What NRO Should Know – About America, PUMA, And @RealDonaldTrump

Update: It’s over for Trump. This latest bit of news goes well with an earlier article we wrote. The Sarah Palin effect:

With just over a week until the first 2016 election contest, Donald Trump takes the lead in Iowa — and maintains his big advantage in New Hampshire.

That’s according to the latest round of Fox News state polls on the Republican presidential nomination contest.

Trump bests Ted Cruz in Iowa and now receives 34 percent support among Republican caucus-goers. Trump was at 23 percent in the Fox News Poll two weeks ago (January 4-7).

Cruz is down at 23%. Trump! Before Sarah Palin it was Trump at 23%. After Sarah Palin The Donald is at 34%. Trump’s relentless attacks against Cruz have succeeded. Trump’s numbers went up. Cruz’ numbers went down. Nationally and in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

Every phony “surge” candidate against Trump has been defeated. The big question now is who will be anointed by the GOP establishment to be the next “surge” candidate against Trump after Thursday’s debate. Maybe it will be Jeb the next “surge” candidate – after all he finally got his mother’s endorsement.

NRO won’t understand. It’s all over for Trump. In a good way. Nuke.


Forget guns. Every American has the right to carry a nuclear weapon. That nuclear weapon is called the vote.

On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign. Unlike just about everybody else on the left and especially the right, we sang his praises that very day. We warned that Donald Trump should not be sold short, that Trump could become the nominee and that Trump could become president in January 2017.

By the first week of July it was clear that The Donald held several trump cards which he played adroitly, like early James Bond in the casino playing chemin de fer, cigarette dangling from his lips.

By the end of July, more and more, even the dunces began to see what we saw on Trump announcement day. Many still derided Trump and disagreed with us that Trump could win the nomination and the general election. But the desperation and fear could be smelled from the anti-Trump toilets. So strong was Trump we wrote up the near impossible task “How To Destroy Donald Trump“.

By the time we wrote How To Destroy Donald Trump we knew it was already too too late. We knew much earlier that the moment Donald Trump got on the first debate stage despite every GOP establishment attempt to block him from a platform next to governors and senators, it was over and Trump was on his way – in. Which brings us to why that is true and what the NRO and the anti-Trump right wing toilets need to know.

Today, less than 10 days before Iowa votes the National Review Online (NRO) and several other publications such as the Weekly Standard began their all out assault on Donald J. Trump.

The attacks came too late. Donald Trump preempted all the attacks with Sarah Palin. But even if Trump had not tactically outmaneuvered the authors of the attacks, they were still too too late.

Here’s what the NRO needs to know. The attacks against Trump won’t work because Trump is not their problem. The problem is the damn American voter with that nuclear weapon ready, able, and willing, nay, joyously about to detonate.

NRO and the anti-Trump toilets should have read what we wrote back in early July, before the first debate, shortly after Donald Trump announced. We wrote about the Donald Trump mystique before the American people went nuclear on the political class:

We explain in simple English the Donald Trump mystique:


Eventually voters catch on and they decide to vote for the biggest motherf*cker around who will do what they want. The voters find themselves in a snake pit, surrounded by vipers, and they reach up to grab whatever stick is handed to them. [snip]

The voters are in a snake pit and Donald Trump is the stick they will use to beat back the vipers.

You don’t have to like Donald Trump to love Donald Trump. You can detest Donald Trump as crass and love the fact that he fights back and has the resources to fight back.

Donald Trump is the stick that hits. And voters trapped in the snake pit need a stick.

Whatever Trump quote NRO trots out, or whatever anti-Trump story Weekly Standard regurgitates to question Trump’s credentials as a conservative or Republican or whatever don’t matter. The problem for NRO and their fellow travelers is not Trump. The problem for NRO and the political establishment is the nuclear armed voter.

The voters are about to nuke the political establishment.

In 2008, the P.U.M.A. movement was born. Party Unity My Ass.

What was P.U.M.A.? It was a country over party movement. This website remained true to what we wrote. Throughout 2007 and 2008 we wrote that treacherous Barack Obama should not be president. Ordinarily, as in every election we would have fallen in line and voted for the Democrat. But party over country guided us. We believe we have been proven right.

Many of those who stood with us during the primaries, that excoriated Barack Obama for his many corruptions, failings, treacheries, and dubious history, about-faced everything they thought, once the Political Party waved the red flag of battle. We stood athwart history yelling Stop!

Many establishment Republicans in 2008 put aside the obvious about Obama, admired the crease in his pants, and exhorted a vote for Obama. Many of those who lubricated history to elect Obama are now the ones against Trump. The political establishment that did nothing to stop Obama, that did everything to enable Obama, now wants to stand athwart history yelling “Stop Trump!” Fu*k You.

Back when we warned that the voters were trapped in a snake pit and would reach for any stick to beat back the vipers there was a chance for the vipers to learn and survive. There was a chance for the vipers to back off. There was a chance for the vipers to sheath their fangs. There was a chance for the vipers to provide space and hope the voters’ anger would be soothed. But the vipers bared their fangs.

The voters in the snake pit took the stick Donald J. Trump offered. The snakes coiled, ready to strike. The voters could have cooled their anger if only the vipers in the pit had learned and backed off, understood the anger, addressed the grievances, raised candidates with messages that understood the anger – if only to try to stop the retribution to come.

Now the stick is set aside. It is time for retribution. The stick is no longer enough. The ultimate weapon will be unleashed. The nuclear weapon will explode. In less than 10 days.


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  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-poll-idUSMTZSAPEC1MDJJ32Q

    Poll: Trump in lead at 40.6 percent

    Republican front-runner candidate Donald Trump has a big lead in the race for the 2016 presidential nomination nationally, swamping his opponents with a 40.6 percent share of those surveyed, a Reuters-Ipsos tracking poll found on Friday.

    The survey of 582 respondents found Trump with a higher percentage of the vote than his next four challengers combined, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz drawing 10.5 percent, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 9.7 percent, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at 9.2 percent and Florida Senator Marco Rubio with 7.2 percent.

    In a hypothetical matchup between Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Trump, Clinton holds a statistically insignificant lead of 41.4 percent to 40.8 percent.

    Graphs can be seen here: http://recovering-liberal.blogspot.co.nz/2016/01/trumps-latest-statenationwidepoll.html

  2. Speaking of late snakes:


    Jeb!: I’ll Lead a ‘Populist Revolt’

    Bush repeatedly attempted to channel The Donald’s energetic, tough essence. “I hope you want someone who has a spine, who has a backbone,” he said, comparing himself to his primary opponents.

    He called his tenure as governor of Florida “an activist time where reform was front and center.”

    He declared that “heads would roll” in the corrupt Department of Veterans Affairs if he were president.

    He urged a “populist revolt to get to a Constitutional convention” where voters could ratify an amendment installing term limits, a budget-balancing ordinance, and a six-year ban on lobbying by retired politicians.

    He called on the voters of New Hampshire to “throw the bums out” of Washington and start again with a clean slate, before adding quickly, “Except Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), of course.”

    But the old, wonkish Jeb came through every now and again.

    When someone asked him about Vladimir Putin’s alleged role in the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko, he admitted that he hadn’t been following the story… but that he had been reading Steven Lee Myers’s The New Tsar.

    He rattled off tax rates and deficit figures and historical references with such ease and rapidity that, at times, his answers to simple questions became impossible to follow.

    At one point he went overboard with the wonk as he assured supporters that his poll numbers were rising in New Hampshire because voters were only just getting to know him

  3. RealClearPolitics featured this link to a Huffington Post article (yeah, Huffington Post) Hillary wrote:


    What President Obama’s Legacy Means to Me [snip]

    If you take a step back and look at all America has achieved over the past eight years, it’s remarkable to see how far we’ve come. But you’d never know it from listening to the Republicans. They’re quick to demonize and demean President Obama. At the last GOP presidential debate, two candidates referred to him as a “child.” That kind of racially coded rhetoric has no place in our politics. Instead of insulting our president, we should be thanking him.

    Republicans aren’t just harshly criticizing the president. They’re threatening to undo just about everything he has achieved. They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act; in fact they’ve voted to repeal or dismantle it more than 50 times. They’re hard at work dismantling workers’ rights and voting rights. They want to take away women’s rights to make our own health decisions. Some even want to reverse marriage equality — one of the greatest civil rights accomplishments in American history.

    In short, they want to drag us backward and undo all the progress we’ve worked so hard to achieve. We can’t let that happen.

    Hillary deals the race card. See how far we’ve come.

  4. Brilliant article Admin

    Wondering if by any chance your initials might be



    Hillary just wrap yourself around Obummer even more …

    I read an article earlier on what she most likely will do next leading into South Carolina primary.

    Time will tell.

    Poor Hillary
    She’s like Michelle Kwan who now works for her, she wanted the Olympic Gold so bad she lost her legacy in pursuit (and her body)

  5. HufPo, like appearing on MSNBC, is an act of desperation on Hillary’s part. . It appeals to the worst element of the left whom viciously attacked Hillary in 08 and have been pushing Sanders/ Biden/Warren anyone but Hillary on a daily basis. It also has a very biased/twisted view on Israel(many leftists Jews writing said articles to cover the obvious hatred of the Jewish state) but give radical Muslims a pass any opportunity it gets.

