‘Now The Damned Have No Time To Make Amends’ – @Obama’s Last #SOTU

Damned by history. This is the first of many “lasts” regarding Obama. The last State of the Union speech we will have to endure from this clod.

The road is coming to its end. Now the Damned have no time to make amends” from an apocalyptic David Bowie. Obama is damned by History and it is too late for him to rewrite his legacy.

Not that Obama won’t try. Obama will try to create something from nothing, good from evil, gold from trash. But it’s too late for Barack Obama. Obama is a wounded animal who will thrash about in his death throes, but Obama in the ruins of his delusions, the Grecian columns at the beginning of his presidency fallen and overgrown with decay, knows it is too late to rewrite the history that is already written.

Even today on Obama’s big day, Iran further humiliates the clod secure in the knowledge they will still be awarded the $150 billion from Obama and the end of Western economic sanctions. The Muslim world of terrorists Obama sought to appease continue the suicide-murders and exult in full contempt of the weakling Obama. Racial harmony is another promised failure Obama made worse.

Is the Obama Chicago bagman Antoin “Tony” Rezko the Syrian who will sit next to the cocktail waitress Michelle Obama tonight? Is the empty chair on the other side of the cocktail waitress the same empty chair wielded by Clinton Eastwood to mock Barack? Will Barack Obama not make a fool of himself tonight? Tonight is an exercise in tragic comedy as Obama destroys himself for all the world to see.

We hear from Obama Big Media that Barack will try to be “conversational” tonight. Obama will extol his great works – an arsonist at the fire sporting a great grin:

President Obama will appeal to Americans to “fix our politics” by rejecting partisan distrust in his final State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, trying to strike an optimistic tone while admitting — if only tacitly –that his 2008 campaign-trail vision of a more unified and hopeful country has not come true. [snip]

Obama’s seventh State of the Union address will begin at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

It will come just hours after Iran taken custody of 10 American sailors on two Navy boats in the Persian Gulf — a development that could undermine one of Obama’s signature foreign-policy legacies, the nuclear deal with Iran.

It’s over. The damned have no time to make amends. Obama is damned by history.


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  1. ObamaCare, as we predicted:


    Gaming Obamacare

    Insurers say those who sign up during special enrollment periods are running up their bills and then jumping ship.

    Obamacare customers are gaming the system, buying coverage only after they find out they’re ill and need expensive care — a trend insurers warn is destabilizing the fledgling health law marketplaces and spiking premiums for everyone.

  2. The Little Sisters of the Poor nuns are in attendance. Their very presence is like a cross to a vampire on ObamaCare.

  3. Is this his last big, fat, chucked with lies speech. We can only wish.

    Yup Admin, he is going to be house hunting for the rich and ‘famous’, on the thrashing and excuse making parade as to why his party is in shambles, and trying to spin a yarn as to why Dims lost the House, Senate and Governor-ships since he took over the Super-majority in 2008.

    Wounded animal? He is going to be a skinny ass carcass hanging in cold storage.

    The last SOTU speech!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought this year would come.

  4. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/01/tavis-smiley-on-every-leading-economic-issue-black-americans-have-lost-ground-under-obama-video/

    Megyn Kelly: On the subject of race, are we better off today that seven years ago?

    Tavis Smiley: I’m not sure we are and I think ultimately the president missed a moment… On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories. So in the last ten years it hasn’t been good for black folk. This is the president’s most loyal constituency that didn’t gain any ground in that period. [snip]

    What about poverty? In 2009, when Obama took office, the black poverty rate was 25.8 percent. As of 2014, according to Pew Research Center, the black poverty rate was 27.2 percent.

    What about income? CNNMoney says, “Minority households’ median income fell 9 percent between 2010 and 2013, compared to a drop of only 1 percent for whites.” The Financial Times wrote last October: “Since 2009, median non-white household income has dropped by almost a 10th to $33,000 a year, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s survey of consumer finances. As a whole, median incomes fell by 5 percent. But by the more telling measure of net wealth — assets minus liabilities — the numbers offer a more troubling story.”

    What about net worth and the black-white “wealth gap”? The Financial Times said: “The median non-white family today has a net worth of just $18,100 — almost a fifth lower than it was when Mr. Obama took office. White median wealth, on the other hand, has inched up by 1 percent to $142,000. In 2009, white households were seven times richer than their black counterparts. That gap is now eightfold. Both in relative and absolute terms, blacks are doing worse under Mr. Obama.” Remember, these numbers apply to all “non-whites.” For blacks, it’s worse.

    When looking only at “black net worth” — which is lower compared to non-whites as a whole — white households are actually 13 times wealthier than black households. From 2010 to 2013, according to the Federal Reserve, white household median wealth increased a modest 2.4 percent, while Hispanic families’ wealth declined 14 percent, to $13,700. But blacks’ net worth fell from $16,600 to $11,000. This is an astonishing three-year drop of 34 percent. Investors Business Daily put it this way, “That’s a steeper decline than occurred from 2007 to 2010, when blacks’ net worth fell 13.5 percent.” The black/white “wealth-gap” has reached a 25-year high.

    What about unemployment? In 2009, black unemployment was 12.7 percent, and by 2014, it had fallen to 10.1 percent. This sounds like good news until one examines the black labor force participation rate — the percentage of blacks working or seeking work. It’s the lowest since these numbers have been recorded.

  5. AmericanGal, that was a direct hit at Hillary and a boost for Biden. The only thing missing is a donation to Bernie Sanders in prime time. #Hillary2016 numb-skulls will come up with a reason why this is all good and somehow helps Hillary.

  6. That comment to Biden is the one thing that really jumped out at me from this whole speech so far–wonder if the after speech analyists will talk about it….

    Love your analysis of the current political status…I have officially become a Trump supporter–just can’t support our gal anymore…I wish her well…

  7. Do you have the sound off Admin?

    I could only listen for four minutes, so I wouldn’t blame you for it. 😉

  8. Obama is a wounded animal who will thrash about in his death throes, but Obama in the ruins of his delusions, the Grecian columns at the beginning of his presidency fallen and overgrown with decay, knows it is too late to rewrite the history that is already written.

    Beautiful sentence.

  9. Are Obama and Biden both wearing striped ties for a reason? Solidarity with each other? Subliminal message?

  10. When I heard today that Iran had captured two of our boats with 5 sailors on each, my first thought was – were they allowed to try to fight back? And my second thought was, let’s give 1.5 more billion dollars to Iran, and they’ll be even *nicer* to us…

    I also heard that he is having military personnel look for that Dubai mansion (didn’t he already get one in Hawaii, and where does he get all this money? He doesn’t get paid all that much). When the admiral asked about it, he got fired.

