The Trump Terror #GOPDebate

It’s over for Trump. Unless Donald J. Trump vomits on one of his opponents or pulls down his own pants and moons the audience or even swings his penis in front of the TV cameras – it’s over for Trump and he has won this primary election cycle To make matters more stark, we’re not even sure if doing the aforementioned would stop the Trump triumph.

But what about Cruz? Irrelevant. Cruz is just the latest Big Media catnip.

Tonight’s GOP debate (which can be seen on CNN at 8:30 p.m. ET) is about terror. Tonight’s GOP debate is not only about Islamic Terror. Tonight’s GOP debate is about the establishment terror inspired by Donald J. Trump.

Consider, last week we were shocked, truly shocked, that anyone thought Donald J. Trump would be in any way hurt by his proposed temporary ban on Muslims coming to this country. But as shocked as we were, it cannot be denied that the establishment of both political parties and Big Media believed, truly believed deep in their corrupt bones that Donald J. Trump had given them the means to destroy him.

The establishment of both political parties and Big Media set up Trump as a free fire zone. They threw everything at Trump. Everyone attacked Trump. Then the smoke cleared and the damage assessed.

After the nuclear attacks on Donald J. Trump, like in one of those alien invasion movies when the aliens with their protective shields withstand nuclear bombardment unscathed, Donald J Trump not only survived the united establishment attacks – Trump thrived.

That’s when the establishment shook in terror. They threw everything at Trump. But he absorbed the energy of the attacks and grew stronger. It was pure science fiction into political fiction come true.

The attacks nuked Trump. Then the polls came out. That’s when the nuclear attacks against Donald J. Trump stopped and the establishment gasped in horror to see they had only destroyed themselves.

Not only had Trump survived, Trump thrived. The South Carolina poll pealed the death of the establishment. In that South Carolina poll Trump surged eight points, to 35%, after his Muslim temporary ban remarks to a 20 point lead over his closest rival. The establishment shook in terror and horror. The attacks stopped momentarily to bury the dead.

Then in quick succession more polls rang the death of the establishment and the Trump triumph. The Monmouth poll sealed the deal with Trump at 41%, breaking all his supposed “ceilings”. The Washington Post/ABC poll followed with Trump at 38%.

The establishment is in terror of Trump:

In face of criticism, Trump surges to his biggest lead over the GOP field

Following his proposal to temporarily bar Muslims from entering the country, Donald Trump has increased his lead in the Republican primary to its largest margin yet, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The results are the latest sign that Trump’s outspoken comments on immigration and terrorism continue to find an audience among rank-and-file Republicans in spite of sharp condemnation from Democrats, GOP leaders, some of Trump’s rivals and a chorus of world leaders.

The survey puts Trump’s support at 38 percent among registered Republicans and GOP-leaning independents, six points higher than in October and November. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who also is running an anti-establishment campaign, has surged into second place with 15 percent, effectively doubling his support since last month.

Cruz at 15% and Trump at 38%. Big Media wants to turn this into a Cruz “surge”. Cruz will go the way of Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, and the rest who thought they could nuke Trump and win either Iowa or some state or nationally or something only to hit the brick Trump wall.


So dominant is Hillary Clinton’s polling in the presidential primaries, notes the press critic Howard Kurtz, that the media have essentially stopped paying attention to the Democratic race at all. [snip]

According to the two latest national polls, conducted as the furor over Trump’s call for a temporary moratorium on Muslim migration reached a fever pitch, the real estate magnate leads the Republican field by either 23 or 27 points. Tuesday’s Washington Post/ABC News poll has Trump with more than double the support of the second place finisher, Ted Cruz. Indeed, Trump’s lead over his primary opponents is larger than both Ronald Reagan’s was in the 1980 race, and George H. W Bush’s was in the 1988 contest.

The latest national polls of the Democrats, meanwhile, show Secretary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by a mere 20 or 19 points. And her support appears to be plateauing, while Trump’s numbers are surging. All of which is to say, on a national level, Trump is clearly in a stronger position than Clinton is.

Yup, it’s over for Trump. It’s December 15. December 15 is the day:

Jeb Bush reiterated his view that Trump will soon fade in the race, saying that by the time of the next Republican debate on December 15, “Trump will be in decline.”

Tonight is the last GOP debate of the year and we’re halfway through all the debates scheduled through next year. Tonight is last and half.

At the “last and half” GOP debate one thing is clear: It’s over for Trump. Victory approaches.


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    As we’re swimming in speculation about Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Jeb and company on the eve of Tuesday’s Las Vegas debate, this question arises:

    Whatever happened to the Democratic race?

    The Republican contest is so absorbing, between Trump mania and Cruz surging and this pointless early talk about a brokered convention that Hillary Clinton and her two rivals have faded from the media radar.

    The D debate is this Saturday.

  2. This debate will play out with a new backdrop of divisiveness. Which city handled their school threat responsibly? LA or NY? Two headlines from ABC7NY give a clue:

    NYPD investigating threat against schools, considers it a hoax
    Los Angeles officials defend decision to close schools over threat

    Mayor DeBlasio is shown on camera claiming the high road.

    Thanks for a fresh slate, admin.

  3. So did de Blase’ get a phone call from the WH to say they got the same thing and they didn’t make anything of it?

  4. Yes S, they said he would never make it out of the 30’s..too polarizing, people were so anxious over a a Trump Presidency…
    The Psychiatry offices are booked till Nov 2016…The sky is falling, the oceans are parting…

  5. Wbb,

    Government subsidizes a lot of farmers, it’s a double edged sword.
    I think Levin went overboard, as he is apt to. Dramatic guy, just like someone we both know.
    Didn’t hear Rush, but guess he also had words. Need to find out what exactly he said about Scalia..

  6. gonzotx
    December 15, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    Yes S, they said he would never make it out of the 30’s..too polarizing, people were so anxious over a a Trump Presidency…
    The Psychiatry offices are booked till Nov 2016…The sky is falling, the oceans are parting…

    Gonzo, honestly, I think a Martian could get the same poll results if he (it?) was saying the same thing as Trump :-). We just want someone,, anyone,, to stand to the establishment bullshit.

  7. A couple days ago, I raised a rhetorical question whether, what with the beheadings, the subjugation of women, and the rigid doctrine of Sharia Law, is there anything good about Islam.

    Today, I asked that question to a friend of mine who is from Iran, who fled when the shaw was deposed. He is a wonderful human being, I love him and his family and so would you. He gave me a perspective on my question which I did not previously have, which I thought I might share with you which provides an anwers of sorts to the question which I raised initially.

    The threshold question I asked him was whether it was really a religion of peace. He told me that Mohammed grew up in Mecca, and at that point, he advocated a policy of love thy neighbor, similar to what Christ taught. The early passages in the Koran reflect that. But when he moved to Medina, he was forced to adopt a warrior creed because his uncle wrote a letter to Byzantinium (the Romans) who were the main adversaries of the Persians, proposing an alliance. Mohammed fought to prevent that alliance from forming, and adopted the warrior ethos which comes out in later verses of the Koran.

    I then asked him about this quest to conquer the world, which is evident in current doctrine, with the caliphate to rule. He said that was never Mohammed’s idea. He wanted his religion to be confined to the Arabian Peninsula only, and believed that other religions should be allowed to florish in other cultures. That changed however after Mohammed died. His successors began raiding villages inside the Persian empire and discovered a treasure trove of riches. The Persian empire was so depleted by its wars with the Romans that it could not defend its borders. In the fulsomeness of time, the Muslims conquered the Persian empire. The mythology was that they Persians were forced to submit or be killed, but in fact, over a period of forty years, they introduced a system of taxation that benefitted Muslims over non Muslims, and that is how so many of them converted to Islam, without bloodshed.

    I asked him about the split between Shiites and Sunnis. He said the original order was Sunni, but after eight generations the Shia variant arose. It was essentially a hereditary order which aimed to trace current leaders back to Mohammed, and each decendant was designate as a supposed Iman. Supposedly, the eleventh Iman disappeared, and the twelth Iman will come back to earth hand in hand with Christ and the Kingdom of God shall be at hand.

    I asked him whether Mohammed wrote the Koran. He said the most interesting figure he found in the entire original case was Salaman. Many believe that Salaman wrote the Koran. More interesting still, he notes with interest that this character Salaman grew up in Syria, and he believes he was an agent of the Persian empire, who was well aware of Mohamed’s uncles proposed alliance with the Romans against the Persian empire, and sought to use Mohammed as a tool to prevent that from happening.

    I asked him about the supression of women which is part and parcel of what we see today, when measured against western standards. He said that is a curious development because Mohammed’s first wife was a business woman of some renown in the ancient world, she was older than he was, and she first hired him to help manage her business, and later married him. Later, when he developed a warrior ethos, the wife he married was a fierce warrior. You get the sense that is both cases, the women wore the pants in Mohamed’s family, which makes it even more curious that the religion later evolved in the direction it did.

    This, in turn, leads to my thesis that the elephant in the room, there in the middle east, and no less here in this country is globalization pushed by a greedy self serving elite which decimates the world people grew up in and atomizes their societies leaving them impoverished monetarially and psycologically so young sociopaths like Zuckerberg and ancient one lik Soros can control everything.

  8. Wow wbb,

    I know you like that guy, but that sounded like quite the Disney sanitized version.
    Muhammad married a virtual child and had sex with this child bride, that’s pretty well known, and accepted I believe.
    He may very well have had many wives,but women being the alpha?
    I don’t know…never heard or read anything like that.


    GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is at 41 percent in the latest national poll by Morning Consult of 2,017 registered voters, and he reached 40 percent primary support among 770 self-identified Republicans.

    When only Republicans were asked to identify their second choice in the primary, Trump nudged over 50 percent with a gain of 11 points.

    That’s the first primary poll showing him above 50 percent, counting first choice and second choice votes.

  10. 50%…Guess we will see flames coming out of the moderators eyes tonight. .Paul may have a seizure, Christy might eat a whoopee pie right on stage, and Bush, well, he might ask for a group hug from the audience. .Mr Ohio will be taken away in a straight jacket…
    It will be quite the show I believe. Put on your seat belt kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  11. gonzotx
    December 15, 2015 at 8:10 pm
    I will see him again in January.

    I will ask him for sources.

    One thing I will say however, he is the real deal, he has a scientific background, and he is no supporter of the ayotollas. He is a highly educated Persian and speaks farsi. He is not inclined to embellish. It is all of course history, and as my favorite military historian, the Brit who invented Blitzkreig and made lieutant general at age 29, was fond of saying: all history is fiction.

  12. Was thinking the same way about history wbb, it is what ever the writer wants you to believe.
    Unless you lived it, you are at the mercy of often of a collective narrative

  13. I can hardly wait to see what Dana is wearing, and whether Vulf brings a spitoon with him which reads back off I chew Redman (snuff).

  14. No need to talk about the 800 pound elephant in the room, if Candy Crowley shows up, because in that case the chair will be filled. Maybe she can ask a few have you stopped beating your wife questions, and then answer them herself. It is like Sir Wilred said in Witness For The Prosecution, on the subject of asking leading questions, if my opponent persists in answering his own questions, then the presence of the witness–or in this case the candidate would appear to be superfluous.

  15. In pre-debate comments Jake Tapper tries to instigate attacks against Trump. Tapper asks who will take on Trump and said Trump’s Muslim Moratorium makes America less safe. Trump can only hope the Tapper suggestion will be taken up by some loser on stage.

  16. My answer to CNNs PT Barnum lead in comes from one of my and JFK’s favorite historians who was a trustee at one of the seven sisters colleges, Radcliffe.
    Tuchman’s Law

    In the introduction to her 1978 book A Distant Mirror, Tuchman playfully identified a historical phenomenon which she termed “Tuchman’s Law,” to wit:

    Disaster is rarely as pervasive as it seems from recorded accounts. The fact of being on the record makes it appear continuous and ubiquitous whereas it is more likely to have been sporadic both in time and place. Besides, persistence of the normal is usually greater than the effect of the disturbance, as we know from our own times. After absorbing the news of today, one expects to face a world consisting entirely of strikes, crimes, power failures, broken water mains, stalled trains, school shutdowns, muggers, drug addicts, neo-Nazis, and rapists. The fact is that one can come home in the evening — on a lucky day — without having encountered more than one or two of these phenomena. This has led me to formulate Tuchman’s Law, as follows: “The fact of being reported multiplies the apparent extent of any deplorable development by five- to tenfold” (or any figure the reader would care to supply).[11]

    Tuchman’s Law has been defined as a psychological principle of “perceptual readiness” or “subjective probability”.[12]

  17. Where is Southern born? Carly walked in looking like ‘woe is me’; Rubio tried to smile and shake hands with her but no..

  18. Paul: Trump says close down the internet like in China. Cruz says NSA. The terrorists win. To defeat terrorism we need to quit arming the allies of ISIS. Boots on ground have to be Arab. We cannot lose what America stands for.

    Kasich: My daughter does not like politics because it is loud fighting. We need to create jobs and high wages as well as protect the homeland. We can’t just fight with one another. We’re Americans. We need to unify.

    Christie: America is betrayed by Obama/Clinton leadership. Today L.A. schools closed based on a threat. Think about the children and their mothers tomorrow wondering if they are safe. Obama/Clinton failed. I fought terrorists and won.

    Fiorina: I’m angry at what is happening to America. Bombast and insults won’t take it back. Our wounds can be healed by a tested leader. I fought cancer and buried a child. I fought my way to this debate stage. I’ve been told no all my life and refused to accept the “no”. Join me.

    Bush: Our freedom is under attack. Serious times require strong leadership. We need to restore defense cuts. Destroy ISIS. Take power away from D.C. America is still an exceptional country. I will keep you safe, secure, and free.

    Rubio: I lived in Nevada with my cigar smoking grandfather. In 2008 Obama was elected and it has been a disaster. Traditional values are called bigots. This election is important. Believe in America.

    Cruz: America is at war. Our enemy is radical Islamic terrorism and Obama won’t name it. We need a president who understands job #1 is to keep America safe. Hunt down and kill terrorists. Destroy ISIS. Speak the truth. Border security. No jihadists as refugees.

    Carson: Please join me in moment of silence in memory of San Bernadino victims. Radical Islamic jihadists must be defeated in this war. As a doctor I had to make the correct diagnosis and with my team cure the problem. I ask the congress to declare war on ISIS to excise that cancer.

    Trump: I began this journey 6 months ago to build up the military, our strength, our borders and to stop China and others not to take advantage of our country. I would not make the Iran deal. A month ago things changed because of radical Muslims. We opened up the discussion that needed to be had.

  19. Rubio is NOT TRUSTWORTHY.









  20. Blitzer: You want to ban Muslims temporarily and wall off the southern border. Isolate America?

    Trump: We’re talking about security. People streaming in through southern border. Drugs coming in. ISIS flags will not be coming into this country with me in charge.

    Blitzer: Trump unhinged?

    Bush: We should destroy ISIS. We need Arab nations to do that. The Kurds are Muslim and we need them. Trump’s is not an honest proposal. Donald is good at one-liners. He is a chaos candidate.

    Trump: Jeb doesn’t believe I am unhinged. I am the most solid person up here. I want to make America Great Again. Jeb, does not believe that.

    Bush: Banning all Muslims hurts our efforts. We need to engage with Arab world. It is not an honest proposal. We need a serious leader.

    Blitzer: You said banning Muslims is unconstitutional but most Republicans support idea.

    Rubio: This proposal will not happen. ISIS recruits Americans. ISIS must be confronted with a serious proposal. Obama made things worse with his speech.

    Hewitt: You said you disagree with Trump but specifically how do you disagree?

    Cruz: Obama is engaged in doublespeak and attacks constitutional rights. Obama and Hillary want to bring in tens of thousands of refugees. I would suspend refugees for 3 years from problem countries. There are millions of peaceful Muslims and we should focus on the problem.

    Hewitt: Is this what you want the Republican Party to stand for?

    Fiorina: We need to solve the problem not talk. Recognize that technology has moved on and Patriot Act is outdated. Terrorists have moved on. We need the private sector to help like I helped.

    Blitzer: Americans afraid. L.A. schools closed. San Bernadino attack. Is this the new normal?

    Christie: This is the new normal under Obama and Clinton. She said my strategy would be like the president’s. As a former federal prosecutor, everywhere is a target. After 9/11 I kept America safe. Restore tools to the NSA. The priority of the president is to protect the country.

    Blitzer: How to find radicalized persons?

    Kasich: We need troops on the ground in a Gulf War I type coalition. The Saudi’s have organized a coalition. Instead we have a climate conference. Destroy ISIS in a coalition. Give law enforcement the power needed.

    Bash: Balance surveillance and privacy rights?

    Cruz: The Freedom Act ended bulk collection of meta data. It strengthened tools to go after terrorists. Freedom Act allowed collection of information from cell phones not just land lines.

    Bash: You voted against it?

    Rubio: ISIS can radicalize Americans. Holds territory. We need more tools, not less tools.

    Cruz: Marco knows what he says is not true. His superPac airs false ads against me.

    Rubio: Nothing in this bill that we did not have before. The next attack better not be allowed because we did not have the tools or information needed.

    Bash: Hogwash?

    Paul: We are less safe with all this information gathering. Rubio wants to weaken border security for refugees. We need more scrutiny. He is for open borders and leaves us defenseless. Marco Rubio’s allegiance is to Chuck Schumer.

    Rubio: His bill did not focus on terrorists. This meta data program is worse now. In San Bernadino it was an American citizen.

    Paul: I tried to halt immigration from these countries. These terrorist attacks come from legal immigration and Marco does not want to stop that.

    Christie: If your eyes glaze over this is like the senate. As an executive I have to lead. They want to talk about bills not leadership. In N.J. we took action. We prosecuted. We stopped Fort Dix attack. We used the Patriot Act. I actually did something.

  21. Kasich delivered a series of karate chops as he made some irrelevant point.

    He is the reincarnation of the karate kid.

  22. Blitzer: Monitor mosques?

    Carson: First time I have spoken. The place does not matter. Get rid of the pc stuff. We are at war. We need to be on a war footing. Our nation is in great danger.

    Blitzer: Who was right in Rubio v. Paul?

    Carson: I don’t want to get into that.

    Blitzer: Your brother said “Islam is peace.”

    Bush: We can’t do this without peace loving Muslims. The FBI has the tools necessary. Give the FBI and NSA what they need. We need a strategy. It requires leadership. Fund it. Do the job. That’s how you keep America safe.

    Blitzer: Encrypted communications and private companies?

    Fiorina: The private sector can be helpful. The bureaucrats are too slow. DHS says you can’t check social media. Our government is unresponsive. We need different kind of leadership.

    Blitzer: Should they cooperate with FBI?

    Fiorina: Ask them. They have not been asked. That’s why the ObamaCare website failed.

    Blitzer: Close internet sites like China does?

