Sista Souljah Moment: @RealDonaldTrump Destroys Fox News #GOPDebate

Tonight is an amazing night of time travel. Open thread: The “Where’s Donald?” debate.

First, tonight we did something we have not done in years: watch CNN. We already saw the CNN coverage of the Trump event for Veterans. What we saw was hundreds, maybe thousands, of young people. We know the event is at Drake University, but still, lots and lots of young people for Trump.

Second, America experiences alternate history reality. A debate without Donald Trump! Those fiction history novels: Hitler wins World War II, or JFK does not get assassinated, or Lincoln survives and therefore Reconstruction and the rest of the nation’s history is altered, or even that George Washington and the Declaration of Independence lose and Britain wins. Well tonight we experience a political campaign without Donald Trump:

The lies told by the entire political class have sheepishly been accepted by a majority of the population. But then Donald Trump spoke up with his booming voice and it was almost like in a movie when the gulled victim wakes up and confronts the evildoers.

It’s an old story exemplified into cliche. It’s the “Emperor’s New Clothes” when all is fine until a little boy shatters the world by telling the obvious truth. That’s what Donald Trump has done. Trump told the truth and nothing will ever be the same ever again.

Remember when Chris Christie was considered a tough talking truth teller? Compared to the other bland candidates Christie stood out. But compared to Trump the once considered brash Christie is bland as beige knickers. The world changed.

Remember when Rand Paul was considered the most daring of the GOP candidates? Remember when Jeb Bush was considered the financial juggernaut? Remember when Cruz was considered the most conservative? Remember when Walker was considered the effective fighter? Remember when Rubio was considered the future? Remember when? It all changed.

When someone or something is so different, so new, the past itself is changed. The past is perceived differently. After Picasso, art was different. It was the Shock of the New. After Wagner, opera is different. After talkies, cinema is changed. After Einstein, science and our perception of reality is changed.

After Trump, all is changed.

Third, Sista Soulja. Donald J. Trump tonight takes on Fox News in an epic battle against one of the biggest Big Media outlets ever. If Donald J. Trump wins Iowa on Monday, Fox News will no longer be the dog that bites. If Donald J. Trump wins on Monday Donald Trump will be the big dog and Fox News will be the tail he wags.

It’s not just Fox News. The entire corrupt infrastructure of modern day Big Media needs to be leashed and beaten. A Donald J. Trump victory in Iowa will be a warning to all Big Media that Big Media no longer will control our political conversation without a fight.

Big Media is the enemy. Politically correct speech is the enemy. Free speech, offensive speech, is the antidote to Big Media. Donald Trump provides the antidote.

Donald J. Trump deserves praise. Like Bill Clinton when he took on Sista Souljah Trump is in a fight against what many presumed to be his friends. It’s always harder to tell a friend when they are wrong than to tell an enemy they are wrong.

Donald Trump fights Fox News tonight:

Donald Trump will widen a rupture between his supporters and the Republican Party establishment on Thursday when he boycotts a presidential debate in a snub to Fox News only days before the 2016 election season starts in earnest.

The billionaire front-runner for the Republican nomination will host his own event in Iowa during the Fox News debate, likely damaging prime time TV ratings of the most powerful media force in Republican politics. [snip]

It is a risky move which could lose him votes at Monday’s Iowa caucuses, the first nominating contest in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

It’s a daring move for Trump. But it demonstrates the leader he is and will be.

Trump is top of the polls. Trump has fought the left, the right, the political establishment of the left and the right, and the most destructive beast of all, Big Media. Thus far Trump has won. But the first big official battle is on Monday.

At this crucial moment Trump has done what we think is the smart thing to do. We always thought Trump should boycott the Fox News debate since that first Fox News debate. We argued the same for Hillary Clinton in 2008 against MSNBC. But Hillary Clinton continued to appear on MSNBC and NBC to be battered, not by that loser Barack Obama, but by Tim Russert and the other NBC thugs.

Donald Trump is doing what all political candidates should do: fight Big Media. Big Media is not interested in the job of fair and balanced news necessary to an informed electorate. Big Media is interested in Big Media. We call them the Big Media Party going as far back as 2007.

Fox News will lose tonight. Fox News laid a trap for Donald Trump. The trap included a young Muslim woman and a young illegal immigrant, hungry to slash and bleed Donald Trump. Now Trump won’t be there.

Trump has denied Fox News their victim. Fox News will still try to get the other non-entity candidates to attack Trump. But our transcript of the debate, imaginary as it is, transcribes the spirit of what Fox News wanted versus what it will get.

Donald Trump will raise money for veterans tonight as well as wage war against Big Media and especially Fox News.

Fox News will have it’s debate on it’s cable channel. Donald Trump will provide many Big Media outlets the profitable counter-programming of a rally for veterans. Donald Trump gets a dog to eat a dog. Donald Trump uses Big Media to eat Big Media.

Donald Trump on CBS

Donald Trump on C-SPAN

CNN will broadcast portions of the Trump event, as will One America News.

Bill Clinton fought back against Sista Souljah and her anti-white racist ugliness. Bill Clinton fought Sista Souljah at a Jesse Jackson “Rainbow Coalition” event. Bill Clinton took on Sista Souljah and black racists at a black event.

Tonight Donald J. Trump declares his own Sista Souljah moment. Donald Trump denounced Fox News on Fox News. Fox News is reduced to calling Trump a coward. Trump has proved his courage over and over again. At every turn, from the day of his announcement onward – Trump is fearless.

If Trump wins on Monday in Iowa, Big Media everywhere will cower in fear. Every American who believes in free speech and a media that provides fair and balanced news will cheer.


219 thoughts on “Sista Souljah Moment: @RealDonaldTrump Destroys Fox News #GOPDebate

  1. News is still of some value, right. Here’s some news:

    Poll: Uninsured sit on the sidelines as sign-up season ends
    A survey by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation finds that only 15 percent of the uninsured know this year’s open enrollment deadline is this Sunday [snip]

    — Only 15 percent of the uninsured know this year’s open enrollment deadline, which is Sunday.

    — More than 7 in 10 say they have not tried to figure out if they qualify for the two main coverage expansions in the law, Medicaid and subsidized private health insurance.

    — Only 1 in 100 know the minimum penalty for being uninsured is going up to $695 in 2016.

    — About two-thirds say they have not been contacted about signing up for coverage.

    “What this survey does suggest is that it will get harder and harder to continue to make gains in the share of people getting health insurance,” said Mollyann Brodie, Kaiser’s polling director. “I think we will be in a period where we will see slower and slower gains in that number.”

    No one wants phony trash insurance.

  2. Even Politico wonders if Trump is right:

    Trump’s biggest gamble yet

    Skipping the last debate before Iowa is an epic roll of the dice. It’s so crazy it just might work.

    Donald Trump has been on a hot streak with his political gambles. He has defied the odds from day one, first by entering an already packed GOP field, then by shock-jocking his way to the top of the polls in defiance of the pundits who wrote him off as a reality TV joke at every step along the way.

    Thursday night is shaping up to be his biggest roll of the dice yet, with his pledge to boycott a primetime debate hosted by America’s most powerful conservative media organization just four days before the Iowa caucuses.

    “No, I’m not doing it,” Trump told reporters aboard his private plane, referring to the debate. “The time to change my mind would have been two days ago.”

    He also claimed that he raised $5 million for veterans groups from high-dollar donors and another $400,000 via his website. Trump said that figure includes $1 million of his own money and $500,000 from Carl Icahn. He also said that Fox News chief Roger Ailes has been calling him repeatedly, but he still does not intend to participate in the debate or go to the spin room afterwards.

    Earlier on Thursday, Trump fired off a tweet reveling in the prospect that Fox’s ratings would tank wihtout him: “The ‘debate’ tonight will be a total disaster – low ratings with advertisers and advertising rates dropping like a rock. I hate to see this.”

    That may be bluster, but Trump is picking up support for his bold move — former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum plan to join Trump at 9 p.m. after they wrap up their performance at the earlier undercard debate. “I’ll do it with Donald Trump. I respect him, I like him,” Huckabee said in a TV interview Thursday.

    The world won’t know if Trump’s big bet has paid off until Iowans head to the caucuses on Monday. Trump’s appeal, to many of his fans, is in his strength and negotiating skills, and his rivals — in particular, Ted Cruz — have portrayed his boycott as cowardice. [snip]

    But for Trump, boycotting is a heads-I-win, tails-you-lose proposition: Even if he follows through and skips the debate, he’s likely to dominate the political narrative while side-stepping a last-minute barrage of attacks on his conservative credentials.

    Alex Castellanos, a veteran GOP strategist who once sought to organize an anti-Trump ad offensive, told POLITICO that he sees only upside for the businessman. “It’s a very smart bet,” he said.

    The latest polls from Iowa show Trump with a slight edge over Cruz, his closest rival. According to the RealClearPolitics average, Trump is ahead by about 6 points, 33 percent, to Cruz’s 26, with Marco Rubio in a distant third with about 14 percent support but showing signs of late momentum.

    Trump on Thursday morning kept up his taunting of Fox News, which stoked the Republican poll leader’s ire by first refusing to boot co-moderator Megyn Kelly (whom Trump has accused of bias) and then mocking him with a sarcastic press release on Tuesday as he openly flirted with a boycott. “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings,” the statement said.

    According to the betting site, a small minority of punters — 7 percent — still think Trump will show up to the debate.

    There’s “zero chance” of that, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson told MSNBC on Thursday afternoon. She fended off allegations that the boycott was a longstanding plan, saying it only came up once Fox issued its “offensive” statement. [snip]

    Without Trump on stage, all eyes will be on Cruz, who is expected to sustain the most fire from the rest of the field, and Rubio, Cruz’s likely top target in Trump’s absence. Ben Carson and Rand Paul (who is back on the main debate stage) are hoping for YouTube-worthy moments that might inject new life into their sagging campaigns, but most of the attention will be on others — including, of course, the man who isn’t there.

