New Hampshire #Superbowl – #GOPDebate With @RealDonaldTrump, #Rubio2016, @TedCruz – There Will Be Blood

Update: Open thread: Brace for impact. The New Hampshire GOP debate. 8:00 ET. The “Live Free Or Die” state is now the “Do or Die” state.


The “year of the monkey“, on Monday. That dull football Superbowl on Sunday. Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. Screw all that. Tonight is our Superbowl!!!

We know next to nothing about sports. We know less about football, American style, and wouldn’t mind knowing even less than that. But we do know that in football there are two teams and both teams develop an offensive strategy and a defensive strategy to achieve their tactical aims, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the respective players and generals coaches directing the armies teams, and succeed in the strategic aim, which is to score and win.

Football, we suspect, is like a military campaign in which the goal is to drop the bomb in the other team’s most closely guarded spot. It’s like ice hockey without the ice. It’s like a chess game in which the goal is to kill the most closely guarded player – the king. In other words, football at its best is a weak, silly, insignificant, diversion, which pales in comparison to the death match brutality of politics.

Tonight, the remaining GOP candidates for president, meet, in New Hampshire, in advance of Tuesday’s first in the nation primary election, and battle with verbal swords, to the death. The serious issues the nation faces should be paramount but they will also be weapons in this joust. There will be blood.

Tonight is very important because it is the last big chance the candidates have to sway the New Hampshire electorate. Unless you are a voter or candidate (or unfortunately in Big Media) your influence is relatively small. So, once again, we ask you put aside your personal preference for a candidate, and play strategist. What would you do?

Assume you are on team Donald J. Trump. What would you do? Attack Ted Cruz even though you pretty much have inflicted all the damage on him that is profitable at this point and more attacks only lead to Malthusian diminishing returns knowing Ben Carson will do that particular job – or attack the rising-in-the-polls second place or third place Rubio, or attack one of the other losers, er candidates, or play nice, discuss only the issues, and try to win the Nobel Peace Prize you have just been nominated for? What would you do?

Assume you are on team Marco Rubio. What would you do? Pretend to be very nice, tout endorsements, and hope niceness deflects or weakens potential incoming attacks and thereby, with a defensive strategy, try to continue to rise to a firm second place, and secretly hope to rise to first place? Or, attack first? Attack Cruz again? Or leave that to Ben Carson? Attack Jeb, knowing Christie will come to his defense? Attack Barbara Bush? What would you do?

Assume you are on team Ted Cruz. What would you do? Attack Trump knowing he will hit back hard but since you know you will lose New Hampshire anyway the goal would be to prevent Trump from winning New Hampshire with an infuriating series of attacks in order to finish off Trump in New Hampshire so that you can move on to South Carolina without Trump in the race and therefore you can consolidate the “outsider” vote? Or attack Rubio in order to come in second and continue to pose a problem for Trump as well as smash Rubio’s 3-2-1 strategy? Or attack one of the other, er, candidates, denounce them as “establishment” and burnish your appeal to South Carolina? What would you do?

Assume you are on team John Kasich. What would you do? Attack Trump knowing he has bested you before? Attack Rubio who stands in your way to the silver position? Or attack Cruz for the same reasons? Or attack one of the other candidates for whom New Hampshire is the “do or die” state? For Governor Kasich it is do or die in New Hampshire and tonight is his last chance to buckeye the odds. What would you do?

Assume you are on team Jeb Bush. What would you do? Prepare a smart answer for when Trump declares that “your mother has more energy than you do Jeb”? Attack Trump as the number one target? Attack Rubio, along with your ally Chris Christie, and bring down that weasel? Attack one of the other candidates for whom New Hampshire is “do or die” or attack Ted Cruz even though Ben Carson has a better case to make against Cruz? Continue poking the mighty bull, Donald Trump, and get the horns again? Or attack your ally Chris Christie because, well, Christie blocks your way too. What would you do?

Assume you are on team Chris Christie. What would you do? Understand that Trump is likely to win New Hampshire and that Rubio is the one that should lead the anti-Trump battle tonight? Would you concentrate all your attacks on that high-heeled bubble boy weasel from Florida? Stand with Jeb if Jeb is attacked or keep your mouth shut and watch Jeb suffer as the life leaves his limp body? Attack Kasich? Attack Cruz? Get on the floor and roll all over every other candidate, squashing them all to death? What would you do?

That last Dem debate on repulsive MSNBC got few eyeballs to turn in. Tonight’s bloodbath is on the ABC network so not only will the interest be high so will the availability of the broadcast. The debate tonight is at 8:00 p.m. ET. Eight O’Clock.

Tonight through Tuesday, New Hampshire is not the “Live Free Or Die” state. Tonight through Tuesday, New Hampshire is the “do or die” state for GOP presidential candidates.

We’ll be in our little pink boat tonight on the scarlet seas making snide comments and doing what we can with a play by play unofficial transcript.

We’ll recover tomorrow from tonight’s bloodbath. Tomorrow, we’ll forgo the tedious football Superbowl. We’ll watch the high tension drama of the Puppy Bowl instead.


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  1. For your strategic/tactical consideration:

    The Way Ted Cruz Won in Iowa Suggests Trouble Ahead

    Ted Cruz kept his hopes alive with a come-from-behind victory in the Iowa caucuses this week. But the way he won raises serious questions about his chances later on.

    He won Iowa for one reason: He excelled among people who described themselves as “very conservative.” They voted for him by a big margin; he won 44 percent of them to Donald Trump’s 21 percent, according to exit polls. He lost every other ideological category, and often by a lot.

    The national Republican primary electorate is far more moderate than Iowa’s, so Mr. Cruz will need to attract a far broader coalition. The history of recent conservative Iowa winners — like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee — offers plenty of reasons to wonder whether he can count on doing so.

    In entrance and exit polls from 2008 and 2012, there was no primary state where the G.O.P. electorate was as conservative as it was in Iowa. Only Nevada had a similar ideological composition. [snip]

    As it is, “very conservative” voters outnumbered the combined total of self-described “moderate” and “liberal” voters by a 32-point margin in Iowa in 2012 — but by no more than 15 points in any primary state (Louisiana). Even in primary states with well-justified conservative reputations, like Texas or Alabama, “very conservative” voters outnumbered the total of self-described moderates and liberals only by a four-point margin. In the north, “moderate” and “liberal” usually outnumber “very conservative” voters, and often by a wide margin.

    That’s why Mr. Cruz has so little traction in New Hampshire. He would be expected to win only about 15 to 17 percent of the vote given the ideological composition of the New Hampshire electorate, supposing he fared about as well among each demographic group as in Iowa. Current polls show Mr. Cruz earning nearly this exact amount.

    The Cruz campaign, of course, knows it has to broaden his appeal, and it has tried to add evangelical voters to his base of conservatives.

    At first glance, the Iowa results seem to suggest Mr. Cruz could count on support from evangelicals the rest of the way. He won 33 percent of them, according to the exit polls, which could position him to fare well in the South, where evangelicals represent an even larger share of the primary electorate than they do in Iowa.

    But Mr. Cruz mainly did well among evangelicals because they’re generally more conservative than nonevangelicals, not because he held an especially strong appeal among them. That’s very different from a candidate like Mr. Huckabee in 2008, who did well among evangelicals regardless of their political ideology.

    Mr. Cruz lost the “somewhat conservative” evangelical vote to Marco Rubio, and fared poorly among “moderate” evangelicals — even if he did fare better than he did among nonevangelicals.

    Mr. Cruz could get away with this in Iowa, where 49 percent of evangelical voters were “very conservative” and just 8 percent were “moderate,” according to exit polls. But it doesn’t work as well in the primary states, where evangelical voters are far more likely to identify as “moderate,” according to past exit polls. [snip]

    South Carolina will be a crucial test for Mr. Cruz. As with Alabama, the exit polls suggest that the state is far more “moderate” than Iowa, despite an even larger number of evangelical voters. If he is going to compete nationally with a coalition of evangelicals and “very conservative” voters, it will involve a win in South Carolina.

    So far, it doesn’t seem as if Mr. Cruz is breaking through. The most recent NBC/WSJ/Marist poll of South Carolina showed him with just 11 percent of the moderate vote. That could change, but until it does, it’s hard to take his chances much more seriously than those of Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Santorum, who carried Iowa with demographically narrow coalitions that fell short elsewhere.

    Compared with those candidates, Mr. Cruz has two big advantages: vastly superior fund-raising and a strong campaign operation. Whether that’s enough to broaden his coalition will probably decide his finish in the race.

  2. Debate fodder?:

    10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna

    Police investigators have ascertained that the 20 year old man entered Austria on the 13th September, travelling into the country via the Balkans.

    On the December 2nd he brutally attacked the young boy, pulling him into a changing cubicle, pulling down his swimming trunks and assaulting him. [snip]

    Following the attack, the Iraqi amused himself by diving repeatedly from the three metre board. The young boy, meanwhile, went to a lifeguard in tears and told him what had happened. [snip]

    During his interrogation the man attempted to excuse himself, saying that it had been a “sexual emergency.”

    He explained that he had to satisfy himself with the lad as he had not had sex in four months, explaining “I couldn’t stand not having sex as I have excess sexual energy.”

    Two Migrants Among Gang of Seven Who Raped Unconscious Girl; Said ‘Women Must Obey Men’

    The boy, who attends the Ostend Technical Institute, was being investigated for possible radicalisation after he showed classmates pictures of himself on Facebook wearing military gear and holding a sub-machine gun, De Morgen has reported.

    The Belgian police seized his mobile phone as part of the investigation whereupon they found footage of the boy and six others, the oldest aged 25, dancing, laughing and singing in Arabic around their victim who was lying passed out. The men then pulled down her underwear, pushed her legs apart, and groped and raped her.

    Of the seven males arrested, two are Belgians and five are Iraqi immigrants. Two are understood to have only recently arrived in the country to claim asylum.

    The group has apparently shown no contrition; one is said to have told investigators: “She has nothing to complain about. Women must obey men.

  3. We’ll be in our little pink boat tonight on the scarlet seas making snide comments and doing what we can with a play by play unofficial transcript.

    Love it Admin.

  4. In football, the goal is to drop the ball in the least guarded spot. the wide open receiver, the open seam. go for the soft, most vulnerable spot.

    Trump has many soft spots to choose from tonight.

  5. That last Dem debate on repulsive MSNBC got few eyeballs to turn in.

    —MSNBC has become the most dried up of tomatoes, in the field of news stations.

    The days of ol’ Keith Oberblower making fun of Bush are long gone.

  6. In discussions at work, I heard more than once that “Trump scares” them. I hope tonight puts away such silliness.
    I remember they said the same thing about Reagan; that he was an idiot, a lousy grade B actor that couldn’t be trusted with the keys. I should know, I was one of them.

  7. Trump only needs to come out alive here. Most supporters know he is NOT a debater, staying calm, not making an blow ups and doing himself any harm will be a win for him.

    Trumps #s are looking up and Rubio’s are seeming to be falling

  8. I would like to see DT hit Rubio on immigration…

    and hit him on ‘what have you done with your life…create any jobs, pay any salaries, provide any health care for anyone on you payroll…not the taxpayer payroll?’

    …and I would like to see DT show some of his charm and humor…to humanize himself a bit with those that are “afraid” of him…a little honey…not towards his opponents, except for Ben Carson…give him a little sugar…goes a long way

  9. I am having trouble logging on and posting (stop cheering). I get “database error”. Can we help in anyway speed up the site? Like if everyone donates $1.00 like Hillary and her friends are asking me can we speed things up? Adm, I know less about computers/servers/websites, than you do about American football.

  10. Well hark, just realized the Superbowl is in my area but not any Bay Area team is playing.

    Traffic should be absolutely nuts on all the bridges.

  11. jbstonesfan
    February 6, 2016 at 8:04 ————

    Good idea, I’d donate more if Big Pink refreshed during important events.

  12. ACK!!! Eye bleach, eye bleach!!! Donna Brazille!!! Maddow earlier this week and now the horrid Brazille. Yuck!

  13. Good God, this debate is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring……..

    Donald obviously didn’t get what Ruby meant when he said “Obama knows exactly what he’s doing”

  14. Rubio is definitely getting himself front and centre tonight……Are the others getting as much air……?

    None of them sound that competent on foreign affairs.

  15. alcina…rubio constantly looks like he is trying to impress everyone because ‘he is so smart’…he looked so childish when he got into it with Christie…

  16. They even screwed up the introductions due to loud applause.

    Martha Raddatz and “if it bleeds it leads” David Muir “moderate”.

    Muir: Temperament.

    Trump: I have great temperament. I get along with many people. For years in business I get along with many. I took a lot of heat because I was the one that brought up illegal immigration. I also was against the Iraq War. I will build up the military.

    Muir: Cruz you said it about Trump?

    Cruz: Voters are looking to our temperament. Obama won’t acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism. Every individual on this stage will make a better president. The question is who is best prepared on this stage.

    Muir: Trump’s temperament.

    Cruz: The voters will decide. Who has the judgment when to engage when not to engage. For instance in Iran when Khameni chants “Death to America.”

    Trump: Ted did not answer your question. That’s what will happen with our enemies. Ted backed down. That’s what will happen to our enemies with Trump. We’ll win.

    Muir: Your campaign has called Cruz’s campaign deceitful. What should Cruz do?