    Trump: ISIS recruits through the Internet. Let’s use our brilliant tech people to stop ISIS from using our technology against us. ISIS are thugs. Let’s use our brilliant minds to stop them. Use the internet to find out where ISIS is.

    Blitzer: Close internet?

    Trump: Stop ISIS from using internet against us.

    Kasich: The president has to lead. Encryption is a problem.

    Blitzer: The war of our time? Bomb them until they “Glow in the dark?”

    Cruz: It means use overwhelming power to destroy ISIS. Arm Kurds. It’s not lack of competence it is political correctness that drives Obama.

    Blitzer: Carpet bomb Raqqa with many civilians present?

    Cruz: The goal is to destroy ISIS not kill civilians.

    Blitzer: His vote does not match his rhetoric – you say about Cruz?

    Rubio: We have to embed troops with those fighting ISIS. Budget cuts have hurt our armed forces. We also need to use the internet to defeat ISIS.

    Blitzer: You said President Cruz would veto defense authorization?

    Rubio: He supports “containment budget” which makes many cuts. Small air force.

    Cruz: Marco makes these attacks he knows are not true. I support due process. He throws insults at me. ISIS will face most determined foe with me. Marco’s foreign policy supports Obama/Clinton.

    Rubio: ISIS supporters are enemy combatants. The Cruz cuts hurt the military. We can’t outsource foreign policy.

  23. Boy They Still Love The Carly and Rubio.
    And why oh why is Kasich still getting so much air time?
    Ahh, the money handlers, globalist choices.

  24. Obamacare website failed because MO and VJ interfered. DHS is a clusterfuck because there is no leadership within the organization — it has been documented even in the lapdog media and Jeh Johnson dropped the ball.

  25. Remember Admin’s first paragraph above. “It’s over for Trump. Unless Donald J. Trump vomits on one of his opponents or pulls down his own pants and moons the audience or even swings his penis in front of the TV cameras – it’s over for Trump and he has won this primary election cycle”

    I haven’t seen him reaching for his belt buckle yet. 😄

  26. Two non-technocrats, Ryan and Trump discussing the phrase “shutting down the Internet.” They both need education.

  27. Kill ISIS family members?

    Trump: The families know that is going on with these terrorists. In San Bernadino. On 9/11. They might not care about their lives but they care about their families.

    Bush: This is another example of unseriousness. Two months ago he did not think ISIS was a problem.

    Trump: We need toughness. Jeb is a nice person. Jeb said illegal immigration is an act of love. [back and forth between bush and Trump] We need strength. An act of love. He’s saying the same thing now with radical Islam.

    Bush: You won’t insult your way to the presidency. Leadership is not about attacking people. I laid out that strategy before the attacks. Increase spending. Safe zone.

    Trump: With Jeb’s attitude we will never be great again.

    Hewitt: You mention your life story. Are you strong enough to wage war.

    Carson: When I tell children we have to open up your head they don’t like me. You have to look at the big picture. You have to go ahead and do the job.

    Hewitt: So you’re OK with thousands of civilian deaths?

    Carson: The job is to protect the people of the United States.

    Bash: Republicans fueled rise of ISIS you say?

    Paul: ISIS grew stronger because of our policies. Trump is not a serious candidate. Close internet is against first amendment. Kill families is against civilized norm.

    Trump: So, they can kill us but we can’t kill them? As to internet, I’m not saying to close the internet. Use our best to infiltrate. Who boos because I want to infiltrate ISIS?

    Paul: We put billions of weapons to take out Assad and now ISIS has those weapons. The majority on the stage want to topple Assad.

    Kasich: We need to be massive. Not just Sunnis. Total destruction of ISIS.

    Blitzer: Defeat ISIS with Sunni forces? But thus far they only are 5%?

    Rubio: No doubt they have to do more. They don’t have trust in Obama. They don’t trust Obama. Assad is a puppet of Iran. Assad is brutal to Sunnis. Obama led from behind.

    Blitzer: What is your strategy?

    Fiorina: Talking tough is not a strategy. First term senators who never made a decision in their life. Bring back the warrior class that retired.

  28. Trumps right about the terrorist families, Israel knows, that’s what they do, that’s how they stay as safe as they have surrounded by a ocean of people committed to their being wiped off the face of the earth.

  29. Blitzer: What is your strategy?

    Christie: They act as if they had noting to do with what has happened. The folks up here pretend they had nothing to do with the mess in Washington. The president has to be trusted. Obama is not trusted.

    Carson: We have to destroy the Caliphate. ISIS is richest terrorist organization. Take their oil. Cut off their power centers. We need boots on the ground.


  30. Donald is doing just fine tonite! I figured the “stompathon” would happen and it has .. however, he’s remained very calm and his answers are what I was screaming to the TV!!! Despise Kasich and Bush … the only vomit tonight is MINE over them. I switched over to The Voice. Thanks for updates

  31. “Rubio is Obama and Bush light.”

    Exactly, Mr. Plastic, will bring together the two parties. Bushbama!
    If Rubio is the nominee, Hillary will win.
    Lord have mercy. Carly is getting to be a meaner girl every moment.

  32. Just so ya’ll know:

    “I know what I don’t know”

    WHAT THE eff DOES THAT MEAN .. Jeb is looking goofier as the evening goes on

    switches back to the Voice

  33. “Why does Carly look so sad?”
    So are you asking, “Why the long face, Carly?”

  34. Carly should stop using her daughters death as a reason she is qualified to be President. it’s disgusting actually

  35. See my earlier comment: Carly is ‘woe is me’; her mere existence is a burden; she is this Joan of Arc in the midst of those men.

  36. Yep, that is another “roll eyes” comment ..

    Cruz is a missile tonight, hes actually taken down Rubio bit by bit. I predict Cruz to rise, Trump to rise and Rubio to plummet. The rest need to exit stage either left or right

    I loathe Rubio .. I wish someone would ask him “you mean you actually showed UP to vote on a bill”?

  37. Rubio is not to be trusted..ever
    Jeb was right about one thing, Rubio should do the job he is being paid to do and give 100% to the Senate. What a farce he is, another obama, another disaster.

  38. Carly’s pitch: My daughter died, I was a great CEO even though I was fired, I’m a woman, Hillary is a horrible bitch, etc.
    Reminds me of Mr. Plastic Rubio. “My dad was a bartender, blah, blah. I’m for open borders but I can make you think I’m against it.”
    Rubio never answers the question. He’s slick and slimey.

  39. Blitzer: You prefer dictatorships to present policy?

    Cruz: America first. Obama/Clinton toppled government in Libya. Libya now is terrorist zone. Obama/Clinton topped Mubarek in Egypt. Same thing. Assad/Quadaffi/Mubarak are bad men but at least they stopped terrorists. Kill ISIS rather than create opportunities for ISIS.

    Blitzer: You supported Obama in Libya?

    Rubio: Obama did not start the troubles in Libya. We have to work with less than ideal governments. Anti-democratic Assad we have to get rid of.

    Cruz: It’s actively getting rid of Assad for non-existent “moderates”. Netanyahu understands that Syria should not be governed by ISIS.

    Kasich: Assad has to go. Assad is aligned with Russia and Iran. There are moderates.

    Trump: We’ve spent trillions to topple instead of trillions to build here at home. We’ve done a tremendous disservice. The middle east is a complete mess. Spend the money here.

    Fiorina: That is exactly what Obama says. Who got it wrong. Hillary Clinton. Recall she called Assas a “positive reformer”.

    Trump: Benghazi was a disaster. It could not have been worse. We’ve spent trillions. We’ve got nothing but wounded warriors. I’ve been talking about taking the oil for years. Now everyone says “take the oil” when it is fashionable.

    Carson: No one is better off with dictators. We need to start thinking about the needs of the American people. For us to think we are going to fix that is foolish.

    Blitzer: Do you still feel getting rid of Saddam was a good deal?

    Bush: Barack Obama does not think American leadership is a force for good in the world. Hillary Clinton wants to double down on a failed foreign policy.

    Paul: Variations of evil. Is regime change a good idea? Neo-cons. Chaos.

    Cruz: Defeat our enemies. Iran has declared war on us.

    Hewitt: You’re OK with Assad in power. If they’re winning, how are we winning?

    Trump: We have to do one thing at a time. We’re fighting ISIS and Assad and Russia. After we get rid of ISIS then we get rid of Assad.

    Hewitt: Is Trump right?

    Christie: Obama’s deal with Iran has empowered them. We empower Iran. Hillary wants to do the same as Obama. Iran and ISIS are entwined.

    Paul: We gave arms to radical jihadists.

    Kasich: You have to know how to pick and choose. Assad is an ally of Iran. Assad has to go. We have to punch the Russians in the nose.

    Blitzer: Not talking to Putin a sign of weakness?

    Fiorina: There is a time and a place for talk and a time and a place for action. Putin lied to Obama. We need to speak to him from a position of strength. Talk to Putin only after we rebuild the military. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are responsible for ISIS.

    Blitzer: A no fly zone and Russia flies in. Would you fire?

    Christie: Yes. A no fly zone means no fly zone. I would not be feckless like Obama.

    Paul: If you’re in favor of World War III you have your candidate. Shoot down Russian planes? Russia already flies there. A recipe for disaster. Reckless. That’s like someone who shuts down a bridge to get at their enemies.

    Christie: Reckless people are in the White House. Ditto Hillary Clinton.

    Hewitt: Trump not qualified to deal with Putin?

    Bush: I would get the best advice and not from “the shows.” I’ve laid out a policy. We need a stronger military. I won’t be an agitator in chief.

