Builder Donald Trump Builds New GOP – Left/Right Establishment Reacts Viciously Against @RealDonaldTrump

Donald Trump is building a new Republican Party. The establishment is not happy. Now with Trump’s latest truth bomb the establishment foolishly believes this time they really really really will destroy Trump. The polls say otherwise (Bloomberg poll: 65% of Republican likely primary voters favor Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from U.S. temporarily). But the polls and the voters will not stop the dirty establishment war against Donald Trump.

A while back we discussed that because Barack Obama destroyed the Democratic Party and replaced it with his cult of “the ascendant” the result is that many former Democrats, independents, and the white working class have fled into the not-so-loving arms of the Republican Party.

Also as we discussed, Donald Trump has walked away with the Clinton coalition and that coalition boosted Donald Trump to the top. The Wall Street Journal recently confirmed our analysis of Trump’s white working class coalition. The GOP ancien régime now fights back to politically assassinate Donald J. Trump and drive the hordes of the unclean back from the power they have seized.

Already we see the primary calendar re-fixed and Republican Party officials openly at war against front-runner Donald J. Trump.

Recall, we wrote the primary calendar and the entire process was fixed by the GOP establishment to give the nomination to Jeb Bush. Few debates were intended to minimize the possibility of a non-Jeb candidate using the debates to propel himself/herself. The money advantage would also go to JeBush. The organizational apparatus of the party would go to JeBush. The endorsements of Republican elected officials would go to JeBush. Florida would be the first winner-take-all primary election which JeBush was supposed to win and that electoral victory would propel him to the nomination no matter what happened in states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. In addition, many many candidates from many states would revive the mostly gone “favorite son” strategy whereby popular state officials ran for president in order to go to the convention with votes to trade in exchange for the nomination.

That fix for JeBush did not work as intended once Trump got into the race. The fix was supposed to assure JeBush the nomination but instead the fix worked on behalf of Donald J. Trump. The money advantage went to Trump. The many “favorite son” candidates divide the establishment candidates into a greasy smudge contrasted to the glittering jewel called Trump. The calendar with few debates provides Trump with enough of a center stage setting that exalts the ratings star and reduces the non-Trumps into a buzz of nighttime crickets in a dark field rubbing their legs together for mates that do not appear. Winner-take-all Florida lauds Trump. The early states hail Trump. The national polls swoon for Trump. The establishment endorsements supposed to elevate JeBush instead give Trump the shiny “change candidate” status in a “change” election. So now the fix gets fixed.

Now we have party leaders in the various states attack Trump. These party leaders should be neutrals but now in an “unprecedented” violation of all rules of fairness three state party chairs have denounced Donald Trump:

In a series of tweets and statements on Monday evening, the New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina Republican Party chairmen said they disagreed with Trump’s stunning call for the U.S. to ban Muslim visitors or immigrants. The chairmen — who represent the first three states to vote in the GOP presidential primary — don’t officially endorse candidates, but their thoughts behind the scenes can send messages to activists who look to them for guidance.

This official party intervention against Donald Trump violates the fairness Trump has demanded. The national Republican Party too maneuvers against Trump:

Republicans add mid-January debate [snip]

Until this new debate was announced, there were no GOP debates scheduled between next Tuesday’s CNN debate and the Jan. 28 Fox News debate. These will be the last debates before the Feb. 1 Iowa caucus.

This new debate is not happenstance. This new debate is part of the upcoming nuclear attack against Donald Trump:

This is a risky move by the RNC. They are essentially now betting that it’s better to try and take Trump down than worry he’ll feel he’s been treated unfairly and run as an independent. [snip]

So far the RNC’s efforts to fight the last war by shortening the primary season and limiting debates (until they expanded them) have led to Trump. I’m not sure why they or anyone should think they suddenly have the right answer (from their perspective). But the fact that they are changing the rules in the middle of the game is telling.

They are scared and not just of Trump.

The rules are rewritten to drag the carcass of the establishment choice across the finish line and to shoot the legs off Donald J. Trump:

Another top campaign staffer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, accused the RNC of pandering to the establishment.

“My opinion is that this is panic in reaction to the unintended consequences of their decision to try and narrow the debates to begin with,” he said.

“When they reduced the number of debates at the time, the thought was there would be an establishment leader. But now that the election’s been turned on its head, with [Donald] Trump and [Ted] Cruz leading, now the establishment is panicking,” he added.

Here at Big Pink we recall the Rules and By-laws Committee where the election was stolen. Now it is the Republican Party out to steal the election DNC style. To hell with the voters. The people are revolting. The corrupt ancien régime will not surrender power to the people.

The corrupt ancien régime hates the voters. It’s not just on the right and it is not just Republicans. We found that out in 2008. Against Trump, it is now the political establishment of the left and the right. The totalitarian left demands Donald J. Trump get nuked:

The Post’s View
It’s time for Republicans to renounce Donald Trump’s candidacy

By Editorial Board

MOST CANDIDATES for the Republican presidential nomination, with an understanding of constitutional, democratic and social norms that Donald J. Trump utterly lacks, have denounced his outrageous call for a “total and complete shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States.

It is heartening that Mr. Trump’s opponents are finally condemning him in terms they would generally reserve for Democrats, but it also raises a critical question: If the GOP front-runner’s pronouncements are as lunatic and offensive as his rivals say — and they are — isn’t it incumbent on them to make clear they would oppose him if he were the party’s nominee?

The prospect of an open Republican split may send tremors down the spines of party strategists. They naturally fear an internecine war, a fractured party and maybe an independent Trump candidacy. But even those outcomes would cause less damage to their party and to the nation than uniting behind a candidate whose policies and rhetoric are morally, legally and pragmatically unconscionable — as they have now recognized.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Mr. Trump’s “habit of making offensive and outlandish statements will not bring us together.” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted Mr. Trump’s call for excluding Muslims as “ridiculous.” Former Florida governor Jeb Bush called the idea “unhinged.” House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wisc.) said Mr. Trump’s proposal “is not what this party stands for. And more importantly, it’s not what this country stands for.”

How can any of these men now contemplate endorsing the object of their obloquy?

Until now, party leaders and primary rivals have mostly dodged this question by dismissing Mr. Trump’s chances of winning the nomination. That’s no longer viable. Having stood atop the field in the polls for months, and lately having widened his considerable lead, Mr. Trump and his candidacy can no longer be laughed off as a publicity stunt. For responsible Republicans, the season of denial must end. [snip]

As Mr. Trump’s fellow Republican candidates now acknowledge, there is a real-world cost to a campaign that gains traction by spewing hatred, bigotry and rage. Criticizing Mr. Trump is no longer sufficient. It is time to say clearly he is anathema to the Republican Party, and to the nation.

The leftist totalitarian Washington Post demands Trump be destroyed, voters be damned. The Republican Party apparatus conspires to destroy Donald J. Trump. Voters be damned.

Too bad Donald J. Trump is such a shrinking violet, such a tiny little mouse, such a little coward, such a sniveling dolt, such a quiet, demure man, so totally incapable of a nuclear strike against his enemies and the enemies of freedom and that great American value free speech. Too bad Donald Trump is incapable of rousing a great army of voters to rival the Grand Army of the Republic – prepared to wage war on his behalf, on behalf of America and to fight to Make America Great Again.

Too bad Donald J. Trump is not a billionaire with great communications skills and millions of social media followers willing to follow him in battle against the totalitarian establishment that hates the people and only wants to extract taxes and fees from the governed. Too bad Donald Trump is unaware of the plots and conspiracies prepared by the establishment against him. Too bad Donald J. Trump is not a fighter and a proven winner who wants to Make America Great Again.

Can you imagine if Donald J. Trump was any of those things? A fighter. A winner. A communicator. Fearless. Rich. A strategist. A tactician. An unparalleled counter-puncher. An avenging angel. A powerful voice. A proven executive. A businessman with many connections and an accomplished family willing to help him. A builder of more than just buildings. What fun we could have.


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  1. If the name “Trump” was not in the question, and the poll was not skewed against him, even Democrats would agree:

    Bloomberg Politics Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Likely GOP Primary Voters Back Trump’s Muslim Ban
    More than a third say it makes them more likely to vote for him, according to an online PulsePoll conducted by Purple Strategies on Tuesday.

    Almost two-thirds of likely 2016 Republican primary voters favor Donald Trump’s call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S., while more than a third say it makes them more likely to vote for him. [snip]

    “This indicates that, despite some conventional wisdom expressed in the last 48 hours, this is unlikely to hurt Trump at least in the primary campaign.” [snip]

    Support for Trump’s proposal remains virtually unchanged even after voters are told both sides of the argument. On one side, they were told that “leaders from across the political spectrum have condemned this policy” as one that will make the U.S. “less safe by alienating the allies we need to fight ISIS.” They were also told that Trump has said it is needed until more is known about the threat and that the nation “cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad.”

    When voters were provided with this additional information, support for the proposal remains essentially unchanged, with 64 percent of likely Republican primary voters saying they favor the idea. That includes 52 percent who say they strongly support the proposal.

    After being told about the idea, 37 percent of likely Republican primary voters say it makes them more likely to support the billionaire real estate mogul, while 16 percent say less and 46 percent say it has no impact.

    The poll is skewed with the “additional information” but still Trump comes out ahead. As to the general population, if the poll did not mention Trump the results would likely be the same.

  2. I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long to see what else Trump has up his sleeve to checkmate the RNC.

  3. When it comes to stupid parties, this time the GOP takes the cake.

    R’s decided they didn’t want McPalin, so they stayed home and gave the election to the Fraud of all puppets.

    Now they don’t like some male they can’t own nor control, so they will blow up their Primary to drag in their own version of a useless, lame puppet into the General.

    Hells Bells, you would think our political parties would give a crap about letting the best person win, let the voters decide.