    Indeed, Cruz still plans to keep much of his focus on Trump, casting the billionaire’s debate snub as proof that he’s too hot-blooded and self-centered to be America’s commander in chief.

  3. Admin…Donald is so damn smart…now he is saying on CNN that Fox has been calling him all day and they apologized to him…

    He says you have to stand up for yourself and they respect him for it…

    now (too much) he says after they apologized he might have gone on but now he can’t because he has this great event for the Vets … and they probably will raise over
    $ 5 Million Dollars for the vets…

    he knows how to play all angles and come out the winner…


  4. Admin, if he wins Iowa, suddenly the press will start warming to him…because, as you indicated…DT has sleighed the dragon and is in control

    (I once said he reminds me metaphorically of King Arthur and his ‘might for right’…still does)

  5. At the GOP debate the first question from Megyn Kelly to Cruz is: What does Trump’s absence mean to the people of Iowa? The bias bleeds from every pore.

  6. The most FOX can hope for is a trial in absentia.

    Trials in absentia smack of unfairness—or worse. The target is not there to answer the charges, and silence is not assent. It is a show trial, similar to Nazi Germany.

    If they devote the debate to bashing Trump in absentia, then it validates Trump’s point as the the real purpose of the debate, which is not what O’Reilly suggested, i.e. educating the folks, but nothing more and noting less than vendetta.

    If they devote the debate to the issues, then Trump can answer for them. Let baby cheeks Rubio answer the illegal since he is an amnesty whore–puts him between a rock and a hardplace, and neocon Jeb answer the Muslim, and tell them just for tonight he loves Muslims more than Mexicans, and he loves all of them better than he loves Americans.

  7. Trump event still not at start. On CNN some pundit said that the appearance of the last two winners of Iowa Caucuses is indication Huckabee and Santorum know they won’t win and therefore support Trump.

  8. Trump on. Says he wanted to be at debate. Says he won the debates.

    Trump says you have to stick up for your rights. Cites Iran as example.

    “We have to stick up for ourselves as people and as individuals.”

  9. wbboei…last night while watching that O’Reilly interview…I found it interesting how O’Rielly, of all people, kept insisting that Donald Trump “forgive” and “turn the cheek” and Donald said ‘NO, he sees it more as an ‘eye for an eye’

    this is the way our country has been run by our leaders for the last decade…’turn the cheek’…acquiese…let everyone take advantage of us…

    Donald says NO…enough…we will stick up for ourselves…and fight back (if needed…)

  10. Trump brags he has more live cameras than debate. Trump says he is not worried about votes tonight, wants to help vets.

  11. Protesters! Trump says thousands are outside waiting to get in but there are protesters inside. Crowd shouts down protesters.

    We switched to the debate for a few seconds and Cruz was talking about something and it was all very quiet and dull.

  12. BTW, we’re watching CNN which is not something we did for years. CNN has been full coverage. Only one interruption thus far so that Bob Beckel can bloviate.

    Beckel says he thinks Trump made a mistake to skip debate. Bob Cusack says Trump was smart that all the coverage will be about Trump.

  13. Rubio sounds like he has pre-recorded answers and when they ask him a question he just pushes a button in his head and out comes the memorized recorded answer.
    Kasich is as yucky as ever.

    The bell sound after the short amount of time each candidate gets is VERY obnoxious.

    Probably Trump is wise not to show up for these three ego driven ego interviewers. They are trying to get the others to attack Cruz or he is apparently the surrogate attackee for Trump.

    Still can’t stand Megan Kelly…she should get over herself as well as Chris Wallace. She is arguing with Chris Christie.


  14. Santorum and Huckabee now on. Fox News must be furious that Huckabee, their former employee, helps Trump undermine Fox News. It must be end times. 🙂

  15. Megan Kelly has on fake eyelashes that are so long and thick they look like caterpillars hanging on her eyelids.

    The audience seems to be packed against Cruz. Lots of Rand Paul supporters. Marco not getting the applause he probably thought he would. Jeb seems more animated without Trump there.

  16. Huckabee telling a story about a teacher in Little Rock who kept desks from students. It’s a pro-veterans story. Very emotional story from Huckabee. Prompts “USA USA” shouts.

  17. this is the story the Vet speaking was referring to about DT’s generosity…my friend had told me the story

    A Couple Stopped To Help Donald Trump When His Limo Broke Down–Here’s How He Repaid Them

    In 1995 Donald Trump was traveling along a New Jersey highway when the limo in which he was traveling experienced a flat tire. Spotting the disabled car along the side of the road, a passing motorist stopped to offer his assistance. After helping, Trump asked how he could repay the good samaritan. The man asked that Trump send his wife a bouquet of flowers. Trump agreed.

    True to his word, the bouquet arrived several weeks later along with a note saying, “we’ve paid off your mortgage.”

    The story, which has been recounted numerous times including in Forbes Magazine, is just one of many that demonstrate the generosity of Donald Trump according to Jerry Falwell Jr., son of the late pastor Jerry Falwell and President of Liberty University.

    “I got to know Donald Trump after he spoke [at Liberty University] in 2012,” Falwell told Sean on Hannity. “I learned so much about him that the public never hears.” Falwell went on to list Trump’s numerous charitable givings.

    “Right after he visited here last time I called him about a large Christian ministry in another state that needed some help,” Falwell explained. “I learned within a day or two he had donated 100,000 dollars of his own money.”

    Falwell also recounted the story of an inner inner city basketball tournament Trump rescued from financial disaster.

    “He learned about Clyde Frazier Jr. who ran the Harlem Hoops tournament in the inner city and was killed in the 9/11 attacks,” Falwell said. “He searched down the family and donated the money to keep that tournament going.”

    Watch Jerry Falwell Jr. speak to Sean about the generosity of Donald Trump on Hannity:

  18. Shadowfax
    January 28, 2016 at 9:50 pm
    Can’t even load FoxNews to get the debate…it just spins and spins.


    Kind of appropriate, don’t you think? 🙂

  19. Ted Cruz threatened to walk out of Fox News Debate. Story is that Cruz is getting hammered by everyone including moderators. Cruz complained that everyone is attacking him. Cruz joked that he would walk out, pretending to be a Trump. The joke fell flat.

  20. VERY STRANGE song choices to end Trump’s event..Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and then The Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want…last one was a really bad choice in my opinion considering this was supposed to be a rally for the wounded vets.

  21. Rubio is falling flat with his canned answers. He has even gotten booed once with not a lot of clapping. Cruz was being attacked or rather the moderators were encouraging the others to attack him at the beginning. His joke did fall flat but he seems to be coming back strong at this stage of the debate. Once again Carson proves that he probably is a really nice man but is out of his depth and should drop out. Rubio is attacking Hillary and the Dems at every stage but not seeming to get lots of traction so far. He and JEB! got in a little dust up earlier. Kasich and Paul…yawn. Paul does have a big crowd there who whistle and applaud for all he says. Christie is trying to be tough.

  22. Don’t be surprised if Trump appears in the post-debate Spin Room. Trump’s event is over so he might as well go and steal all the attention from the low energy bores at the debate event.

  23. I just got home from work – I have the live link going and it seems like the evening events are paused, on CSPAN they’re showing Trump talking I guess previously – is Trump coming back…? Or what’s happening? CPAN is showing people waiting around still as though they’re waiting for Trump. Is Trump done and I should look for a youtube of the complete thing?

  24. ok it says live link, but I think it has really switched to the complete event. CPAN must just be babbling after the fact.

  25. Voting, absolutely. 😉

    Here I got rid of my cable tv thinking I could see important debates and election results and watch online…and I end up having to listen to satellite radio because a live feed won’t ever load.

  26. Christie Should Never Have Hugged Obama In That Laural and Hardy visual, should have kicked butt with the stupid bridge crap…God did let that go on…
    As they say in Texas..Not tuff enough!
    Not even close…

  27. all c-span callers are strongly for Trump…many dems, former Obama supporters, etc are voting for Trump…many changing to republican to vote for Trump

    very strong support for DT
    not one caller against yet…from all over the country

  28. democrat that just called in made a great point…she said “look at this event, he had 24 hours and he raised $6 Million dollars for the vets, imagine what he could do if he had four years” she is voting for Trump

    c-span callers just end…every single caller strong for DT

  29. Meeee-again

    (in Greek tragedy)

    excessive pride

    toward or defiance of the gods,

    leading to nemesis.

  30. The woman on C-Span that was taking the calls looked shell-shocked…especially from the Dem callers. The Dems better be paying attention because even if they weren’t actually Democrats, this means Trump does have a ground game in place. I took most of my joy from two things tonight:

    1. Six million dollars raised for wounded veterans.
    2. I didn’t have to listen to three hours of “It’s all Hillary’s fault.”

  31. Voting

    Can’t wait till Obama gets his due..we know where the buck stops and it’s always been at the frauds feet.

  32. How I would love to hear Hillary say ‘the last thing we need is O3, I am going to have to clean up his mess and you can count on me not to repeat it’

    too late…

  33. I watched on OAN Network. I was moved by the vet. Did not find it awkward. I always say thank you to vets. Kids looking for a better life defending us. We owe them. Illegal immigrants get benefits our childre+ defending us have to beg and plead for basic health care. 22 a day committing suicide is not acceptable. That man got up on a stage with one leg and spoke with humor and sincerity. He lost a leg and has the courage and integity to be positive.

  34. S
    January 28, 2016 at 11:03 pm
    btw…did the female utube stars appear at the debate?


    Yep, Diamond and Silk spoke at the event.

