The Delirium Tremens Edition – Obama Stinks Up 2016

Barack Obama is in the midst of a delirium tremens brought on by the withdrawal of popularity and power. How else to explain the tears from this clown?

Chicago Clown

Obama finally returned from yet another expensive-to-taxpayers vacation, and this wastrel immediately attempted to divert the nation from the devastating results of his occupation of the White House. The Hopium so many ingested in 2008 and 2012 has had horrid consequences and we saw them in full play on the very first business day of the year.

The stock market plunged in a big way on the first business day of the year – the worst first day since 1932. It’s not a time for a smart presidential candidate to run as Obama’s Third Term.

Well, maybe if the economy does not improve, the Obama foreign policy will be a great Third Term selling point. Um, belay that. Saudi Arabia and Iran are in preparatory stages of war:

Saudi Arabia widened its rift with Iran on Monday, saying it would end air traffic and trade links with the Islamic republic and demanding that Tehran must “act like a normal country” before it would restore severed diplomatic relations.

Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told Reuters in an interview that Tehran was responsible for rising tensions after the kingdom executed Shi’ite Muslim cleric Nimr al-Nimr on Saturday, describing him as a terrorist.

Insisting Riyadh would react to “Iranian aggression”, he accused Tehran of dispatching fighters to Arab countries and plotting attacks inside the kingdom and its Gulf neighbours.

“There is no escalation on the part of Saudi Arabia. Our moves are all reactive. It is the Iranians who went into Lebanon. It is the Iranians who sent their Qods Force and their Revolutionary Guards into Syria,” Jubeir said.

The execution of the cleric prompted Iranian “protesters” to attack and enter the Saudi embassy in Iran to burn and pillage no doubt at the behest of the Iranian government. This is the country Barack Obama will give $150 billion and lift sanctions against.

“We will also be cutting off all air traffic to and from Iran. We will be cutting off all commercial relations with Iran. And we will have a travel ban against people travelling to Iran,” Jubeir said. Obama will give Iran billions and lift sanctions.

Obama’s Middle East policies, like all his foreign policy, can best be seen as a terrorist attack against the United States. It’s a disaster that builds on disaster – Obama’s foreign policy contributes to chaos. Obama’s foreign policy is destructive to American interests. Barack Obama is an American national security threat:

Washington’s strategic vagueness increased tensions rather reassured the regional allies. Saudi Arabia doubted whose side Obama was on. Karen DeYoung of the Washington Post reported that “Saudi Arabia made clear that its concerns about U.S. dismay over the weekend’s events were minor compared to their belief that the West was kowtowing to Shiite Iran on a range of issues.” [snip]

Max Boot writing in Commentary, notes that officially at least, the Saudis were America’s allies. The formal obligations were obvious. “The American policy should be clear: We should stand with the Saudis — and the Egyptians, and the Jordanians, and the Emiratis, and the Turks, and the Israelis, and all of our other allies — to stop the new Persian Empire. But the Obama administration, morally and strategically confused, is instead coddling Iran in the vain hope that it will somehow turn Tehran from enemy into friend.” [snip]

“This could potentially threaten the nuclear deal.” This states the obvious and precisely captures the dilemma which Barack Obama has trapped himself inside.  Without his “nuclear deal” the administration’s legacy will be nothing but dust ashes.  Now with his nuclear deal it will be exactly the same.

The Saudi-Iranian blowup  has thrown the president’s Syria/Iraq strategy, already in disarray, into an absolute shambles.  There is nothing left of it. Karen DeYoung of the Washington Post writes that “Obama administration officials expressed deep concern Sunday that the abrupt escalation of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran could have repercussions extending to the fight against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, the diplomatic efforts to end Syria’s civil war, and wider efforts to bring stability to the Middle East.” [snip]

It would be the ultimate historical irony if the president who vowed to uphold “a rules-based international order” should accidentally preside over the liquidation of that very same order.

Barack Obama is the chaos candidate of 2016, not Donald Trump, as has been alleged. It is Obama who will give the Persian Empire of Terror 150 billion dollars. Third Term anyone?

As in Egypt, Barack Obama will side with America’s enemies and abandon America’s ugly, corrupt, allies. Yeah, our allies in the Middle East are ugly as desert lizards, but they are allies and in our foreign policy dictionary an ugly ally is better than an ugly enemy. To Barack Obama, the choice is simple. Obama will side with America’s enemies:

As the cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia heats up, the Barack Obama administration is trying to straddle the fence and not take sides, but its actions tell a different story — they all seem to favor Tehran.

Following the Saudi government’s announcement Saturday that it had executed 47 prisoners, including a popular Shiite cleric, the U.S. State Department did two things. First, it issued a statement expressing concern that Riyadh’s actions were “exacerbating sectarian tensions.” Then Secretary of State John Kerry called Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, urging him to try to de-escalate the crisis. [snip]

Spokesmen for the White House and State Department on Monday insisted that the U.S. was not taking a side, and that Kerry was set to call Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir. But U.S. and Arab diplomats tell us that America’s Gulf allies, who feel most threatened by Iran, see things very differently.

The State Department has criticized Saudi Arabia before for executions and its human rights record. But this time, its spokesman, John Kirby, undermined the Saudi claim that Iran’s government was culpable for the attacks on its embassy, noting in his opening statement that Iran appears to have arrested some of those responsible. [snip]

At the root of the problem for Sunni Arab states is the nuclear deal reached last summer by Iran and Western nations. When the White House sold the pact to Congress and Middle Eastern allies, its message was clear: Nothing in the deal would prevent the U.S. from sanctioning Iran for non-nuclear issues. Yet that has not been the case.

Last week, the Treasury Department balked at the last moment on sanctioning 11 entities and individuals it deemed responsible for helping the Iranian government develop its ballistic missile program in violation of United Nations sanctions. Treasury officials had told lawmakers the new sanctions would be announced Dec. 30, but then the announcement never came.

Hill staffers briefed on the issue said that the State Department had intervened at the last minute, following objections by the Iranian government. [snip]

A week earlier, Kerry wrote personally to Zarif to assure him that the Obama administration could waive new restrictions in a law passed by Congress that would require visas for anyone who had visited Iran to enter the United States. The Iranian government had objected that the visa requirement would violate the terms of the nuclear agreement.