    All this is pure bull$hit.

  4. Admin

    Do you think Trump will win the General election if he has to run as an independent?

    I don’t see the R’s coming out in masses to vote for him any more than they did for McCain/Palin.

  5. that MSNBC poll says it all…SURPRISE!

    gee, isn’t it amazing that such a wide range of American people coming from all different perspectives, POV and ages are using common sense when considering the safety of themselves, their family & friends and their beloved country…FIRST…

    guess the American people “get it” and the brainwashing isn’t working as planned by the establishment and the limiless hysteria of the media…

  6. Shadowfax, as to your question “Do you think Trump will win the General election if he has to run as an independent?”

    The one thing we know is that if you give up you are sure to lose. This is a lesson from life that applies to politics.

    Trump is a fighter. When you fight there is always the possibility that you will win. If you don’t fight, the outcome is obvious.

    So can Trump win as an independent? Ask that question in light of the history of Trump since he announced. He’s been pronounced dead many times. Yet he thrives.

    Trump has done the impossible repeatedly this election season. Look at his favorability numbers from the latest polls. His unfavorables were high and his favorables were very low when polling season began. Now he has turned those numbers completely around. His favorables are high, his unfavs low. This is almost impossible to believe because Trump has been so well known for so long that he should not have been able to turn those numbers around.

    The other impossible Trump has accomplished is one we cannot yet fully assess. The other impossible is that Trump is mobilizing people who don’t vote. People who don’t vote are called non-voters for a reason: they don’t vote – yet for Trump it looks like they are engaged and will vote. If you have worked any campaign you know how impossible it is to get a non-voter to vote. Every candidate says they can inspire non voters to vote but no candidate who says this ever accomplishes the feat. If Trump can bring non-voters to vote it will be the greatest miracle since Jesus called Lazarus from the grave. When the voting begins we will see if the non-voters who now attend his rallies and follow Trump on Twitter will be Lazarus.

    Btw, if those non-voters come out to vote all bets are off and it won’t matter if many Republicans choose to stay home. We don’t think your scenario will come to pass. McCain/Palin had the George Bush anvil to carry in the race and many Republicans were disgusted with Bush by the end of his term (his poll numbers were low across the board, even with Republicans).

    Contrary to your scenario, we believe once the nominees are chosen, the Republican voters will come out in droves for the same reason that in 2008 Dem voters were sick and tired of Bush. We find it more likely that Dem voters will not come out to vote after the disappointment that is Obama – the anvil is heavy.

    There is another unknown in your scenario that you should consider. Who are the candidates? If it is Hillary, Bush, Trump, the numbers fall in Trump’s favor. In a Hillary, Bush, Trump, race Donald Trump has to beat Jeb Bush and that seems easy to do. If Bush comes in #3 Trump will argue that Jeb is the one that should get out or else Hillary will be president.

    Further, in a Hillary v. Trump race with Bush coming in third we have a question for you. Which set of the following possibilities do you think is more likely?

    Possibility #1: ObamaCare becomes a success and seen by the voting public as a success; the economy goes into a boom phase and seen as such by the voting public on voting day[s]; there is relative peace in the world and the U.S. population sees the country on the “right track”.

    Possibility #2: ObamaCare continues to be seen as a failure more and more by the voting public; the economy continues to muddle along and veers closer and closer to recession as Citibank forecasts by a 66% probability; there is another Muslim attack in a European capital and another attack[s] in the U.S.

    If you think Possibility #1 is the more likely then an Obama third term will have a chance to come to pass.

    If you think Possibility #2 is the more likely then Donald Trump takes the oath of office.

    That’s Trump as an independent. We don’t think that will happen. We think he has this primary race sewn up.

  7. That’s Trump as an independent. We don’t think that will happen. We think he has this primary race sewn up.

    Agree with this. Once he starts to win those early states in the primary by a wide margin, they will have to.

  8. S, thanks for the article in the previous thread. It is impressive. K2 which is in Pakistan is more difficult than Everest. Maybe she will do it next. I should pass the news on to my husband — he is interested in this. He organized a trek in the foothills of the Himalayas a few years ago and took his hiking club buddies from here.

  9. Admin, thanks as always for the analysis.

    Assuming Trump does sew this up, any thoughts on a VP? I can only think he would choose someone that would increase the ticket appeal to a wider audience. He certainly would not want to select anyone who might cause distraction and slow down the speeding train.

  10. Admin:The GOP ancien régime
    What a telling comparison.

    The original ancien régime

    Was the Bourbon dynasty

    Who lost their heads at

    The Place de la Concorde in Paris

    Next to the Tulleries.

    And about whom Talleyrand famously said

    They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

    Louis XVI was famous for shooting peasants, rather than clay discs during his target practice.

    At one point he was told: sire, your people are revolting.

    Sire, the peasants feel you have no regard for them.

    Whereupon Louis responds in shock: they are my people. Notwithstanding what I do,

    As he yell pull!

    He confessed his earnest belief—I love the peasants—and they love me.

    And they did love him, and his wife (a distant relative of Pelosi)

    In the manner of the Marquis de Sade.

    King Louie forgot to attend to the people.

    And they reciprocated by introducing him to the devil’s tooth, a.k.a. the guillotine.

    Moral to the story: its good to be king . . . until it isn’t.

  11. Trump-haters forgot that President Jimmy Carter BANNED Iranians from US, and WORSE . . .

    A full-blown media circus has ensued since Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump proposed a ban on Muslims entering the country, but would it be the first time Muslims have been deemed “persona non grata” in America?

    Turns out, former President Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from entering the United States during the Iranian hostage crisis, according to FrontPage Magazine.

  12. David Muir was much more the journalist tonight, and what was reported by ABC’s WNTonight should only strengthen Trump’s position on Muslims.
    This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.
    Good evening it’s great to have you with us here were to Wednesday night and we begin tonight with chilling new details about that young couple who turned into killers. From the very start authorities have wanted to know were there other were tax in the works. Now tonight they have discovered photos and side for rooks cell phone of high school he visited more than once. It want to know if it was a possible target and the central question all along. What brought these two together. Now authorities telling us both were committed to terrorism before they even met. And you’re about to hear what they discussed online before she was issued that visa to come to America. ABC’s chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross and his team on the trail again tonight. Authorities tonight say they are investigating whether this high school in San Bernardino County. And it’s 2400 students where to be the next target of the terror couple. Photos of the complex have now been discovered and Sayed farouq cell phone and according to these forms it is a place he came to at least twice last year as a health that’s. We’re working very very hard to understand that they have other plans either for that day. Or earlier. Tonight the FBI says even before Farouk brought Pakistani born talks been the league back to the United States in the summer of 2014. Even before they started dating. They were already committed terrorists. An online as early as the end of 2013. They were talking to each other by Jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the United States. Which also means that whatever US background checks were done from a leak so called fiancee visa. They failed to discover that someone espousing jihadist violence was being allowed into the country. The United States government does not normally ask the intelligence community to look at the emails of somebody be just because they’ve applied for a visa. There’s just too many of them. An examination of more leaks photo shows her evolution. As she went from wearing a loose scarf and make up at the start of college to a more and more conservative dress. The leaks FaceBook account has been taken down but ABC news was able to recover post from the profile page of an account authorities believe was hers showing a picture of a goat and a screen name in the urge new language meeting a girl with no name. In August 2014. She wrote woe to Coca not Muslims. A derisive term for one considered brown on the outside quite on the inside. The FBI director said today his agents are investigating whether terrorist match makers are using fiancee visas to get their people into the US. You agree with me that if it was a range fat terrorist operative a organization. That is a game changer. You be a very very important thing to note. Brian Ross with us again here tonight and Brian you’ve been reporting on the friend here and the FBI authorities questioning him and now we’ve learned of a possible. Target another attack that had planned sometime back that they didn’t go through with. Reviewing for Luke’s friend who provided in the assault rifles and Ricky Marquez. According to members of congress who have been briefed by the FBI mark has claims he and Farooq had planned an attack in 2012. But got cold feet. The FBI busted up another terror plot in a nearby city. Not the FBI they have is trying to verify those claims and Marquez is mental stability but as far back as 2012 that’s right Brian Ross tonight thing.

  13. this article is worth a peek…from a Brit…she gives an insightful warning to us…

    KATIE HOPKINS: Don’t demonise Trump, he speaks for millions of Americans. And who can blame them for not wanting to end up like us?


    Being force-fed multi-culturalism brought us to this place. When the only permitted message is acceptance, any views to the contrary result in a label to shame you into silence.

    Racist! Islamophobe! Nazi!

    Don’t just stick a label it. Be curious. Wonder, how has Trump come to articulate the views of a majority of Republicans across the States?

  14. Uh Oh!

    The IMF forgives Ukraine’s debt to Russia

    The IMF has now been drawn into the U.S. Cold War orbit. On Tuesday it made a radical decision to dismantle the condition that had integrated the global financial system for the past half century. In the past, it has been able to take the lead in organizing bailout packages for governments by getting other creditor nations – headed by the United States, Germany and Japan – to participate. The creditor leverage that the IMF has used is that if a nation is in financial arrears to any government, it cannot qualify for an IMF loan – and hence, for packages involving other governments.

    This has been the system by which the dollarized global financial system has worked for half a century. The beneficiaries have been creditors in US dollars.

  15. Admin…I love your passion and courage…

    let’s add one more thing Trump is going to accomplish…he is going to amass alot of Dems that convert to repubs solely for the purpose of voting for him in the primaries…I can attest to that…

    Outris…you ask about a VP possibility…I would love to see Suzanna Martinez’s name on the top tier VP list…she is even a former Democrat…

  16. People are genuinely fearful about the fact that we have now seen, again, first hand radical terrorists striking innocent Americans here at home. We as a country have a short memory and many forget about the horror of 9/11 and more recently the Boston Marathon terror attacks. Obama does not offer many people confidence, and some even think he has an agenda to make America more amenable to Muslim practices and beliefs including Sharia law. Obama certainly has distanced himself and America foreign policy from Israel and seems to be much more open to an America having to change our customs and values to accommodate other cultures who do not seek to assimilate like immigrants who came here in the past from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe.