    Trump: It’s very sad how CNN goads Bush to attack Trump. Trump this, Trump that. It’s very unprofessional.

    Bush: If you think this is tough. Dealing with Islamic terrorists is tough.

    Trump: Yeah, you’re really tough Jeb.

    Kasich: All the fighting does not strengthen us. A leader has a sound policy.

    Hewitt: Are you prepared to be in charge of the armed forces?

    Carson: A false narrative that only the political class has that ability. Our country is designed for a citizen-statesman. I don’t do a lot of talking. I do a lot of doing. Look and see what I’ve done.

    Bash: Immigration. With Democrats you pushed an immigration bill.

    Rubio: The American people don’t trust us on illegal immigration. We need a strong border then modernize the immigration system. After, then legalization.

    Bash: Does that path end at citizenship?

    Rubio: Yes. After years allow green card application.

    Bash: Cruz. Rubio says your immigration plan is like his.

    Cruz: Rubio stood with Obama and Schumer. I stood with Steve King to protect the American border. Border security is national security. Rubio/Schumer gave Obama a lot of authority. As president we will secure the border.

    Rubio: Ted, you support doubling green cards. Control illegal immigration.

    Cruz: Marco wants to raise confusion. I led the fight against his illegal immigration plan. He wanted to have illegal immigration without border security.

    Rubio: Does Ted Cruz rule out legalization?

    Cruz: Enforce the law. Stop the Obama administration on illegal immigration. We can enforce the law.

    Bash: Who do you side with?

    Trump: I have a hard line position. Walls work. Ask Israel. We either have a border or we don’t.

    Bash: Is this the right tone to win Hispanics?

    Bush: No. But it is an important topic. National security. Drugs. Secure the border. The problem is Obama.

    Blitzer: You visited a camp in Jordan.

    Carson: I asked them “what do you want?” They said support safe zones for us.

  40. When are they going to narrow down the field. There’s too many enough time to pull the switch. When is bush going to drop out admin? If trump was at 3% they would have been screaming months ago for him to pull out. Heck they want him out at 40%

  41. Nice way to put it.

    When the head of the FBI says we cannot vet these refugees

    “that is the end of the conversation for me”

  42. Can you imagine the gallons of plastic bottles of water Rubio will have do drink after this debate. He is sweating and blinking and getting wound up. He doesn’t like it when they expose him for the phony he really is. Doesn’t he remind you so much of Obama?

  43. Blitzer: More Syrian refugees?

    Paul: Marco misspoke. On Marco’s bill there was an amendment I proposed to fix border security. Rubio supported Obama and Schumer.

    Rubio: Those refugees misused the database. We have to be 100% right on this issue.

    Blitzer: What about 2000 Syrian refugees already here?

    Paul: We have a lot of problems in this country. To take on more problems is a mistake. Gulf nations are not doing much.

    Blitzer: Bible says allow refugees?

    Christie: First job of president is to protect Americans. FBI Director Comey says we cannot vet these people. We have to make this government work. It doesn’t under Obama/Clinton. We now know, after San Bernadino, women can commit heinous acts like men.

    Kasich: As Ohio governor we have to keep people safe. Syrian refugees? I have to keep people safe so I take a pause.


  44. Why are all these 1-3% candidates still in the race when in past years they would have already dropped out from lack of funding and embarrassment? Wasn’t that the RNC plan when they changed the rules to benefit Jeb!. And by the way who is funding them? Who would donate to a 1-3% candidate when they have zero chance of winning? Hum!

  45. I hope someone reminds Blitzer than the Koran (see link I posted earlier today) tells Islam to kill ALL who do not believe like them. Wolf wanted to bring up the BIBLE .. hope someone brings up the “bible” that radical islamisic jehadists follow. Odd, we are supposed to use our Bible to bring them in while they use their “bible” to KEEL US ALL … Obama continues to put us at risk .. as admin said a long time ago “He’s going to get us all killed”……………..

  46. Dana is doing great!

    Except for the premise of her questions is wrong, as Cruz pointed out.

    I hate Vulf.

    Hugh is doing great as well.

    Very professorial.

  47. Exactly, pm317, Carly, Kasich, Carson, Bush need to say, “Goodnight” and exit the stage now and in the future.

  48. It’s a shame Hillary has fallen so far .. really folks I wanted to be in love with her again but her policies just give me heartburn ….. continuing everything that Obama has done to destroy the country! Things WE here at Big Pink were against when Hillary was OUR candidate in 08 .. I will be honest with you, sometimes I just cry because my heart is truely broken

  49. That is actually a good response by Christie in re China.

    In todays Wall Street Journal there is an article that the party is over in terms of growth, labor is in a state of revolt, and spinkling a few facts about government policies which enrich oligarchs could lead to internal dislocation.

  50. Internal dislocation?

    On another note, checking some conservative blogs

    Cruz, Trump winners
    Losers Rubio, Carly, Carson, Bush..and no one, not anyone, knows WTH Kasich is doing there.

  51. @dot48: I will be honest with you, sometimes I just cry because my heart is truely broken..

    I know, dot.. I think we all feel it at some level. But I can’t tolerate it when some of these Republicans excoriate her on TV. I turn the channel.

  52. Blitzer: North Korea?

    Fiorina: Push back on China. I’ve done business in China.

    Carson: He’s unstable. North Korea is in severe financial straits. They feed their military not their people. We need to use economic power.

    Bash: Cyberwarfare against China, you said?

    Christie: China attacks federal records and gets information and we need to attack back. China is corrupt and steals from their people. We should release that information. Fight China. Obama and Hillary Clinton have betrayed the American people with their weakness.

    Bash: Christie escalates war with China?

    Bush: I agree with Christie. Hillary has email problems and the Chinese have her emails. We need to coordinate with the private sector.

    Hewitt: Nuclear forces triad. What’s your priority.

    Trump: I was against going into Iraq and I was right. Nuclear weapons are the most important problem we have to update. Nuclear proliferation is our biggest problem. A madman with the bomb.

    Rubio: The triad is using planes, subs and missiles. All need to be modernized.

    Blitzer: The right temperament to be president? Cruz?

    Trump: He has a fine temperament.

    Cruz: What I said in private is what I say here. We need a commander in chief who keeps focused, not distracted.

    Bash: Trump’s temperament?

    Cruz: Everyone up here is better than Obama and Hillary.

    Hewitt: Hillary wins if you run independent?

    Trump: I will run as a Republican. I have great respect for those in the process. I am honored to be the front-runner. Polls say I will beat Hillary Clinton.

    Carson: What I said was contingent on whether the party will act with subterfuge.


  53. Did Trump say he would not run as a third party candidate if he didn’t win the primary??

    He now has all this respect for the GOP????

  54. Administrator, you are truly amazing in your ability to write down what the candidates are saying. Impressive.

  55. gonzotx
    December 15, 2015 at 10:53 pm
    Internal dislocation?
    Strikes, protests, Tianmain Square redux, internet war, and a communist party barely holding on to power etc. Microsoft has three centers–one in Redmond Washington, one in London and another in China. The younger generation has limited job prospects, and a recession could really disrupt.

  56. What I have learned thus far is that Rubio is a liar, and Kasich has too big of a heart, and being fired from a top corporate job is an excellent qualification to be president.

  57. Closing statements.

    Paul: Debt is our biggest problem. Dirty secret is that both parties are part of the problem.

    Kasich: No president elected without Ohio.

    Christie: On 9/10 I became the federal prosecutor. I’ve spent my life protecting against attacks.

    Fiorina: I too remember September 11. We have to beat Hillary Clinton.

    Bush: Which candidate will keep our country safer and stronger? My detailed plans and record prove I can deliver.

    Rubio: This election is about our very identity as Americans. Many feel insecure.

    Cruz: Judgment, strength, clarity and trust. America can win again and will win again.

    Carson: I’ve been to 58 countries and I thank God I was born in this country.

    Trump: Our country doesn’t win anymore. Not on trade or military. We have to change. Healthcare will implode. If I am elected we will win again and we will have a country greater than ever before.

    IT’S OVER.

  58. Cruz has to knock off calling up the ghost of Ronnie Raygun, it’s old and not all American’t are in the cult.

  59. “What I have learned thus far is that Rubio is a liar, and Kasich has too big of a heart, and being fired from a top corporate job is an excellent qualification to be president.”
    Yes, indeed, wbboei!

  60. I don’t think anyone is the winner tonight, can’t imagine anyone changed their vote from one person to another.

    Some were actually better than previously.

  61. Watching the Twitter trends and it seems the most important thing coming out of this debate…..
    House of Cards next season starts on 3/4/16.

    I just may vote Frank Underwood..he has the best campaign slogan…FU 2016!

  62. I gotta admit, Cruz wasn’t as creepy as usual to me tonight.

    So Trump would pick him as his VP? Not unless he needed Cruz votes.

  63. Shadowfax, Trump came into this debate at the top. Not much changed tonight. So we go into the Christmas time away from politics with Trump at top. Ergo, Trump wins.

    Also the Trump versus Cruz fight did not materialize, as we predicted contrary to what most expectations were.

  64. Admin, what does the RNC hope to gain by continuing to include those w/ less than 10% of the vote at this point? Seems to me, if they want to get rid of Trump, they would want only their front-runners and let them gang up on Trump.

  65. admin
    December 15, 2015 at 11:06 pm
    We’ll be the first to say it: It’s over for Trump.
    Oveer in he sealed the nomination or blew it???

  66. admin, I saw on another blog a comment to the effect of body language between Cruz and Trump. I think they are tiptoeing around each other for now.