  11. Shadowfax, we grow via pain. We listen to Obama and rejoice because this is the last SOTU. Every painful second of listening to this boob is one second closer to his departure. Spring follows Winter.


    Drive my dead thoughts over the universe,
    Like wither’d leaves, to quicken a new birth;
    And, by the incantation of this verse,
    Scatter, as from an unextinguish’d hearth
    Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind!
    Be through my lips to unawaken’d earth
    The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
    If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

  12. the beginning of the end…thank goodness…

    could not watch…had to catch up on a 2015 Showtime series…

    besides I cannot stand the sound of his voice

    Michelle looked like she was going to a Halloween party…she just always has to stand out like you know what…she cannot help herself…

    now we can start counting down the months…

    Paul Ryan’s expression said alot…from the clips he looked like he was trying to contain himself from either yelling out ‘are you f’ing kidding’ or just bursting out laughing…

  13. Vanity Fair, in more ways than one:


    But with this line at the end of the speech, she might not be a good veep candidate for Donald Trump:

    “In many parts of society today, whether in popular culture, academia, the media, or politics, there’s a tendency to falsely equate noise with results. Some people think that you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. That is just not true. Often, the best thing we can do is turn down the volume. When the sound is quieter, you can actually hear what someone else is saying. And that can make a world of difference.”

    Given the Republic National Committee gave Haley the gig, it’s pretty clear that the G.O.P. is still not sold on this Trump presidency. And given the glowing response to her speech from both sides of the aisle, they might have some tiny flicker of hope.

  14. http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/01/obama-trump-state-of-the-union

    Obama Absolutely Unloads on Trump During 2016 State of the Union [snip]

    Some of his harshest words, however, were pointed at the rhetoric underpinning Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination. After citing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay as “a recruitment brochure for our enemies,” Obama directed his oratory at Trump—whom he did not need to name:

    “That’s why we need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion. This isn’t a matter of political correctness. It’s a matter of understanding what makes us strong. The world respects us not just for our arsenal; it respects us for our diversity and our openness and the way we respect every faith. His Holiness, Pope Francis, told this body from the very spot I stand tonight that “to imitate the hatred and violence of tyrants and murderers is the best way to take their place.” When politicians insult Muslims, when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid bullied, that doesn’t make us safer. That’s not telling it like it is. It’s just wrong. It diminishes us in the eyes of the world. It makes it harder to achieve our goals. And it betrays who we are as a country.”

    Trump wasn’t the only Republican candidate to draw the president’s repudiation. “The world will look to us to help solve these problems, and our answer needs to be more than tough talk or calls to carpet bomb civilians,” Obama said, referencing Senator Ted Cruz’s proposed solutions to unrest in the Middle East. “That may work as a TV sound bite, but it doesn’t pass muster on the world stage.”

    Later in the speech, Obama returned to once again criticize Trump-style rhetoric. “As frustration grows,” he said, “there will be voices urging us to fall back into tribes, to scapegoat fellow citizens who don’t look like us, or pray like us, or vote like we do, or share the same background.”

  15. I decided to watch The Martian on blu ray rather than subject myself to the excruciating torture of watching Obama’s SOTU. The movie was far more inspirational than anything Obama could say and at least brought tears of happiness to my eyes rather than from visceral pain I would have gotten from listening to him speak.

  16. admin
    January 12, 2016 at 11:27 pm

    How very un-presidential of Obama. Does anyone else think that it has now occurred to Barack that a Trump DOJ could be turned loose on his hustler/fraud self and thus the golf villa scouting in non-extradition treaty UAE/Dubai. As far a boltholes go I would not suggest the ISIS infiltrated Middle East. Too many AK47s and all terrain Toyota pickups. Maybe Paraguay or Argentina. And he wants to be Sec General of the UN. Ask Putin about that as he could always use a good laugh.

  17. “Given the Republic National Committee gave Haley the gig, it’s pretty clear that the G.O.P. is still not sold on this Trump presidency. And given the glowing response to her speech from both sides of the aisle, they might have some tiny flicker of hope.”

    Another elite GOP stooge. I guess she can’t read the polls in SC. I guess when you throw in with the multi-culti open border crowd, and might have a natural born citizen problem yourself in terms of VP choices, you can’t get out. Now go away.

  18. Now that Obama’s swan song (he is politically dead he just doesn’t know it yet) is over and done, the next debate is tomorrow which is something people might actually watch. It is timed perfectly to make his last SOTU (sob!) a one day story. Why oh why is that jerk Kasich on the stage. I get tired of having to mute him. But I do enjoy watching him twitch while I have him muted. Since Fiorina and Paul have been exiled to the baby stage I hope they take the hint. Cruz has peaked (his dad is a Canadian apostolic preacher!?!), Rubio will be checked for his “big heels”, and Jeb will be fat, have poor posture, and whiny. I’m hoping for some “migrant hordes with sex crime wave” questions. Obama had his last SOTU? When? I missed it. Did you see the Republican debate? Jeb cried.

  19. “When politicians insult muslims”.

    No care in the world that muslims are murdering Christians…not a peep.

    Trump 2016

  20. Yes foxy…If I was in that audience I would have been screaming and jumping up and down, you would have thought I was possessed.

  21. As I predicted they would. This ain’t rocket science. The elites can get to Trump, but it will be on his terms. They will never get to Cruz, not in this life, or any life to come. If Trump gets in, they go down a notch, and the worst ones get their head flushed down the toilet–where it rightfully belongs. If Cruz gets in they are dead–finito. Washington will become a charnel house for the elitists who have been fucking the country. It just that simple.
    The Establishment Chooses Trump Over Cruz

    There is a growing sense among political pundits, especially of the establishment class, that only Ted Cruz has a reasonable shot at stopping Donald Trump. Jeb Bush has already achieved terminal velocity, Christie and Kasich have been unable to break the top 3 in New Hampshire, and Fiorina has been demoted from the debate main stage. Rubio, who was their 6th or 7th choice, has yet to achieve the same kind of liftoff that Cruz has, and he doesn’t have an obvious strategic path to victory like Cruz does.

    When faced with a choice between Trump and Cruz, the establishment chooses Trump. The first evidence of this was when Reince Priebus steadfastly refused to admit what even Debbie Wasserman Schultz admits, that Ted Cruz is eligible to run for President. The way the rest of the establishment, including John McCain, have failed to defend Cruz on the completely meritless birther issue shows that they are wholly willing to throw Cruz to the wolves and take their chances with Trump.