  35. Substitute the word gods

    With the law of probability

    I don’t know what they odds are

    Lu might, but it is

    A statistical problem

    Not an engineering one

    Take Buffet’s hypothetical

    A trained ape flipping a coin

    If he flips it 100 times

    It will approach 50%

    But the odds it will be heads

    two times in a row is probably 25%

    And three times in a row probably 5%

    That is where the god nemisis will get her

    You cannot be leading with your chin every time

    Yet she does

    And who will be there to pick her up when she gets clobbered

    Well, not me, and probably not Ailes either

    Because the way she is going she is becoming All About Eve

  36. My friend, the clairvoyant, believes she will end up on CNN

    I am not a clairvoyant, but I think MSNBC would be a better fit.

  37. From last thread

    Shadow – I didn’t think that Obama would want to be a Supreme – he’d be equal with the others and have to “discuss” things – no executive orders there lol

    I’m no expert on media, but my guess is that if Trump wins, some of those may become more open to him – I think it just depends on which corporate owners any given station has. Maybe the globalists who own media will start to slink away if he wins, and some new owner will allow more American-centered newscasts

    Shadow and jbstones – wasn’t that Obama’s thing, send $1…?

    gonzo – and you know who the main front line workers were in the AIDS epidemic? Women. (I don’t know who the scientists were) The people who ran clinics and outreach programs, etc, were mainly women.

    That’s post-intersectionality feminism. Women help everyone else in their fights but no one else (environmental groups, men’s groups, AIDs groups, black groups, etc) has a wing that is focused on helping women….

  38. Good Grief. Krauthammer says that Jeb! had the best debate night and blah, blah blah. Obviously Kraut is an establishment guy. Frank “Creepy” Luntz has his focus group and he is pushing and manipulating them hard for Marco. Just another example of the vile media pushing their agenda. Also Luntz is praising Kelly. I changed channels…can only watch FOX in small doses.

  39. wbboei – I heard last year that that is what she wants, CNN.

    I think Trump is wrong, I think she is a good interviewer. When she got to nights (I used to watch her in the mornings, then she went to midday which I couldn’t watch) she kept saying at the beginning that she is nonpartisan and would be presenting things fairly.

    I think if she had stuck to that promise, she’d be using her interviewing skills well. But apparently she lied, or decided to take sides, and now she is into gotcha questions, wanting to decide elections by taking candidates out (before her first debate, you probably saw that photo of her striding towards the stage, she actually said something about they could be making history, that someone might not be in the race after the debate Post debate, it all made sense.)

  40. Henry, I was moved as well. Particularly the fact I learned that 22 vets commit suicide a day. I guess it was just very raw and usually these events are kind of planned out. The bottom line, 6 million dollars was raised which g-d willing will help some vets.

  41. I do believe Hillary has been stupid and made some God awful decision’s…Benghazi, never ending support for Obama…STILL!!!
    …He is the President and he just bobs, and weaves and the Media cheer..
    Of course, they are paid just to do that.

  42. VotingHillary, we’re time traveling. 🙂

    The real answer is we have repairs going on with the website to try to fix up the front page after WordPress screwed things up, and thinks are getting a bit hinky. Also, lots of readers cause the site to go hinky. (We always wanted to use the word hinky so thanks for providing the opportunity.)

  43. Agree gonzotx…Hillary has been her own worst enemy. She has given the lunatics on the right and left issues which should never have been. G-d knows the Clinton hate syndrome is always out there, but she engaged in some real questionable actions at at a minimum used very poor judgment. Maybe , once again, she thought she was inevitable and did not learn from 08.
    Also, truthfully, I love Bill Clinton more than any living politician. My fondness for Hilary grew from my admiration of what President Clinton did to make this country great despite the vicious attacks on him and Hillary. He too, used horrible judgment in the Lewinsky scandal, but I am able to separate moral failings which we are all guilty off from the many great things he did while in office. It makes me sad to see him marginalized because of his health and old attacks on his character.

  44. You see I think FOX fucked themselves here.

    Real stupid to put an illegal on there, on equal status with lawful citizens.

    Their audience hates illegal immigration.

    And they are not too fond of Muslims either.

    This was done to trap Trump who foiled it by not showing up.

    So all they ended up doing was trapping themselves.


  45. Yes wbboei..I only saw the nice Muslim lady , but it was not a significant moment other than Bush using it to attack trump.

  46. That illegal woman better watch out – Trump’s first decision might be to send people to find her and deport her lol

  47. Jbstonesfan
    I was impressed by John Wayne Wilder or whatever his name is. He has kids a wife. Imagine her perspective. Fell in love with a strong guy and then he has no leg. Do you stay or run. What kind of support is there for families. My grandfather lost his leg to diabetes. I hated him so much when I changed the bandages but I loved him more than anyone.
    I’d love to see a program sponsoring vets kids. I send my brat to something 5 nights a week. It costs money a vet may not have it.
    Seriously if anyone remembers 2008 she was chicky chicky boom boom back then. Now she is 9 and an expensive pain. Green belt, tap, jazz, gymnastics, hip hop, modern, ballet, flute, softball, voice acting, swim. Shit adds up. I am blessed I can swing it. I’d love to give to a place that gave vets kids an opportunity. A direct thing like St Judes. I’d be happy with 5% for administration but good god these warriors protect us can we not offer their children something.

  48. Trump has fought the left, the right, the political establishment of the left and the right, and the most destructive beast of all, Big Media. Thus far Trump has won.

    I was thinking, that even if Trump were to lose Iowa, he’s still the winner. Should he win the general, then the media, the politicians, the parties, other countries – all are going to know he is not a bluffer.

    Another way to cut the b.s. down and expedite progress for our country lol

  49. Holy crap….Paul Kantner, founding member of the Jefferson Airplane, died today. I feel the incredible need to wrap all of Fleetwood Mac in bubble-wrap at the rate I am seeing the musicians of my youth pass away.

  50. lorac
    January 29, 2016 at 12:02 am
    Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought she became a US citizen after joining the military and taking advantage of amnesty that way.

  51. Tony, I didn’t watch the debate, I have just heard her referred to as the illegal one who is going to phone in with the Muslim one.. so you probably heard the most accurate thing….

  52. S
    I am more than a little spent on charity. Last summer I took three girls to play off games. July burning heat not one had money for food or water. I only had 20 on me. I do not know how to drive. I called my brother and he came and gave me money to feed 3 kids. I was mortified. The kids ate up a storm.
    My brat said I’m sorry. I said not your fault seems they are hungry. I would be humiliated to send my brat off without money. I understand being broke. Fill up bott l es with tap or say I a m broke. Don’t dump three kids on me and expect nutrition. Three girls 9 am to 7 pm not a dime no water in July. I only mention this because I want to say what is wrong. This woman assumed I was going to feed her kids. I make more so i owe her children?

  53. lorac, you and I are both showing our ages..

    On a happier note, Frank Luntz and his Fox “focus group” are just getting hammered on Twitter right now…they said RUBIO won the debate.

    My fave comment:

    “Recent Frank Luntz Focus Group says 99.9 % don’t like Frank Luntz !”

  54. gonzotx
    January 28, 2016 at 11:31 pm
    Lol Trump is winning the debate question on Drudge 49% vs Cruz, 2nd with 23%..100,000 votes
    Over 55% now

    Still waiting to see if fox broke the 24 million record, sans donald.

    Theoretically, they should since this is the last debate before the first state votes.

  55. You just had to post that song, Shadow…damn, where’s my Kneenex? Truly, I have always thought Surrealistic Pillow was one of the most perfect start to finish albums ever. One of the few I can put on and not skip a song.

  56. VotingHillary
    January 29, 2016 at 1:50 am
    You just had to post that song, Shadow…damn, where’s my Kneenex? Truly, I have always thought Surrealistic Pillow was one of the most perfect start to finish albums ever. One of the few I can put on and not skip a song.

    Absolutely Voting…the loss makes me want to cry.

  57. Tony Stark
    January 29, 2016 at 2:25 am
    First David Bowie then Alan Rickmann and now Paul Kantner? 2016 really IS a bad year.

    Plus Glenn Frey of the Eagles….this year SUCKS and we aren’t even a month into it.

  58. Tony Stark, we might be the jinx. About a week ago we researched Paul Kanter for a proposed article. Earlier we recently researched Rickman and Bowie. For all three there were articles proposed and we did the research for the musical accompaniment.

    Rickman we researched for the Severus role. Bowie, was always good as a soundtrack. Paul Kanter we researched for an article titled after his project – “Blows Against The Empire”. Maybe we should stop researching pop icons?

  59. Can you tell me please, who won the war ?

    Horror grips us as we watch you die
    All we can do is echo your anguished cries
    Stare as all human feelings die
    We are leaving, you don’t need us

    Go, take your sister then, by the hand
    Lead her away from this foreign land
    Far away, where we might laugh again
    We are leaving, you don’t need us

    And it’s a fair wind blowin’ warm
    Out of the south over my shoulder
    Guess I’ll set a course and go

  60. As part of our Bowie research we learned that the last person he followed on Twitter was “God”. Hope they all meet on the other side of the sun.

    See our lights in your western skies, California?
    The rainbow skies
    The government tells you another missile is flying
    Have you any idea why they’re lying to you?
    To your faces
    Did they tell you?
    Have you seen our saucers?

    Your mother needs you, now she’s getting old
    Her face was pretty, but you let her go
    Have you seen our saucers?
    Star children on the back road to salvation
    Children of the forest, and child of the woodstock nation
    You gotta’ care for the needs of your planet
    Catch the dawn that once was there
    First-born atomic generation
    Open the door, don’t you know that’s what it’s for
    Come and join us on the other side of the sun

  61. One extra thing that is very special to me about Big Pink is the way we share our feelings about issues, anger, grief and glee…with music. While we may battle over politics, we always come together with music.

    Bless you Admin for keeping this blog going. I feel I have many long term friends here, you being one of them.


