Qui Tacet Consentire: Remember Pearl Harbor As Obama Carpet Bombs #Hillary2016

Update: Trump: It’s time for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S. We’re shocked. Shocked!!! We’re shocked that anyone thinks this hurts Trump at all. We’re even more shocked that the GOP candidates think their mad denunciations of Trump help them at all. Shocked!!!

Loser Lindsey Lohan Graham declared Trump “downright dangerous” and suggested “Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.” Jeb Bush roused his energy level sufficiently to say Trump is “unhinged”. Marco Rubio attacked Trump’s “offensive and outlandish statements”. These dolts pay political consultants for advice that results in this???

Trump hater Erick Erickson has it correct when he writes “This is a Brilliant Move by Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump just trumped all the Republican candidates for President. [snip]

And the responses all amounted to “we must let muslims enter our country,” which sounds a whole lot like “we must allow all Mexicans in our country,” which everyone knows is blatantly untrue on both counts. [snip]

So, to put it another way, the day after the President failed to reassure a scared public following the second worst terrorist attack since 9/11 on domestic soil, Donald Trump not only got himself to the right of all the other candidates, but also got every single one of them save for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to align themselves with Barack Obama.

Trump reads the post-San Bernadino zeitgeist correctly. After the Obama drivel from Sunday night Trump exudes leadership and common sense. Hey, Chipotle has a food poisoning problem and the store shuts down until the problem is identified and resolved. That’s what Trump is saying. Stop all Muslim immigration to the U.S. until we can all figure out what to do about the possibility of terrorists coming in to kill or even home grown Muslims going jihad nuts.

But is Trump’s proposal unconstitutional? During the Cold War travel to and from entire countries was banned and Americans had a lot of explaining to do before being let back in. The Chinese Exclusion Act wasn’t unconstitutional. Would such a temporary ban violate the First Amendment and the “no religious test” provision? Certainly not for non-Americans. As for Americans that go to Syria (and similar places) then want to come back – um, explanations and the thorough investigations of those explanations could take a long long long time.

As to the religious test as unconstitutional that does not appear rational if you have an entire class of persons from one particular religion that want to overthrow the government. That’s the problem with political Islam. An entire country, a theocracy, that demands “Death to America” and we’re told travel to and from there cannot be banned? An entire region of “Death to America” can’t be banned? That’s crazy. The First Amendment is not a suicide clause.

Of course to remove all questions of unconstitutionality, we could just temporarily stop all immigration – legal and illegal – and that solution is just one suicide vest away from public approval.


Hillary Clinton is mumbling to herself today and Hillary2016 has gone dark.

Last night Barack Obama assaulted the nation with one of the most atrocious “speeches” ever delivered to homo sapiens. Barking dogs in the night are more eloquent and screechy cats with tails caught under a rocker more pleasant to listen to than what we humans endured last night from that miserable creep called Barack Obama. From Hillary Clinton silence.

We advised Hillary Clinton way back to run in 2016 as the CHANGE candidate. Instead of our forward looking to 2016 advice, Hillary Clinton decided to run as the third Obama term so afraid is she of the kook left that now controls the Obama Dimocrats. Now the chickens of that decision come home to roost so Hillary Clinton takes refuge in silence.

Silence is about the only friend Hillary Clinton has. Barack Obama is a disaster for America and every day until November 2016 the disaster will be more and more evident. ObamaCare does not work and the failures increase exponentially every day until November 2016. The worldwide economy is failing. The American economy will likely (66% probability) go into recession in 2016 says Citibank. And Hillary Clinton thinks Americans have not suffered enough so she will be the Obama third term.

Silence is about the only tactic left for Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama carpet bombed her and Hillary2016 last night. So Hillary stays quiet as a mouse, mumbling to herself, hoping the big cats won’t notice.

The big cats on CNN noticed how bad the Obama projectile vomiting last night was.

ISIS had a good laugh at the expense of American lives and principles. Barack Obama had a good laugh at the expense of Hillary2016 last night. Hillary Clinton got a good beating last night delivered by Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton embraced the Obama third term strategy and now Hillary Clinton will have to live with the consequences.

America does not need an Obama third term. America does not need more time for Obama treachery/stupidity:

U.S. Intel to Obama: ISIS Is Not Contained

A new report stands in stark contrast to earlier White House assurances that ISIS had been ‘contained.’

Obama’s speech last night was a disaster both in terms of the treachery, as Obama continues to do everything he can to help Muslim terrorists, but also in it’s delivery. For Hillary Clinton the consequences are deadly.

So bad was the Obama speech last night in policy and in presentation that Hillary Clinton has shut her mouth:

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama’s Oval Office address to the country Sunday did little to impress one of his loudest critics in the race to replace him. [snip]

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who had promised to live-tweet the speech, came to the quick conclusion, “We need a new President – FAST!”

The real estate mogul had little else to say other than, “Is that all there is?” [snip]

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have yet to comment on the President’s remarks.

From Hillary Clinton last night and today, there has been silence on the Obama speech. All the Republican candidates spoke out against Obama’s speech. From Hillary Clinton there was the silence of the tomb.

Earlier on Sunday, Hillary Clinton had something smart to say about the upcoming Obama speech:

“We’re not winning, but it’s too soon to say that we are doing everything we need to do,” Clinton said. “And I’ve outlined very clearly we have to fight them in the air, we have to fight them on ground, and we have to fight on the Internet. And we have to do everything we can with our friends and partners around the world to protect ourselves.”

“I think …that’s what we’ll hear from the president, an intensification of the existing strategy, and I think there’s some additional steps we have to take.”

Actually, that was just blather from Hillary Clinton as she crossed her fingers and HOPEd Barack Obama would start “intensification” and take strong “additional steps” against ISIS. Hillary’s foolish hopes were dashed. That blather from Hillary was better than the nonsense crap that came from her shortly after she made those remarks:

Clinton again rejected the use of the term “radical Islam” arguing “that sounds like we are declaring war against a religion … I don’t want to do that because, number one, it doesn’t do justice to the vast numbers of Muslims in our own country and around the world who are peaceful people.” She said the term also “helps to create this clash of civilizations that is actually a recruiting tool for ISIS and other radical jihadists who use this as a way of saying we’re in a war against the West. You must join us. If you are a Muslim, you must join us.”

Donald Trump immediately attacked Clinton, saying on Twitter that she was “afraid” to use that language.

On Remember Pearl Harbor Day it is galling to hear such nonsense from anyone let alone Hillary Clinton who knows better but won’t tell the truth about Barack Obama. We all know, as Americans did back then, that not all Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and not all Japanese supported the imperialist aims of the war party in Japan that ruled the country then. We all know that not all Americans supported the war effort at home, nor did all Americans vote for and support Franklin Roosevelt. But to make fine distinctions would have been stupid then as they are now, and Hillary Clinton knows better but continues to pretend she is stupid as she take refuge in silence.

Chris Christie has a good retort to Hillary Clinton’s nonsense:

“This is the problem with the president and with Secretary Clinton, who provide leadership by euphemism. They won’t say radical Islamic jihadists,” Christie said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“Now, when you say radical Islamic jihadists, they understand, the rest of the Muslim community understands, the folks who are peaceful, and who attend mosques in a peaceful way, work in our country, raise their families, pay their taxes, they know they’re not radical Islamic jihadists,” he said. “That’s why we need to use the words, because it differentiates them from the peaceful, law-abiding American Muslims who play by the rules and raise their families and don’t want to see this kind of conduct going on.”

Some Japanese did not support imperialist Japan war aims just as some Germans did not support the Third Reich, but “Qui tacet consentire” – silence gives consent.

Qui tacet consentire. Silence gives consent. Hillary Clinton’s silence helps Barack Obama but it dooms Hillary2016.

On Pearl Harbor Day, silence is not golden. Silence gives consent.


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  1. Silence, consent.


    Rafia Farook, the mother of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook, is an active member of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), a Muslim organization that promotes the establishment of a caliphate and has ties to a radical Pakistani political group called Jamaat-e-Islami.

    Farook’s affiliation with ICNA was revealed on Friday when MSNBC and other new outlets scoured the Farooks’ apartment in Redlands, Cal. An MSNBC reporter found a certificate of appreciation presented to Safia Farook last summer by ICNA’s sisters’ wing.

  2. http://abcnews.go.com/US/san-bernardino-shooters-radicalized-time-fbi/story?id=35627477

    San Bernardino Shooters Were Radicalized for ‘Quite Some Time,’ Says FBI

    Both suspected shooters in the deadly San Bernardino, California, attack were radicalized and had “been for quite some time,” the FBI said today.

    How they were radicalized is still under investigation, said David Bowdich, assistant director at the FBI’s Los Angeles bureau.

    Both shooters participated in some target practice, according to Bowdich.

  3. http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/07/politics/donald-trump-ted-cruz-iowa-poll/index.html

    Washington (CNN)Donald Trump’s support continues to grow among those who say they are likely to participate in February’s Iowa presidential caucuses and Ted Cruz is on the rise while Ben Carson loses ground in the state, a new CNN/ORC Poll finds.

    Overall, Trump has 33% support among likely GOP caucusgoers, followed by Cruz at 20% with Carson at 16%, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at 11% and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 4%. The new poll shows Trump up 8 points, Cruz up 9, while Carson has faded by 7 points, compared with the last CNN/ORC poll, conducted in late October and early November.

    The poll finds a markedly different landscape among potential GOP caucusgoers than another Iowa poll released Monday by Monmouth University. The difference between the two seems to stem primarily from sampling.

    The Monmouth poll interviewed a sample drawn from registered voter lists that primarily comprised those who had voted in state-level Republican primary elections in previous election years. Among those voters, Monmouth found Cruz and Rubio ahead of Trump and Carson. Among voters who were not regular GOP primary voters, however, the poll found Trump ahead, similar to the CNN/ORC poll’s finding.