  17. The IMF forgives Ukraine’s debt to Russia
    Only the creditor can forgive a debt.

    Russia is the creditor, and Russia has not forgiven the debt.

    What has happened here is suretyship:

    A surety is the organization or person that assumes the responsibility of paying the debt in case the debtor policy defaults or is unable to make the payments. The party that guarantees the debt is referred to as the surety, or as the guarantor.

  18. jbstonesfan
    December 9, 2015 at 9:36 pm
    Jb, my friend, I won my first case forty years ago. How time flies when you are having fun. I won it on a directed verdict. And I was the most surprised one in the courtroom that my motion was granted. They grilled into me in law school always ask for a directed verdict, so I did, and low and behold pay dirt. My opponent later told me, you ain’t worth much as an advocate, but you sure know how to repeat yourself.

    That said, I will repeat myself. Where Obama is concerned, two things predominate–and if I am lying I am dying: first, Obama is the agent of world government. And in order to achieve that goal, he must dismantle America legally, and culturally. Second, Obama is all about reversing the evils of colonialism. Returning the Churchill bust was some evidence of this. That gesture is a tell. But the bigger tell is a closer examination of who he is, AND who put him in there. That is where the Saudi connection, and the black radical intermediary is salient. THIS is the reason he cannot call Muslim terrorism Muslim terrorism. To do so undermines the per stipes connection between black radicalism and muslim radicalism.

  19. Megyn Kelly
    I do not believe in euthanasia
    Except where that ditzy blonde is concerned.
    Ethel Merman got it right:
    Hollywood (and Murdock) shoots too many movies
    And not enough blondes

  20. misspelling: the per STIRPES connection— by the roots, as in in re Estate of Houston, which makes THE RULE against perpetuities seem like childs play. This was enough to engender suicidal thoughts saved by the divine intervention of–you guessed it, demon rum.

  21. admin
    December 9, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    We think he (Trump) has this primary race sewn up.
    Which leaves only one question:

    Will the elites destroy the village to save it?

    (Please pardon the Viet Nam analogy.)

    If so, the party died on December 2012.

    After the base gave them everything they asked for.

    And through cromlibus they fucked the base like a house cat.

  22. Congratulations wbboei. I was a young associate in the late 80’s and lost my first case!!! I tried to have a “dating” contract held void against public policy as the contract provided for a “kicker” fee if the couple that was introduced got married. The judge ruled against me stating “a contrct is a contract” despite my having tons of case law holding such marriage contracts as void against public policy. I did, however, make the local paper stating “this is the only decision in the country upholding these types of contracts”…lol. 28 years since I have won a few that I should have lost along the way which I am sure you can relate to. The bottom line, it is a tough profession and most of the judges are miserable SOB’s whose sole intent is to make attorneys lives even more miserable.

  23. If Rubio or Bush don’t win the nomination after FOX News pushing and lifting them up by having them comment on a breaking news event almost dadily and by trying to tear down Trump and Cruz, then FOX is a failure.

    FOX NEWS IS A FAILURE. I love the sound of that and of course along with CNN and other media.

  24. That is where the Saudi connection, and the black radical intermediary is salient. THIS is the reason he cannot call Muslim terrorism Muslim terrorism. To do so undermines the per stipes connection between black radicalism and muslim radicalism.

    Would the Saudis be funding BLM? Not being facetious — it is a serious question. Lot of mischief went into 2008 election. A dog with a Dem label would have won and the miscreants totally took advantage of it installing their puppet. Why were the Clintons so clueless?

  25. There has always been a connection between black radicalism and Muslims….no surprise some of the biggest Jew haters are black leaders and certain Muslim groups.

  26. Jaw-dropping:

    Jeb Bush’s super PAC burning through money with little to show for it

    The super PAC supporting Jeb Bush is racing through its massive war chest much faster than money is coming in, spending close to $50 ­million in a record blitz that has so far failed to lift the former Florida governor’s sputtering presidential candidacy.

    The group, Right to Rise, has already gone through nearly half of the $103 million it brought in during the first half of the year, records show. It raised only about $13 million in the five months that followed, according to a person familiar with the figure.

    That leaves the super PAC with about $67 million heading into the first 2016 GOP nominating contests. The sum still surpasses the resources of rival groups, but it is not clear whether Right to Rise’s financial might — viewed earlier this year as Bush’s distinct advantage — will be enough to help separate him from the pack.

    The group’s muted impact so far represents a confounding reality of this year’s unconventional campaign: Money is no longer a clear barometer of success.

    The wall-to-wall media coverage of Republican front-runner Donald Trump has deflated the value of a bulging war chest that can finance costly television commercials. And the deluge of gauzy spots touting Bush’s conservative record has not eliminated deep skepticism in the GOP base about his establishment ties and family name, party operatives said. [snip]

    In all, Right to Rise has reported spending more than $49 million to bolster Bush’s White House run, according to campaign finance filings — a massive investment that far outstrips the efforts of other independent groups at this point in past presidential races.

    The total — which does not include any money the group has spent on staff, polling and other operating expenses since the end of June — is close to five times what any other candidate-aligned super PAC has reported spending this year, according to Federal Election Commission reports tallied by the Sunlight Foundation’s Influence Explorer.

    Despite the gusher of door hangers, mailers, online ads and TV spots produced by Right to Rise, however, Bush hovers between 3 and 5 percent in national polls — down from 12 to 15 percent in mid-July.

    In Iowa, where Right to Rise has spent nearly $9.4 million since late June, Bush remains stalled in single digits. After the group blanketed New Hampshire with $18.5 million worth of TV ads and yard signs touting Bush, he dropped from a double-digit standing to between 5 and 9 percent support. And in South Carolina, he has fallen out of the top three among GOP presidential contenders, despite a $6.5 million super-PAC barrage on his behalf. [snip]

  27. admin
    December 9, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    Thanks for your reply Admin.

    You are much more optimistic when it comes to Trump winning than I am.

    I waited for the Repub. tanks to roll in and prevent this jerk from winning in 2008, and they never showed up. I was shocked, seriously shocked.

    I waited for the Tea Party people to stop him in 2012…that never happened.

    I saw countless, useless attempts from the majority party in Congress, that couldn’t agree or pass anything to stop HellCare.

    Now, I just see lots of angry people, Dims, Dems, Independents, Repugs…and both parties, absolutely corrupt and worthless.

    Trump is fighting like a wild bull, Hillary is disgusted and silent…this isn’t the election I’ve been waiting for.

    We have another year to go though all this, so hopefully things will shake out and be better for everyone in the end.

    God knows, either Trump or Hillary would be a much better President than the idiot we have now.

    I am still holding out for Hillary, one of the few left on this blog…but I am still keeping my eye on the ‘big stick’.

  28. As Mr. Trump’s fellow Republican candidates now acknowledge, there is a real-world cost to a campaign that gains traction by spewing hatred, bigotry and rage. Criticizing Mr. Trump is no longer sufficient. It is time to say clearly he is anathema to the Republican Party, and to the nation.

    I haven’t heard Trump “spewing hatred and bigotry” . Rage? Yes. When operatives of a terrorist cell meticulously plan and execute mass killing of innocent Americans, rage is the only appropriate response. Any American who is not enraged about this terrorist act and about the terrorists’ plans to kill even more Americans, lacks common sense and common decency.

    The accusation that Trump expressed “hatred and bigotry” is untrue. And, the fact that The Post editors deliberately (mis)interpreted caution and concern for the safety of Americans as “hatred and bigotry” invalidates everything else they said. The media seeks only to manipulate. They refuse to report the truth, and they publicly condemn anyone who dares to do so. Their lies, exaggerations, and indifference to groups and individuals who threaten the safety of America and Americans makes MSS a threat to national security.

  29. Bullshit jedbediah. Bullshit.

    Trump ain’t no gifted politician.

    Trump is a game changer.

    When the system gets this out of wack . .

    The only force that can redeem it is a game changer

    The elites may not like it

    But it is preferable to a bloody revolution

    Or the devil’s tooth

    Except where Pelosi is concerned.

  30. Would the Saudis be funding BLM? Not being facetious — it is a serious question
    Which deserves a serious answer:


  31. The Post editors deliberately (mis)interpreted caution and concern for the safety of Americans as “hatred and bigotry” invalidates everything else they said.

    Hatred and bigotry??


    That statement wreaks of white privilege.

    Those at the top of the pyramid.

    Who fear losing their position.

  32. No worries. No worries. No worries.

    So sayth the big media beloved messiah.

    Moderate Muslims . . .

    Name one . . .

    Oh shut the fuck up

    Moderate Muslims will save us


    But Streiff at Red State

    The only one worth listening to over there

    Has a SLIGHTLY different take on the matter:


    Outside the Muslim community, the idea of turning people into the police who are planning crazy stuff is not unusual. It is against the law to not do so. There is no requirement that the government provide you with resources. Pick up a phone. If you don’t pick up the phone, like the friend of Charleston shooter Dylan Roof, you end up in jail. Right now, the mother of the San Bernardino shooter is still walking free despite the mathematical improbability of her non-involvement.

    But when you have a tribal mentality, a calculated sense of being apart from the nation of residence, then there is no incentive to do so. In fact, just the opposite. Among US Muslims under the age of 29 as many as 42% believe that suicide bombings are justified. So if you are suspected of informing the police of a potential attack you and your family could easily be targeted. When you read the La Stampa interview of the San Bernardino shooter’s father, also named Syed Farook, gives hints of a man who knows a lot more than he feels safe revealing.

