For Unto You Is Born This Day, In The City Of David… The West

Now that you are relaxed after the shopping, the selling, the stores, the songs, the torn gift wrap, the opened boxes, the food, the dinner, the cards, the calls, the exhaustion, the satisfaction, the tears, the happiness, the sorrow, the children, the family, the friends, the snow, the heat, the tree, the lights… remember what happened 2015 years ago.

It’s an epic tale of wonder, horror, and the birth of a child and the West.

Imperial troops dispatched to kill a rumored new born king yet unborn of a kingdom yet to be determined. Astrologer/Kings hunched over their star charts and camels as celestial portents and a strange bright new light from the heavens hovers over the Davidian city of Bethlehem. An enraged monarch unable to locate with specificity the birth site orders the children from two and under executed. Rocky fields watched over by low born shepherds with their flocks of sheep are visited by heavenly messengers with news of the location of the child king whose kingdom is yet to come. Wise men with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, bow in awe alongside the shepherds stinking of their charges and their nights asleep under the stars. A flight through desert roads to safety by the young mother and father to save their child.

Modern science and Hollywood dream factories try to fabricate stories of wonders filled with hovercraft, gizmos, evil lords, young men and women coming of age, intergalactic battles with ships that sail the skies not the oceans, yet what happened 2015 years ago in desert lands, among tribes in servitude to an imperial regime, remains unmatched. That’s because it was not only a child that was born that night. A civilization was born too.

The birth of that boy king, became the birth certificate of the West. A Jewish boy, living in the Roman Empire which itself descended from the city of Troy and tales from the Homeric legends, everything that bursts forth in the warehouses we call museums all our theories and blueprints of architecture, our governance, our music, our art, it’s what we call the West. And it was all born in that little manger in that little city of David.

The Judaeo-Christian traditions and our notions of right and wrong, good and evil, everything that came before and since all wrapped up in swaddling clothes. The dates might not be exact, it might not have been in December, the Julian Calendars and the Gregorian timelines might have muddled things a bit, but yes, the birth certificate of the West and that little child are pretty much one and the same.

Merry Christmas to all.


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  1. A not important detail – but doesn’t “AD” mean “after death”…? So 2015 years ago would be his death, not his birth….?

  2. No, AD is Latin for “Anno Domino” or the Year of the Lord which are the years after Christ’s birth.

  3. The guy who played Scrooge was a fine fine actor. Alastair Sims. Notice the subtlety in his acting–a quick glance or facial expression is worth more than a thousand words. He and Charles Lawton occupy a unique place in my pantheon of actors. He was offered the rectorship of Edingburough University, and he accepted it, a knighthood and he turned it down, but it was his disdain for celebrity that intrigues me most, as typified in the following passage:

    Sim and his family guarded their privacy carefully. He seldom gave press interviews and always refused to sign autographs. In his view, the public’s interest in him should be solely confined to his stage or screen performances. In a rare interview with the magazine Focus on Film he said, “I stand or fall in my profession by the public’s judgment of my performances. No amount of publicity can dampen a good one or gloss over a bad one.”[33]

    Oh, if only our political class could behave accordingly.

  4. Speaking of heroes, one of my favorite democrats, congressman William Jefferson now inmate William Jefferson has taken up residence at a minimum security prison in Beaumont Texas, where he will remain for thirteen years, for the minor offence of taking a $90,000 bribe in cash, and storing it his freezer. If he had spoken to Denny Hasert, he would have known enough to take the bribe in land. Or he could have gotten a low interest loan from Country-wide like Chris Dodd did. But no. He did not. So what is the moral to the story? Three views have been offered:

    1. crime pays unless you get caught?

    2. stupidity does not pay?

    3. the prosecution is a pretext—he was persecuted and incarcerated by kansman wannabes who could not stand to see a black man in the House?

    In the wake of Black Lives Matter, the third view is gaining considerable currency, you will be happy to know.

  5. Now I ask you seriously, and forget about penubras of privacy, plain view, and all that happy horseshit.

    How would you like to have the FBI rummaging through your refrigerator.

    First they come for Jefferson’s refrigerator.

    Next time it could be yours!

    No man is an island.

    I am circulating a petition to free Congressman Jefferson.

    So he can return to the House, and learn to cover his tracks better the next time.

  6. When Boehner rose on the House floor and called Jefferson an embarrassment, and a stain on the reputation of that august body, some people thought he was referring to the act itself, but since they all take bribes in the form of campaign contributions, it is obvious that what he was referring to was getting caught. In the House, and especially the senate, it is fine to steal as long as you do it legally, but getting caught, oh well that is contra bonus mores–or a stain on the reputation of Congress, as Boehner so delicately put it.

  7. VH – thanks! Geez, 55 years and I never heard that before, I always heard it was After Death lol

    Although, after I posted that, I was thinking there’s something strange – because BC is “before Christ” (unless I have that wrong, too!) – so the end of that would be when he was born. I think he lived 30 something years, so if AD didn’t start until he died, those 30 something years in the history of humans weren’t counted lol

  8. If I had been Jefferson’s attorney, I would have argued Jefferson should not be prosecuted for taking a bribe because Chris Dodd was not prosecuted for taking a bribe. And if the judge told me that taking a low interest loan from a company he regulated as chairman of the senate banking committee was not ipso facto a bribe, I would refer him to the low interest rates low interest loans mafia operatives on the Central States Pension fund granted to mafia enterprises in Las Vegas, like the Circus Circus casino, which were subsequently forgiven, were held to be bribes. I would also point out that after this was discovered, Dodd elected not to run again. In sum, Jefferson is no dirtier than Dodd. And if I lost that argument, I would say the sentence was discriminatory, given the fact that Mr. Top Gun Duke Cunningham received bribes from defense contractors in far greater amounts, but received a 5 year sentence. Now I do not think this disparity was racially motivated. I think it is more likely that Jefferson was a nobody, whereas Dodd was part of the Kennedy cabal, and Cunningham was a navy icon. But you would have to say it was racial to get anybody’s attention.

    that he should not be prosecuted because Dodd took a bribe and he was not prosecuted. Jefferson is black and Dodd is white.

  9. I give thanks to the genius, fortitude, and devotion of those who envisioned this blog and all who keep it going.

    At this moment we have yet another inspirational post. Christian or not, it seems many throughout the world share the same values, along with a spiritual connection beyond comprehension.

    May 2016 be the year of fundamental correction America needs, bringing us the realization we’ve craved for too long.

  10. lorac

    I think he lived 30 something years, so if AD didn’t start until he died, those 30 something years in the history of humans weren’t counted lol

    The Jewish calendar goes back 5776 years to date. I believe the Chinese calendar goes back more than 9000 years.
    My understanding is that the Jews were the first civilization to educate all —men that is—that is what the bar mitzvah is about, the culmination of study and literacy. Other cultures at that time in human history only educated the “noble” class. They wanted their serfs / slaves uneducated.
    Jewish teaching is that the Messiah will have arrived when there is peace on earth, everywhere and for all…

  11. A Farewell To Necons? Once can only hope. Spenglar’s comments along that line are noteworthy:
    Every ideology has a use-by date and you’re long past yours. Henry Kissinger did great service to this country by opening relations to China, a necessary if not sufficient condition for winning the Cold War. But Kissinger couldn’t see past the dull calculus of detente, while Reagan foresaw unconditional American victory over Communism–and without you neocons, he never could have done it. You made a Gargantuan error, though, when you assumed that the Reagan Revolution could be exported to the Middle East, Russia and China, and you misplayed the strongest hand that any world power ever held. America went from only-hyperpower status when George W. Bush took office to a playing second fiddle to Vladimir Putin today. No-one wants to hear your claim that we really won in Iraq in 2008 and lost it all because Obama wouldn’t leave a few divisions there. And when the “Arab Spring” came along, you mistook the oncoming express for the light at the end of the tunnel. You and the Obama crowd played “Dumb and Dumber.” You both bought into the idea that Muslim democracy would arise from Islamist opposition to the old dictatorships.

    So Ted Cruz has thrown you under the bus, just as you threw Henry Kissinger under the bus when Reagan came to office in 1981. Tim Alberta and Eliana Johnson record your outrage in National Review:

    So when Ted Cruz, on the campaign trail in Iowa and again in an interview with Bloomberg News, recently pointed the finger at “neocons” in an attempt to defend his own understanding of American interests abroad, the response among some conservative foreign-policy experts — many of whom the term has been used to disparage — was of shock, anger, and dismay. “He knows that the term in the usual far-left and far-right parlance means warmonger, if not warmongering Jewish advisers, so it is not something he should’ve done,” says Elliott Abrams, a former Bush administration National Security Council official and a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

    That’s chutzpah (like the man who murdered his parents asking the judge for clemency because he’s an orphan). “Neocon” became a term of opprobrium because it represented a coherent and well-defined body of thought that produced bad results. To suggest that Ted Cruz is stirring up bigotry against Jews is just nasty.

    No, Cruz is doing the right thing: Just as Reagan sacrificed Henry Kissinger, Cruz will sacrifice you. It’s all for the greater good. For the past eight years the Republican Party has worn the sins of the George W. Bush administration like the chains on Marley’s Ghost. The American public doesn’t easily forget that it was stirred to sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan and has nothing to show for it. A break with the Bush past vastly increases the odds for a Republican victory. Rubio can’t do this, but Cruz can. Like Kissinger, you should glory in your past contributions and let other people take charge. Go with God. BUT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lovely article, Admin. Says it all….

    (Lorac, I’ve posted my response to you in the previous thread. 🙂

  13. When Bambi slips the mortal coil the epitaph will read: Here lies the first black muslim president.

    When Jeb slips the mortal coil the epitaph will read: Here lies a nice man, according to Trump.

    When Bernie slips the mortal coil the epitaph will read: Here lies a yellow dog who loved to chase cars, but if he ever caught one, he could not drive. Too old.

  14. The first five (5) books of the Bible come from the Torah (i.e.Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), and although this hymn is a traditional Christian one, it could just as easily have come from the Jewish faith.

  15. Haven’t gotten to read here for the past few days until just now so this may have already been mentioned. Looks like Trey Gowdy is going to campaign with Rubio in the Carolinas. Guess Rubio has promised Gowdy he could be Attorney General or on the Supreme Court??

    Also, Wbb, do you have the source for your 1:48 post? I’d like to pass it along but need the source first. Thanks

  16. ALSO…Gowdy to campaign with Rubio in Iowa. Guess Trey was way more of an establishment Republican than was previously thought.

  17. Lorac
    I am 6 years your junior, do you not remember when the PC police tried to make it Common Era(CE) and BCE? Was around the same time they tried to abolish inches and go metric.

  18. henry, no I don’t remember that! But I DO remember all those threats about metric. They kept threatening and nothing ever happened.

    You say the “PC police” – where they from the church, or politicians, or historians….?

    But remember, my memory is 6 years your memory’s senior 🙂

  19. Donald may be crude at times, even cringe worthy, but he’s a winner, an American winner, not a globalist winner.
    He has negotiated major deals all over the world, I have no doubt he holds the respect by a large majority of those leaders.
    Could care less about Cameron. .he’s already sold out Britain
    He’s a muppet for the globalists. Britain will be unrecognizable in 20 years or less.
    I don’t want that for America, I want America.
    We need a bulldog that’s what we need, we need Trump.
    All these politically correct bought and paid for politicians, they are selling you and your grandchildren out.
    The fight is now, we win now or we lose America, it’s simple really..
    vote Trump 2016.

  20. So Christmas past, a little off topic from some of the posts over at zerohedge. There is a lot of stuff from Russia and some obvious sympathies there, but as alternative news goes, some very interesting stuff. The frequently discuss the Saudi/Turkey/US terrorist relationships and post Russian documentation, mostly video, to support it. I like the ones of the ISIS oil tanker bombings the best.

    These is also this very interesting story about a gold scam that is unfolding. The Saudi’s are in the middle of it and the US may be implicated. Just to show how crazy the global economy is and how there is no place really safe to invest, when your governance is one of the biggest crime organizations around:

    So, is the former CEO of Gold.AE the criminal mastermind, the person who was responsible for the Turkish gold presence in Dubai, and the one who defrauded Gold.AE… or is he merely the fallguy: after all the new management team, according to Arabian Business, had been at the company since March: how could it take it 9 months to uncover that the company was nothing but a hollow shell, whose assets had been pilfered by the previous management.

    And if indeed this crazy story which has every possible James Bond element in it culminates with a case of scapegoating, does that immediately mean that Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa, a person at the top of the Gulf’s political and financial oligarchy, is involved. Because if he is, so is the US, as nothing happens in Abu Dhabi without the United States being aware of it. Finally, if that is the case, it means that not only did the US sanction what has been the world’s biggest gold smuggling ring, but that is implicitly gave Iran its blessing to use berterable Turkish gold in order to bypass sanctions imposed by… the United States!

    In the next installment of this action and mystery-packed series, we hope to uncover just what the role of the “developed” countries was in this massive smuggling operation, and perhaps even more importantly, where did Turkey end up buying hundreds of tons of gold which it subsequently sold to Iran and where did the Iranian gold ultimately end up?

  21. Like SB, I haven’t had the opportunity to spend time here for the past several days – occupied by Christmas miracles and disasters. Lovely post Admn. Hope all here had and/or are having a wonderful holiday season – whatever their religious orientations.

  22. This is an interesting clip. Andrea Mitchell tried to navigate her way through a crowd of press dogs, so she can interview St. Bernard. She is crushed by the crowd, who is tired of seeing her push her way to the front. And yet, she manages to squeeze through, more than a little dazed, and pretty shaken. And of course its St. Bernard to the rescue. But there is another part of this which caught my eye. Like her or not, she kept her composure, better than most people would. Just imagine for example how Matthews, or Madcow would have reacted. I have seen this quality in Andrea before, this grace under pressure. I saw it when she appeared on O’Reilly, and Bill-O tried to get her to say that the company she worked for was biased. Again, she held her ground and kept her composure, even when Bill-O was laying it on thick, and later apologized. Politics notwithstanding, this is an admirable trait. Put differently, you can disagree with her politics, which I most certainly do, you can call her an ideologue, as I have, and still admire her for this attribute of character.

  23. I offer no similar defense of Obama. He is a fucking slug. When he appears to be keeping his cool, he is either medicated, or just doesn’t care. That is the truth behind no drama obama. And it is no virtue. But then there are those times when he does care, mainly over some perceived slight, or refusal by some third party to buy his bullshit. Then we see the angry ossified child, in all his pettiness. By unanimous accord he makes it into the pantheon of worst presidents. He and Buchannon are the leading candidates in that missed America contest. In that contest, I would give the bouquet of roses to Obama. Lord know, he earned them.

  24. It is probably the right thing for him to be saying at this point, even though we are sick of hearing it. It resonates with the base, and it rebuts the war in women diatribe which she is launching against him. The subtext reads, you accuse me of sexism, yet you tolerate it with your own husband. But I think it works the other way in the general election, because most of us are sick of hearing about it, and the good far outweighs the bad, where Bill is concerned. Even when they were going after him with both guns blazing his popularity rose to around 70%.


    It talks to why Cruz is not the one wbb, not yard dog tough enough for the times. ..
    As far as BC goes, have a lot of love for him, but Not his sexual romps in office. It was a great disgrace and extremely demeaning to Hillary. I’m not sure she handled it right, but who am I to say. That part deserves to be private. He seemed forgiven too easily.
    Truth is he could have put the country in jeopardy but the Republicans overplayed their hand and yes he was even more popular.That being said, Hillary should not go there in my opinion.

