The ‘Who Gets Schlonged?’ #GOPDebate

Update: Debate night is here. The Star Spangled Banner has already been mangled. Can’t Republicans get someone who can sing at these things?

Online the debate can be seen HERE.


Our prediction is that the big loser tonight is Marco Rubio and the big winner, again, is Donald J. Trump.

Why Marco Rubio as the big loser? Because Marco is the best talker in the debates and because Marco is perceived as the roadblock to so many of the other losers. So it will be loser on loser violence. In past weeks Chris Christie attacked Rubio. Jeb Bush attacked Rubio. Ted Cruz attacked Rubio. And Rubio attacked back. Loser on loser violence.

A free-fire zone for losers.

Marco Rubio was a golden boy. By all logic Rubio should have been the 2012 VP pick for Mittens Romney. But Mittens decided to go with a Great Lakes play and chose Paul Ryan instead. After this snub Marco decided to ditch his Tea Party allies and power bottom on the Chamber of Commerce schlong. It’s been ugly ever since for Marco. Not only did Rubio stab his allies in the back, but then he failed his new masters in their illegal immigration amnesty/lower wages game.

On the very day Marco Rubio announced his candidacy, we provided the answer to why Marco Rubio will never get the GOP nomination:

What is Rubio’s problem?

Marco Rubio’s problem is not his failed and foolish support for what was termed “comprehensive immigration reform” which Republican/conservative movement leaders rightly claimed was illegal immigration amnesty.

Marco Rubio’s problem is that he deployed all his talents and abilities, all his remarkable capacities, all his promise and rhetorical skills – to sell a policy which his supporters correctly exposed as a monumental betrayal. If Marco Rubio with all his remarkable talents could do this to his supporters, supporters who made him a senator even as he ran against a Republican governor, then what other damage can Rubio do in the future to his Republican/conservative allies?

Rubio now says he is against what he was for. Rubio wanted to ingratiate himself with Big Business Chamber of Commerce types who want illegal immigration amnesty in order to keep working class wages down. All Rubio did was help Barack Obama.

A weather-vane willing to sell out his temporary friends for new friends, temporarily. Every time Rubio makes a great point, or a rhetorically brilliant riposte, what many hear is a very talented liar emitting very glib sounds – signifying nothing – but treachery.

With all that ammunition provided by Marco Rubio’s record, we suspect a lot of that ammunition will come raining down on Marco. We’ll only note in passing the hypocrisy of Jeb Bush attacking Rubio on illegal immigration. Most of the attacks are hypocritical and phony such as Christie and Rubio on absence records, etc. Mendacity in politics. Imagine that.

The little loser fights aside, what many in the GOP establishment and in Big Media are hoping for though, is a vicious battle tonight between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. It might happen, but Trump has sufficient ammunition to make Cruz glow in the dark.

Yesterday, the New York Times published the results of a campaign’s opposition research (we won’t say it was the Jeb Bush campaign but they clearly have the best conventional opposition research team around, although Marco Rubio’s dirty tricks squad is good at old style research too and has more of a motive to dump dirt on Cruz). The news is that (a) Ted Cruz did not disclose a loan on his FEC reports; (b) said loan from investment bank Goldman Sachs; (c) which is a New York City business hated by Republican voters; (d) and from whom the formidable Mrs. Cruz gets her employment checks. All of the above might have legal consequences or it may not – but it sure as hell has political schlongery power especially when put up the day before a big debate.

Donald J. Trump, bless his good heart, has also been doing all he can to help his good friend Ted Cruz become aware of the great danger if it turns out the Senator from Texas has a “natural born citizen” eligibility for the presidency problem. Trump’s too astonishing attempts to help his very good friend Ted caused umbrage to ooze from Cruz headquarters.

Ted Cruz did not take kindly to Donald Trump’s good hearted efforts to save Cruz. Cruz suspected that Trump’s motives were to help himself and not Cruz. Imagine that!

This sweet assistance from Trump was rewarded with Ted Cruz poll numbers in Iowa suffering and inspired Ted Cruz to denounce Trump’s “New York values”. The New York Times story (how’s that for New York values?) pretty much made mush of the Goldman Sachs’ values of Ted Cruz and his attack. Also, Trump, as he did with the “Donald Trump whines” narrative (‘yup, I whine and I whine until I win’), took the Cruz counterattack and counterattacked:

Donald Trump reacted to criticism from Republican presidential primary challenger Cruz Wednesday, saying that he equates “New York values” to “energy” that helped the city to persevere after the September 11th attacks.

“One thing it means is energy. You know, when the World Trade Center got hit, we rebuilt that World Trade Center and we got through and very few places in this world could have gotten through what we went through. I mean, I was so proud of New York, the World Trade Center, these two massive, 110 story buildings come down, thousands of people killed. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. And immediately the rebuilding started,” Trump told conservative Radio host Howie Carr. [snip]

When Trump was asked by Carr if the “values” attack by Cruz was an effort to appeal to Iowa Evangelicals and value voters, Trump said, “I don’t know what he’s doing. I mean honestly he’s very nervous. He’s, ya know, very frightened by what’s happening I guess.” Trump then turned the discussion back onto Cruz by noting the discrepancy over his Canadian citizenship. “You gotta clear it up,” Trump said.

That’s an amazing response from Trump. The usual political response would not have been a defense of New York “values” but instead an “apple pie, flag, mother” defense. Where Cruz takes this foolish attack we cannot surmise but we would strongly suggest to the Ted Cruz campaign that this attack not be taken to tonight’s debate. Trump will eat him alive if he tries this line of attack. A Republican/conservative Trump hater sees the danger for Cruz – Trump hits back at Cruz: Anyone who wants to knock “New York values” needs to go through me:

If Trump is asked about this tonight, and he probably will be, he could use it to launch a broad attack on Cruz. The rap on Cruz, after all, is that his appeal is too narrow to win a general election. Democrats in Congress hate him; centrist Republicans in Congress really hate him. He could be elected king of red-state America but he’s dead on arrival in blue and purple states, or so the theory goes. [snip]

To which Trump could say: How do you expect to win in traditionally blue areas when you can’t resist insulting the people who live there? It’s Trump, not Cruz, who’s built a coalition that crosses party lines. It’s Trump, a New Yorker born and raised, who leads in Republican polls from coast to coast because he understands the anxieties of the white working class better than Cruz, the supposed hero of flyover country, does. [snip]

That’s Trump’s whole shtick distilled to a few sentences — as a wheeler-dealer in New York City, he’s scrapped with every financial, political, and media tough guy there is and he’s beaten them all. He’s battle-tested in a way Cruz could never be. The 9/11 line he uses in the clip is good too, of course, although he could go further if he wants. Another “New York value” is racial and religious diversity; Trump’s alt-right fans won’t like to hear him mention that, but they’ve been willing to ignore all of the other times he’s said “I love Mexicans” or “I love the blacks” on the trail. The media would go batsh*t if Donald Trump gave conservative ogre Ted Cruz a dressing down on national television for being insufficiently respectful of multiculturalism, especially if he praised their home base of NYC in doing so.

Cruz could reply that he has Texas values. Trump would punch back “Canadian values”. Result: a severe schlonging.

Our advice to Ted Cruz would be to unctuously and ostentatiously thank Trump for his all-too-kind concerns, not mention how Trump has profited in Iowa to the expense of Cruz, and move on to an attack on Rubio, Bush, anyone else but Trump.

Of course, our advice to Ted is rather stinky and not very good.

We do believe that if Donald Trump wins Iowa the nomination fight is over. Trump wins Iowa then he certainly wins New Hampshire too. Which means most of the presidential field is schlonged out. If Trump wins Iowa and New Hampshire he probably wins Nevada and South Carolina too. Which means whoever is left gets schlonged out of the race. And if Trump wins all the early states, then he probably wins the Super Tuesday states and every candidate remaining gets schlonged out.

The schlonging begins tonight. 9:00 ET. There will be a discussion of Obama’s many failures and of many issues too – but mostly schlonging.


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  1. BBC on New York values:

    Donald Trump’s Southern hospitality

    When Donald Trump takes the stage at the Republican debate in Charleston, South Carolina, on Thursday night, he’ll have an unlikely home field advantage.

    The New York real estate mogul has posted a consistently commanding lead in presidential preference polls in the state, which holds its primary election just two weeks after Iowa and New Hampshire. He’s made more than a dozen trips there, drawing crowds in the thousands, while the gatherings of his competitors pull in hundreds at best.

    In fact, across the South – in states like Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina – Mr Trump has been immensely popular. Last August, the candidate gave a speech at a football stadium in Mobile, Alabama, that drew an estimated crowd of 30,000 – orders of magnitude above what any other Republican has tallied.

    It all makes for a rather unusual attraction, given that Southerners can look askance at brash Northerners like Trump, whom they often derisively refer to as Yankees.

    Four years ago, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich – from neighbouring Georgia – shocked eventual nominee Mitt Romney with a double-digit win in South Carolina.

    In 2008, Mike Huckabee – a former governor of Arkansas – dominated the Deep South, taking five states. Rudy Giuliani, the last New Yorker to mount a serious campaign for the Republican nomination, was trounced in South Carolina and Florida, and killed his campaign before the other Southern states voted.

    But as Donald Trump stood in a packed basketball arena on Friday in Rock Hill, South Carolina – the state where the first shots of the US Civil War were fired – it appeared clear that the New York businessman’s appeal transcends accents and upbringing.

    “He’ll take the South,” said Thomas Goodson of Harksville, South Carolina. “No doubt about it.”

    He added that he found the candidate’s New York bluntness refreshing. “He tells you like it is, and it hits you right, square between the eyes.”

    Lots more New York values at link.

  2. Florida has New York values:

    Scarborough on Trump Pensacola Rally: ‘I Never Saw Anything Like That in My Hometown Before’ — ‘I Don’t Get It’

    Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough, weighed in on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s rally in Pensacola, FL, a city of which was in the district that he represented in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Scarborough indicated that it was unprecedented for Pensacola to draw such attendance for a presidential campaign event.

    I was at George W. Bush’s campaign rally in 2004 at the final stages of that unbelievable presidential race in early November,” Scarborough said. “I saw Reagan come to Pensacola twice in 1980. I saw the crowds. I never saw anything like that in my hometown before. It’s absolutely staggering, here we are — in early January. I’ll be honest with you — I guess seeing it in your own hometown, I don’t get it as far as the size of these crowds go. It’s like nothing I saw with Reagan. It’s like nothing I saw with Bush. It’s nothing I saw with any political candidate what I saw come out of Pensacola last night.”

    Later in the segment, Scarborough said he doubted any of Trump’s opponents could draw a crowd close to that of Trump’s crowd.

    “I think it’s very safe to say Marco [Rubio] would get 150 people at an event,” Scarborough added. “Sen. Ted Cruz would probably get double — probably get 300-400 people at an event.”

  3. Intros over.

    Jobs, growth.

    Maria Bartiromo: Obama touts his economic record. What do you see?

    Cruz: Today we see 10 American sailors on their knees. Obama did not mention this at the SOTU. Obama will give Iran $150 billion. The next commander in chief is on this stage. If I’m elected this will not happen. As to the economy, the millionaires and billionaires are doing well in America.

    Neal Cavuto: Worst start to year ever in stocks. What would you do if the same thing happens as happened in 2008?

    Kasich: I’ve done it. Common sense regulation, we should freeze regulations for a year. Tax cuts for corporations and individuals. Fiscal discipline is also necessary. Job creators then feel confident. I’ve done it in D.C. and in Ohio.

  4. Bartiromo: When should president take military action?

    Christie: At the SOTU is sounded as if things are amazing. But we need to strengthen our alliances. Be clear to our friends. Talk to our enemies. It’s disgraceful that Kerry said the capture of our sailors shows our Iran relationship is getting better. We cannot give Hillary an Obama third term.

    Military action can only take place once we rebuild our military.

    Cavuto: Obama said the notion America is weaker is wrong and emboldens our enemies?

    Bush: It is an alternative universe. Obama talks about red lines and ISIS as a JV team. America’s leadership is required to keep peace in the world. Peace through strength. Our friends don’t think we have their back and our enemies don’t fear us. We can’t be the world’s policeman but we need to be strong. Hillary wants to stay on the same path. Hillary would be a national security mess. If she gets elected she might be going between the White House and the court house.

    Cavuto: Obama says ISIS does not threaten us but the FBI says there are many investigations.

    Rubio: Hillary is disqualified from being president of the United States because she does not handle confidential documents and she lies to those who’s families lost their lives. Obama does not understand ISIS and radical jihadists. If I’m elected we will win and they will go to Guantanamo.

    Bartiromo: How do you attack a network that is not a country?

    Carson: The president does not realize war is different than it was before. Now we have dirty bombs and cyber war. They can do these things simultaneously. They can destroy our electric grid. This is an existential threat to us. We have the best military we should not tie their hands.

    Cavuto: Obama had a Syrian at the SOTU. Obama said that is the face of the refugees. That you prefer the face of fear?

    Trump: It’s not fear it is reality. Look at Indonesia today and Paris and many other places. Look around and see what is happening. It is a great Trojan Horse. Where are the women and children. Strong powerful men. What is going on? The ones who got married and came here. We have a 19 trillion dollar mess and we can’t let all these people in.

    Bartiromo: A million dollars? Inadvertent?

    Cruz: Anybody but Cruz. They compare me to a demonic spirit at the NYTimes. It was a hit piece. Unlike Hillary I don’t have lots of money. My opponent self funded and was a millionaire. The attack is that I did not disclose the loan to the FEC.


  5. So Bush used his Saturday or Sunday cartoon comment on Trump?
    How Did That Go over?
    Have to say, it was beyond stupid of Trump to say he got his Military info through TV…He probably should have said, up to this point I was not privy to military challenges, but am working hard with active and inactive military personnel to understand where we stand and the problems we are facing.
    Something like that. AS quick as he is, sometimes he speaks before he thinks…ok, more than sometimes, none the less..

  6. Cruz coming off well ..Trump pushing the “natural citizen” not going over that well with this audiences.

  7. Is Rubio too much of a pansy to go after Trump, Cruz, Shrub or the other men that are in his way to the primary?

    Rubio is such a baby.

  8. Cavuto: Natural born citizens. Trump and others say you are not?

    Cruz: I’m glad we are focusing on the important topics of the evening. Trump said in September his lawyers checked this and no problem. But his poll numbers have changed even though the Constitution has not. McCain and Romney were born abroad and natural born. Some extreme theories suggest that both parents have to be born here which means Trump has a problem.

    Trump: NBC polls have me going up. In Iowa I am beating you Ted. #2 There are other attorneys who believe that because he was not born here he is not eligible. The Democrats will bring a lawsuit and if you become the nominee we will all have a problem. He now has a 4 or 5 percent chance to win so I bring it up. You can’t do that to the party. There are great constitutional lawyers that will sue.

    Cruz: I spent my life defending the Constitution and I am not going to take legal advice from Donald Trump. Lawrence Tribe is a Democrat.

    Rubio: Let’s get back to the election. In 2008 we elected a president that wants to change America. This election has to be about reversing the damage Obama has caused.

    Bartiromo: Governor Haley in her response appeared to take sides against you.

    Trump: Nikki today said she is a friend. But she did say there was anger. I am very angry. I will gladly accept the mantle of anger. Our military is a mess, our vets treated horribly, our country is run badly so I am very offended. She’s right. I am angry because our country is a mess.

    Cavuto: Christie said you won’t be able to slime your way to the presidency?

    Rubio: We have a serious problem in this country because Obama undermines the Constitutional basis of this country. I like Christie but we cannot have a president that supports common core and planned parenthood and gun control. There may be no turning back in America. Governor Christie has many positions as Obama.

    Christie: The indignation from Rubio he has to own. I never wrote a check to Planned Parenthood. I have vetoed gun control measures. Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey. A senator can talk and talk. Governors are held accountable. Two years ago Marco called me a “conservative reformer”.

    Bush: Chris is right. He has been a good governor. Everyone on this stage is better than Hillary. At the end of the day we need to unite behind the winner. We need a compelling conservative agenda.

    Carson: In 2012 we Republicans tore ourselves apart. If we do that again we will destroy the nation. Look to the big picture.

    Bartiromo: Hillary threatened by Sanders and Biden praises him?

    Kasich: We’ll win every state if Bernie is the nominee. When wages don’t rise it gets difficult for many. FED policies are somewhat to blame. We can retrain workers. The costs of higher education are a problem. People are concerned about their economic future.

    Bartiromo: One of the candidates has brought up Bill Clinton’s conduct. Appropriate?

    Carson: Is this America anymore? Do we have standards and values anymore? Race wars, gender wars age wars – our strength is in our unity. Secular progressives have beaten us down and we have to stand up for what we believe in.


  9. hilarious comments on another blog

    They think the audience is stacked for Rubio and Bush.
    One poster said that Trump is being basically ignored and he should take his mike off, and go to the green room and just start giving interviews, another said he should walk off, get a bucket of chicken, come back to the stage and just start munching.

  10. Since Trump won some of the debates because his name was brought up so many times, I, sitting in the peanut gallery, not able to get the debate online…declare the winner…

    Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  11. Bartiromo: Dylan Roof and gun control?

    Bush: Kudos to Governor Haley and the people at that church. In this case the FBI made a mistake and Roof got a gun. Get the FBI to do its job. Obama/Clinton always attack law abiding gun owners and take away their rights. Target the ones that commit crimes with guns. Also mental health is important. Obama should not use executive orders on this issue.

    Bartiromo: Gun control under any circumstances?

    Trump: No. Second Amendment. If people have guns to fire back we won’t have this problem this bad. Jeb is right. Also mental health. Obama does not want to get people together so he does an executive order.

    Cavuto: Gun sales double under Obama?

    Rubio: That’s because people are afraid Obama will confiscate guns. Obama would get rid of the Second Amendment. Obama’s executive orders would not stop any of the problems because ISIS and criminals don’t get their guns from gun shows. Defend the Second Amendment.

    Cavuto: What fact can you point to that Obama would take away guns?

    Rubio: Remember when Obama said bitter people cling to their guns and religion? He does not protect the Second Amendment he plots to undermine it.

    Cavuto: You position on guns evolved from “common sense measures” to now?

    Christie: Obama gives orders. That is a dictatorship. The Second Amendment is second because the founders thought it was that important. Obama is a petulant child. We are against Obama policies, not Obama personally. The American people have rejected your agenda and we’re gonna kick your rear end out of the White House this November.

    Cruz: Obama appointed Eric Holder who wanted to confiscate guns. Obama appointed Sotomayor. Hillary said she agrees with the dissenters in Heller and that would mean no one could get guns under the Second Amendment. I have a proven records defending the Second Amendment. I led the opposition to Obama’s gun control measure and the others on this stage were nowhere to be found.

    Bartiromo: New York values?

    Cruz: People know what that is. There are many wonderful people in New York but the values in New York are socially liberal. Trump is now playing “Born in the USA” I said he should play New York, New York. Trump did an interview with Tim Russert. Trump said in New York those our our values. Not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan.