    Further, the two most genuinely establishment pundits on the right – Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter – have been in the tank for Trump since basically day one. As much as Ingraham regularly blasts the establishment on her twitter, and the insulated thinking of the “New York-Washington corridor,” she has basically the most establishment pedigree humanly possible. Ingraham was born and raised in Connecticut. She went to Ivy league undergrad and Virginia law. The only non-political job she has ever had was working as a big law associate in Manhattan. She has worked in and around the beltway for her entire adult life, much of which has been spent earning a very comfortable salary as a classically establishment journalist. Nothing says “establishment” like being a regular fill in for Bill O’Reilly’s makeup.

    Coulter, likewise, has been a tool of the establishment since she burst onto the scene in the 90s as part of the anti-Clinton attack machine (a role which she admittedly played very well). She, however, likewise spends virtually all of her time shuttling between New York and DC – in fact, one of the most interesting chapters of any of her books was her comparison of the dating scene in DC as opposed to New York. She was an extremely early Romney adopter in both 2008 and 2012, and her establishment bona fides were pretty well cemented with her condescending lecture to anyone who thought replacing Thad Cochran with Chris McDaniel might be a good idea.

    If you need more convincing, here is Alex Castellanos making the case explicitly.

    Why would the establishment prefer Trump, the man they have fought against so vociferously since the day he announced? Well, they know that, bluster aside, not much would probably change under a Trump presidency. Trump has no special interest in cutting spending or eliminating special interests. Given that he’s been the beneficiary of both throughout the entirety of his career in private industry, they have reason to believe that under a Trump presidency, the trough will only get wider and deeper while Trump is off chasing after a border wall they know they can prevent him from building. And ultimately, if Trump loses (as they expect him to do), then they can just fundraise off anti-Hillary angst for at least the next four years. Not the worst possible result, from the standpoint of a guy like Mitch McConnell.

    On the other hand, they have reason to believe that if Cruz is elected President, he might actually try to do some of the things he is campaigning on. The history of their interaction with him shows that he means business about trying to cut spending, and actually overturning Obamacare – a proposition which scares them half to death.

    In the end, they are not really bothered by the prospect of a guy who allegedly converted to conservatism five minutes ago and shows no real ideological mooring other than relentless self-promotion. They already swallowed that pill when they backed Romney in 2012 and McCain in 2008, after all.

    So faced with a choice between the two, the establishment has clearly taken sides and their side is Trump’s.

  22. If Trump gets the nomination, there is no way little miss muppet, Nikki Haley, gets to nod for vp. Nor Hayley Barbour either. It will be one of those, you can’t fire me because I quit situations.

  23. If you go by Dick Morris’s astrological maunderings, the Republican primary would inevitably come down to a two candidate contest–one from the establishment, the other from the outside. Interestingly, unless Donald turns out to be a sheep in wolf’s clothing, it will be two outsiders, and no vangard for the benighted establishment. That will be a good thing for the country. But it presages a bloody contest in the weeks to come, and whichever candidate loses, his campaign staff will not go gently into that good night. Therefore, as in any situation which involves change, stakeholders must be accounted for and the losers must be compensated through coin of a different realm. That has been the central failing and the myopia of the globalists. They think they can fuck the middle class like a house cat, and have such absolute control over the levers of power that there will be no personal consequences. King Louis XVI harbored the same delusion, only to discover it is good to be king–until it isn’t.

  24. I do think believe the establishment is backing Trump Hell, Cruz was for the Trade bill before he was against it and is taking very big $.

  25. Years ago, candidates touted their military experience in World War II as a qualification for high public office. Today they peddle this snake oil that they are second generation immigrants, and they luv this country because it has given them freedom and opportunity. And behind that thin veneer they whore around with the elites and do the bidding of their donors. Rubio is a past master of this, and so also is this Nikki Haley. She is one more puppet of the establishment, one more Potemkin Village. On the other hand if you are a second generation immigrant this tripe may well resonate. But for me, and hopefully for most of us, it carries no weight. We measure them by what they do, or fail to do. And the most bastardized word in the english language today is conservative. By the current definition peddled by big media, Alinsky and McConnell are both conservatives. Yes, on that issue, the English language has lost all meaning. Feminist is another such word, when you see it used by those who defend Muslims and the sordid practices of Sharia law, but are forever warning us that we must not disrepect Muslim. I am sorry. That is the negation of feminism as I understand the movement.

    Watch: Trump Fires Back at Obama, Haley for SOTU, GOP Response Criticisms

    by JEFF POOR13 Jan 20161,706
    In an appearance on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump reacted to rhetoric that appeared to be aimed at him during last night’s State of the Union address from President Barack Obama and during the Republican response from Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC).

    On Obama, Trump said he was living in a “fantasy land” when it comes to the seriousness of the threats facing the country.

    However, as for Haley, he took her to task for weak on immigration and for having sought campaign contributions from him in the past.

    “She’s weak on illegal immigration, and she certainly has no trouble asking me for campaign contributions, ‘cause over the years she’s asked me for a hell of a lot of money in campaign contributions. So, you know, it’s sort of interesting to hear,” he continued. “Perhaps, if I weren’t running she’d be in my office asking for money. But now that I’m running, she wants to take a weak side on immigration. I feel very strongly about illegal immigration. She doesn’t, and I think the people in her great state, I love her state, I’m there a lot, and by the way I have a massive lead in South Carolina. We have a massive lead. They’re incredible people, and they feel like I do. Believe me. Because they don’t like what’s happening in our country.”

    Trump was also asked about the potential of a Trump-Haley GOP presidential ticket, to which Trump seemingly dismissed.

    “We’ll pick somebody, but we’ll pick somebody who’s very good,” he replied. “But whoever I pick is going to be very strong on illegal immigration. We’ve had it. We’ve had it with illegal immigration.”

  26. Mormaer
    January 13, 2016 at 6:58 am
    Now that Obama’s swan song

    Oh the imagery conjured up on that…

    A skinny Barry, laying on a white slab of styrofoam, pimped out in a pink tutu.

  27. As we wrote last night, Trump was the big winner. This bit of obvious from a Trump hater:


    Nikki Haley: Damn right I was criticizing Trump in my SOTU rebuttal last night

    Granted, there’s not much for a Republican to say about Obama’s policies in year eight that hasn’t been said before, but we’re in a weird place when the GOP’s SOTU rebuttal is essentially a rebuttal of the GOP frontrunner. And lest you think that was all Haley, she acknowledged today that her speech, as is customary, was approved by party leaders before she delivered it. It was a group effort. [snip]

    As usual, I’m with Sean Trende:

    I’m sure that having Haley dedicate her SOTU response to Trump was cathartic, but it does increase his chances of winning the nomination.