  26. It’s hard to know what we will do until we walk in someone else’s footsteps. I well remember during the height of the fever to impeach Bill Clinton for doing what probably a big majority of the Congress people and governors were doing as well at the time. Remember when David Vitters’ wife attacked Hillary for staying with Bill, etc. Then later when it was revealed that ol’ David himself was going to prostitutes with his diaper wearing fetish. When he had a press conference and confessed, blah, blah, who stood right there beside him all meek as could be….yep, MRS. David Vitters who as far as I know is still his wife.

    I do agree, Bill Clinton was wrong, wrong, wrong to behave in that manner but on the positive side, I suppose he helped to build the economy and give many like O’Reilly, Hannity, and those who wrote the mountain of Clinton hate books and articles good jobs. [wink]

  27. imho…this whole ‘war on women’ is baloney…just another way to divide and conquer…and to make women look foolish…

    I saw Jemeau (sp) the black democratic female pundit who I have always liked say yesterday that if Trump attacks one woman he is attacking all women…

    pleaassse…I think women can be considered individuals and speak for themselves, just the way I tried to describe muslims, I think they are smart enough to think for themselves and make their own choices…we are not mindless just following our leader…

    we certainly do not need any political party speaking for all of us…and frankly they don’t…they only protect the ones that agree with them…

    I am really sick of this maternalistic, sophmoric garbage that the Dems push…btw…i did not hear them go to Sarah Palin’s defense as a woman…far from it, the Dems piled on and even accused her of her disadvantaged son Tripp not being hers…then remember Michelle Bachman, and the other repub woman who said something about witches…they were all ‘burned at the stake’…no Dem women came to their defense…Hell, in 2012, the Dems went after Hillary to burn at the stake with them…

    and now they profess to be the saviors of all women…

    pandering, plain and simple…and at its worst…

    if I were advising Hillary I would tell her to stay clear of trying to attack DT as a sexist…for one thing, he is not…he has so many women working for him in high executive positions…just look at his daughters

    because he attacks a woman that does not make him a sexist…since when are women in powerful positions whether it be running for President or a TV anchor/pundit…since when are they exempt from criticism or attacks because they are “women”

    we cannot have it both ways…especially when we are doling on the attacks on men…

    Hillary just do not open this can of worms…no one will escape without getting cut…does she really want to see women coming out of the woodwork talking about Bill…they are already springing up…do not make this an issue…

    just do not go there…

  28. gonzotx

    December 27, 2015 at 9:30 am


    gonzotx…you said alot simply…and you said it well…

    it is time for “big picture” thinking…not the little niddly stuff…

  29. interesting take on all the dump, uneducated Trump voters…or the Trumpkins as the elites like to call them…

    To hear the patronizing wise men of the Republican Party (me – insert Dems and media also) tell it, anyone who would vote for Donald Trump for president must be deranged. “Trumpkins,” they call them, mental midgets and xenophobic troglodytes who’ve crawled out from their survivalist caves in order to destroy the Beltway Establishment.

    How their resentful attitude galls the crack cadres of campaign consultants who brought conservatives halfhearted standard-bearers like John McCain and Mitt Romney to do sham battle against Barack Obama in 2008 and ’12, then return to the safety of the US Senate and a beachfront mansion in La Jolla.

    The peasants are revolting!


    To which his supporters, to whom he is an anger-directed guided missile heading straight for Washington, retort: So what? The irrepressible Trump is already ignoring his rivals and gleefully taking the fight to the presumptive (if she doesn’t get indicted) Democrat nominee, noted prevaricator Hillary Clinton.

    In the movie business, there’s something called the “cheer moment,” when the long-suffering hero finally decks his tormentor with a satisfying right cross. What the Beltway Republicans fail to understand is that their conservative base — which gave them stunning congressional victories in 2010 and 2014 and has nothing to show for it — has been longing for precisely that moment since Reagan crushed Mondale 49-1 in 1984.

    The Trumpkins are sick of winning and having nothing to show for it, and their vengeance will be terrible. Maybe the Establishment should stop belittling them and listen instead.

  30. was supposed to say dumb…but I guess dump will do…since the trumpkins are getting dumped on from all sides…

    and frankly there are many well educated and sophisticated people leaning towards Trump…

  31. Here is a few paragraphs from a longer article by Streiff, the best writer at red state, on how the GOP created Donald Trump, through the failure theater and pistol whipping their base.

    The GOP leadership is very adept at exactly one thing: Failure. It is their religion. It is their way of life. It is their raison d’être. They have raised this to an art form: Failure Theater. Failure theater has given the GOP a way of going along with Obama while seeming to oppose him and using the failure to raise money from the rubes in fly-over country.

    The unraveling started in 2010 when the GOP made the pitch “if you give us the House then we’ll stop ObamaCare.” There was a government shutdown over the issue — a shutdown, like the 1995 edition — that despite popular mythology did not hurt the GOP — and the GOP mostly caved but did rack up a small win, the sequester, that has since been bargained away.

    We got a lackluster candidate in 2012 to do the near-impossible, i.e., beat an incumbent president.

    In 2014, the GOP was back with “if you give us the Senate we will stop ObamaCare.”

    And we know how that has worked out. No matter the issue the GOP, particularly the Senate, got used like a drunk, fat girl at a fraternity party. When the House had a chance to do something about abortion, Republican women who claimed for years to be pro-life were suddenly exposed as pro-aborts. Even national security was not immune as a deal was cut to give the Iranians nuclear weapons and relations with Cuba were normalized even as dissidents languished in Castro’s prisons. Nothing could be done, they said. But give us the presidency and we’ll all kinds of really neat sh**.

    So, yes, Trump is a creation of the GOP. But he is a more specifically a creation of the way the GOP has dealt with the way that the Obama administration has set class against class and race against race. The way they did nothing as he has ignored the rule of law and the traditions of governance. The way they yawned as he has done his level best to destroy civil society and use the coercive power of the state as nothing more than an adjunct of the Democrat party. Trump is the creation of anger and that anger is only going to grow during Obama’s last year in office when he tries to accomplish more and more by executive fiat.

    More than the obvious condescension of those who see themselves as our betters is the utter moral and ethical corruption. We see the same consultants recycled from campaign to campaign, losing with aplomb and getting fatter and sleeker with each loss. We see our contributions to candidates used as a piggy bank by those consultants. We see good candidates, honorable men and women, betrayed by these consultants (see Walker, Scott and Palin, Sarah). We see other honorable men libeled and slandered because they actually practice what they preach and we see the establishment go to the mattresses to support their opponents, even if they are noticeably senile, dishonest, old adulterers (see McDaniel, Chris and Wolf, Milton).

    I don’t know if Trump can be stopped. I am pretty sure the more that Jeb Bush and John Kasich and their financial backers complain, the more that roly-poly K Street lobbyists, drunk on federal cash bitch, the more the Mitch McConnells and John McCains and Lindsey Grahams howl, the stronger the outrage will become.

    The other point that the Obama White House misses — and a lot of folks on our side miss, too — is that the rage is not the exclusive province of disgruntled white working class men. It come heavily from that class, a group that has been shat upon with monotonous regularity by the political hierarchy in both parties and has been virtually attainted (yes, that is a word, look it up) as a terrorist class by the Obama administration.

    Still, Obama’s team refuses to see Trump’s political success as some kind of backlash against the president.

    “In the long sweep of history, this chapter is all pretty simple: The country actually switched from one dominant culture that was in charge for 240 years to one that’s multicultural,” said one Obama campaign veteran. “And that wasn’t going to go easy. But now we’re in the middle of it, so it seems chaotic and complicated.”

    They also won’t concede that Trump might win. The billionaire real estate developer’s six months atop the GOP primary race have coincided with arguably the most successful year of Obama’s presidency — scoring deals with Iran (my italics: an agreement Iran did not sign and the Congress did not support) and Cuba (my italics: an agreement that Congress still has not agreed to ratify) and on climate change (my italics: a meaningless agreement that Congress has not agreed to support) and trade, and seeing previous efforts on Obamacare (my italics: not a complete victory and at the cost of corrupting the Supreme Court) and gay marriage secured by the Supreme Court (my italics: and at great cost to civil society). That this all happened simultaneously with Trump’s rise demonstrates how little support Trump politics has in the country, Obama’s aides say (really? they can’t see the linkage?).

    “It’s not that the country has changed, it’s that a narrow band of mostly white, low- and middle-income Americans are supporting a candidate who is speaking to their anxiety about being left behind in this economy,” said Bill Burton, a former deputy White House press secretary. “Under no circumstances could Trump get a majority of Americans to support the nonsense and intolerance that he espouses.”
    The rise of Trump is inextricably linked to Obama’s destructive presence. Trump may not win the nomination, and I think there are a lot of good reasons to suspect that he won’t, but that anger is very real and it is not going to subside. And if anyone wants to beat Trump they need to understand… and damned fast… that we, as a nation, are well beyond the point of reasoned debate and nuance and we aren’t far away from putting heads on pikes. The White House may not want to believe it but all polls show Hillary’s lead over Trump being within the margin of error and if the nation ever comes to that November Rubicon, that fateful day when they have to vote for Trump or go for eight more years of an Obama with a sorta functioning vagina then they are going to vote for Trump.

    I know I will.

  32. we, as a nation, are well beyond the point of reasoned debate and nuance and we aren’t far away from putting heads on pikes.

  33. It’s almost a new year and instead of ‘heads on pikes’…I am happy that the miserable fool in our White House is going to be packing is stupid bags and taking his creepy wife with him.

    Anyone running for President right now, will be an improvement.

    Chances are we will either have:

    Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton or

    President Donald Trump in one year…cleaning the filth out of that house.

    Either of them will bring real change to their respective party when they win.

  34. The whole idea behind this multi-culturalist drivel is to break down, obliterate and pulverize the sense of national identity and individual in the west, so the populations of those countries accept the new world order of the elites, by the elites and for the elites, and can be led like lambs to the slaughter. In due course, their argument will be exactly what we saw from Zeke Emanuel in the context of Obamacare namely that no one should live beyond 75, because they become a burden on society. Thereafter the left will adopt the useless eater paradigm and argue that the planet cannot sustain 7 billion people, 2 billion is the right number, and we need to find ways to cape the herd. This is the stuff of BF Skinner, and don’t kid yourself, Zuckerberg, until he turns 75, and then we will find there are exceptions to these otherwise sweeping edicts, directives, executive orders. It is not a pretty picture. This is why it is imperative for Trump to win.

  35. Still, Obama’s team refuses to see Trump’s political success as some kind of backlash against the president.

    “In the long sweep of history, this chapter is all pretty simple: The country actually switched from one dominant culture that was in charge for 240 years to one that’s multicultural,” said one Obama campaign veteran. “And that wasn’t going to go easy. But now we’re in the middle of it, so it seems chaotic and complicated.”
    This was the same argument used by the Nazis.

    Here however the master race will be the globalists.

    The left are simply their tool.

    As Oswald Spenglar pointed out, there was not one left wing revolution which was not financed by the banks—the Bolshevik Revolution was financed by the House of Shiff, the Nazis by the Bush Cabal, the Cuban Revolution by Brown Brothers Harriman. So you see the illuminati, the bilderbergers and now the Davos cabal are nothing new.

    This reality is also reflected in the war is a racket speech by General Smedley Butler USMC who won the Medal of Honor at the Battle of Legation in China in 1905. When I was at Annapolis he was talked about, but in civilian society he is a mostly forgotten man, because the elites get to write history, and why should they ever deign to acknowledge a man with integrity who blew the whistle on their corrupt practices. It seems to me that weeding out the influence of the Bush family from the political system is very important. It takes real chutspa for one family to thing it can be the 41st, 43d and 45th president. “On what meat doth Caesar feed that he has grown so great?”

  36. wbboei
    December 28, 2015 at 9:47 am
    This was the same argument used by the Nazis.

    Not teaching history in the west has let this slip in unnoticed except by history literates. Globalists (who are at core corporatist like all good fascists), global climate changers (whose sole goal is to transfer wealth and power from energy producers), and social progressives who worship power government parallel fascist doctrine development with the substitution of master race for multi-multiculturalism which is working out possibly worse than that horror show did. Like historical fascists they are also deeply and remarkably incompetent. They can fake it for a while but it blows up in their face sooner than later when structural weakness rears its ugly head. It basically collapses because it is deeply stupid. Trying to teach people how to be murdered by their new masters seldom succeeds since human survival instinct eventually kicks in. Globalist eco-tard progressives cannot admit this or what they have been up to or they will be tried for crimes against humanity as they should.

  37. Trump as usual is right. He is brilliantly fighting to keep the important issues front and center and shut down all the hot button PC issues all the other players are using to distract the voters.
    Hillary is wrong to raise the sexism issue. lets all focus on jobs, illegal immigration, foreign policy and trillions of debt.

  38. totally disgusted…

    not only is Hillary wrong for bringing up the “sexism” issue…how about the chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    If there ever was a woman that I am embarrassed and annoyed by it is Debbie Wasserman Schultz…

    She, in no way, speaks for me or on my behalf…

    to me, she is the female version of Harry Reid…and they are part of the reason I have become an independent…the both of them are absurd in their own self aggrandizing bubbles…

    DWS insults the intelligence of independent women…

  39. Soros has issued a challenge to Trump,basically trying to teach us how to be murdered for his open society. He wants DT to tweet him back.

  40. For all the times Bill breathed fresh air into the creep
    When the creep was going down,
    I don’t mind Donald going after Hillary via Bill.


    David Spade Thinks President Obama Is Too ‘Thirsty’ For Attention

    “I thought a president should have a little more dignity.”

    David Spade has criticized President Barack Obama for being a little too “thirsty” for the spotlight.

    In a new video posted by TMZ on Sunday, the comedian voices his opinion about the president and first lady appearing on reality TV, magazine covers and talk shows. (“Michelle Obama’s on ‘Ellen’ more than I am,” Spade notes.)

    “What president is doing reality shows?” Spade asks in the clip, adding, “I thought a president should have a little more dignity [than that].”

    He also criticizes Obama’s recent GQ magazine cover, saying that the president should “leave that to Bradley Cooper” because, as POTUS, he’s already “above all of us.”

    In general, Spade considers the Obamas “a bit thirsty” for his own tastes, but admits that we’re just living in a different time.

    “It’s just a new world. I’m not used to it. It just seems a bit thirsty for me, that’s all,” he says. “I think they’re going to do fine, but they’re plotting [for] after the White House.”

    His final words of wisdom to POTUS?

    “All right, guy. Relax, you got it.”

    This is the second time this month the comedian has criticized Obama. On Dec. 14, Spade shared a tweet with his followers wondering “wtf” the president was doing on Bear Grylls’ reality show.


    Why is Obama on Bear Grills trying to survive in the tundra? Isnt the idea to keep the prez alive? And why is he on a reality show?Wtf ?
    — David Spade (@DavidSpade) December 14, 2015


    just wait until O is out of office and people start expressing themselves…

    the world is falling apart and O and MO are on reality shows and vacationing in Hawaii


    Now as the Obama family departs Friday on its annual holiday vacation to Hawaii, new estimates put the price tag of the Obamas’ 2015 trips that are all or largely personal at $11.6 million for travel costs alone, according to the conservative group Judicial Watch, based on federal government records. That brings the overall cost of personal or largely personal travel to at least $70.5 million since Obama took office in 2009, according to the group’s analysis

  42. Understand the middle east conflict, for dummies.

    1. Faction 1: Obama, and the EU: they want BIG HEADLINES for the western press. That mean nothing to the fighting forces on the ground, and get millions killed. So they are keen on middle east peace talks, in this case to discuss the civil war in Syria where the combatants show up for show and collect taxpayer dollars, with no intention of settling anything. Their strategy play the game of rope a dope with Obama and Kerry. You might say they know a dope–two dope smoking dopes when they see them.