    Trump: William F. Buckley came from New York. New York is a great place. When the World Trade Center came down no other place could have handled things better than did New York. 110 story buildings came down. It was a horrific cleanup. I was down there. The people of New York fought and fought. The smell. We rebuilt New York. That was a very insulting statement that Ted made.

    Cavuto: Iran and sailors? Iran firing rockets in front of American carriers? What about under President Jeb?

    Bush: Navy is about to be cut again. B-52s are still are main bomber. Eliminate the sequester. We need to confront Iran across the board. Move our embassy to Jerusalem. Get back in the game. We are weak and Hillary, Obama, Kerry have made it difficult for the next president.

    Cavuto: Saudi Arabia? Executions and attempt to drive down oil prices to hurt fracking?

    Kasich: I served on the Defense Committee. After 9/11 I was invited to the Pentagon. So I served during the Cold War and after 9/11. Energy independence gives us strength. Make it clear to the Saudi’s that we are allies but they have to get rid of radical mullahs.


  12. Cruz is doing very well. Impressive that he mentioned FIRST about the capture of our soldiers by Iran and about our national security. He was not going to be given a chance to stand up about keeping our country safe apparently and he knew it so he hit first even though he was given an economy question. Seemed to me it was going to be set up for Rubio to hit it out of the park. Marco once again sounds like he was given his questions ahead of time. He reminds me of BO in 2008…list the problems, say I’ll change that…give little clarity about that.

    Cruz has done well to defuse the attacks on him and the questions.

  13. Well, that was exciting. Surprised Cruz did not try to reply to Trump on 9/11.

    BTW, the audiences at the debates are picked by GOP establishment so they always boo Trump… until they cheer.

  14. Drudge Poll…rounding off…Trump at 60% winner, Cruz at 20 something % and Rubio at 6%. Others way lower. Has Trump really won the debate at this point?? Something seems fishy.

  15. “Since Trump won some of the debates because his name was brought up so many times, I, sitting in the peanut gallery, not able to get the debate online…declare the winner…

    Hillary Rodham Clinton!”

    LOL…good one, Shadowfax

  16. Tony,
    Yes, that was dumb Of Cruz And He’s Not A Dumb man..Trump had already responded in the news today with the same statement. ..

  17. What I am afraid of with Cruz is that he will sell us out, like Rubio. ..
    He comes across as holier than thou, but the TPP, the million dollar loan…I just have a strange feeling about him.

  18. Donald Trump just won the debate with his beat down of Neil Cavuto on trade with China!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love it!!! Trump schooled Cavuto

  19. I am playing around with the mute button.

    Every time Jeb or Kasich sounds off, I think two grey bureacrats with no character or empathy.

    Maybe what I really mean is they are dull as paint, and they represent business as usual.

    From what I have seen Donald is doing well.

  20. Bartiromo: Lindsey Graham is here. Is he right to send 60,000 troops to fight ISIS?

    Carson: Ask the military. Take the oil from ISIS. Bomb them even if families are there. Attack command and control centers like Obama does not permit.

    Bartiromo: Graham also says to remove Assad because then the other Arabs will join the fight?

    Christie: Obama said he would attack and drew a red line. Then Obama did nothing. Hillary called Assad a “reformer”. The Russians and Iranians are propping up Assad. The Syrians should stay in Syria. Graham is right. Hillary is the architect of this policy. Hillary will lead to greater war. Now we have less democracies in the world. Fight and defeat ISIS.

    Bartiromo: Banning Muslims most talked about online. Rethink?

    Trump: No. We have to stop with political correctness. People flying planes into World Trade Center. Killings in California. Indonesia. I have great Muslim friends. It’s temporary. They agree with me. Obama won’t even use the term. We have a serious problem and we can’t be the stupid country anymore.

    Bush: Reconsider. This won’t help us in our war against terrorism. The Kurds are Muslim. Reconsider. The better way is to recognize that there are problems.

    Cavuto: You called Trump “unhinged” are those that agree with him unhinged too. Trump’s poll numbers went up.

    Bush: People are angry. Reconsider.

    Trump: I want security. I want security for this country. We have a serious problem with radical Islam. Why did those 2 horrible young people who knew those that held a wedding reception for them then killed them, many people knew about them, why didn’t anyone say anything? I want to find out why.

    Bartiromo: Pause Muslim immigration?

    Kasich: Pause Syrian refugees. To have a coalition we need the gulf states, Jordan, the George Bush coalition. But pause Syrian immigration.

    Christie: I said from the beginning no Syrian refugees because the FBI director said we could not vet them. We need to give the funding to NSA and intelligence agencies.

    Rubio: Obama has consistently underestimated ISIS. That’s why Trump resonates. ISIS captures and sells women. If we do not know who you are you are not getting in.

    Cruz: I understand why Donald said what he did and why American feel that way. We need to pass my expatriot legislation to keep out those who fight for ISIS. Suspend all refugees from nations where ISIS controls territory. Destroy ISIS.

    Carson: Common sense. Get experts together to screen and get new guidelines. Build a refugee center in Syria.

    Bush: We cannot ban Muslims from India and other places. Arm the Kurds. Big talk to ban all Muslims won’t help.

    Cavuto: You say things you don’t mean sometimes. 45% tarriff.

    Trump: NYTimes lies. I was asked about North Korea. I said China controls North Korea. I never said I would impose a 45% tariff. I said we have unfair trade with China because they devalue their currency. I said based on their devaluations a 45% tariff would be the amount we would gain.

    Cavuto: So no tariff?

    Trump: China sends in their goods and we don’t tax them. We send in goods and they tax us. We don’t have an equal playing field. I am a free trader but we need to be smart. I love China and the Chinese but they cannot believe how stupid our leadership is.

    Kasich: I supported NAFTA and the TPP. Donald is right about North Korea. But what he says has merit. For too long they dump products in our country and then it takes us a year to go to international courts. When countries dump products we need to take them on. Those jobs are critical.

    Rubio: Tariffs get passed on to the consumer. Tax reform here. Regulatory reform. Repeal ObamaCare.

    Trump: The problem with what Marco says is it takes too long. They are sucking us dry.

    Cavuto: But consumers will pay higher prices?

    Trump: It will never happen. They need us more than we need them. That’s why we need to use our great business people not political hacks.

    Bush: They they retaliate. This would devastate our economy.

    Trump: We don’t need a weak person that’s what we would get with Jeb. That’s why we are in trouble. You mention Boeing Jeb, Boeing wants to build planes in China.

    Bush: Like your plane?

    Trump: I’m talking about the future.

    Cruz: Donald is right that we are getting hammered. Jeb is also right that if we put tariffs China will retaliate. So pass my flat tax, abolish the IRS, and it is border adjustable.


  21. Jeb Bush is coming across deserperate .. but I guess if you are 1% or so you would. Really, the guy should have been on the kiddie table

  22. Bartiromo: Spending cuts versus infrastructure spending?

    Christie: Reform corporate tax to 25% and bring in overseas money repatriation at 8 3/4% and use the money for infrastructure.

    Bartiromo: Companies moving overseas and repatriation of overseas money?

    Carson: Fair tax system. I propose a flat tax for everyone. My mother only had a third grade education but she knew how to stretch a dollar.

    Trump: It’s called Corporate inversion. By the thousands corporations are thinking about leaving. Both parties agree this is a problem but they can’t make a deal.

    Bartiromo: Entitlements? How to save them.

    Rubio: Cruz wants a value added tax and that is bad. The VAT blindfolds the people as to who much money they pay in taxes. It’s also easy to raise. It also hurts seniors greatly because they have no income but expenditures.

    Cruz: My proposal is not a VAT. This is a business flat tax. My 16% flat tax will eliminate payroll, corporate taxes. Marco’s top tax rate is 35%. Marco keeps the IRS Code. Art Laffer has written that my tax plan is the best.

    Rubio: You only rename the IRS. Someone still has to collect the taxes.

    Christie: The question was about entitlements that’s why these senators don’t want to answer. Hillary will raise Social Security taxes to get to the left of Bernie. This congress just stole money from Social Security. It was a Republican congress that did this.


  23. GonzoTx, Trump would chomp off the chicken, thrown the bones on the floor, and tell Jeb! to pick them up. Jeb would get down on all fours and scoop the detritus.

  24. admin

    January 14, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    BBC on New York values:


    In fact, across the South – in states like Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina – Mr Trump has been immensely popular. Last August, the candidate gave a speech at a football stadium in Mobile, Alabama, that drew an estimated crowd of 30,000 – orders of magnitude above what any other Republican has tallied.


    But as Donald Trump stood in a packed basketball arena on Friday in Rock Hill, South Carolina – the state where the first shots of the US Civil War were fired – it appeared clear that the New York businessman’s appeal transcends accents and upbringing.

    “He’ll take the South,” said Thomas Goodson of Harksville, South Carolina. “No doubt about it.”

    He added that he found the candidate’s New York bluntness refreshing. “He tells you like it is, and it hits you right, square between the eyes.”


    Donald is taking the same path Bill Clinton took to victory and the White House…

    …we are going to have a repeat of the day when Bill Clinton won one state after another in the South…I will never forget watching CNN and all those southern states coming in with Bill Clinton’s picture and calling him the winner…

    get ready…this time around it will be Donald Trump’s turn…

  25. Bartiromo: You’re a billionaire. Blind trust?

    Trump: I built a great company. If I become president I won’t worry about my company. I want to make America great again. I only care about our country as president.

    Cavuto: Violent crime spiking in 30 cities?

    Christie: Obama believes law enforcement is the bad guys. Remember the beer summit? Obama allows lawlessness. I would tell the attorney general to enforce the law and work with law enforcement against criminals and terrorists.

    Cavuto: Retrain police?

    Kasich: I appointed a commission of clergy and community and police. 23 recommendations. Resources, diversity hiring are important. Protest is fine but violence is wrong.

    Bartiromo: More green cards than SC population coming in. Why do you want to open up borders?

    Rubio: This issue is now about keeping America safe.

    Bartiromo: So your thinking has changed?

    Rubio: The issue has changed. ISIS wants to use our immigration system against us.

    Cruz: Radical Islamic Terrorism was not created 24 months ago. That’s why I fought against the Rubio-Schumer immigration bill which gave Obama the power he is using to bring in more Syrians.

    Rubio: Ted Cruz used to say he wanted to double green cards. You used to say you were for TPP but now you are against it. You called Edward Snowden a hero. You, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders always vote together against military spending.

    Cruz: You dumped your oppo research folder. Marco Rubio stood with Obama on amnesty. Marco knows full well I voted for increased military spending.

    Cavuto: Privacy issues on technology.

    Bush: Give companies liability relief.

    Cavuto: Tim Cook says no.

    Bush: Keep asking. We need leadership.


  26. Closings:

    Kasich: People feel powerless. Dad was a mailman. I took on the Pentagon. I stand up for Mom and Dad. I will fight for you.

    Bush: I will keep you safe and free. Detailed plans count. I will destroy ISIS. I’ve done it. A safer and stronger America.

    Christie: Americans had to watch Obama fantasy land. This country is not respected anymore. I love this country. I will fight for this country. Fight against the special interests. Fight Hillary Clinton.

    Carson: I encountered many Americans who are angry with unresponsive government. No traditional politics. We the people. Heal. Inspire. Revive America.

    Rubio: 200 years ago rights come from God. Embraced liberty. Now, this country feels different. In 2008 we elected someone who wants to change America and make it more like Europe. Guts our military. With Hillary the next 4 years will be worst than the last 8.

    Cruz: 13 Hours. New movie tomorrow. I speak to our military and those against political correctness. I will have your back.

    Trump: I stood yesterday with 75 construction workers. Half had tears on their faces as our young sailors were humiliated. No more stupid deals. Make America Great Again.

    Finally, Over.

  27. “Trump demolished Cruz on ‘New York Values’”

    I didn’t see it that way but it is good that we can all decide for ourselves.

  28. JBStonesFan, Bush does not seem to understand how weak he looks and sounds. “I have a plan” “We need a plan” is rubbish. It’s the same problem his dad had with the “vision thing”. Ditto Hillary. No one gives a rat’s ass about “plans” if there is no sense of direction and “vision”.

    As Trump said at last debate to Bush ‘you’re moving closer and closer to the edge and soon you’ll be off”. Bush was far from the center of the stage. It’s something when Kasich does better than you and Bush got schlonged by Kasich when it comes to winning/losing.

  29. I thought Cruz was speaking to the very liberal views of some in New York not attacking all the people there at all. There are some extremely liberal view coming out of NY as we have all seen. I did not see it as pandering to Iowa people. Cruz was not attacking the NY behavior after 9-11. Trump got good twist on that one though. He’s very good at that. But he seems to be out there with his attacks on the birther issue. He’s good at throwing mud out there and getting it to stick. It’ll be interesting to see him use that tactic with other countries if he is president. I’m sorry to see him to after Cruz like he has because I think Cruz would be an very good VP for him if he is elected.

  30. If 88% of the voters in this poll support outsiders (Trump, Cruz and Carson), and only 12% support establishment clowns who represent the donor class (Rubio, Bush, Kasich, Christie), then the elites in the party would do well to realize that their little game of failure theater—pretending to oppose Obama, secretly conspired with him, and telling the public we did our best to stop him, just give us all three branches of government and we swear to stop him, but only after he leaves office—they have given no respect to the base, and now the base is returning the favor.


    BUSH1%2,151 votes

    CARSON1%2,061 votes

    CHRISTIE2%2,762 votes

    CRUZ30%43,381 votes

    KASICH2%2,292 votes

    RUBIO7%9,834 votes

    TRUMP57%82,371 votes

    144,851 Total Votes

  31. I see your point Southern Born and we do see it differently

    however I cannot see Cruz on the ticket…he will not appeal to a broad group of voters in the national campaign…

    he is too conservative, too religious, too sanctimonious…imho…to be helpful to Donald in the general election…and if DT is the nominee he won’t need Cruz to win Texas

    if you do not like Donald, Cruz has a worse reputation for not getting along with people…

    btw…Lawrence Tribe has been all over TV tonight saying that the “birther issue’ for Cruz has not been resolved…essentially he said the liberals on the court would side with Cruz and the conservatives on the court would not

  32. Is Cavoto a Trump fan? He was not interrupting him as he usually does in interviews and throwing him soft balls in the after debate interview.
    Is Cavoto an establishment person? If he is, it would seem that the tides are moving in Trump’s direction considering how FOX has gone after Trump
    in the past.

  33. No one gives a rat’s ass about “plans” if there is no sense of direction and “vision”.
    nor 1000 points of light.

  34. SB it is funny you ask that about Cavuto…who I do like

    right after the debate I turned to msnbc and Chris Matthews declared Trump the debate winner…whoa…and he is no fan of trump

    and i came in on the tail end of Meghan Kelly and Kruthammer praising part of Trump’s debate…

    the currents are changing…

  35. So where were Tribe and others when there was the question of Obama’s birth? Cruz has shown his Mother’s birth certificate and, of course, his own it seems or at least it is not some big secret. Obama…NOPE…why? Seems a precedent was set with allowing BO to be president. And what was that about Trump’s mother? Probably the one we know about for sure is Jeb Bush who was born in the USA and his parent’s were as well and who wants him as president?

  36. Rubio is such a baby.

    A wunderkind

    With unlimited potential

    To serve his donors

    Mi padre es un bartender

    Mi madre es un maid

    And I–I chased Charlie Crist out of the Iguana Club

    When the donors see me coming

    They whistle this tune

  37. I thought Trump had the best debate performance he has had yet. If even Megan Kelly and Krauthammer were praising Trump that must mean that FOX is going for him now. What a change from all their bashing. Of course Megan and the others on FOX do what they are told so maybe the RNC is finally going for Trump?? Rinse Prebuis said at the beginning of the debate that the party would unite behind the nominee. Maybe they are finally wising up.

    So, S, who do you think Trump should pick as VP to have a broad group of voters nationally? Also I’ve never said I did not like Trump. I have been really listening to Cruz lately and was surprised to find that I like him. He’s smart and has stood up to the establishment RINOS in the Senate.

    Gowdy is on now with Cavoto and he is in the tank for Marco but he says the birther issue has no feet and was settled 100 years ago. Cruz is eligible. He says Trump is good at planting seeds of doubt I guess for his own gain. But then Rubio is his man. Wonder why Trump is not going after Rubio on that issue?

  38. No one gives a rat’s ass about “plans” if there is no sense of direction and “vision”.
    Yes, this smacks of the Washington cartel:

    First the plan

    Then the committee

    As in–

    First the verdict

    Then the facts—

    As in Alice in Wonderland

    Or Bush in the Oval Office

    A distinction without a difference.

  39. Southern Born
    January 15, 2016 at 12:36 am

    And the funny part?

    Nikki Hayley didn’t get the memo.

    But she got the call this morning

    Directing her to apologize to Trump

    Which she did

    Very big mistake for her

  40. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cruz as Trump’s VP running mate, but if I were Cruz, I would get a federal court ruling on his eligibility given his birthplace. That way, the Democrats would not be able to use that against him during the campaign if the court says that he is a natural born citizen.

  41. SB…let me clarify…I think Matthews, Kelly and Kruathammer all made their comments grudgingly…I would not say they support him…the establishment seems to still be in the bag for Rubio…but it is getting harder for them to dismiss Trump or not acknowledge his support…

    as for VP, I have to wait and see how things go for that one…initially names like Susanna Martinez popped into my head…i know she just had some public ‘drinking’ issues…

    I am going to withhold other names until I see how this plays out in the primaries…I do think he would need someone he can trust

  42. You don’t suppose

    Oh, perish the thought

    No I think I will say it

    Obama’s legacy will be

    That he was a good president

    Because he was such a terrible one

    And by being a terrible one

    He fixated the mind of the American People

    On the imminent prospect of being hanged

    And forced them to face reality

    And elect a competent successor

    Who is loyal to this country.

  43. I respect that Cruz is smart and well informed but there is something about him that I just do not trust…imho…he comes across very arrogant…as in, he is smarter than everyone else…perhaps condescending is the word…

    I can appreciate many of the things he is saying…I just do not trust him…again, imo…

    maybe there is a place for his talents in the cabinet somewhere

  44. I don’t think that Trump will have a politician as his VP, I kinda think he will pick someone that’s well respected, that was in the military. I would think he would pick a good businessman he respects, but he has to pull in someone that can help him win over Hillary.

  45. What Donald is telling Cruz to do is to seek a declaratory judgment from a federal court that he is eligible to run for President.

    This remedy is available under 28 U.S.C. § 2201(a) which states:

    In a case of actual controversy within its jurisdiction, . . . any court
    of the United States, upon the filing of an appropriate pleading,
    may declare the rights and other legal relations of any interested
    party seeking such declaration, whether or not further relief is or
    could be sought. Any such declaration shall have the force and
    effect of a final judgment or decree and shall be reviewable as such.

    That is not feasible at this point however. It would be filed in District
    Court and would be appealable. This would create an even bigger cloud
    over his candidacy than we have now.