    The CNN/ORC Poll drew its sample from Iowa adults, asking those reached about their intention to participate in their caucus, interest in news about the caucuses, and past participation patterns to determine who would be a likely voter.

    But still, Trump’s lead holds even among only those voters who express the most interest in attending the caucus or the most regular past participation in presidential caucuses. Among those in the CNN/ORC poll who say they definitely plan to attend the caucuses and are more interested in news about them than any other news story — a group which represents approximately 8% of Iowa adults — Trump’s lead grows to a 42% to 23% advantage over Cruz, with Rubio at 11% and Carson at 9%.

    And among those who say they have participated in almost all of the caucuses for which they have been eligible — about 10% of Iowa adults — Trump leads 38% to 21% for Cruz, with Carson at 12% and Rubio at 11%.

  4. Thank you for doing a running summary of asshole ‘ s bulls hit last night. I’d say that you saved me from having to listen to it, but I wouldn’t have listened to that treacherous boob anyway: can’t stomach his voice.

  5. Well, it is very apparent that BO is not going to protect American lives and there is considerable conspiracy talk he is actually involved with ISIS through Turkey and his tiff with Syria.

    Gun sales are soaring. And Trump is getting outrageous:

    Donald J. Trump called on Monday for the United States to bar all Muslims from entering the country until the nation’s leaders can “figure out what is going on,” an extraordinary escalation of his harsh rhetoric aimed at members of the Islamic faith in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif.


  6. Preventing Muslim Immigration

    (New York, NY) December 7th, 2015, — Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on. According to Pew Research, among others, there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population. Most recently, a poll from the Center for Security Policy released data showing “25% of those polled agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad” and 51% of those polled, “agreed that Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah.” Shariah authorizes such atrocities as murder against non-believers who won’t convert, beheadings and more unthinkable acts that pose great harm to Americans, especially women.

    Mr. Trump stated, “Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. If I win the election for President, we are going to Make America Great Again.” – Donald J. Trump


  7. Shadowfax
    December 7, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    Hillary’s plan sounds as reasonable and competent as she is, but it has no specifics. It is a plan to fight global terrorism. People are worried about who is living in the country and coming through porous borders that will be killing us.

    Trump’s plan addresses the local, immediate problem. At first I it struck me as pretty outrageous. I guess I have been more propagandized that I thought. What Trump is doing, is standing up for us and addressing, in no uncertain terms, what Muslim behaviors are unacceptable here. That is a basic thing our leadership should would have done from the start if they wanted us to all get along.

    BO did not bring Muslims here to get along. He is all about divisiveness.

  8. Actually LU4Puma what Donald means is not that outrageous when you put it into perspective…he needs to communicate it better regarding how we now know that ISIS is infiltrating the refugee progam and how the State Dept let the female Killer in on a fiance visa last year…

    and the fact that there is no way to vet the refugees because there are no documents or basis to verify who they are, and in the case of the wife killer, she lied anyway and still got in just last year…fully intending to do harm once she got in here…and she did…leaving 14 innocent americans dead and 21 injured…

    DT should refrain from using “absolutes” as in “all” and instead point out the glaring weaknesses and with the caveat “until the nation’s leaders can “figure out what is going on”

    He would be smarter to say we need a moratorium on unknown people and only let in people that can be verified beyond any doubt…allowing known muslims entry…however when in doubt, for now, leave them out…the American people get it…Donald needs to edit and think through what he is trying to say in more sophisticated wording…

    sorry but American lives are at risk…and this is our country…France has already suffered, Isis has taken out a plane with hundreds of innocent people on board…this is serious business, not the easy going BS we are hearing from O…and Hillary…

    one of our planes, or trains, or buses could be next…

    DT needs to show the immigration numbers of how many Syrians and Muslims have been let in in the last year as compared to other nationalities

    the bottom line is our govt has no way of knowing how many more San Bernadino type killers are perculating and already here…the authorities tell us they are overwhelmed and can hardly track them now…why would we allow free flow of more until we can get some control over this

    bare in mind…radical islamic muslims do not care who they kill…they are just as likely to spray a room with other peace loving muslims…

    everyone is at risk…

    He needs to drumbeat the borders are open as we speak and they must be closed until the wall can be built

    He needs to demand that the Santuary cities be disbanded because they are harboring criminals and/or illegal activity at the expense of innocent American citizens

    enough with worrying about what ISIS thinks or offending our enemies…when I hear Hillary using that argument I want to scream…are you f’ing kidding us…

    peaceful loving muslims and American muslim citizens are with us…they understand the danger of what is going on…for all of us…

    this is the ultimate battle of good vs evil…labels are hardly the priority…

  9. Amazing how the talk about letting all the Syrian refugees has quieted since the San Bernadino terrorist attack. Any word from Hillary on maybe reducing that 60,000 she suggested? Guess not……..

  10. * temporarily halt refugee/immigration from all ‘problem’ Muslim countries
    * put mosques with hardcore stance on alert
    * stop the Saudis from pouring money into Muslim communities for religious purposes
    * put Saudis and Turks on notice in other areas
    * build a world coalition including Russia/Egypt to fight the barbarians
    * dry up money sources for the barbarians

  11. Outris…what bothers me the most…the very most…is that the Dems do not offer any common sense on these issues…it is all pandering and politics…at the expense…real taxpayer expense…and risk of the American people…

  12. If I could come up with that list, Trump or Hillary should be able to do it with ease. What would stop them is if they are part of the problem. Unfortunately Hillary is tied to all of the old players including Obama. Maybe somebody like Trump could start from scratch and redefine America’s place/role in the world.

  13. pm317…send your list to Trump…i think he does say alot of what you suggest but he says things so bluntly that people are stunned…and miss the finer points of what he is saying…

    his main thrust is we have to protect our country first…

  14. S, I agree with you in that he should get smarter about how he phrases the problem and then the solution. It is about time. What he is doing is a double edged sword — he says something that is shocking but the shock value gets it the attention. Once he has got the attention, he should give a polished response to where he is coming from and what his problem solving approach will be.

    And, I saw a tweet that had a map of the US with marks on where all mass shootings have occurred and how many are Muslim (very few). That is not the point. This is about protecting US citizens on US soil. If the country is importing these people through policies that are not well thought out or executed, something needs to be done about those policies because like Trump would say they are killing innocent people here.

  15. yes, pm317…and for all people…all…that want to come here and become American citizens they have to want to protect and live peacefully in our country and respect our laws…

    this is another problem…alot of the people coming in do not want to do that…this is not like in the old days when people had to be sponsored and go thru Ellis Island to become a citizen…not now, they just barge or sneak their way in and then want to do what they want, South American drug dealers, Sharia Law believers…and sadly there is a large percentage of people from other countries that do want to harm americans…well, then do not come here…

    DT did state some polling data (I think from Pew) that said many of the Muslims that are living in the USA do want Sharia Law…I don’t know if that is true…but that is a problem…our consititution supercedes Sharia…we cannot allow women to be mistreated, gays to be mistreated, young girls to be killed for honor killings…all that stuff has to stay out of the usa…

    you know that city in Michigan that has a full muslim city council took a vote and now allows calls to prayer over the loudspeaker 5 times a day in a town that has been polish for many many years

    do you think that is fair?

    in an american city, would you want to have to listen to someone’s pray traditions over loudspeakers 5 times a day…ok, once a week, but LOUDLY five times a day


  16. I would go right for the Saudis.

    They are the engine of world terrorism.

    They are also embedded in our political system.

  17. After trying to get these points across for over seven years–how his benighted foreign policy would lead to exactly this. Now that everything is falling apart, I am inclined to sit back and watch the entire dissembling with a certain degree of detachment. A recent Pew study said that 42% believe ISIS will take out an American City. Color me skeptical. I am not thaaat worried about any of this. What I do worry about however is the curtailment of civil liberties which is Obama’s agenda at that point, as was evident in the speech and the position of the Democrat Party.

  18. At this moment, Obama advisors are huddled in the White House, trying to figure out, not how to protect the nation, but how to use this crisis to advance the progressive agenda, and world government. That is their alpha and omega. Nothing else matters to them. Nothing. These are rabid ideologues.

  19. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest foreign investors in the United States. Prince Alwaleed’s nickname is “The Warren Buffett of the Gulf” and he is one of the world’s richest people.

    The Prince is a private entrepreneur and an international investor. The Prince was born to Prince Talal, son of the founding King of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and Princess Mona Al-Solh, Daughter of Lebanon’s first Prime Minister. The Prince is the nephew of the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah.

    The Carlyle Group counts Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, and Osama bin Laden’s estranged family among its high-profile clientele.

    HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal and trusts for his benefit hold major business investments in Citigroup, Carlyle Group (a company backed by an awful lot of bin Laden connected money), Coca-Cola, Pepsi Co Inc, McDonald`s Corp, Apple Computer Inc., Motorola, AOL Time Warner, Saks Inc., EuroDisney and Walt Disney Company, the Teledesic satellite venture.

    1987 Bill Ayers solicited Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour (a.k.a. Donald Warden) to raise money for Obama’s Harvard Law School education. al-Mansour is an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an outspoken enemy of Israel, and mentor to Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his cohort, Bobby Seale. At the time al-Mansour associate Percy Sutton was raising money for Obama’s education, al-Mansour was the top financial advisor to mega-billionaire Prince Alwaleed (Alwalid) bin Talal of the Saudi royal family.

    1988-1991 Obama attended Harvard Law School

  20. There is a ironclad bond between black radicals and muslim radicals. If this nation is attacked, black radicals will join with the attackers. Sound preposterous? Sure. Until you start connecting the dots. Sort of that, we can now see why Obama refuses to condemn Muslim terrorism–why he cannot even utter the words. Yes. I will say the word about him that Mike Walsh suggested. He is not just a traitor. He is literally, a Manchurian Candidate, and cudas to him for sucking in the arrogant, self absorbed, naive political establishment, who could not see the forest for the trees.