    TRUMP 63.46% (230,181 votes)

    CRUZ 17.27% (62,662 votes)

    RUBIO 6.95% (25,198 votes)

    PAUL 6.63% (24,057 votes)

    CARSON 1.2% (4,337 votes)

    KASICH 1.18% (4,275 votes)

    CHRISTIE 0.98% (3,541 votes)

    BUSH 0.95% (3,431 votes)

    FIORINA 0.91% (3,292 votes)

    SANTORUM 0.25% (901 votes)

    HUCKABEE 0.22% (870 votes)

  63. The spin this morning is that Cruz basically was taken out last night. I see Trump moved the target from his back to Cruz’s. Hehe. Fox was going to take somebody out by God and Trump ran faster out of the way leaving Cruz to take incoming like a schmuck. Marco (Polo) was collateral damage (kicked over the immigration cliff by !Jeb). Cruz and Fiorina dangling money to veteran’s charities to debate Trump is desperate and gross. Big losers Rupert and Cruz. Trump didn’t win or lose a debate so he won. I think Trump has been planning payback for Rupert since the last Fox debate featuring Ailes troika of “talent”. Trump is now viewed as being smart to skip the bother.

  64. There are some pictures going around showing Trumps fundraiser as less than full. I don’t know if these are real, but it would be odd considering how packed his speeches have been.

  65. Jefferson Airplane played at my college Homecoming.
    Grace was 8 months pregnant, but that didn’t stop them. It was quit a show, and they were a fill in, had just played in the Twin Cities when “Melanie” got sick to our gain.

  66. gonzotx re attendance. IDK but
    the place was small. 700. Reuters says it was filled.
    Foxy A plethora of gems here lately
    Applause!!! :)yes and we’ve become spoiled beyond believe.
    I’ve been looking for a link that documented the name pf one of D’s rich close friends who donated big money to D’s campaign only to have Donald return it. Donald mentioned it in introducing him, then had him & wife come up to the podium where this friInd repeated what Donald had claimed. So that would be another misconception laid to rest. if enough people heard it.

  67. gonzotx
    January 29, 2016 at 10:03 am

    There are some pictures going around showing Trumps fundraiser as less than full. I don’t know if these are real, but it would be odd considering how packed his speeches have been.

    Tex There were a LooooT of people outside from the overflow. 🙂

  68. How ironic.

    The last debate before the Iowa caucus SHOULD have the largest audience of all the debates if the conventional wisdom is correct that people do not start paying attention until the eve of elections.

    But in the 2016 primary, the business plum of having the last debate before the caucus was given to FOX News, based on their long time loyalty to the Republican establishment.

    And the result? Next to the lowest view audience of any debate. The only one lower was the one of the fox business channel, which is not the sweet spot of a political audience.

    That is not how you spell success, unless you spell it 14 million lost viewers at a time, i.e. 24 million first debate– with Trump vs. 10 million views in the last debate- without him.

    But the damage to FOX is far greater than 14 million lost voters on one evening. The far greater damage fell in two categories.

    First, was the damage to their brand. Voters now see them for what they are–the party of the establishment–and that is a long term killer.

    Second, and more immediate, the absense of Trump forced them to get ahead of themselves–they had intended to use Cruz to take down Trump and then take down Cruz.

    But without Trump to kick around, they were forced go after Cruz, and if he did not win the debate, then it helps Trump in Iowa.

    Ready, shoot, aim.

    Nice work Mud dock. You too Ailes. And you three meee again. The keystone cops have nothing on you.

  69. The Fox audience is grass roots. The FOX management is establishment. The way this thing was mishandles drives a wedge between management and their audience which will benefit alternative media. If you were leading one of those stall fed existences which define working for a corporation–specifically their corporation, and were one of those executives in the middle of your career, and witnessed the stupidity of your leaders and the crass opportunism and inflamed ego of Meee again you might not be too happy now. You might even be counting the days until retirement, or looking for a job with another network, if, despite your position, you had a modicum of talent–which assumes you have the guts to do what is right rather than just hunker down and go with the flow.

  70. At this moment, maybe not tomorrow, but right now, Trump is bigger than FOX because he embodies the political truth of the moment, whereas FOX is a denier of that truth and defenders of a corrupt status quo, keen to elect politicians who represent their donors rather than the American People.

  71. Admin

    Song – by JA

    “See our lights in your western skies, California?
    The rainbow skies
    The government tells you another missile is flying
    Have you any idea why they’re lying to you?
    To your faces
    Did they tell you?

    Have you seen our saucers?

    The perfect song to run during the credits of the new 6 episodes of The XFiles.

    Great season so far. (#2 of 6)

  72. ‘Wooden Ships’ (Paul Kantner) and ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ (Glenn Frye of the Eagles) are two of my most favorite songs from back in the day to present…

    such beautiful music we had…we rocked it…

  73. can we say Fox is rigged for Rubio

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for 2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, exposed a blatant conflict of interest on Wednesday that the Fox News Channel has been hiding for months.

    Lewandowski showed how Fox News has been hiding the fact that Fox News Channel Vice President Bill Sammon has a daughter working for the campaign of the Washington establishment-backed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

    Sammon’s daughter, Brooke Sammon, is Rubio’s national press secretary, and obviously both have a vested interest in the success of the Rubio campaign and the demise of the other campaigns.

    CNN’s Erin Burnett asked Lewandowski about Fox News’s controversial anti-Trump statement from Tuesday evening—and specifically the network’s claim that the top Trump aide had allegedly made threats against Fox News anchor and Thursday debate co-moderator Megyn Kelly—when he responded by dropping the explosive revelation.

    Lewandowski revealed two things for the first time: that the executive he was discussing matters with was Bill Sammon, and that Sammon’s daughter Brooke Sammon works for Rubio’s campaign, giving the first-term Floridian Senator an obvious boost. That blatant conflict of interest has never before been disclosed to the viewers of Fox News by the network.



    Marco Rubio Previously Paid Pollster Frank Luntz, Who Praised Rubio on Fox News

    Fox News used a pollster to host a pro-
    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)focus group after Thursday night’s Republican debate, despite the fact that the pollster actually had Rubio as a client.
    Pollster Frank Luntz got significant airtime to direct a post-debate focus group that unsurprisingly was very favorable to Rubio, the GOP establishment pick in the primary race.

    “Megyn, you asked probably the toughest question of the debate. You gave the candidates no room to wiggle. You pressed him. And he responded,” Luntz gushed to Megyn Kelly, awkwardly referring only to Rubio before even mentioning him by name. “I want to begin with the most important and impactful moment of this debate. It was your challenge of Marco Rubio. And watch how well he did on immigration.”

    The focus group, featuring pre-selected ordinary Americans, was a love letter to Rubio.

    But Rubio actually had Luntz on his payroll at one time.

    Rubio hired Luntz to work on a document called “100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future.” Fox News did not disclose Luntz’s past business relationship with Rubio Thursday night.


  74. Foxy posted the ratings link above…


    Fox News Channel’s Trump-less debate had 12.5 million viewers between 9 and 11 p.m. Eastern, according to Nielsen.

    By comparison, two of the cable channels that showed parts of Trump’s event, CNN and MSNBC, had about 2.7 million viewers combined.

    So Trump’s rivals clearly came out ahead in the raw ratings.

    The most recent GOP debate, televised two weeks ago on the harder-to-find Fox Business Network, had 11 million viewers.


    The comparison they make is not comparable…

    Fox had a dedicated channel where everyone knew where to go to watch the debate…

    On the other hand, Trump’s event was covered sporadically on CNN and MSNBC with multiple interruptions, pundits and commercials…

    C-span was the only place that covered the event without any interruptions…

    now, I am not a ratings expert, however how do they measure the difference when CNN and MSNBC did not cover the entire event so obviously people left when the boring pundits started in, ie Bob Beckel or commercials came on…

    and how would they come up with a comparable splintered between CNN, MSNBC and C-span

  75. S
    January 29, 2016 at 12:49 pm
    Sammon’s daughter, Brooke Sammon

    you’ve got to be kidding.. “Brooke Sammon” how cruel of her parents.

  76. Shadowfax and SouthernBorn…I am just trying to dialogue with you….not start any arguements…perhaps this will give a different perspective on why so many people are supporting Trump

    this morning I was listening to an older middle aged Veteran who lives in Iowa being interviewed on why he supports Trump…he said alot of things but the thing that stood out the most to me was:

    He said Donald Trump is not a good politican, he is a businessman…he continued, he says all kinds of things and some of them make even me wince…he is a bad politician but he is authentic and he emphasized he could be a very good leader

    people are drawn to him because he is not beholden to anyone and he can go in there and straighten things out…

    so he is not a good politician…he is authentic…and he just might make a great leader…

    if you had a chance to listen to those callers on c-span you can hear the actual “hope” they feel regarding Trump…people want a new beginning…a different way because our old and usual ways are not working…

    that’s kind of it in a nutshell…

  77. gonzotx
    January 29, 2016 at 10:28 am
    Airplane was so much better than Starship

    I agree. Airplane had much more depth IMO, Starship seemed…at times, to be more bubblegum.

  78. S
    such beautiful music we had…we rocked it…

    I understand why many of you support Trump, he was my second choice up until a couple of months ago…I would have to reconsider if Bernie wins the Primary, which I honestly don’t believe he will.

    I also think that if Hillary stays strong against Trump’s personal attacks on her during the General Election, Hillary will win.

  79. S

    I forgot to agree with this:

    such beautiful music we had…we rocked it…

    We still try to 😉

  80. Admin: this is Erickson’s selective reading of the evidence. Bias, motive and self interest preclude him from considering the impact of Trump, which tends to invalidate his analysis for me. But I do think he is accurate in terms of the interplay between Cruz and Rubio, it confirms my suspicion that the media is keen to install Rubio now that Jeb has blown through his money. In addition, the breach between Bush and Rubio sounds in betrayal and those wounds do not heal. Well, I’ll shut up and show you what Erickson is saying, for what it is worth:

    Ted Cruz’s campaign is yanking all of Cruz’s ads in Iowa except the ads about Marco Rubio on immigration and amnesty. They intend to flood the zone on those ads over the coming days. [Update: The Cruz camp clarifies that it is leaving up a positive ad in support of Cruz in addition to the Rubio ad]

    I talked to several people familiar with the thinking of the Cruz team and they all tell me this is not a sign that they are worried Rubio may be encroaching on Cruz, but that they think they are in a comfortable position to win in Iowa and are worried that their win might have to compete with the narrative of a Rubio surge.