    2. Faction 2: The Shia thugs and my friend Vlad the Impaler–he tells Obama to bend over, Obama complies for the photo op, and lo and behold Vlad impales him. Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian proxies in Iraq like Badr, Asaib Ahl al-Haq and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis’ Kataib Hezbollah comprise this cast of characters. In the end they will prevail, thanks to the $150 billion Obama has given them to fund terrorists who will eventually attack this country. This is the group Russia is betting on. They want to preserve Asad, and Obama is backdoor channeling with them, while telling the world he is not. (Comment: have you noticed everything Obama says is a lie, so why does anyone listen to him?)

    3. Faction 3: The Sunni resistance, which is tied to the petro dollar and will go kaput in time, when we develop alternative energy sources. This group consists of is a less cohesive but strengthening alliance that comprises Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and the UAE. As noted, Obama is quietly selling him down the river and you can bet your bottom dollar they will be trying to influence our next election in a big way. A wall of Arab money is pouring into Washington and not a penny of it will be used to help our wounded warriors. It, meaning all of it, will go into the pockets of the political class who will do their masters bidding.

    Saudi Arabia’s possible fragility may be one reason why Putin is tap-tap-tapping at the foundations of the kingdom. The outlook for 2016 suggests a world struggling to come to terms with a situation that has shifted under its feet, caught up in a crisis it will not recognize. The forces unleashed during during the “heady days” of Arab Spring, far from coming under control are continuing to build their momentum. The administration has really given up and is going through the motions of preserving a system that is gone. It is like a dinosaur park supervisor hiding behind a pickup truck in the hope an escaped monster won’t notice it.

    Michael Knights in War on the Rocks argues the present civil war is just an undercard to the scheduled main event; that all the parties on the ground are warming up for the Big One leaving precious little interest for such Western concerns as “fighting ISIS” or worrying about humanitarian catastrophes.

    The first priority of most actors is consolidating their control on the ground. The Kurds in Syria and Iraq are staking out their long-term territorial claims. Iranian-backed groups like Badr are carving out principalities in Iraqi areas like Diyala and Tuz Khurmatu. Abu Mahdi al-Muhadis, the most senior Iranian proxy in Iraq and a U.S.-designated terrorist involved in the deaths of U.S. and British troops, is seeking to quickly build the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) into a new permanent institution akin to a ministry, complete with budgets and infrastructure, in order to stave off the risk of demobilization after the Islamic State is gone. His ambition is no less than to grow a new parallel army equivalent to and subservient to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, boosting Iran’s efforts to take over Iraq’s political and religious leadership. …

    Local actors’ preparations for the next war — or, likely, wars — helps explain the slow progress of the battle against the Islamic State so far. Iraqi Kurdish leaders are open about the coming clash with Shia militias and other Baghdad-backed forces along the disputed boundary with federal Iraq. The Baghdad Operations Command continues to hold around half of the offensive-capable Iraqi military units in reserve in the capital despite the declining risk of an Islamic State attack on Baghdad. Why? To offset the risk posed by the Shia militias. The Kurds in Syria are readying for a future war against Turkey to preserve their de facto statelet along the Turkish–Syrian border. All these actors will use the weapons provided or captured during today’s war against the Islamic State to fight tomorrow’s wars against each other. …

    On one side is the “Axis of Resistance” — actors like Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian proxies in Iraq like Badr, Asaib Ahl al-Haq and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis’ Kataib Hezbollah. Russia has seemingly bet on that camp. … In the other corner is a less cohesive but strengthening alliance that comprises Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and the UAE.

  43. Well… my next door neighbor, who voted for our Muslim president twice, just got her latest Obamacare increase. She is now paying $900 per month for a plan with a $10,000 deductible. Still not a word about Obama from her. Enjoy Hawaii you POS.

  44. Lu4PUMA
    December 28, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    Soros has issued a challenge to Trump,basically trying to teach us how to be murdered for his open society. He wants DT to tweet him back.

    And !Jeb issued a challenge to Trump to debate him mano a mano. Why would Trump acknowledge these idiots? He is already running against his real opponent Hillary. !Jeb is at like 1% and Soros is an old insane man who is not running for public office. What is coming over these people? Talk about ego and narcissism. Who gives a damn what either of them think or that they need some attention? Soros and !Jeb money bombs are not working like they used to do.

  45. Bing West was highly critical of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for being political, and not doing their job. I could not agree with him more. How could I? He is a Marine.

    But that does not mean the only good military leaders from from The Corps. (Or corpse as Obama said about Navy Corpsmen–that was his speech writers fault I am sure.

    In fact, the army lieutenant general is the best military leader I have ever listened to. Mike Flynn. His insights are brilliant and rock solid. He says, in the nicest way, Obama does not know shit for shinola.

    And so, while providing a sober analysis of how far we have fallen under the imperious reign media beloved messiah and his untermenchen cabal, the general give us the path forward.

    This is the kind of analysis you get in off the record meetings. High ranking public officials are this candid rarely if ever.

    I wish Trump would select this guy as his vp.

  46. Vickers is an Obama appointee and mouthpiece. The old guard who fought Flynn were the same jamokes who gave us the faulty intelligence on Iraq. But like Cheney they refuse to admit they were wrong. Interestingly, Flynn speaking about Obama, says the greatest leaders he worked for were willing to admit they are wrong, whereas Obama is not. Its like that quote in Liddell Hart’s book strategy, recounting the words of a British admiral at Galippoli watching British troops get mowed down: Gallant lads those soldiers. The always go for the thickest part of the wall. This article is from the Los Angeles Times:

    Gen. Michael T. Flynn abruptly announced his retirement Wednesday as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, after what current and former officials said were clashes with his boss and other opponents inside the Pentagon spy service.

    Flynn’s deputy, David R. Shedd, is also retiring, according to a statement from the agency.

    The agency collects and analyzes foreign intelligence to support the U.S. military. The better known CIA is a civilian agency that reports to the president.

    Flynn, who took over the agency in July 2012, clashed repeatedly with his superior, the Pentagon’s undersecretary for intelligence, Michael Vickers, a senior Defense official said.

    “He was trying to take DIA in a direction the rest of the department didn’t want to go,” the official said.

    A former agency official and Flynn supporter said Flynn was undermined by an “old guard” at the agency who resisted changes he wanted to make. He sought to cut what he viewed as outdated intelligence programs in favor of allocating resources to newer threats, including cyber.

    U.S. must win back trust on intelligence gathering, Obama says
    U.S. must win back trust on intelligence gathering, Obama says
    “Gen. Flynn wanted to take advantage of the budget pressures and the demand for a more adaptive agency to bring change and find efficiencies,” the former official said. “DIA is a bloated bureaucracy with overstaffed analytical elements still focusing on requirements that have been overtaken by applications in technology.”

    [Updated, 4:11 p.m. PDT April 30: Asked to respond, DIA said in a statement:

    “During their tenure, LTG Flynn and Mr. Shedd led an agency transformation that has brought much needed integration to the agency’s intelligence operations, efficiency to business processes and has shaped and developed the workforce – applying lessons learned during more than a decade of war.

    Militants take another Ukraine city; EU adds to Russia blacklist
    Militants take another Ukraine city; EU adds to Russia blacklist
    “That transformation has enabled the agency to nimbly respond to recent crises without having to create special task forces or move people.”]

    No immediate successor was announced. One potential candidate mentioned in the Pentagon is Lt. Gen. Mary A. Legere, the Army’s deputy chief of staff for intelligence.

    Flynn served as a top intelligence advisor to Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In 2010, he wrote a scathing report titled “Fixing Intel” arguing that military intelligence was largely irrelevant to the counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan.

  47. wbboei
    December 28, 2015 at 1:10 am

    He would have had a lot more credibility without the vagina reference.

  48. Trump spokeswoman just said Bill Clinton’s era of prosperity was all due to Newt Gingrich.. haha how do you like them apples? I just mentioned it to my husband and he said, he remembered the vote for BC’s budget proposal clearly and there were zero republican votes. He also remembered BC telling watch the bond market while stock market tumbled and stock market recovered in a couple of days and we had record surpluses until the Bush tax cuts. So fuck her for giving credit to that mfer Gingrich. Of course Republicans will lap it up. You are not all Republicans, are you? I am walking away from Trump. I don’t like what I am seeing, especially the thing about going after BC — Trump would be lucky if he has half the intellect BC has. I don’t like what I see with Hillary either. So it is a conundrum but I will face it when I have to and I am only one peasant.

  49. LU4PUMA…that article is frightening, I heard a middle eastern doctor speaking about this today on the radio…he even said that moderate muslims will not speak out against this…maybe they are afraid…

    however this is an example of where I believe the Democrats and Hillary and obviously O have really let down everyone…instead of pointing out where the behavior of these radical muslims is off the charts, they instead do not want anyone to talk about it because God forbid, we make them more angry and ‘give them a recruiting tool’

    …so instead, Americans are supposed to remain silent and ignore what is going on in the world…all the while as Hillary is going on about DT being a sexist…

    playing this ‘woman card’ is getting tired…time to speak out in defense of women who are real victims…and it is not DT’s fault…

    time to call it like it is…but we won’t get that from the Dems…we are supposed to placate the killers because by some strange convuluded logic the killers want us to go after them, so we won’t do it because we will be helping them if we do…

    oye…the democrats this time around give me a big headache and they sound like fools…

    as stated previously Hillary is playing it safe…way too safe…she no longer projects that strong independent woman…now it is all O3 and call in Bill to close the deal…

  50. Bill Clinton’s era of prosperity was all due to Newt Gingrich.. haha how do you like them apples? – snip – Of course Republicans will lap it up.

    pm317 – I’ve seen that written here and there on republican web sites since I’ve been reading both sides since 2008. It’s not something that person made up – it’s already part of republican beliefs. I think someone mentioned once the reason they believe that, but I can’t remember what it was…

  51. Hillary is getting ready to unleash the bigDog and when she does, she can’t control him so it’s gonna get interesting

    Remember when CNN was so keen on his philandering ways back in 08 to pimp Obama .. I wish someone would find old clips from there to point out their total bias THEN and NOW

    I’m convinced Hillary’s page is run by DNC (her FB page that is) and this is just even more reason for me to question her judgement and a lot of other stuff

    It seems to me like she likes to “delegate” stuff .. ie Benghazi and lots of other stuff

  52. lorac, it is the usual Republican talking point since BC days. I didn’t say she/Trump made it up. But I am not going to sit here and listen to these fuckers impugn what BC did. That is all. BC was good then and BC was good before Trump and he is still good.

  53. S – what we’re seeing is another form of terrorism. They don’t even have to belong to a terrorist group. They just come from cultures that openly see women as objects and something to oppress, and to punish and control through rape.

    Women’s groups have known forever that rape is not about sex, but about control. So basically any moderate Muslim can participate in the terrorism front against women. The PTB need to start acknowledging that not all terrorism is by gun.

    They’ve got women afraid to walk alone, needing to be in groups, wearing unneeded clothing to “cover up”, stay inside if it’s evening, maybe even needing male escorts. Just like their beloved homes in desert h*llholes. Of course, all societies used to be this way, but this culture and religion refuse to evolve.

    The “party of women”, even led by a woman, don’t care. Muslims come first. Who knows why, but that’s the facts on the ground.

    Hmmm… the party of women who don’t truly respect women, and a party full of “progressives” whose favorite people are living in the 5th century….

  54. I think unleashing Bill is more about what Morris talked about, reclaiming some degree of control over the democrat party, and gaining some leverage against Obama, when Comey completes his investigation into the email scandal, and it goes to Lynch, who is 100% an Obama stooge. Also what is being attacked here is money raising for the Clinton foundation, speaking fees etc. some of which would have been traversed in those emails, it is sophomoric to think otherwise.

    When it comes to grading politicians I would be leery of giving any of them too much credit. Holmes once remarked that politicians are like the circus sweepers who walk behind the elephant cleaning up the dung, that being social movements, and in our time technological change and globalization. And while I am skeptical about them doing much that is really positive, I absolutely believe that they are capable of fucking up by the numbers as we see with the big media beloved messiah and destroying live, liberty and property. As a matter of fact, they are rather good at that.

    And to the Obamaites, who tell us that if there are security lapses, and if the middle class dies, it is all for the greater good of displacing those who ruled for 240 years with a multicultural tapesty of peace loving parasites, all I can say to those pricks is two things: first, lay down thy flattering unction, and if that is took Shakesperan for them, I’ll make it real simple: I will not offer you a lst cigarette because by what you assholes believe in that is politically incorrect. But I will offer you a blindfold if you want one, well, maybe not. If, as Mike Flynn says, Americans bought 186,000 guns in a single day, one would think that the obsession of the elites with gun control yet another Quixotic misadventure.

  55. “Bill Clinton’s era of prosperity was all due to Newt Gingrich.”

    Yes, indeed, the Republicans have been on that mantra since the late 1990’s. Newt and the Rep party did it all. don’t you know…not Clinton. If you don’t believe it just ask any Rep from that era who still suffers from Clinton Derangement Syndrome and you’ll get an ear full. And apparently they thought it was okay for Newt to be “messing around” at the same time he was leading the fight to impeach Clinton. That bunch of bull hockey logic always gets me wound up.

  56. pm317 – I always voted for the dem, even if they weren’t my primary choice. I never got involved enough to know all that much about them – just that the dems had to win.

    Maybe that’s why it’s not a big deal to me if they’re attacking Bill. To me, he’s another politician. Well loved, but a consummate politician.

    Maybe that’s why I just see the typical republican vs democrat mud slinging, that’s all I see. We have to have to accept that Bill does have vulnerabilities in the area of respecting women – a serial married horndog. It’s just the truth.

    Hillary starting slinging around the “war on women” stuff against Trump, and I remember he told her to be careful if she is going to do that. I suspect he meant that he’s going to bring up that she enabled Bill’s escapades (which, she did, she went after those women who accused him). Monica may have been a willing dupe with stars in her eyes, but the others have always been out there, saying “rape”…. It makes one wonder….

    It’s interesting to me, though, that she’s doing this war on women stuff. She didn’t do it in 2008, she just talked about the glass ceiling. She let Obama do all his war on blacks stuff, but it always seemed to me that she remained above that. Now she’s facing a guy who has women in the highest levels of his business, he raised and supports a fiercely independent daughter – and NOW she using war against women against HIM? It’s so weird. It’s politics, I guess.

    Anyway, I’m just trying to say that IMO we’re just seeing politics in action. Bill and Hillary are just politicians in the political arena – they’re not sacred people. Hillary is already slinging mud at Trump, and it sounds like Bill is ready to step in and help. It’s only natural for their opponent to sling back. And as beloved to many as Hillary and Bill have been, they have made mistakes, they have vulnerabilities that can be attacked.

    So Trump will attack them, and they’ll attack Trump. It happens every 4 years. I think it’s different for some this time because they love Bill and Hillary no matter what, and don’t want them attacked. But ANY opponent is going to do it, PM…

    Anyway, that’s just how I see it 🙂

  57. I’m actually not all that convinced that Hillary really wants to win. Some of her choices make me suspicious. I wonder sometimes, since she is controlled by Wall St, and there seems to be a lot of Obama control (threats?) over her, if she thinks that the only way to kill Obama’s influence is for the republicans to win.