Yet Iran’s sentencing of a U.S. journalist on espionage charges in November, and its detention of a U.S.-Iranian dual national in October, have led to no downgrade in relations. The State Department also supported the International Atomic Energy Agency’s closing of its file on Iran’s nuclear program, despite a report from that agency which found weapons-related activities had continued to at least 2009, and despite being denied unannounced on-site inspections at key Iranian military facilities.

U.S. officials tell us Iran has extraordinary leverage at this moment, as the world waits for it to implement all of its obligations in the nuclear deal. [snip]

Critics of the administration say the U.S. should take advantage of the power it has before that money is freed up. “Our maximum leverage to respond to serious non-nuclear issues is before implementation day,” said Representative Mike Pompeo, a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee. “After implementation day, the Iranians get the money and the sanctions are lifted.”

Aaron David Miller, a former Middle East negotiator who is a vice president at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said that the Obama administration sees the Iran deal as the one stabilizing factor in a region that is increasingly spinning out of control, and is therefore giving the U.S.-Iranian relationship top priority.

The Iranians hold the Obama legacy in their hands,” he said. “We are constrained and we are acquiescing to a certain degree to ensure we maintain a functional relationship with the Iranians.”

At the same time, though, the U.S. is losing leverage over Iran and its ability to influence the actions of the new Saudi leadership is also waning. The Saudis have given up on building ties to the Obama administration and are pursuing their own course until the next president takes office. “It is the worst position for the great power, because everyone says no to us without cost or consequence,” Miller said.

Obama is the un-American, the anti-American. That’s Obama’s legacy, past, present, and future.

Here in chaos central, the New York Times finally noticed that many Americans rather pay the increasingly onerous tax penalties than participate in the wealth extraction from the Middle Class scheme called ObamaCare:

But plenty of healthy holdouts remain, and their resistance helps explain why insurers are worried about the financial viability of the exchanges over time. They say they sorely need more healthy customers to balance out the costs of covering the sicker, older people who have flocked to exchange plans.

People, like Mr. Murphy, who earn too much to qualify for federal subsidies that defray the cost of coverage may be most likely to opt out. A recent analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that more than seven million people who are eligible for exchange coverage would pay less in penalties than for the least expensive insurance available to them. More than half would not qualify for subsidies, the analysis found.

We knew back in 2009 that ObamaCare is a scam. It’s a scam:

ObamaCare’s mandates on insurers have driven individual-market premiums into the stratosphere, and pushed deductibles even higher. For all but wellness checks, the average consumer would have to spend $12,000 out of pocket before benefits kick in and cover some health-care costs. On the other hand, going without insurance will cost $695 or 2.5% of one’s income, which would make the latter choice a better deal for everyone earning under $480,000. [snip]

When insurers now say “they sorely need more healthy customers to balance out the costs of covering the sicker, older people,” what they mean is that they need younger and healthier consumers to exploit in order to subsidize the others. ObamaCare forces insurers into gouging low-risk consumers to keep premiums lower for high-risk consumers, rather than charge on a rational risk-assessment basis. ObamaCare precludes catastrophic insurance for that very reason — to force people into expensive comprehensive care when they don’t need it and won’t use it. In fact, the whole point is to charge those younger and healthier consumers for services they will never utilize.

If anyone but the federal government ran this scam, the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department would prosecute them into oblivion.

Small wonder, then, that many Americans don’t particularly want to participate in having their pockets picked.

With all this, what does Obama prioritize? Gun control! San Bernadino was not about gun control. San Bernadino was about Muslim terrorists and attacks by Muslim terrorists. But to Barack Obama his Muslim buddies killing Americans means we must disarm Americans.

And so, today Obama appeared in public to impose a decree on the American people. That the congress of the United States has already rejected Obama’s proposals does not deter the wannabee king from his declarations.

During his spectacle, Obama cried. Why Obama cried today is not a mystery. The power is flowing away from him. The popularity lasted too short a time.

To use his phrase, Obama got all wee-weed up. As we predicted, it’s going to be a horrid year, but will end well with Obama and his Syrian pal Rezko, reunited.


79 thoughts on “The Delirium Tremens Edition – Obama Stinks Up 2016

  1. John Boehner’s departure has not ended the tears flow in Washington. Today it is Judy’s turn to cry. Er, make that Obama’s turn to cry.

    We always thought the lyrics to the chorus of that song were “Johnny’s a scumbag to me”. Why the singer rejoices at the return of Johnny (or why Judy would weep) is a mystery best left to teendom woes.

  2. Let’s see if Hillary will continue to defend the stinky pile of dogshit of a foreign policy that Obama and Kerry have gotten themselves into.

  3. moononpluto
    January 5, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    I agree Moon. From all the Pink excuses as to why Saint Trump should get a pass on all his nasty behavior…I have a feeling that Trump tactics, how low can he go, have just begun.

  4. Obama is going to be mad. After his Oscar-worthy performance today, North Korea decided to take the headlines away by testing an H-bomb that registered 5.1 on the Richter scale. It was enough to knock food off grocery shelves. Fortunately for the North Koreans, they have no food on the grocery shelves. And what did our on-the-ball State Department headed by the Secretary of Clueless say last month….God help the US.

  5. Well this year just keeps on getting better and better, doesn’t it?

    Expect Obama to take credit for the North Korean nuke and take it as a positive sign of technological development in the third world.

  6. From post above: Obama’s Middle East policies, like all his foreign policy, can best be seen as a terrorist attack against the United States. It’s a disaster that builds on disaster

    Trump last night on Fox wants to know why Republican lawmakers didn’t stop President Obama from creating another executive order.

    Some have been asking why Congress/GOP has not already taken moves to stop him from something. Anything.

    So now there are huge shuddering chills across the land.

  7. and Paul Ryan has the balls to get on tv and say they are introducing a bill to defund ObamaCare .. AFTER they funded it back on Christmas Eve

    So they were for it before they were against it

    and they have the gall to wonder why the country does not trust their asses???

    Looks like he finally shaved too

  8. nice catch, dot48.
    I’m liking this last thought from admin, above, too:
    “As we predicted, it’s going to be a horrid year, but will end well with Obama and his Syrian pal Rezko, reunited.”