    The Cruz team thinks a lot of media voices are more favorable to Rubio than to Cruz. If Rubio is able to come in second place in Iowa or a strong third place finish, the media may very well highlight Rubio’s gains and not Cruz’s stronger position. That would bolster Rubio headed into New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

    So the Cruz camp is going to do its best over the next several days to stop any momentum Rubio might have. At the Fox News debate, a lot of reporters noted several polls have show Rubio gaining ground in Iowa at the last minute as Cruz and Trump battled each other. Iowa is known for doing that.

  81. S
    January 29, 2016 at 1:29 pm
    A business leader deals in the world of tangibles–a bottom line, scarce resources, and if his product fails he is liable. Oh, I know, there is massive corporate fraud, boards tend to cover for people they like, the story told to shareholders is only part of the story. But at the end of the day, they either produce or they are out. Spin doctors cannot save them. And there are legal remedies for abuse.

    A politician deals in the world of intangibles and perceptions–acting rather than producing, pretending to represent the people but in fact supporting the donors, and always, in every conceivable way, placing party loyalty over loyalty to constituent–and screwing a posterity that has no vote. Simply put, to be a politician today is to be fraud. It cannot be otherwise.

  82. foxyladi14
    January 29, 2016 at 10:27 am

    Tru Dat Mormaer. 😀
    Cruz’s idiots say they were blind-sided by Fox. This tells me that Ted and his staff are ninnies. They knew Fox’s version of “Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS” (did you see her HAIR! And that sneer! Flaring horse nostrils!) was hyped up and signalling all week for a throw-down. Who did he think she was going after if her first target was in absentia? The fat boy? Low T Jeb? Cruz should have exited stage right too saying no candidate should be treated like Fox did Trump. BECAUSE… you are next idiot.

  83. Here is an even finer cut:

    The goal of a business leader is to make a profit.

    The goal of a politician is to win elections.

  84. yes Shadow we do still try…a friend of mine invited me to a concert tonight with Colin Hay from Men At Work…I don’t remember being that into them back them but I will check it out…maybe some memories will return

  85. Henry…you are right about OAN…i forgot about them…they are so reliable and cover Donald almost every single day…they are the best channel to actually catch a DT rally…

    I don’t think Comcast carries OAN, at least not here…so that is a big audience that misses out…

  86. I do remember ‘Down Under’…and loved the flute…

    I used to love Ian Anderson and his flute with Jethro Tull

    gotta say it again…great music orginated from those days…

    now they “sample” it all and try to pass it off as their own

  87. I was sorry to see the #’s that watched the debate. I wonder how many tuned in for a very short period just out of curiosity?

  88. Cruz’s idiots say they were blind-sided by Fox. This tells me that Ted and his staff are ninnies. They knew Fox’s version of “Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS” (did you see her HAIR! And that sneer! Flaring horse nostrils!) was hyped up and signalling all week for a throw-down. Who did he think she was going after if her first target was in absentia? The fat boy? Low T Jeb? Cruz should have exited stage right too saying no candidate should be treated like Fox did Trump. BECAUSE… you are next idiot.

    The analogy works in a number of ways.

    I know the actress in question. She was trained by Stella Adler (who was Brando’s teacher). She worked on stage in New York, where things were formal, and came to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune like so many others. She was never more than a b-grade actress, and in Hollywood you have if you are going to make it at all, you need to do it before you are 30. If you do not make it, then it becomes a question of how do you deal with it, when you fail to achieve your fondest dream. Some turn to prostitution, Betty Paton being one example, some end their lives Dorothy Stratton being an example, and some decide there is more to life and it is all just a journey anyway. She lost her bearing and ended up doing that movie, and sequels. She believed it would launch her career. Instead it ended it. This was at a time when directors like independent film maker Roger Corman (Corpseman if you ask Obama), producer David Brown (husband of Helen Girly Brown/Sex and the Single Girl), and even film critic Roger Ebert were pushing the envelope, but there comes a tipping point and she managed to find it. As a result, she left Hollywood, went to Las Vegas, where she and her husband, a lounge singer, had a risque act in downtown, as opposed to the strip. It was the Fremont Hotel, one of the originals, now torn down I suspect. That is where I met both of them, during the 1985 Teamster Convention. The moral to the story is do not be swept away in the moment, because the moment will not last. To thine own self be true. Hollywood, politics, they are all the same. The walk of stars–or the street of diamonds as the Angelinos call it is for most people who pursue it too far the boulevard of broken dreams.

  89. They can’t really say how many people actually tuned in to Trump’s event because they didn’t count C-Span, OAN, YouTube (which I heard one feed had as many as 500,000 watching), and all the live links that were to small TV channel outlets. I started watching on CNN and ended up going to uninterrupted C-Span coverage. There were probably a couple million more than the 2.5 million that watched the major networks.

  90. I have been watching CNN today and they had Hillary on again saying how O would be a great Supreme if he wanted it…how brilliant he is and that he’s a constitutional law scholar. I can’t believe who this woman I once so greatly admired has become. Sorry Shadow, but I dislike her more every time she opens her mouth. How pathetic that she describes this failed lazy fraud of a POTUs in such glowing terms. I’m seriously angry every time she criticizes those of us who want immigration laws enforced as having a “bad tone” and what pathetic racists we are. She spits out the false straw man Dem talking points constantly. Screw her! I would rather have Bernie. She has totally lost my trust and my respect.

    I’m all in for Trump. He is the only candidate running who will create jobs here and many of us are desperate for that.

  91. I don’t think O will be a Supreme Court candidate until he makes 100 million plus like all past presidents after leaving office…His speaking fees to the Euros, UAE, Iranians, and here at home will rival Bills . Maybe in 10 years when he is in his 60’s, kids grown up, and MO senator or President, he will look to go that route.

  92. I don’t think the fraud will ever be a Supreme. He never like to work, he really hasn’t. He just gives speeches and executive orders in between the parties and golfing.

  93. True. I also can’t believe he control’s Hillary’s fate with these emails and that she still may lose to a guy named Bernie Sanders-SMH.

  94. jbstonesfan
    January 29, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    That’s one nasty video from a time when most of the youth were trying to practice Love and Peace during the time many of their friends were drafted into the Viet Nam war.

    The Hell’s Angels were darn nasty in those days. Kind of reminds me of people like Michael Jackson, and Obama hiring the Muslim Brotherhood to protect them.

  95. Let’s see the proof on these emails instead of hanging Hillary by her scrunchie, it is still just media speculation on if she actually broke any laws at all.

  96. OT

    anyone notice the Bernie Sanders campaign has recently adopted the same graphics as daddy Obama’s 2008 campaign? Sans serif Gotham typeface with pantone highlighted blue. Coincidence?

  97. Shadowfax
    January 29, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    Let’s see the proof on these emails instead of hanging Hillary by her scrunchie, it is still just media speculation on if she actually broke any laws at all.

    Shadow, I did not think much of this case initially either. I thought the Bengazi thing was big but that did not happen—of course I saw it as a way hang Obama.

    With 150 FBI agents working on this case, some of them examining tie-ins to CGI which is a hall of mirrors, I am beginning to think my initial reactions were wrong in both cases.

    The reporters are as you suggest shooting in the dark–they don’t know, partisans are hoping for a clean kill–they don’t know either.

    The only thing that makes me think this will have legs is the massive allocation of FBI resources, and the head of that agency does not serve at the pleasure of the presidency.

    Then again I could be wrong again, in which case, my initial reaction would be right, but my initial assumption about Benghazi would still be wrong.

  98. Brett Baier Fox news report tonight, pushed the Rubio-Cruz race to the finish in Iowa non-stop. Not one word about Trump. Must have been the meme at Fox News, no one dare mention Trumps name, or else. Fox makes me sick.

  99. Wbb
    The only thing that makes me think this will have legs is the massive allocation of FBI resources, and the head of that agency does not serve at the pleasure of the presidency.

    Well, the manpower on this might be because she is running for President and if she is guilty of no crime, they want to clear her ASAP, or the reverse, give everyone a heads up before all the primary states vote. Either way, they have to end this search asap for the election’s sake.

  100. Shadowfax, I had the pleasure of meeting the late Mr. Maysles at his studio in Harlem for a fundraiser and saw unreleased footage from Gimme Shelter where the Stones performance was overshadowed by the death of Meredeth Hunter. Many suggest this event was the end of the “Peace and Love” generation exemplified at Woodstock.

  101. I am suspicious of the email stuff due to the timing before Iowa.

    They say they were Top Secret? Based on what? The standard was changing at the time. So they maybe are now, but not when they were sent. I smell bullshit.

  102. Cruz campaign is starting to implode. From the conservative treehouse:

    Report: Seven Cruz campaign staff quit – Campaign legal staff hits exiting campaign workers with legal notices to keep quiet.The stress fractures within the Ted Cruz facade are beginning to reach the point where it’s no longer possible to keep them hidden. (Via CNN)[…] as Cruz appears to be falling farther behind front-runner Donald Trump, his campaign is now looking in the rear-view mirror, concerned that Marco Rubio and the
    rest of the GOP field are closing in.

    There are twitter posts where campaign staff are exposing Cruz for the hypocrite he is.

  103. As I understand it Fox got 12.5 million viewers on their main network for last night’s debate, as compared to the 24 million of the first debate. They are trying to compare it to the debate on the Fox Business Network that got 11 million viewers.

    Of course they are not going to count Trumps viewers accurately.

  104. One closing thought on Meee–again.

    It mormaer’s fault that wonderful comment above.