    Yeah, I don’t see the strategic value of having Haley go after Trump, even if not by name. [snip]

    As it is, I don’t know what they think they’re gaining by handing Trump fans a reason to object that the party is meddling in the primary by attacking him on national TV.

    And the weirdest part of this is that, by attacking Trump directly, Haley may have hurt her chances to be VP. That was the whole point of GOP leaders giving her this assignment, I thought — introduce her to the country now in the hope/expectation that she’ll end up on a ticket with Rubio.

    We sometimes think Trump pays these dolts to attack him.

  28. Election year recession? Stocks sinking. Soon the DOW will be below 16,000 if this keeps up. Stocks lose over 300 today.

  29. Here’s some good news via Glenn Greenwald:


    Al Jazeera America Terminates All TV and Digital Operations

    Executives of Al Jazeera America (AJAM) today are holding a meeting at 2 pm Eastern Time to tell their employees that the company is terminating all news and digital operations in the U.S. as of April, 2016, resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs. The announcement marks a stunning and rapid collapse of what, from the start, has been a towering failure.

    AJAM began when Al Jazeera purchased Current TV in late 2012 from founder Al Gore for $500 million, and the channel launched six months later. From the start, the project was beset with massive failures, from bitter internal strife and employee discrimination lawsuits to minuscule ratings and distribution failures. AJAM and Gore ended up in a protracted, embittered lawsuit with one another. Ratings were so low as to be almost unquantifiable; even by 2015, the network was averaging a tiny 30,000 viewers in prime-time and at some points had literally a zero rating in the key 25-54 demographic.

    Journalists who laugh when the “lower classes” lose their jobs now lose their jobs. Instant Karma.

  30. We sometimes think Trump pays these dolts to attack him.

    Trump is always chumming the waters…he takes advantage of any nibble he gets. He is pure reality tv.

  31. More help for Trump from the reality based community:


    S&P could plunge 75% to 550, says SocGen perma-bear Albert Edwards

    S&P could drop below 666—the low of the financial crisis, Edwards says

    If a 6% slide in the S&P 500 in only the first six days of trading in 2016 didn’t scare investors, then Albert Edwards’s recent prediction might.

    According to Edwards, global strategist at Société Générale and prominent perma-bear, the stock benchmark SPX, -2.21% could falls as much as 75% from the recent peak of 2,100 to trade around 550. Edwards argues that stocks are already in a bear market—commonly defined as a 20% fall from a recent high—and that U.S. industrial production is shaky and could represent the beginning phases of a recession. That’s bad news for stock-market bulls.

    “The previous bear market low was in March 2009 when the S&P reached 666. I think we’ll go below that within this bear market,” Edwards said at the sidelines of a conference in London on Tuesday.

    A fall to below 666 would have been a plunge of 65% from Tuesday levels, but if the bottom is around 550, the size of the decline would be 72%. Measured against the recent peak, it would be a steeper 75%.

    Investors have speculated whether stock markets are just facing a correction or a bona fide bear market after panic on the back of worries about a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy, China, and plunging oil prices. Those dual factors pummeled U.S. stocks last week, resulting in the worst opening week for Wall Street ever.

    But according to Edwards, a long-term bear market is already at hand. [snip]

    He explained that the “coming carnage” is an indirect result of the quantitative easing program launched by the Federal Reserve after the financial crisis in an effort to ease pain in the economy. However, the aggressive stimulus measures have done little to stimulate growth and instead served to inflate “global asset prices into the stratosphere,” Edwards said.

    “A commodity bubble and the resultant U.S. shale investment boom were all consequences of the Fed’s QE. The illusion of prosperity is shattered as boom now turns to bust. But I do hope this time around the [British] Queen won’t ask, as she did in November 2008, why nobody saw this coming,” he said.

  32. DOW down over 370.

    To which the loyal bot fearlessly replies:

    We got cell phones,

    We got ISIS

    Love Obama

    Who could ask for anything more?

    Wall Street taking

    Not to worry

    We Love Obama

    Who could ask for anything more?

    Mean mean Rethugs

    How we hate them

    Love Obama

    Who could ask for anything more?

    95 million

    They aint work’n

    Third world tresspass

    I don’t care

    Fine green pastures

    Til we’re bankrupt

    Dubai Mansion

    Gonna vist him there

    (And get shot for trespass)

  33. could represent the beginning phases of a recession…

    No one sent me the memo that were are out of the recession that started in 2007.

    The only thing that has been helpful, is the gas is affordable.

  34. Jesus, do NOT think the establishment is backing Trump. Ye gads… look at Haley last night.
    What a fool she made of herself.
    Didn’t she rip the Confederate flags down all over the place too?
    She is a female Rubio…how easily they take the pieces of eight.
    And is it me, but the color of the American flag is red white, and blue…not bird shit yellow MEchelle…

  35. Sorry, wrong video. Here is the article:


    The number of aliens authorized to work in the United States each year is limited by law, according to the number of foreign work visas and green cards that are statutorily available. Under this breathtaking executive action, those limits set by Congress are waived.

    Here is how the scheme works: Under current law, there is a statutory cap on the number of aliens who can receive green cards based on sponsorship from their employers, and thus a cap on the number who can receive the all-purpose work authorization those green cards provide. Under this new rule, the administration can bypass those caps with two easy steps.

    First, it would simply approve as many aliens as it wishes to seek green cards in excess of the cap. Then, it would give those workers—and their spouses and children—a renewable all-purpose work permit while they wait for their green cards to become available, nullifying Americans’ statutory protections against job-threatening flows of excess foreign labor. Adding further to the pool of workers, it expands the number of H-1B visas exempt from the annual cap.

    Brazenly, the proposed rule would also result in the automatic renewal of work permits for aliens who, among other things, merely file applications to have their deportations canceled or asylum granted. It is as if these policies were designed to create chaos and disorder.

  36. I am losing a hell of a lot of money as the market continues to plunge. Very insecure about future and looking to further reduce my staff and overhead. I wish I could get things for free. Meanwhile hard to believe Hillary likely loses nomination once again.

  37. Wal-Mart up 1.01%…where America shops…

    I take no joy in DOW dropping, I’m trying to retire. ..have lost a lot, now have to ride this out.