    May it be so.


    Larry Johnson had this to say about BO’s teary eyed audition for a Hollywood role:

    As I reflected on Barack Obama’s sad sack theater today–replete with crocodile tears for select victims–my outrage over his contrived, manipulative performance has only increased. He has a bad case of selective blubbering. He’ll ball like a lousy cook peeling a mountain of onions only if the cause and moment can bring adulation to him.

    Remember how he wept when news came of Ambassador Stevens under siege at his residence in Benghazi way back on 11 September 2012? Oh wait. Weep? Wail? Sniffle even? Nah. Zippo. He had a perfunctory meeting with his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, chatted up Hillary Cinton (during which time they apparently concluded that blaming the attacks on an outlandish video was the best way to deal with the situation) and then he bolted for the airport. Had to catch Air Force One, which was fueled and ready to go to Vegas to raise some dough. No time for tears.

    Meanwhile, back in Benghazi, there was fear, terror and grief. Ambassador Chris Stevens was missing. U.S. officials did not know if he had been kidnapped, was dead or hiding somewhere. This little fact did not prick the brain, much less the heart, of baleful Barack Obama. The only moisture coursing down his cheeks that night was sweat as he hoofed it double time to make his flight and go to Vegas to rake in some sweaty wads of cash.

    Communicator Sean Smith was dead too. The rescue team from the CIA base, delayed by their spineless Chief of Base, pulled his body from the burned out shell of the residence aka “Consulate” (it really was not a Consulate, but that’s a different story).

    As the CIA contractors fought their way back to the CIA Annex, Barack Obama still had no tears and no time. Calls for help, for back up, for rescue went unanswered. Still no lamentation with waterworks from the Commander in Chief. You see, he had a more important mission than worrying about the lives of Americans under attack from terrorists, he had campaign coffins, er I meant “coffers,” to fill up.

    When the mortars started raining down on the CIA Annex in Benghazi, Chief Sob Sister Obama was no where to be found. Not even a sniffle or moment of extended melancholy. He could not be bothered. He was on a mission more important than saving American lives–he had to raise money to save his political ass.

    Today Barack Obama rallied his sycophants in the halls of the White House to listen to him talk about him and his sorrow. The victims of deranged shooters were mere props. He made empty proposals that, had these proposals been enacted four years ago, would not have done a damn thing to save even one victim of deranged shooters. But the truth does not matter. It is all about acting sad and defiant and posturing like Madonna in a bad music video.

    The juxtaposition of feigned sorrow over events where he had no control against the reality of that night in September 2012, where he actually had the power and means to make a difference, tells us all we need to know about the shoddy character of Barack Obam. Feckless leader.

    Which Smokey Robinson tune is most appropriate? Tears of a Clown or Tracks of My Tears?

  10. “The Iranians hold the Obama legacy in their hands,” he said. “We are constrained and we are acquiescing to a certain degree to ensure we maintain a functional relationship with the Iranians.”

    Wow! Can’t you just imagine Commander George Washington inspiring his revolutionaries with that battle cry, ” We will be constrained and acquiescing to the crown.” How different would our world be today if the allied forces of WWII resolved to acquiesce to Hitler and to exercise constraint against German aggression and atrocities?

    Yep, a battle cry for the ages “Be constrained and acquiesce!”

    Standing on principal and upholding longterm alliances be damned! Obama’s way is to cave to adversaries and throw allies under the bus. Yep! A show of weakness, that’s sure to work with Iran. Governing according to the wimp-ass, pansy doctrine.

  11. dot48
    January 6, 2016 at 7:14 am

    and Paul Ryan has the balls to get on tv and say they are introducing a bill to defund ObamaCare .. AFTER they funded it back on Christmas Eve

    So they were for it before they were against it

    and they have the gall to wonder why the country does not trust their asses???

    Looks like he finally shaved too

    Ryan is about to be primaried (it may be next cycle). And the beard made him look like a goofy suicide bomber wannabe. Not a good look for a boy wonder congressman. The Obamacare stuff is a ruse for the election. It will fail of course like it is supposed to do. I don’t think their shit is working anymore. Lucky Donald is coming. New rules. New game. Smarten up Congress.

  12. I watched that “Frontline” show last night on PBS incorrectly titled imo “Netanyahu’s War”. Obama really pulled a number over Bibi who surprisingly thought 1) Romney would win the election and 2) even after Romney lost that he he had enough dems support to defeat the Iran deal. Bibi then had no choice but to hope the republicans and a few dems could kill the deal bit it was a fate accompli. This would not have happened if Begin (rip) was prime minister.


    While Obama quotes the more than 30,000 gun deaths in a year — omitting that 60 percent are suicides, 6 percent are gang related, 3 percent are accidents, and the vast majority of the rest occur in urban areas — TheDCNF found that a noteworthy number of kids, the elderly, and women successfully defended themselves against criminals by use of gun fire.

    TheDCNF analyzed 195 random incidents where gun owners used firearms to save their lives, and often the lives of others. We wanted to know, not just how many perpetrators were killed, but how many potential victims were saved. [snip]

    Of the nearly 200 cases we analyzed, people carrying guns saved at least 283 potential victims, whether it was a man protecting his family from thugs or a 9mm-toting grandma warding off a burglar in her living room.

    In 60 of those cases, the single gun carrier was the only potential victim. In 43 cases, there were 2 potential victims. In nine cases there were three victims and in nine more cases there were four or more victims.

    In 74 cases, it was unknown how many potential victims were present but it can be assumed there was at least one. If the 74 potential victims followed the same distribution as the other cases, then the number of potential victims would actually be at least 335.

    In one case, four Florida men put on masks and grabbed weapons in a planned burglary attempt of a Melbourne home in June of 2015. When one of the men came inside, he held a woman and her child at gunpoint. As the woman protected her child with her own body, the homeowner pulled out his handgun and opened fire on the robbers. The criminals fled, one injured, and the three victims were left unharmed.

    The data shows that little less than a third of the people defending themselves with guns were women. Of the 173 cases where gender is known, 133 were male and 40 were female.

