Danger, Danger Will Robinson!!! New Hampshire Votes Today

Update: Open thread: The battle for New Hampshire’s silver medal. The moment the polls closed the races were called for Trump and Sanders. Trump can only hope that penniless and organization-less Kasich comes in second. Barbara Bush coming in third would be a dream come true for Trump too.


We have exclusive video of Marco Rubio at home:

But seriously folks, here’s some information on people who voted for Boob Obama and after they sobered up will now vote for Donald Trump:

Farmington, New Hampshire (CNN)Eight years after they drew inspiration from Barack Obama’s insurgent campaign, some of the very voters who helped elect the first African-American president are standing behind a candidate whose image and message are strikingly different: Donald Trump.

Obama campaigned on themes of hope and change; Trump declared in his June announcement speech that the American Dream was dead. Obama called on the country to shed racial divisions; some of Trump’s biggest applause lines are his pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border and ban Muslim immigration. Obama is a gifted orator with a cool and intellectual demeanor; Trump is an improviser with a knack for dramatic flair.

But at Trump’s rallies in New Hampshire days ahead of the first-in-the-nation primary, it’s not too difficult to find ex-Obama supporters in the crowds. These individuals say they are once again drawn to the promise of change. But the version they’re seeking now is grounded less on optimistic idealism, and more on something harder and angrier: sheer strength and force of will.

Gary Chagnon, a machinist from Barnstead, voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012. He recently submitted an absentee ballot for Trump, and said he was drawn to Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

“We don’t need hope and change,” Chagnon, 50, said. “We need somebody with a set of balls, so to say.”

Chagnon’s wife, Annette, also supported the President twice, and this time plans to vote for Trump. A 51-year-old working in the shipping industry, Annette said she doesn’t feel the country is safe and cast blame on Obama.

“He’s a little too lax on our borders. I don’t think he’s paid enough attention to that and it contributes to us having homegrown people coming in and killing us,” she said. “I don’t like it and I like that Trump is right on that.” [snip]

The support Trump is drawing from independents and even voters who have tended to vote for Democrats in the past exemplifies the non-traditional nature of the real estate mogul’s campaign. And that support could prove to be critical for Trump here in a state with an outsized bloc of independent voters.

Many independent voters who supported Obama in 2008 quickly turned on him after he took office, frustrated over the state of the economy and in many cases disenchanted by Obama’s signature health care law. After winning 52% of independents in the 2008 general election, Obama trailed Mitt Romney among independents four years later, 45% to 50% (Obama won New Hampshire both cycles).

In the final stretch of Obama’s two-term tenure in the White House, national security concerns, including the threat of ISIS and the flow of undocumented immigrants and refugees into the country, are increasingly pronounced. [snip]

Amid heightened concern about national security, voters are looking for not only a change in direction but also a shift in tone. Trump, with his no-apologies attitude and brash rhetoric, is appealing to those desires.

Chris Hickey, a retired Army veteran from Wolfeboro, is an independent who voted for Obama in 2008 and Romney in 2012. This year, he’s most likely to vote for Trump, whom Hickey called a “no nonsense” candidate.

“He’s a little rough around the edges at times but I think he’ll do a good job,” he said. “One of the things I don’t like about President Obama — he’s always apologizing, it seems to me, for the United States. And I don’t think Trump will do those things.”

The sentiment isn’t limited to New Hampshire.

We’ve discussed why Trump is popular with the working class. When retired elementary school teachers at the age of 70 cast their votes for a Republican for the first time ever, something’s up. The partner of said elementary school teacher says “I feel totally betrayed,” by Obama. “If we don’t see a Trump in this Oval Office, I don’t think this country will survive to see another election as the country we knew it and the country I fought for.” And that explains why even the mopes who voted for Obama now vote for Trump and don’t care about Trump’s “tone”.