    The problem is it would not be available
    after the democrats file beause:

    Declaratory relief is appropriate where a litigant
    needs direction from a court before from taking future action. Such direction will afford the
    litigant relief from uncertainty or insecurity. See Amer. Household Products, Inc. v. Evans
    Manufacturing, Inc., 139 F.Supp.2d 1235, 1239 (N.D. Al. 2001).

    In contrast, where the facts and circumstances in a dispute are such that damages or rights
    have already accrued, determination through a declaratory judgment action may be

  46. Shadowfax
    January 15, 2016 at 1:16 am
    You are right.

    Having a politician as his vice president diminishes his brand.

    It is too bad Patreaus got into the mess he did.

    He would have been a good choice and did have political aspirations.

  47. Trump hater from the left comes to conclusions similar to ours only much later:

    Have Republicans Given Up on Fighting Donald Trump?

    Months ago, during the Summer of Trump, Republicans looked at the appearance of this gross, comic, orange interloper among them with a mix of shock and disdain. Fox News tried to discredit him as a serious candidate; nobody else on stage knew quite what to do with him. Since then Trump has created facts on the ground, making himself an indispensable element of the party. He now seems completely normal.

    Part of it is that Trump has gotten better, more polished. His cartoonish facial gestures come less frequently. He is less outrageous (and less funny). He seems to control his tone more effectively.

    But mainly, Republicans have decided to start treating him as a regular candidate and a member of their party in good standing, rather than an imposter who has hijacked it on a lark. He faced the same softball questions as everybody else, with no follow-ups. (Would you put your business in a blind trust if elected? Trump: Oh, yeah, I’d let my kids run it. In other words, no.)

    Jeb Bush went after Trump on his unfathomable proposal to exclude all Muslim immigrants, but he did so almost as a supplicant, asking to to “reconsider.” It was as if Bush was afraid Trump would turn on him again, and Trump, recognizing Bush’s gesture as a plea for mercy, reciprocated.

    Signs have popped up everywhere that Republicans have not only begun to accept Trump as one of them, a regular candidate, but even to resign themselves to his candidacy. [snip]

    Indeed, Trump’s numbers have not only risen, but the entire backdrop of his position has changed. The percentage of Republican voters who could see themselves supporting Trump has grown from 23 percent last march to 65 percent now. Trump could now beat Marco Rubio (a popular figure within the party) in a head-to-head matchup. He remains far from inevitable. The first vote will still not be cast for weeks. Yet those of us who believed Republican elites would kill Trump’s candidacy out of self-preservation have to face the increasingly plausible prospect that, for whatever reason, they may lay down their arms before a shot has been fired.

  48. If Trump is the nominee, it will be interesting to see who he chooses as VP. That could be a negative game changer for me if he picks some one like Fiorina.

  49. wbboei
    January 15, 2016 at 1:23 am
    Petraeus should have kept his pants zipped up. Some people are just their own worst enemy.

  50. The smart Matthew Continetti, not a Trump fan at all, sees a lot of what we see:

    It’s Donald Trump’s Race to Lose
    Column: And there are only four people who can stop him

    The Fox Business debate made clear that the Republican primary is Donald Trump’s race to lose. It’s not only that Trump continues his months-long polling lead and the debate won’t do anything to change that. It’s that Trump’s considerable political skills were on display Thursday evening. Provocative, gauche, funny, emphatic, and fearless, Trump doesn’t back down when the crowd boos him, he holds his own against more polished opponents, and he has identified and exploited the anger of many Republican and independent voters.

    But Trump has done something more. He’s become the focal point of the 2016 campaign in a way no other candidate of either party has. Fair or not, it’s Trump’s statements and policy declarations that become fodder for debate questions and force his GOP rivals to respond or adjust. Look at how he’s changed the tenor of Marco Rubio’s campaign from being sunny and future-oriented to being exasperated at the state of the country under Barack Obama. Trump’s suggestion that Democrats would challenge the legality of Ted Cruz’s status as a “natural born citizen” forced Cruz to go on the attack—something Cruz did not anticipate having to do this early.

    Cruz, the champion debater, easily bested Trump on the citizenship question. But it’s hard to say how the GOP electorate will respond to their other exchanges. When saying Trump represented “New York values,” Cruz was acting as though the only Republicans who vote in primaries are very conservative and the only region that matters to the GOP is the south. He may have helped himself in Iowa, but also harmed his campaign in other states in a contest where every delegate counts.

    Consider for a moment how remarkable it is that the two leaders in the race are outsider candidates despised by the GOP establishment. The traditional pattern would be for a conservative candidate, in this case Cruz, to go up against a center-right candidate more friendly to Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce. Not this year. While all of the candidates have their strengths, it was clear on Thursday night that the real fight is between Trump and Cruz. The exchange between Rubio and Chris Christie over the New Jersey governor’s record was fascinating. But it seemed superfluous, as though it were part of another primary entirely.

    For much of 2015, the question was, Is Trump serious? The past week should have settled that in the affirmative. So the question becomes: Who will stop Trump? Ted Cruz? Marco Rubio? Chris Christie? Hillary Clinton? And what happens if, as I suspect, the Trump phenomenon cannot be stopped?

    Trump’s political skills have vastly improved from the great heights at the beginning. We doubt any of these candidates can hurt Trump now. Perhaps Cruz can slow Trump down in Iowa but that’s about it.

    We didn’t think tonight could hurt Trump but it is very likely that tonight’s debate helped Trump quite a bit. If Trump wins Iowa this nomination fight is over and probably the general as well.

  51. Wbboei, if Cruz wanted to settle the issue from a legal standpoint we have a suggestion. We’re not sure it would work but from some experience we believe it could be made to work.

    Without doing any research on the matter, we think Cruz could use the FEC to settle the question. Cruz could ask the FEC for an advisory opinion on whether he is eligible to be president in order that his filings to the FEC are proper. The FEC might not weigh in on the issue or the FEC might itself go to the courts to get a declaratory judgment. If the FEC provides an advisory opinion unfavorable to Cruz he could then litigate this in an expedited manner. The courts would likely move with great speed on this.

    Of course, we understand that Trump is not particularly concerned with the legalities in this matter. This is political and it helps Trump. Trump is in a win-win here. Cruz is in a lose-lose. If Cruz tries to have this matter adjudicated it helps Trump and heightens the drama. If Cruz does nothing it helps Trump by keeping the question alive. Whatever answer Cruz receives Trump can declare victory. It’s the art of the deal. Win-win.

    Trump gave Cruz fair warning in February and March of 2015 about the citizenship issue. “The reality television host, real estate magnate, and serial almost-presidential candidate who repeatedly demanded that President Barack Obama produce proof that he was born in Hawaii, turned his attention to Senator Ted Cruz on Monday. In an interview with MyFoxNY, Trump said that Cruz’s birthplace, Canada, could be a problem for the Texan’s presidential bid.”

    “Well he’s got, you know, a hurdle that nobody else seems to have at this moment,” said Trump, who was born in Queens. “It’s a hurdle and somebody could certainly look at it very seriously. He was born in Canada … if you know … and when we all studied our history lessons … you’re supposed to be born in this country, so I just don’t know how the courts would rule on it. But it’s an additional hurdle that he has that no one else seems to have.”

    Cruz blew Trump off and ignored him. Cruz took a calculated risk not to get a legal judgement although he had got his Canadian citizenship of his reportedly dual citizenship legally cancelled out (or whatever it is called) so Cruz cannot say he wasn’t thinking about it or didn’t consider it an issue.

    Why is this an issue? Obama. Europe being flooded by a tide of unknown Muslims with a completely different culture. If Obama wasn’t such a groveling apologist agent for Iran and apparently Islamic political terror it would not be an issue. Article II is about allegiance to the US. SOLE allegiance to the US. Not another country, legal system, globalism or being a good global citizen. And this keeps playing out in real time with Obama. It is a kill shot. In the back of our minds we don’t want another guy with a foreign father. Cruz’s father was different in that he was in his life, loves him, etc but old man Cruz was a global citizen, who has had three (count’em) citizenships. He changed his citizenship whenever it was convenient or economics or his circumstances changed. Article II says no. Not good enough for President. And with Obama we now know why. The globalists, open border-ers, good global citizens now have to defend Cruz (and Rubio) and it looks bad to Republican voters, indies, and party switchers. The Donald trumped Cruz (with fair warning), the Donald trumped globalists, and The Donald trumped Obama. And Merkel too if you want to get technical. Trump has been working this since last winter.

  53. Mormaer: Cruz blew Trump off and ignored him.
    Just as TV standard fare is blowing off entire debate. Even the loser debate was a stunning display of commentary. So far between 5 – 6 AM I’ve seen Philly ABC and New York City NBC, both of which talk 45 sec about Ted and Donald head to head. The latter follows with HRC laughing on one of the comedic night shows.
    Bet 6 = 6:30, Scranton ABC does not utter A WORD verbally or via scrawl.
    Did you all catch Reince at the beginning of the big boys reiterate what Ryan had spoken hours earlier about supporting people’s choice for nominee?

    Of course GOP will be working to control that, but it’s beyond my comprehension the topic is on the table.

  54. holdthemaccountable
    January 15, 2016 at 6:49 am
    Of course GOP will be working to control that, but it’s beyond my comprehension the topic is on the table.

    What is unsaid will be said by Trump which is why it is so stupid and isn’t working anymore. Trump is saying and meaning globalists are off the table as public servants. Elected or otherwise. And in the media. This is the undercurrent and it is scaring them. This is also playing out in Europe. Media work for globalist corporations. Their plan or shtick is being exposed. We have known that traditional media has covered up the “bad stuff” for a long time. They used to “spin” it but now they just omit it. Alternative media doesn’t and covers it and then the traditional media has to choose whether to cover it or keep on ignoring like ostriches. Then they wonder why their carefully educated idiot media are not watched, read, or paid much attention, resulting in poor ratings, falling ad revenue, and stock price implosions. And the catch 22 which is they have to put Trump on to get ratings.

    The media in Europe colluded with the governments and EU technocrats to not cover the crime wave from the mass migration FOR YEARS. They got caught ignoring and are now trying to spin it. Evil, Nazi, skin head, racists monsters etc are against rape! Whut? Exactly like in the US media. Exactly the same modus operandi and nonsense. Now a bunch of old German judges are saying Merkel, by taking power she doesn’t have and the parliament letting her, in effect has committed treason against the German people. When events break, things careen out of control because the elite smart globalists of Davos with unlimited hubris and a stunning misunderstanding of cause and effect, are riding the tiger and the preference cascade.

    Trump is using the globalist progressive media against their owners. The citizenship/culture issue has many layers. Isn’t it interesting that in the election year 2016 that was supposed to be the glorification and deification of immigrants, otherness is good American bad and so is Western civilization, open borders for all, illegal alien (with gang tattoos) children are our future, Jeb the Mexican, Cruz the son of a man with serial citizenships and a wife from Goldie Saks and the Rockefeller Foundation, Merkel the president of the Islamic Republic of Rape and Slavery on the Rhine, doesn’t everyone love the plethora of cooking shows on PBS featuring tacos, offal soup (my ancestors moved here so they wouldn’t have to eat what is literally shit guts) and couscous, and they chose Nikki the bug-eyed girl immigrant parent governor to do away with the historic Confederate (based on St Andrew’s cross) battle flag and smear Trump in a SOTU rebuttal (with a cousin of Fidel Castro who is in Congress to mis-translate to Spanish and promise amnesty to the world!). It has blown up in their smug, stupid, fascist faces. It was so carefully planned to follow Obama the dolt citizen of the world. It is like watching The Donald throw a cement block into a Formula One full tilt globalism race and they all run over each other and burst into flames. Racing and presidential campaigning is all about the carnage.

  55. S
    January 14, 2016 at 11:32 pm
    Trump demolished Cruz on ‘New York Values’

    Trump “Dan Quayled” Cruz on that one!


    Quarter of Republicans think Cruz’s birthplace disqualifies him for president: poll

    By Ginger Gibson3 hours ago

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A quarter of Republicans think White House hopeful Ted Cruz is disqualified to serve as U.S. president because he was born in Canada to an American mother, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

    Republican voters nearly mirror independents and the broader electorate in their belief that Cruz cannot hold the White House, with 27 percent of all voters and 28 percent of independents responding he should be disqualified.

    Cruz, a U.S. Senator from Texas who was born to a U.S. citizen mother and Cuban father in Calgary, Alberta, has brushed aside the attacks about his eligibility as pure politics. But the questions could hamper his ability to rally the broad Republican support he would need to win the party’s nomination to run for the presidency in November’s election.



    DT is one smart son of a gun…who would not want this man negotiating on behalf of the USA and Americans…

  57. what a busy morning following that debate

    the the ironies keep pouring in…

    Chris Matthews has picked up the ‘birther issue’ against Cruz…he is pointedly stating that Cruz never answered the question regarding “natural born” and just gave alot of “marlarky” as he avoided answering the question

    plus he had the crazy Democrat Alan Grayson on his show that flatly stated he would bring a suit against Cruz…the question of “standing” is being debated


    in addition, Huffington Post has had to eat crow and acquiese that Donald Trump is a “real” and strong candidate running for President


  58. stock market now below 16,000


    just watching Tamara Hall on msnbc and she is doing cartwheels trying to come up with ways to discredit DT (eye daggers as she speaks)…she had on former rand paul person and Ed Rendell and much to Tamara’s frustration they both were conceding that what Donald is doing is succeeding…

    Ed R ended the segment by saying “I don’t have a clue to what’s going on” and they all agree on that note


    however as many of us know Donald Trump has repeatedly said he likes to be “unpredicable”…and that he has succeeded in business by always keeping his opponents guessing what he will do next…so he does not like to lay out his plans in detail thus exposing his hand…

    now this is meant to be taken with a grain of salt…

    Donald Trump is a Gemini…and for all you, usually very smart, Geminis know…you are master of being unpredicable…or playing the two sides of the coin…or two faces if you will…

    this contributes to Donald’s masterful gift of manipulation…and branding…

    and he has to this point…confounded and perplexed everyone…he has turned what is normal upside down and now he is in the driver’s seat and controlling the events that unfold…

    it is too modest to say that he is a step ahead of everyone else…he is leaps ahead of everyone else…

  59. New research…

    FGF21, The Hormone That Makes You Live Longer, Boosts Your Immune System And Activates Weight Loss

    Researchers may have found a new use for a liver-produced hormone that manages the thymus gland. Known as fibroblast growth factor 21, or simply FGF21, the hormone was shown to extend the life of mice in the study, which was conducted at the Yale School of Medicine. The results suggest increased amounts of FGF21 could help boost the immune systems of elderly people.

    The thymus is a lymphoid organ in the immune system that develops T cells, agents that fight infection in the body. It’s pretty important in maintaining the immune system, but as we age, it loses most of its fat and the ability to produce T cells. Lower levels of T cells leads to a weakened immune system in elderly patients — many of whom end up being at a higher risk for infections, like pneumonia, compared to the general population.

  60. S, any day that Puffington Ho has to eat crow is a good day, 🙂


    Southern Born
    January 14, 2016 at 10:20 pm
    “Since Trump won some of the debates because his name was brought up so many times, I, sitting in the peanut gallery, not able to get the debate online…declare the winner…

    Hillary Rodham Clinton!”

    LOL…good one, Shadowfax

    Agreed! The Pubs can”t debate each other without slamming Hillary, whose candidacy some conservative pundits continue to characterize as “weak”. How telling that the Repubs should be scared shitless of a “weak” opponent. A couple of them referred to her as “unqualified” What nerve it takes for ANY of the candidates involved in the debate to claim Hillary is “unqualified”. Certainly they don’t agree with her ideology and/or positions on issues, but to say she’s “unqualified” ? Please !!

  61. admin
    January 15, 2016 at 2:22 am
    That is a great idea which I had not thought of.

    The question is whether he would be comfortable submitting an all or nothing question such as that to what is clearly a political body, where the democrat hacs outnumber the republican hacs and you cannot trust any of them, without a much closer look.

    I am not impressed with Tribe or his analysis because it is tainted with politics, which he pushes to the limits of its logic, and has been doing for forty years. I think the analysis by Bill Jacobsen at Legal Insurrection a few days ago is the right one, which amounts to nobody really knows what natural born citizen as opposed to citizen means in the present context.

    It seems to me that the burden of proof on that issue lies with those who contend that he is not eligible even though his mother was an American citizen. There is no compelling policy reason that I can see to exclude someone with extraordinary abilities on such a premise. To do so would be arbitrary, capricious, grotesquely political, and inimical to the public interest. And, besides which, Alexander Hamiltion, the target of that provision, has been dead for over 200 years.

  62. don’t know if anyone caught Morning Joe this am…they are on location in Iowa at a coffee shop with all the locals…

    this morning they had on in person Donald…then seperately at different times…

    from remote they had Carly and later Christie

    and finally on the phone they had Hillary


    Donald was on for about two segments at about 7:00ish am…having had no sleep he flew into do MJ and then was going out to do a rally in Iowa that is going on live now…all on virtually no sleep

    Donald answered all questions, including from Mike Barnacle who has blasted DT with all kinds of insulting names…he went on discussing many substantive issues and refrained from attacking Hillary or Bill even when pushed, he said he does not want to hurt anyone but those issues are there if he is attacked…he stuck to a multitude of issues with no insults or namecalling…now that he has more control he is calmly modulating and seems to be pivoting towards the national and coming across more reasonable…


    about an hour later Hillary called in…I hate to say this but she droned on in a sort of wonky way…and I hate to say this but she continually says that she wants to give O more praise because she thinks he deserves it and does not get and

    “wants to continue his legacy” and take it further…

    then she went into a very detailed attack on Bernie Sanders because he wants to do away with Ocare and replace it with something else…and she DOES NOT want to do that…she wants to keep Ocare and work with it… she is adamant about it

    immigration or women’s issues/rapes did not come up…


    it still feels like a punch in the stomach when she says those things…

  63. Mormaer
    January 15, 2016 at 6:34 am
    I see your point.

    But if the birthplace is determinative, doesn’t that critierion bite us in the ass in. re. anchor babies? Yes. I know. In the first case we are talking about natural born and in the second case we are talking about citizenship per se. But now that the world is on the move, its the anchor baby exception that blights our future, because it creates a whole set of perverse incentives for this country.

  64. I see the whole ‘natural born’ situation as a huge loop hole in our Constitution. Unless it is clearly defined in a court of law, by the Supremes or a high enough court…people that were not born in the US will continue to take advantage of it.

  65. Mike Barnacle = total Ted Kennedy boot-licking asshole
    He worked for The Globe.

    The tabloid which features Hillary talking to space aliens?

    No. That was another Mike Barnacle.

    The other tabloid–the one owned by NYT-the Boston Globe.

    Which explains his necrophelia were that drunken vainglorious lout, Teddy is concerned.

    Bad as they are however, they still had enough sense to fire his ass

    For plagiarism (aka the doris kearnes goodwin disease)

    How strange we haven’t heard from that illustrious fiction writer–I mean historian much lately.