  21. wbboei
    December 7, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    I am more concerned about Saudi Arabia and that Muslim Hitler who runs Turkey than I am about Iran.
    That is the source of the “terrorism”. It always has been. They came over here and crashed planes in to the World Trade Center. And Bush kissed their asses. And Obowma kissed their feet. Here is the long story:


    While Europe explodes with xenophobia, the real issue is not the Arabs or Islam, but the “special” U.S.-Saudi relationship which may be even more sacrosanct than the relationship with Israel. It is an alliance that demands of the U.S. that it see, hear and speak no evil about its major Arab partner. Hence, Washington must cover up the real cause of the horrors ranging from the World Trade Center to the Bataclan concert hall to the Syrian civil war.

    As long as this U.S.-Saudi “special” relationship continues, the bodies will keep piling up.

  22. in an american city, would you want to have to listen to someone’s pray traditions over loudspeakers 5 times a day…ok, once a week, but LOUDLY five times a day

    I grew up in India where they do that and I didn’t particularly dislike it — but then again there is a lot of noise pollution in that place anyway and this was one more. Here, it is different — I don’t want to listen to their fucking prayer calls on a loud speaker five times a day. I have come to love my privacy and respect others’ and I expect these people to do the same.

  23. Thanks for remembering Pearl Harbor administrator. My late father was in the Navy in the South Pacific during WW2 and may we never forget that last great generation of men and woman who fought and died for our freedom. I am sure my dad is turning over in his grave seeing how far our country has moved away from the values that he and his generation fought to preserve.

  24. I think Trump is slyly trying to get out of the race w/o calling it quits himself. That is the only explanation for why he as the front runner would disrupt the negative social media response Obama got for his so-called speech last night and gave full fodder to cut it off today.

    This is why I think he is not serious about wanting to become POTUS…and I think his rhetoric today may just get him his wish.

    That or he has the worst advisers going…and that let’s us know the quality of who he would bring in his administration.

  25. Tonight on the way home, I was listening to CNN. There was a guy that used to work for the CIA and when the question was posed to him, what are the chances the US could come up with a screening that would prevent terrorists from entering our country?

    The answer was 0% chance that there is a way to filter out Muslim terrorists.

    He said this is because the US has their own database that is pretty good, but counties like Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, etc have NEVER shared this kind of information with the United States.

  26. I Must Defend Donald Trump on This
    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | December 8th, 2015 at 12:34 AM | 11


    Share on Facebook 8 8 SHARES
    “If Jeb Bush really thinks Trump is unhinged, he should withdraw from the race because he is getting his ass kicked by an unhinged man.”
    What an interesting position I find myself in. I uninvited Donald Trump from the RedState Gathering and spent nearly a month unable to let my kids check our mailbox at home for fear of them finding God knows what.

    And while I agree with my friend Russell Moore on the merits of Donald Trump’s proposal to bar muslims from entering the United States, including muslim America citizens currently outside the country, I feel compelled to defend Donald Trump from the reaction to his proposal by many of my other friends.

    The rush to condemn Donald Trump feels more like a “finally we can take him out” surge than a serious consideration of his proposal. You may very well find his proposal unserious, but there are a few million Americans who do not. They are not laboring under distinctions of constitutionalism and values. They see an American President willing to curtail the second amendment without due process and have responded in kind.

    For the entirety of the 2016 election season so far, Donald Trump has given voice to a growing segment of the American population who feels completely ignored by Washington politicians of both parties and who think the country is deteriorating with both the knowledge and consent of Washington politicians from both parties. The only reason issues like immigration are being discussed right now is because Trump forced them to be discussed.

    So Trump comes up with a proposal that is, at least in part, clearly unconstitutional (the part about US citizens abroad) and instead of offering other constructive policy proposals, most of the rest of the Republican field, Republican pundits, and other talking heads responded immediately with “Trump is a fascist idiot.” Along the way, Trump signals a recognition of a core issue in this campaign season, i.e. a sovereign nation should get to decide who can and cannot enter its territory.

    Trump is brilliantly smart here from a short term political perspective. He just forced almost all of the GOP field to side with both Barack Obama and MSNBC. The other Republicans could have critiqued Trump’s proposal by offering a counter proposal, but instead they all went right to attacking Trump himself. As we have seen thus far, these attacks are interpreted by at least a quarter of the GOP base as attacks on them because Trump is offering policy proposals and is countered not by other proposals, but by attacks.

    Beat Trump by treating him like a candidate. Challenge his proposals. Attacking Trump for being unhinged, an idiot, or some other personal attack is just read as an attack on his voters. Twenty-four hours after Barack Obama gave one of the stupidest speeches ever to be given from the Oval Office — a speech that did not reassure anyone — Donald Trump opened negotiations on a different position and he started with “ban all the muslims.” Donald Trump is a negotiator. The GOP should not have attacked Trump, but engaged in the negotiations with “That’s probably not constitutional, but here is what I would do to accomplish the same thing, which is to keep Americans safe from Islamic radicals.”

    Nope, they couldn’t do that. And because of the hysterical response from so many, including good friends of mine on the right, Trump wins the round.

    And there is one other thing. The candidates attacking Trump, who are at 2 and 3 percent in the polls are enabling Donald Trump to continue. If Jeb Bush really thinks Trump is unhinged, he should withdraw from the race because he is getting his ass kicked by an unhinged man. I hate to put it that bluntly, but it is true. The presence of so many candidates still in the race in December before the Iowa caucuses allows Donald Trump to remain in pole position. The other candidates are jockeying with each other for position instead of in a position to joust with Donald Trump. It is their fault Donald Trump remains on top. They and the Washington GOP, that for so long failed to address the issues the base cares about, created Donald Trump.

  27. I Must Defend Donald Trump on This
    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | December 8th, 2015 at 12:34 AM | 11
    There’s more to Eric than I could have hoped for.

    I’m glad Donald is willing to continue the heavy lifting. None of the other candidates is free to go as far or as fast as he can in getting the information out. I don’t have a clue where he’s going with this, but assume it will play out as his Muslim cheering event did.

    I can tell you Lester Holt last night had on an analyst who said of POTUS44’s 4 point speech:
    The first 3 points have already been tried and they don’t work.
    The last point is untrue.

    And ABC NBC CBS have all dropped the “American-born may have been radicalized by his wife” meme.

    g_d bless the FBI.

    Efrem Zimbalist JR
    Zimbalist was most widely known for his starring role as Inspector Lewis Erskine in the Quinn Martin television production The F.B.I., which premiered on September 19, 1965 and ended with its final episode on September 8, 1974. Zimbalist was generous in his praise of producer Martin and of his own experience starring in the show. Those who worked with him on the show were equally admiring of the star’s professionalism and likable personality.[7]
    Zimbalist maintained a strong personal relationship with J. Edgar Hoover, who requested technical accuracy for the show and that agents be portrayed in the best possible light. Actors who played F.B.I. employees were required by Hoover to undergo a background check.[7] Zimbalist passed his background check with ease. He subsequently spent a week in Washington, D.C., where he was interviewed by Hoover, and at the F.B.I. academy in Quantico, Virginia. Hoover and Zimbalist remained mutual admirers for the rest of Hoover’s life.[7] Hoover later held Zimbalist up as an image role model for F.B.I. employees to emulate in their personal appearance.[8]
    The Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation[9] honored the character of Lewis Erskine in 1985 with a set of retired credentials.[10] On June 8, 2009 FBI Director Robert Mueller presented Zimbalist with a plaque of an honorary special agent for his work on the television series The F.B.I., on which he worked in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and his friend J. Edgar Hoover.[10][11] The run of the show on ABC was followed in the 1980s by a revival show, Today’s FBI with Zimbalist returning as Erskine.

  28. VotingHillary
    December 8, 2015 at 1:08 am

    I think the opposite. He eclipsed everyone else including the POTUS. We shut the entire country down after 9/11. No one but some Saudi’s in private jets o-ked by Shrub got out. He is saying no one IN (no mention of how long) not no one out). They can leave except for the no fly list people (Farook’s pop got added today from his little casual hate talk with an Italian newspaper) or get to Mexico or catch a boat offshore. This outrageous-ness is not that outrageous. It calls attention to the complete cluster-f of INS, DHS, and the state department issuing visas like they were candy and not keeping up with anyone. The bank thing is going to expose money coming in and being laundered for murder and mayhem and they can’t or won’t keep up with that either. Trump always throws out the first offer which is negotiation 101. The idiots (Bush, Cheney the senile, and Kasich) took the bait. They want free and clear pathway to all jihadis with an open door per their outrage! Stupido supreme which is why they are polling .5%. Now they look like a bunch of asses who want people to continue to be killed by these nuts because … we’re impotent and that isn’t who we are. Who is the “we” Kemosabe? Counter offer to Trump or go home. I’m tired of the group-think and let’s give up now attitude.

  29. Do I think banning Muslims from entering is a good idea or even possible. No. But why do these immigrants, refugees, etc run back and forth to terror countries? How about a two hour interview when they come back? On business? Where is the paperwork dude? Seeing your momma? Where’s she live? Why don’t the other relatives take care of her since you left her there. In the bad old Soviet days people got debriefed when they came back. A friend of mine used to sell pump jacks to the Ruskies. He had it all documented including the room service bills because he did not go out clowning around while there. This is the yelping of open-border nuts. It is bad policy and they are defending it.

  30. I think Trump is doubling down on this which we became aware of in November, but not many know per centage of Muslim vs Christian coming over:
    FOXNEWS: Refugee resettle-ment process leaves Syrian Christians in the cold… fewer than 3 percent of the 2,187 refugees relocated to the U.S. since January 2011 are Christians.. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/11/17/refugee-resettlement-process-leaves-syrian-christians-in-cold/

    Since that time there has been a groundswell of opposition to Syrian Refugees in general. But Barack gave the ultimate FU to that thought:

    12.1.15. White House offers governors personalized reports on refugee resettlement
    The Obama administration is offering to send state governors personalized reports with detailed information about refugees that have been resettled in their state so far this year. snip Roughly 2,200 Syrian refugees have been allowed in the U.S. over the last four years. The Obama administration, which says the vetting process is thorough and can take up to two years, has outlined a goal of bringing 10,000 more Syrian refugees to the U.S. during the current budget year.