    Carson: Today is 105th birthday of Reagan so I will not savage the reputation of Senator
    Cruz. I will say that I was very disappointed that members of his team thought so little of me and those who volunteered for me, including one who died, that I would quit, who would do such a thing. This is an example of Washington ethics, which is if it is legal do it. My ethics is you do what is right.

    Cruz: The Carsons are my friends. I apologized to Ben and I do so again tonight. What happened was that it was reported that Ben was going to Florida on the night of the caucuses. My team sent out the report. I was busy so I did not know what happened. I called Carson to apologize. That is what CNN reported. It was a subsequent report I wish my campaign forwarded.

    Carson: The timeline indicates that within 1 minute CNN sent out my second statement.

    Muir: Rubio. Christie warns against another first term senator. Santorum could not list your accomplishments. What are your accomplishments?

    Rubio: Against eminent domain. Protection against terrorism. Joe Biden has been around a long time but that does not recommend him. Obama knows what he is doing.

    Christie: Senators think about speeches. Governors think about what problems have to be solved. Rubio, you have not been responsible for a decision where you had to be accountable. We should not make the same mistake as 8 years ago. I like Marco Rubio but he does not have the experience to be president. Do not make the same mistake again.

    Rubio: Not just what you did but how it worked out. Under Christie the credit rating went down in New Jersey. Again, Obama knows what he is doing, and it is a disaster.

    Christie: Think about this. That was a drive by shot by a Washington insider. That answer was prepared by an adviser. The people expect results such as plowing the roads. I rebuilt New Jersey. You are prepared to be president.

    Rubio: You had to be shamed to go back to Jersey when the snowstorm hit.

    Christie: There you go again the drive by hit prepared and memorized.

    Rubio: You had to be shamed back.

    Christie: The shame is you blame me for taking responsibility.

    Rubio: You had to shamed…

    Christie: talking points… memorized.

    Muir: You endorsed Rubio for Senate but now you say he is ready.

    Bush: Who has the leadership skills to lead. I have many endorsements from military leaders. You learn leadership by leading. Rubio is a skilled politician but not yet ready.

    Raddatz: First term senator too. North Korea just conducted another missile. How would you respond as POTUS.

    Cruz: The failure of the first Clinton administration. We should expand our missile defense capacity. Do not allow a North Korean satellite. Harden the electric grid.

    Raddatz: Would you have ordered a strike tonight?

    Cruz: Hypothetical.

    Raddatz: You talk tough on other issues?

    Cruz: I have not received a briefing yet like I have on other issues.

    Rubio: He’s right. It is standard procedure to shoot down missiles in mid flight if there danger.

    Kasich: We have to intercept ships and aircraft. They want to proliferate these materials. I worry about non-state actors. If China does nothing we should give missiles to allies in the region such as South Korea.

    Bush: This is the Obama “strategic patience”. The next president should do a preemptive strike if necessary.

    Trump: Marco said Obama knows exactly what he is doing. I disagree. Obama has no clue. China has tremendous control over North Korea. China sucks trillions from our country. China should act strategically if necessary.

    Rubio: Obama has betrayed Israel. Same in Asia. Donald is right, China has a lot of influence over North Korea.

    Raddatz: Student held hostage in NK?

    Bush: Obama weakness causes this. Crippling sanctions should be implemented against NK.

    Christie: You never pay ransom, I learned as prosecutor. When you do that you endanger others. We need a strong president. This is unacceptable. Hillary as an Obama third term would be weaker.

  17. Donald the voice of common sense and reason (he must be thinking when is this over)

    they should ask the rest of them have you received any donations from drug or insurance co

  18. That slam by Bush on Trump is going to smart on Trump trying to take property off an elderly woman.

    Crowd now very hostile.

  19. Muir: Illegal immigration? Deportation?

    Kasich: Can’t deport. Build a wall. Have them pay a penalty and let them stay.

    Muir: How would you deport and solve illegal immigration?

    Cruz: Build a wall, increase fourfold aircraft, e-verify system, bio-metric system on visas, end welfare benefits and stop sanctuary cities. Enforce the law. The law states that those here illegally must be deported. Bill Clinton deported 11 million. Secure the border.

    Muir: Gang of eight bill. You turned tail and ran? as Bush says?

    Rubio: We can’t pass that bill. We need to secure the border. Actually secure the border. Until then it is not possible. When I am president I will enforce the law then see what can be done.

    Christie: The question was “did he fight for his legislation” but Rubio did not answer. In New Jersey I fought for what was right. That’s leadership.

    Rubio: It is not leadership if it does not pass.

    Mary Katherine Ham: Repeal ObamaCare? Are you like Bernie Sanders?

    Trump: Common sense is what I am for. Insurance companies laugh. We’ll increase competition. Health care savings plan. We’ll take care of people in the street and not let them die.

    Ham: Repeal ObamaCare in best interests? How do you convince the public?

    Cruz: Socialized medicine does not work. Repeal ObamaCare. Personal, portable.

    Ham: How and why to replace ObamaCare?

    Carson: Health empowerment accounts. No middleman. Lower catastrophic costs. I have a plan.

    Muir: Eminent domain?

    Josh McElveen: You support eminent domain?

    Trump: Eminent domain is necessary for bridges and schools. Keystone Pipeline needs eminent domain. No roads, no highways. A necessity.

    Bush: For public purpose. But Trump took property away from an old woman.

    Trump: Not true. He wants to be a tough guy. I’m being booed by the donors and special interests. I am self funding so they can boo all they want. The Keystone Pipeline is a private project.


  20. Bush is sad
    Trump is sticking it to them
    Rubio needs a case of water and a bottle of xanex
    Christie is taking down Rubio which he needs to do

    Trump is coming across STRONG and working for the working people

    only mistake he should havve done was jump in on immigration

  21. I have to agree with Ruby on his comment regarding Obama. He does know what he is doing. He is deliberately changing this Country.

  22. Alcina, Cruz doesn’t show his bloodsucking fangs in public…..

    moon, you win the humor award tonight!

    I’m having a hard time tonight – I keep getting kicked off to neverland when I refresh, so it’s hard to even just read, let alone comment.

    Brooklyn, give us some room lol

  23. Muir: What is a conservative?

    Kasich: Some rise but everybody has a chance.

    Muir: Conservative?

    Trump: Comes from conserve – our money, our country, save our country.

    Rubio: About 3 things. Limited government especially at federal level. Free enterprise, anyone can rise without pulling anyone down. National defense.

    Muir: Economy? Christie says to ask you how? How many jobs would you create?

    Trump: Bring jobs back from China. Stop TPP which will be a disaster. We are the highest taxed country in the world. Cut taxes. Don’t lose more companies.

    Muir: Governorship metrics. Critique by Kasich.

    Christie: His criticism uses old statistics. He’s done a good job. Rubio says Obama knows what he is doing. Do vets think Obama knows what he is doing. Rubio acted as if his immigration bill wasn’t his.

    Kasich: In Ohio we went from deficit to surplus.

    Rubio: Obama knows what he is doing.

    Muir: Taxes?

    Rubio: Noone says we don’t pay enough in taxes. Lower taxes on people and companies.

    Bush: We need to create more millionaires. I have a plan.

    Christie: In my state we raised taxes on millionaires. We lost millions of dollars.

    Raddatz: Carpet bombing?

    Cruz: Overwhelming air power. Target oil facilities, bridges.

    Raddatz: Civilians hit?

    Cruz: We are sending in our troops with arms tied behind their backs. It’s immoral.

    Raddatz: Overwhelming force?

    Rubio: They believe in a religious war. We need allies from the region. They have spread. A coalition.

  24. dot48…seems like Donald has decided less is more…he’s leading in the polls why not
    and what he has said does sound strong…besides Rubio and Cruz keep saying things Donald has said for months – Donald still looks like the boss

    I also feel a little sorry for Jeb…he must know the end is near…and his mother looks so frail…

    imo…Christie is having a good debate

    Donald answers are always ahead of the others…he can see things before the others…then they catch up with him

  25. Trump was saying that people couldn’t get tickets to the debate because they were only offered to lobbyists, special interests, etc. He said “they” didn’t want his people there. Using “they” made it sound like the special interests, but it’s probably the RNC. I think he’s careful about alienating them TOO much, so doesn’t always them out.

    He got booed. A good investigative reporter (wbboei – talk to your “friend” Sharryl, this should interest her) needs to check into this and publicize if true. Good for voters to know, good for the whole country to know.

  26. Since this is the “live free or die” state, I think Trump should emphasize that Obamacare limits their freedom, big government that his competitors would continue limits their freedom, unchecked illegal immigration limits their freedom, bringing over untold numbers of ISIS in so-called refugees limits their freedom, etc.

  27. admin
    February 6, 2016 at 9:32 pm
    Shadowfax, the hamsters won’t run faster. Overload of readers tonight.

    If we donate to Big Pink, could we buy more hamsters to help out?

  28. Trump: I warned years ago about bombing ISIS oil. I also warned about their banking system. What I said should have been done years ago. Don’t just bomb the oil, take it.

    Raddatz: Libya. Chaos. Air strikes? Ground troops?

    Bush: Yes. This is Obama “leading from behind”. 70 plus attacks outside middle east by ISIS. Obama sees this incrementally. We have to lead.

    Carson: I’m not here just to be pretty. We need to be proactive. Libya is strategically located so that is where ISIS will go. Libya also has oil. We need to stop ISIS from taking over Libya. Listen to our military.

    Muir: No torture? Waterboarding torture? Trump says not.

    Cruz: It does not meet the legal definition. I joined with McCain to prevent it from happening. But if necessary I would use enhanced techniques.

    Trump: People chopping the heads off Christians and others. Medieval times. Bring back waterboarding and a whole hell of a lot worse.

    Bush: Not I. Get fully engaged and human intelligence.

    Rubio: This is not law enforcement. This is anti-terrorism. We should not be specific. We’re not interrogating anyone now. Obama empties Guantanamo.

    Ham: Executive orders?

    Cruz: Obama abuses his executive power. Everything done with executive power can be undone with executive power and I will do that.

    Ham: Deal maker?

    Trump: A good deal maker will make great deals. Ronald Reagan made deals with Tip O’Neill. The Iran deal is the worse. Part of being a deal maker is grab em, hug em, kiss em, but get the deals done. You can’t go to Hawaii for 3 weeks.

    Kasich: You have to plead with people. Obama is not a king. Executive orders should be issued after you consult. Americans first, party second.

    Bush: I agree with those who want to repeal unconstitutional acts. Bring back the Tenth Amendment.

    Kasich: You have to have an agenda from the first day. Regulations, taxes, fiscal plan, border protection, fix social security.

    Muir: Heroin?

    McElveen: Cruz, you did not attend hearing on heroin? Are you sincere?

    Cruz: My half-sister, was addicted to drugs and alcohol. She was angry and not willing to listen. I paid for my nephew’s education. Six years ago she died from an overdose. We also have to secure the border. We need the political will.

    McElveen: Cross border enforcement?

    Christie: I fight against this in New Jersey and I was a federal prosecutor. We’ve closed the prison and turned it into a clinic. I’m pro-life for every life.

    Raddatz, via Larry O’Connor: First women candidate?

    Trump: I do well against Hillary. I am the last person Hillary wants to run against. 12,000 in South Carolina last night, I’ve built a movement. On heroin I said build a wall that works. I’m not sure Hillary can run. Emails. Democrats will protect her. We can’t have four more years of essentially Barack Obama.

    Rubio: Our rallies show increased attendance. We will bring the party together. Hillary is unqualified. She lied to families of Benghazi.

    Carson: Easy to contrast myself and Hillary Clinton. Deceitful on Benghazi. We did not send help to our own people. I would make it a referendum on deceit.


  29. Trump thinks Hillary should be in jail from the emails and RubiAss thinks SHE is unqualified.

    The blood will flow when the primaries are over.

  30. I wonder if this talk of requiring women to register for the draft will scare off some crossover votes….. it’s one thing to allow interested and qualified women to service, but to require service is something else. I’m not pushing for one or the other, just saying that I wonder if it may affect the crossover vote….

  31. I don’t know much about Carson’s “health empowerment accounts”, but based on what he said tonight, I see problems. He said it should be a family plan, and benefits could be moved among the different family members (I gather this would happen if one needs more benefits than another). What if two family members have catastrophic needs, and the family disagrees how to move the benefits around? What if their medical needs surpass the dollar amount delegated to that family unit?

    But what is a “family”? Does he know that over half of marriages fail? What if the husband leaves the wife and children, and relations are acrimonious? How is the husband covered? What if the father never marries the mom in the first place? What if someone is single? Do they stay with their family of origin’s “family plan”? Even if they’re 45 and forever single?

  32. Is Rubio misrepresenting Hillary? She doesn’t really believe in abortions even to the day of delivery, does she?

  33. Muir: Divide between blacks and police.

    Trump: Police are the most misunderstood. When police make a mistake the media focus for days on it. Minorities respect the police. The police can’t act. We must give them respect. Our fantastic police. People sue all the time. Either you have a police force that does its job or none. I met with the police.

    Kasich: People have to respect the police. Community leaders think the system works against them. I started a task force to bring the police and community together to win/win.

    Muir: Obama visited Mosque so did Bush?

    Rubio: Obama says there is widespread discrimination against Muslims and there isn’t. We face a significant threat from extremists. Christian groups like Little Sisters of the Poor are discriminated against, not Muslims.