    The most common age of a defender was middle aged, in their 40’s or 50’s. It’s also worth noting that of the 72 cases where the age of the defender is known, 15 defenders were elderly people over 60 years old and 10 were minors under 18 years old. They were most often defending themselves against adult males under 30 years old.

    Phyllis Law, a 63-year-old Alabama grandmother, was a victim of multiple robberies to her home and had even boarded up her windows to keep thieves out. But in July of 2014, a male robber broke into her home, and Law hid with her 9mm pistol while her granddaughter hid in the closet.

    Law told Fox 10 News that when the man came into her home, “I jumped up and just started shooting and he hollered and turned around and ran A lot of them come in people’s house, kill them, take what they want and leave. Like I said, not here.”

    Young people used guns for self defense as well. In September of 2014, an 11-year-old Oklahoma girl awoke around 4 a.m. to find that a man had broken into her home and stabbed her mother. The girl grabbed a handgun and shot the man twice, saving her mother’s life. The mother said she had just taught the daughter how to use the gun for self defense the week before.

    Gun carriers were able to defend themselves usually without killing the suspect. Of 217 suspects in our analysis, 148 survived their encounter with a gun carrier, whether they survived a gunshot wound or simply fled. The remaining 69 were killed, so more than half the suspects involved survived.

    Most often, when people used guns to defend themselves, it was in the home. Of the 194 cases where location is known, gun owners used firearms to defend the home 114 times. They pulled the trigger in a place of business or in public about 40 times each.

  14. Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, a Fordham law professor has some sensible things about Mr. Obama’s heroic effort to solve the gun problem once and for all, his tears of joy at having succeeded, and the wildly popular reaction of big media who singing for hes a jolly good fellow, another strike, set them up in the other alley. No lame duck he. On the contrary, this is a case of there is only god Allah, and Obama is his profit (sp). Here too, we find word of adulation, not condemnation. Well, maybe not.
    Obama’s policy is long on show and short on substance. Want proof? When Obama’s pressman Ernst was asked which of the recent gun deaths that Obama’s wall to wall solution to the problem would have prevented, Ernst stood there with his thumb up his ass. He would have been better off taking the fifth.

    The great big media beloved messiah, first black president, who was put on earth to save the planet oversold his solution that the entire problem is solvable PROVIDED the public gives up it freedom to bureaucrats like, oh who might that be . . . Lois Learner. This is of course pure snake oil, but what else should we expect from a snake—like Obama.

    Mr. Obama, for all his greatness, is loathe to address the important policy issues because they do not yield to easy answers. So they sell the sizzle not the steak. And big media revels in it. The professor then wonders whether the messiah is desperate, deluded, or simply pandering. I say none of the above. He is simply doing what he does best, i.e. bamboozling and playing the race card wherever and whenever possible.

  15. I would like to see and hear a reporter ask O how many of the thousands of prisoners he has released and plans on releasing have used guns in the crimes they committed???

    far be it for O to care if the criminals have guns when he is so fixated on controlling the average American…

  16. I would also like to hear a reporter ask Hillary how she feels about all the illegal immigrants crossing the border…and if she believes that the enormous amount of drugs coming across our open border with Mexico has anything to do with the heroin epidemic in New England and specifically in New Hampshire?

    …and what would she do to immediately stop the illegal drugs that are pouring in through our Mexican borders…particularly if she cannot get immediate action on “comprehensive immigration”

    or would she do nothing and leave them wide open like O has

    What, if anything, would she do about the illegal drugs coming in…in the ‘meantime’?

  17. …maybe Macy’s should bring back the Trump ties…


    Macy’s Inc. on Wednesday outlined plans to cut $400 million in annual costs by closing stores and cutting thousands of jobs, after what it called a “disappointing” sales and earnings performance in 2015.


    probably did not help when all those people cut up their credit cards because Macy’s went PC

  18. The elites lost faith in democracy a generation ago, and began this pc shit to protect their power. The left has rejected democracy and fully embraced totalitarianism and pc. And now, quite understandably, except to the elites, the people are giving both of them a big fuck you. The bond of trust is broken, never to be restored again. The only hope we have is a candidate from outside this uber corrupt system.

    Here is Richard Fernadez’s latest essay con these points:

    States fail not from a lack of a police but from a surfeit of lies. Societies die from the loss of trust. Joel Kotkin of the Daily Beast believes that “the disconnect between the hoi polloi and the new bureaucratic master race has spawned a powerful blowback” the world round. “Support for the EU is at record low … the extreme discontent in America—epitomized by the xenophobic Trump campaign—reflects a similar opposition to bureaucratic overreach.”

    Because action and reaction feed each other the gap can only be expected to widen. “This conflict can be expected to grow as new federal initiatives … stomp on even the pretense that cities might have any control over their immediate environment. ” The preferred relationship is morphing from one of trust to one of dominance.

    this new centralist ruling class … relies not on tradition, Christianity, or social hierarchy to justify its actions, but worships instead at the altar of expertise and political correctness. …
    As the Obama era grinds to its denouement, grassroots democracy, once favored by liberals, is losing its historic appeal to the left. Important progressive voices like Matt Yglesias now suggest that “democracy is doomed.” Other prominent progressives, such as American Prospect’s Robert Kuttner, see the more authoritarian model of China as successful while the U.S. and European political systems seem tired.

    Increasingly the call is not so much for a benevolent and charismatic dictator, but for an impaneled committee of experts to rule over our lives. Former Obama budget adviser Peter Orszag and Thomas Friedman argue openly that power should shift from naturally contentious elected bodies—subject to pressure from the lower orders—to credentialed “experts” operating in Washington, Brussels, or the United Nations.

    It is a false kind of dominance, outwardly strong yet too expensive to sustain. This may be a regrettable development, yet one that is easily understood. Our betters have for decades striven to erode the “we” to the point where the word itself is racist and seditious. It is the autocrats who are seceding as Kotkin notes:

    Levels of trust for the dominant institutions like the federal government, Congress, the courts, big banks, media, and the academy are at historically low levels.
    Roughly half of all Americans, according to Gallup, now consider the federal government “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” In 2003 only 30 percent of Americans felt that way.