  6. Admin: you are right. Trump is not their problem. Their problem is the voters. And if Trump did not exist, the voters would invent someone far more lethal to their interest. Someone who would destroy evict them from the party, rather than someone who would turn the party in a direction where all boats rise with the tide rather than theirs. If they are too dense to figure this out, they are after all the party of stupid, then let them ponder one factoid which has escaped their attention. Nordstroms is opening new stores all over, and Sears and Pennys are shutting them down. What if anything does that tell you about where this country is going? And if you tell me it is a management problem, then you deserve the vaudeville hook.

  7. He urged a “populist revolt to get to a Constitutional convention”
    Bush, the corrupt globalist, promises to lead a populist revolt. . .

    Whoa Nellie!

    Lead? Bush?? Revolt???

    He had best forget about that shit.

    Unless he is prepared to assume the risk of fragging.

    So now we have it.

    Bush and Cruz condemn the establishment.

    Hillary says there is no establishment—which is like saying there is no mafia.

    Kimmie says we are all part of the establishment—which means we are all to blame.

    And now, jebediah promises to lead a populist revolt against it—even though he is a globalist with a silver spoon.

    Yes, as a very stupid senior corporate executive I knew who understood nothing about nothing, and always pleaded that he did not understand English was fond of saying: we now have clarity and alignment, as his audience rolled their eyes–the way Bernie does.

  8. A discussion by Bernie Sanders’ PUMAs who will vote for Trump over Hillary – but they don’t like us.
    That is fair enough because we don’t like them either.

    This is about coalitions not Kumbaya moments.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  9. From one National Review writer who refused to join the Stop Trump edition:


    The editorial and several symposium contributors were clear that voters have good reason to be outraged at the serial betrayals by the Republican political class, even if Trump is the wrong vessel for that outrage. But a few of the contributors have helped perpetrate those betrayals – they’re part of the reason that Trump resonates with so many voters, and I’m loath to take their advice on dealing with the problem they helped create.

    Tom Sowell, Ed Meese, Andy McCarthy – criticism of Trump from men like this carries real weight. But – to pick one counter example – Russell Moore? He’s one of the leaders of the Evangelical Immigration Table, a Soros front group pushing for Obama’s immigration agenda. He’s written that “our Lord Jesus himself was a so-called ‘illegal immigrant.’” He’s tweeted that a border wall is a “golden calf.” He exemplifies the yawning gap between elites and the public that fuels Trump’s rise.

    In short, Dr. Moore is one of the many Dr. Frankensteins who created Donald Trump. Rather than calling on us to turn away from his creation, Moore might do better to retire from public life and devote himself to quiet good works.

    NRO on NRO violence. Such great entertainments provided by Trump.

  10. Hillary Clinton writes glowingly about what she will accomplish in the Next Chapter.

    On January 20, 2017, America will begin our next chapter. … Look where we are today. We’ve had 70 straight months of private-sector job growth. Our businesses have created 14.1 million jobs. The unemployment rate is the lowest in seven years. And the auto industry just had its best year ever.
    (Note: and twenty trillion debt, 95 million of working age not working, 17 percent of our jobs held by illegals–a new heaven and a new earth and stay tuned because the best is yet to come)

    But for those who have had it with “Next Chapters” the present will have to do.

    Judging from the cynical behavior of our elites, one would be forgiven for thinking that hope died a long time ago. With so much callousness in the air it takes a lot of faith to stay in the fight and a special kind of fool to keep loving when “nobody ever loved you that much”. That so many people remain to do their duty and keep at their daily tasks is testimony to a kind of invisible hand about the world, a momentum that endures despite every betrayal.

    The comforting thing is that history has been here before many, many times. In crisis after crisis, humanity has not only endured but prospered. How they manage this is hard to explain. St. Paul writes that “God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” Perhaps this is another way of saying that during a period of flux the great bulk of civilizational value resides in the ordinary life of men; with the headliners ironically the most dispensable element of all.

    That is because the role of elites, which is to provide a narrative past and promise of the future is undermined during a discontinuity, leaving people to live in the present to an extraordinary degree. One of the most ironic consequences of the MISTAKES of Western leadership is that they’ve DESTROYED THE PRESENT VALUE OF THE FUTURE upon which their legitimacy depends. (Note: they can project it through economic models, but at the end of the day, no one believes them any more. No one with any sense.) The future is no longer assured.

    This leaves everyone to live in the present, because there’s nowhere left to go.

    Which means every man for himself, etc. As in:

    Scarlett: But you are a blockade runner.

    Rhett Butler: For profit, and profit only.

    Scarlett: Are you tryin’ to tell me you don’t believe in the cause?

    Rhett Butler: I believe in Rhett Butler, he’s the only cause I know.


  11. Speaking of our elites

    I spoke with a vendor who visited the Bill Gates estate in my town.

    He told me you pull up in your truck to a 12 foot high wooden gate and armed guards dressed in paramilitary uniforms come to your car and greet you. They order you to step out, frisk you, run dogs and detection gear over your car, dig through the trunk and glove department, and when that little proctological examination is complete, they present you with a written document wherein you swear to a number of things, and if you overhear any conversation while on premises and repeat it Gates will see that your are prosecuted. He signed such a form. Bill Gates and Doctor No. Life immitates art. And please spare me the dissertations about he has to do this because . . . save those for somebody who gives a shit. The guy is a paranoid. Like Schmidt at Google, they are laying the foundation for a police state.

  12. WTF?

    Mitch McConnell Moves to Grant the President Unlimited War Powers with No Expiration Date

    This morning, I came across an extremely important story with tremendous long-term negative implications for freedom in these United States. It relates to the fact that the always shady Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is moving to fast track an Authorization of Military Force (AUMF) for the President that would allow for unrestricted warfare against ISIS. There would be no time or geographic restrictions on this authorization. Rather than being a favor to President Obama, this is primarily a means to ensure that whoever takes control in 2017 receives a blank check for unrestrained militarism with no expiration date. This is terrifying.


  13. jb: this is Jackie O’s sister. The family name was Bouvier. Her name is Lee Raziwell. I remember her when she was young, but as with everything else, tempus fugit. That family was Mayflower stuff, and JFK married into it to acquire status, and to move from shanty Irish to lace curtain Irish. The reason I mentioned it is because she took a trip on the wild side and toured with the Rolling Stones thanks to her connection with Truman Capote. Her insights on the band and their leader might interest you.


  14. The attacks against Trump won’t work because Trump is not their problem. The problem is the damn American voter with that nuclear weapon ready, able, and willing, nay, joyously about to detonate.

    Well said! And how wonderful for people to be taking their power back from the elites!

  15. wbboei – is Gates one of those who are anti-gun for the people who can’t afford to live in a gated mansion? There are a bunch of politicians speaking against guns, yet they have armed bodyguards.

  16. A discussion by Bernie Sanders’ PUMAs

    admin – I’m not familiar with that website. I did go over to look at the thread you referenced.

    Are they literal PUMAs? (2008 Hillary supporters who wouldn’t vote for Obama)

    Or are you using the term more generally, meaning Sanders supporters, some of whom won’t vote for the dems if Hillary is the nominee? (I saw some say they’d write in, some stay home, some vote republican, similar to previous PUMA choices)

    Just curious, because your comment made me realize that I never wondered specifically what other PUMAs are doing. I’ve noticed things at this site or next, but never considered PUMAs in general and wondering

    I know one Hillary site that is still going for Hillary, I guess they don’t care that she is Obama. I know another whose members seem to consider themselves independent now, but they won’t vote Hillary or any dem, and they don’t like Trump (but they do strike me as definitely leaning republican now). There’s another site I know, and they also seem to be going for Hillary, but seem to be wondering why she has thrown out her natural constituency (“older” women), and I don’t think they would ever vote for a republican.

    I have no idea how a PUMA can go back to being an ideologue (HAVE to vote for a dem and never a republican without even checking everyone out), and I have no idea how a PUMA can want Obama III.

    I’m so thankful that 2008 allowed me to open my eyes and stop being an ideologue, to listen to both sides and make my own sense of it instead of parroting what NPR and the NY Times are telling me.

    So thankful.

  17. I just thought of something. What if Trump wins, and his administration steals admin away from us to be one of his far-seeing strategists?

  18. Lorac the point was that many are going “party unity my ass”. The website we linked to is one of the biggest websites on the left, “Reddit”. Some of the comments there indicate that Bernie Sanders supporters are saying they will not vote for Hillary if Sanders loses the nomination. Some Sanders supporters even state if Hillary is the nominee they will vote for Trump. It might be healthy if Hillary supporters begin to say that if Hillary does not get the nomination they will not vote. But, there does not seem to be much fight in Hillary nor her supporters when it comes to credible threats (other than the 2008 PUMAs).

    We see much the same thing on Republican websites. While the website owners/writers hate Trump the comments sections are very pro-Trump. The Trump voters almost unanimously state if Trump does not get the nomination they will not vote.

    The concept of PUMA if taken seriously by both sides of the aisle might be a healthy development. Up to now what usually happens is that the partisans on both sides see the party wave the red flag and the rank and file obey the red flags as if they were bulls.

    Unfortunately the only people that go PUMA with frequency are the center/middle/radical middle who sit out elections on a regular PUMA style basis. This only encourages the kooks on both sides to seize control of the parties.

  19. lorac
    January 23, 2016 at 12:56 am
    wbboei – is Gates one of those who are anti-gun for the people who can’t afford to live in a gated mansion? There are a bunch of politicians speaking against guns, yet they have armed bodyguards.

    yup. He is a hypocrite.

