We’ve Got The Transcript!!! Of Fox News #GOPDebate Without @RealDonaldTrump

Update: Open thread: Trump versus O’Reilly. Actions speak louder than words. Trump is fearless going on O’Reilly. Why would anyone spin the line that Trump is somehow “afraid” of Megyn Kelly?

Trump is on Fox News to attack Fox News! Make Fox News Great Again??? Who else would dare pull out of a debate a few days away from a close contest in Iowa then attack Fox News on Fox News?

Trump has announced his appearance at Drake University for wounded veterans which will air opposite the #2 #GOPDebate.


We’ve obtained the transcript of the next GOP debate before Iowa votes via special powers which include but are not limited to witchcraft, channeling, and crystal balls – all conducted with special exemptions provided us by Iowa evangelicals so we are clear on the satanism charge.

After the transcript we will provide analysis, as only we can, of what it all means. Here’s the transcript of the Fox News GOP Debate this Thursday without Donald Trump:

First question from Megyn Kelly: Our first question goes to all the candidates, take as much time as you wish on this one. Our question is “How bad is Donald Trump? Is Donald Trump afraid of me? Is it worse that Donald Trump is a coward who is afraid of me, as my friend Michael Moore believes, or is it that he is just plain evil and wants to destroy this wonderful Fox News which we all know is fair and balanced, or is Donald Trump a monster created from radioactive materials??? Take your time to explore all these possibilities, candidates. We’ll start with the great man Donald Trump declared to be “low energy” the wonderful scion of the Jeb family, Jeb!”

Jeb Bush: Thank you Megyn Kelly, you are wonderful. Yes, everything you “asked” about Donald Trump is true. Donald Trump is evil. He mocked me as “low energy” even though my mother and all my friends know I drink Red Bull and am a real powerhouse. Yes, Donald Trump is evil, but the real evil is Marco Rubio. You know Marco Rubio is a liar and a back-stabber…

Megyn Kelly: This is not about little Marco Rubio and his big lies. I only want to know how bad Donald Trump is.

Jeb Bush: Megyn, Donald Trump is bad, but Marco Rubio is afraid of me because I am now #2 in New Hampshire. We all know Donald Trump is going to win in Iowa and New Hampshire so this race is now about who will be #2 and I am a real #2.

Marco Rubio: You are a real #2 Jeb, every time I go to the bathroom I think of you. But the ultimate #2 is Ted Cruz, that slimy liar who lies about everything. Ted Cruz pretends he is against amnesty for illegal immigrants but he is lying about this just as he is lying about TPP and liar Cruz…

Megyn Kelly: Stick to the topic! How bad is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz: Oh, Megyn. Thank you to Fox News for holding this fair and balanced debate in fair and balanced Iowa with all the wonderful people of Iowa here and I could not be happier with the people of Iowa and the wonderful opportunity to be with the people of Iowa and you Megyn. Megyn, Donald Trump is evil. He hates you because you are beautiful and desirable. But Donald Trump hates the people of Iowa because he won’t come here and bring up the ratings for this debate. Megyn as you know, because you are well informed and wonderful, I have challenged Donald Trump to a one on one debate…

Chris Christie: Yeah, right, Ted. Donald said he’ll debate you in Canada you scumbag…

Megyn Kelly: This is about how bad Donald Trump is. Stick to the issues. We have a young and attractive illegal immigrant and a young and attractive proud Muslim woman waiting in the wings to attack Trump so let’s keep this show moving.

Rand Paul: Megyn, Megyn, can I respond? Can I respond? I never get a chance to respond. But now with Donald Trump hanging out with wounded warriors I get a chance. Can I respond? Can I respond?

Megyn Kelly: Go ahead Ron, respond. Tell us how bad Donald Trump is.

Rand Paul: Megyn, Megyn, back when I had a chance to win Iowa I warned the nation against Trump. Now I am rock bottom so let me try to kick up. Trump is bad. But you know who is really bad. Marco Rubio is really bad. Marco is…

Megyn Kelly: This is about how bad Trump is not that sniveling little high-heeled ex-con. How bad is Trump?

Ben Carson: I too was once on top until Donald Trump made fun of me. I once was a sturgeon. I mean I once was a surgeon and a wannabee president until Trump beat me up. That all I have to say except that we should all be wonderful and I have a wonderful wife and you are wonderful too Kelly Megyn.

Jeb Bush: Let’s not forget how bad Marco Rubio is.

Marco Rubio: It’s time for a new generation of leadership. Everyone is tired of the Bushes and the Clintons. But we need someone from the new generation who is wonderful, like me. We don’t need liars like Ted Cruz…

Ted Cruz: Donald Trump is bad.

Chris Christie: You’re worst you lying Canadian.

Ted Cruz: You’re fat!

Marco Rubio: But you’re a fat liar TED.

Jeb Bush: You’re short you little high heeled twerp with the arrest record.

Megyn Kelly: Let’s bring on the Muslim woman to tell Iowa how bad Donald Trump is, and you are all forbidden to mention Islamic terrorism….

The debate goes downhill from there. We won’t bore you with the rest of the transcript.

Now for some analysis.

As we have discussed before, we believe Trump is in a win/win/win/ and we’ll add an additional “win”, position in this fight. Trump’s fight with Fox News is a much needed push back against Big Media. For too long Big Media has polluted, not informed, our campaigns and debates. Big Media personalities inject their manufactured “personalities” into everything as if Americans care a whit about them.

Donald Trump demonstrates great strength, not by talking, but by doing. Trump’s fight against his strongest opponent, which is Fox News and the interests Fox News represents (such as illegal immigration amnesty and protection of powerful elites such as the Bush clan) is a display of power. Trump has Fox News on the ropes, bleeding:

Trump’s Debate Boycott Throws Fox News Into Chaos

Tonight, Donald Trump’s months-long war with Fox News entered a chaotic and — for both sides — perilous new phase when Trump called Roger Ailes’s bluff and announced he was boycotting Fox’s debate to protest Megyn Kelly’s aggressive coverage of his campaign. Instead, Trump said he would host his own Iowa town hall to raise money for veterans and let other networks cover it. One clear sign of the gravity of tonight’s development is the sense of confusion that is swirling throughout Fox. The network is split between Kelly’s allies like Brit Hume and conservative anchors that are furious that Kelly — who graces the cover of Vanity Fair this month — has become the face of the network. An anchor fumed that Kelly hosted Michael Moore on her program tonight and the lefty filmmaker defended her against Trump. “That would be like Rachel Maddow laughing along with Charles Koch as he trashed Hillary Clinton!” the anchor said. One producer speculated that Fox could go “National Review” on Trump and start attacking him.

For Trump, the political risks are obvious: His absence from the Fox stage just four days before the Iowa Caucus provides his rivals with a prime-time platform to tee off on him with no chance for him to fire back. For Ailes, the risks are less immediate, but potentially as consequential to maintaining his power. No matter how loudly GOP candidates complained about Fox’s loutish politics in private, none risked taking Ailes on in public for fear of losing access to this crucial constituency — until Trump, that is. Even if Trump’s boycott backfires, he’s already achieved a historic victory: exploding the myth that a Republican candidate can’t openly challenge Fox.

Trump fights Big Media and demonstrates not only self-respect, but strategic/tactical savvy and a powerful sense of leadership as well. Trump has taken a huge risk but the rewards are great as well.

But the risks are not as bad as portrayed by many in Big Media. As our “transcript” reveals most of the conventional analysis about the candidates attacking Trump at the debate is quite misguided. Remember that joke against lawyers being chased by the wild animal? One lawyer puts on her running shoes and the other lawyer says “you can’t outrun” the animal. The other lawyer responds “I don’t have to outrun the animal, I have to outrun you.”

That’s what will happen in the Fox News debate. There will be obligatory attacks against Trump – but LESS attacks than if Trump were there. If Trump appeared at the debate he would, as the leader of the race in every state including Iowa, be under relentless attack. Trump would also bring millions of eyeballs and ears to hear others attack him. It makes no sense for Trump to boost ratings for a show that will trash him.

Most importantly, after each candidate lobs a nasty remark against Trump they will take advantage of the additional time to take down their real opponent. Jeb Bush’s real opponent now is Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio’s real opponent now is Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz’s real opponent now is Donald Trump so he will attack Donald Trump but that will come at the expense of defenselessness against the ceaseless attacks against him from Marco Rubio. Who wins as every candidate tries to outrun the other candidate? Trump. Trump – not shaken, but stirred up to fight.

It is Fox News that is shaken to the foundations. Fox News and Fox Business are waging a campaign of unfair and unbalanced coverage to try to destroy Trump. They try to say Trump is “hiding” and “afraid”. The problem with those charges is that his very persona proves that Trump is courageous and fearless and certainly does run away from any fight. It is Fox News that attacks out of fear:

And while the network appears to be publicly siding with Kelly, who is still set to moderate Thursday’s debate, the network is also reportedly trying to privately plead with Trump the best way they know how – through the women in his life.

Joe Scarborough, who has a close relationship with many people at Fox News, revealed on Morning Joe Wednesday morning that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes had been trying to contact both Ivanka and Melania Trump hoping they could convince Trump to change his mind, but that Trump would only speak to Rupert Murdoch.