The exit polls are already out. Little surprise on the GOP side:

Republican voters expressed deep worries about both the economy (three-quarters were very worried) and the threat of terrorism (6-in-10 very worried). About 9-in-10 said they were dissatisfied with the federal government, including about 4-in-10 who were angry about the way it was working. And for many, the dissatisfaction extends to the GOP itself. Half said they felt betrayed by politicians from the Republican Party, and about the same share said they wanted the next president to be from outside the political establishment.

Then there is this:

NEW: 2/3 of New Hampshire GOP voters favor temporarily banning Muslims who are not US citizens from entry, per preliminary exit poll results

Trump is expected to win tonight. Thanks to anti-Trump voters, Trump might get more votes that the votes Trump gets:

A lot of Republicans will head to the polls in New Hampshire on Tuesday, motivated to vote against Donald Trump.

But because of a quirk in how the state party allocates delegates and how fractured the “establishment” field is, it could mean that an anti-Trump vote will actually be a vote for the New York billionaire.

Here’s how:

The state party awards delegates on a proportional basis to presidential candidates based on their vote statewide and by congressional district.

But it also has a 10 percent threshold.

What does that mean? It means that if a candidate does not get 10 percent of the vote, he gets no delegates. (And this is a hard threshold — no rounding.)

What’s more, not only do those underperforming candidates get no delegates, but whatever delegates they could have gotten based on their vote share go to the winner of the primary (!).

And, right now, the favorite is Trump.

Some estimates are that Trump might get 40% of his delegates from Trump haters.

On the Obama Dimocrat Party side, the electorate, via the exit poll, is different:

Though Democrats voting on Tuesday were less apt to say they felt betrayed by their party or to express anger with the federal government, about three-quarters said they were worried about the economy. About 4-in-10 said they thought life for the next generation of Americans would be worse than life today, and 9-in-10 said they thought the nation’s economy favored the wealthy.

Still, Democrats who went to the polls Tuesday — to vote in a race featuring two seasoned politicians — were more apt than Republicans to say they wanted the next president to have experience in politics, only about one-quarter said they preferred a president from outside the political establishment.

Tomorrow morning socialist Bernie Sanders will meet with race-baiter Al Sharpton. The Hillary hating New York Times predicts a Hillary “implosion” tonight. As to the rumors of a major Hillary2016 upheaval, we’ve made our feelings well known and will have a lot more to say if and when it happens. Will Hillary suffer a major defeat tonight? Will socialist Bernie Sanders win big tonight? We’ll be prudent and wait for the results because in New Hampshire unpredictable independents vote in big numbers.

As to the Republican side, we expect Trump to win. If Trump wins our post Iowa prediction will serve as our forecast. Our forecast is aided by the remarkably predictable events after Trump “lost” Iowa which Big Media still fails to understand.

Big Media has long predicted that if Trump lost Iowa he would slink away in a fury, unable to handle a loss. Big Media declared Trump was a “win” candidate and that if he lost Iowa Trump voters would flee Trump even if Trump himself did not flee from the race in a storm of fury and tears. But after Iowa, Trump’s supporters remained firm. Trump remained. Trump did not flinch. Trump has even said that if he loses in New Hampshire he still stays in the race. Big Media does not understand that Trump supporters are made of firm stuff and, like Mets fans, they understand that you win the World Series even though during the baseball season you lose many games.

As we wrote before the Iowa vote, the best results for Trump are a ten point or more victory with the governor candidates coming in very close to each other in a bunch, followed by Senators Robot and Cruz. This would provide Trump a divided opposition with each candidate harboring “break out” fever and thereby staying in the race until further humiliation at the hands of Trump, in South Carolina.

On the Dim side, Hillary can hope for a victory, however slim. It’s doubtful but possible. If Sanders wins by more than ten points – “Danger, Danger, Will Robinson.”


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  1. In NH, the big centres don’t come in until the end, Obama led all the way in 2008 until Manchester and other cities came in, so if it looks bad to start with, it should get better.

  2. Really big news as the Supreme Court today moves against Obama. Wbboei, maybe there is some hope, maybe, maybe, on immigration etc.???