    The destruction of trust may in retrospect be the single most destructive act committed by elitist politics in the Western democracies, all the more because its object is intangible and therefore its damage more lasting. As George Orwell wrote in 1984 words can be forgotten. It is feelings that count; real betrayal takes place when you stop caring. The elites may stopped caring a long time ago, what they never expected was that one day the masses would return the compliment.

  19. They did the same thing to that very attractive female reporter for CBS during the “Arab Spring” in Cairo. Why is Hillary not sticking up for these women?

  20. Peter Orszag and Thomas Friedman argue openly that power should shift from naturally contentious elected bodies—subject to pressure from the lower orders—to credentialed “experts” operating in Washington, Brussels, or the United Nations.
    Credentialled experts?

    And Harvard will be the factory that produces them.

    As witnessed by the sea change in the law school curriculum.

    Credentials devoid of morality breed arrogance not sympathy, cruelty not compassion.

    I can think of no better example that Dr. Josef Mengele, and what he did in the name of science.

  21. Six of nine United States Supreme Court justices attended Harvard.

    But the course catalog at Harvard reveals a great divide emerging in American legal education.

    Is law school about learning to practice law, or fundamental transformation?

    Elite universities are graduating lawyers who seem most qualified to engineer fundamental social change, not represent clients in court. Law schools in most of America still seem to focus on graduating lawyers who know how to practice law.

    The course descriptions, below, reveal a different approach to legal education at Harvard. The political ramifications for the nation should be obvious, especially when so many positions of power are filled with graduates of elite law schools. That’s not just me saying it, Harvard’s own website boasts of this fundamental transformation:

    Harvard Law School recently undertook a sweeping overhaul of its first-year curriculum. The new curriculum reflects legal practice in the 21st century, adding courses in legislation and regulation and international and comparative law to the traditional curriculum of civil procedure, contracts, criminal law, property, and torts. . . . In the second and third years of law school, Harvard students shape their own courses of study, selecting among a wide offering of electives. . . . Five optional Programs of Study – Law and Government; Law and Social Change; Law and Business; International and Comparative Law; and Law, Science and Technology €”developed by the Law School faculty provide pathways through the upper-level curriculum.

    Sorry, but “legislation” doesn’t reflect the “legal practice in the 21st Century.” I took legislation in law school, and a small fraction of lawyers ever dabble in the area. Lawyers inside the D.C. Beltway seeking to expand the power of the federal government are one exception. I’ve sat in courtrooms listening to thousands of docket calls, and never once heard “comparative law” on the menu. Worse, in most of America, no lawyer has any use for nonsense like “Law and Social Change,” unless politics are on the agenda instead of law.

  22. They did the same thing to that very attractive female reporter for CBS
    I know who you mean.

    Yi yi rolly yi yi polly

    Rolly Polly Candy Crowley.

    whoops a case of mistaken identity

    which goes to show how untrustyworthy eye witness testimony can be

  23. Lu4PUMA
    January 6, 2016 at 7:19 pm

    The media in the EU is still trying to cover up the clash of civilizations and victim blame. The blowback from women in Germany is a faint but hopeful sign of life. Confused that their “leaders” would unleash hell upon them, by women no less like Merkel and that thing who is the mayor in Cologne, and order no police response to save them (you know in your heart that is going to come out eventually), no price in human misery is too high to be paid by the lower masses to convert the world into one fearful, cringing, helpless blob terrorized by the criminal foot soldiers of globalism. Whether it is gangs of Muslim psychopaths in Europe or drug cartels herding peasants to overwhelm the legal system of the Americas, the goal is barbarism and collapse.

    I can’t decide yet if the police in Germany are simply overwhelmed because of the intentionally illegal actions of the globalist monster queen Merkel or if they have intentionally drawn back to bring the horror forward faster to elicit a quick and violent reaction to the Muslim mobs. A German police official, being questioned sharply by the pacifist socialist press on why a refugee center had bullet holes through its windows apparently from high caliber rifle fire some distance away in a gun free country, told them that the borders were open and ANYTHING, including guns, could come in undetected. It is much harder to disarm people than the media were led to believe and some of the native German trash can sniper pretty well. The media forgot they could be road kill when they signed up for the globalist show for elites. So a little buyter’s remorse is creeping in at the same time The Donald is calling them scum (and proving it) in America. Harvard indoctrinates globalist flunky journalists too. A clash of civilizations is always messy. The masses suffer and the elites get lamp posts.

  24. Trump’s kill shot of Cruz right before a debate and a few weeks before the weird, holy roller Iowa caucus was masterful. Brilliant. He didn’t say he was not a natural born citizen. He said that no one, voters primarily, wants a protracted legal battle over every detail of Cruz’s parents journey into Canada to make money, fail, and head back to Texas to work for oil companies. It is minutiae, personal information, a family falling apart with alcoholism and divorce, messed up immigration status, etc and very arcane immigration laws and no small amount of lying (or at a minimum omission) about it. People are tired of this shit and don’t want to get in the weeds (as Scott Adams pointed out). Ted doesn’t have the polling numbers, personal popularity, or enough lawyers to overcome this NOW, at this critical point in time. Ted Cruz ain’t worth it to voters. Thus The Donald wondering out loud that is the kill shot.

    The hilarity of it is that the Democrats probably handed the presidency to Trump. Let me try to explain. ALL of the other Republican candidates are dead men walking. The RNC was trying to come up with some kind of plan for Cruz to siphon enough delegates to make a mess at the convention and so they could “pick” a nominee probably Mr Low Energy or some other donor approved sap. The media was whoring “Cruz is surging!!!” as hard as they could. No he wasn’t. He was getting semi-favorable press and skimming 10-20% depending upon the “religious or severely conservative” ratio of voters in a couple of states. Ted was the last chance to prevent a coalescence of voters around Trump or at least enough to prevent 51% of delegates from doing so. So who threatened to file a lawsuit hobbling Cruz? That progressive firebrand loved by proggies who is a piece of shit Alan Grayson! Lucky Donald thanks you Alan you scumbag. Hillary had a much better chance of beating anyone but Trump. The Clintons refuse to engage Trump. They are afraid of him because he is essentially running on their 1990’s DLC and Blue Dog platform while they have turned into Obot fringers. Thus the Obama progs handed The Donald the killshot to bypass the RNC and get him the presidency. Lucky, lucky Trump.