    He is a globalist, so it goes with the narrative.

    But the gun confiscation idea is not him—its his wife Melinda.

  20. In 2011 NRO published an entire issue devoted to taking down another “non-conservative”. His name was Newt Gingrich. That issue was published in early December before the election year. The anti-Trump issue was planned early on and published the week of the Iowa caucuses presumably to have maximum impact and nuke Trump’s campaign. But they nuked themselves and helped Trump with their so obvious plot.


  21. This is why Trump wins and Rubio is a loser:


    Marco Rubio Says He Won’t Reveal His Position on ObamaTrade Until After the Primaries

    With the Iowa caucus less than two weeks away, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is refusing to answer questions about how he would vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal until after voters have gone to the polls.

    Rubio’s decision to conceal his position from voters comes after he previously declared that TPP would be a foundational “pillar” of his hoped-for presidency if elected.

    According to a report from the Tampa Bay Times, Rubio told reporters on Jan. 7 that he will not reveal his position on the very trade deal he voted to fast-track until May 18th— two months after Super Tuesday.

    This seems to highlight the tension Rubio is facing: at once being the Republican donor-class favorite, while trying not to advertise his beliefs so transparently that it further hurts him with voters.

    He might as well go to that park and get arrested again cause if this nonsense keeps up he’ll be out by New Hampshire.

  22. “One line near the beginning of National Review’s issue-wide blistering of Donald Trump revealed for me the subconscious motive behind the enterprise: “He and Bernie Sanders have shared more than funky outer-borough accents.”
    “Ah, I thought, a dog whistle to the cognoscenti. The real problem with Donald is that he grew up in Queens, not Manhattan or Greenwich. He might have been “to the manor born,” but it was the wrong manor. Ted Cruz missed his target. Those aren’t “New York values.” It’s those tacky “outer-borough values.”

    It is the “thinkers” versus “the doers”. The problem of course has been we have not had very good “thinkers” for quite a while. “Doers” are thinkers too but not just in the theoretical. The preening, social, elite, “thinker” class has been growing and tending to their own wants and needs and everyone else is supposed to like it. Spending your day contemplating the meaning of “conservative” has a how many angels dance on the head of a pin quality about it and most of us are sick of their stupid shit. Just because you have an old anachronistic magazine sold at airports and Barnes and Nobles and can write any self absorbed garbage and print it doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Justifying your useless existence of course is important, and a few philosophers here and there are needed, but an entire class of them? No wonder NOTHING gets done in this country except stupid shit that accomplishes zilch. It is a feature not a bug. Enough already. Go whine to your mother NR. You have proven your opinion is just self protective blather.

  23. lorac
    January 23, 2016 at 8:01 am
    When you have a limited number of people applying to live in a country, you get people who are motivated and likely to assimilate well. When you have masses of people displaced by bad conditions, they will bring their bad attitudes and take them out on the populous.

  24. From FB. 😆

    So why did the chicken cross the road?

    SARAH PALIN: The chicken crossed the road because, gosh-darn it, he’s a maverick!

    BARACK OBAMA: Let me be perfectly clear, if the chickens like their eggs they can keep their eggs. No chicken will be required to cross the road to surrender her eggs. Period.

    JOHN McCAIN: My friends, the chicken crossed the road because he recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side of the road.

    GEORGE W. BUSH: We don’t really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road or not. The chicken is either with us or against us. There is no middle ground here.

    DICK CHENEY: Where’s my gun?

  25. Mormaer
    January 23, 2016 at 7:52 am

    “… most of us are sick of their stupid shit.”

    I can not tell you the joy I find in clearly spoken/written language.

  26. We have such a long scary way to go. Someone said that Bloomburg and Romney may try to run in the general in order to water down the peoples vote and force Congress to decide the election.

    How can we fight that?

  27. alcina
    January 23, 2016 at 10:52 am

    To the manner born, they are.

    Relics of a by-gone era.

    Harmless mostly

    Long lunches at 21 with Truman Capote.

    Fashion shows at Bergdoff Goodman.

    Sly come hither glances at the waiter.

    After dinner drinks at Sardis.

    High school kids who never grew up.

    Money was their worst enemy.

    Truly a by gone era.

    Of far greater concern today are the internet billionaires–all sociopaths.

    There is something subtle, yet profound, in being attached to a machine, 24/7.

    It changes people—makes them robotic, and they live in the virtual world rather than the real one.

    Dead from the neck down is how Microsoft people have been described by those who enter on their campus.

    Also, it gets them to stop acting locally, and start acting globally,

    Which gives them license to ignore the welfare of those around them,

    And become suckers for global demagogues, like Obama.

  28. “Ah, I thought, a dog whistle to the cognoscenti. The real problem with Donald is that he grew up in Queens, not Manhattan or Greenwich.
    That is exactly what it is. He may be a billionaire, but the does not come from their neighborhood. The fact that he left the hinterland, and came into Manhattan, and conquered their real estate market must gaul them even further. In the vast span of history, it must seem like the day Attilla marched into Rome. But if they look down on Donald, think of how much more they look down on us. We, the insignifcant many, the great unwashed, the bitter clingers. And it works fine, until the anesthesia wears off, the patient wakes up, and realizes that they cut off the wrong leg. And then they bury the patient, and go on like nothing happened. I would hate to think that the only answer to all this is the guillotine.

  29. Hillary sounds like she is running to be O’s Vice President

    I am so disappointed in her…

    and btw…this is not bashing…we all have a right to express our opinions and observations and have the freedom to do so…

    no denial…censorship…no intimadation…


    also…looks like National Review is receiving angry calls and cancellations…does not pay to mess around with DT…just ask Macy’s

  30. Three New Yorkers running for president? Diversity!


    Bloomberg, Sensing an Opening, Revisits a Potential White House Run

    Michael R. Bloomberg has instructed advisers to draw up plans for a potential independent campaign in this year’s presidential race. His advisers and associates said he was galled by Donald J. Trump’s dominance of the Republican field, and troubled by Hillary Clinton’s stumbles and the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on the Democratic side.

    Mr. Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, has in the past contemplated running for the White House on a third-party ticket, but always concluded he could not win. A confluence of unlikely events in the 2016 election, however, has given new impetus to his presidential aspirations.

    Mr. Bloomberg, 73, has already taken concrete steps toward a possible campaign, and has indicated to friends and allies that he would be willing to spend at least $1 billion of his fortune on it, according to people briefed on his deliberations who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss his plans. He has set a deadline for making a final decision in early March, the latest point at which advisers believe Mr. Bloomberg could enter the race and still qualify to appear as an independent candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.

    He has retained a consultant to help him explore getting his name on those ballots, and his aides have done a detailed study of past third-party bids. Mr. Bloomberg commissioned a poll in December to see how he might fare against Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, and he intends to conduct another round of polling after the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 9 to gauge whether there is indeed an opening for him, according to two people familiar with his intentions.

    His aides have sketched out a version of a campaign plan that would have the former mayor, a low-key and cerebral personality, give a series of detailed policy speeches, backed by an intense television advertising campaign that would introduce him to voters around the country as a technocratic problem-solver and self-made businessman who understands the economy and who built a bipartisan administration in New York.

    Mr. Bloomberg would face daunting and perhaps insurmountable obstacles in a presidential campaign: No independent candidate has ever been elected to the White House, and Mr. Bloomberg’s close Wall Street ties and liberal social views, including his strong support for abortion rights and gun control, could repel voters on the left and right.

    But his possible candidacy also underscores the volatility of a presidential race that could be thrown into further turmoil by a wild-card candidate like Mr. Bloomberg.

    If Republicans were to nominate Mr. Trump or Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a hard-line conservative, and Democrats chose Mr. Sanders, Mr. Bloomberg — who changed his party affiliation to independent in 2007 — has told allies he would be likely to run.

    Edward G. Rendell, the former governor of Pennsylvania and a past Democratic National Committee chairman, said he believed Mr. Bloomberg could compete in the race if activist candidates on the left and right prevailed in the party primaries.

    “Mike Bloomberg for president rests on the not-impossible but somewhat unlikely circumstance of either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz versus Bernie Sanders,” said Mr. Rendell, a close ally of Mrs. Clinton’s who is also a friend of Mr. Bloomberg’s. “If Hillary wins the nomination, Hillary is mainstream enough that Mike would have no chance, and Mike’s not going to go on a suicide mission.”

    In a three-way race featuring Mr. Sanders and Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Rendell said he might back the former New York mayor.

    “As a lifelong Democrat, as a former party chairman, it would be very hard for me to do that,” he said. “But I would certainly take a look at it — absolutely.”

    Mr. Bloomberg declined to comment on his interest in the 2016 race, and most of his associates would speak only on the condition that they not be named. Mr. Bloomberg is irked by the perception that he has toyed too often with running for national office, according to several associates, and is said to be wary of another public flirtation.

    At the same time, these associates said, he has grown more frustrated with what he sees a race gone haywire. A longtime critic of partisan primary elections, Mr. Bloomberg has lamented what he considers Mrs. Clinton’s lurch to the left in her contest against Mr. Sanders, especially her criticism of charter schools and other education reforms that he pushed as mayor and has continued to support since leaving office.

    At a dinner party late last fall at the home of Roger C. Altman, an investment banker and former deputy Treasury secretary, Mr. Bloomberg delivered a piquant assessment of Mrs. Clinton as a presidential candidate.