  31. One more domestic attack, and Trump’s position will be adopted by the majority. If that must happen, I pray it happens in Washington DC and/or New York, not because I want it to happen, no sane individual would, but because that is where the elites are, and none of this will register until they personally feel threatened. Today, they do not. The only emotion they are capable of is an undying love for Obama, which at this point has become rather sickening. Also, from an equitable standpoint, they are the ones who are preventing the country from taking reasonable measures to protect public safety, therefore, it is better that they bear the burden of their actions, than some third party. To be clear, I do not want this to happen, but I see no way to prevent it with the policies we have in place, which have surrendered to terrorists. Vetting is a joke. I find it ironic that at the very moment when the federal government has shown no ability to protect us, they are moving to disarm the American People. There are 350 million guns in the United States. They will never confiscate them, but they will make sure we have bullets, at the same time they are supplying bullets and automatic weapons to terrorist. Fast and Furious is one example, but the much bigger issue is the billions in arms they are giving to terrorists, or fake armies who abandon them at the sight of ISIS. The law of probability says we will get hit again, and the only way it will register is if the terrorists go after the elites. Short of that we will get nothing but lectures, admonishing us not to overreact, confiscating our means of self defense, and stripping us of our constitutional rights. None of this will change until the elites find themselves in the cross hairs. Sad, but true.

  32. No foreigners have any “right” to immigrate here. We can keep out whoever we want, just as we do every year, with quotas based upon national origin. Further, you can very well delay reentry into the US of muslim citizens for the purpose of investigation into their activities abroad given the demonstrated religious affiliation of these terrorists and the history in this country of killing in the name of their god. There’s nothing said by Trump that is unlawful.

  33. This generation of elites are self indulgent brats, who are the polar opposite of those who came to age in the first half of the twentieth century. These are cut and run people. No spine.

  34. Gosh, I just questioned their patriotism. I will go you one better. They call to mind the carpetbaggers of another era.

  35. wbboei, you just posted the thoughts I initially started to before I got distracted (ADD bad..LOL). What’s going to happen is one of these goatfuckers is going to set off a dirty bomb somewhere, THEN something will be done about this bullshit. As it is now, we have to worry with living with the threat of their bullshit every day. That’s not American life – that’s for Beirut or Gaza. All in the name of being “inclusive” which is a stalking horse for cheap labor and destruction of western values.

  36. blowme0bama
    December 8, 2015 at 9:04 am
    No foreigners have any “right” to immigrate here.
    Of course.

    I agree with you.

    But many would not.

    Justice John Roberts would not agree.

    And the immigration bar would disagree.

    They believe that there is a right to emigrate.

    They reduce the definition of citizenship to simply being here or wanting to be here.

    The refer to native born people as occupants rather than citizens.

    And there is a giant move in the democrat party to let illegals vote.

    And of course there are the legal exceptions which swallow the rule.

    Remdial measures must focus on removing John Roberts as chief justice.

    That will be the task of the next president.

  37. This is called being proactive. Another way to look at this is to spit in the face of those who defend our de facto policy of open borders, and ask them how many American lives are they willing to sacrifice on the altar of their benighted policy, and ultimately, are they willing to sacrifice their own lives and those of their family. I am sure they would say yes. Therefore, we must test their commitment. What say we should empty Gitmo, and let them adopt a terrorist, take him in their home, and reform him. Instead of hectoring the rest of us, they could lead by example. That might cure some of them of their delusions. If not, there is always a fall back plan: the booby hatch. When there is no feedback from reality, no consequences, the imagination runs riot. We must make the comfortable as uncomfortable as the rest of us, in the face of an existential threat.

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called in to Fox News’ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren Monday evening to defend his call for “a total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States.”

    In the face of overwhelming criticism, the GOP frontrunner said he “absolutely” stood by his statement.

    Trump noted that President Obama and his ilk are refusing to acknowledge the problem of radical Islamic terrorism. He also panned the president’s address to the nation Sunday night, calling it “one of the most ridiculous speeches I’ve ever seen.”

    He cited studies showing that a significant number of Muslims around the world have “tremendous animosity” towards Americans, and argued that we cannot let terror attacks like what happened in San Bernardino continue to occur.

    Van Susteren asked Trump what he would do about Muslims serving in our military overseas.

    “Anybody here, stays,” Trump answered, “but we have to be very vigilant. There’s a lot of bad things going on. When you look at these polling numbers that came out — there is tremendous hatred, tremendous animosity.”

    He added that “there’s a tremendous section and cross-section of Muslims who have tremendous animosity.”

    “We have an obligation to protect our citizens,” Trump argued. “We’re not doing it with a president like President Obama. He hasn’t got a clue. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. The man doesn’t have a clue.”

    Van Sustern asked Trump what he meant by “until we understand what’s going on.”

    Trump answered: “It’s very simple. The level of hatred, the level of death, the level of violence — we have to be able to figure out what’s going on.”


  38. When I reflect on what this jerbal had done to this country these past seven years–in advancing his radical black-radical muslim-progressive agenda, and the failure of those with power to oppose him and his march through the institutions, I am reminded of something Louie B. Mayer said:


  39. Update: Trump: It’s time for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S. We’re shocked. Shocked!!! We’re shocked that anyone thinks this hurts Trump at all. We’re even more shocked that the GOP candidates think their mad denunciations of Trump help them at all. Shocked!!!

    Loser Lindsey Lohan Graham declared Trump “downright dangerous” and suggested “Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.” Jeb Bush roused his energy level sufficiently to say Trump is “unhinged”. Marco Rubio attacked Trump’s “offensive and outlandish statements”. These dolts pay political consultants for advice that results in this???

    Trump hater Erick Erickson has it correct when he writes “This is a Brilliant Move by Donald Trump.”

    Donald Trump just trumped all the Republican candidates for President. [snip]

    And the responses all amounted to “we must let muslims enter our country,” which sounds a whole lot like “we must allow all Mexicans in our country,” which everyone knows is blatantly untrue on both counts. [snip]

    So, to put it another way, the day after the President failed to reassure a scared public following the second worst terrorist attack since 9/11 on domestic soil, Donald Trump not only got himself to the right of all the other candidates, but also got every single one of them save for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to align themselves with Barack Obama.

    Trump reads the post-San Bernadino zeitgeist correctly. After the Obama drivel from Sunday night Trump exudes leadership and common sense. Hey, Chipotle has a food poisoning problem and the store shuts down until the problem is identified and resolved. That’s what Trump is saying. Stop all Muslim immigration to the U.S. until we can all figure out what to do about the possibility of terrorists coming in to kill or even home grown Muslims going jihad nuts.

    But is Trump’s proposal unconstitutional? During the Cold War travel to and from entire countries was banned and Americans had a lot of explaining to do before being let back in. The Chinese Exclusion Act wasn’t unconstitutional. Would such a temporary ban violate the First Amendment and the “no religious test” provision? Certainly not for non-Americans. As for Americans that go to Syria (and similar places) then want to come back – um, explanations and the thorough investigations of those explanations could take a long long long time.

    As to the religious test as unconstitutional that does not appear rational if you have an entire class of persons from one particular religion that want to overthrow the government. That’s the problem with political Islam. An entire country, a theocracy, that demands “Death to America” and we’re told travel to and from there cannot be banned? An entire region of “Death to America” can’t be banned? That’s crazy. The First Amendment is not a suicide clause.

    Of course to remove all questions of unconstitutionality, we could just temporarily stop all immigration – legal and illegal – and that solution is just one suicide vest away from public approval.


  40. I don’t think Trump had to go that far as he is leading in most polls (sans the Fox Iowa poll-I can’t stand that Fox pollster and Megyn Kelly who do everything to hurt Trump) and while I agree that there certainly must be a better way to screen all people entering our country, his words are going to eventually cause a drop in support as the field narrows. With that said, I am more concerned about whether Hillary can win the general election as she has changed her more centrist opinions so far to the left, that she is losing credibility among mainstream voters.

  41. Admin said,
    Update: Trump: It’s time for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S. We’re shocked. Shocked!!! We’re shocked that anyone thinks this hurts Trump at all. We’re even more shocked that the GOP candidates think their mad denunciations of Trump help them at all. Shocked!!!

    He will be vindicated, After the next attack. 🙂

  42. Donald is forcing people to THINK…to wake up…to come out of the stupor they have been fed for at the very least O’s admin…

    to think rationally as opposed to all the guilt that has been laid upon us if we dare think differently from the version of who the O admin and the left continually “tell us who we are”

    I came in on the tail end of Donald on Morning Joe this morning…and of course, Joe was trying to be superior in his questioning and the panel was being so politically correct…

    …however if you listen to it you will see that DT is the counterpoint to all their attempts to be the “do gooders”…DT is the Dad telling the kids that we have a big problem and your behavior is not helping and something bad is going to happen if we do not change the way we are doing things…

    it was interesting to watch and listen to the panel try to one up DT but he always came back to essentially ‘the new reality we are facing’ and you could see on all their faces that at the bottom line they know he is right…

    momentarily left speechless you know that they cannot deny that a few streets away the World Trade Center went down…down after it was hit the second time…

    when Donald finally hung up…a few had to admit that Donald will not be hurt by this…

    in the next block they returned to the usual with Lindsey telling DT to go to hell, and the rest of the pundits going on about bigotry, demoguery (sp) etc

    but everyone single one of them knows that we can be hit again in an instance…and then as Wbboei said…one more attack and everyone will agree with DT

    and as DT said…he was ahead of the curve on Osama Bin Laden, taking out the oil fields, following the bank money and taking their financial resources away from ISIS

    now months and years later our so called leaders are coming around to doing what he has been saying

    enough of being Pollyanna…or more sinisterly, who is benefitting, financially and otherwise, by our weak response to ISIS…what secret deals are in the shadows…no one really wants to talk about Saudi Arabia…or Turkey…they turn the blind eye but try to bait Donald to talk about it so he can take the heat…bunch of posturing cowards…

    also I think Mormaer and BlowmeObama’s comments above are ‘right on the money’

  43. As I was still sleepy on the way to work, CNN on the radio…Trump was SCREAMing at the guy on CNN over this Muslim closure idea.