    Supreme Court deals blow to Obama by putting his climate change rules on hold

    The Supreme Court dealt a surprising setback to President Obama on Tuesday by putting his climate change policy on hold while a coalition of coal producers and Republican-led states challenge its legality.

    The justices, by a 5-4 vote, issued an unusual emergency order that blocks the Environmental Protection Agency from moving forward with its effort to reduce carbon pollution from power plants by 32% by 2030.

    The court’s order said the EPA’s “carbon pollution emission guidelines” for power plants are “stayed pending” a decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, which will hear the case this summer.

    It is rare for the high court to intervene in a case pending in the lower courts. The brief order suggests that most of the justices have doubts about the legality of the EPA’s policy.

    Known as the Clean Power Plan, the EPA regulations would set state-by-state targets for reducing greenhouse gases from power plants. The rules would force many states to shut down older coal-fired plants and to produce more electricity using natural gas or solar and wind power.

    But lawyers for West Virginia, Texas and 24 states sued, contending the EPA does not have the authority under the Clean Air Act to launch a broad attack on greenhouse gases.

    They also filed an emergency appeal with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. at the end of January asking for the high court to put the EPA plan on hold while their lawsuit proceeds.

    The appeals court said it would hear arguments in the case in June and would probably rule in the fall, during Obama’s last months in the White House.

    The president’s order had urged the justices to turn down the emergency request, calling it “extraordinary and unprecedented.”

    Meanwhile, 18 mostly Democratic-led states, including California and Illinois, filed a brief supporting the administration.

    Rule of law, not unitary executive rule by executive order.

  3. Some estimates are that Trump might get 40% of his delegates from Trump haters.
    Hoisted by their own petard, those figures don’t lie but liars figure too clever by the halves insiders who design a system of Byzantine complexity to fuck the base, and end up fucking themselves.

  4. MoonOnPluto, there’s also this:


    Voting hours extended in Merrimack during heavy primary turnout [snip]

    Long lines continued throughout the day, and Merrimack town officials asked the state for permission to extend voting hours. Polls were supposed to close there at 7 p.m., but officials in Merrimack were granted permission to stay open “as long as the moderator deems necessary.”

    Voters were lined up in many locations when the polls opened at 6 a.m. At some Manchester locations, lines were out the door.

    But some poll workers said that turnout was lower than expected. James Barnett, moderator at Nashua’s Ward 4, said that the weather might have led to lower morning turnout.

    “The snow earlier today really prevented people from coming out,” Barnett said. “My particular ward is in the middle of the city. I’ve got five apartment houses that have elderly 50 and older. Actually, they are probably 60 and older. I have three veterans’ homes in the area.”

    He said that Democrats make up the majority of his ward, and he believes the excitement in the Democratic race is coming from the younger generation.

    Secretary of State Bill Gardner predicted record turnout, and he said Tuesday that some polling locations were so busy that workers were worried about running out of ballots.

  5. admin
    February 9, 2016 at 7:27 pm
    Really big news as the Supreme Court today moves against Obama. Wbboei, maybe there is some hope, maybe, maybe, on immigration etc.
    I hope so.

  6. I suspect the race narratives changes tonight, in the fact, Clinton has gotten past the two whitest left liberal states, she’ll change her message to hit Sanders hard for the next load of states. That much is obvious.

    Does SAnders message hit in the southern states like it hits in the North – east, not so sure.

  7. it is early…but the Donald is off to a good start…

    cnn reported that internals from another campaign showed that voters were breaking away from Robio and that also could be good for DT

  8. Hillary had to play the white liberal card to get anywhere in those 2 states so far, that all changes going forward now. Different message going forward.

  9. Happy for Trump but Bush finishing 3rd not a good thing…he is now the “viable” alternative to both Trump and Rubio. Hillary, well, it’s kind of sad to see her campaign going of the rails again.

  10. Christie and Fiorina and Carson are undoubtedly goners tonight….

    Bush 3rd in NH is good for him and explained that he is a native son of the area with Maine….Won’t help him further.