    But maybe that’s just me thinking the 2008 Hillary is still in there. She might truly be (and always have been) this 2016 version.

    I truly have no idea….

  58. Bill is the real deal, he has already PROVEN that he is a great President.

    Looks like some Big Pinkers have fallen for all the Drudge and FoxNews bs about Bill.

  59. lorac, sure any opponent is going to do it and Trump is doing it too. That does not mean I have to accept it. I won’t. Bill Clinton is more than just a politician. He is an intellect. It is a pleasure to listen to him on any subject. He is a national treasure and I don’t like these Republican fuckers disrespecting him.

  60. pm

    He is an intellect. It is a pleasure to listen to him on any subject. He is a national treasure and I don’t like these Republican fuckers disrespecting him.

    I agree PM

  61. holdthemaccountable
    December 28, 2015 at 1:43 pm
    For all the times Bill breathed fresh air into the creep
    When the creep was going down,
    I don’t mind Donald going after Hillary via Bill.

    Different strokes, Hold’em.

    The accomplishments of Bill’s presidency are on the record. Hard to argue with success. As far as the Clintons’ personal life and marriage are concerned, the Lewinsky deal is ancient history and their relationship, their own business.

    Some pols whose sexual exploits become public knowledge appear on a televised news conference contrite and remorseful, vowing never again to engage in such conduct. One has to wonder whether they have been “scared straight” (not a reference to sexual preference, btw) or have experienced some spiritual epiphany rendering them capable of only circumspect behavior from that day forward – or just how they will refrain from succumbing to future temptations. Hillary demanded that Bill participate in hundreds of hours of individual and family counseling to address his extra-marital sexual behavior.

    IMO she handled this issue in a pro-active manner – not as some kind of door mat, as some tried to portray her during that time. Likewise, in his willingness to honor her demands – which from what I have read were significant – he demonstrated a respect for her and for their marriage and behaved in a manner that was the opposite of sexist. JMHO

  62. pm317
    December 28, 2015 at 10:08 pm
    lorac, sure any opponent is going to do it and Trump is doing it too. That does not mean I have to accept it. I won’t. Bill Clinton is more than just a politician. He is an intellect. It is a pleasure to listen to him on any subject. He is a national treasure and I don’t like these Republican fuckers disrespecting him.

    Totally agree with you and Shadow on this pm317.

  63. Lorac, I don’t doubt that my memory is slipping a bit, but I don’t recall the “rape” claims – at least none that came from the alleged victims or their representatives. Maybe unverifiable rumors. If there were some plausible, substantial claims of rape, the Repubs should be kicking their own asses. As much as they checked this guy out, they should have been aware if he stole someone’s lunch money in the third grade – never mind raped someone as an adult.

    Some pretty damning claims were made by the AR State Troopers, and published in one of their publications. According to what I have read, they fabricated that info at the instructions of some higher-ups. The truth, I guess, well never be fully verifiable. But, again, given the number of hours the Repubs spent investigating him, and the amount of money they spent in so doing, one would be inclined to conclude that if there were more skeletons in Bill’s closet, they certainly would have been found and paraded in front of a camera for all to see.

    The Repubs are down with all kinds of corrupt, dishonest, low-down, behavior. It seems that only sexual (mis) behavior is the only thing that really blows their pants legs up – that, and reproductive rights -also related obviously to sexual behavior.

    As long as you are being very discreet about extra-marital sex, especially if it’s gay sex, and you support state control of women’s reproductive organs, then – anything goes. You can commit all kinds of corrupt , unethical and illegal acts and still be just a good ole boy, in the Repub mindset.

  64. BC is hardly a saint and if Hillary, and Bill are coming after Trump with sexist accusations he has every right to punch back hard.This sainthood of BC is over the top, as is the Republican sainthood of Reagan.I loved Bill, but he was his own worst enemy. He could have been so much more, but he was consumed in self preservation, and I think in some respects, an I blame the Republican’s equally, took his eye off the ball with Bin Laden and Al Qu

  65. I prefer Bill to Hillary but he lacks her discipline and she his natural charisma andlove of politics and people. Obama , despite my disdain for his policies, was/is a very disciplined politician and has by and large succeeded in getting his agenda passed into law or via executive order.

  66. free, I’ve never paid much attention to it, but I have seen references over the years and even lately. I’m sure anti-Hillary forces are probably seeking the women out for interviews.

    Shadow, I never go to Drudge, and I rarely see Fox anymore. And I’ve never listened to Rush and those radio people, just fyi. I’m a netflix person for awhile now. Sometimes when I turn on the tv and scroll, I’ll pause at Fox if something looks interesting. (but in case you don’t know, they’re not pro-Trump, but most would be happy to sling at Hillary – although I agree with the theory of some that if Trump is against Hillary, a lot of establishment republicans (the republican side of the uni-party) will vote for Hillary – because they don’t want someone in office they can’t control).

    I’m not saying anyone can’t love Bill. He was good at X and good at Y, but he wasn’t perfect – no one is. I’m simply saying both he and Hillary have vulnerabilities, and we shouldn’t (IMO) think it is unfair for an opponent to attack those vulnerabilities.

    I think that would be like a Trump supporter saying that he shouldn’t be attacked for his brash way of speaking because he’s a great negotiator, company developer, whatever. He can be rude and crass, that’s fair game. People just have to decide if the whole is more important to them than some of the parts (no pun intended with “some” – “sum”).

    This isn’t about some republican-hypnotizing, or mind-control through watching a republican leaning tv show, that’s just silly and dismissive.

    To me, it’s very simple. This is a competition. Both sides want to win. Both sides are going to attack the other where they think they can have the most impact.

    A lot of people seem to have long-standing hero worship of Reagan. Would it have been reasonable for them to demand that the democrats not bring up HIS vulnerabilities in an election?

    I recently read a Trump supporter comment who hopes that Trump writes his name on the presidential plane once he is elected. Some of these people are getting cultish, and – no disrespect intended – I’m starting to wonder if that could be part of some people’s apparent surprise and indignation that an opponent would attack the Clintons. I wanted to ask that supporter that apparently they would have felt fine, then, if Obama had put HIS name on the plane?

    We’re supposed to support the constitution ultimately, the politicians we elect are just supposed to follow through on that, not become sacred cows. I don’t dislike Bill. I’d rather have a womanizer than an American-hating president any day. But I can’t pretend that he doesn’t have vulnerabilities or say I can’t support someone who would bring them up.

    So, it’s just the usual – to each her own 🙂

  67. freespirit December 28, 2015 at 10:50 pm Different strokes
    From the first time I laid eyes/ears on Bill Clinton 1992, I was his silent cheerleader. I caught news coverage every chance I got, beamed with pride at the new politician, cried with much of the nation watching the 3 of them leave WH hand in hand for vacay after Monica proceedings were over. And I questioned nothing until he began tipping polls for Obama.

    FWIW. I needed to clarify my opinion.

  68. As in the case of Bill Cosby … ALL of those women aren’t liars. Seriously folks. My husband says that the horn dogs will probably discount anything about Bill but he says in the long run, deep in mens hearts they don’t like a womanizer because they know they lack discipline. Just his opinion. I don’t care what BC did, however, if something new come out and Hillary is pushing him out there then it’s game over. Not sure about the rumors I heard earlier probably just that and I’m not making my decision on Bill .. I’m not in Hillary camp anymore because she is JUST LIKE OBAMA and I can’t stand his policies for America! He is ruining this country and Hillary would be just another 4 years … I say 4 because America would wisen up then and she’d be ousted. America cannot take ANY MORE years of these policies people. They are a disaster. ObamaCARE is keeling people I had to give up my 3 doctors who I had been going to for my entire life and travel now 2 hours each way to get care. I hate the Democrat party right now, I’m livid at the shit they force on us and then they decry how much they care.

  69. gonzotx
    December 28, 2015 at 11:49 pm
    I guess politics tends to encourage magic thinking.

    A wise man is a skeptical one.

    Politics is a dirty dirty business.

    Saints need not apply.

  70. Can anyone say they think Bill Clinton was wise? The only reason he got real stuff done was because Newt forced him into the box. Too bad we don’t have a speaker now like Newt, the people elected Repubs to do just that and Ryan failed miserably (not to say that Rebubs have been sorry as a sack of shit .. all the promises they made and all) Donald Trump will win without them because he has set himself apart from them

    I dont’ expect DT to win Iowa because it’s one messed up caucus

  71. Dot48
    Wonder if Bill in Iowa will help Trump. Media keeps saying Trump voters will stand in line for hours but they will not caucus. What can galvanize those with CDS more than taking on the Clinton’s straight on?

  72. I don’t dislike Bill. I’d rather have a womanizer than an American-hating president any day.

    Lorac, at the risk of belaboring an already belabored point….. I agree that a womanizer beats the hell out of an America-haing president. Also agree that Bill isn’t perfect – nor is anyone else. I just think it’s a cheap shot to bring up a person’s past transgressions, especially when he appears to have worked to change his ways.

    But, as you said, to each her own. I really appreciate that you argue your points articulately and don’t take it personally when others disagree.

  73. Not looking for a saint wbb,
    Looking for a fighter, an all America red , white,and blue,street fighter. ..
    I think we have one, ego and all.

  74. …just my personal opinion…but Hillary made a big strategic mistake when she started in with this ‘war on women’ and “Trump has a penchant for sexism”

    SHE opened the can of worms…the Pandora’s box…big mistake…

    what did she expect and what was she thinking…DT has no filters…everyone knows he hits back harder and harder…

    She hit first…he hit back…DT is the kind of counter puncher who waits for his opening and then BANG! thunder erupts…

    now all of us can turn on the TV and everyone is talking about it…and even liberal cable shows are asking if going after Bill is fair game…and they argreeing that it is…even Ruth Marcus for goodness sakes…

    not only are they asking that but everyone is begining to rehash Bill’s amorous days…Monica’s name is being used and exploited…and it is only a matter of time where the “others” start being quoted and interviewed…

    Did Hillary really want all of this back in the arena and does Bill want all of this re-analyzed and brought out in the open to a younger generation that probably has no idea of what went on…

    Bill has achieved Statesman status in the world…he is beloved, admired and respected…do we really want to get in the mud with all of this again…

    Hillary holds the keys to ending this and I hope she does so immediately…

    again, imho…Hillary…and big mouth Debbie Wasserman Shultz with her frazzled head…ahould let this go and drift way into the background…and then get onto issues…because no one will win with this topic…

    the political world with Trump in it is upside down…Trump WILL say what everyone is thinking…and he will say it loudly…so don’t wake the sleeping giant if you do not want to suffer the fallout…

    Why doesn’t the smart, independent of Hillary 2008 come back to life and show her own goods rather than this charade of being O’s clone and the need for Bill to come to her rescue…

    if that Hillary showed up I would be thrilled, but I think she is too compromised by her political benefactors to show that woman again…


    just for the record I will always love Bill and Hill, I believe I grew up politically with Bill’s campaign for 92…I think he was a good President although I was deeply disappointed when he was unfaithful to Hillary…he put her in a terrible position and caused alot of unnecessary pain…however Bill has done so much good for others in this world and his good greatly outweighs his ‘selfish sex life’ mistakes…

    but we can’t be blinded by love…reality is there and all the wishing in the world is not going to make it disappear…

    I want Bill and Hillary to maintain their dignity and not have this election put scratches all over it…Hillary needs to listen to her inner self rather than the dopes that are running her campaign…


    No other president has so consciously tried to divide the country by race since Woodrow Wilson. In order to achieve an electoral 93% black majority, and historic turnouts among minority voters, Obama unleashed a campaign of thinly disguised racial divisiveness.

    Imagine had John McCain or Mitt Romney advised supporters to “get in their face” or to bring a gun to a knife fight, told white supporters to “punish our enemies,” waded into a powder-keg criminal trial to announce the white defendant looked the like the son he might have had, or had a trusted confidant—in Attorney General Eric Holder fashion—refer to whites as “my people” or slur the country as a “nation of cowards” for not talking about racial tensions.

    What Obama regrets is not so much the passions of racial intolerance, but rather why his previous success in inciting and manipulating such tensions has finally became tiresome to the public and contributed to his own present unpopularity. (snip)

    Obama won two elections and transient popularity by community-organizing the country. His class warfare rhetoric, before and after elections, was effective in galvanizing both minority solidarity and white guilt. But those were politicized cheap shots that are not the path to unite a democracy behind a common agenda.

    Obama has learned, in classic Nixonian fashion, that winning elections in Humpty-Dumpty fashion, by smashing apart the electorate, does not translate into gluing back together a nation: win by divisiveness, perish by divisiveness.

    As he leaves office, Obama appears angry at the very reality he created. Let us hope in time he develops some introspection rather than continually smearing those for whom he has always appeared so transparently divisive.

  76. God I wish I could find another blog to go to, and just read Big Pink in silence.

    These attacks against Hillary and Bill disgust me to the core.

    If anyone knows of another site, please let me know.

    I feel like a freakin’ troll on Big Pink these days…

  77. I have no hope for Obama gaining insight. I just want him to disappear completely wbb.
    His legacy is the enormous racial divide he has ca used this country, the violence, deaths caused by his rhetoric.
    The disaster in the ME is both his and Bush’s..
    He will leave this office with a diminish America, without whom the entire world suffers.

  78. Shadowfax December 29, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    Sudden changes, ones not anticipated, are the worst.
    Been there, done that … so many times.
    Hope you soon find your way.

  79. Well I’m of the opinion that any “new” dirt on Bill Clinton is getting ready to get tossed off the shovel.

    Yes, Hillary made a HUGE mistake 😉

    She learned nothing from 08

    Bill was called a racist, and LOTS of other stuff by the Obama camp … NOW they all <3 him

    You are either ONE or the other and Obama is a big snake

  80. America is SUFFERING right now YES

    well all of those who aren’t guilted into supporting the creep and his whole team

    I don’t believe in white guilt or proud guilt

  81. Shadow,
    Hope you stay…always appreciate your comments and insights. You may already know these pro-HRC blogs, but check out uppitywoman’s blog and hillarymen’s website.

  82. I will always think of Bill Clinton’s years as POTUS as the light before the darkness of the Obusha years. I do not give a rats ass about his blow job cover up. What we are seeing now is with this unfetter globalism and greed is the rise of fascism. It has been an attack on the populous.

    It is hard to tell who is who right now. Maybe it will all get clearer.

    I am totally willing to give Hillary a free pass on whatever she has to do to get that nomination. I have a good idea what she is up against and she does not have $billions of her own to spend.

    I do not feel in a position to be fussy about details. We are fighting for our lives. We must choose freedom and we must choose wisely.

  83. …The gong has apparently sounded for George Pataki
    The former New York governor told USA TODAY last month that the presidential race was turning into a “’reality gong show.”
    And now he’s headed off stage, according to the Boston Globe, which reported that Pataki was contacting supporters in New Hampshire that he was leaving the race….