Trump may be able to address some of these issues and claims Wednesday night as he is set to appear on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor.

Think about that: Donald Trump is going on Fox News to attack Fox News!!! Donald Trump is going on Fox News to attack Fox News. And Fox News is too weak to do anything about it other than undermine their “fair and balanced” slogan with 24/7 “unfair and unbalanced” coverage.

With an ordinary candidate in an ordinary election, Fox News would be in a strong position, able to attack the candidate 24/7. But Donald J. Trump is anything but an ordinary candidate in an ordinary election. Fox News attacks Trump, but Trump is not limited to Fox News.

Every other network that will not cover the Fox News debate, in other words, every other network, will love the counter-programming that Donald Trump provides. Not only do other networks get to bash Fox News. The other networks get a ratings bonanza with coverage of Trump and the wounded warriors. The wounded warriors win. Trump wins. The other networks win. Fox News loses.

Ted Cruz is the only one that can make a claim that Trump’s absence profits him. That’s why Ted Cruz has been everywhere mocking Trump. No one believes Cruz when he says Trump is afraid. No one believes Ted Cruz when he claims that his attacks are on behalf of the wonderful people of Iowa. The only Cruz attack that resonated with the attention hungry Iowa GOP was his demand that Trump debate him one-on-one. Pity that with one Tweet, Trump stomped Cruz:

Donald Trump would be happy to debate Ted Cruz “mano-a-mano.” Or as they might say in some parts of Canada, “tête-à-tête.”

Trump on Thursday answered Ted Cruz’s call for a “mano-a-mano” Lincoln-Douglas debate with yet another retort about the Texas senator’s Canadian origins.

“Even though I beat him in the first six debates, especially the last one, Ted Cruz wants to debate me again. Can we do it in Canada?” he tweeted.

The Republican National Committee banned as moderators NRO and NBC because of their bias. Yet the RNC does nothing to block Megyn Kelly who demonstrates her bias against a candidate every day. At the very least Megyn Kelly should recuse herself and not make herself the story. This is supposed to be about the voters, right?

Doesn’t Fox News have any other “personality”? Fox News has plenty of tough anchors and smart women (Martha MacCallum, Harris Faulkner for instance) that can moderate a debate and not bring the same problems as Kelly Megyn or Megyn Kelly what every she’s called (h/t to Stump for Trump girls)?

The hope at Fox News is that Trump will be universally attacked from the right. Ain’t happenin’:

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, meanwhile, sided with Trump on the dispute. “Fox News was acting like they had been jilted at the altar,” Limbaugh said on Wednesday.

Nobody since the Kennedy family has had such an outsize influence on the media, Limbaugh mused to listeners. And the Kennedys “are pikers compared to the way Trump is doing this,” he added.

Screw the rules, he’s saying,” Limbaugh remarked, according to a transcript, talking through Trump’s reasoning. “Why should I willingly give them another shot at me in a circumstance they control, why should I do it? What’s the sense in it for me? I’m leading; I’m running the pack here; why in the world should I put myself in that circumstance? I’ve already seen what’s gonna happen.

Limbaugh is not alone on the right in his defense of Trump as Breitbart weighs in with the Fox News agenda:

The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group

At a press event Tuesday evening, Trump seemed to cite disparate treatment from the network as his reasoning for not participating. “What’s wrong over there, something’s wrong,” Trump said of the “games” Roger Ailes and the network are “playing.”

In asking the question of “what’s wrong over there?” Trump has shined a spotlight on one of Washington’s best kept secrets: namely, Fox’s role via its founder Rupert Murdoch in pushing an open borders agenda. The Trump campaign is a direct threat to Murdoch’s efforts to open America’s borders. Well-concealed from virtually all reporting on Fox’s treatment of Trump is the fact that Murdoch is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in country, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

In addition to blanketing the country, media, and politicians with literature, advertisements, and a barrage of lobbyists pushing for open border immigration policies, the Partnership for A New American Economy (PNAE) was a prime lobbyist for one of the biggest open borders pushes in American history: Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill.

The trap was set for Donald Trump. Pretty and young Muslim, pretty and young illegal immigrant, the designated official attack dogs for Fox News to take down Trump:

“We have a presidential candidate whose loudest message reeks of hatred and Islamophobia… turning on the news now is scary, and oftentimes, humiliating,” the Muslim woman, Nabela Noor, says in a December YouTube video.

She admits to becoming a Muslim political activist amid the growing criticism of Islam’s doctrines. “The current social environment for Muslims today is not safe or just… as a Muslim American, I felt like I needed to use my voice,” she claimed.

Noor also urged her YouTube viewers to rally against critics of Islam. “I’m so thankful for those who speak up and out against anti-Islamic speech and ideologies. Our community needs more allies like you, but we have a long way to go,” she said.

This Nabela Noor was to be an official questioner, in other words a Fox News attack dog against Trump. Trump dodged the trap. Dulce Candy, or sweet candy, was the illegal immigrant prepped by Fox News to snarl at Trump. Now Dulce and Nabela can attack the other candidates.

Little wonder then that before Trump left the building, Megyn Kelly TweetedThis race will look totally different, I promise, on Friday than it does today.” The trap was set, but the wily fox escaped.

Pat Buchanan, from the right too, defends Trump:

Buchanan said, “He’s got a perfect right to drop out of the debate. They baited him, they taunted him and they disrespected him in a mock news release and he simply decided—look if that’s the way you are going to treat me go ahead have your debate and I’m not attending. I mean you got a perfect right to do that. CNBC I think has been dropped out of a debate because of the handling by the moderators. National Review has been dropped out of a debate after it launched an all out attack on Trump. And so Trump responds and says I’m not going to be in the debate. I think he’s made the right decision from his standpoint and I hope he stands by it.”

Trump? A new poll from Iowa:

Another Iowa poll shows Trump keeps his lead in the Hawkeye – Monmouth University: Trump 30, Cruz 23, Rubio 16, Carson 10, Bush 4

Trump is in the lead everywhere. Trump fought as we suggested he should with a boycott of the Fox News debate. Instead of Bernie Sanders, we’ll see honorable wounded warriors.

In New Hampshire Jeb Bush has crawled to #2. It’s a fix folks. It’s either Bush or Trump. And Trump is #1 pissing on #2.

At the debate the #2s will be #2ing each other. It’s a dog eat dog world for the second slot at the Fox News GOP debate. #1 Trump won’t be with the #2s. Trump has other things to do – like win.


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  1. Wily fox Donald Trump, versus dumb Fox News:


    As the war between Fox News and Donald Trump ratchets up, Roger Ailes is fighting off criticism from his senior executives over his handling of the crisis. According to one highly placed source, last night, Ailes sent out the now-famous statement mocking Trump as being scared to meet with the “Ayatollah” and “Putin” if he became president. “That was Roger 100 percent,” the source explained. “A lot of people on the second floor” — where top Fox executives work — “didn’t think it was a good idea.”

    Fox executives are also troubled that Ailes’s principal adviser right now is his longtime personal lawyer and Fox & Friends contributor Peter Johnson Jr. “He wrote the statement with Peter,” the source explained. “Peter is running the war room,” another Ailes friend told me. Fox executives are worried that Ailes is relying on an attorney with scant communications experience as the network is reeling from the biggest PR crisis in recent memory. Historically, during a crisis like this Ailes would have huddled with his veteran communications guru Brian Lewis. But Ailes fired Lewis in 2013 over his concerns that Lewis had been a source for my 2014 Ailes biography. Since Lewis’s ouster, Johnson has taken on the role of media counselor. [snip]

    New signs emerged today at just how frantic Ailes has become to get Trump back to the table. The two men have not spoken since yesterday, sources told me. This morning, Joe Scarborough reported that Ailes called Trump’s daughter Ivanka and wife, Melania, to get through to the GOP front-runner. But Trump is saying he’ll only talk to Rupert Murdoch directly. In a further challenge to Ailes’s power, Bill O’Reilly is scheduled to host Trump. Last night, Ailes directed Sean Hannity to cancel Trump’s interview. O’Reilly’s refusal to abide by a ban adds a new dynamic to the clash of egos. For O’Reilly, this is an opportunity to take back star power from Kelly. Sources say O’Reilly feels he made Kelly’s career by promoting her on his show, and he’s been furious that Kelly surpassed him in the ratings.

    Trump attacks Fox News on Fox News! Chaos at Fox News ensues.

  2. Our very early analysis is now conventional wisdom:


    Cruz Allies Say Trump Win in Iowa Could Make Him Unstoppable
    Texas senator and his campaign step up attacks after businessman says he would skip Fox debate

    KEOSAUQUA, Iowa—If Ted Cruz doesn’t stop Donald Trump in Iowa, his allies worry he may never have another chance.

    That helps explain the increasingly aggressive moves by the Texas senator and his campaign in the final days before Monday’s first-in-the-nation caucuses. [snip]

    At campaign stops in small towns across southeast Iowa Tuesday evening, Mr. Cruz and his allies highlighted what an Iowa victory would do to his White House effort, and the damage that might come if Mr. Trump wins.

    “If Ted Cruz comes out of this state with a significant victory, he’s got a springboard to New Hampshire and a path to the nomination,” Iowa Rep. Steve King said as he boarded Mr. Cruz’s campaign bus in Ottumwa. “If it’s the other way around, then it’s going to be a lot harder.”