    The fact is that the US Muslim community has zero skin in the game. And the way they keep it that way is by not cooperating with authorities before the fact and paying lip service to cooperation after the fact. Our pervasive political correctness has made inserting informants into mosques and suspect organizations dangerous for the law enforcement entity contemplating the action. Handling terrorist sympathizers with kid gloves and the inability of our consular staffs in suspect countries, like Pakistan, to competently carry out even menial tasks… like verifying home addresses… indicates the federal government has abjectly abrogated any pretense of trying to protect the nation before a disaster strikes.

    Counting on American Muslims to assist in “rooting out” extremism is a strategy that has two decade of failure to its credit. You can’t blame them. They are sucked up to by the government because of fear they will be violent. They either sympathize with the terrorists motives or their tribal loyalty outweighs their duty as citizens. If they do cooperate they could very well, literally, have their head handed to them.

  33. Among US Muslims under the age of 29 as many as 42% believe that suicide bombings are justified.
    And yet, the Washington Post claims it is “hatred and bigotry” to call them on this.

    On what fucking planet do these loons live?

    Put these motherfuckers on the front line, and they will change their tune in a New York minute.

    I went to the funeral of a friend this past weekend.

    He was the head of a successful company.

    His son followed in his footsteps, and I asked him what he thought leadership was.

    At the eulogy he answered that question and his late father, my friend, was an example.

    Leading from the front and protecting the weak.

    The elite class in in Washington does neither.

    And the Post is a reflection of that.

  34. Well we know the next debate will be a full frontal attack on Trump and his call to band muslims.

    I’m ordering my Trump hat, the red one I think, make some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show…

  35. 11:39 last thread

    wbboei – do you have website, or at least a title of that Roger Simon article so it can be googled?


  36. I would not lift a finger to defend Turkey as long as this dictator runs the show.

    When faced with Russian escalation, I would tell him: kill your own snakes.

  37. I finally figured out why I am cautious of Trump. He reacts instead of think and act. If he had THOUGHT this through first, he would have said the following:

    “As we know, we have aggressors coming from Middle East countries that have done and continue planning to do harm to the American people. We had this same situation when Iran held our people hostage for over a year during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. While no war was declared, he stopped all Iranian immigration into this country.

    We are not at war with Muslims per se, but we are in an undeclared war with Middle Eastern aggressors. We need to temporarily stop immigration from those countries to protect the American people today just has Carter did in his day.”

    By doing it this way, the whole “freedom of religion” issue is dumped. Dems would have to explain why it was OK for Carter, but not for Trump and he would look less “shoot from the hip” and more thoughtful ie: presidential than the way he presented his plan.

  38. Wbb,
    Simon says only a few muslims, have shown themselves to be true moderates”..
    I believe there are no “true” moderates and since the Koran tells us it is OK to lie to and take advantage of an infidel, why would asking a Muslim to accept no Sharia prior to admission into the USA, be any different?

    In the end, we will have to embrace Trump’s decree, or we will not exist…we are at war with Islam, in reality, we have always been.

  39. There is an obscene stemwinder in WashPo this morning, which PURPORTS to be an objective analysis of Trump claiming that he is, in effect, anti American.

    This, from the beltway publication, which interprets every development, not in terms of what is objective, but in terms of what advances–or threatens their wealth and power.

    If I were to have a “virtual” conversation with those Harvard trained miscreants, I have no doubt they would call me ignorant, and I have no less doubt that I would label them exactly what they are corrupt, and borderline treasonous.

    I must confess that I never thought of our ruling class in those terms. At best I reckoned they were trying to do the right thing for the country, and at worst, when I found myself in disagreement with their position, I figured that whether they were right or wrong, final power must exist somewhere.

    But the agenda they are pursuing now—both parties, represents nothing less than the destruction of our nation, and when that is true, I shall not scruple to call them precisely what they are–traitors.

  40. There are legal fictions which exist to further some institutional objective.

    And then again there are political fictions which further the narrative of the ruling class.

    One such fiction is that Muslims are serving en masse in our armed forces

    Risking their very lives defending our freedom so we can sleep soundly.

    Well . . . may-be.

    But I must confess that the only Muslim I am award of serving in our military

    Was the hero of Fort Hood

    Who shouted Allah Akbar as he slaughtered over a dozen soldiers

    The elites do not wish to discuss this situation

    He just went postal, it was workplace violence, nothing to see here

    We must bring more of these heroes to our shores so they feel less alienated

    For alienation has been proven to cause such behavior according to Harvard sociolgists

    And after all we want a broad tent.

    Fine, in that case, let the elites bring them into their homes as servants.

    Let them raise the children who they are too absorbed in their careers to worry about.

    Other than making sure they get into Harvard.

    I do not expect the elites will learn much from this experience.

    Their narrative–and the fear of ostracision weighs against that.

    The goal is not understanding, but containment.

    Teachable moments are possible only for those who are teachable.

    Not to latter day Bourbons who have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

  41. Wbb,
    It’s terrifying really. I’m at the Austin airport and I can’t help but look at the men and women and try to discern their nationalities…
    We are living in a false narrative perpetrated by our very own government.

  42. When it comes to understanding the elites of a given era, the one we usually think of is F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote The Great Gadfly–or something. The problem with him was not that he was an alcoholic, which he obviously was, but that he envied them, and wished he had been one of them through the accident of birth.

    I prefer the mid century writer John O Hara, i.e. View for the Terrace, Butterfield 8, etc. From him you got the truth with the bark off, the foibles, the excesses, the family secrets, and the overall truth that behind every great fortune there is a great crime.

    In today’s environment, you do not need to read these works. All you need to do is read NYT and WashPo where they are coming from, and how they hope to retain their wealth and power, against a challenge from someone like Trump or Cruz, who are in it but not of it, which makes them harder to fight.

  43. gonzotx
    December 10, 2015 at 7:00 am
    Well . . .

    If life is uncertain, then it pays to be skeptical

    And eat desert first

    Assume you have a company

    Assume further that it is a successful one

    Assume that through benchmarking it is determined to be the best

    Why would you want to change the business plan

    The elites would say, we must do this because

    Americans are not having enough babies (Lindsey Graham’s argument)


    We must save the planet (Bill Gates argument)

    Great stuff you say.

    Shore is.

    Only one problem.

    To get from the current state to the ideal state

    You must pass through a transition

    And transitions kill

    This is why 70% of the acquistions and mergers fail

    Mindful of this, the elites say, lets try it anyway

    The middle class will be our guinea pig

    Like I say, life is uncertain.

    I will try anything once.

    Provided the elites go first.

    If its guinea pigs they want, they should be willing to volunteer.

  44. gonzotx
    December 10, 2015 at 7:00 am
    It’s terrifying really. I’m at the Austin airport and I can’t help but look at the men and women and try to discern their nationalities…
    Well, you are in good (bad actually) company. For once in his life Juan Williams told the truth about this, and that was enough to get him fired at NPR–a left wing taxpayer funded bizarro mouthpiece.

  45. VotingHillary
    December 10, 2015 at 1:50 am

    I finally figured out why I am cautious of Trump. He reacts instead of think and act.

    It seems that way. On the surface and how media presents it. But he really doesn’t. And the media, political parties and apparatchiks SAY that is what he is doing. He READ a statement. It was drafted, rewritten, edited, etc. The media and the elites CLAIMED it was off the cuff, crazytown stuff, uttered in spit flinging rage at a rally. That was his first shot in this episode. Now it is all the media talks about and he goes UP in the polls. They are apoplectic. He can’t do that! Where are the written rules? Oh, the media (directed by elites) made them up. There are no rules.

    Almost everything he does is highly calculated, laid out, rolled out, and centers from his central policy of immigration. The abuse, maladministration of policy and management, perverting the legal system, and terrorizing the American people with IMMIGRATION is deliberate. He saw it, developed it, and is using it. The fact that it is true gives it resonance.

    I see it as Trump negotiating DIRECTLY with the American people. Media, political parties, flunkies et al censor, filter, control what is reported, said, or allowed to be even be thought. He is simultaneously negotiating with the media, elites, politcos and using a technique crudely described as “getting your licks in early” in which you beat them in the head (metaphorically of course-LOL) and tell them what is what while they are stunned or pissed off and start off the negotiation demanding the moon and stars. This is hardball. How do you expose both parties enabling murderous open borders and non-enforcement of our immigration laws? He has them on the back foot and they are sputtering. They overreacted, not him. He goes up in the polls. The immigration system is killing people. How very quaint that elites say a few gotta die for cheap labor and the death of a culture. It is on purpose. Our immigration system as currently administrated and demanded by BOTH legacy parties is negligent homicide at best. It may be first degree murder to knowingly let people in to terrorize the population and then demand to disarm that same population. A German prosecutor is looking at charging Merkel with treason and the EU is breaking up as I type. The media and professional government want to talk about guns and bizarre terror flunkies in California and Trump wants to talk about the root problem-immigration.

    I think Trump knows exactly how the media and parties will react because it is what they have done for quite a while. They are boringly predictable. The public was confused at first, then laughed at him, and now are pissed off WITH HIM at the enablers. He has a playbook. He is hostilely taking over the Republican party because they are idiots and are mainlined to elites. The Dems are the descending party and why take over the losers? It is the Great Game and he is negotiating on several fronts at once ON HIS TERMS. I don’t particularly cotton to his Bronx ass-holishness either but the media (whorish scum) is not going to tell me how to think.