    It is hardly surprising that he would land his fat ass at msnbc

    Where the ability to lie with impunity is a job related qualification.

    The district director for Hillary in Laredo was a contract writer for the Globe.

    She knew him well and was not impressed.

    She still owes me $500 from the campaign

    My demand for reimbursement was ignored

    And by now the statute of limitations has expired.

    There’s only one fool in that scenario

    And it isn’t her.








  67. I don’t get it. The truth is that NY has been liberal. So why are New Yorkers suddenly opposed to being called liberal and running away from the values and attitudes they have seemingly had? The NY attitude has been somewhat arrogant toward the rest of the country: ignorant southerners, mid west called flyover country, even Trump put down Iowa in his Russert interview. Trump said that no one could have come together and could have done what NYC did after 9-11 and they certainly did after the tragedy. But I wonder how that made Oklahoma City people feel when they pulled together after the OK City bombing to rebuild and heal? The policemen and fireman were like the NY ones who bravely do their jobs and give their lives for others. ALL are to be commended.

    Is it money and power Trump is referring to? If you have a lot of money, it is easier to give. But when you have very little, to share your meager funds is something else. After tornadoes and other horrible events, southerners reach out to each other and help their neighbors. I’d imagine New Yorkers do the same thing?

    So I’m not sure I understand what Trump is saying and the vitriol of those New Yorkers who feel like they are being attacked when they have dished it out for years.

  68. This memorandum has set everyone’s mind at ease.

    It has given Niki Haley a chance to remind us, once again, that her parents came here from India, and this is all Donald’s fault, for resisting open borders, as the rinos applaud.

    And, it has given little old me a change to remind the big media beloved messiah that it is fun to be king– until it isn’t.

  69. Southern Born
    January 15, 2016 at 12:27 pm
    When you get out of Manahattan and into the other burroughs you find many people who think the same way you and I do.

    The same thing is true about conservatives. The most conservative people I have met were southern democrats living in small towns in east Texas.

    Ted was referring to the tripe we get from the media elites, the corrupt political class in the city, which is run from behind the scenes by trust fund babies, and their deranged mayor. That is what mose of us see, and it produces the stereotype Ted referred to.

  70. Most people are kinda proud of the state they live in…to a certain extent we identify with it’s culture. Since jumping in our car and moving to another state is something we can do pretty easily, finding a place we like, isn’t that difficult.

    This whole political football of NY liberals vs middle of the country conservative is just silly schoolyard banter.

  71. Poor Lindsey finally gave up and tossed his support to Shrub III.

    Another one bites the dust.

    He loves his Bushman, match made in Heaven.

  72. NY Times, (yeah, I know)…gave some credit to Cruz last night.

    Ted Cruz, Once Dismissed, Emerges as a Slashing Debater

    For much of his career in Washington, Ted Cruz has been dismissed as a cartoonish sideshow — an ostrich-boot-wearing ideologue who once delivered a sleep-inducing 21-hour monologue on the floor of the Senate reading from the children’s story “Green Eggs and Ham.”

    A “wacko bird,” in the words of a Republican colleague, Senator John McCain of Arizona.

    On Thursday night that simplistic, superficial image was swept away.

    Mr. Cruz did not just dominate much of the Republican debate, he slashed, he mocked, he charmed and he outmaneuvered everybody else onstage — but none as devastatingly and as thoroughly as this campaign’s most commanding performer, Donald J. Trump.

    In the process Mr. Cruz — the high school student who once recited the Constitution from memory and the Princeton debater who dazzled judges with his ability to entrap less shrewd rivals — showed the American public that his surging candidacy is not a fluke.

    Twenty six minutes into what had been a slug-free evening, a moderator asked Mr. Cruz about a question that Mr. Trump has mischievously injected into their neck-and-neck competition: whether Mr. Cruz’s Canadian birth disqualifies him from serving as president.

    He started off with an expression of generosity.

    “You know, back in September my friend Donald said he had had his lawyers look at this every which way,” he said, his hands sweeping the air to dismiss the topic.

    “There was nothing to this, this birther issue,” Mr. Cruz said, mimicking the man standing directly to his right.

    He paused to let that sink in, as the crowd began to applaud. Then he delivered the blow.

    “Now, since September the Constitution hasn’t changed,” Mr. Cruz said, as the rising applause rose to a roar. “But the poll numbers have.”

    Hoots and hollers came from the convention hall in South Carolina.

    A genuine and unfamiliar expression — nervousness — crept across Mr. Trump’s face. He clenched the podium. His leg jiggled.

    But Mr. Cruz was not done.

    He offered a law professor’s allocution on the subject of foreign-born citizens’ eligibility for the American presidency.

    “The facts and the law here are really quite clear,” Mr. Cruz said.

    He then ticked off household names in American politics: McCain. Romney. Both of them, he said, would be disqualified from the Oval Office if the conspiracy theories advanced by Mr. Trump prevailed.

    Then came the most crushing line of the night.

    “Interestingly enough, Donald J. Trump would be disqualified,” Mr. Cruz said, with a smile, reminding Mr. Trump that his mother was born in Scotland, which under some extreme interpretations of the Constitution would bar him from the presidency. “Donald,” he said, “I’m not going to use your mother’s birth against you.”

    Mr. Trump seemed unsure of how to respond. He offered a series of shaky, indignant protestations.

    “Not me,” he said, humorlessly.

    “But I was born here,” he tried.

    “It wouldn’t work,” he interrupted.

    Then he put forth what seemed a desperate and unintentionally honest explanation for why he had suddenly challenged Mr. Cruz’s legal ability to hold the office: political opportunism.

    “Because,” Mr. Trump said, conceding his rivals’ rise in the polls, “now he is doing a little bit better.”

    With the crowd won over to Mr. Cruz’s side, Mr. Trump failed to break through. For the first time in the wild, caustic and bruising Republican campaign, Mr. Trump was in the position that so many who have tried to challenge him had found themselves in: flustered, frustrated and unable to regain his footing.

    For those watching on television, including Democrats who had lumped Mr. Cruz and Mr. Trump together as a dream ticket of easily marginalized (if not parodied) general election candidates, Mr. Cruz seemed like something else: an intelligent and brutal tactician who may prove a more formidable and nimble opponent, should he gain his party’s nomination.

    Mr. Cruz did not get the best of every exchange: his attack on “New York values” led to Mr. Trump’s most powerful moment of the debate, a patriotic ode to New Yorkers who bravely rebuilt the city’s spirit and its infrastructure after the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.

    “The people of New York fought and fought and fought,” Mr. Trump said, his usual volubility replaced by a somber tone as he offered personal recollections of what he called “the smell of death.”

    He added: “Everybody in the world loved New York and loved New Yorkers.”

    Mr. Cruz, always a keen reader of the room, sensed in a shift in the mood. He seamlessly turned to Mr. Trump and conspicuously applauded, as if they were suddenly teammates.

    Mr. Cruz has repeatedly been described as the least liked among the Republican candidates. That may still be true. But to the audience, he kept ways to show a different side — a slyly humorous and even personable one.

    As he and Mr. Trump debated which one would serve as the other’s vice president, Mr. Cruz said he had a better job in mind for the construction-minded mogul.

    “I’d love to get you to build a wall,” he told Mr. Trump with a wry grin.

  73. gonzotx
    January 15, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    Alan Rickman is dead…I feel like the obituary. ..
    I loved his acting..

    Me Too! Rickman was very versatile actor whose performances excelled in fantasy films like Harry Potter, rom-coms like Love Actually, or the numbers films in which he played the villain.

    One of my personal favorites in which he starred is a movie called Blow Dry.

    He’ll be missed.

  74. Last night was perfect as a lesson on why Trump wins.

    New York City is a liberal town that gave Obama over 80% of the vote and because of this bloc voting elected Andrew Cuomo even as almost the rest of the state voted against Cuomo. An Oxford debater and an experienced litigator before the Supreme Court sees these clear undisputed facts and utilizes these undisputed facts to make an argument: Trump has New York values. The point is to use hated New York liberals to tar Trump in a Republican primary. That’s what a brilliant legal mind and Harvard debate winner sees and does.

    Trump saw reality. Result? The Trump hating New York Daily News front pages an attack on the brilliant idiot who launched the attack and essentially defends and protects Trump. Was Trump’s counterattack cheesy and emotion based? Who cares? Trump won the argument and the debate. Further, Trump’s victory is endless on this issue. For the next few weeks Donald Trump will be able to batter and beat Cruz until Cruz abjectly apologizes proving he’s either weak or won’t admit when he’s wrong.

    Trump schlonged Cruz. So devastating was Trump’s counterattack that even as Trump savaged Cruz we could all see on the split screen Ted Cruz applauding Trump when he defended New York. This is as brilliant as it gets. Trump attacks Cruz and Cruz applauds the attack. Trump schlonged Cruz and will continue to schlong away until Cruz cries “Uncle”.

  75. gonzotx January 15, 2016 at 2:10 pm
    Ted misjudged. .on 9/11 we all became New Yorkers…
    For such a smart man,he made a big mistake…
    and admin just now:

    ABC New York City opened it’s 4 PM news with comments from DeBlasio and Cuomo excoriating Ted, and then stretched it to include a cop who just convinced a jury that he did not target Latinos even tho all he pulled over were Latino and there was only one Latino on jury.

    Therefore GOP is racist.
    Liz Cho and ABC can hold out some hope that their inner city audience does not recall that GOP has two Latino candidates and Dems have none.

    Beat until peaks are stiff.

  76. Trump schlonged Cruz. Trump’s entire strategy in the natural born citizen argument is not to win the argument. Trump says he wants to be helpful. That is a risible reason. Trump wants this issue discussed. If the issue is merely discussed Trump wins.

    Last night at the debate Cruz came well prepared with a series of snarks against Trump’s natural born citizen argument. Trump smiled like a cat with a canary in his mouth. Many say that was Trump’s worst moment because he did not hit back against Cruz. But the very fact Cruz had to take time to discuss the natural born citizen issue hurts Cruz and that is why Trump smiled his Cheshire cat smile.

    Oxford debate scores would give Cruz the better of the exchange. But the street and the voters give Trump the victory. Why? Watch video of the discussion and see Trump smile.

    Then there is this:

    A Texas attorney has filed a lawsuit questioning Ted Cruz’s eligibility to serve as president.

    The federal case filed in Texas argues that the question must be presented to the Supreme Court for fair adjudication instead of left up to popular consensus.

    “The U.S. Constitution is not a popularity document for fair weather only,” says the lawsuit filed by Newton Schwartz.

    “However persuasive one finds each side in this debate, the final decision ultimately rests in the hands of five or more of nine Justices on the Supreme Court as mandated by the Constitution.”

    Bloomberg News first reported on the suit, which challenges Cruz’s standing because he was born in Canada to an American mother.

    The suit argues that the constitutional mandate that the president must be a “natural-born citizen” has never been settled in court and warned that the “mounting questionings crescendo” must be settled as soon as possible. It goes on to note the “persistent doubt” about President Obama’s eligibility.

    In his closing, Schwartz warns that the failure to hear the case could amount to another Bush v. Gore situation, where a contested election ended up in the hands of the Supreme Court.

    This case will not be resolved before Iowa votes. This only helps Trump because Trump has warned about lawsuits. Trump schlonged Cruz.

  77. Does this make an argument for an Obama Third Term or an argument for change and Trump?

    A recession worse than 2008 is coming

    The S&P 500 has begun 2016 with its worst performance ever. This has prompted Wall Street apologists to come out in full force and try to explain why the chaos in global currencies and equities will not be a repeat of 2008. Nor do they want investors to believe this environment is commensurate with the dot-com bubble bursting. They claim the current turmoil in China is not even comparable to the 1997 Asian debt crisis.

    Indeed, the unscrupulous individuals that dominate financial institutions and governments seldom predict a down-tick on Wall Street, so don’t expect them to warn of the impending global recession and market mayhem.

    But a recession has occurred in the U.S. about every five years, on average, since the end of WWII; and it has been seven years since the last one — we are overdue.

    Most importantly, the average market drop during the peak to trough of the last 6 recessions has been 37 percent. That would take the S&P 500 down to 1,300; if this next recession were to be just of the average variety.

    But this one will be worse. [snip]

    Banks may be better off today than they were leading up to the Great Recession but the government and Fed’s balance sheets have become insolvent in the wake of their inane effort to borrow and print the economy back to health. As a result, the federal government’s debt has now soared to nearly 600 percent of total revenue. And the Fed has spent the last eight years leveraging up its balance sheet 77-to-1 in its goal to peg short-term interest rates at zero percent.

    Therefore, this inevitable, and by all accounts brutal upcoming recession, will coincide with two unprecedented and extremely dangerous conditions that should make the next downturn worse than 2008.

    First, the Fed will not be able to lower interest rates and provide any debt-service relief for the economy. In the wake of the Great Recession, former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke took the overnight interbank lending rate down to zero percent from 5.25 percent and printed $3.7 trillion. The Fed bought longer-term debt in order to push mortgages and nearly every other form of debt to record lows.

    The best the Fed can do now is to take away its 0.25 percent rate hike made in December.

    Second, the federal government increased the amount of publicly-traded debt by $8.5 trillion (an increase of 170 percent), and ran $1.5 trillion deficits to try to boost consumption through transfer payments. Another such ramp up in deficits and debt, which are a normal function of recessions after revenue collapses, would cause an interest-rate spike that would turn this next recession into a devastating depression.

    It is my belief that, in order to avoid the surging cost of debt-service payments on both the public and private-sector level, the Fed will feel compelled to launch a massive and unlimited round of bond purchases. However, not only are interest rates already at historic lows, but faith in the ability of central banks to provide sustainable GDP growth will have already been destroyed, given their failed eight-year experiment in QE.

    Therefore, the ability of government to save the markets and the economy this time around will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Look for chaos in currency, bond and equity markets on an international scale throughout 2016. Indeed, it already has begun.

    Who wants an Obama third term?

  78. Freespirit, GonzoTx, our favorite Alan Rickman movie is the parody of Star Trek called Galaxy Quest. Rickman plays an actor jealous of the leading man and his excuse is always that the lead actor does “not take the craft seriously”. But he is jealous and admiring of the lead character and Rickman lets that show with a very strong comic performance.

    Rickman’s anger and resolve are the best moment of the film when he mourns the death of an alien who admired him. Rickman’s character vows vengeance.

    We can see echoes of Rickman’s Galaxy Quest character in the great portrayal of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. 2016 is a horrid year.

  79. I loved Galaxy Quest too! It has become a classic!
    This has been a horrible horrible year. Looks like retirement just got schlonged…

  80. Donald Trump’s finest exchange from the debate? A politician would have argued against being called “angry”. Trump turned his ship directly into the storm and said “I am angry.”

    Trump could have trashed Nikki Haley and said it was entirely inappropriate for her to take sides against him in a State of the Union response. Instead, Trump listened, realized it would be foolish to deny he is angry, grabbed the “angry” football, and scored a touchdown. This is as masterful as anything we have ever seen.

  81. Mark Steyn:

    It was a fine performance. However, the “New York values” exchange was a clear defeat for him, and it’s worth remembering how he got into the mess a couple of days back: He’d been asked about Trump beginning his Iowa rallies with “Born In The USA” (which is a pretty droll and effective jest) and Cruz responded that maybe he should open with “New York, New York” (which is neither so droll nor effective) – and it illustrates how the eligibility question can throw him off his game.

    After the debate, the analysts and experts all agreed that Cruz had won the exchange with Trump on whether he meets the qualifications to run for president. I think he “won” in the same sense that Carly Fiorina “won” the exchange with Trump about her face – when emasculation fetishist Rich Lowry asserted that she’d “cut off his balls”. She hadn’t – which is why yesterday she was back on the kiddie table eating crow balls. Pundits, who make their living by saying clever things, assume that debaters’ points translate into victory in the real world. Trump, by contrast, keeps his eye on the larger issue – which in this case is that Cruz can’t win as long as we’re talking about this subject:

    The poll finds that the ‘birther issue’ has the potential to really hurt Ted Cruz. Only 32% of Iowa Republicans think someone born in another country should be allowed to serve as President, to 47% who think such a person shouldn’t be allowed to serve as President. Among that segment of the Republican electorate who don’t think someone foreign born should be able to be President, Trump is crushing Cruz 40/14.

    Despite all the attention to this issue in the last week, still only 46% of Iowa Republicans are aware that Cruz was not born in the United States. In fact, there are more GOP voters in the state who think Cruz (34%) was born in the United States than think Barack Obama (28%) was. Donald Trump knows what he’s doing when he repeatedly brings up this issue- 36% of Cruz voters aren’t aware yet that he wasn’t born in the United States, and 24% of Cruz voters say someone born outside the country shouldn’t be allowed to be President. [snip]

    So it pains me to have to say that I don’t agree that the eligibility question is the thoroughly “settled law” that he thinks it is: Were he to be the nominee, it’s entirely likely that Democrats, not to mention the GOP establishment that loathes him with a pathological intensity, would file suit somewhere, and, unlike the Obama cases, not have much difficulty finding some leftie judge willing to entertain the issue. [UPDATE: First lawsuit filed.] Perhaps at the Supreme Court some brilliant Ivy League constitutional lawyer will win the day for him.

    But that’s not the point. As that poll lays out, most Iowans are not aware that Cruz was born in Canada and, when it’s pointed out to them, most Republicans think it’s a disqualifier. Trump’s pitch is artful: “Me, I got no problem with my good friend Ted being Canadian – they’re lovely people, I employ a lot of them – but I’m just saying these Democrats feel differently and they’re very litigious…” And that line is potentially lethal. Speaking as a guy who gets told to bugger off back to Canada all the time, I note the above front page from today’s Daily News:

    Hey, Cruz: You don’t like NY values? Go back to Canada!

    That’s how much he “won” the eligibility issue. “Go back to Canada” is now a front-page refrain. [snip]

    I don’t think Marco Rubio had a good night. Everyone talks about him as a “top tier” candidate, but, to be boringly pedantic about it, he’s not. Poll-wise, he’s stalled in the ten-to-twelve per cent range – and he didn’t do anything last night to raise his ceiling. [snip]

    Aside from anything else, for a hundred million bucks you’d think Mike Murphy and all the smart guys could find someone to teach Bush to stand in a more presidential way – to adopt a posture that communicates authority, confidence, etc, rather than his sad-sack kick-me stance. [snip]

    Jeb picking a fight reminds me of that “Looney Tunes” where Daffy Duck is trying to do the same with the tough hombres in a western saloon and finally asks: “Anyone for tennis?” And he had no answer to the question that, if Trump is “unhinged” for wanting to end Muslim immigration, are all those South Carolinians who support him on that likewise “unhinged”?

    Anyone for Jeb? Well, he finally won that coveted Lindsey Graham endorsement. Otherwise, Bush did nothing to arrest his grim death spiral. [snip]

    What can stop Trump? Experts think he has no ground game in Iowa and his numbers are soft and reliant on political neophytes who have no idea of the degree of commitment a caucus requires. If that’s true, he’ll come a bad third or worse in the Hawkeye State, and, in the week before New Hampshire, slip sufficiently to enable someone to steal the Granite State away from him. But that conventional wisdom might be as wrong as the last six months’ worth of conventional wisdom. And, absent that, this thing is his to lose.