  11. JBS what did you think she was going to do in NH, its not favourable territory for her, it never has been, those two states first are not representative of the country, they really do need to change it.

  12. alcina
    February 9, 2016 at 8:23 pm
    I was not going to tune in to Fox until you said that. MeeeeAgain is wearing her hair more naturally. Maybe she can get back some credibility. Was that bleached blond mop a wig?

  13. Looking at the vote, Clinton is getting the same amount of delegates out of NH as Sanders….. each so far.

  14. I want Christie to knock off Rubio, still possible.

    Credibility because of a hair style change, lets hope not.

  15. Well, Fox is acknowledging Trump at 34%. That is more than the 28% that they gave him earlier today.

    Clinton got skunked. They are saying Bernie even got more of the women’s vote. What does she expect embracing Obola? The only peoples that BO has consistently promoted are the muslims. WTF does that do for women? Does she think if she does not discuss the muslim migrant rape epidemic in Europe, that women will not notice it?

    She better do better in SC.

  16. I did not expect her to win, but she is losing by over 18%!!! Moreover, she is losing among women of all ages!!! Kinda shocking and as pointed out, with Bernie meeting with rev. Al tomorrow, he will make some inroads with AA’s. Believe me, as much as I protest some of Hillary’s positions, I am very, very unhappy about Sanders likely emerging as the front runner.

  17. Dang,

    Rubio still at 10% at 22%…I want him to get 9.9% and not get any delegates. Bush one vote behind Cruz for 3rd.

  18. Good luck Bernie you’ll need it when you come across the union goons in the Nevada Caucuses, they will eat you alive.

  19. Actually I would not be sad to see Rubio get 7% or 8% or less. Bush must have really put a ton of money and time to rise in the polls that far. Hope it’s a one time wonder.

  20. MSNBC burying Hillary already

    Yes they are..and that is why she should not have participated in that debate. They are trying to give the impression that Sanders can emerge as the front runner and stir up a race when if things go as planned , Hillary should (I I use that would cautiously) fare much better in S. Carolina going forward. However, the low informed voters, young people, and far left, may very well make this a tough race for her…she could lose to this guy!!!!!!!!

  21. Hilarious

    Fox projects John Kasich will take 2nd in New Hampshire primary. Huge cheers from supporters in Concord.

  22. Bush finishing 3rd or tied is problematic and I am interested in Adm, take. They (GOP establishment) are not going to let Trump win this race…100’s of millions in Super Pac money are there for Jeb.

  23. I strongly suspect deals will soon be made in backrooms of the GOP, some of the GOP runners will be elbowed or pushed out quickly. They have to, to stop Trump and its what they will do.

    Prepare for the push….

    The knives will be out for Sanders now too.

    The real race starts now.

  24. Nice use Bernie of the 5 African americans in NH stuck right behind you on the camera……..not politically calculated at all….of course.

  25. Good day for Trump supporters. I’m glad some Big Pinkers are happy tonight…so far.

    I hope Hillary picks up vote% as the count continues.

    If I was a inexperienced young woman and I didn’t know what I know, it would be tempting to get a free college education and healthcare vs going with the woman that walked the walk.

    But, I didn’t think like that when I was 17, nor 27, nor 37…and beyond…so that’s the kind of voting (for BO too) that is going to happen from now on.

    The candidate with the prettiest bottle of snake oil, will get the youth vote.

    Even my son, was thinking Bernie was the new answer…but when I got home from work and told him, “Your guy won NH tonight.” He just looked at me, saying nothing. I said, “Well aren’t you happy about his winning?”

    “I don’t really care about him”, was his answer.

    One less vote for the BurningMan.

    Maybe our limited political talks did get through to him, one can only hope. 😉

  26. Good God, Sanders gives crap speeches, its like listening to your old annoying drunk uncle at a wedding….

    This speech is also not endearing him to the dem establishment whatsoever, they’ll crucify him for this.