    Mr. Cruz, whose campaign has spent months and millions building what is by all accounts a strong turnout organization targeting social conservative voters, went on the attack after Mr. Trump said he would boycott Thursday night’s Fox News debate. Mr. Cruz dared the billionaire businessman to meet him in a one-on-one debate. “Mano-a-mano,” he said.

    Mr. Trump suggested Tuesday night that the senator’s more-aggressive moves are because he was losing ground in Iowa polls. “He’s a wreck, a nervous wreck,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference in Marshalltown. “His polls are going down the tubes,” he said.

    Earlier, he disputed assertions in Mr. Cruz’s anti-Trump ads. “He’s a liar,” Mr. Trump said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “That’s why nobody likes him, that’s why Senate people won’t endorse him, that’s why he stands in the middle of the Senate floor and can’t make a deal with anybody.”

    Most polls show the lead Mr. Cruz once held over Mr. Trump in Iowa has eroded amid a barrage of attacks about the senator’s Canadian birth and his opposition to a federal ethanol mandate. The campaign forecast in later states is perilous: Mr. Cruz trails Mr. Trump by wide margins in New Hampshire, South Carolina and many of the states that vote March 1.

    “If Donald wins Iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in New Hampshire, if he went on to win New Hampshire as well, there is a very good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee,” Mr. Cruz told a group of pastors in Iowa earlier this week, in footage captured by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

    As Mr. Trump threatened to skip Thursday night’s debate, Mr. Cruz—violating his pledge to not level personal attacks against his one-time friendly rival—mocked the New York businessman’s hair, ego and countenance before an audience at a community center in Fairfield. [snip]

    Mr. Cruz’s supporters both in Iowa and nationally are cognizant of the stakes. “If Trump wins Iowa I think it’s a runaway train to disaster,” said Howard Dantuma, a retired truck driver from Washington, Iowa, who attended the Cruz event in Fairfield.

    Trump gambles big because he can win big.

  3. Someone who never comments sent us this communication from the Trump campaign:

    With just 5 short days before the Iowa Caucus, Mr. Trump will be holding a special event tomorrow night to benefit Veteran Organizations at Drake University – Sheslow Auditorium and we want you to be there! The address of the venue is 2507 Carpenter Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50311. The doors will open at 5:00 p.m. and the event will begin at 7:00 p.m.

    Register for tickets at TrumpDrakeU.Eventbrite.com.

    Please arrive early and limit personal items to expedite entrance into the auditorium.

    We hope that you will be able to attend this special rally in honor of our veterans. See you tomorrow!

  4. …at the risk of sounding redundant…I love the way Donald J Trump fights back…I love his fearlessness…this man has many more sides the public has not yet seen…

    and key word…respect…self respect…I love, love, love how Donald has put Fox in its place…who in the hell do they think they are…in their elite bubbles…

    Donald is a warrior…and I also have great respect for Corey Lewandowski, Donald’s campaign manager…I have yet to see him smile and he does not come across as the kind of guy you want to pick a fight with or try to “toy” with…he is someone you want to have your back….

    I hope Donald or someone on Donald’s behalf lets the public know how Fox was trying to sabatoge him and had all kinds of traps ready so they would have a second chance to ‘do him in’
    (again, who do they think they are?)


    Admin…this is one of your funniest posts yet…you really had me laughing with each sentence…

    and I think Harris Faulkner would have been a brilliant choice as the debate moderator…

    other than for the sole purpose of ‘killing off Trump’ I cannot understand why they needed to retread these same three people that already their chance…

    …but then again…the whole thing is so obvious even to us “low information voters”
    you know who I mean…the Trump supporters…low, low, low people

    fyi…Greta polled her audience and 83% said they would not watch the debate if Trump wasn’t there…

  5. Trump has made this the most entertaining and enjoyable process in the modern election history. I think he has little to gain by appearing and as long as he finishes second in Iowa he will be on his way.

  6. http://www.wsj.com/articles/behind-donald-trumps-attack-strategy-1453685141

    by Monica Langely

    this is behind the wall…I tried to google and pull it up but it did not work, if anyone has access please post…saw her talking about riding on DT’s plane and observing how he works, etc…sounded interesting…


    and check this out…


    In Iowa City, Donald Trump uses college football players and wrestlers to woo young voters

    IOWA CITY, Iowa — As soon as Republican front-runner Donald Trump took the stage at his Tuesday night rally at the University of Iowa, he demanded that members of the football team join him.

    “Where’s my football team? Get over here, football team,” said Trump, who met privately with the student athletes before the rally. “The football team, come on! University of Iowa. Look at the size of these guys! They’re monsters. We’ve got the next Tom Brady, right over here… Look at the size of these guys! Come on up here. Come on up, right? Get up! What a team, what a team. And they were so nice: They endorsed Trump. They like Trump, and I like them. I love you guys. Look at the size, how big and strong. That’s what we like. Thank you, fellas.”


    Get the wrestlers up here,” Trump said. “Come on, fellas. Where are they? Where are they? These guys — I’m not messing with ’em… Look at these guys. Undefeated team, University of Iowa.”

    The seven wrestlers were dressed far less formally than the football players. One wore a hat with a tiny propeller on top, while another sported an American flag jacket. The crowd did not break into a chant for them.

    And here come the University of Iowa wrestlers….


  7. Update: Open thread: Trump versus O’Reilly. Actions speak louder than words. Trump is fearless going on O’Reilly. Why would anyone spin the line that Trump is somehow “afraid” of Megyn Kelly?

    Trump is on Fox News to attack Fox News! Make Fox News Great Again??? Who else would dare pull out of a debate a few days away from a close contest in Iowa then attack Fox News on Fox News?

    Trump has announced his appearance at Drake University for wounded veterans which will air opposite the #2 #GOPDebate.


  8. Trump just flattened O’Reilly. Told O’Reilly he broke his promise. Story is that Trump did not want to embarrass O’Reilly so they agreed that O’Reilly would not ask Trump to reconsider his decision.

    Trump told O’Reilly, “you broke your promise. I didn’t want to embarrass you” therefore the agreement not to put Trump on the spot by asking him to reconsider. Trump told O’Reilly, that he broke his promise. O’Reilly admitted the truth.

    We thought this would be a lame interview but Trump used it to attack Fox News and slapped O’Reilly while at it.


  9. Was the interview earlier in day or was it live? Trump and O’Riley are obviously somewhat friendly, but Bill has to support the hand that has made him a very wealthy man.

  10. Admin: Trump – not shaken, but stirred up to fight.
    Ah yes.

    The secret for a good martini—

    Stirred not shaken. (Bond got that wrong)

    The other secret about good martini–

    One is too many and—

    Two, four, four, six eight etc

    Is NOT enough

    Same goes for counter attacks on Kelley

  11. I have thought for years that the media and FOX NEWS needed to be taken down and Trump has seemingly done a lot advance this and I applaud him. YEAH!! However, I’m beginning to cringe at his immature, nasty name calling. I want a strong leader not a bully as president. I’m worried about Donald Trump’s behavior presently and wonder what he will do when he is really in power as president. As president he will be attacked in so many ways. How will Trump react? I know this is not a popular opinion here at Big Pink these days but I just needed to express my concerns.

  12. As the war between Fox News and Donald Trump ratchets up, Roger Ailes is fighting off criticism from his senior executives over his handling of the crisis. According to one highly placed source, last night, Ailes sent out the now-famous statement mocking Trump as being scared to meet with the “Ayatollah” and “Putin” if he became president. “That was Roger 100 percent,” the source explained. “A lot of people on the second floor” — where top Fox executives work — “didn’t think it was a good idea.”

    Wrong again

    Skip to my Lou

    I thought Ailes was the conciliator, not the bombthower

    And Peter Johnson comes across as Casper Milqtoast

    And Mee–again is batting her false eyelashes

    And worbling: what’s it all about Rupie

    The execs are in revolt

    And Rupie cannot be reached

    I would say that is a pretty good working definition of chaos.

  13. Southern Born
    January 27, 2016 at 8:47 pm
    Many would agree with you.

    They felt the same way about Patton.

    But he won the war didn’t he.

    Politics aint bean bag.

    If it were Romney the castrade would be president.

  14. btw…Corey with his serious intensity told Erin whatever her name is on CNN that the man who is in charge of putting together the debate questions for the Fox debate has a daughter who works on the Rubio campaign…

    so incestous over at fox…and so dishonest…

    i hope their ratings tank big time…

  15. Southern Born
    January 27, 2016 at 8:47 pm
    Help me understand.

    You want big media taken down?

    But you want it done politely??

    What if it cannot be done politely???

    Because the other side is acting in bad faith.

    And the public does not realize it.

    Here then is the operative question:

    Which would you rather have:

    Politeness or results.

  16. btw…Corey with his serious intensity told Erin whatever her name is on CNN that the man who is in charge of putting together the debate questions for the Fox debate has a daughter who works on the Rubio campaign…
    Oh what tangled webs we weave
    When first we practice to deceive

    That should be the epitaph of the fair and balanced mantra.