  67. I didn’t access…but Drudge is showing Rand Paul leading Rubio. Wow, did Rubio stink up the joint that bad?

  68. admin

    Trump seemed different to me tonight.

    Most of the time, he was okay being in the background. Then there has a little Jerry Springer type dustup with CNN and Jeb, and ended with his new found love of the GOP.

    I guess the GOP told him they would not prevent him from winning the Primary – so he calmed down??

  69. My impressions were that not much changed. I think Cruz was better than average, Rubio a bit defensive, Trump more or less the same stuff, Bush again underwhelming and frustrated, which is surprising to me as he was, like him or not, a competent Governor here, Christie OK but not enough to change much, Paul had the house vote, but is not electable, Kasich is really annoying and wasting space.

  70. Rubio WAS in the Gang of 8 pushing open borders and the like with Schumer and other Dems. People know it no matter how slick and slimey Rubio tries to spin it now.

  71. Phone, how funny cricket= cruz

    Hahaha, I was racking my brain wondering who had the pet name, “Cricket”.

  72. Shadowfax
    December 15, 2015 at 11:18 pm
    House of Cards next season starts on 3/4/16

    March…long wait.

    Yea, they usually start in February…wonder why the delay this time out? Unless, they want to try and influence the GOP primary season. Hmmmmmm……..

  73. It seems strange to me that anyone would change their vote on the basis of a few zingers in a debate. I agree with you, Jbstonesfan, about not much changing. But I would put Fiorino in the annoying and wasting space category with Kasich.

  74. Lol cricket… would probably describe Carson ..He chrips every now or then, but really, how did he get so popular and then fall so quickly?
    Only thing I can recall wad the first debate when he closed in a humorous way…nothing else.

  75. Yes, I forgot about Fiorina which is her problem. Despite being well versed and knowledgeable , she has no traction.

  76. I thought Christie and Paul had a moment or two.

    Rubio needs to quit playing the ‘Cuban’ boy-scout card…out of his league.

    Bush is swimming behind the barge.

    Horseface is obsessed with Hillary and ugly as a possum.

    Cruz was a little better than before.

    Carson shaved!!!!! Goodie.

    Hewitt – absolutely forgettable.

    Trump – okay but not his best performance. He must be love struck.

  77. I fully expect that right now Luntz is busy conducting one of his kangaroo polls and telling us Rubio and Bush won. He who pays the pollster calls the tune.

  78. Maybe it’s not Hewitt…who ever that other guy from Ohio is, I can’t remember him. He should be running for ice cream man.

  79. Shadowfax
    December 15, 2015 at 11:38 pm
    But surely Dana had a good night.

    You do agree with that don’t you.

    The mere fact that the premise of her questions was wrong

    Is no reflection on her.

    Fire the cnn fools who work for Zucker who gave her the questions.

    She read them . . . brilliantly.

  80. Hewitt really is a tool and Clinton hater…Dana Bash is usually professional and I think she just tried a little too hard to pull a Megyn Kelly.

  81. For me, the funniest thing in the debate was when Wolf wanted the guy with the white, white hair to cut off one of the candidates, to talk over them to shut them up and the white hair guy wasn’t as eager to be rude.

    Wolf kept pushing and he was growing more angry at each attempt to control the discussion.

  82. Hugh Hewitt is, indeed, a B-I-G Hillary Clinton hater. Anyone who even thinks about immolating Megyn Kelly may have an elevator not going to the top problem.

  83. Another reason why Trump does so well is people like Lindsay Lohan Graham:

    Graham Starts Off Undercard Debate by Apologizing to the Muslim World for Trump

    The first question of the GOP undercard debate was of course about Donald Trump and his Muslim entry ban, leading to Lindsey Graham apologizing to the entire Muslim world for him.

    Graham said that there is a religious war going on, but it’s important to help Muslims “who reject radical Islam” and “Donald Trump has done the one single thing you cannot do: declare war on Islam itself.”

    He added, “To all of our Muslim friends throughout the world like the king of Jordan and the president of Egypt, I am sorry. He does not represent us.”

    Video at link which we will not post.

  84. Shadowfax
    December 15, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    All the CNN clones are creepy.

    Even Wolf’s voice was annoying.

    Oh come on shadow.

    Of course Vulf is creepy.

    What is the point of being a vampire

    If you can’t be creepy?

    He is loud enough to wake the dead

    Which is probably the whole idea.

    Even louder however is the raspy one

    Kasich, a.k.a the karate kid

    And raspy besides.

    But as he freely admits, he has a big heart.

  85. admin
    December 16, 2015 at 12:03 am
    Another reason why Trump does so well is people like Lindsay Lohan Graham:

    Graham Starts Off Undercard Debate by Apologizing to the Muslim World for Trump
    First he apologizes for Trump insulting them.

    Second then he vows to blame them back to the stone age.

    Graham does not deserve the presidency.

    What he deserves is the vaudeville hook.

    He would look with a vaudeville hook around his neck.

  86. VotingHillary
    December 16, 2015 at 12:43 am
    Shadow, this is for you:

    Nice Voting…thanks.

    Spacey plays such a villain, but I love that he talks to his audience.
    His wife is creepy too. If horseface wasn’t so possum-like, she would make a good Mrs. Underwood.

  87. BTW, agreed that Homeland is awesome this season.

    Someone posted the tv series, The Man in the High Tower. I binge watched it until 4 AM, and it was good.

  88. Thanks for highlights and rundown Admin. I’m not even watching the debates anymore until some of the deadwood is cleared out. Cruz still tippy-toeing around Trump is interesting and taking out Rubio is very interesting (how mad are his billionaire Daddy Warbucks going to be?). Jeb finally melted into a puddle of goo on stage so maybe he will be completely ignored from now on. The novelty has worn off with Carson and Fiorina so please go away now. Kasich needs to be shown his office in Ohio and told to stay there hopefully incommunicado. And Trump took care of business.

    To me at least yesterday’s most interesting event was in LA. Guiliani suggested the terror threat to the school system was a “probe” to see what the reaction would be. NYC got one too but tracked it down professionally (they have much more experience) but LA cancelled school. The media was ready to go after LA as being silly and over-reactive. They tried to make fun of them as being sissies or unsophisticated or something. The massacre in San Bernardino was completely ignored by our media who is now into “no biggie” stage and “shit happens” phase to condition the public into accepting terrorist attacks here as just a part of life to our transition to a borderless globalist mini-genocide that is good for us. The NYC police commissioner pushed back hard saying LA isn’t used to this stuff and are currently traumatized over a mass murder by terrorists in the area. This was not what the media masters wanted to hear and essentially ended the sneering. Where was the White House as enormous school systems are threatened? Nowhere as usual while the population is terrorized by Obama’s soul mates. No biggie.

  89. As far as I can tell about “shut down the internet” brouhaha at the debate and the accompanying sneering, it wasn’t expressed well. I think the argument or intent is not censorship but taking down the infrastructure of the internet and cell phones which are used extensively by all kinds of bad actors in the middle east. For eighth century monsters they sure love 21st century communications technology. Telling Facebook and Twitter to monitor them is silly. Take out the cell towers and internet CONNECTION. All of it. But they will just use sat phones, etc. Shut off the f’ing satellites idiots. Make it a black communications hole. Pull the plug. As usual the media misses the point. Will ISIS go into internet and cell phone addiction withdrawal? They can’t call mama or Uncle Money in Saudi Arabia. Tough shit. Make them use carrier pigeons and walkie talkies.

  90. I watched some last night, but the audience booing while Trump was talking annoyed me. He finally called them on it, over infiltrating the internet to track ISIS, when they booed. How childish and stupid, packing that audience like that against Trump. That is just going to make sympathies rise.

  91. When did “going after” terrorists families, become killing them?

    I thought he meant prosecuting them under the law or treating them as enemy combatants.

  92. Mormaer
    December 16, 2015 at 6:13 am

    Yes! “For eighth century monsters they sure love 21st century communications technology. Telling Facebook and Twitter to monitor them is silly.”

    Destroy their cell towers.

  93. Trump is a master of negotiations.

    I am very impressed by what I see.

    One of the principles which is not taught at by William Fisher and Roger Ury or other academics in the field, including my friend who headed at program at MIT relates to concession, how they are created, and how you play them–there is a right time and a wrong time. Two points in that respect:

    1. First, the value of a concession is not what you or I think of it, but what it means to your opponent. How valuable it is to him. The threat of running third party is a perfect example. Trump could not have won if he had run third party, but neither for that matter could the Republicans. In that respect it was a form of mutually assured destruction. Still, he got the establishment to believe that this would occur if he was not treated fairly. He raised the issue initially when Megan Kelley started bouncing off the walls, and the RNC with a wink and a nod and at the bequest of the Chamber of Commerce got other candidates to pile on. He raised it again when big donors and McConnell were meeting privately trying to decide how to kill Caesar. Each time he threatened to go third party and beat the genie back into the bottle. Part of the art consists of making your adversary believe you are more than a little crazy, and he succeeded on that front as well. You can go only so far as to not provoke an emotional reaction, and he walked that line masterfully as well.

    2. The other thing that matters is timing. Timing. If you play the concession you have too early, if you do not make your opponent fight for it, then he will cease to believe it is a big deal, and you will lose your leverage. The longer you fight him on it, the more value it conjures up in his mind. HOWEVER, and this is the mistake made by amateurs, at the other end of the spectrum, you can hold on to a concession for too long, and when you do that it can also lose its value, and the negotiation will escalate to a level which you do not want, where your opponent looks for competitive rather than cooperative strategies to get it, and falls in love with them. In other words, there is that magic moment when the concession must be played, and last night, at the prodding of Hewitt and having previously told Brett Bayer no can do, he played the card, and Hewitt damned near fell out of his seat. That was the reassurance he needed to give to the party, and now they have no institutional reason to take him down, even though the elites in the party have personal reasons to do so. But if they continue to go after him for personal reasons, then they are working against the interests of the party.