    There is a film noire classic movie called Framed, featuring Glenn Ford, Barry Sullivan and Edgar Buchanan. The star of that movie, Janis Carter, is a dead ringer for good old meee again. I mean it you put them in the same police line up you could not tell them apart. But the similarity does not end there. The character Carter portrays conspires with an adulterous bank president to embezzle money, stage a fatal accident and she lures a down on his luck engineer (sorry Lu, he just happened to be an engineer) into their web, so he can be the corpus delicti. I will not spoil it for you save to say, there are times when life imitates art, and this happens to be one of them.

  105. Just got another “friend ” email form James Carville. I feel guilty not donating, but I’m just not feeling it now.

  106. Lu4PUMA
    January 29, 2016 at 8:58 pm
    By extrapolation, this being the last debate before the primary, it is reasonable to assume that if they had not set it up to bring down trump then he would have attended, and if he had attended then the would have had an audience of 30 million. Want proof? Try the poll Greta conducted showing that 85% agreed with Trump’s decision not to attend the debate, or the Drudge poll that has him at over 60% of their audience, or the C-SPAN poll referred to above. Mudrock, Ailes and Mee-gain will be hardpressed to put lipstick on that pig (no, I do not mean Obama, this time) I mean the loss of nearly 20 million watchers.

  107. jbstonesfan
    January 29, 2016 at 9:21 pm
    Me too. Not from Carville, but Donna Shalala, and of course Hillary.

    This is what campaigns to, send out letters under somebody else’s name.

    Here is another thing I was wrong about.

    Soros was against Hillary in 2008.

    That is a known fact, first reported here.

    Yet, Chelsea’s wedding reception was held at Soros mansion in New York City.

  108. Soros is virulently anti Israel.

    He would have high donor fundraisers at that mansion, and he would debate with Obama.

    He would take the Palestinian side and let Obama take the Israeli side.

    The sole purpose was to raise money from wealthy Jewish donors.

    When Obama became president, he pursued the Soros agenda, like a heat seeking missile.

  109. jbstonesfan
    January 29, 2016 at 7:43

    I had to google the director and the black man that was murdered by the Hells Angeles because the names didn’t ring a bell.

    Yes, it seems as though things got really ugly at those big concerts. The mixture of massive crowds, heavy drugs (LSD, speed, etc) and the creeps on bikes that were anything but Peace and Love.

    As bad as it was, and it was ugly for those times…I think of all the idiots in gangs with guns that shoot just for the fun of it in our cities. Can’t even flip someone off for cutting in front of you on the freeway, they might pull a gun and cause a massive accident with several deaths.

    I haven’t watched the Stones movie in centuries…I need to put it on my to do list.

  110. When Obama became president, he pursued the Soros agenda, like a heat seeking missile.

    Ol’ Berrycakes is always there for a handout and a script to read on this TP.

  111. Soros is virulently anti Israel.

    He would have high donor fundraisers at that mansion, and he would debate with Obama.

    He would take the Palestinian side and let Obama take the Israeli side.

    The sole purpose was to raise money from wealthy Jewish donors.

    When Obama became president, he pursued the Soros agenda, like a heat seeking missile.

    100% correct wbboei and sadly my Jewish friends , relatives and associates help-elect and re-elect him twice. Obama and Soros were also very successful putting a great divide between many Jewish families and their relationship towards Israel and the democratic party. In the end, all of the politicians are the same..Hillary, Bush, etc..they are owned by the billionaires.

  112. Shadow, funny you are calling him Berrycakes…I’ve been calling him Barrycakes for over a year now when talking with my cousins and you are so right about him.

  113. The base of both parties is sick to death of the status quo because the status quo is not working for them. The establishment may have the money, energy is with the base. Who wants to go listen to Hillary extol the virtues of a man who is wrecking the country and the world. This is why most of us here on this blog hoped she would challenge him in the in 2012, or at least cut him loose and run as the change candidate now. Had she done that, she would not be speechifying to a half empty room.

  114. They can’t really say how many people actually tuned in to Trump’s event because they didn’t count C-Span, OAN, YouTube (which I heard one feed had as many as 500,000 watching), and all the live links that were to small TV channel outlets. I started watching on CNN and ended up going to uninterrupted C-Span coverage. There were probably a couple million more than the 2.5 million that watched the major networks.
    When we draw comparisons we must make sure they are valid–that we are talking about the same thing. We will accept an apples to apples comparison, but we ought not to accept an apples to oranges comparison. Obama’s untermenchen were continually making these apples to oranges comparisons because they could not stand an apples to apples comparison, while the uber corrupt big media uttered nery a peep. And now Fox is doing it. Comparing the audience Trump had for an impromtu event arranged on the spur of the moment, to what a major news network arrange through countless hours of work with multiple candidates is absurd. It is at best an apples to apples comparison, and no one with an IQ above 70 should be persuaded by it. Simply put, it proves nothing. If you want to know what impact Trumps absense had on the debate you need an apples to apples comparison—the first debate vs, the fox debate.

  115. Southern Born
    January 29, 2016 at 11:53 pm
    I’ve been calling him a Dinglebarry to my family.

  116. Edmund Burke, not Reagan, or Goldwater, is the true father of conservatism. And although a member of Parliament he was a great friend of this country, and spoke out for us.

    The RINOs claim Donald is not a conservative, and that they are.

    This begs the question what is a conservative?

    The easy answer from most people today is Reagan, or if they are old enough then Goldwater.

    But the roots of conservatism go back two centuries before that in England to Edmund Burke.

    Therefore, the question is would Burke agree with Trump, or with the RINO.

    In general, Burke favored gradual change, and respect for history.

    That generalization would seem to favor the RINO, as far as it goes.

    N.B. However he made an exception when the society is so rife with corruption

    That it threatens society itself—then he was willing to accept a change agent–like Trump

    In Burke’s day, i.e. the 1770s, the British East India company was the locus of corruption

    Today in America, that same corruption exists in every branch of government

    If we could whistle up Burke to give us his assessment I am confident he would support Trump.

    As Noonan notes, the best wire we have back to Burke is probably Phyllis Shafley.

    The clever thing Palin did in her remarks was to bring up Phyllis Schlafly, still a generally uncredited force in the making of modern conservatism and a brave woman.

    Mrs. Schlafly supports Mr. Trump because she believes the conservative thing to do about a rotting edifice—the Washington political establishment—is to tear it down. Mr. Trump will “defeat the king-makers,” Mrs. Schlafly told

    I’d note that for those who admire the conservative philosopher-statesman Edmund Burke, this sounds radically at odds with his frequent counsel of restraint and respect for history.

    But Mrs. Schlafly’s view, too, has Burkean antecedents. When he thought something so corrupt as to be destructive of British character and national life, he went at it root and branch, as he did with the East India Company, which existed at the heart of and was a symbol of the British establishment. He challenged imperial practices, which is to say imperial corruptions.

    What Mr. Trump really needs is to be endorsed not by Mrs. Palin but by a political figure with stature, some sane member or members or administrations past who could lend him credibility. He needs a gravitas injection. Trumpism suffers among its critics for a reputation for intellectual carelessness—it’s all political joyriding. Mrs. Palin’s presence does nothing to knock that criticism down, and in fact underscores it.

  117. CSPAN may be worth checking on more frequently as the Iowa caucus nears, especially interviews between rallies. And then there’s this chance to see the 3 Clintons together again. I might tune in to see how they interact which each other 8 years later. Airing LIVE Saturday, Jan 30 8:15pm EST on C-SPAN

    Hillary Clinton Campaign Rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea speak at a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  118. Hi everyone!

    Although I have not been posting. I have been keeping up with this site.

    Has anyone heard from ABMO 90? I think that was his ID. You guys keep up the good work.

  119. I think I have been really tripping lately. Roger Stone and his book on the Bush origins, the rinse of Trump and the appearance of the New World Order. I mean, the NWO was the stuff that conspiracy theories were made of. I do not know if it is the internet or the times we live in, but it seems that they have become visible. Like in U-tubes like this: (Long, but well made)

    If I get this, Trump is up against some seriously bad stuff and I do not know how he will not be assassinated. God save us all.

  120. neetabug
    January 30, 2016 at 10:59 am
    Hi Neeta

    No I have heard nothing from our old friend

    I used to speak to him fairly regularly

    He was living alone but his children and grandchildren were around

    Some of them were for Obama so he really valued this blog

    Because it gave him information to persuade them otherwise

    He had too great loves in his life

    Was was for his departed wife who was a painter of some renown

    The other was Hillary and he hoped to live long enough to see her in the Whitehouse

    And when that happened I intended to take him to the inauguration

    Knowing how important this blog was to him, and how much it was a part of his daily life

    My assumption is that he is most likely with his wife by now, and that they are happy.

    He was a war hero–landed at Omaha beach after the initial waive

    And he sent me the map that his unit followed from the beach through the hedges to the battle of the bulge across the seigfried line and into Germany.

    If memory serves, he had an auto repair business.

  121. A reminder!!! 😀

    Iowa Caucus: 2 Days
    New Hampshire Primary: 10 Days
    South Carolina Primary: 21 Days
    Nevada Caucus: 24 Days
    General Election: 283 Days
    Inauguration Day: 356 DaysIowa Caucus: 2 Days
    New Hampshire Primary: 10 Days
    South Carolina Primary: 21 Days
    Nevada Caucus: 24 Days
    General Election: 283 Days
    Inauguration Day: 356 Days

  122. Neetabug,

    So glad to see an old handle. Yes, we have wondered about many, especially ABMO94..I think was his last signage. Wbb and he were close, as above, there was never a more true Hillary supporter than he.

  123. Meantime, vigilantism is emerging in Europe. The following link shows a picture of the so called 15-year-old that killed the Swedish woman working at the migrant center. Does he look 15 to you? All the thugs are claiming to be under age. Then, there have been actual children running in gangs, assaulting and molesting women in particular, and robbing people in the train station. What a mess.