    Raddatz: Zika virus. Ebola. You ordered a nurse quarantined. Would you do it again?

    Christie: The nurse had active symptoms and she was treating patients. We quarantined her for 48 hours. As to Mosques, I built bridges but we cannot mix the radicals with the decent.

    Carson: If we have evidence of infection and that it can spread, we quarantine. But not willy nilly because of where they visited. We need rapid response systems. NIH, CDC needs support.

    Raddatz: Women register for Selective Service?

    Rubio: Yes, in case draft is instituted. What is important is our shrinking military. Rebuild.

    Bush: I do. No political agenda on military. Eliminate the sequester. I have the support of Generals and Admirals.

    Christie: I am a father of 2 daughters. Their sense of value comes from within. They are part of a greater effort. They should not be discriminated against such as registering for Selective Service.

    Carson: 14% decrease in military applications. Veterans committing suicide. Integrate veterans into society. Take care of our veterans so we don’t have to institute a draft.

    McElveen: Veterans. Privatize VA?

    Bush: Give veterans choices. Career civil service reform would allow firings to fix VA system.

    Kasich: Veterans should go anywhere they want to get help. College credit for service. Help veterans with job placement.

    Rubio: My brother is a Green Beret veteran. He’s had to fight for dental services. Veterans should be able to go anywhere to get services.

    Muir: Families be allowed to raise ransom money?

    Cruz: It’s difficult for families but this would put a bounty on other Americans. We don’t pay ransoms as Obama has done with Bergdahl.

    Trump: I know Diane Foley. I spoke for them and raised money for their foundation. But, you cannot negotiate with terrorists or you will have more James Foleys. BTW, I raised six million for veterans. Also there is tremendous fraud and waste in VA.

    Ham: Young are for gay marriage but against abortion?

    Rubio: Against gay marriage is not bigotry. I believe in marriage for one man, one woman. On abortion there is a conflict on rights. I choose to err on the side of life. The media has not asked the Democrats one question at any debate on abortion. Democrats are the extremists on abortion.

    Bush: I am pro-life. Parental notification. Crisis pregnancy centers. I do believe there should be exceptions. I am in the sweet spot for a nominee.

    Rubio: I am not for exceptions because I am pro-life. But for me this is not a political issue.

    Christie: I’m from a pro-choice state and I am pro-life. Hillary wants to fund Planned Parenthood which kills in the womb for profit. I believe if a woman has been raped or incest she has a right to terminate the pregnancy.

    Muir: Superbowl?

  34. If someone were to say they weren’t religious, they’d get no traction in an election.

    I suspect the same thing might happen if someone were to say they aren’t interested in football and don’t watch the Superbowl lol

  35. Closing statements:

    Kasich: I’ve done over 100 town halls. You’ve changed me. I’ve seen your hope and tears. My positive message. NH please give me a chance to go forward.

    Christie: For 13 years I have served the people of my state and country first. I fought the war on terrorism. Rebuilt after Sandy. NH, you’ve gotten to know me. Give me your vote.

    Bush: I want to thank the people of NH. I want to thank Reagan on his birthday. Make America safer, greater, freer.

    Carson: The media has tried to ignore me. I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere. There is a place for integrity. I place the people at the pinnacle.

    Rubio: This week my kids joined me. It reminded me of what is at stake. What kind of country will this be when they come of age. We will defeat Hillary Clinton. Leave this the greatest country.

    Cruz: I campaigned against ethanol in Iowa. I stood up. The people of Iowa stood up against cronyism and welfare. I was stand with the American people.

    Trump: That’s because he got Ben Carson’s votes. We don’t win anymore. We don’t win with healthcare or trade. If I’m elected president we will win, win, and win.

    IT’S OVER.

  36. jbstones – I think they were talking about internet searches during the debate – Rubio was most researched. Trump has been surging nationally and n New Hampshire for a long time.

  37. jbstones – I think they were talking about internet searches during the debate – Rubio was most researched. Trump has been surging nationally and in New Hampshire for a long time.

    But the commentators said Rubio did the worst tonight.

  38. Funniest closing statement ever from Trump with his last 15 second attack on Cruz.

    Rubio got beaten badly tonight. He was shaken, not stirred.

  39. Lets hope so. Trumps wife deserves to be first lady. It will raise the morale of nation among other things.

  40. Trump said in the debate that people were not able to get tickets – they were all given away (by whom? the RNC?) to lobbyists and donors. That should be investigated, IMO.

    G*d, I hate politics.

  41. I remember the League of Women Voters used to run the debates. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention then.

    Who were the moderators? They weren’t tv personalities owned by the corporations, though, were they?

    And I imagine they more fairly distributed debate tickets.

    People who were paying attention to politics back then, what was it like, IYO?

  42. haaaa I had to type in such a skinny box (the website was being goofy), that I was putting in extra between-sentence spaces because all the words were smushed together. It ended up making 4 neat lines lol

    Hey, I love Johnny Mathis, but why aren’t they getting last words in the spin room from the candidates…? I was watching on ABC..

  43. Trump might be the super biggest winner. Best case scenario for Trump on Tuesday is a ten point plus victory over the second place holder.

    Then the second place holder is neither Cruz nor Rubio.

    Then the third place holder is neither Cruz nor Rubio.

    Bush comes in second or third.

    Christie comes in second or third.

    Why do we think this is the best scenario for Trump. Because then Trump wins NH, and goes to South Carolina and a victory there. A victory in SC because of momentum from NH win. Also if Bush stays in he divides the vote with Rubio and neither gets traction against Trump. Same if Christie stays in.

    The possibility this best case scenario develops for Trump is likely if not very likely. But of course, dumb ass voters do what they want. 🙂

  44. Admin, wbboei

    What was it like when The League of Women’s Voters ran the debates? In terms of moderators, in terms of political fairness, in terms of distributing the debate tickets…?

  45. Also if Bush stays in he divides the vote with Rubio and neither gets traction against Trump. Same if Christie stays in.

  46. Rubio lost in a very big way but even bigger than most realize.

    Why? Because tonight Chris Christie provided the template for attacks on Rubio.

    Christie took Rubio’s glib, memorized statements and called them glib and memorized statements. The result was that Rubio looked stunned. Deer in the headlights. Rubio started to repeat himself as he was attacked for repeating himself.

    Tonight Christie not only smashed Rubio. Christie also provided the answer to how to always smash Rubio.

    It’s like Ender’s Game.

  47. I’m so glad that Christie nailed Rubio on his frequent use of canned speeches, and then he still employed the same speech for the 3rd time in that very interchange ROFL

  48. The longer it takes for the establishment to get behind a single candidate, the better for Trump. The more infighting in the establishment–the more they grow to hate each other and swear they will never support their counterpart, the better for Trump. It gets back to something Colonel Cooper said–that it would be in society’s interest to give them all the ammunition they need—to kill each other. Because as long as they are fighting among themselves, Trump can breathe easy.

  49. So Admin, it looks like Rubio’s 3-2-1 strategy is looking more like 3-4-6? And Bush is looking like 4-2-8? And, lets hope, Trump is looking like 2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1

  50. That’s all of his donors and special interests out there. So — that’s what it is. And by the way, let me just tell you, we needed tickets. You can’t get them. You know who has the tickets — to the television audience? Donors, special interests, the people that are putting up the money. That’s who it is. The RNC told us. We have all donors in the audience. And the reason they’re not loving me — the reason they’re not — excuse me. The reason they’re not loving me is, I don’t want their money. I’m going to do the right thing for the American public. I don’t want, I don’t need their money. And I’m the only one up here that can say that.

  51. S, maybe too quick to speak lol

    If Melania moves into the White House, some clever entrepreneur will design some graceful, flowing, tasteful, classy drapes to go on the windows lol

  52. Donald just comes across as the man in charge…he is the boss and then he could delegate to the others

    he spoke using fewer words but had the most impact

  53. But of course, dumb ass voters do what they want. 🙂

    I would put it a little differently.

    I would say:

    Dumb ass voters know not what they do.

    And they do not deserve forgiveness.

  54. What was it like when The League of Women’s Voters ran the debates? In terms of moderators, in terms of political fairness, in terms of distributing the debate tickets…?
    The investigative reporter mentioned this the other night. My sense is they were drier, and more informative than what we have now. I believe that if you are introducing a candidate at a fundraiser, or interviewing a candidate in a debate—the best thing to do is get it done, and get off the stage. These big media fuckers believe they are the story, and they hijack the process. This vulgarity really began with Tim Russert, and today you see the most virulent form of it with Meeeaain Kelly, posing half nude one week and sticking knives into Donald the next. If I could say one thing to people like her, step and the others I would say if you have not humility you have nothing.

  55. I must live in an alternative universe.

    I heard and learned nothing new about these guys.

    A couple of good zingers from Christie…RubieSlip must have memorized all he said…he didn’t talk like he knew any of what he said.

  56. By way of introduction: I voted for Obama and support Bernie this round, but I do enjoy the perspective and analysis to be found here. It’s raw and unvarnished. (If Hills wins, I will happily support her). I consider Obama’s terms to be disappointing, a lost opportunity.

  57. lorac
    February 6, 2016 at 11:27 pm
    This perp is toast. There is no problem with identification. There was no provocation. The intent to do grievous bodily harm is obvious.

    You should expect the ACLU to rush to his defense, and tell the jury:

    Dear kindly jury member, you gotta understand
    It’s just their bringin’ upke that gets them out of hand
    Their mothers all are junkies, their fathers all are drunks
    Golly Moses, naturally they’re punks

    Oh dearest juror, you should be upset,
    They never had the love that every child oughta get
    They ain’t no delinquents, they’re misunderstood
    Deep down inside them there is good

    There is good
    There is good, there is good
    There is untapped good
    Like Charlie Manson, the worst of them is good

    As a juror I would listen studiously to this defense, just as I promised to do on voir dire.

    And then I would give the punk a cool 20 years at supermax.

    But to avoid the appearance of harshness, I would cut five years off the sentence if he gave his ACLU defense lawyer a taste of the same medicine as he gave the victim, so the ACLU could understand what it is they are defending.

    Read more: Westside Story – Gee, Officer Krupke Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  58. Shadowfax
    February 6, 2016 at 11:50 pm
    I must live in an alternative universe.

    I heard and learned nothing new about these guys.
    Well, Shadow, its very simple really

    You thought the purpose of these debates was to elicit relevant information from the candidates about how they would approach the major issues of the day and govern the country, so that you could make an informed decision on who to vote for.

    The purpose of these debates is to make money, to advance the celebrity status of big media, to make money, to manipulate perceptions, to make money, to prop up the establishment candidate, to make monye, to destroy the insurgent, and to make money. And there is one other purpose . . . must be early Altzerhimers I can’t remember . . . oh that’s right the other purpose of these debates is to make money–and to promote the celebrity status of big media.

    Perhaps that is why you learned nothing new from this debate. You are not the problem. Your perceptive skills are just fine. When there is by design nothing to learn, it stands to reason we would learn nothing.

  59. Yes, Megan conveyed what she thought her job was (“be” the news, “be” the “maker and breaker” of candidates) when she strode onto the stage for the first debate. It’s etched into my mind, the fast forceful movement forward with 3 mini-me helpmates following her with similar body language. Paired with her concurrent words that after the debate, one of the candidates may be gone from the competition.

    Her job was not as she saw it. It may have been sanctioned by her news station, but that is still not the job. It seems that debates need to be taken away from the parties. And really – it’s just common sense. Does EVERYthing have to be “political” in politics? Good grief.

  60. jbstonesfan
    February 6, 2016 at 11:39 pm
    Larry David is overrated.
    I would not sell him short.

    He is a famous person.

    He is famous for having two first names.

    When the talent just is not there

    They try harder to find it

    And when they cannot find it they fake it

    And that makes everyone nervous.

  61. And didn’t debates used to air on all channels? (or was that just boring presidential adddresses?)

    Anyway, I’m no expert on this, but perhaps if all basic stations aired the debates, it wouldn’t be such a money issue. And those who don’t want to watch, we have 50 million cable stations to watch, many million of them in Spanish interspersed among the English ones, instead of in a Spanish block where you don’t have to keep stumbling over them lol

  62. Shadow, most people don’t pay attention until the end, or until a speaker comes to their town. That’s why rallies are very similar (small group gatherings for everyone but Trump and I think Sanders had a big one after a rock group, similar to Obama’s previous strategy), they’re reaching new people with the same basic information.

    Debates are basically the same, and don’t forget, they are led by the moderators. Any new stuff is just going to be current events being used to generate “gotcha” questions for their non-preferred candidates.

    I think most people are just starting to pay attention now – some won’t until the primary is soon to hit their state.

    Perhaps now that more people are paying attention and the field is winnowing down, the remaining candidates may be able to make their points more as a whole, etc.

    But there still remains the problem of biased, corporate owned media people leading the debates….

    Perhaps moderators should be experts in certain fields, and each debate have a theme – but have opposing moderators, maybe, because there are opposite points of views in many fields. For example, if it were a global warming debate, you couldn’t just have a global warming scientist. You’d have to have one that will cite all the research on the other side, including the years-long data fudging by the data collection center.

    Well, whatever, but I can see no constructive purpose to having tv personalities moderating debates….

  63. VH – and IIRC, that last time Rubio was most definitely trying to change the subject, he didn’t want to answer about the Gang of 8, and IIRC Christie and the moderator on two different occasions reminded him that he didn’t answer the question asked. So, I think he has some stock speeches to specific topics, but he can also use them to try to change the subject….