  94. Mormaer
    December 16, 2015 at 6:13 am
    One gets a wiff of that grapeshot if he surveys the Battlefied of the Somme in France in World War I, where there were 450,000 casualties in three days and weighs it against the aversion of the British foreign service to intercepting German cables because: “gentlemen do not read other people’s mail”.

  95. From a civil libertarian standpoint, I am not against them reading terrorist mail, whereas the position of the Obama administration is they are fine with letting them read the mail of American citizens, but only a bigoted racist xenophobe would want them to invade the privacy of terroists. The only way that position makes sense is if they are so committed to bringing down this nation to serve the interests of world government and focused only on winning elections.

  96. When I saw that the British Prime Minister David Cameron condemn Trump calling him divisive ignorant and all the other things he is not, the question occurred to me who is this asshole, and what gives him the right to interfere in our politics. Well, thanks to wiki the answer came back loud and clear: he is a compassionate conservative who deplores the bickering in parliament and just wants to do what is right for the people—like ship their jobs overseas and he loves open border. Now who does that remind you off? Obama and Jebediah. To that arrogant fucking Lymie I would say this: take your compassion and stick it where the sun don’t shine. We have had more than enough of it. It is the stalking horse for world government and you aim to be part of that now forming global elite who aim to reduce citizens to widgets in the new world order now emerging. Too bad this terrorism had to come along when it did. Its harder to boil the frog when the kitchen is on fire, you son of a London stock broker prick.

  97. They state: “In the name of Allah, the merciful, full of grace. You who are not believers will be decapitated in three days in your own house. We will bomb your rotten corpses afterwards.

    Well….it’s good to know that Allah is “merciful” and “full of grace”. Otherwise I might have taken this the wrong way. (smirk)

    These assholes need to be taken out. Dip our bullets in swine blood and TAKE THEM OUT!

  98. To Cameron and to other establishment politicians who are openly promoting global government and a new world order that reduces free people to slaves along the lines of colonialism, I would say stop trying to hijack our nations and listen to what Richard Fernandez said yesterday:

    King Pyrrhus, who gave his name to the phrase for a poisoned triumph was said by Plutarch to have described his battle against the Romans in 279 BC in these terms: “that one other such victory would utterly undo him.” The outward show of strength by the international community at the Paris climate summit has temporarily taken the spotlight away from the genuine political crisis facing Europe, the United States and Saudi Arabia. It’s a crisis of credibility in the leadership of the political elites.

    The anti-migrant sentiment unleashed by the recent terror attacks in Paris was beaten back by the French political establishment at a terrific cost. Ian Bremmer at Time wrote: “Marine Le Pen Lost a Battle But May Win the War in France”. The National Front was prevented from making embarassing electoral gains only by a sacrifice play by the French left, the equivalent of Republicans voting for the Democrats to prevent a Trump victory. (snip)

    At least King Pyrrhus knew who he was losing to; Western voters don’t have that luxury. The political elites are doing their level best to change the subject whenever they are pressed by their voters to categorically declare their intentions. It is so much easier and more convenient for these leaders to continue the process of handing out all things to all men.

    The crisis facing the West is at rock bottom a principal-agent problem. The political elites no longer represent anyone but themselves. So far, whoever loses, they win. They will avoid challenging the status quo unless they absolutely have to.

  99. So far, whoever loses, they win
    a.k.a. failure theater, a Mitch McConnell production, and the lifesblood of every RINO.

  100. I am skeptical as hell that this debate was the show case for American democracy which that carnival barker Vulf called it. But if you go to the transcript, it did reveal one exchange, Freudian slip, call it what you will which provided new insight to those who were listening closely. When Jebediah crinkled up his face, with those big eyes like some kind of insect though those specs he wears to look serious, and told Donald he cannot insult his way into the presidency, and Donald swatting him like a teese fly pointing out that he (Donald) was at 41% and Jebediah was at 3%, Jeb let loose with this one: “It, meaning the will of the voters, doesn’t matter”. That is a pretty good definition of what a compassionate conservative is. The other name for it is progressive, but they have to pretend they are different for the dims who have already taken the synonide pill, hoping to survive.

  101. Gotta agree with FoxNews on this one, the debate was more than forgettable and running a ‘debate’ where all that is gathered is sound bites isn’t a debate at all.


    It’s safe to say that the final debate of 2015 – the end of the pre-season – didn’t change the trajectory of the race. It was instead a confirmation of the shape of this chaotic contest.

    [snip]There have been too few of them and with too many candidates on stage. How can voters decide in this cacophony? Despite solid questions and good moderating, the CNN debate was still painful because every time it seemed like a real discussion was going to break out, one of the candidates in electoral Siberia would start howling.

    This has to stop. The stage needs to be shrunk not expanded, as CNN did in this case. If networks will not perform their due diligence and start focusing the discussion of viable candidates, then they will have failed in their responsibilities. Plus, it will only get more boring as candidates’ answers become more canned. Enough already. Nine people are a baseball team, not a debate.

    Keep the undercard, or, heck, make it bigger if you like. Make them wrestle bears or spin plates. Whatever you want, but for the real thing, a New Year needs to be a new start.

  102. AMEN! Shadowfax. You hit the nail right on the head. If the candidates with 1-3% won’t drop out, delegate them to the Junior Varsity Debate. Probably there should be no more than 3-4 in the main debate. Let the others deal with Lindsay Graham when he has a melt down and love fest for George Bush Jr. PHEW!

  103. wbboei
    December 16, 2015 at 11:33 am
    Jeb let loose with this one: “It, meaning the will of the voters, doesn’t matter”.

    The more he yammers the more obvious it becomes that he should have been shuffled off to Mexico instead of Florida by Ma and Pa Bush for his lack of er, um, discretion. ‘L’etat c’est moi’ says Jeb the Sun King. How did Florida put up with this fool?

  104. Southern Born
    December 16, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    AMEN! Shadowfax. You hit the nail right on the head. If the candidates with 1-3% won’t drop out, delegate them to the Junior Varsity Debate.

    A “knackers yard” for careers debate so to speak. A dud show. In media I think they call it “filler” or human interest story. Will they get a participation trophy at the end from Karl Rove and a big hand from the audience for service above and beyond the call of donors?

  105. Outris
    December 16, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    Thank goodness for that. Except I guess the part about him taking and losing the value of the public pension funds post-gov at Lehman Brothers as a parting gift from the citizens of Florida. And the hanging chads stuff. He was pretty good. LOL. I lived with Shrub as governor so I can commiserate.

  106. This constant invocation of race suggests a return to separate but equal may not be too far off. As long as the radical left cannot find justice in the system, it needs to have its own system where they can achieve the justice they are looking for, but has no impact on the rest of us.

  107. Booze and sleeping pills killed Alan Ladd.

    The radical left is taking a strong dose of cyanide, hoping to ride it out.

    There is a fundamental difference, however, between cold turkey and dead turkey.

  108. Outris
    December 16, 2015 at 2:20 pm
    As a state employee I have to disagree. Not only did he lose about $300,000 million out of the state pension fund to his cronies at Enron, but he also used it to reward contributions to George Dubya’s campaign. Now it is in such bad shape that the Governor is taking “mandatory contributions” from the state employees, who are already amongst the lowest paid in the country.

    The Bushes are vermin.

  109. Lu-

    The simple truth is that the Fed is pulling the same trick the banksters always use: hand out easy credit until everyone piles on so much debt that they can barely afford to service it, then trigger an economic crisis or an interest rate hike so they can’t service it. Real assets are then seized and the process starts all over again. Only this time, they aim to get a New World Order out of it too.

    From this point on, things will go roughly like this…

    1) A growing wave of trouble will wash over the emerging market nations, sending them hat-in-hand to the multilateral institutions, especially those of the BRICS nations. The help they receive will come with multilateral strings attached.

    2) Another growing wave, that of disgust, will also sweep through the developing nations (DNs). This disgust will be directed at the West, especially the United States and its military and monetary policies, and the DNs will demand change to how the world is run.

    3) The Next Lehman Moment will occur, which will bring down the West and the whole global financial system. It is at this point that the BRICS will pull out their trump card: their gold reserves. They will add gold valuation to their currencies and will also offer to save the financial system, but only if “real reforms” are made.

    4) The UN, IMF, and World Bank will receive a facelift, and the New World Order will then be in effect. This should occur around September of 2016.

    Don’t worry, though, the NWO is designed to last for only 7 years. So we have from now till late 2023 to wake up and step away from the bullet that’s coming our way.

    (P.S. – 16 December 2015) – Now here’s a date that makes me uncomfortable: December 22nd (22 is a Masonic Master Number that can represent “disastrous downfall”). The Congress is expected to pass a stopgap spending bill today to keep the government open through that date. So if something should happen to interrupt the budget process (like an “ISIS” attack in Washington), the government will shut down on midnight of the 22nd, right before Christmas.

    Even if the budget does get passed before then, keep an eye out for “ISIS” false-flags in multiple cities during the Christmas to New Year’s timeframe.