  124. CNN just interviewed Hillary…she said she will fiercely defend President O, that he does not get enough credit for all he has accomplished and she wants to build upon what he has done and do more…

    she talks more about her praise for him than herself…

    she honestly sounds like she is running to endorse him…can’t believe it…

  125. OT…went to that Colin Hay concert last night…Parker Playhouse…beautiful intimate, arty venue with crystal chandeliers all over the place…when the concert starts they are all on low light dimmers…(love that)

    amazing that one person can have so much talent…he is 62, was with ‘Men At Work’ band for 4 years in the 80’s…orgininally from Scotland but moved to Australia with his family

    anyway…now a solo artist…comes on a low lit stage with 4 beautiful guitars sitting behind him…he has all these wry, ironic, very funny stories he tells in between songs…

    the man has perfect pitch, you may recognize his voice if you pull up his music…writes his music…beautiful lyrics…great stories, had everyone laughing and clapping(and for anyone who loves guitars…gorgeous…how I miss all those beautiful guitars (and lyrics) from the Boomers heydays compared to some of this really crude rap…

    if he comes to your town worth checking out…

  126. S
    January 30, 2016 at 1:12 pm
    CNN just interviewed Hillary…she said she will fiercely defend President O, that he does not get enough credit for all he has accomplished and she wants to build upon what he has done and do more…

    she talks more about her praise for him than herself…

    she honestly sounds like she is running to endorse him…can’t believe it…

    Like the downfall of a Wagnerian Opera/

    Praying for no indictment.

    Praying for a pardon if there is one.

    Hoping to ensure Soros support.

    Hoping the jerbel will not take her down and run another candidate

    Praying that Comey and his accountants do not do a proctological examination of CGI

    And discover what is really in that little shop of horrors–gun running etc.

    Both parties are up to their necks in this business

    Rice and her husband made 36 million doing this stuff

    Merchants of death is what they used to call them

    Today it is the same gig as politicians play with the gangs of Chicago—buy them off

    Brennan is the perfect CIA head to engage in this shit

    Even the elites do not like him

    But he is there for a reason

    The problem with this approach to foreign policy is what we suggested the other day

    When you bribe the bad guys you are not buying peace.

    You are subsidizing bad behavior, which produces what? More bad behavior.

  127. Catherine Herrige of FOX is an extraordinary reporter—and human being. I say this not because she graduated from Harvard and Columbia School of journalism. Too many phonies have gone that route for me to accord it the weight some people do. I say it because she is a person of character–when her infant son was born with a liver problem, she did not pull strings to jump to the head of a donor line, which most elite would do in this situation, as a simple matter of noblesse oblige, knowing that could cost the life of some other child whose parents did not have their connection. Catherine did the right thing, and donated a part of her own life to save him. That is the badge of credibility, and it comes across in her reporting which has no trace of bias motive or interest. Like here:
    Fox News: Contacts in the FBI and DOJ are ‘Super Pissed Off’ at the White House

    According to Fox News’ chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge, her contacts in the FBI and DOJ are “super pissed off” at what White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said about Hillary Clinton’s email problems Friday. “That’s not something I’m worried about,” he told reporters at the daily briefing.

    Earnest threw cold water on predictions that Hillary Clinton will face a Justice Department indictment for mishandling classified information on her private and unsecure email server while secretary of State..

    “That will be a decision that will be made by the Department of Justice,” he said. “Some officials have said she is not the target of the investigation and it does not seem to be the direction in which it is trending.”
    Pressed again on whether he believed Clinton could get indicted, Earnest said firmly: “It doesn’t seem to be headed in that direction.”

    Catherine Herridge told Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Friday evening that her sources in the FBI and Justice Department have “their backs up” over Earnest’s comments.

    “That statement by Josh Earnest has got the back up of our contacts at the FBI and Justice Department for two reasons… They are super pissed off – to use a technical term. Number one, Josh Earnest has absolutely no clearance or visibility in the FBI investigation. Number two, they say it really seems part of a troubling pattern from the White House because the president earlier said he did not see any national security implications to the Clinton emails and then we found out he had never been briefed.”

    Herridge said that by “weighing in and leaving the public with an impression that is not backed up by the evidence in the case,” the White House was making the situation even more political than it needed to be.

    When she mentioned the “troubling pattern from the White House,” Herridge was referring to the October 60 Minutes interview in which the president called Clinton’s use of a private server “a mistake,” but said it had not endangered national security. He said the issue was being “ginned up” into an attack by Republicans for political reasons.

    FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee in December that the president does not receive briefings on the investigation, so he would have no way of knowing how serious it is.

    Comey said, “anybody’s view about an investigation they’re not involved in is irrelevant. We care about finding out what is true and doing that in a competent, honest and independent way. I promise you that’s the way we conduct ourselves.”

    By a strange coincidence, Friday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the panel discussed the latest scuttlebutt on the FBI investigation, and what the White House knows.

    Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin told Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that “there are some people in the White House who are starting to talk about this.”
    Halperin said though it is unclear to him whether White House officials know what is happening, “the body language among some Obama Administration official is, ‘This is more serious, and something’s gonna happen.’”
    So, according to Washington insider Mark Halperin, the White House knows full well how serious the situation is for Hillary, yet Josh Earnest was sent out there to offer this Gruberesque nonsense: “Some officials have said she is not the target of the investigation and it does not seem to be the direction in which it is trending.”

    Strange days.

  128. The prior statement by Obama, and the recent statement by buttboy Ernst suggest that the Administration will not indict Hillary, if the FBI investigation concludes there are grounds to do so, and recommends such action. Instead, they will turn instead on key players in the FBI, alleging that this is all one more Republican plot. This is what my clairvoyant friend sees happening here. The length of time they held on to Sebelius before finally cutting her loose supports this theory. Hillary is not the problem here. Its the whole political class that is the problem. Their corruption is so pervasive that it threatens to destroy the national character and political life. We are, therefore, at one of those critical moments that Edmund Burke spoke of when the status quo cannot go on, and we must not be seduced by those who urge complacency, or tell us all would be fine if we simply replaced corrupt democrats with corrupt Republicans. From Roberts to McConnell to Obama, the whole edifice stinks, and is pushing this nation toward irreversible decline. Corruption will do that if it is permitted to flourish as it clearly has up until now, and is allowed to go on.


    More than half (51%) of Muslims in America believe they should “have the choice of being governed according to Sharia.” Only 39% of those polled said that Muslims in the U.S. should be subject to American courts. Nearly a quarter believed that, “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.” Nearly one-fifth of Muslim respondents said that the use of violence in the U.S. is justified in order to make Sharia the law of the land in this country. – Poll commissioned by the Center for Security Policy, Washington, D.C.

  130. Its always amusing to watch people who are not very smart, like the journalist at Mediate (run by msnbc retread dan abraams whose father floyd is a big name press right to be ridiculous first amendment attorney) come up with the right analogy to describe a situation, and then turn around and apply it exactly backwards. I fell out of my chair laughing when I saw those lefties say that Trump is like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, stalking Mee-again Kelley. It is so obvious that the opposite is true, that I begin to suspect that the writer has lost his marbels. From the first debate, to the aftermath, to the snarky comments in Vanity Fair, to the wink and nod to her audience about what she would do to Trump in the debate, there is no question who the stalker was, and is. For this yo you to reach the opposite conclusion suggests a cognitive problem on is part, in which case he should keep his mouth shut and be thought a fool, rather than opening his mouth and removing all doubt.

  131. Twisting In the Wind. Let us pray his neck snaps soon. The agony of listening to him is unbearable.
    David Brooks is freaking out: Why the voice of the conservative establishment is finally panicking
    The NYT columnist has been going through the five stages of grief in full public view. What’s next?


    David Brooks is freaking out: Why the voice of the conservative establishment is finally panicking
    David Brooks (Credit: AP/Nam Y. Huh)

    David Brooks is in a dark place. The New York Times opinion columnist most famous for being the sort of mild, elitist, milquetoast pundit who parlays anodyne snobbery and Washington insider status into $4 million worth of “vast spaces for entertaining” has been notoriously going through some sort of mid-life crisis online for months now.

    Whatever the turmoil in his personal life that may have led him to start penning columns that sound as if they were written by the spoiled offspring of Marcel Proust and Frank Bascombe, there can be no doubt that the state of his beloved Republican Party’s primary has contributed to his despair.

    His latest scream into the abyss that Donald Trump has the GOP dangling over is, so far, the apotheosis of this trend (at least until he files a column written in all caps — which we can expect no later than the beginning of April if Trump or Cruz somehow wraps up the nomination early). But before I get to that, let’s take a quick look at Brooks’s sharp descent into madness.

    On August 4, less than two months after Trump announced his candidacy, Brooks wrote a column titled “Donald Trump’s Allure: Ego as Ideology.” The piece’s tone was one of dispassionate analysis and condescending amusement. There is some generic musing on the American public’s mindset in times of both prosperity and turmoil, a citation from a decades-old study of a working-class white neighborhood by a sociologist, and a hand-waving dismissal of Trump’s staying power because “his populism is pretty standard” and he has taken some liberal positions in the past.

    You see, Brooks seems to be reassuring himself as much as his readers, the conservative mind is a rational one, and soon enough it will come to its senses and forget this Trump foolishness.

    A month later, Brooks was still not panicking. On September 8 he published a column titled “The Anti-Party Men: Trump, Carson, Sanders and Corbyn.” In it, he flatly dismissed the possibility that Trump, Ben Carson, or Bernie Sanders is electable to the presidency, whil

    These four men all have a “cult of personality” surrounding them that has fueled their popularity, abetted by the decaying of civic institutions. Still, Brooks is pretty sure that voters will eventually come back to the traditional candidates who can build coalitions and govern.