    This the plan: use Cruz to take down Trump, then take down Cruz and install baby cheeks Rubio who will strike the ignoranti as Kennedyesque, is a flaming neocon which will make the military industrial complex happy, and is a big proponent of open borders which delights the chamber of commerce. This game plan must be thwarted at both ends, but attacking fox and taking down rubio.

  17. wbboei

    January 27, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Southern Born
    January 27, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    no other candidate has ever withstood these kind of attacks coming from every side…

    imagine he is the front runner of his party and they are trying to kill him off…

    SouthernBorn, I understand your feelings and have shared many of those winces at various times when DT went off (and wondered did he really have to say that)…but in my mind they are very minor compared to the strength and leadership he will provide…he is a leader and a fighter…and frankly, all the other candidates are lobbing insults but no one pays attention to them…I saw Hillary on TV making fun of DT’s hair, SNL…he has been called every name in the book…but it only matters to the media when it comes from Donald…and then they talk about it nonstop for days…

    I think he will elevate his vocabulary if and when he becomes President…if nothing else, out of respect for the office…and I do believe he takes that very seriously…probably see more of his CEO/businessman persona

    and he is an independent person…with no special interests to influence him…that is worth everything…to me…

  18. Southern,

    I know , my husband said he likes his polices but can’t stand his rhetoric. ..I wince every other paragraph with him, and I have a mouth like a sailor, just not in a in public venue

  19. admin
    January 27, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    Trump is on Fox News to attack Fox News! Make Fox News Great Again??? Who else would dare pull out of a debate a few days away from a close contest in Iowa then attack Fox News on Fox News?
    Yesterday, some little twit on CNN was decrying Trump for boycotting the FOX News debate.

    Today, I rather suspect they are enjoying the spectacle of Donald kicking the crap out of their competitor, whom they have been losing audience to for over a decade. He is unmasking them as well.

  20. Trump is amazing, really. I wonder if he had any idea how “they” would be coming at him.
    Never seen anything like it. ..Hillary was close.
    She should never have played nice and in the end capitulated. ..that was the moment.

  21. Southern

    I know this is not a popular opinion here at Big Pink these days but I just needed to express my concerns.

    Yup, I know the feeling of not being on the Trump bandwagon…and I have the same concerns.

  22. I look forward to seeing Donald in a debate with any…any…of his opponents…primary or national…when the debate turns to how each are going to create jobs…

    and he turns to that opponent and asks them…”how many jobs have you created?”

    How many people…in the REAL WORLD…have you actually put to work, helped educate, provided health insurance, etc…How many people have you had on your payroll and paid without taxpayer government money…!

    and his answer is obviously he has created and put to work thousands and thousands of people…and he paid their salary, not our government…in the real world…


    I am just so sick of the BS coming from both parties

  23. Trump attacks Fox News on Fox News:


    Trump refuses to reconsider debate in fiery Fox interview

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday night lashed out at Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in his first appearance on the network since he announced he’d boycott the next GOP debate.

    He also refused to reconsider his decision to sit out the network’s Thursday night debate – the last before the Iowa caucuses in five days – and said he’d move forward with his own competing event to raise money for wounded veterans.

    Speaking on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Trump continued his long-running feud with Kelly, who he has been criticizing ever since she challenged him on his past derogatory remarks about women at the first GOP debate in August.

    “I have zero respect for Megyn Kelly,” Trump said. “I don’t think she’s good at what she does and I think she’s highly overrated. And frankly, she’s a moderator; I thought her question last time was ridiculous.”

    Kelly is also set to moderate Thursday night’s debate on Fox News.

    Trump is instead holding a rally in Des Moines at the same time as the Republican debate that he says will raise money for wounded veterans.

    In the contentious interview with O’Reilly, Trump rebuffed the anchor’s attempts to convince him that he’s making a grave error by skipping the debate.

    “I believe personally that you want to improve the country,” O’Reilly said. “By doing this, you miss the opportunity to convince others … that is true.

    “You have in this debate format the upper hand — you have sixty seconds off the top to tell the moderator, ‘You’re a pinhead, you’re off the mark and here’s what I want to say’. By walking away from it, you lose the opportunity to persuade people you are a strong leader.”

    But O’Reilly’s pitch fell flat with Trump. The GOP front-runner dug in his heels, insisting he intended to retaliate against the network by depriving them of ratings.

    “Fox was going to make a fortune off this debate,” Trump said. “Now they’re going to make much less.”

    O’Reilly said he was merely trying to convince Trump that his approach “is wrong because it’s better for people to see you in the debate format.”

    He gave the example from 2012, when former Speaker Newt Gingrich was asked an embarrassing question by a CNN debate moderator at a South Carolina debate about allegations he had an open marriage.

    Gingrich shut the moderator down and went on to win South Carolina, O’Reilly noted.

    “That’s the kind of guy you are,” O’Reilly said. “You stick it to them and let them have it.”

    Responded Trump: “Newt is a friend of mine and I thought it was an unfair question. But equally unfair was the question Megyn Kelly asked me.”

    O’Reilly then sought to appeal to Trump’s capacity to forgive, reminding the billionaire businessman that he’s a Christian, even if he doesn’t attend church all that often, and that the Bible says to “turn the other cheek.”

    Trump shot back, saying he’s a regular church-goer, and that the Bible also says “an eye for an eye.”

    “You could look at it that way too,” Trump said.

    O’Reilly accused Trump of being “petty,” and said he was allowing things that are out of his control to have outsized influence over his decision-making process.

    “I don’t like being taken advantage of,” Trump said. “In this case I was being taken advantage of by Fox. I don’t like that. Now when I’m representing the country, if I win, I’m not going to let our country be taken advantage of. … It’s a personality trait but I don’t think it’s a bad personality trait.”

    O’Reilly ended the interview asking Trump to just at least consider showing up Thursday night. Trump said the two had agreed beforehand that O’Reilly not ask that question.

    “I told you up front don’t ask me that question because it’s an embarrassing question for you and I don’t want to embarrass you,” he said.

  24. Lu4PUMA
    January 27, 2016 at 9:21 pm
    The question is will they settle for the low hanging fruit, or will they go to the epicenter of the scandal, which involves weapons smuggling. I think the shoe will drop here one way or the other, because they cannot get to Comey, the way they got to his predecessor, or, I believe to Chief Justice Roberts. Then the question will become whether the Justice Department indicts, and what happens if they decline to do so, as they did with Lois Lerner, who is now receiving a retirement of $120,000 per year, plus retiree health care plus social security. At this point, I have finally figured out what the two parties really are. I used to think they were merely aggregators of special interests all laying claim to a portion of the general fund for their own purposes. After exhaustive research on this subject of a come to a darker conclusion. Both of them are, at the core, criminal enterprises. I do not mean that as a metaphor, I mean that is what they are, and what they do. And thanks to big media, most people will never figure this out. That is just the way it is. But it is why we need systemic change and Trump is the only guy who can do it.

  25. Fox News just didn’t expect that a billionaire who grew up in Brooklyn, New York could be just as tough and scrappy as a Chicago politician.

  26. So bear in mind when you wince at his rhetoric, that he is the only one on the political stage who will work for the American People, rather than for a back room cadre of donors. Think about that real hard. And remember that saying common among lawyers: never elevate form over substance.

  27. ony Stark
    January 27, 2016 at 10:04 pm
    Fox News just didn’t expect that a billionaire who grew up in Brooklyn, New York could be just as tough and scrappy as a Chicago politician.
    Actually Tony he is way tougher.

    The denizons of Chicago filled billets in a pre existing organization, in an environment conducive to corruption. That is an easy gig, if you have no conscience.

    Trump grew up in Queens, entered the dog eat dog environment of Manhattan real estate market which is hostile to outsiders, and he fought his way to the top.

    The reason he can tolerate the 360 degree attacks is because he has been tested in a very Darwinistic setting, and lets face it, the people moving against him have not.

    There is another point here too. Gambler that he is, he loves the action. Most people fear confrontation unless they have an organization behind them to back them up. Kelly and her ilk could not stand in the winds that blow around Trump if they did not have the protection of the ring.

    They are, in that narrow sense, inferior life forms, who would not survive the evolutionary process. So when they preen in front of the mirror and tell themselves how great thou art, it is a lie.

  28. Here are the New York values Trump subscribes to:

    I want to wake up in a city
    That doesn’t sleep
    And find I’m king of the hill
    Top of the heap

    These little town blues
    Are melting away
    I’ll make a brand new start of it
    In old New York

    I’LL MAKE IT ANYWHERE (emphasis added)
    It’s up to you
    New York, New York
    New York, New York

    I want to wake up in a city
    That never sleeps
    A NUMBER 1 (emphasis added)

  29. If that kind of energy, brains and commitment can be harnessed for the good of the American People rather than for a cabal of back room donors, it would be foolish to let the rules of Miss Manners–or Emily Post stand in the way.

  30. I disagree that Donald Trump has been the most criticized and attacked politician. When hundreds of vicious articles and books have been written about him and the media has viciously..viciously attacked him and every aspect of his personal life has been combed through and attacked…then and only then would I even begin to think he has been attacked 1/2 as much as Bill and Hillary Clinton since 1992.

    My complaint about Trump is not his trying to take the media down. I’m all for it and they deserve it after all the garbage they generate and how elite they are and their unfair and unbalanced way of pushing “their” candidate. It’s been bad for years.