  27. I made a small donation to Hillary just now as I felt terrible watching Bill who could not hide his unhappiness on stage despite a very impassioned speech by Hillary.

  28. I detest Sanders, he keeps going on about the same old establishment……

    YOU are also the same old establishment Bernie, you’ve been in Washington for over 25 years……So cut the crap.

  29. This is the idiot with his winning speech, begging for dollars.

    Do socialists beg for dollars, Burn does.

  30. Good God, this speech is ridiculous.

    How the fuck does he think he is going to pay for all this.

    Big Money is going to slit Sanders throat after this speech.

    Its all big commy bullshit.

    He sounds like a fucking madman.

  31. moononpluto
    February 9, 2016 at 7:50 pm
    Jim Gilmore has 6 votes so far, lollllllllllllllllllllll
    Happy Gilmore was asked to give a concession speech.

    He said why should I concede–I have not yet begun to fight.

    Whereupon a staffer whispered in his ear, hey happy you moron, the vote is over.

    Nothing to fight about your honor.

    Whereupon Happy Gilmore channeled Brooklyn (Trolley) Dodgers legend Leo (The Lip) Durochur

    “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you an idiot”, and–

    “Nice guys finish last”

    I am prepared to wait until hell freezes over for that game changing seventh vote.

  32. Sanders would be a disaster for Israel as well…he is supported by J Street and other pro Palestinian groups.

  33. Honestly, Shadow, the rest of America must be watching this thinking, how the fuccccc….he’s a total loon.

  34. How the fuck does he think he is going to pay for all this.
    A lottery in every school classroom.

    A one armed bandit in every bedroom

    That’s how

    Trust me.

    Bernie has thought of everything.

  35. Yeh, it’s hard to believe Hillary is in for a dog fight with this guy. The democratic party we all grew up with is ovwer.

  36. jbs thats because those 2 states go first, they are the whitest states in the country, It needs to be changed, its ridiculous those looney left states get to push the agenda.

    Sanders won’t know what hit him in the southern states.

  37. Bernie looks like the sort of guy who would keel over in the middle of the campaign, if this became a hard slog, i’m not so sure he could do it, can he handle it?, day in day out for the next 9 months non-stop without a break……….?

    I fully expect whatever baggage he had is about to come flying out, they have toyed with him enough. Daggers incoming.

  38. Hillary needs to draw the reigns back on these two surrogates:

    “After losing 84 percent of young voters in Iowa — and failing to recover them in New Hampshire — the campaign sent in two icons of feminism to insult and threaten young women.

    1. The 81-year-old feminist Gloria Steinem charged that young women are only backing Sanders because that’s where they can meet boys.

    2.The 78-year-old Madeleine Albright threatened to consign to a “special place in hell” women who don’t back female candidates like Clinton.”

  39. lol “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!”

    I love that. lol thanks for reminding me of simpler days 🙂

    Dr. Smith I remember….

  40. wbboei
    February 9, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    I absolutely agree. No one likes being beaten over the head with a 2×4.

  41. “Lost In Space” nicely sums up this evening and the democratic party since Obama took over. We have Trump for “telling it like it is”, but anyone here all these years has to feel sick watching Hillary losing to Bernie tonight. Hopefully better days are ahead, but I doubt it.

  42. The percentages haven’t changed much from 40% for anyone. Burnie picked up and extra point.

    Hillary isn’t doing well at all.

  43. Oh, for Heaven’s sake. Little Marco is possibly finishing 5th and CNN as well as FOX are doing their best to lift him up. Rubyio said in his speech that his lack of winning in NH is on him because he didn’t do well in the debate. Really, who knew! The talking heads are slobbering all over what a wonderful Rubio is. They are not talking much at all about Cruz. Some look like they just ate a prune when talking about Donald, the winner. So telling. Cruz finishes first in Iowa and Rubio was third and you’d have thought Little Marco won. He finishes 5th in NH and they are still panting for him.

    Wbb is right. Until the biased media is taken down America will be the loser.