  84. Shadowfax
    I invested time and money fighting for HRC. I believed in her. Those tears before NH moved me. I cannot support her positions. 2008 I took a toddler. Kid is 9 I would never take her to a political rally now. I would go but not feel safe with a kid. Under Obama and Hillary I worry about crowds. I think Arab Spring was manufactured. A social media revolution that was epic fail and fabricated. The media sold it as an uprising of disenfranchasid youth awakened by social media. By chance a facebook founder was on the ground at the time. News flash people they claimed were awakened by twitter earning 5 dollars/day do not have unlimited data plans. It was a poorly written Hollywood script.
    I find HRC offensive. Lying to Benghazi families not the woman I walked to seniors to vote. I fought hard for her she left me.
    I am nearing fifty. Deal with a throwaway child. She thus far is straight A’s under common core(hideous), green belt, takes archery, dance for five years, voice, flute, she won 9 MVP’s in softball, gymnastics, head engineer on an a county program, acting and KIND.
    I am her great gay uncle. I am obsessed with college. I want her to go to Purdue. I have a 529 account. Elite liberal arts schools repulse me. Hillary that I once thought represented what my brat could be now represents nothing I want her to be.
    I ask you my kid is doing really well I work hard to give har a future 8 years from now is my kid going to suffer because of diversity. My goal is Purdue. STEM.
    I have a lot of respect for you but none for hillary. Maybe hillary broke a mold and it was fitting during a time. A debt of respect but not my president and not someone I want the kid to respect. She lies.Trying to be hip she embraces Lena Dunham. Girls is soft core porn. She aligns herself with borderline porn and then tries to sell herself as toddering grandma with a stroller in a joke dress. She looked desperate.
    I like Trump because I think he is the best for my little girl.

  85. I am totally willing to give Hillary a free pass on whatever she has to do to get that nomination. I have a good idea what she is up against and she does not have $billions of her own to spend.

    I think this is the kind of consideration that Hillary supporters here are looking for. They have been here for a long time and to walk away from it all is difficult. Thank you!

    Personally, I no longer follow Hillary with her speeches and other public appearances but I feel a revulsion when people say hurtful things about her and about BC. I felt that about Trump last week when he started to go after BC. Have a little respect for what he brought to the country in his time as president. It is not all about winning but also how you win.

  86. How can anyone give Hillary a pass when everything she spouts now is SO different than she was in 08? In other words you all don’t care if she is Obama in a pantsuit? His policies have been disastrous and she is saying she’ll do more than he did and continue his policies? I get thatwe all were emotionally invested in 2008 .. time has passed.

    There is no way in hell I can support her now, she is a TOTAL fraud and yes, she is a liar.

    I’ll be leaving here because this is a proHill blog and in reality I have no interest in following anything about her anymore.

  87. henry
    December 29, 2015 at 7:29 pm
    I had the dubious distinction of attending the University of Virginia Engineering School the second year they “allowed” women to enroll. But I was very disappointed in the quality of the education, engineering is a profession and you need more than schooling. I was out of there after 2 years. I ended up getting a job in industry and going to school nights at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where they taught the profession as well as gave you an education. Much better for me. I had a really great career but the profession is hostile to women. 20% come out of the engineering schools and half leave the profession. Women in engineering is on the decline. Yes. maxed out at 11% and on the decline.

    My daughter is going to engineering school next year. I looked at Perdue. Excellent school where she can get a good education but the cost is outrageous. We are looking at the University of Florida for in-state tuition.

    We need a future for our girls. Mine shares my love of Hillary and does not like Trump. She does not see the method behind his madness. She has registered to vote and will be voting for Hillary so I do not mind so much changing my party affiliation and voting for him in the primary. The GE is a whole ‘nother thing.

    Our girls need Hillary ’08. That is who I want for my POTUS.

  88. dot48
    December 29, 2015 at 8:13 pm
    I would do anything to ensure the future of this country as a free nation for my daughter and all the other sons and daughters. Lie, cheat, steal – you bet your ass I would. But lack of power is my dilemma. Hillary has a lot more power. But she lost in ’08. Now she is doing it different. Will that change who she would be as POTUS? Somehow, I think not.

  89. Interesting Lu…
    My daughter worked for Hillary right along with me, side by side. Drove 4 hours the night of the UT debate to hold signs, chant, attend after parties, meet Hillary… Now she has her Doctorate, is a Principal at 27, and is full Monty Trump…

  90. Lu4PUMA
    December 29, 2015 at 8:23 pm
    We need more women in STEM, no question. Good that your daughter wants to get into engineering. I taught Computer Science at the graduate and undergraduate level for more than a decade in two fairly good universities. There would be just a handful of 5-6 women in each class of 40. If there were more, they would be Chinese or Korean or Indian women students on F1 visa. My long time Korean student wrote on her SOP that research was glamorous and I hired her on the spot. When I did my engineering in the 80s in India, I was the only female in a class of 30 or so — that was also because I chose Industrial Engineering — wanted to be a trailblazer, (hey, I have machine shop experience). I am also a UVA alum but I was only there in 88-90.

    We also need women role models in high places.

  91. Maybe the Mormons have the answer. In their faith, everyone has their own private universe. Or, if you prefer cultural village. Everyone can be their own hero, trail blazer, and audience clapping loudly like a gang of seals. Contrary evidence would be censored with a vengeance, and skeptics would be burned as stake as heretics. We would mouth the platitudes given to us by our betters. There is no intelligent life outside the cultural village. There is only ignorance blacker than midnight in a Cypress Swamp. If ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise. You the ticket is free, but the return ticket is not available. Yes, Obama IS the way.

  92. There was an interesting article in the NYT roughly a month ago, front page above the fold, stating that for women of a certain age, electing a female candidate as president is a really big deal. However, with younger women, who did not go through what older ones did, it does not have the same seductive pull. The quoted response was “it would be nice, BUT”. This is nothing at all like the ground swell (of fools) who went for Obama, which was race based. I had that discussion with others who are no longer with the blog–Mary Richards, Emjay and ABM 90 in 2007-8. Character and achievement are what move the needle. In one of those cases, she had reached a high tenured position, but had a bad male boss. She and I went to see Hillary when she came to town, and we talked about this. As a Reagan democrat, this does not matter to me. My values take me to whoever will represent them, and I don’t much care which party. I owe my allegiance to no candidate who rejects my values.

  93. Race trumped gender in 2008. It is sad that then some people said woman but not this woman. When odds are against a candidate based on who they are by appearance, mountains have to be moved sometimes. There needs to be a strong desire and passion. It is a shame that has not happened so far for a woman candidate in America. In the first place, the retail politics makes it hard for a woman to run, raise money, and to convince the voter to buck the trend and get out of their comfort zone. We have (had?) a strong female candidate — she wants the job but people are finding all kinds of excuses to buck the trend and she is not helping them or herself.

  94. dot48
    December 29, 2015 at 8:13 pm
    You are absolutely right.

    But that begs the ultimate question:

    Issue driven politics vs Identity driven politics

    If you ignore the issues and focus only on the persona then you are in category 2.

    Then the politics will play off one part of the electorate against the other, while the politicians laugh (or in Boehner’s case cry crockadile tears) and steal for their donors.

    Frankly, this is what we have now, and unless we can get past this first black president, first woman president, first handicapped president, first naturalized president, first gay president syndrome, our nation is fucked.

    When I was in law school one of my professors who described himself as an old new dealer, and one of th finest human beings you could meet, invited a black radical leader to the class room, Tyree Scott was his name. He claimed we are all just “buffalo soldiers”, and that the elites promote racial division, so the people do not realize that the real issue is economic equality, which does not require the destruction of the middle class which is how it is being played now, but to call the elites out on their greed and what they are doing. He would have liked Trump for doing exactly that.

  95. It gets back to the question the Manhattan executive district attorney asked his black subordinate who was wondering aloud whether he was doing the right thing defending the system, which was weighted in some ways against his people:

    “Paul, that depends on whether you are a black attorney or an attorney who happens to be black. You are the only one who can decide that question.” (Note: in other words, which comes first)

  96. Oh, say it aint so . . .

    Another national treasure bites the dust

    Leaving us all in the lurch

    –and streiff does a eulogy befitting this sad event:

    Former New York Governor George Pataki has


    and announced that he is suspending his campaign to be the GOP nominee for president.

    Pataki announced his candidacy back in May, evoking Teddy Roosevelt as his model. He pledged to reduce taxes on manufacturers, cure cancer and Alzheimers, and a more muscular US foreign policy.

    He was sort of the big government, socially liberal, technocrat that the Republican parties in the Middle Atlantic states and the Northeast churn our by the thousand.

    In 2012, he might have been noticed. In the climate of 2016, his ideal of making government work better and just being nice to everyone never quite gained traction.

    As you notice, Pataki’s polling STARTS AT ZERO (0%), SORT OF BUMPS ALONG AT ZERO (0 %) FOR SIX MONTHS, AND FINISHES OUT TODAY AT WELL, ER . . . ZERO (0%).

    Hey George–don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  97. I was mad that hillary and bill did not stop obama in 2012.
    she could have sand bagged him in 2008 and then ran in 2012 but for some strange reason hill and bill have supported the muslim traitor.

    so hillary deserves all the criticism she can get.
    her unwavering support of obama makes me sick.
    whats worse is her pledge to go farther than he has.

    the whole bag of sht makes me wonder if I was really pro hill or more of anti-obama in 2008?

  98. What a weird political year this has been. Most of the media has been fascinated by Trump like he is a snake charmer while the political elites have been running around willy-nilly. I really thought Hillary would have broken away from Obama to more of an extent than has occurred by now. I don’t think she saw Trump coming nor did she take him seriously until too late. She did this with Obama too in 2008. That indicates a not very good political nose. I do not think it is too late for her if she starts breaking with Obama (hardline progressives really) NOW. But she has the problem of a very Obama dominated Democratic party and she would have to exert control over it starting now also. Trump started out fighting a two front war. Against other candidates AND the RNC simultaneously. I’ve called the RNC thing a Trump hostile takeover and Hillary would have to do something similar with the DNC and it is getting very late and still Obama controlled. She must start differentiating herself from him.

  99. The White House has announced that Obama is going to spend his last year in office going on a world tour. Like an old decrepit rock band or something. Where exactly is this washed up cipher going? What countries are willing to shell out mucho millions for a guy on his way out? How will hosting him benefit them with the next president? It won’t. Who pays him any attention at all anymore internationally? Where has he not been already with his golf clubs, enormous entourage and security corps? I bet this fizzles out when he gets told no thanks or we are waiting for a Hillary or Trump visit that would actually mean something. When the going gets tough Obama yells “road trip!”

  100. The White House has announced that Obama is going to spend his last year in office going on a world tour.

    Good! Let the rest of the world put up with him for a while.

  101. Shadow, I also hate to think about your leaving, although I understand why you’re considering it, and feel as you do.

    PM I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. Really good insights.

  102. @Mormaer, hostile takeover of DNC cannot happen until Obama is out of office. But that Debbie person has done a bit to keep other candidates at bay and I don’t know if it was by design. Still a lot of rats and snakes to clean up. Getting the nomination has to first for anything else.

  103. OT but for those of you who have daughters in college or going to college in the future, I highly recommend watching the doc video called The Hunting Ground, a startling expose of sexual assault on US campuses and how and why the universities cover them up. Shocking and sad.

  104. Mormaer
    December 30, 2015 at 7:11 am
    Fine observations.

    Her political instincts are more like Gore’s than Bill’s. Of course, she is no different than her Republican colleagues in that respect. It is interesting. Hillary and the RINO need each other.

    Voices of tomorrow? Or, more likely, relics from another era.

    Responsive to the people? Or, to the elites?

    Living in the real world, where people count? Or in a virtual world where only the narrative matters.

    Committed to making America great? Or committed to world government, such as we have seen?

    Questions such as these are not decided by fact based analysis. They are decided by crass appeals to greed and fear.

    Questions such as these are not decided based on truth. Its all just a bell curve, which is manipulable.

    If you are doing well, then change frightens you. If your sold concern is market returns then a game changer will be your bette noire, and you will rest your case on stylist differences and faux concerns that we cannot have a bomb thrower such as this in charge, we are better than this.

    If you are not doing well, or if you are, but have a sense of the public good which extends beyond your own parochial concerns, or if you are concerned about the welfare of a posterity which as no vote, then you are compelled by your convictions to hope that Trump succeeds, and hope that he turns out to be what you hoped for, because the unmet needs of this society extend far far far beyond race and gender.

  105. Mormaer

    December 30, 2015 at 7:11 am
    I’ve called the RNC thing a Trump hostile takeover and Hillary would have to do something similar with the DNC and it is getting very late and still Obama controlled. She must start differentiating herself from him.

    Ain’t happening.

  106. freespirit

    December 30, 2015 at 7:44 am

    The White House has announced that Obama is going to spend his last year in office going on a world tour.

    Good! Let the rest of the world put up with him for a while.

    The more he vacations and golfs, the less he can fk up over here.

  107. In the color blind society envisioned by the 1964 civil rights movement, these concerns would be understood, and would not need to be articulated as I have just done.

    In the racial spoils system established by the 1972 amendments to the civil rights movement, which have been doubled down on by this perverse president, race is the central concern, and the discussion centers around the single explanation for history: love of the in group and hatred of the out groups.

  108. The more he vacations and golfs, the less he can fk up over here.
    You are an optimist.

    Lest we forget–

    The pen and cell phone travel with the prick.

    The only question is will the loverly Michelle be traveling with him?

    Or will they go to those shangri-las in different planes?

    Try looking at it from Mo’s perspective, i.e.

  109. If Hillary had followed admin’s advice, she would have been in a much better position to win in 2016 than she is now, following the advice of Obama advisers. In other words, if she had stood for change rather than stay the course, she could have pre empted the Trump candidacy. Instead she is deploying the same old weapons like the war on women–to draw in all women, and her Hurculean husband–to draw in all members of the white working class, and Obama to draw in all minorities, leaving her with Goldwater style sweep shades of ’64 so big media assures us, while they assure themselves that their kingdom is saved and the barbarian hordes have been beaten back once again. And who knows, they are probably right, given the mind rot of this culture, and the ignorance of the electorate. Nevertheless, there are, however, some contradictions here. And Roger Simon’s article touches on a few of them:

    Sex, Lies, Clinton, and Trump

    Consider this: when more women than men attend college and graduate school by increasingly sizable amounts (Latina females over white males by 14%!) and the American male breadwinner looks to be going the way of the dodo bird, Hillary Clinton is basing her campaign for the presidency largely on breaking the glass ceiling.

    Not only that, she is accusing her putative opponent Donald Trump of sexism. This is the woman who blamed her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky on the “vast rightwing conspiracy,” apparently imputing magical-mystical aphrodisiac powers to conservatives.

    The Donald — you’ll be surprised to hear if you’ve been living on Pluto — has been firing back, sweeping Mr. Hillary, now supposedly about to stump for his wife, into the fray.

    “You look at whether it’s Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones or many of them,” Trump said on NBC’s TODAY. “That certainly will be fair game. Certainly if they play the woman’s card with respect to me, that will be fair game.”
    In recent days, the GOP front-runner has been highlighting the former president’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, saying that Bill Clinton has a pattern of “abuse of women.”

    Some, like Brent Budowsky over at The Hill, are warning Trump to keep his hands off our Bill:

    When I was growing up in New York, I wanted to be a professional boxer, but was smart enough to know that if I entered the ring with Muhammad Ali — then heavyweight champion of the world — they’d have to bring out the smelling salts within seconds and the ambulance would soon arrive to cart me away on a stretcher!
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should consider such thoughts as he ponders his plan to go mano a mano against Bill Clinton, the most popular living former president and the heavyweight champion of American politics today.

    In the immortal words of the great Luigi Pirandello, “It Is So, If You Think So,” Brent. Or “Right You Are, If You Think You Are.”