    My concern about Mr. Trump is when a person says the least, tiny negative thing about him…not talking about the media…he comes out swinging in a very immature way. He does not just disagree, he goes for the jugular and tries to destroy that person in a very immature way. It is not enough for him to just disagree. He must destroy. That’s a problem for me. I’m also concerned about a Trump presidency because of his many flip flops over the years. He seems to go along at the time with whatever benefits him. He has not convinced me that he will not be a crony capitalist president. A little bell rang in the back of my mind when Trump came out for Biofuel and Big Corn in Iowa and immediately he began to get the establishment approval. Dole was even sent out to praise him. He has not convinced me that he can actually do the things he is touting. Make America Great Again is a wonderful idea and slogan but that is not enough for me right now. I want to know how. Hope and Change was not enough for me either. I don’t fall for those emotional slogans. The 2008 election changed many of us forever didn’t it?

    I’m just not convinced that I can trust Donald Trump. I’d like to. It all sounds great but then there were those who were fooled by Barack Obama’s rhetoric back in 2008. I’m certainly NOT equating Trump with Obama but after the past seven years, I don’t trust what a candidate says. I look back at his/her past and what he/she has said and done. That’s how I knew Obama was a fraud. I’d already read too much about him when he was in Illinois politics and what he did. I’m also certainly NOT calling Mr. Trump a fraud. I’m just concerned about his past comments and behavior.

    Can or should we trust Donald Trump…I honestly can’t say at this point.

  31. This just gets smarter and smarter:


    In an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday morning, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said that he had heard from other candidates “proactively” about attending the event that Mr. Trump will hold at Drake University at the same time as the debate…

    Aides to the candidates did not respond to requests for comment. But Nick Ryan, a Republican operative who advises the “super PAC” supporting Mr. Huckabee, tweeted shortly after the Trump event was announced that candidates in the undercard debate, which airs before the prime-time one, should consider wandering over to Mr. Trump’s event afterward.

  32. from last thread:

    Trump is treating Fox like ISIS.
    bombing them and taking their oil err. ratings.

    ROFL! Very true!

  33. Southern

    I absolutely agree.

    I don’t think Trump is the only one that loves this country, the only one that has been pushed away by his party, made fun of by both parties. He at least has the money to not have to campaign just to raise money to stay in the race.

    Hises mega rich and used to getting his way, this attack side of politics is evil…just ask Hillary.

  34. Donald Trump demonstrates great strength, not by talking, but by doing. Trump’s fight against his strongest opponent, which is Fox News and the interests Fox News represents (such as illegal immigration amnesty and protection of powerful elites such as the Bush clan) is a display of power.

    Good point, well said!

  35. ““We have a presidential candidate whose loudest message reeks of hatred and Islamophobia… turning on the news now is scary, and often times, humiliating,” the Muslim woman, Nabela Noor, says

    ROFL Trump bringing up terrorism makes her feel scared and humiliated – but the actual terrorism? Oh, no problem, nothing to see here lol

  36. made fun of by both parties

    I agree, that’s one thing they both have had to deal with, running for president, that’s for sure. As happens traditionally, each has the other party fighting them, but unlike what candidates usually experience, they’ve both had to fight their own party as well, who were pushing someone other than a candidate that the party’s constituents wanted (Hillary in 08 and seemingly maybe now too, and Trump now).

    I also agree that Hillary has had her share of attacks against her. But she will be mis-characterizing and attacking her republican opponent right back in the general. She is a politician, she does it too… She can’t/won’t fight Obama, but she’ll present a fight against the republican.

  37. During an Iowa town hall, Clinton was asked about the possibility of letting Obama trash the Constitution for the rest of his life, because apparently 8 years just isn’t enough. According to Bloomberg, she responded as follows:

    “I will certainly take that under advisement,” she said in Decorah, responding to a man’s recommendation. “I mean, he’s brilliant, he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor, so he’s got lots of credentials.”

    She acknowledged that there might be a few obstacles in the way, first and foremost whether Obama would want the job after eight years in the White House. “He may have a few other things to do,” she said, “but I’ll tell you, that’s a great idea

  38. Hillary in 2008, 2012, 2016 acts like a woman without any leverage. By this point the whiny act is sickening. We know that upsets people here. But Hillary never understood the party needed her more than she needed the party. That is weak.

    Trump knows he has leverage and uses it.

    Hillary was beaten up by Obama in 2008 and instead of fighting she was weak.

    In 2016, weak. Excuses wear thin.

  39. I couldn’t be happier that Trump stuck it to FOX and especially to Vegan Kelly. It would be wonderful to see the rest of the networks and talking heads put in their places, as well.

    I get what SB is saying, however. Many issues faced by a US president are not black and white, especially when disputes or points of conflict with foreign governments arise. Obviously, Obama wasn’t tough enough. His idea of diplomacy was giving away all that was asked for and offering extra – making the country appear weak and desperate.

    The opposite would be a hard-ass, never-give-an-inch approach. Such an attitude, which Trump has exhibited frequently, will often not achieve the desired results, either.

    Is Trump capable of moderating his own actions and responses, or compromising and finessing when called for? I’m not sure. Right now he is running his own show, as he should – and if his actions and words damage his campaign, it doesn’t hurt the country. If elected, obviously the impact (whether positive or negative) of his actions and responses will affect us all.

  40. With the uniparty running congress, the vote for my dog will be 100-0.

    I have spoken to him about this.

    So far his position has been if nominated I will not run.

    If confirmed I will not serve.

    Try Obama.

    He was an adjunct law professor.

    He knows how to “set forth an argument”.

    And he was born in Canada, just like Cruz.

    (Smart dog!)

  41. The opposite would be a hard-ass, never-give-an-inch approach.

    Such an attitude, which Trump has exhibited frequently, will often not achieve the desired results, either.
    The litmus test would be his dealing in the real estate market.

    I am sure he is a tough bargainer, but to get a deal he has moved.

    Let me tell you a secret.

    The only way to make America great again is through brinksmanship.

    And that means acting tough.

    The theory behind brinksmanship is to push your opposite number as far as you can without engendering an emotional response. That is where your best deals are made–within that zone.

    Investment bankers in New York know this. And that is where I learned about it. And, trust me, Carl Ican understands this concept to a fare thee well.

    If we are going to alter the corrupt status quo to the benefit of the American People we are going to have to bargain tough. Its just that simple.

  42. Can or should we trust Donald Trump?
    To do what he promises–is that what you are referring to?

    Because if it is, then the video from 25 years ago, which shows him saying the very things he is saying now is best evidence that we can or should trust him to do what he is saying.

    Put differently, if you are saying the same things today that you were saying twenty years ago, it is a good bet you will continue to say them, and if you are in a position to do what you say, you will.

  43. I get what you are saying, Wbb, brinksmanship, tough bargainer, alter the corrupt status quo to benefit the American people. Yes, indeed.

    But my concern is if Donald Trump is all of those, why in the world would he roll over for Big Corn and the millions of tax payer dollars to seemingly get votes in Iowa. Mr. Trump did not stand up to them. He seemingly pandered. Is he for the biofuel situation? I’ve read that all the money that government pumps into Big Corn in Iowa actually does not go to or benefit the smaller middle class farmer? Some have said that Iowa, being first in the primaries holds the gov. and candidates hostage and reaps millions and millions of dollars? If this is true, I’d have thought Mr. Trump would have been strong and tough against this. But he was not.

  44. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

    When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    ~~ Thomas Jefferson

    And that is why the elites are changing the system

    To put the major decisions in western countries

    Beyond the reach of democratic majorities

  45. I do not recall him ever making an issue out of ethanol.

    I do however recall him objecting to bad trade deals and not just as a campaign stunt but for 25 years.

    If you passion is no more ethanol subsides and if he promised to get rid of them, then there is just cause to be disappointed.

    But I do not think it is grounds to infer that he would back down on the important stuff.

    In any negotiation, you make concessions.

    On small items, not on big ones, where you have made a positional commitment, backed by your prestige and the prestige of your organization. On those issues, the answer has got to be no today, no tomorrow, no next year, etc.

  46. Southern Born
    January 28, 2016 at 12:23 am
    At the present time though, with Hillary’s declarations of fealty to House Obama, Trump appears to be the least of all evils out there in the political landscape.

  47. Two sources indicate CNN will carry Donald tonight. Here’s one:

    January 27, 2016 Dianne Marshall

    CNN will be running Trump’s event as it competes for ratings with Fox News Debate debacle! Let’s get the ratings out there while supporting our vets and wounded warriors!
    I am among the millions who just can’t wait and are anxious to see this? It will be the most talked about event in the entire election process this year!

    The second is in an Ann Coulter retweet shown at the site above. Ann says:
    “CNN says they’ll be running Trump’s counter-programming event for Wounded Warriors. Now we’ll have to watch that.”

    Coincidentally, or not, CBS has been airing a 60 Minutes hit piece on Wounded Warriors.

    If CNN really pulls this off … lololol.

  48. And that means acting tough.

    No argument. Be tough. Strengthen the country’s economy, military, and morale to ensure that tough words can be backed up by tough deeds, when called for.

    But be prudent, thoughtful, and wise. When compromise is in the country’s , be strong enough to take such action. Don’t allow personal pride and vanity to influence decisions made on behalf of America.