  64. You realize how rigged a game this is when you watch the various networks post debate coverage. I find it amusing when MSNBC has “good republicans” on like Lindsey Graham with “tingles” to prop up Bush and tear down Trump. I think the system has been corrupt forever and it is just easier to see now in the 24/7 social media world we live in.

  65. Thanks Wbb, you nailed the situation.

    Perhaps that is why you learned nothing new from this debate. You are not the problem. Your perceptive skills are just fine. When there is by design nothing to learn, it stands to reason we would learn nothing.

  66. Howdy, lorac! I post at Upps because it is more positive a vibe towards Hillary than here, but I come here also to see what is up with the Republican side and also because I won’t abandon Shadow or Freespirit…my online compatriots for years now.

    Did you make a mess at Upps’ place again??? ROFL!

  67. Perhaps moderators should be experts in certain fields, and each debate have a theme – but have opposing moderators, maybe, because there are opposite points of views in many fields. For example, if it were a global warming debate, you couldn’t just have a global warming scientist. You’d have to have one that will cite all the research on the other side, including the years-long data fudging by the data collection center.

    my reaction to this above,which I said on a recent post –

    …then they’d have to make sure that the moderators themselves didn’t become the debaters lol

  68. VotingHillary
    February 7, 2016 at 12:25 am

    Wooo, Christie and I were thinking the same thing. RubieSlip just memorized his responses…he will be using a teleprompter if he, God forbid, ended up in the White House.

  69. Trump’s last minute carpet bombing of Cruz:

    Trump just delivered Ted Cruz KO during debate closing, Jeb, Kasich were laughing

    Trump’s closing RIPS Cruz for stealing Carson’s votes; Even Jeb was laughing!

    Cruz: The people of Iowa put country and our children above the corporate welfare. We can turn this country around if we get back to the constitution and I will always stand with the American people against the bipartisan corruption of Washington.

    Trump: That’s because he got Ben Carson ’s votes, by the way, but we won’t say that.

  70. Voting

    I post at Upps because it is more positive a vibe towards Hillary than here, but I come here also to see what is up with the Republican side and also because I won’t abandon Shadow or Freespirit

    That means a lot, don’t forget Moon and PM. I certainly understand your draw to Uppity’s pad, she is funny and you don’t have to deal with endless posts about how great Trump is.

  71. About time Trump informed the public that the audiences at the debates are stacked with establishment louts.

    The audience loudly booed Trump, driving the back-and-forth off the rails. Trump said audience members were all members of the Republican establishment.

    “That’s all of his donors and special interests out there,” Trump said of the people booing him. “That’s what it is. And by the way, let me just tell you: We needed tickets. You can’t get them. You know who has the tickets? … Donors, special interests, the people that are putting up the money. That’s who it is.”

    The booing continued. Trump said he was self-funding his campaign, so Republican donors weren’t a fan of his candidacy.

    “The reason they’re not loving me is I don’t want their money.

  72. I was just thinking, if the General Election were to end up with Hillary vs Trump, which network would cover the debates?

    If Fox carries one, with Megyn…would she get whiplash trying to figure out the best gotcha questions, against which person she hates most?

  73. VH – it’s my JOB there to make a mess lol But hey, this last time I posted a video of someone sweeping up the mess lol

    I don’t hang out there because we’ve gone different ways, and I respect Upps too much to not let her have the website she wants. I even LOVE Upps, she’s a great person. I have a very strong fondness for her, and always hope that she is healthy and happy.

    But I do sometimes stop by late at night to be my frisky leprechaun self. They mostly post hard rock kind of songs, so I post MY favorites (NOT hard rock lol) to make them laugh and groan when they wake up in the morning. And sometimes I run into my old late-nighter friends, usually western people, I used to post with (it’s tough with East Coast based websites when you live 3 hours earlier – you post at 8 or 9 pm your own time and everyone is in bed!)

  74. Shadow, my guess is she would attack the one the PTB tell her to.

    Which I think in that two person race would be Trump.

  75. In my humble opinion, the republican ‘debates’ are just not entertaining to me, more like watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    If I had to pick a game they are playing, it certainly wouldn’t be chess. It might be more like roller derby. Elbowing their opponents over the wall into the crowd.

  76. Has a lot to do with who you support, Shadow. I think the Democratic debates are boring. They try to up each other on who can give the middle class’es money away the fastest and how many millions of illegals they want to hug. Kind of like Bush in that respect, he, said they just wanted “love”…He forgot all the freebies like health, education, housing, food,obamphones…etc.

  77. VH – one point. If you want the “republican side”, I don’t believe this is the place lol Try a republican site.

    This is a site with people who loved Hillary but don’t want Obama III. (Most) people here love Trump, are not republicans, and if they’re like me, won’t be voting for a different republican if Trump is knocked out. Not that I wouldn’t EVER vote for a republican – I was a PUMA, so of course I have voted republican twice. But I don’t vote for candidates who are not NBCs, and I don’t think any of the others would be great like Trump. If Trump loses, I’ll probably just stay home.

    I’m just one voice, but I strongly disagree with the characterization of this site as having the “republican side”. I don’t know what this site will be tomorrow or the next day or how admin characterizes the evolution of this website, but right now it basically is former Hillary supporters who are now supporting Trump. Nothing republican about that. Personally, I don’t even think TRUMP is a republican (I think he is more like me, looks at issues, to h*ll with parties – but running for president, you have to join one of the “gangs”, just like in prison lol)

    XX OO 🙂

  78. Good for Christie for finally calling Rubio out for his canned answers. It is also high time for the candidates to hammer him for his Gang of 8.

    Since I had to miss the debates tonight and mistakenly recorded the kiddie debate instead of the main one, where can I watch the debate at this late date wtihout using up too many of my hot spot g-bytes? We can’t get wi-fi where we live.

  79. gonzo – Obama let the economy go to h*ll,and was more than happy to destroy the middle class with more and more taxes to pay for the lives of the more and more people who couldn’t find jobs and others who would prefer to sit home and have their meager lives subsidized.

    The key IMO is the economy. A vibrant economy provides for jobs for people, so they don’t have to be subsidized. It also keeps us safer from foreign adversities.

    Hillary2008 knew that. She campaigned on that in 2008.

    Now she’s joined the “let’s create an un-American nation of moochers, and when the middle class disappears from all the subsidies, wowsy, we’ll be in socialism land!”

    Our young people (and apparently the leftists) don’t even know what this country was founded on, the entrepreneurial spirit, the hard work, the competition, the always trying to do your best, equal opportunity not the equal outcomes of socialism. Well, everyone here knows the story. But I am shocked at the level of graduate school interns we get now – they are not hard workers, not engaged, think they are entitled, and don’t know a quarter of what they think they know. They think they are a gift instead of a learner. Oh, and people have problems because the government doesn’t do enough for them.

    I strongly feel that if Trump doesn’t win, this will continue, and goodbye to the amazing experiment of America. Killed from the inside.

  80. Oh, and I read today that a Chinese company just bought the Chicago stock exchange. I’m really against foreign people buying important things that affect our country as a whole. Ports are another no-no. You want to be an owner of a chain of Chinese restaurants? That would be great. But nothing that could affect us all. Next we’ll be selling our electrical grid to Iran.

  81. Now I say that, but I also know if I lived in Mexico, Central America..I would claw my way here…but I would do every thing to be an American and work my butt off.

  82. I get what you’re saying, gonzo, but that stream of people will never end. They really need to stay home and fight for their own countries, fight the corrupt governments, fight the drug lords. In other words, destroy the problems, make a stand. Finally.

    These countries raise vicious drug lords and drug helpers – don’t any of the others residents have a fighting spirit? My point is that people always fleeing to western countries will bring down the ability to continue to be successful countries (which fits in neatly with the globalists’/socialists’ desire to have everyone equally miserable – better to control them, you know).

    Band together and get their hands on explosives if they can’t get guns. Poison them. Set booby traps. Stab them in the back when you catch them alone. My point is, there are ways to fight back.

    This has been going on a long time. It’s long past time to straighten themselves out, IMO.

  83. lorac, I think it rather audacious for any American to poo-poo Mexico or South America about taking over the drug lords when we have the situations in Chicago, LA,San Fran, NY city, New Orleans, Detroit, Philadelphia etc. being overrun by the drug lords here.

    We need to clean our own house before condemning others. And it has been going on here for a long time as well.

  84. VH – my critique is based on continual immigration which we can’t sustain or afford. Unfortunately, our citizen hoodlums are already here.

    I’m not condemning the south of the border houses, I’m saying clean up your own house instead of running away to here.

    That’s a separate issue from our needing to clean up parts of our big cities.

  85. Shadowfax
    February 7, 2016 at 1:26 am
    In my humble opinion, the republican ‘debates’ are just not entertaining to me, more like watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    If I had to pick a game they are playing, it certainly wouldn’t be chess. It might be more like roller derby. Elbowing their opponents over the wall into the crowd.
    How dare you suggest that roller derby is not entertaining.

    Next thing you will be saying that the World Wrestling Federation is fake.

    I think it would be a vast improvement if they took away the microphones and podiums, brought in a wrestling mat and watched the Donald pin Jeb, and then the moderator.

    He could chase that three bagger* Martha Raddatz all the way back to Idaho Falls.

    *bag 1: married the son of Ben Bradlee, former editor of WashPo–deceased (?): (Note: this marriage helped launch her career with ABC news

    *bag 2: married the head of the FCC under Obama–deceased (?): (Note; this glorious union helped her get in tight with Obama and his corrupt administration)

    *bag 3: married a nobody soon who cannot understand why he is getting all these letters from crematoriums and the Neptune Society. (Note: it may well be that Lorentz Hart had the answer:)

  86. I think it would be a vast improvement if they took away the microphones and podiums, brought in a wrestling mat and watched the Donald pin Jeb, and then the moderator.

    And the little Marco Polo would be jumping on top of the pile claiming he is the son of immigrants, they were poor, father worked his fingers to the bone in a bar, and the anointed choice of every minority on the planet.

    Long live little MarcoSlippers.

  87. Just think of it. Martha was once the daughter-in-law of Sally Quinn—the hostest with the mostest, or to some of us, the priestess with the leastest of Washington society–who traces her roots back to the Mayflower. (And as everyone knows, the Bradlees speak only to the Cabots, the Cabots speak only to the Lodges, and the Lodges speak only to God. There is no pecking order like the DC pecking order. And it ensures success in big media even where merit and ability are not in evidence.

  88. Think of the bought and paid for fools who “endorsed” Rubio this past week. LOL! Trot them out again so we can point and laugh. Beep. Beep. System malfunction, system malfunction! Buzzzzz. Zap!

  89. Trump is no smooth debater but he is the most effective communicator, as Admin says, in plain English, about the realities of our situation. What made the whole debate worth watching was when Trump pointed out who was Booing him. Loved it.

    Interesting dynamics with Rubio trying to distinguish himself as a leader by claiming BO’s degeneration of the nation is intentional while the herd is following Trump with the incompetence story. I believe the truth to be both with a whole lot of corruption, too.

    Rubio fell flat. And Christie was ON it. The herd is following Trump and I think this shows that he is winning the Party. The big question about the position is this: If BO is intentionally destroying the nation, why haven’t they done their job and impeached him? Yes, it is better to just dismiss BO as a bum.

  90. Shadowfax,

    I do not consider myself a Democrat or Republican. I consider myself an American. More relevant is the Nationalist versus Globalist characterization. The current Globalization has gone horribly wrong, hijacked by corporate sociopaths and Nazi, and every human being on the planet should fight it. I think that is what this election is about.

    We are set to be globalized like farm animals, most of whom will be abused and slaughtered. Look at Europe. It is happening. It is a horror.

    A return to Nationalism in the USA can slow down the globalization process and allow for a realignment with the populous issues more fairly represented. The only one who has shown the willingness to lead this effort is Trump. That is why I do not care what he sounds like or what he looks like or even if he represents all my values.

    Moderate Globalist Hillary would have worked in 2008. Both could have gotten a lot of what they wanted. That is why we supported Hillary. But they wanted to perpetrate their full horror so they pushed BO in instead. That was the mistake of ’08. That was why they were so determined that they let us see just how anti-democrtic they are. But they have started to boil the frogs to fast. They have made their bid for their full sociopatic agenda. Now they want to offer us Moderate Globalist Hillary. “She can fix it.” or “JEB can fix it.” That is what they are offering.

    One man changed everything. And gives us a chance to say NO DEAL.


  91. S
    February 6, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    notice how Cruz just repeats what Donald has said or has been saying for months

    Presenting live, Donald Trump and the copy cats. 😆

  92. Very interestingly, China’s economic crash is looking to be between July and December of this year, just around election time. And you can bet Soros and other hedge fund managers are in the game. From zerohedge:

    Recently, an important question that has emerged is for how much longer can China sustain its FX intervention before tapping out and letting the hedge funds win with their short Yuan bets once total reserves drop below the critical redline of approximately $2.7 trillion as calculated by the IMF – the answer is between 5 months and 10 months assuming monthly reserve burn rates of $130BN to $60BN.

  93. Cruz lied. 😡

    Cruz blamed CNN for a message his campaign sent to supporters the night of the Iowa caucuses suggesting Carson was going to suspend his campaign.