    I actually had to turn it off, seemed as though he was so riled up that the wheels were starting to come off his train.

    Right or wrong, he has an ugly temper.

    Maybe the nicer guy I watched for years on the Apprentice were either well edited or no one ever questioned his opinion.

    Trump may be a big effin’ stick, as Admin would say…but I see ugly sides to his personality…

  44. http://www.dailywire.com/news/1687/trump-vs-cuomo-were-war-chris-get-it-through-your-robert-kraychik

    Speaking with CNN this morning, Donald Trump defended his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. Calling in for an interview with Chris Cuomo of New Day, he repeated that such a measure should be enacted “until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

    Cuomo opened the interview by quoting critics of Trump who have said his proposal is “un-American, extreme” and fascistic. “We’re at war, Chris, get it through your head,” Trump replied, stating that his proposal pales in comparison to what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did with internment camps for Americans of Japanese background during WWII.

    Why aren’t we allowing the Christians in? We only let the Muslims in,” said Trump, referring to the low proportion of Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. who are Christian.

    Framing Islamic “no-go zones” in London and Paris as America’s future without his leadership, Trump invoked numerous Islamic terrorist attacks to justify his proposal. Cuomo characterized the French as “refusing to accept fear as a basis for behavior,” as a model for American society. Following through with Trump’s designs who be a “rejection of the promise of America,” said Cuomo.

    Cuomo described Trump’s proposal as “banning an entire religion,” channeling the left-wing narrative that Trump and “anti-Muslim” rhetoric is a recruitment boon for Islamic terrorist organizations like ISIS. “We are what ISIS says we are,” would be the message of America should Trump’s plans be implemented, said Cuomo.

    Citing unspecified national security experts, Cuomo relayed their views, “The idea of banning of banning Muslims does nothing to help, and everything to hurt.”

    Challenging Trump’s oft-quoted statistic from a poll conducted by the Center for Security Policy, Cuomo derided the organization’s head Frank Gaffney as “a guy dismissed from conservative circles for conspiracy theories.” Trump pushed by by invoking polls of Muslims around the world conducted by Pew Research Center.

    “We have people out there that want to do great destruction to our country. Whether it’s 25%, or 10%, or 5%, it’s too much. We have people out there that want our buildings to come down. They want our cities to be crushed. They are living within our country, and many of them want to come from outside of our country. I am saying that until we figure this out, we should have a ban,” Trump said.

    Trump asked, “Why do we insist on destroying our country?” and warned of “many more World Trade Centers” should his cautions not be heeded.

  45. Re: Cuomo, Stephanopolous, Scarborough and the rest of the group think bunch…

    O, Hillary, the Dems and the left Punditry keep using the same stupid arguements to try to silence people that do not agree with them…they think they are taking the higher ground…with their perceived moral authority…they sound like cowards…

    who cares what ISIS thinks…the fact is they are winning right now, they are recruiting with all kinds of mechanisms…they are killing innocent people…why should we be concerned with what they think…they are going to do what they do regardless…worrying about ISIS is a waste of time…focusing on eliminating them is what the media and the Dems should be concerned about…

    for the Dems and liberal media to argue that if we do not agree with the position they are taking then we are giving Isis recuriting tools is asinine…Hillary keeps saying we are giving ISIS a tool…nonsense and a distraction…

    they keep taking the side of our enemies at the risk of protecting Americans…
    Why aren’t they further investigating who else is out there…the money connections…

    why aren’t they shedding a big flash light on how ineffective our vetting and Homeland Security is…and demanding better and more stringent requirements

    why aren’t they realizing that ISIS is laughing at them and their silly naievate (sp) as if ISIS cares that “this is the American way” all they are going to do is exploit it and take advantage of it…

    why aren’t they contrasting the large statistics of muslim immigrants from hostile countries that are here vs Christians, or other Europeans that are waiting in line like they are supposed to do…

    why has not one media person raised the question that in America, while they keep defending the muslim right to their peaceful religion… that Christians cannot even have a traditional Christmas tree on govt land anymore…but yet, in a town in Michigan where muslims have taken over they subject the whole town to their loud prayer calls 5 times a day…How do they get away with that Chris Cuomo? answer that will you…Are you ready for that in your quiet, safe neighborhood?

    Why are all the media and democrats so determined to gamble with the safety of Americans in the name of “that’s who we are”…would they rather be “right” amongst more dead americans

    Bottom line…all Donald Trump is saying, particularly after the largest terrorist attack since 911…is let’s take a time out and figure out what is going on and start finding better ways of preventing this so it does not happen again…

    where is Hillary…last week I heard her say this has nothing to do with the Syrian refugee issue…

  46. S

    December 8, 2015 at 1:52 pm

    Why are all the media and democrats so determined to gamble with the safety of Americans in the name of “that’s who we are”…would they rather be “right” amongst more dead americans

    Because guilt tripping Americans into doing STUPID things has worked very well for them over the last couple of decades – and the outcome benefits no one but the coffers of them and their patrons.

  47. Jones

    Trumps #’s will rise…like the Phoenix. .

    Hillary, shes sold us down the Nile..hook, line and sinker..

  48. This Cuomo clown is in deep denial.

    He spews this bullshit about this is what we are as a people.

    Just who are we as a people, you asshole.

    We think the first, second and fourth amendments are sacrosant.

    You don’t.

    So who are we you hyperventilating asshole?

  49. If there is a disaster in Chevy Chase, or Georgetown, or some other venue where the elite meet, and they emerge from the smoking ruins vowing revenge we must remember to tell them you are having a bad hair day, buck up, and your comments do not reflect who we are as a people. You know, that kind of uctuous gibberish sounds an awful like Bambi invoking the fire and brimstone against Putin by telling him he is on the wrong side of history. Wowie! When it comes to parlor conversation, that is hard to top. With the world melting around his taxi door ears, it is pretty obvious that the big media beloved messiah is the one who is on the wrong side of history, and big media is there with him too. I’ll huff and I’puff and I will take my football and go home.

  50. Hillary/Obama2016:


    Obama’s ISIS response stirs Democratic angst about 2016

    Democrats are increasingly fearful that President Obama’s handling of the threat from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is becoming a liability for their party.

    Those fears have become more acute after Obama’s Sunday evening address from the Oval Office, where the president unveiled little by way of news or strategic shifts.

    “Weak and unclear,” Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf told The Hill, when asked for his reaction to Obama’s remarks. “What is the plan of action?”

    Sheinkopf added that, at this point, “any rational person would worry about his legacy, and any rational Democrat would worry about the Democrats being injured in an electoral setting.” [snip]

    In a CNN/ORC poll released last week, only 38 percent approved of his handling of terrorism, while 60 percent disapproved — the lowest mark of his presidency. Asked specifically about Obama’s approach to ISIS, 33 percent approved and 64 percent disapproved.

    “If the president’s ratings are low, that’s always a problem for his party in elections,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. “There is no getting around that.”

    Republican opponents of the president have been piling on, insisting they would adopt a more robust course against ISIS and Islamic radicalism more generally — even if those claims have themselves led to controversy. On Monday, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump called for a suspension of all Muslims entering the United States.

    Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has made a concerted effort to distance herself from Obama on ISIS. Speaking on ABC News’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday, Clinton said “we’re not winning” against ISIS, adding that “we have to fight them in the air, we have to fight them on the ground and we have to fight them on the Internet.”

    Those comments further emphasized a distinction that Clinton had highlighted when she said at a recent primary debate that ISIS “cannot be contained” but instead must be “defeated.” Her choice of words in that instance was telling; Obama had been widely criticized for having said, on the day before the terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people, that ISIS had been geographically “contained.”

    Obama and Clinton had lunch at the White House on Monday. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that they “discussed a wide array of topics, but this was mostly a social occasion,” according to pool reports.

    The White House pushed back on Monday at criticism of the president’s Sunday address. During his regular briefing with reporters, Earnest said that Obama was “pleased” with how the speech had come together. [snip]

    But even Democratic strategists don’t buy the line that Obama is floating above the political fray. To the contrary, they claim that the address was grounded in politics, noting it was symbolically important but light on actual news.

    “There are a lot of moving parts here and I think it is the president who sets the tone for his party,” said Bannon, adding that “the Democratic Party needs to respond with a single message.”

    Sheinkopf was more blunt.

    “He has no specific plan except to say we will stay the course and everything will be fine,” he said. “If the polls are to be believed, [voters] liked it when he took the lead to kill Osama bin Laden, and they don’t like that he’s not taking the lead now. Americans still hope John Wayne will show up.”

    It takes a while for these Dimwits to catch up to us and see the obvious.

  51. Dimwits. Very good admin. Case in point. Last night ABC Muir or fill in, excoriated Trump just about first story up.

    Donald will be on or phoning in tonight. Details are delish:

    The legendary @BarbaraJWalters will be asking me questions about the Presidential campaign on @WNTonight at 6:30 PM.