    I’m not saying that Trump won’t be able to control his temper and his actions. I’m saying that based on past actions and words, it is a concern.

  49. In terms of the ethanol (and don’t forget, the meat and dairy industries are heavily subsidized, you’d be paying way more otherwise), Trump wasn’t for the subsidies, but went to Iowa and met with some people. He came out of that and basically said (not his exact words), that the industry provides for a lot of jobs, and that he’d want to make sure that jobs were plentiful in IA before removing a big source of jobs.

  50. The European Union is useless, corrupt and riddled with fraud, Sir Bernard Ingham has said.
    In a withering attack, Margaret Thatcher’s former press secretary asked: “Why should the UK throw another £12 billion a year down these mafia and assorted criminal drains?”…

    “Europhiles might usefully address themselves not to the question why we should stay in the EU, but why we should ever want to be a member of it at all when the institution is corrupt and so riddled with fraud that the auditors have felt unable to sign off its accounts for nigh on 20 years.”

    If the world were “so riddled with fraud that the auditors have felt unable to sign off its accounts” it would largely explain why authoritarianism is back in style. Tyranny is busting out all over because stopping tyrants is bad for business. The Wall Street Journal writes that political rights and civil rights have been declining ever year since 2006. The “annual Freedom in the World report [finds that] In all, 110 countries, more than half the world’s total, have suffered some loss in freedom during the past 10 years.”

    the most powerful dictatorships—China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia—have extended their antidemocratic influence abroad. Especially disturbing is the way indirect effects of oppression and misrule have seeped into established democracies in North America, Europe and elsewhere.
    This decline is no coincidence. Tolerance of tyranny has been normalized, even in Western democracies. It is disturbing that president Obama is politically embracing Hillary Clinton just as she expressed delight at the prospect of appointing him to the Supreme Court. But they would understand such quid pro quo in Obama’s home town, where according to Chicago Magazine, it has long been custom to buy off gangs in exchange for political support.

    Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance … In some parts of Chicago, violent street gangs and pols quietly trade money and favors for mutual gain. The thugs flourish, the elected officials thrive—and you lose. …
    During the meetings, the politicians were allotted a few minutes to make their pitches. The former gang chiefs then peppered them with questions: What would they do about jobs? School safety? Police harassment? Help for ex-cons? But in the end, as with most things political in Chicago, it all came down to one question, says Davis, the community activist who helped Baskin with some of the meetings. He recalls that the gang representatives asked, “What can you give me?” The politicians, most eager to please, replied, “What do you want?””

    It is not therefore surprising that the administration’s Smart Diplomacy so closely resembles Chicago’s gang policy. He’s trying to buy the bad guys off — and they don’t come cheap. The trouble is, that like the Chicago gang policy, it only fertilizes the growth of gangs. Following Obama’s grant of $150 billion to Iran, the Ayatollahs embarked upon a massive purge of moderates, banning thousands from politics. According to Reporters Without Borders Iran is now one of the world’s biggest prisons for journalists. The administration’s rapproachment toward the Castro regime has been similarly one sided. It has cozied up to the Castros while distancing itself from the dissidents. Just like in those gang meetings.

    In a way, this represents a conscious choice, a shift to a strategy of absolute cynicism. The Western left lost confidence in democracy in 2006, if it ever had it, after its indignation with George Bush and openly declared against overthrowing the Saddams, preferring to leave them alone. In 2008 the Western political classes supported a leader whose avowed program was to reach an arrangement with the worst regimes in the world.

    We are now in the 7th year of that policy. That democracy has been in retreat since then, and that the West is being invaded by millions fleeing the collapsing totalitarianisms is less surprising than inevitable. The Guardian bemoans the fact that Chinese snatch-squads are roaming the world, kidnapping dissidents from anywhere on the planet without so much as raising a whimper from the Western governments. But what did they expect? If it is now immoral to defend Western borders against “migrants” then there is no case for defending anyone from foreign strongmen who might be worth a couple of billion in donations.

    Ironically the result of normalizing corruption will not be greater stability, but less of it. Regimes that are built on crony economics, upon the dominance of special classes, whether they are called a nomenklatura or simply “the community” simply don’t last very long. What stabilized the West after World War 2, what made the Long Peace possible, was the democracy, core Western values and borders that survived until the elites decided to kill it.

    By abandoning these and tacitly embracing authoritarianism the modern elites have not bought themselves safety. On the contrary, they’ve unleashed all the perils from which they were formerly safe; they have mounted a scaffold from which it will now take every ounce of effort to escape. If at the last pinch of the vise a noose is tightened round their necks, they would do well to remember for edification at least, if for nothing else, a paraphrase of Leon Trotsky’s. “You may not be interested in tyranny, but tyranny is interested in you.”


  51. So there you have it.

    The true story of this generation of elites.

    So interested are they in expanding their own wealth

    That they have collapsed our borders

    Stolen our wealth, prosperity and liberty

    While walking around with American flags on their lapel

    And installing someone who seeks to buy off the worst thugs in the world

    So they can do business in those countries

    While those regimes slaughter all dissent

    Which will create not more stability but less of it

    Because the more willing you are to subside thug behavior the more of it you will have

    Comes now our Hillary

    And what does she say about this

    First, I am mad about the boy

    Second, not only will I be Obama III,

    I will go even further than he does

    Because . . I really like him

    And, as you can see in my website,

    I am the champion of working americans

    And if you are not up to voting for me

    Don’t worry

    I can solve that problem for you too

    I have 40 million illegals willing to lift that burden from your shoulders

  52. Is this another XFiles case from St. Bernard???

    DES MOINES, Iowa – The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is raising questions about the involvement of Microsoft in the Iowa Caucuses, now just five days away, and has built a independent system to check the official results.

    For the first time this year, Microsoft partnered with the Iowa Democratic and Republican Parties to provide a technology platform with which the parties will run their caucuses. The software giant created separate mobile apps for each party, which officials at hundreds of caucuses across the state will use to report out results from individual precincts to party headquarters for tabulation.

    The arrangement has aroused the suspicions of aides to Sanders, whose regularly warns that corporate power and the billionaire class are trying to hijack democracy. Pete D’Alessandro, who is running the Iowa portion of Sanders’ campaign, questioned the motives of the major multinational corporation in an interview with MSNBC: “You’d have to ask yourself why they’d want to give something like that away for free.”

    The Sanders campaign has built their own reporting system to check the results from the official Microsoft-backed app. It has trained its precinct captain on using the app, which is designed to be as user friendly as possible, and the campaign will also staff a hotline system as further redundancy.

    “It’s just a way that our folks can have an app that we trust to get the numbers to us in a timely fashion,” D’Alessandro said. “I’m always going to be more for sure on the stuff that my people had control over the entire time… If there are any problems, we can spot them right away.”

  53. regarding the criticism Donald Trump has received versus what Bill and Hillary have received…that is an unequal comparison…

    first of all Donald Trump is a businessman…he “became” a politician a few months ago…now he is in the policitical arena running as a politician

    Bill and Hillary have been politicians and in the public eye as “public servants” since at least the 1980’s and have campaigned and been in many elections for many offices…for many years…so yes, they have had more incoming because they have been at this for decades…and let’s be honest, some of it self-inflicted…while much of it unfair and biased…


    the fact that Donald Trump comes into this race as a businessman vs long time politicians is a big deal…and a big difference

    He comes in with the mindset of a businessman and yes, he is used to being the Boss because that is what he is…and in effect, he is running to be President…another Boss, if you will

    His actions…confidence…determination…and tireless campaigning…are his way of showing how he leads…he determines his own rules…

    yesterday i posted a link to a WSJ article by Monica Langely that described her observations of DT on his plane flying with journalists to events…she described how he goes off on his own and sits down and on paper just outlines what he plans to say and his attacks, etc…i would love it if someone could post the whole article…


    he has a very down to earth, ‘common man’ conversational tone at his rallys…however that does not mean he is not smart or aware of what is going on…and at an advanced and sophisticated level…You do not “win” in Boardrooms all across the world if you cannot compete with the ‘best of them’

    this is the kind of “mindset” our country needs right now…someone to go in there a establish and correct boundaries, borders, balance sheets, etc…and someone who is not afraid or someone who has to satisfy party fundraisers, party influencers in the background, etc…like him or not, trust him or not, Donald Trump is the only person out there who has that power…

    Fox…and Ms Meghan…egotistically gambled that they could “fox” Trump in and control him…and humiliate him at the same time

    and Donald said “bye, bye”

    bottom line…to Fox…this debate is very important…right now their world revolves around this debate

    for Donald…as he said…he has done six of them and won…he is way ahead of the rest of the pack…tomorrow this “BIG Fox debate” will be a fading memory…

    …by now, DT has repeated his positions so many times that the people, like him or not, know what his views are…and he does not need Fox’s little debate

    ‘been there, done that’…Donald has more important things to get on to

    He is showing leadership, independence, courage…and guts…love it…

    just as our beloved Bill is not perfect, neither is Donald Trump…what he will do on the “big picture” level for our country is what is important…

    if you support O’s policies, especially on illegal immigration, open borders, santuary cities, unvetted refugees, Ocare, etc…then you should vote for Hillary…because she is promising alot more of it…

  54. Shadowfax,
    I think all election results should be checked and rechecked. I have zero problem with Bern on that issue. A soros owned foreign company should not be involved.