  25. Mormaer
    January 7, 2016 at 6:05 am
    A wonderful analysis.

    This is a case where the progs and rinos bring knives to the knife fight both of them expected to have with a pair of donor approved opponents who are hell bent on bamboozling the masses. Only to discover that the public sees this phony dog and pony show for what it is, and are emotionally invested in a man on a white horse who will bring back a golden age, rather than the dissembling Kafkaesque age we live in. One of the great insights is that the base is fighting to preserve some semblance of a constitutional order, and they feel a deep sense of betray toward a political class who sneers at them, tears up the constitution and propels the county toward a new political model that negates the power of democratically elected majorities and substitutes in their stead and place a nation run by regulators and panels of experts who are devoid of conscience or political accountability. To the entire big media establishment, including that nevish Me-again Kelly who is just enough of a narcissist after her picture on the cover of Vanity Fair to wonder aloud whether a Playboy interview would advance her career. These are the people calling the shots, and they aint worth the powder to blow them to hell.

  26. Now is the time to get Muslims to lighten up. They should get into the hard rock business whereas now they use hard rocks to stone people. Can you imagine what kind of a rock group they could have, with the Ayotolla as the lead singer. And why doesn’t that useless Saturday Night Live take a roll in the hay with this. That way, Pam Geller would not have to do all the heavy lifting. Twenty years from today, I predict Israel will be gone, and there will be no Christians left in the Middle East. There is no room for them in Muslim doctrine. The entire Middle East will be radical Muslim, just like the entire democrat party.

  27. The Clintons refuse to engage Trump. They are afraid of him because he is essentially running on their 1990’s DLC and Blue Dog platform while they have turned into Obot fringers. Thus the Obama progs handed The Donald the killshot to bypass the RNC and get him the presidency. Lucky, lucky Trump.
    Yup. The last thing in the world Hillary wants is a cage match with The Donald. She is wooden, he is lively, she is constrained by political correctness, he says whatever he wants, she likes arrugula, he likes red meat, a herbivore vs. a carnivore etc., she panders to non citizens, he appeals to citizens. Next stunt will be a picture of Hillary surrounded by the real men of the WWF holding up the sign ready to rumble and real men eat quishe. Very appealing to the working class.

  28. Mormaer
    January 7, 2016 at 6:05 am

    I hope you don’t mind but I copied this entire comment, and an excerpt from a previous one, along with attribution to both you and H44. I like to have ammunition and when, to my way of thinking, a comment hits the nail right on the head, as your does. And if I don’t copy it then and there – I have to hunt through page after page of posts and comments to find it when it holds just the right answer.

    I was espically glad to read that you have the this figured out:

    “…no price in human misery is too high to be paid by the lower masses to convert the world into one fearful, cringing, helpless blob terrorized by the criminal foot soldiers of globalism. Whether it is gangs of Muslim psychopaths in Europe or drug cartels herding peasants to overwhelm the legal system of the Americas, the goal is barbarism and collapse.”

  29. …this whole thing with O and Hillary and the Dems and their declarations:

    first…not even being able to used the words “Radical Islaminc Terrorists” so essentially not even being able to identify the problem and reality…(it is frankly insulting that they speak to the American people like children)

    second…continually telling everybody who is critical of radical islamic terrorists that the critics are creating “a recruiting tool” for the terrorists and creating an environment where ‘peace loving’ moderates won’t help us and instead will driven to become terrorists


    O, Hillary and the Dems strategy to shut everyone up who does not agree with them, make the critics feel guilty and censor them…a pre-emptive strike, if you will, to control American citizens and perpetuate the Democratic narrative…which thus far has lined up with the ‘globalist narrative’ (and in effect continues to destroy the middle class, put us further in debt and in danger and turn the USA into a debtor and third world nation with all of our standards being lowered…)

    except…reality is creeping in…what any common sense person feared would and could happen is happening…and the biggest victims are women all over the world, including in the USA….where these barbaric men are preying and raping women for their own folly and gratification…essentially continuing the behavior that was normal in their own country and now spreading this behavior around civilized societies all over europe and now the USA…and the Dems want us to invite this all in and welcome it…

    this similarly to what many illegal immigrants and refugees have done is supposed to be kept silent…out of the press so no one will even question what our government is doing and the ramifications and what the cost is to us is and is becoming…

    the Democratic narrative essentially sides with their manufactured version of the radical muslim POV and if American citizens do not like that POV then they are to be demonized and shut up in any way possible…we are not to believe our own lying eyes and ears…

    the same tactics are used for illegal immigrants that are destroying parts of our country with drugs…jsut ask the people in New England, etc…and in addition, refugees that cannot be vetted and yet our government wants to bring them in and put the rest of us at risk…and they want to force it upon us whether we want it or not…

    and as I have said over and over again…the American taxpayer is expected to pay for all of this….like it or not…agree with it or not…become a victim or not…

    we are the last to be considered and the first to pay the price…

    this is very serious stuff…fortunately we do have a megaphone that is, crudely or not, making this known…

    Do you want your young children to have to contend with this uncontrolled mayhem…

    this is the crossroads we are at…

    it almost feels like treason…

  30. if I had to reduce all those words above to the essence… it is O, Hillary and the Dems insist that the American people take the side of the ‘muslims’ while never acknowleding ‘radical islamic terrorists’ and disregard our own fears or any disagreement with their POV…

  31. Rudy Guiliani was on Morning Joe this am…even with Joe and Mika trying continually to push the peaceful muslim idea while disregarding the terrorist muslims
    Rudy, who I do not often agree with…gave very comprehensive answers and common sense explanations and answers to this problem…he even used the Italian Mafia to illustrate the reality…he did his very best to make both of them see reality for what it is…not the PC meme they keep trying to push…

    if anyone comes across that clip please post it…he illustrates the dilemma that we face…that dilemma being the Democrats only want us to view this “muslim” issue from one angle…not the total big picture of the issue…and most importantly, the danger that is does, in fact, pose to not only us but future generations to come…

    none of this implies that there are not peaceful muslims…it instead is to set the record straight that there are in fact radical muslims that believe their religion is meant to dominate and that is their purpose…

    He spoke of a need for a modern “muslim reformation’…as other religions have had to contend with…

  32. Published on Jan 7, 2016
    Bernie Sanders Supporters being disruptive at Donald Trumps Rally. Hear what Diamond and Silk have to say about The Bern.