  110. wbboei
    December 16, 2015 at 7:42 pm
    I agree. The FED rate hike today is likely to escalate the deflationary economic conditions and the global economic collapse. BRICS and their gold are kidding themselves. The NWO will be making their bid for power. That is why Bush says it does not matter what the populous wants.

    Then again, things may not go the way they planned and people may fight for their freedom. So you think Donald Trump is crazy and the things he says are outrageous? Just wait and see what is about to unfold.


    Choose freedom.

  111. Lu4Puma , no mention at all on Iran breaking the awful agreement ensuring it can nuke Israel. This is Obama’s proudest accomplishment .

  112. On October 11, Iran test-fired a new generation of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles capable of hitting Israel.
    The evidence that we have REALLY STUPID PEOPLE negotiating for us, from Kerry, to Power, to Rice etc. is overwhelming, and this is one more example. The Obama adminstration is so inept and so weak and so anti American that our adversaries are picking our bones clean. But its okay because we have just enough morons in the electorate to vote him in and to continue this track record of failure which has only one objective which is anything that promotes world government we will do, anything that interferes with the move toward world government we will abstain from doing. In sum, Trump is right.

  113. I have a strategy for dealing with ISIS. It does not require carpet bombing, multiple sorties, collateral damage to civilians, or risking the lives of special forces people.

    All we need to do is whistle up Lucas McCain, and he will get the job done.

    You think I am kidding?

    Well, watch this.

    By the way he is just a peaceful rancher who carries a rifle to deal with varmits, not men.

  114. admin from post: “it’s over for Trump and he has won this primary election cycle To make matters more stark, we’re not even sure if doing the aforementioned would stop the Trump triumph”
    Certainly early AM TV echoes your observation. In the unlikely event that you’ll not see this video from DJT’s visit with Kimmel last night:

  115. The comedic episode above, coupled with his pledge to stay Republican, has a strong impression of victory on this frosty morning. And TV is not ignoring mention of both points. Most are also airing a cute Hillary phone video of a daughter asking HRC to convince her dad not to vote for trump.

  116. There is a RINO jackal at pjmedia who writes a hit piece on trump which is suffused with so much sarcasm and misstatement of positions that it is just a piece of week old sewage–the kind you will find at Mother Jones, and Rolling Stone, which starts with the narrative and then marshals partisan facts and assumptions to validate that thesis. The end game in all this is not the general welfare, but a procession of zombies, hoping to curry favor with the elite, in their forced march toward world government. Thus, I will spare you the article and give you some of the comments which this social climbing liar has managed to attract. And, by the way, don’t try to tell us he is the problem, because we know who the problem is, and that is our benighted elite class. Anything negative they say about Donald is a priori suspect, and not to be taken seriously.

    Fred Beloit • 15 minutes ago
    Charlie, I hope to see an article from you soon on how Paul Ryan has just sold us all out by joining Pelosi in foisting on the country another terrible, cowardly, short-sighted, and extremely expensive bill that Obama and the Dems just love.
    1 • Reply•Share ›
    srdem65 • 21 minutes ago
    The Art of the Deal: he asked his people to find out what the American public wants and this is what they want – someone likeable, someone who loves America, someone who wants the government to follow the laws they enacted, and someone who will NOT kneel down or bow down to anyone. The Deal.
    1 • Reply•Share ›
    Blackgriffin • 22 minutes ago
    Really, PJM? Another attempt at a hit piece on Trump? If things weren’t so dangerous in our country and the western world right now, this might be funny, instead of merely tiresome.
    1 • Reply•Share ›
    Peter Lisa • 23 minutes ago
    It’;s ironic how people who fought against the establlshment in the 60’s and 70’s have now become part of it. When the campainging became I had no intention of voting for Mr. Trump. But now that I see the lies and downright hate directed at this man by the current corrupt establishment on both sides I’m considering it A Trump Carson ticket looks good to me. I’m done voting for career politicians, that’s not what the founders intended. We need another revolution in this Country and in will begin in the voting booths.
    • Reply•Share ›

    Al • 36 minutes ago
    Charlie Martin, the author of this pitiful article, fails on every account in explaining, or showing that he has an understanding of this very simple Trump phenomenon. Charlie Martin, as well as 99% of the media can not understand Trump in the least, and yet it is amazingly simple. Trump is running as a Republican because Hillary has the Democrats like Charlie Martin, in the bag. Trump, like most conservative American’s can see that what our government is doing is not working. He clearly sees what is wrong, and he offers an out of the box solution that is rooted in common sense. Trump also knows, as does everyone with any real sense in America, that our government is not performing the will of the people, and that a very large segment of America is ready for real change, and real solutions to the problems that we face now, and have faced for decades. The public is ready for action, not talk, and they see Trump as a person that will do what he says, or will at the very least ATTEMPT to do it. That is ALL that this amounts to, and folks like Charlie Martin, and the rest of our media simply cannot grasp this very simple concept. I find it both fascinating, and pathetic at the same time that these writers and pundits can’t seem to get it. I highly doubt that Trump will even win the nomination, let alone the election, but I can see what he is doing very clearly. I don’t have a clue who I will vote for, but I know for sure that I would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton. We don’t need more of the same, we need real change, right now.
    • Reply•Share ›
    scotth • an hour ago
    Seems like more research could have been done before writing this one. Another attempt to misrepresent Trump’s positions. Yawn…
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  117. What I would say to this joker, Don, is congratulations. You have managed to pick the fly shit out of the pepper and we are all better off thanks to your efforts. But the truth is, and Donald has stated this fact more than once, when was a businessman he behaved like businessmen do, but when he becomes president, he will make America great again. If he did the things that Don gets all excited as a politician he would be a hypocrite. But when he did them as a businessman, he did what must be done to increase shareholder value. Call this the law of hats, if that makes it easier for you to grasp the concept. In measuring the validity of his conduct, pay attention to the hat he is wearing. If you want to worry about something, Don, you should stop worrying that the 20% of the base will stay home because they want a RINO, and start worrying about the fact that if they manage to thwart Trump and stick in a RINO that 80% of the base will stay home. Jackals like Don think they are so well informed. They cannot see the forest for the trees. They are bots of a different kind.

    • Reply•Share ›
    XSANDIEGOCA • 2 hours ago
    You folks are wetting yourselves because the populace is not following their script. It seems the Voters are going off the Reservation this year. You are wondering why? I invite you to spend 9 minutes with Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama to see why Trump is off the charts.

    1 • Reply•Share ›

    Don XSANDIEGOCA • an hour ago
    you are aware Trump has sponsored these foreign worker visas right?

    “Every year since at least 2008, Mar-A-Lago has requested anywhere from 70 to 90 visas to bring foreign workers into the country as cooks, waiters and housekeepers…..A Reuters’ investigation in August found Trump-related businesses have requested more than 1,100 visa workers including workers to till his vineyard and 250 models for his modeling agency.” (see “Donald is an H2B visa Hypocrite” at RedState).

    Trump has no allegiances to anything else but his own self promotion. Someday you might figure that out. His worshipers will soon be instructed to drink Kool-Aid when America soundly rejects him.
    • Reply•Share ›
    XSANDIEGOCA Don • 41 minutes ago
    Don, we just don’t care. Yes, Trump is using us but we are using him. We are using him to just say NO! Trump is “none of the above”. Now, if Cruz wins the nomination, I could live with that.
    1 • Reply•Share ›
    Don XSANDIEGOCA • 23 minutes ago
    and it doesn’t even matter, he holds less than 50% in polls and Cruz even less. They are tearing the GOP in half and 2 parties will emerge out of one. Moderate Republicans will never accept them and will either vote Democrat or abstain in my opinion but

  118. Mark Levin’s latest sortie against the establishment and the uber corrupt Washington Press Corps. It shows you what snakes they are, including some of the people at FOX News, The Weekly Standard, National Review and the pseudo conservative Jennifer Rubin at WashPo. These are Alinsky tactics, the goal of which is to keep the American People from knowing the truth, which is that their nation is being hijacked, and democracy can no longer function because it is garbage in and garbage out. Garbage in and Garbage out by the big media elites is what gave us Obama, who is destroying our lives–and those of our children, so these people can be part of the global elite. Ryan by the way is a traitor.

  119. I was reading Erickson’s swan song at Red State, and he professed his undying love for Rubio. He acknowledges that Rubio was against amnesty before he was for it, and that he has shown himself to be something of a neocon. But Erickson says, it isn’t Marco. He is the same as he always was. It is his advisors who have “other agendas”, and even though he follows their dictates it isn’t really him.

    The BBC did a series of interviews with Germans who supported Hitler during the war, and when reports came back from the eastern front about the mass executions of innocent civilians and later the death camps, they told themselves this isn’t Hitler, it is the people around him who have different agendas. Same way now with those idiots who supported Obama—fast and furious, domestic spying, persecuting whistle blowers, aiding our enemies, it isn’t Obama it is his advisers.

    This assumes that Obama does not know what is being done in his name, and cannot stop it. That explanation is magic thinking. In children, its fine. In adults, it is the mark of a fool.

  120. Wbb,

    Rush was just talking about FOX’s attempted take down of Cruz…because they too favor the establishment candidate Rubio, and how mad people

    Have to say it, people also think Hillary is listening to her handlers and once elected the “real” Hillary will stand up. Well if you can’t stand up for what you believe to your handlers, how in the world will you once elected?

  121. Larry Johnson’s comments follow. Is this the way for Hillary to win the far left—advocating war with Russia. That is what this boils down to.

    No Fly Zone? This is the watershed issue in Syria. At least one of them. The Republican debate last night showed a clear division. The side of sanity–i.e., those against a No Fly Zone–consisted of Trump, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson. The maniacs, those who side with Hillary Clinton, are Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie and John Kasich.