  44. JBS what did you think she was going to do in NH, its not favourable territory for her, it never has been,

    moon, she won New Hampshire in 2008. She lost IA, then won New Hampshire. That’s where her eyes got misty when she said that she doesn’t want the county to go backwards and all the media referred to it as Hillary “crying”, “breaking down”….

  45. I can’t even listen to the media tonight. Too depressing…watching Castle instead. A little humor always helps.

  46. 1. The 81-year-old feminist Gloria Steinem charged that young women are only backing Sanders because that’s where they can meet boys.

    2.The 78-year-old Madeleine Albright threatened to consign to a “special place in hell” women who don’t back female candidates like Clinton.”

    wbboei –

    (1.) how is that different from women’s fights years ago against men/society seeing women as nothing but looking for a man, even going to college just to get a man (and become a housewife), that women aren’t very bright they can’t do much but try to get a man. Follow a little further and you’re in the barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen spiel. Kind of sexist, I think, Gloria, to explain women in such a way….

    (2.) ok, Madeleine, now instead of men telling us “our place”, now YOU will – we should be all about gender, and not worry our pretty little heads about issues. We used to be scripted to support any men in our lives because of their gender, but now we still don’t have freedom of choice, not we still have ONE choice, but now we are required to support the women in our lives because of their gender. And now it’s WOMEN’S turn to tell women what to do and what “our place” is – either voting for a woman, or going to a special “our place” in h*ll..

  47. lorac, Shadow, I want to bring a great comment over from a poster at Upps. I think it best summarizes the current situation for women.

    There is no war on women…we are committing suicide all on our own.

  48. I really don’t get it. 4 hours later and the percentages are still the same, Trump gained one percent.

    How can every county vote the same percentage????????? That doesn’t sound statistically possible.

    What am I missing?

  49. VotingHillary, Lorac, ShadowFax, we hate to beat a dead horse, but we’ve got the whip in hand so we might as well slash again.

    It is Hillary “committing suicide” all on her own. In 2014 this website noted the utter stupidity of what Hillary was up to. We noted that if Hillary planned on running for president in 2016 she should have shut her mouth and not campaigned against women candidates for office. Instead Hillary campaigned against women whose political views she disagreed with and bought herself, “a special place in Hell”.

    At some point Hillary Clinton herself and those that enable her stupid behaviors have to look in the mirror and place blame.

    Recall this article from 2014:


    Hillary Clinton wasted 2014 in campaigns for people like Bruce Braley. Braley in 2008 begged Hillary to raise money for him. Hillary raised money for Braley. Braley then endorsed John Edwards. Braley in 2014 asked Hillary to campaign for him. Hillary campaigned for him. Hillary now has the first woman elected statewide in Iowa who will be fully justified when she attacks Hillary.

    Why will Joni Ernst be fully justified in attacking Hillary Clinton? Look at what Hillary Clinton said as she campaigned for John Edwards endorser Bruce Braley:

    “I would also add, it’s not enough to be a woman. You have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women,” Hillary Clinton said at a Wednesday campaign event for Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Bruce Braley, Joni Ernst’s opponent in Iowa.

    The “eighteen million cracks in the ceiling” battle cry ends with a crackpot remark on behalf of a John Edwards supporter. We guess the courageous Beijing speech on behalf of womens’ rights was only for certain women. The rights of women ends at the thin blue line? Women who dissent on “progressive” issues need not apply? Women who think third trimester abortions are a problem have to go not in the back of the bus but under the bus? Is this a way to inaugurate a smart campaign for the first woman president? And all this on behalf of a man who stabbed Hillary in the back to endorse that paragon of virtue John Edwards??? Is any of this smart??? [snip]

    If Hillary Clinton decides to run in 2016, after the November 21st meeting, expect to see the video of those stupid remarks played repeatedly every time Hillary or any Hillary supporters mentions that it is time for a woman in the White House. There will be no “context” provided for the remarks because the video will send the message Hillary opponents need. And this on behalf of a John Edwards supporter who fuc*ed her over in 2008.