    “My political team saw CNN’s report breaking news and they forwarded that news to our volunteers, it was being covered on live television,” Cruz said during the debate.

    Cruz also claimed CNN had inaccurately reported that Carson was suspending his campaign “from 6:30 p.m. to 9:15,” and “didn’t correct that story until 9:15 that night.”

    That is false. CNN never reported that Carson was suspending his campaign and never issued a correction, because there was no need to do so.

  94. Fxyladi14
    February 7, 2016 at 10:53 am
    What makes that video funny is it proves how clueless and brain dead Martha is. So is her male cohort of course but he is not the star of the show. She is. And there she stands like a loon, not realizing that two of the insurgents have not come on the floor and then with a half empty stage she announces like a drill sergeant ladies and gentlemen there they are, the republican candidates for president, present and accounted for. I cannot overlook the possibility that this was intentional, since it is the earnest desire to get rid of Donald and Ben, and they have tried every trick in the book to accomplish that, to the point that they and their cohorts have destroyed any credibility they might otherwise have had. The fact that the American People might not want what big media wants never entered their mind. Obama once said FOX was not a news network. FOX has proven that statement to be true (okay fine, this time Obama did not lie, but even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while) but that indictment extends to all of big media. It defines what they are, and what they are not.


    A couple days ago cnn had an outlier that showed Trump at 29–with a 7% MOE–which made it worthless, except to drive their narrative that Trump is fading

    Now we have a new cnn poll that shows Trump gaining at 33% before the debate and oh dem ruby slippers rising above Cruz to second place

    Last nights deer in the headlight Dan Quale like performance may curtail this breathless widely reported surge that big media–especially fox have been promoting.

  96. The investigative journalist has told me that the Clinton foundation paid off Marco’s student loan, much to the chargrin of Bush. He was supposed to be a Bush asset, and now he is not. That old saying dance with the date that brung ya, aint in Marco’s repertoire. Like the giggalo he is, ruby slippers–that Cuban Richie Cummingham with is prepared speeches is for sale to the highest bidder. If true, this would tend to confirm what Roger Stone is saying, namely that Hillary is feted to win, Jeb (now Rubio) is a “ringer” feted to lose. A fine little minuette, where they all have a role to play, big media, donors, the parties, donors, and of course the actors). Only one problemo: donald trump. He is the bull in the china shop, or should I say in their little shop of horrors.

  97. lorac

    February 7, 2016 at 12:48 am

    VH – saw you at Upp’s place the other night

    just want to mention that when I used to check out Uppity in the past I noticed there is a poster called ‘S’ there…just want to clarify that is not me…frankly I only have time to post here and feel like this is home…I probably should have started with a better name than simply ‘S’ but so be it now…

  98. That was a very good fuck you to big media that donald did. When the music starts, it is up to the elephants to join trunks to tails and march out on stage in a circle, so the big media overseers can do their carnival barking routine. That gesture by Donald to hold back with Ben and relieve him of any potential embarrassment was a stroke of genius, BECAUSE IT PROVED just how scripted and oblivious to the facts big media itself is. Jb will remember one of the things Judge Stern always cautioned young attorneys on cross examination—do not become so wedded to your script that you fail to listen to the witnesses answers, and pay attention to what is happening in the court room. Good advice for Martha too.

  99. Yes. I know. It sounds like I am picking on Martha.

    Why you ask do I not devote equal time to her male counterparts?

    Simple: they are nobodies, not worth commenting on.

    But why Martha, you ask.

    Is it perhaps her gender.

    Well, yes and no.

    What do you mean by yes?

    What I mean is Martha, Dana, Meeeagin and my light of love Andrea have promised each other that they will get Hillary elected.

    If they want to support Hillary, that is fine. It may even be commendable, depending upon your point of view.

    But for them to openly declare that they will use and if necessary abuse their positions of power to effect such a result is wrong.

    On the other hand, this is what these so called journalists do.

    And, in fairness, none of us could cover politics like they do, in that town, in those companies without harboring some thought that you know more than the voter.

    And when you have a personal agenda whether that be to help a friend, or break the glass ceiling, the temptation to abuse your role becomes irresistible.

    I said yes and no above–when asked if my comments were directed at her gender. That is the yes part of it. Here is the no part of it.

    In the 1992 election, Bill Clinton found himself on the ropes over the Gennifer Flowers affair. His campaign came to the head of 60 Minutes and the executive editor did what he described as a puff piece on Clinton–the way he put it was clinton was very sick and needed strong medicine so they gave it to him. Later Tim Russert came to that executive editor and told him: “you got Clinton elected.”

    That, I submit, is the game they are playing.

  100. And Donald, bless his heart is, to use an old Marine Corps expression, shitting in their mess kit.

    And you say this is boring, shadow?

    I think it is far better than the crap you get from SNL.

    For here, the acting is spontenous, unscripted and the laughter is not canned.

  101. Voting Hillary…I have to agree with lorac and others…this is definitely not a republican site…no way…

    Admin has always provided a space that tells it like it is…like it or not…that is what I respect the most…no pandering, no denial, no delusion, and no excuses…just straightforward…and let the chips fall where they may…

    that is what makes this the best site out there…people who want to honestly discuss the current political events can come here and not be afraid to express themselves or feel they have to withhold discussing issues that are bothering them or they do not understand or frankly they believe are unacceptable…

    it is not created to be a blind cheerleading place…very often in the past years we have nailed others for being hypocrites…no one can accuse this site of being hypocritical…

    there are other sites where you can find people that agree with you all the time but this place is alive, dynamic and unpredictable…oh, and often very funny…and there is strength in our differences of opinion…

    some people do not like it…and resent other people expressing independent thoughts or opinions or just want to hear what they agree with with no criticism of Hillary…but again…being free and open to discuss all sides is what makes this place a cut above so many other places…we are fearless…

    and for the record…I became an independent after the 2008 primaries debacle…no way do I consider myself a republican…or sadly, a democrat anymore…I grew up…and I agree with Lorac, I honestly believe that Donald Trump is his own man and not afraid to be independent…that is one of the strongest attractions I have to him…

    imho…he is one of the tough ‘good guys’…and we need someone who is tough and on our side now…

    …as always I respect the opinions of those who are different than mine…I just don’t like the cheap shots that have nothing to do with the issues or policies each candidate is pitching and selling…if the issue is illegal immigration then let’s discuss which candidate will do what, etc…

  102. S & Iorac

    I absolutely agree with both of you. I was a democrat my entire life until 2008 and then became independent. I registered R for the first time in my life recently only so that I could vote for Trump in the primary. In NY you must be registered in one of the political parties to vote in their primary and that can only be way in advance. There is no Independent primary in NY. An independent is anundeclared voter.

    I am NOT a Republican. I believe in universal NOT for PROFIT healthcare, women’s rights, gay rights, human rights and civil rights and our constitution. Unfortunately the current dem party has made a mess of the economy, healthcare, immigration and our foreign policy.

    Both parties are entirely corrupt and the system is corrupted. I pray for a Trump victory, for good management, common sense, and a start at cleaning house in DC.

  103. A republican site?

    You have got to be shitting me.

    Like no other—

    This site tells the truth—the what, the how and the why.

    This site promotes country over party–either party.

    This site offers a clear view of strategy–what works and what does not.

    And it has done so at the expense of friendships with former associates in the democrat party.

    At the same time, its past association with Hillary makes it unacceptable to Republicans.

    Milton: truth comes like a bastard into the world bringing ill fame to him who wrought it.

    Better that than to sit back and watch events proceed with dramatic precision to a disastrous result which no one talked about, but everyone agrees after the fact was inevitable.

    We are seeing a variation of that now with NYT. Unwilling to acknowledge their prior role in promoting Obama and his cloud cuckoo land policies, they are now reporting the truth about the collapse of our foreign policy. Its not the post mortem that counts, its what is said and done in the moment.

    Suffice it to say, Admin aint playing that game.

    Here we get the truth with the bark off.

    Like the rest of us, Admin has pointed the way for Hillary, and she has not taken it.

    That leaves us with a choice: identity politics, or the values we believe in.

    Rubio is the classic case of identity politics.

    He has a speech (he loves America) but his values are for sale.

    Leadership should be made of sterner stuff.

  104. Just to be clear, I could also fall head over heels for Dana. But she is too young for me. I am already on statins and blood pressure medicine. I am not sure I could catch Andrea either. But I am confident I could outrun Greenspan.

    Sorry. I am struggling to find humor in this winter of our discontent.

  105. S
    February 7, 2016 at 12:20 pm
    All relationships have their ambiguous side.

    You think you know someone, and you set your expectations accordingly.

    Then they do something that is inconsistent with what you expected.

    You notice it, and figure it was maybe just a bad day, or the result of our moody selves.

    Then, it happens again, and you start making excuses–what am I missing, am I the problem, etc?

    That is generally a good time to open a dialogue, but most people do not.

    Then it happens a third time.

    Now you must decide whether to keep the faith or believe your lying eyes.

    That is the process I have gone through here relative to Hillary.

  106. Well, Roger Simon is in a wealthy town in New Hampshire with a sold out audience for Oh dem Ruby Slippers, pondering how badly ruby slippers slipped last night in the debate and tomorrow in the polls. After everyone, meaning of course Roger, and maybe his Portuguese water dog was expecting Rubio would pull another upset and take New Hampshire, without all that boyish charm which came up short last night.

    Hey, Roger, wake the fuck up. You cannot take the read of New Hampshire from the reaction of a wealthy audience. They judge a candidate on his looks alone, and his persona. They feel safe in ignoring the real question, i.e. can he govern. Because whether he succeeds or fails, they will always have Paris.

    The good thing is he said Trump won by default. Of course he then goes on with a little snark saying that Trump strut across the spin room like a matador who had just been awarded the bull’s ears. Now Christie is a bull in a china shop, and if you don’t believe me ask Ruby Slippers. But the last time I looked Christies ears were still intact. Thus, the explanation for Rogers metaphor must lie elsewhere.

    The really offensive part of his comments however were yet to come. For he went on to say if Trump wins we will have the most gorgeous first lady since Cleopatra. He forgets we have already had the most gorgeous first lady since Cleopatra–or maybe he means Michelle is Cleopatra. If so, then I am quite sure that Michelle would agree. But I think she more closely resembles Marie Antoinette. Maybe it is that Austrian accent.

  107. wbboei
    February 7, 2016 at 4:12 am
    Perfect theme music while he twirls around in his golden leprechaun suit.

  108. And you say this is boring, shadow?
    I think it is far better than the crap you get from SNL.

    Hey, I am not a big fan of snl, I just wanted to see Larry David play Bernie. I still haven’t seen the short skit from last night.

  109. wbboei,

    I do not believe I was mistaken about who Hillary is. I never though she was the perfect candidate in 2008. In fact, I only expected that she would reflect 60% of my values and deliver on around 50% and I would only get about 30% of what I wanted.

    It was the outrage of the anti-democratic party in the 2008 primary that inflamed me to get involved and raise my voice. But it was about the adulteration of the process as much as it was about Hillary.

    At a personal level, I like Hillary. But she is not representing herself as the person the country needs right now. I am glad to have Trump as a better alternative.

  110. VotingHillary
    February 7, 2016 at 12:56 am
    Howdy, lorac! I post at Upps because it is more positive a vibe towards Hillary than here, but I come here also to see what is up with the Republican side and also because I won’t abandon Shadow or Freespirit…my online compatriots for years now.

    Did you make a mess at Upps’ place again??? ROFL!


    So much appreciated, VH. I have visited Upps a few times and Still4Hill. It’s good to check in with old friends – get their take on things . This has been a weird primary season – to say the least.

    I wonder what will happen here if someone other than Trump wins the Repub nomination. If Trump runs as an indy, things will stay as they are, more or less. If he doesn’t run period, I wonder who the majority of Pinkers will support?

  111. Lu, I get the concerns people have voiced about Hillary with regard to some issues – because of her stated approval of BO’s presidency and her own policy statements – influenced to some degree I believe by the fact that she is totally convinced -rightly or wrongly, and I believe wrongly that if she doesn’t give Barack the props he and the Dims want him to get, she has no chance at nomination. HOWEVER – I don’t think there is one reason to question Hillary’s support of women.

    Sometimes to figure out what people will do and what they value, you need to look their past actions. That often is more telling than campaign statements and party politics and maneuvering.

  112. This place turned into a godsend for me. Of the PUMA sites I knew, 3 stayed Hillary over country, one is full blown republican (and they don’t like Trump), one reverted back to republican (and don’t like Trump, either)….

    It’s not like I went from Hillary 100% to Hillary 0%. It was a long, long process. Wondering if she was being bribed, or blackmailed, wondering if she had brain damage, wondering if she was trying to trick someone to snake her way through… to wondering was it 2008 or 2016 that was the real Hillary… to wondering if Hillary is just a politician like the others, nothing more. To finally that she very clearly doesn’t believe what I believe in, that’s the bottom line.

    I agree with what S was saying, it was/is sooo nice to have a place to do my wondering, to talk with others wondering what the heck happened to Hillary, trying to figure it out, being free to, as wbboei put it above, to choose our values over identity politics, to remain country over party, still PUMAs.

    Huh. I guess we’re like Trump. He’s not owned by donors, as everyone else is and always has been. We’re not owned by any party (or candidate). lol cool!