  55. “You can’t make everything free,” said Brooke Keith, 17, who came to see Bill Clinton speak and said she often has to defend her support for the Clintons to her peers. “Hillary has more logical ways to deal with things and it makes sense. Legalization of marijuana is a big thing for kids. When they hear that they think, oh I love Bernie. They don’t understand the complexity of other issues.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/clinton-sanders-bill-bernie-hillary-iowa-218318#ixzz3yYuOMAVg

  56. henry
    January 28, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    The issue for me isn’t that there is voting corruption and should be double checked, it’s that Bernie thinks that Microsoft, being a large company, is out to rig the voting for people that support large corporations.

  57. henry
    A soros owned foreign company should not be involved.

    So now Microsoft is owned by a foreign company and Soros?

    Do you have proof of that???????

  58. Good health must be relative to one’s age…

    Bernie Sanders is “in overall very good health,” the attending Senate physician said in a letter released Thursday summarizing the Vermont senator’s medical evaluation.

    “You are in overall very good health and active in your professional work, and recreational lifestyle without limitation,” Senate attending physician Dr. Brian P. Monahan wrote in a letter dated Jan. 20.

    Sanders’ last physical examination came Nov. 18, and most of the results were normal. Sanders has been treated for conditions including gout, hypothyroidism and a removal of superficial skin tumors, but he has no history of cardiovascular disease, the report said.
    He has undergone surgeries to “repair left and right side inguinal hernias,” according to the report, and “a right true vocal cord cyst excision.” He also had an elective outpatient hernia repair procedure done late November, after his last examination.

  59. Mike Huckabee will join Donald Trump at his alternate campaign event on Thursday.
    “He’s doing the debate. But he’s doing the Trump event after,” Hogan Gidley, a spokesman for Huckabee’s campaign told POLITICO.

  60. OK, in the interest of fair play (hence, why I can never go into politics), I saw FOX had a huge headline “Veterans Group refusing money.” First, they aren’t the group Trump is raising money. Being a better journalist than most media folks, I checked out the president of this ONE group..for your amusement, he’s a Huffington Post kinda guy:


  61. “…by now, DT has repeated his positions so many times that the people, like him or not, know what his views are…and he does not need Fox’s little debate

    ‘been there, done that’…Donald has more important things to get on to”,,,”

    In that case it might apply to ALL the candidates…we know their views and they all probably have more important things to do…not just Trump. SO why have any more debates? Maybe the establishment RNC should work on this.

  62. Pretty fair and balanced analysis of FOX and Its All About Eve—strike that . . all about Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again, and her knew pal Michael Moore.

    Fox News Needs a Chill Pill before Thursday’s Debate

    There comes a point — and we are long past it — when one media outlet shouldn’t be able to control the fortunes of one political party the way Fox News does the Republicans. For that alone, we should thank Donald Trump for demurring to participate in Fox’s final Iowa debate Thursday night.

    The spectacle of Bill O’Reilly fairly “begging” Trump, as Drudge put it, to appear was almost embarrassing to watch. (Hasn’t Bill learned by now that Donald — like Tom Petty — “won’t back down”?) And enough about Megyn Kelly, whose metastasizing ego is starting to make her resemble a cable news version of the ambitious Eve Harrington in Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s All About Eve.

    When Kelly wrapped her show Wednesday night, winking at the audience and assuring us that they (the debate panel) would be asking “tough questions” of the candidates, I wondered to what end? “Tough,” usually meaning “trick,”questions may make for entertaining sound bites, but do they really tell us anything at all about how someone would fare or act as president? Not often.

    Exactly how many times do we want to see Cruz and Rubio bickering over who said what about immigration? Both of these guys are obviously smart and good debaters, but what does that actually mean in terms of what a president actually does… unless we want to ship them over to the Oxford Union to take on a team of Brits? Wouldn’t it be better to, um, read an article about their various policies that would tell us so much more, assuming that we really do want to know more and don’t just base our opinions on gut likes and dislikes (something, I’m willing to wager, more people do than would admit). And that latter, instinctive preference may actually be more valuable since, whatever the sturm und drang, the differences between the Republican candidates are minuscule compared to the differences between them and the Democrats.

    Nevertheless, the debate show must go on. But someone ought to remind Kelly, et al. that this election is not about Fox and its performer-hosts. It’s about the candidates and the American people. For 2016, the medium (or the media company) is way too much the message.

    Trump, who knows their game better than they do, has taken yet another risk by calling them on it. Whether he has done this out of petulance or clever strategy or a combination is unclear, but we shall soon see the results — or at least be able factor them into the vote count at the Iowa caucus.

    In fairness to Fox, much of their power and importance can be ascribed to the skill with which they do their work and the often surprising sophistication of their programming. Though conservative or libertarian, they are far hipper with Greg Gutfeld and Tom Shillue than the mega-stodgy and unwatchable MSNBC of Maddow and Matthews and CNN where the only halfway decent show is hosted by a traveling chef.

    Fox is a form of addiction for all of us on the right. I admit to watching it daily. But like all addictions, even good ones like exercise, they must be kept under constant evaluation lest they and we lose our way. And none of us should back down.

  63. Trump is tweeting pictures of Megan Kelly in GQ. This is exactly my concern about Mr. Trump. Did anyone tweet pictures of him when he was on the cover of Playboy some time ago? It’s the hypocrisy of it all on all sides. How silly it all is…like junior high kids with too much time on their hands. I’m concerned about this behavior. Politics along with the media appears to be an ego driven, dirty business and we know there are very few who do not lie twist the truth.

  64. S
    January 28, 2016 at 1:12 pm
    oh my! photos of Megyn in GQ…oh my goodness…

    S, the ‘Oh my’ is more for Trump tweeting them in this war with Megyn.

    “Billionaire no-show-to-be Donald Trump on Wednesday continued his assault on Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly by re-posting online a picture criticizing her for posing for GQ magazine.
    Trump sent out a message on his Twitter page at 6:36 a.m. that shows Kelly’s pictures for the men’s magazine.
    And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions?’, the tweet said, with two provocative poses of Kelly: ‘Criticizes Trump for objectifying women … Poses like this in GQ Magazine.'”


    What the Hell was he thinking to tweet the photos at this time anyway? This is the kind of reactions that are below the level of the behavior of what I want from my next president.

    He can’t control his rage, IMO.

  65. Southern Born

    January 28, 2016 at 1:20 pm


    SB…they have had six debates prior to Iowa…it seems reasonable that they wait until after, thin out the wannabes and then schedule another debate…

    the tv organizations want to cram in as many as possible because they are making big bucks…and they love to pit the candidates, especially the republican candidates against each other…it is not about informing the people…it is more about $$$$ and their ratings…

    this particular debate was a set up to trap Donald Trump after a week of Megan Kelly programs that invited on people from NRO to all repeat their insults regarding DT…and then Michael Moore to gush and slobber over Meghan for going after Trump…

    this reminds me of what MSNBC used to do to Hillary while they fluffed O

  66. Sorry, but Trump is a sixty-something adult man…he will not ‘grow up’ if and when he becomes President.

    This is who he is and has been for years.

  67. wbboei

    January 28, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Pretty fair and balanced analysis of FOX and Its All About Eve—strike that . . all about Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again, and her knew pal Michael Moore.


    exactly…and Meghan, similarly to Mika…is such a hypocrite…good article…

  68. Shadow…we could have said similar things about Bill…especially after the primaries and Jennifer F…and then he does the unthinkable as President…that was very tough for many of us…

    look at JFK…or the stories about Hillary going after Bill’s women…no one is perfect

    but that character trait aside…Bill was a good President…he had the brains and energy…and worked hard…and would not quit, no matter what…he has alot of that in common with DT

    powerful men are in a category of their own…if you have worked with super powerful men then you have run into this along the way…I know I have…

    bottom line SB and Shadow, DT is not your cup of tea…he is going to continue to annoy you…doesn’t sound like he could ever be your choice…

    if it is between O3 and DT…I’ll take DT…Hillary is MIA…

  69. S
    powerful men are in a category of their own…if you have worked with super powerful men then you have run into this along the way…I know I have…

    I have and still work with powerful men and women all my life.

    Without picking a fight, I will just say that we see things differently.

  70. I think this current war with Kelly, to the level he has taken it, will hurt him with many voters that were on the fence.

  71. Not good for Trump

    Veterans group won’t take Trump fundraiser donations (FoxNews)

    The head of an Iraq and Afghanistan veterans group says they will decline donations from the fundraising event Donald Trump plans to hold Thursday night as he sits out the Republican primary debate.

    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America founder Paul Rieckhoff said on Twitter Wednesday that his group had not heard from the Trump campaign and did not know which organizations would be involved in the veterans event.

    He then tweeted:
    Paul (PJ) Rieckhoff ✔ @PaulRieckhoff
    If offered, @IAVA will decline donations from Trump’s event. We need strong policies from candidates, not to be used for political stunts.
    8:17 AM – 27 Jan 2016

    Also for Cruz and Carley

    Rieckhoff’s criticism wasn’t reserved only for Trump. He had a similar message for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz after a super PAC supporting the presidential candidate offered to donate $1.5 million to veterans if Trump accepts a one-on-one debate challenge.