  38. This is more than the stock markets crashing. It is a massive global deflation and the start of it was last year. The good news is that the good old USA will be the last deflating. Suggested readings on these trends at zerohedge.com and David Stockman http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/

    As I understand it, the markets will fall about 50% and the range on the estimates is 30% to 70%. How fast that will be I do not know, but it has been brewing for some time. After deflation, there will be the danger of hyperinflation, so save your money and buy your essentials on the low side.

    Recoveries are projected for 2020-2023.

    So interesting that Obozo tried to make out that Trump would cause a global recession when there is already one in progress.



  39. This state of the union bullshit, which dana bash called low energy, was in fact, the beginning of a Potemkin Village like attempt to convince the public that thanks to him they are better off than they believe, and our first black president was also our greatest president, even though the world is falling apart among his ears, thanks in large part to him.

    As we speak he is attempting to convince us that the long term recession which most of us see is really an economic boom. And while it is true that he inherited a deep depression, deep ones such as this typically rebound faster and higher, whereas the Obama/Bush recovery has been the slowest since the great depression.

    He goes on to brag about the 5.5% unemployment rate, but fails to mention that under Bush it was 4.4% which really doesn’t matter because that is a contrived number that is what it is, because it the 95 million Americans of working age who are unable to find jobs. The labor participation rate is 62.5% which is the lowest in 39 years. This is not easy to defend if you are Hillary. How can you defend Obama’s handling of the economy on the one hand, and claim that through a continuation of the policies which have destroyed our middle class she can save it?

    Under what I can only assume is union pressure she has abandoned her presumptive support for this trade agreement which he sponsor. However, when the time is right, meaning after she wins the election she will revert back to supporting it, because like him, Hillary is a globalist at heart. And this agreement will be bad for America but great for globalists.

    In 2004 Obama claimed there not a liberal America and a conservative America–there is one America. Yet, as he prepares to leave office this country is more divided than at any time since the 1960s. More than any president, he has turned the bully pulpit into a battering ram to smash his opponents. He denounced the Supreme Court in his 201 SOU speech, and turned Chief Justice Roberts into what we might call for lack of a better term his butt boy. He called the 2011 House budget un-american. He played the race card eggregiously, and lied about Benghazi to win the 2012 election.

    He has opened the door for Donald Trump, which I regard as his only positive accomplishment.

    Obama’s lawless actions on immigration have made it nearly impossible to achieve a workable solution. And he has turned a blind eye to the rising threat of terrorism. This too has given Donald potent ammunition, and a place on the right side of the angels.

    Now here comes the real point, so mark it well:


    If the Republicans win his Potemkin Village will be dismantled, and the world will see it was all just smoke and mirrors.

    If, on the other hand, the Democrats win, then that party will cover up his mistake and convince the public that he was a greater than Lincoln.

    Therefore, if Hillary remains loses early states to Sanders he will see to it that she is indicted, so he can name Biden, and support Biden with the understanding that Biden will lie cheat and steal to give Obama the positive legacy he does not deserve.

  40. Just ride it out guys. I went all cash in April 2010 when I get within, roughly 8-10% of my pre-crash high and have been there ever since. I missed out on the free-money stock explosion that followed, but I’ll pounce back in one day with a load of cash and ride it up.

  41. Obama’s rhetoric on the Middle East met with sharp criticism
    By Jeff Barnd, Sinclair Broadcast Group
    snip “Thousands of years? Many of the conflicts in the Middle East don’t even date back a decade,” [Karla] Adam wrote.
    “The Twitterati spotted the gaffe, and pounced,” Adam reported.
    “People Really Aren’t Happy With Obama’s Version Of Middle Eastern History,” Buzzfeed’s Hayes Brown described in a piece on the remarks.
    Vox’s Max Fisher described the claim as “cringe-worthy.”
    “The idea that Middle East conflicts ‘date back millennia’ is straight-up factually wrong,” Fisher wrote.
    “The Middle East’s conflicts almost all date to within the past century, and many have their roots within Obama’s own lifetime,” Fisher describes citing the Sunni-Shia sectarian conflict as an example.
    “Islamist extremism is mostly a modern revisionist phenomenon that is a reaction to specific modern-day events such as the Arab-Israeli conflicts and the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.”
    Fisher said the Obama’s line, “risked perpetuating the widespread ‘ancient hatreds’ myth,” that fuels two, “dangerous and mistaken beliefs about the Middle East.”
    The first belief Fisher addressed is that, “these people just hate each other because that’s how they are ‘over there.'”
    Second, was “that the problems run so deep that they can’t be solved and we shouldn’t bother trying.” snip
    “It’s reductive and cynical because it paints a picture of the Middle East as perpetually at war because people there are just different,” Fisher describes.
    Remarking on the President’s statement, Dr. Shadi Hamid, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution shared a 2014 piece he wrote in The Atlantic. snip

  42. Ted Cruz has Goldman Sachs New York values:


    Mr. Cruz tells how he and his wife spent $1 million of their own money. But a loan from Goldman Sachs was not disclosed in campaign finance reports.

    Trump wins Iowa.

  43. This story comes out before tomorrow night’s debate?


    Cruz did not disclose Goldman Sachs loan during 2012 Senate campaign: report

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) did not disclose a loan from Goldman Sachs to his 2012 Senate campaign, the New York Times reported Wednesday evening.

    Cruz and his wife Heidi, who works at Goldman Sachs, reported putting $1 million of “personal funds” into his campaign.

    The Tea Party darling told the Times at the time it was “all we had saved.”

    But a review of financial disclosures that the senator filed later showed that the Cruzes got low-interest loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank maxing at $1 million, which were paid down later in 2012.

    The loans did not appear in Federal Election Commission paperwork the campaign filed during the race.

    A spokeswoman for Cruz’s presidential campaign told the Times that the Goldman loan was the source of the couple’s donation to Cruz’s 2012 campaign.

    She called the failure to report the Goldman loan “inadvertent,” adding that “These transactions have been reported in one way or another on his many public financial disclosures and the Senate campaign’s F.E.C. filings.”

    A staffer for Cruz’s campaign responded Wednesday evening to the Times report, mockingly calling the story a “bomb” and adding, “Cruz borrowed money and paid it back.”

    It’s a bomb alright. A bomb that just possibly blew up the Cruz unless Teddy has a real good denial.

  44. So the break down is that Cruz’s ‘borrowed’ 1 mil and got rock bottom interest rates from Sach’s, where his wife is a banker.