  113. free…how about the opposite hypothetical question that you ask…

    what if for some reason Hillary does not get the nomination…and the dims are left with Bernie, Biden or Warren or some mystery person…then what

    if it is one of those vs Trump…will the Trump detractors still vote for O3 or give DT the benefit of the doubt and a chance with the next four years as Totally Disgusted said so well:

    TD: “I pray for a Trump victory, for good management, common sense, and a start at cleaning house in DC”

  114. free – my question would be, what has she done for women vs what has she said. Although I didn’t pay attention to politics until 2008 (largely because she drew my attention), I DID notice her in 1995 when she gave that speech in China. But I realize now that even that was just a speech. I see a history that is more heavily weighted towards words.

    Check out this post (she seems to be moving from Hillary more towards Sanders), but this is a former PUMA blog. But she doesn’t seem to feel that Hillary is addressing women’s needs, especially middle age and older, choosing instead to focus on Obama’s younger people of both genders (the post is not solely about Hillary).

  115. Both parties are entirely corrupt and the system is corrupted. I pray for a Trump victory, for good management, common sense, and a start at cleaning house in DC.

    totally disgusted – this is totally well said lol

  116. S

    what if for some reason Hillary does not get the nomination…and the dims are left with Bernie, Biden or Warren or some mystery person…then what

    Right now, as it stands…I will not vote. It will be the first time in my life. I am too disgusted with Trump to vote for him. Bernie’s resume is too short.

  117. lorac, from her work for Children’s Defense Fund in the beginning of her career, to her support of micro-loans, to her support and campaign efforts on behalf of women candidates, to her treatment of female employees during her term as FLOTUS (day care on premises, I believe) Hillary has demonstrated her support of women and children, unquestionably. The article below addresses Hillary’s commitment to women.

    Why I Support Hillary by Sherrye Henry
    She Supports Women’s Businesses

    I first met Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady and I was appointed by the President, in 1995, to run the Women’s Office at the U.S. Small Business Administration.

    By reputation, I knew that Hillary cared deeply about moving women forward in the economy. I was unprepared, however, for how passionate she was about it.

    Case in point: After visiting Pakistan in 1994 and seeing Muhammad Yunus’s Grameen Bank in action, she returned with the obvious question: Why doesn’t the US have a micro-lending program?

    At her urging, SBA wrote the necessary legislation, which the Congress then passed. Who were the chief beneficiaries of those microloans? Women, of course, who were (and still are) finding it very difficult to get bank loans to start their businesses.

    In speaking events around the country, I never failed to use one of Hillary’s favorite remarks: “More women’s dreams die in bank

    She didn’t stop there. When the President signed the Welfare Reform Bill in 1996, our agency got a clear directive from the White House: It was to get welfare recipients – who were mostly women – into the national economy.

    We got to work. At the start of my term, the SBA had 22 centers around the country where women could find free information about starting and growing their businesses, developing marketing plans, and applying for loans. At the end of the Clinton Administration, we had 100 centers – two in every state. And Hillary – always the wind at our back – was on hand at the opening of many of those centers to get them off to a fast start.

    You learn a lot about a person when you know what they care about, and then see whether they’re willing to put their ideas into actions. I saw, first hand, Hillary’s non-stop determination to help American small businesswomen. And then marveled when, as Secretary of State, in almost every stop in every country she included a meeting with small businesswomen.

    It was no surprise to me that she was quoted last week on a campaign stop in South Carolina stating, “I want to be the small business president.”

    This dogged determination to promote the cause of small businesswomen is the reason that I’ve helped found Executive Women for Hillary. Together, let’s build this coalition! It will help make the first woman president of the United States also the first president, ever, for small business.

    -Sherrye Henry

  118. Christie also had the most devasating attack of the night.

    Christie urged Republicans not to make the “same mistake we made eight years ago” in electing a first-term senator, Barack Obama. Bush eagerly piled on. “We’ve tried it the old way,” Bush said, echoing Christie’s warning of a repeat Obama act.
    When Rubio listed some of his Senate accomplishments, Christie hammered him on that, too, in particular Rubio’s backing of a bill cracking down on Hezbollah, and his spotty attendance record for Senate votes. “That’s not leadership,” Christie said. “That’s truancy.”

    Rubio tried to hit back at Christie over attendance, only to have it boomerang. The Florida senator pointed that Christie only reluctantly went back to New Jersey for 36 hours during a big snow storm. “That had to shame you into going back,” Rubio said.

    Christie shot back — “The shame is, Marco, you would actually criticizes someone for showing up to work.”

    Hinting that Rubio is the GOP Obama resonates with a lot of Republicans who worry about the senator’s inexperience and questionable positions on some key issues

  119. lorac
    February 7, 2016 at 3:27 pm
    free – my question would be, what has she done for women vs what has she said. Although I didn’t pay attention to politics until 2008

    Sorry to cut in but if you still don’t know what Hillary has done for women, children and men too…you have a lot of homework.

    If your only impression of Hillary is one speech and the 2008 election, then you don’t know much about Hillary.

    Here is one list:

    (Having links of their own for more details)

    And another list of how she has helped women and children

  120. Presenting live, Donald Trump and the copy cats. 😆

    foxy, you consistently have the best lines!

    And I agree with how you used the plural for “copy cats”. I can’t remember what was said in the first debate, but I do know that Trump was the first to bring all these issues up, and only after he was laughed at and then acknowledged, did these weasels start saying the same things. I’ll bet a comparison of debates 1 and 6 (7?) would be so telling lol

    It’s frustrating – on one hand, Trump reminding people of certain things, again and again, (such as “I said this first”) can feel tiresome and on the bragging side – but many people haven’t paid attention before now and just don’t KNOW what has gone before.

    I DO wish he had explained more* about Cruz stealing votes from Carson, and about the donors in the audience and why they don’t like him (not just “I don’t want their money” but more towards, “I can’t be bought by them”) – because there could have been a lot of people who may not have understood the references.

    *although it didn’t start on time, so I was reading something, and when I went back to look 15-20 minutes later, it had already started, so perhaps I missed something related to this….

  121. S, I won’t’ vote for Bernie. In 2012, left with the choice between Barack and Mitt, I voted for the female Green Party candidate.

    In a match between Trump and Sanders, I’ll take my chances and vote for Trump.

    If the race is between Cruz, Rubio, JeBush or any other Repub and Bernie – I won’t vote.

    I answered your question. I would really like an answer to mine.

  122. Shadow – you’re misinterpreting or misreading what was said. Free mentioned Hillary’s support for women. That is what I responded to. You can throw your insults around that I don’t know who Hillary is, but alternatively perhaps you can read more carefully and not respond emotionally and defensively. Children and men and healthcare aren’t women 🙂

    And I said her “work” for women seems more heavily weighted towards words than action.


  123. Let’s compare Trump’s accomplishments, feel free if you know of something legit to add:

    Builds lots of big buildings and golf courses. Hired others to hire employees.

    Negotiates contracts for his real estate and materials.

    Probably has a real estate license.

    Wrote a best selling book on how to make the best deal.

    Has a successful reality show.

    Is very rich.

  124. alcina
    February 7, 2016 at 3:25 pm
    I think I will become a Mormon. That way, bigamy will not be a problem. The only remaining question. Why would they ever say yes. I would think less of them if they did. Best that these things be kept Platonic, so Greenspan does not need to worry about competition.

  125. Lorac, sometimes speaking out when no one else has had the guts to do so, or has even seen a reason to speak out is tantamount to “action”

    Words are the precursor to activism. Many leaders throughout history have made their marks by first informing themselves about issues, developing a deeper understanding about them, recognizing the need for change, then writing and speaking about changes needed.

    I think Hillary can be credited with both words and with actions.

  126. free and shadow – why are you insisting on combining children/families with women? (rhetorical question, I know why 🙂 )

    Maybe the women’s movement I was a part of in the 70s and 80s was really for children and men, and I misunderstood lol

    Yes, I get that children are a women’s issue, but rightly are also a men’s issue – they are a parental issue.

    There are more words than action (about WOMEN), and in this campaign, not even all that many words about women (might turn off her Obama friends)….

    But we already know that we disagree about Hillary2016.

  127. lorac

    That is what I responded to. You can throw your insults around that I don’t know who Hillary is…


    You said you only knew Hillary since 2008 and a speech she gave. Didn’t you?

    What Hillary has accomplished has been going on for years, she is in her mid sixties, so I gave you a couple of links so you could see some of what she has done.

    You thought I was insulting you, but I was trying to lead to understand why some of us are supporting Hillary. If you had opened up the two links I provided for you, you would have seen longs lists of how she has supported women over the years.

    If you don’t want to know what Hillary has done, that’s entirely up to you.

    Funny that you would accuse me of acting emotionally without looking though what I was sending you.

    You have misrepresented me many times in the past and I have just pushed you away without saying much.

  128. Shadow, you win. He obviously has never employed women, and certainly never in the highest positions in his firms. Because if he had, it would have been on your definitive list.

    And I’ll head you off on the next one – he criticized and insulted some specific women. You’re right, he’s sexist, he has never crassly insulted any men.

    You will always like Hillary, no matter what. You know darn well you liked Trump until he insulted Hillary. I still can’t figure out how that hit you from left field, in light of the fact you know about politics.

    We have different opinions on Hillary. We’ve known that for a long time. I’m not interested in arguing about Hillary. I’m focused on saving our country. (and that’s not snark)

  129. Oh, for heaven’s sake Shadow, do you think a person can not learn about the past once it is past?

    I NOTICED Hillary when she gave the 1995 speech. I was not into politics. Hillary, in 2008, attracted me INTO politics. By your logic, I learned nothing about Hillary – perhaps I just voted for her because she is a woman. Yeah, that’s the ticket, because I’m an idiot who does not read about someone I’m interested in.

  130. Lorac

    You’re call, this wasn’t a contest to me.

    Just because I posted my anger about Trump, when he insulted Hillary, doesn’t mean that was the first time my perception of him changed.

    Believe it or not, you really do not know me very well.

  131. And by the way, I DID open your links. That’s why I asked why you guys are conflating all issues with the issue of women, which was the specific thing I was addressing.

    I don’t know why I got sucked into this. You’re going to have to get your jollies and Hillary high by “fighting for Hillary” with someone else. lol I have zero interest in arguing about Hillary. She’s your cup of tea, and no longer mine, based on who she herself says she is. That’s not a problem for me.

    And if I have misrepresented you in the past, I apologize. Of course, this is news to me, since you didn’t bother telling me.

  132. Lorac

    Take a deep breath. You asked what Hillary has done to support women, sorry I bothered to send you some information about her.

  133. Shadowfax
    February 7, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    Builds lots of big buildings and golf courses

    Which can only mean he is fully capable of rebuilding the country.

    You probably do not remember the story I told you a few years ago about my friend the city psychiatrist of Miami, who went off the deep end and hired an off duty cop to murder an attorney who was harassing an imaginary girlfriend. He and I played Doral Golf Course before Miami bought is. My green fee was $16.00. The doc was a celebrity so they let him on free.

    In those days, the facility was run down. Then Trump bought it and it is now world class. The name has been changed to Trump National. But it is the same lay out. The championship is called the Blue Monster.

    The green fees have gone up. Slightly.

    I played golf one time with a Mexican exec. at the Dominion in San Antonio. He did our distribution throughout Mexico. He owned something 5000 acres, or maybe it was 50 or maybe even 50,000 now I cannot remember. He traced title to Juan Soldier of Spain 1509. And of course he drove a Rolls Royce, like everybody else does in Mexico. He could afford the new green fees. I cannot.

    This is why it makes eminent good sense to make Mexico pay for the wall, and a golf course beside it. Then, they can pay for the cost of the wall through green fees rather than excise taxes. In that case, there would be no violation of NAFTA, GATT or the other globalist ties that bind.

  134. I think the “women’s” list for Hillary should be updated to include her speaking out about the huge, coordinated Muslim attacks on women in several European countries on January 1st.

  135. Wbbs

    The wall is the one thing I hope Trump builds, (one way or the other, no matter who wins the election), and gets Mexico to pay for it would be a big bonus.

  136. The other thing that Mexican aristocrat told me is that he was Spanish, there were eight million of us (meaning Spaniards) and the rest are Indios. And then he told me that 10 million Mexicans live directly or indirectly off the mega garbage dump in Mexico city. If that it true then they are as invisible to the elites as the 94 million Americans of working age who are not working are to ours, as they bask in the false glow of a 5% unemployment rates.

    If La Raza was worth a shit, they would be attacking the Mexican elites, rather than the American Middle Class, with their illegals are the backbone of this country nonsense. But they are no different from the rest of the progressives, they want soft targets to attack and use for propaganda purposes. It is pure Alinsky, which is why they must never be allowed to have a seat at the table, except they have.

    (Note: I remember now. He said he owned 500,000 acres—hell that is bigger than the King Ranch, right Gonzo?)

  137. Shadowfax
    February 7, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    I agree.

    What I said above is satire.

    It can be done, and it must be done.

    But it does depend on how he gets Mexico to pay for it.

    This business about NAFTA, GATT and WTO however is not fiction.

    When all we wanted was to ensure that meat was labelled to reflect its country of origin those stupid pieces of legislation stood in our way.

    This is why this TPP stuff is so critical. Obama’s stated goal is to pass this anti American worker treaty to ensure that no future president can get out of it, and the working people of this nation are, how shall I put it . . . permanently fucked.

    Of course Tednado favored that act, because he believes in free trade, and surely not because his donors wanted it. He is the only one on the stage who has fought against the cartel, etc.—unless they are allied with his donors.