  33. Nothing can de rail the Hillary express as it races toward the nomination, with massive democrat support coalescing behind her. St. Bernard is a dottering old fool, who will self destruct in a crazed hissey fit like Howard Dean—melt before our eyes like the Wicked Witch of the East. The republican party cannot stand to see a woman in the big chair in the oval office. It interferes with their war on women. So they are grasping at straws in suggesting scenarios where she would be denied the brass ring. I am sure she will come out of all these scandals smelling like a rose. Her campaign thus far has been a brilliantly executed tour de force. Red skies at night sailors delight. That’s what I say.

    But of course, not everyone is as sure of all these things as I am. Here is an example. Relax. This will never happen. Wall Street will never allow it.
    Hillary’s Watergate Looms


    Of all the welter of predictions for 2016, by far the most dramatic seems to have been given short shrift or swept under the rug — the possible indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton while running for the presidency. Were such an event to occur, it would dominate our culture as nothing since Watergate. Yet most of us put it in the back of our minds, thinking it could never happen and focusing on the latest back and forth with Trump.

    Nevertheless, as pointed out on PJM by Debra Heine, it very much could happen. Heine cited Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday radio interview with former U. S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe DiGenova, some of which went as follows in verbatim transcription (you can listen to the full interview here):

    DiGenova: Hillary Clinton’s going to have problems because of what’s in the emails, but also the classifications. Her biggest problem right now is the FBI. They’re not going away. They have reached a critical mass in their investigation of the Secretary and all of her senior staff. And, it’s going to come to a head, I would suggest, in the next sixty days. And, I predict Hillary will not make it to the finish line. She’s not going to be able to complete her campaign. The criminal investigation must focus on her and all the people around her. And, if Jim Comey, the FBI director, is doing his job, which I expect him to do as an honorable man, she cannot be the nominee of the Democratic Party. She’s going to have to be charged with the crime. It’s going to be a very complex matter for the Department of Justice, but they’re not going to be able to walk away from it. She and her staff have committed numerous federal crimes involving the negligent and improper handling of classified information. They are now at over 1,200 classified emails. And, that’s just for the ones we know about from the State Department. That does not include the ones that the FBI is, in fact, recovering from her hard drives.

    Ingraham: Do you have confidence that Loretta Lynch, from what we saw with her handling of the Baltimore riots and all that, is going to okay, green light an indictment of Hillary Clinton in an election year? (3:21)

    DiGenova: I believe that the evidence that the FBI is compiling will be so compelling that, unless she agrees to the charges, there will be a massive revolt inside the FBI, which she will not be able to survive as an Attorney General. It will be like Watergate. It will be unbelievable.

    I know DiGenova slightly and he is an extremely smart guy, but he’s also a dyed-in-the-wool Republican who would like nothing more than to see Hillary fall. On the other hand, he’s a longtime Beltway player with a lot of friends at the top levels of law enforcement. I wouldn’t for a minute dismiss what he is saying, nor, I’m sure are people at the upper echelons of the Democratic Party. It’s not for no reason the Daily Mail is suddenly reporting “Candid Joe Biden says he ‘regrets’ his decision not to run for president ‘every day’ as he admits to having second thoughts.” Maybe he knows something.

    Whatever the case, as the unthinkable becomes thinkable, several possible scenarios emerge, all with mind-boggling ramifications: 1. We learn the FBI recommends an indictment and Lynch goes forward. (What next? Trump versus Sanders? A brokered convention turns to Biden? Whoever is chosen the Democratic Party would be deeply wounded.) 2. Lynch does not go forward but word leaks out the FBI had recommended that she do. (A recipe for civil war — or something close). 3. The FBI doesn’t recommend but whistle blowers come out to say they should have. (Chaos with FBI Director Comey under attack.) 4. Nothing happens — what Obama would call “transparency” but the rest of us might call stonewalling.

    I was leaning to 4, but now something (respect for Comey? DiGenova’s knowledge?) tells me it’s 1 or 2, both of which mean buckle up and bucket up (on popcorn). If it’s 1, Lynch will have done us all a favor. If it’s 2, there will be blood on the tracks all over Washington and our television sets may explode, as Lynch goes down in infamy, but we the people (probably) come out okay. In either case, 1 or 2, we will be watching one of the greatest public exercises of karma in modern times.

    One other development might be making it especially bad for Hillary. North Korea is back in the news with their recent explosion of a quondam H-bomb, reminding us that the insane NORKs are still there and also reminding us (and the FBI, we can assume) that top-secret satellite maps of North Korea appeared unauthorized on the Clinton’s personal email server. That would put the average citizen in jail in a heartbeat.

  34. where these barbaric men are preying and raping women for their own folly and gratification…essentially continuing the behavior that was normal in their own country and now spreading this behavior around civilized societies all over europe and now the USA…

    And I believe it is only going to get exponentially worse. They say that 80% of the refugees are young, strong men. They’re not all from Syria, but whichever hellh*le they’re from, they don’t have equal numbers of submissive, bad women who must be punished, wearing sheets to mate with. Freed up from oppressing their own mate, they’re going to be forcing themselves on European women even more. Sometimes just for the fun of control, and sometimes to hopefully make babies, to hasten the takeover..

  35. A friend of mine was railing today against Trump whom he called an orange haired baboon. He voted for Obama and has since acknowledged his error. How long will it be before the acknowledges this one. Worse however, he questioned the judgement of the base who supports Trump, when it is his own judgment he needs to be questioning. These points raised by the estimable Monica Crowley shed light on the matter, so he will understand what we here understand not just intellectually, but more important viscerally.



















  36. Wow. From 1st wave to 2nd wave to 3rd wave erasing all the hard work and learning that came before and leading back to square one….


    In the wake of the wave of organised sexual assaults perpetrated against German women on New Year’s Eve, many commentators have been patiently waiting for the feminist reaction to this grotesque display of male violence. Well, it seems to have arrived, but not in the way you might imagine.


    The reaction of the Feminist establishment media here in the UK has been equally misconceived and mealy mouthed.