    Paul (PJ) Rieckhoff ✔ @PaulRieckhoff
    Now it’s Cruz yanking vets into the nastiness of the presidential fights before Iowa. This is not what vets need. https://twitter.com/politico/status/692539544881774592

  72. In talking about the presidential race to people with whom I come in contact during the course of a day, down her in my little conservative corner of the South, a few are committed Trump voters. A larger number have indicated that they agreed with Trump’s views, but were afraid he was too much of a loose cannon to be POTUS. Others proclaim their support for him in whispered tones, expressing their fear that people will think they’re nuts if they reveal their support for Trump.

    I think that last group is actually pretty sizable – nation wide. If polled, they would probably not admit to supporting Trump, but they will. I also think that the number of people who like his political views, but who think he’s too “out there” is large, as well. He might lose a few votes if he toned it down a bit, but I think he would more than make up for the loss by attracting voters who want their president to be less aggressive, not politically correct by a little more polished – one who they can be sure will be reasonable and who will surround himself with reasonable, knowledgable people, if elected.

    If he plans to recruit the reincarnation of Atilla the Hun to be SOS if elected, he might want to keep that quiet for now.

  73. Shadowfax
    January 28, 2016 at 2:47 pm
    Not good for Trump

    Veterans group won’t take Trump fundraiser donations (FoxNews)

    The head of an Iraq and Afghanistan veterans group says they will decline donations from the fundraising event Donald Trump plans to hold Thursday night as he sits out the Republican primary debate.

    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America founder Paul Rieckhoff said on Twitter Wednesday that his group had not heard from the Trump campaign and did not know which organizations would be involved in the veterans event.

    He then tweeted:
    Paul (PJ) Rieckhoff ✔ @PaulRieckhoff
    If offered, @IAVA will decline donations from Trump’s event. We need strong policies from candidates, not to be used for political stunts.
    8:17 AM – 27 Jan 2016


    Shadow, I commented about this early..this is an attempt to discredit tonight’s benefit for Wounded Warriors.

    January 28, 2016 at 1:12 pm
    OK, in the interest of fair play (hence, why I can never go into politics), I saw FOX had a huge headline “Veterans Group refusing money.” First, they aren’t the group Trump is raising money. Being a better journalist than most media folks, I checked out the president of this ONE group..for your amusement, he’s a Huffington Post kinda guy:


  74. VotingHillary

    I saw your post but didn’t see where it was going. So, you are saying that Wounded Warriors is a totally different group that Trump will support tonight, but Cruz was going to contribute to the one FoxNews posted?

    Seems like many news stations are picking up the story.


  75. Shadowfax
    January 28, 2016 at 3:11 pm
    Fox is saying Obama doesn’t want to be a Supreme.

    Thank God for small favors.


    Amen to that, Shadow.

  76. Yes, Wounded Warriors is different from Paul Rieckoff’s group. Rieckoff is a blogger w/ Huffingpost as well and makes appearances only on liberal programs. Read his bio at the link provided. I respect and thank him for his service, but he is making political hay out of the event as well. No big surprise the media is joining in on this attempt to discredit the event.

  77. I was just thinking, how will Trump be covered by the media in a positive way if he is a war with FoxNews?

    Drudge can point to more positive coverage I guess.

  78. Shadow, here is the Fox link. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/01/28/veterans-group-wont-take-trump-fundraiser-donations.html

    The first two paragraphs are noteworthy. Rieckoff states he won’t accept the money. But in the next paragraph…well, hard to say no to a donation when your group was never contacted:

    “The head of an Iraq and Afghanistan veterans group says they will decline donations from the fundraising event Donald Trump plans to hold Thursday night as he sits out the Republican primary debate.

    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America founder Paul Rieckhoff said on Twitter Wednesday that his group had not heard from the Trump campaign and did not know which organizations would be involved in the veterans event.”

    And look at his first tweet..”IF OFFERED”.

    This is just an attempt to score political points.

    Cruz and Fiorina aren’t donating, they are trying to coerce Trump into a separate non-RNC sanctioned debate (which BTW, if he does, Trump can’t be in any other Republican debate per RNC rules)by dangling cash for vets.

  79. Rieckoff is a whore. Wants the money. Does not want to turn the trick. He will hear from his members over that. The good thing about the rally is it brings publicity and appreciation to those who have made sacrifices for the money. It is just fine if they do not want the money. Riekoff can watch the debate.

  80. Reickoff is not the American Legion. He is not the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is a rump group. And he is a left winger. I say if he wants to turn down a donation, and his members are fine with that, then who cares? Not me.

  81. Voting

    I see nothing wrong raising money to any legit organization that helps our vets.

    From what you are pointing out, by FoxNews having this be their big headline (at least when I posted the link), if this is all bunk, that means that FoxNews has completely turned against Trump and Cruz? Where can these candidates go for the ‘fair and balanced’ representation?

  82. Huckabee and Santorum to Attend Trump Event During Fox News Debate

    “The JV Team”
    which suggests that Trump is more likely than Ted to get their supporters when those candidates drop out, Its all good.

  83. Shadow, as we veterans of Hillary 2008 already know (and are finding out again in 2016)…there is no such thing as FAIR AND BALANCED regarding any of our media.

    “Legit organization” will be determined by the media as well. Guarantee stories will now come out that Wounded Warriors isn’t legitimate…bank on that one.

  84. Voting 🙂

    My ‘fair and balanced’ was partly tongue in cheek, but Fox has always represented the opposite of most other news sites, so if Trump doesn’t want CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS etc. to give a slanted view, who can he go to? Greta?

  85. Until Trump, no one spoke for the White working class..no one…Hillary dropped the White working class the day she walked across the Stage to defeat in Denver …

    That’s the bottom line for many Americans, we are tried of being the cause of destruction of humanity, for every woe known to mankind…and the last eight years have been especially brutal in that respect.

    Trump speaks for this still American majority.

  86. I did..I give to Wounded Warrior’s, maybe they have a link.
    I understand that this $ actually goes to Trump, then my guess is he writes a check.
    Not sure why except possibly more than one group will split up the donations.

  87. A 22 year old woman working in a refugee asylum in Sweden was stabbed to death by one of them this week. Now, a report of another 17 year old who was knocked to the ground and having her clothes torn off by one of them and pepper sprayed him, is being fined for the use of pepper spray in Denmark.


    Women complaining about these hate crimes are silenced in the name of preventing hate speech.

    And then I see how MeeeeeeeeeeAgain Kelly behaves and what real journalists should be reporting. Well you know what, I think she and a lot of other women who are silent about what is happening to our sisters in Europe are STUPID FUCKING BIMBOS.

  88. gonzotx
    January 28, 2016 at 5:38 pm
    I did..I give to Wounded Warrior’s, maybe they have a link.
    I understand that this $ actually goes to Trump, then my guess is he writes a check.
    Not sure why except possibly more than one group will split up the donations.


    By having the donation go through his site, he will be able to report how much money HE raised for the vets.

    Shadow, he will probably stick with Morning Joe…Scarborough loves him.

  89. henry

    You already changed your party and are ready to vote for Trump. You should vote for who you support, like the rest of us.

  90. Lu, your absolutely right. The silence against the brutality against women is deafening.

    I often wondered…AIDS is a horrible, disease, horrible, but it was primarily a “male” disease originally. .. the pressure put on the Government to find a treatment or cure, and we do have a very effective treatment now, one pill a day..I just don’t see it in women’s issues, even breast cancer, especially breast cancer.I know its, complicated, but I wonder because it’s primarily a, women’s disease. ..



    Yipes, couldn’t Fox come up with a better title than that? They might as well post a big red ‘L’ on their foreheads.

  92. Shadowfox, I have received at least 10 emails the last day asking for $1 for Hillary. I have not bitten yet.

  93. on Fox, DT can go on Greta, Hannity and O’Reilly

    on MSNBC, he can go on Morning Joe, maybe Andrea Mitchell down the road and I think Chris Matthews, although he has been brutal on camera, has a secret little tingle going up his leg for DT

    on CNN, he can go on Erin Burnett, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper

    evidently DT’s son tweeted that Donald will announce tonight at the event who the money is going to and they are now over $300,000 raised

  94. this is going to be a disaster for the Fox debate…all anyone is talking about is Trump and all the other cable channels are carrying the DT event nonstop…from the long lines of people waiting for hours, to DT’s plane landing…on and on…

  95. Meghan Kelley is not a journalist…she is biased and on a mission to take out DT…people are sick and tired of the media manipulating them…and they will see thru MK’s intentions…they saw thru it on the first debate

    I will not watch that debate tonight, I refuse to give them any ratings…but for any that suffer thru it…I will be curious as to how Fox scrambles with their two female utube stars, one muslim and one (illegal) immigrant that were recruited by MK for the sole purpose of entrapping and bringing down DT…that’s real “fair and balanced”…NOT!

    as Admin, MK had telegraphed that the race would be viewed so differently on Friday after ‘her’ debate…wink, wink…guess she didn’t plan it would be going this way…

    MK, watch what you wish for…


    DT on CNN now saying Ailes just called him…and Ailes and Fox have been calling him all day to get him to the debate…and “someone” apologized to him…but he is not going to the debate…

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