    But by the end of October, enough doubt about Trump’s allegedly inevitable collapse had crept into Brooks’s mind that he felt compelled to write “A Sensible Version of Donald Trump.” Picking up from a throwaway paragraph at the end of his last Trump-themed column, this piece is the equivalent of the “bargaining” stage on the Kubler-Ross model.

    In it, Brooks imagines (and writes in the first person) a speech by a politician running for president who will not lecture his opponents about their moronic positions and “low energy” like some sort of philistine reality TV show host.

    No, this avatar is instead a calm, social policy-oriented technocrat talking about some of the conservative policy prescriptions that soothe the anxieties of David Brooks. This candidate talks about school choice and expanding the influence of churches in their communities. He lectures his supporters about their predilection for making poor moral choices like having children out of wedlock. There is not even the thought of a nod to the economic and social pressures on the working poor that often leaves individuals with nothing but terrible choices.

    This candidate, in other words, is David Brooks if he ever felt like doing anything besides riding the Acela between his $4 million house and a television studio.

    Less than six weeks later, Brooks was in full-on denial. His December 4 column, “No, Donald Trump Won’t Win,” reads like the dream journal of a man clinging to the last shard of his rationality with all his fading strength. After starting off comparing Trump to a snazzy rug he saw while shopping for new carpet, Brooks goes into some generic babble about how the voters might flirt with the pretty, shiny object. But “the voting booth focuses the mind,” forcing the voter to confront the stark consequences of voting for the dazzling, seizure-inducing beauty of a fancy rug over the simple, durable, beige wall-to-wall carpet that can withstand years of abuse from pets, children, and your drunk aunt spilling her eggnog on it at the holidays. Surely this will happen with the GOP’s primary voters, or else David Brooks has wasted his life.

    Then, by last week, Brooks was in a panic. His January 19 column, “Time for a Republican Conspiracy!” excoriates his party for failing to stand up to the Trump-Cruz juggernauts. He finally recognizes what has been obvious to others for years: That GOP voters are not really as anti-government as they appear. He misses the ever-present corollary, which is that conservative voters favor government when its benefits go to them, not to those lazy welfare moochers that every GOP candidate for over 40 years has brandished to scare people into voting Republican. Which is a little like missing the shark in “Jaws” even after it has thrown itself over the gunwales and eaten Quint.

    Do something! Do anything! Brooks pleads with the party. But don’t give up and cede the nomination to the vile hucksters who combine to attract over 50 percent of your voters!

    Which leads us to this Tuesday’s piece, titled “Stay Sane, America! Please!” It starts off with a vision of David Brooks’s version of hell, where either Trump, Cruz, or Bernie Sanders has ascended the steps of the U.S. Capitol to take the presidential oath of office:

    “I am going to spend every single day between now and then [Inauguration Day] believing that neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz nor Bernie Sanders will be standing on that podium. One of them could win the election, take the oath, give the speech and be riding down Pennsylvania Avenue. I will still refuse to believe it.”

    As the kids say, lighten up, Francis. That’s approximately 358 days of sweating over the Apocalypse, and that’s a lot of strain on a 54-year-old heart.

    Brooks spends the rest of the column coming up with six reasons why maybe there is still hope that someone will rescue him from his waking nightmare. Primary campaigns aren’t settled in February, Trump and Sanders could have turnout problems, America has never elected a president so “maximally extreme from the political center,” which would be a surprise to all the members of his party who have spent seven years complaining that Barack Obama has turned the country into a centralized socialist hellhole.

    Brooks ends his column by going all in on a hope sweeping the Republican establishment that has recently been noted elsewhere. Namely, that Marco Rubio will ride in on a white horse (from his current position 30 points behind Trump in the national polling averages – and dropping) to save America. Or at least the GOP. Or at least David Brooks.

    One is tempted to laugh at the sight of a man who has spent his entire public career lecturing the masses for their poor morals, their sloth and laziness and indolence towards their social betters like David Brooks, suddenly freaking out because the masses have caught onto the game and are now marching on his mansion to squat in the parlor and track dirt all over his beautiful new rugs. Cheer up, Mr. Brooks. If your terrible vision of Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders taking the oath of office comes to pass, maybe your native country will offer you asylum.

  132. Lu–as you know oil price and inflation are the two drivers of the stock market and oil is at a long time low. Here is a good assessment of the situation by Dr. Ken Moores who is more of an expert on the subject than most of us will ever be. This also suggests why the Iran deal was pushed, apart from the fact that Kerry is the father in law of the son of the Iranian he is negotiating with. So corrupt.

    Saudi Arabia’s Oil “Proposal” – Here’s What’s Really Going On
    by DR. KENT MOORS | published JANUARY 29TH, 2016

    Yesterday, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak claimed that Saudi Arabia had proposed a 5% cut in oil production.

    That set the oil price rollercoaster off and running, with crude prices shooting up to levels not seen in a month.

    As of close of oil trade yesterday (2:30 pm Eastern), West Texas Intermediate (WTI) – the New York benchmark oil rate – was up 7.7% since Monday, with the first three-day price rise of the year.

    There is only one problem.

    My contacts in OPEC and Saudi Arabia tell me that things look very different behind the scenes.

    Here’s what’s really going on…

    Saudi Arabia Can Weather Low Oil Prices… For a While

    Despite the Russian Energy Minister’s claims, my contacts in Saudi Arabia and OPEC categorically state that no offer to cut production was made.

    At least not formally.

    Welcome to what is becoming the latest geopolitical game of smoke and mirrors.

    It’s déjà vu all over again.

    These last two days remind me of the meetings I had recently in Abu Dhabi. Once again, an apparent move to engineer a reduction in oil production is scuttled by the recalcitrance of one of the main players.

    As I have written on several recent occasions, the attempt to forge a workable cut in production is a very dicey one. The Saudis continue to maintain a posture of defending market share by driving other producers to cut production first.

    In theory, Riyadh can do this because it has the cheapest production costs – rumored to be less than $12 a barrel on average. This has always been difficult to substantiate given that basic data has been unavailable since the Saudis took over Aramco in 1979.

    The trial balloon floated recently – the idea that the Saudi government may be interested in privatizing a portion of what is now Saudi Aramco – is intriguing in this respect. It would at last allow outside folks to have access to some real reserve, cost, and profit figures.

    Still, it’s clear that the Saudis can weather a low price of oil better than anybody else.

    Even so, they have been forced to reenter the global financial markets for the first time in years, while significantly revising the budget by cutting expenses and introducing new taxes.

    Only Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are similarly situated financially, although both are feeling the strain of $30 a barrel oil.

    Things look very different for the remaining OPEC members…

    OPEC Can’t Agree On What to Do

    All other OPEC members – especially Venezuela, Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, and Ecuador – have long since become budgetary basket cases. So it should come as no surprise that they are pushing for Saudi Arabia and OPEC to coordinate a cut in oil production.

    Saudi Arabia Seems Intent to Meet My Predictions…
    The 5% cut in oil production mentioned by the Russian Energy Minister is interesting in yet another respect.

    This number just happens to be the level mentioned in every single foreign meeting I have had on the subject of oil since OPEC refused to reduce production during a meeting in Vienna on Thanksgiving 2014.

    At current levels, 5% amounts to about 4.6 million barrels a day worldwide.

    Factoring in the expected rise in global demand, the expected sustainable Iranian and Iraqi flows, and the emergence of American exports on the world scene, a cut in production of that size would allow a price of about $45 a barrel by June, approaching $60 by the end of the year.

    Or to put it another way, the price of oil I predicted at the end of 2015.

    [Editor’s Note: In case you missed it, click here to read Kent’s oil price forecast for 2016.]

    A production cut, if it could be set in place and it stuck, would raise the price of oil and improve revenue flow. But some of the damage already endured will be hard to overcome.

    And then there is Iran and Iraq. Both are members of OPEC but have not had a monthly quota assigned by the cartel in decades. Iran is eager to move as much new production into the export pipeline as possible now that Western sanctions have ended.

    Yet, as I have noted here in Oil & Energy Investor on several occasions, field integrity, support, and infrastructure problems are endemic in Iran.

    An initial rise of 500,000 barrels a day from the country is possible but without significant (and immediate) Western finance and expertise, such a rise is not sustainable.

    Then there is the contract outside companies have to use inside Iran.

    Since the 1979 Revolution and Constitution, foreign entities are not allowed to own land or raw materials in Iran. That makes any move to the more appealing approaches of partnerships or joint venture agreements impossible.

    Instead, the current buyback accords are brutal and time-consuming to negotiate. They provide no incentive to improve on agreed production levels, provide no compensation if market or technical factors move in the wrong direction, and specifically prevent companies from placing any portion of reserves on their books.

    The outside company pays for everything and then is reimbursed in kind (with a portion of the oil realized).

    Things aren’t much better in Iraq…

    Iraq’s Oil Production is in Danger

    When it comes to Iraq, despite much optimism from Baghdad, the official production targets are simply unattainable. Concerns over ISIS in the north and rising Shiite political opposition (supported by neighboring Iran) in the south place a political cloud over sustained production.

    Here as well there are contract problems.

    Iraq uses service agreements whereby outside companies are paid for each barrel produced beyond a contracted level. Once again, there is little incentive in improving production since the return is insufficient.

    There are also infrastructure problems here, especially in treatment and pipeline systems.

    Political infighting in Baghdad has prevented finalization of essential legislation on oil production and profit sharing between regions. The nation’s basic oil law has been in limbo for more than a decade.

    Combined with the continuing acrimony between the central government and the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in the north, foreign companies are holding back.

    What we have, then, is a situation where OPEC can’t even police itself internally, as cartel members oversell in the current low price environment to realize any possible revenues but end up depressing prices further.

    That’s even before the uncertain addition of Iran and Iraq are figured in.

    All of which puts into question the ability of Saudi Arabia or OPEC to entice production cuts with primary outside producers.

    Instead, two non-OPEC countries are now of primary importance…

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