    In the presence of Mr. Altman, a longtime supporter of Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, Mr. Bloomberg described her as a flawed politician, shadowed by questions about her honesty and the continuing investigation into her email practices as secretary of state, according to two people in attendance.

    The outcome of that investigation, Mr. Bloomberg said, was anyone’s guess.

    Setting a March deadline for making a decision allows Mr. Bloomberg to see how Mrs. Clinton and the more mainstream Republican candidates fare in the early primaries. And because of his vast wealth, there is no downside in laying the groundwork for a possible campaign, even if he ultimately decides against it.

    Even a victory by Mrs. Clinton in the Democratic primaries might not preclude a bid by Mr. Bloomberg, his associates said, if he believed she had been gravely weakened by the contest.

    Mr. Bloomberg has maintained a constructive relationship with the Clintons over the years, working closely with Mrs. Clinton during her tenure in the Senate and at one point even suggesting that she run to succeed him as mayor.

    One adviser said that Mr. Bloomberg’s preparations reflected the unsettled state of the race, and the perception that Mrs. Clinton was flagging against Mr. Sanders.

    Mr. Bloomberg, this adviser said, believes voters want “a nonideological, bipartisan, results-oriented vision” that the early primary favorites have not presented.

    “This isn’t about Hillary Clinton,” the adviser said in an email. “The fact is Hillary Clinton is behind in Iowa and New Hampshire. That should scare a lot of people — and it does.” (Public polls have shown Mr. Sanders leading in New Hampshire, a close race in Iowa and Mrs. Clinton with a solid lead nationally.)

    Since the 2012 election, Mr. Bloomberg has repeatedly mused at private events about Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign as a cautionary tale for candidates from the business world. Mr. Romney assembled an impressive record as a private equity investor before serving as governor of Massachusetts; the Obama campaign branded him as a heartless corporate raider.

    Social acquaintances and political and business leaders said they had been surprised to find their encouraging remarks about a possible 2016 campaign answered with intense seriousness by Mr. Bloomberg, who has stressed that he would run if he saw a path to victory.

    Mr. Bloomberg’s brain trust has examined previous third-party efforts dating to Theodore Roosevelt in 1912, giving closest attention to the campaigns of John Anderson in 1980 and H. Ross Perot in 1992.

    It is unclear whether Mr. Bloomberg would be more likely to draw support from a Democrat, like Mr. Sanders or Mrs. Clinton, or a conservative Republican.

    While Mr. Bloomberg supports many of the Democratic Party’s social policies, he has been a fierce defender of the financial services industry, which is unpopular with many liberals, and enacted aggressive policing policies in New York City that are anathema to left-leaning voters.

    And when he first ran for mayor in 2001, he did so as a Republican. But he has also poured energy and money into advocating policies that conservative Republicans detest, most notably gun control and immigration reform.

    Mr. Bloomberg has seen the Mr. Trump’s campaign rhetoric on immigration as especially distasteful. But in an interview with ABC News that aired last weekend, Mr. Trump said he would welcome a presidential campaign by Mr. Bloomberg, whom he called “a friend” and “a great guy.”

    Mr. Bloomberg, he predicted, would “take a lot of votes away from Hillary.”

    Alan Patricof, a financier and longtime donor to the Clintons who is also friendly with Mr. Bloomberg, said it would be “a terrible thing” for the Democratic Party’s prospects of winning the White House if the former mayor ran as an independent.

    “If it was President Trump or President Bloomberg, I’d certainly rather have President Bloomberg,” Mr. Patricof said. “But it certainly can’t help the Democrats.”

    Some Republicans are less certain of the effect Mr. Bloomberg would have on the race. In swing states like Ohio and Virginia, suburban moderates who recoil from certain liberal policies might be more likely to support Mr. Bloomberg than a candidate like Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz.

    Representative Daniel M. Donovan Jr., a New York Republican who is a friend and golfing partner of Mr. Bloomberg’s, said that many voters “who aren’t totally satisfied with any of the people who are running right now, would welcome a Mike Bloomberg candidacy.”

    Mr. Donovan said he could consider supporting Mr. Bloomberg, depending on how the rest of the race develops.

    “He governed more in pragmatic ways than in ideals,” Mr. Donovan said, adding, “That may be different from some of the folks, like Senator Cruz, who are apparently doing well among primary voters.”

    This is a smart move by Bloomberg. It doesn’t hurt him to consider the possibilities and sniff around. We hope Bloomberg runs.

    But lets save Bloomberg money and write everything Bloomie needs to know:

    First, Bloomberg is very very rich. Trump is poor by comparison. Bloomberg has tens of billions of dollars. Bloomberg’s companies are also world-wide with some of the smartest people and of course they are very tech savvy which is a big big plus for any presidential campaign. That Bloomberg owns Big Media companies and knows finance intimately is also a powerful plus.

    Bloomberg’s billions are a very powerful force. Bloomberg could easily propel himself via ads and hiring to a very strong position in a presidential contest. Add to this that Bloomberg has already run for office and we see his strengths very clearly. No one should underestimate Bloomberg and we certainly don’t.

    Now, back to reality. Bloomberg won his races in New York by spending so much money he overwhelmed his opponents. Most know that Bloomberg hired just about everybody worth hiring when he ran for mayor. Most of the people Bloomberg hired had nothing to do. Bloomberg hired them to keep them from being hired by other campaigns. In a presidential election Bloomberg won’t be able to monopolize the talent by the sheer force of spending.

    Bloomberg also did not do particularly well when he ran for office. He won his elections. But Bloomberg bought his elections it was not any particular electoral talent that got the victories. Also the last election was very bad and Bloomberg essentially burned the good will of the voters when he had the law changed to allow his third term run.

    Bloomberg also has skeletons in his closet. The Democrats and Republicans know what those skeletons are and while there was never any profit in angering Bloomberg before, in a presidential election all bets are off.

    But the bottom line for Bloomberg is that his time to run was in 2008 or 2012. A Bloomberg run in 2016 would be disaster for him. Why? One word: Trump.

    If a candidate other than Trump is the GOP nominee we think Bloomberg would have an outside chance of actually winning the election. But Trump will be the nominee. And Bloomberg has never faced someone like Trump in an election. Trump does not have as much money as Bloomberg but Trump can raise it from the public and his friends if need be. Money though would not be the consideration. The problem is that Trump is a fighter and a brutal one at that. Bloomberg would not come out well once Roger Stone ran ads against him. Word to the wise here.

    Although we haven’t seen Alan in a while he is very correct in his assessment. Bloomberg would devastate a Hillary campaign or any Democrat campaign. That’s where his votes would come from. The notion that Bloomberg would take Republican votes is stupid. On all the hot button issues Bloomberg appeals to Democrats not Republicans. The only Republicans that would vote for Bloomberg are basically phony “Republicans” like Bloomberg. GOP billionaires and millionaires and their friends are the only Republicans who would vote for Bloomberg.

    Independents however would be attracted to Bloomberg. Bloomberg would take Democrats from Hillary and independents from Trump and Hillary. The result would be “President Trump”.

    Why President Trump with a Bloomberg run? Because it is entirely possible that with Bloomberg no candidate would get the electoral votes necessary. In that case the election goes to the electoral college, a.k.a. congress. Republicans control enough state delegations that their nominee would win (as we’ve noted months ago, this is the only scenario for a President Bush III if he would become the miracle nominee).

    Bloomberg could win if the election was only a Trump v. Bloomberg race. That could happen if by some miracle Sanders became the nominee and Bloomberg would hire all Democrat consultants and essentially make Sanders irrelevant. In this case there would be a top tier of Trump v. Bloomberg and Sanders would be a Ralph Nader taking all the kook votes. But even in a Trump v. Bloomberg election, which would create a theoretical opening for a Bloomberg victory we think Trump would win with ease. Why? Because we’ve seen how Trump campaigns. Trump would eat Bloomberg alive.

  31. S
    January 23, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    also…looks like National Review is receiving angry calls and cancellations…does not pay to mess around with DT…just ask Macy’s


    S, the “Donald” did not close Macy’s. The big box retailers have been going out of business for well-over a decade mainly due to online shopping and the economic downturn. It is why Montgomery Wards, Gimbels, Sears, etc. have all folded. JCPenney, like Macy’s, is also hanging on by a thread but may wind up being the sole survivor due to pricing. Macy’s has lived on reputation alone for so long, but now their reputation as an upscale department store is killing them in a downsized economy.

  32. Great stuff wbboei.i have books with pics of her and Capote with the band. By the way, Princess Margaret was a real Stone’s ?groupie” as was Trudeau”s wife.

  33. Voting Hillary…I did not say that Donald closed Macy’s…what I was referring to was when Macy’s dissed DT many customers complained and cancelled their Macy’s credit cards…that was directly in response to their anger when Macy’s dropped carrying his ties…

  34. JBStonesFan, this song was in part about Trudeau’s wife, allegedly:

    Well now you’re a pillar of society
    You don’t worry about the things that you used to be
    You’re a rag-trade girl, you’re the queen of porn
    You’re the easiest lay on the White House lawn

  35. Firewalls, levees, work, until they don’t. A loss in Iowa and New Hampshire will blow up the firewalls.


    Palmetto Sunrise: New poll shows Sanders chipping at Clinton’s lead in S.C.

    COLUMBIA — A new poll of likely self-identified Democratic South Carolina voters puts presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton with a 19 percentage point lead over U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    The poll was conducted by the South Carolina New Democrats Jan. 12 to 15.