    We all know Senator’s don’t make much money a year, so his banker wife must be making a $hit load of dough there, or where did they get the money to pay it back in a year????

  45. today’s email from Hillary…

    “this can’t wait”

    Friend —

    I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished under President Obama’s leadership — if we win this election, you and I are going to build on his progress together.

    But there’s no guarantee we get that chance. The polls are tightening in Iowa and New Hampshire. If we don’t have the resources to win those key early states and then the nomination, the next State of the Union could be delivered by Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

    This can’t wait. Chip in $1 tonight:

    Thank you,



  46. Therefore, if Hillary remains loses early states to Sanders he will see to it that she is indicted, so he can name Biden, and support Biden with the understanding that Biden will lie cheat and steal to give Obama the positive legacy he does not deserve.

    wbboei – do you know for a fact that they can do this, or is this just what you’re thinking they may try? Because I don’t see how they can substitute someone in for the person who is losing. I know the DNC can break any of their own rules they want, but there seem to be a lot of Sanders supporters, and I would imagine they’d have standing for a lawsuit…. unless most of those people are supporting Sanders because they don’t like Hillary and refuse to vote for anyone with an R after their name, and the DNC figured those voters would start voting for Biden instead of Sanders….?

  47. S – interesting, she mentions Trump or Cruz, but not the Sanders threat. It’s not the general yet, she still has to beat Sanders. But I guess he doesn’t elicit the same fear…?

  48. The article did not say what those interest rates were. I do not think that is a big issue, because we are already at rock bottom. The issue is the one my clairvoyant friend alerted me too is this undermines the narrative of a self made political star who will take on the monied interests. And praytell what did those institutions get back in return if the differntial is that great. A 2 percent differnce on a million dollar loan would be alot of money. What I do not like about this is as long as Cruz is in the running he freezes out the establishment candidates like Rubio. The establishment is already trying to attack him over this natural born crap, which is a false issue regardless of what that delaware law professor things. Several other law professors at better institutions have reached the opposite conclusion. And it is the kind of issue the Roberts court would punt on anyway. Like I say, if there is any damage in this Goldmn Sacks revelation it is damage to the brand.

  49. Cruz’s loan from Goldie Saks makes lie that he is just a guy, a brilliant Ivy League constitutionalist maybe but just a schmuck like you, who came out of nowhere to fight for the downtrodden and ignored. Everyone can get a low interest personal loan from Goldie Sacks can’t they? Like his birth in Calgary (and dual citizenship) he shoulda reported this little factoid. Claiming that it was reported but just in the wrong report looks greasy, weaselly and lawyerly to a fault. Goldie Saks will say it was just a personal loan to a beloved employee (Mrs Cruz) and they expected nothing in return except for it to be repaid. Except for a few votes. Maybe some trade policy, banking laws, and cheap labor votes. Nothing much really.

    In Texas we are used to pols being hooked up with oil companies, insurance mega companies located in state, etc. We are not used to our pols being hooked personally into NYC investment banks. I think Cruz may be done and not just in his prezzy run. I don’t think he will make a second term Senate run. His all or nothing run has turned to nothing. Trump AND the Bushes are after him now.

  50. Mormaer
    January 14, 2016 at 6:28 am
    A loan becomes a low interest loan which becomes a rock bottom loan what did he get in return bribe.

    He needs to give us the facts.

    1. What were the terms of this loan?

    2. What were those savings worth over its life?

    3. How long did run? (I believe he paid it back quickly)

    4. How were those funds used?

    5. Were those terms available to him because his wife was an officer of Goldman Sachs?

    6. Were other similarly situated officers of Goldman Sachs eligible for that loan?

    7. And, most important, why did he fail to report it? (one does not forget a million dollar loan)

  51. At a time when Obama is using navy personnel paid for by taxpayers to house hunt for him in Dubai and fires an admiral for blowing the whistle on this, under the pretext that he was viewing pornography on government computers which is impossible because they are blocked and is now holding up his pension and other rights to enforce his silence, part of me say about Cruz who gives a fuck. If he is Donald’s insurance policy, and the reason the establishment needs to stop trying to take him down. It is the same reason Nixon was safe as long as he had Agnew as his vice president.

  52. Did anyone else notice that the publicity and PR for Niki Haley had been planned out by political consultants like the invasion landing at Normandy. The speech, written by the RNC, with another child of immigrants bitching at the natural born citizen scum who appear angry about some little thing who might vote in a Republican primary or dare to show up to a caucus, had post-RNC SOTU reply PR pre-written with fawning media catchphrases already mapped out. They also had the “idea” prearranged that she would make a brilliant VP choice for Rubio! When was she going to endorse Marco? And this all rolled out on the day the story broke that Jeb! has been told to step aside for Rubio! cuz !Jeb just ain’t catching on and the PAC billionaires are antsy and want a new wonderboy.

    The RNC has child of immigrant on the brain. Why is this? Globalism maybe? Open borders perhaps. Of course children of recent immigrants would think that immigration is good. It was for them after all. Especially if their donors do too! I want to remind everyone that The Donald is the son of an immigrant too. One Mary MacLeod. Only she wasn’t from Hispania nor Asia. She came for a vacation to NYC from the Isle of Lewis and stayed and married a guy named Trump. Recent DNA studies of western isle MacLeod’s show clear Norse or Viking ancestry. But Donald the Viking is not the image the RNC wants right now and that haplogroup is not known as reliable and biddable cheap labor.

    Anyway the Niki show seems to have blown up in their faces. In this election cycle what hasn’t?

  53. Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx): $15 million in lobbyist contributions. Including Goldman Sachs and Chase (Jamie Dimon).

