness is tyranny.

    Statements like there is a special place in hell for people who reject identity politics

    Or, regulating the ignorant.

    Or making false claims of racism, which are the last bastion of scoundrels.

    Are more offensive to many of us than tough talk and not beating around the bush.

    People who write such articles should seriously consider suicide.

    Because the world is too rough for their delicate partisan egos.

  68. @ Shadowfax

    why are you assuming its the Republicans filling Bernie’s coffers? Amazing that the spike in small donations started piling up after Bernard’s luncheon with President Prissy Pants. Why isn’t filling up his coffers just as helpful in installing the mystery candidate? It keeps wounding her… and dragging this out

  69. These assholes live in a Potemkin village.

    They refuse to admit that their world could vanish in the twinkling of an eye.

    In which case, curtailing free speech and promoting tyranny will not help them.

    In the Orwellian world they fancy and believe they will rule, they will be victims

    Because progressivism, like all every revolution that preceded it, eats its own children/

  70. why are you assuming its the Republicans filling Bernie’s coffers? Amazing that the spike in small donations started piling up after Bernard’s luncheon with President Prissy Pants. Why isn’t filling up his coffers just as helpful in installing the mystery candidate? It keeps wounding her… and dragging this out
    Because we have credible information to that effect.

    Absent that information, your hypothesis would seem valid.

    And the beauty of it is most people would make the same assumption you just did.

    Namely, that Obama did it–like they did in 2008.

  71. lorac
    February 11, 2016 at 3:56 am
    Society needs heroes–role models to show it the way.

    However, that the same time, they all have feet of clay.

    Which, among other things, is the basis for Greek tragedy.

    A dearly departed Teamster leader in Chicago told me this about MLK

    That he was seeing a prostitute they both knew during the civil rights marches

    Something the left wing press ran off Jimmy Swaggert for doing

    The main idea was the elites wanted a mascot at that time and he was feted

    At an earlier moment that behavior would have been exposed

    Bobby Riggs was a hustler. He set up that match, to take advantage of another social movement.

    At an earlier time, a female athlete beating a male counterpart would have been ignored.

    Grantland Rice told a story about Babe Zaharis to that effect.

    She challenged a full of himself member of the Yale yacht team to a race

    And left him in the dust but only a few people ever knew about it

    But that was a spur of the moment thing, not some media hyped event.

    King was a great tennis player, and I think she would have beat aging Riggs without the hype

    Bjon Borg, Stan Smith, Rod Laver, Arthur Ash, Jimmy Connors?

    The question is how far do you want to carry the concept?

    And now it presents itself in the context of women in combat.

    The one side says it is mandated by the concept of equality

    Which reminds me of that line in The Night of The Generals where Peter O’Toole

    A sociopathic general says we are building a new world and women must play their part

    And there is no time for a social life we must serve the cause.

    The people who run combat missions–meaning the platoon leaders are skeptical

    They point to issues such as small group cohesion, physical differences, etc.

    Could some women do the job.

    Yes, but that does not mean many could or would want to.

    However, a stark enthusiast might say something like they should have the right to do whatever they want to do, and there is a special place in hell for them if they do not rise to the challenge.

  72. Just to illustrate the point one step further, in the book the gangs of New York, the leader of one of the male street gangs was Hellcat Maggie, who was a very tough customer:

    Hell-Cat Maggie (fl. 1840–1845) was the pseudonym of an American criminal and early member of the Dead Rabbits. She was a well-known personality in Manhattan’s Five Points district and a noted female fighter, her teeth reportedly filed into points and who wore long claw-like brass fingernails,[1] who fought alongside the Dead Rabbits and other Five Pointers against rival nativist gangs from the Bowery, most especially the Bowery Boys, during the early 1840s. Although there is little information on her life, she is one of the earliest female criminals of the “Gangs of New York” era and has been compared to later criminals such as Sadie the Goat, Gallus Mag and Battle Annie, the latter leading the female auxiliary of the Gopher Gang during the 1870s.[2][3]

  73. indigogrrl
    February 11, 2016 at 9:17 am
    @ WBB ~ “Because we have credible information to that effect.”

    If I were at liberty to say, I would have posted it.