  138. lol I’m famous! (sort of, kind of) (and in England, at that!) I don’t remember who posted the link below, but the site quoted something I said upthread lol

    I used to have a tshirt from the Hereford Pub, where I went once. I had it for many years until it finally wore out, and for some reason always have remembered it.

    (of course, now I know I’m an idiot who can’t read about the past, but this was back when I thought I had advanced degrees and had studied in Europe twice lol)

  139. Freespirit

    I know 4 women owners of small businesses put out of business in the last 2 years by the dem policies.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  140. I don’t really understand how a huge country like Mexico, with a beautiful coastline, mountains, weather, somewhat like California, good soil for planting, etc…is so dang poor, overrun with drug lords and corruption, can’t find a leader that can make it in to a good country for all of it’s people.

    If they could make it a place they could have a better life, millions wouldn’t want to infiltrate our country and take their earnings home.

  141. Lorac, believe what you want. Hillary has done a hell of a lot more for women than Trump – unless you count screwing a bunch of them doing a lot for them.

    The facts are out there – do your own research.

    I agree with you that Dims in general and Hillary in particular need to speak out against Islam’s treatment of women. But, you’re the one who said words didn’t matter.

    For that matter, I think Trump, Cruz, Rubio should speak out against the treatment of women by fundamentalist religions in this country. Likely to happen? Not if they want the effing evangelical votes.

  142. wbb

    But it does depend on how he gets Mexico to pay for it.

    I agree, what would he have as a bargaining chip? I hope no sort of amnesty for illegals.

  143. As I said, TD. If you want to know who among all of the candidates has done the most to support women, the facts are out there. Do the research.

    Trouble is, just as some people want to hear nothing negative about Trump, they refuse to hear anything positive about Hillary. That’s a damn shame.

  144. wbboei – what you’re saying about illegals and LaRaza not criticizing the MX elites reminds me of how some blacks like to keep kicking America for slavery (even though we’re the only country to have a civil war which was partly about getting rid of it), but have no concern at all that Africa started slavery and still HAS slavery…

    About Obama wanting to tie future presidents’ hands – I thought there was some rule that prevented that, that anything one president does can be undone by another. So there must be something special and diabolical about the TPP that it can bind future presidents? (I sure don’t put it past him)

  145. foxy
    February 7, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    I had to laugh at the video you posted. Before the video played I wondered who had such ugly legs and long toes that hung out of the shoes?

    I knew it wasn’t Marilyn.

  146. Shadow

    Mexico is one of the richest countries in the world if not the richest. However, all of the wealth is concentrated in a very few uber rich people who don’t care about the starving poor.
    I have been to Mexico and will never go back ….but that’s another ot story, I have also been to South Africa many years ago before apartheid ended. I have never seen the kind of poverty anywhere that I saw in Mexico…starving…. naked babies with distended stomachs playing in ditches by the side of the road. It seemed like an almost feudal system to me.

  147. Free

    I was a Hillary supporter or yeas and campaigned for her. I’m well aware of her record but there are larger issues which are more hurtful to women and families and that is our failing economy and lack of access to decent affordable healthcare.

  148. free, I never said words don’t matter. I said her history with women is weighted more towards words than action.

    I don’t believe she is the savior for women. I don’t think Trump is, either, but neither do I think he is sexist. And I think now she is a politician (I used to think she was different), and he has not been, which means a lot to me.

    I’m not basing my vote on women’s issues. Nor did I in 2008. I was incredibly worried about the country after Bush and feared an Obama presidency. Now I’m incredibly worried about the country, even more so after Obama, and fear another Obama presidency.

    And I definitely believe this election is about nationalism vs. globalism.

  149. totally disgusted
    February 7, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    Yeah, you’re right. I’ve been to Mexico a couple of times and have no desire to go back. I haven’t gone into the interior of Mexico like you have, sounds a lot like parts of India.

    Such a crime.

  150. lol I’m breathing just fine Shadow. I’m not emotionally invested in Hillary, especially not “no matter what”. Or Trump. The country, that’s a different matter. You did blow me away though, seemingly not knowing that someone can read about the past lol I guess my breathing changed when I was laughing, but no need to worry, I’m okay. 🙂

  151. Adios Muchacho Rubio:

    “You have to ask yourself when you’re thinking about who you choose as a Commander-in-chief, how you’d feel about somebody who’s willing to give the Chamber of Commerce everything they want, and willing to give La Raza everything they want … someone who’s willing to give Larry Ellison everything he wants, someone who’s willing to give Microsoft everything they want, and Mark Zuckerberg everything [he wants], but someone who is not even willing to have an honest meeting with ICE officers? You have to ask yourself what game was he playing? What was the goal? What could compel somebody to do that?

    Because remember, he had all the leverage. He could have said to Chuck Schumer anytime he wanted to, ‘Mr. Schumer, unless Chris Crane gets what he wants, I’m walking away.’

    Remember what Rubio always says when he’s asked about his involvement in the Gang of Eight. He says, ‘Well, I just wanted to get the best bill I could get out of the Senate.’ […] But as this story proves, that statement is materially false because at any point if he had said to Schumer, ‘I’m walking away… unless you give ICE what they want…’ If he had done that, Schumer would have had no choice, but to make those changes. So the fact that he didn’t do that is proof that every time Rubio says, ‘I tried to get the best bill out of the Senate,’ the unfinished part of that sentence is: ‘I tried to get donors and open borders interest groups the best bill for them that I could get out of the Senate.’ And Chris Crane would have been an impediment to delivering for these donors and interest groups.’

  152. Most of Hillary’s plans for women are crumbs from the table. It is my experience that we are denied our slice of the pie by the courts failure to enforce existing discrimination laws. That is why we make 80% of what a man does for the same work.

    Judges have the right to declare summary judgements in civil cases since 2000. And they use it shamelessly, even on cases where they hold special interests. The corporations rule. It does not matter how many laws you make, the judge says you got no case, you got no case. If you protest your lawyer get sanctioned.

    So how is Hillary going to get us equal pay? I have never heard her plan.

  153. free…in answer to your question re if Trump does not get the nomination…I don’t know…I am going to be honest and I know some here do not like hearing it but I cannot lie…

    I am having alot of trouble trusting Hillary…to me she is not the same Hillary of 2008 and her priorities and obligations have changed…in my heart of hearts she is to entangled with Soros and his money and the rest of her doners and O…I am tired of that old game…

    I think her association with the O admin has really compromised her independence and the policies she will now be promoting

    in addition, again, I am sorry, but that obscene amount of money she has received from Wall St and the drug and insurance companies is a big turnoff to me…I feel she is way too much of an insider now

    I do not want O3 and she keeps telling me that is what she will deliver…i want a complete break from that…I am afraid for my country…I am a boomer but what happens to the rest of the generations to come if Hillary continues with O’s open borders, santuary cities, the whole entire mess that is going on now…Ocare, etc…

    so I do not know…I will listen and keep an open mind and see how things play out but at the moment it gives me no pleasure to say that she has lost my trust…and alot of what she is saying leaves me cold…I think O robbed her of her time and that time may now be in the past…she sounds so angry and defensive, tone deaf and removed to me…(for example, “that’s what they offered”…that really rubbed me the wrong way)

    again, I am speaking for myself…not to get into an agrument or back in forth with anyone…it is draining enough that I am so very personally disappointed in her…

    so I do not know…I might do what Shadow is doing and stay home…one thing I know for sure I cannot support O3 and four more years of what he started…

    so please no snark (not from you Free) I am not in the mood…

  154. on a much more positive note…how very cool that Hillaryis44 is being read around the world…who knew…love it! good catch lorac…

  155. free…let me clarify, if trump does not get the nomination, I will not be voting for any of the other republicans…I assume you knew that but just to be clear…

  156. Look, Donald Trump has done some amazing things to change the dialog of the Republican Presidential Race. His positions of 20-30 years are video documented. He is a businessman and a builder and has a social conscious. It is very likely he would be a good president and do what he says he is going to do. We have someone we could vote for.

    Hillary has an outstanding record of public service that has been tainted by association with Obama. Her campaign is really bad. We are all wondering what is going on and will she change course. And if she changes course, can you trust her. A lot of questions. I would like to see her as the Democratic Candidate.

    I am supporting Trump as the Republican Candidate. I cannot support the campaign Hillary is running, but I hope she gets the nomination. What I would really like to see is a Clinton/Trump debate.

    If Clinton and Trump are nominated, it would be the first time in my lifetime where I actually liked both presidential candidates.

  157. I however at this point do not even like Hillary Clinton. She is lying NOW or she was lying in 08 .. She looks stronger on the campaign stage now, better hair and makeup … but the policy she is putting forth is SCARY

    You want Germany here??? Vote Hillary

  158. So how is Hillary going to get us equal pay? I have never heard her plan.

    Even though I am not an enthusiast of history, in and of itself, I do think the situation of women finally getting equal pay for the same job that men have, will come down to changing society’s belief on what is fair and the right thing to do.

    I have brought up the struggle with getting the right to vote for women, back almost 100 years ago. If the dialogue doesn’t start at the top, become important in our own families, women coming together to support each other on this issue, it probably will not happen.

    Like you said, just changing the law isn’t all it will take. If women don’t believe they deserve equal pay doing the SAME job…men are certainly not going to make it happen, if history proves anything,

    If Hillary became our President, she would not stop talking and fighting for equal pay.

    That’s my guess, it isn’t a simple solution in my opinion…it takes women banning together on this, and men agreeing are more than welcome to join in.

  159. S

    so I do not know…I might do what Shadow is doing and stay home…one thing I know for sure I cannot support O3 and four more years of what he started…

    As you mentioned, I am struggling with the idea that if Hillary is replaced by the person behind the brocade curtain…I would be in such a rage I don’t know if I could vote for anyone.

    Could I vote for Trump just because I like his fence? That would be sad, in my book. I will get a better picture after the primaries are over. Who even knows if it will be Hillary vs Trump?

    Both parties are trying to derail them.

  160. so please no snark (not from you Free) I am not in the mood…


    Seriously, S?!


    February 7, 2016 at 6:21 pm
    free…let me clarify, if trump does not get the nomination, I will not be voting for any of the other republicans…I assume you knew that but just to be clear…


    It’s good to clarify. At this point, I assume NOTHING about the views of others here.

  161. Admin

    I would like some graphics of Hillary in the heading of Big Pink.

    Is it that wordpress effed it up until the end of time…or is it a statement?

    Do you still have them packed in your little pink boat?

  162. foxyladi14

    February 7, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    try this

    foxy…that was interesting…can’t imagine how you found that one…and can’t say I fully understand all of the discussion however both sides of the aisle seemed to be very impressed with DT…(he was a cutie in his younger day…)

  163. free…i meant that I know you would not be snarky with me, I hope you did not take it that way…I meant that as a general comment because I don’t feel like debating the issue and I know how sensitive many of us are here…and I was trying to respond and give you an answer since you did ask…

    I wish it were different…


  164. to change the subject…did anyone catch Lady Gaga singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl…i have not been a fan of hers but she has a great voice…a really great voice…she is maturing as a talent…

  165. We have COMMON GROUND in here….Lady Gaga did an amazing and at the same time RESPECTFUL version of our anthem. I loved her saying God Bless America at the end of it. I actually got choked up while she was singing it.

    If you missed the Oscars last year, she did a fabulous tribute to Julie Andrews by singing highlights from the Sound of Music. And if you have not heard it, do yourself a favor and give a listen to her duets album/cd/whatever she did with Tony Bennett. Pure aural bliss.

  166. Voting Hillary…I agree, her tribute to Julie Andrews was fabulous…that is when I realized what an amazing voice she has…and I love her with Tony B

    she is very talented…she recently won the Golden Globe for AHS (very bizarre season this year)

  167. I long for the 08 Hillary and I noticed the top banner and every reference to Hillary08 is gone. I personally hope it is a statement to those of us who she “left” behind.

    I remember so many of us talked about in 08 how the party left US and HILLARY behind with what went on in 08

    Seems Hillary fell in line with them

  168. Just back from Too-Jays in Boca . Had a Pastrami on rye, fries, diet Dr. Brown Black Cherry and and Black and White cookie for desert. Is Hillary still losing? Is Donald still winning?

  169. dot48,

    We do have to remember that Hillary 08 could not beat the system. I am guessing this is what she considers her other option. It is going to be tough watching this. And the primary is another five months away.

    Bernie is going to win NH and then Hillary will take SC. Not much drama.

    But I so do appreciate Trump whipping up on the establishment stooges. They really are bunch of ugly penguins. I actually laugh about these politics and it feels real good after years of dread.

  170. I did take it wrong, S. Thanks for clearing it up. Feelings run high at times, but whether we agree or not, at the end of the day, I think there’s long-term mutual respect among many of us here. I respect you and am fully aware of how painful and disappointing this whole mess has been for you – and for all of us.

  171. Richard asks the question that everyone in the country has been pondering for the past eight years and especially after Obama told Croft that he has been not only our greatest president but a seminal figure in world history, on a par with Moses, or more likely Mohammed:

    Q: Is the big media beloved messiah incompetent or is he nefarious.

    In the debate last night Trump chose the latter, Rubie slippers the former, and I . . I say, why split the infinitive, lets be inclusive and say both. And lets add deranged in there someplace too.