    Publications which readily accuse universities and sport clubs of peddling “rape culture” have declined to describe a culture that rapes en mass as such.

    The feminist mayor’s blatant “victim blaming” had to be pointed out to many feminists, and none batted an eye lid when Chancellor Merkel had to clarify that the rapists should be prosecuted “regardless of their background.”

  37. lorac
    January 7, 2016 at 11:51 pm
    That woman holding the poster in the picture will very likely change her tune once she becomes a victim of those creeps unless she is truly deranged. As the saying goes, a conservative is a former liberal who got mugged.

  38. lorac
    January 7, 2016 at 11:14 pm
    Yup, if the father is a Muslim, so too will his children.

  39. The reaction of the Feminist establishment media here in the UK has been equally misconceived and mealy mouthed.
    Naw—they are not feminists any more than gloria steinem is a feminist. They are progs.

  40. The clue?

    When they refuse to condemn allies when they abuse women and-

    When they attack vilify women who do not support their political party

    Then they have no right to call themselves feminists

    They are more concerned about being part of the elite class, than standing for principles.

    Or, maybe they are sunshine femininists

    Like Rubio is a sunshine conservative

  41. Yesterday afternoon I tried to bone up on the Ted Cruz “problem”. Since he has been decreed the only “true conservative”, whatever the hell that means in purity test world, and asses like Levin had gone on spit flinging rampages that “it is over dammit!” and he is a natural born citizen you ignorant moron racists!!! I felt like I was in Obot Progland in 2008. Sneering, hyperventilating, demeaning, shut up! asshole!!! was everywhere from Cruzbots. They are scared. They know something is off. Now this: Ted identified as a dual citizen while at Princeton anyway. How globalist and citizen of the world! Does this make him eligible? I don’t know or particularly care at this point. The constitution was written so that presidents only have one allegiance and it didn’t include our cousins to the north. He may have some problems in Texas because he didn’t fess up when he was running for Senator. Anyway Trump kill shot him right before Iowa and there is not time nor interest of the voters to suss this out in the Supreme Court. I think his donors are going to nail his butt to the wall. But he can represent himself before the Supreme Court in a couple of years.

  42. Who, though, can properly challenge a candidate’s eligibility to run for POTUS on the basis of their natural birth status? Many have tried to do so against Obama, yet the courts have repeatedly shot them down or at least found some excuse to duck the issue, including the US Supreme Court.

  43. I think Cruz, Rubio and Jindal are all counting on the fact that the media and the court system gave Obama a pass over whether he meets the definition of a natural born citizen even though his father clearly was not a US citizen in order to run for POTUS. If the media and courts start ruling on what is the definition of a natural born citizen as intended by the Founding Fathers, then it will raise flags over Obama’s own eligibility and whether anything he did during his term was even legal.

  44. Tony Stark
    January 8, 2016 at 2:55 am

    I wonder if those hecklers at Trump’s rally in Vermont felt the Bern once they were thrown outside without their coats.
    At this point, technology has not produced a thinking robot—which is what these jackals are.

    But they have their counterparts in the smug self aggrandizing over-educated idiots who call themselves intellectuals.

    Just this morning two of those jackals weighed in on a balanced analysis of the collapse of Obama’s grand strategy in the middle east, by acknowledging that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, which was self evident and the time, but I am sure they supported it then. But when it comes to the serial mistakes made by the Obama Administration, they resort to excuses like the fall of Mubarak was inevitable. The fall of Kadafy was assured, rather than acknowledging the truth which is that Obama made a bad situation infinitely worse, and bears equal responsibility. If their point is he is simply a potted plant, and not an aider and abetter of a vaccum which was certain to be filled by terrorists, who he refuses to call terrorists, and thinks drones are the answer, then these jackals need to shut the fuck up. These sweeping assertions of innocence, with no proof to back them up, are useless.

  45. Who, though, can properly challenge a candidate’s eligibility to run for POTUS on the basis of their natural birth status?
    It is a question of standing, which cannot be raised by private citizens, or public officials. The only ones who can raise this silly issue is the party that fields the candidate. Would the Republican establishment dare do that? We all know they are desperate to maintain control of the party, and that takes precedence over the rule of law, republican values, and the base. The question, then, is this: Q: are they that desperate? Desperate enough to destroy the village to save it??

  46. Bill Kristol, George Will and other rinos are definitely THAT desperate. But what about those running for office who are about to lose the Senate thank to McConnell and his betrayal of the base. None of this great unravelling was a surprise. I have been predicting it here for nearly eight years. It was hiding in plain view, for anyone who bothered to look.

  47. I was in the supermarket the couple in front of me was obviously not American. I’m gonna guess and say Central American. She was pregnant and they used an EBT card. I am torn I wonder how many billions are being spent. I broke down and bought a couple of poweballs and thought will our colllective heads pop off if an illegal wins the 700 million lottery.l

  48. Had HRC had stayed away from this fraud, opposed him in the Senate on his fecklessness, and presented herself as a centrist, common sense candidate, she’d win in a landslide the likes of which might only be matched by Nixon / McGovern. When she made a deal with that devil, her fate was sealed. She really must not be too damned bright.

  49. I have no doubt that Hillary will pivot to the center once she secures the nomination and will start saying many of the sensible things that one would expect from a centrist…the problem will be, can she be believed after this primary season and recapature all the people she has alienated…

    the irony is Trump has filled the space that Hillary should have been occupying…but she has wasted emulating O…

    I feel bad for Bill…he looks exhausted…the last thing I want to see is Bill and Hillary dragged through the mud…she made that one big strategic mistake when she went after Trump calling him sexist…I cannot understand how an intelligent woman would not understand the mess she would be opening up

    maybe she is too isolated and living in a very controlled bubble where she feels untouchable but it was so obvious to anyone with common sense that it was going to boomerrang and open the floodgate for everyone to go back in time…and back in time have all the pundits on boths side of the aisle gone debating this whole sorted thing…the war on women has backfired…

    Bill is a world class statesman…Hillary is beloved…I hope this is all worth it to them…they have great lives and another grandchild on the way…

    O really screwed it up for both of them…just like he screwed the rest of us…

    very sad…wasted 8 years that could have been so different…

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