    This aint bean bag.

  74. Excerpt from article about the meeting between President 0 and Bernie last month –


    Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:25pm EST
    Sanders meets with Obama, says president will remain neutral in primary race

    U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders had a rare Oval Office meeting on Wednesday with President Barack Obama, days after Obama praised Hillary Clinton, Sanders’ rival and front-runner in the race to be the Democratic presidential candidate in the Nov. 8 election.

    Emerging from the White House after an hour, Sanders said the meeting was “constructive” and that Obama was trying to be as “even-handed” as possible in the race, dismissing commentary that Obama was favoring Clinton, his former secretary of state.

    “I know there was some discussion the other day about a Politico interview, where he was tipping the scale toward Secretary Clinton – I don’t believe that at all,” the Vermont lawmaker told reporters on the White House driveway.

    While Obama has not explicitly endorsed a candidate, he showered praise on Clinton’s experience in the interview with Politico while noting that Sanders had the “luxury of being a complete long shot.”

    Obama suggested Sanders had not faced intense scrutiny and would need to broaden his populist message to go further in the race for the nomination.

    The Sanders-Obama meeting came just before the first contests to pick the Democratic and Republican nominees: Iowa, on Monday, and New Hampshire, on Feb. 9. While Sanders has surged in recent opinion polls, Clinton still has the edge nationally.

    Sanders said he received an overview of foreign policy issues from Obama and that the two talked “a little politics.”

    Asked whether Obama, who beat Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2008, had given him advice on how to defeat her, Sanders laughed and said: “No, no.”

    Obama said he had a “good meeting” with Sanders and noted that he had previously met with Clinton during the campaign.

    “The goal is to make sure that all the Democrats, or folks running in the Democratic primary, are focused on continuing the progress that we have made,” Obama said in an interview with an NBC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia.

    Obama and his aides have regular contact with Clinton and her staff, which includes former Obama White House staffers.

    Clinton dropped by the White House for an informal lunch on Dec. 7 and had an hourlong chat in March.

    The White House visitor logs show Sanders making only one previous solo visit with Obama in the Oval Office, on Dec. 15, 2014.

    The White House said the meeting with Sanders had been in the works since Sanders asked Obama for some face time when he saw him a month ago at a holiday party for lawmakers.

    Obama the back-stabber.

  75. Thanks for info about getting the Roger Stone book. Originally Barnes and Noble said it would be available on January 26th. I’ll try to order it today. Is it any good Lu4Puma?

  76. Campaign chief Lewandowski’s central theory: Let Trump be Trump

    Corey Lewandowski back stage at a Trump’s rally.

    In a stairwell behind the stage as Donald Trump spoke at a rally, campaign manager Corey R. Lewandowski lashed out at his New Hampshire state director.

    “My boss is working 20-hour days; you’re not,” Mr Lewandowski said. “You’re not meeting any of your metrics with the primary three weeks away.”

    Later in the motorcade, Mr Lewandowski phoned an aide in another state: “Fly here tonight and take over.”

    With that and other late moves, the campaign manager helped assure Mr Trump’s decisive victory on Wednesday in the first US primary. It was a crucial win for the billionaire after a disappointing second-place finish in Iowa, but it was a do-or-die moment for the relatively anonymous Mr Lewandowski, 41, who calls the state home and was prepared to resign if his boss lost the primary.

    “Corey has tremendous energy, a wonderful vision for politics and the greatest candidate ever, without which none of it works,” Mr Trump said yesterday.

    As the campaign moves to South Carolina, the question for Mr Lewandowski is whether he can help his candidate replicate the appeal across demographic and income lines that propelled him to victory in New Hampshire, and continue to improve the campaign’s turnout operation. Mr Trump acknowledged his ground game wasn’t strong enough in Iowa. In his victory speech this week, Mr Trump credited Mr Lewandowski with fixing that in New Hampshire, then recognised him from the podium.

    The playbook for Mr Trump’s double-digit first-place finish this week, according to Mr Lewandowski, has been the theory of the campaign from day one: “Let Trump be Trump.” Those words have been scrawled on his office whiteboard since Mr Trump announced his run on June 16.