    A special place in Hell.

  50. So, Hillary lost but won the delegate count 15-13…and the Bern-outs are just discovering the whole DNC SUPERDELEGATE scenario. Twitter was a laugh a minute for me tonight. I especially enjoyed explaining to the Bern-outs how this was how Obama won in 2008…and used David Axelrod’s as part of the explanation on his tweets!

    Paybacks are a bitch…and so sweet.

  51. Clinton allies grapple with crushing loss

    After a devastating defeat, her campaign hopes to rebound with a sharp focus on African Americans.

    Now, after a drubbing so serious as to call into question every aspect of her campaign from her data operation to her message, the wounded front-runner and her allies are actively preparing to retool their campaign…

    (snip)with race at the center of it.

    Clinton is set to campaign with African-American victims of law enforcement deaths, like Trayvon Martin’s mother and Eric Garner’s mother.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/hillary-clinton-new-hampshire-african-americans-219039#ixzz3zkLGLxmO

    On the news they said Sanders won the younger people (forgot the stat) and women (won 65%). I guess her new strategy will involve doubling down on her strategy.

  52. Wow half my post disappeared lol

    Maybe it’s magic, like spinning bubble boy Rubio’s 5th place into a “winner”…

  53. moononpluto
    February 9, 2016 at 8:26 pm
    JBS what did you think she was going to do in NH, its not favourable territory for her, it never has been,

    you must be a lot younger than I thought. a little NH history regarding the Clintons. They have basically owned NH since the early 90’s. Bill Clinton’s comeback kid moment in 1992 and Hillary’s come from behind win in 2008 against Obama and everything in between.

    Unfortunately, it was Hillary’s decision to attach herself to the Obama hot mess that led to her defeat yesterday.


  54. I don’t know, but even with Trump winning this small state by an amount predicted by polls, the election looks fixed on the second and third place, with so many making the 10% cut off by 1%. It just looks so phony to me. They are playing games with out votes. I hope Trump can Trump them.

    It is painful watching Hillary’s campaign. But she is doing it to herself.

  55. President – GOP Primary
    February 10, 2016 – 06:52AM ET
    New Hampshire – 266 of 300 Precincts Reporting – 89%

    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Trump, Donald GOP 92,417 35%
    Kasich, John GOP 41,813 16%
    Cruz, Ted GOP 30,416 12%
    Bush, Jeb GOP 29,186 11%
    Rubio, Marco GOP 27,774 11%
    Christie, Chris GOP 19,811 8%
    Fiorina, Carly GOP 10,969 4%
    Carson, Ben GOP 5,968 2%
    Paul, Rand GOP 1,711 1%
    Total Write-ins GOP 1,643 1%
    Huckabee, Mike GOP 198 0%
    Witz, Richard GOP 166 0%
    Martin, Andy GOP 150 0%
    Santorum, Rick GOP 145 0%
    Gilmore, Jim GOP 125 0%
    Robinson, Joe GOP 124 0%
    Pataki, George GOP 74 0%
    Graham, Lindsey GOP 64 0%
    Cullison, Brooks GOP 49 0%
    Cook, Tim GOP 47 0%
    Lynch, Frank GOP 45 0%
    Jindal, Bobby GOP 44 0%
    Comley, Stephen GOP 28 0%
    Prag, Chomi GOP 15 0%
    Dyas, Daniel GOP 13 0%
    McCarthy, Stephen GOP 11 0%
    Iwachiw, Walter GOP 8 0%
    Huey, Kevin GOP 6 0%
    Drozd, Matt GOP 5 0%
    Mann, Robert GOP 5 0%
    Messina, Peter GOP 5 0%

  56. I’m finding it really hard to feel sorry for Hillary16 self-destructing in New Hampshire, especially after ignoring everything admin advised against doing. Next, playing the race card? Good luck with that.