    In the real world of (soon-to-be) 2016, Bill may have met his match with The Donald. It’s been many moons, roughly sixteen times twelve, since the yclept Bubba was in the White House and, yes, he has sorta been in the public eye, but not nearly on the level of Trump, and doesn’t have near the capability of commandeering the media the way Donald does. No one has. (When Ali attempted a comeback in 1980, he lost to Larry Holmes and then to the relatively-obscure Trevor Berbick. It wasn’t pretty.)

    More importantly, times have changed and morality with it. I don’t think Bill, and certainly Hillary, would want Juanita Broaddrick brought up at a time when, on our campuses, even an unwanted kiss is legally considered rape, thanks to Title IX. Can you imagine how many instances of what is called “unwanted touching” could come out of the woodwork now if Bill started to pick a fight with Trump? It’s hard to imagine Clinton making it through Georgetown or Yale Law under today’s rules, or even through his freshman year.

    The truth is Bill’s relationships with women are the product of another era, one that is fading remarkably fast in the rear view mirror. There is little tolerance these days for his kind of behavior — no more winking — not in the USA anyway. Clinton’s well known hypocritical wagging of the finger at the television to swear to us that he “never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” may not have looked terrific back when he did it, but today it would seem downright repellent. Imagine it being played again and again next to a Hillary commercial.

    Doubtless Donald Trump has not been a saint, but there is a big difference between him and Bill. The Donald may often be rude. He may be a thin-skinned bloviator. But he’s not a hypocrite. In that sense he’s the opposite of the Clintons, both of them.

    Lastly, what if Trump were to raise the Jeffrey Epstein case?…. whoa.

  110. gonzotx
    December 30, 2015 at 12:57 pm
    Wbb, Mrs Smiths blog, how is she leaning these days, what is the name of it, I forget, old age…

    Trump 100%.

  111. Bill Cosby out on $1 million bail after being charged in sexual assault case
    WCVB Boston‎ – 5 mins ago

  112. This Cosby business could not have come at a worse time.

    Water cooler talk for the ignoranti.

    Two Bills separated only by a common language.

    If the theme of the campaign had been change, and back to the future

    Then Bill would have been the perfect messenger.

    But because she has adopted the war on women meme instead, it may backfire.

    Got that? Her strongest asset may be a liability.

    Because over the objection of most people on this blog

    We democrats in exile

    The wrong strategic team was chosen

    And it relates back to Hillary’s buying into Texiara bullshit.

  113. blowme0bama
    December 30, 2015 at 11:03 am
    December 30, 2015 at 7:44 am
    The White House has announced that Obama is going to spend his last year in office going on a world tour.

    Good! Let the rest of the world put up with him for a while.

    The more he vacations and golfs, the less he can fk up over here.


    take a vacation in your beloved Iran, but be careful, someone might throw you off a roof.

  114. “take a vacation in your beloved Iran, but be careful, someone might throw you off a roof.”

    Wonder if the real story about the real Barack “Barry” Obama will ever be told? When talking with people about him, I’m always surprised that mostly they know nothing about his history or life because the cover up about him and his family is huge. If he were treated anything like the Clintons have been, by now there would be bunches of books already written speculating and also telling the truth about Obama’s inclinations and fraudulent behavior.

  115. wbboei
    December 30, 2015 at 1:50 pm
    December 30, 2015 at 12:57 pm
    Wbb, Mrs Smiths blog, how is she leaning these days, what is the name of it, I forget, old age…
    Trump 100%.

    I always admired her savvy. Does she sometimes comment at the Tree House, there is a rsmith who comments there that makes me think of her.

  116. Why is he not being impeached for spying on Israel and members of Congress!!! Not a peep from the Jewish members of Congress!!! Shameful!!!!!

  117. Meanwhile, HRC needs to have some better quality control on her campaign site. When searching on “Hillary Clinton” her link says

    “Fight GOP Attacks
    John the Official Clinton Campaign …..”

    I know they mean “Join”, but come on. How did someone not catch this before posting? Unprofessional.

  118. Lu4PUMA
    December 30, 2015 at 7:59 pm
    December 30, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    He is spying on congress, too.

    Well, that depends on whether you accept their defense or not.

    NYT asked an anonymous White House official:

    Did you or did you not . . . spy on Congress???????????????????

    He replied:

    Well . . . Obama didn’t say yes (which would mean he lied before)

    But Obama didn’t say no either (in which case he also lied)

    So NSA, which Obama has nothing to do with, proceeded on their own initiative

    Olly olly oxem free

    Whereupon the Harvard trained big media speaker of truth to power replied:

    It’s the wrong game, with the wrong chips
    Though your ass is tempting its the wrong ass
    Its not Obama the ass
    But if some night he’s free
    Then tell him it’s all right with me

    Yup. That’s journalism for you.

    Q-1: mindful of what he said before, and not wishing to speak with a forked tongue, did the big media beloved messiah tell them NOT to spy on Congress?

    Q-2: mindful of what he said before, and not wishing to speak with a forked tongue, did the big media beloved messiah refuse to accept the fruits of the poisonous tree when NSA presented them to him?

    If the answer to both questions is no, and given the fact that Obama has the power to stop them, where to they get off with this meely mouthed–I ain’t saying yes, and I ain’t saying no.

    As a concession to the shortness of life, let Obama take the Fifth and be done with it. Then Lynch can refuse to prosecute, and the problem goes away. No Lerner. No problem.

  119. jbstonesfan

    December 30, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    Why is he not being impeached for spying on Israel and members of Congress!!! Not a peep from the Jewish members of Congress!!! Shameful!!!!!

    Post-law America. Nixon was forced to resign over far, far, FAR less than this. Didn’t have big media covering for every catastrophe, though.

  120. So if Obama or the executive branch has been spying on members of Congress you can bet he has been spying on even his own people. I can see why Hillary wanted a private email server to keep ValJar and company from breathing down her neck and undermining her at every turn.

  121. Larry Johnson’s Happy New Years Message of Good Cheer (Not):

    The Republican and Democrat political campaigns are not great reality TV and are dreadful as entertainment. Okay. One exception. Donald Trump is the habanero chile in this otherwise odiferous concoction. He is an expert in getting audience. But does he, or any of the other candidates, really offer a chance to change the system? Perhaps a more important question is whether or not there is a genuine desire in the American public for a change in politics? I fear the answer is no.

    I watched a snippet of Fox News Sunday and heard one of the panelists vomiting the tired, old Republican orthodoxy about “smaller government” as one of the fundamental Republican positions. Made me snort coffee through my nose. Nothing like a sinus coffee enema to get one’s Sunday on a roll. Really? Smaller government?

    I fully agree with the principle. I sincerely believe that it must be pared down. Pared? Hell, slashed!! Yet, what have Republican majorities and Presidents achieved on this front over the last 35 years (I’m starting with Reagan). We have seen a continued expansion of government programs. Drug benefits. Defense spending. No significant cuts I can count. No recusal on the part of Federal authorities in ceding power back to states. Just the opposite. The creation of a Lobby-industry in Washington, DC that is a place where Republican and Democrat former staffers go to get rich.

    This industry puts on the costume of partisanship but, when stripped of the make-up and feathers, it is nothing but pure, pragmatic capitalism. You know what “pragmatic capitalism” is, don’t you? A tidy euphemism for whore.

    There are major differences between the political prostitution that fills Washington and the older, more respectable version practiced throughout history. At least with a real hooker you have a reasonable chance of having a happy ending. Not so with the political leaches that are sucking tirelessly on the teats of Uncle Sam.

    Buying access and maintaining access is a critical currency for being relevant in today’s Washington. Frankly, this is what is scaring the shit out of the establishment as they contemplate a Donald Trump Presidency. There is genuine fear that he is not willing to play the game.

    My fear is the opposite. I fear that Trump does not understand the depths of the corruption and the toughness required to take it on and drop it a notch or two. Bill Moyers’ has done an excellent job of documenting this new form of mandarin sinecure:

    Rep. Jason Altmire, a Pennsylvania Democrat, lost his primary to Mark Critz earlier this year, but he found a new job as senior vice president of public policy, government and community affairs for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. The company was Altmire’s biggest contributor this cycle, donating $27,250 to his campaign; the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries together donated $161,000, more than twice as much as any other interest group that supported Altmire. One of the defining votes of Altmire’s career as a Democratic politician was against Obamacare. Like Altmire, Blue Cross Blue Shield opposed Obamacare, even working with the American Legislative Exchange Council on state legislation aimed at invalidating the law.

    Less than four weeks after Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO) won reelection to a ninth term with 70 percent of the vote, she announced her retirement from the House to begin a new career as the head the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association in February. The NRECA was born out of a Roosevelt-era public works project to electrify rural areas, but the consumer-owned nonprofit has since turned into an influential heavy hitter on Capitol Hill — it spent over $2 million in lobbying in 2012 and nearly $3 million in 2011. The organization has contributed $72,000 to Emerson and her husband (Emerson took her husband’s seat after he died in June of 1996) during their time in Congress. The outgoing CEO of the association had an annual salary of $1.5 million in 2010 — that’s about 8.5 times what Emerson makes as a congresswoman.

    Elizabeth Fowler, a Capitol Hill aide who President Obama chose to oversee the implementation of his health care act, is widely credited as being one of the key architects of Obamacare. As chief health policy counsel to Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), she drafted the bill. Now, Fowler has left Capitol Hill for a senior-level position dealing with “global health policy” at Johnson & Johnson’s government affairs and policy group. The private sector is not new to Fowler; as Bill Moyers reported in 2009, before going to work for Baucus, Fowler was a vice president at WellPoint, the nation’s largest health insurer. The Guardian blogger Glenn Greenwald writes, “Whatever one’s views on Obamacare were and are: The bill’s mandate that everyone purchase the products of the private health insurance industry, unaccompanied by any public alternative, was a huge gift to that industry.”

    Three examples of how the game is played. And these folks ain’t amateurs. They are fighting to protect their ability to earn large salaries and be players in the undercover, backstage politics. Is there any politician with the guts and smarts to take on this cesspool? I doubt it.

    My problem with Trump is that I think he shares a lot in common with Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both men were popular culture icons. Both brought a maverick voice to the political debate. But, when it came to governing, both proved inept and ill-prepared. While the Donald has been a steely-eyed capitalist and fully prepared to use every loophole to his advantage, he has yet to show the spine or intellect required to attack the Federal Hydra.

    One of the key targets for change must be the Department of Defense. I hope you have noticed that, no matter what happens in the world and regardless of the nature of the threat, we are beset on the Republican side with the need to increase defense spending and build up. Yet, the calls for more money are rarely attached to any realistic strategic vision.

    In the last debate, you had the chance to watch Donald Trump squirm when pressed to say what he would do about the “triad.” No, we’re not talking about some perverse sexual adventures with three models. “Triad” refers to the combination of fixed wing bombers, submarine launched missiles and land based missiles. What I found more troubling than Donald’s stumbles on this topic was the fact that conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt actually believed that a triad was still relevant.

    We have entered a technological era where fixed wing bombers make as much sense as well armored horses being ridden into the shores of Iwo Jima in World War II. Technology has made such weapons largely irrelevant on the battlefield. But in the corridors of Congress and the lobbying canyon along K Street in Washington, such a weapon is still very relevant. If you build it you bring jobs and money to Congressional districts. Cost is largely irrelevant. Even more irrelevant is the question of combat effectiveness.

    This is just one tiny example. My broader point is this–we do not need to slow down the revolving door that promotes the incest capitalism that is the bread and butter of Washington. We need to board it shut. Close it down. Destroy it. But that is too extreme and there are too many Americans profiting from the current system. Hence my pessimism. We will live with the beast we have created until it consumes us and leaves us destitute and broken. Happy New Year.

  122. I think this is accurate. I saw Andrea Mitchell pretending to be incredulous that Donald would take on Bill Clinton. And of course the veiled outrage was echoed by Butt Budowski who, in an effort to help Donald admonishes him to leave the big dog alone for his own good. I wonder if Budowski was also a Romney adviser in another life, the desperation is directly proportionate to the fear of this attack. Again, logic and common sense should tell Brooklyn, do not haul out Bill at the same time Hillary is accusing Donald of sexism, promoting the war on women and begging victims to come forward. It makes you wonder whether these operatives are stupid or perhaps trying to sabotage her campaign.

    Why Trump is Mopping The Floor With Big Media

    by JOHN NOLTE 30 Dec 2015

    Clinton and her DC Media have repeatedly attacked Republican front runner Donald Trump as sexist.

    Rather than do what the Republican Establishment always does when faced with this kind of attack — crumple into a small ball and go to their Special Place until the election is lost — by honing in on Bill Clinton’s sordid, sexist past,

    Trump has had Hillary and her media on defense all week.

    Today, at a massive rally in South Carolina, Trump just turned the heat up to 11, with the claim that former President Bill Clinton is “one of the great abusers of the world.”

    The hyperbole is a key part of Trump’s ongoing chess match. The DC media has been playing fact-check-gotcha with the GOP since 2008. Trump knows this. So he colors a little outside the lines knowing Hillary’s media allies will leap at him, which is the briar patch he desires.

    This is how he controls the political conversation, how he manipulates the corrupt media to talk about what he wants to talk about.

    As a result, all week the DC Media has been forced to re-litigate Bill’s piggish behavior, and for the first time, litigate Hillary’s role in abusing these women over what they claim is a second round of abuse, after Madame Secretary launched campaigns of personal destruction to silence them.

    At this same rally, Trump correctly pointed out that he is only playing defense when he brings up Bill Clinton’s history of real (he settled a sexual harassment case with Paula Jones) and alleged (by more than a half-dozen women) history of sexual abuse.

    After all, it was Hillary who decided this campaign should be about sexism, and about how sex abuse victims must be “heard, believed, and supported.”

    So with an innocent look on his face and his big toe digging into the dirt, Trump explained to the crowd: “I have no choice” but to go on the attack against the Clintons. She started it.

    “You can’t let people push you around. You can’t let people tell lies,” Trump said, adding that “nobody respects women more than Donald Trump.”

    “She’s hitting me really hard with the women card,” Trump said. “She’s not going to win.”

    Trump then turned to her female base: “Women don’t like Hillary. I see it all the time.”

    Hillary Clinton and the DC Media were sure they had found the secret weapon to waltz the Lying Benghazi Bungler directly into the Oval Office: a replay of the phony War on Women issue.

    It didn’t matter who won the nomination in 2016. Mitt Romney was no sexist, so the DC Media fabricated a Todd Akin to beat him to death with.

    Then Donald Trump came along, a candidate who not only understands that the rules set by the DC Media are rigged to elect Democrats, but someone competent enough to serially-beat them at their own game.

    On this day, Bill Cosby is finally facing justice for the longstanding allegations against him, and thanks only to Trump, so are Bill and Hillary Clinton after 20 years of being shielded by the corrupt media.

  123. Just you wait.

    Its only a matter of time before they say:

    This was an act of genius.

    They wanted to get the issue off the table long before the election.

    But it is hard to believe it will not be an issue in the campaign.

    And every time Hillary says war on women, the public will think about these scandals.

    I think the war on women meme is DOA—except in the Muslim world, and we don’t talk about that.

    Because all Muslims are peace loving.

  124. wbboei – I agree, there shouldn’t be a big push for the first black, Indian, Chinese, etc.

    But it’s different, IMO, with women. We are not a minority – we’re 52% of the population, and all throughout our country’s history, the largest minority has always held the highest office. It’s really literally a crime that the majority has never had a representative in the highest office. So of course it can’t just be any woman, but I do believe there should be efforts to find qualified women to run for president.