  52. I am watching all the headlines online and seeing the main thrust on the cable shows and all these pundits are all falling over themselves to speak on behalf of Muslims and against Donald Trump…

    this is a watershed time…essentially we now have the media going after DT because he is saying TIME OUT and we as a country have to get out act together to better protect ALL Americans, including Muslim Americans, especially since we have no leadership from our current President versus the media that wants to attack DT in defense of Muslims, and that’s about it…they are all talking about the rights of muslims all day long…

    Shout out to the collective media…there are more parts to this big picture than just the Muslims…good and bad…there are a lot more varieties of humanity that are also being effected by what is going on…and hello, we are Americans, again including Muslim Americans, in our own country…remember us…

    the media is making this a story of Donald Trump vs Muslims…that is the drumbeat…but that is not the story…no matter how hard they try…and they are playing with fire…because if, or when, we get hit again, they are going to look very irresponsible…especially if Donald is proven right again…

    The media, the Dems and the Republican Establishment are on notice, they better pray nothing happens because if it does…what are they all going to say then…

    blaming Donald Trump isn’t going to cut it…

  53. He is scheduled for Live! With Kelly and Michael
    Tomorrow. ABC. 9 AM
    If I watch, it will be my first exposure to the show which advertises itself with vaudeville type activities.

  54. Trump is certainly a showman. He totally stole BO’s big Oval Office speech and has got all eyes on him. Now he needs to ride it on through.

    I had a go round with my 18-year-old daughter who is upset about my support for Trump. How could I support him after he had endangered her Muslim friends by agitating anger against Muslims? Let’s not say she has no drama here. Of course one of the friends gets a regular Sharia beating, not by Trump, but by her own Father. I made my point about Islam not being just a religion, but a doctrine of aggression and violence, complete with it’s own set of laws. I told her they were immigrating too many muslims and it would do well to shut that down for a while, no big deal, and Trump very well outlined the objectionable behaviors Americans should reject.

  55. holdthemaccountable
    December 8, 2015 at 8:58 pm
    Murdoch’s on board.
    Rupert Murdoch calls for ‘complete refugee pause’
    He is right.

    Trump is right.

    It is what Mort (Zuckerman) called The Law of Holes.

    Say what, bro.

    Stupid motherfucker, when you are in one—STOP DIGGING.

    This is not who we are.

    Oh yea?

    Who is we, what is what, what is our.

    Fuck you Cuomo.

    Until you are willing to adopt a terrorist.

    You and your ilk are not worth listening to.

  56. Think of this like a dog rescue operation.

    Go to the dog shelter.

    Pick out a delightful dog.

    Bring him home and shower him with love.

    This works especially well with pit bulls.

    Even better with terrorist.

    Forget about this wrong side of history, not who we are nonsense.

    Go to Gitmo, adopt a terrorist, take him into your home, and show us by your example that you are willing to assume the risk.

    No takers?

    I didn’t think so.

    Thats the way the elites operate.

    They talk out of their ass.

  57. It is amazing how the establishment candidates are three moves behind Trump on everything. First they condemn what he says, and later they adopt his position. They are beautiful.

  58. Larry Johnson @ No Quarter:

    The political mainstream is going absolutely batshit over this. I agree with Mr. Batchelor that this is pure demagoguery. But I also concede that it plays well with the average America. That will be especially true if there is another attack like the one in San Bernardino, California carried out by a Sunni Muslim immigrant and an American Sunni Muslim. Can you say “lynch mob” mentality?

    It is the failure of Obama and his policies that is creating an atmosphere where the likes of Donald Trump can thrive. And, like it or not, Trump has a point in noting that at present we have no reliable system for identifying a radical or militant muslim who is willing or preparing to attack Americans.

    I have given up predicting the demise of Donald Trump. I think his proposal is too broad, too undefined and borderline dangerous. Yet, if there are more American casualties from a new Islamic inspired domestic attack than I would expect the pro-Trump crowd to swell in numbers.

    UPDATE–You got to give the man his due. Trump knows how to attract attention and take center stage. Let me ask you if you would have had a problem if he had formulated his plan as follows:

    It is clear that our current system for screening and vetting refugees and visitors is inadequate. Accordingly, I think we need to take a pause on refugees and visitors from muslim countries where there is clear support for militant Islam and come up with a solution for separating out the good from those who wish to do us harm.

    Having listened to Trump and his spokespersons today I think that is the gist of what he was saying. I am more fascinated by the subsequent firestorm that has erupted and the equally outrageous claims and comparisons being made by his political opponents. Carly Fiorina is particularly smug and repugnant on this count. Jeb Bush too. Gives off the odor of a rotting corpse.

    Trump has set the stage for the upcoming CNN debate and insured that he will be able to take the position of protecting Americans first and foremost. That will put the other prospective nominees in a defensive crouch from the outset.

    Trump’s position may be a stroke of tactical genius, at least short term. It will galvanize his supporters. Those who oppose him are split. Their voices and votes will be dissipated among the other 12 candidates.

    I will guarantee you one thing–the upcoming CNN debate will have at least 20 million viewers. That’s a monster number.

  59. What is the categorical imperative of establishment candidates? Be nice. Do along to get along. Pull your punches. Deceive your constituents. That is what their consultants, who make billions out of losing elections advise. Trump breaks all these rules, and if that causes the political class to shutter, the country enjoys seeing them squirm.

  60. gonzotx
    December 8, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    Trump doesn’t need to “recover”..he’s 3 steps ahead of the pack!


    Stop reading my comments. You are a very unpleasant person and you have a comprehension problem because you don’t seem to understand my comments.

  61. Nobody seems to realize what a complete fucking non sequitur the elites are dishing out here. Muslim terrorists kill Americans, law enforcement fails to stop them, and given this threat, and the demonstrable failure of government to protect us, the progressive response is what? Take away the guns of law abiding citizens who are not responsible for this and need the means to protect themselves where government cannot. By what sophistry of reason is that a credible position? IT IS A NON SEQUITUR.

  62. PM
    You are an unpleasant, person and I will comment whenever I damn well please.
    If you don’t like it, don’t post.

  63. Larry is a Cruz person wbb, isn’t he?

    I must say his comment about Bush having the odor of a rotting corpse is funny and right on.
    I think Bush is hanging on until they perfect the cheating program for the voting machines.

    Can’t imagine any other reason, his #’s are so low.

  64. PM, you are so very full of yourself and a great example of a true Borderline Personality.
    If there is, any lack of, respect, it certainly had been coming from your corner.

    I could care less if you read my comments, I speak for myself, I don’t need your approval.

  65. Outris, I put a comment wondering what may happen with the recent events. A natural curiosity. I get a nonsensical Trump is God response. I don’t like all the sniping from that person about my comments and about others (esp. Hillary supporters). You get something from her comment. Fine you have your conversation. I am speaking for myself and I hope that person would just scroll by my comments instead of sniping at me.

  66. Thank you Outris…I don’t want this to turn into who’s side are you on thing, but appreciate it.

    I know certain posters will jump on the bandwagon. Surprise…surprise…
    I speak my mind, and if that is in polar opposition, it is what it is.

  67. Shadowfax, you try to deal with ‘them’ with dignity but at some point you have to let steam out. All I ask is leave me alone. If you don’t like what I say, don’t read it. Scroll. Scroll.

  68. PM, sometimes I wonder if you actually read what Admin posts. IMO Gonzo’s comments typically closely echo Admin’s analysis. I certainly did not perceive Gonzo’s comments as sniping. Seems to me you delivered the first blows by saying Gonzo was unpleasant and lacked comprehension. Just my opinion… assuming that’s still permitted.

  69. Shadowfax, yeah, I have been watching and what is happening with you and in general is what prompted me to react. Anyway, done with this.

  70. The people who condemn Trump for advocating a moratorium on immigration from terrorist hotspots suffer from one big delusion: they fail to realize that we are in a state of war with radical islam. Obama meanwhile is indifferent to the security of this nation. He is determined to advance world government adn create an enduring political alliance between radical blacks and radical muslims.

  71. Oh the drama, sisters in arms…

    Well generally Outris, I put my big girl pants on each day, I see you do too!

    Sorry, they may be big boy pants lol

  72. Well, for some of us, we wear shorts all year long, so we don’t need big girl pants 🙂

    Just a little levity for some friends who have a rupture and will find their way back again when the time is right 🙂

    These are stressful times and we’ll get through them, we’re all just trying to figure out the best way/candidate/party to get to the other side where America is doing better and is safer. The paths/theories may be different, but we’re all trying to get to the same place….

  73. “We’re shocked. Shocked!!! We’re shocked that anyone thinks this hurts Trump at all. We’re even more shocked that the GOP candidates think their mad denunciations of Trump help them at all. Shocked!!!”

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  74. Tony Stark
    December 8, 2015 at 11:51 pm
    “We’re shocked. Shocked!!! We’re shocked that anyone thinks this hurts Trump at all. We’re even more shocked that the GOP candidates think their mad denunciations of Trump help them at all. Shocked!!!”

    I can’t help but wonder if the GOPe is trying to jinn up fake moral indignation in order to kick Trump out of the republican party. I wonder I Donald Trump thinks so too, as he held up a poll saying 80% of those supporting him will follow him to a third party.

    Just imagine if the GOP does that, and Jeb Bush ends up being their smug little nominee – I hate Jeb. If that happens I will not only follow Donald Trump to a third party I will make calls and walk neighborhoods for him and any candidates that join him till I am exhausted and beyond.

  75. I suspect Trump cited that poll to put the GOP establishment on notice that they can forget about winning the elections next year if they try to keep him from winning the nomination. It’s all part of of his strategy at winning this election’s Hunger Games.

  76. Drudge has this at top.
    Along with Trump’s rhetoric, the stakes for 2016 have risen dramatically
    By Dan Balz December 8 at 2:26 PM
    “Donald Trump continues to go where no recent candidate for president has gone before, plunging the Republican Party — and the nation — into another round in the tumultuous debate about immigration, national identity, terrorism and the limits of tolerance…”

  77. wbboei
    December 8, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    The gun control “thing” was dead last week when the FBI started ratting out the effects of Obama’s immigration policy enabling terrorists. The Democrats demented cri de cœur of gun control! sounded like “let’s all be sitting ducks” to the public. Obama and his Gloria Swanson impression from “Sunset Blvd” was just plain old creepy but the Dems and media were all loaded up with old talking points whether applicable or not and nothing was going to stop them. BUT The Donald. Quick to the point but cleaning it up a little “who let’s these fucking assholes into the country?”