    Pretty good summary, including the parts we did not include.

  82. I had not heard of Galaxy Quest before your post Admin, but it will be on my list of movies to watch now.

  83. admin
    January 15, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    Beware of the FED. They can reduce the interest rates more than 0.25% by going to negative interest rates. And they are considering it.

    This recession is going to be much worse than anything we have experienced in recent times. It is not like the others you could just ride out. There will be a lot of companies that go under, with their stock going to zero, never to return.

    When you see the DJIA going up/down/up on consecutive days by more than 100 points that is considered market instability typical of pre-crash conditions.

    This is just all bad.

  84. Immigration:

    Taking no action on the Obama administration’s plea for approval of its new immigration policy, the Supreme Court on Friday agreed to review the claim by former Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell that he is innocent of corruption or fraud because he did not take any official action to benefit a friend and benefactor. The Court also added seven other cases to its docket for decisions this Term.

    The new orders filled some remaining slots for argument, presumably in March or April, but there were not enough to complete the full calendar. That means some cases could be granted next week and still be decided before the current Term ends in late June, especially if the briefing schedule were expedited.

    The administration had hoped that the Court would grant review immediately of the controversial plan to defer the deportation of more than four million undocumented immigrants, so as to help assure that the program could be put into effect later this year. It is now blocked by lower court orders. There was nothing about United States v. Texas, however, on the orders released at mid-afternoon Friday.

    A notable feature of all eight of the newly granted cases is that the Court had considered them at least one time previously without taking action. This appeared to indicate that the Court was continuing with its policy of examining new cases at least once before accepting them for review, to help ensure that the cases would not later elude review because of some unnoticed complication.

    Some further indications of the possible fate of the immigration case could come on Tuesday morning, when the Court will release additional orders — including those denying review — in cases considered at the Justices’ private Conference earlier in the day Friday. It is possible, but there is no way to know whether it might happen until then, that the Court could deny review of the immigration case altogether, leaving that case to go to a trial in federal court in Texas. Because time might run out on President Obama’s time in office, a denial of review by the Justices could mean the end of the new program.

    So we wait until Tuesday.

  85. Why Donald Trump Is Praying For A Market Crash

    Does the stock market affect or predict the election outcome?

    The old saying that “people vote their pocketbooks” is more accurate than the average political analyst thinks. While Wall Street typically worries about how politics might affect the market, perhaps Presidential candidates should worry about how the stock market might affect their political outcomes.

    Historically, the market performance in the three months leading up to a Presidential Election has displayed an uncanny ability to forecast who will win the White House… the incumbent party or the challenger. Since 1928, there have been 22 Presidential Elections. In 14 of them, the S&P 500 climbed during the three months preceding election day. The incumbent President or party won in 12 of those 14 instances. However, in 7 of the 8 elections where the S&P 500 fell over that three month period, the incumbent party lost.

    There are only three exceptions to this correlation: 1956, 1968, and 1980. Statistically, the market has an 86.4% success rate in forecasting the election!

  86. Aside from anything else, for a hundred million bucks you’d think Mike Murphy and all the smart guys could find someone to teach Bush to stand in a more presidential way – to adopt a posture that communicates authority, confidence, etc, rather than his sad-sack kick-me stance. [snip]
    Mark vastly overestimates the consulting acumen of Mike Murphy, whose real claim to fame lies in collecting millions, losing elections, and being a totally boring pundit who is seldom right but never in doubt. Why politicians keep hiring him is living proof of insanity as Einstein defined it—doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Why big media keep impaneling him as a pundit however is easily explained, i.e. big media would not know the truth if it bit them in the ass. They are incurious about that. All they care about is the narrative, and if a boob like Murph the surf can advance that narrative, then he is feted.

  87. Good thread and good discussion on the Cruz NBC issue. I think that there’s a great deal of denial on the part of Republicans about the nature of Cruz’s problem. It’s Rubio’s problem too, but no one cares because his candidacy is going nowhere.

    These “attacks” by Trump are utterly mild. He’s not tearing into Cruz or even asserting that he’s not an NBC. He brought up the issue in the most charitable and neutral way he could, by suggesting that this might be an issue. From the way Republicans are reacting, it’s as if they were laboring under the delusion that no one, Democrats in particular, was going to being this up during the general election should Cruz, Rubio or Jindal have won. Of course it’s going to be an issue. It’s a potent, crushing line of attack! Now that the question is on the table, the numbers are appalling.

    Only 32% of Iowa Republicans think someone born in another country should be allowed to serve as President, to 47% who think such a person shouldn’t be allowed to serve as President.

    I mean, my god. If 1/3 to 1/2 of Republicans stay home in the general election because they consider Cruz Constitutionally disqualified, the Republican party will be immolated from top to bottom.

    Cruz is collapsing from this issue now. Imagine the Democratic attack Ads, and don’t think they aren’t ready to do it. They will tear into him as a foreigner, a usurper, someone trying to overthrow the Constitution. Trump was absolutely right. Cruz needed to show that he could put a lid on the problem, and even in a political environment where the Republicans are trying to tamp the question down and Democrats are sitting on their hands with little cat-smiles on their faces, Cruz is still left twisting in the wind. He can’t get the problem under control. He is fatally vulnerable to the problem. After Barack Obama and his of birth-certificate shenanigans, the conservative rank and file is simply not in the mood to ignore what they think is the meaning of the Constitution. Not this time!

    Ted Cruz needs to be taken off the field now before he has a chance to take the nomination and walk the Republican party right into the Democrats prepared kill zone. In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar, “It’s A Trap!”

  88. EagleFace says, “…he played the 9-11 card.”

    I find this so damn offensive!

    To even make this a term of cards is disgusting.

    Eff you Krautman.

  89. The pirannahs are rushing in to question Cruz’s eligibility but they lack standing—as we saw when democrats tried to challenge Obama’s eligibility. It is a state court matter and these private litigants lack standing. The first fool to rush in where angels fear to tread was an attorney with a disciplinary record of his own, who practices where he has no license and does not associate himself with an attorney who is licensed to practice there. The threat of a lawsuit may be less important than the revelation that Ted was not born in this country, which seems to hit a real political nerve with a lot of people. To show how out of touch I am on that issue, I was asked by a poll whether it mattered, and I responded it does not matter a wit to me. I found that only 9% of those polled agreed with me. In sum, the legal issue here is as nothing compared to the political issue. Donald’s sense of timing was, once again, impeccable. Lucky Donald? I think it is more than luck. I think it is a first rate tactical thinker. Wouldn’t it be grand to have someone with that level of skill leading the country rather than the preening dullard Obama who big media sticks to like stink on shit?

  90. This is from Christian Adams, former Justice department attorney:

    A birther lawsuit challenging Ted Cruz’s eligibility was filed today in federal court in Texas.

    I had previously written that such a lawsuit challenging the eligibility would most certainly lack standing and would be frivolous.

    The lawyer who filed the complaint, Newton B. Schwartz, Sr., had been suspended from the practice of law by two separate states for disciplinary infractions.

    According to the detailed disciplinary ruling against Schwartz in Louisiana, he engaged in legal matters in Louisiana but was never admitted to practice law in the state and never sought temporary admission. (You can read the lengthy disciplinary case against Schwartz here).

    schwartz la discipline order

    The Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel filed formal charges against Schwartz on July 19, 2011. In February 2014, Schwartz was suspended from attempting to practice law in Louisiana.

    schwartz la discipline finding of fact

    Louisiana disciplinary counsel alleged that Schwartz had a swarm of ethical violations. They include “engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

    Schwartz was also barred from practicing in Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Schwartz consented to his suspension from the practice of law in Pennsylvania.

  91. It’s amazing to me that my generation and my parents’ generation were all taught in school that an NBC was born to two US citizen on US soil (or military base), but there’s still supposedly a question.

    IMO, it should go to SCOTUS, because while the constitution doesn’t specify what it is, the contemporary writings of the people who put that into the constitution specify that an NBC is born on the soil of two US citizens. And if the truth were finally accepted about Obama (non-citizen parent, and born who knows where – that internet “BC” could be opened by Adobe Illustrator, which I did, so it was a created document, not a scanned document), I don’t believe that would set a precedent – instead it should invalidate all of his orders.

    I don’t like Cruz. And I know not to trust him because of just this issue – because he is on video a few years ago saying that an NBC is just what I said above, and saying that he wouldn’t qualify. Plus, there’s the huge dual citizenship issue, which is the whole point of NBC – no divided loyalties.

    I think the reason that Trump is not mentioning Rubio (who is an anchor baby and also not eligible) is because Trump doesn’t make waves if there is no need – if Rubio were to go higher in the polls, I think Trump would bring it up. And Cruz’ silly “comeback” to Trump that his mother was born in Scotland so he is not eligible – Trump’s mother was a citizen when she had Trump. Trump is an NBC.

    According to Cruz’ logic (NBC is born to 1 citizen parent, birthplace doesn’t matter), El Chapo has two twin daughter born to his American wife – they could be president. There’s also an American woman who married a middle eastern prince – her kid could be an American president, too. The founders, IMO, were VERY smart about wanting to protect our country from people with potential dual allegiance.

    Look at Obama – a Muslim father. It’s certainly no coincidence that he protects Muslims and not Americans. This, IMO, is a bad road to go down.

    I would say, given our country’s history of teaching that NBC is as I said above, and the precariousness of current times, and the bad experience we have had with Obama who did NOT meet the criteria, that no one should be considered NBC if they don’t meet the established criteria UNTIL someone rules differently (and as the original writers’ intention should be considered, I think it should be SCOTUS).


  92. wbboei – I’ve seen others suggest a lawsuit (which I basically suggested above, so that it could get to SCOTUS) and I told them the same thing – all the attempts to sue Obama but always no standing – although that could have been because they didn’t want to mess with Messiah repercussions.

    My worry is that 7 years ago we had one unqualified (based on what we have always taught in school) run and win/cheat. Now 7 years later, 3 more were running (Rubio, Cruz, and Jindal). This matter needs to be resolved on a national level, IMO – but IANAL. But it needs to be settled for everyone. How many are going to run in 4 years, in 8 years? El Chapo’s twin daughter could run and win. Crazy. They have to settle it, and IMO before any more questionable people are allowed to run/win/cheat.

    To me it’s like the border – seal the border, THEN consider any potential free passes. Here, resolve the issue, THEN let questionable people run, because then no one WILL be questionable, because it will be settled one way or the other….

    I think we’re safe this time, though. I think Trump will not pick a politician. No one even knows what VPs do except hang around in waiting. Trump will want someone competent, someone with a skill, someone who will do visible and productive work.

  93. Oh – and I’ve seen immigrants over the last year saying they were so proud to have their citizenship ceremony because they were so glad to be in a country where they could be anything … anything except 1 thing – president.

    So the department that interacts with people applying for citizenship must still be working under the longstanding practice of what an NBC is – and communicating that to the new citizens. Maybe it’s in the readings or the test….

  94. lorac
    January 15, 2016 at 10:26 pm
    I fully agree with you that an American NBC is a child born in US territory to parents who are both American citizens at the time of the child’s birth, which is why SCOTUS will probably duck the issue just like they did with Obama for fear of invalidating his entire presidency and being accused of racism.

  95. Two leading journalists on FOX news–one of them a disgusting celebrity who whiles away her time on the cover of Vanity Fair, trashing on a submissive second husband, and batting her false eyelashes at droopy Ruppie, and other a solid journalist respected for her knowledge of Wall Street, and willing to defy droopy Ruppie and put the tough questions to that Potemkin tower of babble marco the red.

    Question: who is the journalist, and who is the lighter than air celebrity?

    1. Maria Bartiromo

    2. Meeeeeeeeeee-agin Kelly.

    I know which of the two I would ride the river with, and which one I would just as soon drown.

    Right now, I am batting 9% which means there is room for improvement.

    This is looooooooog, but rich. I think you will like it.

    By now, Andrew Breitbart is in heaven and liking what he is seeing now.

    Bartiromo Drills Rubio on Wanting to Replace Americans with Foreigners

    In a remarkable exchange during Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, Fox Business moderator Maria Bartiromo defied establishment media norms by challenging Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)79%
    about his desire to dramatically increase the nation’s already record-high rate of green card dispensations.

    The donor-class favorite seemed dumbstruck by Bartiromo’s direct question, dodging it completely. Rubio declined to explain why he worked with the Chamber of Commerce and Chuck Schumer to engineer the largest expansion of immigration in American history— an expansion which, according to Pew polling data, is opposed by a minimum of 92% of GOP voters.

    While moderators in previous debates have avoided addressing the nation’s future immigration growth and Rubio’s continued support for expanding immigration beyond all historical precedent, the popular Fox Business anchor did not shy away from the topic. Bartiromo pressed Rubio specifically on why he is “so interested in opening up borders to foreigners when American workers have a hard enough time finding work”.

    Bartiromo said:

    Sen. Rubio, under current law, the U.S. is on track to issue more new permanent immigrants on green cards over the next five years than the entire population of South Carolina. The CBO [Congressional Budget Office] says your 2013 immigration bill would have increased green card holders by another 10 million over 10 years. Why are you so interested in opening up borders to foreigners when American workers have a hard enough time finding work?

    Under current law, the U.S. will issue around 10 million green cards over the course of ten years. The CBO projected that Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill would have added another 10 million to our immigration population growth on top of the existing 10 million green card baseline. On top of that, it also would have provided an additional 10 million green cards to illegal immigrants already in the United States—meaning that Rubio’s bill would have resulted in a total issuance of more than 30 million green cards in the span of a single decade, or about 30 times as many green cards as active South Carolina GOP voters.

    However, Rubio ignored Bartiromo’s question entirely—relying on one of his common techniques of avoiding a question by beginning his response with the phrase, “first of all” and then transitioning into a prepared script rather than answering the question at hand.

    In his effort to pivot away from Bartiromo’s question, Rubio suggested that immigration—despite workers in his own state being forced to train their foreign replacements—is no longer an economic issue.

    Rubio said in part:

    Well, first of all, this is an issue that’s been debated now for 30 years. And for 30 years, the issue of immigration has been about someone who’s in this country, maybe they’re here illegally, but they’re looking for a job. This issue is not about that anymore. First and foremost, this issue has to be now more than anything else about keeping America safe.

    Rubio’s argument that the issue is now “dramatically different” seems grounded in his claim that since 2013, a new terror threat has cropped up—one which he could not have known about back when he was pushing his Obama-backed immigration bill. Rubio declared, “The issue is a dramatically different issue than it was 24 months ago. Twenty-four months ago, 36 months ago, you did not have a group of radical crazies named ISIS who were burning people in cages and recruiting people to enter our country legally.”

    Rubio’s claim, however, defies logic. As the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack tweeted, “Rubio’s ‘things were different 24 months ago’ maybe his worst debate answer. As if al Qaeda isn’t as interested as ISIS in attacking us?”

    Indeed, Islamic terrorism was profoundly present in 2013 and has been for decades. For instance, the first World Trade Center bombing—which took place two decades before Rubio began pushing his immigration bill—was orchestrated by an immigrant who entered the country on an R-1 visa. Similarly, the nineteen 9/11 hijackers— who carried out their terror plot more than a decade before Rubio began pushing his immigration bill— all came into the country on U.S. visas.

    Moreover, as the Minnesota Public Radio has reported, Minnesota, with its large immigrant community, has long operated as a “pipeline to Al-Shabab.” In 2013, the Minnesota Public radio observed, “Since 2007, at least 23 young Twin Cities men have left for the Horn of Africa, allegedly to take up arms in Somalia’s civil war. Authorities believe the men joined al-Shabab, a ruthless and radical Islamic militia group vying to topple Somalia’s weak transitional government.” Around that same time, TIME reported, “Al-Shabab has a history of recruitment from this community—the largest, most successful terrorist radicalization of American immigrants ever. Al-Shabab’s efforts in Minnesota, which is home to more than 30,000 Somalis, began in 2007 after the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia.”

    Yet more specifically, Rubio was in the process of pushing his immigration bill through the Senate at the very moment the Boston bombing took place—a terror plot carried out by Muslim immigrants. Rubio, Menendez, Graham, Durbin, and the other Gang of Eight members were finalizing their immigration expansion bill when the attack occurred.

    In the immediate aftermath of the Boston attack, influential Iowa Congressman Rep. Steve King (R-IA)79%
    cautioned lawmakers to reconsider and slow down the Rubio-Schumer effort to jam a mass amnesty bill through Congress. King advised fellow lawmakers to “take a look at the big picture” and consider “How do we think we are going to background check the 11 to 20 million people that are here from who knows where?”

    Yet Rubio attacked King for suggesting as much—stating: “We should really be very cautious about using language that links these two things [i.e. immigration and terrorism] in any way.

    As victims of the Boston bombing lay in the hospital—gruesomely maimed and missing limbs— Rubio took to twitter to insist that the Islamic terror attack not stop Congress from enacting his amnesty and immigration expansion agenda—an agenda that was backed by many of his wealthy donors.

    ‪#BostonBombing‪ not excuse 4 inaction on #immigrationreform.But disagree with Sen.Leahy,if it exposed flaws in system we need to know & fix.

    Rubio then went on to introduce the bill the very next day after the Boston bombing attack.

    The legislation would have dramatically increased Muslim immigration through green cards, university-based admissions, fiancé visas, and refugees. Rubio worked relentlessly to pass the legislation in the months ahead.

    Just as striking, what Rubio did not tell Bartiromo and the American viewers watching at home is that even after ISIS emerged as a serious terror threat and a household topic of discussion, Rubio quietly introduced new immigration legislation that would further increase visa issuances to the Muslim world. In fact, Rubio’s legislation—known as the Immigration Innovation Act (or I-Squared)— would allow for virtually unlimited Muslim migration into the United States.

    Rubio introduced the bill in January of 2015— several months after then USCIS-President Ken Palinkas issued a public warning that ISIS will exploit our nation’s loose visa policies. In September of 2014, Palinkas wrote:

    [It is] essential to warn the public about the threat that ISIS will exploit our loose and lax visa policies to gain entry to the United States. Indeed, as we know from the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, from the Boston Bombing, from the recent plot to bomb a school and courthouse in Connecticut, and many other lesser-known terror incidents, we are letting terrorists into the United States right through our front door.”

    Moreover, Palinkas explained that the provision of the 2013 Rubio-Schumer bill (S. 744) to legalize visa overstays—a position Rubio continues to support to this day—“raises the threat to America even higher”:

    Making matters more dangerous, the Obama Administration’s executive amnesty, like S. 744 [i.e. the Gang of Eight bill] that he unsuccessfully lobbied for, would legalize visa overstays and cause millions additionally to overstay – raising the threat level to America even higher. There is no doubt that there are already many individuals in the United States, on visas – expired or active – who are being targeted for radicalization or who already subscribe to radicalized views.