  46. As big media labels Trump a racist bigot for demanding a moratorium on Muslim immigration until we get this terrorism business figured out, we get this insight from one of my favorite people, an ex-Assistant U.S. Attorney. The specific issue is the legal claim by the Council on American Islamic Relations that the child of the murderers as Comey calls them be transferred to a Muslim family pursuant to Sharia Law. This is, in effect, a demand that the US Court system give full faith and credit to Sharia Law, and that will surely get a big vote of support from John Roberts (a latter day Pontius Pilot, who crucifies the Constitution) if the issue ever reaches his desk. The most interesting thing about this article is the history of CAIR, and The Muslim Brotherhood who created it, is itself a terrorist organization and had and may still have an office in The White House, under the Obama Administration. Once again, we see clear, unambiguous proof of the connection between black radicals and Muslim radicals, and further proof of just how gullible our elites qua big media are. I commend it to your attention for these reasons. Finally, to give full faith and credit to Sharia Law is no different than giving full faith and credit to Sharia Law, which has a precedent when a friend of mine–a US District Judge, and a Jew, sat as U.S. District Court Judge for Berlin, and was constrained by precedent to apply Nazi law. One final thought: move GITMO to the Zuckerberg estate and tell that little Harvard trained motherfucker charity starts at home.

    After Jihadist Mass Murder, the CAIR’s Sharia Agenda Rolls On

    It is worth dwelling for a moment on IIIT. Like CAIR, IIIT is a U.S.-based tentacle of the Muslim Brotherhood. As I further recount in The Grand Jihad, the Brotherhood was the backbone of the conspiracy proved in the Holy Land Foundation case, the most significant terrorism financing prosecution the Justice Department has ever brought. The case involved the support network for Hamas, the terrorist organization that is the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch.

    Evidence at the trial, including internal Brotherhood documents, proved that CAIR was established by the Brotherhood in the mid-90s because the Hamas support network realized it needed a public face: an organization with legal acumen and media moxie that would be an effective apologist for Islamic supremacism. The Brotherhood shrewdly styled CAIR as a “civil rights organization.” The American media has dutifully played along – often describing it as such … and studiously omitting mention of CAIR’s roots in the Brotherhood and Hamas.

    IIIT was also proved to be a Brotherhood organization. Its self-described mission is “the Islamicization of knowledge.” Several of its prominent members are tied to Brotherhood organizations cited as unindicted coconspirators in the Hamas financing case, including CAIR. Indeed, Sayyid Syeed, an IIIT founder, also sat for a time on CAIR’s advisory board.

    IIIT co-founder and president Shaykh Taha Jabir al-Awani was also named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorism prosecution of Sami al-Arian, a prominent Muslim Brother who went on to become a major figure in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization. Al-Arian was heavily backed by IIIT financing, and CAIR championed his cause – smearing his prosecution as anti-Muslim persecution. Al-Arian ultimately pled guilty to a terrorism charge. Earlier this year, he was deported to Turkey – the Islamist government of which is a big supporter of Hamas.

    The mission of the Brotherhood, of IIIT, of CAIR, and of all Islamic supremacists is the promotion of sharia. CAIR hasn’t missed a beat.

  47. wbboei
    December 10, 2015 at 6:53 am
    There are legal fictions which exist to further some institutional objective.
    And then again there are political fictions which further the narrative of the ruling class.
    One such fiction is that Muslims are serving en masse in our armed forces

    Don’t forget the military has been pushed to the brink with “diversity”. They threw out all the requirements for signing up to get them in there. God only knows how stupid, crazy, and “radicalized” they are and it is ignored because “diversity!” policy from the White House. How many are affirmative action for Muslims? Some, most or all?

  48. Mormaer
    December 10, 2015 at 7:59 am

    I think Trump knows exactly how the media and parties will react because it is what they have done for quite a while. They are boringly predictable.
    You might even say they are Pavlovian.

    When the bell rings, they salivate.

    And Trump loves and lives to ring their bell.

  49. wbboei
    December 10, 2015 at 8:07 am
    Notice the terror gun moll dropped an anchor baby as soon as possible after she got here so she couldn’t be deported. Her “husband” appears to have been an anchor baby (and probably American/Pakistani dual citizen and does he have a Paki passport?) too. CAIR of course will exploit our shit immigration laws for Sharia.

  50. wbboei
    December 10, 2015 at 8:21 am

    Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I am just howling at the wind. And the neighbors are looking at me funny.

  51. If you want even more proof of the close symbiotic relationship between black radicals and muslim radicals I invite you to consider Exhibit 1: Valerie Jarrett.

  52. caught the end of interviews Allison Cammarota on CNN has been doing for at least the last two days,inc this AM with a group of Trump supporters…

    if anyone can bring those clips here they are interesting to listen to in regards to how strongly Trump supporters feel…and why the feel that way

    the media really thinks people are stupid…these Trump supporters, from what little I caught, are here to say…”We can see what is going on with our own eyes, we do not need you or the O admin to lie to us anymore…”

  53. Mormaer, ah, you’re being humble. I used to come here to read just your comments when I was not commenting as much before.

    Trump’s playbook is definitely unknown at this point but he has very smartly zoned on the biggest issue of the day, immigration. Some rough picture of the playbook can be drawn and it is bold and different for an American election. Dana Perino was bemoaning the fact that how Trump instead of letting the media talk about Obama’s bad speech, usurped himself in the middle (and saved Obama in her view). That is old playbook and everybody else is playing by the old playbook. Their strategy is to shame the supporters for supporting him, “ewww, how can you?” but that is not working.

    His picking GoP for his run is also strategic and the only way — he knew he would not get the base of voters with the Dems (and difficult to excoriate a sitting president from his own party). And he took a lesson from Ross Perot there (not that Perot would have been successful with the Dems then).

  54. S
    December 10, 2015 at 9:33 am
    I saw it, too. The last lady that spoke was about to burst into tears, though I suspect it was from anger and not sadness.

    She said it best, “He [Trump] is the only one that says what we are ALL thinking.”

    To which I reply, Yep.

  55. This goddamned windows 8.1 gives me stock pop ups throughout the day.


    1. they think I am a day trader, which I am not, or-

    2. they are nervous about our financial system, which they should be, or

    3. they want me to be nervous, on edge, etc.

    Which I am.

    But not because of the stock market.

    For, as the guided age investor Bernard Baruch opined, the stock market will fluctuate.

    What make me nervous is a profound lack of confidence in our political class

    As they move to consolidate their power over us.

  56. Oh Allison, you speak of Donald’s fast and loose relationship with the truth?

    Which truth are we talking about.

    Is it perchance the consensus of the political class?

    If so, then that is right out of Animal Farm.

    Nor can you tell us it is the empirical truth.

    Because you are in the business of censoring that which does not conform to your narrative.

    Ergo, rather than speaking of the truth, be honest about this

    Substitute the words political narrative for the word truth, and then your terminology will be accurate

  57. pm317
    December 10, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Perino is part of the Republican media/marketer/consultant/political profiteer class. Of course she doesn’t want her mentors and minders income drying up because she couldn’t afford her dog’s food and her English husband anymore. Trump is killing their rotten business model. Globalist elites pay Rove et al who hire scumbag marketer/consultants for huge fees who pump idiot candidates like !Jeb for more and more money to spew out nonsense and sit on their asses gossiping. The scriveners like Old Kraut, “pay me through my wife” George Will, the dying old magazines like NR are in the gravy train with salaries provided by advertisers which go through ad agency Republican front men for the elites and owners who keep dead zombie media alive even though they are bankrupt to perpetuate the “message” of pure globalism ie open borders and ruinous trade policy. They demand candidates as supplicants (willing to whore themselves out to get money from elites thus the circle of campaigns) and Trump has turned that on its head because he mostly uses his own people and runs the gig himself because he is not a low T bumbler. He has also showed that campaigns need not spend a zillion dollars like !Jeb who was told he could buy the presidency because a bunch of con-men (Rove the fraud) consultants told him he could. Most of the other Republican candidates spend their days talking to Republican “consultants” and then begging the zillionaires for money to pay the consultants. Talk about stupid!

    Anyway, Trump went wholesale so to speak and has cut out the middlemen or censors in the media and political parties. Trump is Walmart or Amazon with direct marketing and using the media because they need eyeballs (Trump is spectacle on purpose and free content for media) to sell THEIR ads. The media and consultants and elected flunkies are left holding an empty sock. And it stinks too.

  58. pm317
    December 10, 2015 at 9:43 am

    Trump took a lesson from Perot that running as an Independent won’t work in American politics.

    Running a hostile takeover of a incompetent, corrupt and mismanaged business is cheaper in the long run and much less work. Ask Trump’s pal and adviser Carl Icahn. Why start a new business when there is one just sitting there looking stupid?

  59. Mormaer, completely agree. That one liner was the result of a longer conversation I had with someone else. Both parties were ripe for hostile takeover but the Rs are a little smoother and Trump chose wisely (was my overall point).

  60. This idea the media is putting out that we need to be nice to Muslims so they will help us is dead wrong. A strong stance against muslim violence will not only earn respect for our nation but will force so called “friendly” muslim countries to do more to curb muslim violence. They will not want to be shut out of doing business with us with ease.

    Also, I watched the video of Trump addressing a conservative Jewish group. He spoke in a more sophisticated manner appropriate to what appeared a well educated, well heeled group. He knows his audiences and adapts accordingly. Trump is comfortable and adept at communicating with blue collar workers and titans of industry.

  61. totally disgusted
    December 10, 2015 at 12:48 pm
    Agree it is absolutely disgusting.

    Assuming you’ve heard how AIPAC(?) DNC members booed when reinsertion of the words “God” and “Jerusalem” into the DNC Platform became necessary at the 2012 Convention. [Luckily it was done while TV was covering the vote, so there is video.]

    Add in statistics in this old post:
    “The number of Muslim delegates attending the Democratic National Convention has quadrupled since 2004. Muslims had around 5 percent of the delegates in a Democratic Party convention for a country where they aren’t even 1 percent of the population.”
    September 7, 2012

    and you see the practical need POTUS44 feels to coddle Muslims.