    Top 10 Interests Funding

    Interest Contributions
    Oil & Gas $1,215,331
    Securities & Investment $1,160,313
    Health Professionals $868,346
    Lawyers/Law Firms $722,682
    Real Estate $570,824
    Insurance $460,928
    Misc Finance $425,045
    Commercial Banks $342,790
    Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $320,900
    Lobbyists $287,658
    Top 10 Organizations Funding

    Organization Contributions
    At&t $57,300
    Exxonmobil $56,900
    Valero $54,750
    USAA $49,100
    Energy Transfer Partners $45,600
    Goldman Sachs $45,000
    Jpmorgan Chase $43,250
    Blackstone $41,000
    Elliott Management $40,250
    Quantum Energy Partners $40,100
    Contributions above are for the last six years of available data, Apr 1, 2009 – Mar 31, 2015. Contributi

  54. Ted Cruz Total Campaign Contributions: $15,633,363

    Top 10 Interests Funding

    Interest Contributions
    Republican/Conservative $1,599,057
    Lawyers/Law Firms $1,112,398
    Oil & Gas $1,014,882
    Securities & Investment $785,477
    Real Estate $640,335
    Misc Finance $518,839
    Health Professionals $417,121
    Misc Business $406,227
    Business Services $328,187
    Misc Manufacturing & Distributing $305,350
    Top 10 Organizations Funding

    Organization Contributions
    Club for Growth $705,657
    Senate Conservatives Fund $315,991
    Woodforest National Bank $112,000
    Goldman Sachs $82,900
    Sullivan and Cromwell $65,513
    Morgan Lewis and Bockius $62,100
    Re Janes Gravel Company $60,600
    Gibson Dunn and Crutcher $55,300
    Jackson Walker LLP $55,299
    Jones Day $52,900
    Contributions above are for the last six years of available data, Apr 1, 2009 – Mar 31, 2015. Contributions from political parties and from other candidates are not included in the “Top 10” lists.

  55. Tonight’s Debate Will be Nasty. Here are Five Reasons | 4

    (Red State blog editor)

    In the modern era, the number of candidates who have won the nomination of either major party without winning either Iowa or New Hampshire remains zero. Every election year, some candidate tries to make the case that he has a strategy for victory that doesn’t include winning either of these states, and every election year, another candidate goes home a loser. In 2008, it was Rudy Giuliani. In 2012, it was Newt Gingrich.

    This year, as much as candidates like Marco Rubio have tried to make the case that there is a plausible victory scenario that doesn’t involve winning either of the first two contests in this year’s primary, all the Republican candidates know that realistically, they have less than a month left to make their final case to voters (and donors) before it’s time to pack it up and quietly head for home (or stick around for the pure pleasure of playing spoiler like Mike Huckabee did in 2008).

    Up until this point, the Republican debates have been largely collegial, in spite of the presence of Trump on stage. Although Trump has been at the center of a number of sharp-elbowed exchanges, the other candidates have been largely polite with each other, even when disagreeing. And of course, the main battle everyone has been waiting to see between Cruz and Trump has repeatedly failed to materialize. So while the debates have been perhaps more entertaining than they have in years past, they have also been largely nice. Here are five reasons that is likely to end tonight.

    1. The gloves have come off between Cruz and Trump. Although Cruz and Trump flirted with open conflict before the last debate, the sparks were called off when Cruz refused to engage Trump’s bluster, which Trump took as a sign of respect. However, Cruz’s challenge to Trump, which is the first genuine one he has faced this campaign season, has forced Cruz to respond with a series of escalating attacks on Trump, basically accusing him of being a Hillary plant on Tuesday and then calling him a liberal New Yorker yesterday. This time, at long last, Cruz shows no signs of going back into “friendly” mode and voters will likely get to see some testy exchanges between the two, especially since the “birther” issue seems to have rankled Cruz in ways no other candidate’s attacks have prior to this point.

    2. Less candidates on stage. For this debate, the field has been winnowed to a more manageable 7 total candidates, which means each candidate will (theoretically) get more time on camera. This means that there will be more opportunity for the lengthy sort of back and forth that generates the sort of on-screen acrimony that leads to memorable nasty debate moments. There’s ample evidence that several of the candidates in this field don’t like each other personally, and even though one of the prime instigators (Rand Paul) will be absent, one other major irritant remains. Which brings us to..

    3. Chris Christie DGAF. Christie has decided to unleash the last trick left in his arsenal, which is to treat each and every one of his Republican opponents like they were a semi-literate YouTube commenter who was criticizing his latest performance in a townhall meeting. In the last two weeks, Christie has gone relentlessly negative against Rubio and Bush in particular, hoping to seize on some momentum for a surprise New Hampshire finish. Christie will not let anything silly like debate rules or a moderator get in his way if he feels like something needs to be said about one of the other candidates on stage, and if past history is any indicator, his attacks will likely be a) colorful, b) intensely personal, and c) largely bovine fecal material, from a factual standpoint. Expect multiple dustups between Christie and other candidates on stage tonight.

    4. FoxBusiness knows what they are doing. Several of the other networks who have hosted debates during this campaign season have tried to cause fights between the candidates, but they have largely failed because they don’t really understand what makes conservatives or Republicans tick. FoxBusiness demonstrated in the last debate that they do not suffer from this affliction, as they ran what was widely considered the best debate of the campaign season so far in their prior effort. Expect this debate to succeed where others have failed, in terms of effectively highlighting the differences both in policy and temperament between the candidates. The end result of this talent will likely be to draw out the increasing desperation and pressure that all the candidates (including Trump) are feeling.

    5. Jeb Bush needs to show something to his donors. As the Jeb Bush campaign has fallen further and further in the polls, his operation has resorted to increasingly desperate attacks against the other candidates in the field. While you weren’t looking, Bush has gotten much better and less awkward in recent weeks when it comes to delivering attack lines. It will probably be too little, too late for his campaign, but expect Bush to be in the middle of at least one entertaining dust-up tonight that may allow him to play spoiler for someone else in the field.

  56. Brilliant, as always, is Richard’s latest offering: deep insights and poetry posing as prose, this: (The product of a Harvard education gone right for a change. Typically, it works the other way.)

    Cures All Aches and Pains

    By Richard Fernadez

    The following list was seen on Twitter listing out the most recent terror attacks around the world:

    Tuesday – Suicide bomber kills 10 in Instanbul
    Wednesday – Suicide bomber kills 15 in Quetta

    Thursday – Suicide bombers kill 14 in Jakarta

    Missing from this sequence was important context: president Obama’s assertion in his State of the Union speech, uttered just before the Jakarta attacks, that the terrorist threat is overblown. He said:

    “In today’s world, even a handful of terrorists who place no value on human life, including their own, can do a lot of damage. But as we focus on destroying ISIL, over-the-top claims that this is World War III just play into their hands,” he continued, using the administration’s preferred term for the Islamic State group.
    When situated in this context the list of attacks is trivial. If 14 people die in Jakarata — maybe 7 according to some reports — so what? These are small potatoes in a planet populated by billions. It’s nothing to get excited about.

    The defect in the administration’s reasoning isn’t the assertion that direct terror deaths are still few in absolute number. The problem it is that he hasn’t got a clue about how to contain it. Obama’s like a doctor who tells you the tumor in your lung is “still small”, in fact just a speck. Shouldn’t you be reassured? Every patient knows the size of a tumor is not as important as the doctor’s admission in the next breath “but I don’t know how to cure it.”