    In a Dec. 17 poll by CBS/YouGov, Clinton had a 36 point lead over Sanders in the state, according to the most recent polling data compiled by RealClearPolitics.com.

    This is a disaster. Hillary is now at 47% support. She is not even at 50%, which is the real story here.

  36. Perception is greater than reality and unfortunately the perception is that she is not a winning candidate…people will abandon ship when she loses Iowas and NH.

  37. Des Moines Register endorsements:


    Iowa’s Des Moines Register endorses Clinton, Rubio

    Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Marco Rubio have won the endorsement of the Des Moines Register, the most prominent daily newspaper in Iowa, with just over a week until voters caucus on Feb. 1 and begin the process of selecting their parties’ presidential nominees.

    But strategists and observers have raised questions about whether the paper’s approval can do much to influence voters – and in some cases could even be counterproductive.

    The Register has been endorsing candidates ahead of Iowa’s presidential caucuses since 1988, but this cycle’s blessings came amid an upside-down political atmosphere in which once-vaunted traditions have become unwelcome reminders of insiderdom.

    The two Republican candidates likeliest to win the caucuses — Donald Trump and Ted Cruz — didn’t even bother to court the paper’s endorsement. And it’s unclear if they would’ve have wanted it anyway. Republican strategists and political observers predicted that unlike in previous years, a Register endorsement is an instant talking point for rivals, proof that the winners are aligned with a mainstream media outlet’s moderate-to-liberal lean .

    “The Register’s endorsement is like being endorsed by the Washington Post or NY Times, if you’re a conservative,” argued former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. “For Trump and Cruz it will give them a chance to sound off — to diminish any potential positive impact the endorsement could have —against the ‘establishment’ endorsing one of their own. In short it’s like a car accident: ‘move along, nothing to see here.'”

    David Yepsen, who covered politics for the Register for 34 years, also predicted that the Republican endorsement could backfire.

    “I think it will become a point to needle,” said David Yepsen. “‘See, we told you he was too liberal.'”

    The biggest benefit from an endorsement would likely occur outside of Iowa, argued one veteran Iowa Republican strategist. For [Bush, Christie, Kasich or Rubio] – who seeking to run as an establishment-oriented alternative to Trump or Cruz — the endorsement could signal to voters in New Hampshire and more moderate enclaves that establishment Republicans are coalescing behind him.

    The endorsement enables him to say ‘I’m the establishment pick,’ and yeah, that’s going to be really valuable,” the strategist said. “That campaign is going to try to use it to say, ‘Look at me East Coasters, this is the beginning of the meshing of the establishment behind me.’”

    The Democratic endorsement, Yepsen noted, may be more influential since the paper’s left-leaning editorial board tends to connect better with Democrats. The Register, he added, would have been hard-pressed to ditch Hillary Clinton, whom it backed over then-Sen. Barack Obama in late 2007. The paper that year described he “readiness” to lead the country “We believe as president she’ll do what she’s always done in her life: Throw herself into the job and work hard,” the board wrote. “We believe Hillary Rodham Clinton can do great things for our country.” [If Bernie wins, it probably turns this story upside-down, since that would be a big surprise.]

    Clinton won the endorsement, Yepsen noted, even though the paper’s editorial board has almost entirely turned over since her last campaign

    The Register’s Saturday endorsements were its 10th and 11th since it first backed Democrat Paul Simon in 1988. They come in a year that has already featured outright hostility toward mainstream media institutions. Cruz, for example, has warred with the Wall Street Journal editorial board, long a paragon of conservativism. Trump on Thursday was targeted by conservative writers at National Review, prompting Trump to lash out in response. Trump has fought, too, with the Register itself. The paper wrote an editorial last year slamming Trump for sexist comments. In response, Trump’s campaign denied press credentials to the Register for covering local events.

    Though these days, candidates can afford to do battle with prominent outlets, in previous caucus years, endorsements were more meaningful because candidates didn’t have 24/7 exposure and a trusted editorial board was an important liaison to voters, argued Ari Fleischer, a former press secretary to President George W. Bush. Today, they’re only good for a positive news cycle or two.

    “Endorsements are like fool’s gold,” he said. “You can spend them the day they come out to get good press, but they don’t change voter behavior.”

    In the meantime, he said, the recipients’ rivals will be working to spin the endorsement as a negative, especially on the Republican side “with the dislike of all things establishment this cycle.”

    Kevin Madden, a spokesman for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, said it’s a particularly difficult year for newspaper endorsements to make an impact.

    “Editorial endorsements are more of a conventional barometer of support or progress in a totally unconventional year,” he said. “It’s less about being blessed by the hands of the establishment and more about their diminished ability — due to a much more fractured media landscape — to drive earned media attention and shape voter attitudes.”

    Over the years, The paper has had mediocre luck at picking winners, and former New York Times data expert Nate Silver noted in 2011 that there’s little evidence candidates even received a statistical benefit from the endorsement. That year, the paper endorsed Romney, who lost the Republican caucuses narrowly to Rick Santorum but ultimately became the party’s nominee.

    But few see the needle moving much, regardless of the Register’s decisions.

    “In general, I just think newspaper endorsements are kind of an antiquity,” Yepsen said. “What it’s worth is a little media buzz. The media writes about itself and the race kind of moves on.”

  38. Her campaign should have been reading BigPink and our admin advice! It’s too late now, Hillary’s brand (for what is was worth) is not shot all to hell because she branded herself the 3rd Obama and the country does NOT want to go that route again. The battle cry I hear now is ANYBODY but Hillbama .. I have been in Pennsylvania this week in doctors offices and hospitals and all I heard was talk about Donald Trump. At one time Hillary could depend on PA, OH, WV and KY .. the horse has left the barn

  39. dot – admin is brilliant, but there must have been people in Hillary’s midst at least saying the basic “don’t be Obama” (at least at some point, since Hillary used to be Hillary not Obama). I think she must have intentionally turned away, pushed them into the periphery and out. If Hillary saw admin’s website, she probably just never came back, since she had chosen to morph into Obama (vs. become her true self by turning into Obama – who knows).

    And I can’t believe she is playing the race card now, after it was falsely and shamelessly played against her and Bill. For me, it certainly tilts the scale more towards Hillary being a classic politician and away from the public servant I used to think she was.

    And it helps me understand how she so easily forgave Obama’s treachery, all of it. I personally explained this oddness away by thinking it must have been her strong Christian faith. Now I think it was so easy to “forgive” because they were both politicians and understand playing “dirty tricks”. So now she has no qualms trying to sabotage someone else with the same lies, because it’s all just a game.

  40. oh – I also explained her forgiving Obama as a way to “go along to get along” until she could somehow get him back to save America. Nope. She just forgave him and kept becoming closer and closer to him. I’ve seen her so many times smiling at him, hugging him, and I always wondered why her smile always looked like she genuinely cared for him. I don’t wonder why anymore. She likes what he has done to America, he just hasn’t done enough of it, in her mind.

  41. A German swimming bath has banned migrants from entering the premises after a group of men went on an obscene rampage, laughing in the faces of pool staff when challenged about their grotesque behaviour.

    A group of migrant men and women were caught on security camera at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony engaging in unacceptable behaviour, including masturbating into the jacuzzi. In separate incidents other groups of migrants were caught “contaminating” the children’t training pool by “emptying their bowels in the water”, and sexually assaulting other bathers, reports Bild.
    More Muslim behavior from the Merkel invitees.

    Why not send them to Davos where they belong.

    They would look good in the Swiss Alps shitting in a hot tub with Warren Buffet in it and screaming Allah Akbar, and be kind to camels.


  42. To be a reliable analyst in politics, three things are necessary:

    1. TRUTH (As in a court of law, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth):

    a. over economic self interest

    b. over party affiliation

    c. over the prevailing narrative

    d. over the esteem of colleagues.


    a. you have to know who knows what is going on behind the narrative

    b. you have got to know who will tell you the truth and who will lie to you


    a. years of experience in the inside game of politics

    b. institutional history and repeating patterns.

    c. the ability to understand what is important and what is not

    As I write those things, I realize how few people who opine on the subject, have the foggiest idea of what is happening. And when they get bit by celebrity, its over.

    Roger Stone has all those skills. So does admin. That is why the information they give you is valuable, and you realize there is no sense in arguing with those cannot see past the talking points of the two parties, or let them selves believe that where this much is at stake, anything including murder is not onl possible, but a fact of life.

  43. This is also true on Wall Street.

    How do you make a small fortune in X industry? Start out with a large one.

    How do you make a large fortune on Wall Street? Inside information.

  44. That fucking Bloomberg.

    If he was auditioning for the role of Jimmie Cricket in a Disney production, how could anyone of good conscience say no.

    But the that that pint sized, gun grabbing %$$^#$)(*++= . . . cricket would audition for the role of president, is a sure sign of insanity.

    Oh it might work if the nation consisted of that great expanse of real estate from Battery Park to Inwood and the west side docks to the East River, but beyond that???

    Do us all a favor Bluumy and forgetaboutit.

  45. Maybe I have it all backwards.

    Maybe each of us should have our own presidential exploratory committee so big media would work us into their narrative and get an invitation to appear on Meet The Press.

    In that case, it would be hypocritical for me to deny Bluumy his right to an exploratory committee.