    Let’s be clear about the purpose of a No Fly Zone. Stop the Government of Syria and its allies, which means Russia, from conducting air operations to defeat and destroy the Syrian rebels. In other words, the politicians advocating the No Fly Zone care more about ousting Bashar al Assad then defeating the Islamic radicals fighting him. It is that simple.

    Three of the Republicans stood out in terms of their insanity with respect to Syria–John Kasich, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie. Both Kasich and Fiorina advocated “punching” Putin in the nose. Seriously? This kind of juvenile tough talk may sound good but it carries with it the inevitable likelihood of a military confrontation with a nuclear power. While pundits like to portray Trump as an out of control whacko, he was not promoting actions that could start a nuclear exchange. That craziness was being pushed by the five Republicans, who side with Hillary, in “standing up” to the Russians.

    The worst of the lot was Chris Christie. Christie stated very directly that he would authorize shooting down any Russian aircraft that violated our “No Fly Zone.”

    Ever hear of international law? Basically, Christie and his ideological midgets were promoting a flagrant violation of international law. Here are the facts. Syria is still an internationally recognized government and has every right to defend its territory and destroy those fighting it. Syria, and Iraq, have invited Russia to operate in their air space against the rebels. Russia is not flouting law. Russia is doing things the right way.

    The renegades and law violators are the five Republicans. What is it about international law that these morons do not understand?

  122. Betty
    Never give up the fight, she says so poignantly.

    Except they did.

    Who gave up the fight?

    If these women gave up the fight we wouldn’t be voting now and still be men’s property.

  123. I was over at Hillary’s FB page for a good round of disgust. Many of her posts are about Donald Trump, the Republicans and bigotry, while she is defending the muslims and illegal immigrants. No women’s rights, there.

    Muslims and their Sharia law are some of the biggest bigots in the world. Castration and burqas for women, how does that work with equal pay for women?

  124. after reading the headlines on the budget deal Paul Ryan and O pulled off I frankly believe Donald Trump is our only way out of this mess our country is in…

    …essentially there is no opposition party stopping O and/or the Dims for the reckless plans for our country…

    most of the republicans in the House and Senate are just as bad…all kinds of money going to illegals, more foreign workers…on and on…the American taxpayer and worker is really being discarded…as I have said over and over again…all American citizens are good for is to pay the bills and follies of these irresponsible elected officials…

    I do not believe Hillary will stop any of this…and I fear she could add to it and make it even worse…

    We need a big, big change…I feel so bad for the younger kids having to deal with what is going to be left to them…

  125. If Hillary wants to put her eggs in the Muslim and Illegal immigrant basket, the black and white working class owes her nothing.

  126. I really hope she pivots to the center once the general election campaign gets underway…This is not the Hillary so many here bleed and cried for in 2008.

  127. Shadowfax
    December 17, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Was the fight only for themselves, to finish up with invites to DC cocktail parties?

    Do you have any idea of how many women and young girls are enslaved and suffering under muslim rule? Now they would have us believe that those same women depicted in your movie would put dirty, filthy, muslim rags on their heads and think they were promoting world peace. Do you know the multitude of awful things are hidden under that dirty filthy muslim head rag. Now I hear they are wearing the Star of David in some sort of addled brained idea of solidarity.

    No one can tell me that every pedophile with the price of a ticket isn’t over there in ISIS territory doing God only knows what to little girls and boys while muslim “men” collect the money.

    The woman’s movement should be over there teaching self respect and the timely use of poisons to those bewildered women.

  128. Betty

    I have no freakin’ idea of what you are talking about.

    The movie is about what happened at the turn of the century in England and America.

    I don’t have a clue why you are talking about headscarfs and Muslims.

  129. The women’s movement should be HERE standing up to democrats about their denial of the conflict between Islam and women’s rights. You can’t stand for both. And they should be demanding that Hillary do to Islam as she did in China years ago, telling the Chinese that women’s right are human rights. But it’s Trump, a man, who calls out Islam for its unforgivable, horrendous treatment of women. Hillary should be making a strong, Trump-like statement that Muslims must agree to assimilate, observe our constitution and laws and deny Sharia, and get rid of the women-sheets or else they cannot immigrate here.

    And stand up to say that women can’t get DMV photos taken with only slits showing their eyes, that is such total Islam kow-towing. Someone should sue that no one should have to have a photo ID if backwards-women are allowed to only show their eyes. Seriously, why should anyone else need a photo then?

  130. (But the women’s movement – 3rd wave – isn’t about women anyway. It’s about the environment, blacks, hispanics, global warming, the handicapped,men’s rights, etc. What multiculturalism is doing to America, intersectionality already did to the women’s movement)

  131. Honesty Lorac, I am at a loss for words at some of the things that are being said on this blog.

    I need to just stay away when I feel like this.

  132. Shadow, I think I understand what Lorac is trying to say. Hillary stood up to China with her “women’s rights are human rights”, but does not appear to be holding Muslims to the same standard and is supporting their “import” into this country. Neither does the 3rd wave of women’s rights activists hold Muslims feet to the fire of equality. They are so busy being “inclusive” and supporting whatever liberal meme is being driven down their throats that they are now rallying for Muslims even though that religion treats women as incidental unless they are willing to blow themselves up for Allah.

    The “3rd wave” women’s movement has sold its soul to the far-left. They cheer Caitlynn Jenner as a “Woman of the Year” not understanding that they have just subjugated women’s rights to the demands of .003% of the male population. (Google Michigan Women’s Festival to see what I mean.) Seriously, there wasn’t a WOMAN more deserving according to Glamour magazine?

    BTW, I, as a lesbian, am just as angry with what used to be the LG rights crowd that let our movement be hijacked to now include bi-sexual and trans and queer. What was once LG is now LGBTQ. Any more letters and we are no longer a movement, but an episode of Sesame Street. This is all being driven by gay/bi/trans/queer men. Lesbians are left to fend for themselves and this community’s “3rd wave lesbian/feminists” don’t get it either. Black Lives Matter would never allow Hispanics to piggy-back on their cause, but gay rights somehow got hijacked just as the women’s movement has.

  133. At the risk of pushing it, Admin, it might also make sense for you to create a new domain name that would redirect to this site. I also suggest the new name should perhaps not include Hillary’s name. Yes, big step; but there are big things happening this year.

  134. Thank you VotingHillary – I have been saying the exact things for many months to blank stares and responded to with absolute hostility from my LGBT peers. Islam is a murderous patriarchy. There is no way around it whether you call it a religion, culture or idealogy. The job the media is doing on behalf of this murderous patriarchy called Islam is UNRELENTING. I can only figure that it serves the elites purpose within the oil industry.
    Where is my candidate? Where is that fearless woman who stood there in Beijing and called them all out.? This election year is breaking my heart far more painfully than 2008.

  135. Good points lorac and VotingHillary

    How does Hillary and the current Democrat feminist platform rationalize female subjugation, genital mutilation, stoning and other assorted tortures associated with sharia law? Wouldn’t it be ironic if Donald Trump spoke out against it.

  136. “I can only figure that it serves the elites purpose within the oil industry.”

    The “elites within the oil industry” see muslim zealots as a useful way to control people, convert or die, stay converted or die, be quiet and pay us or die. Prince Charles of England likes cowed muslims too, by the way, he longs to get back to the 12 century when kings were kings and people were serfs.

  137. foxyladi14
    December 18, 2015 at 10:48 am

    “Hot wind blow from empty cave.”

  138. So sorry for those who do not like what is being said about what is going on. Our elected representatives are acting as our rulers, imposing harmful things that they are profiting from and supporting the a tyrannical NWO. Hillary does not represent my interests. And I will btch about it all I see fit.

  139. Tis the season for outrageous passages in DC. In addition to omnibus which now clears way for more illegal children entering, “we” are considering turning over parts of Fort Hood, already forever stained by US Army Major Nidal Hasan’s existence, to the housing and care of more illegal children.
    No ‘daycare center’: Lawmakers tell Obama not to use Ft. Hood to house illegal immigrant kids
    Two Texas lawmakers wrote President Obama this week to oppose a possible plan to use Fort Hood military base to house unaccompanied minors who illegally crossed into the U.S. from Mexico.
    Republican congressmen John Carter and Roger Williams, whose districts both include parts of the sprawling military base, say they wrote the letter after learning the Pentagon has assigned a team to assess the possibility of using it and other bases to house young immigrants.
    “We strongly urge your Administration not to house illegal immigrants on any military base,” read the letter, dated Dec. 16. “Furthermore, your Administration should commit to securing the border and focus your efforts on reuniting these children with their families in their native countries.”
    Fort Hood, a 215,000-acre base that lies halfway between Austin and Waco, is home to around 50,000 military and civilian personnel. Carter said using it to shelter illegal immigrants is “outrageous.”
    “It is outrageous that this administration would even consider using our military installations to shelter illegal immigrants who have crossed our southern border,” Carter said. “President Obama needs to enforce our immigration laws and secure our border, not undermine our military at a time when our country is facing increased threats from radical Islamic terrorists.
    Last year, amid a surge of unaccompanied children streaming in from Central America, the Pentagon began housing thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, in Texas, Naval Base Ventura County, in California, and at Fort Sill, in Oklahoma.
    More than 10,000 unaccompanied minor children have streamed into the United States over the Mexican border since October 1, the result of unchecked corruption and gang violence in their Central American homelands, and an effort by Mexican drug cartels to diversify into the very lucrative migrant smuggling business….

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