  62. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to Big Pinkers, nor why Arab (Muslim) countries are not opening their doors to a large population of Syrian refugees.


    U.S. President Barack Obama is sending Special Forces. British jets have joined French warplanes over the skies of Syria. Even Germany, whose post-World War II constitution puts restrictions on fighting battles on foreign soil, is becoming increasingly involved.

    But as the West steps up its war against ISIS, it appears that the involvement of the U.S.-led coalition’s Arab members — all of them much closer geographically to the terror group than their Western partners — is drawing down.

    Bombing ISIS: Arabs lag far behind West

    Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are down to about one mission against ISIS targets each month, a U.S. official told CNN on Monday. Bahrain stopped in the autumn, the official says, and Jordan stopped in August. CNN contacted all of these countries for comment and is yet to receive a response.

    Why aren’t Arab countries more involved in the fight against ISIS?

    Yemen — not ISIS — is the priority for most Arab countries

    Analysts say Yemen is at the center of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the region’s biggest powers.

    Religion and ethnicity are at the heart of the longstanding hostility between the two countries. Iran is majority Shia Muslim and non-Arab. Most of the other countries in the region — including, and led by, Saudi Arabia — are majority Sunni Arab, and are suspicious of Iran’s motives.

    So when Iranian-backed rebels seized Sana’a, the Yemeni capital, last year, a Saudi-led coalition of Arab states (including Egypt, Jordan and the UAE) was launched to try to defeat them.

    “The critical shift was the coalition in Yemen,” says Fawaz Gerges, a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the London School of Economics. “You’re talking about a major 24/7 war. The Saudis and the Emiratis — the two countries with the most capacity in terms of air power — are flying fighter jets over the skies of Yemen, so that’s why you really have to prioritize the fight in Yemen over the fight against ISIS.”

    They’re worried about what will happen at home
    Jordan on the threat of ISIS

    Yemen may have distracted many Arab states, but the threat of opposition — not to mention revenge terror attacks — at home has also made them fearful of greater involvement in the ISIS fight, according to analysts.

    “The Arab states, including Jordan — after the incident with the pilot [burned to death by ISIS when his plane crashed in Syria] — are laying low,” Gerges says. “ISIS doesn’t just exist in Syria and Iraq — it has major constituency supporters in almost all Arab countries, including Saudi, Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan. So they want to really minimize the risks.”

    “Also, remember that one of the largest contingencies within ISIS are the Saudis. They’re not just fighters, they play leadership roles — and ISIS has carried out major attacks in Saudi, both against Shiite mosques and against (other) Saudi targets.”

    Arab states have long seen ISIS as Iran’s problem, not theirs
    Iran: Assad must stay for now

    The governments under the most immediate threat from ISIS — those of Syria and Iraq — are both key Iranian allies, so why can’t the Iranians handle it?

    That’s been the prevailing logic amongst the Sunni Arab states, according to regional experts. They say Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies are also less inclined to carry out strikes against ISIS targets if doing so helps Iran’s allies in Damascus and Baghdad.

    But Gerges says that view is evolving now that ISIS has grown into a global network claiming terror attacks from Paris to Australia. “There’s been the idea that ISIS is a bigger challenge for Iran and its allies than it is for the Arab states, even though this feeling is changing now.”

    “ISIS has threatened not only Iran and the [Shia]-dominated regimes in Iraq and Syria but even the Sunni-dominated Arab states.”

    Putting Arab state “boots on the ground” is near impossible.

    The problem with deploying a large number of Arab troops is that no individual country is likely to risk it, and no nation has a mandate to act on behalf of everyone else.

    Even if that wasn’t the case, the likelihood of Syria or Iraq endorsing foreign military intervention is extremely unlikely, according to Ghadi Sary, a Middle East expert at Chatham House.

    “I think it’s going to be very hard for that to happen — you’ve seen the Iraqi reaction to the presence of the Turkish army in northern Iraq,” Sary says, referring to Iraq’s ordering of Turkish troops out of the country on Monday.

    “It is important for any intervening army to have the backing of the central government, or at least the army in the country,” Sary says, “(including) the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who everyone will see as impossible to work with.”

    Sary also says most Arab militaries are more comfortable working inside — not outside — their own borders.

    “For most of these countries, the over-involvement by the army in the internal affairs of the state has become acceptable, but when it comes to foreign intervention, it becomes problematic,” he says.

    “We’re seeing the Egyptian army focus on the Sinai and its internal problems, we’re seeing the Syrian army doing that, and in Yemen it’s almost seen as the Saudi army cleaning up their own backyard — but not really intervention on the international level.”

  63. Here you go Mormaer, Huffington Post has figured out how to destroy Donald Trump and rack up a big victory for the GOP establishment:

    Mitt Romney Could Stop Donald Trump. Seriously.
    But when will he make his move?

    CONCORD, N.H. — The last man standing in the way of Donald Trump’s increasingly viable path to the Republican presidential nomination may not be one of his 2016 rivals, but rather a reassuring face from the GOP’s recent past: Mitt Romney.

    No, there is no longer any serious discussion of the 2012 Republican nominee making a late entry into the current contest as a white knight embarking on one last quest to derail a singularly dangerous foe or sideline the caustic front-runner’s ideologically similar GOP competitors. That window, which has long been closed, is now welded shut by a secure fusion of filing deadlines and logistical realities.

    But even from the sidelines, Romney holds serious leverage over the direction of the Republican primary — more sway than many of the candidates themselves. And that’s especially true in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire, where he remains particularly popular among the GOP rank and file.

    “If Romney were to get involved in the last month before the [New Hampshire] primary and say, ‘Listen, there are a lot of great people in this race, but Candidate X is the person I’m going to stand with, I think the earned media would be tremendous,” said one high-level New Hampshire Republican strategist, who, like other sources in this story, requested anonymity in order to speak more candidly. “And if he decided not only to go in to endorse, but also hit the road with that candidate, it could be determinative.”

    “He would be, more than anyone else, the game-changer on the ground in New Hampshire,” the strategist added.

    We will truly enjoy when this happens. What the strategy misses is how shrinking violet Donald Trump will respond. Will Trump’s response be a trip down memory lane about how Romney blew a winnable race or will Trump focus on the dog on the roof? In a sense this Willard v. Donald fight will have to take place at some point because the old GOP will have to be smashed in totality to let the new GOP be born.


    In the leading case of Fiallo v. Bell, the Supreme Court in 1977 noted, “Our cases ‘have long recognized the power to expel or exclude aliens as a fundamental sovereign attribute exercised by the government’s political departments largely immune from judicial control.’”

    In upholding the authority of the government to deny admission to aliens, the high court observed that “in the exercise of its broad power over immigration and naturalization, ‘Congress regularly makes rules that would be unacceptable if applied to citizens.’”

    The long line of cases referred to in Fiallo traces back to the Chinese Exclusion Case of 1889, in which the Supreme Court unanimously held that Congress could exclude by statute immigrant laborers of a particular race and ethnicity. If the government can exclude aliens on the basis of race and ethnicity, is there any basis on which it cannot exclude aliens? The answer so far seems to be no.

    In 1972, the Supreme Court upheld the exclusion of a Belgian Marxist writer, rejecting First Amendment claims made on his behalf and on behalf of the U.S. citizens who had invited him and wished to meet with him.

    The Supreme Court has also sustained the exclusion of an alien on the basis of secret evidence, essentially for no stated reason at all. And earlier this year the high court upheld the exclusion of the spouse of a U.S. citizen, rejecting due process claims made on behalf of the alien and the spouse.

    President Jimmy Carter exercised presidential power to suspend admission of Iranians on the basis of their nationality during the Iranian hostage crisis. A constitutional challenge to his registration requirement for Iranians already in the United States was dismissed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. That court cited a Supreme Court opinion in the 1952 case Harisiades v. Shaughnessy, that “any policy toward aliens is … interwoven with … foreign relations, the war power, and the maintenance of a republican form of government. Such matters are so exclusively entrusted to the political branches of government as to be largely immune from judicial inquiry or interference.”

    So if the proposed suspension of the admission of Muslim aliens is authorized by statute and likely to be judged constitutional by the courts, the dispute is reduced to a policy judgment.

    Throughout the campaign, Trump has driven the discussion and forced his rivals for president to respond to him. What alternatives do his critics propose? Dismissing ISIS as the junior varsity, as President Obama did in a New Yorker interview, or describing ISIS as “contained” on the eve of the ISIS attack on Paris, do not seem like the right policy.

    The political process is all about letting the American people decide who has better ideas and who they trust to be president. We should resist attempts to push the frontrunner or any candidate out of the race.

  65. VotingHillary
    December 10, 2015 at 1:50 am

    I finally figured out why I am cautious of Trump. He reacts instead of think and act.
    It is a calculated spontaneity, which targets the weak spots in the opposition armor, and does not do what most adversaries do, which is to say probe, he does not probe at all—he pulverizes. And then he waits for the Pavlovian response of the teetering, corrupt ancien régime which can do nothing better than drill down on a narrative which is stale, unworkable and pathetic. Someone–I believe it was Richard Fernadez, that big media plays the same role that the church did in declining nations, which is to act as the presumed moral authority. But when they are caught in so many lies, and so many cover-ups, defending the indefensible, they will not be listened to. They are simply an organ of the state. In sum, I happen to believe Trump is engaging in the highest form of advocacy, not politics, but mega politics. It is the art that conceals the art.

  66. Shadowfax
    December 10, 2015 at 1:36 pm
    If 10 were compatible with my computer I would have done it.

    My mistake was switching from 7 to 8.1.

    That transition, guided by the skillful hands of Dell, lost everything.

    I suspect Kate Sebelius had a hand in it, but I have no direct proof.