    Each Mormon is taught to believe he or she has his own universe. I am not asking for my own universe only my own exploratory committee. If its good enough to the Mormons then it is good enough for me.

  46. I wonder if there’s room in that hot tub with Buffett and Muslim flotsam and jetsom floating around in it for Blummy. If so then that would make for a fine menage a trois.

  47. Last comment for the evening.

    One of the things scientists know is that progress depends on your ability to ask the right question. If you cannot do that, then you are just spinning your wheels.

    The same principle applies in politics. Senator Cruz claims he is fighting against the establishment. By that he means the Washington cartel. Hilary claims that Sander is part of the establishment because he has been in congress for two decades compared to her minuscule eight years. And Sanders claims that he is not a member of the establishment because he takes no money from Wall Street, but that Hillary is because she does.

    This is case of garbage in–garbage out, and before they are done you know less than you did before. Putting aside the possibility that confusion was there objective all along, they are asking the wrong question. The question is no whether you are a member of the establishment. Rather, the right question is are you a nationalist or a globalist. And if you ask that question, then you will know them not by their words, but by their deeds. It therefore follows that that is the question to ask moving forward.

  48. Here again, we need to think outside the box about the undocumented illegals flooding into Germany at the invitation of Quasimodo, Time’s Person of the Year. We recoil at the havoc they inflict on innocent Germans. But it gets no reaction from the elites. They simply sweep it under the rug, as they did with the incident described above. So we have got to find another way to look at it. And that is easily done if you strip away the possibility of terrorist cells, the assault battery and rape and the sharia law which are elites do not care about because it does not affect their lives and the are indifferent to the fate of the country as a whole, what then are you left with? A new blockbuster movie called Muslims having fun. It could follow the same non plot plot of those the risque videos of college kids rushing to Miami, or Wildwood New Jersey, or Santa Monica at spring break etc.Just think of the money you could make filming their wild and wooly escapades. Lets face it. Its all about money. And the good news is if this pornographic business makes enough money then Buffett or Soros it and we can retire early with a slush fund, just like a congressman.

  49. wbboei
    January 23, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    The Muslims are showing contempt, disrespect, dehumanizing, etc which is the same template as the elite globalists calling everyone who doesn’t pull their forelock a racist, redneck, moron. The Merkel crowd want this. They want their population cowed and afraid. It is done to control by demoralization. Just like “white priveledge” from slavery or sins of the father with the Nazi shit on Germans. Control. Beat people down enough to agree to anything even death. And you start with terrorizing, brainwashing and disrespecting women and children who can’t fight back as easily.

  50. The EU is the template for the open borders, rigged trade deals for globalists, international banking to concentrate wealth, etc. The North American Union is a step further but met resistance so Obama ignored that and just opened the borders, refused to enforce existing law or selective enforcement (Merkel did it too) anyway. Incrementally the EU got to where it is. It is a government with no army although they were trying to get one, based on regulatory law, and very highly paid “experts” who can only follow orders of globalist lobbyists in Brussels. Mostly they raise fees, taxes, levys and fines to pay themselves. Sound familiar? It is like Chicago on the Senne.

    Globalism is authoritarian. Everything is ducky until you challenge or disagree with them. They call others authoritarian in defense. Projection. Without a YUGE subservient class they are nothing. A crummy magazine with 25,000 shitheads as subscribers is finding this out. Political parties are finding this out. They name call, let criminal hordes murder their citizens, invite them in and make the citizenry pay for them, and humiliate them to control what they consider scum. To make money.

  51. Mrs Cruz is especially gung ho for a North American Union. http://www.cfr.org/canada/building-north-american-community/p8102 “Taskforce member: HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.” This is from years ago before Goldie Sacks employment.

  52. Mormaer
    January 24, 2016 at 8:21 am
    And this will be done under the cover of environmentalism and saving the planet.

    And, they bury their mistakes, by not reporting on them, and promoting this be kind to muslims crap.

    And, the NRO crews Trump is bad because he is not a conservative, by their narrow definition.

    The people who say this are the same ones who roll over on issues like open borders.

    And preach small government while acceding to trillion dollar budget with left wing goodies, just as long as their own donors get something too, and it all comes at the expense of the country.

    This entire obsession about who is a conservative, is like the other obsession over who is the establisihment, is nothing more than a red herring.

    And even if we could come up with a working definition we would find that it is honored more in the breach than in the observance.

    Why not apply Occums Law, and ask: who is the nationalist and who is a globalist? That question illuminated what is going on, and two competing agendas, and a battle of liberty (the nationalist) or tyranny (the globalist)?

    That is the right question, and if we could get people ignoring the first line of defense by globalists that we are all globalists because we prefer wine from Mendoza Argentina, and if we did not have it we could not afford to live, and we need to think globally not locally, and those who disagree with us are either ignorant or malicious, then perhaps we could get somewhere.

    The operative question: is this possible?

    The operative answer: not without Trump.

  53. If people knew that Jeb Bush is a business partner of the Mexican crony capitalist who owns NYT and is the wealthiest man in the world, and that their company got the contract from Obama to produce cell phones paid for by taxpayers, i.e. Obama phones then some of their eyes might open and they would see how corrupt the system is and how everything is connected. Sadly, ever since the Republican Party was taken over by the Bush crime family and the Democrat party was infected by Felix Rohatten, the wall street banker who told them that to win future elections they would need to shift the agenda away from what is good for the middle class to what is good for wall street because that is where the money is, these are the conditions that prevail, even though the marketing pitch remains essentially the same, i.e the Democrat Party is the party of the people and the Republican Party is the party of small government.

  54. Big Corn and Ethanol are subsidized by millions and millions of dollars from the gov…right? But supposedly it does not help the regular little corn grower in Iowa, just the huge corporations who give big bucks to certain candidates. Is this crony capitalism? If that is correct, should be we be concerned about any candidate who says he or she is 100% for Big Corn?

  55. Wbb, Roger Stone’s book about the “Bush Crime Family” is coming out this Tuesday. It might be an interesting read.

  56. Our political system is degenerate. It boils down to three things: money, manipulation, and promises that will never be kept. Oh yes. There is also a fourth thing–more money.

  57. Southern Born
    January 24, 2016 at 11:33 am
    Oh yes. It was supposed to be out on the 26th.

    It will be very illuminating.

    But will it have a political impact?

    Only if we all start talking about it.

    In politics, you need inside information.

    Without it, all you can do is react to talking points.

    This book will be chalk full of just that–inside information.

    Thus, it is hardly surprising that Roger has bodyguards.

    To protect himself against Muslims having fun, and no doubt others.

  58. The title of the book is: JEB! The Bush Crime Family. I agree with you that it is doubtful it will make an impact but might be an interesting read.
    Wasn’t Roger Stone with Donald Trump in the beginning of this campaign but he said he quit although Trump said he fired him? Stone seems to be very pro Trump when he is interviewed on TV.

  59. When I refer to the Muslims Having Fun porno video, I do so in the fine tradition of Johannathan Swift and his seminal essay A Modest Proposal, which suggested that the solution to the famine that swept through Ireland in the 1840s and led to a huge migration to this country was for Irish people to stop starving and eat their babies. At one time, it was important to be earnest whereas today it is better to be outrageous. You may be labelled a fool, but at least you will get people to wake up and smell the coffee, people who, by their own admission, are so preoccupited with their own lives that they have no real interest in what is happening to their country.

  60. Wasn’t Roger Stone with Donald Trump in the beginning of this campaign but he said he quit although Trump said he fired him?
    He was simply repeating the line from the apprentice.

    Roger left to sell his book.

    They have been friends for 37 years.

    If you look at the books Roger has been publishing lately–about the Clintons and the Bushes, and his unabashed support for Trump—he cant be bought, he cant be intimidated, his passion is to make America great again, and the way Trump has managed to navigate the currents and eddies of our political river which has taken the lives of most of the remaining candidates who were supposedly adept politicians, and protecting dt at the convention, it is reasonable to assume that denials nothwithstanding, Roger is not far away. If I can help them I will, realizing that this is a case of David vs. Goliath.

  61. Correction: its not that people are too preoccupied with their own lives to pay attention to what is happening. It is that they are overwhelmed by their own lives.

  62. lorac

    January 23, 2016 at 10:24 pm


    the bottom line lorac is Hillary’s campaign is being run by people that ran O’s campaign and other O backers…she allowed this to happen…she consented to this…
    her campaign is an extension of O’s campaign…

    imho…this shows either insecurity or lackluster on her part…didn’t she believe she could go out and ‘fight the good fight’ as Hillary on her own…?

    did she really need the O people to run her campaign?…

    she had four years in between leaving SOS to put together a fantastic campaign for herself…instead she is retreading and recreating O 1, 2, + 3…

    for a short blip of time she sounded like she was trying to seperate from O and now she has run back to hugging O with adoration…why? how can she be herself in the shadow of O? or maybe she is hoping O will protect her from legal issues???

    or maybe she is simply tired and following a plan set out for her by route…I am sorry if some do not like hearing this but when i listen to her speak these days there is no passion…yes, there is a irritated, scolding tone…but nothing new…she exudes her wonky side but it is dull…she wants to keep everything status quo and build on that…she is not talking about change…forget dramatic and bold change…she thinks change will take too much time and would be too contentious, according to her,”it is not pragmatic or realistic”…that is what SHE is SAYING…not me…

    I kept asking where is Lisa Caputo and Mandy Grunwald…I saw Lisa on TV once…imo…these were Clinton people…Clinton Spokespeople…Hillary’s campaign does not have Clinton people…it has O people…be honest, did you even know any of her current spokespeople on camera before they joined her campaign…sad…sad…sad…but true…I could go on but I will spare us all…such a wasted opportunity…

  63. S
    I deliberately stayed away from any Hillary events in NH for fear she would catch my eye and see the disappointment.
    It is very sad, indeed.