  57. Sanders won’t know what hit him in the southern states.


    So true,Moon. I’m looking forward to those defeats.

    VH, that comment from uppity’s is spot on.

  58. With all the folks here that now support Trump and not Hillary. I would think there would be a big Pink party today.

    Trump’s first win, big win….


    I still think something weird is going on with the voting percentages from NH. I woke up this morning, before getting ready for work and saw the same numbers as there was last night.

    Trump moved up one percent, and no one else budged from the count since 6 PM PST.

    Does anyone think that every county in NH voted exactly the same percent?

    This doesn’t make any statistical sense to me.

    Any ideas????

  59. Shadowfax
    February 10, 2016 at 11:12 am

    With all the folks here that now support Trump and not Hillary. I would think there would be a big Pink party today.
    A lot of us are grieving Hillary’s loss.
    We had such high hopes in 08 and now too.

  60. I have been told that the Bush cabal is financing Sander through small donor contributions on phony credit cards—a variation on what Obama supporters did in 2008. The source is reliable. The goal of the Bush cabal is obvious: to weaken Hillary and to thereby make it easier to indict her. But the Democrat Party derives a benefit from it too because it makes them relevant to the young people who are being screwed by the establishment and see Bernie as their savior and obscures the fact that the Democrat party as much as the Republican Party, in their present form, are nothing more than a pass through for Wall Street and a playground for billionaire sociopaths–like young goodman brown zuckerberg. But Bernie is not the end game for a lot of reasons, and this will be rather evident after Super Tuesday. First of all, he is a cypher. He never held a job. He sponged off his wife in the early years. His only job has been in politics, and his record there is to say the least inauspicous. Just as Marco’s claim to fame is that rousing reminder of the patriotism he announces–the gang of eight bill, bernies claim to fame is being head of the veterans affairs committee, which is an object lesson in neglect and mismanagement of our best people. Finally, he sounds horse, and he lacks the energy to go the distance. He shouts himself hoarse. For now, however, he is Mr.Snow to those young women who go to his fundraisers to meet boys and do not realize that a special place in hell awaits them, according to Stalin and All dim. Meanwhile for Trump supporters, New Hampshire lived up to its motto: Live Free or Die/ Bernie however is Enoch Snow in Carousel, and herein lies his fatal attraction:


  61. Wbbs


    February 10, 2016 at 11:53 am
    I have been told that the Bush cabal is financing Sander through small donor contributions on phony credit cards—a variation on what Obama supporters did in 2008. The source is reliable. The goal of the Bush cabal is obvious: to weaken Hillary and to thereby make it easier to indict her. [Which is to prevent her from winning the White House.]

    This is just $hitty, $hitty, $hitty!!! It also helps Trump, the weaker Hillary is perceived, the stronger Trump appears.

    How can anyone pay with a phoney credit card? The money wouldn’t go though. Unless you mean the name on the credit card is not legit but there is a legit account attached to it.

    The GOP will stop at nothing to bury Hillary.

    Having Trump with a loaded GOP Congress is asking for double trouble.


  62. I am not happy to see Hillary lose…and to lose so big…maybe this will helpt to jolt her into being herself…

    frankly to me it feels like she just let the O people run her show and then put her out there to praise O and then (robotetly) recite her talking points…

    the problem is that Hillary is missing…


    as for Trump…thank goodness he is there…or look what the alternative could end up being…

    and as far as having Trump with a GOP congress I do not think it will matter

    Shadow…you should take some comfort that Trump does not give a damn what the GOP wants…he is fighting the GOP establishment as much as the media, etc…

    just that article you linked from Politico showed that…Trump did not care if the NH GOP did not give him and endorsement he was not going to go with their Medicaide expansion…Trump has bigger ideas…big picture ideas…and his ideas include getting rid of Ocare

    He is an independent person…and can’t be bought…

    Hillary should try to get some cues from DT and why things are working for him…

    stay away from the big corrupt doners and leave O in the shadows and be her own person…never mention O again unless it is to start talking about what is wrong with him

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