    In another twist and turn to the “immigrant experience” story (Lucky Donald!) the good brother Farook (the navy veteran who just wants custody of his baby niece) who has a Russian wife (he can’t find one with all the wonderful hot women in California?) got gun boy the daffy neighbor who ran to the mental hospital to do a green card sham marriage with his wife’s Russian (maybe Chechen?) sister and of course be a straw purchaser of rifles. At a mosque no less. And the neighbors called the cops when he was whomping on his Russian wife on Saturday. Remember that according to CAIR this is the good and brave brother. OK Dems and weasel Repubs. Let’s hear some more about how immigration “enriches” us all and this is who we are (patsies, morons, gluttons for punishment?). If we had a pause in the importation of criminals it seems like the cops wouldn’t have that much to do. The Donald just took you off message back onto IMMIGRATION where you lose dumb-asses.

  78. Donald Trump is telling the media, political establishment, elected “leaders”, assorted hangers on and public intellectuals “go stand over there, no there, good.” They look down and they are standing in dog $(*#. They fall for it every time. When solving problems you go to the root. You may have to slap band-aids on it until you can solve the root problem. Cause and effect. It is only hard if you are stupid.

  79. Mormaer, don’t forget the mother has ties to groups in Pakistan.

    But looking at the big picture, I feel that Trump was being sloppy here. He is framing it wrong. Instead of saying all Muslims, he could have said that in the context of certain countries. Countries and immigration from certain countries have been banned or shunned forever, (Althouse has a post about how immigrants don’t have any constitutional rights to anything here). Someone else there was saying how Carter banned Iranians after the hostage crisis. The more effective way would be to go after the countries like SA, Turkey, Pakistan, and others. But then the US can’t call them their allies. Expose their shenanigans and relate how that comes back to haunt us here but that would entail exposing Obama’s (Bush’s) shenanigans (Benghazi?); so be it.

  80. In another twist and turn to the “immigrant experience” story (Lucky Donald!) the good brother Farook (the navy veteran who just wants custody of his baby niece) who has a Russian wife (he can’t find one with all the wonderful hot women in California?) got gun boy the daffy neighbor who ran to the mental hospital to do a green card sham marriage with his wife’s Russian (maybe Chechen?) sister and of course be a straw purchaser of rifles. At a mosque no less. And the neighbors called the cops when he was whomping on his Russian wife on Saturday. Remember that according to CAIR this is the good and brave brother. OK Dems and weasel Repubs. Let’s hear some more about how immigration “enriches” us all and this is who we are (patsies, morons, gluttons for punishment?). If we had a pause in the importation of criminals it seems like the cops wouldn’t have that much to do. The Donald just took you off message back onto IMMIGRATION where you lose dumb-asses.
    Very nice.

    Too bad Hollywood won’t touch it.

    It flambes too many of their sacred cows.

    But if they did, the could call it Coming To America–The Sequel.

    The by line to read–if you liked the first one, this one you will love.

    Better than spending a night in a San Francisco gay bath house making whoopie.

    Its the morning after that kills.

    Bottom Line??????????????????????????????????????

    We are not, nor can we ever be “A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS”

    Okay, fine, then what are we?

    We are a nation of CITIZENS.

    A nation of citizens demand accountability from its elites.

    A nation of immigrants does not.

    Which is why the elites are entranced with it.

  81. Talk show host and bestselling author Mark Levin sees immigration as one of the most important issues facing America today and believes the country better contain it — or future generations will suffer the consequences.

    In the final part of The Daily Caller’s exclusive interview with Levin in connection with his new book, “Plunder and Deceit,” the political commentator explains why it is vital that conservatives transcend “nation of immigrants” rhetoric and put the interests of citizens first. (RELATED: Levin: Republican Leaders ‘Smother’ The ‘Few Voices Of Liberty’ In Congress)

    “We are a nation not of immigrants, we are a nations of citizens,” he told TheDC. “We’re a nation of restraint and respites when it comes to immigration.”

    In Levin’s opinion, many of the problems with immigration comes from some political elites favoring recent immigrants over “the citizens who have made this country.”

    Sponsored Links by
    “They focus more time on what they call DREAMers — that’s the nomenclature that they give to to the children of illegal immigrants who are themselves illegal aliens. They never call the children of American citizens DREAMers,” he said.

    The author dedicated an entire chapter in his book to immigration and how many politicians are not considering how it will affect future generations. (RELATED: Levin: Why Should We Let The Left Destroy Future Generations?)

    “Never do they [politicians] consider the consequences of what they’re doing on legal and illegal immigration for our children and future generations,” he stated. “As I demonstrate through facts, it is devastating. It’s devastating to the job market — whether you’re a college grad or a STEM degree holder or a high school drop out, the government statistics are unequivocal.”

    Levin believes the immigration of today is very different from the kind of migration America has experienced in the past. One of the most devastating aspects of modern-day immigration is how it no longer comes with assimilation.

    “What’s been going on the last 50 years or so is atypical. we’ve never had wave after wave after wave of immigration, legal and illegal, without periods of times for assimilation — meaning Americanization — and you can see that today,” he said.

    The radio personality is also troubled in how he sees the welfare state encouraging immigrants to come to the country, not to work, but to reap its benefits.

    “With the massive welfare state, no not everybody is coming here to work. Some are coming here to go on welfare just like some American citizens don’t want to work and they want welfare,” he remarked. “And this is being encouraged by the government, not hard work, not assimilation but balkanization and welfare.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/08/03/levin-america-is-not-a-nation-of-immigrants/#ixzz3tppR0hT1

  82. Jerk offs like Cumo make this impassioned plea, that denying admission to Muslim immigrants until we get a handle on this thing, is typical of the elites who do not feel threatened. This is why I hope this threat is brought home to them in some personal way. Only then will they wake up–and trust me they will.

    What is it that they should wake up to?

    First, they should openly acknowledge the fact that we are at war. From failing to confront ISIS at the source, failing to protect Christians against barbaric slaughter in open contempt for the Law of Nations which has been part of what we understand to be civilization since Grotius, to failing to drop 75 percent of the payload on sorties, to acting as the cats paw for Saudi Arabia, Obama is as much responsible for the conflagration as Bush was.

    Second, they should acknowledge that the failure of Obama to call radical Islam radical Islam put all Muslims in the line of fire. Worse yet, they condemn as racists, bigots and xenophobes those who do. (Note: moderate muslims have done little to help themselves in this respect, so in that limited way they are part of the problem.

    Third, they should admit, again openly, that in the face of a mortal threat, to plunge forward blindly, never considering the potential consequences is blindness.

    Where Obama is concerned, the source of the problem is two fold: first, he is a puppet for people like Soros who aim to break down the nation state as the principle unit of international organization, and to substitute in its stead and place world government, and the creation of an international elite class and bureaucrats to rule it. Second—and this point becomes obvious and indisputable–if you do the research. Obama aims to unite radical blacks and islamic radicals as a fighting force to end western meaning white rule. That may come to pass through evolutionary processes, based on birth rate differentials, but Obama, Holder and their ilk aim to do this through a revolutionary process. If you look at Obama’s background, and how he got there, and Holders background taking over the student union building at Columbia, this is no quantum leap.

  83. Richard Fernadez sees Obama’s policies and Trumps as polar opposites, but part of the same illiberal continuum. The difference is that Bush spawned Obama and Obama spawned Trump policy wise. Comes now one of the biggest butt boys of big media, that laughing hyena Eugene Robinson, ever worshipful of Obama, who gets his ass handed to him by Fernadez, and then gives us the larger picture of how Obama is not letting this crisis go to waste, which was the real bottom line of his speech. It was NOT what big media claimed it was–an effort to reassure a jittery nation. That was a ruse. The real purpose of his speech was to destroy the constitutional rights of American citizens, to justify a major expansion of the fascist state, and to roll out the red carpet to those who could destroy us. AGAIN, this suggest that the only was any of this will hit home with our benighted political class, who think only of themselves and not of the nation, is if there comes a point where they feel threatened. And in that scenario, when they preach retaliation, I will preach restraint.

    Eugene Robinson made a passing acknowledgement of public fear when he allowed that America might be alarmed at Obama’s recent “courageous” admission that the nation had cancer after years of declaring it in good health.

    “A cancer that has no immediate cure” was not the most soothing metaphor President Obama could have chosen, but it was the most honest. He has no idea how to prevent another terrorist attack like the one in San Bernardino — and neither does anyone else, including his Republican critics.
    The president used that somber phrase in his Oval Office address Sunday to describe what “many Americans are asking.” The answer was implicit: Yes, that is indeed what we face, and the cure for the disease will take time.

    ROBINSON (IF HE WERE NOT AN OBAMA WORSHIPPER) SHOULD HAVE ADDED that patients who are told for months their cancer was only a “JV team”; that the disease had been contained or in remission only to be told it had no immediate cure are bound to lose confidence in the doctor. Almost as bad in the patient’s mind as the diagnosis of cancer will be the patient’s regret at all the time wasted imbibing Rattlesnake Oil. You can see why people might turn in despair to Dr. Trump after all the good they got from Dr. Obama.

    The desire for a moratorium on Muslim immigration may be driven less by a distrust of foreigners than by a deep suspicion of the Obama administration’s screening procedures which have so signally failed. Yet after all these fiascos the administration demands ever-greater powers to spy, not only on the NRA but on Muslims too!

    They not only want your guns, they want your messages also. The Atlantic notes the “troubling dog whistle on encyrption” in Obama’s Oval Office speech.