  67. Lu4PUMA
    December 10, 2015 at 3:20 pm
    BO to issue gun control EO.
    And why shouldn’t he.

    Law abiding citizens do not need guns.

    Terrorists do.

    So I am sure the guns he confiscates will go to either

    Middle East terrorists or

    Mexican Drug gangs

    The radical black-radical Muslim alliance is everywhere you look.

    Thanks to the big media beloved messiah.

  68. wbboei
    December 10, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    That sucks Wbb, since 8 was such a bad version of an OS…you will be stuck with OS 8 until you decide to get a new computer. My son and I always build out own computers, so switching out obsolete hardware is cheaper and not a big deal.

    Save up for a new ‘puter 😉

  69. I use a Mac and run different versions of Windows on a virtual machine on it using VMWare’s Fusion software in order to connect to my hospital’s PCs from home. I made a copy of my Windows 7 virtual machine then upgraded it to Windows 8.1. Good thing I used the copy to do so and not the original, because Win 8 was such a bad version. I updated that copy to Windows 10 when it came out, which is a lot better than Win 8, although I’m hard pressed to see any real improvement over Windows 7.

  70. Rand Paul Backs Trump, Unleashes “Top Ten Things That Make Obama Unqualified” For Office

    The White House, which is running a blatantly unconstitutional regime, is now attempting to vet potential successors to the Oval Office, and yet again take out opposition leaders.

    First, Obama said that Assad lost all legitimacy, and should step down, and partnered with al Qaeda and ISIS to back up his opinions.

    Now, Obama’s press secretary has claimed that Donald Trump has lost all legitimacy and has been “disqualified” from running for office. Just how does the White House plan to back up its opinions this time? Trump claims that he won’t be intimidated and exit the race, but one has to wonder how far the system will go to get its way.

    “The fact is the first thing a President does when he or she takes the oath of office is to swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And the fact is that what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as President… And any Republican who’s too fearful of the Republican base to admit it has no business serving as president either,” Earnest said.

    See video and details of White House press secretary Josh Earnest’s comments here.

    Senator Rand Paul, who is also running for the GOP nomination, but who has received only a fraction of the coverage that Trump has, blasted back at the arrogance of the Obama White House, suggesting that President Obama should address his own “disqualifying” characteristics first:…

  71. Good thing Trump has spoken up on Syria. This info came out yesterday with FBI Comey on the Hill, but I’m just getting understanding of it from David Muir – doing well last two days on WNTonight.

    US Intel: ISIS May Have Passport Printing Machine, Blank Passports
    With the U.S. and other countries on high alert for ISIS attacks, American authorities are warning the terror group’s followers may have infiltrated American borders with authentic-looking passports ISIS has printed itself with its own machines, according to an intelligence report obtained by ABC News.
    The 17-page Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Intelligence Report, issued to law enforcement last week, says ISIS likely has been able to print legitimate-looking Syrian passports since taking over the city of Deir ez-Zour last summer, home to a passport office with “boxes of blank passports” and a passport printing machine. Another passport office was located in Raqqa, Syria, which has long been ISIS’s de facto capital.
    “Since more than 17 months [have] passed since Raqqa and Deir ez-Zour fell to ISIS, it is possible that individuals from Syria with passports ‘issued’ in these ISIS controlled cities or who had passport blanks, may have traveled to the U.S.,” the report says. snip

    Also, this Banana Republic episode in Boston:

    Operator Error May Be to Blame for Runaway Boston Train, Investigators Say
    Officials are now investigating “operator error” after a train on Boston’s Red Line traveled several stops without an operator this morning, according to Stephanie Pollack of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
    The six-car train left the Braintree Station without an operator just after 6 a.m. and traveled northbound toward Boston until it was finally brought to a stop when officials cut off power to the third rail. None of the approximately 50 passengers were hurt.
    Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said earlier that a safety device within the train’s cab may have been tampered with. Pollack said operator error is likely the cause of the incident.
    According to Pollack, the operator of the train exited the cab after a “signal issue.” She said normally two different types of brakes are supposed to be used during such an event, including a manual break.
    Passengers spent 9 minutes on board the driver-less train without any communication with transit officials. The operator has been put on administrative leave. The train has been impounded and is no longer in service.
    Pollack said the incident was an “unacceptable breach of responsibility to keep our riders safe. We failed our passengers. Something happened that should not have been able to happen.”
    The National Transportation Safety Board has been made aware of the incident but is not contributing to the investigation.

  72. Who is in charge here? How evil is BO?

    Two U.S. Military Servicemen Claim the Doctors Without Borders Hospital Was Intentionally Targeted

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Two servicemen have told Congress that American special forces called in an air strike on a hospital in Afghanistan because they believed the Taliban were using it as a command center, contradicting the military’s explanation that the attack was meant for a different building.

    Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, quoted the servicemen without naming them in a letter he sent Tuesday to Defense Secretary Ash Carter. The letter highlights gaps in the military’s explanation of an October air strike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz that killed 31 civilians.

  73. Tony

    I agree, Win 7 is much like Win 10.

    8 was so bad I refused to even try it. I think they made that OS to fit on tablets with the stupid graphic squares. So many PC users complained about it, that they had to dump 8.

    I hear the OS 10 should be around for quite awhile, so worth the investment if you don’t have 7.

    Poor Wbb will be stuck with 8 until he dumps his computer.

  74. My son and I always build out own computers, so switching out obsolete hardware is cheaper and not a big deal.

    Sounds like we need a Pink group convoy heading to Shadow’s house to get new computers made!

  75. I hear the talking heads still saying how you can’t keep someone (a non-citizen) out because of their region, religion, race, etc. Whatever those laws are, they need updating, so that there is a separate set of rules for wartime. And the wartime section has to be modernized, because even though there are states that fund terrorist groups (and we fund those states), the age of terrorism is no longer the old war paradigm where each country and its troops are very clearly defined (location, uniform, etc). The people waging war against us are from different countries – but the one unmistakenable binding element is that they are Muslim. So perhaps in this new war paradigm, it *is* appropriate to pause any immigrants based on being “Muslim” – and perhaps it even skirts around the old prohibitions to blocking immigration, anyway – Islam isn’t just a religion – it’s a political system, it desires conversion/death and world domination, it’s a dress code – it covers all aspects of a person’s life.

    So, yeah – I think in this new war paradigm, using a different way to keep people out is totally appropriate rationale.

  76. Larry Johnson thinks Trump should have been more precise in his call to temporarily suspend Muslim immigration but agrees with the overall idea.

    Trump should have said that we must institute a temporary ban on immigration of Sunni muslims until the Government comes up with a system to identify potential threats. That would have been more accurate. It also is a genuine concern, especially in light of today’s news from FBI Director Comey who testified that muslim woman who shot up San Bernardino had voiced empathy and commitments to radical Islam before being allowed to come to the United States. Whatever screening was done by U.S. Consular Officers in Pakistan was, to use diplomatic language, insufficient. Uncle Jolly might refer to it as a Shit Show…

    One final note–it is ignorant to pretend that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. As Graeme Wood so brilliantly demonstrates, the beliefs of many Muslims are in line with the preaching of the ISIS leaders. Until the Muslims get together and vote their own version of a Pope (er, I mean Caliph) who can rule on what constitutes true Islam, it is not racism nor bigotry to acknowledge that a significant motivation for the violence in Paris and San Bernardino is rooted in the theology of mainstream Sunni Islam. Being Muslim is not incidental to terrorism. Being Muslim is instrumental.

  77. Five years from now, SAKS FIFTH AVENUE will be offering stylish Burkas, Prayer Rugs, gun powder incescene and AK-47 trinkets by a dozen and get a real AK-47 so Muslims can defend themselves. The New York Times and WashPo editorial boards will praise this to no end, and cite it as incontrovertible proof that Muslims who buy these tokens of jihad are being westernized.

  78. Poor Wbb will be stuck with 8 until he dumps his computer.
    Actually, it is the other way around.

    The computer is dumping me.

    Yesterday, the computer filed for divorce.

  79. wbboei
    December 11, 2015 at 12:33 am
    Get a Mac. Less heartache.

  80. Important revelation. Wish it was not Megyn’s.
    Whistleblower Says He Could Have Prevented CA Attack If Gov’t Didn’t Cut Funding
    Published on Dec 10, 2015
    Philip Haney. Founding member of DHS.
    http://www DOT


    There’s enough coverage of Rahm’s woes on the TV channels, but exactly NONE include his association to POTUS44: White House COS 11/6/2008-10/2/2010.

    If a journalist ever does, it won’t be such a leap to connect Obama’s Benghazi video fairy tale with Rahm’s delay in airing Chicago dashcam video. Each man needed to hide his gross negligence until after the re-election vote.

  82. OT: To anyone looking for a new TV show that is over-the-top good, I suggest checking out “The Man in the High Castle.” It is an Amazon original starring the incredibly beautiful and talented Alexa Davalos. She plays an Underground spy for what is left of the Allies after Germany and Japan win World War II.

    Basic premise: set in the 60s, Hitler and the Japanese Empire have divided the Americas. A small group of people still operate in the shadows trying to find a way to overthrow the evil occupiers of North America and, specifically, the U.S.

    It is addictive and it is a nail-biter. It also brings to mind what might be if the West ever falls.

  83. “Republican officials and leading figures in the party’s establishment are preparing for the possibility of a brokered convention as businessman Donald Trump continues to sit atop the polls in the GOP presidential race.”

    “More than 20 of them convened Monday near the Capitol for a dinner held by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, and the prospect of Trump nearing next year’s nominating convention in Cleveland with a significant number of delegates dominated the discussion, according to five people familiar with the meeting.”

    So the RNC is afraid they are going to loose the shareholder vote on the the hostile takeover. No shit Sherlock. Maybe the shareholders (voters!) don’t want such a shitty value for their shares and wants a new team in to bring value. Worthless scum.