    But here is Richard’s measure of this touchable god:

    To be really dangerous a historical personage has to be enough of a winner to build up a following. Hitler was the classic example. His apparent successes in the early war years provided the capital to fatally overreach. Similarly, Japan’s 6-month opening winning streak was enough to sustain imperial legitimacy until late 1945. Without those abilities, neither would have gone very far. Of the three Axis Powers, Mussolini had the least competence and he was never more than a clown.

    Because Obama consistently failed at most everything, he rapidly lost the ability to make the disastrous big bet. In the twilight of his presidency, the administration is more impotent than actively dangerous, having squandered his political capital — and his nation’s prestige in the last seven years. This suggests, irrespective of malice, that a good dollop of incompetence was present. Incompetence is in many ways a self-limiting condition. When Clint Eastwood, on the final night of the 2012 Republican convention, famously addressed an empty chair, the symbolism captured not just the worry, but also the limits of what an Obama presidency could do.

    Lawrence Peter, author of the Principle by the same name wrote: “sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

    President Obama may have tried to appease the crony capitalists and allowed totalitarianism to spread throughout the world. But along the way he may have fatally wounded the European Union, wrecked the majority of Islamic countries and poisoned the public’s view of Wall Street.

    To recap: why are things the way they are, however they are? Rubio thinks it’s the smart people. Trump thinks it’s the imbeciles.

  172. Because Obama consistently failed at most everything, he rapidly lost the ability to make the disastrous big bet.
    But but but Richard, lest we forget, big media worked day and night to turn Obama shit into apple butter, and promised us a new heaven and a new earth. They gave him the political capital he needed by making failure look like success. And they did this 24/7. Consequently, he was able to break out of the narrow constraints of his own incompetence, and wreak lasting havoc on the world. The only time any of us were really safe was when he was on the golf course, or on one of his 52 vacations.

  173. Remember the famous words of that imbecile Matthews:

    We (meaning big media) got him elected.

    Now we must make him successful.

    By fraud, misrepresentation and reckless allegations of racism.

    Don’t worry big media. We will not forget you.

  174. wbboei, I agree, I think the media is the biggest barrier to our country’s health. They are supposed to protect us from the government, and in an election race, should be vetting all the candidates and not tipping the scales. But that would require our media to become detached from the corporations. I think I read that there are 5-6 corporations that own all our media.

    That’s why I’ve said that it’s great that Trump tells that candidates and politicians (maybe parties themselves) are bought by corporations, special interests, etc.

    But it would be great to also add in that the media is also owned and directed. He should also probably explain the role of the media to investigate and protect us by sharing what they find, and why they get 1st Amendment protection to do that, since I don’t think schools teach that anymore.

  175. bunch of ugly penguins.

    Gack!!! No such thing! I used to have Hillary on my desktop at work, but I changed it to 3 penguins. They’re adorable, and they’re standing around a circle, as though they’re talking to each other! I love it!

  176. Enough, Dr. Carson. You know I used to have some respect for Carson, even though he has run bad campaign, blames others and then there is this whining and whining. Poor little him. I can no longer deal with people who play the victim card. Cruz has apologized for doing what Rubio and other campaigns did which was to take the weird info from CNN and pass it on. Most of the people I’ve talked with said that when they heard the news that Carson was going back to Florida and not going to NH, they all thought he was dropping out especially since his poll numbers have been dropping like a rock. Okay so his campaign is inept. Perhaps, Dr. Carson needs to look within to see his naive role in it all. He spouts the Bible but will not accept an apology. The Bible says forgive. He forgave Trump apparently for saying he was pathological, and much worse back earlier in the campaign.

    No more whining and trying to resurrect your failing campaign, Dr. Carson. You are only losing face religiously. We are tired of it. Pull up your big boy pants, throw out your victim card and move on.

  177. Clinton foundation paid off Marco’s student loan, much to the chargrin of Bush.

    But wbboei, how does this help Hillary to pay off the loan of a republican? How does it help Hillary to own a republican? I can’t figure this out.

    And it sure seems like it would be outside the scope of what the Clinton Foundation is set up for.

  178. Clinton foundation paid off Marco’s student loan, much to the chargrin of Bush.

    But wbboei, how does this help Hillary to pay off the loan of a republican? How does it help Hillary to own a republican? I can’t figure this out.
    Well, it depends on which theory you subscribe to.

    Under the Roger Stone theory, the election has been rigged, Hillary is the designee and Bush is the ringer. And like any ringer in boxing, he does not simply take the fall, he expects to be paid for the stunt and the ignominy it produces. The same would be true of ruby slippers is he is the nominee.

    There is another theory, that Soros is a sociopath, he is older than Methusala, and his sons do not want to run the business. Therefore, ownership has passed to a third party, and Soros has retained a life estate in the business which ceases when he dies. Rubio was originally a Bush asset, and if he had remained one he never would have run against Jeb. Therefore, he has switched loyalties–for money. This is what the investigative reporter is looking into. She comes from one of the greatest newspapers in history. If the dots cannot be connected–and independently verified the article is never published. At this point, it is merely a theory. Where Soros is concerned the best information comes from Europe.

  179. One other thought. The more you study the process—who runs, who gets supported, how the rules weed out good people, how the process rewards institutional loyalty, how delegates are awarded, how big media is recruited to kill off those the establishment does not like, and how the conventions are run, the more you realize that what we have here is exactly what UCLA Professor Sheldon Wolin, Chris Hedges, and I suspect Glenn Greenwald are trying to tell us about our system is categorically true: it is a system of managed democracy and inverted totalitarianism, with the corporate globalists in control. And if that is true, then the idea that elections are rigged does not seem nearly so far fetched.

  180. wbboei
    February 7, 2016 at 9:33 pm
    Lawrence Peter, author of the Principle by the same name wrote: “sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

    The implosion of the EU perfectly meets those criteria. I’ve read that Brussels is the great washout zone of the the great families and fortunes of Europe. The dummies and mental cases of old and puttered out DNA of clans of industrialists, academics, diplomats, and aristocracy were sent to further their interests via the globalist agenda enforced by the faceless blob technocrats of the EU. They could draw fabulous salaries without draining what remains of the family pot and keep them busy too. The problem of course is they were only fit for writing regulations for toasters or landscaping green belts and not dealing with invading Muslims. The rejects from German academia and banking had maneuvered into the upper hand at precisely the wrong point in history. They f-ed Greece and then Greece f-ed them with with refugees. Greece has been at the pay back game for a few thousand years. Hungary, Poland, Czech and Slovakia have figured this out for once and are being quite rude about it and unwilling to take one for the idiots and slackers who run the EU and Germany.

    Basically the same thing is happening in the US with variations and peculiarities specific to the place. Combine the whored and fake credentialism of academia, fascism of globalism to maintain, transfer, steal or grow wealth, and the need to stick their credentialed, fascist dumb-ass offspring somewhere and you have the EU/Brussels AND the DC administration of Barack Obama. And yes they are really stupid and lazy and incapable of dealing with much of anything including spotting fake passports. The simplest government function escapes them.

  181. It is a full court media press pushing JeB, local radio, TV, you name it. The knives are out against Trump. They are openly mocking him at every opportunity. It will be a miracle if Trump survives the onslaught in NH. It is sickening.

  182. Alcina,

    That’s not good. Hope he has a counter punch!
    He needs lots of surrogates out there counter punching too.

  183. Mormaer
    February 8, 2016 at 5:39 a

    Brussels is the great washout zone of the the great families and fortunes of Europe. The dummies and mental cases of old and puttered out DNA of clans of industrialists, academics, diplomats, and aristocracy were sent to further their interests via the globalist agenda enforced by the faceless blob technocrats of the EU
    Yes, yes, yes. They are the latest iteration of the REMITTANCE MAN, the spawn of the upper class gutter with their fancy credentials and dissolute lives . . . paid to stay away from the home country. A fine sense of history and British culture tells us exactly who they are:

    Within Victorian British culture, a remittance man was understood to be the black sheep of an upper class family who was sent away (from the United Kingdom to the Empire), and paid to stay away. These men were generally of dissolute or drunken character, and may have been sent overseas after one or more disgraces at home. “Remittance men” also lived in several towns in the American [1] and Canadian West [2][3] There were also ‘remittance women’ but they are rarely discussed in scholarly works. Many remittance men were sent to the Australian Colonies.

    American writer Mark Twain and Canadian poet Robert Service make references to those specific “remittance men” in some of their literary works. The term was in casual use in Alaska until the late 20th century, usually with a derogatory intent.[4] Judith Wright (1915 -2000) wrote poetry on the remittance man.

    In past commercial mass entertainment novels the dark side remittance man has been popularized. An example of this usage is in Robert Louis Stevenson’s book The Wrecker where the character Tommy Hadden is cast as the ‘remittance man’.[5] In the book

    “Tom Hadden (known to the bulk of Sydney folk as Tommy) was heir to a considerable property, which a prophetic father had placed in the hands of rigorous trustees. The income supported Mr. Hadden in splendour for about three months out of twelve———– the rest of the year he passed in retreat among the islands.

    Robert Service

    This is the law of the Yukon, and ever she makes it plain:
    “Send not your foolish and feeble; send me your strong and your sane —
    Strong for the red rage of battle; sane for I harry them sore;
    Send me men girt for the combat, men who are grit to the core;
    Swift as the panther in triumph, fierce as the bear in defeat,
    Sired of a bulldog parent, steeled in the furnace heat.
    Send me the best of your breeding, lend me your chosen ones;
    Them will I take to my bosom, them will I call my sons;
    Them will I gild with my treasure, them will I glut with my meat;
    But the others — the misfits, the failures — I trample under my feet.
    Dissolute, damned and despairful, crippled and palsied and slain,
    Ye would send me the spawn of your gutters — Go! take back your spawn again.

  185. S said
    foxy…that was interesting…can’t imagine how you found that one…and can’t say I fully understand all of the discussion however both sides of the aisle seemed to be very impressed with DT…(he was a cutie in his younger day…)

    Cute and super Smart too.
    My favorite story about Trump is the Flag Pole one. 😆

    Well, after his boffo performance Saturday, Marco is going down like a headshot goose in the polls. The headline should read: Adios muchacho companera de mi vida. Or, if you do not hablo espanol, So Long Its Been Good To Know You.

    Now, suddenly, dramatically, a new rising star. As in next day on your dressing room they hung a star lets go on with the show. The rising star? Who else–Kasich . That seasoned politico who looks like he got some of that toxic cocktail that Vlad used to dipatch a political rival.

    Just look at that face. And then that loud bark, and why can’t we all get along. In fact, the speech he should have made to Lehman Brothers when he was a director before le deluge.

    But the worst of it is who he has in his corner—that big meanie Sunnuni. He is a major force in that state, and knows where all the bodies are buried.

    I have a personal vendetta against Sunnunu however, because he was mean to Andrea. I had hoped that Greenspan would scratch his eyes out, to defend her honor. But alas that did not happen. So that ugly mcp got away with this. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

    And you thought I was kidding?

  187. Polls are just polls…

    The Republicans are the big story…Because we know who’s on top, but that’s about all we know. The Democratic race is much easier to predict:

    Bernie Sanders is now beating Hillary Clinton by 16 points– 56% to 40%, after he lost a point overnight, and she kept what she had.

    Undecided is up to 4%, an increase of two points since yesterday.

    The tracking poll shows Sanders is too far ahead of Clinton for her to catch him by Tuesday.

    All she can do now is try to cut the margin her loss..

    But the Republican race is more complicated, and the outcome is a mystery.

    Donald Trump stays in the top spot, with 34%, after dropping two points overnight..
    Then, a tie for second–at 13%–after Marco Rubio lost a point, and there was no change in Ted Cruz’s support.

    John Kasich and Jeb Bush also are now tied, at 10%. Kasich gained one point…While Bush held steady.

    In the back of the GOP pack:

    Chris Christie gained a point, and is now at 5%; Carly Fiorina stays at four, and Ben Carson is stuck on three.

  188. Finally, I have achieved wisdom. This political shell game, such as it is, is not about would be the best president for the nation. That was once my delusion as well. But I realize that this is about something far more important. This process is all about our big media celebrities and their holy war against insurgents of any stripe. Who cares about the candidates, they are merely props. Bonzai!!!!!

    “As flies to wanton boys are we to gods.

    They kill us for their sport”——-Thomas Hardy

  189. Free – glad we got that cleared up, would never want you to think that
    There was alittle back & forth going on in general & I just did not want to get in the middle of it yesterday but I did want to answer your question honestly
    I think highly of you & your comments

  190. But the Republican race is more complicated, and the outcome is a mystery.

    Donald Trump stays in the top spot, with 34%, after dropping two points overnight..

    Then, a tie for second–at 13%–after Marco Rubio lost a point, and there was no change in Ted Cruz’s support.

    John Kasich and Jeb Bush also are now tied, at 10%. Kasich gained one point…While Bush held steady.

    In the back of the GOP pack:

    Chris Christie gained a point, and is now at 5%; C
    A mystery?

    Not if those are the facts.

    Do they reflect the results of the debate.

    It does not look to me like they did.

    If it does, then I agree, it is a mystery.

  191. good page if you want to keep up with whats going on with islam:
    biased of course but it has a bunch of information posted that is hard to dig up other wise.
    piece on france:
    they are covering up police response to migrant crime in sweden:

    the left is dragging the rest of the world down with it as we descend into the chaos of over population.

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