  64. I withdraw my suggestion that we produce a video called Muslims Having Fun, documenting the orgies and the frat boy stuff they are up to. I do so on advice of counsel. He cautioned me that although such behavior would be condemned by big media as celebrating the culture of rape on campus, and would produce legions of mattress girls interrupting traffic flow on the Golden Gate in San Franciso, and the Brookln, Veranzo and Gothels Bridges in New York, if If IF the perpetrators of those crimes were white men, because they are Muslims it will be a case of hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil under the elite orchestrated societal norms designed to promote globalism, the video would not be well received. The prospect of holding up rush hour commuters is a fate worse than death. However, the greater risk is the next time one of Obama’s missteps in the middle east produces a catastrophe, they will follow the sage advice of Sydney and blame it on a video, ergo don’t let it be your video, so he said. Let it be somewhere else’s. Damned those attorneys. Always telling us what we cannot do, and never what we can do. Besides, a Soros agent has told me that if we can show a 20% profit off the video, he will buy my business, at a handsome profit. Now, my attorney tells me I cannot do it. Color me crestfallen in Seattle.

  65. the bottom line is Hillary’s campaign is being run by people that ran O’s campaign and other O backers
    Ya think?

    The other bottom line?

    She switched her target message from the white middle class, to the Obama coalition.

    But she is not in or of that coalition.

    She is with Wall Street.

    And Wall Street may not be a problem to her black constituency.

    But it is anathema to the leftists in that coalition.

    And that in the end may turn out to be the bigger mistake.

  66. I came across a quote by D.W.Griffith, the iconic director of the silent movie ear, featuring such classics as The Birth of A Nation and Ophans In The Strom.

    He said, it takes two years on stage for an actor to learn how to control his or her voice and movements on the stage, but ten years to learn the subtler art of how to hold an audience.

    I think that is right.

    And the same can be said of politicians, who are in essence actors as well.

    But the truth is, few of them learn to do it.

    Of all the people on the current political stage, Trump is the only one who can do it.

    Like him or hate him, he is watchable, and the others are, I am sorry, a crashing bore.

  67. If you could run the movie back to the point of decision, the question which should have been considered was who can you count on Hillary to support you in a pinch? The Obama coalition or the Roosevelt coalition? She chose the Obama coalition, sans their cult leader. And now she is clinging to Obama like a drowning man clings to a razor blade.

  68. Anyone catch this doozey from Obama’s latest ABC interview where he says he doesn’t want a 3rd term? His exact quotes are:

    President Barack Obama says he wouldn’t run for a third term even if he could. He says the presidency takes a toll on family life, and the office “should be continually renewed by new energy and new ideas.”

    Sounds like he is endorsing Donald J. Trump right there!

    Hillary is old energy and old ideas (or so that is what I take from this)

    He is basically saying anyone who thinks they are bringing a 3rd Obama ideas to the WH is outdated

  69. Megan Kelley has a personality disorder, and she has made no secret of her determination to take down Trump. If she is allowed to get away with that shit, then what is the point of having these debates. Donald has served notice on FOX that is she is allowed to be the moderator, then he may not attend. Unless we want these self appointed news narcissists setting the political agenda, I think a decision to boycott the debates would be a wise one. And anyone so stupid as to make an issue of this, they need to understand this has nothing to do with access, or asking tough questions. Rather it is all about not letting a talking head use a public platform licensed by the FCC to settle a private vendetta. If they cannot see the difference, then they have no business entering a voting booth.

  70. And if Kelly thinks she is that good, lets even the odds. Let her step in the ring in front of thirty million people, and let Trump asked her his have you stopped beating your husband questions, fraught with inuendo, with no good faith foundation, the way she does.

  71. Since Murdock has stepped in now to run fox, pushing aside ailes, Murdock being a globalist and anti nationalist, if he forgoes 20 million voters, and lets her moderate, then I guarandamnedtee you there is something not kosher about his relationship with her, and hers with him. Note, I think there clearly is, but I cannot prove it. But if he lets her moderate, then res ipsa locitur.

  72. I loathe Kelly .. her head has got way too big for the set. My son thinks she snorts something between commercials because she gets so goofy and giddy sometimes between commercials

  73. Oh, and BTW, she get’s her blond out of a bottle and I wish she would quit besmirching the image of real blonds.

  74. He is basically saying anyone who thinks they are bringing a 3rd Obama ideas to the WH is outdated

    dot, he is such a liar (and not too bright), that I don’t take anything he says as any kind of truth, or even truly reflective of what he believes….

  75. Kelly thinks she is Carol Lombard because she looks like her and belongs in “screwball comedy”. I have even heard tell that she has communicated with Carol in seance sessions she has participated in.
    Carole Lombard (October 6, 1908 – January 16, 1942), born Jane Alice Peters, was an American film actress. She was particularly noted for her energetic, often off-beat roles in the screwball comedies of the 1930s. She was the highest-paid star in Hollywood in the late 1930s.

  76. Well, WE listen, wbboei – but we have no power. Except our vote, which as we all know they can steal.

    The people with power don’t WANT to hear you – because you, like Trump, say the truth, which if acted on, would take their money train away….

  77. I LOVE Carole Lombard. She took Clark Gable’s (her husband) place on a plane to sell war bonds. We wouldn’t have lost her so soon if she hadn’t….

    Carole Lombard was a treasure. Even when I liked Megyn Kelly, she had no reason to compare herself to her. She is NOT Carole Lombard.

  78. Update: It’s over for Trump. This latest bit of news goes well with an earlier article we wrote. The Sarah Palin effect:

    With just over a week until the first 2016 election contest, Donald Trump takes the lead in Iowa — and maintains his big advantage in New Hampshire.

    That’s according to the latest round of Fox News state polls on the Republican presidential nomination contest.

    Trump bests Ted Cruz in Iowa and now receives 34 percent support among Republican caucus-goers. Trump was at 23 percent in the Fox News Poll two weeks ago (January 4-7).

    Cruz is down at 23%. Trump! Before Sarah Palin it was Trump at 23%. After Sarah Palin The Donald is at 34%. Trump’s relentless attacks against Cruz have succeeded. Trump’s numbers went up. Cruz’ numbers went down. Nationally and in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

    Every phony “surge” candidate against Trump has been defeated. The big question now is who will be anointed by the GOP establishment to be the next “surge” candidate against Trump after Thursday’s debate. Maybe it will be Jeb the next “surge” candidate – after all he finally got his mother’s endorsement.

    NRO won’t understand. It’s all over for Trump. In a good way. Nuke.


  79. Lu – M.K. is a fake blonde? Pffttt… figures….

    I’m with you on the fakes not besmirching the genuines with their actions!

  80. Lorac, thanks for the memories.

    There is a haunted restaurant on Beverly Glenn near Bel Aire in Las Angeles. The name of that restaurant? The Four Oaks. And it has its ghosts, the two you mention, i.e. Gable and Lombard—it was her beauty and her sense of humor–too often you get one but not the other, that kept Gable in tow. Before their marriage, this was a house of ill repute. And Gable was one of its habituaes, which is why his ghost cannot leave. My only experience with the place was I took a Teamster leader who was one of my mentors even though I was in management, and an all American football player at the University of Washington and two others there for dinner. I saw no ghosts. But when I gave my credit card to the waiter, he disappeared for nearly an hour. We were in our cups so we hardly noticed. But several days later, I found my way to a state of sobriety, and to make matters worse, I was informed that my credit card number had been purloined, inasmuch as several leather jackets had been purchased with it from a place called Wilsons. Naturally, I suspected the waiter. But it never occurred to me until now that it might have been one of the ghosts, but obviously neither of the two mentioned above who were the gold standard in the golden age of Hollywood.


  81. Maybe it will be Jeb the next “surge” candidate – after all he finally got his mother’s endorsement.
    He did?

    The last time “The Battle Ax” opined on the subject she said no more Bushes in the White House.

    And she said it so authoritatively that I took it as the final word.

    I assumed she meant why prolong the agony.

    Well. . . let me say this about that.

    Whatever agony she feels is as nothing compared to the agony the rest of us feel if that geek is shoved down our throats.

    And that is my final word on the subject.

  82. Well . . . they can have Meee again.

    I’ll take Andrea.

    The only problem is that hubby of hers.

    He is too old to die.

  83. admin
    January 24, 2016 at 7:51 pm
    A couple questions that have no clear answer:

    1. how closely do polling numbers correlate with caucus results?

    2. when the back benchers drop out who will get their votes?

    Morris contends that by March 1, the Republican primary will boil down to a two man race, and if you analyze it in those terms, i.e. with only two left standing, then Cruz has a 7 point advantage.

    That assumes he knows where the votes of those of back benchers will go. And the candidates may have something to say about that. I realize many polls now ask who is your first and your second choice. If an establishment candidate drops out, like scarface kasich, then the votes will go to Rubycheeks. But is a non establishment candidate like Carson leaves those votes will be up for grabs. And the other thing Morris fails to consider is that there may be a number of democrat cross overs for Trump, but none for Cruz.