    The reason why the assurances of the president sound hollow despite the comforting “it’s still small! it’s still tiny!” is because what is important is the delta, the change in the problem over time. You want it to shrink. You want the disease, while small, to stop spreading and and are naturally uncomfortable with a doctor helpless to even slow it. In fact, Dr.Obama can’t even name the disease he’s looking at beyond remarking that it’s “nothing to do with Islam”.

    His approach is basically to prescribe painkillers and hope the symptoms go away. This approach was one full display when Iran captured 10 US Navy sailors and John Kerry made five calls to the Iranian foreign minister. Agence Press France reports that “US Secretary of State John Kerry told Iran’s foreign minister that Tehran’s capture and release of 10 US sailors could be turned into a ‘good story’ for both countries, a US official said Wednesday.” It’s all about the management of symptoms.

    The good story, from Iran’s point of view were images of American sailors kneeling with their hands up and a junior officer apologizing to the Islamic Republic. The “good story” from the administration’s point of view was that the sailors were released at all, even though it comes on the heels of an unbroken string of provocations by the regime in Tehran, including rocketing a passing US aircraft carrier and testing ballistic missiles.

    John Kerry’s “good story” doesn’t mean Iran will stop it’s provocations. On the contrary. It will almost certainly be back, more virulent and more aggressive than ever.

    Fred Hiatt, writing in the Washington Post notes that the president has never been known to say anything but ‘take an aspirin and quit worrying’. “The Middle East is going through a transformation that will play out for a generation, rooted in conflicts that date back millennia,” Obama said. It’s just a phase. The only problem is that the upbeat message is belied by the cadaverous appearance of a patient in one Dr. Obama’s backrooms: Syria, who believe it or not is almost cured.

    But in an almost surreal moment Tuesday night, he pointed to Syria as an example of his “smarter approach, a patient and disciplined strategy that uses every element of our national power.”
    “That’s our approach to conflicts like Syria, where we’re partnering with local forces and leading international efforts to help that broken society pursue a lasting peace,” the president said.

    But if that’s the cure it’s not a dime’s worth different from a terminal disease. Syria too once had nothing to worry about. When asked about the threat posed by Islamic State by David Remnick in January, 2014 Obama said that it was only “a jayvee team”. In that former middle-income country many are reduced to eating pets and grass soup to survive. The rest have gone in their millions to Europe.

    Most patients would feel a whole lot more confident if the doctor could explain the diagnosis more clearly, which is to say articulate a foreign strategy beyond references to ‘learning to hope’ and ‘not fearing the future’. But that is probably beyond the power of incumbent. If he had any more it would have come out in the last SOTU.

    But it’s no use having regrets. The past is all water under the bridge. In November the world will get a chance to choose a new doctor, though by then the speck will doubtless be bigger. The best one can hope for is that is not too late.


    Follow Wretchard on Twitter

  57. This same eat your chicken soup and die, its just natural, will be the mantra of Obamacare death panels. Just think about good old Zeke Emanuel its architect who said people should not live beyond 75 because the mind and body go to hell, therefore we must settle for palliatives, not cures, because cures are too expensive. And besides they cut into the profit margin of Obama donors in big pharma. Now if that is true, it seems to me that the same logic should apply to the war hero who got captured, who has been touting that credential now for half a century.

  58. An ironic deity has ordained that the good must die young, and the bad must go on and on and on to trouble the living stream. Perhaps that is why McCain is still in congress. And because of that the pain is not his, but ours. Therefore we are the ones who need palliatives to get through the night, and that hate filled cadaver still decorates the halls of the senate doing no good for anyone but himself and his donors, save a Vesuvian eruption now and then.

  59. As I expected:

    That Cruz noted the loans on his personal disclosures in 2012 suggests there was no nefarious attempt to hide them. Far more likely that as Frazier claims, this was a simple reporting error. No special loan terms were granted, so it’s not as though Cruz was given special concessions because of his wife’s job. Further, as the NYT reports, the loans have been paid down. While the NYT story is technically accurate, it’s not a super secret exposed! piece by any stretch. It might appear so for those unaware of Cruz’s long-standing Wall Street connections, but that’s about it. And really, the only way this becomes a problem for Cruz is that it clashes with his self-portrait of independent outsider, beholden to no interest. There’s also the possibility this story forces a conversation about the similarities between Cruz and Clinton financial backers. Lastly, with reports surfacing on the discrepancy as early 2013, we have to wonder why those filings were never amended to reflect the loans. That aside? Meh.

    (Note: smart as he is, I had a hard time believing he was as stupid as NYT would have us believe. This also confirms my strongly held conviction that NYT is a congential liar, and the lies they tell have but one objective which is to support the welfare of the elite class of which they are a part, who are able to insulate themselves financially from the adverse affects of its disasterous policies, and playing fast and loose with other people’s lives. Until now.)


  60. …every time I look at Ted Cruz I think of a/any ‘stand-in’ in a silent movie from days gone by…visually he reminds me of a throwback to that era

    can’t you picture him in old black and white silent movie clips…

  61. blowme0bama
    January 13, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Just ride it out guys. I went all cash in April 2010 when I get within, roughly 8-10% of my pre-crash high and have been there ever since.
    Safe behind the picture. 😀

  62. Freakin’ Iowa. Why do they always get first dibs and all the hoopla?

    By the time my state votes, often we have already heard the winner.

  63. Does anyone know why the primary state lineup is the way it is? The lineup should be switched around every 4 years.

    Maybe I should just strike it rich and take time off work to be in one of these less populated states during the election, where I could go down to the local watering hole and get up close with the candidates.

  64. Hillary losing Iowas or NH is not the end all, losing to Bernie Sanders is. Again, Hillary and her team underestimated her opponent and how far left the party has gone.

  65. “Freakin’ Iowa. Why do they always get first dibs and all the hoopla? Does anyone know why the primary state lineup is the way it is? The lineup should be switched around every 4 years.”

    Exactly, Shadowfax!

  66. Bernie has the enthusiasm of the young voters that think that healthcare and college education should be free. Pass the bong, ol’ Honest Burn doesn’t make the connection that all those freebies are going to be paid by us, working people.

    IMO Bernie will not win the Dim Primary, period.

  67. Has anyone on Foxnews said anything favorable about Hillary lately?




    I didn’t think so.

  68. Bernie will not win, but neither will Hillary imho….she’s got problems. By the way, watching this ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ on Fox business channel local station 106 here in Boca/Delray.

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