  125. I’m feeling confused that some people are addressing what’s going on from a political level, while some others are offended, even to the extent of wanting to leave (Shadow, don’t!!!!! xxoo) because the Clintons are being “insulted”.

    I may be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time!), but I’m thinking that perhaps the first group is examining what’s going on a more intellectual level, and the second group more from an emotional level?

    I may have missed something, but it seems to me that some people are evaluating the political process itself, that opponents want to win and will go for the vulnerabilities of the other. In one of the most current situations, Hillary had been calling Trump sexist, and he warned her that Bill’s sexual escapades and Hillary’s participation in covering it up would be fair game. He gave her a chance to keep it out of the conversation. Perhaps she will now, we’ll have to see.

    No one is denying the intelligence and hard work of either Hillary and Bill. Bill was a Rhodes scholar, for heaven’s sake! And we all know how hard Hillary has always worked, she always studied forever before starting a job, she is a policy wonk (which requires studying and intelligence). She campaigned non-stop while Obama had to take a vacation every couple of months.

    But there were also mistakes on the part of each one, mistakes which created vulnerabilities. And Hillary is NOT the Hillary she was in 2008. I believed in what she was proposing in 2008. I haven’t changed. But Hillary did. I’ve NEVER liked Obama, but Hillary is promising to be Obama’s 3rd term and to go even further. If I loved Hillary 2008, how can I love Hillary 2016 when she has totally changed? If I’ve always hated Obama,how can I love Hillary 2016 who wants to do worse things than he has?

    I see these as intellectual questions, intellectual viewing of the current political landscape, and the political choices made by the various players.

    When I see people feel offended because Hillary or Bill should be “off limits” because they have good things in their past, I wonder if that is coming from an emotional place. Criticisms of their choices or past vulnerabilities doesn’t take away the good they have done in the past.

    I just keep coming back, in my mind, to the thought that a feeling that the Clintons shouldn’t be held accountable by the opponent comes from an emotional place, not yet able to step back and objectively survey the political landscape….? Maybe still too emotionally raw from the theft of 2008?

    Hillary was the first candidate that I put any hope or emotional energy into. And, as with all of us, I flew down a bottomless pit and it took a long time to crawl out. My hopes are on Trump this time around, but I don’t have the same energy invested. Maybe the first “love” is always the deepest. Anyway, now I find myself observing from a more distant, objective place, is how I think I would characterize it.

    Anyway, whether my theory is correct in entirety or not, I do sense that I’m way more objective about the whole thing than I was in the past. And I think that for some others, the emotion, maybe still raw emotion, is right there at the surface.

    When I point out vulnerabilities or mistakes, I don’t consider myself to be bashing Hillary. But any criticism of her or Bill seems to really upset some people.

    Sorry for the ramble. I don’t want to see people leave, my beloved friends.

    As I said, my theory could be wrong – but perhaps if there is some truth, it might lead to some understanding of the two types of approaches on the blog, and might entice some people to stay..?

  126. freespirit

    December 30, 2015 at 7:44 am

    The White House has announced that Obama is going to spend his last year in office going on a world tour.

    Free – I believe, as long as at each destination he makes one speech, or meets with one official person, that he can bill his wild and crazy adventure to us, one more attempt to decimate the middle class….

    I wonder if it has to do with the rumor that he wants to become head of the UN. I never gave it any credence, because I think he’s too lazy. But I could be wrong (not about the laziness part, though lol)

  127. srmrks – I think you loved Hillary very much. Perhaps it’s causing you confusion because she has changed. But if your distance from her now as opposed to 2008 is making you wonder if perhaps you were more anti-Obama, my guess is just that because Hillary has changed, it has just crowded your mind. I think you loved Hillary in 2008.

  128. shadow, if this helps, I posted this earlier on another site. They were bringing up the hundreds of people that Hillary has killed (and sqeaming wth joY!) Once it starts getting read tomorrow, I’m sure there will be attacks…..


    lorac says:
    December 31, 2015 at 1:04 am

    Well, with Clintons having that kind of “power” to kill (and get away with it), it’s quite amazing that Obama survived all these years after stealing Hillary’s delegates to become the primary winner in 2008, don’t you think…..? All the DNC people who plotted against her and made this delegate theft happen also survived all these years…. All the reporters who wrote against them over all these decades, including Benghazi – they haven’t been killed…. Could they have lost their killing magic, or could it really all just be a lot of 7 degrees of separation….? (a mechanic finds a check to Bill Clinton, then later crashes into a tree????). I am certain that if the Clintons had this power, that her delegates would NOT have been stolen and she would have faced McCain. If you spent your whole life killing people and getting away with it, why stop when you’re right on the doorstep to the White House again?

    It’s just that we’re moving into the Trump phase of our country, a time of truth and reality. The age-old partisan rumors make us look bad – both sides do it – and we need to be better than that. Especially since Trump is attracting a new coalition of Americans, the majority, from all parties, who are focused on making our country great again. IMO these never-dying, many times disproven rumors just make us look bad – like rubes maybe.

    Trump will win with factual ammo about the present, about Hillary’s tenure as SOS, etc. The future is so exciting. Personally, I don’t want to get mired in the muck, I want to focus on the truth, on the positive, and all the good changes Trump will make for us! 🙂

    OK, I see where your list came from –

    Here is what is written under the list of Clinton fatalities:

    Analysis: “The Clinton Body Count,” a paranoia-laden relic of the Clinton-hating ’90s, was resurrected in 2007 to coincide with Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. The widely-circulated text insinuates that several dozen “friends” of the Clintons, some of whom conceivably possessed incriminating information about the former First Couple, died under “mysterious” circumstances — i.e., were secretly done away with.

    In more ways than one, it’s reminiscent of a similarly paranoid conspiracy theory floated during the Bush-hating ’00s, namely the notion that forces within the Bush administration actually conceived and orchestrated the 9/11 terror attacks.

    Both theories rest on absurd presuppositions:

    That a U.S. president could secretly order the murders of dozens (or, in Bush’s case on 9/11, thousands) of American citizens without being found out, ratted on, prosecuted, impeached, or even so much as accused of such crime by members of Congress, including staunch political opponents.

    That a U.S. president could flawlessly carry out such atrocities while demonstrating complete and utter fallibility (if not gross ineptitude) in the face of other, more mundane challenges (e.g., Clinton’s inability to squelch accusations of sexual improprieties and avoid impeachment).

    Why is it, we must also ask, that special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars attempting to dig up dirt of any kind on the Clintons, never handed down a single indictment pertaining to these alleged murders?

    The answer is plain: because the accusations are hogwash.

    Origin of “The Clinton Body Count”

    According to an article by Philip Weiss in the February 23, 1997 issue of The New York Times Magazine, the earliest version of the Clinton Body Count was authored by Indianapolis attorney Linda Thompson, founder of the right-wing American Justice Federation. The list originally contained the names of 26 alleged victims, though it has grown, and shrunk, and grown again since then, with some variants boasting over 100 names.

    Specific examples

    It would be redundant to replicate the thorough research already done by others on the 47 cases listed in this version of the Body Count (see resources below), but for good measure I’ve documented the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the first five “victims” on the list:

    James McDougal – Friend and business partner of the Clintons, died of a heart attack — not an apparent heart attack — while serving time on a fraud conviction. McDougal had a pre-existing heart condition. Prison guards placed him in solitary confinement after he refused to take a urine test and failed to provide him with the medications he kept in his cell, according to a subsquent investigation. No foul play was suspected. (“Report Details McDougal’s Final Hours,” Houston Chronicle, 14 September 1998.)

    Mary Mahoney – “One of the first interns to work at the Clinton White House,” according to her family. Not one news source reporting on her murder suggests that Mahoney, a lesbian, was poised to claim “sexual harassment in the White House.” She died of gunshot wounds along with two other Georgetown, DC Starbucks employees during a botched robbery attempt on July 6, 1997. Per police investigations and a written confession by the killer, Carl Cooper of Washington, DC, Mahoney was shot while struggling with the perpetrator over the keys to the safe. A witness corroborated that Cooper had been planning to rob the Starbucks for at least a month before the crime occurred. (“Starbucks Police Affidavit,” Washington Post, 17 March 1999; “Solving the Starbucks Case,” Washington Post Magazine Live Online, 3 March 2003.)

    Vince Foster – A lifelong friend of the Clintons, White House aide Vince Foster killed himself with a handgun on July 20, 1993. He had been suffering from depression. No fewer than five official investigations were conducted into the circumstances of his death, and none found evidence of foul play. In 1997, special prosecutor Kenneth Starr’s own report on the Vince Foster case was unsealed by the U.S. Court of Appeals. It began: “The available evidence points clearly to suicide as the manner of death.” (“Case Closed on Vincent Foster – Again,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 15 Oct 1997.)

    Ron Brown – Commerce Secretary under President Clinton, Ron Brown died in a plane crash on April 3, 1996. Conspiracy theorists have alleged that X-rays of Brown’s head showed “possible bullet fragments” in the vicinity of what some described as a “gunshot wound.” A re-examination conducted by Air Force pathologist Col. William T. Gormley and reviewed by a panel of other military pathologists found “no bullet, no bone fragments, no metal fragments and, even more telling, no exit wound,” according to Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page. (“The Ron Brown Conspiracy Machine,” Chicago Tribune, 15 January 1998.)

    C. Victor Raiser II and his son, Montgomery Raiser – The prominent Democratic fundraiser and close friend of Bill Clinton died along with his son and four other people in an airplane crash on a fishing trip in Alaska in 1992. Raiser had no known connection with any Clinton scandal, nor was his death in any way “mysterious.” A National Transportation Safety Board investigation determined that the pilot, who survived the crash, had stalled the plane while trying to veer away at the last minute from a dangerous, cloud-covered mountain pass. (“Air Safety Loophole May Close,” Anchorage Daily News, 18 June 1995.)

  129. The White House has announced that Obama is going to spend his last year in office going on a world tour.
    The motive here is obvious:

    Photo ops for a phony legacy easily laughed off.

    He is the laughing stock of the world.

    And no world tour can put lipstick on the pig which is his dismal destructive legacy.

  130. 1. Churchill said: I have nothing to offer but blood, tears, toil and sweat.

    2. Obama said: I have nothing to offer but poisonous hate, blame, victimhood and open borders.

    Goddamn the fools who voted for him.

    It was so obvious to those who did their homework.

  131. lorac

    December 31, 2015 at 5:33 am


    Lorac, I believe your “theory” and/or observations are correct…

    To begin with…this blog has always been fearless…and honest…under the direction of Admin…there have been times when I have come here to read a post…and in almost true to Trump form…Admin has clearly stated what many of us are thinking…and for a long time were afraid to even acknowledge to ourselves…or dare say…

    uncomfortable truths…but the thing I love about this blog is Admin does not shy away from the truth…he/she forges ahead and gets it out in the open…

    …out in the open for discussion…

    most of us are emotional and/or disappointed…and yet some of us cannot ignore the “intellectual” or obvious observations that are out there for all to see…and hear…and like it or not, many of it coming right from Hillary’s own mouth…

    we cannot ignore our ‘lying eyes or ears’

    people can rationalize and/or try to make excuses, or hope for the best…or just try to ignore it and become defensive but the truth will be what it will be…

    I do respect the idea that many are holding out for the national debate…when the two canidates are finally chosen…perhaps Hillary from 2008 will return and all will happy and maybe as Hillary once said…the sky will open, etc, etc, etc

    but I fear that it will be very difficult for Hillary to suddenly become Hillary08 when she has been very clearly speaking to become O3 and more…and if Hillary wants to be O3 even in the national it is hard to believe people who have hated O 1+2 will endorse more of that…

    as I have said before I respect all POV, yet sometimes some here do seem to want to silence others that are taking a more objective, intellectual view of what is going on and want to discuss it…or at least make mention of it…

    imho…this is not what this blog is about…we pull the bandaids off, we try to get at the truth and sometimes it hurts but better to be honest than not…

    and better to face things head on…

  132. wbb, you’re right about Mitchell and Budowsky. I don’t doubt that there is a certain level of stupidity -from under use of the part of the brain that engages in critical thinking. Progressives like these two nutters are so convinced of their own invincibility and that of their far left ideology that they refuse to even try to consider and analyze anything that would be not be consistent with it.
    But my guess is that if given half a chance, they would sabotage the hell out of Hillary’s campaign. They both certainly launched attack after attack against her 2008 campaign.

    I do think that the “war on women” theme is counter productive. The so-called “war” is not the primary problem in this country, at least. The problem is one of disregard – of the unconscious belief that women are less-than in almost ever way, except when it comes to childbirth, child rearing, housekeeping, etc. It’s not an active or even a conscious attempt to belittle women. It’s deeply embedded in the consciousness of both men and women in this country.

    I mean, hell. – anyone who has been exposed to Jewish and Christian religious teachings knows the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible has heard that man was created first. Woman was an afterthought because man was lonely (probably horny too). After man got his pet woman and they had a good thing going, woman became just too curious and willful for her own good, and ate that forbidden fruit. Then, of all the nerve, had the audacity to tempt man with it. It all went to hell in a hand basket after than and we all know whose fault that was.

    From what I have seen of Trump, I don’t think he has a great deal of respect for women as a collective gender. That’s not to say he would discriminate on an individual basis. However, the prevailing mindset about women in this country won’t change or improve without very pro-active efforts to create that improvement. I don’t see Trump as being one who even gets the issue, let alone one who sees the need to change that mindset.

  133. Following the current trend…

    In 2008 I put country before party. I was a PUMA. Now, I put country before party AND candidate as a consequence.

    I cannot endorse or help fund a candidate that is clearly stating the very opposite of everything I believe in.

    If truth be known, my heart has been broken twice. The first time it was slime stealing from and cheating my chosen candidate. Today my once chosen candidate endorses and enables the slime that stole from her and from me. The same slime that gave me “half a vote” in Florida.

    Yes, it matters. It matters a lot.

  134. Felix_the_Infidel
    December 31, 2015 at 4:52 pm
    You are so right.

    The alternative is identity politics, or what made sense in 2008.

    I thing-I hope I march to a higher drum.

    If I was bamboozled by Hillary in 2008 that is my problem to deal with.

    But she presented herself as a Reagan democrat, which is what I am.

    I am not a left wing Bill Ayers Stokely Carmichael Komemi devotee.

    Which is what Obama is and what Hillary 2016 is presenting herself as being.

    That position is antithetical to this nation.

    It represents favoring illegals over citizens, and as yous say party over country/

    Identity politics will be our undoing.

    On the other side, Boosh is dead man walking.

    The battle will be between two establishment candidates the liar and the fat man.

    Let me digress for a moment about the liar.

    I have a friend who is a wonderful crazy.

    He paints and he paint. . . . frankly quite well.

    Extraterrestials are well represented in his works.

    He carries around inside his coat this little dog.

    A chiwawa or some such.

    It is a delightful little dog, and has an infinite capacity to entertain.

    Its name is Marco Rubio.

    It barks out of both sides of its mouth and will do anything for a doggie treat.

    The fat man will show in Iowa, and win in New Hampshire, and fall on his sword in S Carolina.

    Rubio will show in Iowa, drop in NH and finish second in S Carolina.

    Trump Trump Trump.

  135. Earlier this evening it was commonplace to hear TV tell of 3 resigning from Ben Carson’s campaign . A day or so ago, it seemed Ben was encouraging “replacements”. Now infighting is cited, and it is beyond Ben’s control. Here is the worst scenario so far, from Reuters.
    Republican Ben Carson’s campaign manager, 20 staff quit

    Don’t know what to think. Not a good start of 2016 for Ben.