    Exactly why is the RNC having candidate debates or primaries or caucuses or pledges or anything else regarding elections if an insider from some special committee is going to be handed the nomination. Do voters even matter? Why not just skip the general election too and appoint a special guy? Do any of these idiots ever consider what this looks like to voters? Is this a new kind of (undemocratic) coup? This is exactly what executive committees and boards of directors do in hostile takeovers as they get their asses kicked by the new buyers when the stock value jumps at the prospect of a new team/owner. They plot how to hang on to the very end. Show some dignity RNC. How pathetic.

  84. Wbb

    Get a PC that can be upgraded, I prefer ASUS. If you use only a laptop, get the most powerful one you can afford so it lasts a long time. If you use a desktop, you can aways hire some young geek to upgrade it for you, swap out the CPU, drives, even the Motherboard or Ram, etc.

    Best place to find a geek, if you don’t have a neighbor you trust is at the local University…someone in computer science. Just not a freshman but someone that knows what they are doing.
















    At the Supreme Court, the issue is raised as to whether racial set asides at the University of Texas are such a good thing, given the fact that many black applicants promoted on the basis of skin color alone, cannot keep up with their classmates, and would do far better academically and professionally in a less challenging environment. That is not to say that there are some blacks who are better than their white colleagues, and not just better, but far better, and they will prevail at first rate schools. But not every black is Thomas Sowell or Ben Carson. At some point it becomes obvious that the institutional left, meaning big media and its satellites, cannot handle the truth, when it conflicts with their carefully constructed, artificial and counterfactual narrative, therefor the suppress it.

    What follows are comments in a similar vein by Powerblog:

    “Scalia has never suggested that black applicants who can get into top schools without being preferred due to their race should attend lesser institutions. Such a view would be inconsistent with the theory of “mismatch” that he raised.

    This distinction was also lost on The Hill, which declared, “Scalia: Maybe black students belong at ‘less-advanced’ schools.” Similarly, Yahoo claimed that “Scalia suggested that black students benefit from a ‘slower track’ at less prestigious schools,” as if this suggestion extended to black students whose credentials fit top schools.

    Mother Jones also adopted this line and sniffed, “after [Scalia’s comment], Court watchers will really be looking forward to his opinion in the case.” Actress Rashida Jones promptly called for Scalia’s impeachment.

    This commentary demonstrates mismatch of a kind — the mismatch between a serious Supreme Justice and a press corps too lazy, too ideologically left-wing, and/or too politically correct to engage an argument that, though controversial, is well-rooted in research and legal scholarship.

    More broadly, we see an example of a dangerous tendency. Too often nowadays, arguments and assertions of fact are judged by whether they are “offensive,” not by whether they are valid or true. A joke can be judged by its offensiveness (in addition to its humor). However, arguments should be judged only by whether they are valid and assertions of fact only by whether they are true.

    To judge arguments and assertions of fact based on whether they are offensive is to assess them on a purely subjective basis. Worse, it is ultimately to live in the world one wishes existed, not necessarily the world that actually exists.

    A society that rejects traditional epistemology in this manner cannot prosper. In the long run, it probably cannot survive.”

  86. What motivates the left?

    What possesses them to say: you must succeed because you are black. Otherwise you are letting down you race?

    Do they care about black people as people or just as political objects–mascots if you prefer.

    And you see how they treat blacks who tell the left I don’t need your bullshit, I will succeed without you.

    I will tell you what these people are, and because I am not by any stretch one of them, I can see clearly what they cannot see. I am on the bridge, they are in the boiler room, that is the difference. And it is all the difference I need. This is not about intellect, it is about keeping an open mind.

    The left and the radical Muslims have one thing in common: both have convinced themselves that they are bringing about a new world order, which means the important thing is not the chaos and destruction they bring about in this life, but rather the rewards they will receive in the world to come.

    And this is where it gets very very personal. Do I think every writer for Mother Jones, harbors those conscious thoughts when he puts pen to paper? Obviously not. Rather he has absorbed them through osmosis such that the narrative becomes more important than the truth.

  87. Great evening last night in New Hampshire. Got the endorsement from the New England Police Union – big territory, great people! Thank you.
    First thing I’ll order is DP for cop killers.

    Did his pronise come before or after that endorsement?
    Now he’s into unions.

  88. Ironically, it was a hard core leftist who predicted with uncanny ability where the narrative of the New Left will ultimately end. For the record, as between the two, Darrow the high priest of secularism, and Earl Rogers who saved his ass from San Quentin, Rogers was by far, the better lawyer.

    Darrow walked slowly round the baking court.

    “Today it is the teachers,” he continued, “and tomorrow the magazines, the
    books, the newspapers.

    After a while, it is the setting of man against man and creed against creed






    For Darrow, patron saint of the left, who made it a practice to bribe jurors

    This is beyond ironic

    It puts one in mind of the old saying that when you point the finger of guilt at someone

    One finger is pointing at them, and three are pointing at you.

  89. A final point of clarification:

    The terms left and right are meaningless in this context. Meaningless.

    What Darrow rebelled against was the totalitarian defenders of the Christian religion.

    What we should be rebelling against is the totalitarian defenders of secular religion.

    Their goal is to suppress free thinking, and enforce rigid doctrinal conformity.

    Tragically, the major institutions of society have surrendered to this madness.

  90. The only thing I can figure is that this flight from reality, which has manifested itself on both sides of the pond, such that now the United States is moving at breathtaking speed toward the European models is that in the aftermath of cateclysmic events western culture took a hard look at itself, did not like what it saw, and threw the baby out with the bathwater. The death camps of eastern Europe had that effect on the intellectual class in Europe, and produced the EU negation of sovereignty. The civil rights movement which matched the promise of constitution with the realities of daily life had the same effect. Namely, a loss of confidence, which which had been brewing in the salons of Paris, and the coffee shops of Cambridge for a good deal longer, dating back to Darwin’s thesis which was so plain in late Victorian poetry, Irish poetry and stage stage play. Add to this toxic mix the rise of the techie, people at google who represent in some way a hope for the future, and in other ways a deformity. This I know because I live among them, eat with them, and marvel how different they are. They tend to confirm something Justice Holmes once said: society does not improve. It merely evolves.

  91. I do not understand the Leahy amendment. Is this now the law or just part of a bill that is coming up for vote. 7 repubs voted for it.

  92. (CNN)The U.S.-led coalition against ISIS says it has dealt a fresh blow to the Islamic extremist group’s money machine by killing its finance minister.

    Abu Saleh was killed in late November in a strike in Iraq, said Col. Steve Warren, a spokesman for the military coalition.

    “He was one of the most senior and experienced members of ISIL’s financial network,” Warren told reporters Thursday, using an another acronym for the Sunni militant group. “And he was a legacy al Qaeda member.”

    Warren didn’t say how the U.S. had confirmed that Saleh was killed.

  93. Insiders: Trump independent bid would ruin GOP chances
    A third-party run would make Trump ‘Ross Perot on steroids,’ a Republican says.

    If Donald Trump runs for president as an independent, the GOP will lose the White House.

    That’s according to a majority of Republicans in The POLITICO Caucus, our weekly bipartisan survey of the top strategists, activists and operatives in the four early-nominating states: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

    Roughly 4 in 5 GOP insiders, 79 percent, said it would be either “impossible” or “very difficult” for the Republican nominee to win the general election if Trump launches a third-party bid, based on electoral math and a general inability for the party’s nominee to focus on the Democratic competitor.

    “Impossible is a strong but appropriate word,” said a New Hampshire Republican.

    The real-estate developer and celebrity continues to hint at an independent bid — using the possibility as leverage against a party that is equal parts threatened and confounded at his ascendance.

    “Trump already dominates the headlines,” said a Nevada GOP insider. “A run as an independent would be the main news story for six months. The Republican nominee would be forced to constantly respond to the makeup of the race and miss any opportunity to deliver their message to the American people.”

    Others added that basic arithmetic — the relatively even political divisions in the country and an electoral map arguably tilted toward Democrats — makes it difficult for Republicans if even a remotely credible conservative independent candidate qualified in the key Electoral College states. A number of insiders pointed to 1992 — and, to a lesser extent, 1996 — when Bill Clinton won the presidency without capturing a majority of the vote because of a self-funding independent candidate. One Iowa insider called Trump, “Ross Perot on steroids.”

    “The current electoral path to the White House for the eventual Republican is so narrow that any third- or no-party candidate with the ability to peel away conservative and anti-Washington independent voters spells certain defeat for any Republican nominee,” another Iowa Republican said. “There is no question Trump fits those criteria. If he plays the ‘I wasn’t treated fairly’ card, he could easily go down the independent road (and ignore that such a road ends in defeat). The operative question is, will his short term need to feed his ego with an independent bid outweigh his long-term need to not end up, in his words, ‘a real loser?’”

    Democratic insiders, unsurprisingly, agreed with the GOP assessment: 84 percent called a GOP win “impossible” or “very difficult” with Trump on the ballot as an independent.

    “I would never say anything is ‘impossible,’” said a South Carolina Democrat, “but it would be Perot 1992 all over again. I’m starting to believe the Clintons are outsmarting us all!”

    Some Republicans cautioned that just because a Trump independent candidacy would doom the GOP doesn’t mean that it’s likely. The deck is so stacked against a candidate not associated with one of the two major parties, they argued, that Trump would find mounting such a campaign to be a fool’s errand.

    “We’re in a cycle that feels a bit like Alice in Wonderland. It’s hard to predict anything these days,” an Iowa Republican said. “But an independent Trump candidacy is highly unlikely, even given the egomaniacal approach he takes to politics. If we are to believe that he knows a bad deal when he sees one, he can’t possibly see an independent bid as a real way to get to the White House. There is just no path to an Electoral College win for an independent candidate.”

    Read more:

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