    In the speech, the president called on Congress to formally authorize the use of military force against Islamic State terrorists, to enact a basic gun-control proposal, and to work out a system for stringent background checks for U.S. visas. But there was another policy proposal Obama mentioned briefly, which could have serious consequences for the way Americans use technology. …
    “And that’s why I will urge high-tech and law-enforcement leaders to make it harder for terrorists to use technology to escape from justice.” …

    With that last sentence, Obama seemed to allude to a long-simmering debate between the U.S. technology industry and law-enforcement officials over encryption—and he seemed to hint that he was finally choosing a side. …

    For privacy advocates and security experts, the president’s allusion to encryption in a speech about terrorism is troubling. It’s a sign that the recent spate of highly visible terrorist attacks—at home and abroad—might lead to a renewed push for surveillance, like the one that followed the attacks of September 11th.

    There can be no comparison between president Obama’s surveillance regime and that which followed the attacks of September 11. THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATIONS SPY PROGRAM IS AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE LARGER THAN BUSH’S. A 2014 article by the Intercept described president Obama’s massive empire of derogatory lists. He’s the Watchman, and his empire tries to watch everything.

    Nearly half of the people on the U.S. government’s widely shared database of terrorist suspects are not connected to any known terrorist group, according to classified government documents obtained by The Intercept.

    Of the 680,000 people caught up in the government’s Terrorist Screening Database—a watchlist of “known or suspected terrorists” that is shared with local law enforcement agencies, private contractors, and foreign governments—more than 40 percent are described by the government as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” That category—280,000 people—dwarfs the number of watchlisted people suspected of ties to al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah combined.

    Obama is Scylla to Trump’s Charybdis. It’s a menace in itself. Administration efforts to restrict the Fourth, Second and First Amendments are no less pernicious and as much to be feared as any attempt to restrict admission to the US on the basis of adherence to Islam. As the blogger Ace of Spades put it, “think about this for a moment though. How many people who are deeply, deeply offended about keeping non-citizen Muslims out of the US think it’s perfectly fine to force Christian bakers to provide a cake for same sex ceremonies? ”

    It is a false kind of hospitality that rolls out the red carpet to strangers only to direct them straight to the bugged room. It is a strange kind of anti-fascism that uses police state methods to enforce tolerance. We live in a world of “friends and neighbors” only rhetorically. In practice we are well on our way to CREATING A PENITENTIARY for law abiding citizens.

    Fear is natural in the world of ghosts the Western elites have created through their deceptions. They tell us not to worry but clutch at amulets and nostrums as if they were jumpy themselves.

    Rukmini Callimachi, writing in the New York Times, seriously argued that president Obama is basing his anti-ISIS strategy on an attempt to avoid fulfilling an Islamic prophecy which holds that “boots on the ground” would signal the last battle in which the infidel will be destroyed..

    Is this brilliant psychological warfare or tacit acknowledgement the West has bought into the Omen? Sasse had it right. The truth drives out fear. Americans can tell the difference between decent Muslims and Islamists, but only if you give them the facts. Eupemisms, falsehoods, prophecies — otherwise known as the Narrative — have served us ill.

  84. One of the reasons I am so in tune with Rodriguez, is that he and I believe that the decline of western civilization in general and America in particular not only can, but must be laid at the doorstep of our elite class. They have constructed a false narrative which is at odds with reality, and is contemptuous of the very traditions which made this nation great. It is, in effect, a national suicide pact, constructed partly out of ignorance and partly from a perverse desire to maintain their position of privilege at all cost. To advance that narrative, and defend it when it is under assault by the forces of reality, is the golden handshake which guarantees admission to the elite club, and advancement in its ranks. A Harvard degree helps, but the main thing is, come hell or high water, stay the course. And at the root of it all, this false narrative is what is killing us.

  85. If we ban Muslims from just certain countries, they will simply go to another country which isn’t banned and come in that way.

  86. Here is Roger Simon’s solution: ban sharia law.

    As half the world knows by now, Donald Trump has gone “Full Monty” on Muslim immigration, calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

    That’s our Donald — never a master of understatement! (But he certainly knows how to make monkeys out of the media — kudos for that.)

    Something has to be done, domestically and internationally, even if it’s not Donald’s “Full Monty.”

    But since this is about immigration, let’s deal with the domestic side for a moment.

    The source of the conundrum is not just Syrian refugees; it’s the entire Middle East. Almost all people visiting or immigrating from the area are potential jihadists, not to mention other Muslims across the world from Western Europe to Indonesia. This isn’t racial profiling — it’s reality. The husband and wife fanatics who wreaked havoc in San Bernardino did time in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, both of which masquerade as allies. Despite what might seem like red flags in their backgrounds, the couple passed blithely into this country without incident.

    The wife, apparently, even gave a place of birth in Pakistan that is non-existent. Was there actually any real vetting? Our border people all should spend some time in Israel, learning how you do these things. Obviously, they don’t know. In this sense, Trump is entirely correct. At present, our border security is nearly worthless.

    The FBI isn’t a whole lot better. They’re now claiming the couple was “radicalized.” What does that mean? Not much. In fact, it’s meaningless. The wife at least came from a culture where the process of Islamic anti-Western indoctrination begins essentially at birth. If you think that is an exaggeration, spend ten minutes at MEMRI.org. If Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook were “radicalized,” then literally hundreds of millions have been.

    How many such people have infiltrated our country? The indisputable answer is that nobody knows.

    So what is to be done?

    Most of all, we must outlaw Sharia. Sharia law, with its institutionalized doctrinal misogyny and homophobia as well as its primacy of mosque over state (not to mention cruel and unusual punishments for adultery, etc.), is completely inconsistent with our Constitution and the values of our country and Western civilization. Further, adherence to Sharia encourages the lack of assimilation, the self-ghettoization, endemic to much of our Muslim population. This resistance to assimilation creates insular communities that form the equivalent of petri dishes for jihadist terror. This must be ended if Muslims are to stay here as participating members of our society.

    When immigrants arrive, they must be made aware of all this explicitly and at length and pledge in writing not to observe Sharia, if they wish to remain in America. This should be accompanied by a warning that those who continue to follow Sharia will be summarily expelled from the U.S. Yes, a number will lie, but once a few have been sent home, the message will get across.

    Further, any mosques that preach the primacy of Sharia should be closed down as in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    As a precedent, the Communist Party was made illegal in the United States because it advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. government. Sharia-based Islam is at least as bad and arguably worse in its calls for world domination through jihad.

    Those Muslims who follow the laws of our country should be free to stay here and welcomed into our communities, not into Islamic ghettoes like Hamtramck. Unfortunately, only a small number of Muslims so far have shown themselves to be true “moderates” able to stand up overtly to the jihadists. Perhaps some stringent legislation could encourage more to come out. At the very least, if we are truly strict with our vetting process, we can all feel more comfortable with those that are here — and they with us.

  87. Tony Stark
    December 8, 2015 at 5:46 pm
    Rush Limbaugh may be a blowhard, but he’s right about the freakout the establishment and the media are having over Trump and their frustration at their inability to stop him.


    This goes to the question of what big media has become.

    They see themselves as kingmaker on the one hand, and manipulator of mass opinion on the other.

    Their motive is to promote: i) inverted totalitarianism, and ii) democracy in form, not in substance.

    Traditional media invited feedback to the opinions it expressed.

    Big media is disdainful of feedback unless it confirms their narrative.

    But in the last analysis, they are an intermediary–a middle man with his hand on the scale.

    The law of economics eliminates the middleman—unless he can offer something of value.

    And unless he can be TRUSTED.

    Technology has put the candidates in direct contact with their constitutents.

    Technology and trust–or the lack thereof has eroded the power of big media.

    Trump has gone around them and through them, accused them of betraying the American People.

    This puts them entirely on the defensive, and the accusation always rings louder than the defense.

    And as they rally to destroy him, they make the case about themselves that he is making.

    Now they worry, whatever he says he has a floor of support–and there’s nothing they can do about it.

    Events also conspire against them.

    As the skies darken, and they repeat a narrative which no longer makes sense

    They take on the hue of a bunch of self interested crackpots

    Whose opinions lack moral authority, and have no basis in fact.

    Above all, they have lost touch with their audience.

    Harvard degrees, and summer homes in the Hamptons cannot help them.

    They have become an insular and regressive force in our society.

  88. foxyladi14

    December 9, 2015 at 11:14 am

    Long live Big Pink!!!
    Where we can all speak our minds,
    Without being Banned.

    Amen to that…this is the most honest and open place for discourse…if it were not, most of us would not be returning year after year…we do not all have to agree all the time…sometimes it is our differences that make things the most interesting…

    I respect and enjoy reading all sides…

  89. back to the issues…

    what aggrevates me the most…I am sick of the media, the dems, and the repubs explaining ISIS POV…I am tired of hearing from all of them that if we, as American citizens, express our opinions then we are providing tools for ISIS and doing their recruiting for them

    Screw that line of thinking…We are free thinking Americans who will exercise our free speech whether the Dems, the repubs, the media…or ISIS likes it…

    and I am also really sick of the patroninizing attitude that they all exude when the cloak everything that the opposition…including Trump and most of the people who agree with the thrust of what he is saying…are doing it out of FEAR…like we are poor scared little animals that cannot really think for ourselves and we don’t really understand what we are doing…

    well, screw that too…ok, we are sick of leaders that continue to get us in these dangerous situations…

    and sick of the leadership that continues to allow situations that keep us at risk…

    open borders, santuary cities, unvetted refugees…and even yesterday the freaking Congress continues to allow ‘fiance visas’ knowing full weel that the recent “fiance” terrorist came in on a fiance visa and now we learn she has been planning her killing spree prior to even coming into the USA…



    Fiancé visas’ off limits in rush to tighten borders

    Republicans are wary of hurting a program they think bolsters marriage.

  90. and btw…what would you guess ISIS thinks and does when they see the stupidity of our Congress…line the women up and marry them off and get them into the USA…

    they laugh and us…exploit us…and then come to kill us…

    but you do not hear the media talking about that…no, instead, blame DT and his poor, scared supporters…

  91. Never truer than today…..and what has the establishment freaking out. They don’t want to lose this power.

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. ”
    Thomas Jefferson

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