    Although Rubio claims to be concerned about the threat of ISIS, it seems as though he has remained unmoved by the Palinkas’ warnings. As recently as the last Presidential debate, Rubio declared that he is “personally open” to giving citizenship to the illegal immigrant community— 40% of whom are visa overstays, a number of them overstays from Muslim countries.

    Indeed, what is perhaps most remarkable about Rubio’s response to Bartiromo’s question is the extent to which his legislative record directly contradicts his stated concerns.

    For instance, Rubio told Bartiromo in part, “The entire system of legal immigration must now be reexamined for security first and foremost, with an eye on ISIS. Because they’re recruiting people to enter this country as engineers, posing as doctors, posing as refugees… And they got a killer in San Bernardino in posing as a fiance.”

    Yet, throughout his short career in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Rubio has pushed to expand those avenues for entry, and has opposed multiple high-profile conservative efforts to curb Muslim migration.

    For example, while Rubio expressed concern that jihadists could be “posing as refugees,” Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill made it easier to bring in refugees and asylees into the United States—compounding the terror threat to the nation while expanding the rate of Muslim migration. As the Federation for American Immigration Reform explained in its analysis at the time:

    Title III Subtitle D of S.744 undermines current asylum and refugee law by eliminating preexisting requirements aliens apply for asylum within a certain time frame of entering the U.S., allowing asylum officers to bypass immigration judges before granting asylum to unlawful aliens, and giving broad authority to the Administration to create new categories of refugees and stateless persons to be admitted into the country.

    Similarly, while Rubio highlighted that “they got a killer in San Bernardino in posing as a fiancé,” the Gang of Eight bill included a dramatic expansion of the controversial K-1 visa to allow even non-citizens living in the country to bring in their foreign fiancés and the children of their foreign fiancés.

    Rubio expressed concern that terrorists could “enter this country as engineers, posing as doctors,” yet the I-Squared bill lifted caps entirely on green cards for advanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Math graduates (i.e. engineers and doctors) and placed universities in the position of being gatekeepers for American citizenship.

    The disjointed answer put forward by Rubio could perhaps be explained by, what some have speculated is, his penchant for memorizing and rehearsing mini-speeches to deliver during the debate. During the debate, conservative columnist and best-selling author Ann Coulter tweeted: “Rubio the wind-up doll has done a good job memorizing his lines. He’ll get a gold star from his corporate groomers!” After Rubio’s performance in a previous debate, MSNBC’s Steve Benen observed that, “Rubio looked as if he’d practiced that soliloquy in front of a mirror for hours, and then delivered his scripted lines nicely.”

    After the first Fox Business debate, Coulter observed further:

    Rubio gave a series of canned speeches in response to every question, including everyone’s favorite about ‘the future’:

    [Coulter quoting Rubio:] ‘This election is about the future, about what kind of country this nation is gonna be in the 21st century. This next election is actually a generational choice. A choice about what kind of nation we will be in the 21st century…’

    (Rubio proposes to be the candidate of the future with this brand-new idea: mass immigration!) Someone needs to tell Marco that every election is about the future, not just this one. It was also the slogan for every high school graduation and prom — circa 1999.

    Despite Rubio’s various declarations made in his effort to respond to Bartiromo’s straightforward question, the reality is that Rubio has been deeply critical of efforts to curb Muslim immigration in the days leading up to the debate.

    When Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)93%
    offered an amendment only a few weeks ago to pause migration from Muslim nations with jihadist movements, Rubio opposed the measure.

    Rubio told Sean Hannity that he’d “hate to use” the omnibus spending bill to block Obama’s refugee resettlement. Rubio subsequently failed to show up for the vote on the Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)56%
    ’s omnibus spending bill, which would have expanded Muslim migration. Rubio similarly denounced Trump’s plan to temporarily pause Muslim migration. Rubio said, “To have a religious test would violate the Constitution”— thereby, suggesting that Muslim foreign nationals have a constitutional right to immigrate into the United States.

    The Senate’s Immigration Subcommittee subsequently released a list of just some of the Muslim immigrants implicated in terrorism since 2014, which included more than 40 examples, each of the case exhausting enormous law enforcement and judicial resources that could otherwise be applied to lowering crime rates and improving community quality of life.

    But impacts of Muslim migration being pushed by Senator Rubio are not limited to terrorism.

    For instance, according to Equality Now, as a result of large-scale visa issuances to the Muslim world, there are currently half a million U.S. girls at-risk of suffering the non-Western practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Similarly, a 2011 study found that there are now “as many as 3,000 known or suspected cases” of forced marriages in immigrant communities within the United States. There has also been an emergence of honor violence within the United States. Aayan Hirsi Ali has explained that the amount of honor violence seems “very likely to rise in years to come… Immigration trends over the last ten years, show a significant increase in the number of people moving to the United States from countries with high-honor violence rates—notably Somalia… as well as Iraq.”

    As Ross Douthat recently wrote in the New York Times:

    Accepting immigrants from a particular country or culture or region involves accepting that your own nation, or part of your own nation, will become at least a little more like their country of origin. With small or slow migrations this may only happen at the margins and it may be swamped by other effects; with large or swift migrations it may happen in more significant ways. But whether the immigrants are coming from Asia or Latin America or the Middle East or North Africa, you will be able to see in those regions at least some foretaste of their impact on your own society.

    Last month, Breitbart News reached out to Rubio’s campaign twice to ask him how “large-scale Muslim immigration will benefit the U.S.”

    Rubio’s office did not respond for comment.

  96. Its time.

    Time, time, time.

    Time to do what?

    To cut to the chase.

    What’s it all about, Alfie.

    This unrestricted immigration thing.

    Favored, endorsed, and financed by the elites.


    Its all about replacing the domestic population.

    Out with the bad air.

    In with the good.

    That is what the establishment wants.

    And we think this is treason.

    Which is why we have Trump.

  97. Meanwhile Droopy Rupie is pushing Ailes aside, in order to pursue an open borders elitist agenda, and Marco the red, which will, in short order, cause a massive exodus from FOX, which has already begun. I for one do not watch those pricks any more. I like Ailes (you are the message) and detest Rupie. Nothing wrong with that demented coger that an Obama death panel could not solve.

  98. Tony Stark
    January 15, 2016 at 11:12 pm
    January 15, 2016 at 10:26 pm
    I fully agree with you that an American NBC is a child born in US territory to parents who are both American citizens at the time of the child’s birth, which is why SCOTUS will probably duck the issue just like they did with Obama for fear of invalidating his entire presidency and being accused of racism.

    Me too.

    And I think that is why Cruz being carpet bombed by someone who doesn’t want that question litigated. Not that he doesn’t deserve the carpet bombing, but no one from that stinking uni-party crew is in the business of doing us favors.

  99. I will tell you a secret.

    Rubio has switched cabals.

    He was with the Bush cabal.

    He is now with the Soros cabal.

    And you do not want to know who is running that one.

    Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies.

  100. Betty: I guess I agree with you, but I will tell you this much: whatever else Ted may be, his faith in the constitution is true and adorable. That is the only path out of this winter of our discontent.

  101. Well good for him. He tapped his way to the truth. We could have told him this years ago, but what the hell. We should never despair when wisdom comes late, because too often it never comes at all, as Justice Frankfurter wisely observe. Nonetheless, the Grey Lady (NYT) will fire him for this. But it fails to answer the only question that counts: if young Arthur Schlossberg, owner of NYT still fucking Caroline Kennedy, or is Japan a bridge too far? Youth wants to know.
    As Ross Douthat recently wrote in the New York Times:

    Accepting immigrants from a particular country or culture or region involves accepting that your own nation, or part of your own nation, will become at least a little more like their country of origin. With small or slow migrations this may only happen at the margins and it may be swamped by other effects; with large or swift migrations it may happen in more significant ways. But whether the immigrants are coming from Asia or Latin America or the Middle East or North Africa, you will be able to see in those regions at least some foretaste of their impact on your own society.

  102. You can be a Trump hater from here to hell and back, but if you live in the same world as most of us, then you will not deny that there he has really improved, and sounded more like a statesman than a voice in the wilderness. Don’t ever underestimate the ability from a boy who was raised in the Queens burrough. I met with them in negotiations and they are street smart in ways that no Harvard education can ever duplicate or achieve. Its street smarts. That is what it is. And Trump, who fought against the Manhattan elites has got it. The beauty of this, though, is you are not going to change the system, and make it work for the American People if you approach it from the outside. They will hunker down and trip you up. Andrew Jackson knew this. Trump is a guy who can travel in BOTH worlds, and that is what’s needed. The objective is not to sink the ship. The objective is to get out of the Obama doldrums, turn the wheel in the right course, and move forward at flank speed.

  103. If we cannot get out of the Obama doldrums, turn the ship of state in the right direction, and move forward at flank speed, then this gathering storm across the globe will, in fact, consume us. We cannot languish, we cannot sit still, we cannot pretend, we have got to outrun this fire.

  104. Maher: God had a reason for putting different races on different continents–or words to that effect. Well . . . even a broken clock is right twice a day.
    HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued, “the idea that when Syrian refugees come to European countries, or to America, that they are going to completely fit in, is a fantasy” and “This is the one issue the Democrats are going to lose the election on” on Friday.

    Maher said that “insisting that people around the world who are not like us, are going to be like us” is a mistake in thinking, one that “we saw this, just recently, in Cologne, Germany. When all the Syrian refugees were going to Europe, I wasn’t for it, and I think a lot of people are coming around to that position.”

    He added, “if people don’t know what happened, on New Year’s Eve, in Cologne, Germany and a number of other cities in Europe, some of these refugees, some of these Muslim men, and of course, we’re talking about men who come from very misogynistic cultures. Their cultures are not like ours.” And “I don’t understand why liberals don’t stand up for the liberal values.”

    Maher later stated that while he feels compassion for the refugees, “a great many Muslims around the world are for Sharia Law. You know what is in Sharia Law, cutting off the hands off for thievery, putting women to death for adultery, killing people for leaving the religion, women are not equal citizens. These are not criminal activities in the Muslim society, these are activities, okay? So, the idea that when Syrian refugees come to European countries, or to America, that they are going to completely fit in, is a fantasy.”

    Maher then stated that while Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims is “wrong.” “This is the one issue the Democrats are going to lose the election on. Because they have to choose between demagogue Donald Trump, and Hillary and Obama who won’t even say Islamic terrorism.”

  105. It isn’t just killing them for adultry. Its killing them because they are charged with adultry. There is no presumption of innocence under Sharia law. On the contrary, it is a case of first the verdict, then the facts. These are Obama’s people.

  106. Maher—some of these Muslim men, and of course, we’re talking about men who come from very misogynistic cultures. Their cultures are not like ours.” And “I don’t understand why liberals don’t stand up for the liberal values.”

  107. suddenly the media is communicate that they “get it”…lest they look so foolish, impotent and blinded by the actions of a “carnival barker buffoon”

    Media-Savvy Trump Actually Shows Poise, Patience With Statesmanlike TKO of Cruz

    by Joe Concha

    For Ted Cruz, the time had come. He had run a highly-disciplined campaign. He’s raised ample money ($20 million in 2015 Q4) and has spent it wisely.

    Cruz’s strategy was simple: Win Iowa, compete in New Hampshire to a respectable finish, take South Carolina, win the so-called SEC primary in early March (12 states) from there and waltz to the nomination as others finally fall off due to lack of money or too much ego. The aforementioned “highly-disciplined” part of the plan specifically related to not drawing the ire of Donald Trump, who destroyed Rick Perry and permanently damaged a now-irrelevant Ben Carson (among others) when crossed. Yes, Cruz’s rising poll numbers — as the billionaire admitted last night — were going to get his attention anyway and therefore make the senator a target. But here’s where the Cruz made his first big unforced error since announcing back in March: Sensing he finally had the footing to go on the offensive in an effort to take Iowa, he mocked Trump for having “New York values.”

    Now… Trump could have handled this several ways: He could have responded with a petulant attack via Twitter (Interesting tidbit: Trump has averaged 16.4 Tweets per day over the past three months). He could have kneecapped Cruz with an obnoxious, outlandish remark in one of the many television and radio interviews he does per week.

    But here’s where Trump deserves some credit for knowing when and how to strike: He waited for the biggest audience available to him at the time (last night’s GOP debate on Fox Business, which will show viewership numbers of somewhere in the 11-12 million range) and responded in a very poignant, authentic and even — yes — statesmanlike manner in landing the haymaker of the evening. And by the time he was done, Cruz — a skilled debater going all the way back to his Harvard days — actually looked stunned and had nothing to retort with.

    Here’s Trump to Cruz via the New York Times transcript of the debate:

    So conservatives actually do come out of Manhattan, including William F. Buckley and others, just so you understand.


    And just so — if I could, because he insulted a lot of people. I’ve had more calls on that statement that Ted made — New York is a great place. It’s got great people, it’s got loving people, wonderful people.

    When the World Trade Center came down, I saw something that no place on Earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than New York. You had two one hundred…

    (APPLAUSE, including from Cruz)

    … you had two 110-story buildings come crashing down. I saw them come down. Thousands of people killed, and the cleanup started the next day, and it was the most horrific cleanup, probably in the history of doing this, and in construction. I was down there, and I’ve never seen anything like it.

    And the people in New York fought and fought and fought, and we saw more death, and even the smell of death — nobody understood it. And it was with us for months, the smell, the air. And we rebuilt downtown Manhattan, and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved New York and loved New Yorkers. And I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that Ted made.

    (APPLAUSE, with Cruz having a look in the split-screen knowing he’d be wise to simply take his 8-count)

    A TKO for sure, and judging by all the play Trump’s response is getting this morning, is the takeaway of the night. In the end, Cruz is used to boxing with gloves on. Trump rarely fights fair, spars bare-knuckled, but was savvy enough not to resort to tackling Cruz into the mud given the big stage and audience. Instead, it was a meticulous combination on a dicey subject to invoke (9/11) and somehow didn’t sound exploitative or overdone (See: Giuliani, Rudy). Broaching 9/11 almost fifteen years later can be political quicksand, can sound almost cheesy, but Trump’s speaking style (extemporaneous, descriptive, candid) made this anything but.

    Instead, Trump showed he can pivot, can adapt, can put aside the petulance and still make his point. And he’s putting on a media clinic for the rest of the field right now. Example: Many thought it was ill-advised for him to evoke Cruz’s eligibility for the presidency. But here we are many days later, and the story still has legs as Cruz’s status still is being debated. Second example: Upon bucking advice from political pundits by broaching Bill Clinton‘s personal past and Hillary’s hypocrisy on the topic of standing up to sexism, that story is still now a daily debate topic as Team Hillary (and the candidate herself) illustrates it/she has zero idea how to effectively handle it.

    Will Trump’s narrative on Cruz ultimately hold up? Probably not. But creating murky waters around his chief competitor was likely Trump’s goal in the first place… and may be enough to help catch the Texas Senator in Iowa.

    Moving forward, if Trump can continue to control the narcissism, the sophomore year Mean Girls stuff… and learn how to make an argument more in the manner he did last night when defending New York… watch out.


    The Donald knows exactly what he is doing….

    Because as Ted Cruz learned last night, Trump is showing he can even make a debate champion look foolish at a time and place of his choosing.

  108. Ted Cruz may wind up winning his battle with NYC.
    He may have taken a page or book from Donald Trump. There is a video of his full statement at this CNN link, and it is a doozy!

    Cruz offers ‘apology’ to New Yorkers @CNNPolitics
    Columbia, South Carolina (CNN)Ted Cruz on Friday offered an extended “apology” to those offended by his criticism of “New York values,” but rather than back down from his controversial comments, he instead slammed the Empire State’s “liberal politicians.”
    Asked by reporters whether he wanted to apologize for saying this week that Donald Trump, his main 2016 rival, “embodies New York values,” Cruz turned the tables, laying out a three-minute riff on things for which he would rather apologize.
    “Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio have all demanded an apology, and I’m happy to apologize,” he told reporters after an event here. “I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by the liberal politicians in that state.”
    Cruz then proceeded, in detail, to attack Cuomo, the governor of New York, for his disapproval of fracking, the controversial energy extraction process, while also aiming his sights on de Blasio, New York City’s mayor, for his policies on taxes, charter schools and policing.

  109. John Judis, is realizing that the Obama “situation comedy” (as Admin so brilliantly calls it) coalition is not worth a hill of beans.
    It seems that when Hispanics go to college they become “middle class” and don’t really like Democrat identity politics that much. And horrors: “And there’s an added consideration. Sociologist Richard Alba argues in the current American Prospect that the very census categories upon which political predictions about a majority-minority country rest are highly suspect. The census this year found that more than half (50.2 percent) of the children under 5 were ethnic minorities — a clear sign that nonwhites would eventually outnumber whites in the US. But it turned out that the largest single group of these minorities — 22 percent of the children under 5 — were Hispanics whose parents identified them as white. So in fact at least 72 percent of the children might be raised as and identify politically as “whites.” What is the world coming to? People of European ancestry, in this case Spain, culture, religion, and DNA for some reason break loose from the little box they have been put in by John Judis. They thought they were importing migrant little Democrats but send them to junior college and they turn into Republicans! Where I live there is a renaissance of people going back to original Spanish surnames like de la Zavala-Composala (made up name). Not exactly a peasant name but more like a grandee of Spain name if you get my drift who were not known for their progressive politics. Read the whole thing as it seems the miscalculations and mis-assumptions are legion.

  110. lorac
    January 15, 2016 at 10:43 pm
    I am a chemical engineer by profession and totally unqualified to give financial advise. But I do know numbers and number systems. The financial system that has been designed to leave no safe harbor. It is designed to collapse and leave the guilty free of liability. It is designed to translate the losses to the national debt or just disappear without liability. Those losses will be incurred by investors or taxpayers.

    We need a Trump.

    I have 2% of my net worth in the stock market, just to play with. I have 2% of my net worth in physical gold, just in case I need groceries during a total collapse. I have 20% in other assets and the rest is cash. I think cash is the best position right now. And I do expect that if things continue the way they have been going, that the FED will come after the cash with negative interest rates.

    There is not enough of anything in the world to fill their empty souls.


    An International Man lives and does business wherever he finds conditions most advantageous, regardless of arbitrary borders. He’s diversified globally, with passports from multiple countries, assets in several jurisdictions, and his residence in yet another. He doesn’t depend absolutely on any country and regards all of them as competitors for his capital and expertise.

    Living as an international man has always been an interesting possibility. But few Americans opted for it, since the U.S. used to reward those who settled in and put down roots. In fact, it rewarded them better than any other country in the world, so there was no pressing reason to become an international man.

    Things change, however, and being rooted like a plant – at least if you have a choice – is a suboptimal strategy if you wish to not only survive, but prosper. Throughout history, almost every place has at some point become dangerous for those who were stuck there. It may be America’s turn.

    For those who can take up the life of an international man, it’s no longer just an interesting lifestyle decision. It has become, at a minimum, an asset saver, and it could be a lifesaver. That said, I understand the hesitation you may feel about taking action; pulling up one’s roots (or at least grafting some of them to a new location) can be almost as traumatic to a man as to a vegetable.