    Mr Lewandowski is expanding the Trump team to include top advisers from the campaigns of Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, who have dropped out, and Ben Carson, who has struggled to attract support. He has also expanded the Trump campaign’s roster of 150 employees in 20 states. “There’s no substitute for direct personal interaction,” he said.

    Since Wednesday, the campaign has hired staff in Texas, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi; added to operations in Florida, Ohio and Missouri; and shifted the New Hampshire staff to Massachusetts and elsewhere.

    “We’ll be growing strategically to put in place the tools to win, but remaining a good steward of Mr Trump’s money,” Mr Lewandowski said. Every two weeks, he reviews campaign expenses with Mr Trump. And while the campaign receives individual donations and revenue from the sale of hats and other items, Mr Trump has largely been footing the bill himself.

    With only 10 days until the South Carolina primary, the Trump campaign will begin airing positive commercials today, including one used in New Hampshire in which people with different ethnicities and backgrounds said they were voting for Mr Trump.

    Mr Lewandowski, who downs a dozen Red Bull and Monster Energy drinks daily, resembles his boss in many ways. He’s brash and ambitious, demands loyalty and subsists on little sleep. One key difference: Mr Lewandowski sports a greying buzzcut rather than his boss’s golden mane.

    Though Mr Lewandowski, a political-science major at the University of Massachusetts, lacks the national profile of some other political operatives, he has worked in Republican campaigns much of his career.

    He lost in his own run for state office in Massachusetts as a college student, then worked on campaigns challenging establishment figures such as against John E. Sununu.

    In his previous job as New Hampshire director of Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group funded by the Koch brothers, he met Mr Trump at its 2014 conference. A few months later, Mr Lewandowski got a call to visit Mr Trump at his 26th-floor office in Trump Tower, where he confided he was weighing a presidential bid. “Are you better than all the campaign managers out there?” the billionaire asked.

    Mr Lewandowski recalls that he replied: “I think I am, and I’ll work harder than any of them.” He took the $US240,000 ($340,000)- a-year job without first telling his wife, with whom he has four children under 10 years old.

    From the start, the campaign manager set up a bare-bones fifth-floor headquarters in Trump Tower with plastic folding tables on a concrete floor, because “we don’t get votes here,” he said. He brought in three aides who formed the core unit.

    Mr Lewandowski, political director Michael Glassner and ­social-media guru Daniel Scavino sport Trump Collection silk ties. “The price is right — free,” Mr Lewandowski quips.

    Hope Hicks, the communications director and one-time Ralph Lauren model, wears dresses and shoes from Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka’s fashion line.

    “The problem with the professional political class is they make money regardless of who wins,” said Mr Lewandowski. “Also we want people working on the Trump campaign who are tired of the way things are. That’s the way the voters feel.”

    Mr Trump has “never said no to any funding request”, Mr Lewandowski said. “We’ve been lean and all done multiple jobs, but that’s made us close.”

    After Iowa, Mr Lewandowski said he became “more motivated, not distressed”.

    His 68-year-old mother made calls from one of four Trump phone banks; his wife supervised their nine-year-old daughter, seven-year-old twins, nieces, nephews and cousins to stuff envelopes around the family dining-room table outside Manchester.

    Mr Lewandowski showed his determination to improve voter outreach when he stopped Mr Trump as he was leaving after the last rally before the New Hampshire primary.

    “Sir, we’ve got more to do here,” the campaign manager said to his boss, who was off for a steak dinner with his family. Instead, Mr Lewandowski diverted him to a holding room with about 100 of his best volunteers in the state. “If we don’t have these guys, we don’t win,” the campaign manager said.

    Mr Trump then spent the next hour talking to and posing with the volunteers, as Mr Lewandowski took their pictures himself.

    Looking at his campaign manager and using his famous line from The Apprentice, Mr. Trump told the group, “If we don’t win tomorrow, Corey, you’re fired.”

  77. From Foxy’s link:

    With Donald Trump having trounced the Republican field in New Hampshire, it appears the brokered convention threat is now moving publicly into the GOP mainstream that has the Republican Establishment declaring that one way or the other, it intends to control who the 2016 Republican candidate for president will be regardless of primary voters’ choice.