  136. Tis all a checkerboard of nights and days
    Where destiny with men for pieces lays
    Hither and thither moves, checks and slays
    Then back inside the box he lays . . .

    The moving finger writes
    And having writ moves on
    And neither all your piety nor wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a line
    Nor all your tears wash away a word of it
    My dad taught me those verses.

    They came from the Rubiat by Omar Kayam.

    It is a very fatalistic view of life.

    When Omar was a young man, he and three of his classmates

    Made a pact, that whichever became successful, all would share

    They were part of this game—the assassins

    The word itself comes from the drug hassish

    And the head of that cult was referred to as the old man of the mountains

    And he is the same guy Richard Fernadez refers to in this article

    (Note: anytime you can connect the dots, you are better off for it._

    When president Obama compared ISIS to the Crusaders he got the analogy wrong. First, their goals were different. “I don’t think the president knows very much about the crusades,” Thomas Madden, a historian at the University of St. Louis, told ABC News. Madden said “the initial goal of the Crusades was to give back lands to Christians that had been conquered, due to Muslim conquests.” Secondly, the characters don’t match up. Today’s core conflict is not between two rival civilizations, but about which militant branch gets to rule the world.

    According to German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer, who spent ten days embedded with ISIL in Mosul, the view that he kept hearing was that ISIL wants to “conquer the world” and all who do not believe in the group’s interpretation of the Koran will be killed. Todenhöfer was struck by the ISIL fighters’ belief that “all religions who agree with democracy have to die”, and by their “incredible enthusiasm”—including enthusiasm for killing “hundreds of millions” of people.
    The present conflict began in Jimmy Carter’s term. As the Council on Foreign Relations explains “under Khomeini … the transformation of Iran into an agitator for Shia movements in Muslim countries seemed to confirm centuries of Sunni suspicions that Shia Arabs answer to Persia”. That the Wahabis could not abide on a whole spectrum of doctrinal, national and geopolitical levels. It revived the old antagonisms resulting in a de facto sectarian civil war thinly disguised under the veneer of “anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist, and anti-American frameworks”. The real action is Muslim vs Muslim: World War M. “Ethnic cleansing by Sunni and Shia jihadis is leading to a partition of the Middle East,” according to the Independent. “Terror and counter-terror … may make it impossible for them to live together ever again.”

    The real analogy between today’s shocking headlines and the Crusades concerns the mode of fighting. The most striking aspect of the present conflict is the absence of large-scale conventional military operations. When the president said “You know, when I said no boots on the ground, I think the American people understood generally that we’re not going to do an Iraq-style invasion of Iraq or Syria with battalions that are moving across the desert.” The irony is that applies to ISIS as well. According to the CIA, ISIS “can ‘muster’ between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters” — about two divisions — across all of Syria and Iraq.

    Instead or refighting Desert Storm the military model adopted by both groups is that of the historical Assassins. Recall how “lacking their own army, the Nizari relied on these trained warriors to carry out espionage and assassinations of key enemy figures” — including Conrad of Monferrat. As Jefferson Gray of History Net writes: “by conventional standards, the Assassins should have been no match for the superior conventional military power of any of their many enemies,” but:

    Near the end of the 11th century, the charismatic and ruthless Hasan-i Sabbah forged this small, persecuted sect into one of the most lethally effective terrorist groups the world has ever known. Even the most powerful and carefully guarded rulers of the age—the Abbasid and Fatimid caliphs, the sultans and viziers of the Great Seljuk and Ayyubid empires, the princes of the Crusader states, and emirs who ruled important cities like Damascus, Homs, and Mosul—lived in dread of the chameleonlike Assassin agents. …
    Fanatical and disciplined, Hasan-i Sabbah and his successors were brilliant practitioners of asymmetric warfare. … Perhaps the most consequential of the Assassins’ killings was their murder of Conrad of Montferrat. Conrad, a wily and charismatic northern Italian lord who was Saladin’s match as a military commander, had just been selected as the new ruler of the Crusader kingdom of Acre. His premature death in April 1192 ended any possibility of a further revival of Christian fortunes in the Holy Land after the leaders of the Third Crusade returned to their realms in the West.

    Obama’s own response has been straight out of the pages of history, not the actual ones but the video game version of it. In Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed the nemesis of the Muslim secret armies is an equally conspiratorial group called the Knights Templars. What Obama has done, as Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt of the New York Times explain, is bring the Templars back to life. All across the world it is the SOF versus the Jihadis. There may not be boots on the ground but there are secret bases corresponding to the expeditionary castles of old.

    The Obama administration long ago showed its inclination to rely on Special Operations troops and clandestine missions as an alternative to large wars of occupation. But the spread of the Islamic State over the past year — from its hubs in Syria and Iraq to affiliates in Africa and South Asia — has led the White House to turn to elite troops to try to snuff out crises in numerous locations….
    The White House is now considering a Pentagon proposal to maintain at least one base in Afghanistan … as a hub for Special Operations troops and intelligence operatives throughout Central and South Asia, part of a larger network of bases the Pentagon is envisioning in part to tackle the Islamic State and its more than half-dozen affiliates in countries like Libya, Egypt and Yemen.

    Today the world is the scene of a global campaign of targeted killings. Newsweek describes the return of the body count. “You know it’s a different kind of war,” Mark Thompson writes, “when the Pentagon spends several minutes running down a list—by name, occupation and date of demise—of 10 Islamic State leaders it says it has killed over the past three weeks.”

    That’s the path the Pentagon is now following. Picking off individual leaders—whose names are unknown to all but a handful of Americans—shows how important the U.S. believes decapitating ISIS is to eventual success against the jihadists. “Any organization that sees its middle and upper management degraded in this way is going to lose some of their synergy,” Warren said. “It’s difficult to command and control an organization without the command and control personnel.”
    Targeted killings, according to Jonathan Masters of the Council on Foreign Relations, have become a “central component of U.S. counterterrorism policy”. Consisting of “drone strikes” and “kill/capture missions” it is like the real-life version of the video game, except that according to the Obama administration, targeted killings are not even assassination.

    “A lawful killing in self-defense is not an assassination. In the Department’s view, a lethal operation conducted against a U.S. citizen whose conduct poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States would be a legitimate act of national self-defense that would not violate the assassination ban. Similarly, the use of lethal force, consistent with the laws of war, against an individual who is a legitimate military target would be lawful and would not violate the assassination ban.”
    Whatever that distinction can possibly mean, it is undeniable that military manhunts have been part of operations from the dawn of history. But historical manhunts, like Alexander’s pursuit of Darius or the P-38 interception of Admiral Yamamoto, were usually part of a larger campaign. President Obama’s international campaign of “lawful killing” marks the first time that manhunts have become the war in itself. As Rachel Stohl observed in the National Interest “those critical of the U.S. drone program are quite reasonably asking whether strikes—particularly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen—are achieving measurable gains beyond an estimated four thousand deaths of largely unidentified males … without a reasonable and clear metric, it is impossible to determine whether strikes should be continued.”

    In other words, one should ask if the SOF and drones — if the Knights Templars — are doing any good. But the point from a political perspective is not whether they are doing any good as much as whether the president is seen as doing something. And he is doing something, even if he is not quite sure what it is.

    Interestingly, it was not the Templars who brought about the downfall of the Assassins but the Mongols. These nomads succeeded where the Knights failed by undermining the basis of the Assassin’s power. Too uncivilized to know better they just tore out the sect by the roots.

    in the time of Genghis Khan’s first invasion of the region … the Assassins flourished in the power vacuum created by Genghis Khan’s defeat of the Turkic sultan of Khwarizm …
    some chroniclers wrote that the Grand Master sent a delegation to Karakorum ostensibly to offer submission to Mongke Khan, but actually trained to kill him. The Mongols had turned them away and prevented the assassination, but because of it Mongke Khan decided to crush the sect permanently and tear down their fortresses.

    Today the modern Mongols, AKA the American energy industry, may be coming to the rescue of Obama. The Washington Post reported that “plunging crude oil prices are diverting hundreds of billions of dollars away from the treasure chests of oil-exporting nations, putting some of the United States’ adversaries under greater stress. … Robert McNally, director for energy in President George W. Bush’s National Security Council and now head of the Rapidan Group, a consulting firm. ‘It’s not good for Russia, that’s for sure, and it’s not good for Iran.'”

    It would be a great stroke of luck for the administration if the Red Staters tore out the enemy’s roots. The New York Times describes how not only Iran, but Saudi Arabia is being impoverished by cheap oil. “Pressured by low oil prices and costly wars in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia announced a sharp reduction in its 2016 budget on Monday to control a worsening deficit, which is steadily draining the kingdom’s financial reserves.”

    The official Saudi news media reported that the Finance Ministry would cut spending, adopt new taxes and reduce price subsidies for fuel, water and power.
    The cost of some grades of domestic gasoline, among the first to be affected, could rise as much as 50 percent, a potentially unsettling spike in a country where mass transit does not exist and cars are a basic necessity.

    The Saudi stock market fell 3 percent in early trading on Tuesday, with Saudi Basic Industries, the biggest petrochemical producer, tumbling 8.3 percent.

    Quite against the odds the administration might soon be able to proclaim: “see how our focus on sequestering carbon worked?” It would be ironic if low oil prices paralyzed the militants on all sides and won the strategic victory that Obama’s “targeted killings” have so far failed to achieve. But the present situation is full of ironies, not the least of which is a president upbraiding Christians for their sense of moral superiority while simultaneously engaging in a global campaign of “targeted killings”.

    Obama’s analogies have a way of missing the point so almost entirely they are almost profound. The real danger now is that falling oil may collapse the conflict ‘too fast’ for Western leadership to cope with the fallout. “The bigger impact of low oil prices is the delegitimization of the gulf monarchies, so paradoxically, a sustained oil crash is actually a plus for ISIS,” said Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer. A still bigger plus for ISIS is the intellectual poverty of Western leadership. It is too stupid to understand either “strategy” or “victory” but smart enough to like “targeted killings” and doctoring the narrative.

    The elites of the modern West might be inclined to agree with Vladimir Bartol, whose 1938 novel about the Assassins, Alamut, inspired the video game. The maxim of the novel is supposed to be Hassan-i Sabbah’s, the founder of the Assassins dying declaration, “nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted”.

    “Nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted”. What today’s politicians can never understand is that the opposite is actually true. Everything is real. All must eventually be paid for.

  137. Everything is real. All must eventually be paid for.
    Its like the Spanish proverb which defined the life of the actress Rita Hayworth:

    “Take what you want from life . . . and pay for it”.

    One wonders whether this Moorish idiom did not find its way into Spain prior to the fall of their last redoubt–at Castille in 1492.

    The high culture of Persia was a beautiful thing. How different from what we see today.

  138. Happy New Year to all!!! Wishing all here a happy, healthy and peaceful new year! Only one (1) year of our 2008 nightmare left!

  139. Happy New Year!

    Better than this last one–we hope.

    Twelve months twenty days and we are rid of this anti American son of a bitch.

    A plague on his house.

    On a more hopeful note, the best rendition of that Frank Loesser song.

    An interesting footnote.

    His father emigrated here because he did not fancy the idea of a 20 year stunt in the Prussian army.

    How anyone could pass up an opportunity like that to serve the Kaiser is beyond me.

  140. Happy New Year from the West Coast! May we and this nation all have a better and more prosperous year ahead of us as the nightmare that is the Obama administration draws to a close.

  141. Will this make 2016 a better year? Maybe!

    12.31.15 Clinton email: Merkel despised ‘Obama phenomenon’
    A former top adviser to Hillary Clinton informed the former secretary of State in a 2009 email that German chancellor Angela Merkel despised the “Obama phenomenon.”
    snip she dislikes the atmospherics surrounding the Obama phenomenon, that it’s contrary to her whole idea of politics and how to conduct oneself in general. She would welcome a more conversational relationship with you.”
    Obama had only been sworn into office eight months earlier.

    Happy New Year to all here.

  142. Happy, Happy New Year to all at Big Pink. Or, as my BFF says, “Happier New Year.” It’s been hell for almost 16 years. Let us hope better times do indeed lie ahead.

    PS, thanks for the Chihuahua-laugh, Wbb.

  143. in a little over 10 months we will have a new President Elec. that is my light at the end of a long torturous tunnel.

  144. jbstonesfan
    December 31, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Happy New Year to all!!! Wishing all here a happy, healthy and peaceful new year! Only one (1) year of our 2008 nightmare left!

    Amen Jes!!!
    Let the games begin. 😀

  145. The last year of the Obamanation.

    I am so grateful for all here at Big Pink for helping me through such evil times. As much as I wish it were otherwise, 2016 is expected to be an even more difficult year than last, as the meltdown of the world economy continues. The Great Unraveling did begin this year with an epicenter in China that has global impacts. There will be increased social unrest, war and terrorism as the financial system crash.

    This will be central to our elections here and there will be fierce conflict between the One World Governance and Nationalism. This is the key distinction, as the Uniparty has sold us out to the globalists, hoping to joint their party as part of the ruling class. But if they think their bribe money and assets will save them they are fools, because the system is rigged so that there are no safe refuges from the greed and corruption of the sociopathic globalists that are seeking absolute power. How can the populous ignore the UN Committee on Human Rights being Chaired by Saudi Arabia, where cruel and unusual punishment is the norm?

    There are already such conflicts developing in other nations where conditions have gotten so bad, people MUST fight back. But it is THIS country that must break free and lead the rebellion against the fascists that now control globalization. Globalization must be rejected if is cannot demonstrate that it is a better system for all the peoples. So far, that is a CLEARLY NOT.

    The populous needs a better deal and we need leaders who will get it for us. That may be Trump and it may be Hillary, but that is yet to be seen. She will need to pull a rabbit out of her hat at this point, because all her positions are pointing towards her support of a horrifying globalization where our lives just do not matter.

    But that rabbit must wait for now. Who’s who?

  146. We’re All Fascists Now

    by James E. Miller

    December 28, 2015

    If Donald Trump is a megalomaniac salivating over taking control of American Weimar, then both Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio are führers in the making. The same goes for the rest of the field, where each and every candidate aspires to be the Celebrity-in-Chief. Trump only looks worse because he doesn’t have the benefit of a sympathetic media on his side.

    Nobody wants to admit it, but fascism defines modern American government. Washington, D.C., isn’t just a leviathan with its controlling tentacles in, around, and on top of everything. It is the molder and shaper of nearly all public life. Corporations take their cues from the federal government. The president tells us how to behave, what norms are appropriate, and how we should feel after a national catastrophe. The American public looks with reverence to the Oval Office.

    In his book Fascism Versus Capitalism, Lew Rockwell wrote, “The state, for the fascist, is the instrument by which the people’s common destiny is realized, and in which the potential for greatness is to be found.”

    Is that not the platform of every leading presidential aspirant, including Donald Trump?

    The sensationalism of the modern presidency means that we’re all fascists now. All social systems rely on power to keep the citizenry in line. We happen to live in a constitutional republic that has fascist elements. We should thank our lucky stars that it isn’t much worse.

  147. According to Hillary’s recently released email, BO has snubbed Soros and really does not listen to him. And Soros now regrets supporting him over Hillary in 2008.

    So who is BO’s good golf buddy Robert Wolf?

    I have noticed that zerohedge is a rabid Hillary Hater. I mean, way over the top. While critical of BO, they go way far out on a limb repeatedly to prove Hillary is evil. I rather smell some misogyny, but wonder what more there is to it. There are reportedly multiple authors posting there as Tyler Durden.

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