    As any intelligent observer surveys the world’s economic and political landscape, he has to be disturbed – even dismayed and a bit frightened – by the gravity and number of problems that mark the horizon. We’re confronted by economic depression, looming financial chaos, serious currency inflation, onerous taxation, crippling regulation, a developing police state, and, worst of all, the prospect of a major war. It seems almost unbelievable that all these things could affect the U.S., which historically has been the land of the free.

    How did we get here? An argument can be made that things went bad because of miscalculation, accident, inattention, and the like. Those elements have had a role, but it is minor. Potential catastrophe across the board can’t be the result of happenstance. When things go wrong on a grand scale, it’s not just bad luck or inadvertence. It’s because of serious character flaws in one or many – or even all – of the players.

    So is there a root cause of all the problems I’ve cited? If we can find it, it may tell us how we personally can best respond to the problems.

    In this article, I’m going to argue that the U.S. government, in particular, has been overrun by the wrong kind of person. It’s a trend that’s been in motion for many years but has now reached a point of no return. In other words, a type of moral rot has become so prevalent that it’s institutional in nature. There is not going to be, therefore, any serious change in the direction in which the U.S. is headed until a genuine crisis topples the existing order. Until then, the trend will accelerate.

    The reason is that a certain class of people – sociopaths – are now fully in control of major American institutions. Their beliefs and attitudes are insinuated throughout the economic, political, intellectual, and psychological/spiritual fabric of the U.S.

    What does this mean to you, as an individual? It depends on your character. Are you the kind of person who supports “my country, right or wrong,” as did most Germans in the 1930s and 1940s? Or the kind who dodges the duty to be a helpmate to murderers? The type of passenger who goes down with the ship? Or the type who puts on his vest and looks for a lifeboat? The type of individual who supports the merchants who offer the fairest deal? Or the type who is gulled by splashy TV commercials?

    What the ascendancy of sociopaths means isn’t an academic question. Throughout history, the question has been a matter of life and death. That’s one reason America grew; every American (or any ex-colonial) has forebears who confronted the issue and decided to uproot themselves to go somewhere with better prospects. The losers were those who delayed thinking about the question until the last minute.

    I have often described myself, and those I prefer to associate with, as gamma rats. You may recall the ethologist’s characterization of the social interaction of rats as being between a few alpha rats and many beta rats, the alpha rats being dominant and the beta rats submissive. In addition, a small percentage are gamma rats that stake out prime territory and mates, like the alphas, but are not interested in dominating the betas. The people most inclined to leave for the wide world outside and seek fortune elsewhere are typically gamma personalities.

    You may be thinking that what happened in places like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and scores of other countries in recent history could not, for some reason, happen in the U.S.. Actually, there’s no reason it won’t at this point. All the institutions that made America exceptional – including a belief in capitalism, individualism, self-reliance, and the restraints of the Constitution – are now only historical artifacts.

    On the other hand, the distribution of sociopaths is completely uniform across both space and time. Per capita, there were no more evil people in Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, Amin’s Uganda, Ceausescu’s Romania, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia than there are today in the U.S. All you need is favorable conditions for them to bloom, much as mushrooms do after a rainstorm.

    Conditions for them in the U.S. are becoming quite favorable. Have you ever wondered where the 50,000 people employed by the TSA to inspect and degrade you came from? Most of them are middle-aged. Did they have jobs before they started doing something that any normal person would consider demeaning? Most did, but they were attracted to – not repelled by – a job where they wear a costume and abuse their fellow citizens all day.

    Few of them can imagine that they’re shepherding in a police state as they play their roles in security theater. (A reinforced door on the pilots’ cabin is probably all that’s actually needed, although the most effective solution would be to hold each airline responsible for its own security and for the harm done if it fails to protect passengers and third parties.) But the 50,000 newly employed are exactly the same type of people who joined the Gestapo – eager to help in the project of controlling everyone. Nobody was drafted into the Gestapo.

    What’s going on here is an instance of Pareto’s Law. That’s the 80-20 rule that tells us, for example, that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your salesmen or that 20% of the population are responsible for 80% of the crime.

    As I see it, 80% of people are basically decent; their basic instincts are to live by the Boy Scout virtues. 20% of people, however, are what you might call potential trouble sources, inclined toward doing the wrong thing when the opportunity presents itself. They might now be shoe clerks, mailmen, or waitresses – they seem perfectly benign in normal times. They play baseball on weekends and pet the family dog. However, given the chance, they will sign up for the Gestapo, the Stasi, the KGB, the TSA, Homeland Security, or whatever. Many seem well intentioned, but are likely to favor force as the solution to any problem.

    But it doesn’t end there, because 20% of that 20% are really bad actors. They are drawn to government and other positions where they can work their will on other people and, because they’re enthusiastic about government, they rise to leadership positions. They remake the culture of the organizations they run in their own image. Gradually, non-sociopaths can no longer stand being there. They leave. Soon the whole barrel is full of bad apples. That’s what’s happening today in the U.S.

    It’s a pity that Bush, when he was in office, made such a big deal of evil. He discredited the concept. He made Boobus americanus think it only existed in a distant axis, in places like North Korea, Iraq and Iran, which were and still are irrelevant backwaters and arbitrarily chosen enemies. Bush trivialized the concept of evil and made it seem banal because he was such a fool. All the while, real evil, very immediate and powerful, was growing right around him, and he lacked the awareness to see he was fertilizing it by turning the U.S. into a national security state after 9/11.

    Now, I believe, it’s out of control. The U.S. is already in a truly major depression and on the edge of financial chaos and a currency meltdown. The sociopaths in government will react by redoubling the pace toward a police state domestically and starting a major war abroad. To me, this is completely predictable. It’s what sociopaths do.

  112. This is what I predicted. But if that is what the donor class thinks of him, then I think they are selling him short. There will be those corporate relationships with government that should go on, some that should be redefined, and many that should simply be abolished. I think Trump is smart enough to know the difference, and part of it is his selection of Carl Ican to bring Wall Street in tow. I am very high on Carl, who comes from a modest background and his contention is there is deep seated corruption in the board rooms of the major corporations, and I am pretty sure Trump will give him a free hand to go after it, rather than continue it. Therefore, the donor class may think they have the upper hand, but unlike ever other politician, Donald does not need their money. In the end, I think he may end up being what we hoped other politicians would become—another Teddy Roosevelt on foreign affairs, and a Franklin Roosevelt on domestic ones. But that is not what Eric is saying.

    This is How Much the GOP Establishment and Donor Class Hate Ted Cruz
    By Erick Erickson | January 15, 2016, 09:47pm

    I said the other day that they’d rather go all in with Trump than nominate Ted Cruz. They hate him. They think that Trump is an opportunist they can cut a deal with while Cruz is the true blue conservative.

    And it is. They know it.

    The Politico ran a story the other day that reported House Republicans fear Cruz would destroy down ballot races. Why? Because they took a poll on Donald Trump and it showed Donald Trump would destroy the GOP down ballot. Perversely, they read the poll to mean Cruz would be terrible for them.

    Then there is this from National Review about the House Republican retreat with Paul Ryan where party leaders decided to embrace Trump to stop Cruz.

    The member says he believes that, when it comes down to it, “almost all of the candidates would subscribe to” the conservative agenda [Paul Ryan] and the rest of leadership are hoping to advance. Except, that is, for Cruz.

    The latest data comes from the Washington Post, which reports the donors are now embracing Trump because Ted Cruz would take their corporations off the government dole.

    Spencer Zwick, the national finance chairman for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, said power brokers and financiers are now trying to cozy up to Trump in various ways, such as reaching out through mutual friends in New York’s business community.

    “A lot of donors are trying to figure their way into Trump’s orbit. There is a growing feeling among many that he may be the guy, so people are certainly seeing if they can find a home over there,” he said.

    Likewise, “Eric Fehrnstrom, a former Romney adviser, said Trump remains in ‘total command of the field.’”

    Got this? They think they can suck up to Trump, cut deals with him, and accommodate each other. They think if Cruz came in the status quo would get rocked and they could possibly find themselves shut out of power.

    The Republican Establish is more afraid of losing power than they are saving the country and reducing government.

  113. Lu4PUMA
    January 16, 2016 at 10:39 am
    Being a big fan of Uncle Joe (Stalin)–we had the same barber, and a world class sociopath in his own right–it takes one to know one, I very much prefer the term for these “international men” that he used:

    “Rootless Cosmopolitans.”

  114. holdthemaccountable
    January 16, 2016 at 6:52 am
    Well, that is a good answer.

    Too bad he did not say it at the time.

    When everyone was watching.

    Rather than later when no one is listening.

    He is dancing with himself, except for one thing.

    This belated rebuttal gives his ground troops a fresh set of talking points.

    I have lost all patience with politicians who say something stupid

    And shortly thereafter their minions come forward and say things like

    What Mr. Obama MEANT TO SAY.

    What a shame.

    All that great Harvard education

    Wasted on a man who is unable to speak for himself.

  115. Lu4PUMA
    January 16, 2016 at 10:39 am
    50% of the births today are out of wedlock.

    Therefore, we may be further down the road to serfdom than this writer imagines.

    The Norman Rockwell portrayal is a triumph of hope over experience.

  116. Well, this is apparently what the Washington rumor mill is reporting in what I gather is a reputable blog–Washington Whispers. The rumor mill is seldom reliable, but often right. So take this for what it is worth. 150 FBI agents involved in this investigation–more than worked on the Capone case, and the 6 foot 8 inch tall director of the FBI not intimidated one iota by the Obama-Jarrett cabal, and an army of FBI lawyers who will resign en masse if Comey finds just cause and Obama does not indict? Lucky Donald.
    Bill & Hillary Clinton Fear The End – Go Into Survival Mode

    Posted on January 14, 2016 by DCWhispers

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    Word is Bill and Hillary Clinton are both increasingly desperate to successfully navigate the looming results of a broad FBI investigation into not only Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal that has her sending and receiving classified information via an unsecured private email server, but even more ominous, is the ongoing 12-month corruption investigation into BOTH Mr. and Mrs. Clinton that has the ultimate D.C. power couple bracing for what could prove a brutal end to their political legacies.


    The former president is said to be especially concerned to the point of suffering bouts of temporary depression. He feels himself being “locked out” of the defense process being utilized by close Hillary associates like longtime personal assistant, Huma Abadin.


    Observers noted Bill Clinton’s performance at a political rally for his wife in New Hampshire yesterday as being notably devoid of the former president’s normal enthusiasm at such events. Mr. Clinton appeared both tired and at times, disinterested. At one point he is said to have been disorientated backstage regarding his location, confusing the current city for a previous one visited earlier that day. There were flashes of former campaign-trail glory as Clinton shook hands and smiled, but then the smile would fade, his steps would slow to a slope-shouldered shuffle, and he would glance around himself as if trying to determine where he was.


    As for Hillary, she has been interestingly absent from the campaign trail in recent days as she huddles with an odd brew of political advisers, operatives, and a quickly growing legal team. Mrs. Clinton’s only public appearances are carefully scripted interviews via favored media figures. Her immediate schedule also shows a long list of fundraisers – but no campaign stop rallies. It is that schedule which allows Hillary much greater ability to continue planning and preparing with her army of lawyers should the pending FBI investigation situation suddenly erupt around her.

    For the Clintons, they once again find themselves in personal and political survival mode.

    The shadow that looms largest over them at this moment is that of FBI Director, James Comey.


    The six-foot-eight-inch Comey and his pending FBI investigation towers over both the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House. Comey has taken significant measures to isolate the hundred-plus operative investigation from influence by outside forces intent on protecting the interests of the Obama White House and/or the Clinton political machine. The Obama/Jarrett White House either has, or is, attempting to determine if Hillary’s potential demise threatens their own future livelihood. That determination will then be brought to bear against the FBI and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

    The relationship between Director Comey and Barack Obama is said to be, “guarded at best”, like two snarling wolves slowly circling each other.


    If Director Comey comes out with a recommendation to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, (and quite possibly Bill Clinton as well according to sources) the immediate impact upon the national political landscape will be unlike anything this country has seen in decades.

    The Clintons are now bracing for that impact and like they have done so many times before – survive it.


  117. The Deflation Monster Has Arrived
    And it sure looks angry
    by Chris Martenson
    Friday, January 15, 2016, 7:53 PM

    As we’ve been warning for quite a while (too long for my taste): the world’s grand experiment with debt has come to an end. And it’s now unraveling.

    Just in the two weeks since the start of 2016, the US equity markets are down almost 10%. Their worst start to the year in history. Many other markets across the world are suffering worse.

    If you watched stock prices today, you likely had flashbacks to the financial crisis of 2008. At one point the Dow was down over 500 points, the S&P cracked below key support at 1,900, and the price of oil dropped below $30/barrel. Scared investors are wondering: What the heck is happening? Many are also fearfully asking: Are we re-entering another crisis?

    Sadly, we think so. While there may be a market rescue that provide some relief in the near term, looking at the next few years, we will experience this as a time of unprecedented financial market turmoil, political upheaval and social unrest. The losses will be staggering. Markets are going to crash, wealth will be transferred from the unwary to the well-connected, and life for most people will get harder as measured against the recent past.

    It’s nothing personal; it’s just math. This is simply the way things go when a prolonged series of very bad decisions have been made. Not by you or me, mind you. Most of the bad decisions that will haunt our future were made by the Federal Reserve in its ridiculous attempts to sustain the unsustainable…

  118. Here is more proof that these muslim immigrants–millions of them on the move to Europe, and millions more here, thanks to Obama, do tend to bring remnants of their culture with them, creating the beautiful mosaic of people and cultures on our soil, so the boob can wax on endlessly.

    And what remnant, artifact, attribute of their cultural heritage are they bringing to Germany with the tacit approval of Frau Merkel?

    The time honored practice of stoning to death those whose words and deeds offend muslim culture.

    Tell me though.

    Are they really any worse than Bill Maher.

    Or, if the want to do a little target practice

    He is probably available.

  119. Lu4PUMA
    January 16, 2016 at 12:21 pm
    The Deflation Monster Has Arrived
    But don’t be frightened kiddies.

    Monsters and things that go bump in the night

    Are figments of our imagination according to Obama

    Like St. Christopher, he aims to slay the dragon

    No. Not with a sword. They are on his gun confiscation agenda.

    Except when he is campaigning in West Virginia.

    No sword then.

    Just a pen and a cell phone.

    Since the markets will not cooperate

    He intends to issue an executive order

    Directing them to go back north

    Otherwise he will direct the FBI to arrest them

    Big media is, of course, enthralled.

  120. “50% of births out of wedlock”
    Fathers are listed as unknown on birth certificates, for the struggling class that has become a way of life. Reduced rents, health care, food susidizies, EIC payments, daycare. I think it would be very hard to be a 20 year old woman working as a cashier with child to opt for much else. I don’t believe in bad marriages but I fear our present welfare system encourages single parenthood. I grasp the weight it takes off a young mother but what are the long term consequences. Father has no formal ties.

  121. wbboei

    you’re a USNA guy. can you explain a situation where US Naval boats could be taken without a shot being fired? I just cannot understand the recent (humiliating) surrender of US Navy personnel to Iranian pukes. Also, isn’t there a code of conduct for all imprisoned US military?

    I just feel our entire military has gone to shit under Obama.

  122. Well, what can I say?

    Chaos? Rape? Murder?

    By Merkel’s muslim invitees.

    You could say:

    All in a day’s work for

    For Time Magazine’s 2015 Person of the Year

    And, village idiot.

    Next time try bathing suit contests Quasimodo.

    The backlash: Neo-Nazis on the rampage. Gun sales soaring. SUE REID warns sex attacks by migrants have unleashed dark forces in Germany that have disturbing echoes of the past
    Half of Germans sceptical that Merkel will cope with the influx of migrants
    In contrast, Eurosceptic party AfD hit an all-time high in an opinion poll
    In Leipzig on Monday 500 thugs set cars ablaze and attacked shops and fast food restaurants, some of them belonging to migrants
    Came after the mass sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve

    Read more:

  123. also,

    the 4 US prisoners suddenly released from Iran. I can only think Trump’s vocalization regarding their imprisonment had something to do with this action by the POS Obama. my only question is, how many Iranian terrorists did we give up to gain their freedom?

  124. They were probably warned not to start an international incident, given the sensitivity of the recently concluded Iran deal which is part of the legacy Obama is attempting to construct.

    January 16, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    you’re a USNA guy. can you explain a situation where US Naval boats could be taken without a shot being fired?
    A combination of orders not to start an incident while the Iran deal is pending, and incompetence. Interestingly, this is not a case of first impression.

    In 1967, a similar thing happened with a vessel called the USS Pueblo. In that case, the crew did not fight back because the captain’s orders were to not start an international incident.
    The Pueblo incident[edit]
    While monitoring North Korea, the Pueblo came under attack by North Korean naval forces, primarily motor torpedo boats, even though U.S. Naval officials and the crew have claimed the ship was in international waters at the time. North Koreans boarded the ship and took her to the port at Wonsan. For the next 11 months, Bucher and his crew were held as POWs by the North Koreans. Initially, they were treated relatively well, with good food and living accommodations.[1] However, their treatment turned harsher when the North Koreans realized that crewmen were secretly giving them the finger, which they explained as being a “Hawaiian good luck sign”,[2] in staged propaganda photos they had been taking of the crew. From then on they were regularly beaten by the North Koreans.

    Bucher was psychologically tortured such as being put through a mock firing squad in an effort to make him confess. Eventually the Koreans threatened to execute his men in front of him, and Bucher relented and agreed to ‘confess to his and the crew’s transgression.’ Bucher wrote the confession since a ‘confession’ by definition needed to be written by the confessor himself. They verified the meaning of what he wrote, but failed to catch the pun when he said “We paean the North Korean state. We paean their great leader Kim Il Sung”[3] (“We paean” sounds almost identical to “we pee on”). Following an apology, a written admission by the U.S. that Pueblo had been spying, and an assurance that the U.S. would not spy in the future, the North Korean government decided to release the 82 remaining crew members. On 23 December 1968 the crew was taken by buses to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) border with South Korea and ordered to walk south across the “Bridge of No Return”. Exactly 11 months after being taken prisoner, Bucher led the long line of crewmen, followed at the end by the Executive Officer, Lieutenant Ed Murphy, the last man across the bridge. The U.S. then verbally retracted the ransom admission, apology, and assurance. Meanwhile the North Koreans blanked out the paragraph above the signature which read: “and this hereby receipts for 82 crewmen and one dead body” (Fireman Duane Hodges was killed by North Korean gunfire during the taking of the Pueblo).

    No American military operations have been attempted to retrieve the USS Pueblo. The ship is still officially carried as in commission in the United States Navy’s Naval Vessel Register,.[4] It remains in North Korea as a tourist attraction.