  84. An old photo shows her light brown to dark blond, at best.

    She also has a lot of pictures with dark roots showing.

    Dark roots alright.

    Darker than most people realize.

  85. Anyone interested, Scully and Mulder are back in a new XFiles tonight!

    Only six shows are planned for now.

  86. Shadowfax
    January 24, 2016 at 9:56 pm
    I’ll wait until it comes out on disc so I don’t have to endure the commercials.

  87. oh wow – I’m watching Trump’s rally from today, from the link foxy* kindly posted – and in minute 48, he says Hillary is echoing Obama, saying all kinds of things she wouldn’t normally say, because she doesn’t want to go to jail! (implying I assume that she wants him to give her a pardon, if necessary..)

    *foxy, I was thinking about you yesterday, and I realized that my sense of you is that you’re such a positive person – I think you must be a really nice person in real life.

    (I know, sometimes you put sad faces, but that’s not what I mean)

  88. Since Trump is the front runner, boycotting the debates is not an option. If he did he would never hear the end of it. So he needs finesse Kelley, by being civil when she is coarse, and slipping the noose created by her scripted questions, by telling her he does not agree with her question, and going off on some other topic. A boycott a few day before the Iowa caucus would be highly problematic.

  89. Some of the fires we lit as a warning are casting light in dim places:


    Top pro-Hillary Clinton operative David Brock said that he thinks Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

    Team Clinton is apparently changing its strategy to help it go after Trump rather than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)in the general election.

    Media Matters founder Brock runs the pro-Clinton super PACs, American Bridge and Correct the Record. He’s a pivotal opposition-research peddler who has staunchly supported Clinton since the beginning of her campaign.

    “I may have spoken too soon in predicting in December that the Democrats would face Cruz in November,” Brock told CNN in an email Sunday. “I now believe the GOP nominee is likely to be Donald Trump.

    I don’t agree with some Dem thinking that Trump would be easy to beat,” Brock told CNN. “He’s rewritten all the rules and I would expect a tough race with Hillary.”

    A little late to wake up.

  90. This one is also recent, and is really good, universities dumbing people down, and also offering all kinds of special interest degrees, which most of the graduates will never find jobs in….

  91. wbboei
    January 25, 2016 at 1:41 am

    A boycott a few day before the Iowa caucus would be highly problematic.

    Very true but he can threaten and cause problems with advertisers and the ad rates dropping like a rock if he doesn’t show up. Make them sweat. Tie Kelly to rock bottom ad rates and freaked out ad shops. Is “she” worth the trouble? Maybe not. He could show up and answer every question with “let’s talk about immigration, globalism, and National Review’s love of Davos and Miss Kelly’s pandering.” Fox can’t eject him from the stage now as Trump now has Secret Service. With guns.

  92. admin
    January 25, 2016 at 1:59 am

    Some of the fires we lit as a warning are casting light in dim places:

    Top pro-Hillary Clinton operative David Brock said that he thinks Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

    Team Clinton is apparently changing its strategy to help it go after Trump rather than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)in the general election.

    Media Matters founder Brock runs the pro-Clinton super PACs,

    “I may have spoken too soon….”
    A little late to wake up.

    Brock looks like he has been huffing hairspray. He looks more addled everyday. The bubble is still intact but they can hear the roar of the mob and see the glow of the torches over the horizon. They won’t get it until they have a pitchfork stuck in their asses.

  93. Yea, I guess that Meee Again is not worth the trouble and he has already established an objection to bias so if he can confront any problems appropriately, it will be big points for him.

    They will probably continue their stupid shit with packing the audience, making background noises and giving him lousy questions. Childish Jerks!

  94. ISIS has a new propaganda film out, just to keep feeding the terror:


    It is difficult to wrap my mind around the prevailing belief that this group is under the control of SA and the USA. There are evil games afoot. I have not owned a gun since I was crossed up with a bunch of dope fiends molesting children, but I am seriously considering it again.

  95. Brock looks like he has been huffing hairspray.
    During the late 1920s, after the killing of Lenin, our hero Stalin considered the obvious advantage of breeding humans with apes to produce an army capable of, how shall I put it, doing great things and not embarrassing him on the battlefield, and he commissioned at least one scientist of world renown on the project. The problem of course was it was a crap shoot. On the one hand, if it could be done at all, which at that point it could not, you could end up with a human brain and an ape body. Or you could end up with the reverse, namely the brain of an ape in the body of a human. Stalin abandoned the project, and settled for a MacDonald’s happy meal, and found new intrigue in pursuing the infamous doctor’s plot, and eliminating all the old Bolsheviks who stood in his way. He was in that sense, an ideal leader, even better than Barack. More decisive anyway. But science–which has no conscience, was not so easily deterred. In other venues, and behind close doors, work on this project continued, only to find that the project was not binary but tertiary. The third possible outcome of this experience was a man with the body of man and the brain of the ape. Once that breakthrough was achieved, and the Nobel Prizes in science were dolled out the introduced that miracle of science. The called it David Brock. No relation to David Brooks, another miracle of science.

  96. Rupert Murdoch 84 years old
    George Soros 85 years old
    Warren Buffet 85 years old.

    These guys were all born right around 1932. Unless they are getting regular blood transfusions from young men, they will be gone in 10 years or so. Only 1 in 272 men live to be over 85 years old, based on 2000 Census Data. Didn’t that big Obamacare Doctor say they should be dead by now?

    I would suspect that one of the reasons they are boiling the frogs too fast is that they know their time is limited. I think George Soros is VERY afraid of death, just not OUR deaths. May they reap what they have sown.

    This globalization is being engineered by sociopaths. I sure hope us frogs can still hop the pot.

  97. lorac
    January 25, 2016 at 12:44 am

    oh wow – I’m watching Trump’s rally from today, from the link foxy* kindly posted – and in minute 48, he says Hillary is echoing Obama, saying all kinds of things she wouldn’t normally say, because she doesn’t want to go to jail!

    Thanks Lorac, Those were very kind words.
    I get that feeling about you too,
    And Admin as well as all the posers here.
    We are the Best. 😀

  98. he can threaten and cause problems with advertisers and the ad rates dropping like a rock if he doesn’t show up. Make them sweat. Tie Kelly to rock bottom ad rates and freaked out ad shops. Is “she” worth the trouble? Maybe not. He could show up and answer every question with “let’s talk about immigration, globalism, and National Review’s love of Davos and Miss Kelly’s pandering.” Fox can’t eject him from the stage now as Trump now has Secret Service. With guns.
    And I am all for that, believe me.

    It is no longer Trump vs Ailes.

    It is Trump the nationalist vs Murdock the globalist

    With Ms. Goodie Two Shoes–I Ought To Be In Pictures–Meee again in the middle.

    The strategy?

    Fuck with FOX just as you say.

    Then attend, be civil, and bait Meee again into showing her claws.

    Then turn to the cameras, roll your eyes, deep breath, and tell the audience–I came here to talk about the big issues facing the American People, and to make America great again. And I promised myself that I would not allow anyone to divert me from that important task–anyone.

  99. Is tonight the night Hillary finishes off St. Bernard? Or will the agony go on? I have got to admit, that petrified rock, i.e. Bernie, who spouts off about giving everyone everything for free through a magnanimous federal government untainted by lobbyists, shore gives me a thrill up my leg, and I live for the day when I can fight for him in the caucuses.


  100. Missed the video yesterday Adm…”Some Girls” was the Stones album, whom many were thought washed up, out punking the punks. We agree whom it allegedly references .

  101. Good Article on Obama and Merkel:
    January 24, 2016
    The Madness of Frau Merkel
    By James Lewis

    If we’ve learned anything in the last eight years it’s that supposedly smart people can be suicidally stupid, and that idiot savants can easily rationalize sabotaging their own nations.

    Obama isn’t the only elite messiah who favors national suicide for past sins, though he is certainly the blindest, most self-righteous and willfully destructive one in American history.

    Then there is Frau Angela Merkel — the Chancellor and Chief Guilt-Tripper of Germany. Frau Merkel shares Obama’s fantasy world, where only the Good People rule and the rest follow orders. The EU even has a slogan for it: it’s called the “democracy deficit” — meaning that ordinary voters have no power whatsoever. Yes, the EU is spreading love and peace all over, but — shucks — there’s still a ways to go.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/01/the_madness_of_frau_merkel.html#ixzz3yHMphSGK
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  102. Lu4PUMA

    January 25, 2016 at 9:54 am

    It is difficult to wrap my mind around the prevailing belief that this group is under the control of SA and the USA. There are evil games afoot. I have not owned a gun since I was crossed up with a bunch of dope fiends molesting children, but I am seriously considering it again.


    I know you’ve been following ZeroHedge for years, but I truly think there is at least a little bit of Kremlin propaganda published there. Some of the stuff rings true, some of it doesn’t – but I’m not sophisticated enough to discern how much of what is published there is accurate.

  103. blowme0bama
    January 25, 2016 at 1:03 pm
    Agreed. But with all the lying BO does, we need to sift through a lot of stuff. Who do you trust more BO or the Kremlin?

    There is another article there today about the Ukrain and a leak of a deadly virus, the California Virus, from a US lab there. Who knows what is going on?

  104. admin
    Did the new X Files feature Glenn Beck?

    Scully and Mulder wouldn’t waste their time on Beck. His story is in ‘The BatShitCrazy Files’.

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