    If voters don’t wish to see that happen, they will have to afford Donald Trump or some other candidate like Ted Cruz, etc., an overwhelming margin of delegates before the Republican Convention takes place in Cleveland in July.


    So the Republican’s are playing Obama’s game, and Trump is going through attacks on all sides, like Hillary.


    Brokered convention that steals the American right of one vote per person.

    This is all bull$hit.

    The Rethugs are as bad as the ObamaDNC.

  78. As I reported last night….

    From fixing the criminal justice system to creating jobs, “Clinton’s ambitions match our own.”

    Congressional Black Caucus backs Hillary Clinton

    The Congressional Black Caucus’ political action committee endorsed Hillary Clinton Thursday, just as the Democratic presidential candidate is set to battle with rival Bernie Sanders at a PBS-hosted debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    The CBC PAC formally announced its support of Clinton at a news conference near the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C.

    “We must have a president who is knowledgeable on both domestic and foreign policy,” CBC chair Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-North Carolina, said Thursday. “Black lives are being lost on the streets of America because of police misconduct and gang violence…and so we must have a president that understands the racial divide.”

    “After considering the entire field, there is no question in our mind and in our minds that one single candidate — one — possesses the patience, experience and temperament,” Butterfield continued, naming Clinton.

    CBC members will hit the trail for the candidate in states where African Americans could swing the outcome of the primary, focusing particularly on South Carolina, where Democrats will gather to vote on Feb. 27.


    It’ll be an uphill battle for Sanders now, these guys have an awful lot of power in those states.

  79. the brokered convention talk and awarding of delegates is the epitome of why people from all sides are so fed up…the epitome of the ‘rigged game’

    if Donald starts to go on a winning streak and the GOP thinks it can take the nomination away from him by some bizarre sheneghains…they will definitely have a revolution on their hands…and they will lose…

    the only thing the GOP has going for it is Donald Trump…these big crowds are not excited for the bland leftovers and wannabees…

    “…you say you wanna a revolution…oh yeah…”

  80. oh…forgot to add…or should I say repeat…Ted Cruz has zero chance of becoming President…if the GOP is so stupid as to manipulate events and end up with Cruz…the man whose wife Heidi is telling us “will show us the face of God” then Hillary will win in a landslide…

    we need a tough outsider to bang the heads of both parties and straighten them out…not more partisans that will just continue with the status quo and same old, same old of their parties special interests…

    we need a break and a big change…to be set free from the corrupt political parties…we need someone who can take the best from each party and dump the rest…not one of all the other candidates will do one thing about out trade imbalances…they don’t even want you or me to know about it…sssssh!

  81. S

    Just my opinion but I think Cruz is the next to the last person they want to support.

    Too bad they don’t have Bernie the socialist, pied piper of all children paying $27 every five minutes (GOP?) to contend with along with the long list they already have.

  82. yes shadow, I agree, but you know that old expression “watch what you wish for”

    the elite crooks are hell bent on taking out Donald…

    whatever happens if Cruz by any stretch of the imagination got the nomination, you can relax because Hillary will win, unless the Dims engineer to get her out too and put in Biden/Warren or some such fantasy of theirs…

  83. I just got hold of Jeb! And the Bush Crime Family. Looks like good Stuff. A Dynasty of Duplicity. “…how could the rise of the banking powers have happened? The answer lies in the devious minds and calculated steps of a certain group of men whose ultimate ambition was to create a corporate banking cartel which owned all the people’s money and ruled the masses with heartless indifference.”

    “The history of the Bush Crime Family is a century-long, Multi-generational tradition of elite deviance.”

    Sounds timely.

  84. S

    Yup, who knows who the vipers will decide to carry into the White House while our tender little vote is set ablaze with gasoline.

    Modern day times of assassination, behind the curtain.

  85. So far, so good.

    On the Democratic side, meanwhile, Hillary Clinton — despite only a razor-thin victory in the Iowa caucuses and a blowout loss in New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders — remains the front-runner in South Carolina, whose moderate Democrats have long been seen as a way to stop the bleeding in the former secretary of state’s campaign.

    According to the latest RealClearPolitics average, Clinton is up over Sanders in the Palmetto State 62% to 32.5%.

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