    Navy court of inquiry[edit]
    Following his release, Bucher was subjected to a court of inquiry by the Navy. A court martial was recommended. However the Secretary of the Navy, John H. Chafee, intervened on Bucher’s behalf and no action was taken against him. Bucher followed his orders to not start any international incidents, and he felt that while a ship could be replaced, lives could not. The US Government finally recognized the crew’s sacrifice and granted Prisoner of War medals to the crew in 1989.[5]

    Bucher was not found guilty of any indiscretions and continued his Navy career until retirement in the rank of Commander.[1]

    In 1970, Bucher published an autobiographical account of the USS Pueblo incident entitled Bucher: My Story.[6]

  125. I rather suspect that Chaffee, who unlike his son was a good guy, gave the warning, which is why he stopped the court martial which would have revealed, among other things, his own involvement.

  126. wbboei
    January 16, 2016 at 2:23 pm
    They were probably warned not to start an international incident, given the sensitivity of the recently concluded Iran deal which is part of the legacy Obama is attempting to construct.

    thanks wbboei
    God forbid we fuck-up the legacy..

  127. Well, I personally have seen and heard way too much about Trump.

    For anyone still interested in Hillary…

    Hillary Clinton Is Not Intimidated by Donald Trump, – on Jimmy Fallon

  128. Another email from my “friend” John Podesta saying he is not an alarmist but Hillary can lose both Iowa and NH. No sh– my “friend”.

  129. Shadowfax
    January 16, 2016 at 4:35 pm
    Good to see Hillary looking so good. But I just cannot get past her current platforms on illegal immigration and the Muslim migrants. Stories are coming out all over and it is a horror. And she wants to bring that here. No doubt she will say they are “screened” but what we are seeing in Europe is the culture they come from. They are a liability to women here who are struggling for equality. Their migration here has to be very limited and she ran her mouth about how she wants more.

    Then there is the creepy message from Soros how we should leave the borders open and not be afraid to die. Then there is the creepy video of Warren Buffet and how he thinks people who cannot adjust to the “new economy” should be sold in Afghanistan. The Democratic Party has become a pack of degenerates and is funded by hedge fund sociopaths. They are willing to kill us and they do not care.

  130. The fact that a joke of a candidate like Sanders is causing Hillary problems exposes a much greater problem in her campaign. I don’t think she can win the general election against Trump or Rubio even assuming she gets by Sanders.

  131. Awkward for Dem attack against Cruz, as this has resurfaced:
    “Extreme Conservatives Have NO Place In The State Of New York”
    ~ Andrew Cuomo

  132. It is just this bad. These Muslim mobs commit hate crimes against women and it has been an issue since at least 2006 when the following article was published:

    Then there is Merkel and Hillary Clinton, promoting the migration of this into their countries. WTF?

    Why targeting a person by gender and ethnicity/culture for sexual assault has not been labeled and dealt with as such, is beyond me and until it is, these freaks are going to migrate and rape all they can.

    And that is just what they are doing now.

  133. Finally, some are speaking out. I am still not sure I want DT for my POTUS, but I will be forever grateful to him for bursting the toxic bubble of silence imposed in the name of globalism.

    Feminist Says Migrant Rape Is ‘Islamic Terrorism’, Claims Cologne Police Covered Up Problem For 20 Years

    After the New Years migrant sex attacks, a leading German feminist has said the politically correct “bubble has burst” and Germans should speak out against Islamism. She claimed Cologne police have been covering up Muslim rape for 20 years, and said that sexual violence was now being used as a weapon of war in Germany.

    By in large, the feminist reaction to the migrant sex attacks has been to either play down the problem or deflect attention on to a non-existent “western rape culture”.

    As Breitbart London reported shortly after the attacks, a local feminist group in Cologne held a protest in support of further mass migration, and a British feminist publication tried to justify abandoning female victims because the male Muslim attackers were “oppressed”.

    Alice Schwarzer (pictured left, next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel), is a veteran “second wave” feminist who rose to prominence before feminism became preoccupied with apologising for Islamism and misogynistic Muslim culture.

    She has previously called for a ban on the wearing of the Islamic headscarf in schools or other public settings, and warned of a creeping Islamisation of Europe, which in her opinion would lead to an erosion of human rights, especially women’s rights.

    She told Die Welt in an interview yesterday that her Cologne based magazine has been one of the only voices speaking out for women in Germany over the past 25 years.

    “Since then, I have in certain circles been cheerfully reviled as a racist by multicultural, Greens, Leftists and converts”, she said, explaining that she has faced “enormous intimidation” for speaking out.

    “Entire books have been published against me to try to shut me up. But in my case, it has not succeeded.”

    She also made a startling revelation, which appeared to suggest that Germany police have been covering up the scale of migrant and Muslim rape for more that two decades.

    “20 years ago, a Cologne police officer said to me: ‘Alice, 70 to 80 percent of all rapes in Cologne go to the account of Turks.’ I was shocked and replied: ‘You absolutely must make it public! Even a Turk is not born as a rapist. There must be causes. What’s going on here? What can we do?’

    “But the message was clear: ‘No way, that’s not politically opportune’. And it is this kind of political correctness that conceals the circumstances,” she said.

    She also said that there are in fact many people in Germany who, like her, feel, “critical about the development of so many migrants and refugees in Germany and their failure to integrate”. She said such people “fear the racism accusation”, but after Cologne, “This bubble has now burst”.

    She argued that the “grotesque” contradictions in modern feminist discourse, namely the tendency to excuse Muslim violence against women, was in fact a form of racism. She insisted that feminists should not “patronise” Muslims by apologising for their intolerance and crimes.

    “Political correctness should not prevent us from free thinking,” she said, “Because it’s not about people, but about ideology.”

    “You should tell [migrants]: ‘You have the same rights – but also the same obligations!’ After the events in Cologne I keep reading the so-called young feminists arguing that, ‘rape is German problem also.’

    “That’s right, we feminist pioneers have been saying this for 40 years!” But, she said, the migrant rape phenomenon clearly is of “a new quality, a completely different dimension” to lesser sexual violence committed by native German men.

    She also argued that, “the headscarf has nothing to do with faith. It is a political signal,” claiming that, “Islamists offer parents money when their daughters wear veils” and reaffirmed her call for the garment to be banned in public institutions.

    She also argued that the mass rapes on New Year’s Eve were a form of “war strategy”. She said:

    “In all the wars the systematic rape of women is part of the war strategy. Because sexual violence against women reaches two people. First: Man breaks the women. Secondly, to humiliate their husbands. That would be really a controversial political dimension: Kalashnikovs, explosives belt and now sexual violence”.

    She also explained that, “We have long known that a strong surplus of boys, not yet men, between 18 and 30 can be very tricky. This can even be triggering of war.

    “China has pulled the emergency brake at 117 to 100 women, and the one-child policy changed. Sweden has now, thanks to the refugees, 125 to 100. And in Germany it will be similar at 70 to 80 percent of young men among the refugees. This surplus of men is a threat, regardless of cultural background”, she said.

  134. Ironic that these countries where women are oppressed and their lives considered of little value, now have a problem with too many men. I suppose that is why they have so many goat fucking pedophiles. Disgusting.

  135. What I am prepared to tell people who disparage Donald Trump is this:

    With all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about. You are blinded by the nostrums of identity politics, party identification, and political correctness. Consequently, you are repeating someone else’s talking points. I don’t know whether your goal is to understand what is going on, to look smart, or just to start a fight. But whatever it is you need to understand three (3) things:

    a. The Nationalist Model of Government (a constitution based system of ordered liberty)

    b. The Globalist Model of Government (a.k.a. “the new world order)

    c. How Will Trump Change the Game (and terrorizes reign in the elites)

    A. THE NATIONALIST MODEL OF GOVERNMENT: under the nationalist model of government, as envisioned by the Constitution, the power structure, and order of priorities look something like this:

    1. American People (Sovereign)
    2. Elected Officials (Serve the People)
    3. Political Parties (reflect interests of members.)
    4. Media (inform the public—and accept their feedback.)
    5. Donors (small donations limited by law)

    (Note: this is a bit theoretical because, if you read historian Charles Beard, economic interests were pivotal in shaping the constitution, and the slavery question was one manifestation of this.)

    B. THE GLOBALIST MODEL OF GOVERNMENT: inverts the triangle above. Under the globalist model the power structure and order of priorities looks is similar to the EU and it looks like this:

    1. Donors/Lobbyists (rent seeking special interests)
    2. Elected Officials (who are paid to vote for donors, and play game of failure theater.)
    3. Globalist Bureaucrats (to run a vast administrative apparatus and control the people)
    4. Big Media (a tower of babble, whose role is to brainwash the electorate)
    5. Consiglieries: Campaign Consultants, Pollsters, Beltway Law firms, Political staffers
    6. American People: rubes to be plundered, disenfranchised and replaced.

    (Note: this is the Soros/Zuckerberg model: as in: breathes there a man so dead that never to himself has said this is my native land—I am a citizen of the world, i.e. rootless cosmopolitan pursuing my narrow self interest whenever and wherever it takes me, and regardless whom it injures. I am also a sociopath)

    1. Point 1: Trump will reinstate the National Model of Government
    2. Point 2: Trump will invert the triangle back to the original one–with the people in charge
    3. Point 3: Trump will drive the money changers from the temple (see B. 5. above)
    4. Point 4: Trump will stop this forced march toward the New World Order
    5. Point 5: Trump will, through Ican, address a sea of corruption in corporate board rooms.
    6. Point 6: Trump will, through aggressive prosecutors, send to jail banksters
    7. Point 7: Trump will force congress to do its job–like reading bills before passing them
    8. Point 8: Trump will use the his legendary skills to negotiate better trade deals for us
    9. Point 9: Trump will show power to a world which respects power, not apologies.
    10. Point 10: Trump will deliver prosperity at home, peace abroad, through strength

    D. CONCLUSION: Donald is changing the model of campaigning in ways we see and in ways we do not see. This is why the political class is terrified of him, why they are seeking to take him down at the convention, which Murdock is moving Ailes aside at FOX. The transition to a new world order is in jeopardy because the masses whom the globalists believed they could seduce with smoke and mirrors and buying off big media are waking up. The tea party is not the enemy. The globalists are. And Donald stands between them, and the achievement of their perverse ambitions.

  136. Lu4PUMA
    January 17, 2016 at 1:25 pm
    January 17, 2016 at 1:14 pm
    Excellent. Do you mind if I post that around?
    I would appreciate it if you would.

    We have got to get people to WAKE UP.

  137. As stated earlier, Trump ‘s vocalization of the US Iran prisoner situation had everything to do with BOs sudden action or concern.

  138. wbboei – I think it’s also important that (IMO) Trump will fight to maintain western culture, and that the European countries that are in worse shape than we are yet (the citizens anyway), will feel strengthened to throw off the pc handcuffs and start to save their own western cultures, their own identities. Probably the leaders won’t wake up, but the citizens can feel stronger about throwing all the bums OUT! lol

  139. The purpose of these omnibus bills is to put in place the foundations of world government.

    Corporations dole out money to them through party leadership at the beginning of each year.

    Party leaders give that money to legislators depending on how important they are and on the projected cost of winning their campaign in the next cycle.

    Senators receive more because they can be bought for six years, instead of just two. And their campaigns cost more. This is why they are such a docile group.

    That is why I have a difficult time getting too worked up about what Hillary is charged with—pay to play in re. CGI.

    Her best defense? Even if all your dirty lies are true, we are all doing this pay to play stuff. We are simply better at it, and that is what irks you.

    Lets not pretend that the rule of law pertains to the elites. Not as long as you have people like Chief Justice John Roberts running the show.

    Failure theater requires that Senators pass these bills and when asked why certain provisions were in them , they can say I was not given time to read them, when the truth is they were paid to vote on them and not to read them.

    The veneer on Ted is wearing thin. Gonzo got it right on the trade bill vote which he tried to slip through. (And I was late to that point, but it hardly matters now).

    He hid his dual citizenship from the voters of Texas when he ran for office.

    He claimed he sold what he had to finance the campaign and did not mention the the loans from the evil capitalist banks he rails against. And when he says he paid off the loans, the truth is he only paid off the accumlated interest.

    Rubio meanwhile accepted a bribe–sailboat and pay off of student loans to move from the Bush cabal to the Soros cabal, which is why Jeb is so uncharacteristically acrimonous toward el Nino (my term of affection for Marco–I chased Christ out of the Iguana Club, and the gigglos will never forgive me) Rubio. He is like W however in the sense that he loves america but has no use for the american people.

    Admin was right on that point as well. And so now when I see articles like 10 Good Reasons to Vote for Cruz I have to wonder whether they know what they are talking about.

  140. alcina – Trump should go further, I think, and connect his previous point that if the “stupid people in charge” had any sense, they would have made letting those 4 go free a CONDITION of sitting down for talks (especially since it’s Iran who NEEDED the deal), but that now the “stupid people in charge” have to let 4-7 (?) Iranian criminals free back to Iran in order to get our 4 innocent people back – that by not using our leverage, Iran can still make demands of us. ie, make more of the connection of the bad choices that follow bad choices….

    Actually, if it were me, I think I’d throw the whole “deal” out, since I’ve heard neither side has signed it.

  141. they can say I was not given time to read them, when the truth is they were paid to vote on them and not to read them.

    This always infuriates me. They did this with Obamacare, too. The populace should have stood up in unity against this pattern of behavior. If WE sign something without reading it, we are still held accountable. These politicians aren’t held accountable either way!

    If you don’t have time to read something, you.don’ It’s simple. Stop the games and the lies. An IDIOT signs something they haven’t read. It’s time for them all to be pointed out as idiots, individually, for EACH of the idiotic things they do, especially when their actions affect US and not THEM.

    I appreciate that Trump in general is calling them stupid (although we all know it’s not stupidity – except that idiot who thinks islands tip over – it’s ulterior motives), but I think they should all be publicly SHAMED every time they do these stupid things. Of course, you’d need an honest media….

  142. I read that Trump is repeatedly attacking Cruz on twitter saying that no one likes him. I’m not sure such a personal attack is wise.

  143. Lu – I don’t know if the Muslim countries have too many men, but I think they were saying that the invaded western countries now do, because 70-80% of those invading and strong young men.

    It’s the first thing I thought of when that was announced early on – importing all these huge numbers of single men who think women are objects – how could they think that western women would be safe? And they’re giving these invaders money and housing so they don’t have to work to survive like everyone else – so they sit around, or stand around lurking, with nothing to do but abuse women.

    Western leaders need to all be kicked out.

    When a person is a DTS – danger to self – we lock them up and give them treatment, we prevent them from hurting themselves.

    We need a DTC term – danger to culture – we need an agency of average people who swoop in to grab leaders out who are destroying the culture lol (I know, this would be easily abused, but it just feels good to say it lol)

  144. Lorac,

    Here are some numbers:

    Top ten countries having more males population than females population are : Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Western Sahara, China and India. Qatar and United Arab Emirates has sex ratio 324.35 and 228.2 respectively. Except Western Sahara, which belongs to Africa continent, other nine is from Asia continent.

    I guess the ones that cannot escape, are killed or sold, or commit suicide.

    China is off because of the one child policy and female pregnancies are terminated.

  145. The question I am asking myself is how can we help Trump win at the convention.

    Previously, I stated that the Republican Party implemented only a portion of the McGovern Committee changes of 1970 which took direct power away from party bosses across the country and gave it to voters in the form of primaries and caucuses. However, they did not adopt the super delegate concept, which is a way for the establishment to protect itself against outsiders and the frivolous charge of too much democracy. Today I was told that in 2012, the Republican establishment adopted the superdelegate rule as well as a further measure to protect itself against the base. They are chattering among themselves that a Trump candidacy would adversely affect the down ticket candidates, which is pure unadulterated bullshit. The more likely possibility is they could ride on Trump’s coattails. They know this of course, but they do not want to lose the gravy train. Therefore the question is how can we help Trump win at the convention. In 2008, I wrote to over 100 of these stinking superdelegates, and got one favorable response. The rest of them were never answered, and as they were sent by email, I saw they were deleted not read. Somehow, we have to breach that wall, and remind them, if they are public officials, that we will be watching how they vote.

  146. In 2008 I was working for Hillary and I was trying to persuade the undecideds to vote for her. Those people who failed to respond were useless. Useless. Useless.

  147. Lu – ok, thanks. I was just going by the quoted part in your response, and that part at least seemed to be talking about where the immigrants have gone to. I didn’t see the actual article.

  148. ok I just scrolled up and you didn’t cite an article lol

    Anyway, I didn’t know about the Muslim country. It’s normal for a slightly higher percentage of females born, I think.

    I guess burying women and stoning them tends to diminish their numbers…. honor killing where it’s the female who is at fault and murdered… etc etc

    I’m really angry that western cultures evolved – not to a perfect place but to a much better place where at least women were given rights and avenues for redress – and now the less evolved cultures are being shipped in and destroying all of us (men too). And why? So some rich people can get richer.


    US to pay Iran $1.7 bn in debt and interest: Kerry

    Washington (AFP) – The United States is to repay Iran a $400 million debt and $1.3 billion in interest dating to the Islamic revolution, Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday.

    The repayment, which settles a suit brought under an international legal tribunal, is separate from the tens of billions of dollars in frozen foreign accounts that Iran can now access after the end of nuclear sanctions.

    But the timing of the announcement, one day after the implementation of the Iran nuclear accord, will be seen as pointing to a broader clearing of the decks between the old foes.

    US President Barack Obama defended the settlement in a televised statement from the White House, saying it was for “much less than the amount Iran sought.”

    “For the United States, the settlement could save us billions of dollars that could have been pursued by Iran. There was no benefit to the United States in dragging this out,” he said.

    Kerry said the claim was in the amount of a $400 million trust fund used by Iran to purchase military equipment from the United States prior to the break in diplomatic ties, plus $1.3 billion in interests.

    Iranian-US ties broke down in 1979 after revolutionaries — angered at US support for the Iran’s deposed monarch — stormed the American embassy and took hostages.

    In 1981, the Iran-US Claims tribunal was established in The Hague to settle outstanding debts between the two countries, and Tehran filed a suit demanding the arms payment be returned.

    Kerry described Sunday’s payment of the 35-year-old trust as a “fair settlement.” But the debt deal immediately drew the ire of those in Washington who think the Obama administration had already made too many concessions to secure the nuclear deal.

    “Lining the pockets of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism is not a strategy that will keep America safe, and Hillary Clinton should immediately condemn this payment,” said a statement from Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

    “While it is a relief to see unjustly held Americans returned home to their families,” Priebus said, “the Clinton-Obama nuclear agreement gives Iran too much in return for too little.”

    Kerry, in defending the agreement, said that “Iran’s recovery was fixed at a reasonable rate of interest and therefore Iran is unable to pursue a bigger tribunal award against us, preventing US taxpayers from being obligated to a larger amount of money.”

    He went on to say all of the US claims against Iran at the tribunal had long been settled and had netted American companies and individuals $2.5 billion.

    But Kerry added there are more Iranian claims pending and that the United States would try to negotiate to resolve them.


    why doesn’t the Obama admin just turn over the American treasury to Iran…

    Calling The Donald…fast!

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